taxilianI wasn't; I tried --all, and it didn't show up there either00:05
fullermdWell, if it doesn't show up in --all, it's not a dead; it's an ancestor of some other rev.00:06
fullermdDid you commit after that update?00:06
taxilianI did00:06
taxilianbecause it still showed the change packages00:06
taxilianso I thought they were still there00:06
fullermdWell, then that's why it's not a head   :p00:06
taxilianok; is there still a way to fix it?00:07
fullermdWell, they ARE there.00:07
taxilianI know what the comments are, or at least some specific keys in them00:07
taxilianwould that help?00:07
fullermdSo, let's step back; what state of affairs do you want to end up with, and why is that different from the current?00:07
taxilianI want to end up with the branch I had before I: bound to another branch, updated, and committed00:08
taxilianand the reason it's different is that the branch I had had some new changes that should have been pushed to the branch I accidently bound to00:08
fullermdOK, well they're there now.  Does it matter that they're there via a merge rather than pushed onto the lefthand ancestry?00:09
taxilianbut that's just it; they aren't there00:09
taxilianbzr status -v lists all the "pending merges", but none of the changes are there00:09
taxilianthe new files are missing, the changes are reverted00:09
taxilianno backups00:10
taxilianthis represents 4 days of work; you can understand why I'm a little agitated about it =]00:10
fullermdSomething doesn't add up.00:10
taxilianthat's what I thought00:10
fullermdIf you commit'd, there won't be pending merges sitting around, because they won't be pending any more (being committed)00:10
taxilianI uncommitted00:10
fullermdBefore or after you unbound?00:11
taxilianbut that is why I committed; I thought that even though I bound to another branch (the one I branched off of) and updated, that the changes would still be there, just waiting to be committed00:11
taxilianhere, let me tell you the whole sequence:00:11
fullermdThey would be.00:11
taxilianbzr branch <remote branch>00:11
taxilianbzr unbind00:11
taxilian<change a bunch of stuff, work for 4 days>00:11
taxilianbzr commit00:12
taxilianbzr merge <remote branch>00:12
taxilianbzr bind <remote branch>00:12
taxilianbzr update00:12
taxilianbzr status -v (at this point, files are gone, but still shows the pending merges)00:12
taxilianbzr commit (thinking that since the pending merges show, the files are still there)00:12
taxilian<panic more> (they aren't)00:12
taxilianbzr unbind00:12
taxilianbzr uncommit00:13
taxilianthere I stand00:13
fullermdSo, the remote end still has that commit you made?00:13
fullermdWhich has all those revs in its ancestry.00:13
taxilianthe local should have all the revs in ancestry, since I was unbound when I did them00:14
taxilianthe remote does not00:14
fullermdThe remote does if you committed a merge of them while you were bound to it.00:14
taxilianbut that commit doesn't seem to have sent any files00:14
taxilianbecause when I updated, the files and changes all magically disappeared00:14
fullermdStipulating that, it will still have sent the revs.00:14
taxilianI'll check the remote log00:15
fullermdYou can't (barring minor magic) stuff around a rev without stuffing around its ancestors.00:15
taxilianlet us hope that I am no magician; give me a sec to dig a bit00:15
fullermdUnless you tried to (which means at the least you dug up and did the push via writing code against bzrlib), you didn't.00:16
taxiliannope; it acts as if the commit I made (Despite the claimed "pending merges") was a no-file merge00:16
fullermdForget files.  Look at the revs.00:17
taxilianit's as if the update erased all my changes, but somehow didn't erase the "pending merges"00:17
taxilianI'm looking at revs00:17
fullermdAre you using -n0 on log?00:17
taxilianthere is a rev with the message I used on the commit, but none of the other ones are there00:17
taxilianI am not00:17
taxilianone sec00:17
taxilianahh, that looks more promising00:17
taxiliangive me a sec to try a revert00:17
fullermdSo you can use that to find the revid, and use pull to swap yourself around to that state.00:19
fullermdI'm a bit suspicious of ending up with no files changes though.  Barring big bugs, merge wouldn't quietly do that given reasonable assumptions about prior states.00:20
taxilianI will try that00:20
taxilianthank you00:20
taxilianyeah; that's why I'm so confused00:20
taxilianI thought I'd tried this before and it worked as I expected00:20
fullermdGenerally, either suggesting the merge you did earlier was botched, or you ran something like 'revert .' after the update.00:20
taxilianI can guarantee that was not the case; I built after the merge, and then I did a bind and an update; all the changes went away00:20
taxilianthis is bzr 1.18.1, incidently00:21
fullermdI don't suppose it's a public branch?00:21
taxilianit isn't00:22
fullermdIf you can pastebin a 'log -vn0' from before the point where you initally branch'd up through that last commit, we may be able to make some guesses as to what happened when.00:25
fullermdBut that may expose more info than you want.  Probably doesn't matter in itself, would just be informative.00:25
taxiliangive me a few minutes; I did find the files I need (thank you!) and I need to restore the branch so someone else can use it00:30
