Sertsetoo early for lucid?00:37
dtchenconsidering I spent my entire weekend triaging bugs for lucid, I'd say no, it's plenty apropros00:37
syn-ackGood evening dtchen. Hope all is well with you and yours00:40
dtchenthanks, ditto00:40
syn-ackI have been trying to decide if I'm going to sit this dev cycle out... I'm tired from the karmic cycle still. :P00:41
dtchenI empathise utterly.00:42
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mjw99Bug logistics question: I assume the person that takes on a bug sets its importance and not the person triaging?01:11
dtchendepends on the team, but generally, yes01:13
mjw99ok; does the triage-er assign the bug to whom they perceive to be the most appropriate person to deal/solve it?01:15
micahgwell, in bug control, triagers generally set the initial importance01:15
micahgthe maintainers can change it if they feel it's wrong01:16
macono, never set someone else to fix a bug01:16
macothats rude01:16
mjw99micahg; ok01:18
micahgmjw99:  bugsquad members can come in here an request an importance set01:18
mjw99micahg; so bugsquad ppl can act as guiders for issues that may looking at?01:20
micahgwell, they can work as triagers in training :)01:21
mjw99cool :)01:22
xpot-mobileIs this a bug? --> just upgraded to 9.10 and on reboot I get stuck on the cli with a flickering screen that starts filckering after "setting up console fonts and keymap"  any suggestions to fix this?01:36
dtchenmake sure you have the karmic-proposed pocket enabled in /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*}01:41
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xpot-mobiledtchen: I will check that, thank you01:50
macowin 2701:53
macosorry ;)01:53
xpot-mobileoh, np01:53
xpot-mobiledtchen: thank you.  That solved my problem. ;)02:11
LimCorewe are keeping a known exploit in the screen saver.  Why?02:15
LimCoreKnown for years, available fixes... reported also few months ago, and month ago, and weeks ago.  What are we waiting for?02:16
ubot4Launchpad bug 394691 in ubuntu "Security hole in screensaver! Exposes screen/desktop image even if screen is LOCKED. nvidia, intel gfx; Old bug." [Medium,Confirmed]02:16
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dtchenLimCore: that seems like a pretty low priority "security hole"02:19
LimCoredtchen: going over to a locked desktop,  and reading mail that was on screen,  is a low priority?02:21
dtchenseriously, anyone who can view your foreground terminal could just, you know, kill processes, pull the plug on the machine, ...02:24
dtchenI'm not saying it shouldn't be fixed in 10.04 and others02:25
dtchenI'm saying it's not justifiably a grave concern02:26
LimCoreI do not understand what are you saying.. what?02:26
dtchenanyone who has physical access to your desktop can do a lot worse than shoulder surf02:26
LimCoreanyone who can view  foreground terminal  can kill processes?  huh?02:26
LimCorehow he can "kill pocesses"?02:27
LimCorethis can be disabled02:28
LimCorebut more imoprtantly,  this does not give access to for example high value email content to be read this way02:28
LimCorealso, such attack is not silent02:28
LimCore* importantly02:28
dtchenuh, I would *hope* that someone with high-value e-mails would not be leaving the MUA *open* before locking the screen.02:29
LimCorewell, now when I know the "quality" of "locking" screen in Ubuntu then for sure not.  But other users do trust that LOCKING screen should.. uhm.. really LOCK the screen02:29
dtchenagain, I'm not saying the bug shouldn't be fixed02:29
dtchenand I'm not saying that it isn't reproducible in some cases02:30
macokscreenlocker doesnt seem to unlock on proper password sometimes (other times its fine) so i stay logged in on a tty and kill the screen lock process manually to get back into my session...02:30
LimCoreI am trying to figure out a known, MORE security emergency bug, and this is hard.   Only thing why this is not a Critical bug, is that is affects like I guess 5% of users or so02:30
LimCoremaco: lack of good locking of VT's is another, grave concern02:31
chrisccoulsonLimCore - it's really difficult to fix a bug that noone else can reproduce02:31
dtchenI would *hardly* classify that bug as critical02:31
dtchenand I deal with some nasty bugs in my line of work.02:31
LimCorechrisccoulson: interestingly I reportudcued it on like 5 computers, starting with Debians in 2007, throught Ubuntus 8.04 8.10, 9.04 and I am waiting for it to happen now on 9.10 :)02:31
LimCoredtchen: well, now Ubuntu is 100% ownable by any one with phisical access.   Of course anyone can "kill" such machine,  but the problem is privacy breach here02:32
LimCorethis bug is one of like .. 3 ways (that i know of ruight now) to do it02:33
LimCore2 is VTs02:33
LimCore3 is firewire attack (I did not test it myself yet)02:33
dtchenthere are a *lot* more02:33
* LimCore facepalms02:33
LimCorewell untrusted USB02:33
LimCoreof course kernel exploit that was fixed...02:33
LimCoreand what are more?02:33
LimCorewell, shouldnt we like, fix them all?02:33
dtchenyou're missing my point, which is that if you can reproduce it, you can help fix it02:34
LimCorethis bug is 100% reproducable, at least for 9.04 I can guarantee02:34
dtchenseriously? I haven't reproduced it, and I *remember* trying to do it one month ago02:35
chrisccoulsonand it's 0% reproducible for everyone else. have you reproduced it in 9.10 yet? gnome-screensaver changed a lot this cycle...02:35
LimCorewell if it helps, gentoo developer I know hit this bug too afair.  This is upstream bug02:35
