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johnc4510nhandler: ping16:58
johnc4510nhandler: just wondering about the team meeting summaries??17:06
johnc4510add it if you have time17:07
nhandler_johnc4510: I'm finishing them up. Do you have any idea when you want to publish this UWN? I really dropped the ball, and am trying to get a few more teams to publish some reports before I add them to the UWN17:08
johnc4510nhandler_: it won't be for several hours yet17:08
johnc4510so you can have plenty of time17:09
nhandler_johnc4510: That is great. But we will be including them in this UWN even if we don't get many reports (I don't want to delay it 2 weeks)17:09
johnc4510big issue this wk17:10
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nhandler_johnc4510 and tyche: Team Reports are up20:04
tycheThanks.  I'll proof them, then johnc4510 can push the issue out.20:05
tyche(We work on the UWN.  You can tell.  We have issues.  Hee hee)20:05
tychenhandler_: There appears to be a formatting problem with your titling, and I don't know for sure where the separation is.  Check Xubuntu Team, etc.20:09
nhandler_tyche: The packaging and artwork reports are sub reports of the Xubuntu Team20:14
tycheLet's see if I can fix it, then20:14
nhandler_Although, there is a different error in ordering20:14
nhandler_Give me a minute to fix that20:15
tychePush Packaging and Artwork titles in with a space asterisk space in front of them, and 2 spaces for the sub-sub-headings.20:15
tycheYou've also got two headings for the Xubuntu Team20:16
nhandler_No. One is the heading, the other is the content20:17
johnc4510hey guys20:17
nhandler_And I don't think moving the packaging and artwork to bullets is appropriate here. They are already subheadings (count the ='s)20:17
tycheChange the heading to == Xubuntu Team == then20:17
tycheYou're doing formatting entirely differently from what I know, and I'm not sure how to fix it.20:19
nhandler_tyche: Refresh. It can't use == (that is for a heading in the UWN)20:19
nhandler_I would compare this to issue 162 to see what we have done in the past20:20
tycheOK, that looks a lot better.  I needed to refresh again.20:20
tycheNo, I'm not disputing your formatting.  Simply saying that I'm not familiar with it.20:20
nhandler_I would also suggest using the ToC to see how everything lines up20:20
tycheAnd the rest of it looks right, now, too.20:21
johnc4510nhandler_: you done now??20:21
nhandler_johnc4510: Yeah20:21
johnc4510cool...thx for the help :)20:21
* johnc4510 high fives nhandler_ 20:22
* tyche gives nhandler_ an "Atta Boy"20:23
johnc4510i'll have it out in about 45 mins. after last proofing and spell check then20:23
johnc4510The new issue of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is now available:22:16

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