erieslab233ok I need some quick honest advice00:18
erieslab233ok so it need not be quick but honest anyway00:19
erieslab233I just bought 8 quad core 3.4ghz 8GB servers for my new rack...00:19
erieslab233I have like 30 thin clients currently00:19
erieslab233I wanna cluster all these new servers00:19
erieslab233how many hours should be a reasonable quote to outsource it to an admin?00:20
erieslab233or is this a project I can do myself from a simple readme file?00:20
erieslab233In theory this should be like 20x the power I have now, really wanting to do something quick before I lose my drive on it lol00:21
* tonyyarusso has utterly no idea00:21
tonyyarussoYou can probably do it yourself, but it will take a bit more than one readme file to figure it out00:21
erieslab233I figured as much... it is possible though?00:21
erieslab233one massive computer? like rendering a 2 hour movie in 5 minutes ?00:22
erieslab233nobody has any guesses as to what an honest quote would be? I mean if $600 is honest I will just have to accept it00:23
tonyyarussoThere are two general approaches you could take.00:23
tonyyarussoThe first would be to declare a cluster of those 8 computers, to always work together.00:23
tonyyarussoThe second would be to use "cloud computing" tools to apportion resources as needed for different things.00:23
erieslab233like a virtualization technique?00:24
tonyyarussoYeah, but even more so00:24
erieslab233I think I want the first :P00:24
erieslab233sounds better00:24
erieslab233any native libraries do it?00:24
erieslab233not a plug and play type request probably00:25
erieslab233i have only found one project working on it that seemed within a hobbyist's reach00:26
erieslab233that's why I ask00:26
erieslab233hmm I wonder if the ltsp guys might know00:27
tonyyarussoWell, I'm just doing an apt-cache search, and some of interest includ redhat-cluster-suite, openais, gridengine-*, ltsp-cluster-*, mpich2, and related items.00:30
tonyyarussoThe LTSP-cluster packages look particularly interesting.00:30
erieslab233wow more than google turned up00:30
erieslab233or at least google documentation searches00:30
erieslab233thank you!00:30
tonyyarussonp - good luck!00:31
PleXuSanyone known the command how to detect a soft raid?00:36
dragonwhat's the easiest way of setting up an outgoing mail server on karmic server?01:17
twbdragon: a satellite, or a smarthost?01:17
dragontwb: meaning?01:18
twbIf you don't understand the question, then step #1 is to understand it01:18
dragontwb: and you're here to complicate things.01:18
twbA smarthost is capable of sending mail to arbitrary destinations.  Smarthosts are usually called mail.example.net.01:18
twbTypically each ISP or organization will have a single smarthost.01:18
dragontwb: better01:19
twbYou then have a bunch of "satellites".  All they know how to do is send ALL their outbound mail to a designated smarthost.01:19
twbSo for example a home office might send all its outbound mail to mail.isp.net or smtp.gmail.com01:19
dragontwb: I'm setting up a smarthost, a single server sending mail directly to the outside world.01:19
twbThen you probably want to install postfix, which is the default MTA on Ubuntu.01:20
twbPersonally I would encourage people to configure satellites where possible, since this is much simpler.01:20
dragontwb: I tried postfix during karmic-rc-server installation, but it failed to install.01:21
dragonback, sorry01:24
dragontwb: would satellite do what I'm trying to accomplish?01:24
dragontwb: if so, I'd be happy to go that way.01:24
twbdragon: if you have a reliable path to a smarthost, it will.01:24
twbFor example, if you're setting up a VPS, your VPS provider might have a smarthost01:25
dragontwb: does an SMTP server qualify?01:25
twbThat depends what the SMTP server does.01:25
twbIf it accepts mail from your server (to any destination), and then forwards it on, then it is a smarthost.01:26
dragontwb: Does Gmail's SMTP service qualify?01:27
twbYou can have a non-smarthost SMTP server that will accept email from anyone, but only if the mail is for users on itself.01:27
twbsmtp.gmail.com is a smarthost, provided you have an account there.01:27
twbYou might need to be careful if you have more than one local user, because I think smtp.gmail.com might rewrite the From header field to your gmail account.01:28
MatBoymhh nice... proftp has leaks01:28
twbIMO you ought to use vsftpd or not FTPd at all01:30
MatBoywhy not ?01:31
MatBoyproftpd is nice with sql, but that is the issue atm :)01:31
twbBecause it's the only implementation that seems to prioritize security, and FTP is definitely a protocol that needs all the security-conscious implementation that you can handle.01:32
twbAnd for authenticated FTP *uploading* I would be using SFTP (i.e. OpenSSH).01:32
MatBoyyes true01:32
MatBoyI know that, but normal FTP should do01:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #478827 in openldap (main) "openldap database backend back_perl has undefined symbols (aka slapd-perl back-perl)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47882701:46
dragontwb: how'd I go about setting up a satellite?01:53
twbInstall msmtp01:53
twbInstall msmtp-mta, rather01:53
twbThen you basically add a couple of lines to /etc/msmtprc that say "the smarthost is foo.net, and you should claim to be bar.net"01:54
twbYou can also do this with postfix, of course.01:54
pmatulisMenZa: right, the /etc/update-motd.d stuff.  well to me it's more of a system thing and less of a user thing01:55
MenZapmatulis: Well, this is a system thing, I guess...01:56
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:05
dragonso ubottu exists here, I see.02:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hammertime02:07
bogeyd6dragon derp derp02:07
dragonhow do I change a server's FQDN?02:17
twbEdit /etc/hosts and /etc/hostname, and run "hostname fred", where "fred" is the new value in /etc/hostname.02:18
dragontwb: thanks02:18
twbIf you also want to change the external FQDN that OTHER hosts see, you will need to edit DNS records somewhere02:18
pmatulistwb: a reboot is actually required in order for the kernel to be aware of the new hostname02:30
twbpmatulis: really?  Bleh02:31
twbpmatulis: where does the kernel remember the hostname?02:31
twbI thought it was only handled by hostname(8) being called early during boot02:31
twbhostname(1), apparently02:32
pmatulistwb: without a reboot you could change the kernel.hostname sysctl setting02:34
pmatulistwb: i imagine that's where uname gets it02:35
twbpmatulis: hostname(1) sets that, I just checked02:37
poningrudantaliz1ng, OMG02:37
twbHahaha, I just broke sudo02:37
poningruI would love to see the kvm/libvirt based upgrade tester02:37
* poningru is the ubuntu-us-ct contact02:37
twb$ sudo hostname arthur02:37
twb$ cat /proc/sys/kernel/hostname --> arthur02:37
twb$ sudo hostname Clio --error--> sudo: unable to resolve host arthur02:37
poningruand is going to start hosting upgrade testing sessions here02:38
twbFortunately I can root this box directly.02:38
poningruand the upgrade test I was scratching my head about02:39
poningruI finally came up with a procedure of dd'ing the hdd image and then booting into that using vmware to do the upgrade02:40
maxagazhow to check on which harddisk is my current directory ?02:40
poningru... but seriously if you have that upgrade tester ... I would love to test it out02:40
poningrumaxagaz, mount02:40
poningruand then see which one it is in02:40
poningruyou can have issues if it is bind mounted though02:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #478855 in bind9 (main) "cannot maintain old config file in bind9" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47885502:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #478857 in postfix (main) "package postfix (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: el subproceso script pre-installation nuevo devolvi? el c?digo de salida de error 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47885702:52
