freaky[t]does my pc become much slower when I install ubuntu with encrypted partitions?00:00
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jrcan anyone see this ?00:10
dylan_can someone help me with something?00:16
dylan_i'll just ask, everytime i log on i have to set my /etc/resolv.conf file back to open dns over and over again and its annoying00:18
Ev0luti0n_can't help u00:18
dylan_so i want to know to set the file so that my computer doesnt reset it every time i log off00:18
Ev0luti0n_dylan_: wait a bit00:21
Ev0luti0n_maybe someone else can help00:21
jamesjedimasterdylan_: maybe you have dhcp, so you have to modify /etc/dhcp/dhcp.conf00:23
jeponghello... anyone tried ubuntu-boot/ppa on kubuntu karmic?00:36
jepongsorry... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-boot/+archive/ppa00:36
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DasKreeChhi jepong00:39
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SunlessHaloplease, I'd like to know how could i convert flv or mp4 files to MP3 audio layer so that i can preserve/set up high quality sound01:09
johnjohn101can anyone help get snow effects in compiz?01:18
gizSunlessHalo: Google is your friend01:20
SunlessHalogiz: most of googled stuff didn't work for me01:20
SunlessHalowell, in case I'd like to avoid using bash...01:21
gizok, good luck then01:22
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skipHello everyone!  Does anyone know how to enable the dolby digital sound modes?  I have Realtek HD integrated sound.01:37
jeponghello... anyone tried ubuntu-boot/ppa on kubuntu karmic?01:40
jepongsorry... https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-boot/+archive/ppa01:40
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godlikeany good partitioning tool for ku?01:45
RoeyHello... when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?01:46
godlikei need to transfer free space from my second linux system01:46
BerytoDelRioi just use partition manager01:46
godlikei have to download it?01:46
johnjohn101how do I get snow on my compiz in 9.10?01:47
skipDoes anyone know how to enable surround sound on a Realtek HD integrated sound chip?01:48
BerytoDelRiojohn just go to the system settings.. then go to the effects part.. you'll find it there01:48
lorecasterHere i am again, NFS errors, when i try to open two shares through my guest computer, one folder works, the other folder does not. Both are on the same host, and "sudo mount /guest/path" works for ONE and not the other... both are chmod'd to 777, and sharing is emabled01:49
DasKreeChgodlike: Gparted is nice01:49
godlikepartitionmanager or gparted01:50
godlikeis better?01:50
johnjohn101berytodelrio sorry I'm using ubuntu not kubuntu01:50
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install and try update kde to 4.3.3 , what to do ? thanks01:50
godlikemore functions less bugs more stable01:50
skipDoes anyone know how to enable surround sound on a Realtek HD integrated sound chip?  I am using Ubuntu 9.1001:51
godlikegparted or partitionmanager?01:51
lorecastergodlike: i happen to use gparted, and have no reason to desire another product :)01:52
lorecasterBTW... that's not an advised means of getting help01:52
godlikewhat means?01:53
lorecaster"<godlike> fu"01:53
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install and try update kde to 4.3.3 , what to do ? thanks01:53
godlikefu is a chinish gesture meaning thanks...01:53
skipDoes anyone know how to enable surround sound on a Realtek HD integrated sound chip?01:54
godlikeit means luck in traditional translation01:54
lorecasterunderstanding that not everyone would get the reference... and saying "fu" in an open chat could mean something completely different, especially since you were not answered right away. just a caution.01:55
lorecasterbut that's my opinion, gparted is a great prog01:55
godlikefu my friend01:56
trancexgodlike and lorecaster i have idea ,01:56
trancexshut up .01:56
lorecasternow, godlike, that is an example of unnecessary rudeness, the same thing that i had mistaken you for making. :)01:56
godlikeyes indeed01:57
lorecasterthank you, trancex, for pin-pointing my perspective.01:57
lorecasterit's my hope that the Gods of karma will exact their will,... and i may have my NFS woes cleared away ;)01:57
godlikelorecaster: do you have any idea why i can install a new linux distro side by side to my old (have a dual boot) without deleting my whole disk, as happens in windows?01:58
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lorecasterit's an option on the disk.01:59
szalgodlike: you can also install a Linux distro alongside Windblows w/o destroying data01:59
godlikeis this cause of the linux, or of a tool like partition manager01:59
godlikeso its a tool01:59
lorecasterduring the install process, as you enter the area for partition managemnt... when you throw in the install disk and reboot...01:59
godlikewhy cant this be done with windows, and it takes over the entire hard disk?02:00
lorecasterbegin the install, it'll give you three options... install in remaining space, install side-by-side, or use whole disk (destroy data on disk)02:00
lorecasterbecause windows is the devil.02:00
szalof course if you use automagic partitioning and have no clue what the partitioner does, you might end up w/ quite a surprise..02:00
godlikeit cant be done but you have to divide the disk from the start02:00
lorecaster-shivers- been there02:00
lorecasterpainful memories, szal02:01
szalif you know your way around partitioning & prepare the disk beforehand, there's no surprises02:01
szalexcept for PEBKAC, that is :P02:01
lorecasterin the case of computer tech... there is ALWAYS room for surprises. :P02:01
bamboohi guys02:02
szallorecaster: well, after all it's not black magic ;)02:03
lorecasterno, no, that's scary shit. i'm a wiccan high priest.02:03
lorecasteri've known necromancers... those creeps used windows too :o CORRELATION!02:03
godlikehow can i resize my space for root?02:04
szalgodlike: use a live CD02:04
lorecasterI have a linux partition magic boot-CD... it works very well. but the boot-CD also has a partion magic option02:04
BerytoDelRiothere are a couple of freely downloadable partition software that you could use in windows.. you could have just resized your windows partition before installing linux02:06
godlikeguys kubuntu is nice02:06
godlikebut fedora is more ahead02:06
godlikein most stuff02:06
godlikei will migrate02:06
lorecasteri prefer ubuntu gnome... it's much faster-running02:06
luis_I don't understand  kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, i wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:06
luis_don't understand why*02:07
lorecasternever had experience there luis_, sorry.02:07
luis_someone more?02:07
BerytoDelRiomine works fine... but then again.. im not on a laptop..02:08
lorecasteri've got a MONSTER workstation (quad-core, 8gb ram, 2tb drive) and windows just couldn't handle it... i want to squeeze every iota of power out of it... gnome karmic koala is smexy02:08
lorecasterlaptops often have proprietary drivers though.02:08
trancexyou call to your computer monster ? lol02:09
trancexWOW quad core02:09
lorecasterit's the mightiest machine i've ever played with.02:09
lorecasterforgive us poor backwater newfies ;)02:09
trancexi have i7 , 1.5TB , 12 GB RAM DDR3 Triple  Channel and SLI GTX260 So ?02:10
lorecasternot the norm02:10
lorecasternor is mine. :) we both break the curve ;)02:10
godlikei read somewhere that there is a project timelord to make kde with kubuntu work better02:10
lorecasteri could not financially support 12gb ram, though i wish i could have02:10
godlikeor integrate it or something like this02:10
godlikedo they optimize kde?02:12
trancexhey sucker02:16
godliketrancex: fu and i dont mean luck02:16
lorecasterrelax godlike... the longer you remain relaxed in the face of ignorance, the longer you retain the moral high-ground :)02:17
lorecasterit's the wiccan-way02:17
godlikewe can?02:18
lorecasterremaining the picture of calm does two things, godlike, it both allows you to think rationally while the other person is upset... it also upsets them further. delicous!02:18
godlikewhat if i dont want them to be more upset?02:19
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, I wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:19
luis_there is not another IRC channel than can help me with my problem?02:19
BerytoDelRioluis.. since you are using a laptop.. have you tried pressing the fn+bluetooth keys.. maybe its not turned on.. your supposed to have that light to signify that your bluetooth is on right02:20
lorecasteri've been trying to get NFS help for about a week... to no avail. sometimes, free help is not always easy to find :( hang in there though! you're (mostly) among friends.02:20
lorecasterr00t_ninja: been there, tried that. got that one bookmarked actually... i have two folders, with same permissions level, both set to sharing rw, one can mount, the other times out.02:22
RoeyHello... when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?02:22
lorecasternothing in the page for THAT :P02:22
szallorecaster: did you double-check for typos?02:24
lorecasteri cnp'd where i could, nothing seemed to work.02:24
lorecasterlike i said, been at it for a week02:24
szalisn't use of NFS in general discouraged due to unresolved bugs or something?02:27
WerenerdI am looking for the way to re-enable the ctrl+alt+backspace in Kubuntu, but all I can find on google is the Ubuntu instructions.02:27
lorecastersamba is no better. is there a third alternative?02:28
BerytoDelRioluis were you able to get it working now?02:28
Werenerdlorecaster: what problems are you having with Samba?02:28
maple1fuck kubuntu02:28
tsimpson!dontzap | Werenerd02:28
ubottuWerenerd: To re-enable the Ctrl+Alt+Backspace combination that restarts your X server, you can install the "dontzap" package and use the command « sudo dontzap --disable ». The combination Alt+SysRq+K can also be used to obtain a similar effect.02:28
lorecasterinapproprate language, if i may say so, maple102:28
lorecasterDELL, the client, could see DESKTOP, the host, but could not log-on... i was suggested NFS because my problems just snowballed with Samba02:29
tsimpsonmaple1: watch your language here02:29
lorecasterand no one would ever help me with it.02:29
lorecasterthis is a kubuntu room, maple1, perhaps you should take your grievances elsewhere?02:29
Werenerdalt+sysrq+k is a new one on me. never heard that one before.02:30
Werenerddontzap is still used? I thought that was only for 9.0402:30
tsimpsonalt+sysrq+k kills everything running on the VT02:31
maple1I love kubuntu02:31
Werenerdhmmm, I cannot find " dontzap " in the repo.02:32
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lorecasterWerenerd: interested in helping me sort out my samba woes?02:32
szallorecaster: what now?  Samba or NFS?02:33
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lorecastersorry, lost that message,02:33
lorecasterwas i being addressed before i left and returned?02:34
Werenerdlorecaster: What are your woes? I have never had any problems with Samba, so I don't have much troubleshooting expierence.02:34
szal[03:33:00]             <szal> lorecaster: what now?  Samba or NFS?02:34
lorecasterit was permissions errors... and yeah, i'm curious, if there is a third option between samba and NFS02:34
Werenerdlorecaster: Permission errors, I had a few of those. Were files that were uploaded to a share not inheriting parent permissions?02:35
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lorecasterwasn't sure at the time... i made /home/lorecaster/Desktop a share with RW and i made /media/STORAGE a share with rw02:36
lorecasterusing samba, i could SEE the computer (also called desktop) but could not access it. said i did not have permissions... so i moved onto NFS02:37
tsimpsonsshfs ftw02:37
WerenerdWhat were the OS'es of both machines. They only time I had that problem was with a windows machine02:38
lorecasterDESKTOP was ubuntu 9.10, while the client was windows XP... they're both ubuntu now02:38
Werenerdthat sounds about right. Since they are both *buntu, you haven't had that same problem have you?02:39
lorecasterhaven't used samba since02:39
lorecasterthink i should?02:39
Werenerdtsimpson: that dontzap blurb is wrong. Do we need to tell someone? I found it finally02:40
tsimpsonWerenerd: what's wrong with it?02:40
Werenerdlorecaster: oh yeah. It is so dead simple now. wait... you said Ubuntu not Kubuntu, right?02:40
lorecastergnome, true02:40
Werenerdtsimpson: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap02:41
Werenerdtsimpson: it is now an option under keyboard layouts02:41
lorecasteron DELL (client) went into places and network (network:///)02:42
Werenerdlorecaster: I only have experience with KDE, but it has to be similar. All I do is make sure I have all the Samba stuff installed. Right click on the folders I want to share, and pick the options I want from the fancy GUI.02:42
lorecasterthen into DESKTOP (server)02:42
lorecasterin smb://desktop/ i see deskto02:42
lorecasterdesktop and storage02:42
lorecasterdesktop opens fine, storage gives me an error02:42
Werenerdlorecaster: that sounds right02:42
Werenerdwhere is the STORAGE/02:42
tsimpsonWerenerd: I'll get it fixed02:42
lorecasterunable to mount location, failed to mount windows share02:42
lorecasterstorage is moutned at /media/STORAGE02:43
lorecasteron the server02:43
lorecasterit's not a windows share02:43
Werenerdtsimpson: thanks.02:43
Werenerdwell, Samba is a windows share "technically"02:43
WerenerdSo DESKTOP & STORAGE on on the same computer, just different folders?02:44
szallorecaster: did you chown /media/STORAGE to your user?02:44
lorecasterSTORAGE is an entire 1.5gb disk... mounted at /media/STORAGE02:44
Werenerdszal: darn it, I was building up to that!02:44
lorecasterusers are identical... same UN and same PW... both have chmod 77702:44
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lorecasterhaven't chown'd the files... command-string if you please?02:46
Werenerdlorecaster: you using Nautilus?02:47
lorecasterI would assume so... it's the default for gnome karmic koala, yes?02:47
trancexplasma=panel ?02:47
Werenerdyes, but a lot of people really like pcfileman02:47
Werenerdit is what I used on GNOME 2 years ago.02:47
lorecasteri am using the default. have had no rason to change02:47
szallorecaster: when your stuff is mounted to /media/STORAGE -> chown -R yourUser:users /media/STORAGE02:48
lorecaster:| this is a FULL 1.5tb drive here... 8gb free02:48
Werenerdjust out of curiosity, instead of smb://server/share try smb://username@server/share02:49
lorecaster:| that worked!02:49
