Snausageslaura_: what physical connection are you using to connect to the tv?00:00
coz_WACOMalt,   mmm which chipset is this   it should say in alsmixer00:00
penguin42Koltor_: Hmm that works for me, I'm using the ppa nightly build of chrome00:00
leaf-sheepchrisr: Ahh. It's an applet.00:00
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ePiall the items on my desktop kind of...vanished.... is there a terminal command to update the desktop, or something similar?00:00
WACOMaltRealtek ALC26800:00
Koltor_does the nightly build have working bookmark sync?00:00
WACOMaltalc_: Realtek ALC26800:00
chrisrpenguin42: drag a window to the left of the screen to fille the right half of the screen, and drag another to the right to fill the right side.  Its nice.00:00
chrisrleaf-sheep: ahh00:00
coz_WACOMalt,  ok  let me check a few things   also   the  #alsa channel  should be of help as well00:00
fokusleehey how do i permanently disable a package from being updated in synatpic?00:01
laura_oh no00:01
WACOMaltcoz_: I didn't know of that channel, will ask there too. thanks again!00:01
laura_one girl is beginningto sleep right now :-/00:01
chrisrleaf-sheep: i cant see it in my applet panel00:01
leaf-sheep!pinning | fokuslee00:01
ubottufokuslee: pinning is an advanced feature that APT can use to prefer particular packages over others. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PinningHowto00:01
Snausageslaura_: that may explain it... most systems boot at a low enough resolution to mirror the video over to a tv out.  When x gets going it's typically at a higher resolution which won't work on the tv.  the tv out can generally still be enabled, but something in the driver has to tell the chipset how to handle the reduced resolution on the TV out side of it, and I'm guessing that is what is not happening for you.00:01
caseyweedermanOk, can anyone tell me about wvdial?00:01
leaf-sheepchrisr: Don't type glipper.  Try clipboard.00:01
penguin42chrisr: Hmm not sure, there are a whole bunch of things in the compiz (desktop effects) system - if you install thecompizconfig-settings-manager package you can fiddle with hundreds of them00:01
Ghnuberathfokuslee: highlight the in the list, go to Package on the top menu and choose lock version00:01
coz_WACOMalt,  I do see a bug report about that particular chipset   let me see if it was solved00:01
WACOMaltcoz: uhoh00:02
goosehow can I change the clock on my server (via terminal)? I don't have access to sudo...00:02
laura_ok Snausages, thank you. how do i go on now?00:02
Barnabasgoose, perhaps via the bios00:02
leaf-sheepfokuslee: I believe sypathic(sp?) have that feature. It might be easier.00:02
chrisrleaf-sheep: how did you figure that out?00:02
caseyweedermangoose: get access to sudo00:02
penguin42goose: You can't - changing the clock needs privs00:02
Camelotdoes anybody know where I can see the new Tint2 ( panel ) syntax ? My old configuration file is full of errors ( worked perfectly on 9.04 ) ?00:02
ThePasswdLet me ask can i know the name of Version its name Cynos? or Synos?00:02
coz_WACOMalt,  ok nothign solved on that report yet  hold on00:02
laura_(the tv is is a full-hd pioneer lcd, btw, so it should handle higher resolutions!)00:02
leaf-sheepchrisr: "aptitude show glipper"00:03
chrisrleaf-sheep: nothing for clipboard00:03
caseyweedermanOr gnome-ppp?00:03
fokusleeleaf-sheep,  thx mate00:03
ShinkaHow can you reactivate the little thing in the upper-right corner with Evolution/Empathy/Pidgin ?00:03
gooseis there a way I can change my local clock or something? it's mainly for irssi, my system thinks it's 5 time zones ahead of me :/ (ironic, cause it's actually one behind me)00:03
ThePasswdCab u know the version like Cynos?00:03
penguin42ah I think you can change timezone00:03
ThePasswdi cant remmember the name its like ubuntu?00:03
Newbie33any update about ubuntu 9.10?00:03
leaf-sheepchrisr: Are you certain? Perhaps "killall gnome-panel" will restart the panel and you can find it in the panel applets.00:04
leaf-sheep!notes | Newbie3300:04
ubottuNewbie33: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91000:04
Snausageslaura_: yes, the computer can make a hi-res signal, and yes your TV can certainly display a hi-res signal...  but that s-video connection in between is going to top out around 720x486...  quite low by comparison to either.  As far as what to do next, you may need to find a more complete or more advanced graphics driver for your chipset.  I don't know if such a thing exists or even where to look.00:04
coz_WACOMalt,   pastebin the   /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf let me take alook at it00:04
chrisrleaf-sheep: yeah that sorted it00:04
coz_WACOMalt,  pastebin.com will do nicely00:04
Snausageslaura_: you may do better in the end simply by connecting to the TV by way of VGA, DVI or HDMI00:05
Newbie33any help i want to make my own vanity ip00:05
coz_WACOMalt,  also   In 'Sound Preferences' -> 'Hardware' set Profile -> Analog Stereo Duplex00:05
ThePasswdany one tell me names for OS like Ubuntu ?00:05
bencoderlaura_: have you tried lowering the resolution right down and then trying to switch? no experience so no idea if that will work but it's possible00:05
laura_i just changed the resolution to 640*480 to check, but there is still no way to switch00:05
AL^3QRABIm Using H4cKeRzE00:05
_ULNX64_kiwi,mint os too00:05
leaf-sheepThePasswd: What do you mean?00:05
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coz_WACOMalt,  is this a laptop?00:05
laura_Snausages: aint possible, just a svhs connection on this old nb00:05
WACOMaltcoz_: I dont have those options in my sound preferences00:05
laura_how do i switch at all?00:06
leaf-sheepThePasswd: http://distrowatch.com/00:06
WACOMalt there is just about nothing there.00:06
coz_WACOMalt,  ok is this a laptop?00:06
ThePasswdi mean i need names of some operative sistems like ubuntu00:06
laura_theres no option or whatever in the system options00:06
Snausageslaura_: that's where the driver I mentioned comes in00:06
coz_WACOMalt,  let me see the   /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf00:06
laura_so i need another driver for my gpu00:06
WACOMaltcoz_: yes it's an HP TX2500z CTO laptop00:06
bencoderlaura_: have you looked at this thread: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=361124&highlight=dual+monitor00:07
WACOMaltcoz_: http://pastebin.com/m43e97a98 that is my alsa config file00:07
_ULNX64_kiwi amd mint ubuntu based with codecs, if need codecs try midibuntu repo 4 ubuntu00:07
p-fuhm, what happened to dontzap?00:07
Newbie33do u think window 7 will compete with ubuntu?00:07
Snausageslaura_: you may need to find and install an alternate driver for your graphics system.  I don't know if there is one.  Another possibility- some laptops have a hotkey on them which will cause the graphics chipset to seek out external displays or force them to switch.  Dunno if this applies to you.00:07
caseyweedermanI think Windows 7 is Vista with a bandaid.00:07
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DigitalKiwiNewbie33: compete at what?00:07
WACOMaltit is. but it's a pretty nice bandaid00:07
* [newbie] .00:07
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Newbie33still vista ehehe00:08
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caseyweederman'nice'? You can instantly make any window exactly half the size. Brannnng!00:08
bencoderlaura_: this project looks like it may be relevant http://i810tvout.sourceforge.net/00:08
coz_WACOMalt,  ok I am getting nothing with that but offer that file up on #alsa channel as well00:08
coz_WACOMalt,  goog luck with this :)00:08
Newbie33i love my ubuntu :P uptime so far 18 days ehehe00:08
spellboundI've upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10 and my LVM setup has stopped working. After extensive searching online, I've found (on the EVMS site) that "multiple owners of a block device" is prevented on recent kernels. One of my LVM physical volumes is a partition on the same disk that holds /. Could this be what's causing my trouble?00:09
fokusleeleaf-sheep, im using 9.10 with grub1 can i remove grub-common, it says its for ver2 and how do i hold not to ask to install again?00:09
ghostlinescan someone help me with a cod4 dedicated server setup?00:09
Newbie33im still using ubuntu 9.0400:09
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miklahello, can anyone advice me good divx player with subtitle position option? :D00:10
chrisrLinux needs an easy system wide way of setting proxies00:10
leaf-sheepfokuslee: If you upgrade -- You should still be using grub1.00:10
chrisrThere are so many different ways its irritating00:10
dajhornspellbound: EVMS is deprecated and unmaintained for Ubuntu.  Ignore EVMS documentation.00:10
DoltekWhat are the other ways to install 9.10 of installing of the CD dowsnt work00:10
leaf-sheepfokuslee: Synpathic does not have that feature to "ignore" packages?  Also, you could install packages without recommendations.00:10
fokusleeleaf-sheep, so the common files are shared betweeen both versions and i can safely upgrade that?00:10
chrisrWhats the best file to set an environment variable so that every session will have access to it?  .profile?00:11
spellbounddajhorn: Thanks. Wasn't using it. Just trying to figure out what's going on with my LVM setup.00:11
leaf-sheepfokuslee: I'm not sure. I heard there were too many issues regarding with upgrading 9.04 --> 9.10.  Do a clean install if you can.00:11
arand!install | Doltek00:11
ubottuDoltek: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DapperReleaseNotes/UbiquityKnownIssues - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate00:11
dajhornspellbound: You should provide more information.  Like a mount error or kernel message.00:11
chrisrI'm never sure where the best place to put environment variables is.00:11
chrisr.profile or .bash?00:11
arandDoltek: in what way does it not work?00:11
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EledhIs anyone here any good with udev rules? :)00:12
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spellbound[   11.603896] device-mapper: table: 252:0: linear: dm-linear: Device lookup failed00:12
spellbound[   11.603961] device-mapper: ioctl: error adding target to table00:12
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dajhornspellbound: Is the LVM in RAID?00:13
fokusleeleaf-sheep,  ok thanks yeah actually there is many issues with installing 9.10 w/ grub2 on fakeraid, i had to clean install w/ chroot, and it keeps on asking me to upgrade to grub2 hence i needed to thold the version00:13
spellbounddajhorn: No.00:13
dajhornspellbound: Are you using LVM striping?00:13
spellbounddajhorn: No.00:13
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leeI am having trouble with an Acer Aspire One 110 and the Karmic Netbook Remix, specifically that when I boot to the live version, after the black and white throbber disappears I'm left with a blank screen.  I've tried booting with i915.modeset=0, and it gets stuck at initramfs.  any suggestions?00:14
lwsHey, my System->Administration->Printers thing is missing.   ANyone know what package that is part of?00:14
dajhornspellbound: First, reboot into your old 2.6.28-16 kernel and check whether the computer starts properly.00:14
p-fis there a reason why sound would only work when in gnome? Whenever I try something else like, say, ion3, awesome or wmii, I get no sound.00:14
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spellboundlee: I tried Karmic on an Acer Aspire One and couldn't get things to work right. I decided to wait.00:14
Guest86827lutich hier00:15
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_ULNX64_joel right click menu icons look for icon in menu editor00:15
xx-0-anyone using R + bioconductor library here ?00:15
leespellbound: ah well, I'm not in a hurry, just surprised at the fact that it doesn't work!  9.04 is on there now and could do with a wipe.  maybe I'll try a dist-upgrade and see if it continues to fall over.00:15
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spellbounddajhorn: When I upgraded to 9.10, I reformatted the root partition. But when I boot into a 9.04 Live CD, my LVM volume is detected and works just fine.00:16
dajhornspellbound: Did you remove the old kernel?00:17
spellboundlee: My general impression on 9.10 is that it's a very ambitious release but wasn't quite ready yet.00:17
spellbounddajhorn: Yes, I did.00:17
Norbican anybody help me to configure my mod_rewrite on ubuntu, it doesn`t seem to work for me00:18
liathhey everyone.  Got a question here.  I updated to Ubuntu 9.10 and grub2 is all fine so far except one thing - I can't get it to honor the DEFAULT=save option00:18
leespellbound: the desktop version is working fine for me, but then I hardly use it... it did at least manage to boot to the livecd without issue00:18
dajhornspellbound: You may need to manually load the 'dm-mod' module in the newer kernel.00:18
B4R74zy /msg NickServ identify <j@x0>00:18
Passwdi want to ask is there a way so i can make a Dreambox server in Ubuntu?00:18
liathugh brb... think I installed the wrong xchat :|00:19
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spellbound~# modprobe dm-mod00:19
spellboundFATAL: Module dm_mod not found.00:19
spellbounddajhorn: So maybe that's the source of my trouble?00:19
dajhornspellbound: What does `dpkg -S dm-mod.ko` return?00:20
spellbound~# dpkg -S dm-mod.ko00:21
spellbounduser-mode-linux: /usr/lib/uml/modules/2.6.22-rc5/kernel/drivers/md/dm-mod.ko00:21
chrisrWhere is the best place to set my LD_LIBRARY_PATH?00:21
chrisrAnyone know?00:21
usser_chrisr, ld.conf00:21
chrisrwhere is that?00:21
dajhornspellbound: That doesn't look like an Ubuntu kernel.00:21
penguin42spellbound: Are you running in a vm supplied by a hosting company or the like?00:22
chrisrusser_: its a system wide LD_LIBARY_PATH00:22
Passwdi want to ask is there a way so i can make a Dreambox server in Ubuntu??00:22
Kudiwhat is a nicer way to reboot ubuntu when it freezes?00:22
spellbounddajhorn: Linux myth 2.6.31-14-generic-pae #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 15:22:42 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:22
spellbounddajhorn: (uname -a)00:22
spellboundpenguin42: No. This is the server install though. Sorry, I should have mentioned that up front. Ubuntu Server 9.10.00:23
dajhornspellbound: The dm-mod is not shipped as a ko in the -generic-pae package.00:24
Josh_GRR. Why does ubuntu keep loading the "lirc_mceusb" module when I SPECIFICLLY load 'modprobe lirc_mceusb2' ?00:24
liathokay I'm back now00:24
PasswdAny one can tell me?00:24
Passwdif i can use it?00:24
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djznhi folks, I wanted to know *WHAT TO DO* for Windows XP or Vista to *ACCESS* my samba share..... because I can see the share, but Linux won't let it in... ANY IDEAS ?00:25
spellbounddajhorn: Does that mean that there is no device-manager in my system?00:25
sgtmattbakerCan anyone help me with a jarnal issue? it is an issue it has on windows (dont know about ubuntu, havent got wacom working yet). #windows is not helping00:25
Passwdi want to ask is there a way so i can make a Dreambox server in Ubuntu??00:25
spellbounddajhorn: Sorry, I meant device-mapper.00:25
penguin42djzn: Make sure your box is running the samba server00:25
needhelp1i installed the recommended updates and it installed a grub update .. and its asking me "configuring grub-pc" what would you like to do about grub00:25
dajhornspellbound: It could be built-in.  I'm looking at my local kernel config for you...00:25
needhelp1im not sure what im supposed to pick00:25
djznpenguin42: it *IS* running samba server...00:26
spellbounddajhorn: Thanks. I really appreciate your help.00:26
needhelp1it says like keep the local version installed, install the package maintainers00:26
penguin42djzn: OK, check /var/log/smbd.log and nmbd.log to see if there is any stuff from the client00:26
dajhornspellbound: The uml kernel that you are using is in universe, it would be better anyways to use a main kernel.00:26
needhelp13 way merge00:26
needhelp1anyone seen this?00:26
Sinisteris anyone having trouble with devede ? or can tell me something that works as well?00:26
djznpenguin42: hold on00:26
liathso, sorry if I dropped otu and popped back in, but I was having an issue with grub2. overall, I have no problems with it, other than one annoyance (really bugs me).  It doesn't seem to want to honor the default=save option in the config, and the online resources thusfar have been useless.00:26
p-fis there a reason why sound would only work when in gnome? Whenever I try something else like, say, ion3, awesome or wmii, I get no sound.00:27
spellbounddajhorn: Wonder why I ended up with that... I used all defaults when installing.00:27
penguin42p-f: In gnome it will be using pulseaudio, out of gnome it probably won't - but I wouldn't expect that to be a problem00:27
dajhornspellbound: I was using -server in all of my Xen domU virtual machines, which Karmic broke.  I am now using the -ec2 kernel.00:27
needhelp1can anyone help me with updates to grub ..00:28
djznpenguin42: it is now /var/log/samba/log.smbd and log.nmdb00:28
dajhornspellbound: You did something sensible, but Karmic broke it.00:28
Newbie33im not updating my ubuntu yet to karmic00:28
Barnabasdjzn, perhaps you need to add an "account" for your windows client to samba00:28
Barnabas$ smbpasswd -a -m <machine-name>$00:28
spellbounddajhorn: I wouldn't mind trying to move over to the -ec2 kernel.00:28
unimaginativeAnyone know about why ubuntu 9.10, with kernel 2.6.31-14-genereic is missing the lirc_mceusb2 module?00:28
Newbie33im happy with 9,04 version00:28
djznBarnabas: and I do that in Windows?00:28
phyrrusyay! got it!00:28
needhelp1its asking me to update my grub and gives me a list but im not sure what im supposed to pick .. can anyone help me please00:29
phyrrushow do i set the colors for xterm?00:29
Barnabasdjzn, no on the server00:29
p-fpenguin42, hm, I can't even open alsamixer (function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory)00:29
djznBarnabas: An account in the samba server00:29
sebsebsebNewbie33: That could be a good thing, since many people have had issues upgrading 9.04 to 9.1000:29
dajhornspellbound: Look at the /boot/config* file for the kernel that you want to run.00:29
sebsebsebswitchgirl: hi00:29
penguin42p-f: How about something simple like cat /bin/ls > /dev/audio (It should squeel!)00:29
Barnabasmachine name matching the name of your windows client00:30
Guest73912Newbie33: I did have success with upgrading from 9.04 to 9.1000:30
needhelp1the screen i have says configuring grub-pc .. and i have to pick what i want like keep current version, install maintainers version, merge togethe00:30
spellbounddajhorn: looking now00:30
thiebaudesebsebseb: im now having issues with 9.1000:30
p-fpenguin42, nothing. I did hear a "speakers are getting ready" type of sound, but none of the usual screeching that one would expect00:30
dajhornspellbound: There should be CONFIG_BLK_DEV_DM=y and some similar lines under it.00:31
sebsebsebthiebaude: Clean install or upgrade?  What issues?00:31
djznBarbanas: Can you suggest a GUI application to do this?00:31
penguin42p-f: Is it something simple like volume? I mean what happens if you birng alsa-mixer00:31
sgtmattbakerCan anyone help me with a jarnal issue? it is an issue it has on windows (dont know about ubuntu, havent got wacom working yet). #windows is not helping00:31
Barnabasdjzn, no - I can't00:31
p-fpenguin42, well, that's the thing. I can't run alsamixer00:31
needhelp1its asking me to pick what would you like to do about grub.. and i have to pick like00:31
sebsebsebsgtmattbaker: This is Ubuntu support, not Windows00:31
needhelp1keep the local version00:31
dajhornspellbound: On my -generic computer it is built-in.  (=y is built-in, =m is a module.)00:31
needhelp1can anyone help me with this00:31
thiebaudesebsebseb: after i install the nvidia drivers that ubuntu offered me, when i restart, before i get to login i get a prompt00:31
Barnabaslog into the *nix server and run the command stated with sudo00:31
p-fpenguin42, (function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such file or directory)00:32
sebsebseb!ot |  sgtmattbaker00:32
ubottusgtmattbaker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:32
sebsebsebsgtmattbaker: Could try off topic00:32
penguin42p-f: Weird!00:32
sgtmattbakersebsebseb: well, jarnal runs on Ubuntu. I guess I could try a java channel00:32
fxhpwhy does VNC not show in Terminal Server Client?00:32
thiebaudesebsebseb: i have to run linux mint 7 for right now00:32
spellbounddajhorn: Yes, I found it, and it's set to "y".00:32
sebsebsebthiebaude: oh ok00:32
needhelp1can anyone help me with a grub issue, i updated and now its asking me to pick what i want to do.. im not sure what im supposed to do00:33
sebsebsebneedhelp1: Pick what you want to do?00:33
thiebaudedo i install the graphics driver before of after the updates?00:33
liathhrmmm... guess I need to check and see if there is a #grub2 channel :|00:33
coz_needhelp1,  what are the options00:33
dajhornspellbound: What does `sudo pvscan` return?00:33
sebsebsebliath: there's #grub00:33
spellbounddajhorn: Do you think it can be related to that "multiple owners" change that I first mentioned?00:34
sebsebsebthiebaude: shoudn't matter00:34
coz_liath,  it is   #grub00:34
thiebaudeahh, ok00:34
needhelp1sebsebseb:  im not sure what i want to do .. its asking to either .. keep the local version installed . install the maintainers version,  or merge them together coz_00:34
thiebaudei'll have to give it another go00:34
Billiardneedhelp1: you probably want the maintainers version00:34
dajhornspellbound: Probably not.  That bug was particular to EVMS, which is not LVM.00:34
coz_needhelp1,  unless you made changes to /etc/default/grub   install maintainters version00:34
spellbounddajhorn: http://pastebin.com/m352d95ab00:34
liathsebsebseb, ahh.  Good.  need to find out why grub2 doesnt' honor save default and how to whip it into shape.  annoying00:34
needhelp1what is this?00:34
needhelp1i thought i already had the grub 2 .. that came with 9.1000:35
sebsebsebliath: ok00:35
coz_needhelp1,  did you manually change anything in grub before updating?00:35
sebsebsebneedhelp1: Clean install or upgrade?00:35
digitalstimulusliath, i use a gtk application to pick default grub, works well although I forget what the name is00:35
needhelp1clean install.. and it asked me to install recommended updates00:35
dajhornspellbound: (Do a manual configuration.)     `sudo vgchange -a` and `sudo vgscan`00:35
coz_needhelp1,  then just install the maintainer's version if you didnt manually make changes before the update00:35
phyrrussomebody PM me how to make xterm white text on black bg00:36
needhelp1who is the maintainer ?00:36
spellbounddajhorn: Do you mean vgchange -ay ?00:36
sebsebsebneedhelp1: I was also thinking install the package maintainers version00:36
Billiardthe maintainers version, is the default configuration from the package00:36
dajhorndajhorn: Yes.  (The 'y' parameter is implicit according to the man page.)00:36
JorgeBorgi've been able to set up remote desktop from windows to a local ubuntu machine, but I'm having a hell of a time getting vnc working... think you can help?00:36
dajhornspellbound: Yes.  (The 'y' parameter is implicit according to the man page.)00:36
sebsebsebneedhelp1: what  Billiard put I guess00:37
Rods_TigerI can't ssh into my ubuntu machine00:37
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, which vnc are you using?00:37
spellbounddajhorn: http://pastebin.com/me0da5f000:37
usr13JorgeBorg: What problem are you having with vnc?00:37
spellbounddajhorn: Had to put y in explicitly.00:37
needhelp1im going to restart to see what the new grub does00:37
usr13JorgeBorg: Try x11vnc00:37
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, are you trying to connect from ubuntu to windows based VNC?00:37
infidel2smy 'Applications' menu shows up in the middle of my gnome-panel. how can i move it back to the left hand side. when i right-click on it the 'move' option is dimmed so i cant click it00:38
bastid_raZorRods_Tiger: you need openssh-server installed on the ubuntu machine00:38
JorgeBorgusr13, will do. I'm trying to connect from windows to ubuntu00:38
Rods_TigerI've got it - it used to work00:38
Billiardinfidel2s: right click and uncheck lock00:38
spellbounddajhorn: And so, in relation to that ioctl error you see, I get the errors in dmesg that I listed before.00:38
dajhornspellbound: Okay, now `sudo lvscan` and mount it.00:38
Wasakihow do i open a new connection on mirc??00:38
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: That's not needed for a LAN,  Internet though  yes should be used00:38
Rods_Tigerhas anything changed with karmic's release - the ssh used to work prior to the release00:38
JorgeBorgdigitalstimulus, using ultravnc from win to ubuntu00:38
dajhornspellbound: Is this just a cosmetic bug for you?    udev in Karmic has a chatter problem.00:39
infidel2sthanks Billiard00:39
BilliardRods_Tiger: what happens when you try to connect?00:39
IdleOneWasaki: you mean another channel or another server?00:39
bastid_raZorsebsebseb: really, .. i did not know that.00:39
Billiardinfidel2s: np00:39
WasakiIdleOne, another server00:39
Rods_Tigerssh: connect to host machine.home port 22: Operation timed out00:39
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, it should be pretty straight forward to setup00:39
IdleOneWasaki: IIRC the command is /newserver irc.whatever.org00:39
xander787I updated from 9.04 to 9.10 and now have an unbootable computer that outputs: mountall: symbol lookup error: mountall: undefined symbol: udev_monitor_filter_add_match_subsystem_devtype whenever i try to boot. i've seen a couple other people with this problem on the forums, is there any fix?00:39
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, i also use ultra vnc connecting to an ubuntu fileserver00:39
BilliardRods_Tiger: you have sshd running on the seriver?00:40
sebsebsebxander787: yeah clean installing00:40
Rods_Tigerit's been running for months00:40
fokusleehi ubuntans is there an alternative to MSN messenger or do i need wine to run it00:40
jeevesis it possible to do a per contact log of a pidgin user?00:40
bencoderanyone know what would cause an error "cannot execute binary file" when it's the latest version from the repo, and works fine on a fresh install?00:40
BilliardRods_Tiger: do you have any other way to connect00:40
sebsebsebxander787: should work good then00:40
BilliardRods_Tiger: or other way to access the server00:40
spellbounddajhorn: No, I wouldn't care if it was just an error message. It appears to work (except for the error messages), but the logical volume ends up being 0 bytes. http://pastebin.com/m72d5d6cd00:40
=== moomlyn is now known as linimoo
digitalstimulusxander787, backup and clean install...i'm always wary of upgrading distros or different os's :)00:40
sebsebsebfokuslee: of course,  AMSN, Kmess,  Emescene  and so on00:40
Rods_TigerI've connected a keyboard and mouse to it00:41
sebsebseb!info emescene00:41
ubottuPackage emescene does not exist in karmic00:41
dajhornspellbound: Whoah, full backup time.00:41
BilliardRods_Tiger: it has a screen too?00:41
JorgeBorgdigitalstimulus, I'm gonna give x11vnc a try, because the vnc4server log has no useful info and ultravnc gives a cryptambiguous error00:41
sebsebsebhmm think I spelt wrong or the name is wrong uhmm00:41
DigitalKiwifokuslee: pidgin, finch, bitlbee, kopete00:41
WasakiIdleOne, didnt work :/00:41
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, you are trying to connect TO the ubuntu machine right?00:41
fokusleesebsebseb, DigitalKiwi, i just need a lightweight one which one do you recommend?00:41
dajhornspellbound: How many system upgrades has this computer gone through?  Is there any chance that it needs an LVM metadata update?00:41
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, is it running Gnome?00:41
BilliardRods_Tiger: can you ssh to the server from the server00:41
xander787ah, i was afraid i'd have to do that. well i've been told it already a couple times i guess i'll actually have to do it...00:41
Rods_Tigergood point00:41
IdleOneWasaki: File menu > New Server or something like that.00:41
mgv1how do i solve that in evolution? http://yfrog.com/2m39081162p00:42
JorgeBorgdigitalstimulus, yes, to ubuntu running gnome00:42
spellbounddajhorn: I guess so. I can get to the data by booting Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD. I'll just have to move ~1TB over the network to whereever I can find space.00:42
krackpotwhat's a good twitter client? somehow gwibber doesn't work00:42
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, what about the built in remote desktop sharing?00:42
sebsebsebfokuslee: try a few and find out which one you like.   There's also  Mercury Messenger a java app, made by one guy and closed source,  which you can get from outside the repo.00:42
DigitalKiwifinch is curses, bitlbee runs as a daemon and you access it with an irc client, pidgin is lightweight gtk00:42
WasakiIdleOne, that worked. ty :)00:42
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, it's already setup and ready to go, just enable it00:42
IdleOneWasaki: no ptoblem00:42
Rods_Tigeryes I can00:42
JorgeBorgit works properly, but 've read vnc is faster and more secure00:42
JorgeBorgcan you confim this?00:42
hipitihopwhat is the ubuntu version of 'depmod -ae' mentioned in step 3 here http://mythtvblog.blogspot.com/2008/04/getting-imon-0038-lcd-working-with-lirc.html00:43
BilliardRods_Tiger: you are on the same network?00:43
spellbounddajhorn: The LVM setup was created in 8.04. After that, I used it with 9.04 until it wouldn't work with 9.10.00:43
BilliardRods_Tiger: can you ping the server?00:43
Rods_TigerI don't know00:43
fokusleesebsebseb, DigitalKiwi, Thanks guys, this forum is always soo friendly00:43
mowyes what krackpot said00:43
BilliardRods_Tiger: try that00:43
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, well, as far as speed, the client connecting usually picks the quality and speed settings00:43
sebsebsebfokuslee: Not sure about the latest  Live Messenger, but a slightly older one you could get working in Wine.    Ideally use other networks by the way for example Jabber00:43
=== SirTopHat_ is now known as SirTopHat
Rods_TigerRequest timeout for icmp_seq 0 (etc00:43
KnifeySpooneyUhhhm, my desktop isn't showing. When I right click I don't even get a context menu. However, gnome-panel and everything else is working. I just don't get a shadow below my gnome-panels and my desktop icons are all gone.00:44
BilliardRods_Tiger: can the server ping your client?00:44
hedkandifolks, how do I set the brightness of my screen with ubuntu?00:44
hedkandiI'd expect it to be under system - display but I can't find it00:44
Rods_TigerI'm not sure how this machine is referred to00:44
spellbounddajhorn: So I guess that means there's a chance that it needs a metadata update? Can that be done without recreating everything?00:44
=== Raistlin1 is now known as Raistl|n
sebsebsebfokuslee: some call this a forum,  I call this a IRC channel00:44
c3lis there any open source IM protocol that can be used over SSL?00:44
digitalstimulushedkandi, are you on a laptop?00:45
sebsebsebc3l: Jabber?00:45
JorgeBorgdigitalstimulus, then perhaps my transfer rate is bottling or something. I'm going to do some investigating. thanks!00:45
waseidelhi all, help with a trouble with my account in wiki.ubuntu.com00:45
chrisrHow can i change my uid?00:45
dajhornspellbound: Yes, I'm poking around the man pages, but I can't remember how to check the version or do the upgrade.  I dunno whether Hardy is old enough that this could be the glitch.00:45
waseidelit can be here?00:45
=== Wasaki is now known as KnoxX
jribchrisr: why?00:45
digitalstimulusJorgeBorg, no problem.  the server is pretty simple setup wise, it's the client that dictates the speed.  so you can connect to the same server from a lan or dial up modem or wherever and pick your settings to suit00:45
Billiardhedkandi: i know of commands to set the brightness, but i think its in the power settings as well00:46
digitalstimulushedkandi, does your laptop have a key/combo on the keyboard to do it?00:46
chrisris there a way to do this safe, so everything works properly?00:46
Rods_Tigerno, it doesn't look like I can ping this machine from the ubuntu machine either (using the ip address)00:46
Ashfire908My system is missing the strftime man page, how do I get the man page installed?00:46
hedkandidigitalstimulus, yes it does, and they operate ok00:46
spellbounddajhorn: It's probably not worth perusing this one further. I'll just move the data away from there and recreate.00:46
BilliardRods_Tiger: ok, you are sure they are in the same subnet?00:46
durtAshfire908, did you try 'man 3'?00:47
spellbounddajhorn: I *really* appreciate your help!00:47
digitalstimulushedkandi, that's what i've always used :)00:47
jribAshfire908: install manpages-posix-dev00:47
hedkandidigitalstimulus: but I'd expect there to be a dialog for it under sys - pref00:47
Rods_Tigerthere's no more subnets than this one00:47
chrisrjrib: I have upgraded my machine and i need to use my files from my last install.  The uid/gid is set for my network at work.00:47
BilliardRods_Tiger: they get ips from dhcp?00:47
mownever mind... tweeting wrong thing puts you in court00:47
hedkandiBilliard, so what commands do the job then?00:47
BilliardRods_Tiger: do they both have internet access00:47
dajhornspellbound: Okay, np.  The magic command could be vgconvert, but you could hose the data.00:47
jribchrisr: use usermod00:47
digitalstimulushedkandi, i don't believe i've seen a 'brightness' control in gnome.  if you have an nvidia or ati chip, i believe their respective control panels can set that00:47
hedkandiI don't actually.00:48
Ashfire908durt, already did that.00:48
chrisrjrib: I've read how using usermod stopped someones machine from booting until he changed back the uid to 100000:48
hedkandiBilliard is right, you can set the screen brightness under AC power in power management00:48
hedkandibut you can't do the same on battery power00:48
jribchrisr: I hope you see that makes no sense...00:48
hedkandiwhich is a bizarre inconsistency00:48
digitalstimulushedkandi, hmm, there should be settings for AC and battery00:48
anthony_the screen broghtness is in "power manage ment00:48
anthony_i'm looking at it right now00:49
chrisrjrib: stopped his X from booting..00:49
hedkandidigitalstimulus, could you clarify what you mean by that?00:49
=== sea is now known as Guest59214
digitalstimulushedkandi, i mean...there should be similar settings for AC power and battery power00:49
jribchrisr: just make sure the user's home has the correct uid afterwards (usermod should do this automatically)00:49
=== Guest59214 is now known as seasky
bencoderright. screw it. fresh install of 9.10.00:50
digitalstimulushedkandi, i don't have ubuntu on a laptop to verify00:50
hedkandiare you saying that someone needs to alter gnome?00:50
seaskyhey i need someone to recommend a media player00:50
hedkandior are you saying I can't find the right box?00:50
anthony_I'm still running 9.10 beta00:50
=== moomlyn is now known as linimoo
digitalstimulushedkandi, from what i remember, there is a tab for AC power and a tab for battery power00:50
jrib!player | seasky00:50
ubottuseasky: Audio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs00:50
BilliardRods_Tiger: are there other devices on the network?00:50
seaskyi wanted xmms but it isnt available can someone recommend a nice media player?00:50
digitalstimulusseasky, for what?00:50
jrib!xmms | seasky00:51
ubottuseasky: xmms is no longer being developed, see http://bugs.debian.org/461309 for more details.  Consider using audacious, bmpx, or xmms2 instead.00:51
Rods_Tigerquite a few - printers, ipod touch, etc00:51
anthony_i use vlc media player00:51
anthony_best out there00:51
BilliardRods_Tiger: can any device ping any other device?00:51
digitalstimulusseasky, songbird00:51
hedkandiAnother point is this: under screensaver it says "regard the system as idle after ..." and you set it to 5 mins00:51
fokusleesebsebseb,  haha my bad of course its a channel00:51
Rods_TigerI don't think so00:51
hedkandiAnd under power management it says "dim display when idle"00:51
seaskydigitalstimulus: i installed backtrack4 it doesnt  have a media player, and xmms isnt available?00:51
hedkandiand the screen dims after 20 secs00:51
anthony_Everyone Knows That VLC media player is the best00:51
xim_can you recover a file deleted through an SCP   SSH connection?00:51
hedkandiso they aren't using the same definition of idle00:51
Rods_TigerI've never seen ping do anything other than timeout, so I'm not sure about ping00:51
digitalstimulusseasky, i'm not familiar with backtrack00:51
seaskydigitalstimulus thank you i will try songbird00:51
BilliardRods_Tiger: maybe you have a router blocking access to other clients or something00:52
Rods_Tigerwell it used to work00:52
digitalstimulushedkandi, let me see if i can find it on my fileserver00:52
Rods_Tigerthis all happened when karmic got released, or a day or so before that00:52
BilliardRods_Tiger: well if nothing can ping anything else, idk how you are going to ssh00:52
hedkandidigitalstim: what?00:52
Rods_TigerI've no idea - I've never used ping, but ssh has worked00:52
digitalstimulusseasky, it's a music player, with loads of plugins, developed by mozilla00:52
seaskydigitalstimulus: ....sudao apt-getting now =)00:53
Rods_TigerI've never ever experienced ping working. ssh has always worked fine but now it doesn't00:53
Billiardhedkandi: to set the screen brightness time, you can use gconf-editor00:53
digitalstimulushedkandi, ok under power management, do you have a tab that says "ON AC Power" and "On Battery Power"00:53
anthony_VLC has loads of plugins and will run almost any video... actually it's ran all video and audio files i've run in it00:53
digitalstimulusyes, VLC for video playback and dvd00:54
hedkandibilliard: what key do I need to edit?00:54
Rods_Tigersomething has changed in ubuntu to make ssh stop working00:54
anthony_I use VLC for audio as well...00:54
anthony_Actually using it now lol00:54
durtRods_Tiger, errors?00:54
=== goose is now known as Chris___
Billiardhedkandi: sorry not at a ubuntu machine at the moment, but it is under power management or something, it is with all the other power settings but not on the gui power management settings window00:54
digitalstimulusRods_Tiger, have you tried deleting the key or whatever that ssh generates?00:54
caseyweedermanOk. How do I soft hotplug a usb device?00:54
krevitzgreetings to everyone ^^00:55
Rods_TigerI have00:55
hedkandiBilliard: am I right in thinking gconf is the ubuntu version of the registry?00:55
JabadahutI did something stupid. I gotta rely less on google :( | how do I reverse the command: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/make /usr/bin/gmake00:55
