hggdh_Narc_: and what are your usual times on IRC (i.e., here)?00:01
_Narc_hggdh: I'm usually around all day, but more active from noon to 7 pm and back later at night like now.00:05
mrand_Narc_:  timezones matter on IRC :-)00:06
_Narc_mrand: yes :) They tend to matter in my daily life too because it's almost like I live in another country than mine. Intellectually I mean.00:08
hggdh_Narc_: thank you. I will check tomorrow with a possible mentor, and will let you know00:17
hggdhmeanwhile, please keep on asking us questions00:17
_Narc_hggdh: Ok, no problem. Thank you very much. I certainly will.00:18
nigel_nbwhen a bug's problem is upstream, what is the procedure we follow?00:23
nigel_nbjust ask the user to file a bug upstream?00:23
hggdhnigel_nb: we usually do it00:28
nigel_nbhggdh: so the sensible thing for me to do is take the info the user has filed and file a bug upstream?00:28
nigel_nbbug 24883900:28
ubot4Launchpad bug 248839 in nautilus "List of network servers is not updated" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24883900:28
hggdhnigel_nb: yes00:30
hggdhif you can confirm on current Karmic level, even better00:31
nigel_nboops I gave the wrong bug00:31
nigel_nbits 36861100:31
nigel_nbbug 36861100:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 368611 in nautilus "by pushing a key/entering a string, nautilus does not focus the fitting folder/file" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36861100:31
hggdhnigel_nb: can you reproduce it?00:35
hggdhI cannot, so worksForMe (Karmic)00:36
nigel_nb_got disconnected00:39
nigel_nbhggdh: i just realized that i cannot reproduce00:40
nigel_nbi'm getting a jaunty vm set up00:40
* tonyyarusso giggles00:40
tonyyarussoOh, you mean the *bug*!00:40
nigel_nbtonyyarusso: hehe00:43
hggdhtonyyarusso: there is, actually, a xkcd talking about it: http://xkcd.com/583/01:17
tonyyarussohggdh: well done.01:17
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nigel_nbcan someone mark bug 72843 as triaged for me?01:29
ubot4Launchpad bug 72843 in nautilus "No notification about failed mount of usb drive" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/7284301:29
nigel_nbhggdh: the xkcd rocks01:30
hggdhnigel_nb: indeed -- and bug marked triaged. Good work there01:31
erichammondLooking for advice: Would it be acceptable to mark bug 296610 as "High" since there now appears to be a working patch for this horrible user experience on common Dell hardware?01:31
ubot4Launchpad bug 296610 in linux "ALPS DualPoint Touchpad flaky performance" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29661001:31
hggdherichammond: I agree it can be set as high, not because there is a workaround, but because it seems to affect a nice chunk of users01:38
erichammondhggdh: Thanks.  I've been trying to be objective even though it has been driving me crazy :-/01:39
hggdherichammond: I understand...01:40
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micahgnigel_nb: are you still around06:06
cdinzthe Ubuntu karmic-updates has an expected date of april 24, 2011.. Is that the right date? https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/karmic-updates06:23
nigel_nbmicahg: yes06:25
micahgnigel_nb: hi, how much longer will you be up06:25
* micahg is making dinner06:25
nigel_nb1 hour more06:26
micahgcdinz: yes, that is the final day for anything in karmic-updates as it will be EOL then06:26
micahgnigel_nb: ok, did anyone show you how to use hugday tools yet?06:26
* micahg will be back in a few minutes06:27
nigel_nbno... i figured it out ;)06:27
cdinzmicahg: so say there is this bug #446146 and the fix has been committed... Wen does it get released to the general public?06:27
ubot4Launchpad bug 446146 in linux "Several Huawei USB dongle don't work with kernel 2.6.31-12.40 ( update related)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44614606:27
astechgeekhi maco06:32
astechgeekim observing just got home from my hack attack/defend class06:33
macothats a freakin weird coincidence. i just got home from hanging out with 2 scary hackers06:34
nigel_nbthere is this bug 368611, I cant reproduce it on jaunty or karmic06:36
ubot4Launchpad bug 368611 in nautilus "by pushing a key/entering a string, nautilus does not focus the fitting folder/file" [Low,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36861106:36
nigel_nbis there anything I should do in that case?06:36
micahgcdinz: as soon as it's ready06:37
