cody-somervilleRunning make results in the following error:00:37
cody-somervilleError: Couldn't find a distribution for 'lazr.restful==0.9.17'.00:37
cody-somervilleany clues?00:37
mwhudsoncody-somerville: bzr update download-cache maybe?00:38
cody-somervilleI was just going to try that00:38
cody-somervillemwhudson, thanks. That seems to have fixed it.00:39
mwhudsonrocketfuel-get will do that for you00:40
mwhudson(but i don't use that)00:40
cody-somervilleI don't use it either00:40
mwhudsoni'm sure some people do :)00:41
maxbHas anyone floated the idea of making "Policy:  You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list. " configurable in the past?00:46
thumpercody-somerville: I have a simple bash script I use for updating stuff00:48
thumpercody-somerville: involves cd and bzr pull :)00:48
maxbditto :-)00:49
maxbrocketfuel-* is mostly too magic for my liking00:49
thumpermaxb: my thoughts exactly00:52
thumperI prefer a simpler magic00:52
cody-somervilleI want to interact with an object in launchpad via python shell. Whats the easiest way to go about that?00:52
mwhudsoncody-somerville: launchpadlib isn't too bad for interactive use00:53
* thumper agrees with mwhudson00:54
cody-somervillethis function isn't exposed via the API00:54
mwhudsoncody-somerville: submit a patch :-)00:54
cody-somervillenor should it be exposed <g>00:55
cody-somervilleor maybe it could be00:55
maxbgetting launchpadlib going in a python shell is harder than it needs to be00:57
maxbunless there are helpers that I'm unaware of00:57
maxbbug 425856. I solicit comments :-)00:58
mupBug #425856: non-team members cannot subscribe to launchpad/team mailing list <Launchpad itself:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/425856>00:58
mwhudsonmaxb: getting going is a bit of a pita yes00:58
cody-somervillemwhudson, thumper: basically, I want to cal an SQL helper method to see what the result is00:58
mwhudsoncody-somerville: the correct interface for that is "a losa" i think?00:58
mwhudsonif you can run an irc client in you python terminal, that might work :)00:58
mwhudsoncody-somerville: or do you mean locally?00:59
cody-somervillemwhudson, locally00:59
wgrantcody-somerville: 'make harness'00:59
mwhudsonyes, make harness00:59
cody-somervillecan I do that when launchpad is running?00:59
cody-somervilleNow, whats the easiest way to get the object for a particular bug filed against a source package in a distribution?01:03
thumpercody-somerville: using its number01:04
cody-somervilleIs there some zope magic I invoke against the interface or some helper function?01:04
* thumper looks01:05
cody-somervilleI suppose I should refer to the doctests01:07
cody-somervillelots of good examples there01:07
mwhudsonlots of examples, at least01:08
* ajmitch saw some lovely doctests in thumper's talk :)01:10
thumperI didn't read the doctests for that01:10
thumperI went to lib/lp/bugs/interfaces/bug.py01:10
ajmitchoh it was in the testing discussion, wasn't it?01:10
ajmitchyou showed off branch.txt01:11
thumperjml: it was an example of a bad doctest01:12
jmlgood good :)01:12
ajmitchjml: don't worry, he didn't say it was all crap01:12
mwhudsonbranch.txt is very largely crap01:13
ajmitchthumper: where can I read about the factory stuff you mentioned earlier?01:13
thumperajmitch: look at any tests in the lp.code area01:13
thumperajmitch: or look in lp.testing.factory01:13
thumperajmitch: we tend to use TestCaseWithFactory from lp.testing01:13
ajmitchok, thanks01:13
thumperajmitch: if you are using a doctest, there is a factory glob object01:14
jmlfactories are cool01:14
jmlours is really slow01:14
jmland it ought to have tests of its own01:14
ajmitchlp.testing.factory does look rather large to wade through01:15
jmlthumper, you know what would be great01:20
thumperjml: unlimited cosmic power?01:20
jmlthumper, being able to see all the trunk branches I have commit access to01:20
jmlthumper, what do you think?01:27
thumperjml: useful for some people01:27
thumperjml: what is your main use case?01:28
jmlthumper, I want to find my projects.01:28
jmlthumper, I have quite a few of them now.01:28
thumperjml: I'd much rather have a way to personally associate myself with a project01:28