fullermdI'd do 3 times:00:31
fullermd1) Preserve the existing (broken in aggregate, but containing all necessary pieces) state of the main branch by branch'ing it somewhere local00:31
fullermd2) 'fix' it by using pull/push/something to reset its head to the state prior to that (poking at log should reveal it to you)00:32
fullermd3) Do the same to 'your' branch00:32
fullermdThen you're in a state to move forward, and you have a copy of the b0rkenness for analysis.00:32
taxilianI'm just going to revert and then commit00:32
taxilianso the history is intact00:32
fullermdThat...  doesn't some like what you want at all.00:33
taxilian... it gets all my files back where I want them;00:33
taxilianwhy is it not what I want?00:33
fullermdWell, it leaves a big ugly lump in your history, for one.00:33
fullermdAnd are you sure what you're reverting to is what you should be?  The weird state you ended up in suggests things awry.00:34
taxilianI'm testing the build, but it looks like it is all restored00:34
taxilianthere is just one extra revision that somehow reverts it all back to before my work00:34
taxilianif I revert back one sub-revision, it works fine00:34
fullermdWell, it's your codebase.00:35
fullermdFrom where I sit, there are only two states I'm confident are good: the remote branch before it got hit with the commit of that update pivot, and your local branch before your merge of the remote.00:35
fullermdEverything after that, I question.  So if it were me, I'd back up to those two places and try going forward from there again.00:36
fullermdYou're sitting in front of more info about the code than I am, so if you're confident in that first merge, you can try going forward from there instead.00:37
taxilianyeah, I'm looking over a full diff to make sure00:38
fullermdI'd be very down on going forward from after that second merge though; just reverting the files and commiting a new rev on top will lose any annotations at the least.00:38
fullermdAnyway, I must off.  I'm on serious plus time for sleep.00:41
taxilianI appreciate your help00:43
taxilianit was a lifesaver00:43
RenatoSilvaverterok: hi00:45
pooliekfogel: i really wasn't feeling guilty03:08
pooliei was just saying thanks03:08
kfogelpoolie: oh, I know; my first line there was just a joke.  I knew you'd already seen the joke, but this is open source, so there's always more audience for the same joke :-).03:09
poolieYear of the Linux Desktop ;-)03:09
RenatoSilvaverterok: hi03:14
verterokRenatoSilva: hi03:14
verterokRenatoSilva: your patch for redstone xmlrpc is already fixed in 1.1.1 :)03:15
RenatoSilvaverterok: did you see my comments to you here yesterday?03:15
verterokRenatoSilva: nope, crappy network connection03:16
RenatoSilvaverterok: you mean redstone guys have applied the fix? I see no status change in SF03:16
RenatoSilvaverterok: I think you have heard of the blackout here, that's why I was disconnected03:17
verterokRenatoSilva: a different patch, but the same fix03:18
RenatoSilvaverterok: I saw you have merged the changes, with them I could run all the tests successfully (0 errors/failures) in mvn, eclipse and in hudson03:20
RenatoSilvaverterok: 1.1.1 is the version in the winXP repo here (I'm in Ubuntu now), but isn't it the same version since we beginned to work on this?03:21
RenatoSilvaverterok: I mean, I've got the impression that 1.1.1 is the unpatched version03:22
verterokRenatoSilva: I did checjkut from their svn03:23
RenatoSilvaverterok: ok so it's not 1.1.1 right. I was testing yesterday: the 1.1.1 version causes test errors, when I replace it with the patched version, the errors dissapear03:24
RenatoSilvaverterok: it's weird but I was testing a few minutes ago, and now I'm getting errors (1 or 2) in winXP regarding file access/permission, both in eclipse and mvn03:26
verterokRenatoSilva: I think that's my fault03:26
verterokI changed a call from getCanonicalPath to getPath in the TestsConfig class03:27
RenatoSilvaverterok: that is, no errors/failures yesterday, but one or two errors today :( One thing different I've done is that I've updated bzr-xmloutput with the latest version from trunk (I think it was in rev 101 and I pulled 6 revs or so). Would that be the cause?03:28
RenatoSilvaverterok: hm, I don't remember if the test success was with the getPath stuff merged03:29
verterokRenatoSilva: it's one line change, revert it ;)03:29
RenatoSilvaverterok: I was trying now to run the tests in Ubuntu, but I can't. The deb package from apt repo is 0.8.3, but I get errors with that version03:31
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, it's quite old03:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: I tried to replace it with trunk, but failed. It's easy in windows, you just replace/update the xmloutput folder.  Here in Ubuntu it's not, can't get the plugin loaded by bzr, it seems that there are external metadata invloved. I tried to install the deb, and replace the dir with trunk, but didn't work either :(03:33
RenatoSilvaverterok: so you have uncommitted the getPath change?03:33
RenatoSilvaverterok: it is still there: I've done03:34
verterokRenatoSilva: not yet03:34
RenatoSilvas/I've done/http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~verterok/bzr-java-lib/encoding-and-test-fixes/revision/21503:34