Werenerdlorecaster: which thing? Mine or szal02:50
lorecasterszal worked fine02:51
lorecasterbut it could have been a combination02:51
WerenerdOK then, then it was a permission based error and not a bug in nautilus. If szal's solution worked, it was most likely not chmod 77702:52
lorecasterback in a second02:52
WerenerdMaybe you didn't use the recursive option?02:52
lorecasterperhaps not... but it works fine now02:52
JuJuBeeCan someone help me get nfs-kernel-server started?  It won't start after a recent update02:53
szalWerenerd: just curious..  are you a normal human being and only become a nerd at full moon? :D02:53
lorecasterback shortly02:53
Werenerdszal, that is pretty close to the root of my nick name. Back when I was a blackbox user, alot of the guys on the #bb4win were very socially inept. I had a lot of social engagements at the time and actually do well with people02:54
WerenerdThey said I was like a werewolf, but a nerd. So werenerd I was thusly named02:54
WerenerdI Plus they didn't like my other handle, BigDaddy. They said it reminded them of homosexual innuendo.02:55
WerenerdI told them that not too many people call a 315lbs weight lift homo.02:55
WerenerdI am going to test my dual monitor setup and see if it sticks after a X restart. brb.03:00
Werenerdsweet. that was really ticking me off. Now all is better.03:07
lorecasterWerenerd: know how i can split a 22" wide screen into 2 regions?03:07
Werenerdyou mean like two desktops on one screen?03:08
Werenerdnever thought of trying that03:08
Werenerdnever heard of anyone thinking of trying that either.03:08
lorecasteri have 2 monitors... i want to split my 22" wide screen into two square monitors :P03:09
WerenerdWhat would be the application of this?03:09
Werenerdso you can simulate roughly a 3 monitor setup?03:09
lorecasterso i can effectively maximize and multitask to new levels... to run 'fullscreen' applications in half a screen03:09
lorecasterexactly :)03:09
Werenerdyou do realize that 16:9/2 does not equal 4:303:10
lorecaster8/9 i realize... nearly square03:10
Werenerdewww... this has been done before. It required nesting x servers. ewww03:12
lorecasterthe first ewww sold me :P03:13
lorecasteri'll pass then03:13
Werenerdwhat kind of fullscreen apps?03:13
Roeyhey all... why does my SD card suddenly not identify teh filesystem when I use 'mount'??03:13
RoeyAlso,  when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?03:13
lorecasterwine and dosbox games :D for example03:13
WerenerdWell with wine, you can set up the virtual desktop to be eactly half the screen and then manually size the other window03:15
Werenerdnot exactly what you wanted, but it would work. The wine app would be in fullscreen mode03:16
Werenerddoes anyone here run a FTP server?03:17
lorecasteri do03:18
lorecasterwhat can i do ya for? you['ve been so very helpful for me03:18
WerenerdWhat server do you run? ProFTP?03:18
lorecasterincidentally, i'm looking for a webmaster to build some webpages, insuch a way as i can maintain them... any takers, e-mail r.gosse@zero-impact.ca :D03:18
lorecasterit's a linux based server from www.justhost.com :D not sure what THEY run, but any FTP client can attach to it. unlimited space and bandwidth... what do you need Werenerd?03:19
WerenerdI have run ProFTP server for my family to grab picures, videos and just about anything they wanted from me. But the GUI frontend for ProFTP just isn't that great. I was hoping for something like Filezilla server for linux. Just no luck finding it03:20
lorecasteri used to use filezilla for linux... should be right in the repositories03:21
lorecasterit was for jaunty03:21
lorecasterjust do the software center... and type in filezilla :D in koala03:21
Werenerdthat is the client only. The FTP server is windows only03:22
lorecasteri see what you mean now... i run a dot-com with FTP on an off-site system... we are thinking of two different beasts03:22
julien_salut :)03:23
Habanohey all03:29
Habanowhy am I being asked for a password to log in when I didnt install one03:30
lorecasterthanks for all your help, crew :D bless you all03:30
Habanofresh install03:31
WerenerdHabano: I didn't know you could even leave the password field blank03:31
* szal supposes that there is no way to go w/o a pwd03:32
szalHabano: if you didn't enter one it's most probably a blank pwd -> just hit Return03:32
Habanotried that03:32
Habanoah damn ill redo it03:32
r00t_ninjaCan i play digital tv through Dragon Player with a tv tuner?03:35
Werenerdanyone else notice that lancelot doesn't show other users logged in when trying to switch users?03:38
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=== garytang is now known as carlee
RoeyHey all... why does my SD card suddenly not identify teh filesystem when I use 'mount'??  Also,  when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?04:05
szalRoey: (1) memory cards can go bad any time; check file system for corruption; (2) iirc, Skype still doesn't run natively on ALSA, instead using OSS, though not sure what role Pulseaudio plays at that point..  my guess is that Skype takes over the sound device (which most probably is not hardware-mixing-capable) completely04:09
Roeyszal:  I checked it in my camera and it's fine.04:09
Roeyszal:  Ahhh, so Skype has issues and it's their problem, not mine, got it.04:09
Roeyszal:  I tried 'aoss skype' to pipe OSS-based apps through ALSA and had the same problem04:10
Roeybtw, I can mount my SD card fine but for some reason the System Notifications tray applet doesn't pick up on this... why not?04:11
Roeyszal:  I was trying to mount /dev/sdd instead of /dev/sdd1  (guess I was forgetful there ;)04:12
Roeyszal:  but KDE still does not pick up on the device insertion/removal, even though dmesg sees it fine.04:12
* szal never had the system tray notification applet come up when mounting memory cards04:13
Roeyso you stick your card in, and nothing happens?04:14
Roeythat's what I'm observing here on my system.04:14
RoeyI only tried to mount it manually through the command-line after I failed to see the notification in KDE after putting my SD card in.04:14
RoeyDo I (the user) need to be a member of any particular group in /etc/group?04:14
szalno, I stick the card in and the device plugging handler comes up notifying me of that04:17
Roeyudev 147~-6.104:18
RoeyI updated that today04:18
szaludev 128 here (openSUSE 11.1)04:19
Roeyszal:  ok, and it worked for me just yesterday, before I did an upgrade of the files listed in the link above04:21
szaltried downgrading again?04:22
Roeyof which packages?04:22
szalall udev-related04:24
Roeywhat'sthe command for that? and would it magically fix problems caused by the newer udev? i.e. does it reconfigure the package, etc.04:25
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Guest48700I have a problem which should be very simple, but that I can't figure out04:43
Guest48700my resolution is set at 800x60004:44
Guest48700and I can't change it up or down because I can't figure out how to change my monitor04:44
r00t_ninjaGuest: what is your graphics card?04:45
Guest48700its an intel04:45
Guest48700I know the problem04:45
r00t_ninjaopen a terminal and type04:45
r00t_ninjalspci | grep VGA04:45
Guest48700its that my monitor is not autodetected because I use a switch04:45
r00t_ninjaand post the output here04:45
Guest4870000:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)04:45
Guest48700I know the problem - Kubuntu doesn't think my MONITOR can support any higher resolution04:46
Guest48700but I can't tell it it does because I can't find where to setup my monitor hardware04:46
Guest48700I recently reinstalled because of system problems, I had to do this once a long long time ago. (6.10 I think)04:47
russlarGuest48700: you need to restart the X server to detect teh monitor04:47
r00t_ninjafirst do this04:47
r00t_ninjasudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg04:47
Guest48700tried it04:47
Guest48700the monitor can NOT autodetect because of a graphic switch in the way that I use to switch between computers04:48
r00t_ninjathat shouldnt matter04:48
Guest48700I don't know what to say - it does04:48
r00t_ninjamy monitor is only supposed to do 1024 x 768 max04:48
Guest48700i've had the same problem before and manually setting the monitor was the only way to fix it.04:48
Guest48700but in 9.10 i can't find the way to manually set the monitor04:49
r00t_ninjacvt 1280 102404:49
r00t_ninjaor whatever resolution04:49
r00t_ninjaor try krandtray04:49
Guest48700krandtray is unhelpful04:49
Guest48700says 800x600 is the only resolution supported, and the way I used to SET THE MONITOR HARDWARE IS MISSING!04:50
Guest48700even the administrator mode button is gone04:50
r00t_ninjawhat about04:50
r00t_ninjaxrandr --addmode VGA1 XxY_REFRESHRATE04:51
r00t_ninjaand then04:51
Guest48700sorry, i'm frustrated as this should be a fairly simple operation and i've spent over an hour and a half04:51
Guest48700tried that too04:51
r00t_ninjaxrandr -s 1280x102404:51
r00t_ninjaor whatever resolution04:51
Guest48700but i will try again and post the output.04:51
Guest48700xrandr: cannot find mode "1024x768_60"04:52
r00t_ninjadid you do the addmode first?04:52
r00t_ninjayou just update right?04:52
Guest48700i had to completely reinstall because my system was cluttered04:52
r00t_ninjamake sure xserver-xorg-video-intel is installed04:53
Guest48700it is04:53
Guest48700when kubuntu was at 6.10 there used to be a setting in krandtray that allowed you to pick your monitor from a list. Is there any way to get to that list?04:54
r00t_ninjaim not sure04:54
r00t_ninjayou could try manually edit your xorg.con04:55
r00t_ninjayou could try manually edit your xorg.conf04:55
r00t_ninjaand add the line in there04:55
Guest48700i couldn't find it? locate -i xorg.conf doesn't return anything04:55
Guest48700says it doesn't exist?04:55
Guest48700i think i read someplace that 9.10 doesn't use it anyway?04:56
r00t_ninjait can use it04:56
r00t_ninjahowever hal is taking over04:56
r00t_ninjacvt 1024 76804:56
Guest487001024x768 59.92 Hz (CVT 0.79M3) hsync: 47.82 kHz; pclk: 63.50 MHz04:57
Guest48700Modeline "1024x768_60.00"   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync04:57
Guest48700displays that and does nothing04:57
r00t_ninjaok now do04:57
r00t_ninjaxrandr --newmode "1024x768_60.00"   63.50  1024 1072 1176 1328  768 771 775 798 -hsync +vsync04:57
Guest48700the screen flashed and nothing happened04:59
r00t_ninjanow do04:59
joseluishi there04:59
Guest48700Screen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 800 x 600, maximum 4096 x 409605:00
Guest48700VGA1 connected 800x600+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm05:00
Guest48700   800x600        60.3*05:00
Guest48700   640x480        59.905:00
Guest48700  1024x768_60.00 (0x140)   63.5MHz05:00
FloodBotK1Guest48700: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:00
Guest48700        h: width  1024 start 1072 end 1176 total 1328 skew    0 clock   47.8KHz05:00
r00t_ninjanow do05:00
r00t_ninjaxrandr -s 1280x102405:00
joseluisanyone can help me?05:01
Guest48700Size 1024x768 not found in available modes05:02
r00t_ninjaxrandr -s 1280x1024_60,0005:02
Guest48700says the same thing05:02
r00t_ninjai mean05:03
r00t_ninjaxrandr -s 1024x768_60,0005:03
joseluisi've firefox3.5 and opera 10, but i can't see any website on opera, what can i do????05:03
Guest48700I know, thats what I put in05:03
r00t_ninjathat modes there05:03
Guest48700i know, its drivin me nuts.05:03
Guest48700i tried searching google for a good hour at least before I came here, with no luck05:05
r00t_ninjadoes krandtray show anything new?05:06
Guest48700i got it05:07
Guest48700i needed to add the mode after you told me how to create it05:07
Guest48700then it showed up05:07
Guest48700now, will that mode stay or do i have to do this every start up?05:07
r00t_ninjait should stay05:07
Guest48700ok. thank you. :-)05:08
r00t_ninjai think....05:08
r00t_ninjarestart xorg and youll know05:08
Guest48700sure. i'll be back05:08
jacob_I'm back05:15
jacob_no luck, i'm back at 800x600 res05:15
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ChaituGreetings All. I'm having lil problem with compiz. I can see no effects at all when I run  compiz --replace in terminal.  can someone please help?05:20
ChaituI also don't see visual effect's tab in system settings...05:21
leaf-sheepChaitu: I googled -- http://kubuntuguide.org/Jaunty#Compiz_Fusion05:24
leaf-sheepChaitu: Skip installing the packages. You can find it under "    K menu -> System Settings -> Advanced -> Session Manager -> Window Manager -> Compiz " or similar patyh.05:25
kovachwhere can i find bootable imgs from05:25
leaf-sheepkovach: http://releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/05:26
kovachlike xp05:26
chen__what like xp?05:26
Chaituleaf-sheep, : Thanks a ton!! will see if I can get it  going now05:27
kovacha bootable img for xp pro05:27
leaf-sheep!windows | kovach05:27
ubottukovach: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents05:27
kovachim trying to do a virtual drive in my linux05:28
bazhangkovach, that is offtopic here05:29
kovachok srry05:29
leaf-sheepkovach: Then you will need a XP-Pro bootable image first. You can ask in ##windows for Windows-related support/discussion.05:29
kovachthey were no help   talkin bout sifi crap05:32
kovachcan i install msdoss on ubuntu05:34
kovachcan you guve me the kubuntu line to download05:39
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ronaldhi there..06:15
ronaldi use 9.04 ubuntu but i have no sound.plz hepl me06:17
twinkie_addictwhere is the add remove aps thinging in kubuntu ?06:28
twinkie_addictim fine with atp but was just wondoering06:28
twinkie_addictapt even06:28
r00t_ninjatheres kpackagekit06:29
r00t_ninjakubuntu doesnt get the new software center06:29
twinkie_addictah ok06:29
twinkie_addictfine with me lol06:30
twinkie_addicti had to get away from that gmome desktop im a kde man myself06:30
pulaskihello, How can I use the software management tool on kubuntu 9.1 "karmic..." to find a list of available TV packages I can use with my old Hauppauge tv card?06:32
pulaskithat is kubuntu 9.10 "karmic koala"06:33
r00t_ninjapulaski: try vlc or xawtv06:40
pulaskir00t_ninja:  Thank you for responding, I will.06:41
r00t_ninjavlc is a bit harder to configure however is it more modern06:41
ChaituGreetings All.  Fonts on firefox are messed up in Kubuntu. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22232  - says I need to install a package but when I do apt -get  install gtk2-engines-gtk qt - it says no package found.. can someone please help me?07:14
r00t_ninjahow did you install firefox?07:14
r00t_ninjathrough the installer in the menu?07:14
