superm1hey guys, re bug 453365, what's the best way to represent Anders' last reply?  19:26
superm1( https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/453365 )19:26
Keybuksuperm1: Anders is correct19:42
Keybukif you only start when a display manager is started, then it won't get started on server19:42
sadmac_Keybuk: appart from added stanzas and not being able to repeat start/stop stanzas whats different about 0.6 job syntax from 0.3?19:49
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Keybuksadmac_home: service is the default19:49
sadmac_homeKeybuk: cool19:49
sadmac_homeKeybuk: I'm going to try to patch 0.6 to parse 0.3 style syntax out of /etc/event.d. It should be trivial, and it would go a long way to getting rid of 0.3 in RH stuff19:50
KeybukI thought you guys were sticking until after RHEL was out19:50
sadmac_homeKeybuk: I might be able to squeeze it in in a minor release if it doesn't break config format19:51
Keybukyou're not subscribing to the LF/LWN bitching then? :p19:53
sadmac_homeKeybuk: has there been bitching?19:53
sadmac_homeKeybuk: from who? about what?19:53
Keybukoh, apparently RedHat would never sign the copyright assignment19:54
Keybukand are forking Upstart19:54
Keybukor was that SuSE forking Upstart?19:54
sadmac_homeKeybuk: ...this is not true19:54
Keybukand the Linux Foundation are throwing Canonical out for having it19:54
Keybukyou know how it is19:54
sadmac_homeKeybuk: granted, we hate you for your stupid copyright assignment, but when we have to play ball...19:55
ionForking Upstart? That’s sad.19:55
Keybukion: you've met Lennart right? :p19:55
sadmac_homeI may fork pulseaudio, just to watch it languish and die19:56
ionNot actually, but i do know of him.19:56
Keybuksadmac_home: it's a bit of a long story19:56
Keybukbut we've done some detective work19:56
Keybukit seems that SuSE were going to adopt Upstart19:57
Keybukand their lawyers threw a tizzy about the copyright assignment19:57
Keybuk(ironic, since it was pretty much based on their Mono one <g>)19:57
KeybukGreg KH then led an anti-Canonical tirade over beers in the pub19:57
Keybukvarious RH people were there, including Lennart19:57
Keybukand various SuSE people19:57
superm1Keybuk, but what kind of results would be expected by having an "or  (starting rc RUNLEVEL[2345])"?  does that mean that the that starting gdm etc would be ignored?19:57
Keybukwhich led to the LF Technical Advisory Board officially deciding it was a problem19:57
Keybuksuperm1: it means that the first one to start wins19:58
ion(Oh, wait, i *have* met him briefly on IRC.)19:58
ionkeybuk: When will 0.10 be out, btw? ;-)19:58
Keybukion: err when I start it + some time19:59
Keybukgot distracted with all those mountall issues19:59
Keybukand then distracted by ureadahead <g>19:59
superm1Keybuk, Hm, so then maybe the ideal situation would be an "or (starting rc RUNLEVEL[5])",?  or are all the old rc runlevels still going in parallel with upstart jobs?19:59
sadmac_homeI have that new conf parser written mostly. A bit burnt out now :)19:59
sadmac_homehence going back to patching 0.6. Need to not work on that for a bit while my brain heals.20:00
Keybuksuperm1: I'm not raelly following, sorry20:01
Keybukask me when it's not Sunday evening and I'm not watching DS9, and when I haven't had a few drinks <g>20:01
superm1alrighty, i'll ping ya some time during the week after i can even make sure that the current proposed solution DTRT in the first place for desktop systems20:01
Keybukare you coming to Dallas?20:02
superm1Yeah, but not until Tuesday20:02
sadmac_homewhat's in Dallas?20:02
Keybuksadmac_home: this UDS20:02
sadmac_homeKeybuk: o wow20:02
sadmac_homeKeybuk: you + dallas = :''(20:02
Keybukwhy :''( ?20:03
sadmac_homeKeybuk: you're just very un-Texan20:04
Keybukbut, but20:04
KeybukI'm going to get me a cowboy!20:04
sadmac_homeKeybuk: getting you a cowboy isn't legal in Texas :P20:05
sadmac_homeKeybuk: though that really doesn't stop anybody20:05
Keybuksadmac_home: we can run for the border20:05
Keybukin an open-topped american muscle car!20:05
KeybukI've seen the movies!20:06
sadmac_homeKeybuk: you shouldn't let the movies color your views of Americans20:06
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sadmac_homeKeybuk: if I'd let deliverance color my views of gay people It'd be a very sad thing :(20:07
Keybukdo you know, I've never seen that film20:07
sadmac_homeKeybuk: I was young, so I saw everything leading up to and following the famous scene.20:08
sadmac_homeKeybuk: I think "squeal like a pig" paints me a pretty good image of the missing bit though.20:08
robbiew_FYI - Deliverance wasn't in Texas...not even the same region of the US20:09
Keybuksurely that colours your view of Rednecks? :p20:09
sadmac_homerobbiew_: did we imply such?20:09
sadmac_homeKeybuk: I'm on a first name basis with too many rednecks for my views to be colored20:09
sadmac_homeKeybuk: too many gays too, though most of them are furries so that in itself probably colors things a bit.20:10
robbiew_rednecks are also different from hillbillies...which was deliverance ;)20:10
robbiew_I stay away from both if at all possible20:10
sadmac_homerednecks are good people.20:10
sadmac_homeexcept when they dip snuff. that's the grossest habbit I've ever seen20:12
robbiew_or tie black people to the back of their trucks and drag them until the head comes off ;)20:12
Keybukrobbiew_: hey, at least you get the truck :-)20:13
sadmac_homerobbiew_: most of the rednecks I know are fairly racially modernized20:13
robbiew_heh..that's nice20:13
sadmac_homeKeybuk: didn't debian formally adopt upstart? Doesn't that make upstart.ubuntu.com out of date?20:35
Keybuksadmac_home: it's Debian20:35
Keybuktime from decision to implementation can be measured in ecological scales20:35
sadmac_homeKeybuk: ah20:36
KeybukI think officially the Debian sysvinit maintainer is waiting for the Debian upstart maintainer to implement a few backwards compatibility shims20:36
Keybukmbiebl: how are those going?20:36
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