benhhoy !00:19
benhI'm trying to track down what could be a kernel bug causing the installer to "stall"00:19
benhis there a way to pass some argument to the karmic installer00:20
benhto make it be very verbose in console00:20
benhso I get a chance to figure out where it goes wrong ?00:20
cjwatsonwhich installer (text, live CD)?00:20
benhit goes bonkers very early in the initrd00:20
cjwatsonis it stalling during live CD boot?00:20
benhI suppose I could find a way to crack the initrd open and modify what's in there00:20
cjwatsonhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingCasper is probably what you want00:20
benhwell, I'm trying to run it inside a virtual machine on ppc64 using Alex experimental kvm for ppc64 :-)00:21
benhso the bug is likely kernel or kvm00:21
benhbut it would help me track it down if casper was a lot more verbose :-)00:21
cjwatsonright, but that page has the right kernel arguments for un-silencing stuff00:21
benhthanks for the pointer00:21
benhbtw, what format is that initrd file ? squash ?00:23
benhI suspect I'll be better off setting a build environment so i can rebuild it ... oh well00:23
cjwatsonin 9.10, it's an lzma'ed cpio file00:24
cjwatsonin earlier releases it was gzipped instead00:24
cjwatsonit's built using mkinitramfs from the live filesystem environment00:25
benhah... lzma was the missing link for me, thanks00:25
cjwatsonit's a bit of a hassle, but you can rebuild it by unsquashing the live filesystem, chrooting in, mounting the usuals, and running update-initramfs -k 2.6.31-14-generic -u00:26
benhah, depmod -a ... a good candidate for dying in kvm :-)00:26
cjwatsonor something along those lines00:26
benhthanks, I'll experiement from there00:26
benhthere are some other links on the wiki what seem to have useful info00:26
benhoh, it's just terribly slow on depmod ... actually worked00:27
cjwatsonthere's a live cd customisation howto somewhere on help.ubuntu.com/community00:27
benhsome of these things exercise worse case code path in the kvm, we need to optimize them00:27
benhok, thanks00:27
benhseems to be doing the console-setup stuff in a loop00:30
benhhrm, I will have to crack it open it seems00:30
benhah no, it stopped now, just very slow00:31
benhthe powerpc kernel is missing the cm64x ide driver, that won't help qemu00:55
* benh hunts TheMuso :-)00:55
TheMusobenh: That can be rectified for lucid.00:57
benhTheMuso: ok00:58
benhTheMuso: at some stage I'll have to learn how to build a new installer with those fixed (that plus one or two kernel fixes)00:58
benhTheMuso: for users trying to use karmic :-)00:58
TheMusobenh: Right, happy to go through it with you at some point.01:04
benhok, I'll catch up with you when I have a bit of time01:04
benhtrying to get that KVM stuff working first :-)01:04
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_rubenhmm .. when installing using minimal cd, and selecting both kubuntu desktop and ubuntu desktop, the install fails .. it complains about wanting to install both libgd2-noxpm and libgd2-xpm, removing ubuntu desktop from the task list "fixes" it11:43
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r3581 ubiquity/ (debian/changelog ubiquity/validation.py):13:04
CIA-37ubiquity: Make sure a device exists as part of the grub target device13:04
CIA-37ubiquity: validation.13:04
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r3582 ubiquity/ (8 files in 6 dirs):13:05
CIA-37ubiquity: Allow the user to retry grub installation with a different device on13:05
CIA-37ubiquity: failure.13:05
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r3576 karmic/ (debian/changelog scripts/install.py): Do not try to configure networking in oem-config (LP: #471498).14:50
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r3577 karmic/ (3 files in 2 dirs):15:00
CIA-37ubiquity: pkgsel now provides a debconf question to avoid warning the end user15:00
CIA-37ubiquity: when the language packs could not be installed (LP: #471553).15:00
evanduploading ubiquity on a train is painful.  I'm glad I pushed the majority of the branch before I left.16:34
CIA-37ubiquity: evand * r3578 karmic/debian/changelog: releasing version 2.0.916:46
evandsuperm1: ^16:47
NCommandercjwatson, re: tocd removal, I added a second commit last night which also strips out winfoss as I didn't connect that as part of ToCD originally (and edubuntu hasn't included a winfoss bundle in several years)17:19
cjwatsonNCommander: winfoss isn't solely part of tocd, careful there, it's also been included in various other images. why are you so keen to strip all this out anyway? :)18:04
cjwatsonif in doubt, keep it18:04
NCommandercjwatson, I don't like cruft18:15
NCommandercjwatson, this is just the code to grab the winfoss files from people.u.c, edubuntu doesn't use that anymore, and I didn't touch the code to pull wubi18:15
cjwatsonNCommander: it's our cruft :-)18:44
cjwatsonwinfoss was definitely used for more than edubuntu18:44
NCommandercjwatson, ah ...18:45
* NCommander slinks off with his head in shame18:45
cjwatsonwell, this stuff is convoluted, certainly18:45
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NCommandercjwatson, on the plus side, I have a fix for mtools to fix the long standing issue with broken filenames18:49
NCommander(most of the issue was fixed in mtools 4.0, but that version introduced a new bug which I just squashed)18:50
cjwatsonI'm actually not sure why winfoss isn't on the latest hardy live CD, e.g.; the code does seem to try to fetch it ...18:51
cjwatsonok, cool, good to hear18:51
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