superboyi cant upgrade it says this""Distribution upgrade process exited with code 127."" what do i do?07:16
ChaituWith my lil knowledge on this O.S I guess I need to add gnome repositories to kde... not sure how to do that and install that package though07:16
Chaitucan anyone tell me how to have kde look for gnome packages?07:18
ChaituI mean add gnome addresses to apt -get ?07:18
Tm_TChaitu: nah, Ubuntu, Kubuntu and others use same package sources07:20
Roeyudev is broken with the latest udev package update.07:21
RoeyWoohoo ;)07:21
Roeyfor some reason, kde and udev appear once again out of sync.  I slipped in an SD card into my SD reader, saw that the kernel had detected it fine in the output of 'dmesg' but...no notification appeared in the tray's notifier applet.07:22
Roeyah wel.07:22
ChaituTm_T, : Then why does apt -get that package says not found?07:23
leaf-sheepChaitu: What package?07:23
superboyi cant upgrade it says this""Distribution upgrade process exited with code 127."" what do i do?07:24
r00t_ninjaRoey: it seems fine for me07:24
Chaituleaf-sheep, : gtk2-engines-gtk-qt07:25
Chaituleaf-sheep, : firefox fonts are messed up and http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22232&highlight=gtk2-engines-gtk-qt says I need that package07:26
leaf-sheepChaitu: That package does not exist -- You can get a list --> "aptitude search gtk2-engines"07:26
leaf-sheepChaitu: That link is old -- 2005. :007:26
Chaitu leaf-sheep : should I type aptitude gtk2-engines in terminal?07:27
leaf-sheepChaitu: "aptitude search gtk2-engines" will display a list of packages in Ubuntu Repositories.07:28
bdgrauesuperboy: did you try to upgrade from konsole?07:28
superboyhow do i upgrade tru console?07:29
Chaituleaf-sheep, : Thanks. It does show packages of gtk ..now how would I know which package to install?07:29
leaf-sheepChaitu: You don't. See -- That link you read -- is outdated.  I mean, 2005? That is 4 years ago.07:30
leaf-sheepChaitu: Find something more recent in search engines.07:31
ChaituI realize that now leaf-sheep . Am trying to figure out how to get fonts in firefox now...07:31
Chaituk will try leaf-sheep07:31
leaf-sheepChaitu: What fonts?07:31
superboyhow do i upgrade tru console?07:31
Chaituleaf-sheep, : The problem is, fonts in chrome when am on windows are just fine.. when I boot into kubuntu and try to browse using firefox,  it looks very ugly and I have the urge to switch to windows.. which I dont want to..07:32
superboyi cant upgrade it says this""Distribution upgrade process exited with code 127."" what do i do?07:33
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bdgrauesuperboy: sudo do-release-upgrade    (best you go to tty1 and do an 'sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop'  in the first place)07:34
superboywhats tty1 ?07:34
leaf-sheepChaitu: From what I'm reading right now, you installed Firefox using "Firefox Installer Button" or some sort?07:34
Chaituleaf-sheep, : yes, firefox has been installed using installer button in menu07:35
leaf-sheepsuperboy: If you can, back up your precious data and do a clean installation. There are always potential problems in upgrading between versions. I heard there were a lot in jaunty-->karmic07:35
bdgrauesuperboy: crtl + alt + F1  (your desktop is no ctrl + alt + F7[as long as you haven't killed it with sudo /etc/init.d/kdm stop])07:36
superboythanks lots of help dude07:36
ChaituJust wondering, which browser do you guys use? do you have or had any fonts issues?07:37
leaf-sheepChaitu: Screenshot?07:37
Chaituleaf-sheep, : give me a minute please...  thanks a ton07:37
leaf-sheepChaitu: I don't use KDE. I'm here to help whenever I can. :)07:37
bdgrauei am connected with lan and wlan, if i disconnect lan and will use wlan only, i am able to reach my router but can't get "the outside" :(07:42
Chaitubah its taking time for me to upload a scrrenshot... sorry07:43
bdgraueif i start with wlan only i have the same behavior07:44
leaf-sheepChaitu: That's fine. Take your time. I think I'm going downstairs to grab a bowl of rice. I'll be back in moments.07:44
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Chaituleaf-sheep, : Thanks - http://tinyurl.com/yb7glza07:53
leaf-sheepSmall resolution? Wow.07:53
leaf-sheepCheck this out -- Useful, maybe?07:54
Chaitudoing that leaf-sheep. Thanks a ton leaf-sheep . will see if I can get it up and running07:55
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Chaitusorry heh07:58
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varanuswhat's the corrispondent file /etc/gdm/Init/Default for kde?08:02
superboywhen it say if i want to delete obsolete pakages? when upgrading do i remove them or chose not to08:08
superboywhen it say if i want to delete obsolete pakages? when upgrading do i remove them or chose not to08:10
superboywhen it say if i want to delete obsolete pakages? when upgrading do i remove them or chose not to08:11
r00t_ninjai would suggest removing them08:12
r00t_ninjaas they are obsolete08:12
r00t_ninjamy wireless seems to be acting up08:13
volodyaI have a freshly installed 9.10, and Alt-F2 magically stopped working. How do I figure what's up?08:14
volodyahmm, apparently I have to run 'krunner' by hand.08:14
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crash2khow do u turn off tapping?08:25
SmurphyAnyone knows how to use the mouse-buttons 4 and 5 to switch Desktop in KDE 4.3 ?08:40
Smurphyworks nice on Mac OS-X, I'd like to use that feature also on KUbuntu :)08:40
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Chaituleaf-sheep: Are you around?09:02
leaf-sheepAround and around goes us.09:02
leaf-sheepYes, I'm here. How's the situation?09:02
Chaitulol cool .. got one quick question.09:02
Chaituat last I found this - http://code.google.com/p/gtk-qt-engine/ - now am trying to do make install for that package and it says it needs cmake09:03
leaf-sheepChaitu: Install cmake.09:04
ChaituRight.. I would want to understand how to have cmake in $path as terminal says..09:05
georg_moin, is someone here using eclipse?09:06
Chaituhttp://pastebin.com/d611586ed  to make it easier for you09:06
georg_because I have the problem, that I cannot press some button with the mouse09:06
leaf-sheepChaitu: Did you install cmake and try the script again?09:07
georg_and I am wondering if it is a kde4 problem09:07
mty2kI get and install kde4 themes/icons using kde, but i never knew they actually get installed in my home directory under ./kde4/share... meaning if i deleted the user the icons and themes would go. how can i make them system wide??09:07
Chaituwell am downloading cmake now. but how to have cmake in $path is something I dont know.09:07
leaf-sheepChaitu: You can "sudo aptitude install cmake"09:07
Chaituoh ok09:08
leaf-sheepChaitu: Always check the repository first.  If it's not there, then oh well, you'll have to install/configure first.09:08
leaf-sheepChaitu: 1) Check the repo --> "sudo aptitude search cmak"   Is it there? Yes. Install it. "sudo aptitude install cmake" You're done.09:08
Chaituyes. it gave me results for sudo aptitude install cmake and its installing now.09:09
leaf-sheepmty2k: Try "sudo updatedb ; locate kde4 | grep share" -- You might find the path.09:10
leaf-sheepmty2k: Should be in /usr/share/ -->09:11
mty2kleaf-sheep: then i copy the themes in my home directory there?09:13
mty2khow about permissions?09:13
leaf-sheepmty2k: Use sudo to move them.09:13
SmurphyAnyone knows how to use the mouse-buttons 4 and 5 to switch Desktop in KDE 4.3 ?09:13
Smurphyworks nice on Mac OS-X, I'd like to use that feature also on KUbuntu :)09:14
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Chaituargh man getting this done is not easy !09:22
Chaitucan someone please tell me what this means : http://pastebin.com/d5abb6e0109:22
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jussi01Chaitu: why are yu building it?09:23
Chaituthen how do I install that gtk package?09:24
jussi01Chaitu: which kubuntu version are you on?09:24
ChaituAm trying to install that package so that fonts in firefox are fine...09:24
jussi01Chaitu: have you looked in system settings - appearance - gtk+ appearance yet?09:25
TheKrowhen I try to run bluetooth manager, I get the error message "Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue". suggestions?09:25
Chaitujussi01, : It doesnt give me any option of changing it09:26
jussi01Chaitu: hrm?09:26
Chaituthe option of "use my kde fonts in gtk+ applications" is clicked09:27
Chaituam not able to click on "change" or "use another font"09:27
Chaitugoogle and ubuntu forms said that I need that package installed to change my font settings in firefox... now am trying to install that package and get that error message about cmake09:29
Chaituis there any browser in KDe without font issues?? I wouldnt mind changing browser... its taking too much time for me now09:30
jussi01Chaitu: Im suprised, my browsers are working fine, though you can try arora, google chrome, opera, and others09:31
ChaituWhich browser do you use jussi01 ?09:32
jussi01Chaitu: I have 3 or 4... but usually firefox.09:33
jussi01Chaitu: also, just found this: http://marcosaruj.com/archives/40109:33
ghostcubeis good09:33
ChaituYou never had any font issues with firefox?09:33
Chaitulooking at it right now jussi01  thanks09:33
ghostcubejussi01: you tried midori09:33
jussi01ghostcube: Ive tried many things, but IM still on FF. next question? :D09:33
ghostcubesure me too but midori gets better09:34
ghostcubei use the git version09:34
ghostcubeand git webkit09:34
Chaitujussi01, : Thanks.. will try that09:36
volodyais it expected that in 9.10, when I open an imap folder in kmail, it appears to try downloading every single email there09:40
volodyaat least what's what the jobs indicator say09:41
Chaitujussi01, : one quick question.  when I do second step in the link you gives a error msg.. can ya help?09:41
jussi01Chaitu: did you read the comments at the bottom?09:41
Chaituyes. am doing that and trying to understand what to do....09:43
jussi01so what is the  error you are getting?09:44
Chaituhttp://pastebin.com/m57c4e68d jussi0109:46
jussi01capital C Chaitu09:47
Chaituoh.. thats a silly one.09:47
jussi01you need to make sure everything that is caps somewhere is caps in your machine09:47
ChaituAm sorry jussi01. very new to all this09:47
jussi01Chaitu: linux is case sensitive.09:47
SmurphyAnyone knows how to use the mouse-buttons 4 and 5 to switch Desktop in KDE 4.3 ?09:52
Chaitujussi01, : The site says " inside the folder with the extracted contents from step 1, extract included tar.gz file to the themes folder"  : What does that mean???09:52
jussi01Chaitu: it means that you have to go to the folder where you downloaded the it to (desktop?)09:54
Chaitujussi01, : I did the 1st step. sudo apt -get install gtk2-engines-pixbuf09:55
Chaituand trying to do the second one09:55
jussi01Chaitu: nope, thats the second step09:55
jussi01it has a number 2 in front of it...09:56
Chaitusorry about that man.. seriously. I need a smoke badly09:56
* jussi01 hugs Chaitu09:56
Chaitulol am on this since last 3 hours...09:57
jussi01oko, Im off for lunch. read carefully and hope you can figure it out.09:57
Chaituappreciate your patience jussi01 : )09:57
Chaituhave a good one09:57
SmurphyAnyone knows how to use the mouse-buttons 4 and 5 to switch Desktop in KDE 4.3 ?10:03
* jussi01 is eat lunch at the pc it seems. 10:06
jussi01Smurphy: logitech mouse?10:07
Smurphyjussi01: yep.10:17
jussi01!info btnx | Smurphy10:17
ubottuSmurphy: btnx (source: btnx): daemon for rerouting mouse button events. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.4.11-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 20 kB, installed size 120 kB10:17
Smurphyjussi01: Thx... will try it out.10:17
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* Smurphy asks himself though - why he can't configure this simply in the standard KDe system configuration10:19
mty2khow can i install vlc with suppport for converting all video formats inclusive of mp410:20
r00t_ninjamty2k: do you have kubuntu-restricted-extras10:23
mty2kr00t_ninja: no, gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg10:25
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Smurphyjussi01: Btw - it works. Thx a bunch :)10:29
jussi01Smurphy: great!10:29
ncfi1013_if i have an optical drive that is capable of burning blu-rays does that mean that an 8gib dual layer dvdrdl can also be a blu-ray recordable disc?10:33
eagles0513875ncfi1013_: no you need special blue ray media disks10:38
KoliaRiddell: is there a ppa where the microblog plasmoid is fixed in Kubuntu?10:54
eagles0513875hey guys i got a question for yall i have tor installed do i need apt-proxy to access the repos10:55
mty2ki have vlc - got it from package manager --- but cant convert any video format. yet i have ffmpeg - full11:02
szalin my understanding VLC is for watching, not for transcoding..11:03
r00t_ninjavlc can convert11:04
RiddellKolia: what's wrong with it?11:06
ubottuapt-proxy is a program that acts as a local apt repository server for a LAN, only fetching from the internet when required. To set it up see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptProxy11:06
* eagles0513875 starts getting frustrated11:07
KoliaRiddell: still not showing my friends tweets11:08
KoliaRiddell: more exactly, when i check "Show friends", nothing shows up. When I uncheck it, I see my own tweets.11:10
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m4rtinhi, just upgraded to karmic and am having problems with scp autocompletion. The keys seem to be working as I can ssh to the remote host without password, but when I try to autocomplete, everything after the ":" is treated as local11:14
Smurphym4rtin: didn't know a remote autocompletion existed at all ... Eventually it only works if you have authorized+keys setup ..11:15
m4rtinSmurphy: thanks for the reply. Yes, it exists and worked fine in my Jaunty setup. I have setup authorized_keys (have key based login)... although I'm using RSA rather than my previous DSA setup... is that likely to be it?11:17
Smurphym4rtin: The local public key must exist in the remote ~/.ssh/authorized_key file - if not it won't work.11:19
SmurphyBTW - I never tried it out ;)11:19
m4rtinSmurphy: yes, it does (as I said, can do "ssh host" and it connects using the key)11:20
Smurphym4rtin: then something else changed IMHO.11:21
m4rtinSmurphy: seems so11:22
m4rtinSmurphy: it's not even that it can't connect, it's that it is doing a *local* completion11:22
m4rtinI'll have a forum-hunt :)11:22
Smurphym4rtin: yeah. good idea :)11:23
bucurstie careva romaneste?11:24
SmurphyTkelem L'arbia ?11:24
bucuras fi avut nevoie de ajutor, daca se putea11:25
Smurphydd if=googlebraindump_year_2009 of=bucur_brain bs=4M11:25