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, stick it in the machine?00:55
penguin42hedkandi: Pretty much00:55
hedkandiI notice wxWidgets doesn't use it!00:55
Billiardhedkandi: not really no, it only is a gui for changing the settings in the .gnome directory00:55
krevitzi have a problem00:55
manevrahello. i have a question00:55
durtmanevra, just ask00:56
hedkandiBilliard: other things can and do use gconf to maintain persistent data00:56
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: It's something that has to happen a hundred times for each working instance. I don't want to do it physically because it will break.00:56
jribJabadahut: what does this return: dpkg -S /usr/bin/gmake00:56
Ashfire908Is there a way to get a progress bar for the syncing progress of Ubuntu One?00:56
dajhornJabadahut: Did you accidentally delete or overwrite /usr/bin/make?  -- sudo apt-get install --reinstall make00:56
krevitzhow can i get filetopia workin fine with wine?00:56
hedkandiBilliard, it's not gnome-specific00:56
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, umount/mount?00:56
manevradurt: what is the difference between i386 and amd64 i tried to find out from forums but i didn't get to any conclusion. what is the difference between the versions ?00:56
caseyweedermanI just want my computer to forget there was a device, and then find it afresh.00:56
hedkandithere is a section for "applications" which takes just about anything00:56
penguin42manevra: i386 is 32bit, amd64 is 64bit00:56
Billiardhedkandi: they just put their settings in .gnome i believe, because they are ment for use with gnome00:56
digitalstimulushedkandi, gconf has gnome settings.  but it's different from the registry in windows.  the registry in windows not only has windows settings but applications and hardware and everything else00:57
hedkandiindeed ok then00:57
durtmanevra, basically i386 is 32bit and amd64 is 64bit00:57
mikeruis there anyway to set a framebuffer's resolution to widescreen? I have a 1280x720 monitor and I would like the consoles to be 1280x72000:57
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: It's not the mounting kind. It's a usb gsm modem.00:57
Jabadahutjrib: dpkg: /usr/bin/gmake not found. (weird, I don't know why)00:57
krackpotis there a way to set a default audio device in 9.1000:57
krevitzhow can i get filetopia workin fine with wine? D=00:57
penguin42mikeru: Try fbset00:57
manevrapenguin42 , i saw that but how do i know which version i should choose? does this matter ?00:57
kanuhanot sure if this is off topic, but can anyone suggest a usb modem for a laptop to use with Ubuntu?00:57
penguin42manevra: If you don't know and you have 3GB or less of RAM then stick to i38600:57
Billiardkrevitz: check out the wine appdb?00:57
hedkandiwell anyway, do you know is the source code for gnome-power-man on subversion somewhere?00:58
krevitzwhat its that D=00:58
Rods_Tigerset the grub screen to 1280x720 and the framebuffer should follow. Use startup-manager00:58
caseyweedermankanuha: NOT Novatel's Ovation.00:58
durtmanevra, if you are new to ubuntu stick with 32bit till you have a reason to try 64bit00:58
penguin42manevra: If you have more RAM and a 64bit CPU then you might want to switch to amd6400:58
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, rmmod/modprobe?00:58
Jabadahutdajhorn: I just now put that into my terminal - everything seems to be working fine00:58
hedkandiwhat repos do the gnome apps belong to ?00:58
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, not sure i understand what you're trying to do00:58
krevitzbilliard, what ist that?00:58
Billiardhedkandi: you can get the source using apt-get source, why?00:58
anthony_anyone using the video driver "NVIDIA accelerated graphics driver (version 185)" and getting random computer freezing?00:58
Billiardkrevitz: google00:58
hedkandiI want to modify it and check it in.00:58
kanuhacaseyweederman, thx, I'll steer clear of those then00:58
dajhornJabadahut:  Ubuntu doesn't have `gmake`.  Systems that aren't based on the GNU toolchain usually install GNU make as gmake.00:58
hedkandifix it rathere00:59
chrisrYou can't use usermod as the user you are changing ,but in ubuntu i can't be root!00:59
manevrapenguin42, so amd64 is for stronger computers.. as i understand. is it any difference between i386 and amd64 ? is amd64 better or something, or it's the same operating system for different computer configs?00:59
jribJabadahut: hrmm, are you sure gmake existed?00:59
chrisrSO what do I do?00:59
asr88Hi, I'm trying to change the default boot option in Grub 2, the config file says do not edit... any suggestions?00:59
mikerupenguin42: easy way to use it'00:59
Billiardchrisr:  you use sudo to gain root power00:59
mikerupenguin42: easy way to use it?00:59
digitalstimulusmanevra, 64 vs 32 bit00:59
JabadahutI'm sure that it didn't exist, but after I did the sudo ls -s command, it performed exactly like make00:59
chrisrBillard: that doesnt work for usermod00:59
voodoomonkhey i'm new to this whole IRC support thing so i'm not really sure now to even go about asking for help00:59
penguin42manevra: Mostly the same, but amd64 is only for machines with 64bit hardware, most things work the same in both, a few things can be a bit triciker in 64bit00:59
hedkandiwhat is the config file called again for grub?01:00
Billiardchrisr: it does01:00
hedkandimenu.conf isn't it?01:00
asr88hedkandi: grub.cfg ??01:00
krackpotis there a way to set a default audio device in 9.10? (i have two sound cards, want to use the discrete soundcard)01:00
jribJabadahut: right, you can just delete it if you want, but it won't do any harm really01:00
hedkandiwhere is it?01:00
chrisrBillard: ive just tried it and it complained that I was logged in01:00
durtmanevra, to use the 64bit build you need a 64bit processor01:00
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: If the light goes purple, I have to replug it. If the light stays red, I can go on to the next step. I have no idea what causes this but I know it's nothing I'm doing. Can I just cut power to that port?01:00
Jabadahutokay, thanks again jrib :)01:00
Rods_Tigerirc in this channel at least consists of 1606 users asking questions and 5 answering them01:00
unpersonHi.  I recently upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10.  Unfortunately, at the moment the Network Manager applet shows that I have no network connection, despite the fact that I most certainly do have a connection on eth0 that I'm using to type this.  Can anyone suggest what the source of this discrepancy might be and how to fix it?01:00
chrisrBillard: and all i was only running a terminal01:01
Billiardchrisr: i have never had that happen, maybe pastebin your exact command and the exact output01:01
hedkandiasr88, you can edit that ok01:01
Hans_Henriki have multiboot Ubuntu/WinXP, on the XP i have gone in "Device settings for the WLAN hardware" and put the power-supply at max (much above "default") and as a result, my battery goes out faster, and i get much longer range in XP than Ubuntu (i can connect to WLANs in XP that i cant even see exist in Ubuntu - before i put the laptop closer to the access point) how can i do the same in ubuntu?01:01
asr88hedkandi: ok thanks, lol01:01
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, not that i know of.  are you on usb 1.1?01:01
manevrai have this processor: Intel Pentium Dual CPU E2160 @1.80 GHz01:01
manevrais it 64 bit ?01:01
durtunperson, did you previously use a manual config?01:01
hedkandias long as you do it right!01:01
chrisrBillard : " sudo usermod -u 9009 -g 320 chrisr   ;  usermod: user chrisr is currently logged in "01:01
voodoomonkdows any one know how i can fix flash controls in firefox 3.5 i just upgraded to 9.101:01
unpersondurt, No, I'm sure I configured it through the GUI (or installer) on some previous version of Ubuntu (Intrepid or earlier).01:02
anthony_When I'm in ubuntu I can see wireless points that I can't see in Vista. I have no idea why this is.01:02
digitalstimulusmanevra, more than likely yes.  64 bit is more like next generation.  if you plan on upgrading to more than 4 GB or RAM ever, go 64 bit01:02
penguin42manevra: According to Intel's site, yes01:02
Billiardchrisr: o you are trying to change your userid01:02
hedkandiwell i'm off to bed bye!01:02
durtunperson, take a look at /etc/network/interfaces if there is a configured interface there nm won't touch it01:02
unpersondurt, I assume that something changed about how things are handled on the back end, so that now the settings reside in a different place or something.01:02
anthony_I'm on 64Bit 9.10 beta with only 2GB's ram01:02
jribchrisr: reboot and choose recovery mode at the grub menu01:02
penguin42manevra: Unless you have more than 3GB of RAM then I wouldn't bother01:02
oscurochuWhen I first installed Ubuntu 9.10, it asked if I wanted to encrypt my home directory. How can I encrypt other directories outside of my home directory?01:03
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: I'm not sure.01:03
unpersondurt, Yes, eth0 is setup there.01:03
manevrapenguin42 unfortunately i have 1 GB of ram. this means i386 is the best option for me right ?01:03
penguin42manevra: Either should work, I'd say stick with the 32bit01:03
durtunperson, unfortunately I don't use nm so I wouldn't be aware of any changes.01:03
chrisrjirb: ok ill try that now, if im not back in 3 minutes something has gone seriously wrong01:03
digitalstimulusanthony_, 64 bit addressing causes applications and code to use up more memory.  nothing wrong with being on 64 bit with 512 mb or RAM01:03
manevrathanks a lot01:03
Billiardchrisr: why do you want to change your user id anyway?01:04
digitalstimulusanthony_, there is just a limitation on how big the numbers can be and it's around 4 GB01:04
voodoomonkcan any one help me fix flash control problems with 9.10?01:04
oscurochumanevra: 64-bit is for users with more than 1GB of ram and a 64bit processor, of course, i believe01:04
durtunperson, my understanding is one or the other01:04
unpersondurt, so in principle if I removed those lines from /etc/network/interfaces I could reconfigure my connection through nm and things ought to work right.01:04
digitalstimulusmy rule of thumb is always go 64 bit unless your processor can't handle it01:04
durtunperson, that is my understanding01:04
unpersondurt, I see.  I would have assumed one is basically a front end to the other before this issue cropped up.01:04
=== august_ is now known as Guest19192
penguin42digitalstimulus: I run 64bit, given things like flash can be more tricky I tend not to recommend it for people unless it's likely to give a benefit through lots of ram, sure they might still win out01:05
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, how old is the computer?01:05
durtunperson, I believe nm uses other means to store it's info.01:05
unpersondurt, But does that mean that the network won't start until Gnome does?01:05
unpersondurt, right01:05
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: It's a good ten years old.01:05
anthony_So by running a 64Bit operating system my apps use more memory then if I was on 32 Bit?01:05
durtunperson, with nm, yes01:05
penguin42anthony_: Often01:05
Billiardanthony_: somewhat yes01:05
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, more than likely it's a USB 1.1 then, it's a low power interface compared to USB 2.001:05
digitalstimulussome devices require "high speed usb 2.0"01:06
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, and can drop out if on usb 1.101:06
voodoomonkcan any one help me fix flash control problems with 9.10?01:06
anthony_I had heard that 64Bit let apps run smoother and. I didn't think that it would need more ram to do it :\01:06
unpersondurt, I wonder what happens if you select recovery mode and choose to boot to a root prompt with network01:06
unpersondurt, I guess it probably just tries DHCP01:06
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, you can purchase a PCI card that is USB 2.0 to supply the proper power if that is the problem01:06
penguin42anthony_: With a 64bit app any pointer is now 64bit rather than 32, if the app uses a lot of pointers then it will have to use more space01:06
Billiardanthony_: some things can be faster with 64bit such as encoding video01:07
=== lanoxx is now known as sq|lanoxx
durtunperson, it would all depend what is in /e/n/i01:07
=== usuario-master is now known as vo|d
nitro_has anyone else noticed that though ubuntu 9.10 is the late, great ver., it has a LOT of bugs that 9.04 didn't?  Or is it just me?01:07
oscurochuanthony_: you wouldnt benefit from a 64bit PC with less than 1GB of ram. i've talked to a lot of gentoo users, and they all say the same thing about it01:07
caseyweedermanOk, thanks. I'm not sure that's it, though.01:07
syn-acknitro_, A new version is usually going to have bugs that the prior release didnt01:08
baltadthow do I copy files in terminal01:08
unpersondurt, I see.01:08
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, me neither, but i would check the requirements of your device.  if it says USB 2.0, you probably don't have that01:08
Billiardbaltadt: cp01:08
=== Chazz is now known as daBomb|Not-Here
durtnitro_, there are a few regressions, see the release notes for known issues01:08
Blank__oscurochu, isn't the main benefit of 64bit the ability to page larger memory?01:08
p1und3ranyone else getting this "One or more of the mount listed in /etc/fstab could not yet be mounted" thing, and then it just boots in as normal?01:08
anthony_So then I should be good with my 2gigs and 64Bit right?01:08
=== daBomb|Not-Here is now known as Chazz
baltadtok when I try that it says "cp: omitting directory `/home/jason/Desktop/cck'"01:08
unpersondurt, I trust that with nm the network still comes up regardless of which user is logged in (i.e., the settings are not per-user).01:08
Billiardp1und3r: pastebin your /etc/fstab01:08
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, the only other thing i can think of is poor support from the manufacturer01:08
Blank__(and to deal with larger calculations)01:08
penguin42baltadt: cp -r   for recursive for directories01:08
krevitzits not there01:09
nitro_syn-ack: do you think the ubuntu team is actively working to fix a lot of these?  I know it's free and all so it's kinda unkosher to be asking people to do more free work, but I was just wondering if they're working on them.  Do you know?01:09
durtunperson, I believe you need to be sudo (root) to set the network in nm01:09
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: It just says 'usb'. Hm. It's doing some different things here, on my laptop.01:09
unpersondurt, Okay, that would make sense.01:09
krevitzBilliard: is not in there01:09
anthony_It seems that my 32Bit Vista uses way more memory then 64Bit Ubuntu. But then that's Windows for you :P01:09
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, does it have an external power source?01:09
unpersondurt, Thanks for your help.01:09
syn-acknitro_, I do know and there are sometimes reasons why bugs wernt fixed as the fix would cause a regression on the whole01:10
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, like batteries or wall plug01:10
durtunperson, again my nm experience is limited01:10
oscurochuBlank_: you're asking the wrong person. My desktop has a 64bit processor but when I was trying gentoo, all of the gentoo users were telling me I should use the x86 version since I had less than 1GB of ram (it may be 2GB or 4GB, but im pretty sure they said 1GB)01:10
p1und3rBilliard: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=8267664#post826766401:10
baltadtty penguin 4201:10
unpersondurt, Understood01:10
syn-ackfile a bug report and check in with it later, nitro_01:10
nitro_ok, thanx01:10
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: network manager still isn't reading it. No, it's just a 'thumbdrive' unit.01:10
mikerupenguin42: I generated a new mode using gtf with 1280 720 60 -f, then pastedit in /etc/fb.modes. I then used sudo fbset "1280x720-60" (what i named the mode) and it didn't change. I ran fbset again and it told me it was still on 1024x768-7601:10
Darkedgeuh OK01:10
baltadtok 1 more stupid question, how do you respond to someone directly like you did penguin4201:10
DarkedgeLets put it like this01:10
Billiardp1und3r: do you still have your same swap partition?01:11
krevitzcan someone please help me01:11
p1und3rBilliard: i didn't alter anything01:11
penguin42mikeru: Hmm not sure01:11
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, more than likely it needs USB 2.0  there are special things you have to do to setup GSM connections, I ddon't have any experience in it though01:11
penguin42baltadt: I just typed there name with a : after - nothing clever!01:11
=== krisH is now known as Guest87633
DarkedgeThis is more APT related, But how can I list all config files for a certain package?01:11
durt!tab | baltadt01:11
ubottubaltadt: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.01:11
baltadtpenguin42: ty for helping a noob01:11
Billiardp1und3r: run `free -om`01:11
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, google and forum reading is probably your best chance at success01:11
penguin42baltadt: np!01:12
digitalstimuluscaseyweederman, searching for your specific device01:12
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: I'll look it up. Ohoh, google and forum reading have gotten me in circles.01:12
p1und3rBilliard: ok what is this telling me01:12
unpersonDarkedge, You can list all files with 'dpkg -L [packagename]' IIRC01:12
Walt1Hi there, I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10 an currently my skype crashes when I try to make a video call.  Audio is Ok, the computer is an ACEROne D025001:12
Billiardp1und3r: what are the numbers for swap 0 or nonzero01:12
unpersonDarkedge, All files installed by the package, that is.01:12
Darkedgeunperson, Thanks01:12
p1und3rBilliard: 12000 total, 0 used  1200 free01:13
krevitzcan someone please help me ? D=01:13
unpersonDarkedge, Otherwise, if you check the man page for a tool it ought to talk about the config files that it uses.01:13
Billiardp1und3r: k01:13
weegidoes anyone know the command to make ubuntu click?01:13
wersi'm thinking of exporting my gmail contacts to a file then import it to evolution. is that the most decent way to sync contacts?01:13
weegilike if i type "XXXX" in an .sh file01:13
Billiardp1und3r: o, i see the problem01:13
weegithat a keyboard shortcut points to01:13
p1und3rBilliard: in gparted i have /dev/sda5 swap under /dev/sda2 extended01:13
Billiardp1und3r: o sorry nvm i dont, ha01:13
weegiit would click underneath my cursor01:13
digitalstimuluswers, have you tried googling gmail/evolution sync01:13
bencoderwell that was very painless01:14
Darkedgeuh OK I'm trying to find the config files for FoF I tried "fretsonfire" on dpkg it says its not installed, how can I get the package name?01:14
digitalstimuluswers, that is probably a very common inquiry01:14
dajhornweegi: You can `echo -e` the BEL character in a script to get the system beep.01:14
Walt1does anyone else have these issues with skype crashing when a video call is setup?01:14
Billiardp1und3r: run `sudo mount -a`   any errors?01:14
fitushello everybody, I want to buy a new video card and I need help deciding what video card to buy01:14
digitalstimulusWalt1, does the camera work?01:14
digitalstimulusWalt1, and has it worked before in ubuntu01:14
p1und3rBilliard: nope01:15
p1und3rBilliard: no output01:15
anthony_I can't get any of my webcams to work with ubuntu lol01:15
ChogyDanfitus: have you checked the fsf website?01:15
durtfitus, do yourself a favor and get a nvidia also OT.01:15
weegidajhorn: i'm trying to cheat flash games by changing my keyboard prefrences, so when you hit "x" it clicks, and when you hold down "x" it clicks ALOT!01:15
Walt1yes. works fine when the test button is pressed and works well in cheese01:15
wersdigitalstimulus, yeah. that's the best i got. to export contacts to a file then import on evolution01:15
digitalstimuluswebcam support in linux is best done by purchasing stuff that already has a good support base from the community.  webcams are a dime a dozen and most don't have good linux support01:15
Hans_Henrikis it likely that the WLAN driver has impact on how much power is devoted to the WLAN card in linux?01:16
weegidajhorn: because everyone enjoys a good flash game01:16
fitusany nvidia card will work or a specific model ?01:16
witakrWhats the command line to get my video card info in terminal?01:16
dajhornweegi: Do you mean the keyboard repeat rate instead of "clicks"?01:16
DarkedgeHow can I find the name of a package, or what dpkg sees it as?01:16
unpersonOkay, so /etc/network/interfaces defines various interfaces that can be brought up, right?  But presumably there's a file elsewhere that tells the OS which interfaces to bring up at boot.  Can anyone point me to the right place?01:16
durtfitus, your going to be hard pressed to find an nvidia card that does not work with linux, again this is OT.01:17
weegidajhorn:  "left mouse button"01:17
penguin42unperson: If that file has the word 'auto' on the line for the interface it gets bought up at boot01:17
ChogyDanunperson: I thought that was the file01:17
Walt1I don't think the issue is the webcam, I think it is with skype 2.1 Beta running under Ubuntu 9.10. It worked on 9.0401:17
fitusso all nvidia's work otb?01:17
unpersonDarkedge, What do you know?  Just the name of the command?01:17
bastid_raZorDarkedge: fretsonfire-game is the game code..01:17
unpersonpenguin42, Ah, got it01:17
durt!ot | fitus01:18
ubottufitus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:18
digitalstimulusWalt1, did you get it from a repository?01:18
penguin42unperson: Although a lot of magic now happens in /etc/NetworkManager and I can't honestly say what happens there01:18
unpersonChogyDan, Apparently you were right01:18
anthony_durt: My NVIDIA GFORCE 7400 GO Freezes up my pc randomly when I use preliminarydrivers for it. Which means no world of warcraft for me :(01:18
p1und3rBilliard: thanks for taking a look i do appreciate it, it's a strange problem.. i guess the error is harmless just annoying me alot01:18
Sir_Konradyo penguin42.01:18
dajhornfitus: Look at the release notes for the Nvidia 185 driver, and choose a card that is fully supported by that driver version.01:18
durtanthony_, preliminary?01:18
weegidajhorn;  i make a keyboard combination preform a mouse "click"  and change the repeat rate to REALLY FAST01:18
=== michaelcarr is now known as Strife89
penguin42Sir_Konrad: Yo indeed01:18
unpersonpenguin42, The problem I have is that NM seems totally unaware of my existing connection.01:18
Darkedgebastid_raZor, Thanks I was trying fretsonfire :)01:18
dajhornweegi: No, that doesn't work for a mouse click.01:18
rbunnyhello =)01:18
Walt1No,from the Skype website01:18
dajhornweegi: Automating mouse clicks is difficult.01:19
penguin42unperson: I haven't really got my head around NM01:19
anthony_meant to say *Proprietary01:19
ChogyDanunperson: if you use the interfaces file for an interface, NM will ignore it01:19
weegidajhorn;  but possable01:19
Sir_Konradit's amazing to guys can recognize eachother in this jungle penguin42. ;P01:19
rbunnyIs there anyone who would be nice enough to try and help me out?01:19
bastid_raZorDarkedge: if you use synaptic and do a quick search.. that is how i find most things.01:19
dajhornweegi: Yes, but it is probably deep voodoo.01:19
weegianyone know how to automate mouse clicks?01:19
digitalstimulusWalt1, why not install it from a repository?  it may not be the lastest version sometimes, but usually the repository stuff works well01:19
weegidajhorn; and whichcraft01:19
unpersonDarkedge, Generally doing apt-cache search [search term] will give you a list of packages that have that in the description.  If you search on a command name this way, you'll generally find the package that contains it.01:19
anthony_durt: Meant to say Proprietary. The screen gets all wierd looking and the computer freezes and I have to hard restart.01:20
penguin42Sir_Konrad: Erm what?01:20
munchen80When you install ubnutu 9.04 server with virtulization what type does it install. I am assuming of course it is hypervisor but what type is it??01:20
durtanthony_, there might be an issue with that GO, check the nvidia site for support as dajhorn just mentioned01:20
Hans_Henrikis program "iwpriv" on clean install shipped with Karmic Desktop release?01:20
witakrWhats the command line to get my video card info in terminal?01:20
Walt1Ok, do you know where the repository is for 32 bit skype?  Thanks01:20
Darkedgeunperson, bastid_raZor Thanks :)01:20
penguin42witakr: lspci | grep -i vga01:20
digitalstimulusWalt1, google skype repository01:20
witakrpenguin42, thanks01:20
ChogyDanwitakr: sudo lshw -C video     the -C video might be wrong01:21
unpersonChogyDan, So I was told.  I'm trying to figure out what I need to do if I want to start having NM handle my network connection.  It sounds like I probably have to comment out those portions of /etc/network/interfaces and then configure the connection through NM.01:21
weegianyone know how to automate mouse clicks, with keyboard shortcuts?01:21
Walt1Ok thanks, bye01:21
Sir_Konradit's amazing to guys can recognize eachother in this jungle penguin42. ;P01:21
ChogyDanunperson: correct01:21
anthony_durt: I have spent hours looking for support on it. But I can't find anything about it. And I don't like posting on forums because people accuse you of not looking for yourself. :\01:21
penguin42Sir_Konrad: Erm well I don't actually recognise you I'm afraid01:21
unpersonChogyDan, Not sure whether or not that's a good idea, but it would be nice to have a GUI available for manipulating network settings and setting up a VPN (I haven't done this yet, but I'd like to).01:21
Sir_Konradpenguin42: ##club-ubuntu. ;P01:21
psycho_oreosmunchen80, a few kernel specific modules I suppose, depending on your arch and which version, it may or may not enable paravirtualisation kernel support01:22
digitalstimulusanthony_, it's always good when posting or asking to also let the people know some of the steps you've tried01:22
durtanthony_, if there does not seem to be common issues with it, I would suggest hardware failure.01:22
DarkedgeIs there a RPMFusion type-thing for distros. that use dpkg?01:22
witakrOk, now that  I have that info can someone please help me figure out why my computer freezes when I try to play games like tremulous and urbanterror?01:22
penguin42Sir_Konrad: Ah well, yes we do hide in there :-)01:22
weegianyone know how to automate mouse clicks?01:22
penguin42weegi: What do you want to do with them?01:22
anthony_durt: It doesn't happen in my Vista or Xp.01:22
ChogyDanunperson: I dunno.  I switched to NM when it came out.  works for me, but it doesn't start internet till login...01:22
digitalstimuluswitakr, do you have a 3d card?01:23
weegipenguin42: i am quite amused by flash games01:23
weegipenguin42: nothing mmo01:23
unpersonChogyDan, Yeah.  That's a bit weird to me.  Okay, really weird.01:23
penguin42weegi: Indeed, I'm somewhat addicted to desktop tower defense01:23
davidjheinrich_was I just here ? I pressed some button and accidentally disconnected01:23
munchen80OK thanks01:23
anthony_durt: I have Vista, Xp, and Ubuntu all installed on this pc and te only one I have video problems with is Ubuntu01:23
unpersonChogyDan, Most of the time I leave it logged in, but it would suck if I happened to forget to leave myself logged in (say after a reboot) and then couldn't SSH in later when I wanted to.01:24
ChogyDanunperson: yeah, it sucks if you get any sorta failure preventing login  :P01:24
weegipennguin42: i know its possable, just not how01:24
anthony_durt: And only when I have the proprietory drivers installed, otherwise ubuntu works fine01:24
ChogyDanunperson: I have it set to autologin01:24
unpersonChogyDan, That's true.  I hadn't even thought of that.01:24
witakrdigitalstimulus, yes i think so01:24
awisgodhow do i start xmms2 after i've installed it?01:25
digitalstimuluswitakr, what card do you have?01:25
witakrdigitalstimulus, nVidia Corporation C51 [Geforce Go 6150]01:25
witakrits a laptop01:25
unpersonChogyDan, And you're fairly certain about this?01:25
digitalstimuluswitakr, the 6150 chipset is very limited in its 3d capability, it's not really a gaming chipset01:25
thiebaudesebsebseb, the problem i had i fixed it01:25
ChogyDanunperson: yes?  which part?01:26
digitalstimuluswitakr, it will render 3d though01:26
sebsebsebthiebaude: How?01:26
anthony_witakr: What game are you trying to play?01:26
unpersonChogyDan, Eh, the part about the network doesn't come up until someone logs in.01:26
apersonjrib, I went through both the lamp setup page and the serverguide to no avail01:26
thiebaudewhen i edited my xorg conf i had mispelled a word01:26
Vossthe 6150 is not that hot even as a desktop graphics chipset01:26
FloodBot3Darkedge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:26
DarkedgeFloodBot Ok01:26
witakrdigitalstimulus, well that is most unfortunate, I have drivers in the hardware driver util that says I have 3d accelleration drivers available but not active yet01:27
ChogyDanunperson: I'm somewhat sure about that01:27
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FloodBot3Prikolistik: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:27
digitalstimuluswitakr, have you downloaded the restricted drivers?  you need to do that before you get any 3d01:27
weegianyone know how to automate mouse clicks?01:27
ChogyDanweegi: maybe kautoclick?01:27
aperson!ops | Prikolistik01:27
ubottuPrikolistik: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!01:27
witakrthe last time I installed one, when I was using xubuntu, it made my laptop crash and I had to reinstall ubuntu karmic01:27
yoyonedweegi: for what?01:27
PrikolistikHello all01:27
anthony_weegi: there are programs that do autoclicks.01:28
digitalstimuluswitakr, the nvidia restricted drivers should work fine.  i have used it on a few machines without a hitch01:28
anthony_But sadly I know non for linux01:28
witakrdigitalstimulus,  i am trying to play tremulous and urbanterror01:28
Lukedoes anyone know who to tell what package a file belongs to?01:28
weegiyoyoned; flash games01:28
LjLLuke: dpkg -S file01:28
weegianthony_: like what01:29
LjLLuke: if it's installed. if it's not, use apt-file or http://packages.ubuntu.com01:29
digitalstimuluswitakr, in console type "lsmod | grep nv"01:29
LukeLjL: htanks much01:29
anthony_weegi: I have a runescape autoclicker that works on anything, not just runescape.01:29
ctmjr!spam | Prikolistik01:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam01:29
AmaranthLjL-Temp: apt-file is always faster01:30
Vosswitakr, not with 6150 you wont unless its at like 640x48001:30
weegianthony_: do  you have a download page, or an .deb?01:30
kpi need help01:30
kpfor grub201:30
digitalstimuluswitakr, what is the result of the command?01:30
sebsebseb!ask | kp01:30
ubottukp: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:30
aperson!grub2 > kp01:30
ubottukp, please see my private message01:30
anthony_weegi: it's a windows program... so you might be able to use it through wine01:30
witakrdigitalstimulus, i typed the command as requested and nothing happened01:30
kpk so when i boot ubuntu i get an error (off live cd when i decide to boot from first hdd) error:out of disk01:31
arandkp: specify.01:31
kpi was able to fix this01:31
anthony_weegi: but you would also have to play your game through wine as well01:31
weegianthony_, doubt it, i have windows programs that work, but no windows01:31
kpby opening temrinal and01:31
digitalstimuluswitakr, then you probably aren't using the nvidia module.  the nvidia module (restricted driver) is required to get the 3d functionality of your graphics chip01:31
ChogyDanweegi: have you tried xmacro?01:31
kpputting some ssentence in this popup window...01:31
apersonkp: try to keep it to fewer lines, this channel moves fast and your messages get split up01:31
kplike a completely new pop up01:31
weegichogydan, from where do i get?01:32
anthony_weegi: I'll check to see if the page I got it from still exists01:32
* greezmunkey is back from baking bread, mmm01:32
ChogyDanweegi: sudo apt-get install xmacro01:32
kpI forgot what the sentence was to put in and also the command the made the popup window...01:32
witakrdigitalstimulus, sounds good, what do i need to do to enable 3d functionality? Get the module?01:32
DarkedgeAnyone know a good replacment for the horrible default Ubuntu theme?01:32
kpplz help01:32
apersonDarkedge, try elementary01:32
apersonkp: you're going to have to be more specific as to what you need help with01:33
linxehI've just installed 9.10. on 9.04 I was prompted to install drivers for my 9400m - this time I've not got the restricted drivers ? do I have to do anything to enable them ?01:33
unpersonChogyDan, So clearly you generally know more about this than me, but I think that part may not be accurate.  I realized that I have another machine running Karmic headless.  I think NM is handling interfaces (/etc/network/interfaces definitely isn't) and I can ssh in with the who command showing no one else logged in.01:33
usser_linxeh, make sure they show up gksudo jockey-gtk01:33
kpwhen i boot ubuntu from the first hard disk off the live cd i get error:out of disk01:33
linxehusser_: ok ta01:33
unpersonChogyDan, Now, GDM is definitely running (I haven't bothered to disable it), but no one is logged in.01:33
unpersonChogyDan, What's more, it looks from the output of ps like NM started before GDM.01:34
weegichogydan: where is it after i install?01:34
ChogyDanunperson: ah, so nm is handling it?  cool.01:34
kpsomeone help01:34
unpersonChogyDan, It appears on that machine NM is handling things and starting at boot, before login.01:34
digitalstimuluswitakr, you have to install it under System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers01:35
liathokay ... I've been to #grub with this and the one guy I had there couldn't figure out what ubuntu did that broke this... but why in the world does it NOT honor GRUB_DEFAULT=saved?01:35
bencoderanyone know how to stop the new firefox making an alert sound when you try to close it with tabs open (without turning off the ubuntu alert sounds)01:35
hipitihopWhen I do "/sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbhid$ sudo echo -n 3-4:1.0 >unbind" I get "-bash: unbind: Permission denied" anyone help ?01:35
andeyi have no user on my system with sudo powers, what do i do?01:35
rahdukeI'm running chromium and set it to open links from other programs like pidgin, now I don't know how to set it back to firefox as the default program for links01:35
rahdukecan someonehelp01:35
unpersonChogyDan, I suppose there's only one way to know for sure.  I'll just try it.  Thanks for your help.01:36
ChogyDanweegi: meh, Im trying it, but I can't figure it out.  Maybe there is more advice on the net, sorry01:36
rahdukebencoder: check about:config in firefox01:36
ChogyDanunperson: yw01:36
arand!patience | kp01:36
ubottukp: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.01:36
witakrdigitalstimulus, ok, ok...   see last time i did THAT my xubuntu crashed and I had to reinstall... do you think it was something to do with the xcfe desktop enviroment? or is it more likely my hardware?01:36
witakrdigitalstimulus, im using karmic Ubuntu now though01:37
weegichogydan; i've been to google and back, i know how to do everything, all i really need is the "click" command01:37
bencoderrahduke: did look, couldn't see anything :(01:37
digitalstimuluswitakr, it should run fine01:37
arandkp:so you are unable to boot the ubuntu install currently?01:37
weegichoggydan:  all i have to do is put it in <> and it will be fine01:37
ChogyDanweegi: do you want clicks in one place?01:37
rahdukecomeon my question is easy, i'm just an idiot and can't figure it out01:37
digitalstimuluswitakr, either way, that is what you need to play games :)01:37
kpi was able to with 9.04 though01:37
rahdukebencoder: lemme look into it for ya01:37
weegichogydan; under the cursor01:37
rahdukebencoder: I have the same issue01:37
Edson`what I try to boot Ubuntu it says no loaded kernel. help?01:37
Billiardkp: did you check the md5 on your iso, did you run the cd check01:37
FacemanIf I'm wanting to run ubuntu on my PPC mac, can I just run 9.10 as usual (with a few configurations I suppose) or do I have to download the "Desktop CD" version?01:38
bencoderrahduke: I can turn off the alert itself, but i still want the window to pop up, just not the sound. Never used to do that01:38
kpi how?01:38
rahdukebencoder: yup i remember01:38
witakrdigitalstimulus, ok, now there are multiple options in hardware drivers for me to choose, how do i know which one to select?01:38
arandkp: and you tried to replace grub-legacy with grub2? In what way?01:38
CelrocHi all01:38
digitalstimuluswitakr, whichever says recommended01:39
CelrocDoes anyone here use WINE, or a derivative of it such as Crossover or Cedega?01:39
BilliardCelroc: what is your issue01:39
witakrdigitalstimulus, ok here goes.... fingers crossed.......01:40
witakrbrb i hope01:40
noob-gnomedoes anyone have contingecy issue with ubuntu01:40
CelrocBilliard: Well, when using the Windows version of Firefox through Crossover, some Japanese characters won't display, particularily on Adobe applications01:40
LordQuackstarI'm a little problem getting my ssh keys to work on github. In the terminal, i've generated new keys, added them to github, and successfully connected. But when i get into git gui, it still says Acess Denied (publickey). And suggestions?01:41
BilliardCelroc: is there a good reason you are using windows firefox in wine?01:41
rahdukeanyone watching cspan01:41
rahdukethis shit is a pisser01:41
Billiard!language | rahduke01:41
ubotturahduke: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:41
nowimprovedUbuntu keeps turning black every 10 minutes...i use fluxbox..what can i do01:41
durt!ot | rahduke01:41
witakrdownloading and installing...01:41
ubotturahduke: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:41
hipitihop Why does sudo not have permission for "/sys/bus/usb/drivers/usbhid$ sudo echo -n 3-4:1.0 >unbind" I get "-bash: unbind: Permission denied" anyone help ?01:41
rahdukebencoder: I can't figure it out man01:42
CelrocBilliard: Yeah... I can't get to these pages on the Linux version of Firefox, yet...01:42
noob-gnomenowimproved:you can install another window manager01:42
apersonI'm having trouble with my lamp server serving up php files, viewing a directory results in the browse wanting to download a phtml file.  I've gone through the troubleshooting that ubottu spits out and also the serverguide.  can anyone help?01:42
witakrdigitalstimulus, thank you for your assistance, if this doesnt work then I will just have to live without the games I suppose01:42
nowimprovednoob-gnome, its a screensaver or something..i don't freaking get it01:42
bencoderrahduke: :( yeah I couldn't find anything either. i'll just mute the alert sounds then for now01:42