LimCoredo not assume everyone reports all the bugs02:36
chrisccoulsonno, it doesn't help. i've no idea what version the gentoo developer was running02:36
dtchenLimCore: I think you're preaching to the choir here02:36
LimCoreanyway, why not just apply the fix, it should be one liner02:37
dtchenwe're all aware of security philosophy02:37
LimCorejust draw bigger black rectangle02:37
dtchenthat's a fix?!02:37
LimCoreprobably - screensaver seems to read not correct size of screen02:37
* dtchen facepalms02:37
chrisccoulsonLimCore - you obviously no how to fix it, so please submit a patch02:37
LimCoreif I have time I will youtube this attack,  and then someone should own me a beer ;)02:38
chrisccoulsonhmmm, why?02:38
chrisccoulsonnoone buys me a beer02:38
LimCorebecause I report this bug all my life lol02:38
LimCoreits longest bug ever02:38
LimCoreok, except for krusader-crashing-in-ftp02:38
LimCoreno, I mean for myself, not overall02:39
LimCoredtchen: is there a list of this known exploits that you where talking about?02:39
chrisccoulsonthis isn't the first time I've seen you here trying to get attention by over-exaggerating the importance of your own bugs02:39
LimCorebecause, I think we should fix them. what do you think guys02:39
chrisccoulsonif every user did that, we'd all just disappear from IRC02:40
dtchenchrisccoulson: luckily, my sekrit clone sauce is maturing02:40
dtchen(oh, that sounds horrible)02:40
chrisccoulsonheh :)02:40
LimCorechrisccoulson: I think all security bugs are by definition Critical. But perhaps Ubuntu does not approach this topic so seriously02:41
chrisccoulsonhmmm, i disagree. you still have to prioritise. remote exploits are maybe critical. local exploits are not so critical02:42
chrisccoulsonand ubuntu does approach security seriously. but your bug is not reproducible by anybody else, and we've better things to do than spend weeks trying to reproduce a bug that affects one person, when there are more critical bugs to focus on02:43
chrisccoulsonbut that doesn't matter, as you already said that you've written a patch for your bug02:43
chrisccoulsonplease attach it to the bug report so that we can review it02:44
LimCorechrisccoulson: it will take some time, but ok02:59
chrisccoulsonwhy will it take time? you said earlier "anyway, why not just apply the fix, it should be one liner"02:59
chrisccoulsonso you already know what the fix is, and it's a one liner03:00
chrisccoulsoni'll be around for the next 10 minutes or so to look at the patch03:00
LimCoreit should be one liner for someone that knows GTK/X1103:01
chrisccoulsonbut you know how to use GTK already, else how do you know it's a one liner?03:05
LimCorewell, since the problem is that the windows that is redrawn is smaller then screen,03:07
* maco wonders if she should take away LimCore's shovel03:08
chrisccoulsonhmmm, well, gnome-screensaver already sets the window to fullscreen03:08
LimCorethen src/gs-window-x11.c line 2240 could be one point03:08
LimCoreyes, in that line03:08
chrisccoulsonso how do you know it's not a bug in GTK, or in the window manager?03:08
LimCorealso in other place it seemed to by hand resize the window to detected dimentions03:08
LimCoreit could be also bug there, dunno03:09
chrisccoulsonright, well, i'm going to bed now. i have to be up for work in 3 hours03:10
LimCorelook, I do not know GTK, then I would just do it03:10
chrisccoulsoni look forward to reviewing your patch tomorrow morning!03:10
LimCorebut it seems logical,  if part of screen is not cleared, we should just cler it03:10
macoseeing as nobody can reproduce it, nobody can write & test a fix03:10
chrisccoulsongnome-screensaver doesn't clear any part of the screen03:10
macowell except the person who sees that bug03:11
chrisccoulsonit just draws over it03:11
macoie. YOU03:11
LimCoreand my photo camera03:11
LimCoredefault ubuntu installation ofcourse03:11
LimCoreon the pc, not on the camera03:11
chrisccoulsonLimCore - it would be useful for you to actually run "gnome-screensaver --no-daemon --debug 2>&1 | tee gs-debug.log", trigger the issue, and attach the file to the bug report03:12
LimCoreother reports point to similar problems, with gnome screensaver detecting size of screen.  http://osdir.com/ml/debian-bugs-dist/2009-04/msg06949.html03:14
LimCoreif window is too big, no problem, if it is too small...03:14
LimCoreok I guess I should shut up untill fixing this bug ;)   But, indeed there is a lot of debug already done in the topic of valid geometry there, like  src/gs-window-x11.c +422  etc.  cool04:45
nigel_nbhi, i'm looking for some experienced hands in bug squad..05:17
nigel_nbunder what package does a bug about wifi get filed?05:22
nigel_nbVantrax: ping05:33
Vantraxyer nigel_nb ?05:33
dtchenif it's a driver issue, that is.05:33
nigel_nbVantrax: dtchen just answered it for me05:33
dtchenthere are other parts in the wireless stack05:34
nigel_nbdtchen: its about bug #47871505:34
Vantraxif your not using a custom driver it will be under linux05:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 478715 in ubuntu "Kubuntu fault with Advent 5511" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47871505:34
dtchencould be network-manager, network-manager-applet05:34
nigel_nbno additional information is attached05:34
Vantraxunless your using third party drivers all drivers are part of the kernel05:34
macoso ask for more info?05:34
nigel_nbis there something specific I should be asking?05:34