RenatoSilvayou'll have to uncommit twice right? that will break my branch , right? (because I've merged that revision)03:35
verterokno, I already merged your branch03:36
RenatoSilvabut my branch have merged yours03:37
verterokRenatoSilva: I'll resolve the conflict :)03:37
RenatoSilvahum, to undo the chnage you won't uncommit it, you'll do a new commit to get back to getCanonicalPath(), right?03:38
verterokRenatoSilva: I changed that because I'm having probles with a path containing: รณ03:38
verterokRenatoSilva: right03:39
* RenatoSilva suffers of the uncommit syndrome03:40
RenatoSilvaverterok: let me go back to windows, I'll change that line and see if the tests pass. I'll rollback the xmloutput too03:42
RenatoSilvaverterok: back in winxp03:54
RenatoSilvaverterok: yesterday: http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/2136/testsok.png03:54
RenatoSilvaverterok: when I go back to getCanonicalPath, I get 5 errors03:55
RenatoSilvaverterok: if I keep getPath, I get only 1 error03:56
verterokRenatoSilva: I'm getting errors in linux with getPath03:56
RenatoSilvaverterok: this one? http://steppenwolf.selfip.net/hudson/job/bzr-java-lib%20%28encoding%20and%20tests%20fixes%29/org.vcs.bazaar.client$bzr-java-lib/16/testReport/org.vcs.bazaar.client/BazaarClientTest/testAnnotate/?03:57
verterokRenatoSilva: yeap03:58
RenatoSilvait's the same string except for the leading /home in the actual version03:59
RenatoSilvaverterok: do you know how to install the trunk version of bzr-xmloutput in Ubuntu? That way I could also run the tests in *nix, and check the errors04:01
RenatoSilvaso simple in win, but not in linux04:02
verterokRenatoSilva: first unintall the package04:02
RenatoSilvaalready unisntalled it04:02
verterokRenatoSilva: and after that: mkdir ~/.bazaar/plugins; cd ~/.bazaar/plugins; bzr branch lp:bzr-xmloutput xmloutput04:02
RenatoSilvaverterok: nice! I'll try that04:07
RenatoSilvaverterok: I've continuously uncommitting the recent changes in xmloutput's trunk04:07
RenatoSilvaverterok: getting different ammount of errors on each04:08
verterokRenatoSilva: the hudson instance is using xmloutput trunk04:08
* RenatoSilva uncommitting till find any working rev04:08
verterokRenatoSilva: what errors are you getting?04:09
RenatoSilvaverterok: reverted a few changes and didn't get it working, let me go back to tip and show you the error04:14
lifelessverterok: why don't you use subunit2junitxml in http://steppenwolf.selfip.net/hudson/job/bzr-xmloutput/lastBuild/testReport/04:14
verteroklifeless: good point, actually the bzr-xmloutput job isn't configure yet, I was trying to use pyjunitxml04:15
RenatoSilvaverterok: you're using xmloutput trunk in hudson? then it may something with my local machine, just passed all tests there: http://steppenwolf.selfip.net/hudson/job/bzr-java-lib-xp%20%28encoding%20and%20tests%20fixes%29/21/04:15
lifelessverterok: bzr selftest xmloutput --subunit | subunit2junitxml -o tests.xml04:16
verteroklifeless: oohhh, nice!04:16
* verterok update the job config04:17
lifelessyou'll need python-junitxml, subunit-0.0.1 installed04:17
verteroklifeless: is there a package/ppa?04:18
lifelessits all in karmic04:18
lifelessand yes, there is a usbunit ppa or two04:18
verterokeven better! :)04:18
RenatoSilvaverterok: with mvn I get 1 error: http://pastie.org/694861.txt04:22
verteroklifeless: I can't find pyjunitxml :/04:22
RenatoSilvaverterok: O arquivo j\xe1 est\xe1 sendo usado por outro processo. == the file is already being used for another project04:22
RenatoSilvaverterok: * by another proecess04:23
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, that's weird..the same test fails all the time?04:23
RenatoSilvaverterok: let me run again04:23
lifelessverterok: apt-get install python-junitxml04:24
verteroklifeless: yes, it can't find it04:24
lifelessI may not have managed to get it synced to ubuntu before release04:25
RenatoSilvaverterok: different error now! org.vcs.bazaar.client.xmlrpc.XmlRpcCommandException: Permission denied: "C:/DOCUME~1/renato/CONFIG~1/Temp/bazaar_client_tests658081888924229416/working_copies/unknowns/.bzr/branch/lock/held": [Error 5] Acesso negado04:25
verteroklifeless: oh, ok. I can use the debian deb :)04:25
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, looks like a race condition...but we don't use threads..so this is weird04:26
lifelessverterok: do you hold open multiple locks?04:26
verteroklifeless: I don't open locks :)04:27
verteroklifeless: xmloutput starts a long running xmlrpc service, and bzr-java-lib sends requests (commands) to it04:27
verteroklifeless: plain bzr CLI commands04:27
verteroklifeless: the xmlrpc service just use some hacks to get the output but it basically calls run_bzr04:28
RenatoSilvaverterok: man, that's crazzy, it was working perfectly yesteday. What I did to cause this?04:29
RenatoSilvaverterok: tested the getPath, and xmloutput, didn't work04:30
verterokRenatoSilva: did you updated bzr/xmloutput/python/anything? :)04:30
RenatoSilvaverterok: well I've installed AVG9, can't see anything else new I've done04:30
RenatoSilvaverterok: as I said I've pulled the latest changes (5 or 6 revs) from trunk in xmloutput04:31
verterokRenatoSilva: what's AVG9? :)04:31