rahdukehow do I change the default browser for opening links from other applications. i.e. pidgin, pdfreader, Openoffice etc etc01:42
durtaperson, if no one answers try #ubuntu-server01:42
kpim using01:42
apersondurt, thank, good to know01:42
aperson!enter | kp01:43
ubottukp: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:43
BilliardCelroc: idk, ive never tried windows firefox in wine or needed japanese characters, do you have the proper fonts installed?01:43
Darkedgeuh noob question01:43
DigitalKiwiaperson: the webserver should have a config option for how to handle certain files01:43
witakrrahduke, System > Preferences > Prefered Applications01:43
DarkedgeHow do I apply another bootscreen?01:43
kpjust what is the command for some popup window to come up and show me all the grub stuff like a txt. file01:43
CelrocBilliard: Not sure...01:43
noob-gnomenowimproved: the quickest fix is to use another windows manager you should have a least 2 by default01:43
rahdukeduh how dum am i01:43
DigitalKiwii don't use apache though so can't help beyond that much :(01:43
CelrocBilliard: How can I check?01:44
witakrrahduke, nope, im here for help too :)01:44
noob-gnomenowimproved: with gnome you can easily fix your screensaver etc01:44
rahdukewitakr: what's your issue?01:44
rahdukemayb i can help01:44
nowimprovednoob-gnome, i disabled the screen saver in gnome..01:44
BilliardCelroc: not sure on the best way to install fonts for wine apps, you probably could put windows fonts in the windows/fonts folder01:44
Facemananyone here running their linux on a PPC ibook?01:44
apersonkp gksu gedit /etc/default/grub01:44
BilliardCelroc: but there may be packages to do this for you, idk01:44
arandkp: Depends on whether you are using grub-legacy or grub2, and in general, knowing that won't maje you happy...01:45
CelrocFaceman: Pardon me, this is off-topic, but is there a version of 9.10 for PPC?01:45
joelWhats wrong in this sentence?01:45
joel sudo mount -o loop worms.img /home/joel/Hämtningar -t udf01:45
FacemanI think so Celroc01:45
Darkedgeuh How do I apply a GDM Theme in Ubuntu 9.10?01:45
Facemantheres one here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ports/daily-live/current/01:45
apersonDarkedge, drag and drop it into the window01:45
rahdukeDarkedge: download it to ur desktop01:45
CelrocBilliard: Thanks for the tip01:46
* Sir_Konrad is away. He'll be back later.01:46
rahdukeaperson got it01:46
BilliardCelroc: np01:46
witakrrahduke, well I was helped by digitalstimulus and now I am trying the solution we found to see if it works, thanks though... but just fyi, i was unable to play games like tremulous and he told me its likely because I do not have 3d accelleration functionallity enabled and thats what Im doing now, enabling it.. sort of01:46
noob-gnomenowimproved: did you check the time for the screensaver to activate.01:46
joelVad är fel här?  sudo mount -o loop worms.img /home/joel/Hämtningar -t udf01:46
DarkedgeI tried that01:46
bjoern_HI, I need help. I just upgraded from jaunty to karmic (AMD64). Upgrading stopped before clean up. Now I cannot reboot any more. Old kernel/initrd (2.6.28) are still in menu.lst (grub) but won't boot. New kernel 2.6.31 has no initrd. Any ideas?01:46
CelrocBilliard: I'm sorry to bother you, but do you happen to know where I can get the fonts?01:46
kpo i rmber...i have to edit the quiet splash01:46
witakrexcuse me... the solution that HE found...lol01:46
rahdukewitakr: jus make sure u get the right drivers, there are some pretty cool games fer linx01:46
CelrocFaceman: Thanks01:46
kpthere something i have to replace it with01:46
LordQuackstarHmm... git gui says Permission denied (publickey). but ssh git@github.com says in the debug debug1: Authentication succeeded (publickey).01:46
rahdukewitakr: ati cards are a pain tho01:46
BilliardCelroc: google, or check if there is some sort of wine fonts package in the package manager01:47
ocatacoodo I need to register my nick on this channel01:47
rahdukeDarkedge: you can also goto system>Preferences>appearance01:47
CelrocBilliard: Thanks01:47
rahdukeand install from there01:47
witakroh crap, its time to restart... wish me luck.... lol later yall'01:47
Facemanare you going to use it for one of your machines, Celroc?01:47
arandkp: http://www.ubuntu-inside.me/2009/06/howto-upgrade-to-grub2-on-ubuntu-jaunty.html01:47
rahdukeDarkedge: what kind of theme are you installing?01:47
witakrdigitalstimulus, thanks again01:48
CelrocFaceman: I might01:48
beeftubehas anyone got the 9.10 apt repository for wine? it looks like the one here is hacked or something01:48
rbunnyhello, I'm totally new to linux and can't get dvds to play... anyone feel like doing a good deed?01:48
joelIs it possible to extact a .img file?01:48
Billiardbeeftube: it works for me01:48
CelrocFaceman: Not sure if I will, but I was looking for the 9.10 a few weeks back and didn't find it01:48
rahdukeDarkedge: is it a GTKtheme01:48
noob-gnomerbunny:check your bios settings01:48
DarkedgeThe archive is called eGDM01:49
Billiardbeeftube: i just followed that guide exactly01:49
noob-gnomerbunny: you need to make sure you can boot from your disc drive01:49
rbunnynoob-gnome: umm... I wouldn't know how =I That's how lost I am01:49
lenAnyone here know much about getting alsa to work?  After upgrading one machine using an Asus M2N motherboard I lost audio.  snd-hda-intel is loading, but when I try to run aplay -l I get an error about no sound card found.01:49
durtbeeftube, latest wine is in the karmic repos.01:49
rahdukeDarkedge: can you link me?01:49
beeftubethanks durt01:49
rsc___guys. when i set up shared folders in Ubuntu (right click on folder -> sharing options), what config file in /etc is this modifi]ying?01:49
durtbeeftube, wine1.2 that is01:49
Celrocrbunny: After you insert a DVD (assuming it's a movie DVD), what happens?01:50
rahdukeif thats it that is a login theme, has to be installed differently01:50
noob-gnomerbunny:when you turn on your computer. it will read press f2 or something for settings you push what it tells you the special key is different from computer to computer01:50
FacemanI was actually wandering if anyone knew if the desktop CD version was diffrent from the others. It says its for people with less than 256MB of ram and PPC. But i have 1.5GB of ram, though PPC.01:50
sireorionhow do i see a Dvd movie in ubuntu01:50
ocatacoodo "ls /proc/asound01:50
Billiardrsc___: it may be /etc/samba/smb.conf, but im not sure01:50
Facemanso do I have to use desktop CD or can I just use the regulaur version?01:50
kpim not upragdingfrom 9.04...im doing a new fresh install01:50
rsc___Billiard: thats what i was assuming but it wasn't. any other clues?01:50
DarkedgeTo the theme?01:50
sebsebseb!medibuntu |  sireorion01:50
ubottusireorion: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:50
awisgodis it possible to change the skin of the audacious player? and if possible, how?01:50
noob-gnomerbunny: you then go to the boot tab and make sure that your cd drive is bootable01:51
sireorionsebsebseb: Page not found 40401:51
ocatacoothat work len01:51
rbunnycalroc: first it asked me what to open with, i chose totem, it couldn't show it. Apparently i needed plugins. Then with help i got some stuff downloaded, but still not working01:51
arandlen: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting has a bunch of possible steps01:51
sebsebsebsireorion: I don't know, but libdvdcss2 or libdvdcss3  that's what you want01:51
rbunnycalroc: and now it seems I can't even get the dvd out anymore... damn01:51
rahdukeDarkedge: you need to extract the tar.gz from the zip01:52
rahdukethen install01:52
sireorionsebsebseb: im new with linux plz guide me01:52
koppeIs it possible to do something akin to Gentoo's "emerge -deep world"...  I.e. Re-download, re-discover dependencies, and re-install everything?01:52
rahdukeDarkedge: its nice i'm going to try it01:52
noob-gnomei've got to go, babysitting01:52
sebsebsebsireorion: ,because of legal reasons  commercial DVD support is not provided in Ubuntu01:52
ocatacoois the dvd found by the dmesg01:52
Celrocrbunny: If you want to remove it, try finding the DVD icon on the desktop and right-clicking, then selecting "eject". This sometimes ejects stubborn discs01:52
arandkp: try http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/312731/01:52
lenIt shows a card0 and a card1 when I do a ls /proc/asound01:53
Billiardrsc___: not sure01:53
sebsebsebsireorion: however there is a program that you can get  that will provide such support01:53
rsc___I got it Billard. it's in /var/lib/samba/usershares :D01:53
sireorionsebsebseb: so u mean that i cant see ant dvd movies in ubuntu..... crap.... changing to xp again01:53
Billiardrsc___: ok cool01:53
Darkedge"Can't move directory over directory"01:53
sebsebsebsireorion: no01:53
greezmunkeyA DVD movie... I have to try that, brb01:53
koppeSome components of KDE went MIA, I want to re-install them, but without un-installing everything KDE-related first...01:53
sebsebsebsireorion: you just need to install a program01:53
DarkedgeHow can I delete the "directory"? XD01:53
sebsebsebsireorion: then you can01:53
CelrocWait, are you guys saying that if I put a movie DVD in my drive then go to Application>Sound & Video> movie Player, it won't run it?01:54
sebsebsebCelroc: if it is a commercial DVD yes01:54
sireorionbut how do i install a program01:54
sebsebsebCelroc: ,but there's a program that can be installed so they can be played01:54
DarkedgeCelroc, Get VLC01:54
Celrocsebsebseb: I didn't know that. Huh01:54
DarkedgeWindows cant play it either :P01:54
sebsebsebDarkedge: that does not have support by default01:54
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats01:54
ocatacoodo dmesg in terminal if you have a dvd it should find it then just in olayer01:54
rbunnycalroc: thanks, when I re-inserted the dvd and opened it with "movie player", not working, and no error msg01:54
sebsebsebarand: yes I was going to do that, but also | pipe them01:54
Ignatius_is there a way to have different desktop backgrounds for separate desktops?01:54
sebsebseb!troll > Darkedge01:55
ubottuDarkedge, please see my private message01:55
CelrocDarkedge: Thanks for the tip01:55
sebsebsebCelroc: no he is being stupid01:55
BilliardIgnatius_: akaik gnome doesnt support it01:55
Celrocsebsebseb: Huh?01:55
Ignatius_Billiard: owh :(01:55
greezmunkeyhmm, no URI handler implemented for DVD...cool something else to fix! :)01:55
arandsebsebseb: yea, but there seemed to be several people asking.01:55
DarkedgeHow was I trolling?01:55
sebsebsebCelroc: He told you to get VLC, which won't play commercial DVD's inside  Ubuntu by default01:55
rbunnycelroc: thanks, when I re-inserted the dvd and opened it with "movie player", not working, and no error msg01:55
stuartpbhow do i turn off the prompt for my password when i resume from hibernation?01:56
ocatacooget fluenda01:56
sebsebsebDarkedge: see above01:56
Celrocsebsebseb: Oh. I hadn't tried to play movie DVDs on this computer yet, so this was surprising01:56
courpseMy update manager is telling me that packages are not authenticated, where can i check if they are non-malicious packages to update? pm-utils is the package this time.01:56
tjchello everybody, how can i check what partition my GRUB is installed on ?01:56
Darkedgeuh If I said "Windows sucks because Linux can play DVDs and "it" can't" THATS trolling.01:57
rsc___hey guys, when I set up remote desktop on ubuntu (system - preferences - remote desktop), I get an avahi service of "rsc's remote desktop on Haven" (that shows up on a mac finder sidebar). how can I get rid of that?01:57
Celrocrbunny: Sorry, I didn't know that you couldn't play DVD's in Ubuntu unless you added packages. Someone else here can likely point you in the right direction01:58
greezmunkeyhmm restricted extras...01:58
Rondohey does anybody know of a recent guide on rt and jack?01:59
Rondo! rt01:59
ubottuThe RT kernel is the Ubuntu kernel with a realtime preemption patch applied. It is included in Ubuntu Studio by default. For more information please see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime/01:59
rbunnycelroc: ok, thanks01:59
Rondo! jack01:59
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jack01:59
sebsebsebrbunny:   Celroc  sireorion   libdvdcss2 or libdvdcss3  install one of those into Ubuntu,  or  you can get one of the few distros that have support for commercial DVD's built in, for example Linux Mint, which is based on Ubuntu.  However if you start using that you should  be asking help for it in their channel01:59
Darkedgeuh Where are themes stored? I thought it was .themes but no themes are in there01:59
Rondoubottu, I'm disappointed01:59
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:59
Darkedgeand BRB01:59
sebsebseb!mint |  rbunny   Celroc  sireorion01:59
ubotturbunny   Celroc  sireorion: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), crunchbang (support in #crunchbang)01:59
ubottuLinux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu, please seek support in #linuxmint on irc.spotchat.org02:00
DigitalKiwilol "either get this package or get a different distro"02:00
Celrocsebsebseb: Thanks02:00
greezmunkeywow 29MB, that's the biggest package I've dl'd yet...02:00
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: well  you should have seen what  sireorion  put a little while ago, when they thought they coudn't get  commercial DVD support working02:01
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: basically said that that sucked and that they would go back to XP02:01
Celrocsebsebseb: "sudo apt-get install libdvdcss2" brings up an error message about not having a proper installation candidate?02:01
son_of_steelHey can you please tell me how i find out wheter or nor my Audio card has a built in MIDI synthiziser or not???02:01
DigitalKiwican WMP even play dvds oob?02:01
sebsebseb!info libdvdcss202:02
ubottuPackage libdvdcss2 does not exist in karmic02:02
BilliardCelroc: its not in the repos akaik02:02
sebsebsebCelroc: yes it's not in the repo02:02
sebsebsebCelroc: you need to get it from medibuntu for example, but it seems the site won't work or something02:02
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: yes  it can02:02
Celrocsebsebseb and Billiard: Ah, thanks. Actually, I don't really need it ATM, though. I just didn't know about the DVD thing with Ubuntu02:02
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: WMP can do DVD's in Windows02:03
DigitalKiwiI think I've played dvds with it before but I thought I recalled having to download stuff :/02:03
arandCelroc sireorion rbunny: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs#Installing%20libdvdcss is what you need to know...02:03
NightskyI've noticed Gnome Help is very slow to start up. It takes around 30 seconds to come up after I hit F1, at least the first time I try. Is this just my system, or is everyone's so slow?02:03
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: well maybe you had to yeah02:03
kpwhat do i replace with quiet splah??02:04
usser_sebsebseb, not out the box it cant02:04
Billiardsebsebseb: not in xp without additional software02:04
sebsebsebusser_:  Billiard  oh ok02:04
MK13how would i go about enabling master mode on a broadcom 43xx wireless adapter?02:04
Nightskywhat is "master mode"?02:05
DigitalKiwiso wait ubuntu doesn't even have libdvdcss in official repos? arch has it in extra :/02:05
folding-installanyone familiar with running stanford's folding@home as a linux service, with multiple cpu cores occupied each with separate work folder?02:05
sebsebseb!medibuntu | DigitalKiwi02:05
ubottuDigitalKiwi: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org02:05
durtDigitalKiwi, it's more than likely contained in a larger package check packages.ubuntu.com02:06
Celrocarand: Thanks for the link.02:06
CrypT_Hi i'm new to IRC can someone direct me to a decent C programming room?02:06
arandDigitalKiwi: legal issues.02:06
Celrocarand: I actually didn't need to play movie DVDs at the moment, but if I do, I have bookmarked the link02:06
MK13Nightsky,means it acts as the access point allowing others to connect to if (not ad-hoc mode)02:06
durtCrypT_, searchirc.com02:07
CrypT_durt, ty02:07
DigitalKiwiarand, sebsebseb, ah02:07
sireorionno stream found to handle url dvd://1 what is that mean?02:07
DigitalKiwihate when distros do that kind of stuff :(02:07
magdatohello, help please, i have one hp laptop, it has microphone, but the microphone cant run, when i try to use it, i listen one weird sound02:07
greezmunkeypretty cool, dvd playing in background!02:08
NightskyMK13: thanks, I guess my card just defaulted to that02:08
arandsireorion: have you tried following instructions in link I gave?02:08
MK13Nightsky, why do you say that?02:08
sireorionarand: yes02:08
EEMPHASISSHi, I've got 3 Ubuntu machines here at home.  Rather than downloading updates separately, can I use one of them to serve as a repository cache?  I.e., update the server first, then in the other 2 machines, set the server up as another repository?02:09
sebsebsebsireorion: I thought you might have disappeard on us02:09
NightskyMK13: oh sorry, I guess I was confused, maybe it defaulted to ad hoc mode, but I thought that the router was usually the master02:09
MK13EEMPHASISS, http://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=1&ved=0CAcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.howtoforge.com%2Flocal_debian_ubuntu_mirror&ei=XSj2SoGoBY_S8AbLhJX0CQ&usg=AFQjCNGGpz7dIQImMk6DwAqKavRJkz6ilw&sig2=_4TezZDjZAOyIp3o5JckqA02:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tinyurl02:09
stuartpbhow do i turn off the password prompt when resuming from hibernation?02:09
joelGosh.. Can someoen help me extract a .IMG file ??02:10
sireorionsebsebseb: what di u mean02:10
EEMPHASISSMK13: thanks for your quick response!02:10
NightskyMK13: isn't ad hoc mode for when there is no router?02:10
MK13Nightsky, the router is usually the master, but i don't have a wireless router yet which is why i need master mode on my wireless card so i can share my wired connection through it02:10
arandsireorion: then I'm not sure, tried using vlc?02:10
sebsebsebsireorion: you didn't reply earlier when we were messaging you02:10
NightskyMK13: ok thanks02:10
sireorionsebsebseb: my net died02:10
=== ubunewb is now known as folding-install
sireorionarand: i just come to dvd meny then it dies02:11
sebsebsebsireorion: oh right maybe you missed something then, but something not that important I guess02:11
MK13Nightsky, yes, but most devices that aren't computers (PS3) don't recognize/can't connect to computer ad-hoc networks02:11
folding-installsomeone familiar with running stanford's folding@home as a linux service, with multiple cpu cores occupied each with separate uniprocessor work folder?02:11
sebsebseb!logs | sireorion02:11
ubottusireorion: Official channel logs can be found at http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/ - For LoCo channels, http://logs.ubuntu-eu.org/freenode/02:11
NightskyMK13: sorry I don't know but thanks for explaining.02:11
sebsebsebsireorion: you need to install the program02:12
MK13Nightsky, no prob XD02:12
kazuoHi. What package have the kernel and kernel modules (alsa drivers)?02:12
MK13Nightsky,i think i found my solution anyways02:12
sireorionwhy its so hard to just see a movie?!?!?!??!?!02:12
IdleOnefolding-install: check in #boinc02:12
frustratedare there any Ubuntu/Linux tools to test hardware? ...to determine if there are hardware problems?  I'm not sure where to start?02:12
sebsebsebsireorion: legal reasons  is why there isn't commercial DVD support by default in Ubuntu02:12
MK13EEMPHASISS, your welcome02:12
folding-installsomeone familiar with running stanford's folding@home as a linux service, with multiple cpu cores occupied each with separate uniprocessor work folder? tried finstall perchance?02:12
Celrocarand: Hey, I wanted to say that I'm sorry to have bothered you about DVDs. It was just surprising to me to hear about needing to install packages to play them.02:13
bazhangsireorion, its not02:13
stuartpbHello, how do i turn off the password prompt when resuming from hibernation?02:13
arandsireorion: since DVDs are encrypted with DRM.02:13
bazhangsireorion, what version of ubuntu you using02:13
sebsebsebbazhang: he just needs to install libdvdcss2 or libdvdcss302:13
bazhangsireorion, open a browser02:14
frustrated...how can one test for video/graphics hardware problems?02:14
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:14
folding-installIdleOne: #boinc on this server?02:14
arandsebsebseb: I think that's already ben done02:14
IdleOnefolding-install: yup02:14
Nightskysireorion: I tried "super OS" once, and I think "mint" come with the DVD stuff pre-installed, but it isn't to hard to install it. Videolan has it for example: http://www.videolan.org/vlc/download-debian.html02:14
sebsebsebsireorion: Have you actasuly installed the program that we told you to install?02:14
folding-installIdleOne: ok, what's their topic?02:14
IdleOnefolding-install: it's 6 lines long. /join #boinc and read :)02:15
sebsebsebCelroc: nothing to be sorry about, your learning about Ubuntu02:15
folding-installIdleOne: thanks for the pointer02:15
sebsebsebCelroc: finding out about  the lack of commercial DVD support,  can be part of that02:15
Celrocsebsebseb: I know, but I wasn't really asking for help, I just didn't know about the DVD thing02:16
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:16
sebsebsebCelroc: doesn't matter, it's fine02:16
* thiebaude has no problems play dvd movies on ubuntu02:16
arandsireorion: and ran the command given by johanbr in #ubuntu-se?02:16
lecsarwhats the karmic-proposed repository? whats in it? i see that its not in the default sources.list, is it like testing?02:16
caseyweedermandigitalstimulus: Hey! I'm a step closer to figuring it out. It runs on usb1.1, it was usb_modeswitch that was messing it up. Anyways, thanks for your help.02:16
be200fxhello.  can I ask ubuntustudio questions here?02:16
sebsebsebbe200fx: yes02:16
DigitalKiwiwhat is codename of next ubuntu?02:16
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:17
sireorionarand: yes02:17
sebsebseb!studio |  be200fx02:17
ubottube200fx: UbuntuStudio is a collection of packages for the artist who wishes to use Ubuntu as their Digital Audio Workstation. It contains all the best Audio/Visual components from the Ubuntu repositories. For more info and install instructions, join #ubuntustudio or see http://ubuntustudio.org02:17
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.02:17
usser_lecsar, its proposed updates that are still under review, use at your own risk02:17
* Sir_Konrad is back! All systems are go!02:17
lecsarahh.. thanks :)02:17
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:17
=== [newbie] is now known as eGin
DigitalKiwiif ubuntu lynx does not come with lynx i will be very disappointed02:18
arandlecsar: proposedupdates that may be put into regular updates if proven to not cause any regressions and fix the problem they meant to cleanly.02:18
Rondohi, I'm having a weird problem google isn't helping with. I have an Ardour session migrated to this laptop from my other PC and the window is stuck in super-size, and I can't seem to reduce it so it all fits onscreen02:18
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: Lynx will be in the repo, not pre installed though02:18
sebsebsebDigitalKiwi: good idea that though,  you could suggest it on brainstorm and maybe they will do it :)02:18
CelrocLucid Lynx... nice. I like Karmic Koala name the most, out of the names of currently available editions. Not sure if I like it more or less than Lucid Lynx02:18
kpso anyhelp???02:18
sebsebseb!brainstorm | DigitalKiwi02:18
ubottuDigitalKiwi: Post your ideas for ubuntu at http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com and vote for the ones you like!02:18
Nightskyisn't  lynx a cli browser?02:19
be200fxi installed karmic on my laptop. plugged in a US-144, and I see it in lsusb.  now I would like to record and play back guitar.  Is this something that someone here has experience with?02:19
sebsebsebNightsky: yes it is02:19
DigitalKiwiNightsky: yup02:19
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:19
sebsebseb!lynx |  Nightsky02:19
ubottuNightsky: Browsers available for Ubuntu: Firefox (GTK, Gecko engine), Konqueror (KDE/Qt, KHTML engine), Epiphany (GTK, Gecko engine), Dillo (GTK), w3m (terminal-based), Links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !man page), edbrowse (command-line), Opera (Qt, proprietary)02:19
stuartpbHello, how do i turn off the password prompt when resuming from hibernation?02:19
kpwhat do i replace02:19
kpGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" with02:19
Rondoonce I have used L-Alt to drag the window, it now opens the window menu when I try to click on the resize-function on the window border02:19
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:19
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:19
xfire8update kernel version can fix restart issue like this ?http://img392.imageshack.us/img392/2618/senzatitolo1copiaee3.jpg ?02:19
FloodBot3xfire8: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:19
EEMPHASISSMK13: that was a good HowTo for larger office setups - but a full mirror is 25GB: I get 2GB/month.  I wondered if I could share what the first machine downloaded (where do downloads go to before expansion/installation?), but anything extra could come from externals.02:19
sebsebsebNightsky: hmm it didn't mention lynx02:20
Rondois this an ardour bug? because I've never seen this behavior before02:20
xfire8hey no one can help >?02:20
bastid_raZorxfire8: havne't you been told multiple times this is not an Ubuntu issue and has to do with your BIOS?02:20
usser_EEMPHASISS, /var/cache/apt02:20
xfire8i do everything with my bios ! not possible02:21
kazuoHi. What package have the kernel and kernel modules (alsa drivers)?02:21
td123when is alpha 1 10.04 coming out?02:21
sebsebsebNightsky: you didn't need to pm that, and  Links and Lynx are not the same, but both text only browsers yes02:21
lstarnestd123: likely not for a couple months at least02:21
sebsebseblstarnes: that's not true02:21
Celrocstuartpb: System>Precerences>Screensaver, then un-tick the box that says "Lock screen when screensaver is active."02:22
sebsebsebtd123: You can  Google for the release scheduled for 10.0402:22
IdleOnetd123: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LucidReleaseSchedule02:22
SetiAmonhas the sound issues been fixed yet?02:22
sebsebsebtd123: or IdleOne can provide the link :)02:22
EEMPHASISSusser: ta02:22
IdleOnesebsebseb: sometimes I get lucky and hit on first try :)02:22
SetiAmonx-fi was supposed to work out of the box(jaunty worked flawlessly with beta drivers from creative which don't install in karmic)02:22
xfire8hey someone can call intel for me ? i dont have intel support center in my country , please .02:23
sebsebsebIdleOne: hit on first try?02:23
stuartpbCelroc: it is02:23
Nightskysebsebseb: why is pm rude or something?02:23
IdleOnesebsebseb: with my google searches02:23
Celrocstuartpb: Oh....02:23
bazhangxfire8, that is offtopic for here02:23
sebsebsebNightsky: I would rather that people didn't pm  something to me, that they could have just said no problem here in the channel02:23
IdleOneNightsky: some people find it rude to pm without asking first02:23
robert__Hey um if somebody could help me it would be nice, I accidently installed the wrong version of ubuntu on my computer and now i have the right livecd and i want to overwite the old partition but i dont know how02:23
sebsebsebIdleOne: well I am used to quite a lot of people pm'ing me when doing enough support here02:23
xfire8hey someone can call intel for me ? i dont have intel support center in my country , please .02:24
bazhang!ot | xfire802:24
ubottuxfire8: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:24
thiebaudexfire8, we cant do that02:24
sebsebseb!pm > Nightsky02:24
ubottuNightsky, please see my private message02:24
td123xfire8: google02:24
xfire8what google help me i need support i dont get support in intel forum !02:24
KiRiLoSrobert__, since it's a clean install,just load your livecd,format the partition and re-install.02:24
jMylesKarmic seems to have introduced shaky support for Atheros wifi?  Didn't work out of the box, but worked after updates.  Now, after today's updates, borked.  Anybody experiencing the same problem?02:24
Celrocstuartpb: Sorry, not sure how to fix it02:25
xfire8and not im tomhardware , linuxquestion and all the trash02:25
td123xfire8: this channel is only for ubuntu02:25
Nightskyoh ok I didn't know that I thought I was just reducing the stream of things most ppl didn't care about02:25
xfire8td123 : i need fix problem for ubuntu02:25
robert__KiRiLoS, how do I go about doing that? it doesn't give me an option to write to that partition during install02:25
thiebaudexfire8, this is only ubuntu support02:25
xfire8my ubuntu do restart issues !02:25
xfire8my ubuntu do restart issues !02:25
FloodBot3xfire8: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:25
DigitalKiwiIdleOne: some people have their head too far up their rear :/02:25
bazhangxfire8, you have been asked to take this to #ubuntu-offtopic several times. Please do so.02:25
NightblazeI need help with sound. I followed this guide - http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=98 but now ALL of my hardware listed in the Sound Preferences is gone. I'm on a Macbook, btw.02:26
IdleOneDigitalKiwi: the pm "rule" is also to ensure that people don't get wrong or bad advice.02:26
sebsebsebIdleOne: well it's not really a rule as such, it's a suggestion02:26
DarkedgeHow do I change my bootscreen? I downloaded one from GNOME-Look02:26
KiRiLoSrobert__, Load the live cd,then open a terminal and write "gparted" .That app is the partition manager,from there you can choose the settings you want02:26
sebsebsebIdleOne: sometimes it's better to do stuff with people in pm, than in here :)02:26
IdleOnesebsebseb: agreed02:26
KiRiLoS!gparted | robert__02:26
ubotturobert__: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:26
=== PL|Movies is now known as PhantomLink
Nightskyok I get it, thanks02:26
sebsebsebIdleOne: support I mean, not just off topic02:26
robert__I had gparted open but the partition wouldn't remove it said something about unmounting all partitions over 5 or something02:27
DigitalKiwiIdleOne: no offense meant to the people who do know their stuff, but I see so much wrong information even in channel it's not funny, that's why I'm here actually, to try and combat it when/if I can :(02:27
robert__please unmount all logical partitions over 502:27
jMylesAnybody else have no wireless with an Atheros chipset after today's updates to Karmic?02:27
KiRiLoSrobert__, from what i understand you had too many partitions.02:28
SetiAmonhas anyone here with a X-fi(xtreme music in particular) got sound to work right in KARMIC?02:28
robert__ive only got vista and ubuntu, i just partitioned it today once thats it02:28
Jester05hey guys, i have a question for you.. when i use cheese ( a web cam viewing, picture/video taking app) my camera works fine no prob but.. when i try to use it w/ skype i just get a we're green screen w/ some noise on it.. I believe this is due to skype trying to use a different driver with my camera, anyone have any ideas?02:28
pochijMyles: yes, but there might be a fix for you02:29
IdleOneDigitalKiwi: that is why we are all here. help and get help. nobody knows everything02:29
KiRiLoSrobert__, then u did something wrong,what partitions do u want for ubuntu?After all if you just want ubuntu install and you dont have any special requests you can choose use entiry disk when installing ubuntu and then just choose the already existing partition.02:29
fcuk112robert__: i have a x-fi fatal1ty pro, it works ok although the max volume is limited.02:29
sebsebsebrobert__: be on the Live CD   system > adminisrration > partition editor02:29
_ULNX64_jmyles yes02:29
sebsebsebrobert__: and delete the partitions you want to02:29
=== lstarnes is now known as sheep
sebsebsebsheep: why the name change to that?02:30
arandJester05: Try (re)installing different versions of skype?02:30
fcuk112SetiAmon: ^^ my last message should be to you02:30
RugeHi folks, anyone know how to format a drive in NTFS using gParted?02:30
Jester05arand, I have.. :-\02:30
jMylespochi, _ULNX64: can I just revert to an older version of the offending package for now?  Do you know which one it was?  Is there a bug report on this?  Thanks so much.  :-)02:30
Jester05maybe try the beta?02:30
sebsebsebRuge: a drive for what?02:30
sheepsebsebseb: I need to do something that requires my main nick on a second connection02:30
Jester05i tried current and an older version.. this webcam is 6-7 yrs old02:30
Rugesebsebseb: I have a spare HDD i wish to format to NTFS so that both Ubuntu and WinXP can read it.02:30
sebsebsebsheep: oh ok02:31
NightskySpeaking of help, how long does it take you all for gnome help to come up the first time you hit F1 in nautilus?02:31
be200fxshouldn't I see the us-144 audio interface in qjackctl's connect window?02:31
pochijMyles: this worked for me: edit /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ath_pci.conf and comment out the line that says "blacklist ath5k", then reboot02:31
Vossjester, does it use usb?02:31
jMylespochi, _ULNX64: I don't mind using madwifi or some other zany solution, BUT this is for a friend who doesn't want to have to compile from source or anything - a total newbie.  Not a very soft introduction to Ubuntu I'm afraid.  :-\02:31
Jester05Voss, yes it does02:31
SetiAmonAh Fcuk112 interesting,I get audio out of the box but it is filled with static,distortions, you have flawless(no static/echo's etc or other distortions)?02:31
NightblazeI need help with sound. I followed this guide - http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=98 but now ALL of my hardware listed in the Sound Preferences is gone. I'm on a Macbook, btw.02:31
_ULNX64_i new from mandriva02:31
scuniziRuge: format it ext3 and then load the ext3 driver in windows02:31
sebsebsebRuge: Ubuntu can  read and write to your Windows NTFS  partition no problem as long as  Windows is shut down properly.   Ubuntu has been able to do that kind of stuff since  the  7.10 version  October 200702:31
NightskyCuz it takes > 30 seconds for me02:31
sebsebsebRuge: also I would recommend not sharing your Linux partitions with Windows02:31
Rugesebsebseb: for some reason NTFS in gParted is greyed out02:31
IdleOneNightsky: took about 20 secs here02:32
sebsebsebRuge: and that driver that was mentioned by scunizi  does not always work properly02:32
fcuk112SetiAmon: i am using 2.1 speakers, u?02:32
Rugesebsebseb: oh right, it was going to be a drive for my music, movies etc.02:32
NightskyIdleOne: thanks02:32
jMylespochi: There was no ath5k, only ath_pci02:32
_ULNX64_catch 22, and you would have to track down all the depends manually02:32
scunizisebsebseb: Ruge there's a couple of different ones.. you mileage may vary but I've never had an issue02:32
jMylespochi: Do you know which packaged caused the bork?02:32
Rugesebsebseb: ahh right, hmm well... XP is running a vBox, ill just do all my audio/video viewing on ubuntu02:33
SetiAmonI hate speakers,have some sick headphones though.02:33
NightskyI see like google chrome takes under 5 seconds to come up! Too bad about yelp.02:33
sebsebsebRuge: oh your doing Ubuntu in a vm02:33
sebsebsebRuge: I suggest you put it on for real, and do most of your computer stuff in it :)02:33
Rugesebsebseb: im doing XP in a VM02:33
KiRiLoSNightblaze, i suggest you follow this guide http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=119229602:33
=== sheep is now known as lstarnes
Rugehaha whoops i emant02:33
pochijMyles: not sure what it was, but it seems to have been a conflict between the old mad dirvers and the new ath5k drivers02:33
RugeXP is running IN a vbox :)02:33
fcuk112SetiAmon: have you got it plugged into the right port?  Try setting it to stereo and try plugging into the 2nd port from the top.02:33
sebsebsebRuge: Well there is way to share your virtual  hard disk   with Ubuntu02:33
sebsebsebRuge: #vbox  can help with stuff like that,  I am not exaclty sure how to do it, plus they have a good manual on the site for vbox02:34
pochijMyles: take a look at ubuntu bug #31505602:34
_ULNX64_it happend to me too, switched back to 9.04, goes to show ya, just becouse theres a 6 month release cycle dont mean it needed02:34
sebsebsebRuge: and yes that's a good way to do it,  Ubuntu as host,  XP as guest02:34
Rugeahhh right02:34
jMylespochi: Commenting out the blacklist does not work - and there is no ath5k, only ath_pci02:34
Rugebtw, ext4 is the best atm? better than ext3/2?02:35
arandJester05: http://forum.skype.com/index.php?showtopic=357971 _might_ be of interest...02:35
SetiAmonfcuk112 i did a clean install and the headphones were never unplugged02:35
sebsebseb_ULNX64_: Newer is not always better!  in the case of Ubuntu it depends on the user, but also hardware02:35
scuniziRuge: sebsebseb you can also share a dirctory in ubuntu with a vbox windows guest02:35
Jester05alright thanks arand02:35
sebsebsebRuge: uhmm02:35
_ULNX64_i agree02:35
pochijMyles: maybe you need to blacklist ath5k then? :)02:35
sebsebsebRuge: Ext4 is maybe a tiny bit dodgy still even though it's the default for 9.1002:35
fcuk112SetiAmon: strange, dunno sorry.02:35
jMylespochi: hahaha02:35
sebsebsebRuge: I woudn't rely on it just yet for loads and loads of data02:35
Rugesebsebseb: ill stick to Ext3 then02:35
sebsebsebRuge: for your data partition sure02:36
Rugecool, cheers02:36
sebsebsebRuge: for a Ubuntu install Ext4 :)02:36
durtRuge, it's stable now, for everything but absolute 100% production02:36
cellofellowhow do I see the futon interface for my instance of desktop-couch? There used to be a ~/.local/share/desktop-couch/couchdb.html file but that's gone.02:36
jMylespochi: It was working this morning.  It failed out of the box, so I plugged it in to a wired connection, and got all the karmic updates.  Then it worked fine.  Now, today, after updating a few more packages, boom.02:36
RugeWell, my Ubuntu drive is Ext402:36
pochijMyles: but after upgrading today, that file contained "blacklist ath5k" for me. didn't have anything like that before, so I don't know why you also doesn't have it02:36
RugeIll just take a punt on Ext4 :)02:36
sebsebsebRuge: it's also in a vm,  I hope you put it on your computer for real soon with real partitions :)02:36
sebsebseb!dualboot | Ruge02:37
ubottuRuge: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot02:37
RugeSebSebSeb: Ubuntu is my primary OS02:37
pochijMyles: if you do lsmod | grep ath, does it list anything?02:37
sebsebsebRuge: oh yeah  you said, but uh nevermind02:37
RugeSebSebSeb: I am just making a drive that XP (in vBox) can communicate with it, nothing major02:37
RugeIm learning to do all my work on Ubuntu, slowly :P02:37