dtchenI bet that's a dupe of bug 47026505:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 470265 in grub "[MASTER] jaunty to karmic upgrade failed to update menu.lst (update-grub missing from kernel-img.conf)" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47026505:35
nigel_nbdtchen: this one's just that wifi cannot be connected05:35
dtchenit's impossible to tell unless the reporter reproduces his/her symptom and attaches output from uname -r, etc.05:35
nigel_nbso I have to ask him for all this...05:35
dtchennigel_nb: it also lists problems with the touchpad05:36
nigel_nbdtchen: yeah.. just noticed thta05:36
dtchenanyhow, I'm just handwaving until that info appears in the bug report05:36
nigel_nbso he needs to give a bunch of info, how do ask him to put that info?05:36
nigel_nbwhat do i ask him to put rather05:37
dtchenask him to upgrade again to 9.10 and use ubuntu-bug linux05:37
dtchenhe'll need to run ubuntu-bug after rebooting into 9.10, of course05:37
nigel_nbjust general ubuntu-bug?05:37
dtchen"ubuntu-bug linux"05:37
dtchensorry, it's late, so I'm being lazy and not typing out each command05:38
nigel_nbthanks dtchen.. new to bug squad..05:38
nigel_nbI'm trying to work at triaging 5 bugs a day05:38
dtchenof course this reporter mentioned Kubuntu but failed to mention what sort of wireless AP he was attempting to connect to05:39
nigel_nbthat was the worst part05:39
nigel_nbif it was broadcom, then it should be a question05:39
dtchenwell, AFAIK, plasma-widget-networkmanagement still has WPA2 issues05:40
dtchenI haven't verified, so I can't speak with any authority on it05:40
Vantraxthe broadcom drivers have wpa2-enterprise issues05:40
dtchenright, and that would be bcmwl05:40
dtchen(for the affected source package name)05:41
nigel_nbanyway, I changed the status and asked him to run ubuntu-bug linux05:41
dtchennigel_nb: he'll need to upgrade to 9.10 again first05:41
dtchenthat's a pretty critical part05:41
nigel_nbtold that05:42
nigel_nb"Not enough information. Please boot into Kubuntu 9.10 (the release where you had this problem) and run "ubuntu-bug linux" from terminal."05:42
nigel_nbdtchen: is that fine?05:42
dtchenI would say yes05:43
nigel_nbthanks :)05:43
macoshouldnt it be apport-collect -p BUGNUMBER?05:44
macosince the bug is already filed?05:44
nigel_nbmaco: I should change it?05:45
dtchendoesn't really matter, since if it is in fact a separate install vs. upgrade issue, I personally would rather have a separate bug05:45
nigel_nbfor adding info on bug #478904, the user has filed bug #478909 (to say that it works there), here I should be asking him to use apport-collect -p BUGNUMBER?05:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 478904 in pidgin "Pidgin hangs when a specific link is inserted into the IM text field." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47890405:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 478909 in pidgin "pidgin DOESN'T hang on pasting certain link (dup-of: 478904)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47890905:54
macowait soemeone filed a second bug report to say they couldnt reproduce the first05:56
nigel_nbmaco: yeah05:56
macowell id say the second is NOTABUG05:57
maco"pidgin works"...not a bug05:57
nigel_nbmaco: I know, what do I do with it?05:57
nigel_nbany comment required?05:57
macoyou could say "pidgin working as expected is not a bug"05:58
macoand tell them if they want to say they cant reproduce a certain bug05:58
macothey should leave it as a comment on the unreproduceable one along with what version of the pidgin package they are using that doesnt reproduce it05:58
nigel_nbok, thanks :)06:00
macomight want to tell them "apt-cache policy pidgin" is how they get that version string06:01
nigel_nbalready posted once...06:02
nigel_nbdo I need to take the trouble of pasting what he second in the second one to the first one?06:02
macohe already commented on the original bug?06:04
macodid he include the version number?06:04
nigel_nbhe didnt comment on the orginal bug06:05
nigel_nbhe just logged another bug and marked it as duplicate of first one06:05
nigel_nbi closed the second one as invalid06:05
dtchenAwsoonn: ping, look at your mixer controls (WRT bug 426116)06:08
ubot4Launchpad bug 426116 in linux "[Karmic] No sound with ATI IXP SB4x0 HDA" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42611606:08
dtchenAwsoonn: notice how Master is muted and zeroed, Headphone is muted, PCM is zeroed, Front is muted and zeroed06:09
nigel_nbcan bug #478888 considered a bug? seems to be a permission problem06:15
ubot4Launchpad bug 478888 in totem "I tried to play a video CD, it is not playing. I am using ubuntu 10.10." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47888806:15
jmarsdenAnyone reporting bugs against Ubuntu 10.10 is ... special :)06:15
nigel_nbjmarsden: hehe06:15
syn-ackjmarsden, man, I couldn't have said it better. :P06:18
nigel_nbsyn-ack: :P imagine my surprise seeing it06:19
nigel_nbeven before lucid alpha is out06:19
syn-ackhe wanted to get a jump on things. :P06:19
nigel_nbso what do guys think? its a question right?06:19
nigel_nbcan't be a bug06:19
syn-ackthat's what I'd go with06:20
syn-ackI mean, he didn't exactly um, give you a lot of information to begin with06:20
syn-ackimo thats kind of a "My car won't start what do I do, question06:20
nigel_nbits more like06:21
nigel_nbI opened the door and sat in my car.. why am I not at work?06:21
syn-acknigel_nb, h0w u install the loonex? ;)06:23
nigel_nbthat should be a classic!06:24