thumperjml: that is of more interest to more people01:28
jmlthumper, I don't get it. You want to enter even more data?01:29
thumperI can have a page that just shows me about projects I care about01:29
thumperkinda like a "follow" this project01:29
jmlI think I'd still want to be able to see the projects I have commit rights to01:30
cody-somervillewgrant, where is the configuration for lucile kept at?01:31
wgrantcody-somerville: Which bit?01:31
wgrantSome in the DB, some in configs/development/launchpad-lazr.conf, some in configs/schema-lazr.conf01:32
wgrantAnd the occasional bit hardcoded.01:33
wgranthttps://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally is my documentation on setting the whole thing up.01:33
thumperjml: where would you put the link?01:34
jmlthumper, why not make it part of the personal code page01:34
thumpercould do...01:35
thumperpatches accepted01:35
ajmitchjml: I suppose that you could have write access to quite a few projects indirectly through teams?01:35
jmlajmitch, yes.01:35
jmlthumper, I'm actually still waiting on a chance to get my other patches landed.01:35
jmlthumper, can you please review upload-permission-joy?01:38
jmlhow do I expose a function over the API that takes a list of URLs as a parameter?01:43
thumperrockstar: how do I assert that an xpath doesn't exist in a windmill test?01:45
Ursinhahey wgrant :)01:51
wgrantHi Ursinha.01:51
Ursinhamy lp setup still wants to use the 0.9.9 version of lazr.restfulclient when I have the 0.9.10 inside the download-cache folder01:55
Ursinhawhat do I have to do to lp use the newest?01:55
wgrantMerge from devel.01:55
wgrant(or alter versions.cfg manually)01:56
Ursinhathanks wgrant :) I'd like to know which file defined that01:58
wgrantYou might also have to run bin/buildout again, I guess.01:58
MTecknologyWhere's the bestest best best place to get help on LP API; right here?01:59
thumperMTecknology: yep02:03
MTecknologythumper: How do I get my hands on it so I can use it? I feel like I'm about to dive into a sea of sharks with this but my company wants two of us to learn all we can about it02:04
thumperMTecknology: to what end?02:05
MTecknologyOne reason is because we want to modify some core tools we use to utilize the openid+login process of Launchpad so the use of LP is entirely transparent to the user. We're also looking into our own server to host the LP server02:06
MTecknologyIf we can get that, then we're looking into using it for a support ticket system and other things02:07
thumperMTecknology: the project is launchpadlib, and I believe it has good docs02:08
jmlnext question02:08
jmlhow can I expose a method that returns a dict?02:09
jmlmapping URLs to IBranch02:09
wgrantjml: Give up, I'm afraid :(02:09
jmlwgrant, that sucks.02:09
wgrantIt does.02:09
jmlwgrant, I guess a list will work ok in this context though.02:09
wgrantYou can return a dict, but launchpadlib will just see it as a dict of URLs to URLs.02:10
MTecknologythumper: thanks. I was trying to figure out how we could do everything that's being planned and it hit me that Launchpad can handle every piece of that02:12
wgrantMTecknology: I don't see what the LP API has to do with this.02:13
thumperjml: I think leonard is working on exposing a dict over ReST02:13
jmlthumper, that's good.02:13
* thumper throws hands in the air02:14
thumperhow can XPath have "and" and "or" but not "not"?02:14
MTecknologywgrant: I don't really understand what the api is; but I was told to get it so we can see if it will help us02:15
jmlMTecknology, https://help.launchpad.net/API02:17
jmlkfogel, hi02:18
kfogeljml: hey02:19
jmlkfogel, how's things?02:20
kfogeljml: well, I discovered halfway through the day that today was a U.S. holiday, that was interesting :-).  How's the sprint going?02:21
jmlkfogel, good.02:21
jmlkfogel, less coding than I had hoped, but probably the better for it.02:21
kfogeljml: ah, too bad, but that's what happens when you know too much02:22
poolienice reply there kfogel02:23
poolieit's thanksgiving isn't it?02:24
kfogelpoolie: thanks.  I was wondering if it was too harsh; glad you didn't find it so.  It's not Thanksgiving yet, btw, but it is Veterans Day in the US.02:25