eagles0513875how can i access the repos when behind a proxy i am currently using tor to bypass it but i am still unable to access the the repos11:35
r00t_ninjahave you configured the proxy in the kde settings?11:36
alvinIs it normal that Launchpad icons are overlapping links if you are using Konqueror? It's plain ugly.11:57
alvineagles0513875: Set the tor proxy in /etc/apt/apt.conf (something like: Acquire::http::Proxy "http://localhost:8080/";)11:58
JediMasterCan any Amarok users explain to me how to add a song to a saved playlist?11:59
JediMasterI've tried dragging the song into my saved playlist and it keeps adding a random song I didn't click on11:59
JediMasteris it safe to presume it's a bug?12:00
robin0800JediMaster: think you right click and choose to add12:01
JediMasterrobin0800, don't have that option, can only "queue" it12:03
Ev0luti0n_does your amarok 2.2 also lacks shoutcast listing on "internet services" ?12:12
Tm_TEv0luti0n_: yes, because of shoutcast licence issue, or something like that12:13
=== r00t_ninja is now known as r00t_ninj|a
Ev0luti0n_had no clue12:14
Ev0luti0n_thks for the info12:14
Tm_Tr00t_ninj|a: please don't use awaynicks12:14
Ev0luti0n_although you can still save on ur bookmarks and play it later on12:15
Tm_TEv0luti0n_: I don't remember where it was explained, try google it (:12:15
Tm_TEv0luti0n_: sure, it's just about Amarok devels distributing it or not, what user does is up to user (:12:15
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Ev0luti0n_DAMN IT12:16
Ev0luti0n_my amarok doens't work now12:17
Ev0luti0n_no sound, for no apparent reason12:17
Ev0luti0n_any clues?12:17
Ev0luti0n_i can't test the sound devices either12:18
Ev0luti0n_Tm_T: any clue?12:24
Ev0luti0n_oh my12:24
Ev0luti0n_sound works again12:24
FloodBotK1Ev0luti0n_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.12:24
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=== r00t_ninj|a is now known as r00t_ninja
Koliai have no more shutdown/restart buttons in my K menu after Karmic upgrade.. any idea?12:42
szalKolia: sounds like you started KDE by executing startx12:43
yoshi765fuck ubuntu12:43
yoshi765DAMN FREENODE12:44
Koliaszal: szal: hum actually i have gdm at starting and from there i chose a kde session. might be related?12:44
RiddellTm_T wins12:44
Tm_TRiddell: I'm old and slow but sometimes I'm lucky (;)12:44
KoliaRiddell: any idea about the microblog thingy?12:45
RiddellKolia: hmm, no, I'll need to look into it12:46
KoliaRiddell: let me know if i can help12:47
ubuntu_say hai...12:49
Tm_Thi hi12:49
ubuntu_iam new user12:49
Tm_Tubuntu_: welcome, are you already familiar with our channel?12:49
ubuntu_no... can help me ?12:50
szalwith what?12:50
szalwe can't read your mind12:50
Tm_Tszal: (:12:50
szalrork: why yet?  are you developing such skills? ;)12:51
ubuntu_can you tell me how to enable desktop effect on kubuntu ?12:51
Tm_Tubuntu_: shortly, read topic, stay polite and have fun (: (and you can freely ask the real question without asking if you can ask)12:51
Tm_Tubuntu_: what kind of display card you have?12:52
ubuntu_intel gma...12:52
szalubuntu_: Systemsettings -> Desktop Effects -> tick the checkbox..  requires 3D-enabled gfx driver to be installed12:52
ubuntu_where i can get those menu ?12:53
ubuntu_oooo... thanks...12:56
ubuntu_my intel gma natively support12:56
rorkszal: it shouldn't be too hard: we could've registered ubuntu_ staring at the desktopeffects screenshots for a long time, then heading to the settingspage trying to check the disabled checkbox and do a google search. A webcam can register his emotions. Then his question would be obvious.13:05
szalwell, that's not exactly mind-reading..13:05
tim-using 9.10, i cant make wireless work with a non-broadcast ssid to save my life... i have tried switching over to wicd and still no luck. anyone have any advice?13:06
ubuntu_ok ok thanks13:06
m4rtinSmurphy: if you are still there, I have got it fixed, but it involved detailed hacking of the /etc/bash_completion.d/ssh file13:06
m4rtinandreas__: was that at me?13:07
andreas__do u tink so?13:07
m4rtinwell, I wasn't sure if you were implying that I should have found another, cleaner solution or if you were addressing that general groan to the previous conversation13:08
andreas__i said:: uUuH..!!13:09
andreas__i haven't read the previous conversation13:09
andreas__what's about?13:10
RoeyRiddell:  heya13:12
r00t_ninjatim-: how are you doing it?13:12
Roeythere's this weird thing with udev as of the latest version13:12
r00t_ninjano usb?13:12
tim-r00t_ninja: outside of having no wireless i am well.. thanks13:13
RoeyRiddell:  the notifier applet doesn't pick up on newly-inserted SD card, even though I can see the kernel notices it when I do dmesg13:13
r00t_ninjatim-: is your wireless card working?13:13
r00t_ninjabut you just cant connect to hidden ssids?13:13
tim-r00t_ninja: seems to be. when i first start wicd it sees them and says they are <hidden> but i cant attach to them13:14
ghostcubesounds like wicd this has the prob too13:14
RiddellRoey: we still use hal (not the new devicekit/udev stuff)13:14
tim-all of mine are hidden so I dont have one to test otherwise13:14
r00t_ninjahave you tried using knetworkmanager?13:14
RiddellRoey: so it could be a bug anywhere in linux/hal/solid/applet13:14
r00t_ninjaclick the network manager icon in the sys tray and then do connect to other with13:15
RiddellRoey: it works generally (if it didn't we'd get loads of complaints) so something funny in your situation I'm afraid, has it ever worked in karmic for you?13:15
r00t_ninjaand click connect13:15
llutzm4rtin: "dpkg -S  /etc/bash_completion.d/ssh" should tell you, what package to file the bug to13:15
tim-r00t_ninja: knetworkmanager wouldnt work at all. i tried adding the ssid quite a few times to no luck13:16
tim-if you think it would be helpful i can reinstall it (wicd removed it i believe)13:16
r00t_ninjaim not sure13:16
r00t_ninjacan you see any other aps?13:16
RoeyRiddell:  well I thought it must be udev (given my limited knowledge of it) because it happened as soon as I upgraded these packages yesteday morning: http://pastebin.com/m385a7cb13:16
tim-yes, i see a neighbors by name, but it has web turned on13:17
r00t_ninjaso your wireless card is working13:17
tim-the other odd thing, wicd only sees them until i try to attach to one then it never lists them again13:17
RoeyRiddell:  (if that answers your question)13:17
m4rtinllutz: thank you13:19
RiddellRoey: hmm, I should do an upgrade and check that's not a general issue then13:19
Roeythank so much Jonathan13:19
tim-is there another network mangager? wicd seems a bit weak13:19
ghostcubehmm wicd is fine so far what do you mean with weak ?13:20
tim-ghostcube: well.. for 1 it doesnt work13:20
RoeyRiddell:  again, the behavior I observed is that even though 'dmesg' shows that the kernel detected /dev/sdd1 once I slipped my SD card into the reader, I saw no pop-up from KDE's notification applet13:20
tim-but i am not able to preconfigure SSIDs either13:21
ghostcubetim-: you checked the interfaces files13:21
ghostcubelike described on wicd age ?13:21
ghostcubetim-: nah ssids that are unvisible seem to make linux trouble i cant get mine working too doesnt matter what network manager i use13:21
ghostcube*page not age13:21
tim-ghostcube: i must have missed that part.. which page is that one (i just found a forum post re: wicd)13:22
ghostcubea bit strange its menioned on download page13:22
Smurphym4rtin: cool :)13:24
tim-yeah, that is an off place for it, but i have that part covered13:24
m4rtinSmurphy: going to take the dive and submit my first patch :)13:24
tim-i havent ever had this problem before... how do i switch back to knetworkmanager?13:24
Koliaszal: you were right, as i was using gdm, it was not loading the shutdown/restart buttons13:25
Koliathanks for the clue13:26
crissi_ok so i fail.   i accidentally removed my panel that held my open applications.. and now cannot figure out how to make it come back.  I have googled, and cant find exactly what im looking for.  Maybe im not asking the right question. I dont know.13:53
crissi_any help?13:53
Koliacrissi_: right click > add panel13:54
Koliacrissi_: or you are talking of the part of the panel where the open applications are minimized?13:55
crissi_yes that13:55
Koliaso you see the panel but no more the open applications right?13:55
Koliaclick the yellow icon on the right of the panel13:55
crissi_i also see the clock13:55
Koliathen "add plasmoid"13:56
crissi_and the hidden application bar.13:56
Koliacrissi_: it's back?13:56
crissi_im looking for plasmoid13:56
Koliathere is a task bar plasmoid13:57
Koliaor task manage (don't know the exact english word for it)13:57
Koliacrissi_: have you found the yellow icon? (the cashew)13:58
crissi_but i only see add widgets13:58
crissi_lock widgets13:58
crissi_and more settings13:58
Koliacrissi_: add widgets13:59
crissi_k thats where I am now.13:59
Kolianow find the "task manager" widget in the list14:00
crissi_and i see task manager14:00
Koliaand add it14:00
crissi_it is already starred like its there.14:00
crissi_but i'll try removing and adding again14:00
Koliacrissi_: star doesn't meand it's added14:00
crissi_ok its back!14:01
crissi_thank you soo much14:01
Koliastar = favorite (i think)14:01
crissi_ah ok14:01
Koliacrissi_: no problem :)14:01
SiVA_really loving the new kubuntu... KDE is much more stable since the last time I tried it14:04
SiVA_one problem I have is, when I hit alt-tab (and hold down alt to cycle), it takes a few milliseconds too many for the switcher to display14:05
SiVA_it gets in the way after using it 100 times each day... how can I make the switcher display instantly?14:06
SmurphySiVA_: Guess it's an issue with your 3D acceleration. what graphic chip you have ?14:06
SiVA_128MB NVIDIA GeForce Go 8400M GS14:07
SiVA_I can play 3d games just fine14:07
SiVA_oh wait... I haven't tried yet since I reinstalled14:07
SmurphySiVA_: Have you installed the restricted drivers ? and - make sure you install the backported modules...14:09
=== r00t_ninja is now known as r00t_ninj|a
SiVA_Smurphy: i'll check it out. not sure what you mean by backported modules14:10
=== r00t_ninj|a is now known as r00t_ninja
SmurphySiVA_: Backported modules are kernel drivers from the development branch. usually they fix quite some bugs that are not in the official release.14:11
SmurphyIt has fixed issues I had with the WiFi b.e.14:11
OpenMaster_Is there in linux a "path for shared libraries" ?14:12
OpenMaster_( kubuntu 9.10 )14:12
chaitucan anyone help me with fonts in firefox please?14:12
SmurphyOpenMaster_: check the file: /etc/ld.so.conf - all in there. After you modify it, update the cache file with ldconfig14:13
Smurphychaitu: What's the issue ?14:14
chaituFonts are messedup in firefox Smurphy. I realize its  a known issue but not sure how to go about it14:14
SmurphyHm. easiest is really to dump the firefox configuration then.14:15
=== r00t_ninja is now known as r00t_ninj|a
chaituwhich browser do you suggest?  I mean Iam done with trying to fix firefox...14:15
SmurphyI am using Konqueror most of the time.14:15
Smurphyand have no issues with firefox ;)14:16
chaitulol cool14:16
geniiArora is coming along as well14:17
OpenMaster_Smurphy: I need to add this library "libaacskeys.so" ; where should I put that file?14:17
SiVA_whats the equivalent of add-apt-repository for aptitude?14:18
lorecasteryesterday, some good samaritines helped me with samba... anyone here willing to help me out?14:19
chaituSmurphy:  How do we install new themes using menu? when I go to desktop settings and download new themes I dont see them in the drop down box.. can ya help me there?14:19
Smurphychaitu: You probably download themes that are not compatible, e.g. wrong version. try some more until you find a version that works. Send a Bug report to the maintainer of the site ..14:22
chaituSmurphy: Am clicking on the "get new themes" button and it gives me a list. I thought they gotta be compactable when shown in the list?14:23
SmurphyOpenMaster_: /usr/local/lib and make sure /usr/local/lib is in the /etc/ld.so.conf file. run ldconfig after the file is in place and the /etc/ld.so.conf file are updated, and you should be done.14:24
Smurphychaitu: thought that too the first time I tried ... :}14:24
chaituo0 :) any good site you recomend for kde themes Smurphy?14:24
OpenMaster_Thanks Smurphy :)14:25
Smurphychaitu: Nope sorry. I don't use themes - they slow down the desktop....14:26
SmurphyOpenMaster_: You're welcome ;)14:27
chaituThanks Smurphy14:27
lorecasterSamba? Anyone? :P14:27
Smurphylorecaster: used samba the last time 5 years ago. sorry ...14:29
lorecasterwish i could say the same, Smurphy... this is a royal pain14:29
Smurphylorecaster: I stopped using samba and all Windows compatibility stuff because it was a PITA ... already back then.14:30
Smurphyusing NFS or sshfs. Later-one works for mac Os-X and windows (linux of course). So - I don' t care about sambe anymore14:30
lorecasteri need to share some folders between two koala machines... though i'd like to get a windows working...14:31
lorecasterwilling to give an SSHFS tutorial? :P though anything with SSH in it sounds scary and command-promptish14:31
lorecasteri'm getting a macbook after xmas... i should probably warm up to that one now14:31
Smurphylorecaster: all you relly have to do, is generate to private keys on all locations you want to have access on, and distribute the public component to the authorized keys section. then, access is transparent :)14:32
lorecaster:| it cannot be that simple.14:32
* genii sips his coffee and thinks about fish://14:32
lorecasterusing this, wise?14:33
Smurphylorecaster: yeah. kind of. I'm an old linux crowd (started back in early 1993), so I tend to do my own stuff ;)14:33
Smurphygenii: fish is working from linux to linux fine... Winblows is another matter ...14:34
lorecasteri'm a new seed... only been face-and-eyes into the linux world about a year... in 1993, i was in primary school. :P14:34
Smurphylorecaster: Well - I'm an old Crabe by now ;)14:34
lorecasterI just desire a solid, robust OS package to limit my stress... i'm currently enrolled in a university-plan to get my honours degre in english in 24 months. :S I want to limit my stress where I can.14:35
OpenMaster_Smurphy: in /etc/ld.so.conf there is only "include /etc/ld.so.conf.d/*.conf"   should I add in another row "include /usr/local/lib" ? I missed to tell you that this librery is a 64bit lib14:36
chaituIt's great to see people helping newbies. One of the main reasons Linux has grown.... Thanks to all : )14:37