marks256would it be better to have a 4x dual core server at 32 bit (16gb of ram), or a 2x dual core 64 bit machine (4gb of ram)? This would be for rendering with blender 3d02:53
jmarsdenmaxagaz: df .02:54
maxagazjmarsden, :)02:57
jmarsdenmarks256: If I understand the question right, I'd say that 8 CPU cores with 16GB of RAM should be more capable than 4 CPU cores and 4GB of RAM for most tasks... I doubt blender is an exception to that.02:58
marks256jmarsden, that is exactly what i was thinking02:59
marks256jmarsden, but the 32 bit vs 64 shouldn't matter much when there is that many more cores and that much more ram?03:00
jmarsdenNot *that* much.  But it is an odd comparison, since any modern machine with 8 cores and 16GB is surely perfectly capable of running a 64bit OS... so why not run a 64bit OS on the beefier machine and get the best of both? :)03:01
marks256the processors in the beefier machine are AMD Opteron 875's @ 2.2GHz which are 32 bit processors03:05
jmarsdenUm.  I think the Opteron 875 is basicaly an Althon 64 with ECC RAM support... they should be 64bit capable... did you try booting it from a 64bit liveCD?03:07
marks256I don't even own the machine yet :)03:08
jmarsdenOK, then at least do some Googling about that processor...03:09
marks256yep i am right now03:09
jmarsdenhttp://www.trustedreviews.com/cpu-memory/review/2005/04/21/AMD-Dual-Core-Opteron-875/p1  is an old review that says it is 64bit for example03:09
marks256yep newegg says it's 64 bit too03:10
marks256NEAT! :)03:10
jmarsdenWhat makes you think Opteron 875s are 32bit... ?03:10
marks256you konw. i'm not sure why i thought they were 32 bit :)03:11
jmarsdenOK... problem solved... :)03:12
marks256thank you much! ;)03:13
jmarsdenNo problem :)03:13
biscuit_Is there a way to pipe all incoming email to a domain to a script?03:52
jmarsdenbiscuit_: Yes.  Details depend on what MTA you are using, whether you want to use procmail, etc.  But yes, it is possible.04:04
biscuit_Well I've had issues with postfix so I'm going the exim4 route04:05
biscuit_I guess I read a lot of vmail guides and such, but I just want all email sent to a domain forwarded to a script. From there I handle all the filtering, etc04:05
jmarsdenOK, then I suggest you ask in #exim for info on the specifics, because I'm not very familiar with exim4 :)04:06
biscuit_Well I mean, if there's a way to do if with another MTA I'm willing to change ;)04:07
twbbiscuit_: you could also ask #postfix about whatever bugged you with postfix :-)04:10
dragonhow can I configure postfix to send mail through Gmail's SMTP servers?04:25
twbdpkg-reconfigure -plow postfix04:26
twbPick "satellite" and follow the prompts04:26
dragontwb: thanks04:26
dragontwb: it didn't ask about smtp authentication - smtp.gmail.com would require that..04:29
twbI don't know how to make postfix do that -- try #postfix04:30
jmarsdenhttp://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/11/11/relaying-postfix-smtp-via-smtpgmailcom/  may be relevant04:30
dragonjmarsden: thanks04:31
twbdragon: earlier you asked about host renaming, I think you missed this: 13:18 <twb> If you also want to change the external FQDN that OTHER hosts see, you will need to edit DNS records somewhere04:31
dragontwb: ah I never got that.04:31
jmarsdenefremovvk: Welcome to #ubuntu-server04:32
efremovvksome problems after upgrades (9.10)04:32
jmarsdenefremovvk: Please be more specific (and this *is* on 9.10 server edition, right?)04:33
efremovvki upgraded server from 9.04 to 9.1004:34
efremovvkno problems04:34
efremovvkbut system installed kernel generc-pae04:34
efremovvkafter some upgrades it installs server kernel04:34
efremovvkbut it is no such problem04:35
efremovvkafter yesturday`s upgrade there problem with MySQL04:35
efremovvkafter upgrade I reboots my machine once..04:36
efremovvkand after Mysql say "can`t lock socket'04:37
efremovvkno any mysql porcesses I found on server04:37
efremovvkI starts tasksel04:37
twbefremovvk: your native language is Russian?04:38
efremovvkbut no LAMP there on my system04:38
efremovvkyes :004:38
efremovvkyes :)04:38
twbefremovvk: you can also try #ubuntu-ru if you prefer to speak Russian04:38
efremovvkI know04:38
twbefremovvk: but it is OK to ask in English here :-)04:38
efremovvkbut may be it is ubuntu-server problem04:39
efremovvki solved it04:39
efremovvkbut may be some one can`t04:39
efremovvkthere was no LAMP04:39
jmarsdenIt is fine to ask in English in here.  Is that the full exact error message from MySQL?  Can you pastebin the output of  sudo service mysql start?  Did you habe to delete the socket /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock ?04:39
efremovvkwhere no /var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock04:40
efremovvkand no /var/run/mysqld/04:40
jmarsdenOk, so how did you solve the issue?04:40
efremovvkpackage mysql-server was deleted from my server04:41
efremovvki installed mysql-server04:41
efremovvkbut binaries was in my system04:41
twbMaybe the upgrade got confused and tried to resolve a conflict by removing mysql-server04:41
efremovvkmay be04:42
efremovvknow apt-get dist-upgrade try to install postgresql04:43
twbYeah, you should use "aptitude full-upgrade" now04:43
twbAnd check that it won't remove stuff04:43
twbI think apt-get is still dumb04:43
efremovvkhm...now no asks for postgre04:44
twbI usually do an "aptitude safe-upgrade" first, which should not install or remove anything, only upgrade.04:44
twbMaybe Ubuntu documentation says to do it a different way -- I am too lazy to check.04:44
twbA long time ago it wanted me to upgrade via a GUI, so I ignored it :-)04:45
efremovvkI should use aptitude instead apt-get04:46
terinjokeskblin: i doubt your still on, but i just got back... no luck, still have no internet conncetion on my desktop04:46
* efremovvk run away to learn aptitude04:46
twbefremovvk: mostly it has the same commands as apt-get04:46
efremovvktwb: thanks. apt-get most closely to me04:49
terinjokeskblin: scratch that, it's connected, but it's not passing through DNS requests04:57
terinjokeskblin: i've gone around the issue tonight (bfcause i need to get actual work done) by setting the DNS on the clients to OpenDNS... but this is something i need to fix05:01
terinjokes(anyone else is free to chrip in)05:02
jmarsdenterinjokes: Is the problem with DNS lookups happening only on desktop machines (in which case, ask in #ubuntu) or on a server (in which case, here in #ubuntu-server is the right place!)?05:07
terinjokesjmarsden: the server (the physical box *this* irssi is on) seems to be doing lookups fine... this box is the gateway for the network, and handles DHCP05:10
jmarsdenOK.  So the issue is that if you set /etc/resolv.conf on the desktops to point to the local Ubuntu server for DNS resolution, ... it doesn't "work"?05:11
twbtshark time!05:12
jmarsdentwb: My thoughts exactly :)05:12
terinjokesi can try... i just assume that was supposed to be handled by DHCP05:12
twbterinjokes: DHCP doesn't do DNS resolution.05:12
twbterinjokes: it tells the DHCP client where to go for DNS resolution, though.05:12
jmarsdenterinjokes: Well, maybe it is... DHCP can provide a DNS server Ip address the client should use.05:12
twbI would typically use dnsmasq to provide both DHCP and DNS to client workstations.05:13
jmarsdenOn a client desktop if you do     dig @server yahoo.com      does that lokup work?05:13
terinjokesok set it to the server's address05:13
jmarsden?  I asked what the issue was and you used my question as a possible "answer" to the issue? :)05:14
terinjokesjmarsden: i might have misread05:14
terinjokesjmarsden: no... cannot resolve05:14
jmarsden"cannot resolve"?  What exact error did dig @server yahoo.com give you?  where server is the name or IP of your server machine...05:15
