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twbWhere is the wiki article explaining what a new Ubuntu/Launchpad blueprint should look like?  I want to steal your good ideas.01:12
twbI had a look on wiki.ubuntu.com, but couldn't find anything relevant.01:12
twbWhat I'm looking for will remind/explain to the blueprint author stuff like user stories.01:13
thumpertwb: I don't think so01:14
thumperfeel free to write something on dev.launchpad.net01:14
twbthumper: OK, thanks.01:14
spmyo thumper, how's pycon-nz?01:14
thumperspm: pretty good actually01:15
thumpermore people there than I originally expected01:15
thumperhad some good talks01:15
thumpergave a few :)01:15
thumperdidn't get any rotten fruit or eggs thrown01:15
* spm makes note to self. purchase rotten eggs/fruit for attending future thumper talks01:16
murchersonhi folks02:18
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RenatoSilvawhen you use LP translations, you must include the BSD license text in your package, right? It is the text itself that stands this03:31
RenatoSilvasomething seems wrong here: https://help.launchpad.net/TermsofUse. See Translations copyright. It says that the work done in Launchpad is available under BSD for other users, rather than under the license of the underlying project using those translations, which would be perfectly possible, so that when you do a translaton in LP, you are automatically giving others the right of using your translations under BSD-compatible licenses. It's a license cha04:13
RenatoSilvaI mean, according to the terms of use and the BSD text, all projects using translations from LP *should* include the BSD text in their packages regardless of the project license. However when e.g you download a .po file, it stands that its license is the same as the project, rather than explictly specifying it as the BSD one, which should be done according to the above terms04:15
RenatoSilvaI just wonder why not stand something different in the terms of use: "when you translate something in LP, you're automatically licensing your work under any BSD-compatible license, for any LP user that wishes to reuse that work."04:16
RenatoSilvaTherefore it would not require adding the BSD text, which I wonder if anyone currently does04:19
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ubottuLaunchpad bug 478902 in launchpad "Clarification or fix for translation licensing procedure" [Undecided,New]06:05
davidstraussAre download statistics broken?06:45
spmhmm. could be. looking....06:47
RenatoSilvathey are and there's a bug about it06:47
davidstraussRenatoSilva: Thanks.06:47
RenatoSilvabug 45883506:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 458835 in launchpad-registry "download counters are a few days old" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45883506:48
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glencould somebody explain why the items are so long in needs review state? https://translations.launchpad.net/eventum/+imports07:27
glenand what should i do with ones that are in state "failed"07:27
spmglen: ahhh. that could *partially* be due to a broken script post the rollout last week. I fixed this morning, and the backlog is processing atm. danilo_ may also be able to comment later. stress the 'may'.07:33
glenok. i'll recheck tomorrow then07:42
RenatoSilvaLaunchpad needs a wiki nature07:44
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dpmhey launchpadders, good morning to you all! I've got a question on blueprints: how can I unmark a blueprint for a sprint? I'm looking at https://blueprints.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-lucid-kubuntu-translations-feedback-and-improvements , which I've marked as superseded, but it's still targeted for uds-l and I cannot change it10:36
geserbigjools: Hi, can you explain me what went wrong in http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35202722/upload_1321811_log.txt? (build: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/dimp1/1.1.3-1/+build/1321811)10:46
bigjoolsgeser: what happened?10:47
geserbigjools: don't know, just that this build in lucid is marked "Failed to upload"10:48
bigjoolshmmm odd10:48
wgrantNothing went wrong :(10:48
bigjoolsgeser: retry it (or I can if you can't) and let's see if it happens again10:50
bigjoolsit might be because of the rollout10:50
geserwhen was the rollout exactly?10:53
bigjoolsthursday, but we had a few problems with scripts that were not fixed until late Friday10:54
geserbigjools: while waiting on the retry, I've looked at some recent "Failed to upload" and it still happens: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35396661/upload_1330916_log.txt (from today, 7h ago)11:00
bigjoolsoh dear11:00
wgrantbuildd-manager isn't doing something utterly stupid like looking at a slav,e, is it?11:02
bigjoolswgrant: what do you mean?11:04
