maxbIs the Debian -> bzr branch importer considered properly live yet?02:50
maxbLaunchpad knows Debian has a 1.6.6 of Subversion, but it doesn't seem to have hit the package branch yet02:50
wgrantjames_w: ^^02:51
wgrantmaxb: It works for most things, but some are out of date or otherwise broken.02:51
maxbYup - just wondering: at what point do malfunctions turn from "it's still being worked on" to "please report a bug"02:53
mwhudsoni guess it's worth reporting a bug, james_w is very unlikely to reply today02:58
mwhudson(i/we have similar questions, btw)02:58
maxbDoes this fall under launchpad-code? Or is there a more specialized project?03:00
pooliewhat does "pending (2505)" mean in the ppa build queue?03:06
pooliei hope not that it's 2505th in the queue?03:06
wgrantYet to be built, with a build score of 2505.03:06
wgrantYou can see the queue depth at https://launchpad.net/builders03:06
wgrantThe build score is the priority.03:06
mwhudsonmaxb: probably 'udd'03:09
mwhudsonmaxb: please file a bug; my trackpad has stopped working and so using the web is medium-to-infuriating :-)03:09
mwhudsoni guess i could do it by email, but tbird is terrible too03:09
wgrantmwhudson: When did it stop working?03:10
mwhudsonwgrant: this morning03:10
wgrantmwhudson: Running Karmic?03:10
mwhudsoni think it could be hardware actually03:10
mwhudsonwgrant: yes03:10
wgrantmwhudson: mthaddon reported a bug about a similar thing last night.03:10
mwhudsoni need to boot into os x and try there03:10
wgrantApple hardware.03:10
wgrantYes, try it there please.03:10
wgrantIf not, I will debug.03:11
mwhudsonwgrant: ok03:15
mwhudsoncome to think of it, i added the mactel ppa, installed some stuff, hibernated (not on purpose) and the unhibernated03:15
mwhudsonthis doesn't sound inherently like something that would work03:15
wgrantAh, perhaps not.03:16
mwhudsonthe hibernate came from another bug i guess i should try to debug03:16
mwhudsonwhich is that gnome-power-manager gets the batter level hilariously wrong03:17
mwhudsonto the point that sometimes you plug it *in* to AC power and it goes "eek! no battery left i'm going to hibernate now"03:17
ajmitchmwhudson: be glad yours hibernates - g-p-m has no discharge rate on mine to judge time left, so will happily let it drain dry with no warning03:19
mwhudsonajmitch: mine isn't much better really03:19
mwhudsonajmitch: it will do this with say 80% of the battery left03:19
ajmitchsay, in the middle of a presentation?03:20
maxbFiled: bug 48109703:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481097 in udd "subversion 1.6.6dfsg-1 in Debian not imported to branch" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48109703:20
mwhudsonwgrant: this is a bit unfair to ask, but do you know of any problems with wifi in recent karmic?05:05
mwhudson(or anyone else of course :)05:05
mwhudsonboth launchpad and #ubuntu are a bit impossible on my phone05:06
wgrantmwhudson: There have been no relevant post-release updates (unless you're using -proposed, in which case a new kernel could have broken stuff).05:09
mwhudsoni wonder if the mactel-support ppa screwed me then05:10
mwhudsondon't have -proposed enabled05:11
wgrantPurge that PPA and its packages?05:11
mwhudsonwgrant: how do i do that?05:13
wgrantmwhudson: There's a convenient script at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/ppa-purge/ubuntu/annotate/head:/ppa-purge.05:14
mwhudsonoh look ubuntu-boot-ppa-karmic too05:14
mwhudson_well, this other random kernel i have installed certainly seems to work better05:21
wgrantAh, good.05:22
mwhudson_i guess i'll blame the ubuntu-boot ppa05:22
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glatzorHello, where can I find the spec for the close-bug-by-changelog-entry expression?06:05
wgrantglatzor: That's part of Ubuntu's dpkg.06:06
wgrantglatzor: Launchpad just looks at the Launchpad-Bugs-Closed field in the changes file, which is produced by dpkg-genchanges.06:07
wgrantLaunchpad-Bugs-Fixed, sorry.06:07
wgrantglatzor: In particular, the find_launchpad_closes function in /usr/share/perl5/Dpkg/Vendor/Ubuntu.pm06:09
glatzorwgrant, thanks06:09
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poolie1<james_w> says "The biggest area of operational headaches I have tends to come from using the08:00
poolie1Launchpad API. "08:00
jmlpoolie1, patches accepted.08:10
jmlI miss the days when I could just commit to trunk.08:12
jmlThe nineties had so much going for them.08:12
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g33khow can i install launchpad on my server, as its open source now i could do it to maintain my own system right?10:37
maxbnot really10:38
maxbFirstly, there's a clause in the licence which only opensources the code - not any image/icon files10:38
maxbSecondly, none of the instructions/examples to allow you do to so easily are publicly published10:39
wgrantThirdly, it's not an easy thing to run.10:40
wgrantFourthly, why?10:40
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g33kwgrant, i want a good source code maintenance system for my company with bug tracking forum help etc... which is excellently done in lp11:51
maxbI'd totally try to use LP internally if I could, too11:52
alkisg http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-langpack/ppa/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-i386/Packages.gz ==> NOT FOUND, is this normal?11:56
alkisg(I get that after doing: sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-langpack)11:57
alkisgUrm, yeah, no packages published for Karmic, so not a launchpad problem. Sorry.11:58
bigjoolsalkisg: nothing is published for karmic in that PPA11:59