RenatoSilvaverterok: but I uncommitted them till get to the latest merge you did from my fixes, and I get errors still04:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: anti-virus :)04:32
verterokRenatoSilva: I think there are some issues with anti-virus and bzr...but I'm not sure04:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: man, the errors are random04:32
verteroklifeless: do you know? ^04:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: I'm running  in eclipse, I had 1 error, now I have 3 errors04:33
lifelessantivirus does ten to interfere04:33
RenatoSilvaverterok: des any process (bzr/python) is started with another user by any chance?04:34
verterokRenatoSilva: nope04:34
RenatoSilvaoh, can't turn AVG off :(04:38
lifelessverterok: did you get that deb?04:38
verteroklifeless: I'm waiting the upgrade to finish04:38
lifelessverterok: yeah, it didn't hit ubuntu for some reason. its in unstable and testing04:40
RenatoSilvaverterok: deactivated AVG and win firewall, but still getting erros :(04:43
RenatoSilvaverterok: random errors :(04:43
verterokhmm, that's weird04:44
RenatoSilvaverterok: org.vcs.bazaar.client.xmlrpc.XmlRpcCommandException: unknown command "C:\Arquivos de programas\Bazaar\bzr.exe"04:45
RenatoSilvaverterok: also access denied04:45
RenatoSilvahow can it tell C:\Arquivos de programas\Bazaar\bzr.exe is unknown, but just sometimes04:50
lifelessverterok: still failing :P04:54
lifeless_Andrew: hai04:54
verteroklifeless: yeap04:54
verteroklifeless: https://pastebin.canonical.com/24652/04:59
verterokooops, wrong pastebin, sorry04:59
verteroklifeless: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/316584/05:00
lifelessverterok: I can read both :P05:02
verteroklifeless: I know...but you know, I should use public pastebin :)05:02
lifelessverterok: can you branch lp:pyjunitxml05:03
lifelessand run python -m subunit.run junitxml.test_suite | subunit-stats05:03
verteroklifeless: all good05:04
* lifeless hates datetime05:04
verteroklifeless: the utcnow() is the offending bit :)05:05
lifelesssubunit should be calling time()05:05
lifelesswhat subunit version did you end up with ?05:05
lifelessactually, do this:05:06
verteroklifeless: 0.0.2-105:06
lifelessbzr selftest --subunit xmloutput | grep -v 'time:' | subunit2junitxml -o tests.xml05:06
lifelessif that fixes it, please file a bug on pyjunitxml05:07
verteroklifeless: yeap, it worked now05:08
lifelessso subunit in bzr generates Zulu timestamps05:08
lifelessutc == zulu, but python is DAFT05:08
lifelessverterok: \o/ looks nice05:11
verteroklifeless: thanks!05:12
lifelessanytime ;)05:12
lifelessshow the u1 folk:P05:12
verteroklifeless: already did it to lucio ;)05:12
_AndrewI want to know if it's possible to force people to update for the the repo they cloned from. The reason I ask this is because we want "trunk" and then "live" branches but we want people contributing to trunk in a centralized fashion05:13
lifelessverterok: heh, I didn't see it on the channel ;P05:13
verteroklifeless: a while back :)05:13
lifeless_Andrew: update for ?05:13
_Andrewah sorry05:14
verteroklifeless: Bug #48111905:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481119 in pyjunitxml "TypeError while running bzr selftest --subunit | subunit2junitxml" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48111905:14
_AndrewI meant when people push to trunk force them to update first?05:14
lifelessverterok: yes but it wasn't working before ;)05:14
verterokgood point :)05:14
lifeless_Andrew: set the append_revisions_only config setting05:14
_AndrewSorry I'm confused about this option05:19
_AndrewWhen I init with it in "trunk" and 2 people clone trunk05:19
_Andrewperson one pushes to trunk, and then person 2 does the same thing..05:19
_AndrewDoes that mean person 2 will be forced to update first?05:20
lifelessmwhudson_: http://steppenwolf.selfip.net/hudson/job/bzr-xmloutput/05:22
_AndrewThat's exactly what I need05:22
lifelessmwhudson_: you can click on the test grapho too, to get details05:23
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
verteroklifeless: I'm adding pylint ;)05:27
lifelessis there a lugin, or just via shell commands?05:28
verteroklifeless: via shell, but there is the Violations plugin, that knows how to read pylint output05:29
RenatoSilvaverterok: maybe the errors are because of the branch format of xmloutput you've upgraded to?05:31
RenatoSilvaI'm afraid of installing bzr 2. Should I?05:32
RenatoSilvadoes bzr 2 work just fine with old branch formats?05:32
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, you should :) using 2a is a pleasure05:32
verterokRenatoSilva: yes05:32
RenatoSilvaverterok: I've installed xmloutput 0.8.4 using the installer, checking if the errros are at least constant05:33
RenatoSilvaverterok: what is better in the new format? just faster?05:34
verterokRenatoSilva: speed is one of bug advantages05:35
RenatoSilvawhat other advantages? did you get any trouble after upgrading?05:36
RenatoSilvathe errors here are still random, but not the same errors I had before05:36
verterokRenatoSilva: no, I'm using it in every new project..and plan to move bzr-eclipse/java-lib to it in the near future05:37
RenatoSilvaverterok: I get an error when branching ~/bzr-xmloutput/encoding-fixes-388300 :( because of the branch format. It is a stacked branch :(05:37
