ajmitchLaserJock: that reminds me, I should update the rc bugs tracker to look at testing when I switch it to lucid00:34
ajmitchuntil then, it's useful for karmic SRUs00:34
LlamaZorzHey guys,does anybody know when firefox forks for the flash plugin?01:00
ScottKLlamaZorz: The firefox maintainers hang out in #ubuntu-mozillateam.01:04
LlamaZorzThanks scott01:04
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JonyBlazeif a package from debian has the wrong standards version in control should it still be synced or should it be updated and merged?01:34
RoAkSoAxJonyBlaze, if that the only change it can be synced01:35
JonyBlazethat seems to be the only thing wrong with it01:35
JonyBlazeother than DD's not patching although there is a patch system01:36
ScottKJonyBlaze: We don't worry about updating standards version in Ubuntu.01:36
JonyBlazeokey dokey01:36
ScottKIn fact, if a previous Ubuntu upload bumped the standards version it's wrong and the change should be dropped on the next merge or synced01:37
JonyBlazeso the sync wiki list 3 conditions that i sync isnt needed so if those are meet we dont sync till after debian import freeze?01:48
ScottKJonyBlaze: I don't understand.  Can you give a specific example?01:49
JonyBlazeit says if:01:50
JonyBlazewe're before DebianImportFreeze (check ReleaseSchedule) and01:50
JonyBlaze# our version of the package has no Ubuntu changes01:50
JonyBlaze# and the Debian package is in sid01:50
JonyBlazethen An explicit sync is not necessary01:51
JonyBlazethe package im looking at meets all of those01:51
ScottKThe it will get sync'ed automatically01:52
ScottKWhat package?01:52
ScottKJonyBlaze: The current version of solfege is 3.14.5-1ubuntu1.  It has Ubuntu changes.01:53
ScottKIf the change has been incorporated in Debian and we don't need to maintain it anymore, then a sync has to be manually requested01:54
JonyBlazeahh i see someone changed it when they merged it01:55
ScottKIt hasn't been merged for Lucid.  That's the same version Karmic has.01:55
ScottKThe packages on merges.ubuntu.com are the ones that need merging01:55
ScottK(or syncing)01:56
JonyBlazeyeah thats were i got it from01:56
ScottKtritium: Hello!!02:23
tritiumHow are you, ScottK?02:24
ScottKtritium: I have the flu.02:24
ScottKOther than that, fine.02:24
tritiumOoh, sorry to hear that.02:24
ajmitchhi tritium02:24
tritiumajmitch!  Long time no see!  :)02:24
ajmitchit's been quite awhile, how are you?02:25
tritiumDoing quite well, thanks.  Holding my six-month-old daughter as we speak.  It doesn't get much better than that.  =)02:25
ajmitchexcellent :)02:25
tritiumAnd how are you?02:25
ajmitchgood, busy, wishing I could have a holiday :)02:26
tritiumAh, indeed.02:26
ajmitchso you'll be keen to get back into MOTU then?02:27
tritiumajmitch: Oh, I'm not so sure if now is the best time.  Thanks for the thought, though.  :)02:28
tritiumI really come seeking an answer to a question.02:28
ajmitchsurely you'll have lots of spare time with a 6-month-old? :)02:28
tritiumheh, right!02:29
ajmitchwhat was your question?02:31
tritiumSo, I'm curious about something.  ngspice (http://ngspice.sourceforge.net/) used to be in Ubuntu, back in hoary, and then was removed from debian and ubuntu due to licensing issues.  Those issues have been resolved, and ngspice is now in debian testing, in the non-free section.  Will it be automatically merged into karmic?02:33
tritiumI'm unfamiliar with the merge-o-matic process after all this time.02:33
ajmitchthis was something that came up earlier today - I'm not sure if the autosyncs will drag stuff in from contrib/non-free02:33
ajmitchit's not on the blacklist at least02:34
tritiumI see.02:35
tritiumIf not, ajmitch, what would be the proper process to request the sync?02:36
* tritium is pretty excited about the prospect of getting ngspice back in the repositories02:36
ajmitchuse the requestsync tool for it02:37
ajmitchI'll be back in a min, got a phone call :)02:37
tritiumTake your time.  :)02:38
tritiumThis is very encouraging too: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/openproj02:46
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* RoAkSoAx hates homework >(02:54
ajmitchtritium: ok, back02:54
tritiumajmitch: ok :)02:55
ajmitchnow I haven't used requestsync for a little while, but it should be mostly automagic these days02:55
tritiumI'll do some digging, then, and see what I can find.02:56
ajmitchI'm not sure if it's worth filing a sync request just at the moment while there's a large pile & autosyncs are still happening, but I suspect it'll be needed for non-free02:56
ajmitch'man requestsync' should cover most of it if you have ubuntu-dev-tools installed02:56
tritiumBut being non-free doesn't automatically make it a no-go, which is encouraging.02:56
ScottKThe biggest suprise from the old days is requestsync is in ubuntu-dev-tool and not devscripts02:56