nigel_nbalacarte is the menu manger right? does it have anything to do with bookmarks? #47887806:28
nigel_nbFirefox bug triaging policy is to close crash reports from apport that fail retracing..... what does this mean?06:35
nigel_nbthis is WRT bug #47877806:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 478778 in firefox-3.5 "After quiting firefox 3.5 I decided to start it up again and I got an error firefox is running please quit the running application before starting firefox.  No sign of the application inthe task bar or anywhere on my desktop.   Restarted computer to get back to this page. " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47877806:35
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goodnightis this real? http://www.itworld.com/security/83917/an-important-linux-fix09:43
jmarsdengoodnight: Looks like it.  See http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2009-354709:49
ubot4jmarsden: Multiple race conditions in fs/pipe.c in the Linux kernel before 2.6.32-rc6 allow local users to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and system crash) or gain privileges by attempting to open an anonymous pipe via a /proc/*/fd/ pathname. (http://cve.mitre.org/cgi-bin/cvename.cgi?name=CVE-2009-3547)09:49
cool^tomHi.  I think there is a bug in either flash player or Firefox.  I installed ubuntu 9.10 for amd 64.  Now all the buttons on the flash player do not work.  This behaviour is intermittent.  ie.  The play button, the pause button the maiximize button.  These buttons work if I tab select them and press the space bar.11:12
cool^tomAm I in the right place to ask this question?11:22
cool^tomHi.  I installed ubuntu 9.10 for amd 64.  I did an apt-get for flash-player.  I am able to view flash sites like youtube.com but the sometimes(most of the times) the buttons on the flash player do not work.  (ie.  The play button, the pause button the maiximize button).  These buttons work if I tab select them and press the space bar.This behaviour is intermittent.  I am not sure if the problem is with Ubuntu, firefox or flash.  I tried to Google but11:29
davmor2cool^tom: Flashplayer issue.  Try right click and whilst holding the right button down clicking with the left button, that should then work if it is the current flash issue11:30
cool^tomdavmor2: Thanks will give it a try.11:31
cool^tomdavmor2: Works11:33
eakronhow do I close a bug? set it to invalid?12:58
pedro_eakron, yes12:59
eakronpedro_: thank you13:00
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_Narc_Hello guys... I'm triaging bugs and I wondered: the same bug (a pm related KernelOops) is being reported again and again under various names/causes. Should I keep marking them as dupes even if the original has a very long list of them ? Thanks a lot.14:58
qense_Narc_: If one is the duplicate of another, then you should. A duplicate is a duplicate. A large amount of duplicates also increases the Importance of a bug.14:59
qenseBecause it shows that a large group of people are suffering from it.14:59
_Narc_Ok then.15:00
_Narc_Yes, that's what I thought but I wanted confirmation. When I say very long I mean a huge list, I wondered if one more of them would change something. Thanks.15:01
Narc_If someone can find the time to confirm that bug 479187 - the one I'm triaging - is really a dupe of 417842, that would be great. Just to see if I'm right. Thanks.15:21
ubot4Launchpad bug 479187 in ubuntu "Synaptic Update app crashed while attempting first update after upgrade to Ubuntu v9.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47918715:21
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qenseNarc_: I suspect this has something to do with the suspend_test bug that got fixed a while ago (was it in -proposed), which could have been in Update Manager, but I forgot exactly where it was.15:29
nigel_nbif the user can't change desktop effects isnt that an x error, WRT bug #47911615:34
ubot4Launchpad bug 479116 in ubuntuone-client "Desktop effects could not be enabled while if we go to Appearance Preferences > Visual Effects and selects Normal / Extra " [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47911615:34
qensenigel_nb: it certainly has nothing to do with UbuntuOne. However, it doesn't necessarily have to have to do with the X-server as well. It could also be the fault of Compiz or the gnome-appearance-properties patch that Canonical wrote to add this functionality.15:35
nigel_nbqense: so I'll change the package and ask him to add more info?15:36
nigel_nbits supposed to be logged against linux now isn't it?15:37
qenseNo, Linux is just the kernel.15:37
_Narc_qense: I supposed they were dupes because the Oopstext are sensibly the same15:37
qense_Narc_: The traces of the OopsMessages do look suspiciously similar, apart from some methods preceded by a question mark15:38
nigel_nbqense: honestly, it seems as if no graphics card is installed15:39
nigel_nbanyways, what package do I change this one to?15:40
qenseI'd assign it to gnome-control-center, the source package of gnome-appearance-properties15:40
qenseThat's where the problem seems to be at a first glance, although we can't be sure yet.15:40
_Narc_qense: Ya. I suppose I'll file it as a dupe of bug 417842, that already has sooo many dupes.15:40
ubot4Launchpad bug 417842 in linux "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.31/kernel/power/suspend_test.c:52 suspend_test_finish+0x7c/0x80()" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41784215:41
