Priceyjpds: LjL-Temp erUSUL - There's a very dodgy ban in #ubuntu-es's +d list... "LiNuX". Please could you sort it out as its caught an innocent by the looks of it.10:55
erUSULPricey: ok10:56
Priceytyvm erUSUL10:57
erUSULit's gone know;10:57
erUSULno problm10:57
jpdserUSUL: I find that /whois + whois $IP help a lot. ;)17:27
erUSULjpds: told me russian in pm17:27
jpdserUSUL: lies.17:27
erUSULno statistics17:28
Quintasan|SzelHello, I'm Kubuntu Member and I'd like to request a cloak, my launchpad -> http://launchpad.net/~quintasan17:33
jussi01Quintasan|Szel: could you identify for me please?17:34
naliothQuintasan|Szel: please identify to services17:34
Quintasan|Szeloh, ok17:35
Quintasan|Szeldone, can I get another one for Quintasan or I shoulde get back here later?17:36
naliothanother what?17:36
naliothyou can group your nicks, Quintasan|Szel17:37
nalioth /msg nickserv help group17:37
jussi01Quintasan|Szel:  what he said :D17:37
naliothas we'll only be giving you one cloak17:37
=== Quintasan|Szel is now known as Quintasan
jussi01nalioth: could you please cloak Quintasan with an ubuntu/member cloak?17:41
naliothno, i cannot17:41
naliothQuintasan: /msg nickserv help set email17:42
jussi01oh, oops, fogot to check that...17:42
Quintasanargh, 3G really sucks17:44
Quintasanit says my email is already set to that account17:46
Quintasannalioth: ^17:46
naliothQuintasan: i'm sorry to say that you do not have an email set on that account17:48
Quintasannalioth: My bad, it should be fine now17:52
Quintasanoh, thanks :)17:57
=== Quintasan is now known as Quintasan|Szel
jdongLjL: heh now I get what you meant by HFSPLUS.19:10
jdonga year later.19:10
LjLjdong: ... what?19:11
jussi01jdong: are you going to UDS?19:25
jdongjussi01: unfortunately, no, -ENOTIME19:26
* jussi01 was hoping to finally meet the legendary jdong...19:26
jdongawww :(19:26
jdongbut since when was jdong legendary?19:26
jussi01jdong: pm?19:26
LjLjdong is busy defragmenting my hard drive using a minuscole magnet and a magnifying lens, can't come.20:23

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