ScottKtritium: It just means it goes into Multiverse02:56
tritiumSpeaking of the "old days", I can't believe there are > 200 nicks in here!02:57
tritiumAh, thanks, ScottK.  That makes sense.02:57
ajmitchScottK: I know you've had the joy of dealing with boost a little - do you know if we'll keep boost1.38 around in lucid, since it's due to be removed from sid?03:06
ScottKajmitch: I'm guessing we'll go to 1.40.  I hope to bring it up next week.03:07
ajmitchI want to do an SRU for 1.38 in karmic03:07
ScottKThis is for the Python thing?03:08
ajmitchthe package I know it affects has problems with 1.40, according to the debian changelog03:08
ajmitchI need to check if it affects 1.40 as well, I suspect it does03:08
ScottKFrom what I know, I'm pretty sure it does03:08
ajmitchthe patch should just drop in place for 1.40 as well then, I'll take a look03:09
tritiumajmitch, ScottK: thank you both!  I'll be heading off to bed shortly.  Nice catching up with you again.  :)03:12
ajmitchgood to see you around, I hope you drop in more often03:13
tritiumI will!03:13
* ajmitch should have got a laptop with an SSD03:16
ajmitchbuilding stuff on it is fairly noticeable at the moment03:16
JonyBlazedo you guys think this bug is resolved? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=53399303:21
ubottuDebian bug 533993 in solfege "solfege: FTBFS: failed to load external entity "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.1.2/docbookx.dtd"" [Serious,Open]03:21
ScottKJonyBlaze: Why would you think it was?03:21
JonyBlazethere are reports its fixed but its still open and is scetchy03:21
ajmitchnothing in the changelog since that was filed mentions it03:22
JonyBlazewhat changelog?03:22
ScottKJonyBlaze: The end of the bug discussion says otherwise.03:22
ScottKJonyBlaze: The debian/changelog for the version in Debian03:22
ajmitchchangelog for the debian package03:22
JonyBlazeright, which is why i left the ubuntu fix in my proposed merge just wanting another opinion03:24
ScottKJonyBlaze: If the Ubuntu patch fixes the problem, it might (I didn't check for sure) make sense to send the patch to the Debian bug.03:26
ScottKJonyBlaze: Also did you check with the previous uploader of the package?03:26
JonyBlazeabout the fix?03:27
ScottKJonyBlaze: No, before you did the merge.03:27
ScottKThe merges.ubuntu.com page says to do this to avoid duplicate work.03:28
JonyBlazeit aslo says to make a bug report and set it to in progress when starting03:28
JonyBlazeseemed like overlaping03:29
JonyBlazei will from now on though if it is deff expected03:29
ScottKJonyBlaze: If someone is the last to touch a package they should (at least early in the cycle) be able to assume that unless someone has contacted them, they are clear to work on the package.03:30
serialorderim trying to do a debdiff between two packages and I know they are different but debdiff returns with no output03:46
serialorderany ideas what might be causing that?03:46
serialordernever mind i had a typo =| sotty03:46
JonyBlazeiheh does submittodebian expect me to have sendmail setup?03:57
ScottKJonyBlaze: No.  It expects reportbug, but you don't want that anyway.04:02
ScottKsubmittodebian files a new bug.  You want to add the patch to the existing bug.04:02
ScottKJonyBlaze: Send a mail to 533993@bugs.debian.org with the patch attached and explain why it's a good solution to the problem.04:03
JonyBlazeit aloowed me to pick what bug04:04
JonyBlazeerr allowed04:04
* ScottK hasn't used it.04:06
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JonyBlazeafter an hour of fighting with exim i got it to work!05:11
JonyBlazesubmittodebian is quite nice05:12
JonyBlazeadds all the tags and strange debian stuff for you05:12
JonyBlazedoes everything but wipe your ass05:12
ubottuDebian bug 533993 in solfege "solfege: FTBFS: failed to load external entity "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.1.2/docbookx.dtd"" [Serious,Open]05:16
JonyBlazeis what it sends05:16
siretart\sh: wow, excellent news. Leave me a note with your test packages, we'll need to upgrade our local pool RSN to karmic...07:19
dholbachgood morning07:46
\shsiretart, moins08:13
\shsiretart, will do...looks like that from next week on I have a bit more sparetime to do some enjoying work...so trying to push fai back into ubuntu :)08:13
siretart`sounds great!08:15
siretart`our install server runs hardy, so I'll take the 'backporting' part over :-)08:15
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cristimhello, can anyone tell why would the gcl package depend on the emacs editor?09:03
Rhondacristim: changelog says "* Depend on emacs22 | emacsen, Closes: #440190", so that would be http://bugs.debian.org/440190 for the reasoning. :)09:06
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mariuzseems to be an issue with the dvd mirrors10:31
