wgrantThat sounds very much like a bug in cgit.00:19
fcuk112i am a bit confused how to use quilt to patch some code.  do you use quilt after you've created a patch using diff -Nurp old new > test.patch?00:26
fcuk112the guide at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/PatchSystems is not very clear.  it talks about editing an existing diff file - what diff file is it talking about?00:38
fcuk112never mind, i think i got it.01:35
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JonyBlazewhen a .install file is used does it preserve permissions?01:44
Laneyit uses cp --parents -dp01:56
Laneybut dh_fixperms will change them01:56
dtchenugh, 64-bit-specific asm for arch-any :(02:07
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JonyBlazeLaney: change them to what? a package im trying to fix keeps installing a config file with 644 it should be 60002:11
JonyBlazeLaney: i chmod'd it in rules but it still gets 64402:12
dtchenthere are unholy ways of fixing permissions02:12
LaneyJonyBlaze: check out the manpage for dh_fixperms02:13
Laneyyou can exclude02:13
* Laney -> bed02:14
JonyBlazeok so i would do that in rules at the call i take it02:16
JonyBlazedh_fixperms -X<item> in rules i mean02:18
ScottKDear everyone:  When you're doing merges, please make sure the Ubuntu diff is still sensible.04:12
* ScottK just filed to sync something we could have been syncing since Jaunty.04:12
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LucidFoxShould I wait for a package to enter testing before merging?09:36
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randomactionfrom u-d-a: "Likewise, package merges from either testing or unstable are perfectly ok, as needed."09:45
LucidFoxSo only autosyncs are affected, basically?09:49
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Laneyit just means that you should consider it before you take from unstable11:41
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ari-tczewdo we prefer rather merge new upstream versions from squeeze (testing) instead merging only debian changes?13:36
DktrKranzScottK: have you access to sync-blacklist?13:37
ScottKDktrKranz: No.  Needs shell access for that.13:57
DktrKranzI'll ask james_w or some other a-a tomorrow then, thanks anyway13:58
c_kornisn't Categories=Science a main category in karmic ? lintian gives me this warning: http://pastebin.com/d61f302e514:08
wrapsterany idea what this error might mean..?http://pastie.org/68880814:14
wrapster here is the prototype_com file @406... first time im handling stuff like these..14:14
c_kornwrapster: the patch does not apply on the sources.14:19
wrapsterc_korn: ok but why? I mean. what can i infer from this error... like, is it a missing file issue, or compatibility of files issue or stuff like that... could you pls narrow it down a bit.. coz im doing it for the first time.14:21
c_kornwrapster: open the patch and look what files it changes. then first look if the file it wants to patch exists. if it does take a look at the file which should be patched and find out why it fails to apply.14:22
c_kornwrapster: do you know what patch system is used ?14:23
wrapsterc_korn: no14:23
wrapsterlike i said im just starting... so dont even know where to learn these..14:23
c_kornwrapster: type "what-patch" in the source directory14:24
wrapsterc_korn: what-patch: command not found? .. in which pkg does this fall? (hg?)14:25
c_kornwrapster: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools14:26
wrapsterc_korn: the issue here is im on nexetna and ubuntu-dev-tools which deps on dctrl-tools is not present in the repo..so could you please help me with an alternative?14:35
wrapstersorry for asking it in the wrong forum but im just asking for help... even logistics is good enough to learn...14:36
c_kornwrapster: ok, do you have the debian/patches directory ?14:36
c_kornwrapster: does it contain a series file ?14:37
wrapsteryes and it also contains this sunw0on-fix(the patch that is causing error)14:38
c_kornwrapster: fine. so delete the patch and recreate it: quilt delete <patch-name> ; quilt new <patch-name>14:39
wrapstercan i use hg instead of quilt..? coz its already installed.14:40
