m4vwtf?, TiMiDo kicked me out of #ubuntu-es out of the blue09:11
elkyTiMiDo is who?09:41
m4vone our troublesome ops of #ubuntu-es, last time he wiped the channel ban list09:41
m4vbut he just told he was testing a script and kicked me by error, I don't believe the error part but I'll let it slide09:42
=== DJones_ is now known as DJones
FireSnakeYo! Can someone help me? I have OO 2.4 under ubuntu 8.10 and can't find proper repository to update OO17:33
PiciFireSnake: This isn't a support channel, you'd have better luck asking in #ubuntu17:35
FireSnakeok I just tried to ask advice, thx17:35

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