terinjokesallowing it to be handled by DHCP, cannot resolve05:15
jmarsdenThat does not sound like a dig error message to me.05:16
terinjokesjmarsden: i ran ping... no dig05:16
jmarsdenterinjokes: sudo apt-get install dnsutils     and then use dig05:16
terinjokes"Ping request could not find host yahoo.com"05:16
terinjokesjmarsden:which would be excellent... if it was a ubuntu box05:17
jmarsdenterinjokes: Ok, what client OSes are you using?  Can you boot a client from a Ubunut liveCD for testing?05:18
terinjokesi'm not asking for tech support on the desktop... from what i see, it's doing it's job... it's a failure on the ubuntu-server05:18
jmarsdenYou/we need to determine what the client machines see when they try to do a DNS lookup... so we need to find a way to get that info.05:19
jmarsdennslookup is a DOS command you can use for that, if all your client machines run Windows.05:19
terinjokesjmarsden: Server: UnKnown (nt passed one from DHCP?)05:21
twbI expect Windows got it when they stole BSD's TCP/IP stack ;-)05:21
twbterinjokes: does your DHCP server provide an option 11 value in the DHCPRESPONSE?05:22
twb(I think it's 11...)05:22
jmarsdenterinjokes: When you just type nslookup at a DOS prompt, what does it output?05:22
terinjokesjmarsden: an interactive prompt05:22
jmarsdenBefore the prompt... what does it say? :)05:22
terinjokestwb: i'm running dhcp3 (likely)05:22
twbjmarsden: I would normally do "nslookup google.com" all on one line.05:22
jmarsdenDefault server: something    and then Address: something    would be conventional.05:23
jmarsdentwb: this way I can see what DNs sevrer windows thinks it wants to use ...05:23
terinjokesDefault Server: UnKnown   \n    Address: fec0:0:0:fff::105:23
jmarsdenOK, there is your problem :)05:23
jmarsdenIf you type in to nslookup the line      set server
jmarsdenor whatever your server's IP address is...   and then  type in on a separate line     yahoo.com05:24
jmarsdendoes it then resolve yahoo.com for you?05:24
terinjokesmy ubuntu-server is (you mean that?)05:24
twbjmarsden: or even just "dnslookup example.net"05:24
jmarsdenterinjokes: Yes05:24
terinjokestwb: which is how *I* know the command :P05:25
jmarsdenterinjokes: I am assuming the ubuntu-sevrer is running a DNS service of some kind, bind or dnsmasq or whatever, right?05:25
twbIt's a pity that everyone uses nslookup or dig, because host's output is much more attractive...05:25
jmarsdentwb: Neither dnslookup nor host exist by default in Windows, though... nslookup does.05:26
jmarsdenI'll us an existing program over a nonexistent one any time :)05:26
terinjokesjmarsden: no... i kinda wanted it to pass DNS to whatever the server was using05:26
twbjmarsden: sucks, eh?05:26
twbjmarsden: I was just musing05:27
twbterinjokes: then you need to tell dhcpd to tell clients to use that upstream DNS server05:27
terinjokesjmarsden: im happy to install one, as i planned on it anyways05:27
jmarsdenterinjokes: Ah.  OK!  So, what did you tell your dhcp server on ubuntu-server to give out as a DNS sevrer address to the clients?05:27
twbterinjokes: they won't magically know05:27
terinjokesjmarsden: i did at one point, but getting masquerading working was a fun ordeal05:28
arrrghhhhey all, i'm trying to do something a little unorthodox i think, but the end result should be nice.  i use mpd to play music on my headless server, i have an amp hooked up to the local speakers.  i'd like to stream the music to another room, synced as close as possible.  i've tried using pulse, but i think i'm running into issues running pulse headless, as it's normally based on per-user sessions.05:28
jmarsdenterinjokes: That's a confusing answer.   On the Widnows machine what does    ipconfig /all |find "DNS Servers"    output?05:29
terinjokesjmarsden: no i do not... happen to know the conf option?05:30
twbarrrghhh: the mpd part is straightforward.  I can't help with pulseaudio05:30
twbarrrghhh: there used to be NAS (network audio sound) for that, but I guess pulseaudio is the new/chromatic/shit replacement..05:30
arrrghhhtwb, well mpd seems to work OK.  i don't know what the best method of streaming sync'd music...05:30
twb(I can't help with NAS either, of course...)05:30
twbOh, also, mpd doesn't link against pulseaudio, so of course it will just ignore pulse05:31
terinjokes"option domain-name-servers"05:31
jmarsdenterinjokes: option domain-name-servers   (or whatever the IP of the real DNS server is), in the right place in /etc/dhcp3/dhcpd,conf05:31
twbThe major downside of pulseaudio is that to add "plugins" you need to write code and recompile the damn thing.05:31
twbarrrghhh: try xmms2 -- it's the bloatier, featureful equivalent of mpd05:31
arrrghhhhrm.  is there a better method?05:31
arrrghhhoh.  i love mpd, i was hoping to stick with it.  i'll check it out, can xmms2 run headless?05:32
twbaptitude install xmms2-plugin-pulse, and go from there05:32
twbxmms2 is a daemon, not a GUI05:32
arrrghhhah, ok.05:32
twbIt's just like mpd, only bloatier05:32
twbe.g. its wire protocol is a binary protocol instead of simple text05:32
arrrghhhand what about controlling the music from client machines?05:32
twbAnd supports the equivalent of IMAP's IDLE as well as mpd's shitty polling, and such05:33
twbarrrghhh: there are a heap of xmms2 clients -- I think xmms2 is also network-transparent05:33
twb(As far as the client/server part; not the server-to-speakers part)05:33
twbarrrghhh: you can talk to #xmms2 about all that05:33
arrrghhhi love music player minion - plugin for firefox.  so long as i can find a client that works well with giant playlists, i'll be ok.  mpd+mpm handle my 35,000+ playlist beautifully.05:33
jmarsdenterinjokes: Did that help?  Or even work? :)05:34
twbarrrghhh: IME xmms2 is probably better at handling very large playlists, once you have the database cached05:34
twbarrrghhh: of course, it doesn't work with NFS, due to sqlite (grr!!!)05:34
twbBut then if you're using firefox, you won't be able to use NFS either.05:35
terinjokesjmarsden: just renewed the windows box... working great (you guys are awesome thanks!)05:35
arrrghhhNFS?  i use nfs for file sharing, is there another nfs?05:35
jmarsdenCool, no problem.05:35
twbAll network filesystems have huge file locking issues, and sqlite (which xmms2 and firefox3 both use heavily) in turn relies heavily on file locking.05:35
twbIn practice you can probably just say "STFU, xmms2, I'm aware of the risks" and have no problems.05:36
twbBut I sure as shit wouldn't store any important data in a sqlite database (or ANY database) that's accessed over a network filesystem.05:36
terinjokesjmarsden: now... the question becomes... will it work across reboots? :D05:36
terinjokestwb: i access a MySQL database over a network05:37
jmarsdenIf you edited the conf file, then yes, it should be permanent.  You can restart your dhcpd as a near-equivalent of a server reboot if you want to test it.05:37
twbEh, my opinion of MySQL is unprintable.05:37
arrrghhhtwb, ok.  that's fine, i don't think that'll be used.05:37
terinjokesjmarsden: i meant the masquerading it took two days of trial and error to get working05:38
jmarsdenHmmm.  Well, what did you do to make it work?05:38
jmarsdenWhat file(s) did you edit, in particular?05:38
twbterinjokes: that just means you're not very good at it :-)05:39
terinjokesjmarsden: iptables -t nat -A POSTROUTING -o wlan0 -j MASQUERADE05:39
jmarsdenYou ran these commands by hand in a shell, or you put them in a script, or... ?05:39
terinjokes(after flush the old rules)05:39
qman__terinjokes, that is not persistent, you need to either iptables-save or create a script or something05:40
terinjokesjmarsden: i didn't really mean to paste it yet05:40
qman__I forget what the ubuntu way is for that05:40
terinjokesqman__: i know... was about to say i *already* had that same line in a iptables load in my /etc/network/interfaces05:40
