aramorning all06:26
davmor2Morning All08:21
* ara -> lunch12:32
* davmor2 -> lunch13:01
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* fader_ grumbles about forgetting to set his nick manually.13:57
aramorning fader_14:00
fader_ara: Howdy!  How was your weekend?14:01
arafader_, good, thanks! I went to my mom's, to visit her before going to dallas14:01
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arafader_, what about yours?14:01
fader_ara: Pretty decent.  I am finally starting to feel recovered from the release :)14:03
arafader_, :)14:04
arahey jsalisbury14:04
jsalisburyara: hello14:05
moustafafader_ Baguette!14:06
fader_moustafa: Jacques Cousteau!14:07
moustafafader_ Hon! Hon!14:09
davmor2Morning fader_ you muppet14:10
davmor2morning moustafa14:11
* moustafa imagined fader_ running around like Kermit14:11
moustafamorning davmor214:11
fader_davmor2: Hey, how's life?14:11
davmor2moustafa: I was thinking more of him being hit by miss piggy ;)14:11
moustafadavmor2: So, we are in agreement that fader_ is Kermit%14:12
davmor2fader_: Sound as a pound, MIL is still in hospital, bird hates it's new cage life is great ;)14:12
davmor2moustafa: baggiesy animal14:13
fader_Heh, could be worse I guess14:13
davmor2fader_: yeah could be sound as a Candian dollar then I'd be shit out of luck ;)14:13
cr3ara: hi there, regarding your uds schedule email, how can I determine if you might be missing anything?14:14
aracr3, go to http://summit.ubuntu.com and check the schedule :-)14:14
davmor2cr3: morning, use the force luke14:14
fader_davmor2: Ooh, low blow.  You realize you're outnumbered by North Americans at the moment, right?  (Only the US gets to pick on Canada.  Against everybody else we present a united front ;) )14:14
aracr3, but I didn't find any lucid-qa-checkbox... kind of blueprint14:14
aracr3, well, only one by sbeattie14:15
fader_ara: I know marjo and I discussed some checkbox-related topics but decided they didn't warrant a session of their own14:15
moustafafader_ I was gonna say something about how you still have some recovering to do after the past eight years or so, but then I remembered that we're stuck with "W lite" as Prime Minister here...14:15
fader_ara: If there's enough interest maybe we should have a general checkbox session and lump all the smaller things into it?14:16
davmor2fader_: I'm in the 51st state :P14:16
fader_moustafa: :)14:16
fader_davmor2: You're not in Canada!14:16
moustafadavmor2: Alaskawahii?14:16
davmor251st not 52nd14:16
arafader_, it sounds right14:16
cr3ara: glad you ask, I actually finished creating my blueprints late on Friday. I have a couple checkbox related ones, enhancements and reliability plus desktop experience tests14:17
aracr3, can you pass me the urls, please? :)14:18
cr3ara: I don't think the first one warrants a session whereas I'm hoping the second one will hijack the desktop experience track14:18
aracr3, thanks14:19
cr3Robbie has also shown interest in the desktop experience session, but I think he'll survive if we have it as part of the desktop experience track14:19
cr3ara: by the way, is the blueprint lucid-qa-cert-managing-projects scheduled? I think that should be a closed session14:25
aracr3, it is not yet, I had only scheduled those in ubuntu project14:25
aracr3, I will schedule it as private14:26
cr3cgregan: ping, will you be attending UDS? if so, the above session is for you :)14:29
cgregancr3: I will be attending.....so....cool!14:31
cgregancr3: I have a wiki....to edit!14:31
davmor2fader_: I forgot to ask did you persist with you KNE experiment or head back to the safety of gnome?14:37
fader_davmor2: Yeah, went back to GNOME :/14:42
fader_For some reason jockey didn't work right in KNE so I never had wifi14:42
fader_And KNE still needs a bit of polish in areas14:43
davmor2fader_: A bit?14:43
fader_davmor2: It has some interesting ideas, but still felt a bit disjoint14:44
davmor2Very True :)14:45
davmor2cr3: what have you done with moustafa you're not meant to flog till he can't type you know ;)15:21
cr3davmor2: still working out his limitations15:34
davmor2Right I'm off ttyl's17:31
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moustafacr3, davmor2, fader_ : Good evening all!22:00
fader_moustafa: nighty night!22:01
moustafaOh, before I leave: Baguette stops the LHC! http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/95971-Baguette-Shuts-Down-Large-Hadron-Collider22:01
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