SmurphyOpenMaster_: Check what files exist in /etc/ld.so.conf.d/ and if /usr/local/lib is not there, you can either copy one of the existing files in that directory and adapt it, or just add /usr/local/lib to the ld.so.conf file.14:37
lorecasteri whole heartedly agree... i'd have been foudn dangling in the pantry if no one was here to help me :D14:37
lorecasterI'm pretty close to self-sufficient now, by practice alone. this place (the default chat in KONVERSATION) is an amazing resource14:38
chaituI remember Redhat having a default package to handle .tar files... wish ubuntu has it14:38
FlootenkerpHi, I have a small issue. I deleted programs that were installed with wine, but not using the uninstaller. Now the folders are gone, but wine still shows them when I go under applications, wine, and programs.14:38
FlootenkerpAny way to remove them from the list?14:38
Smurphylorecaster: yeah. I did chat quite heavily in the past. nowadays I don't have that much time, but my pat Linux experience actually pays my salary. swo - it was a good choice I did in the past :014:39
chaituGood for you as its paying you. good for us as you are happy and helping ;-)14:39
lorecasteri'm terrified by the IT industry... i actually have a 2-year diploma in Computer Support Specialist... but the amoutn of material that you have to EAT in order to stay current scared me away from a job... adn we never saw linux ONCE in that course, not in a practical context14:40
lorecasterI have my users as part of the fuse group... now, do i need an SSH server?14:41
SiVA_installed Nvidia 190, and it appears faster. Thanks!14:42
lorecasteron that... SiVA_ i've got the 185 drivers installed, but are working fine. anyone recommend me installing the newest?14:43
Smurphylorecaster: you are right. I never finished University - as I saw it is bullshit regarding real life experience.14:45
SmurphyI did never regret not making any degree ;)14:45
lorecasterand Smurphy, i shunt all of my mundane tasks to my Dell... leaving my powerhouse computer to rendering, gaming, etc... should my dell be the sshserver?14:45
SiVA_lorecaster: well, KDE hardware drivers recommends it :). Actually I think it's the first non-beta nvidia drivers for linux14:45
lorecasteri use gnome :$14:46
lorecasterwhat command-line allows me to install 190? the hardware drivers GUI doesn't even list it;14:46
geniiSmurphy: Not that it's likely many kids are in here... but please remember to keep the language family-friendly14:46
SiVA_lorecaster: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/install-nvidia-graphics-drivers-190-42-in-ubuntu-karmicjauntyintrepidhardy.html14:48
Smurphygenii: yes Sir !14:50
BluesKajhowdy folks14:50
Smurphylorecaster: easyer to justgo for : applications -> Systm -> hardware Drivers14:51
lorecasteri went there, no 190 to be found.14:51
* genii slides BluesKaj a coffee14:51
lorecasterjust 173 and 18514:51
Smurphylorecaster: u need 190 driver for a specific reason ?14:52
* BluesKaj accepts coffee with gratitude14:52
lorecasternot particularly... i had asked the room, if 185 works fine, should i upgrade, and i was tossed a link. took it as a sign14:52
FlootenkerpI have a small issue. I deleted programs that were installed with wine, but not using the uninstaller. Now the folders are gone, but wine still shows them when I go under applications, wine, and programs.14:52
SiVA_my firefox fonts for the toolbars, and menu is really big14:52
* Smurphy slurs the coffe cup he just did ... :14:52
FlootenkerpAny way to remove them from the list? I deleted the folders, not uninstalled it, so I'm not sure how.14:52
Smurphylorecaster: using 185 here. no issues so far on a T61p :}14:53
lorecasterbut more important than that... Smurphy, I'd like this SSHFS thing sorted out... what system do i put the openssh-server on, my background-running server, or my mighty-powerhouse where the shares are located?14:53
geniiFlootenkerp: You might want to ask WINE-specific questions in their channel, ##winehq14:53
Flootenkerpk, thanks14:54
Smurphylorecaster: on the server where all files are going to be served...14:55
fl4shb4ckhi there :)14:55
TheKro_what is the recommended app for bluetooth dialup (GPRS) in kubuntu?14:57
fl4shb4ckI've got problems with my sound under kubuntu 9.10.. before the upgrade everything was fine, now I'm getting after a few minutes of musicplaytime (in amarok as well as other players) the notification "hda ... audio doesn't work anymore, switching to pulseaudio" and then the sound is crap :-/ and: since monday my vlc-player doesn't play _any_ sound...14:57
fl4shb4ckand my firefox is hanging when I play a youtube video, it stops after 2 seconds..14:58
fl4shb4ckcan someone help me, please(!) ?14:58
lorecasterso if i want to share files both ways, both computers are required to be servers? ad this gives RW access,. yes? DELL (client) has a utorrent program that downloads data directly to DESKTOP (host)15:00
lorecasteropenssh-server installed on DESKTOP15:01
lorecasterhold my hand Smurphy :P I need ya buddy ;)15:01
Smurphylorecaster: Yes. You'll have to install the ssh-server on both boxes.15:03
SmurphySorry - just reconfigureing my firewall for use with Virtualbox Virtualmachines ... Kind of complex already ...15:03
Smurphyand I also am writing a training for some of our folks (Company) which are linux illiterates ... :(15:03
lorecasterSmurphy: installed on both boxes (i've got a half hour, so i'm good if you're in a hurry)15:06
=== TheKro_ is now known as TheKro
Smurphylorecaster: Just make sure you create on every box - for the user mounting the app, a ssh-key with ssh-keygen, and copy the public part of the key to the remove computer, and append it to the user receiving the connection in his authorized_keys file (usually in $home/.ssh/ directory)15:07
lorecasterSmurphy: and how would i go about all that? :P15:10
Smurphylorecaster: U usually mount the sshfs filesystem through a script in ~/.kde/Autostart - so every user can only mount his own files.15:11
Smurphyscp ? :)15:11
lorecasterI just want to share two folders so everyone can see them15:11
leo_heyho.. i just installed kubuntu 9.1 on my new laptop and it looks like it would need new graphics driver.. but everytime i try to download drivers from the nvidia website (geforce gt240m is my card) it just opens a source code and does not download anything.. can anyone pls help me :-/15:13
Smurphylorecaster: share them for world ? Not good ... :}15:15
lorecasterLOL, everyone on my network... i love saucy-faces, don't ever change. :D15:15
Smurphylorecaster: in that cas e- skip sshfs - use samba, and make sure you just share these openly. Should be a 2 liner in the sambe configuration15:15
lorecaster-rips hair out- lol, i get dizzy for all the directions you people throw me in :P15:16
lorecasteranyone recommend any nice samba tutorial?15:18
Smurphylorecaster: yeah. That is the learning path we all went through :) Welcome to the Community :D15:18
amichairhow do I pass switches (.e.g -C) to a command with kdesudo? if I do "kdesudo cmd -C" I get an error from kdesudo (not the app) that -C is not a valid option15:19
Smurphylorecaster: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260515:19
Smurphylorecaster: or : http://www.ubuntugeek.com/howto-setup-samba-server-with-tdbsam-backend.html15:19
lorecastergreat, thanks. how hard will it be to get this set up on my mac or my XP distro?15:20
Smurphy:) Your google-Brain extension is your friend in this case ;)15:20
Smurphylorecaster: on your mac ? Mac finds it itself. Windows, browse the network, and you're done.15:20
SmurphyMake sure there is no firewall in the path though :)15:20
lorecasterno, i have no firewalls in my interior network... only at the bridge15:20
Smurphylorecaster: yeah. I do separate WiFi from Lan and WorkLan from all ...15:21
SmurphyCall me paranoid ;)15:21
Smurphybut I had made too many bad experiences in the past, and since traffic is separated, I never had an issue anymore.,15:21
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
=== seicherl_bob is now known as seicherlbob
seicherlbobhi there! I tried to run firefox 3.5 (kubuntu 9.10 AMD64, installed using apt) with profile mounted on samba share => failed (known issues with smbfs). Now i tried with sshfs => it starts, but extensions are not recognized properly. A local copy of the same profile works fine, so it is not an incompatibility issue. can i fix that or is it just impossible to have firefox profile on a remote fs (in linux, because it worked15:33
seicherlbobperfectly fine for years in windoze)??15:33
BluesKajseicherlbob, if I understand you correctly you are trying to use samba into a windows machine in Firefox ?15:39
seicherlbobwell... 2 OSs on 1 PC: MS and Kubuntu (dual boot). They should both use the same FF-Profile, which is located on a remote SMB server. Works with Windows, crashes in linux.15:40
xtrmzerohow do i mount a dvd on ubuntu?15:40
seicherlbobBluesKaj: I tried smbfs to mount it, which failes for known reasons since FF2.x. Now i tried sshfs => firefox starts, but has problems/cant use extensions.15:41
seicherlbobBluesKaj: i had the same setup for years on my laptop, but it used a local FAT partition. worked perfectly fine. Now i'd like to use a remote FS instead and its a pain!15:42
lorecasteri'm off, ttyl15:43
szalseicherlbob: if you dual-boot, you might want to consider using the profile directly from the Windows settings15:45
szalntfs-3g makes it possible ;)15:45
seicherlbobszal: well, I'd like to have my data on the server (backup and offline availability, etc.)15:46
lorecasterszal: thank god you;re here :P for some reason, my shares don't work anymore. i was forced to hard-reset my client, and now they won't work. what was it we did with werenerd yesterday?15:46
seicherlbobszal: and it works in windows and i'd like to get rid of MS and now i cant do that on linux. and i got used to "we can make everything on linux", thats why i love it so much.15:47
szallorecaster: chown -R15:47
szalif you mean that15:48
lorecasterdid that already15:50
lorecaster-tear- i have to go again, we'll chat later on i suppose... this evening.15:50
tzangergood morning; I'm trying to get Kubuntu 9.10 to print to pdf; the option is there, but I cannot change the page size from A4 (it is grayed out) -- why is this?15:51
BluesKajseicherlbob, szal , what about automounting the windows partition and the remote with fstab edit/entries ? or am I missing something ?15:51
seicherlbobBluesKaj: I would love to have the profile on the server, so i need some kind of remote file system. but neither smb/cifs nor sshfs works.15:52
BluesKajseicherlbob, what OS is your remote server using ?15:53
seicherlbobBluesKaj: debian15:53
BluesKajseicherlbob, have you considered openssh , and then using dolphin or konqueror to connect ?15:55
seicherlbobBluesKaj: its already mounted with sshfs15:56
BluesKajabd you're using FF to access the files ?15:58
seicherlbobBluesKaj: it's not about accessing files, its about the location of the profile15:58
* BluesKaj doesn't undestand the profile thing ...guess it's beyond my scope15:59
seicherlbobprofile = location of all user settings. default location: ~/.mozilla/firefox/profile...16:00
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=== r00t_ninja is now known as r00t_ninj|a
llutzBluesKaj: it's like having $HOME on remote-fs16:06
=== OtherJakeSays is now known as JakeSays
BluesKajllutz, yeah but , the use of the word profile is confusing to me :)16:07
llutzBluesKaj: it the name firefox calls the user-settings16:08
llutzthey're stored in your "profile" ~/.mozilla....16:08
BluesKajllutz, but why use FF ?16:08
llutzBluesKaj: ff reads its configuration from that. it's not using ff to access it16:09
llutzBluesKaj: like bash is reading .bashrc on start, same thing16:09
davideciao ragazzi sono nuovo16:10
bazhang!it | davide16:10
ubottudavide: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)16:10
BluesKajllutz, like we use dolphin to ssh or smb ?16:10
llutzBluesKaj: no, what irc-client are you using?16:10
llutzBluesKaj: try having ~./kde/share/apps/config/konversationrc on a remote-computer, a network-filesystem.16:12
davideragazzi solo un minuto  sono nuovo grazie16:12
bazhangdavide, english here16:12
bazhangdavide, #ubuntu-it for italian16:12
seicherlbobllutz: thanks for explaining ;)16:13
slawciowhy you dont like italians?16:13
slawcio"ciao a tutti"16:13
FloodBotK1slawcio: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.16:13
seicherlbobllutz: have you ever tried to keep ff profile on a remote fs?16:13
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!16:13
llutzseicherlbob: nope16:13
slawciowhat is zb?16:13
slawciowhy u muted me? :D16:14
seicherlbobok, lets try another approach: does anyone know a way to have 2 directories clone each other? like a raid 1 does for harddrives?16:14
Mamarokslawcio: beahve, please16:14
bazhangslawcio, did you have a kubuntu support question?16:14
geniislawcio: The channel bots will temporarily mute users who they think are flooding the channel. Apparently you fit the profile16:14
slawciobazhang: no, i want help ubuntu users here16:15
llutzseicherlbob: like rsync?16:15
seicherlbobllutz: can rsync synchonize live?16:15
BluesKajslawcio, then /join #ubuntu16:15
slawcioerror, kubuntu16:16
slawcioi have kubuntu too16:16
llutzseicherlbob: needs some code arround, iguess16:16
slawcioif you don't want me here i can part...16:16
Mamarokslawcio: just stick to the rules, then there is no problem16:17
Mamaroksee the topic of the channel16:17
llutzseicherlbob: inotify might do it for you16:17
BluesKajslawcio, then read the introduction about COC etc16:17
seicherlbobllutz: hmm... brb, i will catch that up again later. thanks for now16:17
BluesKaj!coc | slawcio16:17
ubottuslawcio: The Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/16:17
djkorihello, i neek some help to find how to connect an usb wifi modem model HUAWEI 156b I'm on Kubuntu 8.0416:17
seicherlbobllutz: ok, back again.... i never heard about inotify. i will have a look on that16:19
llutzseicherlbob: inotify, iwatch16:19
llutzseicherlbob: seems not to be available for *buntu, but maybe is what you need http://packages.debian.org/sid/utils/inosync16:21
BluesKajslawcio, one never knows16:21
seicherlbobllutz: it is available: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/inosync/0.2-116:23
llutzseicherlbob: ah sorry, just looked my active repos for it16:23
antlarris anybody here using 9.10 with a macbook 5,1 ?16:27
seicherlbobllutz: or that: lsyncd16:28
antlarrI'm having random freezes16:29
antlarr(where "random" means I haven't figured yet a way to reproduce them :) )16:29
llutzseicherlbob: sounds perfect for your task16:31
seicherlbobllutz: well... "When not to use: File with active file handles (e.g. database files)"16:32