c_kornwrapster: you mean mercurial ? this is a version control system. you need a patch system. and quilt is the one which is currently used. it is very simple to use14:43
wrapsterok.. done.14:43
wrapsterone moment.. pls hang on14:43
wrapsterc_korn: ok i deleted and recreate that patch...14:44
c_kornwrapster: ok. then open the patch. and run: quilt edit <file the patch wants to edit>14:45
c_kornthen do the changes the patch wants to make.14:46
c_korn(repeat that with all files the patch wants to change)14:46
c_kornat the end run: quilt refresh14:46
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GaryvdMHi - I used uscan to download the new version of a package. I then deleted the folder that it created for the new version by mistake, but I still have the .tar.gz - Is there a way that I can get uscan to recreate this folder without redownloaing the .tar.gz?15:38
GaryvdMSorry - Nvm - I managed to recover the folder.15:41
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JonyBlazewhen can i start making packages for lucid?17:09
JonyBlazeso send them to REVU with lucid in the control file?17:14
Laneyfinding reviewers is the hard part ;)17:16
JonyBlazeerr i ment changelog17:20
JonyBlazeis that the only change from a karmic package and a lucid package?17:21
mok0JonyBlaze: yup17:23
mok0JonyBlaze: unless there are toolchain-induced bugs that need fixing17:24
JonyBlazemok0: ok17:25
JonyBlazemok0: thnx17:25
JonyBlazeis it a problem if the upstream source files dont have copyright info in every source file?17:34
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eakronHello! I'm new to all this but following the excellent session in the Ubuntu Open Week on packaging, I managed to do the example bug fixes and build packages.17:59
eakronNow I noticed that in launchpad there are alot of sync requests from debian, is that something I could do? And if so, point me in the right direction on it please =)18:00
ari-tczeweakron: more needed is work on ftbfs and merging18:05
Laneymerges and syncs are part of the same thing18:06
Laneyeakron: try the link in the topic18:07
ari-tczewLaney: at this cycle's moment, syncs request need status New or Confirmed for sponsors?18:08
ari-tczewI'm confused18:08
eakronthank you!18:09
Laneyari-tczew: new18:09
Laneysponsors will confirm when subscribing the archive team18:10
ari-tczewfor merges too?18:11
Laneythey can be confirmed18:11
Laneyplease fix the docs if this isnt clear18:11
eakronAllright, more specifically. I see one of those sync requests, for eg wicd. What should I do, get the debian package, add the ubuntu changelog and set it as ubuntu1, make a debdiff and add it to the sync request?18:31
ari-tczeweakron: this is merge, not sync18:37
ari-tczewread wiki.ubuntu.com following sync, merge, contributing, sponsors etc.18:38
eakronok, that's just what it was called in launchpad18:39
Laneythere is no diff for a sync18:39
Laneyit means that we take the Debian packag exactly as it is18:39
eakronI checked out grab-merge, it gives me a warning about revision control. I also noticed somewhere it said I should add the ubuntu changelog to the debian package changelog. Is this not so? (ps I just felt like you were about to say but)18:42
randomactioneakron: As a contributor, your part of the job is to request a sync. Then it's acked by developers and processed by archive admins.18:43
ari-tczeweakron: if it's a sync request, please do build test and attach buildlog18:44
eakronthat I think I can do, cool18:44
ari-tczewbut as I said, more to do is merges than syncs18:45
Laneyat this point, the merge list is where you find potential syncs18:46
eakronok, I'm confused, what's the difference between syncs and merges again?18:47
ari-tczewe.g. debian has got package called 'x' in version 2.10-1, if Ubuntu doesn't need any changes, then this is sync18:49
Laneytry that18:49
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ThreeOfEightHallo, I'm trying to build a package. I've created all necessary files according to the tutorial in the wiki, however, when I try to build it with debuild or dpkg-buildpackage, I get an error from dpkg-source saying something like "Cannot apply changes in (the binary file): Content of binary file has been changed."19:51