RugeIve been using Windows since i was a little one02:37
jMylespochi: yep, several entries, mostly referring to ath5k02:38
pochijMyles: hm, that sounds like it should be fine02:38
jMylesHow can I find out what the most recently updated packages are?02:38
pochijMyles: does ifconfig list the wireless device?02:38
sebsebsebRuge: ok02:38
krackpotDoes turning the visual effects from "extra" to "normal" disable compiz?02:38
Blue1anyone familiar with "songbird?"02:38
soreaukrackpot: no02:38
RugeSebsebseb: thanks for your help :)02:38
NightblazeI need help with sound. I followed this guide - http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=98 but now ALL of my hardware listed in the Sound Preferences is gone. I'm on a Macbook, btw.02:38
UBlondieMy laptop easily gets exceedingly hot (to the point of shutting off if I don't keep it off the table) ...is this normal?  Is there any way of doing something about it?02:38
soreaukrackpot: Anything other than None, and compiz will be enabled02:39
krackpotsoreau: thanks!02:39
sebsebsebjMyles: Why do you want to know,  does it really matter even?  Ubuntu only does security updates from it's default repos02:39
sebsebsebRuge: ok no problem02:39
SetiAmoni'm trying something right now,it says to change default sample rate from 44 to 48 in pulse.conf. it says "; default-sample-rate = 44100" should I put "48100" there instead?I am not knowledgable of this can anyone help me02:39
sebsebsebhmm at some people02:39
=== zk is now known as zkx
cellofellowSetiAmon: 4800002:39
Doorman352UBlondie: try this link... is this what you want? http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-9700201-1.html02:39
_ULNX64_ublondie where is the fan located?02:40
cellofellowSetiAmon: DVDs are 48000, CDs are 4410002:40
Nuc134rB0t_hello everyone :)02:40
jMylespochi: Oh yeah.  Sure does.  but if I unclick "enable wireless" in the NM, then it will be grayed out and I'll be unable to reclick it.02:40
SetiAmonso I guess I'll log out and see if that changed anything guys brb02:40
UBlondie_ULNX64_, back left of the computer ....HP Pavilion laption02:40
_ULNX64_out the side or under02:41
jMylessebsebseb: Well a package update today seems to have borked a friend's wireless.  Is there a way to list packages in order of update?  I think I've done it before, I just can't remember.02:41
pochijMyles: are you able to do: ifconfig <wireless-device> up?02:41
CelrocIs the guy named stuartpb still in the room, perhaps with a different name?02:41
UBlondieDoorman352, thanks ...but I travel constantly and can't carry something like that around.02:41
Nightblazeokay, do I need to ask my question a fourth time or is everyone here clueless? =/02:42
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  oops ...HP Pavilion Laptop I meant to say ...02:42
_ULNX64_is it new?02:42
UBlondiea couple of years old ...maybe 2 and a half02:42
jMylespochi: no response.02:42
_ULNX64_when did it start this?02:42
ccfontesNightblaze: what is your question? (problably im clueless as well)02:42
NightblazeI need help with sound. I followed this guide - http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=98 but now ALL of my hardware listed in the Sound Preferences is gone. I'm on a Macbook, btw.02:42
Doorman352I resemble that02:42
pochijMyles: are you typing that into a terminal?02:43
UBlondie_ULNX64_, it's not necessarily Ubuntu related, but it has definitely been worse since installing Ubuntu ...02:43
jMylespochi: of course. :-)02:43
rhorsedoes anyone know of an irssi channel?02:43
oorahwhy does the last sip of beer taste funny?02:43
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  has alwasy done it with Ubuntu02:43
durtrhorse, ircsearch.com02:43
bazhang!ot | oorah02:43
ubottuoorah: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:43
jMylesNightblaze:  We're not clueless, we just don't know the answer to your specific question right now.  Keep searching, asking, prying - you'll get there.02:43
Doorman352probably due the cigarette butts02:43
_ULNX64_do you leave it on, with the lid closed?02:43
pochijMyles: well, ath5k is supposed to be the new drivers for atheros, while the old (for 9.04) was madwifi I think02:43
oorahok i'll ask there02:43
SetiAmonTo inform everyone,no that did not fix my sound.still filled with static02:43
rhorsethx, durt, i'll try02:44
_ULNX64_it vents via keyboard02:44
TDGWhowdy, another problem02:44
Nightblazek, thx jMyles, I guess i'll just snoop around with commands and hope I don't screw everything up, lol =P02:44
UBlondie_ULNX64_, no ...this is just while I'm using it ...I tend to use it a lot  ...watching movies or doing web development ...or photo/image stuff...02:44
pochijMyles: my best guess would be that you comment out the "blacklist ath_pci" and add "blacklist ath5k"02:44
ccfontesNightblaze: sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/sound probably this removed your hardware drivers for sound hehe.. so it did what was supposed to do02:44
CelrocThanks for all your help :-). Guess I'm going to log out for now. Bye all, have a good night02:44
_ULNX64_has the fan stopped spinning?02:44
jMylespochi: Yeah, I think that's accurate.  I'm not sure why ath_pci is listed or even what the difference is.  Either way, the issue seems to be exactly the same as widely reported, but un-blacklisting doesn't help.  Frankly, I don't really want to unblacklist as it is a friend's laptop who won't know to re-blacklist when ath5k gets worked out.02:44
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  does it?  ...there seems to be a rush of air coming out the vents at the back left ...02:44
pochijMyles: that might bring you back on the madwifi wagon02:44
nathaniel64My question: I am trying to find the xorg.conf file on my system.  I have looked in /etc/X11 but it is not there.  Where should I look?02:45
UBlondie_ULNX64_, it seems to run constantly!02:45
jMylespochi:  You were serious about that?! :-)  I'll give it a try.02:45
ccfontesNightblaze: did you restore them?02:45
TDGWi've decided to dual-boot Ubuntu, and I'm trying to rescue all my music and video files from my Root-Kit infected Windows partition, but Ubuntu doesn't recognize any operating systems and partitions on my harddrive02:45
DigitalKiwinathaniel64: you don't have one02:45
sebsebsebTDGW: wow you really got one of those?02:45
kazuoHi. What package have the kernel and kernel modules (alsa drivers)?02:45
durtnathaniel64, does not exist anymore, create it yourselve and it will be read.02:45
TDGWit believe it's just empty space or a file-storing harddrive, and I need to find some way to save my files02:45
nathaniel64Hmm. that makes the guide I am using sort of useless02:45
TDGWsebsebseb; yeah, i have no idea02:45
Nightblazeccfontes: i did all of what the guide said, so i'm not sure, lemme try the last part again02:45
lstarneskazuo: linux-image-generic has the generic kernel image02:46
TDGWsebsebseb; a friend might've given me it02:46
_ULNX64_is everything running slow02:46
=== haenet3 is now known as sailormoon_fh3
durtnathaniel64, 'sudo touch /etc/X11/xorg.conf'02:46
_ULNX64_is everything running slow?02:46
_ULNX64_all the time?02:46
jMylespochi: Trying now.  Restarting.  The deeper problem is that I don't really want to be on the madwifi wagon as I'm sure the ath5k's broken wagon wheel will be fixed soon.  If not, we can trade one of our Oxen for one next time another party passes - assuming we don't die of dysentery.02:46
ccfontesNightblaze: try it. maybe something went wrong02:46
UBlondiehas anyone got ideas with how to solve problems with mounting ext usb Wester Digital MyBook hard drive?02:46
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  ...no, not really02:46
SiriusQuestion: I've got Ubuntu 9.10. What's the simplest way for a beginner(Windows convert) to downoad Pidgin?02:46
kazuolstarnes: thanks, you know are is alsa modules?02:47
CapeFeari just got 9.10 too!02:47
nathaniel64Could some point me too a good guide on getting the integrated Radeon XPress graphics drivers running?02:47
leaf-sheepSirius: Applications --> Internet --> Pidgin02:47
lstarneskazuo: it's included in a different package02:47
CapeFearhigh five, sirius ;)02:47
pochijMyles: should just be enough to switch the blacklist statements to go back to ath5k though02:47
sebsebsebleaf-sheep: no not there by default in 9.1002:47
durtSirius, 'sudo apt-get install pidgin'02:47
lstarneskazuo: I don't know which one though02:47
sebsebsebleaf-sheep: since Empathy replaced it02:47
Doorman352Sirius: Applications - Ubuntu Software Center02:47
kostkonSirius, open "software center", search for it and install it02:47
leaf-sheepsebsebseb: Oh Karmic. >_>02:47
jMylespochi: OK, blacklisting gives me no wireless whatsoever.02:47
Siriuslol, high-five02:47
sebsebsebSirius: or  even better :)   and quicker02:47
CapeFearok guys, i just got ubuntu 9.10 and have always been a windows user.....02:47
leaf-sheepSirius: "sudo aptitude install pidgin"02:47
ccfontesNightblaze: and by the way `uname -r` is for the kernel you are running. the howto is wrong. it should have `uname -r` for the kernel below he is reinstalling, and he assumes 2.6.2802:47
sebsebsebSirius: applicaitons > assesories > termianl02:47
TDGWanyone know anything about hard-drives and partitioning?02:47
UBlondieWhen I first installed Ubuntu (9.04) the drive worked fine for a while. Then, all of a sudden, it 'clicked off' and I've had problems with it ever since. Am now running 9.10 (5th install mind you!!)02:47
pochijMyles: you blacklisted ath5k?02:47
CapeFearcan you help me please with the installation?02:47
sebsebsebSirius: sudo apt-get install pidgin02:48
jMylespochi: Yep, and now even worse02:48
kazuolstarnes: ok, thanks02:48
Nightblazeccfontes: it didn't install properly, it couldn't find any of the packages02:48
sebsebsebTDGW: yes02:48
ccfontesNightblaze: uname -r please02:48
durtCapeFear, sure, but you need to ask a detailed question02:48
pochijMyles: so not even an wireless interface?02:48
TDGWsebsebseb; care to help me?02:48
Nightblazeccfontes: ah, so it's trying to install the wrong file?02:48
_ULNX64_take to a repair shop, tell them to check the heatsink fan, sounds like hardware failure..02:48
CapeFeardurt, well, i just want to be clear about the general situation02:48
SiriusThanks guys!02:48
jMylespochi: correct.02:48
ccfontesNightblaze: yes most probably. I will try to give you the right instruction. hold on02:48
pochijMyles: oh well, better backtrack then :)02:48
UBlondie_ULNX64_, with the fan/heat you mean?02:48
TidersWith Karmic how can I get DVDs to play on Ubuntu?02:49
jMylespochi: Yeah. :-)02:49
CapeFearthis channel is going faster than an intercontinental ballistic missile though ...02:49
sebsebsebTDGW: ,but I don't know why you can't detect  your  Windows partition.  Well for Ubuntu to be able to access it without any problems, Windows must have closed it down properly.   If not there is some kind of force unmount or something.02:49
durtCapeFear, then read up at help.ubuntu.com or wiki.ubuntu.com... yes address others by name02:49
sebsebsebTDGW: command02:49
TDGWsebsebseb; it's properly mounted and i can access all the files from Ubuntu02:49
pochijMyles: this was the thread that helped me: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=130581202:49
nathaniel64Tiders: I finished first steps- let get the url02:49
xfire8hey , when i restart ubuntu i got erorr post message http://tinyurl.com/yb2qg9j  ,   what to do ? thanks !02:49
TDGWsebsebseb; but the partitioners and the install disc doesnt recognize it02:49
jMylespochi: Can't tell you how content I'd be just to revert whatever package updated today and just wait until a better update comes out.02:49
ccfontesNightblaze: sudo aptitude reinstall linux-headers-`uname -r` linux-image-`uname -r` linux-restricted-modules-`uname -r`02:49
ccfontesNightblaze: this should do the trick02:50
CapeFeardurt so when i install ubuntu, i'll need to resize the windows partition, right (i want to create a dual boot)02:50
sebsebsebTDGW: well it's got a rootkit apparnatlly,   which maybe has something to do with that02:50
UBlondieTiders  ...I don't know what others think of this site?  http://theindexer.wordpress.com/2009/10/25/to-do-list-after-installing-ubuntu-9-10-aka-karmic-koala/02:50
UBlondieTiders, it has info on enabling DVD support02:50
sebsebsebTDGW: either way though get  the data moved into Ubuntu, and then remove that partition02:50
CapeFeardurt and resize means just to change the disk space for windows from say 100 GB to 90 GB02:50
durtCapeFear, sure, use gparted.02:50
pochijMyles: don't know if that's even possible02:50
TDGWsebsebseb; im running via  a Live CD02:50
_ULNX64_the CPU eather has a large base plate leading to the fan, [Hardware failer then] or a small fan on top of the heat sink stopped. common. i doubt very much is software02:50
sebsebsebTDGW: meaning no Ubuntu install?02:50
CapeFeardurt, gparted?02:50
durt!gparted > CapeFear02:50
ubottuCapeFear, please see my private message02:50
=== simon_ is now known as Guest56345
TDGWsebsebseb; right, and the Rootkit is fucking up the install02:50
CapeFeardurt shouldn't i just use the ubuntu installation?02:51
leaf-sheepBecause I have a weak/fake graphic card, I'm forced to use hacks to get full advantage of video... However, I'm having issues with dpkg -- Any suggestion is nice. http://pastebin.com/m74190e9202:51
sebsebseb!language | TDGW02:51
ubottuTDGW: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:51
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  ...was that message for me?02:51
TDGWsebsebseb; the problem is that i have around 5 years of music on my harddrive02:51
sebsebsebTDGW: a 9.10 Live CD?02:51
TDGWsebsebseb; 9.0402:51
CapeFeardurt - please keep in mind that i still don't have ubuntu, i need to install it first before i can use it ...02:51
Nightblazeccfontes: k02:51
jMylespochi: Are you aware of any place where the problem is pinned to today's updates?02:51
Nightblazeccfontes: i think i got it now, thanx for suggestion the uname -r input ;)02:51
durtCapeFear, I'm not a strict ubuntu user, usually do cli installs so I don't know if thats an option during install02:51
pochijMyles: no, sorry02:51
sebsebsebTDGW: well the 9.10 Live CD has  Ubuntu One on it, which you can use to upload your data to  Canonical and  store your data with them.  there is a client for 9.0402:52
thedead91hi guys... I wanted to know how to change the output's color... I wanted to use a library to do that so I can load it when I use it... can you help me? (in c)02:52
pochijMyles: you might take a look at those ubuntu bug tickets though02:52
rhorsehi, does anyone know how I can monitor 2 channels in one window in irssi?02:52
ccfontesNightblaze: yeah, no problem. maybe you should comment in that thread for fixing the howto. it is definitely misleading02:52
pochijMyles: Ubuntu: #315056, #32383002:52
jMylespochi: Yeah, I have - they are pretty dense.02:52
TDGWsebsebseb; so how do i go about doing that on 9.04? Also, i have around 120gb of music on my computer, wont that take days?02:52
TidersUBlondie, But it says it could not read from resource when I try to open the DVD02:52
sebsebsebTDGW: well  really your meant to backup  a lot of data onto say an external hard disk,  in case your hard disk fails for example02:52
CapeFeardurt ok, so right now i'm using windows, and i would like to install ubuntu 9.04 ... how exactly do i use gparted from windows?02:52
UBlondiehelp with external USB harddrive - Western Digital -02:52
sebsebsebTDGW: probably uhmm02:52
TDGWsebsebseb; right, the problem is that im broke02:53
knoppiesTDGW, if you have another HDD, you could make this one your slave and that one your master.02:53
UBlondieTiders, did you run ... sudo aptitude install libdvdcss2 && sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/./install-css.sh   ...from the Terminal?02:53
xfire8hey , when i restart kubuntu i got erorr post message http://tinyurl.com/yb2qg9j  ,   what to do ? thanks !02:53
TidersUBlondie, Yes I just did02:53
durtCapeFear, see the message02:53
sebsebsebTDGW: I assume most/all of that music is pirated02:53
UBlondieTiders, I haven't done it myself mind you02:53
UBlondieTiders, ok02:53
Nightblazewoah, sorry, had a disconnection02:53
ccfontesxfire8: there is a #kubuntu help channerl02:53
TDGWsebsebseb; you'd be correct02:53
Nightblazek, i'll try that out ccfontes02:53
xfire8its ubuntu im sorry02:53
TDGWknoppies; i don't02:53
Blue1anyone have any experience with the songbird programme?02:53
sebsebsebTDGW: thsi channel is publically logged by the way, also02:54
leaf-sheepxfire8: #hardware -- POST is not related to Ubuntu.  It's a hardware issue.02:54
sebsebseb!piracy > TDGW02:54
ubottuTDGW, please see my private message02:54
nathaniel64Tiders: do the steps on this urls http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=766683&highlight=dvd+player02:54
ccfontesNightblaze: glad to help you02:54
TDGWsebsebseb; why did you trick me into saying it then?02:54
CapeFeardurt so you're saying that i can allocate space for ubuntu (i.e., creating partition(s) for it) while still in windows? is this correct?02:54
xfire8leaf-sheep its not hard issue its happen only in ubuntu why no one uderstand me no one help mee !!@!@!02:54
UBlondieTiders,  sorry, don't have anything to suggest ...maybe ask again to see if anyone else has ideas?02:54
TDGWsebsebseb; if you realize that it's not meant to be talked about i think it's extremely passive aggressive of you to inquire02:54
sebsebsebTDGW: nevermind no one will care enough I expect02:54
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Sir_Konrad!piracy > Sir_Konrad02:54
durtCapeFear, not technically _in_ windows, but before you do the install sure02:54
ubottuSir_Konrad, please see my private message02:54
ccfontesxfire8: but can you boot when you press "N"?02:55
Nightblazeccfontes: I think its working, its downloading a file right now instead of doing nothing like last time =P02:55
SetiAmondang i was trying to purge pulse audio and i went to complete remove it but it took with it "gnome" konversation(what i am using now) and everything,is there a way to completly undo everything i just did?would i cold boot work?02:55
UBlondieProblems with mounting Western Digital ext USB hard drive ...am ready to throw either 'it' or Ubuntu in the bin (works fines on Windows and Mac machines). The drive just clicks on and off and rarely ever mounts properly from Ubuntu 9.1002:55
CapeFearwell how would i run gparted in something different than windows, when i only have windows? sorry, i just don't get it, durt02:55
ccfontesxfire8: yes, better to move to a more relatex channel02:55
xfire8ccfnots : when i press N its shutdown my computer and then ok .02:55
ccfontesNightblaze: nice! :D02:56
_ULNX64_ublondie whats the meassage?02:56
xfire8maybe its acpi ?02:56
Tidersnathaniel64, Still cant read from resource02:56
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  no messages what so ever ....just clicks, whurs, sometimes mounts for a few seconds and then un-mounts02:56
durtCapeFear, with the gparted live cd, unless you can resize windows partitions during install, others need to answer that02:56
sebsebsebTDGW: Sorry I like using the bot a bit to much sometimes02:56
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  sometimes I'm even able to use it for a few minutes ...but then unmounts02:57
nathaniel64Tiders: Hmm, there is a trouble shooting section at bottom, did you look into that?02:57
_ULNX64_hardware clicking?02:57
Tidersnathaniel64, I havnt yet02:57
UBlondie_ULNX64_,   decided to scrub it and reformat it yesterady with WinXP ...NTFS fs02:57
ccfontesxfire8: did you try to load BIOS defaults in the BIOS setup?02:57
xfire8ccfontes : yes ,  i tried load default , reset cmos , update my bios02:58
UBlondie_ULNX64_,  clicking from the external drive ...like a relay or somthing?02:58
_ULNX64_the drive has bad sectors?02:58
_ULNX64_do a deep scan, the clicking sound is bad sign...02:58
ccfontesxfire8: ok lets PM. this is not related here02:58
Nightblazeccfontes: rebooting, will tell you the outcome in a bit02:58
knoppiesUBlondie, I have old HDDs that make a clicking sounds the last time they work, It could mean the drive is dieing.02:58
UBlondieI must admit that I didn't run chkdsk on it!  ...bugger  :/   ...would formatting not have picked something like that up?02:58
kamiasanybody here from philippines?02:59
sebsebsebTDGW: large amount of data,  what to do with that hmm02:59
=== mac9416_ is now known as mac9416
kamiasis it safe to ship laptop from canada/usa to philippines using balikbayan box?02:59
_ULNX64_yep for if it never clicked before02:59
UBlondieknoppies, ...it's a relatively new drive ...bought 7 months ago ..Western Digital 160G ext usb drive02:59
bazhang!ph | kamias02:59
ubottukamias: Join #ubuntu-ph for tagalog02:59
TDGWsebsebseb; im talking to a friend, he might have a hard drive to lend me02:59
the_duckgod damn it02:59
the_ducki'm fuckin dyin here02:59
FloodBot3the_duck: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:59
ccfontesNightblaze: ok02:59
the_duckbroke my fuckin ankle02:59
sebsebseb!langauge |  the_duck02:59
ubottuthe_duck: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.02:59
UBlondie_ULNX64_,   hahaha, thanks. ..You think so!??  ;)02:59
knoppiesUBlondie, then I doubt its dieing. Wouldnt know what your problem is.02:59
_ULNX64_hope not02:59
the_duckI broke my freakin ankle03:00
sebsebseb!language |  the_duck03:00
ubottuthe_duck: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.03:00
the_duckwtf? you can't even say wtf here03:00
ziesemerIs it necessary?  Don't think so.03:00
the_duckfreakin? you can't say freakin?03:00
durtthe_duck, please do not03:00
the_duckoh wow03:00
catamarquencewhat files on .kde do i have to copy to make all users have the same wallpaper and theme?03:00
B3rz3rk3rthe_duck, shh with the language yeah?03:00
soreau! ot | the_duck03:00
ubottuthe_duck: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:00
the_duckok ok03:00
_ULNX64_the last drive that dumped on me was doing the same things you said03:01
catamarquencewhat files on .kde do i have to copy to /etc/skel to make all users have the same wallpaper and theme?03:01
Colonel_Panikthe_duck, go to channel #nineoneone03:01
the_duckwhat is that?03:01
MK13!patience | catamarquence03:01
ubottucatamarquence: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:01
knoppiesthe_duck, a place where people care.03:01
the_duckabout my broken ankle?03:01
sebsebsebTDGW: You could  resize XP using the Live CD,  put Ubuntu on,  or make space for another partition,   that should go fine, but there is a chance of data loss03:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about paitence03:02
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.03:02
the_duckI went out car hoppin and I had to jump this 12 foot fence and came down on my ankle wrong... SNAP!03:02
MK13catamarquence, also you might find more help on #kubuntu03:02
Seeker`the_duck: please stop now03:02
wubbaI was doing an upgrade to 9.10 and it seemed to hang - rebooted my box - and now I am getting an error that it won't boot.03:02
sebsebsebTDGW: altough data loss when resizeing  Linux partitions has never happended to me03:02
Edson`-When i to boot up ubuntu it says 'no loaded kernel'. Help?03:02
TDGWsebsebseb; i can't make partitions, because for some reason Ubuntu can't "see" the partitions or the hard-drive or Windows03:02
knoppies!ot | the_duck03:02
catamarquenceMK13: its the same, here there are more users and probably a lot use kde...03:02
ubottuthe_duck: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:02
TDGWsebsebseb; i can access all the files but the Live CD installer and GDEpartition can't see anything03:03
_ULNX64_TGDW run scandisk under windows?03:03
TDGW_ULNX64_; the root-kit has basically destroyed windows03:03
_ULNX64_the file system might be dirty bad shutdown03:03
wubbaI am getting a Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block (0,0)03:03
knoppiesTDGW, you could try take the HDD out of its USB case (you will probably void your warrenty) and then insert it into your PC the old fashioned way.03:04
be200fxis there a current howto for alsa/jack/ardour/usb-audio capture anywhere?03:04
TDGWknoppies; it's an internal already03:04
knoppiesTDGW, ah, lol, I probably meant that for someone else.03:04
TDGWknoppies; :P03:04
wubbaany idea how I can fix this?03:04
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sebsebseb!details | wubba03:05
ubottuwubba: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."03:05
pelmenhey guys, after switching to karmic, now in fullscreen in SMplayer mouse pointer pops up every 8 seconds and dissapears immediately. very annoying...03:05
moleman1This channel has more than 1500 individuals03:06
bobohey guys, what's the best way to learn C++ for linux? any websites that I should go to? and what about IDEs for it?03:06
wubbaI am getting a Kernel Panic - not syncing: VFS Unable to mount root fs on unkown-block (0,0).  Did an upgrade using adept-manager.  It seemed to hang and then I got this message on reboot.03:06
sebsebsebmoleman1: try in  about 8 hours and it will probably have like 1700 or so03:06
xktnyhello, I'm trying to find a package, the name of which escapes me. It's a tool for  creating "empty" .deb packages.03:06
moleman1bobo : you need to look for "best c++ for linux books" on google.03:06
bastid_raZorwubba: adept-manager isn't that fedora?03:07
be200fxbobo: http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/03:07
_ULNX64_bobo unless your very very gifted start with a scripting laungauge first or college03:07
sebsebsebbastid_raZor: no that's Kubuntu03:07
sebsebsebwubba: well your using Kubuntu yes? so you can ask in #kubuntu as well03:08
moleman1Did I place the right preposition?03:08
DigitalKiwibe200fx: blast you I was about to paste that site03:08
moleman1I think "on google" is weird03:08
wubbaYEs I am using Kubuntu03:08
=== ubuntu__ is now known as xunil
be200fxbobo: also here: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/     spend some time on the example code for each topic03:08
bobo_ULNX64_ a scripting launguage like python?03:09
sebsebsebwubba: sounds like you got a new kernel?03:09
be200fxDigitalKiwi: :-P03:09
DigitalKiwiyuck python :(03:09
sebsebsebwubba: if so then the one you had before should also be available from Grub03:09
douglasawhwhat happened to ubuntu+1...is that not the name of the room anymore?03:09
eitriI guys. I've run into a small problem. I wanna create a backup of a dvd file(iso) on my computer. But it doens't work, I try this but it gives me an empty file: dd if=/media/cdrom0/ of=12monkeys.iso bs=102403:09
sebsebsebdouglasawh: it will open again in  uhmmm  two or three weeks I think03:09
sebsebsebdouglasawh: or something like that03:10
_ULNX64_download the book how to think like a computer scientist for green tea press03:10
sebsebsebdouglasawh: when there's  Lucid Lynx alpha 1 or just before it03:10
DigitalKiwithinking in c++ by bruce eckel? or however it's spelled is alright03:10
DigitalKiwibobo: ^03:10
DigitalKiwiit's available free online03:11
AntiStrangeIs there any way to still put my /home folder on a separate partition? I have just recently done a fresh install of 9.10 using only one partition to store all the files including /home.03:11
boboYeah, I've tried python before and I think ill pick it up again03:11
douglasawhthanks. I already switched my repos over :)03:11
DigitalKiwi<3 lua03:11
bobothanks ulnx03:12
ziesemerCan anyone tell me what the "/cow" mount stands for under a LiveCD / Casper?03:12
Nightblazeccfontes: I continued with the rest of the instructions, but still no luck... the hardware is added again though, so its progress =)03:13
Trupsalmsi need help installing aterisk-gui on ubuntu03:13
=== FFEMTcJ is now known as FFEMTcJ|afk
MadpilotTrupsalms, ask an actual question, you're more likely to get help that way03:13
Colonel_Panikeitri, I use Brasero and let it write to a file instead of a burn03:14
boboULNX64, what should i use to compile my code with, I've used geany. but I just wander if there's something better03:14
xfire8hey , when i restart ubuntu i got erorr post message http://tinyurl.com/yb2qg9j  ,   what to do ? thanks !03:15
MadpilotTrupsalms, please ask before you PM. And you're far better off asking in-channel - especially as I know squat about asterisk03:15
Trupsalmscan someone help me install the aterisk-gui03:15
DigitalKiwihttp:// bobo03:15
nathaniel64bobo: Get Netbeans03:15
DigitalKiwieww netbeans03:15
boboill check it out03:15
DigitalKiwivim or geany03:15
_ULNX64_even gedit good03:15
nathaniel64Gawd, dont listen to these vi hacks, get netbeans03:15
Colonel_Panikeitri, and then you can md5sum check it also *smile*03:16
eitriColonel_Panik: I've tried that got an error msg(don't remember which one right now), I might have figuered out how the dd command works. Rewrote it to: dd if=/dev/dvd of=dvdname.iso03:16
Trupsalmsi have ubuntu install with aterisk03:16
_ULNX64_i used cooledit03:16
bobounless im mistaken, netbeans is a java ide03:16
dagofthedofghey guys quick question, with a persistent usb bootable drive using a casper filesystem, how would one change which kernel it uses on boot?03:16
ccfontesNightblaze: at least you have drivers :p .. but did you unmute the sound?03:16
Trupsalmsi now need help installing the gui interface of aterisk03:16
nathaniel64no, it has C++ support, good support03:16
nathaniel64relatively new03:16
bobowell im lookin for python03:16
AntiStrangeIs there any way to still put my /home folder on a separate partition? I have just recently done a fresh install of 9.10 using only one partition to store all the files including /home.03:16
nathaniel64and a good gdb interface (invisible)03:17
leaf-sheep!home | AntiStrange03:17
ubottuAntiStrange: Your home directory is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home directory to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome03:17
DigitalKiwi200MB for a freaking TEXT editor? come on03:17
nathaniel64python support, and ruby support03:17
xfire8hey , when i restart ubuntu i got erorr post message http://tinyurl.com/yb2qg9j  ,   what to do ? thanks !03:17
AntiStrangeleaf-sheep: thanks03:17
DigitalKiwiTotal Download Size:    197.79 MB03:17
DigitalKiwiTotal Installed Size:   395.68 MB03:17
DigitalKiwifor netbeans, lolwut03:17
nathaniel64bobo, at least look at home page03:17
n8tusernathaniel64-> is it still bloated?03:17
Doorman352Trupsalms: try this: http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/asterisk_gui.html03:17
Trupsalmsinstalling aterisk-gui interface on ubuntu03:17
nathaniel64it get better wiht each release03:18
boboi did03:18
Xpistosdoes anyone know why I can't play avi files in 9.10?03:18
Trupsalmsthank you but i have try that step by step03:18
Trupsalmsthe problem is03:18
nathaniel64I do both C, and Java and it works well03:18
Doorman352Trupsalms: I use PBXtra, not that gui03:19
ziesemerdagofthedofg - I'm also looking for help with a Casper issue - seems hard to find.  :-)03:19
Trupsalmswhen trying to access it now by the localhost route03:19
Trupsalmsdoorman352 what is pbxtra03:19
greezmunkeyxfire8, press n03:19
dagofthedofgCasper was easy enough to get going03:19
dagofthedofgit's just trying to switch kernels is a pita03:19
_ULNX64_xpistos got codecs?03:19
Doorman352Trupsalms: it is an asterisk based app that I use.03:20
bobodownloading it now03:20
dagofthedofgcan't seem to get a grub going on this thing03:20
dagofthedofgand even if I could it's casper so it doesn't work that way03:20
B4R74zyhow much faster is 9.10 to 9.0403:20
ziesemerdagofthedofg - agreed.  I'm trying to use the live-media-path option, but then it seems to break persistence...03:20
Trupsalmsdoorman352 does it have a gui interface03:20
DigitalKiwiB4R74zy: -20%03:20
Doorman352Trupsalms: yes, the free version is called trixbox03:20
douglasawhB4R74zy depends03:20
krevitzfixme:mciwave:MCIWAVE_DriverProc Unsupported yet command [2115]03:20
XpistosI installed restricted extras, but now ffmpeg seems to be missing and I can't install it03:20
Trupsalmsalthough i would like help getting the aterisk up and running03:20
tseughow can I register a nickname on freenode?03:21
krevitzdoes anyone know what is that?03:21
camlin_WHOA! 1560 nicks?!03:21
lstarnes!register | tseug03:21
ubottutseug: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode03:21
WACOMaltHiyo, I got my sound fixed on a Realtek ALC268. But now my sound mixer doesnt work. The icon isn't in my tray, and fi I manually open sound preferences I just get an error saying waiting for sound device.03:21
krevitzfixme:mciwave:MCIWAVE_DriverProc Unsupported yet command [2115]03:21
camlin_install drivers Waco03:21
krevitzdoes anyone know what is that?03:21
Madpilotcamlin_, this channel ticked up to 1800 a few weeks ago when 9.10 released. 1500 is pretty standard.03:22
_ULNX64_win32codecs theres also win64 codecs medibuntu repo, windows esstential files from mplayer hq should help03:22
Trupsalmsdoorman352 http://localhost:8088/asterisk/static/config/index.html returns Firefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8088.03:22
B4R74zydouglasawh : on a dell 240003:22
DigitalKiwiMadpilot: yeah, and all those extra 300 people were having problems updating >.>03:22
WACOMaltcamlin_: that's possibly the dumbest help I have ever recieved...   Anyways, drivers came with Ubuntu, it actually worked after install. then after first reboot the sound was dead. over at the #alsa channel someone got the sound going again, but no mixer now.03:22
Trupsalmsdoorman352 please help with missing or incorrect installation03:23
MadpilotDigitalKiwi, heh03:23
camlin_well, when I installed nvidia drivers for a graphics card problem, it worked03:23
camlin_so, I suggested my opinion03:23
B4R74zyDigitalKiwi : dell 240003:23
angelushi there, i am trying to create a command taht will lock my screen and suspend my session ... i managed to do that via sleep 30m && do other stuff && (gnome-screensaver-command --lock && pmi action suspend) ... now my problem is .... if i run taht script, and leave it like taht for the entire night and then come back to the computer it wont be locked ..... is there a way to lock and suspend and have it stay ??03:23
=== Bananaburger` is now known as Bananaburger
WACOMaltcamlin_: I wasn't meaning to insult you, just... well obviously I have the drivers, I said I had sound.03:23
Doorman352Trupsalms: I don use that gui app, so I don have any suggestions for you. That link I posted has a forum of people who use it. You might try there, here we focus on ubuntu.03:24
DigitalKiwiB4R74zy: the only thing faster about 9.10 is booting, but think about it...the software has gottan fatter and your computer is the same, it is inevitablye slower than it was before03:24
Trupsalmsdoorman352 is ther prehaps a irc channel03:24
falserunesI like it03:24
n8tuserangelus-> umm what if you set your timer to the whole night instead of just 30m ?03:25
rsc___hey.. ubuntu 9.10's remote desktop and folder sharing (system->prefs->remote desktop, and right click on folder->sharing options, respectively) ...both advertise on Avahi/Zeroconf by default. how do i stop this? i want to define my own avahi shares and not have them handled automatically.03:25
_ULNX64_waco malt, try alsamixer from command line? or aumix?03:25
TrupsalmsFirefox can't establish a connection to the server at localhost:8088.03:25
n8tuserTrupsalms-> test it with telnet03:25
WACOMaltalsamixer shows a vga-ish sound screen, but I can't edit anything03:25
WACOMaltlemme try aumix03:25
lilyshuhi, i cannot formatting my usb key after i use imagewriter. i try to format this usb key with gparted but gparted cannot recognize any sdb. but i still can see the content of usb key with thunar/nautilus. and how can i formatting this usb key? thanks03:25
n8tuserTrupsalms-> test it with telnet or netcat03:25
falserunesthe port is set wrong, it's 808003:26
Doorman352Trupsalms: try #asterisk03:26
MadpilotTrupsalms, #asterisk is probably what you want03:26
angelusn8tuser ... sleep 30m actually waits 30 mins before running the program ... and my sleep time varies .... also .... i dont want to waste electricity by running my computer all throughout the night with a bunch of items just working on the bg ...03:26
Trupsalmsi have asterisk install03:26
Trupsalmsjust don't want to command line every thing03:26
nathaniel64Anyone run this yet? ATI Catalyst™ 9.3 Proprietary Linux x86 Display Driver03:26
Trupsalmsso i'm looking for a gui03:27
Trupsalmsto aterisk03:27
WACOMaltnathaniel64:  where can I get this?03:27
n8tuserangelus-> whats the point of even then making it sleep, why not just boot at your designated time?03:27
XcellWACOMalt-  maybe try gnome-alsamixer?03:27
falserunesI've ran the catalyst before03:27
Doorman352Trupsalms: What is your questions about Ubuntu?03:27
leejongwookubuntu 9.10 md5sum ?03:27
falserunesdo you have a problem with it?03:27
Trupsalmsgetting this to work inubuntu03:27
_ULNX64_anybody liked running webmin under ubuntu. is it stable?03:28
n8tuserangelus-> where are you from? is electric bills really that costly where you are at?03:28
leejongwookubuntu 9.10 md5sum ? <---03:28
Trupsalmsand trying the telnet03:28
Trupsalmswhere would telnet be located in ubuntu03:28
angelusn8tuser not the bill im worried about m8 .... no need to waste electricity ....03:28
B4R74zyDigitalKiwi : what about russian styl (simpler is better)03:28
Doorman352Trupsalms: your issue is related to Asterisk and itś gui, not Ubuntu. Ive posted two sources for you.03:28
DigitalKiwiB4R74zy: i don't know03:29
mrbrdoWhen compiling a gtk C program, i get this error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm". Which package do i need?03:29
n8tuserangelus-> use a solar panel if you can, the requirement you are imposing seems silly03:29
greezmunkeynagelus shows up green in xchat too =]03:29
lstarnesmrbrdo: something like libm, maybe03:29
greezmunkeyer angelus...03:29
mrbrdolstarnes: no such package..03:29
MadpilotTrupsalms, #asterisk really is where you should be asking these questions. Or google.03:29
boboTrupsalms, just saying someone's name doesn't mean anything. i mean if you just said mine a bunch i would have no idea how to respond to that03:29
Matr|Xi dont have intrnet now at home after my network make mikrotik server but windows have intrnet im runung ubuntu hardy 8.403:29
n8tuserTrupsalms-> telnet is just to test it.. isnt that what you're trying to find out since you cant connect to localhost?03:29
BELLINXFELONhow can i secure my computer from attacks more than just the firewall?03:29
B4R74zyDigitalKiwi : or mac vs. windows03:29
mrbrdolstarnes: i already have libm.so though, but maybe i'm missing a dev package? there's not libm-dev..03:30
Trupsalmswhere is the telnet app03:30
Trupsalmsin ubuntu03:30
greezmunkeyBELLINXFELON, turn it off...03:30
n8tuser!who | Trupsalms03:30
ubottuTrupsalms: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:30
mrbrdoTrupsalms: type whois telnet03:30