seicherlbobwhich means: NO16:32
SiVA_I'm using the default task switcher (not box or flip or whatever). Seems if you have a ton of apps open, everything gets squished and unreadable16:32
geniiantlarr: Did you install NVidia drivers for the 9400M in it, or using whatever default driver from the install ?16:33
seicherlbobllutz: that one was recommended instead: http://www.drbd.org/home/what-is-drbd/16:35
antlarrI installed nvidia binary drivers16:37
antlarras well as the broadcom wifi (wl) binary drivers16:38
antlarrdo you think it may be related to the nvidia drivers?16:38
geniiantlarr: Since that card uses system shared memory, would be my first suspect, yes16:39
seicherlbobllutz: I'll try lsyncd anyway. Its not that much data, so we'll see if it works. thanks for your help16:40
llutzseicherlbob: good luck :)16:41
antlarrgenii: ok, I'll check if there's a newer version and try it, if not, I'll see if I can use the opensource drivers16:43
antlarrOr better said, I'll try as soon as I get a crash now, since I'm now trying the system after using noapic acpi=off apm=off no-hlt noexec=off in the kernel16:49
geniiantlarr: Might want to check the logs after a crash too... some useful ones in /var/log are usually: messages user.log dmesg   and so on16:54
antlarrnop, messages doesn't say anything at all16:56
antlarrnor dmesg*16:56
geniidorces: A better description of your problem would assist us in assisting you16:58
szaldorces: obviously you f*cked up your FF fonts, but where's the problem changing them?17:05
ZachK_what up17:07
garryhi all17:07
ZachK_!HI | garry17:07
ubottugarry: Hi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!17:07
garryi hope someone can help, when I go to Hardware Drivers it does not find any drivers for my Gfx card, nVidia GeForce 6200?17:10
crayfishgarry: I tend to download the linux drivers direct from nvidia, they tend to be more up to date anyway17:12
garrycrayfish: thanks, will do, are there good instructions on how to install them, i'm new to linux17:13
crayfishgarry: they're pretty self explanatory normally, just run the .bin file from the command line and it's all ascii-GUI from there17:13
garrycrayfish: thanks! :D hopefully I'll be able to get it running quickly17:14
garrystrange, konqueror keeps notifying me to install extra packages, but when I start the download the package installer says they are already installed?17:22
garrycrayfish: i've downloaded the driver, but when I try to run "sh ./NVIDIA-Linux-x86-185.18.31-pkg1.run" it says it can't open the file, I am in the directory it is stored in...17:27
slawciogarry: chmod +x ./NVIDIA-.........17:28
SiVA_does 'root' not have a default password after installing ubuntu?17:28
slawcioSiVA_: if u want be root write: sudo bashhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh17:29
slawcio*sudo bash17:29
Tm_Tsudo -i is more proper way to have root shell17:29
SiVA_slawcio: just wondering if root has a password set though..? shouldn't it?17:29
Tm_TSiVA_: not needed, so it has no password by default17:30
slawcioSiVA_: try17:30
slawcioit's works!17:30
slawciosudo bash17:31
Tm_Tslawcio: I believe he got it17:31
garryslawcio: i've tried chmod but it just returns to the next line... nothing seems to happen17:31
Tm_Tgarry: add sudo in front of the command, though17:32
Tm_T!nvidia | garry17:32
ubottugarry: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto17:32
Tm_Tgarry: if there's no real reason, you should use packaged drivers17:32
slawcioTm_T: nvidia doesn't have source of drivers, it isn't open17:33
Tm_Tslawcio: but ubuntu has those drivers packaged17:33
garryTm_T: thanks, surely the latest nVidia drivers would be better and get the most from my Gfx card? *confused*17:33
Tm_Tgarry: hmm, and ubuntu doesn't provide latest drivers?17:34
=== deniz is now known as Guest37710
Tm_Tgarry: which Ubuntu version you have?17:36
garryTm_T: do they? I don't know, i'm new to Linux. If I was on Windows I would install drivers from the manufacturer instead of using the vga drivers provided, why not on Linux aswell?17:36
Tm_Tgarry: because it's easier just to use what Ubuntu provides, no unneeded steps17:37
garryTm_T: I see your point, however there must be a strong case for using proprietary drivers or they wouldn't exist? I just want to see what difference they would make...17:38
Tm_Tgarry: and ubuntu provides those proprietary drivers for you, that's what I'm trying to tell you17:39
Tm_Tgarry: what Ubuntu version do you have?17:40
garryTm_T: Kubuntu 9.1017:41
Tm_Tgarry: ah, then all should be easy17:41
Tm_Tgarry: you just need to run hardware drivers manager17:42
garryTm_T: That was my first port of call, but after searching for drivers it shows nothing..17:43
Tm_Tgarry: hmmmmm, I think I know what's wrong, as I don't know how this step can be done with current GUI tools, I'll just tell you how to do it in commandline17:44
Tm_Tgarry: open Konsole and run this command: "sudo apt-get update"17:44
Tm_Tgarry: it will ask your password, just write it and press enter17:45
garryTm_T: yep, thanks, appreciate your help...17:45
petsoundshi.. i need help, java applet won't run. http://imagebin.org/71446 . thanks :(17:45
garryTm_T: ok it's running... and downloading stuff (I think)17:46
Tm_Tgarry: good, after it's done, retry with drivers manager17:46
blaisdellbyou should try adding a hotpocket to your mysql17:46
blaisdellbthat should do the trick17:46
mackenpetsounds> do you have the java plugin installed17:47
petsoundsmacken : yes, java bin, java jre, and sun java6 plugin17:47
blaisdellbsup bishopr17:48
mackenare you trying to run an applet from a browser17:48
petsoundsmacken : yes. firefox 3.5.517:48
garryTm_T: fantastic, that's done the trick!!! Thank you for your help... Just out of interest what did that command do...?17:48
mackensun java 6 plugin should make it work. make sure to restart your browser17:49
Tm_Tgarry: it updated your package lists, so your system know what packages are available17:49
Tm_Tgarry: normal updater and installer tools does the same thing17:50
blaisdellbyes that is true17:50
garryTm_T: ah... good stuff, I think this may have also solved my other issues with installing the konqueror addons that the notifications keep popping up for...17:51
Tm_Tgarry: ye, known bug that Karmic (9.10) install doesn't create the package list, all is fine after it's initially checked17:51
mackenpetsounds> go ahead and install the icedtea java and plugin17:52
garryTm_T: thanks for coming to my rescue, I thought I had a duff install at first...17:52
Tm_Tgarry: clad we could help17:53
petsoundsmacken : i test my java at http://www.java.com/en/download/help/testvm.xml and the result is fine. but when i open facebook or myspace and uploading photos, java won't load. and for the icedtea, should i remove then sun version first?17:53
mackenno u can have both installed. I do17:54
petsoundsmacken : ok thanks, ill let you know if it works17:55
mackenpetsounds>firefox3.5 can still do funny things. As a test use epiphany. It usually works not matter what.17:59
petsoundsmacken : i guess so.. idk about epiphany but ill give it a shot and also i try several browser like opera and G chrome, but the problem still exist.18:01
mackenpetsounds> if you don't get it post your hardware and problem in the forum. I don't have an answer, never had a java problem.18:03
petsoundsmacken : of course ive posted this problem in the forumm but the people in there are less responsive than irc people. :D18:05
=== anthony is now known as Guest97178
d-eeewhat it do?  any ideas which filter to choose to properly open a pdf file in kwrd?18:07
Dotanplease kde help us and vote to fix panel rtl problem , https://bugs.kde.org/votes.cgi?action=show_user&bug_id=187406#vote_18740618:09
genii!ot | Dotan18:10
ubottuDotan: #kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:10
Dotanits in topic18:11
Dotanjust help with kde problems18:11
Dotanif you dont want to help just say nothing18:11
geniiDotan: It's not a Kubuntu support issue and so not on-topic.18:11
d-eeepdf files and wild styles, ya dig?18:12
BluesKajd-eee, http://www.linux.com/archive/articles/47307?theme=print18:17
oobedoes anyone know how to make x start on runlevel 4 or 5 now upstart has taken over my system it starts on run level 3 which of course is bad18:21
d-eeeBluesKaj:  thanks, is it a problem with the disabled xpdf engine?18:21
Tm_Toobe: what's the difference between runlevel 3 and 4 or 5 in this case?18:21
geniioobe: Runlevels 2,3,4, and 5 are not different from each other on Debian and *buntu18:23
Tm_Tgenii: he left already18:24
Andreas1234hi!how can I rm a file in an ntsf partition with ubuntu?18:25
geniiTm_T: Thats what i get for starting a reply and then finishing it minutes later without looking if the recipient is still around18:25
gauravKontact documentation seems to be missing, pressing F1 in Kontact gives me the following error. "The file or folder help:/kmail/index.html does not exist."18:25
Tm_Tgenii: ye (:18:25
Andreas1234I mean a soemhow write protected file18:25
geniioobe: Runlevels 2,3,4, and 5 are not different from each other on Debian and *buntu. Effectively there is only 0 (halt) 1 (single user) 2,3,4,5 (multi user) 6 (reboot)18:27
Andreas1234'rm -Rf WINDOWS/' tells me operation not supported18:27
oobegenii, thanks nvidia drivers told me to change to run level 3 when i tried it tryed to startx which froze my pc so i installed the drivers in runlevel 1 against warnings18:28
Tm_Toobe: hmm, reason why you didn't install drivers from ubuntu repositories?18:29
oobecause i do things differently18:30
slawciooobe: your nick is from 'out of body experience'?18:30
macodo you consider that a good reason?18:30
oobeinfact i dont like most of the thing *buntu is doing these days and each upgrade takes a lot of work to make my system acceptable18:30
petsoundsmacken : it's work with openJDK.. :)18:31
geniioobe: The usual practice would be to go to the KDM or GDM login screen and choose "console login" option, from there stop even the login manager with sudo /etc/init.d/?dm stop         do the nvidia stuff which requires X to be stopped while doing it, then restart the login manager18:31
oobeslawcio, no its just oobe it can stand for that or out of box experience18:31
oobegenii, yeah thats what i usually do but for some reason it would freeze this time18:31
=== sarah is now known as Guest95711
geniioobe: Some installs require to load the kernel driver as well before restarting the login manager18:32
mackenpetsounds>good. whatever it takes to get the cat skinned. Good job18:32
omargood afternoon guys i need some guide i have a laptop compaq nx6120 and i want to buy a webcam what would be the best option?18:33
oobegenii, its all good now18:33
omarso any one genii right?18:34
oobeomar, there is hardware guides on the ubuntu site18:34
omaris there any other option just in case i cant find that mark?18:34
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:34
Tm_Tomar: any webcam that is known to work with linux, see link above18:35
omartxs guys a lot18:35
=== Guest95711 is now known as sarahhh
antlarrit seems the nvidia 190 solved the problem with freezes18:36
geniiantlarr: Good :)18:36
antlarrand nm-applet (the gnome networkmanager applet :( ) solved the problem of knetworkmanager not connecting18:37
antlarrgenii: thanks for your suggestions before18:38
geniiantlarr: You're welcome18:38
Andreas1234nobody has an idea on how to delete that directory?18:41
Tm_TAndreas1234: why you would like to remove windows dir in ntfs?18:41
=== maco_ is now known as maco
Andreas1234T,_T I wanna rm everything18:42
Tm_TAndreas1234: the whole partition?18:42
Andreas1234yes. I was on Windows before. Now  I'm doing mv oldpartition to backup and then I wanna delete it. in order to get more space for my linux partition18:43
Andreas1234getting the error also with the mv command18:43
jorginnocan anybody help me?18:44
slawcioof course18:44
jorginnoI have a phillips tv instaled on my pc, but i get new on kubuntu 9.10, how can i get it back to serve me18:44
slawcioi dont know :)18:45
jorginnoon windows xp, it functioned ok18:45
jorginnobut linux dosn't18:45
m4rtinAndreas1234: firstly; you aren't installed from inside Wubi are you?18:46
m4rtinAndreas1234: secondly, if you want to nuke the partition, use a gparted live CD where you can make it blank space and then resize18:46
d-eee_sorry, battery on the laptop went out18:51
ulliwhat is this here_18:51
=== d-eee_ is now known as d-eee
Andreas1234m4rtin: no, no wubi stuff. normal installation into an ext3 partition18:57
Andreas1234still I think it's strnage that even being root it does not permit me to delte it with rm -f18:58
Andreas1234but, i'll do it with gparted then.18:58
m4rtinAndreas1234: hang on: you are using lowercase "r" right?18:58
m4rtinsudo rm -rf Windows18:59
Andreas1234oh, no I tired with upper case18:59
m4rtinshouldn't make a different18:59
m4rtinv. odd18:59
Tm_TAndreas1234: it makes more sense to format the partition, lot quicker, if you really want to get them all out19:00
Andreas1234same result "Operation not supported"19:00
m4rtinI'm with Tm_T on that19:00
m4rtinbut it's still odd19:00
Andreas1234yeah, maybe as ntsf is from windows they have implemented some odd tricks so that even ntsf3g cannot rm it19:00
Andreas1234I'll format19:01
m4rtinbe careful with gparted ;)19:01
jcanadaI am confused - I thought kubuntu 8.04 hardy heron was LTS???19:01
Mamarokjcanada: not the KDE part19:01
jcanadadoes anyone know anything about the 9.10 kde 3 remix?19:02
Mamarokthere should be a passage in the release announcement on http://kubuntu.org19:03
jcanadawill it get all the updates karmic users would normally get, except for kde 3?19:03
Mamarokdid you read that?19:03
Mamarokjcanada: the underlying stuff like kernel and such, yes19:03
=== dendrobates is now known as dendro-afk
jcanadawill I continue to get kernel updates and such with 8.04?19:05
Mamarokjcanada: yes, since it is LTS, as I said, it's only the KDE3 part that is not supported by us anymore19:05
Mamarokbe aware that KDE 3 is not maintained anymore, so if there are security problems you are on your own there19:06
geniijcanada: You should take up those questions with the fellow providing that image at Pearson Computing19:07
genii(9.04/9.10 with KDE3 )19:07
jcanadayeah...I subscribed to the mailing list, but didn't get any reply and haven't heard anything yet, so maybe should find out if I"m really subscribed19:08
Mamarokjcanada: see here: https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/Kde3/Karmic19:08
Quintasanjcanada: kb9vqf is the guy you are looking for19:08
jcanadabewho is this guy quintasan?19:09