thumperpoolie: veterans day02:25
poolieoh right02:25
thumperthanksgiving is in two weeks02:25
pooliearmistice day is observed here but not a holiday02:26
* kfogel is glad the whole world knows US holidays, and wonders if it has something to do with all our missiles02:26
Ursinhajml, do you know which commit message ec2 script considers when using the land command?02:27
jmlUrsinha, the one on the merge proposal page02:27
thumperkfogel: no, just approved rockstar's holidays, that's all02:27
jmlUrsinha, you can provide one as an option to ec2 land02:27
kfogelthumper: heh02:28
thumperUrsinha: but don't add all the [xx] rubbish to that commit message :)02:28
Ursinhathumper, oops, why?02:28
thumperUrsinha: because the land commands adds them02:28
thumperUrsinha: based on who reviews/approves, bugs et al.02:28
Ursinhathumper, makes sense02:28
jmlUrsinha, --dry-run ftw02:29
Ursinhajml, :)02:29
maxbSpeaking of the [xx] rubbish, is there a reference to what it all means anywhere?02:29
jmlmaxb, if it's not on the dev wiki, then probably not.02:29
jmlmaxb, the source code for ec2 land might actually have pointers to docs :)02:29
maxbnot that I've been able to find02:30
wgrantThe only one that was unobvious to me was rs.02:30
jmlmaxb, in that case, I won't be able to help you find docs, since I looked for docs when I wrote land :)02:30
maxbWell, yeah, I think I've figured most of them out by example by now. But [!log] still mystifies me (seen in some sourcecode branch I forget which)02:31
jmlmaxb, don't include it in the news announcement for the release.02:32
jmlmaxb, we used to use it to make preparing announcements easier. We don't any more.02:32
kfogelpoolie: nice response -- I didn't mean to guilt-trip you, though! :-)02:43
poolienot at all02:43
jmlI am feeling unhappy02:43
jmland it is because of software02:43
jmlIf I return a list of branches over the API, but some of those branches are None, then the 'None' objects don't appear in the list.02:44
jmlAFAICT, this means that helper methods like IBranchSet.getByUrls are impossible02:48
thumperjml: and there isn't a map?02:53
jmlthumper, there isn't.02:53
jmlI'm going to have to think of a different example for my UDS session.02:55
kfogeljml: is there no way to match up the returned branches to the URL(s) originally requested?02:56
jmlkfogel, not easily.02:56
jmlkfogel, there are multiple attributes on branch that the URL might be matched on.02:56
kfogeljml: oh02:57
jmland some that aren't even attributes02:57
jmlalthough matching against the returned bzr_identity, then matching against the returned branch.url and then falling back to matching the returned unique_name against the requested URL path would _probably_ get you most of the way there02:59
mupBug #481090: Cannot define a method that returns a dict <lazr.restful:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/481090>03:00
* thumper ndos03:20
PingJockygood evening03:23
thumperafternoon :)03:37
MTecknologyCan the LP API allow users to manage teams/users if the person using the API has that permission?03:54
MTecknologyI know the API is used to pull info, not if it can pushing or altering03:54
MTecknologynevermind - I guess if I pay attention the first page kinda says I can do that03:56
maxband the api documentation says exactly what can be done03:59
MTecknologymaxb: I'm still looking aroudn for that. I don't refer to documentation much so reading through it is hard work for mew04:00
MTecknologymaxb: :D04:20
=== mwhudson_ is now known as mwhudson
jmlhey, people here know stuff06:26
jmlI'm trying to prepare a USB stick for UDS that I can use to accelerate people having a Launchpad development environment06:26
jmlmy plan is to set up a minimal chroot, run rocketfuel-setup, make sure everything works, and then whack it all in a tarball06:27
jmldoes that sound sane?06:27
wgrantAwesome idea.06:27
wgrantAs long as you rerun rocketfuel-setup at the other end, that does sound sane.06:29
jmlwell, I'm also not 100% clear on what people on the other end will need to do to get the chroot.06:29
wgrantOh, you're going to copy the entire chroot? Hmm.06:30
jmlthat was my original plan06:30
wgrantThat'll run into postgres port conflicts and other mess if they already have postgres installed.06:30