verterokRenatoSilva: yes, you need to use the new format, or avoid stacking05:38
RenatoSilvamaybe that error should not happen05:38
RenatoSilvaI don't know how to avoid stacking05:38
RenatoSilvaor migrate a stacked branch05:38
verterokRenatoSilva: neither me, I never did it :/05:39
RenatoSilvaverterok: afaik you just can't05:39
RenatoSilvaavoid stacking05:39
verterokRenatoSilva: I can put a tarball somewhere if you need to get trunk05:40
RenatoSilvaguys, if I create a stackied branch and the main one gets upgrated to the new format, is it possible to recover the stacked branch?05:40
RenatoSilvaverterok: I want to get my old branch, it's totally broken now :(05:41
RenatoSilvaverterok: not sure why but I can bzr branch trunk05:41
RenatoSilvajust like bzr 1.18 can handle the new format05:42
verterokRenatoSilva: did you tried doing the upgrade in lp?05:42
RenatoSilvacan it?05:42
verterokRenatoSilva: bzr upgrade --2a lp:~/bzr-xmloutput/encoding-fixes-38830005:42
RenatoSilvaverterok: you mean a command pointing directly to the lp copy?05:42
verterokRenatoSilva: I upgraded xmloutput, bzr-hudson/jira like that05:43
RenatoSilvaverterok: but 2a is availablr only in bzr 2 right? will install and try. What I don't understand is why we can branch the 2a branch with bzr 1.18, I tought it would not be possible05:43
verterokRenatoSilva: bzr upgrade --help05:44
verterokthat should show you the supported formats05:44
RenatoSilva2a is there, weird05:45
RenatoSilvaif 1.18 already supports 2a, then what's the point of bzr 2?05:45
RenatoSilvaI thought it was just the branch format05:45
RenatoSilvaverterok: installed bzr 2, it comes with xmloutput 0.8.5, but where is the SimpleXMLRPCServer.py?05:49
verterokRenatoSilva: it should be included...right?05:49
verterokRenatoSilva: I don't know much about the win-installers05:50
RenatoSilvait's not there, let me run the tests05:50
* verterok heads to bed05:51
verterokRenatoSilva: if SimpleXMLRPCServer.py is missing, please file a bug in bzr about the broken xmloutput in the installer05:51
RenatoSilvaok, see you, I'll try to fix things here05:52
verterokRenatoSilva: I need to sleep a few hours, seeya later!05:52
RAOFRenatoSilva: bzr 2 changed the default format to 2a; 2a was supported for a while before bzr 2.005:52
RenatoSilvasee you :) thanks05:52
RenatoSilvaRAOF: ok05:52
verteroklater all!05:52
verteroklifeless: http://steppenwolf.selfip.net/hudson/job/bzr-xmloutput/violations/05:52
lifelessjames_w: btw, upgrade bzr-build* to 2a :)05:53
_AndrewWhen I use  --append-revisions-only  to init a branch and then clone it to branch1 and branch2. If I push a change up to trunk in branch1 and then do to same in branch2 it complains that the branches have diverged rather then force me to update05:58
_AndrewIs there anyway to prevent the branches from diverging due to users forgetting to update beforehand ?06:00
RenatoSilvaAnyone has any idea of what could be causing these errors? http://pastie.org/694933.txt06:00
RenatoSilvaunknown command "c:\Arquivos de programas\Bazaar\bzr.exe"  ???06:01
RenatoSilvaAccess denied ???06:01
lifeless_Andrew: no, people can do strange things ;)06:02
lifelessverterok: the pylint output is harsh06:03
lifelesspyflakes with the  lazy imprt patch would be better06:04
_AndrewThere's no way to do that you mean?06:06
_Andrewbecause it's creating problems in the office06:06
mwhudsonpylint is really great at producing masses of output06:08
bob2yay for pyflakes06:10
RenatoSilvaanyone invoved with win installers? where is xmloutput/SimpleXMLRpcServer?06:11
_Andrewso I figured I am doing this wrong06:16
_AndrewMy developers need to do bzr checkout... not bzr branch or clone06:16
bob2that has potential pitfalls of its own06:17
_AndrewThat way they can't screw up and make their own branches that need merging06:17
_Andrewoh really?06:17
bob2merging isn't a bad thing06:17
_AndrewWhat are the problems?06:17
bob2imvho the result of doing 'bzr up' in a bound branch with local changes is a bit confusing06:18
_AndrewThe problem is that we need to do this way otherwise people keep screwing up the trunk branch06:21
_AndrewThey try to push without updating then get confused with the merge process06:22
_AndrewThen there are tons of conflicts06:22
bob2well, if they ever do a "commit --local", they'll have the same problem06:22
bob2and those conflicts can occur with 'bzr up', too06:23
_Andrewyou're right about that06:23
=== abentley1 is now known as abentley
* RenatoSilva is grrrrrrr with random test errors06:47
RenatoSilvaanyone with bzr + mvn+ up-to-date winXP?06:55
RenatoSilvaI would like some help with testing a LP branch06:55
poolie1RenatoSilva: what particular problem?07:52
RenatoSilvapoolie1: do you have the logs there? I pasted some links. Basically  --random-- errors when testing bzr-java-lib07:54
poolie1what do you mean by testing the branch?07:54
RenatoSilvapoolie1: errors about access denied, bzr.exe not found (showing the correct path)07:54
poolie1i didn't see the logs07:54
RenatoSilvapoolie1: unit testing07:54
poolie1running tests located in that branch?07:54
RenatoSilvapoolie1: you'd have to branch bzr-java-lib07:54
poolie1what's the url?07:54
RenatoSilvapoolie1: lp:~verterok/bzr-java-lib/encoding-and-test-fixes07:55
RenatoSilvapoolie1: no07:56
RenatoSilvapoolie1: ~renatosilva/bzr-java-lib/encoding-fixes07:56