tzangergood morning; I'm trying to get Kubuntu 9.10 to print to pdf; the option is there, but I cannot change the page size from A4 (it is grayed out) -- why is this?19:09
Quintasanjcanada: AFAIK this guy is the one who started working on KDE3 Remix19:10
jcanadaexcellent!  thank you19:10
tehkxPlasma-desktop does not want to start when I use any style that is not Oxygen, any ideas?19:11
Mamaroktehkx: which style?19:11
tehkxCleanlooks, klearlooks, bespin, and my personal favorite qtcurve19:11
=== gaurav__ is now known as Guest68274
jcanadais it common understanding that there is no chance of kde 3.5.11?19:12
Mamarokjcanada: the KDE developers do not maitain it anymore, for most of the parts, no19:12
Mamarokjcanada: read the wiki page I gave you, please19:12
Mamarokjcanada: and you shoult at least fire up a live CD and have a look at KDE 4.3.2 to know what you miss19:13
jcanadayeah, that's true, it might have been 4.1 I tried last..19:13
Mamaroktehkx: qtcurve is not a plasma style19:13
tehkxI understand that, I am using the air style. I mean qt style.19:14
antlarrjcanada: indeed, 4.3.2 is really a lot better and more stable than 4.119:14
Mamarokwrong, not a plsma theme19:14
tehkxIf I set my qt style in System settings plasma-desktop crashes on load19:14
antlarrbut that talk about kde3 reminds me, that taskjuggler needs kdepimlibs from kde3 to get all its functionality, and since kde3 is no longer included, taskjuggler doesn't have ical support which is a pity19:15
Mamaroktehkx: qtcurve is just a compatibility layer for GTK applications, not a plasma theme19:15
Quintasanantlarr: mind coming to #kubuntu-devel for a second19:15
=== r00t_ninj|a is now known as r00t_ninja
tehkxMamarok: but it is a qt style correct? So how to I ask plasma to use oxygen and let all my other qt apps use the qtcurve style?19:16
jcanadaI think it might even be on the 9.10 remix I have (kde 4.3 that is), I might have to restart and check that out19:17
Mamaroktehkx: no, idea, sorry19:17
tehkxqtcurve is meant to be used on its own, not just in gtk-engines-qtcurve form, since it is a style19:17
=== Guest68274 is now known as gaurav
tehkxThanks anyway, gonna jump around and find a solution :/19:18
jcanadagood news!  I found an archive of that kde3 remix mailing list - I was not subscribed19:18
=== r00t_ninja is now known as r00t_ninj|a
VanessaEquestion:  In kde3.5 there was a panel type for windowmaker dockapps.  Is there any such thing in KDE4?19:20
jcanadaI think I like the side-by-side idea of the 9.10 remix, because I'd really like to use Amarok 2 for instance, and I can try 4.3 fully.  My problem with kde4 has been that I found it slower on my older hardware19:20
Quintasanjcanada: what are the specs of the older machine?19:21
jcanadaathlon xp laptop19:22
=== Bou is now known as Kolia
Quintasanjcanada: I used a very dirty workaround, kill plasma-desktop and replace it with *box + tint219:22
Quintasanjcanada: worked fine :P19:22
jcanada1.5ghz , 946 (?) MB RAM19:23
Quintasanjcanada: should work, at least it was working in mine case19:23
Quintasanjcanada: amd athlon 1.8 768 MB RAM :P19:23
jcanadacan I replace plasma with kdm or whatever?19:23
Quintasanjcanada: kdm is the login window, plasma-desktop is the desktop you see19:24
Quintasanif you kill plasma-desktop you can still run apps via krunner (alt+f2), I used to kill it, then run fluxbox and tint219:24
jcanadaby *box did you mean fluxbox or something like that?19:24
jcanadabecause I thought there was a kde component, forgot what its called, that is the kde window manager (and I'm not certain about nomenclature here)19:25
antlarrjcanada: kwin ?19:26
tehkx_I am having an issue with using bespin, qtcurve, klearlooks, cleanlooks, or any non oxygen style. On login plasma-desktop crashes to a black screen. It works fine if I use oxygen though. http://pastebin.com/m1f66f02b19:26
jcanadathats what I meant!19:27
antlarryou don't have to kill a window manager, just run the new one with --replace19:27
antlarrI think most window managers support that parameter19:27
Quintasanyeah, but I bet that plasma works the slowest for him :P19:28
antlarrhm, right :)19:28
bbeckI used to have a line in my sources.list file under Jaunty for amarok-nighly.  I haven't been able to set it up for Karmic, does anyone know how to do it?19:28
=== Gilgamesh is now known as Guest76179
jcanadaI'm thinking I will play with KDE4 more19:29
jcanadawhat started me on this was realizing that I would no longer get kde updates, yet realizing that we have a windows xp computer at work that still gets updates, and I know resources are an issue, but I thought there was a strong "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" sort of strain of thought in the linux world, so....long story short, restarting the computer for winXP updates at work tonight made me sad  :/19:31
jcanadaoh well, I could use an excuse for a new computer, too.  Thanks for your help guys!19:35
bbeckAh, I see the problem there's no karmic repository for amarok-nightly.19:36
amgarchIn9hi, everybody! Those of you who have installed Kubuntu 9.10 from scratch, which login manager do you get un start up. GDM or KDM? There is something realy broken about their cooperation.19:38
amgarchIn9in my installation at least19:39
Tm_TamgarchIn9: Kubuntu installs KDM by default19:39
inspiron630best way to burn an iso in linux19:40
amgarchIn9Tm_T:  is then gdm installed by default on kubuntu? dpkg -l gdm19:41
jcanadainspiron:  k3b is great!19:41
Tm_TamgarchIn9: no, Kubuntu doesn't install GDM by default19:41
Tm_TamgarchIn9: user ofcourse can install it later on19:42
amgarchIn9Tm_T:  so this may be the reason their staying in the way of each other was not largely exposed.19:42
Tm_TamgarchIn9: possibly19:43
micmordin Kubuntu (or more in general KDE 4.x) which piece of software can I use to record voice from input line like a microphone?19:43
Tm_TamgarchIn9: wouldn't make any sense to have them both there by default19:43
amgarchIn9Tm_T: "dpkg-recofigure gdm" used to work before to switch between the two. Now doesnt.19:44
Tm_TamgarchIn9: shame I cannot help on that, have you searched bug reports?19:44
amgarchIn9Tm_T: can you confirm gdm is not installed on your system? I am going to try to remove it and see what happens.19:45
Tm_TamgarchIn9: I don't have Karmic installed, but if I had, I would know what is installed and I'm 100 % sure GDM is not installed in Kubuntu by default19:46
Tm_Twouldn't make any sense in my mind19:46
tehkx_can plasma work with any style other than oxygen?19:46
tehkx_qt style that is19:47
Tm_Ttehkx_: should19:47
tehkx_gah it is as bad as I though https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdebase-workspace/+bug/433028 I would think a bug like this would be a show stopper19:48
Tm_Ttehkx_: let's see...19:49
tehkx_plasma-desktop just refuses to reload with kleer or cleanlooks. I just doesnt make sense.19:50
tehkx_It works with cde, and oxygen19:51
tehkx_wait it doesnt even work with cde, just oxygen19:52
tehkx_perhaps it is this microblogging thing kubuntu throws on my desktop19:53
Tm_Ttehkx_: could be, try without it19:54
tehkx_Well, there it is.19:54
tehkx_Talk about a simple problem being released. Here is what was happening. The microblogging thing kubuntu has on the desktop by default has a button that says "Configure".19:55
pierre3Hi, is there a way to enable the delete key, ctrl-left and right on the mysql client console? since some updates those prints 3D; 3C; anyone have the same problem? thanks19:58
clustermagnethey gents, installing 9.1.  question is... the installer is not giving me the option to setup LVM2...20:07
clustermagnetwhat am i missing :)20:07
=== hcbox is now known as eXqq
clustermagnetanyone?  bueler? :)  how can i use lvm in kubuntu? or is that just simply not an option at install time?20:08
clustermagnetoh crap, kubuntu cant do it :(20:09
clustermagnetjust googled20:09
clustermagnetwell .. wtf people20:09
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
macoclustermagnet: use the alternate cd20:09
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal20:09
clustermagnetmaco: thanks!!!20:10
clustermagnetmaco: you just saved me some time :) thanks!20:11
Mandingo-IphoneIs there a way to reduce the mount activity on my xfs drives I think that is causing my stuttering during video playback20:13
drenoHi, how do I import settings file into compiz?20:14
amgarchIn9so people, there is a version of gdm package already in karmic-proposed that does not respect user choice between kdm/gdm. It seems to trying to start gdm uncoditionally. There is a race between the two (if kde was chosen). Kdm does not always win.20:17
GreekGrooveHi all, how can I create/update fuse-utils and libfuse2 package to get installable deb packages of the latest version of fuse (2.8)?20:18
amgarchIn9I just downgraded gdm to 2.28.1-0ubuntu1 (karmic plain) from *2 (karmic-proposed) and now my dpkg-reconfigure gdm/kdm is respected.20:19
amgarchIn9How do we proceed in such case. This update breaks installtions that have bothe kubuntu- and ubuntu-desktops installed20:20
amgarchIn9submitted bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gdm/+bug/48153720:30
EvilRoeyRiddell:  heya again20:31
EvilRoeyRiddell:  did you manage to update/dist-upgrade and verify this udev problem?20:31
marc__bonsoir, je viens d'installer kubuntu 9.1. Pas de raccourcies clavier pour les changements de bureau ?20:35
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr20:36
Ahox_Hi, is there a native voip client for KDE?20:38
marc__Hello, i installed Kubuntu 9.1, no shortcut for changing desktop ?20:38
Ahox_marc__, what do you mean with that?20:41
Ahox_Do you want to use gnome now?20:41
marc__to change desktop with the keyboard : alt+Ctr+arrow don't work20:43
marc__but i'm a newbee on kde20:43
Ahox_marc__ I see, kubuntu has only one desktop by default20:44
marc__I configure to have 4 desktops20:44
marc__only to have cube rotation effect, but it doesn't work20:45
Ahox_you can set the keyboard shortcut in the system settings / Keyboard & Mouse / Global Keyboard Shortcuts20:46
Ahox_then pick KWin and Next Desktop20:46
marc__ok i try, thanks20:47
Ahox_Ctrl+F1... should work, too20:47
marc__ok thanks Ctrl+F1-4 it's perfect for me20:48
marc__i activated cube on 3D effecte but i doesn't work. An idea ?20:49
Ahox_Have you activated the cube effects, too?20:50
Ahox_and I assume your 3D effects work in general ;-)20:50
marc__Yes the 3d effects works20:51
marc__I check witch option is enabled20:51
Ahox_So you should have Desktop Cube and Desktop Cube Animation20:51
Ahox_Actually, what happens if you press Ctrl+F11?20:52
marc__Ctrl F11 make the desktop smaller20:53
Ahox_Press Ctrl+F11 and the click the mouse and move it20:53
Ahox_This should be your cube20:53
marc__Yesssss,   ok thanks20:53
=== hcbox_ is now known as eXq
marc__is it possible to have the same effect with CTrl+Alt+mouse ?20:54
Ahox_I am not sure, maybe with mouse gestures and a dbus call?20:54
marc__ok, i forget for the moment. CTrl is not really ergonomic20:55
marc__thanks a lot @Ahox20:57
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r0berthi there21:04
r0bertwill kde 4.3.3 be available for karmic anytime soon?21:04
Ahox_It already is21:04
r0bertor does one have to add that backport-ppa?21:04
r0bertit is?21:04
Ahox_its in the ppa archives21:05
Ahox_so my answer is kind of true21:05
r0bertsays 4.3.221:05
Ahox_add "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-ppa/ppa/ubuntu karmic main" to your packages21:05
Ahox_or just add ppa:kubuntu-ppa/ppa in kpackagekit21:07
r0bertis adept still kubuntu's graphical packet management toll?21:08
Ahox_luckily not. Its KPackageKit21:08
Newbeedoes anyone know wheter it is planed to release KDE 4.3.3 as an official bug fix for karmic or if the kubuntu team only provides inofficial packages through their ppa?21:15
giselealguém do Br ?21:18
giseleBrazil ?21:18
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.21:19
|moe|no hablo poruges21:19
r0bertssssssh |moe|, dont make irc-ppl with hot sounding names go away! <:21:20
|moe|r0bert: lol - nice one!21:20
lorecasterBack I am again with my NFS challenges. anyone willing to give me a hand?21:28
lorecasteri've got 2-hours this time :P21:28
marc__i'm back, the sound of my laptop is really low on kubuntu. There is some way to correct this ?21:31
roberto___salve a tutti21:33
clustermagnetmaco, perfect, installer worked great, thank you21:36
clustermagnetmaco do you mind answeing an nvidia config issue? :)21:36
clustermagnetdual screen setup... would love to configure both monitors, however nvidia-settings isnt working properly for me21:37
clustermagnethow do you guys change your desktop settings :)21:37
lukashello, i have installed ubuntu 9.10. i can remeber a pop up which asked for commercial driver in 9.04. How do I activate it in 9.10?21:37
Ahox_lukas, its the Hardware Drivers Program, just type those two words in the krunner (Alt+F2)21:38
clustermagnetthe actual problem is i cant save the nvidia-settings to /etc/X11/config... i'll dig around though :)21:39
clustermagnetmaco thanks for the heads up with lvm though :)21:39
clustermagneti was like... really?  no lvm21:39
macoclustermagnet: i dont use nvidia, just intel, so no idea21:39
llutzclustermagnet: write it to file, copy to /etc/X11/xorg.conf manually21:39
Ahox_clustermagnet, try to run it with sudo21:39
lorecasterany of the new speakers familiar with NFS?21:39
lukasAhox_: is it jockey-gtk? i have ubuntu and thus no krunner.21:39
macoer, there is no xorg.conf in 9.10 by default21:39
macooh copy *to*21:39
macoi should learn to read :)21:40
Ahox_lukas, I have no idea, maybe #ubuntu can help you21:40
lukasok sry21:40
Ahox_lorecaster: NFS as in filesystem?21:41
lorecasteras in shares21:42
Ahox_sure, what's the problem?21:42
XiellaI can't load kubuntu (karmic).  I was able to get past the grub loading screen but now it reads [drm:intelfb_restore] *ERROR* Failed to restore crtc configuration -22.  How do I load kubuntu graphically?21:48
Ahox_Xiella, this sounds like your xorg.conf is borked21:49
geniiintel framebuffer for console21:49
Ahox_boot into rescue mode and select fix X server21:49
XiellaAhox_: Do you mean selecting the 'safe mode' option at the grub loading screen?21:49
XiellaAhox_: I see a recovery menu but none of them is select fix X server21:50
lorecastersorry Ahox_, my problem is that even though i did a recursive chmod and chown to both folders, they are shared through the gui and samba works fine... but one folder works, the other does not.21:51
lorecasteri'll do whatever you think could help, command-for-command :P21:51
