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jkridner|workspoke to ogra, but he's not free.  anyone interested in giving a 5 minute talk on the status of Ubuntu on ARM at http://wiki.omap.com/index.php/ETechDays_Community_Lightning_Talks ?14:07
kblinrats, bad timing :/14:13
kblinjkridner|work: asked robert nelson yet? :)14:14
jkridner|workrobert nelson did a presentation last time and I was hoping to spread the wealth.14:15
jkridner|workget a bit more perspective.14:15
kblinjkridner|work: I'd have jumped, but I just had an examn cancelled, so I don't know my new exam date yet. and I expect that to be next week14:16
kblinso as I said, bad timing14:16
kblinI gave a talk about running an active directory domain controller on a beagle at the storage developer's conference last september14:17
kblinnot sure what robert uses his hardware for, mine are servers :)14:17
kblinjkridner|work: how late can I volunteer? :)14:18
jkridner|workup until all the slots fill in.14:18
kblinI'll think about it, no promises though..14:19
jkridner|workthis is all I can ask. :)14:20
kblinso, how does that stuff work? I see it's a presentation, how do I broadcast the talk?14:22
kblinhm, I'll just read scrollback on #beagle14:24
jkridner|workyou just call in and do it over the phone...14:26
jkridner|workslides are uploaded to the wiki or you can give a link where you share them.14:27
kblinok, sounds good. If I can make the time, I'd be happy to fill in. just no idea about that one yet14:28
kblinand now I have to go hunt lunch :)14:29
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