RenatoSilvathey're almost the same07:56
RenatoSilvapoolie1: I've got one specific test method running, and randomly failing/passing07:59
RenatoSilvapoolie1: then I've got the .bzr.log for each case separately07:59
poolie1paste the log url again pls?07:59
RenatoSilvapoolie1: the only relevant diff is that the success log has new lines, no error info in the failing log08:00
RenatoSilvapoolie1: http://pastie.org/695026.txt08:02
poolie1sorry i really have no idea about this08:03
poolie1better ask gg or someone08:03
RenatoSilvapoolie1: the bzr log there is the success log, with the new lines that are supressed when the test fails (see the '>>>>>>>>>')08:03
RenatoSilvapoolie1: ok will show that to Guillermo08:04
RenatoSilvapoolie1: but did you get the branch?08:05
RenatoSilvawould appreciate if someone could test bzr-java-lib08:05
RenatoSilvain winxp08:05
RenatoSilvapoolie1: the only thing I can think of is that the win updates have introduced the problem08:06
RenatoSilvapoolie1: it was working yesterday! http://img195.imageshack.us/img195/2136/testsok.png08:06
RenatoSilvawhat I think is so weird is: how can I get access denied errors?08:08
RenatoSilvaI wonder if it's rather related to the new 2a format08:09
quicksilverooh scary : bzr: ERROR: exceptions.KeyError09:09
poolie1jam i don't understand the cover letter of https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jameinel/bzr/2.1.0b4-update-by-delta-bug/+merge/1462809:13
bialixquicksilver: LOL09:20
poolie1good night all09:30
poolie1lotzman, hey?09:30
poolie1i'd almost rename the role but it might be too obscure09:30
bialixpoolie: ooh, I've lost your joke. Night.09:57
* bialix interesting why poolie joking from me?09:57
bialixhi GaryvdM10:03
GaryvdMI'm working on the qrevert changes - I found a few other issues.10:04
GaryvdMbialix: I just experienced the qadd/select all bug, but I have not looked into it yet.10:05
bialixGaryvdM: ok10:05
bialixGaryvdM: re qrevert changes: I think "Forget pending merges" will be good label, is not?10:05
bialixGaryvdM: I'm planning to finish off encoding patch from naoki10:06
GaryvdMI don't know. I've not thought about, I'm just looking at the behaviour side of the design10:06
GaryvdMbialix: cool10:07
bialixthat's ok, we can polish labels later10:07
bialixI found interesting bug with our qsubprocess last night10:08
bialixit's related to get_boolean10:08
bialixI've already committed fix, but it seems we should be aware about the places where we trying to send strings with \n inside10:08
bialixGaryvdM: I want to move cmd_qsubprocess to subprocess.py10:15
bialixthey are closely related and depend each from other10:15
gioelecan I raise an exception "softer" than BzrCommandError? BzrCommandError says "bzr: ERROR: Commit cancelled", given that the user cancelled the commit, I don't see that as an ERROR, just a message11:25
_Andrewanyone know why my "trunk" doesn't update when I commit changes to it?11:27
gioele_Andrew: what do you mean with "update"?11:27
_Andreweh, sorry. I mean doesn't show files I add11:27
_Andrewsay I bzr init trunk11:28
_Andrewthen bzr checkout11:28
_AndrewIf I change files in my checkout and commit it doesn't update the files in the trunk dir?11:28
fullermdIf the trunk is across a remote protocol, it won't.  Remote protocols don't touch the working tree.11:32
gioele_Andrew: if you commit in a bound checkout the changes will go back to the bound branch, but you will not see those changes in the other working trees, including the one you checked out from. Try to update the trunk11:32
_Andrewwhat if multiple people update the trunk?11:35
_AndrewWill that screw it up with different users doing bzr update on the same folder?11:35
fullermdPerhaps the better question is whether you really need a WT with that branch.11:35
_AndrewI think this plugin does what I want. https://code.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr-push-and-update/trunk11:37
fullermdThat just automates running the update.11:38
_AndrewCan't I just add a hook script then?11:41
fullermdThat's what push-and-update is   :p11:41
_AndrewThat's what I thought11:43
_AndrewThen I should use that11:43
fullermdGenerally, though, I'd tend toward just whacking the WT in the first place.  No reason to have it there.11:44
knielsenhi, I'm using bzr 2.0.2. One of the repos I'm using at Launchpad switched to format 2a, so I think I need a new shared repo with this format. I'm trying both bzr upgrade and (on another box) bzr init-repo --2a and new branching. But I'm having some problems11:51
fullermd_Andrew: Working Tree.11:52
knielsenI'm using the MySQL and MariaDB trees, and both new bzr branch lp:maria and convert of old shared repo is impossibly slow. Running for > 4 hours now and only 20000/59443 revisions transfered11:52
fullermdknielsen: I'm pretty sure MySQL isn't in 2a yet, so if you're branching it into a 2a repository it's going to convert on the fly.  Which takes a long time.11:53
knielsenany suggestions for a better way to be able to access format 2a branches from the same shared repo as MySQL/MariaDB? Or do I just need to let it run for however many hours?11:53
fullermdknielsen: (and will probably make you incompatible with upstream, as I don't think they're using rich-root repos)11:53