pookito777 <pookito777> I use to have Kubuntu now that I decided to switch to Sabayon 5.0 I had my /home in a separate partition.  Now that I have sabayon mount that partition I can not have access to my old directory because it is encrypted.  when I go to the folder as root I find Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop and it is not allowing me.  I was asked in the sabayon irc to ask kubuntu irc how is the directory encrypted?  Please help21:51
Ahox_Xiella, sorry I don't have a 2nd pc right here to check the precise commands, can you try a root console and then mv the /etc/X11/xorg.conf to somewhere else and reboot?21:52
Ahox_lorecaster: wait, are we talking about NFS or Samba?21:52
XiellaAhox_: Sorry: the options are clean, dpkg, grub, netroot (Drop to root shell prompt with networking) and root (Drop to root shell prompt).  I guess I should choose root21:53
Ahox_Xiella: root sounds good21:53
Ahox_netroot should work, too...21:53
XiellaAhox_: Thanks.  Can I move the /etc/X11/xorg.conf just anywhere?21:54
Ahox_yes, I would recommend just renaming it to xorg.conf.old or so21:54
XiellaAhox_: whoa21:55
clustermagnetmaco: in kubuntu... how does one enable 3d desktop? :)21:55
XiellaAhox_: Oh, I didn't type sudo.  It says "mv: cannot stat '/etc/X11/xorg.conf' : no such file or directory21:55
clustermagnetdo you have to install compiz via apt-get?21:55
macoclustermagnet: kwin has 3d stuff built in21:55
macoclustermagnet: kickoff menu -> systemsettings -> desktop21:55
Ahox_mhm, this is possible and actually the default - X11 can be run configless21:56
clustermagnetmaco: i've been away from the 3d desktop world ... so compiz is what people use these days?21:56
clustermagnetthere used to be berryl21:56
Ahox_so that's not the problem then21:56
macoclustermagnet: beryl was a compiz fork. they remerged into compiz-fusion. kwin, in the meantime, acquired many of its most exciting features21:56
Ahox_clustermagnet: systemsettings / Desktop / Enable Desktop Effects21:57
Ahox_Xiella, can you post your /var/log/Xorg.0.log ?21:57
XiellaAhox_: Can you explain to me how to do that?  I'm still in root in safe mode.21:58
Ahox_good point, you need netroot for that21:58
XiellaAhox_: How do I get back to the selection menu to get to netroot?21:59
Ahox_just reboot21:59
XiellaAhox_: Ah, thank you, doing that now21:59
XiellaAhox_: Alright, I am in netroot now.  How should I post my /var/log/Xorg.0.log?22:00
Ahox_Thought, I have to leave now, sorry. You can upload the file by installing the package pastebinit and then run # pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:00
XiellaAhox_: Ah! I type "# pastebinit [address]" after installing it?22:01
Ahox_maybe someone else can take over? Yes, I am talking to you, pack of 31022:01
Ahox_well, withouth the #22:01
Ahox_and then just post the output from the script22:01
Ahox_but i really have to go now, good luck22:01
XiellaAhox_: Oh, okay.  Thank you lots in the meantime.  I think i'll need someone to help me.22:01
XiellaAhox_: Thanks.22:01
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=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
lorecastersorry back... ahox left... this is fate i can tell.22:09
BlommpferHello. I have a lot of old programs and stuff accumulated since Jaunty in my KDE file associations list...I'd like to delete it...which files do I need to delete to reset it to system defaults?22:10
lorecasterbut to answer ahox' question, either through samba or NFS... as long as the share works.22:10
clustermagnetguys, how do you start the micro-blog app again? :)22:11
marc__ok bye, thanks for the informations22:13
=== r00t_ninj|a is now known as r00t_ninja
FlootenkerpHi, does anyone here use mupen64? I want to get that running, but the screen just goes dark when I start emulation.22:17
BlommpferMaybe rephrasing it: Where does KDE store per-user file association data?22:19
MamarokBlommpfer: all users stuff is in /home/user22:20
Mamarokand its subdirectories22:20
BlommpferMamarok: Yes...yes that is right. But I need that specific file or set of files rather :P22:20
MamarokBlommpfer: if you want system defaults with no user data at all, move or erase ~/.kde/22:21
BlommpferI don't want to wipe out the entire KDE data folder due to other configurations that would be a mess to recover.22:21
MamarokBlommpfer: be aware that you will loose a lot of date if you erase that, like all mails from kmail, etc22:21
BlommpferSo that's why I just want to reset associations.22:21
Mamarokwhat associations are you talking about?22:21
carpiii think its in $HOME/.kde/share or something22:22
carpiii seem to remember editing a file for assocs ages ago22:22
BlommpferSystem settings > advanced tab >file associations22:22
MamarokBlommpfer: you mean configuration stuff? that's in ~/.kde/share/config/22:22
MamarokBlommpfer: but file associations are not users specific22:23
BlommpferYes, but which are the specific files for this, do you know?22:23
MamarokBlommpfer: isn't there a default reset button ?22:23
* Mamarok checks22:23
BlommpferMamarok: In a way yes, I used several things since KDE4.0 came out and some are obsoleted or would take ages to reorder so I prefer that.22:23
BlommpferThere is, but never did anything.22:23
BlommpferUnless it was magically fixed this month let me see just in case.22:24
MamarokBlommpfer: just erase that folder, it will reset all configuration stuff22:24
Mamarokit doesn't erase mail or such, just configuration22:24
BlommpferNo it doesn't work, still grayed out xD22:24
Mamaroklet me see...22:24
BlommpferYes that's what I want to do, but I wanted to know the specific files that set those user settings over defaults.22:25
Mamarokyou mean specifically the file associations? that can only be done by the admin22:25
BlommpferI am the admin.22:25
Mamarokso start the sytemsettings with 'kdesudo systemsettings' and you will have the rights22:25
BlommpferWith kdesu? It will then make me root user, not my normal use usr.22:26
Mamarokno, kdesudo, read what I wrote above22:26
FlootenkerpDoes anyone here run mupen64? I want to get it running, but the screen just blacks up when I start emulation and nothing happens. Does anyone know the issue?22:27
MamarokBlommpfer: you as a user are not admin, you only get admin rights when running stuff with sudo (or kdesudo for GUI applications)22:27
MamarokFlootenkerp: sorry, don't even know what that is22:27
BlommpferA nintendo 64 emulator.22:27
Flootenkerpnintendo 64 emulator for linux22:27
Mamaroknever uses that, sorry22:28
BlommpferMamarok: Anyway, I know the basics up to "coding OSS stuff" so I just need to know which files to delete without deleting the whole folder. Do you know them, then?22:29
BlommpferFlootenkerp: Sorry, I know it but haven't used it since 2004 or so...22:29
Flootenkerpit's fine, I'll try their forums22:29
BlommpferAnyway it might be the video plugin not configured right.22:30
MamarokBlommpfer: you still want to reset the file associations?22:30
BlommpferOr you can try, just in case, disabling kwin compositing and see if it shows something.22:30
BlommpferYou can suspend it with alt+shift+f12 IIRC22:30
BlommpferMamarok: Yes. I have things that have been here for years or programs that are deprecated in favor of others and so...I can manually configure it, but it would take at least a few hours xD22:31
MamarokBlommpfer: then do what I told you above: kdesudo systemsettings and set the file associations to default22:31
BlommpferSo I thought that I'd just clean them up and just add the new ones while having the rest to system, which is what deleting the files will do.22:32
Mamarok*sigh* then you will have to have a look at the config folder and look at the file names, those are self-explaing usually22:33
BlommpferMamarok: Nope, it logs me as root with root's associations.22:33
MamarokI don't really have time to look that up and it would take me as much time as it takes you :) resetting the file associations to default with the above methode works22:34
MamarokBlommpfer: *sigh* I give up22:34
=== Vlado9A3CY_ is now known as Vlado9A3CY
BlommpferNo because I don't use my file browser as root, but as another user.22:34
MamarokBlommpfer: for the third time, if you want to reset the file associations, do as I said above22:34
Mamarokonly root can do that, not the user22:35
BlommpferAnd I did and I appear in an unthemed config window that is root's.22:35
Mamarokhow difficult is that to understand?22:35
Mamarokdid you even try?22:35
BlommpferOK, do it and tell me what you see.22:35
BlommpferOf course, but it logs me as root because that is what kdesudo does.22:35
BlommpferWant a screenshot? I am not lying.22:36
MamarokBlommpfer: I know, but you need to be root to reset to default settings!22:36
Mamarokthat's the 4th time I tell you22:36
BlommpferTo reset my USER settings? No, I need to do it as that specific user.22:36
MamarokBlommpfer: you were asking for the file associations22:37
BlommpferYeah, but those are stored within /home/myuser/.kde , not /root/.kde22:37
BlommpferI don't want to alter system defaults.22:37
=== r00t_ninja is now known as r00t_ninj|a
Mamarokwell, then search your ~/.kde/share/config folder, it's in there and I don't know that by heart, never did that22:37
Mamarokas I said, the file names are self explaining, somethingrc, open those ( those are text files) and have a look)22:38
kblinhi folks22:38
=== r00t_ninj|a is now known as r00t_ninja
BlommpferI mean, it kind of bothers me, as that advice you were giving me was something that would really confuse a newbie. Someone not knowing how users work would just do it and find nothing changed then say "linux sucks" and call it a day.22:39
kblinis there a way to make 9.10 reboot the box when I select "reboot" that will allow me to touch the grub prompt?22:39
adaptrkblin: you can always access the grub prompt22:39
MamarokBlommpfer: well, for a newsbie, setting thigs to system defaults means erasing the ~.kde/share/config/ folder and restarting KDE, as simple as that22:40
lorecasterNFS for file sharing anyone? lookin to sort out some permission errors... i'm not green, but this bugger is illusive22:40
BlommpferAnd there goes his mail and contacts.22:40
kblinadaptr: no, if I hit reboot in my 9.10, I see the "shutting down" bootsplash thing, then my monitor switches to black for a second or two, and then I'm back at the "booting" bootsplash22:40
BlommpferOr custom window settings or so. Another "linux sucks" reaction that would cause.22:41
MamarokBlommpfer: not at all, the mails are not in the config folder, those are in the apps folder22:41
adaptrkblin: hit ESC when it goes black, your monitor simply isn't fast enough22:41
BlommpferRemember .kde was mentioned first.22:41
MamarokBlommpfer: well, sorry, but I am tired and don't have the patience tonight for that, talk to someone else22:41
kblinadaptr: but usually I have a 10s timeout22:41
MamarokBlommpfer: read the backlog, I said "move", not erase, and gave a warning22:41
adaptrkblin: on Ubuntu ? it's been a few seconds for ages22:41
kblinadaptr: not if you have a dual boot setup, I'm pretty sure about having ten seconds22:42
BlommpferIt's not like an average user knows how to dissect that huge folder and put stuff back into the new one.22:42
adaptrkblin: then you need to edit you rmenu.lst and put it back the way it was22:42
* Mamarok has better things to do22:42
BlommpferHey I am not upset or anything, just discussing.22:43
kblinadaptr: but I'm only seeing this when I hit reboot in kde22:43
MamarokBlommpfer: and that has nothing to do in this channel, discussions belong to -offtopic, read the topic22:43
kblinif I just boot normally, I have the prompt22:43
BlommpferMamarok: Oops. Understood, ahem. Sorry.22:44
adaptrkblin: difference between cold boot and warm boot, then22:44
kblinyeah, I guess so22:44
kblinbut that only came up after updating to 9.10, so I was wondering what was causing this22:45
kblinit's a bit annoying :)22:45
kblinnope, as I said, I upgraded from 9.04, system stays at grub1 then22:46
adaptrkblin: 9.10 uses a new version of grub, so all bets, they be off22:46
kblinI'm being a selfish bastard and prefer to let other people find the grub2 and ext4 bugs first befor switching myself :)22:47
harjot_how would i extract a frame from an mpeg?22:53
FlootenkerpDoes anyone here know a good linux emulator for NES?22:57
spossibleHo problemi con kmail e akonadi qualcuno mi può aiutare?22:58
Mamarok!it | spossible22:58
ubottuspossible: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)22:58
spossiblethank you22:59
Mamarokyou are welcome :)22:59
FlootenkerpSo, anyone know a good NES emulator for linux?23:00
MamarokFlootenkerp: apparently no, you are asking since hours now :) Maybe a game channel would be more appropriate23:00
FlootenkerpWhat game channels are on this server?23:01
MamarokFlootenkerp: no idea, sorry, but there is also google which is a good source for information about that I guess23:02
Mamarokyou do know that the package name is mupen64plus, do you?23:02
MamarokI found that with 'aptitude search mupen6423:02
FlootenkerpI actually instlled no plugins or anything, I just downloaded it and tried running it, which worked, but failed23:03
Mamarokhm, since I never used it and don't have appropriate games I can't test, sorry23:03
Flootenkerpbut failed emulating, that is.23:03
FlootenkerpThat's fine.23:03
Mamarokwell, the only game emulator I use is scummvm for two games, that's it23:04
r00t_ninjawhats up with usplash in ubuntu 9.1023:04
FlootenkerpDo you know what this instruction means for this linux nes emulator? You must use root to open SVGALIB ...don't forget !!!23:04
r00t_ninjathe bar loads to slow23:04
MamarokFlootenkerp: not really, no, as I said, never used that23:04
Flootenkerpk, thought it was an obvious thing I missed.23:05
MamarokFlootenkerp: I found this website, might have more informations: http://code.google.com/p/mupen64plus/23:05
Flootenkerpk thanks23:06
Mamarokyou are welcome :)23:07
lorecasterhey r00t_ninja, think you can throw me a bone with some NFS or Samba?23:07
* Mamarok is off for tonight, good night everyone23:08
klebezettelkubuntu doesn't have a /boot/grub/menu.lst?23:09
klebezettelwanted to copy some lines because I installed opensuse too, an kubuntu is not listed :/23:09
Mamarokklebezettel: this has changed with grub223:11
Mamarokklebezettel: see here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub223:11
klebezetteli see..23:11
Mamarokok, really off now, good night23:11
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XiellaWhat is a good command line internet browser to install?23:13
Xiellaklebezettel: Thank you23:15
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dezkim having some trubles with oregano23:52
dezksomeone can help23:53
dezki need some help23:53
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