nigel_nbI'll ask for more info15:41
qense_Narc_: they both look indeed similar enough15:45
_Narc_thanks for you help :)15:48
_Narc_your *15:48
qenseyou're welcome15:48
_Narc_What would you put instead of that rather misguiding title ? "KernelOops bla bla bla" or let it that way ?15:49
qenseI'd rename it after the first meaningful line of the OopsMessage text, the one with the suspend_text() thing15:51
_Narc_Well, that's what I did with the others. Fine then, I'm not that bad at it.15:51
qenseIt's probably the most informative title you could come up with for the reports.15:52
_Narc_Yes, I tend to think that way, but I think about the reporter too, who often is not a techie user. Could be, i don't know, intimidating :)15:53
qensemaybe, but the whole language used to describe a KernelOops already made the user scared.15:55
_Narc_Haha, true15:56
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chrisccoulsonhey maco - how long did LimCore hang around for after I disappeared last night?18:01
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macochrisccoulson: no idea18:22
=== maco_ is now known as maco
hggdhbut it was epic19:14
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wcGary83hi! is anyone aware of a bug in the network manager icon in the notification area where it is not rendered correctly at startup?20:23
wcGary83I am having this problem on 2 different kinds of computers, it was fixed for awhile but just broke again on the last update...20:23
wcGary83is it worth it for me to file a bug report?20:23
bibinouwcGary83: there is already a bug like this in launchpad20:24
bibinouuse the search, luke20:24
wcGary83i must of used bad search terms...20:24
bibinouit's funny because it seems like it was the exact same terms i've seen in bugs-announce20:25
bibinoui must be mistaken20:25
bibinouwcGary83: something like those two bugs ?20:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 471688 in network-manager "network-manager panel icon does not show connected" [Undecided,New]20:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 446093 in network-manager "nm-applet loaded, but icon not visible (karmic)" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:28
wcGary83yes... exactly! its a shame it was fixed for awhile!20:29
wcGary83mine is a little worse and a little more consistent though...20:31
wcGary83I won't bother filing though...20:31
bibinouwcGary83: click "affects me too"20:32
JerVAHello - I think I am having major bug freezing in Karmic20:33
bibinouwcGary83: FYI my search is "icon" sorted by "newest first" in the "network-manager" package20:33
wcGary83sure... I was actually doing just that!20:33
JerVAIt happens from time to time - random freezing20:34
wcGary83oh ok smart!20:34
bibinouJerVA: I think you should ask this in #ubuntu, if it's a support question :)20:34
bibinouthis channel is for questions related to the management of bugs20:34
JerVAI thought it's appropriate location to report this bug as I have read several threads related to karmic freezing20:34
JerVAso I thought maybe it is "bug freezing"20:34
bibinouwhat do you mean by "bug freezing" ?20:35
bibinouyou mean the whole screen freeze ?20:35
JerVAIt happens sometimes during installation, random things I've been doing in karmic20:35
JerVAso I wanted to report that karmic may have many bugs that caused my screen to freeze and my CPU kept working harder for no reason at all.20:36
bibinouthat's a bug, yes20:37
bibinouit freezes randomly ?20:38
JerVAIt's like you are doing things and out of the blue, it freezes on you.20:39
bibinouok the problem is that I don't know what is causing this20:39
bibinouit could be hardware20:39
JerVAPossibly. I've read in Ubuntuforums that other users are experiencing issues like this as well.20:39
bibinouok, the next step is searching on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/ if anyone is experiencing something similar, and have already reported it20:41
bibinouthat what 'im doing now20:41
JerVAYeah I'm researching this as well20:42
JerVAI think maybe I should downgrade karmic to jaunty or lower20:43
bibinouif the problem happens only since karmic, add "karmic" to your search20:43
bibinoupeople would usually "since karmic" in such bug reports20:44
micahgJerVA: what graphics card?20:44
JerVAVery old - NVIDIA 520020:44
JerVAbut it worked in previous ubuntus20:45
micahgJerVA: there were some nvidia issues with karmic20:45
JerVAI mean NVIDIA GEForce 520020:45
JerVANo matter what versions NVIDIA is - it is an issue with karmic?20:45
micahgJerVA: you might want to enable -proposed20:46
JerVAHow do I do this?20:46
micahgSoftware Sources20:47
JerVAoh yeah20:47
Ahmuck-Srthe Apport bug that keeps spaming people on the bug list or subscribed to it just went from spam to hate mail.  i'm getting a lot of people trying to unsubscribe, but are not able to and as a result are now spaming the list with non-nice mail.  anychance someone can either fix the bug or get the bug mailer to drop the mailng for the a20:51
Ahmuck-Srthat bug?20:51
macoAhmuck-Sr: you didnt say a bug number20:52
Ahmuck-Srhi maco20:52
Ahmuck-Sri'll have to wait a bit to get teh bug to re-appear20:53
maco....its not in your email somewhere?20:54
hggdhthis is bug 42932220:54
ubot4Launchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932220:54
Ahmuck-Srabout 150 messages today from Apport spam20:54
hggdhindeed it is generating a lot of emails20:54
Ahmuck-Sryep, that's it20:54
JerVAThank you micahg20:57
