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pittiGood morning07:51
chrisccoulsonhello everyone08:58
pittihey chrisccoulson08:58
chrisccoulsonhey pitti08:58
chrisccoulsonhow are you today?08:58
pittia bit tired, I spent too much time last night on beating on DK-Disks :)09:00
pittibut I managed to fix the bug that broke GUID partition handling (my test suite is "all pass" now \o/), and fixed the "blob" assertion thing which has a gazillion dupes09:01
pittiso it wasn't in vain :)09:01
chrisccoulsonheh, i feel the same today, but with g-s-d instead ;)09:01
pittigo, Chris, go!09:01
chrisccoulsonexcellent :)09:01
pittiso lucid is one upload away from a perfect dkd (*cough*)09:02
chrisccoulsonso there will only be 1 more dkd upload during the lucid cycle then? ;)09:03
chrisccoulsonit's quite tricky trying to debug crashes that i've got no way of reproducing :-/09:03
chrisccoulsonhi baptistemm09:08
baptistemmhi hi chrisccoulson and pitti09:09
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rickspencer3_hello pitti seb128 asac14:18
pittihey rickspencer3_14:18
pittiI'm off for some two hours14:51
seb128good morning there15:01
baptistemmhey seiflotfy15:03
baptistemmdamn he's gone15:03
chrisccoulsonhey seb128, good morning ;)15:08
baptistemmhey seb12815:09
seb128hi chrisccoulson, how are you?15:09
chrisccoulsonseb128 - good thanks, although a bit tired after a late night last night. how are you?15:09
asachi rickspencer3_15:11
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seb128chrisccoulson, good thanks15:13
baptistemmureadahead is replacing sreadahead in karmic?15:18
baptistemmI'm surprise to see package replacement during a stable pahse15:18
chrisccoulsonyeah, i was a bit surprised about that, but i was using ureadahead already anyway15:19
baptistemmnot the case for me15:20
baptistemmlet's install it15:21
blackshellhow do i change grub theme to any pic?15:28
dobeyblackshell: i think you want to ask that in #ubuntu maybe15:28
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baptistemm... or any good searc engine has the answer I guess15:36
dobeyyeah. like lycos15:43
* baptistemm suggests altavista or hotbot15:44
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mac_vhmm , chris aint around :(15:52
seb128can't karmic receive a file over bluetooth?16:13
jcastroRiddell, your sessions are all sorted now right?16:20
Riddelljcastro: I have a couple that scott asked to be moved because they clashed with other things16:20
jcastroRiddell, right but they're the right color and the things are working right?16:21
jcastroRiddell, if you tell scott to mark himself as essential to the ones that are for him the system won't let you schedule them in a conflicted state16:22
jcastrothus avoiding the whole problem16:22
Riddelljcastro: they do seem to be sorted16:22
Riddelljcastro: Kubuntu Netbook Edition talk, who's doing that?16:22
jcastrocool, lmk if you have any problems16:23
jcastrothat's scottk16:23
baptistemmseb128, do you have gnome-user-share installed ?16:23
didrocksjcastro: hey, we talked with rickspencer3_ about putting the two "Quickly session" one after another as the difference between the two won't be really obvious (one can take some time on the second)16:24
jcastrodidrocks, ok so what do you want me to do, rename one?16:25
didrocksjcastro: just change the schedule of one of them so that the two can be in the same room in a two hours timeframe, if possible :)16:26
baptistemmseb128, I need to go but if you have problem I can help later in the evening16:26
baptistemmsee you16:26
jcastrodidrocks, there's only 1 hour for plenaries16:27
didrocksjcastro: sorry, I was speaking about the session, not the plenaries16:28
jcastroso you want one big quickly session over 2 hours16:28
jcastroinstead of 2 back to back16:28
didrocksjcastro: exactly :)16:29
jcastronot a problem16:29
didrocksjcastro: thanks a lot16:29
jcastrodidrocks, what day is it scheduled on?16:33
jcastronm got it16:33
jcastrodidrocks, ok it's 2 slots now16:33
didrocksjcastro: you rock!16:34
jcastrodidrocks, it might conflict with other sessions now and all that so just prod rick when you see him next16:35
* jcastro doesn't generally move things around for a track lead without asking16:35
didrocksjcastro: ok, I'll ping him when he's around :)16:35
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RainCThey guys18:17
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dobey_anyone know where to get the "new special super duper" poulsbo driver at?18:29
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raffertyInternet TV? Anyone know of a desklet or program that will allow me to watch streaming TV like MSNBC, CNN, CNBC, etc.?19:36
Tm_Trafferty: support questions in #ubuntu  (:19:38
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dobeyasac: are you still around?21:02
faganrickspencer3_: Can I use a translated strings for fields in desktopcouch?21:20