micahgcdinz: more correctly most likely after going through -proposed06:37
micahgnigel_nb: can you confirm?06:38
nigel_nbmicahg: I just set up jaunty on my vm06:39
nigel_nbtried to reproduce the bug, but can't06:39
nigel_nbits working as expected06:39
micahgnigel_nb: you can try to confirm in karmic anyways06:39
cdinzmichahg: thanks...06:40
nigel_nbI tried both jaunty and karmic... no bug06:40
micahgnigel_nb: well,  is there a newer version of nautilus in jaunty since 2009-08-25?06:41
nigel_nbmicahg: I installed from the CD and did not update it06:41
nigel_nbmicahg: so it should be the default version06:42
micahgnigel_nb: default versions can have bugs :)06:42
micahgor lack thereof06:42
micahgmaybe it was a regression idk06:42
nigel_nbso what do I do here?06:42
micahgwell, I'd check here to see if there was a different version from time reported to time updated to now: https://edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nautilus06:43
micahgnigel_nb: there was one update before the bug was reported06:44
nigel_nbyes 2009-05-0606:44
micahgthat was the only change the whole release06:44
micahg??, I only see 2009-04-2006:45
nigel_nb2009-04-14 was main release...06:46
nigel_nbmicahg: anyway, so you want me to confirm the bug is not there in the new one too?06:49
micahgyes :), also, the reporter seems to have a modified version06:50
nigel_nbis there a way to only install updates for one package?06:51
micahgsure, in aptitude06:51
micahgor synaptic06:51
micahgjust navigate to the package and mark only it for updates06:52
nigel_nbbut it might go to the very latest version06:52
micahgnigel_nb: there was only one update in jaunty06:52
nigel_nbokay..lemme boot my vm06:53
micahgnigel_nb: actually, if it doesn't exist in karmic...06:53
nigel_nbmicahg: it can be invalid?06:54
micahgmaybe you don't have to try06:54
micahgit's definitely not something SRUable06:54
micahgyou can ask the user if they've upgraded to karmic06:55
micahgnigel_nb: have you seen this: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Responses#Old%20untouched%20bugs06:58
nigel_nbah, will do that06:58
nigel_nbmicahg: updated, still can't reproduce :)07:00
micahgyeah, that response I gave you is probably best, you can also note the tests you tried07:00
* nigel_nb is going to have lunch, brb07:07
nigel_nbmicahg: I'm calling it a day07:44
nigel_nbcatch you 2morrow07:45
micahgare the apport restart rules the same as karmic?08:18
micahgeakron: ping08:19
eakronmicahg: pong!09:30
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m4rtinhi, I've found a bug in the bash completion script for ssh/scp. Can someone please help me find which package should I report the bug under? I also have written a fix...13:11
m4rtinI'm going with "bash-completion"13:13
rippsIs anybody working on #432252? It has around 20 dupes, but the original is marked as private, so I can't tell if any work has been done on it13:14
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hggdhbug 43225215:16
ubot4hggdh: Bug 432252 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/432252 is private15:16
hggdhit is now public15:18
nigel_nbhggdh: would daniel be available now?15:38
hggdhnigel_nb: which Daniel?15:41
nigel_nbdaniel chen15:42
hggdhnigel_nb: his nick is the letters d t c h e n all together. He is logged in with the nick ending in a _15:43
nigel_nbhggdh: I know, but I dont want to bug him if he's not available15:44
nigel_nbdtchen_: this is about bug 47715415:46
ubot4Launchpad bug 477154 in alsa-driver "When headphones are plugged in, the speaker does not get muted automatically." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/47715415:46
hggdhnigel_nb: only waty to find is by pinging him. Please state whatr it is about on the ping15:46
nigel_nbwe tried going to runlevel S/1, but it still doest work15:46
nigel_nbhggdh: I just realized tht now, pinged him15:47
hggdhI will be out for some hours -- today is Dallas Museum of Arts day :-)15:52
nigel_nbhggdh: have fun15:52
qensehappy bug day everyone!16:05
daconehi there16:42
daconewho can i search for a bug that i _think_ i just found?16:42
astechgeekwell i signed up for a mentor in the bug squad... 8-)16:57
micahgshould the  how to enable apport page show before karmic and karmic enabling steps?17:16
qensemicahg: you want to ask if it should provide explanations for all supported Ubuntu releases? I don't know if there's an official policy for that, but doing it does make sense to me.17:23