angelusalso ... as far as sleep goes ..... its mainly to pause rhythmbox ... i also add in a couple other stuff as needed whenever ..... also ... getting a solar panel just because i cant lock my computer sounds kinda counter productive ...... i'll try the bash channel ... thanks though n8tuser03:30
MadpilotTrupsalms, "telnet" @ the command line should just work03:30
boboBELLINXFELON, assuming ur using ubuntu, u shouldn't worry about those things03:30
WACOMaltXcell: gnome-alsamixer works great thanks. now can I make my volume icon come back and use that instead?03:30
sp4zquestion: im using karmic with a wireless card whenever i have dhcp on i cannot connect. when i turn it off it works but i cant set the gw via cli or nm so can't get out. anyone else experiencing this?03:30
Matr|Xi dont have intrnet in ubuntu i cant connect to the intrnet03:30
lilyshuhi, i cannot format my usb key after i use usb-imagewriter. i try to format this usb key with gparted but gparted couldnt recognize any sdb inserted. i still can see the content of usb key through thunar/nautilus. how can i format this usb key? thanks03:31
WACOMalt_ULNX64_: aumix-gtk doesn't seem to show up anywhere, I tried running aumix-gtk in terminal and it said it couldn;t be found. I just installed it03:31
bobolilyshu, when in nautius can you right click on the device and see format in the options?03:32
BELLINXFELONwhat program can i use to convert video files to other formats?03:32
WACOMaltXcell:  any idea how to make the volume icon come back and use gnome-alsamixer instead of whatever it tries to use now?03:32
Xcelllemme go look03:32
BELLINXFELONVLC will do that?03:32
Matr|Xi dont have intrnet in ubuntu i cant connect to the intrnet03:32
WACOMaltXcell: thanks03:32
lstarnesWACOMalt: maybe ffmpeg03:33
durtBELLINXFELON, you can also try mencoder03:33
lilyshubobo : its not windows :\03:33
robin0800lilyshu: you can also use the disk utility03:33
B3rz3rk3rBELLINXFELON, sure will. VLC is only known for its playback, but its really powerful media streamer/converter too03:33
Matr|Xi dont have intrnet in ubuntu i cant connect to the intrnet03:33
josepIs it safe to upgrade to new version?03:33
bobolilyshu: ur running karmic?03:33
greezmunkeyMatr|X, type nslookup google.com, what do you get back?03:33
WACOMaltMatr|X: you said that already03:34
RondoMatrix: can you explain your trouble? are you trying to use wireless?03:34
mrbrdoWhen compiling a gtk C program, i get this error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm". Which package do i need? i have libc6-dev and build-essential, also libm.so is there03:34
Omen_20hi is there any difference between aptitude and apt-get ?03:34
bobonot really03:34
boboeither will work03:34
Matr|Xim working i windows now03:34
josepcan any1 tell me if I should upgrade to new version?03:35
Omen_20k cool03:35
durtOmen_20, yes, aptitude runs on top of the apt commands.03:35
lstarnesjosep: I would recommend waiting a while before updating03:35
lstarneser, upgradung03:35
Omen_20durt, could u elaborate a little on that?03:35
Matr|Xbefor mikrotik server runung i had intnret direct from router03:35
joseplstarnes: what is going on then?03:35
durtOmen_20, see 'man apt-get' and 'man aptitude' for the gory details03:36
=== FlareFlare183 is now known as Flare-Laptop
Matr|Xbut after mikrotik server i have no intrnet ubuntu hardy 8.403:36
lstarnesjosep: I've heard of people having issues with it.  It works perfectly fine for some though03:36
mrbrdoWhen compiling a gtk C program, i get this error "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm". Which package do i need? i have libc6-dev and build-essential, also libm.so is there03:36
Omen_20k im already looking at apt-get. I just found out about -y which is awesome03:36
Rondomatrix: maybe this isn't the advice you want to hear but you could stand to upgrade from hardy03:36
lstarnesjosep: most ubuntu releases tend to stabilise a bit after a couple months03:36
joseplstarnes: thanks alot ....then should wait03:37
durtOmen_20, be careful with that03:37
Rondomatrix: for starters, and go from there03:37
Rondomatrix: try 9.0403:37
Matr|Xbut i dont like03:37
Matr|Xi like hardy:(03:37
lilyshurobin0800 : i still cant format this usb key with disk utility03:37
Rondomatrix: believe me I really liked windows 2000, but it wasn't supported forever either03:38
bobolilyshu: does the disk utility display the drive?03:38
n8tuserlilyshu-> have you tried fdisk? cfdisk?03:38
Matr|Xi will change then ubuntu with Fedora03:38
Omen_20durt, im making a script for installing programs for me when i reinstall ubuntu in the future. i wouldnt think -y would be much trouble, -m im sure would be though03:38
mrbrdocan anyone please help me, how can i get -lm switch for gcc to work?03:38
Matr|Xwht do u think ? rondo03:39
lstarnesMatr|X: did you have internet working before?03:39
durtOmen_20, agreed, even more careful with that03:39
lstarnesMatr|X: when did it stop working?03:39
Matr|Xafter i got intrnet from mikrotik server03:39
lilyshubobo : yes03:39
=== indiantonic is now known as TheIndianTonic
bobolilyshu: when you click on the drive, does the icon for unmount appear?03:40
lstarnesMatr|X: I don't know anything about mikrotik server03:40
mrbrdoanyone? why does ld not find libm... /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm03:40
=== Liath_mynamedarn is now known as Liath_WW
lilyshun8tuser : no i haven't. how to do that?03:40
Danchoanyone konw a opensource software for making real time streming?03:41
lstarnesmrbrdo: what command are you currently using?03:41
Danchoanyone knows a opensource software for making real time streming?03:41
n8tuserlilyshu -> on a command line.. try   sudo fdisk03:41
lilyshubobo : yes, i get this error after installing moblin 2.1 into usb key.03:41
bobolilyshu, ok is the disk unmounted when you've tried to format it?03:41
n8tuserDancho -> streaming you meant?  streaming what?03:41
mrbrdolstarnes: gcc -Wall -o $1 $1.c -I/usr/include/gtk-1.2 -I/usr/include/glib-1.2 -I/usr/lib/glib/include03:41
mrbrdo-L/usr/lib -lgtk -lgdk -rdynamic -lgmodule -lglib -ldl -lXi -lXext -lX11 -lm03:41
Danchowe need on the ecuador ubuntu community make a live broadcast over the net03:42
XcellWACOMalt-  i cant find anything.. maybe try where thay hepled you fix it before?03:42
Danchostreming live media03:42
Danchoa conference03:42
Danchothe point is to make a conference with experts and make this conference avaliable for other on the country03:42
Dancholike a streming media server but in real time03:42
Omen_20durt, do you know exactly how much the -q option cuts out? It says there's two levels of it.03:43
lstarnesMatr|X: is your windows pc using DHCP for automatic configuration?03:43
XcellWACOMalt-  or.. look in your config editor and look in nautilus03:43
n8tuserDancho -> have you looked into Icecast2 ?03:43
lstarnesmrbrdo: try running sudo ldconfig, then run that command again03:43
lstarnesMatr|X: what about the ubuntu one?03:43
Danchono, what is it?03:43
n8tuserDancho -> perhaps you need to start your search via google?03:43
Matr|Xubuntu i try evry thing03:43
mrbrdolstarnes: as root? tried, but still same error03:43
Danchoi tried but with  google :-)03:44
lstarnesmrbrdo: do you have libm.a?03:44
lilyshubobo : with the usb key mount or unmounted, i still cant formatting it.03:44
durtOmen_20, sorry, never used it.03:44
XpistosIs anyone able to play avi formats in 9,1003:44
mrbrdolstarnes: libm: /usr/lib/libm.so /usr/lib/libm.a03:44
Matr|Xbut not intrnet only fireforx when i open page it redirect to the gatway with decoded page03:44
lstarnesmrbrdo: is libc6-dev installed?03:44
n8tuserDancho -> also i believe Akamai technologies have some for you to use.. cost some money though03:44
Danchoin me experience, jinzora could be a option but isn't real time03:44
sebsebsebXpistos: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras03:44
MrLoganWhen I remove a package/program via package manager - does the package manager completely clean up all the empty dir's, etc?03:44
mrbrdolstarnes: yes03:44
Omen_20durt, np. Just realized i can test it with apt-get update03:44
Xpistossebsebseb: I have it03:45
CapeFearDancho, otkade si? :)03:45
bobohmm.... that's no good. did you try using gparted when it was unmounted?03:45
Danchothat is the other thing, we need free software03:45
lilyshun8tuser : i didn't see any sdb with fdisk.03:45
Danchois for the ubuntu community in ecuador03:45
Xpistossebsebseb: do you have ffmpeg installed>03:45
sebsebsebXpistos: don't think so03:45
durtOmen_20, the issue with automating installs is overwriting customized configurations without human intervention03:45
CapeFearDancho you are ecuadorian?03:45
n8tuserlilyshu -> on a command line.. try   sudo fdisk  -l03:45
lstarnesmrbrdo: are you sure that that application uses gtk 1.2?03:45
Danchoyes i am03:45
Danchoecuatorian :-)03:45
CapeFearoh ok! lol03:45
MrLoganWhen I remove a package/program via package manager - does the package manager completely clean up all the empty dir's, etc?03:45
mrbrdolstarnes: #include <gtk/gtk.h>03:46
lstarnesMrLogan: only when you use purhe03:46
lstarnesMrLogan: *purge03:46
CapeFearit's funny because my father is Dancho and he's Bulgarian.. haha03:46
n8tuserDancho -> not all are available for free..03:46
WACOMaltwhere can I find the version number of the kernel in ubuntu?03:46
lstarnesMrLogan: a regular removal won't remove stale config files03:46
Danchooh jejeje dancho is his name?03:46
XpistosI don't get it, I was sure I was able to watch avi files like last week or something late that03:46
lstarnesWACOMalt: uname -r03:46
MrLoganlstarnes, so I need to <sudo> purge <package name>?03:46
NightskyMrLogan: you have to select the "purge" option03:46
lstarnesMrLogan: sudo aptitude purge packagename03:46
CapeFearsi, esta el Name de el :P03:46
lstarnesMrLogan: or sudo apt-get remove --purge packagename03:46
durtOmen_20, you can be asked to either replace, not replace, or combine existing conf files with conf files from the new package03:46
MrLoganNightsky, lstarnes thanks guys.03:47
sebsebsebXpistos: not sure if I ran restricted extras command for this install, but  should be able to play AVI after running that03:47
Danchon8tuser you have right but in our case, ther isn't other option03:47
CapeFearbut i'll let you get help from these guys :)03:47
lilyshun8tuser : ok the system for usb key is "Hidden HPFS/NTFS"03:47
mrbrdolstarnes: so yeah, it either uses gtk1.2 or 2..03:47
lstarnesmrbrdo: do you still get the error with libm?03:47
greezmunkeyWACOMalt, uname -r03:47
mrbrdolstarnes: what do you mean?03:47
WACOMaltThanks, got it03:47
harisundWACOMalt: uname -a03:47
Rondo! jack03:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jack03:47
lstarnesmrbrdo: rerun gcc03:47
durtOmen_20, wrong answer may break an otherwise functioning system, especially with grub.03:48
mrbrdolstarnes: yeah still says "/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lm"03:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about WACOMalt03:48
Omen_20durt, ahh well that kind of sucks.03:48
mrbrdolstarnes: even after sudo ldconfig03:48
MrLoganI don't know anything about peanuts.03:48
Rondoubottu, I'm disappointed03:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:48
MrLogan(thought I'd contribute)03:48
NightskyRondo: haha03:48
Danchoicecast is for audio only03:48
Danchonot video03:48
dn4I have an ipod how do I add musak to it usingubuntu?03:48
Xpistosi think i am just going to reinstall03:49
sebsebsebXpistos: ok03:49
lstarnesmrbrdo: -lm seems to be working for me and I also have libm.a and libm.so03:49
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod03:49
sebsebsebXpistos: by the way good idea to md5sum ISO's before burning their contents to CD,  and checking  the code matches03:49
greezmunkey!:) Intellegent03:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Intellegent03:49
sebsebseb!md5sum |  Xpistos03:49
ubottuXpistos: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows03:49
mrbrdolstarnes: do you have any idea what else i can try? do you have /usr/lib in $PATH?03:49
n8tuserlilyshu -> so what do you want to do with it?  man fdisk to find out what it can do03:49
lstarnesmrbrdo: it should not be in $PATH03:49
mrbrdolstarnes: it's not, i'm just asking03:50
greezmunkeythat's even better...03:50
lstarnesmrbrdo: $PATH is for executables only03:50
mrbrdolstarnes: did you use the same command line to compile as i did?03:50
Xpistossebsebseb: Thanks I got that. Besides I want to install fresh from the 9.10 release and not the beta and update. I want to see the nice pictures on the install03:50
n8tusermrbrdo -> perhaps look at your $LIBPATH too03:50
mrbrdoit's empty03:50
lstarnesmrbrdo: I was using a different file just checking -lm03:50
sebsebsebXpistos: Well do what I just said then03:50
webbb82does anyone have any good window managers i should try   other than gnome or kde03:50
webbb82or xfce03:50
Xpistossebsebseb: I am checking the iso I have now03:50
webbb82what would be the 4th best lol03:51
Xpistossebsebseb: or as soon as I find it03:51
kuttanshii anyone tried to install oracle 10g r2 in karmic + how to work around the relink errors03:51
sebsebsebXpistos: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10  you can find the code it needs to be in one of those fiels03:51
Rondomaybe a dumb question, but I've made kind of a half-assed effort to revert to pure ubuntustudio from a clean ubuntu 9.10 install and, though jack and rt are doing great, my media-center is replaced by gnome-app-install. any advice on how to switch these back without borking my system that I'm otherwise very pleased with? maybe some kind of OS-save-state app?03:51
mrbrdon8tuser how can i set it? set LIBPATH = /usr/lib doesn't work03:51
rahdukeis it possible to install PLymouth on Karmic ??03:52
rahdukethere is a repo for it03:52
=== root is now known as Guest54919
rahdukebut it doesn't launch on boot03:52
mrbrdolstarnes: any other idea what i can try03:52
WACOMaltHow can I add a place to the "Places" menu?03:52
lstarnesmrbrdo: you don't need LIBPATH (I dion't have it either)03:52
webbb82anyone like openbox03:52
Danchobye bye03:52
mrbrdolstarnes okay03:52
kuttansim getting relink error in karmic 64 when trying to install oracle 10g r2...i tried every forums03:53
Duffler!info labPlot03:53
ubottulabplot (source: labplot): data plotting and function analysis tool for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version (karmic), package size 6634 kB, installed size 12588 kB03:53
Rondoi've tried a studio and mint hybrid in the past and I don't want to relive that...03:53
lstarnesmrbrdo: can you pastebin the .c file that you're using?03:53
kuttansi was able to install oracle xe bt no success with oracle 10g relink errors, anyone there to help03:53
n8tusermrbrdo -> also try to look at the switch -Ldirnameorpathhere03:53
mrbrdolstarnes: http://www.pastie.org/68853303:54
XcellWACOMalt-  still there?03:54
WACOMaltXcell: yup03:54
n8tusermrbrdo -> actually i said wrong.. try to set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH03:54
lstarnesmrbrdo: can you give me the full command on one line?03:55
kuttanswhats the irc address for oracle, anyone know??03:55
rajmahendraHello all. i am new to Ubuntu. Just installed Ubuntu 9.10 by download and burn CD.03:55
MrLogan!hi | ian_03:55
ubottuian_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!03:55
lstarneskuttans: /join #oracle03:55
XcellWACOMalt-  look in startup apps and make sure its checked to show volume control03:55
WACOMaltXcell: Thanks sir. I'll see if that helps. It used to show, but after I fixed my sound it went away.03:55
mrbrdon8tuser: if i use the full path to libm.a, then i get a different error "/usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.3.3/../../../../lib/crt1.o: In function `_start':03:55
=== Ricky_ is now known as Guest25584
mrbrdo_ /build/buildd/glibc-2.9/csu/../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:115: undefined reference to `main'03:56
XcellWACOMalt-  once you check it.. youll have to re-boot03:56
WACOMaltXcell: Yeah it's set to load.03:56
kuttanshahaha hard luk no one there to reply in oracle03:56
WACOMaltXcell: already checked :/03:56
=== nathan_ is now known as TonyTheTiger
lstarnesmrbrdo: I need you to give me the command line again. I can't find it in my client's scrollback03:56
XcellWACOMalt-  then it may be in config editor in gnome settings03:56
n8tusermrbrdo -> which path did you set?03:56
mrbrdolstarnes: http://www.pastie.org/68853603:56
mrbrdon8tuser: /usr/lib/libm.a03:56
ArunaCan anyone help me with my new Ubuntu 9.1003:57
porter1Aruna, ask away!03:57
mrbrdon8tuser: u can see the full command i did in the pastie i linked03:57
n8tusermrbrdo -> no i meant which environment var?03:57
WACOMaltXcell:  how do I get to that?03:57
TonyTheTigerwhen i connect my monitor via vga to my laptop, ubuntu freezes. Anyway i can fix this?03:57
mrbrdon8tuser: none, i put it as a -L param03:57
lstarnesmrbrdo: repalce the $1 and $1.c with the name of the output file and the .c file03:57
mrbrdon8tuser: -L/usr/lib/libm.a03:57
Xcellgo to (main) menue and click it in tools03:57
lstarnesmrbrdo: that command worked for me03:57
mrbrdolstarnes: i run it as a bash script03:57
Arunai have just installed when i go to software center.. most of the application it says not available.03:57
mrbrdolstarnes: with $1 being a param.. that's not the problem03:57
iarpi unfortuntly need Internet Explorer to access a website, just wondering whats needed to get IE on ubuntu or even get the IE Tab addon for FF working03:57
ziesemeriarp, well the IE tab addon for FF requires IE.  :-(03:58
kuttansaruna : use synaptic instead03:58
ArunaI am new to Ubuntu03:58
lstarnes!ies4linux | iarp03:58
ubottuiarp: ies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!03:58
kuttansaruna : and check out that the page is there really, by using any browser03:58
WACOMaltXcell: is that something I have to install? it's not in my menu03:58
iarplstarnes: ty03:58
kuttansaruna : what software you want to load03:58
n8tusermrbrdo -> whats on -L is prepended to list of dir to be searched, so you may want to put it at the end, as this path may have similar lib that is not what you seek03:58
kuttansanyone a dba over here03:59
XcellWACOMalt-  once you open it  go to apps/gnome-settings.. dont click anything if ur not sure03:59
MrLoganAruna, welcome to Ubuntu.03:59
Xpistossebsebseb: I will hollar at you later my friend03:59
kuttansanyone used oracle 10g r2 in ubuntu karmic 64?03:59
XcellWACOMalt-  sys / prefs / main menu03:59
mrbrdon8tuser: http://www.pastie.org/68853603:59
MrLoganAruna, you're having problems with your package manager?03:59
kuttansor can anyone tell me how to compile a gcc with -m32 options03:59
n8tusermrbrdo -> basically -L says look here before the other path03:59
lstarnesmrbrdo: you do have build-essential installed, right?03:59
mrbrdolstarnes: yep04:00
sebsebsebXpistos: I am leaving here soon04:00
lstarnesmrbrdo: in which version of ubuntu?04:00
xmntWhat's a good mp3 player that works w/ linux ... thinking about a sansa .. anyone have any tips04:00
kuttansi read in one of the forum tha  the user renamed the /usr/bin/gcc to gcc.sav and created a new gcc with /usr/bin/gcc -m32 $.*04:00
n8tusermrbrdo -> i believed you can only have one -L   but am not 100% sure of that04:00
mrbrdolstarnes: i think 9.04, what's that file to look in again?04:00
WACOMaltXcell: Still not seeing this. I am on 9.10.04:00
sebsebsebxmnt: Cowon stuff, they also have support for the open  OGG Vorbis and Flac formats :)04:00
mrbrdolstarnes: okay i found it, it's 9.04 yeah04:00
kuttansand i m totally clueless about what he was saying can anyone decrypt that for me pls04:00
MrLoganxmnt, the only one I can think of that you can't get to work with Linux is the Zune series.04:00
wubiogenquestion: firefox got updated. I was told to restart it. It wont die. What is the command? Ubuntu 9.04 on a desktop PC in wubi04:01
lstarnesmrbrdo: I'm using 8.0404:01
mrbrdon8tuser: well i already have -L/usr/lib, so where's the problem then04:01
lstarnesmrbrdo: which version of gcc do you have>04:01
MrLoganxmnt, I'd recommend anything down the Sansa line. iPods work well with Ubuntu too.04:01
xmnthad an ipod before it worked well until i stepped on it04:01
Xcellits there.. system / preferances / main menu /ststem tools04:01
lstarnesmrbrdo: if you don't know, use gcc --version04:01
mrbrdolstarnes: 4.3.304:01
MrLoganxmnt, Mine exploded. =(04:01
XpistosMrLogan: You could always vm xp with usb support04:01
n8tusermrbrdo -> i cant remember all the options of gcc, you may just have to tackle the man pages of gcc04:01
lstarnesmrbrdo: I have 4.2.404:01
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xmntMrLogan, yikes04:02
Bamboocan someone recommend good security channels04:02
MrLoganXpistos, I VM'ed Vista, because that's what I had, and... well... I'm not doing that.04:02
XpistosMrLogan: i don't blame you04:02
kuttansi read in one of the forum tha  the user renamed the /usr/bin/gcc to gcc.sav and created a new gcc with /usr/bin/gcc -m32 $.* can anyone tell me what exactly is the meaning of it and how it can be done04:02
usr13Bamboo: You mean for hardening your servers?04:02
* wubiogen cant get media working either. used the minidell 9.10 media page to do it04:03
mrbrdolstarnes, n8tuser: actually, if i delete -lm, then it nags the same error for the next lib (-lX11), if i delete that, it nags for the next etc..?04:03
n8tuserkuttans are you compiling ?04:03
mrbrdoso it seems it doesn't find any lib :S04:03
wubiogenHey, I asked BEFORE bamboo asked.04:03
Bamboo<usr13> any good IRC channels which discuss on all security issues04:03
wubiogenquestion: firefox got updated. I was told to restart it. It wont die. What is the command? Ubuntu 9.04 on a desktop PC in wubi04:03
Xcellpkill firefox04:03
lstarnesmrbrdo: try taking out everything after and including the -rdynamic04:03
MrLoganwubiogen, pkill firefox04:03
usr13Bamboo: Not sure, but you could try #debian04:03
kuttansi dont know, im having already gcc the newest version, but with that im getting relink error whie installing oracle04:03
sebsebsebwubiogen: By the way for proper long term installs real partitions are better.04:03
TonyTheTigerI cant vga output with my laptop, everything goes black and ubuntu freezes.04:04
Bamboo<usr13> thanks, let me try that..04:04
TonyTheTigeranyone know a fix?04:04
sebsebsebwubiogen: Wubi installs can also be converted some how into proper partitions.04:04
mrbrdolstarnes: where should i put -rdynamic? gcc doesn't recongise it04:04
usr13Bamboo: I don't think there are any04:04
Nightblazeok, I've been working on trying to get my speakers to work, and with the help of ccfontes have been able to get the hardware listed in the Sound Preferences again. However the mic and speakers still don't work, and everything is unmuted. I'm using this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=9804:04
wubiogenterrific! thanks a lot. and now for YOUTUBE IS BLACK. What to do?04:04
lstarnesmrbrdo: the command that you gave me nad a -rdynamic in it04:04
mrbrdooh sry04:05
robin0800wubiogen: install flash plugin04:05
kuttansn8tuser: i dont know, im having already gcc the newest version, but with that im getting relink error whie installing oracle04:05
n8tusermrbrdo -> -l is for the library itself, not a path or a dir04:05
wubiogen(me has been lucky. Wireless, printer, speakers all work seamlessly on this older Dell desktop)04:05
mrbrdolstarnes: /usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lgdk04:05
MrLoganrobin0800, if he didn't have flash wouldn't he be seeing a link to get flash instead of a black screen/04:05
mrbrdon8tuser: yeah..?04:06
lstarnesmrbrdo: well that's not making any sense...04:06
MrLoganwubiogen, Ubuntu is a solid platform for most software. It works with my Alps Nav pad and everything.04:06
mrbrdolstarnes: no, it's not :S04:06
lstarnesmrbrdo: try installing gcc-4.2 then usinbg gcc-4.2 instead of gcc04:06
kuttanskarmic 64 bit and oracle anyone got lucky enough here who worked around the relink problem04:06
n8tuserkuttans -> oracle is a beast to install, oracle officially only supports suse and redhat and their own linux.. so trying it on unofficial distro.. you have to jump through hoops04:06
kuttansyeah i can understand, i was having success with oracle xe which was a deb package but still had to do a lot of workaround for that too04:07
n8tusermrbrdo -> but per your posting, you have -lpathhere   not a library file04:07
PhantomLink`337 is on to something04:07
mrbrdolstarnes: same error still04:07
mrbrdon8tuser: yeah i just tried that, i removed it04:07
kuttansso having confidence with that i started oracle 10 g, but with no luck04:07
ArunaThankyou i can install now :)04:07
NoTownKasperIf I was looking to use my gamepad as a remote-control style device for use with Audacious, Movie Player, VLC and perhaps Rhythmbox, would that be possible?04:07
mrbrdon8tuser: how do i set $LD_LIBRARY_PATH04:07
n8tusermrbrdo -> its just an environment variable like $PATH04:08
kuttansi got an idea from one of the forum that gcc is the problem, bcoz gcc for multilib may not be really understanding the .so files correctly04:08
mrbrdon8tuser: how do i set it04:08
NoTownKasperOr should I say, would it be possible to do globally instead of via individual plugins per application?04:08
MrLoganNoTownKasper, what kind of gamepad?04:08
Arunai have just installed the Ubuntu when i see in network connection my Wireless is not visible :(04:08
mrbrdon8tuser: set LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib doesn't work04:08
kuttansso i want to have a gcc with -m32 option and im clueless about it04:08
lstarnesmrbrdo: replace set with export04:09
usr13Aruna: Try refresh04:09
NoTownKasperMrLogan: USB, 8 button + d-pad, basically a PS1 style before they added the dual analog joysticks.04:09
n8tusermrbrdo -> what do you mean? did you then try to see if $LD_LIBRARY_PATH  is set?04:09
MrLoganAruna, right click on your network icon. Is Enable Wireless checked?04:09
kuttansn8tuser : do you know about this creating gcc with /usr/bin/gcc -m32 $.*04:09
mrbrdon8tuser: it wasn't or it was empty04:09
n8tuserkuttans nope, and people that makes oracle work gets paid big bux04:09
MrLoganNoTownKasper, I don't see why it wouldn't work. You have it plugged in? Is it visible on the desktop?04:09
Arunano... what it shows in top network link is Wireless Disabled04:10
ArunaWireless Network  Disconnected04:10
NoTownKasperMrLogan: It's plugged in, though I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'visible on the desktop'.04:10
usr13Aruna: is it a laptop?04:10
n8tuserkuttans try to use the officially supported Oracle platforms..04:10
usr13Aruna: ifconfig04:10
Arunai am using HP laptop04:10
usr13Aruna: iwconfig04:11
user_asem lah04:11
n8tusermrbrdo -> and as per lstarnes you have to export it so that it gets carried over to the next shell04:11
wubiogenMrLogan - I was so pleased about the ease. And understanding about the need to have non-free be separately installed. But I cant get it working. (9.04 Dell, did I say wubi?)  :D   --> black youtube. no radio. I've tried several things. have I siad too much ,err installed too much? :/04:11
kuttansnt8user: yeah a good idea.... but the problem with me is that i want to have only one os not dealing with many04:11
b0wHello!!!!!!! anyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:11
Arunaiwconfig will work ?04:11
usr13Aruna: In a terminal window type iwconfig04:11
mrbrdon8tuser: i did that but it didn't help04:11
kuttanscan i have multiple gcc in my ubuntu 64 and switch between the version with alternative option?04:11
MrLoganNoTownKasper, look at your desktop. Do you see an icon for it visible?04:11
b0wHello!!!!!!! anyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:11
n8tuserkuttans -> well linux is linux.. not a whole lots of difference, but official distro are perhaps tweaked with oracle's libs04:11
usr13Aruna: Tell us what it says.04:12
NoTownKasperMrLogan: No. But I have things set up so that there are no icons on the desktop for anything.04:12
MrLoganwubiogen, When you attempt to view a youtube video it just shows a black screen? Any sound?04:12
mrbrdon8tuser: i'm suddenly getting this error now: /usr/lib/gcc/i486-linux-gnu/4.3.3/../../../../lib/crt1.o: In function `_start':04:12
usr13Aruna: Does it say "No wireless extensions"?04:12
mrbrdon8tuser: /build/buildd/glibc-2.9/csu/../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:115: undefined reference to `main'04:12
kuttansn8tuser: exactly but i want to have a balance of flexibility and usability.......anyway04:12
n8tusermrbrdo -> you may want to join #c  for this in-depth  discussions,04:13
b0wHello!!!!!!! anyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:13
MrLoganNoTownKasper, there shouldn't be icons unless you plug something in, move something to the desktop, or put in a CD or other removable media. Ok - pull up a terminal.04:13
wubiogenMrLogan. no but mpeg2 works04:13
Arunalo        no wireless extensions.04:13
usr13What wireless card do you have?04:13
Arunaeth0      no wireless extensions.04:13
Arunapan0      no wireless extensions04:13
mvalviarI copied someone else's sources.list off the web. I backed up the default sources.list. I found out that I don't like the contents of the sources.list I copied I tried to  return to the default. How do I revert to the program versions available in the default sources.list?04:13
Arunahow to see that !04:13
usr13Aruna: lspci04:13
usr13Aruna: lspci |grep ireless04:13
kuttansok im leaving now but i wont stop at this04:14
MrLoganwubiogen, go to google - type in "flash player", hit enter. Open the first link. Choose the option for Ubuntu 8.04+ - open with package handler and install that package.04:14
NoTownKasperMrLogan: Terminal open, but what I mean is I went through gconf-editor and turned off even those icons, even mounted drives don't show on my desktop. :D04:14
mrbrdon8tuser: nevermind, now it works, no idea why though.. i think it may be some problem when saving the build script in nano, because now that i saved it in gedit it seems to work. weird ^^04:14
WACOMaltAruna: would you be the aruna from VFXtalk?04:14
mrbrdolstarnes, n8tuser: thx for the help!04:14
kuttanswill definitely work on this and come with a solution...till that time bye friends04:14
Nightblazeok, I've been working on trying to get my speakers to work, and with the help of ccfontes have been able to get the hardware listed in the Sound Preferences again. However the mic and speakers still don't work, and everything is unmuted. I'm using this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=9804:14
MrLoganNoTownKasper, My bad. Ok - unplug your gamepad. Type lsusb. Plug in your gamepad and type in lsusb. Post the difference.04:14
n8tusermrbrdo -> i can only remember so much...been a while since i did system programming04:15
Aruna02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)04:15
Arunathere is no wireless04:15
b0wHello!!!!!!! anyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:15
NoTownKasperIt's a little spammy, let me get pastebin open.04:15
usr13Aruna: You may need to install ndiswrapper to make it work.  Or you could get a different wireless card.04:15
MrLogan!hi | b0w04:15
ubottub0w: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:15
b0w!hi | MrLogan04:16
ubottuMrLogan: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:16
Arunaok i will install diswrapper  now :)04:16
MrLogan!ask | b0w04:16
ubottub0w: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:16
n8tuserAruna -> if its a consolation to you.. lots of us have shed hairs in trying to get that infamous bcm43xx chip to work.. :P04:16
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:16
b0wMrLogan: i dont get what you are trying to tell me04:16
MrLogann8tuser, Aruna, I haven't. =P04:16
usr13Aruna: Use above link04:17
SeaPhorNoTownKasper, sudo apt-get install pastebinit  then just pastebinit stuff04:17
MrLogan!ot | b0w04:17
ubottub0w: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:17
NoTownKasperhttp://pastebin.com/m6fc4a226 = output.04:17
Arunalink /04:17
usr13Aruna: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx04:17
b0wMrLogan: lol04:17
usr13Aruna: Try that first.04:17
b0wanyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:17
Nightblazeok, I've been working on trying to get my speakers to work, and with the help of ccfontes have been able to get the hardware listed in the Sound Preferences again. However the mic and speakers still don't work, and everything is unmuted. I'm using this guide: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=9804:18
MrLoganNightblaze, are your speakers plugged in?04:18
Nightblazethey're internal speakers =P04:19
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
MrLoganNightblaze, is the power switch in the "on" position? =D04:19
NoTownKasperSeaPhor: Remind me later to learn how to use that. Thanks. :D04:19
NoTownKasperMrLogan: http://pastebin.com/m6fc4a226 in case you missed the last one, forgot to direct it. :\04:19
Nightblazethey work fine in OS X 10.7 and windows 7, and i don't think there is an "on switch", lol04:20
RPG_MasterWhen I go to click on certain buttons (like the "Join" button when I first open XChat) they take forever to react :/ What's wrong?04:21
MrLoganNoTownKasper, I don't see a difference. What's the brand?04:21
b0wanyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:21
Nightblazeah, wait, i think i found what went wrong04:21
MrLoganRPG_Master, your processor is decrepit.04:21
NoTownKasperMrLogan: Actually, there is a difference, the very first listing after I plugged in the Gamepad, the un-named one.04:21
RPG_MasterMrLogan: What does that mean?04:22
NoTownKasperMrLogan: Bus 002 Device 006: ID 19fa:2e9204:22
kipliconnect yogyafree04:22
MrLoganNoTownKasper, you're right. My bad. I'm getting tired. =P Uh... so it's like a generic store-brand device... I don't know what might make it work. Give me a second...04:23
joakimgood for all americans, the health care reform just passed :(04:23
Arunalspci -n | grep 04:01.0   output is noting.04:23
joakim:) i mean04:23
Arunamay be i dont have that version?04:23
NoTownKasperMrLogan: And to answer your question, it's a Gamemon, I can give you the model number if you want, but yeah, just a generic.04:23
MrLoganRPG_Master, It means your processor is very old and it's time to get a new one.04:23
MrLoganNoTownKasper, Model number would be great04:23
Arunaalso... diswrapper is not in the Synaptic list04:23
RPG_MasterMrLogan: :O but my laptop is only a year old... :(04:24
NoTownKasperMrLogan: Model number: ft2e9204:24
MrLoganRPG_Master, Post brand, model, type please? Also - which version of Ubuntu, when did you install it, and did you get any updates.04:24
MrLoganNoTownKasper, thanks.04:24
ziesemerDoes anyone here have a LiveUSB working with 9.10?04:25
RPG_MasterMrLogan: AMD, Turion 2.4ghz(I think), I installed Ubuntu 9.10 64-bit. I'v never had these issues with 8.04-9.04 :/04:25
Aruna02:00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g (rev 01)   Whichone to install ?04:26
=== steve_ is now known as mercury7
MrLoganRPG_Master, Do you have a 64bit arch? Kind of redundant, I know - as the Os wouldn't work without it...04:27
RPG_MasterMrLogan: Yep, my processor is 64-bit04:28
Arunaanyone there to help me.04:28
MrLoganRPG_Master, Just covering my bases here. When did you install 9.10 and did you get updates?04:28
MrLogan!ask | Aruna04:28
ubottuAruna: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:28
[uNF]could someone help me install flash player in ubuntu?04:29
Arunai am sorry.04:29
Jordan_UAruna: System > Administration > Hardware Drivers04:29
[uNF]I try to extract the .so file to mozilla/plugins but it wont allow me to04:29
beyondnotion2you could download the .deb from adobe04:29
NoTownKasper[uNF]: 32bit or 64 bit?04:29
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:29
RPG_MasterMrLogan: I installed like two days after the release04:29
beyondnotion2for flash they have a ubuntu option under the os04:29
[uNF]NoTownKasper, 32bit04:30
beyondnotion2you have to save the file before you can install it though04:30
NoTownKasper[uNF]: Should be as simple as going to adobe's site and downloading the .deb package...04:30
RPG_MasterMrLogan: I backed up my entire HOME directory (.files and all) and put them back after the fresh install04:30
Arunao god the device says its not activated.04:30
Jordan_UAruna: Activate it04:31
SeaPhorRPG_Master, you dont have /home on a separate partition?04:31
RPG_MasterSeaPhor: Nope04:32
beyondnotion2i recently changed one of my harddrives to LUKS ecryp. with the disk utility04:32
[uNF]NoTownKasper, so how about uninstalling safely the ones that I installed that were not flash?04:33
beyondnotion2it didnt ask for encryp option though04:33
Newbuntu2I'm trying to mount a raid array and I get "no buffer space available" - what's happening? it worked before04:33
[uNF]when I go to youtube, all of the videos come up, but it's just all black where the video should be playing04:33
NoTownKasper[uNF]: Open up synaptic and search for it by name, it -should- show in the list as installed, then check for 'complete removal' and remove it that way...that's how I'd do it.04:34
Arunawhen i activate it says  "SystemError: installArchives() failed04:34
Jordan_UAruna: You need to be connected to the internet ( via ethernet )04:35
Jordan_UAruna: It needs to download the firmware04:35
Arunayes i am connected04:35
Arunai am using IRC using net connection.04:36
[uNF]thanks NoTownKasper :)04:36
NoTownKasper[uNF]: My pleasure.04:36
greezmunkeywhoa...I did something that seems to have reversed my mouse buttons! What a trip!04:36
Jordan_UAruna: Try installing "b43-fwcutter" in synaptc / apt04:36
ubottuFor information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod04:36
* greezmunkey humbly asks for a clue...04:37
=== stone is now known as oneunder
WACOMaltMy sound icon is gone! but my sound still works. If I try to load Preferences > Sound I get a screen waiting for audio device. I need to fix this asap04:37
[uNF]shit NoTownKasper, still when I go to youtube, all the videos just are all black04:38
[uNF]it's like it won't play04:38
NoTownKasperWACOMalt: Right-click on your gnome panel of choice (assuming you're using gnome) and click 'add to panel' Add the 'notification area' applet, and your volume icon should re-appear.04:39
Jordan_UWACOMalt: If you need a fix asap you can use "alsamixer" in a terminal to controll volume04:39
[uNF]any suggestions?04:39
XcellNoTownKasper-  that option does not exist in 9.1004:39
WACOMaltJordan_U: I have notification area enabled and it shows04:39
Arunadone :)04:39
Arunai installed b43-fwcutte04:39
WACOMaltJordan_U: alsa mixer works, but it has no notification area icon04:39
NoTownKasperXcell: I'm -using- 9.10...and had to do it yesterday to re-add my volume icon.04:39
Xcellinteresting.. ive googled it and there is nothing for that in karmic04:40
Jordan_UAruna: Ok, Did it offer to download and install the needed firmware for you?04:40
Arunayes done :)04:40
WACOMaltJordan_U: in startup apps, volume control applet is enabled. But it just can't connect to my sound device04:40