twb#netfilter can help you with iptables05:41
twbqman__: probably ufw :-/05:41
terinjokesi'll jump over... thanks again guys05:41
twbqman__: debian finally got iptables-persistent a few months ago05:41
twbPresumably it'll sync soon05:41
twbBy 10.04, which is all I care about ;-)05:42
terinjokestwb: my college wifi is called "ufw" so i'm trying to advoid that package, lol05:42
qman__twb, I just write my own script and add it to dhclient-exit-hooks.d05:42
arrrghhhyea, i think the new "ubuntu" way of doing firewall changes is with ufw.05:42
twbqman__: what, even on servers that don't use dhclient?05:42
twbqman__: IMO it belongs in if-pre-up.d, if-up.d, or rcS.d05:42
qman__twb, on those I use rc.local or if-up.d05:42
qman__but I get my internet IP dynamically05:43
qman__so dhclient-exit-hooks.d it is05:43
twbWhy do you need that information in your iptables-restore script?05:43
terinjokestwb: me?05:44
twbqman__: why do you need to know your own IP in your iptables-restore script?05:44
qman__twb, port forwarding05:44
qman__also, I don't want to be picking up all the random garbage floating on my ISP's network05:45
qman__there's a lot of it05:45
arrrghhhtwb, so you think streaming with pulse is the best method, and xmms2 will handle it better?05:45
twbI have heard an argument that port forwarding is nearly as bad as putting the firewalled host directly on the net05:46
twbThat you'd be MUCH better off using a simple proxy on the firewall05:46
twbI'm trying to remember which one was mentioned for SMTP05:46
qman__I can't do mail, my ISP blocks it05:46
twbThe idea being that then the firewall blocks invalid layer 4(?) conversations05:47
qman__I've got web pages on alternate ports, VPN, SSH, and some other stuff I have to let through05:47
twbYou don't need to port forward SSH; you could just use -oProxyCommand with a jailed account on the firewall.05:48
twbNot that I'm necessarily recommending that...05:48
qman__I only allow SSH to the firewall from specific hosts05:48
qman__internet-facing SSH is on another machine05:48
qman__that isn't allowed to connect to the firewall host05:49
twbqman__: and yet you let anyone into the "gooey inner filling" of your network by port-forwarding SSH?05:49
qman__I need the access05:49
twbI mean, I'm not saying that you've made a complete balls-up of it, I'm just saying that recently I have become very suspicious of port forwarding ever being the Right Thing05:49
qman__it's pretty well locked down, but it comes down to what I need05:50
twbParticularly if your bastion isn't some embedded appliance, and can actually run something that needs a good 8MB of memory05:50
arrrghhhtwb, so you think streaming with pulse is the best method, and xmms2 will handle it better?05:51
qman__the bastion is a 200MHz box with 256MB of RAM05:51
twbarrrghhh: yes05:51
twbqman__: wow05:51
qman__it can only handle about 5 simultaneous SSH sessions05:51
qman__and I've taken care to make sure only the designated accounts can log in05:52
twbqman__: dude, my system has 16MB of RAM and 16MB of nonvolatile storage05:52
twbThat was a "wow, that's big" not a "wow, that's small"05:52
terinjokeswow... that's big!05:53
twbterinjokes: yeah, I deliberately got the "deluxe" unit05:54
twbWhen there's a decent armel one with a ADSL2+ modem that can be driven by a FOSS driver, I'll upgrade to it and put emdebian down.05:55
twb(This is in my imagination, where d-i supports JFFS2 and MTD.)05:55
twbqman__: oh, and I wouldn't use rc.local, since that runs AFTER every service is up -- so you have a window where you have services but no firewall.)05:59
qman__twb, yeah, that's just a dirty hack for when a system is misbehaving06:00
twbFairy nuff06:00
arrrghhhtwb, excuse my ignorance, but what do i have to do to set xmms up?  it's installed, looks like the daemon is running...06:03
twbarrrghhh: talk to #xmms206:04
arrrghhhi was hoping since you suggested it....06:08
terinjokestwb: works, thanks!06:17
twbarrrghhh: I basically got too annoyed and just use mplayer with internet radio now06:17
twbhttp://cybersource.com.au/~twb/Preferences/.bin/radio ?06:17
twbNope, too old06:17
arrrghhhtwb, hrm.  ook...06:17
arrrghhhi have a feeling i'm going to go back to mpd, but we'll see.  so far i can't get any client to connect to xmms206:18
arrrghhhtwb, so do you know how to get pulse and xmms2 workin?  i still think i have an issue with my pulse setup.  i can't run pavucontrol or alsamixer.06:32
spartan07I'm having problems having hardy server to recognize all 4 cores. im running a quad core. has anyone come across this issue?06:42
KurtKrautspartan07, how did you concluded some cores are not being recognized?06:43
spartan07hwinfo >/home/seg02/hardware_info.txt06:44
spartan07shows 1 core06:44
spartan07but cpu as intel quad core06:44
KurtKrautspartan07, install the package htop and run it. Does it show four bars at the top, like 4 cores?06:44
spartan07I also run htop and it only shows 1 cpu06:45
spartan07shows only 1 cpu.06:45
spartan07my i7 shows 8 cpus06:45
spartan07im guessing for the threads06:45
KurtKrautspartan07, please put the result of cat /proc/cpuinfo on www.pastie.org and then paste here the URL.06:46
KurtKrautspartan07, you pasted the whole output?06:49
KurtKrautspartan07, Is your system up to date? Do a sudo aptitude update;sudo aptitude upgrade06:51
spartan07there it is again from command prompt to finish06:51
spartan07sudo apt-get update the same?06:51
KurtKrautspartan07, what do you mean 'the same'?06:51
spartan07the same as sudo aptitude update?06:53
KurtKrautspartan07, you must do two commands: 1) sudo aptitude update 2) sudo aptitude upgrade06:54
spartan072 packages are being held back06:54
KurtKrautspartan07, you should only do command number 2 when command number 1 is finnished06:54
spartan07yes I was just asking if aptitude and apt-get are any different06:54
KurtKrautspartan07, slightly different. aptitude is smarter.06:55
spartan07I have tried both and they seem to do the same, so I was asking because I was curious.06:55
spartan07ahh, good to know06:55
KurtKrautspartan07, is there a good reason for keeping this server running an old version of Ubuntu?06:56
spartan07production server06:56
spartan07other than that no06:57
KurtKrautspartan07, but hardy is not the latest LTS.06:57
spartan078.04 is not the latest LTS06:58
KurtKrautspartan07, sorry, it is. I thought Hardy was released in 2007.06:59
spartan07maybe a problem with the 64 bit version?06:59
spartan07im running kernel Linux 2.6.24-24-server #1 SMP Tue Jul 7 19:39:36 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:00
KurtKrautspartan07, we need to exclude the possibility of outdated software, mainly kernel. If you reboot with the latest kernel of Ubuntu 8.04 and the problem still exists, this will need further investigation. The right place for that is posting all the data you have about the issue on ubuntuforums.org07:00
KurtKrautspartan07, does aptitude tells you there is a newer version of the kernel for you?07:02
spartan07what command do i run to find out?07:05
KurtKrautspartan07, you must do two commands: 1) sudo aptitude update 2) sudo aptitude upgrade07:06
spartan07i posted update output on last paste bin url07:09
spartan071 sec07:09
spartan07The following packages have been kept back: linux-image-server linux-server07:11
spartan07should I just sudo aptitude linux-image-server linux-server  ??07:12
KurtKrautspartan07, now do a sudo aptitude full-upgrade07:12
spartan07ahh , ok07:12
KurtKrautspartan07, oops, sorry07:12
KurtKrautspartan07, that's not correct.07:12
spartan07lol done07:12
spartan07its down loading07:12
spartan07is there a way to cancel ?07:12
KurtKrautspartan07, is it downloading only linux-image-server and linux-server?07:13
spartan07full upgrade will take me to 9.01 correct?07:13
spartan07full upgrade07:13
KurtKrautspartan07, is it downloading several packages? If yes and you're at the download phase, you can abort with CTRL+C07:13