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WeatherGodis there some way to remove replies made by someone in a bug report?17:56
WeatherGodI have a report where some random person decided to also do a apport-collect and I have no clue who they are17:57
WeatherGodjust clutter17:57
qenseWeatherGod: It is not possible for us, although I thought that LP administrators can remove comments, so they can get rid of spam.18:02
fcuk112how do i get a list of triaged bugs?18:02
qensefcuk112: you can use the advanced search, which can be found at https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?advanced=118:04
fcuk112cool thanks.18:05
WeatherGodqense, ok... I guess it isn't that important18:05
qenseok, well, we could use some better tools to manage the discussion anyway, removing comments, or at least hiding them, would be nice sometimes18:06
micahg1WeatherGod: unfortunately that's common18:06
micahg1people seem to think apport-collect is magical18:06
micahg1and will fix their problem18:07
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WeatherGodit wouldn't be so bad if all the attachments were consolidated into one reply18:07
WeatherGodmicahg, haha18:07
WeatherGodkinda like "me, too!" replies, right?18:07
qenseapport-collects are more useful than metoos18:07
qenseonly when used by the right persons, though18:08
qenseotherwise they cause a lot of mess18:08
WeatherGodcurious, does LP have some sort of mechanism to detect and block abuse of the apport tools?18:09
qenseI'm not sure if they do, could imagine it, though. They already mark duplicates automatically, so they could be checking the reports for other things as well.18:09
WeatherGodbut, yet, I don't see LP marking those web-submitted dupes when someone accidentially resubmits their bug18:10
WeatherGodunless I am just seeing it before LP gets around to it18:11
qenseApport only checks for it when retracing, or maybe even later.18:17
jberryI'm trying to triage my first bug. Do I somehow associate my name with the bug to let others know I am working on it?18:31
qensejberry: no, you just start with a reply thanking the reporter for posting the bug and than start the triaging with asking the questions you want to ask and explaining the actions you're taking18:34
qenseAssigning is only used when someone is working on actually fixing the bug, or by some other teams that have a different workflow (i.e. different way of handling bugs and using the statusses, etc)18:35
jberrySo it's kind of implied that if I thank the reporter, I am therefore in the middle of triaging this bug.  Right?18:36
qenseyes, other people will see you've started a conversation and now you're the one caring about it18:37
qensethey may still set a status or post a reply if they think it's necessary, but that's nothing to worry about. You don't own the bug, you're just the person who took the responsibility of triaging it.18:38
jberrythanks... much appreciated.18:39
qenseyou're welcome18:39
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* bcurtiswx_ waves to room18:57
fcuk112i am triaging a bug request from some 14y old kid who wants opera to appear in the software centre.  not sure what i should tell him?18:57
WeatherGodItalian or French opera?18:58
WeatherGodsorry, couldn't resist18:58
qensefcuk112: I would kindly explain him the process of adding software to Ubuntu, the way software shows up in Ubuntu Software Centre and the process of requesting a package to be added to the archives.18:59
WeatherGodI guess you could tell him that Opera has to choose to make it available18:59
WeatherGodmight be the easier option18:59
bcurtiswx_qense: USS has all packages from all repositories.. right?18:59
qenseAlthough iirc there are some licence problems with it, that's why they aren't included in the repositories.18:59
qensebcurtiswx_: If I'm correctly it uses the same *-install-data packages gnome-app-install uses.19:00
fcuk112qense: erm, 1. i am not quite sure how s/w appears in the software centre and 2. he raised a bug request to package opera; isn't that the way stuff gets added to the archives?19:01
bcurtiswx_ok, thought so19:01
qensefcuk112: maybe marking the bug Invalid right away isn't the right option, just asking him to follow the process guidelines would be better. It's explained at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/NewPackages19:03
* bcurtiswx_ waves at micahg19:03
* micahg waves back19:03
