pepinito Hi! I m having a strange problem. Chanel Up and Channel Down works ok, but when change channel by number mythtv fails. Any ideas?00:05
pepinito<pepinito> Btw, this is my log error:00:05
pepinito<pepinito> 2009-11-08 20:36:28.889 MythSocket(251e7a0:38): readStringList: Error, timed out after 7000 ms.00:05
pepinito<pepinito> 2009-11-08 20:36:28.889 RemoteEncoder::SendReceiveStringList(): No response.00:05
pepinito<pepinito> 2009-11-08 20:36:28.896 LiveTVChain(live-merlin-2009-11-08T20:36:14): SwitchTo() not switching to current00:05
pepinito<pepinito> 2009-11-08 20:36:28.917 TV: Attempting to change from Watching WatchingLiveTV to None00:05
pepinito<pepinito> And I m running backend and frontend in the same machine.00:05
AndroktasieHello, I just finished installing from scratch mythbuntu 9.10, and am having a problem with the channel changing function.02:06
AndroktasieMythbuntu Control Centre is set up to use Microsoft Windows Media Center v2 USB: Motorola Cable Box, and I have copied the change-channel-lirc.pl script to / with 777 permissions, modified it to use DCT2000 as the remote name and hit 'OK' after entering the channel number, and setup mythtv-backend to use the script.  If I were to manually test the script from the command line, it changes the...02:06
Androktasie...channel just fine.02:06
AndroktasieHowever, when I launch Live TV or change the channel within MythFrontend, it will repeatedly change the channel in a loop until I hit BACK on my media center remote.  Is there anything that can be done to prevent this from happening?02:06
Androktasielogs are here: http://mythbuntu.pastebin.com/f327dd5c802:14
BlueCamelare you having trouble writing to /var/lib/mythtv/livetv/ ?02:29
BlueCamelmyth keeps the livetv files there for the buffer02:29
BlueCamelline 41, 65, 88 in the pastebin log02:29
BlueCamelit hates that file/dir it seems02:30
Androktasiehmm, yea it does seem to hate it but im not sure why.  as far as i can tell the directory is writeable02:33
Androktasiedrwxrwsr-x 2 mythtv mythtv 4096 2009-11-08 20:26 livetv02:33
BlueCamelwith your frontend shutdown it should be safe to empty that dir out and try again after02:33
Androktasiethat's the curious part, it's already empty02:33
Androktasiethis is coming from a fresh install from the installation CDs... twice02:34
AndroktasieAMD64 i might add02:34
BlueCamelstart "mythfrontend -v all > frontend.log" and replicate the problem again02:35
BlueCamelmaybe the extra verbose logging will provide more of a clue02:35
Androktasiestill uploading.  was too big for pastebin02:41
BlueCamellikely the 100 lines around the same error would be good enough.02:42
BlueCameldid you look and see what was happening before it complained about the files in the livetv dir?02:42
Androktasiei only checked the backend.log file but was unable to see anything that would cause such a problem02:43
Androktasiethen again im still pretty newb at this02:43
BlueCamelduh, good point02:44
BlueCamelthat error was in the backend log02:44
BlueCamelverbose frontend log likely won't help :)02:44
BlueCamelwhat's the exact timestamp of the last livetv error in teh backend log?02:44
Androktasiethe one i posted earlier?  lemme check02:45
BlueCamelthe one from the latest test02:45
BlueCamelmaybe the time ts in the backend log of the error syncs up with an event in this frontend log02:45
Androktasieah.  lemme run another log scan then so it's refreshed02:46
Androktasie2009-11-08 20:21:12.412 TV Error: StartRecorder() -- timed out waiting for recorder to start02:47
Androktasieerr im sorry thats from frontend02:47
BlueCamelso, anyway, not sure exactly02:48
BlueCamelthis ever work?02:48
Androktasiefrom 7.10 through 9.04 yes02:48
Androktasiethe only difference i can think of was they were all using mythtv .21 i think02:49
Androktasiethanks for your help btw02:50
Androktasiei know this can be frusterating :?02:50
BlueCamelsorry, not much help02:50
arrhamphusIs anyone out there that can help with a mysql db situation?13:02
MythbuntuGuest64I'm trying to upgrade my MythTV Boxes to .22-fixes. I run the MythRepos package and it doesn't give me a choice. When I look in the software sources tab it says .22-trunk. What am I doing wrong?14:04
tgm4883MythbuntuGuest64, forget about the name of the repo, .22-trunk == .22-fixes14:24
MythbuntuGuest64Oh ok. Thanks. The documentation made it sound like there was a difference.14:26
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zurcherartHi. Just installed first Mythbuntu installation (9.10).  Wanted it to install side by side with existing Ubuntu 9.04... install completed but it doesn't give me choice to boot into Mythbuntu ... just books into older 9.04 Ubuntu.  Did I miss a step on configuring the boot loader?  Is there an easy way to correct it so it will boot to mythbuntu?17:36
superm1zurcherart, check if maybe the entries are in the grub config and just not selected by default17:53
superm1press either shift or esc at the grub menu (or lack there of) to see17:53
zurcherartthanks superm1 .... I did that and the entries weren't there ... just 9.04 and the various recovery options17:53
superm1zurcherart, interesting.  did you install on another drive?17:54
whoDat_did something break in 9.10 with the 'fetch channels from listings source' button in mythtv-setup? I can't get it to work for any new video sources (pulling from schedules direct grabber) that I create17:55
whoDat_the button still works for my the existing sources I already had.17:55
zurcherartno superm .. same drive new partition (first time I've done dual boot ... so I'm a bit iffy on the concept :)17:55
superm1i certainly hope it didnt break whoDat_17:56
superm1check the terminal output(alt tab to see)17:56
whoDat_doh , good idea ;)17:56
superm1zurcherart, hm i wonder if the logic somewhere didn't like you doing it that way17:56
superm1do you know if you were using a DOS style MBR, or grub on the MBR?17:57
whoDat_"stopping channel fetch, you need to scan for channels first"17:57
superm1there ya go17:57
whoDat_i dont want a hard scan i want them from the grabber17:57
superm1that does seem uber stupid though17:57
whoDat_if i do the scan its gonna find a bunch of channels i dont want, isnt it?17:58
whoDat_i just want the ones i selected from my schedules direct grabber17:58
whoDat_i dont think that was a requirement before?17:59
superm1check with the kids in #mythtv-users if they have any ideas of another way around that17:59
zurcherartgrub on the MBR afaik ... suspect that the new boot partition was not recorded in the grub config at install?  (Did I choose the wrong question about that during the Mythbuntu install? ... probably ....)17:59
superm1zurcherart, so what probably happened then is that grub got installed onto the new partition18:00
superm1if you add a chainload entry to the new partition, you should be able to get to it18:00
superm1you'll have to google a little bit on how to do that.  alternatively, just wipe the new partition, reinstall, and make sure you pick to install the new grub to the MBR18:01
zurcherartok ... that sounds like a plan ... thanks for handling the noobish question!18:02
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Guest82402Had a quick question, whats the suggested vid capture card to use with myth?21:31
hadsYour question was too quick.21:34
`ph8hi mythers! I've just installed and started using Gnome (in 9.10/latest stable) - annoying though the mythtv frontend doesn't appear over the gnome taskbars, it appears sandwiched between them! Does anyone know a way around this?23:02
hadsTry disabling compositing.23:05

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