wgrantbigjools: It will mark the build as Failed to Upload if process-upload.py doesn't set it to Successfully Built, or if it has no binaries.11:05
wgrantBut we can clearly see that process-upload.py commits.11:05
bigjoolsah slave store you mean11:06
bigjoolsyeah that would make a lot of sense11:06
wgrantOh, right, sorry.11:06
wgrantDid those auth master changes end up landing?11:06
bigjoolswe cowboyed a change11:06
bigjoolsonly this morning11:07
wgrantAh. So that's not it.11:07
bigjoolsas in 1 hour ago11:07
bigjoolsit might be it actually - the auth store stuff was totally buggered for scripts11:07
wgrantBut I would have expected it to always use the main master when it should have been using the auth master.11:08
wgrantNot the other way around, which is the only way this could happen.11:08
wgrantBut it must have been using the main master, since the object it gets is writable.11:08
wgrantNo it doesn't.11:09
wgrantIt gets the build *again*.11:09
wgrantChecks the status and binaries.11:09
wgrantAnd then throws it away,.11:09
wgrantAnd it uses the SQLObject compatibility layer, so I have no idea what it's doing.11:09
wgrantSo it could well be using the wrong store for the status check.11:10
bigjoolstime to cowboy the buildd-manager ...11:10
wgrantWhich is the branch?11:10
pgquileswhat software do the soyuz autobuilders run to build packages? buildbot?11:11
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wgrantpgquiles: A modified version of sbuild.11:12
pgquileswgrant: thanks11:12
wgrantWith a custom Twisted-based manager controlling everything.11:12
wgrantAnd breaking, in this case :(11:12
pgquilesis that modified version available somewhere? I'm interested in setting up a similar environment at work to build packages for our software11:13
geserbigjools, wgrant: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35411063/upload_1321811_log.txt from the dimp1 retry (finished 1 min ago)11:13
bigjoolsgeser: ok I am pushing a change out, one moment11:14
bigjoolsgeser: ok retry again! sorry ...11:14
pgquileswgrant: why sbuild and not pbuilder? :-?11:17
wgrantpgquiles: sbuild is what real buildds have used forever.11:19
wgrantAnd diverging from Debian on that seems ill-advised at best.11:19
pgquileswgrant: indeed :-)11:19
wgrant(plus sbuild predates pbuilder by some years)11:19
wgrantAnd is more useful for buildds11:20
geserbigjools: did the pushout went well? as https://edge.launchpad.net/builders/ shows one i386 build idle and 7 jobs in the queue (similar for armel)11:59
bigjoolsgeser: no, we're having problems, trying to resolve it now, but basically no builds are being processed at this time12:00
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menesisI get an error after a successful PPA build: "Could not find upload log file"13:20
bigjoolsmenesis: yes known problem, I am fixing it13:20
menesiswill i have to restart the build later?13:20
bigjoolsyou can retry the build and it will catch up when I've fixed everything13:20
bigjoolssorry for the hassle13:20
menesisok good luck fixing it :)13:21
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esrgmb: ping13:46
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ScottKal-maisan or bigjools: I gather from recent upload successes that today's Soyux problem is fixed.  Are you going to do a mass retry or does someone need to go through the buildd histories and do it by hand?14:22
al-maisanScottK: I am sorry but I wouldn't know that, bigjools should get back to you shortly.14:27
ScottKal-maisan: Thanks.14:27
bigjoolsScottK: I wasn't planning on doing a mass retry but I can if there's a *lot*14:45
ScottKbigjools: It's not a large number, but someone will have to hunt through the build histories.  I can do it, I guess.14:46
bigjoolsasac, cjwatson: the failed-to-upload problem was fixed about 1h15m ago14:48
bigjoolscrap ECHAN14:48
bigjoolsScottK: cool - it's easy to write a script to do it via the API14:49
geserbigjools: wouldn't it be better to wait till the other bug causing "Failed to upload" is also fixed? (the one about slony)14:50
bigjoolsgeser: that's fixed14:50
bigjoolswell, cowboyed pending a proper fix14:50
bigjoolsthis release sucked bad :/14:51
geserbigjools: I retried dimp1 once again (the package I asked at the beginning) and it worked now :)14:56
bigjoolsgeser: great, thanks for letting me know14:56
ScottKAll retried now.15:12
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kirklandis anyone from Launchpad attending linux.conf.au?15:38
kirklandie, any Launchpad developers15:38
LarstiQkirkland: I'm pretty sure there are15:39
kirklandLarstiQ: who?15:40
LarstiQkirkland: I don't know, but several of them live in the general area15:41
kirklandLarstiQ: right, i know that15:41
kirklandLarstiQ: i'm trying to find someone who is known to be attending15:42
LarstiQkirkland: I'm just speculating as an outsider, but seeing as spiv's wife seems to be involved in the organisation, I'd guess the chance that he attends is pretty big15:44