alkisgI wonder why, though...11:59
alkisgAnyway, thanks :)11:59
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sladenanyone got a suggest for temporaily blocking apport-generated dups emails16:27
sladeneach of the 2000 people subscribed to a bug report are each getting 2000 "this is a duplicate stack trace" email from as apport works through the backlog16:28
sladena handful of them are starting to get grumpy, and send even more emails in reply16:28
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smosercan someone please verify for me... to change where my "@ubuntu.com" address goes, I go https://launchpad.net/%7Esmoser/+editemails and set "contact address", right?16:40
smoserhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail says that @ubuntu.com "alias forwards email to your primary address on LP"16:41
smoserso, is primary address == contact address ?16:41
jcastrogmb, bah, what was the url to all the registered bug trackers again?16:42
gmbjcastro: https://launchpad.net/bugs/bugtrackers, I think.16:43
highvoltageIs there a friendly LP admin around who can delete a team for me?16:47
highvoltageedubuntu-testers will now be part of ubuntu-qa so we'd like the ~edubuntu-testers group removed please16:47
highvoltagewe've removed all the current users notifying them of the changes and would just like it removed to avoid future confusion16:48
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Ursinhahighvoltage, hi :) can you open a question asking for the removal, please?17:23
Ursinhasmoser, yes, you're right17:24
Ursinhasmoser, maybe it would be nice to add this note in the ubuntu wiki page :)17:24
smoseri'll update it there.17:24
smoseris launchpad ui multi-lingual? ie, is this just an english thing anyway?17:25
Ursinhasmoser, for now it doesn't support internationalization17:26
smoserUrsinha, thanks for your help. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuEmail?action=diff&rev2=16&rev1=15 shows my updates to that page. basically s/primary/contact/g17:33
Ursinhasmoser, np! thanks for updating :)17:33
highvoltageUrsinha: yep, will do17:47
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highvoltageUrsinha: do I ask it in Launchpad Itself?17:53
jpdshighvoltage: Yes.17:57
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highvoltageUrsinha: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+question/8988918:03
Ursinhathanks highvoltage18:06
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highvoltageand thank you Ursinha!18:07
Ursinhanp highvoltage! :)18:07
droetkercan I report a spammer on launchpad here?18:40
droetker_anyone here who is in charge of launchpad?18:45
Ursinhadroetker_, hi!18:46
Ursinhahow may I help you?18:46
droetker_can I report a spammer?18:46
Ursinhadroetker_, sure18:46
droetker_this looks like spam...18:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 99508 in human-theme "Titlebar incorrectly drawn with geforce 5/6/7, compiz and human-theme" [Undecided,Fix released]18:47
droetker_on a bug that has many subscribers18:47
Ursinhadroetker_, it seems that that user has added the bug email by mistake when adding people in linked.in18:48
Ursinhalet me see18:48
droetker_could be, yes18:48
Ursinhadroetker_, do you have any other occurrences?18:48
droetker_because he's a long lasting member of lp18:48
Ursinhadroetker_, I'm saying this because it happens sometimes on #ubuntu-br mailing list as well18:48
droetker_no, just this one, got the mail as subscriber18:48
droetker_then no problem18:48
Ursinhadroetker_, let us know if he does that again18:49
Ursinhamaybe it's better to warn him18:49
droetker_;-) yes18:49
Ursinhathanks droetker_ :)18:49
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Xgatesis there a way to disable email notifications?20:15
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fcuk112my LP looks a bit weird : http://bayimg.com/JAEfAAacn20:21
fcuk112using FF 3.5.5 - already rebooted.20:21
fcuk112other webpages look fine.20:24
fcuk112(other websites)20:25
thumperXgates: not in wholesale I think20:26
Xgateswholesale, what?20:26
thumperXgates: particular ones a quite easy20:26
thumperXgates: but I don't think we have a button saying "Stop emailing me"20:26
Xgatesyeah there needs to be an option in the Profiles so people can disable them20:27
thumperfcuk112: looks like you were missing a style sheet for some reason20:28
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thumperfcuk112: Ctrl-F5 often works20:28
fcuk112thumper: oh hehe nice one.20:28
faleI went far over the limit of my ppa. How can I solve this?20:35
micahgfale: you can either delete stuff, create a new ppa, or request an upgrade of space here: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad20:36
falethank you micahg :)20:41
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skxis it possible to create a "private" project on launchpad? with private mailing list, archive and all (private as in available only to onvited users)23:23
skxor should I rather look somewhere else?23:23
spmskx: it is possible certainly, but is for fee. there's a faq on the help pages about that somewhere.....23:24
thumperskx: even though there are private entities like bugs and branches23:24
thumperskx: the project itself can't yet be private23:24
skxthanks, thumper and spm23:25
wgrantskx: Note that in addition to private bugs and branches, there are private PPAs and mailing lists.23:46
skxwgrant, with private archives? so you CAN have a pretty much private project?23:47
wgrantskx: Somewhat. The project itself will still be visible, as will any milestones/questions/blueprints.23:48
skxoh, ok23:48

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