spartan07can I do a cntl+c?07:13
KurtKrautspartan07, if it is still downloading and not installing, yes.07:14
twbTechnically it's often safe to interrupt dpkg, too.07:15
spartan07Get:1 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com hardy-updates/main linux-image-2.6.24-25-server 2.6.24-25.63 [17.8MB]58% [1 linux-image-2.6.24-25-server 13738342/17.8MB 77%]07:15
twbI wouldn't depend on that as a strategy, though07:15
spartan07KurtKraut: thats where it stopped.07:15
spartan07should I just sudo aptitude linux-image-server linux-server  ??07:16
KurtKrauttwb, there is a newer version of linux-image for spartan07  but aptitude is not making the update after 'sudo aptitude safe-upgrade', it tells the package was kept back. What does spartan07 need to do to have an up to date kernel?07:17
twbKurtKraut: that's because it'll want to remove linux-generic or linux-kernel-generic or something07:19
twbTry a full-upgrade and pay attention to what it wants to remove07:19
KurtKrauttwb, but he wants to stick to an LTS version.07:19
twbspartan07: run "aptitude full-upgrade -sy" and pastebin the output.07:19
twbKurtKraut: if he hasn't fucked with sources.list, it won't upgrade out of LTS07:20
KurtKrauttwb, oh, okay.07:20
KurtKrautspartan07, so, I was right before :P07:20
twbKurtKraut: this is a known issue (to me, at least) with LTS -- the security update for linux server kernel didn't include an update to one of the metapackages07:20
twbSo either remove the metapackage (which is what I do), or don't apply the kernel's security update07:20
twb-s will simulate a full-update and let us confirm that this is the problem.07:21
KurtKrauttwb, let me explain you his problem. He is running Hardy on a Intel Core 2 Quad and Ubuntu doesn't seem to recognize all cores. Only one. Before proceeding on an investigation, I'm telling spartan07 that it is important to have the latest kernel availuable for him07:21
twbspartan07: pastebin the output of "cat /proc/cpuinfo", too.07:22
twbspartan07: yeah, that's perfectly fine to do an "aptitude full-upgrade"07:23
twbIt's just whinging because the kernel's changing a minor version, which means that a "new" package is being installed.07:23
spartan07is this core recognition a known issue? I would think many servers are multi core now a days07:25
spartan07done, rebooting - 1sec07:26
twbspartan07: I don't know.07:26
twbprocessor       : 3 [...]07:27
twbmodel name      : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Quad CPU    Q9550  @ 2.83GHz07:27
twbMy 8.04 server can see four cores.07:27
twbLinux plum 2.6.24-23-openvz #1 SMP Thu Apr 2 00:25:58 UTC 2009 x86_64 GNU/Linux07:27
twbI suggest you ask the BIOS if it is doing anything stupid07:27
spartan07that was my next thought "BOIS"07:27
spartan07when I checked it said all 4 cores were enabled07:28
spartan07I would not be able to check since im doing this all though ssh until morning07:28
twbspartan07: check tomorrow, then07:29
twbSomeone will still be in here, even if I'm not07:29
spartan07still showing 1cpu so it will have to wait till morning.07:29
spartan07thank you for the support guys07:29
twbI hear you can also use dmidecode to check BIOS settings07:29
spartan07Under Processor Information it says 4 and enabled07:32
KurtKrautspartan07, so after upgrade and reboot, /proc/cpuinfo still shows one core?07:32
KurtKrautspartan07, have you searched on ubuntuforums.org if someone had the same problem?07:34
spartan07im kinda thinking of just trying out 9.1 64bit07:34
spartan07yea did not find much under the server part, hardy desktop had this issue with some laptops07:34
twbspartan07: you could just cherry-pick the 9.10 (it's not "9.1") kernel and see if the problem is fixed.07:35
twbspartan07: that will save you a tedious and possibly useless install07:35
spartan07in all honesty I would not know what to cherry pick07:35
spartan07what would be the command to upgrade on the command line to 9.10?07:36
twb!8.04 -> 8.1007:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about 8.04 -07:37
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading07:37
twb!release notes07:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about release notes07:37
twbspartan07: have a look at that stuff and get back to us if you need more help07:37
twbMy advice regarding upgrades will be rather baroque and draconian07:37
spartan07ok, Im on it. thank you very much for the help07:38
spartan07ok, gnight guys and thanks again07:38
uvirtbotNew bug: #478973 in freeradius (universe) "expiration functionality of FreeRADIUS 2.1.0 is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47897308:31
iarwainHi. I have a question about Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud. Imagine I have 2 machines for the local cloud. Will I be able to start an instance that uses the resources of both nodes? or must they be 2 or more to use all the resources?09:19
sindreIs there anyone here that have experience with using Tomcat and MySQL on ubuntu?09:41
twb!anyone >sindre09:43
twbStupid ubottu!09:43
ubottusindre, please see my private message09:43
twbGood ubottu!09:43
sindreThe problem is that I have a tomcat web developer who have some issues connecting to the mysql db he created. We attempted to run the same application from his desktop machine, where we created a mysql user with permission to connect from his ip. this worked. So I believe there is problems with the jdbc application09:43
sindreHe has tomcat installed on his desktop computer, which were able to run his tomcat code without trouble (connecting to the database on the ubuntu server). But when we attempt to run the same web application from the ubuntu server, the connection to mysql fails09:44
sindreMySQL and Tomcat from the 9.10 repositories09:46
sindreI also installed libmysql-java09:46
sindretelnet localhost 3306 from a ssh session on the server works fine.09:47
twbAs for me, I can't help.09:47
sindreThanks for replying and helping me help others help myself anyway09:47
qman__sindre, I don't know anything about tomcat, but it might be just a regular old mysql issue09:51
qman__in mysql, 'user'@'localhost' and 'user'@'' are two different users09:51
qman__so make sure you have the right user setup09:52
sindreI'll check it. thanks09:53
twbGoddamn mysql localhost hack09:53
twbOr is it ""?09:53
twbWhichever one magically uses sockets09:53
qman__not sure, but those are two different users as well09:53
qman__I think localhost uses sockets09:53
twbI hate that09:53
sindreI have 'sindre'@'localhost' (same username for the external IP I tried, and it worked fine)09:54
qman__did you set the password for both users?09:55
qman__and the permissions09:55
qman__ok then, I see no reason why it shouldn't work09:56
sindreI think it's the java side of it09:56
sindrekind of ruled out MySQL when it worked with same MySQL installation on a different tomcat server09:56
qman__very well could be, like I said, I don't really know anything about tomcat09:56
qman__sounds like mysql is set up correctly though09:56
sindreI find it very difficult to google issues with tomcat. Been struggling with this since last week (I'm just a sys admin who tries to make the server work)09:58
alex88if a bug in launchpad has "fix committed" status, is ti completely fixed in updates?10:05
sorenalex88: No.10:05
sorenalex88: Which bug?10:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 446146 in linux "Several Huawei USB dongle don't work with kernel 2.6.31-12.40 ( update related)" [High,Fix committed]10:06
alex88maybe it's fixed in some rc kernel..but i'm not so familiar wth bug system..10:08
alex88soren: any clue?10:16
sorenalex88: It's probably in karmic-proposed. I can't see for sure.10:16
alex88soren: thanks, i'll try those updates10:17
sorenHave fun.10:17
sorenRemember to disable karmic-proposed again once you've installed the kernel.10:17
