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s123hi all, I am getting segmentation fault on mozilla firefox,chromium everything05:12
s123does anybody know how can I debug this and report it on launchpad?05:13
micahgs123: did you get any updates recently?05:15
s123micahg: nope, I added firefox-daily and tried having firefox 3.7 trunk05:16
micahgs123: which version of Ubuntu?05:16
s123micahg: ubuntu 9.1005:16
micahgdo other apps work?  openoffice? toteam?05:17
s123micahg: totem is also showing segmentation fault05:17
micahgs123: I'd run a memory check if I were you05:17
micahgdo you still have a memtest option in grub?05:18
s123micahg: this is in an NTFS partition on Windows05:19
s123micahg: when I boot up within ubuntu, it just shows up the kernel, nothing about memtest there in grub05:19
micahgyou have ubuntu installed in an ntfs partition?05:20
s123micahg: correct05:20
micahgah, ok05:20
s123micahg: through wubi05:20
micahgis your windows installation ok05:20
s123that has its own share of issues05:20
s123that's why booted up in ubuntu05:21
s123luckily installed few command-line tools as well.05:21
s123hence able to chat with you.05:21
micahgwell, do you get a lot of application crashes on windows?05:21
s123micahg: no, not application crashes, sometimes windows freezes/stalls while booting up.05:22
s123once I'm on the desktop, then very rarely it crashes.05:22
micahgwhat video drivers?05:23
s123that I'm not sure, its an Intel 845G chipset (P4 vintage)05:23
s123micahg: that I'm not sure, its an Intel 845G chipset (P4 vintage)05:24
micahgthat should be ok05:24
s123micahg: I'm on the GUI interface, just the applications are giving segmentation fault stuff.05:24
micahgs123: bug 425251 seems to be your answer05:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 425251 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i845] intel 845G is not supported" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42525105:26
s123I need a browser which can show it05:26
micahghmm that was for jaunty05:26
s123micahg: and it works with karmic, although I wish there was a KISS way of knowing which video drivers are there and stuff like that.05:27
micahgs123: have you tried epipahny?05:27
micahgs123: maybe check in #ubuntu-bugs...I don't have much experience troubleshooting segfaults05:28
micahgalthough I don't know if anyone's around05:28
s123micahg: thank you. it would be nice if you are able to point out the debugging page to me05:29
micahgs123: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valgrind05:29
s123micahg: thanx, starting to install the same as well.05:31
micahgfta: you around?18:06
ftamicahg, yes?18:54
ftamicahg, ??19:01
micahg2fta: your bot seems to be broke19:04
ftano, my branches are19:04
micahg2ah, ok, as long as you know19:04
ftalast friday, my server had a power failure while the bot was running, now, 3 bzr branches are corrupted19:04
ftano hope of repair19:05
micahg2can you start with clean branches?19:05
dtchenplease tell me you weren't using ext4 on the FS on which those bzr branches were hosted19:05
dtchenand, I hate Linux audio. That is all.19:06
ftadtchen, i hate weak audio, weak bzr and weak fs19:07
ftadtchen, btw, sdl?19:09
dtchenfta: sidelined, will look in a bit19:09
dtchenI'm having connectivity issues19:09
dtchenalso, I need to ask bddebian if he plans to work on it in Debian19:10
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ftamicahg, fixed19:19
micahgnow I can see if the dailies work19:19
ftaohoh, lots of ppa builders, nice19:32
micahgyeah, but they have a new algorithm that won't let one ppa monopolize them19:33
ftahm, right, so it means it will still take forever even if most builders are idle, bad :(19:38
ftamicahg, <fta> hm, right, so it means it will still take forever even if most builders are idle, bad :(19:52
ftamicahg, your cnx is not very stable :P19:53
cyphermoxfta, can I bug you to setup the daily builds for NM's -vpnc and -pptp plugins? :)20:35
micahgfta: yeah, it's ath9k on karmic20:36
micahgfta: I can bug them to tweak the algortihm20:37
ftacyphermox, is the package ready? (i mean, get-orig-source, local branch, etc..)20:42
cyphermoxfta, I believe so -- it's setup exactly the same as network-manager and network-manager-applet20:45
cyphermoxgive me a second and i'll double-check, just to be safe.20:45
ftamicahg, yeah, umd will probably never complete in 1 day20:46
ftacyphermox, i need the branch url to setup the bot: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fta/%2Bjunk/ppa-confs/annotate/head%3A/ppabot-pkgs-nmt.conf20:46
cyphermoxfta, sure -- lp:~network-manager/network-manager/vpnc-ubuntu.head, and lp:~network-manager/network-manager/pptp-ubuntu.head20:49
cyphermoxfta, is that the url you needed?20:51
ftacyphermox, is there a specific order to build those?20:51
cyphermoxfta, no, as long as they are built after network-manager itself20:55
ftaok; after n-m it is20:55
ftacyphermox, do you want to receive the bot summary by email? see watchers in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~fta/%2Bjunk/ppa-confs/annotate/head%3A/ppabot-nmt.conf21:01
cyphermoxfta, what more does it say compared to the PPA build results?21:02
cyphermoxfta, I guess you could add me :)21:03
ftai need an email21:04
cyphermoxyup, did you get my msg?21:05
ftaok, done21:05
ftado you want me to respin now?21:05
ftai guess i should anyway, just to see if it works as expected21:06
micahgfta: bug 47869121:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 478691 in soyuz "empty ppa builders should allow more builds from a single ppa" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47869121:07
ftacyphermox, you should have a new email21:11
ftacyphermox, as long as the subject doesn't say FAIL, it should be fine. it will list packaging changes, tarball size changes, etc.. so you can see what has been sent to the ppa at any given time21:16
cyphermoxfta, yup, some are already done and built successfully.21:19
ftathe bot is smart enough to detect that21:20
ftaor at least, it should in most cases21:20
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ftamicahg, http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35386231/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-lpia.firefox-3.7_3.7~a1~hg20091108r34671%2Bnobinonly-0ubuntu1~umd1~jaunty_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz22:13
EruditeHermithas anyone got gnash-vaapi working?22:25
micahgfta: I'll take care of it a little later22:28
EruditeHermitdtchen, is this what you have? http://www.amazon.com/NETGEAR-RangeMax-WNDA3100-Wireless-N-Adapter/dp/B001498LIO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=electronics&qid=1257719217&sr=8-122:31
ftamicahg, do you still plan to take over songbird, or should i just delete the ppa?22:38
micahgno, I plan on getting to it22:39
micahgI was not feeling well this past week22:39

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