fcuk112qense: alrighty, thanks.19:04
qensefcuk112: although there is something to say for marking it as invalid since Opera can't be included because of licence issues anyway19:05
qenseif I'm correct, at least19:05
qenseI just read somewhere that an unedited version of Opera can be packaged legally19:06
qensei.e. no patches and other source code changes19:06
bcurtiswx_Opera is a browser right?19:07
fcuk112bcurtiswx_: yup.19:07
WeatherGodbut not a real one, :-P19:08
bcurtiswx_what OS?19:08
fcuk112i don't want to break his heart, he looks so sweet - http://my.opera.com/DanielHendrycks/about/19:08
bcurtiswx_was it built for one in specific originally tho?19:08
qenseIt uses QT19:08
qenseI'm not sure if it was built for one OS only.19:08
qenseProbably not considering the UI toolkit.19:09
WeatherGodit was originally a paid-for browser back in the days of netscape19:09
bcurtiswx_ah ok..19:09
qenseIt's still not a very open one.19:09
qenseBut you can get its source code.19:09
WeatherGodqense, really?19:10
qenseI think so.19:10
qenseThe information about packaging I gave you earlier was from an ArchLinux forum about its removal from their repositories. That means they got the sourceode from some where.19:11
WeatherGodwikipedia lists it as closed source19:14
qenseit has a lot of restrictions on its source code19:14
WeatherGodmight as well call it closed then19:15
bcurtiswx_yeah, that IMO deems it invalid.. go ahead19:15
bcurtiswx_beat it down with a few sticks too since its not open souce19:15
bcurtiswx_source even19:15
qenseI'm not really into the details, you'd have to find that out on your own.19:15
bcurtiswx_hows the bug day going for everyone?19:16
qenseIt's my most productive bugday so far. ;)19:17
WeatherGodsorry, the RMS in me just came out19:17
bcurtiswx_pedro V is kicking our butts tho... not saying thats a bad thing19:18
WeatherGodoh, it is bug day?  :-P19:18
qensehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20091112 has all the lists19:20
bcurtiswx_since i'm at work im tackling the easier incompletes19:20
WeatherGodI have been cleaning up all my old bugs, which status should we focus on?19:22
WeatherGodthe new or the incompletes?19:22
bcurtiswx_none is more important than the other19:23
qenseWeatherGod: read the descriptions for each table, they explain what actions are required for the bugs.19:23
WeatherGodI can do a bunch of the gnome ones, I got an account there19:24
qenseForwarding bugs upstream is a very good thing to do since it's the only way the developers will hear about them.19:25
qenseWe should strive to get at least that list all green.19:25
atrusubuntu-bug gave me a URL when I used it on my remote system via ssh (good). however, the url results in: "We’ve recorded what happened, and we’ll fix it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience" repeatably. any other way to get this reported?19:25
qenseatrus: What did the url look like?19:26
atrus  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-meta/+filebug/llEf3tp6kmaawfmkdGmK7l2irX1?19:26
qenseatrus: it's not about the bug you wanted to report, but it is an error in Launchpad, the platform used to track the bugs.19:27
atrusyeah, i know. i'm just not sure what to do now.19:27
qenseYou probably have to rerun ubuntu-bug since the old report wasn't sent to the server properly.19:27
atrusyeah, i've tried that, and it just does the same thing again.19:28
qenseThat could be a bug!19:28
atrusi mean, i different url, but the same problem.19:28
atrusqense: yeah, i should really think about reporting it. ;)19:28
WeatherGodyou know, ubuntu would look better if it didn't report any bugs... :-P19:29
qenseApparently the report at the server is damanged somehow, or cannot be accessed.19:29
jberryIf I am unable to reproduce a problem, and I have just added a note indicating I need more information, do I change the status from 'new' to something else?19:29
qensejberry: In that case the bug report is still incomplete because it doesn't contain enough information to be processed and the status should therefore be Incomplete.19:30
qensejberry: Did you read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/Status19:30
qenseThat pages explains all the statuses.19:31
jberryTime to review :-)    There are so many docs -- still trying to get a handle on the whole process.  thanks.19:31
qenseyw, getting to know the documentation and its content takes some time, but you'll get it eventually19:32