jmloh yeah06:30
wgrantBetter to make rocketfuel-setup make less of a mess, so you don't really need a chroot.06:30
jmlwgrant, I'm not going to have time to do that before UDS :)06:31
wgrantPlus even if you do have a chroot, you still need to modify /etc/hosts outside the chroot.06:31
jmlso maybe just having the repo on a USB stick06:31
wgrant+ sourcecode06:31
jmland make sure that rf-setup can be run in such a way as to respect the existing file06:32
wgrantGet a clean ~/launchpad, remove devel from it, but keep a copy of rocketfuel-setup in there.06:32
wgrantIt will already.06:32
wgrantIf you extract the tarball into ~/launchpad as it expects, it will Just Work Very Quickly.06:33
=== abentley1 is now known as abentley
thumperjml: what about a vm on a stick?06:42
jmlthumper, the problem is then people need to know how to get a vm set up06:43
jmlthumper, it's all about taking the smallest amount of time as possible so I can get on with the rest of the session.06:44
thumperjml: people need to know how to get a chroot set up too06:44
thumperjml: just a thought06:44
jmlthumper, well yeah, that's why I'm not doing it :)06:44
wgrantIf you're expecting quite a few people to set it up, it might be a good idea to remove some of the crap from rf-setup this week.06:45
wgranteg. the SSH config stuff is no longer necessary.06:45
jmlwgrant, maybe06:46
jmlwgrant, are there bugs filed about all of this?06:46
wgrantjml: Bug #41902806:47
mupBug #419028: Don't edit SSH config in rocketfuel-setup <build-infrastructure> <Launchpad Foundations:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/419028>06:47
jmlwgrant, know of anything else that ought to be removed / cleaned up that doesn't require much thinking?06:48
wgrantjml: I really feel that it's unnecessary to install rocketfuel-* in $PATH, but that's a slightly more destructive change.06:49
jmlI agree on both counts.06:49
wgrantOTOH, it won't affect any existing installations.06:49
wgrantApart from that, rf-setup isn't too bad.06:55
wgrantlaunchpad-database-setup, OTOH...06:55
jmlwgrant, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~jml/launchpad/rf-setup-cleanup/revision/986307:06
wgrantjml: Great.07:07
wgrantThat probably makes it noninteractive, too.07:07
wgrantHm, not quite.07:07
wgrantBut close enough.07:07
* mwhudson_ reviewatrons07:14
wgrantIs there no link back from Loggerhead to the branch in LP?07:17
wgrantmwhudson_: Nice review comment, but your diff highlighter sucks.07:18
mwhudson_wgrant: there is a link in the top left07:18
mwhudson_wgrant: "watches pelcome" or something07:18
wgrantAh, so there is.07:18
wgrantOh, right, it assumes it's a header.07:20
adeuringgood morning08:33
wgrantbigjools: I don't see what your SourcePackageFormatSet methods do.09:15
bigjoolswgrant: ok I'll explain in a moment09:15
=== dpm_ is now known as dpm
* thumper has many branches waiting for review09:30
* thumper has fixed two oopses today09:30
thumpermy work here is done09:30
* thumper goes to wash disher09:30
thumperit's late09:31
bigjoolswgrant: ok let's chat09:42
bigjoolsso, SourcePackageFormatSet would be a utility09:42
bigjoolswhich is security wrapped09:43
bigjoolswe don't generally use __init__ methods in model classes09:43
bigjoolsthe utility has the job of creating new instances09:43
bigjoolsso that it returns security-wrapped objects09:43
pgquilesI followed https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally to add builders but now I want to remove them. I've tried with "remove" instead of "add" ( scripts/ftpmaster-tools/manage-chroot.py -s lucid -a i386 remove -f chroot-ubuntu-lucid-i386.tar.bz2 ) but it does nothing. What am I doing wrong?09:45
pgquiles(sorry for repeating the question, noone answered yesterday and I haven't found a solution yet)09:46
bigjoolspgquiles: that command deals with chroots, not builders09:48
wgrantbigjools: Right, yes. So it would be add(distroseries, format), and then there would be something like get(distroseries, format)?09:48
wgrantpgquiles: What did you expect it to do?09:49
bigjoolswgrant: yep, pretty much, although not get(), getBySeriesAndFormat()09:49