NoTownKasperWeird...cuz I'm looking at the 'add to panel' list...and 'Notification Area' is one of the possible options. :\04:40
ArunaJordan_U: i have installed but how i know its installed ?04:41
philhWACOMalt, did you change anything, install/remove any packages recently?04:41
Jordan_UAruna: Ok, to use wireless either reboot or run "sudo rmmod b43 && sudo modprobe b43"04:41
kraitoscan anyone tell me were i can get ios image for gns3?04:41
ArunaERROR: Module b43 does not exist in /proc/modules04:42
bryan_has anyone had issues with 9.10 login.  I cannot find a fix but have found a few threads that report a similar issue with it taking 5 to 10 seconds for the login screen to prompt for a password after choosing a user, also it takes that log to reject an incorrect password04:42
WACOMaltphilh: Nope. the audio worked on first install, after the first reboot (without even updating) the sound was dead.  I got it fixed in #alsa, but the sound control icon is gone and cannot be manually launched without the same error.04:42
bryan_log = long04:42
Jordan_UAruna: Then just "sudo modprobe b43"04:42
Jordan_UWACOMalt: What was the fix?04:43
Rugehey folks04:43
Arunain hardwar i can see  broadcast B43 and STA wireless driver.l.. i need to install both ?04:43
joakimWACOMalt: what kernel are you running atm?04:43
RugeAnyone know why my vBox can see my USB devices but my Ubuntu cant?04:43
usser_Aruna, in my experience STA driver works better04:43
b0wanyone here knows how can i change the GTK tooltips-delay-settings?????????04:44
kraitoscan anyone tell me were i can get ios image for gns3?04:44
Arunacan i install both then ?04:44
WACOMaltJordan_U: the fix was adding load-module module-hal-detect or something like that to a pulse audio file.04:44
usser_Aruna, it wont work, you gotta pick one04:44
dr3mroplz can any one help me setup hotmail on evolution04:44
greezmunkeyAny ideas on resetting mouse buttons, I fux0red it up somehow.04:44
WACOMaltjoakim: Whatever 9.10 installs fresh. x6404:44
_ULNX64_ruge security issue under linux04:44
joakimWACOMalt: so it was a fresh install, not an upgrade?04:44
usser__ULNX64_, like what?04:44
WACOMaltjoakim: 2.6.31-14-generic   Yes fresh install04:45
Jordan_UAruna: No, either will work. I prefer b43 because it's open source, STA is proprietary but made by broadcom so they know their hardware better04:45
_ULNX64_it can be done, but not recomended04:45
joakimcos 9.10 have some problems with 2.6.28 being loaded even though it should run 2.6.3104:45
Ruge_ULNX64_: I see, what could I do to fix?04:45
dr3mroplz can any one help me setup hotmail on evolution04:45
MK13anyone know how to get master mode working on a broadcom 4311(rev1) wireless adapter?04:45
joakimWACOMalt: okay, then its not that stupid problem.. too bad i guess, its an easy fix :)04:45
WACOMaltjoakim: : what I dont get is that ir worked when I first installed. and after changing NOTHING and rebooting, sound was gone (but the icon and controller were still there with dummy sound output)04:45
_ULNX64_i cant remember, there website or if the offical doc, one or the other04:46
NightblazeWACOMalt: I'm having a similar problem04:46
WACOMaltNightblaze: what is your problem?04:46
SeanInSeattleHey all.  Has anyone had success in viewing flash via FF 3.5.5 on Ubuntu 9.1 Karmic Koala?04:46
Billiarddr3mro: if i google homail evolution, i get a nice little guide for ubuntu, first result04:47
joakimSeanInSeattle: yeah, theres some problem with clicking in flash though04:47
NightblazeWACOMalt: the sound work till I updated and rebooted, then hardware disappeared from the Sound Preferences, but I was able to get it back, but they still don't work04:47
joakimWACOMalt: that is indeed strange.. sounds more like a windows issue to me04:47
WACOMaltjoakim: I have seen this same issue before on the same hardware back on 9.04 I think04:48
Nightblazeerr... if I'm having the same problem as WACOMalt, it's not a windows issue04:48
SeanInSeattlejoakim:   How did you go about getting it to work?04:48
infidel2sSeanInSeattle yeah but i did apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree04:48
RPG_MasterSo, I guess everyone gave up on me :(04:49
SzocoolHi there! I need help in networking, I messed up my wireless04:49
RPG_MasterI think I am going to file a bug report04:49
bryan_Billiard, whats google?04:49
WACOMaltNightblaze: what is your hardware?04:50
Jordan_UWACOMalt: Try starting "gnome-volume-control" in a terminal and see if there are any error messages printed04:50
WACOMaltJordan_U: it gives me an error screen "waiting for sound device" tried that already04:50
WACOMaltJordan_U: same error with the applet04:50
loquitusHow do you compare two directories of files (diff) where the files might differ base on case of the filenames?04:50
Szocoolanyone can help me?04:50
oneunderSzocool, whats going on?04:50
Jordan_UWACOMalt: Nothing more output to ther terminal?04:50
WACOMaltSzocool: what is your chipset?04:51
QaDeSeach day i have to work with CentOS, my affection towards ubuntu seems to be growing. am i alone with this problem? ^^04:51
WACOMaltJordan_U: "** (gnome-volume-control:7596): WARNING **: Connection failed, reconnecting..." over and over and over04:51
SzocoolNetwork controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 2200BG [Calexico2] Network Connection (rev 05)04:52
oneunderQaDeS, I was strictly a Debian users for the longest time.  I out 9.10 on a machine at work, and immediately switch my home PC.  I feel ya for sure04:52
bryan_no one else is seeing issues with 9.10s login being delayed or slow?04:52
Nightblazesorry, internet problems04:52
NightblazeI'm using an early 2009 Macbook Pro04:52
NoTownKasperbryan_: Nope...in fact, it's faster than ever for me...04:53
QaDeSi feel with you, Nightblaze04:53
leaf-sheepQaDeS: You know the Grinch from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"?  Well, he started using Ubuntu and his heart grew twice its size!04:53
SzocoolI messed with iptables and wifi was totally gone, no internet conection, and showing that the device was not managed04:53
luis_hello i cant get in virtual box because of an error while triying to run the virtual machine, the result code is this one: http://pastebin.com/m2dce1a3a pls i need help04:53
bryan_http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1306396&page=2   mine is a fresh install04:53
xikoritahi guys, I am using the live cd to repair a damaged HD and I connect to a network share. Do you guys know where is the default mount path? I need it so photorec can extract the files there04:53
Jordan_UWACOMalt: Is pulseaudio running?04:53
Maartenstrange.... this is the second time this happened this week..... I am happily working, all over sudden it logs me off back to the log on screen...... wondering if I am hitting some hotkey or something I am not aware of,.04:54
WACOMaltJordan_U: no clue hwo to check?04:54
Szocoolafter that I wrote a script: sudo iptables -F04:54
Szocoolsudo iptables -A INPUT -j ACCEPT04:54
Szocoolsudo iptables -A OUTPUT -j ACCEPT04:54
NightblazeWACOMalt: check what?04:54
QaDeSit's so crazy. you never seem to get any help for ... that other distribution04:54
WACOMaltJordan_U: gstreamer-properties seems useful here....04:54
Szocoolthis helped, but after the upgrade does'nt04:54
QaDeSand it's really hideous, with SELinux and all. nothing works04:54
NoTownKasperMaarten: I'm pretty sure we'll need a little more info before we can help you out there. lol04:54
luis_hello i cant get in virtual box because of an error while triying to run the virtual machine, the result code is this one: http://pastebin.com/m2dce1a3a pls i need help04:54
Jordan_UWACOMalt: pgrep pulse04:54
SanctusJust finished a successful install on iMac of ubuntu x_64 ..only comment ,,, sweet!!!!04:55
Jordan_UWACOMalt: Any output means it's running04:55
NightblazeSanctus: is your sound working properly?04:55
WACOMaltJordan_U: nope04:55
Szocoolplease pm, me if anyone has an idea04:55
SanctusNightblaze-  only through iMic04:55
Szocoolhow can I network manager bring back to normal?04:56
agoolekarmic on my desktop kills my internet for the rest of my router, whats wrong ?04:56
Jordan_UWACOMalt: That is probably the problem, the people in #alsa didn't say anything about disabling it?04:56
MaartenNoTownKasper: Lol, I have no idea.... all that is running is Firefox and Quassel, happily chatting..... all over sudden it logs off back to logon screen. I can then logon just fine and work again..... but just not getting what's happening. It's a A/C powered brand new laptop running 9.1004:56
WACOMaltJordan_U: no they didn't04:56
WACOMaltJordan_U: how can I re-enable it?04:56
Surlent777ok guys, I'm in some serious trouble here. For one thing, what does it mean when I'm told that my forward and reverse DNS don't match?04:56
MaartenOh, x64 :P04:56
cappicardhey folks. where do I find an xmltv script for Timer Warner Cable - Kansas City, Kansas? the one with either mythtv or the xmltv source doesn't have it04:57
greezmunkeywell it seems my mouse issue is related to the touchpad, I guess I'll help myself!04:58
WACOMaltJordan_U: how to make gnome-volume-control look for alsa instead of pulse?04:58
greezmunkeyheh, fixed it!04:58
SanctusSitting here listening to Sultans of Swing, sound great on my Haran Kardon system04:59
agoolewhen I plug in karmic, my net dies for all other computers on the router, any ideas ?04:59
NoTownKasperMaarten: Weird...I'm afraid I'm probably not the right person to be helping you with this.04:59
SetiAmonAfter a week of fighting to fix my audio in karmic koala i have just given up and reinstalled jaunty Fresh.04:59
xikoritaguys does anyone know the default mount on network shares that samba does?05:00
SetiAmonnow my audio is clean,no cracks/static or distortions.05:00
Maartenyeah its weird. I'm probably hitting some hotkey I am not aware of...05:00
SetiAmonCan i ask what is it that karmic koala offers that I am missing out on?05:00
WACOMaltjoakim: turns out pulse is not running, but alsa works fine. how can I make gnome-volume-control look for alsa instead of pulse?05:00
=== schlorto1 is now known as schlortoo
dr3mroplz can any one help me setup hotmail on evolution05:00
Maartencan hotmail do pop/smtp these days?05:00
NoTownKasperMaarten: Do you do anything that might lead to an accidental ctrl+alt+delete?05:00
SanctusHave one question. I have a Airport Extreme and a Linksys router on my mostly Mac network, but my Ubuntu (.10 doesn't see any thing05:01
majnoonok i have two sound cards how can i get both to work ,using one just for the mic ??05:01
Jordan_UWACOMalt: try running "pulseaudio" in a terminal05:01
MaartenNoTownKasper: not that I am aware of, this is pretty much a standard 9.10 install.05:01
SetiAmonpulse or alsa, I never got rid of distortions.has the audio issue been resolved?05:01
WACOMaltJordan_U: E: module.c: Failed to open module "module-hal-detect": file not found05:01
NoTownKasperMaarten: I figured, but if I remember the default global hotkeys, ctrl+alt+delete is a logout. lol05:01
WACOMaltJordan_U: that could be my issue....05:02
greezmunkeyIs there a way to cause compiz to zoom into a window with teh click of a mouse?05:02
Jordan_UWACOMalt: Probably is, 9.10 doesn't use HAL05:02
WACOMaltJordan_U: So I head on #alsa "module-hal-detect will load module-udev-detect, so you're fine"05:02
WACOMaltJordan_U: but... Ima replace that line with the udev one instead05:02
soreaugreezmunkey: If you bind a mouse button to one action only, it wouldn't be able to be used for anything else05:02
WACOMaltJordan_U: what file are those lines in again?05:03
soreaugreezmunkey: Which is why there is the option of modifier+mouse click for the usual circumstance05:03
joakimgreezmunkey: the super key (windows flag key) + scrolling should do the trick05:03
Jordan_UWACOMalt: No idea, look in your logs in #alsa05:03
greezmunkey<soreau> Heh, I have 5 to work with! Will that be in the compiz manager, (other posts superceed??)05:04
greezmunkeyChecking, thanks!05:04
robysathubuntu 9.04 has kdenlive 0.7.3 but ubuntu 9.10 has kdenlive 0.7.5. Why does 9.04 not also have option to upgrade to kdenlive 0.9.5 ?05:04
robysathIs it kdenlive specific, or 9.04 does not get most recent software?05:05
Madpilotrobysath, because Ubuntu doesn't do version upgrades except @ release05:05
tkingWith whatever AMD/ATI drivers available, binary blob or beta open source, what may perform better at displaying fullscreen H264 at 720p using vlc/mplayer/etc - Radeon HD2400XT(R600 chipset, newer) or a Radeon X700(R420, older possibly better supported with hardware acceleration?)05:05
robysathMadpilot: ah i see, thanks!05:05
WACOMaltJordan_U: I found the file. Now what they had me do was after the hal module load, add "tsched=0" which they said changes HOW pulse connects to my card. do you think this addition would still work for the udev module instead?05:05
greezmunkeyWhoa, thats wierd! I'll have to play with that to get used to it! Thanks (I think!)05:05
Jordan_Urobysath: Major release upgrades don't happen within a release05:06
dr3mroplz can any one help me setup hotmail on evolution05:06
Jordan_UWACOMalt: no idea05:06
Surlent777dr3mro: Have you tried just doing it? It walked me through setting up my GMail quite nicely05:06
robysathJordan_U: sorry, i don't understand what you said?!? :(05:06
WACOMaltJordan_U: Ok, I deleted the hal line, and added the thing to the end of the udev line, here goes nothing05:07
WACOMaltas soon as I saved my icon came back!05:07
greezmunkeypretty cool, I can zoom right in. I'll read up on the rest of it. Thanks <soreau>!05:08
WACOMaltJordan_U: but... sound is dead again T_T05:08
robysathI upgraded my 9.04 server to 9.10, but for some reason my system now starts up as kubuntu. How did this happen?!?05:08
ogenplease use my nick in any reply05:08
seidosi'm having a problem with a webpage, cna someone verify if they are experiencing the same problem?  http://polyzine.com/polymath05:09
Surlent777guys, does anyone know the significance of "*** Your forward and reverse DNS don't match"?05:10
Sanctusubuntu 9.10 network issues, cant see os x mostly network any ideas?05:10
marioatlpcan anybody help explain to me how to fix  a problem with alsa.  after doing the distro upgrade it made alsa basically non functional05:10
mark__new to ubuntu - and upgraded to 9.10 and lost wireless? any suggestions?05:10
robysathseidos: i see the source, no webpage05:10
WACOMaltmarioatlp: I had the same issue05:10
WACOMaltmarioatlp: trying to fix it still :/05:10
dajhornseidos: Site borked.05:10
seidosrobysath, dajhorn:  any idea why?05:10
marioatlpyeah like i have figured out that doing aplay -L doesnt list anything .... but if you do05:11
marioatlpcd /dev/snd05:11
ogenmark__ oh no, I have always had wireless be automatic. I wont upgrade till I hear more!05:11
marioatlpln -s ../controlC005:11
seidosrobysath, dajhorn:  or how?  it has the <html></html> tags05:11
dajhornseidos: Bad default handler, mime type not sent.05:11
marioatlp it will at least show the cards when you do aplay -L05:11
greezmunkey<soreau> I am an idiot...I tried double clicking, and it worked! (thanks again)05:11
marioatlpdont know if thats any help WACOMalt05:11
WACOMalthave you tried alsamixer in terminal?05:11
robysathseidos: i agree with dajhorn05:11
dajhornseidos: Is the file named 'polymath', or do you have 'polymath/index.html'?05:11
ogenCan anyone help me with youtube black. Movieplayer Black on DVD. Plays mpeg-2 just fine. what do I do? help please (9.04 dell wubi/xp)05:12
WACOMaltmarioatlp: or do sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer05:12
WACOMaltmarioatlp: and then run gnome-alsamixer from terminal05:12
WACOMaltmarioatlp: do you have sound and no control? or neither?05:12
seidosdajhorn: polymath, no index.html05:12
Szocoolneed help in network manager, please pm me05:13
dajhornseidos: Rename it, or override the handler with a .htaccess file.05:13
seidosdajhorn: oh.  because there is no extension on the file?05:13
dajhornseidos: Yes.05:13
agoolewhen I plug in karmic, my net dies for all other computers on the router, any ideas ?05:13
sneakynessHello guys! I'm having some problems getting my dhcp server running. I only need it to do a PXE boot to my new server (Bought as a gift to myself for my 19th birthday, today as of 13 minutes ago *<:D)05:13
seidosdajhorn: thank you05:13
marioatlpmine shows cards when i do the ln -s thing05:13
seidosperhaps they did it on purpose XD05:14
dr3mroplz can any one help me setup hotmail on evolution05:14
soreaugreezmunkey: No problem :)05:14
ogenCan anyone help? I've installed so many things and youtube is black. dvd's show black.05:15
Surlent777dr3mro: Have you tried just doing it? It walked me through setting up my GMail quite nicely05:16
WACOMaltis there an ALSA sound mixer applet?05:16
WACOMaltrather than trying to use pulse?05:16
fabianhello! just wondering if anyone could recommend a good file search and indexing system for use with gnome?05:16
NightblazeWACOMalt: I'm not sure if this could help, but it's worth a look -> http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7627817&postcount=9805:17
robin0800WACOMalt: alsamixer in terminal05:17
WACOMaltrobin0800: I know of this, but I need an applet for the notification area. the default one fails to let me choose which output it doesn't even see my card05:17
ogenre getting dvd codecs, now I'm going to try this page (since no one is picking up on me)05:18
WACOMaltrobin0800: gstreamer-properties I can choose ALSA output and hear sound. but without pulse, there is n control. and the pulse controller fails to work anyways05:18
SetiAmonhey can anyone tell me what i'm missing by "downgrading" to jaunty?05:18
ogenre getting dvd codecs, now I'm going to try this page (since no one is picking up on me) http://www.detector-pro.com/2009/04/how-to-install-dvd-and-all-audiovideo.html05:18
robin0800WACOMalt: the multi media hidden applet lets you set puse or alsa05:19
Surlent777fabian: Try tracker05:19
greaseam having trouble with my ubuntu ... i removed my apache2 installation by saying "sudo apt-get remove apache2 apache2.2-common apache2-mpm-prefork apache2-utils libexpat1 ssl-cert" (basically, I replaced "install" with "remove") ... and now, my windowing system is lost ... I restarted, and now the computer cannot access the internet either .. so I cannot do a update .. any ideas on how to get back my network on and windows05:19
WACOMaltrobin0800: where can I enable this?05:19
fabianSetiAmon: you're downgrading openoffice to v3.0, replacing empathy with pidgin and probably downgrading firefox too. you're also losing a bit of boot time05:20
agoolegrease: if you didn't purge those files, you can reinstall them,05:20
antoniuscan't get ati drivers to work with radeon x1200..anybody have experience with this piece of trash05:20
fabianSetiAmon: but having said all of that, if you've got a Huawei Wireless modem it'll start working again :)05:20
antoniusfreezes @ gdm05:20
Nightskyfabian: you can try different search engines with catfish05:20
agoolegrease: why would you remove libexpatl ? and ssl-cert ?05:20
robin0800WACOMalt: in preferences you have to enable it05:20
fabianSurlent777, Nightsky: any thoughts on beagle?05:21
greaseagoole: so I just say sudo apt-get reinstall (pacjkage names)? ... I removed libexpatl and ssl-cert simply because I had them when I had installed apache2 .. wasn't thinking :(05:21
kevinlis there a way to add modes to Xorg on the fly? I have a modeline from 9.04 in my xorg.log that let me get 1280x1024 resolution, i am stuck at 1024x768 since ugprade to karmic... :(05:22
WACOMaltrobin0800: that opens the gstreamer-properties window. I have already selected ALSA in there, and I have sound again, but the gnome-volume-control-applet does not control the sound any more05:22
agoolegrease: just install. sudo apt-get install, and it shouldn't ask to download anything, it'll reinstall the packages from the stored .deb files if i'm not mistaken05:22
WACOMaltrobin0800: it only sees dummy audio05:22
greaseagoole: ok .. trying05:22
Nightskyfabian: I don't really know, but you've got me experimenting now. I just noticed that catfish can use beagle, tracker, etc. as a backend.05:22
Surlent777fabian: Never tried beagle05:23
ogen(problem black youtube etc) am downloading gstreamer packages)05:23
robin0800WACOMalt: do you see alsa pules audio oss etc05:23
agoolegrease: though really I don't think any of those things should be a problem to remove05:23
SetiAmonfabian sorry i wasn't looking05:23
Surlent777ok guys I fixed GNOME by deleting the GNOME-related settings in my home directory, but I really need to know what "*** Your forward and reverse DNS don't match" is. Any ideas?05:23
greaseagoole: yeah, so I had felt as well .... :)05:24
WACOMaltrobin0800: yes, and I chose ALSA. but still the notification tray volume icon is not linked to my sound output at all.05:24
agoolegrease: can you ping anything?05:24
robin0800WACOMalt: perhaps a reboot05:24
WACOMaltrobin0800: my sound works fine, and gnome-alsamixer can control it. but I need a notification icon applet (especially since that lets you use your keyboard volume buttons05:24
SetiAmonfabian:everything worked in karmic except audio,for some reason my xtreme music X-FI was always full of static,distortions.in jaunty it works fine(could install creative drivers in jaunty) but out of the box audio in karmic doesn't work great(distorted) and the creative drivers won't work05:24
fabianSetiAmon: yeah, that's a tad weird. I must admit, I haven't used ubuntu thoroughly since Hardy, but i installed Jaunty for a couple of friends and it looked pretty good. another solution (maybe) is to just retrograde your kernel? or alsa? dunno05:26
greaseagoole: the install says these packages are already installed ... also I can't ping anything ... ifconfig shows only a "lo" listing05:26
greezmunkeyIs choppy audio in Karmic an issue for most people? Mine chops a bit, but I figured it's because of this laptop...05:26
agoolegrease: are you using a wired connection ? for some reason you removed your adapters ?05:27
SetiAmonwell I am happy with jaunty(if it ain't broke,why did i try and fix it?) so i don't see what i'm loosing with reinstalling jaunty.Infact the boot time is FASTER then karmic by about 25%05:27
kraitoscan anyone tell me were i can get ios image for gns3?05:27
agoolegrease: and also I guess you never really removed those packages in the first place...if they're still installed05:27
fabianSurlent777, Nightsky: thanks guys :) i'm taking a look at tracker now.05:27
greaseagoole: yep .. using a wired connection ... didn't deliberately remove any adpaters .. but they don't seem to be up05:28
ogenI still cant play a dvd (after installing all this gstreamer) Ubuntu is just as much trouble as windows. but I can make windows work. Argh.05:28
greaseagoole: is there a command line way to set up my network ? maybe, if I can get the network up, I can start updating all that's necessary05:28
agoolegrease: its not just that they're not up, they're simply not there at all, if they weren't up you'd still see them in the list, except with empty info05:28
greezmunkeyogen, did you install "ubuntu-restricted-extras" ?05:28
Surlent777ogen: Did you try libdvdcss and ubuntu-restricted extras?05:29
fabianSetiAmon: fair enough, have a go at that then :) good luck!05:29
agoolegrease: how are you online now if its not working? laptop ?05:29
greaseagoole: oh .. this is bad, then05:29
ogenSurlent777, blank if I know what that means05:29
marioatlpok can somebody explain to me how to get the  /dev/controlC0  (and C1)  to always link to /dev/snd/controlC005:29
greaseagoole: yep this is a diff machine :)05:29
BloodyratsAnyone there05:30
Surlent777ogen: There should be a link you can find from google that'll walk you through this; I followed it myself...just can't remember what is was. Try searching "DVD's in Ubuntu 9.10" or something like that05:30
Surlent777Bloodyrats: Approx. 1521 people last time I checked, yeah05:30
BloodyratsAnyone know any pet channels? My dog is a 6 month old wimp and I want to know if this dog will toughen up05:30
agoolegrease: do this: lspci | grep network05:31
ogenSurlent777, actually I have installed thing after thing. I did all gsteamer, last. earlier TODAY. Oh yes I have followed links, eg the one for 9.10 minidell is a complete one, takes you all the way thru skype and claimes to be complete. all in terminal. (gsteamer was in add/remove)05:31
agoolegrease: does it find anything ?05:31
Surlent777ogen: Did you find any references to "medibuntu"?05:31
greaseagoole: no, it doesn't05:31
Surlent777Bloodyrats: This is really not the place to ask about dog fighting05:31
kraitoscan anyone tell me were i can get ios image for gns3? or refere me to a different room that can?05:31
WACOMaltJebus... how can I get the gnome default notification icon volume controller to connect to my ALSA output rather than only looking for pulse?   I HAVe working sound, but the controller doesn't see it. I have to use gnome-alsamixer   which is a pain because I can't use my keyboard's volume buttons and the default controller is now a stub05:31
ogenSurlent777,  this one http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009/07/medibuntu-for-ubuntu-910-karmic-koala.html05:31
Szocoolat least  help me in, giving me some apps witch shows me, in what files is looking an other application05:32
Surlent777Did you run the install script it for libdvd it may have mentioned?05:32
agoolegrease: lspci | grep -i network05:32
ogenSurlent777, oh yes, I did medibuntu as part of that.  (I have some other HD with ubuntu and I think it got ok on some things there. but this time, arg)05:32
agoolegrease: sry, first command was case sensitive, i should of said Network, instead of network05:32
ogenlook at that page and it will show you, SVP05:33
Surlent777ogen: Those are my usual tricks...I'm not sure what to say. =/ If it's affecting both flash AND DVD's, that's probably pretty bad =(05:33
SzocoolI don't get it, what is the purpose of this irc ... it's useless (for me)05:34
agoolegrease: anything ?05:34
greaseagoole: "lspci | grep -i Network" doesn't give anything05:34
ice_creamSzocool, yea, it can get discouraging at times05:34
greezmunkey"Are ya gonna pull those pistols or whistle dixie?"05:34
agoolegrease: ok, now, type: dmesg, and look for your ethernet adapter, see if its listed05:34
NightskySzocool: people try to help each other05:35
marioatlpcan somebody explain to me how to get the  /dev/controlC0  (and C1)  to always link to /dev/snd/controlC005:35
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greaseagoole: ok ... trying05:35
=== cendamons is now known as PhantomLink
SzocoolI like Linux, I will never use an other system, but the newbies see, this they loose very fast interest05:35
SeanInSeattleHey all.  Any suggestions why removing any software via the ubuntu software center gives me this error with the flash plugin installer:  http://pastie.org/68859505:35
ogenSurlent777,  this is what I did (next line)05:35
ogenMedibuntu for Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala -- To add the Medibuntu Repository: -- To add the Medibuntu keyring: -- Download the encrypted DVD playback codecs -- Download the Window codecs -- sudo apt-get install skype05:35
Szocoolbut this is my opinion, have a nice day, bye!05:36
ice_creamhi, anyone know how to change gdm theme (through some config file(s) preferably, since gdmsetup just fails)?05:36
ogenthat should have done it. should I do it all again?05:36
ArsinHow can I enable Compiz05:36
Surlent777ogen: For DVD's you need to run some sort of .sh script from the libdvdcss directory05:36
Surlent777ice_cream: Research it via google including the keyword "xsplash"; that should help05:36
WACOMaltdoes esound play nice with 9.10?05:36
ogenSurlent777, please look at that page to see the commands I ran05:36
Surlent777It's rather complex though05:36
Surlent777ogen: I did05:37
Surlent777ogen: I don't see the one I'm thinking of mentioned05:37
agoolegrease: going to brush my teeth, brb in 10min05:37
soreauArsin: Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects <- set to Extra05:37
ogenI have no idea how the sentence you told me about some directory works. This is not a workable system I see for a user not a "developer'05:37
Arsinsoreau I've done that, no result05:38
ogenI've spent a coulple of hours on this just today05:38
dajhornSeanInSeattle: `sudo mkdir /var/cache/flashplugin-installer` and try again.05:38
ogenRmember I've not started to day.05:38
mMezquitalewho keeps disabling right alt in ubuntu?!?  I was able to   enable it by unselecting it from ¨key to choose 3rd level¨ but now I cant, my keyboard is acting strange05:38
ogenOK thanks alot05:38
ogenwhen you get the system going right let me know.05:38
Surlent777ogen: What you're doing is something that isn't supposed to be done by an end user due to potential legal issues; it only makes sense that one use a bit of a backdoor05:39
soreauArsin: What happened exactly when you did that? Also, come to #compiz and we can better assist you05:39
mMezquitaleuotes dont work in übuntu, can someone help me fix ẗhis"problem?05:39
greezmunkeyxchat n00b question, is there a way to quickly pick a name to respond to?05:39
ogenI know that. but this is insane.05:39
SeanInSeattledajhorn:  I think that was the fix.  Checking now...05:39
Surlent777greezmunkey: Try typing parto of it and then hitting tab05:39
mMezquitalequotes dont work in übuntu can someone help me fix ẗhis"problem?05:39
greezmunkeyIs that it? Been doing that.05:39
MK13how to i get the softmac wireless extensions?05:39
mMezquitalehow do you reconfigure your keyboard in karmic?05:39
Surlent777greezmunkey: I haven't used xchat in a while (using irssi), but I think that ought to do it =/05:40
=== Guest3056878 is now known as error
Surlent777mMezquitale: Try Preferences > Keyboard05:40
Surlent777or something like that05:40
WACOMaltso... in 9.10 gnome became more dependant on PulseAudio. And in fact the volume controller, and many other features (start up sound etc) ONLY support pulseaudio.   So what am I to do if pulse audio doesn't support my audio chipset?05:40
Surlent777or sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup in a terminal05:40
greezmunkeySurlent777, thanks, cool.05:40
=== error is now known as unknown
WACOMaltIs there a method to replace the incompatible controller with one that supports alsa?05:40
SeanInSeattledajhorn:  Hmm... now I've got this:  http://pastie.org/68859705:41
=== unknown is now known as milosh
jhough191Hello, can anyone help me set up Squid Proxy Server?05:41
SeanInSeattledajhorn:  It seems like its still trying to install flash, when it already works in FF 3.5.4 on my box... :(05:41
=== milosh is now known as Genije
jhough191I'm getting a few errors.05:41
mMezquitaleSurlent777, thanks, karmic is acting really weird,  looks like a developer is insisting on disabling the right ALT key so we can no longer close, minimize using right ALT05:41
SeanInSeattleHow to just clean the queue of failed / retry attempts?05:41
soreauWACOMalt: Hack: Try chmod -x /etc/init.d/pulseaudio and reboot05:42
Surlent777mMezquitale: strange, it works on my setup05:42
WACOMaltsoreau: what does that do first?05:42
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dajhornSeanInSeattle: Something on your system that should be managed by the packaging system was deleted, moved, or changed.05:43
greezmunkeyWACOMalt, makes pulseaudio executable05:43
mMezquitaleSurlent777, youre going to get an update pretty soon if youre using karmic, right ALT will be disabled, I had to set my keyboard to generic then set it to the way it was configured (dell laptop), then enabled right ALT, its working fine now, thanks05:43
WACOMaltsoreau: oh... well technically it is running right now05:43
SeanInSeattledajorn:  How to tell the pkg mgmt system not to try and manage it?05:43
WACOMaltsoreau: it just doesnt see my card... at all05:43
=== gm_ is now known as gm
soreauWACOMalt: It makes that file no longer executable which means pulseaudio wont start at all when you boot. You can reverse it by running the same command with +x05:43
dajhornSeanInSeattle: Try `sudo apt-get remove --purge flashplugin-installer`.  If that doesn't work, then `sudo dpkg --purge --force-all flashplugin-installer`.05:44
greezmunkeyoops! my bad!05:44
dajhornSeanInSeattle: You don't.  Put those things in /usr/local and never touch anything that is managed by apt or dpkg.05:44
WACOMaltsoreau: oh well when I screwed up pulse before to where it wouldn't start, I had sound perfectly, but still no volume controller in the notification area (and no keyboard volume button support)05:44
agoolegrease: any luck ?05:44
greaseagoole: dmesg retuned a whole lot of lines .. lookign through them .. any pointers on what the ethernet adapter entries will look like ?05:45
soreauWACOMalt: Is that where you are currently?05:45
topo_Anyone knows how to solve the madwifi drivers suspend issue05:45
agoolegrease: it will have your make and model hopefully, do you know what kind of ethernet adapter you have ?05:45
WACOMaltsoreau: no, I fixed the config file, so not pulse is running, I have the controls, but they arent linked to my sound. I set the actual sound to ALSA though gstreamer-properties. So I have sound and a controller, but the controler is not linked, and is controlling dummy audio05:45
greaseagoole: not really .. am at a client premise where I installed ubuntu on one of the servers they lent us05:46
soreauWACOMalt: Well I don't understand what is going on then. Sounds like you've already taken the situation into your own hands05:46
agoolegrease: run dmesg | grep Ethernet05:46
SeanInSeattleIs it possible to install 32bit linux onto a 64bit machine?05:47
voxSeanInSeattle: yes, using a chroot05:47
jhough191Can anyone help me set up Squid Proxy Server?05:47
soreauSeanInSeattle: Yes05:47
jhough191I'm getting a few errors.05:47
greaseagoole:  dmesg | grep Ethernet returns nothing ... :( .. don;t see what I did to spoil my network05:47
WACOMaltsoreau: well I have, but stil I am stuck. I have sound yes. and a controller yes... but the controller doesn't support ALSA outputs.. this no sound control from it.  I can run gnome-alsamixer manually and get an alsa mixer, but that is stupid... I shouldnt have to.05:47
WACOMaltsoreau: if I could just get pulse working, or get the current notification area volume controller to support ALSA, then I'd be set05:48
dnoAnybody familiar with mount error(13): Permission denied05:48
dnoRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page (e.g. man mount.cifs)05:48
SeanInSeattleThx guys.  Now, here's the thing.   What extra steps do I need to take in order to perform a 32bit install onto a 64bit machine?05:48
soreauWACOMalt: Like I said, I don't understand what is going on there05:48
dnoI am using 9.1005:48
soreaudno: What command gives you that?05:48
agoolegrease: uh oh, looks like you either have no network interface, or that its simply not being reconized05:48
voxSeanInSeattle: it depends what you're wanting to do. do you want another(virtual) machine, or do you want to run 32-bit applications from within the 64-bit system?05:49
WACOMaltsoreau:  marioatlp told me to comment out the udev module loading int he pulse files05:49
Surlent777mmaruseacph2: my system is fully updated and this error isn't manifesting itself05:49
WACOMaltI will try this05:49
Surlent777mmaruseacph2: sorry, wrong tab-completion05:49
SeanInSeattlevox:  I need to do a fresh install, and I want to install 32bit onto my laptop.05:49
marioatlpi think there is a major problem with alsa in this push05:49
mmaruseacph2no problem05:49
DigitalKiwivox: what? you don't need a chroot to install 32 bit on 64 bit hardware, in fact most computers are not only capable of 64 bit OSes but are sold with 32 bit ones05:49
dnosudo mount -t cifs // /media/backup -o username=dno,rw,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,uid=1000,gid=100005:49
greaseagoole: its wierd ... I'm pretty sure that I had the network on yesterday (when the problem first occured) ... would u suggest a complete reinstall ? .... its a pain (I'd have to backup tonnes of data) ... and now I'm not even sure if a complete reinstall will fix the problem ...05:50
voxSeanInSeattle: thats completely different :) just download the 32bit iso and install that05:50
agoolegrease: no, wait a bit, lets take a deeper look05:50
greaseagoole: ok05:50
SeanInSeattlevox:  thanks man.  I'll do that.05:50
dnosoreau: Can you help?05:50
agoolegrease: run: nano /etc/network/interfaces05:50
soreaudno: What gives you that message?05:50
ice_creamSurlent777, i'm just going to conclude that gdm is broken05:50
greaseagoole: trying ... thanks a tonne for helping out05:50
voxDigitalKiwi: ah. guess i need to brush up on that. last time i did this was about 2 years ago :P05:51
dnosoreau:  When I try to mount my nas05:51
soreaudno: What command gives you that?05:51
Surlent777ice_cream: It's not broken, but the rest of GNOME seems to be on my system >:(05:51
WACOMaltI'll brb restarting.. god pulse audio needs to be fixed. I am convinced it's a bug in the package, not my system. many people have this issue.05:51
agoolegrease: what does that file contain ?05:51
ice_creami dont have all of gnome05:51
greaseagoole: i see 2 lines (1) auto lo (2) iface lo inet loopback05:51
Surlent777ice_cream: For no reason at all my GNOME desktop keeps screwing up and then I don't have a right-click menu or icons05:52
agoolegrease: ok, and you said nothing is listed in ifconfig ? what about iwconfig ?05:52
ice_creambut i feel that gdm depends heavily on some gnome apps, like gnome-control-center05:52
Surlent777ice_cream: and it just goes downhill from there05:52
dnoSoreau: Here is the command: sudo mount -t cifs // /media/backup -o username=dno,rw,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777,uid=1000,gid=100005:52
Surlent777ice_cream: I think I'll just go LXDE or KDE for now...I give up. I still don't know what Your forward and reverse DNS don't match means either05:52
ice_creamSurlent777, i wouldnt even be dealing with gdm if slim wasnt taken out05:52
dnosoreau:  Any thoughts?05:52
WACOMalthow do you private message someone on irc?05:52
greaseagoole: iwconfig says (1) lo   no wireless extensions (2) eth0    no wireless extensions05:53
Surlent777WACOMalt: /query <nick>05:53
soreaudno: Try sudo sshfs <user>@ /media/backup05:53
ice_creamSurlent777, what does dns have to do w/ this?05:53
Surlent777ice_cream: I haven't the foggiest05:53
DEEok guys my windows box got spyware raped and I just reinstalled it, right .. now the loader just shows me 2 installs of WinXP64 and nothing for my old Ubuntu partition :(05:53
soreaudno: Replace <user> with the actual user name05:53
Surlent777ice_cream: But that's what irssi told me as I was connecting to this network05:53
agoolegrease: ok, and you're sure you're connected with a wire ?05:54
ice_creamk, lol05:54
[V]ortex`hello how do i install gnome do?05:54
greaseagoole: :) yeah .. first thing I checked after the network went down05:54