JerVAI'm going to restart the PC - thanks bibinou  as well20:58
hggdhAhmuck-Sr: fixing the bug means finding the root issue. Last time I heard about it we had not found it yet21:01
Ahmuck-Srproblem is i can't unsubscribe from it.  there's a bug in the bug system21:06
macoAhmuck-Sr: are you subscribed to it or to a duplicate? if dup, unsubscribe from that21:13
macoAhmuck-Sr: or maybe youre a member of a team thats subscribed to it?21:13
hggdhmaco, this is actually going on for a while. This bug keeps on being reported again, and then dupped. Everyone subscribed gets at least one email from apport21:15
hggdhI cannot open it anymore, I think LP barfs on it trying to process the subscription lists21:16
macoahhh ok21:16
macobut release happened21:16
macowhy is apport doing anything at all?21:16
macoshouldnt auto-apport be disabled now?21:16
hggdhit is21:16
hggdhsomehow, some of the reporters are still with apport active (or they have not upgraded, I do not know)21:17
macoi see21:17
micahghggdh: I just got another patch fixing apport being enabled today21:18
hggdhoh, so it was still enabled?21:18
Ahmuck-Srmaco, both21:19
Ahmuck-Sri think it auto-subscribed people?21:19
micahgidk, I keep it enabled so I can report bugs21:19
Ahmuck-Sri'm a member of a bug team, yes21:19
hggdhAhmuck-Sr: if you reported this bug (and it got dupped) then you are subscribed21:19
hggdhyour best bet right now is unsubscribe from the bug *you* reported21:20
hggdhmicahg: I also keep it enabled, but I am very selective on what I report ;-)21:20
* micahg is the same way21:21
hggdhbut our involvement with ubuntu justifies it, and we (usually) know what we are doing. Right now, on this bug, we have a *LOT* of end-users getting mighty pissed21:22
hggdhthey just reported an error, and are now (as they perceive it) being spammed -- which will make them less likely to report new -- and perhaps critical -- issues21:23
hggdhfor me, what bloody pisses me off is that I cannot even open the bug, LP barfs on a timeout21:23
micahghggdh: you could post a comment telling people to unsubscribe from their bug21:23
hggdhmicahg: this has already been posted :-(21:24
hggdhsome 3 times, methinks21:24
hggdhand I cannot get any attention from #launchpad on this21:25
micahgwell, there are some problems when subscriber count is too high21:25
micahglike bug 40845721:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 408457 in malone "Launchpad unable to show subscribers for bug with 400 duplicates" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40845721:26
chrisccoulsonregarding bug 429322 - i already know the root issue21:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932221:26
chrisccoulsonbut this bug is only an issue because people still have apport enabled21:26
chrisccoulsonthere are no other side effects (ie, it crashes on exit)21:26
Ahmuck-Sryes, this is the same perspective i've had.  for me it's an issue of marking it as spam and dumping anything with Apport into the spam folder.  however, i've been watching users.21:27
Ahmuck-Srand honestly, i'm no longer reporting any bugs for fear that this will happen again21:28
Ahmuck-Srhggdh has hit the nail on the head so to speak21:29
hggdhwe should review bug subscription21:32
micahghggdh: meeting item for tomorrow?21:32
hggdhmicahg: good idea, will add it in (although this will end up on LP)21:32
hggdhdone. Ahmuck-Sr -- please do not stop reporting bugs, we will look at this issue21:35
chrisccoulsonare people getting timeouts when trying to access the bug too?21:37
hggdhchrisccoulson: as far as I can see, everybody is being hit by TOs21:38
chrisccoulsonhggdh - yeah, that's what i thought. just as a hint, i find that i don't get timeouts if i disable edge redirection21:38
chrisccoulsonit might help for those who are using edge21:38
chrisccoulsonedge seems to timeout quicker21:39
micahghggdh: well, good news is the major focus of current LP developement is OOPSes21:39
sbeattiethere was a bug with update-manager that had it enabling apport for jaunty->karmic upgrades post-release, see bug 46561921:41
ubot4Launchpad bug 465619 in update-manager "apport enabled after a distribution upgrade from Jaunty to Karmic" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46561921:41
Ahmuck-Sri've got a jaunty --> karmic release21:43
sbeattieright, should be fixed now, and the apport update is supposed to disable it as well for people who had it enabled.21:44
sbeattiefor people in this channel who do or don't want it enabled, it's worth verifying /etc/default/apport that it's set the way you want it to be21:45
Ahmuck-Sris there a way to turn notificaiton off for that bug?21:45
chrisccoulsonno, other than unsubscribing from it21:46
Ahmuck-Srhttp://pastebin.be/21839 - this is what were getting from users21:46
chrisccoulsonand there will still be more noise, as there is currently quite a backlog for the retracers to clear21:46
sbeattieAhmuck-Sr: perhaps send them to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/seahorse-plugins/+bug/429322/+subscribe to unsubscribe, since the bug page itself is oopsing?21:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed]21:47
sbeattiedunno if that does the right thing for people who got subscribed due to duplicates.21:47
micahgsbeattie: that won't help if they're subscribed through dupes will it?21:47
hggdhit should work21:48
hggdhit unsubscribes from the primary and all dups21:48
micahgthe e-mail that's sent to you should show why you are getting the e-mail (i.e. which bug you can unsubscribe from)21:52
