rsc___hey. does anyone know why button icons were disabled by default on gnome 2.28 (and by effect, ubuntu 9.10)? not that I'm against it, but i'm just curious to how that's justified.02:22
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mac_vrsc___: it was upstream decision04:54
mac_vrsc___: there are some details in andreasn's blog and the upstream bug > lp is Bug #40762104:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 407621 in libgnome "(design decision) Icons missing from context menu , dialogue buttons , firefox bookmark favicons, system menu" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40762104:55
thorwilkwwii: received the first sign of live from robsta after weeks. his job keeps him too busy to work on the css-engine12:23
mac_vdarkmatter: IMO , bad idea , to move the tabs to the top... though it is logically correct , the cursor will now have to move further if the user wants to select/switch the tabs :/14:07
darkmattermac_v: that's not about the tabs. I linked it because of the bookmark/history navigation14:08
darkmattertop tabs are stupid though14:08
mac_vdarkmatter: yeah , but just mentioning about the tabs ;)14:08
darkmattermac_v: I like the 'one' point in those mockups. the breadcrumb pattern (which is a standard ui feature in general, just not normally seen in the web/web apps), but it would be nice if the did a *total* ui convergence instead of an idea or two14:10
darkmattermac_v: that was a hidden shameless plug, since the crap I'm working on tries to converge as much as possible (I foresee many shell extensions to integrate web searches and services in the shell :P)14:12
mac_vdarkmatter: IE8 has a neat little thing , sort of like breadcrumbs, it groups the tabs by colors... iirc there is also an extension in firefox for that14:17
mac_vif tabs are from one tab/thread , they are the same color14:17
mac_vi thought the colors were dumb at first , but when you have several topics you are viewing it becomes easy to change the tabs14:20
darkmattermac_v: yeah. sorta the general idea I have. but as mines not a browser, it goes furture. but still the same general concept. group by type (rather than app) and by activity by default, allow freeform dnd regrouping to arange crap how you want. btw. my panel is also a dnd clipboard :P14:22
darkmattersimilar concept for toolbars, but adapted for the difference in usage14:24
kwwiithorwil: hehe, guess I shouldn't apply for a job with them then16:26
thorwilkwwii: yeah, since you never work crazy times for canonical, eh? :)16:27
mac_vandreasn: hey , around?17:37
andreasnmac_v: yes18:01
andreasnmac_v: ah, right, I was supposed to reply to a bug18:01
mac_vkwwii: andreasn: any idea where the bug really is in > Bug #43917218:01
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439172 in gtk+2.0 "nm-applet icon blurry on 25+ pixel panel" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43917218:01
andreasnit could be in the panel code18:02
mac_vthe rest of the applets behave nice... nm is the rogue ;p18:02
andreasnhm, yeah, I've seen nm doing odd stuff with other icon themes as well18:03
kwwiimac_v: hrm, have you checked to see that the icons all exist at different sizes?18:03
mac_vkwwii: i added the icon in all sizes but still the problem arises , nm just scales the icons rather than using them as is18:03
mac_vnot in the karmic theme , but locally18:04
kwwiimac_v: hrm, sounds like a bug in the code then18:04
andreasnit can't really be the icon.theme threshold thing...18:04
andreasnsince the others are behaving correctly18:04
kwwiiandreasn: yeah, I don't think so either18:04
andreasnI think it's a networkmanager bug rather than a Humanity bug18:04
mac_vkwwii: it happens in all themes , even in breathe :(   , asac mentioned that nm uses a different icon call18:04
* mac_v remembers... when doing the nm icons for breathe ckontros bit my head off for that blurriness .. ;p18:06
kwwiihrm, probably nm then18:10
mac_vandreasn: kwwii: could you guys comment on the bug?  then i can bug asac to fix nm ;p18:19
kwwiimac_v: responded18:30
kwwiierm, commented I mean18:30
mac_vawesome , thanks :)18:31
Owlahmmmm.. hello?21:53
ckontrosOwla: Slow channel this time of day. Best just to ask your question.21:54
Owlaoh, I just wanted to ask how to submit a wallpaper. but a friend just told me to post it in the flickr group. sry :)21:56

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