sorenYou may not want to just blindly accept all the stuff in -proposed.10:18
sindrehttp://pastebin.org/52079 here is a summary of my problem.10:18
twbIf only target-release or similar could be used for that kind of pinning :-/10:18
alex88i'll do it..thanks10:19
alex88twb: no familiar with tomcat.. i'm sorry...10:20
sindreupdated pastebin: http://pastebin.org/5209310:28
ttxsindre: you should disable TOMCAT6_SECURITY in /etc/default/tomcat6 and see if it changes something10:33
ttxsindre: on Ubuntu tomcat runs by default with a security manager, while the upstream binary distribution of tomcat doesn't10:33
sindrettx: I'll try it. thanks10:43
sindreit's commented out in the default tomcat6 configuration file10:45
ttxsindre: that's because it defaults to yes.10:45
ttxset TOMCAT6_SECURITY=no10:45
ttx(it's not as bad as it looks)10:45
sindredid it and restarting tomcat10:46
sindrettx: you are a brilliant man!10:46
ttxsindre: I cheat. I packaged it.10:47
sindrethanks for giving me an easy way to install tomcat and for helping me figuring out the issue I was having. :)10:47
ttxsindre: If that works, it means you'll have to hack the securitymanager profiles in order to make it work with SECURITY=yes10:48
ttxor just drop the securitymanager altogether10:48
ttxsince it's very coplex to get right.10:48
sindreIt's noe exposed to the internet, so I'll be ok without security10:48
ttxcomplex, even10:48
ttx"security" is just about running the JVM inside a security sandbox and giving it rights to do stuff with the system10:48
ttxso it's another layer for defense in depth10:49
ttxbut it's tricky to configure and the main cause of strange bugs with our packaging10:49
twbIs securitymanager some Java-specific thing?10:50
ttxtwb: yes10:50
ttxit's a jvm option10:50
twbRight, carry on10:50
* twb doesn't do Java10:50
ttxwe already run tomcat6 as a specific user, so it's secure enough for most cases10:50
ttxtwb: good idea, I shouldn't do Java either.10:51
twbI was going to point half-heartedly at apparmor and make bowel-movement type noises10:51
ttxtwb: we could replace using securitymanager by default with using apparmor by default10:52
ttxtwb: it's so much easier to configure :)10:52
twbI'm kinda suspicious of all the MACs, particularly accidentally allowing stuff10:53
ttxalso tomcat has security manager support but upstream doesn't like it so much -- they usually talk bad words about Ubuntu for us using it by default10:53
twbBut also because every damn admin says "oh, selinux?  I `configured' it by putting it into complain mode"10:53
twb(Learn mode?  Whatever.  The one that doesn't enforce policy.)10:54
ttxtwb: complex MAC is usually worse than no MAC, unless in the hands of very experienced people10:54
ttxtwb: that's the whole story behind Ubuntu's backing of Apparmor10:54
twbttx: eh, my understanding of apparmour is that it's a slightly easier flavour of suck10:54
ttxtwb: my experience is slightly better.10:55
twbI'd like to understand NTFS' ACLs so that I can explain why they're dumb, too10:55
twbWe currently have some amazingly fugly layers in the security cake at some prisons10:56
twbBut yeah, I will grant you that apparmour is easier to get going than selinux10:56
twbBy 2100 I hope to have gotten around to some turnkey "default deny" apparmor policies, like I currently know how to do for packets with netfilter.10:58
twbHm.  Wikipedia says TOMOYO (another path-based MAC) is in Linux proper.11:01
twbNever mind, it's just using LSM like everything else.11:02
toddobryanI'm having Kerberos trouble. I can kinit, but I can't su with the Kerberos password, and I get this message:11:16
toddobryanNov  9 06:15:14 server1 su[3889]: Libgcrypt warning: missing initialization - please fix the application11:17
toddobryanin syslog.11:17
twbOh gods, I hate krb11:17
twbtoddobryan: I assume your /etc/pam.d is sane-ish?11:17
toddobryanWell, I ran sudo auth-client-config -a -p kerberos_example11:18
toddobryanSo if it's not, it's auth-client-config's fault.11:18
toddobryanBut I looked in there and it seemed to make sense.11:18
twbtoddobryan: good-o11:19
twbMy last attempt predates auth-client-config, but I have had great success with it's lac_ldap11:19
toddobryanAny idea what the libgcrypt problem could be?11:20
toddobryanThat seems to appear whenever I try to su...11:20
twbCall me silly, but any reason you're trying with su and not login or sudo or ssh?11:21
twbNot that I particularly expect those to work better11:21
toddobryanWell, I don't know what's different, but I used sudo pam-auth-update krb5 and it works, now.11:33
toddobryanSo something about auth-client-config and pam-auth-update is inconsistent with each other.11:34
toddobryanBut now, I have to run to school. Thanks, twb!11:34
twbI feel old11:35
twbI will pretend that he's a lecturer at school11:36
twbThen I will not feel so old11:36
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uvirtbotNew bug: #475546 in krb5 (main) "Memory leaks in version 1.6.dfsg.3~beta1-2ubuntu1.1" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47554613:16
uvirtbotNew bug: #477011 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: installed pre-removal script alt i?lemi ??k?? durumunda hata d?nd?rd?:: 1" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47701113:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #476142 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: " [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47614213:41
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uvirtbotNew bug: #477333 in sysstat (universe) "cron job is overly noisy" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47733314:01
RayMcCoyMy Ubuntu Server 8.04.3 located at http://liliput.mine.nu is serving very, very slow, even accessing from my local network14:05
RayMcCoyI did an ApacheBenchmark and that seems to be fast, so it must be something with the connection14:06
RayMcCoywhen I ping the server with big packet size (like 1024 bytes) I get timeouts all the time, but 32 bytes it replies ok most of the time14:07
RayMcCoyBut I wgetted some external big files (like a ubuntu iso) from the server through SSH and I get full download speed for my connection (10mbit), so at least downstream seems to work OK...14:09
RayMcCoyany help would be appreciated :)14:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #479185 in bind9 (main) "bind 9 won't install" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47918514:21
zulttx: ping14:43
ttxzul: pong15:01
zulttx: mind if I take the openvpn merge from you?15:02
ttxzul: be my guest15:02
Blusion`AfkHello :) I have an question to ask; Can I run Plesk on an Ubuntu server?15:23
leniosaccording to http://www.parallels.com/fr/products/plesk/reqs , you can on 8.0415:29
uvirtbotNew bug: #479226 in likewise-open5 (universe) "Cannot authenticate using PolicyKit dialogs with domain credentials, prompts for local user" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47922615:31
Blusion`AfkUbuntu 8.04 LTS <- plesk can run on that distro.15:32
leniosthat's what they say15:34
leniosi don't use that, i can't tell you15:35
Blusion`AfkIt's okay15:35
Blusion`AfkIt's was just a question ;) You are using DirectAdmin, lenios?15:36
leniosi don't15:42
leniosbut if i had to choose one, i'll probable check webmin first15:42
Blusion`AfkOkay :)15:44
incorrecthow can i measure the performance of my DNS server in terms of response time15:44
Jeeves_incorrect: What dns server are you running?15:56
Jeeves_Some report it themselves15:56
incorrectJeeves_, i am not running the dns server15:56
incorrecti am comparing dns performance from the UK / USA where ever15:57
Jeeves_incorrect: Ah, ok. Well, dig reports the Query time15:58
uvirtbotNew bug: #479250 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "ORDER BY DESC in InnoDB not working" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47925016:01