Surlent777[V]ortex`: look in synaptic05:54
om26er[V]ortex`: google it05:54
DEEhow do I get the Grub Loader to pop up again when I know for a fact my Ubuntu partition is still there05:54
agoolegrease: try to run: ifconfig eth0 up05:54
Surlent777man guys I give up...I need to eat anyway. Good luck05:55
dnosoreau:  It says sshfs command not found?  I need apt-get sshfs?05:55
UBlondieok ...here I am again with my external harddrive problems ....don't worry, question is coming ....05:55
om26er[V]ortex`: sudo apt-get install gnome-do05:55
greezmunkeygreese, sudo -i, then ifup eth0, then check ifconfig again05:55
[V]ortex`Surlent777, om26er thanks05:56
greezmunkeygreese, you may have to ifdown first...05:56
agoolegrease: did you get what greezmunkey said ?05:56
soreaudno: It should tell you that, yes05:56
[V]ortex`how do i autocomplete names typed in xchat?05:56
DEEguys what can I do to get my Ubuntu CD to install a Grub Loader or whatever to recognize my good old 9.10 ubuntu partition that *I HAVENT TOUCHED* instead of just the 2 crappy windowsxp partitions05:57
DEEI really really really really do not want to reformat my goddamn drive yet again and reinstall Ubuntu, again05:57
greaseagoole: greezmunkey just a min  ... trying05:57
s123hi all, I am having issues with my update manager05:57
UBlondieI have a Western Digital  160G usb hard drive that has continual problems with mounting on Ubuntu9.10  ...very temperamental!  I finally got an error message that says: Unable to mount, exit code 13 NTFS_attr_pread  ...failed to read first NTFS_BLOCK_SIZE bytes of potential restart page. ...and then goes on about suggesting doing chkdsk /f with winxp. Can anyone help with this?05:57
defacto[V]ortex`: Settings - Input box - Autocomplete ( checkbox )05:57
jhough191Can anyone help me set up Squid Proxy Server?05:58
s123hi all, I am having issues with my update manager05:58
jhough191I'm getting a few errors.05:58
soreauWACOMalt: I suspect the chmod command I gave would have done something very similar05:58
WACOMaltsoreau: I tried it actually05:58
s123pastebinning the error showed http://pastebin.com/f665bd1be05:58
SJrDoes anyone think the following sentence is awkward: "I'm going to go to sleep, are you also going to take a nap?" i.e. that sleep and nap are not exactly the same thing.05:58
[V]ortex`defacto, thanks05:58
dnosoreau:  Installed, Now it says Connection reset by peer.  Any more thoughts?05:58
WACOMaltsoreau: his command basically disabled udev and made it use regular hardware detection. Pulseaudio IS working and seeing myc ard and controllable05:58
DEEnap kinda implies short term though :P05:58
marioatlpsoreau, the real problem is that pulse is not picking up either the alsa cards or anything from udev05:59
soreauWACOMalt: oh cool05:59
defactodoes anybody know what's wrong with 9.10 Alternate CD ? I've burned 2 CD's, md5sums were fine but somewhere in the middle of installation process, I receive a CD replacement error and can't proceed.05:59
marioatlpcan somebody explain to me how to get the  /dev/controlC0  (and C1)  to always link to /dev/snd/controlC005:59
WACOMaltsoreau: so it bypassed a bug in udev.  Where can I report bugs in udev?05:59
dajhorndefacto: Check the dmesg for read errors on the target computer.05:59
soreaudno: Sounds like the system you're trying to connect to isn't configured for ssh05:59
WACOMaltmarioatlp: I wish I could help you out like you did me. thanks so much!05:59
soreauWACOMalt: nfc05:59
dajhorndefacto: The CD-R may be good, but the drives can fade out.05:59
WACOMaltsoreau: ?06:00
greaseagoole greezmunkey now I see a eth0 entry in ifconfig06:00
soreauWACOMalt: It's an acronym. Figure it out ;)06:00
[V]ortex`how do i install dock under gnome do preferences?06:00
greezmunkeygreese, that's a start!06:00
greezmunkeygreese, type ip route, see what you get...06:00
dnosoreau:  Well, I used all the same settings in 8.04.  and it worked.  Now it is like I get to the nas type in the password and it denies me permission.06:01
greasegreezmunkey: ip route returns nothing06:01
greezmunkeygreese, let's work on the stack then...ping lo06:01
brandonc503hey all, if i just go open another channel and someone does the same can we chat or do i have to register the room somewhere?06:01
defactodajhorn: the problem isn't in the CD - I had 5 CD's .. As I said, I've downloaded/burned twice with the same result ( Input/Output error, as tty3 says ) while other CD's work just fine ( including Minimal and Desktop ).06:02
greasegreezmunkey: btw, The network I use requires a ip/gateway setup (which I used to do via the windowed interface)06:02
DEElet me see if I can summarize better .. I reinstalled WinXP cuz it was spyware infested, now it only shows my WinXP partitions in the boot loader and not my Ubuntu partition - I cannot load it though I have not changed it.. do I have to reformat my Ubuntu partition and reinstall for like the 3rd time or is there another way to get a loader on there or have my Ubuntu CD create a change for me?06:02
greezmunkeygreese, ok are you using static addresses?06:02
dajhorndefacto: Same advice.  Check the dmesg for drive errors.06:02
=== jony123_busy is now known as jony123
=== fiberfolly__ is now known as fiberfolly
soreaudno: Sounds like a configuration issue. Can you ssh into the other box from there and vice versa?06:02
greasegreezmunkey: ping lo says "unknown host lo" .. yes, I have a static ip assigned to this machine06:02
greezmunkeygreese, ping localhost06:03
defactodajhorn: I'm not going to do it again ( why would I ? ) - was curious if anybody else have the same problem ..06:03
greasegreezmunkey: static (local) ip06:03
dajhorndefacto: The ISOs are not bad.06:03
greezmunkeygreese, try this...sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart06:04
dnosoreau: I can still get in from my 8.04 and winbloze boxes.06:04
greasegreezmunkey: looks like apache is running there .. I get 64 bytes from test_django_app (
soreaudno: idk then06:04
greasegreezmunkey: should I shutdown my apache ?06:04
defactodajhorn: i don't think so anymore .. anyway, thnx for your input. will see how it'll turn out on my friends pc.06:04
greezmunkeygreese, then check ifconfig to see if your static address is assigned (localhost response is good)(no)06:04
dnosoreau:  Thanks for trying!06:04
UBlondieI have a Western Digital  160G usb hard drive that has continual problems with mounting on Ubuntu9.10  ...very temperamental!  I finally got an error message that says: Unable to mount, exit code 13 NTFS_attr_pread  ...failed to read first NTFS_BLOCK_SIZE bytes of potential restart page. ...and then goes on about suggesting doing chkdsk /f with winxp. Can anyone help with this?06:05
[V]ortex`how do i install dock under gnome do preferences?06:06
migg137whenever i close pidgin it does not leave an icon to show its runing, but it is still runing since it shows me when others log on, how do i fix this?06:06
greasegreezmunkey: restarting network still doesn't show any ip on eth006:06
greezmunkeygreese, edit /etc/network/interfaces, add address xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(return)netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx(return)gateway xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx06:06
jhough191Can anyone help me set up Squid Proxy Server?06:06
jhough191I'm getting a few errors.06:06
greasegreezmunkey: ok .. trying06:06
greezmunkeygreese, then sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart and report back06:06
dajhornUBlondie: Did you do the chkdsk?06:06
CITguy_Artemisanybody know of a way of customizing the Ubuntu 9.10 gdm?06:07
greezmunkeygreese, add thoes lines under the entry for your wired interface06:07
UBlondiedajhorn,  ..well, not this time (yet), but I have done it plenty of times and I continue to have problems with it. The same was happening on 9.04  ..it's bugging the hell out of me!06:07
greezmunkeyiface eth0 inet static06:07
blindside_How do I install grub onto my main HD?06:07
greezmunkeyaddress xxx.xxx06:07
greezmunkeyand so on...06:07
ice_creamCITguy_Artemis, i'd like to know that too06:08
greasegreezmunkey: ok06:08
ice_creamgdm disgusts me06:08
kevinlblindside_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22435106:08
ice_cream*its current theme06:08
kevinli think that will help you/06:08
dajhornUBlondie: You've got filesystem corruption.  Do the chkdsk, and then mount the USB drive with the sync option.06:08
blindside_kevinl, doesn't seem like it06:08
UBlondiedajhorn, could you explain the sync option to me please? ...or point me to where I can find out?  I haven't heard of that before06:09
dajhornUBlondie: After that, always unmount the USB drive through the right-click menu.06:09
CITguy_Artemisit's not so much that I don't like the new GDM I just want to play around with tweaking the theme06:09
yclianhi, i use a Lenovo R61 with Atheros AR5212, after upgrading to 9.10, my wifi doesn't function anymore and i can't seem to find ath_pci module.06:09
UBlondiedajhorn, ..but it mounts by itself of course.06:09
[V]ortex`how do i install docky under gnome do preferences?06:09
mudittulii have a problem with my vbox !06:09
blindside_Ok, so i have 2 drives. 100GB sata (/) and a 320GB IDE. GRUB is installed onto the IDE drive, but I want it on the SATA drive, because I want to get rid of IDE06:10
dajhornUBlondie: It is an option that you can put in the /etc/fstab and is documented by `man mount`.  I don't remember where to put it for removable media.06:10
ash_hi guys im using VMWare with ubuntu. i just installed KDE and now when ubuntu loads it doesn't auto-size the window so its Full Screen. its sorta chopped in the center. How do i fix this?06:10
mudittulii get this error whenever i try to open a guest environment06:10
mudittuli.. http://mudit.s3.amazonaws.com/test/vbox_error.png06:10
greezmunkeygreese, any luck?06:11
yclian(guess it's a restricted driver issue, searching)06:11
JakobLaursenI've just upgraded to 9.10 and can't boot anymore....06:11
Jordan_Uash_: Have you installed vmware-tools?06:11
UBlondiedajhorn, ok, that's completely foreign to me, but I'll have a look. When you say to mount with right click menu. Where from?   ...usually, if the drive won't be mounted, it doesn't show up anywhere. Not even with 'blkid' from Terminal.06:11
ash_Jordan_U, on ubuntu?06:11
Jordan_Uash_: Yes, if Ubuntu is the guest06:11
silv3r_m00nI am on 8.04 and want to update python to 2.606:12
silv3r_m00nhow ?06:12
dajhornash_: VMware 6 is flakey on Karmic.  Use VMware 7 if you aren't already.06:12
greasegreezmunkey: should I add my dns server address to it as well .. Currently, I added---> auto eth0; iface eth0 inet static; address; netmask; gateway (semicolons are new lines)06:12
smackdhi i cant get apache2 to display images when i load my site.. what am i doing wrong...06:12
smackdi enabled octet-stream06:12
[V]ortex`how do i install docky under gnome do preferences?06:12
mudittulialso when i try to upgrade vbox, i get this conflict >> http://mudit.s3.amazonaws.com/test/Screenshot-gdebi-gtk.png06:12
greasegreezmunkey: an extra line saying "dns:" ?06:12
DBO[V]ortex`, stop by #gnome-do06:13
dajhornUBlondie: The removable disk should appear in the left-side pane of the Nautilus fie manager, and on your desktop.  Right click the drive from either of those places.06:13
greezmunkeygreese, /etc/(something)/resolve.conf hang a minute...06:13
JakobLaursencan't boot after upgrade to 9.10. what do I do?06:13
greezmunkeygreese, type locate resolve.conf06:13
CITguy_Artemisgreezmunkey: it should be in /etc/resolv.conf06:13
greezmunkeyhe caught me off guard, I was away!06:14
jmarsdenIn Ubuntu 9.04 desktop on the GDM initial login screen there is/was a button which allowed the user to set the language/locale for their next session.  In Ubuntu 9.10 I am not seeing that button.  What is the Ubuntu 9.10 way to set language/locale at login time?06:14
[V]ortex`DBO thanks06:14
greezmunkeynow I have to try...06:14
ash_i can't even find the Synaptic Package Manager on KDE06:14
CITguy_Artemisjmarsden: the buttons don't show until a user is selected in the list06:14
dajhornUBlondie: The right-click context menu should have a umount or eject option.  Doing this before you pull the USB connection prevents filesystem glitches.06:14
Jordan_Ujmarsden: You won't see the option until you select / enter a user06:14
BluDragynhey.. can anyone recommend a good CD+G disc player?06:14
yclianahh... modprobe ath5k brought things back!06:14
greasegreezmunkey: its in my /etc/resolv.conf .. .says "domain (something); search (sometihng); nameserver (something)"06:15
greezmunkey<CITguy_Artemis> you are correct sir!06:15
UBlondiedajhorn,  yes, it does when it's recognised,. but when it 'un-mounts' it also disappears from desktop and from nautilus!!06:15
BluDragynand please don't say PyKaraoke... I can't get it to read the CD06:15
dajhornUBlondie: And when that happens, the disk is safe to unplug.06:15
greasedo I have to restart my network after I changed /etc/network/interfaces ?06:15
greasegreezmunkey: do I have to restart my network after I changed /etc/network/interfaces ?06:15
jmarsdenCITguy_Artemis and Jordan_U: aha, thanks.06:15
ash_i can't even find the Synaptic Package Manager on KDE06:15
greezmunkeyAdd your name server in the appropriate place, unless there is already an entry...06:15
greezmunkeyIf there is ping google.com, or nslookup google.com06:15
UBlondiedajhorn,  yes, but if the drive isn't visible, then you can't use right-click menu. That's the problem I'm having. The system doesn't even 'see' the drive!06:15
CITguy_Artemisjmarsden: no problem06:16
JakobLaursenNeed help: Can't boot after upgrade to 9.1006:16
dajhornUBlondie: Don't ignore error messages and follow my advice.  Go run the chkdsk command.06:16
Jordan_UJakobLaursen: What happens when you try to boot?06:16
smackdYou don't have permission to access /image/penguin.gif on this server.06:16
greezmunkeygreese, yes, /etc/init.d/networking restart as sudo06:16
smackdwhy is apache2 saying that06:16
dajhornUBlondie: The filesytem is borked.  It won't appear again until you fix it according to the error message.06:16
UBlondiedajhorn,   haha, yes!  :)   ...I will do it, yet again!!   ...aaahhhhh  :/06:16
BluDragynash_, : synaptic isn't installed by default under kubuntu06:16
greezmunkeyborked...you gotta love it ;(06:17
JakobLaursenJordan_U: It just stops after the menu - recovery mode can't boot either06:17
CITguy_Artemissmackd: for any file access with apache servers, the entire path leading up to the target must have the correct permissions to access the files06:17
asr7does any one know a method to use ubu dsl in ubuntu06:17
asr7does any one know a method to use ubu dsl in ubuntu06:17
greasegreezmunkey: it says SIOCADDRT No such process .. failed to bring up eth006:18
asr7does any one know a method to use ubu dsl in ubuntu06:18
asr7does any one know a method to use ubu dsl in ubuntu06:18
asr7does any one know a method to use ubu dsl in ubuntu06:18
asr7does any one know a method to use ubu dsl in ubuntu06:18
FloodBot3asr7: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:18
UBlondiedajhorn,  ..it usually works for at least a few minutes again after I do chkdsk ....but problem returns very quickly again. Drive still works ok on Windows!  :/06:18
greezmunkeygreese, try ifconfig...06:18
greaseifconfig has however assigned the m/c an ip .. and I can ping other ips on the network .. but not google.com06:18
om26eri heard somewhere that lucid is also gonna ship a video editing tool. is it true06:19
greezmunkeygreese, pastebin resolv.conf06:19
greasegreezmunkey: ifconfig has however assigned the m/c an ip .. and I can ping other ips on the network .. but not google.com06:19
CITguy_Artemissmackd: in your case, you will want the path to be readable by anybody06:19
bastardhi i would like to downgrade xorg, using 9.04, want to downgrade to xorg 7.206:19
Jordan_Ugrease: Is your default gateway set correctly? Can you ping it?06:19
dajhornUBlondie: If the disk disconnects or disappears when you're using it on the Ubuntu computer, then you've got a second problem.  You'll need to watch the /var/log/messages file for more information.06:19
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.06:19
Jordan_Ubastard: Why?06:19
dajhornUBlondie: If the USB drive has a power plug, then use it and the problem may stop happening.06:19
bastardJordan_U: why does that matter?06:20
xzcvczxi am using a program in ubuntu when occasionally i need to be able to hold alt while left clicking, something in gnome/ubuntu is seeming to not pass that onto the program, where would i look to disable it so i can use alt-leftclick in a program?06:20
greezmunkeygreese, what does ip route tell you?06:20
UBlondiedajhorn, aaahh, actually, someone did suggest using the double usb connector!!  ...I forgot about that. Still need to try that one!06:20
om26er!language | bastard. it think this also stands for the name **i think06:20
ubottubastard. it think this also stands for the name **i think: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.06:20
=== bastard is now known as om26erislame
om26erislameJordan_U: because i have a ati card that's now "legacy" and not supported in newer xorg06:21
om26erom26erislame: this is great no problem06:21
greasegreezmunkey: ip route says dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src
Jordan_Uom26erislame: Then you will also need to downgrade your kernel06:21
alca7razxzcvczx: by default holding alt allows you to move a window by draggin anywhere in the window. you can try turning off that option in System->Windows, its the movement Key option.06:21
Jordan_Uom26erislame: The open source drivers don't work with your card?06:22
greezmunkeygreese, no route to ?06:22
xzcvczxalca7raz: ah ok, thanks06:22
greasegreezmunkey: don't see anything like that06:22
om26erislameJordan_U: no compiz, screen flicker..fixed the flicker, then no video playback...don't really care for compiz, but some programs that need compositing do06:22
greezmunkeygreese, mine has this line default via dev ra006:22
hymanupgraded a working 9. ubuntu on wbi to 9.10, now getting video mode not supported  dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg doesn't seem to work any ideas?06:22
JakobLaursenJordan_U: kernel 2.6.31-14 freezes in boot. kernel 2.6.28-16 mouse freezes. kernel 2.6.28-11 mouse freezes06:22
ShwackHello, I  recently did a clean 9.10 install and am lookin at my .xsession-errors file and i dont see anything except for a whole lot of firefox:3449 Gdk-warning :xid collision, trouble ahead.  Can anybody tell me what that is and if it is serious or not/06:22
om26erislameJordan_U: radeon x1200, this is a known issue06:23
devon_007which is better ubuntu or opensuse06:23
greezmunkeygreese, can you ping your gateway?06:23
xzcvczxalca7raz: hm, turned it off but it still doesn't seem to allow me to use it in the program06:23
Jordan_U!best | devon_00706:23
ubottudevon_007: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.06:23
TylerNTI get the same flickering and even lockups with any nvidia drivers >17306:23
alca7razxzcvczx: sorry thats all i can think of06:23
=== carlos is now known as Guest48690
xzcvczxdevon_007: well in here they will say ubuntu, in #opensuse they will say opensuse.... you have a lot more people to get support from in irc for ubuntu though :P06:23
greasegreezmunkey: pinging gateway doesn't work06:23
greasegreezmunkey: Neywort is unreachable06:24
mudittulii am not update my vbox can anyone help me ?06:24
greezmunkeygreese, right, what is your interface ip address06:24
om26erislameJordan_U: do you think apt will automatically downgrade kernel to appropriate version, i mean, most linux package managers are this smart...?06:24
om26er!hi | sathiya06:24
ubottusathiya: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:24
greezmunkeygreese, and your gateway?06:25
Jordan_Uom26erislame: It's not that the older Xorg needs the older kernel, it's that the older fglrx needs the older kernel06:25
xzcvczxgrease: your netmask06:25
mudittulihere is the conflict i am getting while updating vbox http://mudit.s3.amazonaws.com/test/Screenshot-gdebi-gtk.png06:25
xzcvczxgrease: well theres your problem06:25
Jordan_Uom26erislame: And it is not at all simple to dowgrade Xorg06:25
om26erislameJordan_U: yes...understood06:25
hymangrease - you're gateway is outside your network. with that netmask06:25
xzcvczxgrease: .11 and .10 aren't in the same
greaseI also have to setup a dns server address (where do I do that ?)06:25
greezmunkeygreese, that is a routing problem, you can't have a gateway that is not on your subnet. what is your submask?06:26
dajhornmudittuli: `sudo apt-get remove virtualbox-2.0` and try again.06:26
om26erislameJordan_U: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=117144506:26
om26erislamelooks pretty straight forward06:27
Jordan_Umudittuli: You need to remove virtualbox 2.0 first06:27
greezmunkeygreese, what is your netmask?06:27
om26er!hello | trisha06:27
ubottutrisha: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:27
trishahi om26er06:27
greasegreezmunkey: netmask .... (the name says MASK, not netmask, if that makes a difference)06:27
sathiyahi all06:28
trishahow old are u people06:28
ShwackHello, I  recently did a clean 9.10 install and am lookin at my .xsession-errors file and i dont see anything except for a whole lot of firefox:3449 Gdk-warning :xid collision, trouble ahead.  Can anybody tell me what that is and if it is serious or not/06:28
greasegreezmunkey: I also have to setup a dns server address as (where do I do that ?)06:28
greezmunkeygreese, nomenclature, but the same thing...you need to change your IP to be in the same network as your gateway!06:28
krackpotHello, what logs can I check when the system freezes unexpectedly and the Caps & Scroll lock lights blink on the keyboard? This only started happening today06:28
om26ertrisha: sathiya this is not yahoo chat06:28
mudittulidajhorn , Jordan_U : uninstalling virtualbox-2.0 will also remove my installed guest environments ?06:28
trishahello how old r u?06:29
Omlettekrackpot: If I'm not mistaken, that's a sign of kernel panic.06:29
greezmunkeygreese, nameserver will do you no good until you accomplish my last post first!06:29
dajhornmudittuli: No.06:29
mudittuliokies, thanks06:29
trishaoh my god06:29
dajhornkrackpot: Run the memtest utility from the grub menu.06:29
greezmunkeygreese, change X.X.10.X to X.X.11.X06:29
krackpotOmlette: should I be worried? Is there something the system generates to tell me what exactly panicked?06:29
hymanany takers on my video mode not supported problem on new 9.10 wubi install?06:30
krackpotdajhorn: I just finished doing a memtest, no errors06:30
Omlettekrackpot: I'm not sure. Let me ask the bot.06:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kernelpanic06:30
greezmunkeygreese, you will edit your interfaces file, then restart networking, ok?06:30
greasegreezmunkey: ok .. btw, this computer (from the one I'm connected rt now) also has similar settings .. ip:, netmask:, gateway:
Omlettekrackpot: Yes, you should be worried. It indicates the OS is having problems.06:30
i_is_broke!info kernelpanic06:30
ubottuPackage kernelpanic does not exist in karmic06:30
om26ergrease: did you upgraded from jaunty?06:31
mudittulidajhorn: how can i take a backup of the guest environment ?, just in case !06:31
dajhornkrackpot: If it keeps happening, then you'll need to watch the console and/or /var/log/messages.  The next thing to check is your video card.06:31
OmletteApparently, the "fglrx" drivers can cause kernel panics.06:31
om26ergrease: if you did upgrade and now if you can make a clean install that will fix it.06:32
TylerNTvideo drivers are pretty much the crutch of all OS's..06:32
krackpotdajhorn: Ok, I'll take a peak. This has happened 4-5 times today. But only today. Clean install of 9.10 x6406:32
OmletteOnly today? Interesting.06:32
dajhornmudittuli: I think that you need to export the VM.  VirtualBox is somewhat stupid about its disk registry that way.06:32
greasegreezmunkey: changing xx.10. to xx.11. and restarting network seems to have worked ... resytart eth0 worked !06:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about oulse06:33
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions06:33
krackpotOmlette: Yeah, I'm baffled06:33
RoastedDoes anybody have frequent flash issues? Before I went from Jaunty to Karmic, flash was perfect. I went to karmic, things blew up, did a fresh install to Jaunty, and now flash sucks completely. Eveyr few minutes when I refresh a youtube page, the screen is white, no video to display, and I have to restart firefox.06:33
greasegreezmunkey: thanks !! how do I get my ubuntu windows up again06:34
TylerNTyah I've flash issues with compiz06:34
greezmunkeygreese, did that help?06:34
smackd<CITguy_Artemis> how do i set permissions for apache to let /var/www/image/  show images?06:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about videoeditor06:34
brando753how can i find how much memory my video card has?06:34
TylerNTturns out flash+compiz doesn't like to let the left mouse button work06:34
om26ertell me then name of a video editor  plz06:35
greasegreezmunkey: yeah .. I can ping google.com :) .. can I get my ubuntu windows up again ?06:35
xzcvczxom26er: pitivi or piviti06:35
greezmunkeygreese, try "startx" no quotes...06:35
xzcvczxone of the 206:35
CITguy_Artemissmackd: i assume the root is in /var/www ?06:35
brandonc503do i have to register new channels or can i just join them and they are up?06:35
Omlettekrackpot: Do you know how to check the log files? Most people do, but some don't. :)06:35
brando753how can i find how much memory my video card has?06:36
greasegreezmunkey: it says "/usr/bin/X11/X not found .. xinit no such file or directory ..."06:36
smackdall pics are in /var/www/image/06:36
soreauTylerNT: Does it still happen even when you disable effects?06:36
greezmunkeygreese, did the machine run x on boot?06:36
dajhornbrando753: Look in the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file for the line that says "Memory:".   Don't re-ask that quicklky.06:36
greasegreezmunkey: I don;t think so06:36
TylerNTno it doesn't.. but if I right click and hold I can then left click normally06:36
CITguy_Artemissmackd: then you need to do a "chmod -R 755 /var/www/image" ( you may need to be sudo )06:36
CITguy_Artemissry, "+R"06:37
greezmunkeytry this, cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf see what happens...06:37
krackpotOmlette: Not really. I'm not exactly sure what I should be looking for. I'm trying to look at the times and events around the time that the kernel panicked06:37
Blue1can iptraf be used to monitor traffic on something other then "localhost?"  If so, I'm not seeing it in the man....06:37
orfeoalguna mexicana por aqui??06:37
RoastedDoes anybody have frequent flash issues? Before I went from Jaunty to Karmic, flash was perfect. I went to karmic, things blew up, did a fresh install to Jaunty, and now flash sucks completely. Eveyr few minutes when I refresh a youtube page, the screen is white, no video to display, and I have to restart firefox.06:37
FlynsarmyMy laptops connected to the network via ethernet. Network manager appears to have both ethernet+wifi connected (both are set to use the same IP). In previous ubuntu installs i could disconnect the ethernet and wifi would kick in without losing internet connection. In karmic the wifi icon appears (as if its connected) but i need to manually reconnect before it works. Why?06:37
tritium!es | orfeo06:37
ubottuorfeo: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:37
Omlettekrackpot: That's all I can think of, too. I'd look for messages involving the words "fglrx" and "error" around that time.06:37
codeswinghi guys is there any openvpn gui client in ubuntu06:38
greezmunkeygreese, try this, cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf see what happens...06:38
CITguy_Artemissmackd: let me know if it works06:38
greasegreezmunkey: xorg.conf is not there in X11 directory ... I see 2 dir's xinit and xkb06:38
marcoim new to this06:38
marcoI need some help if some one can06:38
smackd<CITguy_Artemis> it shows the .gifs but not the .jpg image06:38
OmletteAsk away, marco!06:38
CITguy_Artemissmackd: is the .jpg also in /var/www/image?06:38
Blue1marco: we can't help if you don't tell us what you need06:39
marcoi have a usb head set06:39
marcoit semi works06:39
CITguy_Artemissmackd: what are the permissions on the .jpg image?06:39
smackdblah... it was mislabeled06:39
smackdgot it06:39
greezmunkeygreese, then X is there...try xinit -- :2, then CTRL+F9, then CTRL+F1, let me know if you get a test X session06:39
CITguy_Artemisno problem06:39
marcoits good for music but dosent work under firefox nor under ventrilo(wine)06:39
greasegreezmunkey: trying ..06:40
greezmunkeygreese, (xinit -- :2)06:40
marcohow do i set up my usb headset06:40
marcoits a logitech clear chat pro06:40
Blue1marco: usb is NOT supported under wine06:40
CITguy_Artemissmackd: just remember that apache is run as an unprivileged user, so if you want it to display anything the files need to be readable06:40
brando753dajhorn: it does not say anything about memory06:40
malezmales come back06:40
marcothen how do i use my built in one?06:40
marcoso i can talk to my peeps06:41
greezmunkeygreese, after the xinit command, and when you ctrl+f9'd was there an xwindow present?06:41
Blue1marco: dunno my unit is so old is uses a minijack and that works06:42
greasegreezmunkey: it says ... No such file or direcotry (error2) no server "X" in path06:42
marcoif i can just get my built in mic working06:42
greasegreezmunkey: CNTRL f9 DOES NOT DO ANYTHING EITHER06:42
codeswinghow to I run openvpn with nameserver support06:42
ekontsevoyKarmic brought an unberably fugly Gnome login screen, and took away "Login Window Preferences" panel. How do I get rid of that terrible login screen?06:43
greasegreezmunkey: (sorry abt the caps)06:43
ekontsevoyThis no longer applies: http://www.simplehelp.net/2009/05/21/how-to-change-the-ubuntu-login-screen/06:43
foul_owlanyone have problems with pulseaudio?06:44
TylerNTMarco: you may want to check the switches and mute setting in pulse audio.. ubuntu automatically mutes and disables all inputs on my machine by default06:44
greezmunkeygreese, it would'nt in that case. I'm not going to be much more help to you greese, as I would have to do some serious reading and catching up first. Maybe someone else here can. At least your'e on line06:44
brando753how can i find how much memory my video card has?06:44
wubiogenman, this getting media is messed up. I decided to only read ubuntu forums posts in the last year. I am trying vlc now.06:44
greasegreezmunkey: np .. thanks for all the help so far !06:44
marcowhatsnand pulse audio06:44
xzcvczxbrando753: you have been told alredy06:44
wubiogenhow can I get terminal to have a bigger buffer and save more lines. I went to look back and get that kill command for firefix, was it rkill or pkill ??? and the buffer did not go back that far.06:45
=== Ripp_ is now known as Tommi
greezmunkeygreese, maybe you can apt-get ...reinstall X or something at least!06:45
TylerNTgo to sound prefs by right clicking the sound manager applet and check the settings in there first06:46
arvind_khadrihi, how do i execute the perl files in the browser?the browser is treating it as a file and offers me to download it...06:48
CITguy_Artemisarvind_khadri: perl files are not meant to be run in a browser. they are meant to be run via command line06:48
foul_owlanyone else have problems with pulseaudio taking up waaay too much cpu and mem?06:49
TylerNTI think he's talking about running servlets06:49
ekontsevoyKarmic brought an unberably fugly Gnome login screen, and took away "Login Window Preferences" panel. How do I get rid of that terrible login screen?06:49
CITguy_Artemisfoul_owl: not really...how many applications are running that use sound?06:49
brando753xzcvczx: it didnt mention memory size anywhere06:49
arvind_khadriCITguy_Artemis, actually a html file here uses a perl scrip, so when i hit submit it asks me to download the script...06:49
xzcvczxbrando753: well what sort of card is it?06:50
foul_owlCITguy_Artemis: Lots. But they come and go. gmplayer, youtube, hydrogen, banshee06:50
TylerNTekontsevoy: if you upgraded from 9.04 then I can tell you I had to delete my setting files for my account to get the menus to come back06:50
=== terryd_ is now known as pyRunner
foul_owlI leave my system running for a few days, then I notice slowdowns. I run top, and am surprised to see pulseaudio as hogging all the mem and cycles06:50
vividhas anyone experienced "popping" or crackling with pulseaudio in 9.10?06:50
brando753xzcvczx: intel06:51
foul_owlthen i am forced to killall -9 pulseaudio :(06:51
xzcvczxbrando753: then it shares your system memory06:51
ekontsevoyTylerNT: no, mine is a fresh install and I cannot stand the login screen: it wastes a lot of time on useless animation and looks terrible in my opinion06:51
CITguy_Artemisfoul_owl: which ubuntu version are you using?06:51
dajhornvivid: Yes, I had it with my hda sound card in a laptop computer.  One of the fixes was to disable power management on the sound card.06:51
vividdajhorn, do you remember how you did that? i have one of those intel hd things too i think06:52
messiahhola? hello?06:52
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!06:52
messiahhow can i join to spanish room?06:52
arvind_khadriCITguy_Artemis, what do i do?06:52
foul_owlCITguy_Artemis: Jaunty06:52
TylerNTand you can't view admin->login ?06:52
Doctehmessiah: try like #ubuntu-es06:53
dajhornvivid: let me go look for it.06:53
messiahjoin #ubuntu-es06:53
CITguy_Artemisarvind_khadri: are you running the html locally on your machine or is it on an external site?06:53
messiahlike #ubuntu-es06:54
messiahomg, it doesn't work06:54
Cosmicmessiah: type in /join #ubuntu-es06:54
messiahlol, sorry06:54
CITguy_Artemisfoul_owl: I'm thinking it may be a bug in Jaunty. I'm not sure how to look that up.06:54
arvind_khadriCITguy_Artemis, everything is local, i have the html and the perl script too06:54
Cthulhu82Κόσμος και κοσμάκης, βλέπω!!06:54
foul_owlCITguy_Artemis: perhaps I should upgrade to karmic?06:54
TylerNTyou need servers to run those host those files06:54
TylerNTlike apache and wambat06:55
CITguy_Artemisfoul_owl: if you have the time and the patience, I would recommend it.06:55
arvind_khadriTylerNT, i have apache running06:55
optimizerwhy does ubuntu take so long to go from gdm to running my .xession file?06:55
marcothis is difficult06:55
CITguy_Artemisarvind_khadri: what exactly is the html page supposed to do?06:55
TylerNTthen you need the server hooks for perl06:55
optimizerwhy does ubuntu take so long to go from gdm to running my .xession file? i have a test where all it does is load up xterm; and it takes forevber on ubuntu 9.10; whereas it was blazing fast on ubuntu 9.0406:56
foul_owlCITguy_Artemis: Thanks for the advice. I will try it. Cheers!06:56
dajhornvivid: You can get more detail from this bug and its duplicates:  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/38120106:56
josh_is it just me or is grub2 overcomplicated compared to grub?06:56
dajhornvivid: Add your "meetoo" if you have a Launchpad account.06:56
josh_i miss the menu.lst06:56
d9500josh_, i second the motion. grub2, while superior from a technical standpoint, does take some getting used to06:57
dajhornvivid: The solution is to put "options snd-hda-intel power_save=0" in the /etc/modules.d  for your system.  The particular file could vary depending on your system and hardware.06:57
messiahi have tryed ubuntu and kubuntu; now i have just installed xubuntu, and i can't find my ntfs's partitions... why? :(06:57
vividdajhorn, yes i have one, but im not in a saturday night state of mind for posting :o06:57
CITguy_Artemisjosh_: well, grub2 does more than the last version did. One feature in particular that stuck out was the ability to have grub2 run an ISO that is contained on the local hard drive as if it were burned on a cd. So with additional features, it's expected to have more complicated processes.06:58
arvind_khadriCITguy_Artemis, TylerNT found it thanks, need to specify the mime types, FF sees it just as a file so a ~/mime.type must be created and an entry for perl must be made06:58
hullohello, i have a fresh install and when i go to install nvidia restricted drivers im getting a message:  installArchives() failed06:58
josh_im not sure but xubuntu might need ntfs3g installed06:58
CITguy_Artemisarvind_khadri: oh, ok. I'll have to keep that in my FYI file.06:58
mrlolplxcan someone plx help me install a different vnc server for display 0 than the standard one in ubuntu 9.10 because it really sucks.06:58
arvind_khadriCITguy_Artemis, or else you can even edit /etc/mime.types , let me finish and see which file works06:59
TylerNTarvind: well that's one way to do it.. you can also setup apache to run those files itself and block them from people trying to wget them.06:59
vividdajhorn, thank you for that info06:59
[V]ortex`did they finally fix the flash issue?06:59
CITguy_Artemis[V]ortex`: to what flash issue are you referring?07:01
Nolarhi. i'm running an official karmic image under ec2 (karmic-uec-i386-kernel  05-Nov-2009 01:40)07:01
[V]ortex`CITguy_Artemis, not being able to play flash in youtube, cannot fullscreen, cannot jump to specific times07:02
Nolarhaving trouble mounting an ext4 device07:02
Nolarmkfs.ext4 /dev/sdf07:02
Nolarmount /dev/sdf /blah07:02
Nolarmount: unknown filesystem type 'ext4'07:02
TylerNTvortex: what's it doing?07:02
Nolarnot sure why it can format as ext4 ok, but fails to mount07:03
[V]ortex`TylerNT, it looks fixed, but i was having trouble with it say a week back; i was told it was a general issue07:03
CITguy_Artemis[V]ortex`: what's the ubuntu version you are using and the browser and it's version?07:03
TylerNTI think your talking about the same issue I'm having with compiz and flash07:03
[V]ortex`chrome and firefox latest didn't work then... but i have no issues now... just asking07:03
TylerNTyou should be able to hold your right mouse button and then click on stuff in the flash frame07:04
[V]ortex`TylerNT, is your issue resolved?07:04
CITguy_Artemis[V]ortex`: I'm not sure. The only problem I've been having with flash is flickering in Firefox.07:04
=== fooj_ is now known as fooj
hoo-hahhi all!!07:05
CITguy_ArtemisThe only time I notice it is when I'm viewing a video on Youtube.07:05
hoo-hahI've got a q: Is it true that Ubuntu07:05
TylerNTwith all of the work on gnome 3 I don't think anyone really cares about compiz right now07:05
CITguy_Artemis!hi | hoo-hah07:05
ubottuhoo-hah: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:05
[V]ortex`CITguy_Artemis, ok thanks... i think they resolved it with the latest updates07:05
hoo-hahsucks balls?07:05
[V]ortex`CITguy_Artemis, i don't have issues with flickering tho07:05
[V]ortex`TylerNT, install the latest updates... they worked for me07:05
[V]ortex`at least so far07:06