Ahmuck-Srdisabling re-direction doesn't help21:52
chrisccoulsoni don't know how we're going to handle the SRU for this bug, seeing as it relies on communicating with the people experiencing the bug so that they can test the fix21:53
bdmurraymaybe we could unmark the duplicates as duplicates?21:54
bdmurraybut then what would we do with them?  just invalidate them?21:54
Ahmuck-Sran option, if this is your bug, we are not accepting any more bug reports for this bug?21:55
bdmurraythat's been done already21:55
Ahmuck-Srwell, i'm hungry, and so i'm tooodling out the door21:56
sbeattie(FYI, bug 408457 is the launchpad bug about oopsing when too many duplicates are registered)21:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 408457 in malone "Launchpad unable to show subscribers for bug with 400 duplicates" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/40845721:58
sbeattieHunh, funny, viewing that bug on staging doesn't show any comments/updates after october 23; I suspect that's not true.22:01
bdmurray2009:10:25 22:07 Full update with DB reimport: bzr revno 860822:01
bdmurraythe db is old22:02
_Narc_I'm sort of new to this, but how come a bug like bug 417842 with so many dupes is just "low" ? I've been triaging a lot of them and they keep coming...22:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 417842 in linux "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.31/kernel/power/suspend_test.c:52 suspend_test_finish+0x7c/0x80()" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41784222:05
sbeattiebdmurray: weird, I thought it was copied over daily.22:08
bdmurraysbeattie: the code is, just not the db22:10
_Narc_I hope I'm not bothering anyone, but I got a not so serious question. What if a report seems to be complete paranoid nonsense ...?22:17
_Narc_This is the one I'm triaging... Maybe I'm not aware of something... but... bug 47958322:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 479583 in ubuntu "Please advise how to remove the current Seahorse-Agent bug that is now infesting our computers." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47958322:19
sbeattie_Narc_: re bug 417842, because (I believe, you'd need to check with the kernel folks over in #ubuntu-kernel) the issue isn't very serious; it was a bug in kerneloops that it was enabled after the release, and there's another (debatable) bug in it that it reports WARN_ON() statements.22:19
ubot4Launchpad bug 417842 in linux "WARNING: at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.31/kernel/power/suspend_test.c:52 suspend_test_finish+0x7c/0x80()" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41784222:19
chrisccoulson_Narc_ - well, I don't know what to do about that. he's talking about an already well known bug, but it's written more like a support request22:21
_Narc_sbeattie: Well, I was wondering this because reports of it are flooding. I'll see, thanks.22:22
_Narc_chrisccoulson: Well, that's why I wondered. A well known bug ? I thought the guy was mistaking seahorse itself for a bug or a malware or something.22:23
chrisccoulson_Narc_ - he's referring to a bug thats currently generating a lot of bug spam because it has so many duplicates22:24
_Narc_chrisccoulson: Oh really, I guess I'm lucky then. Today is flood day.22:25
_Narc_chrisccoulson: Which one may I ask ?22:25
chrisccoulsonbug 42932222:26
ubot4Launchpad bug 429322 in seahorse-plugins "seahorse-agent assert failure: ERROR:iop-profiles.c:606:IOP_generate_profiles: assertion failed: (obj && (obj->profile_list == NULL) && obj->orb)" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42932222:26
sbeattie_Narc_: right, the flood is due to kerneloops being enabled, catching it, and treating it as a more serious issue than it is. A kerneloops update was issued to disable it, but if people haven't updated...22:27
_Narc_chrisccoulson: Ok, thanks a lot. I think I'm going to answer kindly and mark it as a dupe then.22:27
Kmoscould someone make bug 433087 public? thanks22:28
ubot4Kmos: Bug 433087 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/433087 is private22:28
chrisccoulson_Narc_ - i wouldn't mark it as a duplicate, as it spams everyone else who is subscribed to it22:28
_Narc_Oh, right22:28
chrisccoulson_Narc_ - it would be better to leave a comment pointing to the master bug, and then close it22:28
_Narc_Invalid, ok, I'll do that. I didn't think about spamming the suscribers.22:29
hggdhKmos: done22:29
Kmoshggdh: thanks22:29
hggdhindeed ironic22:29
_Narc_sbeattie: Ok, I see now why all of them are seen as bursting out of nowhere by the users. I'm learning stuff, thanks :)22:32
sbeattiebdmurray: hrm, do we know if the bugpatterns get applied to apport bugs driven from kerneloops?22:33
bdmurraysbeattie: yes for example one was written for bug 42253622:35
ubot4Launchpad bug 422536 in linux "EDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded." [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42253622:35
_Narc_chrisccoulson: Just one last thing : Launchpad is timing out on the seahorse bug you told me, is it because of the dupes ? Thanks22:42
hggdh_Narc_: yes indeed22:46
_Narc_Oh, okay. Thanks. Just wanted to know.22:47
_Narc_hggdh: The 400 dupes limit I saw you guys talk about when I logged in, right ?22:48
hggdh_Narc_: most probably, but I do not have access to the internals of LP to really confirm22:48
chrisccoulsontime to find out if the seahorse-plugins fix works!22:48
hggdhchrisccoulson: cool. Want me to test it?22:49
