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slytherinCan anyone please explain how the default modules to be loaded are decided for a machine? and how are they configured at time of installation?08:18
AbdulHaleemHello every one11:04
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_rubennow if only i could figure out which is the most accurate and up-to-date documentation on how to roll your own kernels11:57
Kanohi, how about some backports from mainline like12:52
slytherin_ruben: What do you mean by roll out?12:58
_rubenroll, not roll out, roll as in: compile my own .. but i did find some blog post detailing various steps .. if only my (windows) hadnt crashed i would know if the compile was succesful :p13:15
slytherin_ruben: This is what has worked for me in the past - http://www.howtoforge.com/kernel_compilation_ubuntu13:20
slytherin_ruben: By the way, unless there is custom configuration you want to do you can use mainline kernel builds form here - http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline13:21
_rubenthat's the old way of doing things .. i followed this one (more or less) : http://blog.avirtualhome.com/2009/11/03/how-to-compile-a-kernel-for-ubuntu-karmic/13:22
_rubenits some (performance) patches for scst i include13:22
apwKano, if someone is hitting that issue and files a bug we might do it, or if it gets into .y stable we'll get it for free14:15
gnarlactually rather, if something like that should go in, it has to go to stable14:16
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ogasawaradtchen_: https://edge.launchpad.net/~stefan-bader-canonical/+archive/karmic/+packages  2.6.31-16.51~pre2 has the patch set incorporated.  just need to wait for it to finish building in the PPA.18:09
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gnarldtchen_, should be any second18:48
akheronI upgraded from Jaunty to Karmic and the machine won't boot with the 2.6.31-14 kernel, the Jaunty kernel 2.6.28-16 still works. I'm not sure how to file a bug for this because if I use "ubuntu-bug linux" the report will contain the info of the wrong kernel20:22
akheronthe machine just hangs, and this seems to be related to keyboard, because pressing keys makes the booting proceed in small steps20:25
akheronsomehow I've managed to get into X a few times (once with the live cd), and the keybord didn't work20:26
akheronmainline seems to work (tried a few times), but mainline 2.6.32rc6 doesn't20:27
tvstHi, I'm having some trouble reading data from USB-serial FTDI devices that used to work on 9.04. I was wondering if anyone knows about any change in the kernel/modules that could have caused this...20:40
tvstIt also appears that a vanilla kernel could work, according to this bug report 20:42
ubot3Malone bug 474180 in linux "[karmic] usbserial regression with MessPC Environment Sensors" [Undecided,New] 20:42
tvst^ i just found that :) and posted there.20:42
tvstis there any additional debugging info i should add to that report?20:44
tvst(oh, apparently i was replying to a bot. nevermind :) )20:45
dtchen_ogasawara: great, thank you22:42
amitkdinh: pushed some hacks to get serial port working23:04
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cjhey all23:50
cjlooking for a kernel for my xen hvm karmic...23:50
cjhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/EC2 <- suggests that such a kernel may exist23:51

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