* fagan is handling internationalization 21:20
dobeyfagan: i'm pretty sure the field names aren't translatable (just as they aren't in vCard for example)21:20
fagandobey: im translating them before they are made21:21
faganI wonder21:21
dobeyfagan: yes but if i put "NOMBRE: Foo" inside a vcard and sent it to you, i'm pretty sure every parser out there would not know that it should be "NAME:"21:23
dobeyand field names aren't translated in .desktop files21:23
dobeyi don't think it makes sense to translate them in the storage here either21:23
dobeyany translation of field names should be done on a UI level21:23
dobeyand not in the storage itself21:23
faganIm using couchgrid and the field name is displyed21:24
faganSo I need to internationalize the displayed name21:24
faganSo it would be just as easy to translate the field name21:25
dobeybut the translated version shouldn't get written back to the db21:25
dobeyit should only be translated for display21:25
dobeybut couchgrid might not really be written in a way to make for good translatability21:26
faganAh either way it shouldnt matter to desktop couch21:26
faganI mean if it cant handle any language it wouldnt be any good21:26
dobeyit can handle langauges21:27
dobeybut the field names have to be the same everywhere, otherwise they're just extra field names that the user added21:27
dobeyevolution for example wouldn't know that nombre == name when reading the contacts in21:27
faganAh I understand21:27
faganFor the moment it doesnt matter ill sort it out before it becomes an issue ;)21:29
rickspencer3_fagan, no21:35
rickspencer3_fagan, those are keys21:36
faganrickspencer3_: how do I change the displayed string in the couchgrid then?21:36
rickspencer3_fagan, a couchgrid is just a treeview21:37
rickspencer3_so you can go something like mygrid.get_columns()[0].set_text(_(my_translated_string))21:37
rickspencer3_^look at pygtk reference for treeview21:38
* fagan keeps forgetting that21:38
didrockshey rickspencer3_ o/21:39
didrocksrickspencer3_: going to bed now. I asked jcastro about merging our two one hour session in different days in a two hours sessions as we discussed, can you confirm this with him, please?21:41
TheMusoGood morning all.21:42
jcastrorickspencer3_, the quickly session is now 2 slots, you should be able to drag it wherever and it will take up 2 hours21:42
didrockshey TheMuso, good morning ;)21:42
chrisccoulsonhello TheMuso21:42
chrisccoulsonand hello didrocks21:42
didrocksand hello chrisccoulson :)21:42
chrisccoulsonhow are you?21:42
didrocksfine, quite busy with a lot of Quickly related stuff to do, so less time for merging packages21:43
didrocksand you?21:43
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'm still busy with karmic SRU's, so I havent started merging any packages yet21:43
chrisccoulsonalthough, I only have 1 more SRU on my list now:)21:44
didrocksgood work :)21:44
chrisccoulsonyou looking forward to UDS then?21:44
didrocksyeah, really, but that's also the cause of my work overload now :)21:45
chrisccoulsonheh, yeah, i can imagine ;)21:45
didrockschrisccoulson: are you already a parent or still waiting? :)21:45
chrisccoulsondidrocks - still waiting ;)21:45
chrisccoulsoni hope she arrives in the next day or so, else i'll have to go to work next week, and i'll be bored with nobody to talk to on IRC ;)21:46
didrockshehe, sure! you'll just have the time to finish your last SRU :)21:46
chrisccoulsonnext week would be a good week to have off work:)21:46
chrisccoulsonactually, any week would be a good week, but i'd like next week ;)21:47
didrockswell, it's really time to go to bed if I want to be able to do some ubuntu related stuff tomorrow21:48
chrisccoulson'night didrocks21:48
didrocksthanks, good evening chrisccoulson :)21:48
chrisccoulsoneek, i've got 600 seahorse-agent crash mails in my inbox21:59
chrisccoulsonno wonder users are getting frustrated21:59
rickspencer3_jcastro thanks22:01
rickspencer3_hi didrocks, chrisccoulson, TheMuso22:32
chrisccoulsonhi rickspencer3_22:32
TheMusoHey rickspencer3_.22:32
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chrisccoulsonbryce - i'm trying to debug a g-s-d crash that slangasek is experiencing when he presses Fn+F7 after connecting an external monitor. i've noticed from his xtrace log that he doesn't get a RRScreenChangeNotify event when connecting the monitor (so g-s-d doesn't attempt to autoconfigure it). however, he gets the event after pressing Fn+F7 and g-s-d refreshes the server information with RRGetScreenResources. this ends up trigger23:17
chrisccoulsoning a wierd race in g-s-d which makes it crash23:17
chrisccoulsonhe should see the RRScreenChangeNotify when connecting the monitor shouldn't he?23:17
chrisccoulsonok, the randr documentation says the event should happen when connecting a monitor :-/23:24

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