bigjoolswgrant: get() is normally used for getting by ID09:49
wgrantbigjools: Right. Thanks.09:49
wgrantbigjools: Now, what did you mean about the XXX?09:49
wgrantbigjools: There were some words omitted.09:49
bigjoolswgrant: I read it back and it made sense to me, so maybe it's just my twisted English :)  Basically, I would say don't worry about it and remove the XXX09:50
pgquileswgrant: I want to remove a builder from launchpad.dev/builders, and I want to remove a chroot because I did manage-chroot.py -s karmic -a i386 add -f chroot-ubuntu-lucid-i386.tar.bz2 (I told LP to add a Lucid chroot for a Karmic series, my bad)09:50
bigjoolspgquiles: mark it as manual and it disappears09:51
wgrantbigjools: "I'm trying to think if it would be bad to reject the upload if we detect orphan files, and I can't think of one." <- one what? reason to reject, I presume.09:51
bigjoolswgrant: yes09:51
bigjoolswgrant: my twisted English, sorry09:51
wgrantpgquiles: You actually want to mark the build as inactive, or something like that.09:51
wgrantNot manual -- that will still show up.09:51
wgrantpgquiles: You're sure that manage-chroot.py remove does nothing?09:52
wgrantbigjools: Thanks. Fixing now.09:52
wgrantI've never had cause to remove a chroot myself.09:52
pgquileswgrant: I don't know if it does anything but builders are still there09:52
pgquileseven worse: when I try to add a new chroot, it adds it but it does not show in LP :-/09:52
wgrantpgquiles: Chroots are not shown in LP.09:52
pgquileswgrant: the launchpad.dev/builders/bob/+edit I mean09:53
wgrantpgquiles: That has nothing to do with any chroot.09:53
wgrantpgquiles: A builder is it a builder. Its builds will use chroots, but it isn't directly related to them.09:54
pgquilesaccording to https://dev.launchpad.net/Soyuz/HowToUseSoyuzLocally you have to add a chroot, then mark Bob the Builder as OK09:54
wgrantThose steps are not related beyond both being prerequisites for a working build system.09:55
bigjoolsah yes mark it as inactive to remove it from /builders09:55
pgquilesI don't understand anything :-( After I added a chroot, it was shown in the builders list and I could mark it OK and it worked fine09:56
wgrantThe existing builder is shown in the builders list.09:56
wgrantNot the chroot.09:56
pgquileswhat I want to do is remove a chroot (tried with 'remove' but it does nothing) and add a new chroot for jaunty (but after the 'remove' for lucid, it no longer works)09:56
pgquilesbigjools: it will not show the builder in /builders but it's still in LP, you can re-enable it again09:57
pgquileswgrant: do you mean the builder is there but with no chroot?09:57
bigjoolspgquiles: that's correct09:57
pgquilesok, so, how do I completely remove a builder?09:57
pgquilesas in "this builder no longer has a chroot associated, I don't want it to be shown, even as inactive"09:59
wgrantBuilders are not associated with chroots.10:01
wgrantYou cannot completely remove a builder without removing lots of other sample data.10:01
pgquilesmmm so I add chroots to launchpad10:02
pgquilesand then I add builders10:02
pgquilesand builders will know what chroot to pick when a package needs to be built10:02
pgquilesis that it?10:02
pgquilesgreat :-) so builders are smarter than what I thought (and definitely smarter than I :-) )10:03
pgquilesthen, to fix my bad "manage-chroot.py -s karmic -a i386 remove -f chroot-ubuntu-lucid-i386.tar.bz2", can I just run "manage-chroot.py -s lucid -a i386 remove -f chroot-ubuntu-lucid-i386.tar.bz2" and that's it?10:04
wgrantbigjools: SourcePackageFormatSet, or should it be SourcePackageFormatSelectionSet?10:11
bigjoolswgrant: the latter10:12
bigjoolsbit of a mouthful :/10:12
wgrantThere's worse.10:12
pgquilesone more question: virtualized builders. Are there any docs on how to set up one? (I can't find anything)10:18
bigjoolsno, there are no docs10:18
pgquilesand I guess it's not exactly easy, is it?10:20
bigjoolsdepends on how much you know about virtualisation10:20
pgquilesI know virtualization but I've never set up Xen (which is what LP uses IIRC). Can it use something else (VMware, VBox, qemu, KVM) ?10:23
bigjoolsyou can use what you like, it's nothing to do with LP10:24
bigjoolsexactly what are you setting up LP for?10:24