ThreeOfEightThe package is for a game a friend of mine has made, I'm trying to only include the binary file for now, to make things easier.19:53
ThreeOfEightThis is a tarball of the directory structure I tried it with: http://baaa.ba.funpic.de/upl/file.php?file=31c44b298e6832c3cd96eb7e63a6107419:54
ThreeOfEightThis is my first time trying to build a package, so I don't know anything about that.19:54
RoAkSoAxhey guys anyone else has an error similar to this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/313569/ when creating a pbuilder with pbuilder-dist for lucid?19:57
eakronRoAkSoAx: yeah I had the same error19:58
LaserJockwell, I can't seem to get pbuilder login to work20:02
ari-tczewjust use ppa20:02
RoAkSoAxok well it seems that we all have the same problem then... :(20:03
LaserJockRoAkSoAx: I got that too so I just dist-upgraded a Karmic pbuilder20:04
LaserJockmy problem is pbuilder login doesn't leave me with a shell20:07
RoAkSoAxLaserJock, ok awesome! I'll try that to see what happens20:07
RoAkSoAxLaserJock, you mean it shows you something like: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/313577/20:08
LaserJockRoAkSoAx: yeah, and it just sits there20:10
RoAkSoAxLaserJock, try executing commands... because in mine sits there.. but i'm still able to execute commands: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/313582/ I'm guessing it's just an error of displaying the prompt20:12
dtchenmine seems ok: root@errno:/#20:13
LaserJockRoAkSoAx: ok crazy, yeah I get that too20:13
LaserJockso it's just a missing prompt20:13
dtchenlucid/amd64 schroot seems okay, too20:14
LaserJockdtchen: mine is on all my pbuilder environments20:14
ThreeOfEightAnyone who knows something about my building error?20:14
RoAkSoAxyeah In my case is in all pbuilder environments as well20:15
dtchenfully current karmic-proposed + karmic-updates ?20:16
kklimondaLaserJock: not only a prompt - if you try to print something formatted (like output of ls) formatting is removed (colors, columns)20:17
RoAkSoAxi'll try adding karmic-proposed and karmic-updates20:21
JonyBlazeRoAkSoAx: what is -f for pubuilder-dist?20:25
RoAkSoAxJonyBlaze, I don't know exactly actually, I'm guessing is trying to force, since it prompted to use -f there.. so I did20:27
JonyBlaze"sudo pbuilder-dist lucid create" seems to be working for me20:28
RoAkSoAxnot for me unfortunately20:30
JonyBlazenm it failed20:30
eakronok so I looked up bitesized bugs in launchpad, chose one where erlang-doc-html causes erlang-base to be removed (erlang-base conflicts with erlang-doc-html if source version is not the same). What's the best way of changing the source version of erlang-doc-html so erlang-base no longer sees it as conflict?20:58
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jannehhello.. i have a very basic question:21:10
jannehif I change something in the source of an existing ubuntu package and then rebuild it with debuild -S and pbuilder, do I need to install the build-dep packages on my system at any point?21:11
ThreeOfEightI'd think so, yes.21:12
jannehor are they only needed in the pbuilder part where they are fetched automatically21:12
ThreeOfEightokay, I don't know then.21:12
jannehok, np :)21:12
ThreeOfEightYou only actually do building while inside a pbuilder environment, right?21:13
jannehhm I think so... I'll have a better look at what happens during the next build :)21:14
jannehi just starting playing around with debian packages etc.21:14
hyperairwhat do you mean install the build-dep packages on your system?21:15
ThreeOfEightWell then I guess you won't have to install anything21:15
kklimondajanneh: you need at least part of build-deps for debuild -S to work21:15
ThreeOfEightAnyway, I'm just a newbie with that, too21:15
hyperairpbuilder automatically installs it into a temporary chroot directory.21:15
kklimondajanneh: for example if package uses some patch system you need it for debuild -S to run clean target21:15
jannehkklimonda: yes I guess that was my question. thx.21:16
jannehhyperair: yes, this about pbuilder I knew. but I wasn't sure if any part before pbuilder switches to its chroot any of the build-deps are needed21:17
hyperairjanneh: ah i see.21:19
hyperairunfortunately there's no pre-build-dep21:19