fullermdWhy do you want to share a repo across projects without any common history anyway?  Seems kinda pointless.11:53
knielsenfullermd: hm, bummer. So I'll need to use two different shared repos then it seems? One for projects with old format and one for new format?11:54
fullermdWell, I generally just use a different shared repo for each project.  There's no gain in it when there's no history to share.11:54
maxbHi, I am struggling to decide whether I should recommend Bazaar or Mercurial to my workplace - can anyone point me to anything they think I should read?11:54
knielsenproblem is that then you have to work in completely different subtrees... but ok, I can probably manage thanks for suggestion11:55
fullermdWell, I do anyway.  There's ~/work/projfoo and ~/work/projbar and so on...11:55
_AndrewWhere do I put hooks on the server side?12:05
_Andrewin the .bzr dir in a working copy?12:05
_Andrew.bzr/plugins ?12:06
fullermdNo, plugins either get installed in the system-wide lib dir or per-user ~/.bazaar/plugins/12:10
fullermdSome may have to be enabled in branch.conf, some don't.12:11
fullermdBut in the case of push-and-update, server side is irrelevant; it runs from the client side.12:11
_AndrewEveryone is has their own branch on one machine12:13
_Andrewmaybe I can just enable the plugin system wide?12:13
GaryvdMmaxb: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/migration/en/why-switch-to-bazaar.html12:34
maxbhmm, Bazaar Explorer looks nice.... not for me, but could be a great selling point for the less technical Windows users12:37
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bialixmaxb: what's most important for your workplace?12:41
maxbhmm, many things. I care most about having a vcs with good support for a code-reviewing feature-branch based workflow12:42
bialixthat's very broad12:43
bialixhg" all branches in one repo12:43
bialixbzr: every branch in separate directory12:43
bialixfor many people this is show stopper12:43
bialixcode review: depends on the system you will use12:44
bialixit seems like Review Board supporting both hg and bzr12:44
bialixretvield? maybe supports bzr, I've commented on the patch for bzr support while ago, but hg should be there already 'cause it's google choice12:45
maxbhg can be used in a very bzr-like manner too - you just treat every hg repository like you would a bzr branch12:45
bialixWindows users? TortoiseHg rules out bzr12:45
bialixunless you see Bazaar Explorer as better tool12:45
bialixmaxb: hg can be as bzr, but bzr cannot be as hg with branches12:46
bialixunless you *call* Bazaar Explorer as better tool12:46
maxbIndeed, one of my concerns about bzr is what to do with branches whose fate is never to be merged into trunk, but whose history must be kept12:46
maxb(e.g. mainenance / cherry pick / failed feature branches)12:47
bialixmaxb: recently on SO was question about such branches, hg book seems to suggest keep such branches in separate repos12:47
maxbSO ?12:47
* maxb googles12:48
bialixmaxb: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1672487/mercurial-why-would-you-maintain-separate-branches-versions-of-software-in-separ12:48
maxbIndeed. At which point Mercurial's "advantage" of being able to stash such things in a single repository then evaporates12:51
bialixmaxb: even if you don't need Bazaar Explorer there is still hidden power ready for you: QBzr12:51
maxbOn the other hand, hgwebdir rather beats loggerhead in good listing of many branches12:52
bialixit seems so12:52
bialixevery tool has it's power and lower12:53
maxbI'm surprised at the bzr benchmarks in GaryvdM's links, I thought hg was faster12:55
bialixmaxb: although I'm addicted to bzr, I can't say honestly that bzr is much greater than hg. There is places where hg clearly better, and there is places where bzr is clearly better. It depends what is most important for you, that's what I think about bzr vs hg comparison12:56
* maxb ponders attempting to bzr->hg the launchpad repository for a subjective speed test12:56
bialixmaxb: actually there is no big and comprehensive benchmarks for bzr 2a format12:56
maxbhttp://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/migration/en/why-switch-to-bazaar.html claims to be benchmarking the firefox repository under bzr 2.0.012:57
bialixI can't comment those numbers, maybe igc can13:02
_Andrewcan anyone point me in the direction of a simple post commit hook script?13:14
awilkinsstackoverflow guy is wrong  ; SVN uses branches to define tags, not the other way13:17
awilkinsBranching is cheap in SVN so they overloaded it's use to create tags instead of doing it the way CVS does13:17
awilkinsDVCS systems actually go back to the CVS way of labelling a specific revision albeit on a global basis and not per-file13:18
awilkinsI would say that the folder-per-branch vs one-folder-with-all-branches thing is only a showstopper for those people who don't bother thinking about things...13:21
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bialixawilkins: you're right, but many people don't bother even thinking13:32
bialix_Andrew: in which sense?13:32
_Andrewoh geeze nevermind13:32
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GaryvdMGrr @ _Andrew13:43
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Takhas nobody noticed that the guy-with-hat avatar in the bzr docs is extremely phallic?15:28