mariuzchoose the last mirror http://mirror.fslutd.org/linux/distributions/ubuntu/release/dvd/feisty/release/10:32
mariuzit's p0rn site10:32
dholbachmariuz: passed the info on10:33
directhexoh, that's an unexpected issue10:35
Ademanwhat should i do to find out about the new gdm/xsplash system?  I haven't run into anything from the simple greeter or xsplash that has any documentation...10:36
dholbachdirecthex: we've been in that domain before ;-)10:36
directhexdholbach, ubuntu-calendar doesn't count!10:37
Ademanalso while i'm at it... the upstart script for gdm has a seemingly magical variable $CONFIG_FILE, I don't see where that's ever set, is it set by upstart? how?10:37
directhexand i liked ubuntu-calendar :(10:37
Ademanalso sorry for invading, #ubuntu+1 was the best channel i could think of, and it dumped me here...10:37
dholbachdirecthex: I thought it was a great idea too :)10:37
directhexdholbach, btw, if it comes up at UDS (which i'm not attending this time), "gnote upstream is dead"10:39
dholbachdirecthex: best tell the guys in #ubuntu-desktop10:40
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slytherinAdeman: You will find gdm/upstart experts in #ubuntu-devel11:39
alex-weeejroot-system doesn't seem to be installable on karmic :(11:39
alex-weeejcan anyone help me fix this?11:40
geserit's probably bug 46205911:42
ubottuLaunchpad bug 462059 in root-system "libkrb53 package required instead of libkrb5-3 in Karmic" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46205911:42
slytherindirecthex: What do you mean by gnote is dead upstream? How come the development has stalled suddenly?11:43
directhexslytherin, it's not sudden. it was only ever a 1-man project, plus translators. translations continue, but hub has said he's not interested in continuing maintenance. i can find the ML post if you like11:43
slytherinso what was the point of starting the project in first place. Just because of mono hatred?11:44
directhexhttp://www.figuiere.net/hub/blog/?2009/07/27/680-why-i-did-write-gnote is the formal reason given for writing gnote11:46
slytherindirecthex: in first mail, it is mentioned that gnote is default in gnome. I wonder when that happened.11:49
directhexit's the default in fedora 12's gnome desktop11:49
directhexfedora moved from tomboy to gnote for "space" reasons, because it's impossible to fit mono on a cd-installed os. and OOo too, which is also not on the default install11:50
slytherintoo bad now they will have to revert again in next release. :-(11:50
directhexor take on upstream maintainership11:51
directhexif that's what's needed to continue excluding mono from RHEL, i can see it being considered11:54
directhexmultidistrotools is awesome.12:27
wgrantdirecthex: What have you done with it, and which branch are you using?12:29
directhexwgrant, i have no idea, you set it up12:31
directhexit's just phenomenally useful12:32
wgrantOh, right.12:33
wgrantI thought you might have done something more interesting yourself.12:33
directhexnah, i'm boring12:34
yoshi765DAMN UBUNTU12:46
directhexthat was insightful!12:48
mok0A bot, clearly12:52
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ward-Failed to fetch http://ftp.belnet.be/mirror/ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/karmic/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  403  Forbidden13:22
ward-theres allmost allways something wrong with this annoying mirror.....13:22
slytherinward-: then change the mirror13:22
ward-slytherin, ok sorry that i reported it i guess13:23
ward-keep broken crap in the mirror list is the way to go obviously13:23
ward-thanx for your valuable time13:23
Piciward-: motus aren't responsible for mirroring....13:23
slytherinward-: I never said that. Have you reported that it is broken?13:23
PiciI'll send something off to the contact information listed on LP for that mirror13:26
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FFEMTcJdholbach: ?14:48
cristimhello, what happens after a PPA is merged, where can we find the packages that were in there?15:08
bigoncould a dbus guy have a look at this bug?15:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 360818 in network-manager-openvpn "NetworkManager.vpn fails -- nm-vpn-connection.c.900: NeedSecrets " [Medium,Confirmed]15:17
bddebianHeya gang15:31
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iulianHello bddebian.15:41
bddebianHi iulian15:41
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KelvinGardinerHi, I'm trying to update a package. debuild fails as a patch can't be applied, the patch is here: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/317026/ . I copied the debain dir from the old package, the new code is version 2.3.0 so the path in the patch is wrong. I've check the desktop file and it reflects this patch. Is it safe to delete this patch, should I remove the patch command from the rules files and how to I document this i15:51