pgquilesfor internal use at work10:24
pgquileswe are developing our own distribution for military use, based on kubuntu + packages for our software and backports from lucid, debian unstable and some stuff I've packaged and it's not available from debian or ubuntu10:25
pgquilesI think I'm the first one who requested to buy Launchpad for on site use but it was not available at the time (2+ years ago)10:26
pgquilesgiven that it's military use and our software is closed source, hosted LP commercial is not an option10:27
maxbI wonder how long it will be before enough people start wanting to rebrand launchpad that we actually end up with launchpad hosting projects/branches for a rebranding effort of itself10:30
bigjoolsI find someone internally using an open-source LP to host closed-source stuff extremely distasteful10:32
pgquilesbigjools: does Canonical sell a LP appliance, training, whatever? I've tried to BUY that but I was told (by Mark himself) Canonical does not sell that still10:33
pgquilesand I cannot upload military stuff to somewhere else, no matter how much security you promise10:33
maxbbigjools: why?10:34
maxbThe way I see it, using Launchpad in that way takes nothing away from the Launchpad project, and might be the source of bug reports, fixes, and an interested contributor10:41
pgquilesI've fixed a missing quote in HowToUseSoyuzLocally and added the explanation on the non-association between builders and chroots, which was not obvious from reading the page11:10
wgrantIt was a hasty conversion last week from a Tomboy note; I'm not surprised I missed a quote.11:11
wgrantWas the attachment change this morning just s/serieses/series/?11:11
pgquileswgrant: yes, that was it -  maxb told me what was failing11:12
pgquilesHowToUseSoyuzLocally says I should add an external dependency on "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu %(series) main restricted universe multiverse" to the PPA but when I try to do that from "add dependencies" in the PPA, LP fails. Is that the right place? Is that the line I should enter in the "Add PPA dependency" text entry?11:16
maxb"# We use Hoary as the root, as Breezy and Grumpy are broken." ....... Grumpy? :-)11:16
wgrantGrumpy Groundhog11:16
wgrantThe long-fabled bleeding edge daily builds Ubuntu.11:16
wgrantWhich somehow made it into the sample data.11:16
pgquilesmmm one little trick in /etc/hosts and now archive.launchpad.dev goes to archive.ubuntu.com... and it's building!11:24
wgrantpgquiles: If you followed my instructions, you shouldn't need to do that.11:25
pgquileswgrant: I followed your instructions but I don't know how to add the external dependency on archive.ubuntu.com, adding it in the "Add PPA dependencies" page in LP does not work (Zope error) :-?11:27
wgrantpgquiles: See the field at the bottom of the PPA's +admin page.11:27
bigjoolswgrant: heh, so that's why you said it was handy11:28
pgquileswgrant: ah! that was it11:28
pgquileswgrant: I thought I should add it to the "Edit PPA dependencies" page11:28
wgrantbigjools: Yeah, it's particularly convenient for testing primary archive stuff.11:29
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wgrantbigjools: If I'm just dealing with PPAs, I just change archivepublisher.base_url to a local mirror.11:29
pgquilesadded to the wiki11:31
wgrantpgquiles: Note that that same thing is mentioned two steps earlier.11:31
pgquilesoops, right11:32
wgrantpgquiles: That looks better.11:35
pgquileswgrant: sorry if this is a stupid question but, the section about "dealing with the primary archive", does it refer to a local mirror of archive.ubuntu.com (i. e. archive.launchpad.dev) ? the steps listed there, are they for adding PPA-built packages to archive.launchpad.dev?11:56
wgrantpgquiles: The primary archive is archive.launchpad.dev. But it's nothing about copying in PPA packages.11:57
pgquilesso those steps are for building the packages and adding them to archive.launchpad.dev *instead* of a PPA, is that it?12:00
pgquilesperfect, thank you12:01
pgquilesnow looking into setting up virtualized builders!12:01
wgrantbigjools: Want an intermediate diff?12:06
bigjoolswgrant: yes please12:06