bialixTak: hmm, what about bzr logo then?15:30
fullermdWell, if that's phallic, it's a phallus in need of some corrective surgery...15:32
GaryvdMbailix: http://bazaar-vcs.org/stuart15:35
GaryvdMoh - know - that must be something else15:36
bialixGaryvdM: :-)15:36
bialixtortoise in attack?15:37
bialixGaryvdM: it seems I'm missing your joke15:38
GaryvdMNo - joke, I was confused15:38
GaryvdMtak: who are you talking about?15:38
bialixGaryvdM: perhaps http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.2.0.2/en/user-guide/using_gatekeepers.html15:40
bialixgatekeeper in the brown hat15:40
GaryvdMOh - ok15:41
Takyes, that15:41
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bialixGaryvdM: thanks15:44
Tak"We have .NET and Objective-C bindings in progress" <= anyone know where I can find more info?15:44
bialixTak: Objective-C I believe it's what pilky doing15:46
Takand the other? ;-)15:47
bialixbzr gui from mac15:47
bialixI dunno15:47
bialixit should be something about integration of bzr into MS Visual Studio'15:47
bialixor maybe what Martin (rar?) doing15:47
bialixMartin's work on Iropython and jython15:48
Pilkysomeone called?15:49
PilkyTak: where's that quote from?15:49
GaryvdM_bialix: Re: bug 481254 - I think we will have to try just reproduce it our selfs.16:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481254 in qbzr "qdiff failed with "out of memory" error while processing 73 MB file" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48125416:05
GaryvdM_bialix: Re: bug 481254 - I think we will have to try just reproduce it our selfs.16:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481254 in qbzr "qdiff failed with "out of memory" error while processing 73 MB file" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48125416:18
bialixGaryvdM_: feel free to ask more questions, I can work as translator proxy16:19
bialixVologymyr (Casufi) is not very good in English16:19
GaryvdM_bialix: no more questions to the user - I'm sure that it is not to hard to reproduce, and to fix, I will need to reproduce it my self.16:20
GaryvdM_bialix: just need time...16:20
bialixas usual :-)16:20
bialixGaryvdM_: ping16:28
bialixany idea what's this: QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to QWidget "", which already has a layout16:28
bialixgot while testing naoki's patch16:28
Lo-lan-doHi all16:30
Lo-lan-doI'm having problems using basic auth over https, when the same branch accessed over http works fine with the same authentication.conf16:31
Lo-lan-doAny hints?16:31
GaryvdM_bialix: When you init a layout, you pass it a parent widget. This sets the widgets layout to the layout you just init__ed16:32
GaryvdM_bialix: you can't do that more than once.16:32
bialixGaryvdM_: I see16:32
* GaryvdM_ => tv16:32
bialixGaryvdM_: QtGui.HBoxLayout() w/o parameters fix this16:32
bialixnaoki: ping16:34
phinzequestion from our sysadmin: "can I just add two random files into a bzr branch on VPR09 which having any checkout"16:57
phinze"I just have one file I need to add from a random server"16:57
phinzesans VPR09, heh16:57
phinze$REMOTE_SERVER more like16:57
GaryvdM_phinze: I think you are asking if you can add a file to a branch, without that branch having a checkout/working directory?16:59
phinzeGaryvdM_: -nod-16:59
phinzeyeah i thought that was the case... figured it was worth a double-check though16:59
TakPilky: it's from http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/migration/en/why-switch-to-bazaar.html#plugins-and-bzrlib17:12
Tak(sorry, called away)17:12
GaryvdM_bialix: I want to write a pyqt like interface for source-highlight-qt. (http://srchiliteqt.sourceforge.net/)17:35
GaryvdM_oh bialix not here :-(17:40
vxnickhi all - I'm trying to break a lock on Launchpad, but bzr is giving me this: bzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "lp-46125520:///~sitecmd-developers/sitecmd/trunk/.bzr/branch/lock"17:49
vxnicknot to worry, fixed by removing the numbers and :/// from that17:54
GaryvdM_vxnick: Thats a known bug. Rather do this: bzr breaklock lp:~sitecmd-developers/sitecmd/trunk17:54
vxnickGaryvdM_: thanks, figured that out eventually :)17:54
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lifelessjml: I'm popping over to the coffee shop for brekkie, if you want to join me Ihave some testtools refactoring to show & tell on.21:30
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mkanatI just tried to do a merge with 1.18.1 and got: bzr: ERROR: bzrlib.errors.ObjectNotLocked: _KnitGraphIndex(CombinedGraphIndex()) is not locked22:45
mkanatThis is a merge from a remote pack repo into a local pack repo.22:45
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lifelessmkanat: fixed in 2.0.1 I think.22:52
lifelessspiv: ^22:52
mkanatlifeless: Yeah, upgrading fixed it, thanks.23:01
fullermdIt sure does get peaceful 'round here when everybody's off sprinting   :p23:03
mkanatI was wondering. :-)23:05
spivmkanat, lifeless: I certainly fixed a bug like that, not sure if it includes that case or not.23:10
mkanatspiv: It seems to have fixed that case.23:11
fullermdspiv: He said upgrading fixed it!  Take the credit!23:11
fullermd"Oh, yeah, I totally fixed that.  In my sleep.  Drugged up on morphine."23:11

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