jberrythe problem I have seen in the "real" world is that there is always a lack of documentation -- this is really a pleasure.19:36
qenseThere is never enough documentation. Feel free to edit a page if you think they've forgotten something or written something wrong. But take care with large changes.19:37
bcurtiswx_who's using the bzr approach to hug day?19:42
qenseWhat's that?19:45
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WeatherGodonce I finish with a bug (I linked it upstream), what do I do with it?19:49
qenseI'm using hugday-tools as well, but I installed it with the ubuntu-qa-tools package.19:49
qenseWeatherGod: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/20091112 explains what to do next19:50
qenseyou add your name to the column manually or use hugday-tools for it.19:50
WeatherGodah, I was thinking it was automatic19:50
fcuk112what's the PATH/TO/MOZILLA/COOKIE for hugday?19:51
qenseIt depends on your Firefox profile.19:51
fcuk112none the wiser - how do i find out what it is?19:52
qenseIt's mostly /home/{username}/.mozilla/firefox/{profile_id}.default/cookies.sqlite19:52
BUGabundosick man entering the room19:52
BUGabundohey look its qense :)19:52
qensehi BUGabundo!19:52
qensedon't be sick on a hug day!19:53
fcuk112qense: awesome thanks.19:53
* bcurtiswx_ waves at BUGabundo19:54
BUGabundohey curtis19:54
bcurtiswx_WeatherGod still editing the bugday page>19:56
WeatherGodsorry, just finished...19:56
WeatherGodI think...19:57
bcurtiswx_why be sorry? just wondering so i can go ahead and edit19:57
WeatherGoddidn't know it acted like cvs19:57
WeatherGodok, go ahead19:59
WeatherGodI gotta get some of my "real" work done19:59
WeatherGodprobably come back tonight for some more19:59
bcurtiswx_this is real work... its just volunteer20:00
WeatherGodyeah, well, the people who pay me want their stuff done, too20:00
bcurtiswx_yeah mine too... they'll be pretty dissappointed tomorrow...20:01
qenseWe don't go by the table every day after a hug day to see if everyone was active enough. ;)20:03
fcuk112is it just me or is LP all messed up?20:07
qensewhat problems are you having?20:07
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bcurtiswx_fcuk112: fine here.. whats going on?20:09
fcuk112killed + restarted firefox several times.20:10
fcuk112maybe it's time for a reboot?20:10
bcurtiswx_turn off compiz?20:11
qensethat really looks weird20:11
qenseyou could ask at #launchpad20:12
bcurtiswx_do other pages look fine?20:12
fcuk112yea other websites look ok20:12
fcuk112i'll try to reboot first... brb20:12
bcurtiswx_reboot before turning off compiz.... odd choice20:15
fcuk112hummm still the same, what's the LP channel?20:19
fcuk112is there a channel for launchpad?20:20
jberrythe Status docs are not clear on this.. what if I am able to reproduce the bug on 8.10 but I see that it is already fixed (i.e., not reproducable) on 9.10. What should the status be changed to in that case?20:23
micahgmodify text for karmic20:27
fcuk112ctrl-f5 to fix that problem. :)20:29
BUGabundowhat's the reason for cups to have an higher version on karmic security then on lucid main?20:32
BUGabundobuilt faster?20:32
micahgBUGabundo: the lucid version FTBFS20:34
BUGabundoah ok20:34
micahgshould be 1.4.2-120:34
BUGabundobut its not20:34
BUGabundosince I still have BOTH repos from the distupgrade20:34
BUGabundoI'm seeing it pull karmic version20:34
qensetzdata was newer in jaunty-updates than in karmic until today as well20:34
qensealthough it could have been published to karmic-proposed20:35
qenserather than karmic20:35
qenseI remember having to force a downgrade for tzdata and tzdata-java on all systems I upgraded20:35
qensemaybe this one slipped through as well, that was the point I wanted to make with this story ;)20:36
qensehttps://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cups/1.4.2-1 All architectures failed to build.20:37
bcurtiswx_anyone here falling in love with omgubuntu.co.uk20:39
bcurtiswx_<3 that site20:39
BUGabundodidn't even knew it20:39
qenseI really like it, it's a good source of Ubuntu news20:41
* bcurtiswx_ waves at seb12820:43
seb128hi bcurtiswx20:43
BUGabundohey seb12820:44
seb128hi BUGabundo20:45
qenseWell, I'm off for today. Good bye everyone!20:49
fcuk112laters qense.20:50
bcurtiswx_well, class time. adios20:50
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yoasifmicahg: heya22:45
hggdhah, home sweet home23:55

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