googawhat is the difference between sendmail.cf and sendmail.conf and is there a channel for more on topic conversation16:01
Jeeves_Hey, that's my bug! :)16:02
Jeeves_googa: I guess not much people use sendmail in here (they are wise, imho ;))16:05
googaI guess not16:06
googaim pretty new to the irc scene16:06
googaand a bit bewildered, is there any way of searching for specific channels?16:07
Jeeves_Not that I know of16:09
kane_googa: depends a bit on your client. /list should give you a listing of all the channels on the server though16:09
iarpyou could try searchirc.com16:10
kane_googa: http://www.irchelp.org/irchelp/chanlist16:10
googaok thanks!16:13
googagreat found one!16:14
incorrectoh yes dig does report the query time, i couldn't see it16:14
zulttx: why is some of the ideas in italics?16:16
ttxzul: see top16:17
zulwell duh16:17
ScottKnxvl: Any chance you could look into Bug #413252 ?  Looks very straightforward, but I think it ought to be an SRU for Karmic too.16:29
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 413252 in courier "package courier-base 0.61.2-1ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/41325216:29
sc0tt-hi folks, I've just installed ubuntu-server on a box and noticed upon boot thats its not loading a usb wifi adapter, what steps can I take to get it working?16:36
sc0tt-(the wifi is detected and works fine in karmic desktop)16:36
* soren calls it a day16:38
mok0I'd like to use the ubuntu mail stack: postfix/dovecot with procmail. Can I just redefine postfix's mailbox_command line?16:43
\shmok0, why do you want dovecot + procmail, while you could use sieve?16:49
aubrecan anyone help me register my UEC with Landscape? The machine itself is in Landscaper, but when I try to register my cloud it says "There was an error communicating with the cloud.:16:53
\shmok0, just read http://wiki.dovecot.org/LDA/Sieve and you forget about procmail at all ;) and there is an procmail2sieve converter16:53
jimlovell777I have a question regarding .htaccess on my server. This is a example of my htaccess file http://pastebin.com/d360c4244. What I'm trying to accomplish is to remove trailing /'s, redirect http://www. to just http://, prevent hotlinking, and remove php file extensions. For example http://www.mysite.com/contact.php/ would become http://mysite.com/contact. My example works except for two cases, when I want to go to a directory like my16:53
jimlovell777site.com/images/ and when I try to link to my forums located at mysite.com/forums. /forums gets rewritten to /home/me/..... Any ideas?16:53
mok0\sh, I have a procmail setup that I've used for 10 years and I'd rather not switch16:53
mok0\sh does sieve work from the default setup?16:54
\shmok0, it should...I have an ISP setup with postfix + dovecot so I don't use ubuntus default setup16:55
mok0\sh, OK, thanx.16:55
mok0I will look at sieve, if I can convert my (huge) .procmail script I might go with that16:56
\shmok0, as written on this wiki page, there is a procmail2sieve converter...never used it myself, but if it can help you, try it :)16:57
mok0\sh, I will16:57
jimlovell777Is there a better place to ask my question?16:57
Picijimlovell777: Perhaps #httpd for apache questions16:58
jimlovell777Pici: Ok thanks16:58
bogeyd6!apache | jimlovell77716:59
ubottujimlovell777: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)16:59
chimp_I have a server connected by serial cable. When it boots it never reaches the stage to ask my user name, however it does get ssh server started so I ssh into it. I'm trying to work out why it wont get to the stage of logging in, any ideas how i can?17:09
kane_chimp_: the start up logs are usually a good place to start; syslog, messages, dmesg17:10
NRVatechimp_ -- so you are using something like console=ttyS0 to boot the server?17:11
NRVatehence, you see the kernel output on the serial console, but the serial console never issues a login prompt?17:11
NRVateok.  so you don't have a getty process running for the port17:11
chimp_syslog is doing this17:11
chimp_Jan  1 02:29:51 ubuntu init: tty3 main process (4423) terminated with status 117:11
chimp_Jan  1 02:29:51 ubuntu init: tty3 main process ended, respawning17:11
chimp_Its on an arm board17:12
NRVatetty3 would be the third virtual console, right?17:12
chimp_its running through tty1 to tty6 terminating and respawning17:12
NRVatehuhm :|17:12
NRVatewonder why it's chunking on a simple virtual console17:12
NRVateis there.. no video at all on this machine?17:12
chimp_It has just the serial out17:13
NRVateok.. you might start by removing tty?.conf from /etc/init17:13
NRVatebut first, copy one to ttyS0.conf17:13
NRVateedit it, change ttyx to ttyS017:13
NRVaten boot17:13
NRVate(that's assuming you are using ubuntu 9.10)17:14
NRVate.. before 9.10 the usual /etc/inittab file is still used.. but 9.10 switched to upstart and hence /etc/init/<something>.conf files instead17:14
NRVatehmm lemme look at my 904 machine17:14
chimp_# Example how to put a getty on a serial line (for a terminal)17:15
chimp_T0:23:respawn:/sbin/getty -L ttyS0 115200 vt22017:15
chimp_Is the end of inittab (rest is commented)17:15
NRVatemakes sense.. so standard inittab syntax17:16
NRVatehmm, my 904 machine does seem to have /etc/inittab *confused*17:16
NRVate(would be nice if ubuntu stuck with something for more than 6 months...)17:16
NRVateok, people.. so where the bleep is the inittab in 904?17:17
chimp_Mine is as you said /etc/inittab17:17
NRVatehmm, that doesn't exist on mine17:18
NRVatemaybe its different on the amd64 build17:18
NRVatelooks like /etc/event.d for my install.. strange.17:18
chimp_Mine is one generated using debconf17:18
NRVateanyways, you should be able to remove the tty1-tty6 lines from inittab so you stop erroring on them17:19
NRVateand I'd guess that above ttyS0 line should be what you need to spawn a getty on the serial line17:19
NRVateassuming ttyS0 is the valid device, AND it supports 115.2kbit17:19
chimp_But it never spawns it17:19
smosersoren, can you make me the assignee of https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-karmic-ec2-release-process ?17:19
chimp_Yeah it does17:19
NRVatewhat if you run it manually via your SSH sesssion?17:20
NRVatemight spit you a useful error :)17:20
chimp_The rest (tty1-tty6) are commented in inittab17:21
chimp_running it manually just gave me access17:21
chimp_i can log in via serial now, wtf?17:21
chimp_Is the inittab bit never ran?17:22
NRVateahh. so tty1-6 shouldn't be spawning in the first place if it's using /etc/inittab ??17:22
NRVatethats my guess.17:22
NRVatedo you have /etc/event.d ?17:22
NRVatemy 904 install.. has no /etc/inittab17:22
NRVatebut.. looks like my getty's are spawned from there17:22
NRVatemaybe try editing /etc/event.d/tty117:22
NRVateand change tty1 so ttyS0 on the getty line17:22
NRVateerr.. exec /sbin/getty with the same params that worked from the command line17:23
chimp_lol, that is a real hack17:23
NRVatelooks like the last line of the file is just an exec17:23
NRVatewell i suppose you could.. nuke tty1-6 files.. create ttyS0 file, etc.. that'd be "proper".. lol.17:23
chimp_I wonder if its related to this arm board running jffs2 on a 512mb nand17:23
chimp_It takes *FOREVER* to boot17:23
chimp_Im having trouble with ubifs for time being17:23
NRVatehmm. well, dmesg output should be timestamped17:24
NRVateso you can see where it's hanging up17:24
chimp_I get a giving up message on bootup saying mount took longer than 120s17:24
NRVatewow, insane.17:24
chimp_yeah its jffs217:25
NRVatewill the device cooperate with a most standard filesystem?17:25
NRVateerr mORE17:25
chimp_It reads the entire disk before mounting17:25
* NRVate giggles17:25
chimp_It needs to be a nand filesystem17:25
chimp_It needs ubifs tbh, but im struggling to get it working17:25
chimp_It was jaffs2 before but I also had issues with no one seemingly using it17:26
NRVatehuhm.. ive yet to play much with all that17:26
