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plarsdavidm, asac, anyone?: Can you elaborate more on how this is going to work when we plan for work with stakeholders again after each mileston?  Does this imply more sprints will be needed this cycle?14:49
loolplars: ECHAN?14:55
plarsyeah, sorry, on a different machine where my chan order is reversed14:56
davidmplars, no but might have some phone calls15:34
GrueMasterSpeaking of phones, Today was my eligibility date to order the new Verizon Droid.  Order was placed at 12:11am.  "Should" have it tomorrow.  Woot!16:47
plarsGrueMaster: sweet17:23
plarsI'm not on verizon anymore, switched to tmobile and got a G117:24
plarsGrueMaster: I'll be interested in your experience with it, I think that one uses the new 2.0 version of android right?17:24
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