eakronok I was able to make a fix, built it and it works. But debdiff wont work, unable to read the original .dsc. Could this be because I changed the version?21:19
eakronthe fix was changing the version from 13.b-dfsg1 to 13.b.1-dfsg21:20
gesereakron: you changed the version wrongly21:25
DktrKranzlfaraone: are you happy if I uploaded a new revision of python-gasp removing -multiprocessing dep (it's available built-it in 2.6)?21:25
geserwhat was the exact version before your modification?21:25
eakronerlang-doc-html_13.b-dfsg1-1.dsc before and erlang-doc-html_13.b.1-dfsg-1ubuntu1.dsc after21:26
eakronthe thing is, the version change IS the fix, as far as I understand21:26
geserwhat was the problem, that you needed to change the upstream version?21:27
eakronerlang-base conflicts with erlang-doc-html >> upstream version and << upstream version21:28
gesereakron: why not change the conflicts of erlang-base if it's wrong?21:29
eakronthat was my second idea, I figured this was easier. Also the problem I guess is that erlang-doc-html version was messed up somewhere along the line21:30
geserif you change the upstream version you also need to rename the .orig.tar.gz21:31
eakrongeser: that's the reason it couldn't open .dsc? Cause orig.tar.gz had the wrong name?21:31
eakrongeser: what do you think is the better solution, changing the conflict in erlang-base or changing the version on doc-html? Apparantly this is not the first time it has happened.21:33
geserprobably not, but you would probably get a big .tar.gz instead of a .diff.gz and .orig.tar.gz (as it couldn't find any .orig.tar.gz for that version)21:33
gesereakron: is there a bug describing the problem you try to fix?21:33
ubottuLaunchpad bug 70745 in erlang-doc-html "erlang-doc-html conflicts with other erlang packages" [Low,Incomplete]21:34
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gesereakron: I've done a thorough yet but my guess is that we only synced erlang but not the matching erlang-doc-html :(21:38
geserthe conflicts look like it should ensure that erlang-base and erlang-doc-base are installed in the same upstream version21:39
geserso just changing the version number but not the content doesn't look a good solution21:39
kklimondaPOX: is python 2.6 going to be default in unstable (when It's uploaded :) )21:39
eakrongeser: ah I see, I should just drop it then? I did try building it, it works. But no guarantees that the documentation is up to date with the installed erlang-base version then.21:41
POXit will be added to supported first21:41
POXbut you have to ask doko about it (I still hope I will not have to NMU it)21:41
kklimondaPOX: so no reason to report any bugs other than FTBFS in packages related to Python 2.6? Or does adding it to supported mean that I should report any problems I know about?21:43
POXyou can report any bug related to python2.6 now21:44
POXpython2.6 is ni experimental21:44
gesereakron: if you're interested in the erlang-* packages watch the lucid packages that it won't happen again, and for karmic I'd talk to the ~motu-sru people if getting erlang-doc-html in the correct version is possible or if they have a better suggestion how to fix it21:44
POXbut please note that we have different tools in Debian21:44
kklimondaI know, I cry everytime I have to dig though your BTS ;)21:44
POXI mean, I NMUed cdbs and python-central recently and I used a little bit different approach than ubuntu21:45
POXto support 2.621:45
POXmy cdbs changes are already in Ubuntu21:45
kklimondaPOX: no no - the problem is django's unit tests fail with Python 2.6.3 because of some change in python itself21:45
eakrongeser: thank you for your help =) I did manage to make a working diff now, I'll just add it to the bug report in case someone cares, but comment that the version is probably wrong.21:45
POXbut from what ScottK told me yesterday, python-central is still not working in Ubuntyu21:46
POXkklimonda: report it then21:46
lfaraoneDktrKranz: Sure.21:50
DktrKranzlfaraone: thanks, if you want I can commit on DPMT repo too21:51
lfaraoneDktrKranz: By all means. (granted, python-gasp still doesn't work in karmic due to a xlib bug, but that's neither here nor there)21:53
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