pgquileswgrant: btw, /var/tmp/zeca is not created in the by rocketfuel_setup/start_soyuz.sh/whatever12:06
wgrantpgquiles: Ah, yes, forgot about that.12:07
wgrantbigjools: What do you think about running "UPDATE sourcepackagerelease SET dsc_format='1.0' WHERE dsc_format IS NULL"? No new broken SPRs have been created since 2006, so it should be a safe one-off fix.12:32
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bigjoolswgrant: yes, sounds sane13:54
matsubaraChex, gary_poster, rockstar, bigjools, danilos, citrus, allenap: LP production meeting in 15 min @ #launchpad-meeting14:45
gary_posterdanilos: do we have team lead call in 15, as Google lists?14:47
danilosgary_poster, no, as per email yesterday14:51
danilosmatsubara, thanks14:51
gary_posterdanilos: oh, must have missed it in the email swamp.  Looking...14:51
gary_posterfound, and thanks14:56
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sinzuisalgado:  ping16:45
salgadohi sinzui16:45
sinzuisalgado:  I am working on bug 471770. There is a conflict between AdminMergeBaseView.doMerge() which sets the dup email address to NEW and PersonSert._mergeMailingListSubscriptions which moves the subscription (with a NEW email) to the new acount16:46
mupBug #471770: mailing list subscription email address are in NEW status <oops> <Launchpad Registry:In Progress by sinzui> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/471770>16:46
sinzuisalgado: I think I should change PersonSert._mergeMailingListSubscriptions to remove all the subscriptions and send an email to the user that he has to re-validate his address *and* resubscribe...16:47
sinzuisalgado: but maybe I should change the subscriptions to the preferred email address, or ensure that the the affect email addresses are VALIDATED16:49
pgquileswgrant: ping16:55
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salgadosinzui, I think I'd rather remove the subscriptions and send out emails for the user to re-validate the address and subscribe17:14
sinzuisalgado: thank you. That is what I will do.17:15
mrevellnight all17:58
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Ursinhagmb, ping18:29
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thumperany one around who can review?20:28
* thumper needs some reviewers20:28
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wgrantpgquiles: Hi.21:38
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pgquileswgrant: hey. I was wondering why the instructions to use Soyuz locally tell you to download a pre-built bootstrap (with all the steps and guessings that involves) instead of telling how to build a bootstrap of your own with debootstrap22:07
pgquilesin the meanwhile, I've added how to use debootstrap to the wiki22:07
pgquilesis there anything special in the bootstraps from launchpadlibrarian.net ?22:07
wgrantpgquiles: The production chroots have various modifications (see /root/bootstrap), and it's so much quicker and easier.22:11
wgrantPlus it is better at convincing me that my full stack changes will work in production.22:11
pgquileswgrant: mmm I see. So, how are the chroots from launchpadlibrarian.net generated? debootstrap + manual steps?22:36
wgrantpgquiles: I presume debootstrap + copy in that bootstrap script + run that bootstrap script.22:45
wgrantBut I don't exactly know.22:45
pgquileswgrant: should I ask in the mailing list?22:47
wgrantpgquiles: Launchpad developers will not know. It's not really a Launchpad question.22:48
pgquileswho can I ask?22:48
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maxbpgquiles: lamont. I'd be interested in the answer.23:11
pgquilesmaxb: is he/she on IRC usually (meaning: tomorrow) ? or should I ask by e-mail?23:12
maxbHe's certainly sometimes on IRC. LP says he's America/Denver TZ. But for a complex question, email might be best23:13
pgquilesperfect, thanks23:13
rockstarmaxb, I think he's EOD'd already.23:14
pgquilesmaxb: he's on #debian-devel at OFTC23:15
rockstarEnd of day.23:15
maxbpgquiles: and also on a variety of #ubuntu-* on freenode23:15
pgquilesI was thinking Esoteric Order of Dragon23:15
pgquilesoff to bed, it's late here23:17
pgquilesthank you all, see you tomorrow!23:17

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