kirklandLarstiQ: thanks15:44
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Ursinhahi bac15:55
bachi Ursinha16:07
Ursinhabac, I have one email from a user asking if he's qualified to use launchpad or if he needs a commercial subscription, he said he sent one email to feedback but I can't see any emails in that list16:11
Ursinhabac, may I forward it to you?16:11
bacUrsinha: sure16:11
bacUrsinha: are you CHR this week?16:11
Ursinhathanks bac16:11
Ursinhabac, yes16:11
bacUrsinha: you should modify the topic to say so.16:11
Ursinhabac, oh, I thought the "Help contact" was enough16:12
bacUrsinha:  nm -- i didn't see it was there.16:13
Ursinhabac, :)16:13
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Ursinhabac, sent16:21
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Vorador Hi. Could someone help with PPA builds? The problem is that the build-bot installs the wrong version of software (I have the needed version in my ppa already built, but it installs ubuntu version instead) and package building fails because of that. Build log -> http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35424976/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-lpia.audacious-plugins_1.5.1-2ubuntu3~ppa1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz Package list -> https://launchpad.net/~sandshrew/+a17:37
Vorador..Or maybe it's impossible to build lower version than the one in default ubuntu repos?17:39
bigjoolsVorador: correct, you need a higher version17:42
quentusrexCan someone help with the seahorse-agent mailling list spam????17:47
Ursinhaquentusrex, what's happening?18:00
quentusrexI'm getting 50+ e-mails a day18:00
quentusrexbecause I reported an empathy crash18:00
quentusrexand many others are e-mailing the list of us who are getting it, complaining that to unsubscribe times out....18:01
quentusrexAny time someone reports a duplicate of: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/42932218:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed]18:01
Ursinhaquentusrex, let me see here18:03
Ursinhaquentusrex, hm, it18:03
Ursinhaquentusrex, hm, it's timing out for me as well18:04
Ursinhaquentusrex, are you using edge or launchpad.net only?18:05
quentusrexbut I don't want to know when someone else reports a duplicate of that bug...18:05
quentusrexI want to know anything other than duplicates of that bug...18:05
Ursinhaquentusrex, so you want to keep subscribed but don't receive duplicates notifications?18:06
esrgmb: ping?18:06
dreamcat4hi. There appear to be issues with the file release pattern glob.18:08
dreamcat4can anyone help?18:08
quentusrexUrsinha, that's right18:10
Ursinhaquentusrex, I don't know if it's possible..18:10
gmbesr: Hi.18:10
Ursinhagmb, is it?18:11
gmbUrsinha, quentusrex: No, that's not possible. However, you could filter email based on a header if you have the ability to do that18:12
esrHello.  Nudging you again about joining forgeplucker and the forgeplucker-dev - things are moving quickly and listeing to what's going on will help prepare you for doing the Launchpad handler.  Project development is actually running *ahead* of my most optimistc estimates, if you can imagine that.18:13
quentusrexgmb, I've unsubscribed.18:14
esrI'm a little bemused by it - I don't think I've seen that happen before.18:14
quentusrexand I'm considering not reporting all the crashes I get...18:14
quentusrexif my e-mail will get flooded.....18:15
gmbesr: I'm already subscribed to the list; I'm going to be taking a look at doing the Launchpad integration tonight. Our API should make it pretty straightforward.18:15
gmbesr: I'll drop into the IRC channel later tonight.18:15
quentusrexIf I report a crash, and it is a duplicate of another bug18:15
quentusrexI don't want to know when someone else reports a duplicate of that bug mine was a duplicate of...18:15
Ursinhagmb, quentusrex, I think this is bug 41865918:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 418659 in malone "Reporting duplicate bugs leads to receiving notifications for every duplicate of the original bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41865918:17
Ursinhagmb, could you triage that, please?18:17
gmbUrsinha: I'll take a look at it when I get back; about to step out.18:18
Ursinhasure, thanks gmb18:18
quentusrexYeah, that's the bug...18:21
quentusrexI can confirm that is what is killing my inbox...18:21
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Ursinhaquentusrex, I'll talk to malone people about that bug18:29
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UrsinhaI have a doubt: if I set a branch as development focus of a project, when I do a bzr branch lp:project, is that the branch I'll get?18:45
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grahali'm trying bzr launchpad-login gustavo-grahal but I get "The user name gustavo-rahal is not registered on Launchpad"... I also tried my email address19:23