TylerNTI did install them.. but I haven't checked flash yet07:06
CITguy_Artemisthe only other problem I've had is with flash in Chrome not registering mouse wheel actions, but it's no biggie07:06
[V]ortex`not sure about chrome tho, since it's still in alpha07:06
TylerNTnah the updates did nothing07:07
soreauTylerNT: You're wrong07:07
CITguy_ArtemisI apologize for those I've already asked, but does anybody know how to do any customization to the new gdm in Karmic?07:07
soreauMasses care about compiz07:07
soreaunothing can compare07:07
messiahhello; i can't find my other NTFS partitions, i have just installed xubuntu and ntfs-3g07:07
talsemgeestCITguy_Artemis: I dont believe it is possible, or at least with the toold included in karmic07:08
TylerNTmaybe... but it doesn't really seem like it07:08
TylerNTmessiah: can you at least see the partitions in a partition editor?07:08
talsemgeestmessiah: Can you run "sudo fdisk -l" and post the output to paste.ubuntu.com07:09
mrlolplxcan someone plx help me install a vnc server for display 0?07:09
[V]ortex`is there a way to auto mount windows drives at login?07:10
messiahtalsemgeest, when i run that it shows me the 2 HD i have.... but i can't see them in my browser :(ç07:10
syn-ackVortex man mount07:10
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Yes, using the fstab files. One sec, Ill grab you a link07:10
syn-ackVortex also man fstab07:11
Rondohey is there an easy app in the repos to make a video file from an audio file and a static image?07:11
talsemgeestmessiah: Then can you please paste the output to paste.ubuntu.com so I can tell you what to do next :)07:12
messiahto a website?07:12
talsemgeest!paste | messiah07:13
ubottumessiah: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!07:13
talsemgeestmessiah: Basically, it will let me see the output without flooding the channel07:13
messiahok ^^07:13
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, ok thanks07:14
marcocan some one help me set up my built in mic and help me use the mic under wine07:14
RPG_MasterWhat are you supposed to do when "./configure" doesn't work?07:14
greaseIs there a way to reinstall an existing package (w/o having to remove it)?07:14
RPG_MasterWhen installing from source07:14
messiahtalsemgeest, did it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/313049/07:14
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Basically, you need to add another line to the file /etc/fstab. Open it with "gksudo gedit /etc/fstab", then look here for how to make the line: http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html07:15
pronoy!logs > pronoy07:15
ubottupronoy, please see my private message07:15
TylerNTgrease symantic and apt-get both allow you reinstall a package07:15
syn-ackRPG_Master, Well, paste the the output of the error to paste.ubuntu.com and two why are you compiling the source to begin with?07:15
greaseTylerNT:  I'm trying to do it from command line .. couldn't see an option that said reinstall07:16
talsemgeestmessiah: Can you tell me if your windows drive is sda5 or sdb1?07:16
syn-ackRPG_Master, And third what is the particular app you're trying to compile?07:16
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, ok thanks for the link, but i don't really understand it... i'm new to 9.10 and ubuntu in general...07:16
RPG_Mastersyn-ack: I am trying to do Songbird, and it just says: "bash: ./config: No such file or directory"07:16
ubottuHi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:17
marcois any body there07:17
Dr_Willismarco:  1519 people here - the bots07:17
greaseTylerNT: I also want to download the package files freshly07:17
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Ok, can you run "sudo fdisk -l" and post the output to paste.ubuntu.com please07:17
messiahtalsemgeest, i don't have windows anymore, but yesterday i had installed windows in sda1, 10g, the other partition 70g was for downloads, and other HD sdb1 80g for downloads too07:17
linuxguy2009Are there any apps like Rhythmbox that keep a database of local music files, but for keeping a database of local video files to play?07:17
marcocan some one help me set up my built in mic and help me use the mic under wine07:17
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, from the terminal?07:17
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Yes please07:17
talsemgeestmessiah: So which is the one you want to mount?07:18
syn-ackRPG_Master, you know that app is in the repos, right? all you should have to do is apt-get install it or use synaptic07:18
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  you may want to test out moovida (i think i spelt it right) its sort of like that07:18
RPG_Mastersyn-ack: It's not :/07:18
Dr_Willis!info moovida07:18
ubottumoovida (source: moovida): The Moovida media center application. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.7-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 25 kB, installed size 176 kB07:18
RPG_Master!info songbird07:18
ubottuPackage songbird does not exist in karmic07:19
[V]ortex`talsemgeest thanks for your help, http://paste.ubuntu.com/313052/07:19
TylerNTthere's away to take it out of cache.. I just don't remember07:19
linuxguy2009Dr_Willis: Cool thanks Ill check that out.07:19
messiahtalsemgeest, all the ones i had with downloads, that partition of 70g and the other HD of 80g; but now i see many partitions, i have just made another one for swap... nothing more... it suppouse to be in the master HD 3, ext4,swap and ntfs07:19
catamarquenceis there any gui for configuring grub2?07:19
Dr_Willislinuxguy2009:  Miro can also do that. but im not sure its in the repos.07:19
marcocan some one help me07:19
darling_I was trying to run XP using the virtualbox ose but for some reason after it is loaded it says "FATAL: could not read from the boot medium! system halted"07:19
gouravhelo everybody!!07:19
syn-ackRPG_Master, standby07:19
TylerNToh apt-get clean07:19
ariefbayuhi all07:19
RPG_Mastersyn-ack: standing by07:19
Dr_Willismarco:  thers also Wine Specific channels. but i rarely use wine.. and ive never used a mic in wine.07:19
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Ok, there are a lot of partitions on there. Can you tell me which one you want to mount?07:20
txwizard1I have a question.... I am trying to set my menu default on the grub2 on netbook remix.07:20
catamarquenceno gui for grub2??07:20
ariefbayuI've a problem installing karmic07:20
marcofirst i need to set up my built in mic07:20
Dr_Williscatamarquence:  thers no gui manager tool for grub2 yet.07:20
marcoi will use wine07:20
talsemgeestmessiah: Ok, so it is sdb1 that you want, right?07:20
syn-ackthey dont evne have a deb of it?07:20
messiahtalsemgeest,  yes, but the other partition too, i mean sda---- 70g....07:20
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, the one that is 31gbs? i'm guessing sda6?07:21
ariefbayumy broadcom wlan is refused to connect to AP07:21
gouravcan anybody help me?07:21
=== miguel is now known as Guest27802
darling_can someone help me07:21
ariefbayuI can see the AP listed on my network manager07:21
darling_can someone help me07:22
darling_I was trying to run XP using the virtualbox ose but for some reason after it is loaded it says "FATAL: could not read from the boot medium! system halted"07:22
talsemgeestmessiah: Ok, run this in the terminal: "sudo mkdir /media/sdb1" , then run this "sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /media/sdb1"07:22
__lupo__hi all, somebody here use eclipse from the repository ? I install it.. but Ive facing a few issues to install plugins07:22
marcocan some one help me with my mic07:22
messiahtalsemgeest, why i have 4 partitions in sda when it suppouse to be just 3???07:22
TylerNT_lupo_: it's probably because of admin rights07:23
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Ok, so add this line to the bottom of the fstab file, without the quotes: "/dev/sda6 /media/sda6 ntfs defaults 0 0"07:23
messiahtalsemgeest, when i used kubuntu i didn't have to do this, just they appeared since beggining....07:24
talsemgeestmessiah: One sec, I will look at your fstab again07:24
__lupo__TylerNT: humm..  not sure... i ll check it out07:24
gouravany one  who uses gnome?07:24
AnirbanHazraI want to run a particular command each and every time the ubuntu server is rebooted at started. How to do that ?07:24
AnirbanHazraI want to run it at startup07:24
marcocan some one help me with my mic07:24
messiahtalsemgeest, now i can see sdb1 , but not like kubuntu, anyway, better than nothing ;)07:25
darling_can some one help me I was trying to run XP using the virtualbox ose but for some reason after it is loaded it says "FATAL: could not read from the boot medium! system halted"07:25
talsemgeestmessiah: It should work in xubuntu too, but as it doesnt you need to force it. So, did those commands work?07:25
gouravmattkuehn ,hello07:25
gouravcan u help me?07:25
darling_can some one help me I was trying to run XP using the virtualbox ose but for some reason after it is loaded it says "FATAL: could not read from the boot medium! system halted"07:25
talsemgeestmessiah: If you want the other partition, just replace sdb1 with sda507:26
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, how do i open the fstab file?07:26
messiahtalsemgeest,  yes, now i can see sdb1.... but you know...  why i have 4 partitions in sda when it suppouse to be just 3???07:26
TylerNTyour system said that or virtual box said that?07:26
gouravTylerNT ,hello07:26
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: I gave you the command a little while ago: "gksudo gedit /etc/fstab"07:26
smackdi keep getting this error...07:26
disappearedng_Hey anyone know hwo do I type this character ÷07:26
smackd... waiting apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name,07:26
talsemgeestmessiah: Well, because there are 4. Perhaps you didnt know about the swap partition?07:26
TylerNTgourav: what are you having a problem with?07:27
messiahtalsemgeest, yes dude... i made 3 partitions while i was installing xubuntu.... ext4+swap+that ntfs i can't see07:27
marcocan some one help me with my mic07:27
darling_trying to load XP using virtualbox ose07:27
gouravmy ubuntu 9.5 version is not showing any wireless drivers07:27
talsemgeestmessiah: Perhaps this is the one you didnt know about: "/dev/sda2            1214        9964    70292407+   f  W95 Ext'd (LBA)"?07:28
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, ok i added the line to the fstab file, is there anything else to do?07:28
talsemgeest!hello | awesome07:28
ubottuawesome: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!07:28
awesomeis there any good webcam night mode setup??07:28
messiahtalsemgeest, i guess so... in windows i just made 2, one of 10g (now ext4) and other 70g for downloads07:28
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Save it, then it should be mounted on reboot :)07:28
=== awesome is now known as Guest5580
bazhanggourav, there is no version 9.507:28
Guest5580private chat me -admins07:28
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, ok thanks =) do i have to specify a password at login?07:29
messiahtalsemgeest,  lol, guy, don't you become mad helping a lot of people? hehehe you are so nice07:29
gouravactually,its ubuntu 9.5 desktop version07:29
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: No, you should not have to07:29
talsemgeestmessiah: I find it fun :)07:29
[V]ortex`talsemgeest, ok thank you, you've been very helpful07:29
talsemgeest[V]ortex`: Always happy to help :)07:29
AnirbanHazra I want to run a particular command each and every time the ubuntu server is rebooted at startup. How to do that ?07:29
messiahtalsemgeest, hehehehe so... in windows i just made 2, one of 10g (now ext4) and other 70g for downloads07:30
vigodarling_: VBox 3.0??07:30
messiahtalsemgeest,  why it shows 2 partitions of 70g? lol sda2 and sda507:30
gouravsorry,it's 9.04 desktop version.07:30
jimlovell777I'm trying to get iPhone 3g syncing working by following this guide: http://marcansoft.com/blog/2009/10/iphone-syncing-on-linux-part-2/ It says to create a user usbmux with USB permissions. How do I do that? Is the only way to create a new user that has a home directory?07:30
TylerNTwhat wireless card to you have?07:30
JGodboutWhat is a program that can convert a .flv file into a .m4v file?07:30
txwizard1how do i set the menudefault in grub207:30
TylerNTthere's a good possibility that if you don't have an updated kernel your wireless card isn't supported07:31
vigodarling_: Ubu 9.10?07:31
messiahtalsemgeest, by the way... the swap partittion is suppouse to be in the middle between ext4 and ntfs07:31
ScoobyHi, I'm having some serious problems booting into the live CD. I select English Language and boot it from the menu then it loads a buch of stuff and the screen will start blinking and it dumps me at the command prompt (ubuntu@ubuntu:#) with it still flashing. What's the problem?07:31
gouravi have d broadcom 10g 802.11 something wireless card07:31
JGodboutWhat is a program that can convert a .flv file into a .m4v file?07:31
JakobLaursenShould I just accept, that 9.10 doesn't work on my computer?07:31
JakobLaursenAnd stay with 9.04?07:31
Dr_WillisAnirbanHazra:  one way is to add the commandd to /etc/rc.local07:32
marcowhos good with audio07:32
Guest5580JGodbout- google it07:32
talsemgeestmessiah: Well, Im afraid I really dont know what you have done with partitioning. It all looks fine to me07:32
Dr_Willis!grub2 | txwizard107:32
JakobLaursenBut then, I can't ever upgrade again...07:32
ubottutxwizard1: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:32
talsemgeestmessiah: Does it show right in the partition editor?07:32
Guest5580is there any softwrae which improves the image brightness for webcam??? cheese is only effects07:32
Dr_WillisJGodbout:  try 'winff'07:32
JGodboutDr_Willis: Thanks07:32
messiahtalsemgeest, which is the partition editor? in terminal? do i have to do the same commands you told me with sda2 or sda5???07:33
=== matthew is now known as Guest91270
JGodboutGuest5580: I tried using The Google, but it returned no good results07:33
Guest5580Dr.Willis - is there any software which manages webcam software which has something like night mode07:33
talsemgeestmessiah: No, it should be in System>Administration. If not, you can install it with the software installer07:33
Guest5580JGodbout trust me..there is a decent software07:33
marcocan some one help me with my mic07:34
TylerNTI'm looking07:34
Guest5580any webcam ???07:34
bigfootbuilt Is anyone still getting the I/O loop0 error on shutdown/restart with Ubu 9.1?07:34
gouravis there any way to solve it?07:34
draconisGuest5580, you can do all sorts of tuning if you know how to edit a gstreamer pipeline07:34
Guest5580okay..cool dranconis..thanks07:35
chu_Guest5580 - Pot. Kettle.07:35
Guest5580will try it07:35
messiahtalsemgeest, it seems i don't have it; i will install it now... anyway... this is a very old computer... aopen ak72, k7-700, 256+128, fx5200, i want to use it basically for downloads... i am doing right installing xubuntu in case than other distro or windows? lol07:35
talsemgeestGuest5580: Please dont forget that we are volunteers, as are the forums. Be nice to us and we will be nice to you07:35
ScoobyHi, I'm having some serious problems booting into the live CD. I select English Language and boot it from the menu then it loads a buch of stuff and the screen will start blinking and it dumps me at the command prompt (ubuntu@ubuntu:#) with it still flashing. What's the problem?07:35
greaseis there a way I can force "apt-get reinstall" to download packages freshly ... I've changed some sources and would like to reinstall from a fresh downloaded package07:35
SwedeMikegrease: delete /var/apt/cache07:36
TylerNTgrease: apt-get clean07:36
gouravi have installed ubuntu on my lenovo 3000 g430 laptop.07:36
talsemgeestmessiah: I think xubuntu is a good choice, it is lighter than most distros and should be good for an old computer07:36
FishsceneHello everyone. I have a startup script that I'd like to create a desktop shortcut  so that the script exectutes. Here's the full command: "./home/administrator/Desktop/tss2_rc2/teamspeak2-server_startscript start" Is there a way to do this?07:36
syn-ackSwedeMike, you dont want to delete the whole directory like that... can lead to some nasties07:36
messiahtalsemgeest, it seems to be a bit slowly right now... maybe too old computer? or maybe because i didn't reboot it?07:37
SwedeMikesyn-ack: well, I meant the contents, I see how my advice could have been mistaken as a suggestion to delete the dir.07:37
Dr_WillisFishscene:  make a script that contains that command - then chmod +x it. thn make a launcher that runs the script is a easy way07:37
Dr_WillisFishscene:  or just make a launcher that does the full command.07:37
talsemgeestmessiah: If xubuntu is too slow, there are even lighter distros out there. But hopefully it isnt too slow to use?07:37
greaseTylerNT: so "apt-get clean package-name", followed by "apt-get install package-name" ?07:37
syn-ackgrease, that wont work07:38
Dr_WillisFishscene:  and the . at the start is proberly not needed in the path07:38
d9500grease: open terminal, then cd /var/cache/apt/archives, then sudo rm *deb, or if you prefer doig it the gui way, then open use gksu nautilus in terminal to open your file browser w/ root priveliges, put /var/cache/apt/archives in the address bar, hit enter, and then, once in that directory, delete any package with a deb extnsion07:38
marcocan some one help me with my mic07:38
FishsceneI've created 3 different launchers and none of them execute the script correctly07:38
JakobLaursenNEED HELP: I can't upgrade to 9.10 – the computer won't boot afterwards. What do I do? Stay with 9.04?07:38
syn-ackjust this greese "apt-get clean"07:38
chu_marco - just state the issue, if someone knows a solution they will help.07:38
TylerNTyah just clean it will clean all cache for installation archives07:39
syn-ackFishscene, have you tired to add open quotes to the path07:39
Dr_WillisJakobLaursen:  try a clean install of 9.10 is another option.07:39
talsemgeestJakobLaursen: Quite often a clean install will give you better results than an upgrade07:39
Fishsceneopen quotes?07:39
messiahtalsemgeest, not too slow, but it is a little bit for my thinking... maybe there is something wrong in this computer... some months ago, when i was using it... i used it with xp sp2 and it went fine... then i format all and installed xp sp3 uE and it becomes slow....07:39
leaf-sheepHi folks, what is iBus? ;o07:39
syn-ack` `07:39
longtimeI'm having a problem with what I think is video lag while playing a game I recently installed via Wine. The funny part is that it isn't always there. I was playing earlier today and everything was right as rain, but tonight, it's like my computer is about to have and aneurysm .07:39
syn-ackthose, Fishscene07:39
marcoI have a built in mic, how do i use it for skype and stuff07:39
draconisI think JakobLaursen has tried a clean install, am I right?07:39
Dr_WillisFishscene:  thats why i say make a script. and have the launcher run the script07:39
SwedeMikeJakobLaursen: what you're doing is like saying "my car won't work, what is wrong with it" to a mechanic. It's hard to say anthing without more information.07:39
troopperigourav: what kernel you have, type terminal; uname -r07:40
syn-ackso it would be `./home/administrator/Desktop/tss2_rc2/teamspeak2-server_startscript start`07:40
JakobLaursenDr_Willis: I can't start the install with the 9.10-disc. It won't boot either. Have tried to burn more than one disc – even kubuntu and edubuntu as well. same problem with all07:40
messiahtalsemgeest, i have just installed partition editor, but i can't see it in system :(07:40
talsemgeestmessiah: Well computers do degrade over time, but the slow-ness shouldnt have carried over from xp to xubuntu07:40
chu_JakobLaursen - I've actually had more success with the Karmic beta, now I have been told I am not allowed to tell you this, but if the official Karmic isn't working, try the beta (I can't install official Karmic)07:41
Fishscene"There was an error creating the child process for this terminal" Let me try a different launcher method07:41
marcoI have a built in mic, how do i use it for skype and stuff07:41
messiahtalsemgeest, not the same slow-ness :D it is better now, but a little bit slow yet07:41
kevinlhow do I see if there is any update ona bug i reported in launchpad07:41
* syn-ack rars a 4 gig file. :/07:41
talsemgeestmessiah: Look for gparted instead07:41
draconistalsemgeest, messiah: well what sort of specs does the system have? I can attest that a P3-133MHz wouldn't do very well running Ubuntu (and would be slow running Win XP too)07:41
SwedeMikespeaking of skype, anyone actually have it working properly for making calls in 9.10 or 9.04 ?07:41
TylerNTI love gparted07:41
syn-ackSwedeMike, I do07:41
Fishscene"Failed to execute child process (path in quotes)"07:41
marcoI do07:42
syn-ackSwedeMike, Works just fine.07:42
marcoi cant get my mic to work07:42
FishsceneThis is stupid difficult for such an easy task. =(07:42
marcoif someone can help me set up my mic in ubuntu07:42
messiahdraconis,  aopen ak72, k7-700, 256+128, fx520007:42
syn-ackmsg SwedeMike what's going on with your skype?07:42
draconisSwedeMike, it works, but I've since switched to Pidgin (though the voice chat is Linux-only) and SIP07:42
dosiaHi. I need fast help- something eats my HD space very quickly, for a moment it'll kill my system07:42
twinkie_addictnice job on latest release , i just swiched my gf from windows xp to this :)07:42
SwedeMikesyn-ack: never worked for me on my thinkpad x200, with 9.04 there was serious desync over time (seemed to buffer recorded audio), with 9.10 I can make one test call, then recording stops working.07:42
syn-ackmarco, are you sure the driver supports a mic? Which sound card do you have?07:43
marcohow do i check07:43
draconismessiah, that's kind of smallish ram07:43
messiahtalsemgeest, draconis --- with that specs i made well in make the partition ext4? or it should be ext3? maybe it would be faster?07:43
syn-ackmarco,  lspci | grep snd07:43
talsemgeestmessiah: No, the filesystem should not change the speed07:43
draconismessiah, ext3 is probably better for stability07:44
messiahtalsemgeest, what a nice program! now i see that clear i mean sda2,5,6 :D07:44
syn-ackext3 is slow as hell07:44
talsemgeestmessiah: Ah, excellent :)07:44
syn-ackSwedeMike, /msg pls07:44
messiahtalsemgeest, draconis but one question; can i change that ntfs for ext4 without formating? i guess no, but... who knows :D07:45
marcoum how do i type the line07:45
Lunzhow to edit grub file on 9.10?07:45
bazhangmarco, in the terminal07:45
draconismessiah, you definitely have to format to switch to ext4 from ntfs07:45
talsemgeestmessiah: I dont think so, but you can always shrink then move the data to another partition07:45
ScoobyHi, I'm having some serious problems booting into the live CD. I select English Language and boot it from the menu then it loads a buch of stuff and the screen will start blinking and it dumps me at the command prompt (ubuntu@ubuntu:#) with it still flashing. What's the problem?07:45
Anger78hi! are there any known problems to get a sb x-fi running with ubuntu 9.10? it seems to be detected but there is no sound..07:45
bigfootbuilt Is anyone still getting the I/O loop0 error on shutdown/restart with Ubu 9.1?07:45
marcothe line between the 2 words07:46
marcowere is that on my key board07:46
dosiaFOR GOD'S SAKE, in three minutes my system is dead, how find out which file is so big and growning larger?07:46
talsemgeestAnger78: Try to change the sound device in the sound preferences07:46
bazhangmarco, | is \ with shift07:46
chu_marco - above enter + shift?07:46
marcoim a new sorry07:46
chu_Don't apologise, that's fine.07:46
chu_Everyone here was new at some point.07:46
messiahtalsemgeest, draconis yes, thanks... but too many info hehehehe... hope now my downloads go fine... i was using jdownloader and emule.... i wanted to use my temp files and follow my downloads... they went very bad before07:47
twinkie_addictwe were all new at somepoint so np :)07:47
Lunzhow to edit grub file on 9.10?anyone?07:47
chu_Lunz, apparantly uses Grub2 now, do some googling for that I guess.07:47
Anger78it is the selected device, else there is the ati hdmi output device switched to that and back again, no effect07:47
marcoi typed it and i got nothing is there any spaces07:47
d9500dosia: open terminal and run the command du. the numbers on the left side should tell you which file is largest07:47
talsemgeestmessiah: I know you can do it with torrents, but Im not so sure with jdownloader and emule07:47
longtimeAnger78: and check to make sure that the icon in the taskbar of the speaker is set to something other than mute. That one got me once before.07:48
messiahtalsemgeest, god bless you :D07:48
Anger78yes thought it was that first, but now its unmuted and still now working07:48
messiahdraconis,  thanks you too!07:48
talsemgeestThanks messiah :)07:49
Jordan_U!grub2 | Lunz07:49
ubottuLunz: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub207:49
Lunzhmm..thanks,you may close this channel..so we can all googling instead of wasting time here07:49
=== SpacePigeon is now known as gdb
qjqqyyi'd rather syat with the old grub07:49
clutchwhats the default root pass?07:49
d9500dosia: but it's proably better to shut your system down, if you can, than to go and delete a large file that you find without knowing what that file is. if you have another computer you can use, then run the du command on the computer that's got the big file/s on it, then shut that computer down, and google the name of the largest files to mae sure you dont delete a fil tyour system needs to run07:49
talsemgeestclutch: There is no default07:49
marcoi typed it and i got nothing is there any spaces07:50
Anger78@clutch : there is no07:50
talsemgeestclutch: By default you can not log in as root07:50
qjqqyyjust use sudo07:50
qjqqyy$sudo bash to switch to root07:50
Jordan_U!root | clutch07:50
ubottuclutch: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo07:50
d9500clutch: open terminal and run sudo -i. enter your user's password. that will you a terminal prompt that says something like root@desktop$. be careful when running commands as root, b/c you can modify and delete any files that way.07:51
messiahtalsemgeest, last thing; do you think i can download jdownloader and install it in ext4 partition and use the folder for downloads in the ntfs one? or it is better to format it to ext4 too?07:51
Anger78sudo su should do the same07:51
talsemgeestmessiah: As far as I can tell, it should not matter where you download them to07:52
clutchthanks a lot guys07:52
messiahtalsemgeest, but better if i format to ext4, right?07:52
marcoi typed it and i got nothinsndg is there any spaces did i type it right lspci | grep07:52
talsemgeestmessiah: It really doesnt matter07:52
messiahi see07:52
talsemgeestmessiah: If you want to, so so, otherwise dont :)07:52
talsemgeest*do so07:52
dosiad9500 I don't have another system/pc reading ext, now I have no space and systemis working and im not sure it will after reboot...07:52
Anger78any ideas about my sound?07:52
longtimeAny gamers in here?07:53
qjqqyyhey ALSA driver crashes07:53
talsemgeestlongtime: Im a bit of a gamer07:53
qjqqyyi am using OSS07:53
messiahtalsemgeest, if it will not be better i will not do it so ^^07:53
talsemgeestmessiah: Ok :)07:53
qjqqyyu don't game on linux07:53
longtime!alsa | longtime07:53
ubottulongtime, please see my private message07:53
d9500dosia: do you have an ubuntu live cd you can boot to once you power the machine back up? if you do, that will run without touching the files on the hard drive, and we can work from there07:53
TylerNTonly dig dug.. and various others07:53
Max_Headroom*shrugs* I play games on linux07:54
jbornet77Newbie here. I would like to know has anyone had problems with wirless mouse and keyboard running on ubuntu 9.04.07:54
kuttanshii friends im back again with another problem07:54
qjqqyyjbornet77: upgrade07:54
longtimereally? it's an older game, nothing to fancy07:54
dosiad9500 oh, i can use liveCD, but i cant see any unusual looking file, i must do it as a root, and from livecd ists impossibe (?)07:54
jbornet77upgrade what?07:54
kuttansanybody knows how to keep the usb mouse to the specifi /dev/input/eventN07:54
AnirbanHazrahow to modify /etc/rc.local to run a script at start up ?07:55
qjqqyykuttans: go BIOS07:55
messiahtalsemgeest, do you use torrent or amule07:55
gouravhello again07:55
qjqqyyenable P/S2 emulation of the mouse07:55
talsemgeestmessiah: I use torrents07:55
RPG_Mastersyn-ack: Back :O07:55
=== lance_ is now known as Guest65403
Guest65403hi how to install lxde into ubuntu07:55
bazhangGuest65403, which version of ubuntu07:55
d9500dosia: it shouldn't be. correct me if i'm wrong, but can't you still use sudo and gksu in livecd mode?07:56
vigoGuest65403: I did it, and love it.07:56
Guest654038.04 hardly07:56
upgrdmani have a cpu monitor as a panel applet, it is showing one of my two cores at 100% and my temps reflect that as being accurate... but looking at ps -aux i do not see more than about 20% total cpu usage. any ideas?07:57
Hansonghello all07:57
ScoobyHi, I'm having some serious problems booting into the live CD. I select English Language and boot it from the menu then it loads a buch of stuff and the screen will start blinking and it dumps me at the command prompt (ubuntu@ubuntu:#) with it still flashing. What's the problem?07:57
syn-ackRPG_Master, Sorry about that, was on a call07:57
TylerNTupgrdman: check the flash plugin07:57
kuttansevery time i plugin my usb bluetooth mouse the /dev/input/eventN changes07:58
kuttanshow to check that to stick to one /event5 or event607:58
Hansongwhich version does my wow client needs to be on in order to play in this server?07:58
Guest65403how to install lxde into 8.04 hardly ubuntu07:58
messiahtalsemgeest, why torrents are better for you? ^^ amule doesn't work very well in linux?07:58
upgrdmanTylerNT, i dont have a browser open. any idea what the flash plugin binary is called?07:58
bazhanghttp://www.ubuntugeek.com/lxde-lightweight-x11-desktop-environment-for-ubuntu.html Guest6540307:58
vigo!lxde | Guest6540307:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lxde07:58
vigooh rats07:59
kuttansgjggyy :what to do in bios07:59
talsemgeestmessiah: I find that I get more stuff and faster downlaods with torrents07:59
bazhangvigo, its not in hardy repos07:59
draconisupgrdman, /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so07:59
jbornet77Hello  I have a desktop problem?07:59
TylerNThave you checked the system monitor then?07:59
Anger78scooby try the safe video mode in the startup options07:59
vigobazhang: Thank you07:59
Guest65403thank you07:59
vigoGuest65403: Look at the LXDE site , they explain how to add the sources.lst08:00
d9500Guest65403, specific repository links at http://wiki.lxde.org/en/Ubuntu#Hardy_Heron_and_Gutsy_Gibbon08:00
messiahtalsemgeest, i am trying to set up a local IP for this computer, but i can't make it in manual...08:00
Guest65403ok thank you08:00
talsemgeestmessiah: What is the problem?08:00
Dr_WillisI was just toying with lubuntu-desktop on 9.10 today  :) it uses lxde.. and .. it needs work. :)08:00
upgrdmandraconis, i don't have that in my ps -aux output... but i have had the flash plugin crash frequently. is there some known problem?08:01
messiahtalsemgeest, i go to IPv4, manual, set ip, mask and gateway, but then i can't click in apply08:01
vigoDr_Willis: Yes! it does and we need your help.08:01
alca7razmessiah: did you set a dns?08:01
draconisupgrdman, well, that's the full path to it08:01
jbornet77My wireless and keyboard mouse locks up on the desktop.08:01
=== gdb is now known as Droide
messiahalca7raz, it says DNS's where i suppouse to write the second one?08:02
messiahDNS servers08:02
lee909scusate dove trovo un canale in italiano?08:02
dosiad9500 It would allow anyone using computer to do as he want, so i think no... i think i tried this once, without succes. btw, du doesn't work properly any more, maybe i could find a process making this instead of file?08:02
draconisupgrdman, and it's really iffy. sometimes it doesn't like the sound system, sometimes it crashes due to the browser, etc08:02
talsemgeestmessiah: Make sure that you have filled out all the information08:02
SeanInSeattleHey all.  I'm trying to boot from USB, and I've used usb creator to copy the iso files to the usb stick, but when my laptop boots it doesn't seem to find it bootable.  :(08:02
bazhanglee909, #ubuntu-it for italian08:02
upgrdmandraconis, ya i known. nothing with flash in it... | grep flash ... yields nothing but grep flash08:02
talsemgeestmessiah: You only need 1 dns, but make sure you have entered the ip address, subnet mask and gateway as well08:03
bazhangSeanInSeattle, I have had trouble with that, what version of ubuntu are you using currently08:03
messiahtalsemgeest, alca7raz "search domains" is the second DNS?08:03
dosiad9500 sorry for long time answering i have lag08:03
talsemgeestmessiah: I have left that empty08:03
draconisupgrdman, draconis  7617  0.9  1.7 607964 66800 ?        Sl   01:26   0:21 /usr/lib/chromium-browser/chromium-browser --type=plugin --plugin-path=/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so --lang=en-US --plugin-data-dir=/home/draconis/.config/chromium/Default --channel=443.5089e920.28035277608:03
alca7razmessiah: you only need to put in one DNS server08:03
Dr_Willisvigo:  biggest issue i see with all these whatever-desktops is they fight with each other over the default file manager.. after installing lubuntu-desktop - pcmanfm became the default gnome file manager depending on how i launched the file manager/icon - that promted me to remove lubuntu-desktop right then. I HATE pcmanfm.08:03
SeanInSeattlebazhang:  I'm running ubuntu 9.1, and trying to create the usb stick with the same version.08:03
talsemgeestmessiah: Left it empty, and it still allows me to click apply08:03
draconisupgrdman, when it's not running it won't be there, keep that in mind08:03
jacobopetermanhey does anyone know why i cant connect to AIM or MSN with pidgin anymore? the other day both just stopped working08:03
draconisupgrdman, if it just crashes before it starts, for instance08:04
Dr_Willisvigo:  i noticed similer isues with kde4 fighting with gnome file manager also. but  ive not seen that in 9.1008:04
messiahtalsemgeest, alca7raz  i have just did it as before and it doesn't allow me to click apply08:04
kuttanshello coming back to the usb mouse getting different /dev/input/eventN every time its plugged in+ how to stop that and make it to stick to only one /dev/input/event608:04
kuttansanyone having any idea about this08:04
bazhangSeanInSeattle, unetbootin is the repos for karmic, you may wish to try usb-creator again (it took me a couple tries to get it right) or install unetbootin and give that a try08:04
upgrdmandraconis, ok, but one of my cores has been at 100% for over an hour now. and still nothing like that in ps aux. no browsers open either08:04
vigoDr_Willis: Lets take this to the Lubuntu channel? wait,,,08:05
SeanInSeattlebazhang:  Sure, I'll try unetbootin08:05
talsemgeestmessiah: The only explaination I can think of is that you entered the info wrong08:05
messiahtalsemgeest, alca7raz - - ----- DNS well entered08:05
d9500dosia: hit alt+f2 and type gnome-system-monitor to show how much resources each program is using. but that only shows cpu and ram use, so unless your system is doing a huge amount of swapping to the hard drive, then i don't know that the system monitor will indicate much08:05
draconisupgrdman, uh, no browsers open?08:05
draconisupgrdman, then flash isn't running08:05
talsemgeestmessiah: Set to manual in the ipv4 tab?08:05
upgrdmandraconis, ya.. exactly my point08:05
Dr_Willisflash can crash and be still running i think after the broiwser closes.08:05
messiahtalsemgeest, i have my netbook in my legs and i am copying the same info of it here... just changing the last numberr of the ip08:06
draconisupgrdman, if you mean that apport is squawking at you, apport is somewhat buggy itself08:06
messiahtalsemgeest, yes dude08:06
upgrdmanwhat is apport?08:06
draconisupgrdman, what I assume is notifying you that "flash keeps crashing"08:06
talsemgeestmessiah: Well, the only thing I can suggest is to do it manually: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html08:07
=== Lapinux_ is now known as lapinux
draconisupgrdman, since you're obviously not seeing flash crash on your own (you don't even have a browser running)08:07
vigoDr_Willis: Please join /lubuntu08:07
messiahtalsemgeest, i think i must fill in "searching domains" maybe that is the second DNS??08:07
=== skywalker is now known as Guest5860
D3RGPS31how do i regenerate all directories/defaults of /var (it's deleted*08:07
upgrdmanok, let me start over. flash is not the problem right now. flash was brough up by someone else earlier... my problem is that my cpu montior shows one core at 100% but ps aux or gnome-monitor shows hardly any cpu usage. but temps reflect the cpu as working hard08:07
messiahtalsemgeest, it is in white, not in grey as the other that it doesn't allow me to write in08:08
talsemgeestmessiah: Like I said, it allows me to click apply without that box filled08:08
bazhangD3RGPS31, why would you ever delete those08:08
D3RGPS31bazhang: seperate partition, thought i backed it up08:08
messiahtalsemgeest, do i have to write something in "routes"?08:08
SeanInSeattlebazhang:  Yeah, Unetbootin is working out great.08:08
draconisupgrdman, oh08:08
talsemgeestmessiah: I didnt08:08
draconisupgrdman, is there anything in "top" that is high cpu use?08:09
Anger78bit ot: how can i swictch between open channels in xirc?08:09
D3RGPS31bazhang: are you able to help me?08:09
draconisupgrdman, or whatever process viewer you use, I think gnome-monitor has one that lists all the processes08:09
messiahtalsemgeest, i have just tryed to enter the second dns on that other box, but still it doesn't allow me to click apply08:09
upgrdmanthe only thing shows more than 0.8% cpu usage is syslog @ 24%08:09
talsemgeestmessiah: Check that link I gave you, it will let you force your settings08:10
fluorinesalut! cine poate să-mi ajuta?08:10
messiahtalsemgeest, lol that is so long, i will do it tomorrow :D08:12
talsemgeestmessiah: It isnt that long08:12
fluorinescuze, am nevoie de ajutor cu calculatorul meu08:12
fluorinecine poate sa-mi ajuta?08:12
talsemgeestmessiah: You only need to do the first part08:12
ortsvorsteher!en | fluorine08:12
ubottufluorine: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat08:12
lstarnes!ro | fluorine08:13
ubottufluorine: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro08:13
fluorineortsvorsteher: nu va inteleg08:13
messiahtalsemgeest, including DNS?08:13
draconisupgrdman, how many cores?08:13
talsemgeestmessiah: Not even dns08:13
fluorinelstarnes: ba, imi pare rau. multumesc.08:13