chrisccoulsonhggdh - can you recreate it easily?22:49
hggdhwell, I *did* have it, at least once22:49
hggdhbut I am not sure how to recreate it22:49
chrisccoulsonhggdh - i can tell you how to recreate it ;)22:49
chrisccoulsonyou just need to trigger some code path which calls exit, and the easiest way to do that is to kill the X connection22:50
hggdhjust kill it?22:50
chrisccoulsonto do that, you can run a xtrace session, by running "xtrace -d:0 -D:9", where ":0" is your X display number22:51
chrisccoulsonthen run "DISPLAY=:9.0 seahorse-agent"22:51
chrisccoulsonand then kill xtrace22:51
chrisccoulsonthat disconnects the X connection and makes seahorse agent die22:51
hggdhso, where's the fix?22:51
chrisccoulsonhggdh - i'll post it somewhere in a minute. i just want to make sure it doesn't do anything silly first22:51
chrisccoulsonhggdh - one more thing - to run a new seahorse-agent instance, you have to stop the first instance, and then delete GPG_AGENT_INFO from your environment22:52
chrisccoulsonelse it complains that there is still an instance running22:53
chrisccoulsonhggdh - are you running amd64?22:55
hggdhchrisccoulson: yes22:55
chrisccoulsonhggdh - excellent - i will upload the binary in addition to the source patch too, so you don't need to build it22:56
hggdhchrisccoulson: ok, thanks22:56
_Narc_You mean you're the actual people fixing it ? I got a long way to go... I'll shut up now :)22:57
hggdh_Narc_: you will find of everything a bit here ;-)22:58
_Narc_hggdh: It's a very good way to learn actually.22:58
hggdhI agree22:58
chrisccoulsonhggdh - i've uploaded it to here: http://people.ubuntu.com/~chrisccoulson/seahorse-plugins%20SRU/22:59
chrisccoulsonit seems to fix the crash here22:59
chrisccoulsonand it still cleans up the socket dir too, which is good23:02
hggdher, chrisccoulson, should I kill seahorse-agent before trying?23:03
chrisccoulsonhggdh - yes please23:03
chrisccoulsonyou will need to run `export GPG_AGENT_INFO=""` too23:04
hggdhdammit, don't have xtrace installed :-(23:04
hggdhOK, I killed the xtrace, and my machine did not even blink23:06
hggdhchrisccoulson: second try, first did not show any error23:07
chrisccoulsonhggdh - you're the second person that's said that ;)23:08
chrisccoulsonthe only effect you should notice is a new crash report in /var/crash. you might need to clean up /var/crash to make it work though23:08
hggdhchrisccoulson: heh. No, not even crashes23:08
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that's strange23:09
chrisccoulsondoes it exit when you kill xtrace?23:09
hggdhit seems to. I just got the pid, and will check on a new Ctrl-C23:10
hggdhyes, seahorse-agent dies without a crash23:11
chrisccoulsonhmmm, that's odd23:13
chrisccoulsonyou're in a gnome-session aren't you?23:14
hggdhyes, I am23:15
hggdhshould I go VT?23:15
chrisccoulsonhggdh - it should work ok in a gnome session23:18
chrisccoulsoni'm confused why it works for some people :-/23:18
hggdhps aux23:18
hggdhnow, why would I have apport-gtk running?23:20
NarcSorry to bother again, but I figured it would be a good idea to comment with a link and close all the other waiting related seahorse reports...I just need your confirmation concerning the error. Can I close any of them with the same error as in 429322 ? Answer when you can. Thanks a lot...23:39
chrisccoulsonNarc - please do, that would be great23:41
chrisccoulsonif you do that, please remove the need-i386-retrace or need-amd64-retrace tags from them, to stop them being retraced23:42
chrisccoulsonelse the retracer will probably go ahead and duplicate them automatically23:42
Narcchrisccoulson: Ok, I will.23:42
NarcThe retracer is a bot that... retraces ?23:42
chrisccoulsonNarc - that's right. it looks for the bugs with those tags23:44
chrisccoulson(although I don't know the specifics of how it works)23:44
Narcchrisccoulson: ...and mark them as dupes of the "master"23:44
chrisccoulsonyou should generally not touch the apport crashes until they've been retraced, but in this case, it's obvious that the remaining bugs awaiting retrace are duplicates, and it's pointless retracing them only to have them marked as a duplicate of a bug that nobody can read, and spam several hundred people in the process23:46
chrisccoulsonNarc - can you read private bugs?23:46
hggdhthis is interesting23:46
hggdhI would expect bugs yet-to-be-retraced, and with a coredump, would be restricted to apport and the crash groups23:47
Narcchrisccoulson: Yes, sure. But how do I know they've been retraced ?23:47
hggdhChris and I noticed the same thing at the same time23:47
Narcchrisccoulson: And no, I don't think I can23:48
chrisccoulsonhggdh - i think some reporters unhide their own bugs23:48
hggdhoh bloody idiots23:48
chrisccoulsonNarc - if they've been retraced, they won't have the tags i mentioned above23:48
Narcchrisccoulson: Ok23:48
chrisccoulsonthere's a whole load of private bugs that i can probably go through and make public23:49
hggdhwill start there, Chris23:49
Narcchrisccoulson: It seems that a lot of them have already been retraced 'cause the tags are not there.23:56
chrisccoulsonNarc - that could be the case. the only bugs that should be public are ones which have been retraced, as they won't have a coredump anymore23:57
Narcchrisccoulson: I see.23:57
=== akio_ is now known as akioghoster
chrisccoulsoni've removed the coredump (and tags) from quite a few private ones and made them public now23:58

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