grahaloh god19:24
grahalforget it19:24
grahalI was actually trying gustavo-rahal not gustavo-Grahal19:24
idnarUrsinha-afk: you reintroduced the typo in the topic with your latest change :P19:24
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faganFound a small bug with launchpad https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-allstars19:32
faganIt was a moderated team when I applied and then it was changed to open19:32
faganIm stuck in the proposed members thing19:32
faganis this a known issue?19:32
thumperfagan: easiest thing to do is to file a bug19:55
thumperfagan: if it gets marked as a dupe, it is known, if not, you've found a new one :)19:55
bigjoolshello thumper19:56
thumperbigjools: hey19:56
faganthumper: cool19:57
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bialixhi guys, I need to make garyvdm the admin of qbzr-dev team on LP. But I don't see a knob for this. Any help/guidance?20:52
bialixok, so only owner can give other people admin rights? right?20:59
hggdhis there a way to stop email notifications on a specific bug? c.f. bug 42932221:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932221:10
hggdhwhich, BTW, I cannot open anymore -- I get a timeout from LP21:16
jgoppert_why does my git repository fail to import into launchpad?21:20
cody-somervillejgoppert_, link?21:23
jgoppert_tried it twice, first i think was due to the white space after the url, but i fixed it for the second, still a no go21:24
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cody-somervillewhich is the first attempt?21:35
cody-somervillejgoppert_, I think you're right for the first one and the second one looks like a bug in bzr-git21:36
jgoppert_thanks, that's too bad21:37
jgoppert_are they going to get git on launchpad anytime soon?21:37
cody-somervillejgoppert_, Lots of git branches get imported successfully21:38
cody-somervilleCan you file a bug against launchpad-code?21:38
jgoppert_ok i'll do that21:40
jgoppert_what do i file it under bzr-git?21:41
cody-somervillelaunchpad.net/launchpad is a safe place21:43
Ursinhaidnar, now I see :)21:50
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tgm4883In the branch naming convention ~userid/project-name/branch-name, is there a way to change the project-name in a current branch?22:43
Ursinhatgm4883, hmm, I don't think so, but have to confirm22:50
maxbNo... though I seem to remember someone saying there used to be, but the UI got removed because no-one fixed it to work with package branches22:51
Ursinhalosas, is it possible to rename a project changing all that's related to it?22:51
Ursinhahi maxb :)22:51
Ursinhado you know if it's possible to copy one package from one PPA to another? (I was pretty sure the answer is yes)22:52
maxbyes, it is22:52
wgranttgm4883: You can change it using the API. There is no UI at the moment because, as maxb said, it needs to be rather more complex to work with package branches.22:53
tgm4883wgrant, I see22:53
Ursinhamaxb, I want to answer https://answers.edge.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8909722:53
wgrantUrsinha: It is possible to rename a project, yes.22:53
tgm4883sounds like I should just repush and delete22:53
Ursinhawgrant, rename a project and all that's related to it?22:53
Ursinhabranches and yada yada22:53
wgranttgm4883: If there are no merge proposals or the like associated, that's probably easier.22:53
wgrantUrsinha: Right.22:54
wgrantUrsinha: It's just one field in the DB.22:54
tgm4883wgrant, will do, thanks22:54
Ursinhawgrant, I thought so, but wanted to confirm with the losas22:54
Ursinhathey do the sql magic for such requests22:54
maxbUrsinha: On-request copying is possible - automatic copying of all future uploads is not.22:55
Ursinhamaxb, that was my understanding. Thanks22:55
wgrantAutomatic copying of all future uploads sounds like they want a PPA dependency.22:55
maxb(For good reason: what if a future upload requires a new dependency which isn't on the destination's copy-list?)22:55
maxbNo, this is more like wanting to cherrypick a subset of someone else's PPA to expose to clients22:56
maxbUrsinha: Shall I answer that question?22:58
Ursinhamaxb, well, I'm answering now, but your input is appreciated if you want to22:59
maxbOk - if you include the rationale on why auto-copying would be a mistake, I don't have anything additional to say.23:00
Ursinhamaxb, I've answered there, you can add anything else you find appropriated to23:04
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* jml concurs w/ maxb & wgrant23:26
RenatoSilvathe fix for download counters has been released. So will it start counting again now, or was it just that the count was being stored but not displayed anymore?23:39
* maxb wonders what jml is concurring with23:55
wgrantThe branch reassignment UI thing, perhaps.23:56

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