chimp_Basically theres no controller chip that does the wear leveling for you that you find in sd cards or ssd drives, so the file system has to handle it for you17:27
NRVatemakes sense17:27
NRVateubifs looks real new17:27
NRVatealong with logfs.. interesting.. haven't seen this before17:27
NRVateso.. ubifs came out in 2.6.2717:28
NRVate9.04.. uses 2.6.28, right?17:28
NRVatewonder if there are significant fixes in the later kernels you may need?17:28
chimp_Yeah too new.. the tools for it dont exist on the debian sarge install that comes with this board, so im struggling to set it up to use ubifs for the newer filesystem and kernel i run on it17:28
chimp_Im running 2.6.31 on it17:28
NRVateah, gotcha.17:28
chimp_It has some patches in it that some bloke wrote to make it read the nand faster17:29
NRVateright on. i assume the root fs is on the nand device?17:30
chimp_I cant make it boot from the sd card because of some hard coded rom issues17:30
NRVatehehe that complicates things a bit17:30
chimp_Im trying to cross compile mtd-utils but ive had issues17:31
chimp_and mtd-utils only has ubifs support in 9.10 (while im 9.04)17:32
chimp_right im off to see my GP cheers for the help NRVate17:32
NRVatewhew.. sounds fun!17:32
NRVategood luck chimp, sounds like a fun project17:33
NRVatei've been wanting to play with some ARM stuff17:33
NRVatekeep seeing their office on the ride home haha17:33
NRVatecheers :)17:33
chimp_Where, london?17:34
nxvlScottK: will take a look17:34
NRVateAustin, Tx17:34
ScottKnxvl: Thanks.17:34
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mephxHello, I chose to configure networking later during 9.10 ubuntu server install. After install and bootup networking init script simply doesn't work. Are there any further steps besides configuring /etc/network/interfaces? Ifup eth0 works...18:12
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uvirtbotNew bug: #479365 in squid (main) "assertion failure" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47936518:17
kane_mephx: if you have some log output of how it doesn't work, that would be very helpful18:27
mephxkane_: i can't find any relative output regarding what's happening18:30
mephxifup works, /etc/init.d/networking restart clears the current configuration and does not re-set it18:31
kane_mephx: odd -- did you edit that file at all?18:31
mephxthe init script?18:32
mephxi installed 9.10 server on 2 servers18:32
kane_mephx: and they both have this problem?18:32
mephxone of them got network configuration, the other one i chose to configure it later18:33
mephxthe one configured during install worked, the other doesn't18:33
mephxI could always add ifup eth0 to local, but that looks $#itty18:36
kane_mephx: /etc/init.d/networking basically does an ifup/ifdown. try capturing the output and see what it does18:36
kane_mephx: another thing to look at would be the runlevels this is being executed at18:39
mephxalso, it does not show on rcconf18:39
mephxcan't neither get it to output anything18:41
kane_mephx: you can't get /etc/init.d/networking to output anything?18:41
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mephxkane_: i'm now debugging it by hand18:42
mephxifup -a differs from ifup eth018:42
mephxlacking auto eth0 line18:43
mephxifup -a sucks18:44
mephxthanks for the headsup18:44
mephxdon't know why, but i always associated auto line in ifaces to dhcp18:45
kane_mephx: you did the hard work :) glad we got it fixed18:45
mephxthanks again kane_18:46
kane_my pleasure18:46
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eqx311hi :)19:14
eqx311guys.. does anyone of you has a luck with Xen and Karmic ?19:14
linux_drI'm looking at the Model API reference... is there something like an afterLoad and afterUnload callback?19:32
linux_drOops... wrong channel.. lol19:32
uvirtbotNew bug: #479428 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess new pre-installation script returned error exit status 128" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47942819:36
uvirtbotNew bug: #284416 in whois (main) "whois package contains unrelated binary 'mkpasswd'" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28441619:43
spy6hi there20:02
spy6does anybody know, if ubuntu is certified for oracle (db)?20:02
MagicFabspy6, it's not20:20
sammyare there any scripts /window 320:23
Picisammy: What?20:24
sammyare there any ways to view the status of multiple init.d services at the same time?20:24
sammygentoo has things like rc-status that show you the started/stopped status of all services or all services in a particular run level20:24
Picisammy: You could try server --status-all , but I'm not sure if thats the recommended way to do it.20:25
sammyif you mean `service --status-all` :) that seems to give me what I'm looking for. I'm okay with a complete list of all init scripts- its not terribly important that I be able to filter it by current run level. thank you!20:29
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uvirtbotNew bug: #259426 in autofs (main) "autofs shoud be started after slapd" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25942620:37
BaversjoIs http://www.symfony-project.org/book/1_2/08-Inside-the-Model-Layer available for doctrine?21:07
BaversjoWrong chat >.<21:07
erichammond"A friend" needs some advice on letting Windows users have a single logon no matter which computer on the network they are using.  Is there an Ubuntu service which can be used to do this LDAP-like thing for Windows?  Is there a better place to ask?22:43
fxhpvmbuilder jeos runs successfully, but when I start the VM the guest hardware cannot find the harddrive....22:46
fxhperichammond: windows calls this a domain (active directory)22:46
ruben23hi where i can download netboot file for ubuntu desktop...?22:48
mooselixGreetings, channel.22:48
ruben23fro pxe server22:48
mooselixMight anyone have any ideas or tips for removing extra services and reducing the amount of code on an Ubuntu server running Apache, MySQL, PHP & friends?22:51
mooselixI'm looking to lighten the footprint and increase security.22:52
fxhpmooselix, I would look into kvm+JEOS22:53
fxhpJust Enough Operating System22:54
fxhpIts a version of ubuntu that is tiny and works well with VM.22:54
erichammondfxhp: Thanks for the "active directory" tip.  I'm finding howto's but they mostly seem to describe how an Ubuntu client can connect to a Windows server.  I'll keep looking.22:55
fxhpWhat are you trying to do?22:56
fxhpBuild a ubuntu server that allows for windows computers to authenticate with it?22:56
fxhpThat would be LDAP22:56
fxhpWhy does my jeos VM no have a harddrive?22:59
erichammondfxhp: Yes, authentication, and if possible, loading browser cookie/bookmark settings.  Looks like we're going to have to bring in somebody who knows Windows a bit more than we do.23:02
fxhpLDAP is used for authentication, for browser settings you would need windows "Group Policy" which is part of active directory... I don't think that functionality is part of ubuntu23:04
uvirtbotNew bug: #479621 in eucalyptus (main) "Re bundled karmic image fails to boot" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47962123:06
fxhpDoes anyone here have experience with vmbuilder and jeos?  I need help.23:08
BeardedchimpHeres an interesting question can I, and what happens if I overwrite the kernel while running the os (my guess is maybe the kernel is entirely in ram and it wont notice)23:14
BeardedchimpThis is for an arm board23:14
BeardedchimpGoing to overwrite the nand and update the kernel while running23:14
BeardedchimpKernel is in its own parition23:15
micahgis there an issue with software raid and 2.6.31?23:16
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fxhpStill having trouble with my VM's seeing their harddrives23:58
fxhpIf anyone has a chance to help me, that would be great.23:58

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