KelvinGardinern the package? Thanks.15:51
azeemKelvinGardiner: the path shouldn't matter, you need to investigage why it does not apply15:52
azeemmaybe it got already applied in the new upstream versionÃ?15:52
KelvinGardinerazeem: yes, latest the desktop file already has the patch applied. So I suppose it fails because it can't find the old line to remove.15:55
azeemyes, patching fails if the patch has been applied already15:56
azeemso this patch needs to be dropped15:56
KelvinGardinerazeem: ok thanks, should I leave  dpatch apply-all in the rules files for ant future pacthes.15:59
azeemare there any other patches?15:59
azeemif not, it's still fine to leave it, yes15:59
azeemalso see whether you need to update debian/patches/00list15:59
KelvinGardinerazeem: There are no other patches, I'll leave it in. Thanks.16:00
KelvinGardinerazeem: It only had on line for the old patch I removed it and left a empty file, is that okay?16:02
corp186how do I file a needs-packaging bug?16:03
corp186when I click on "Report a bug", it goes to an ubuntu wiki page talking about filing bugs against individual packages16:03
azeemKelvinGardiner: yes16:03
corp186I just found the no-redirect link, I assume that's right16:04
KelvinGardinerazeem: thanks16:04
corp186I uploaded a new package to revu, but it only sees the last package in the control file16:13
corp186how do I get it to see all the packages, or at least the first package, which is the most relevant16:14
dholbachgeser, jpds: alarm clocks set? :)16:22
FFEMTcJdholbach: can I PM you?16:25
jpdsdholbach: They always are. ;)16:26
dholbachFFEMTcJ: sure16:26
wrapsterany idea why this might occur. http://pastie.org/695678 ...16:31
wrapsterits with regard to nexenta.. pls dont flame me.. Im just asking help from everywhere I can. sorry if it might not be appropriate...16:32
dholbachwrapster: no idea, sorry - it is a solaris kernel build or something?16:33
cody-somervillewrapster, are you building on i386?16:34
wrapstercody-somerville: yeah..16:34
cody-somervillewrapster, and its complaining about not being able to find /root/build1/nexenta-gate/onnv-gate/proto/root_i386/platform/i86pc/kernel/cpu/amd64/cpu_ms.GenuineIntel.6.4616:34
cody-somervilleyou can't build amd64 stuff on i38616:36
jdongcody-somerville: is that true on Solaris?16:36
geserdholbach: yes, my alarm clock is set to 30 min before the meeting, this should leave me exactly 30 min to get out of bed and to the meeting :)16:36
jdongwhere the userland is more or less multiarch16:36
dholbachgeser: nice16:37
* cody-somerville shrugs.16:37
corp186is it considered OK to ask for new package advocates on a relevant irc channel?16:39
corp186if not, how do packages get advocates? just wait for advocates to browse through them on revu?16:40
jdongcorp186: I'd consider it appropriate if done tastefully16:41
jdongi.e. average about once per day :)16:41
exaltedHi there. I'm currently developing face detection for F-Spot, for that reason I need up-to-date packages for OpenCV library and introduce a new package for EmguCV C# wrapper for OpenCV. Is there any mentor here who could help me during packaging and publish either on PPA@LP or where ever both of these pieces? Thanks.16:58
Whoopiesiretart: Hi, I have a question regarding bug #172938. To enable the UPnP plugin in karmic, only the libupnp3-dev dependency must be added. Could this simple change be a SRU?17:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 172938 in vlc "VLC should include upnp support" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17293817:03
Whoopiesiretart: it built fine in my PPA17:03
jdongWhoopie: what was the cause?17:04
jdongI should learn to read.17:04
jdongI'd be willing to accept that as a SRU17:04
jdongI'd recommend opening up a new bug though17:04
jdongwith a more causal description17:05
jdong(i.e. VLC lacks build-dep on libupnp3-dev)17:05
Whoopiejdong: http://en.pastebin.ca/166843917:06
Whoopiethat would be the debdiff17:06
jdongI'd be willing to ACK that :)17:06
Whoopiejdong: thanks, I'll open a new bug and add the new LP number to the changelog17:07
jdongping me again once you have the new bug number17:07
Whoopiejdong: I could also fix bug #439077, #439131 and #447124 at the same time. What do you think?17:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439077 in vlc "enable globalhotkeys in karmic vlc" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43907717:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 439131 in vlc "libcddb2 not enabled in karmic vlc" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/43913117:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 447124 in vlc "vlc build in karmic needs recent commits to fix wma decoding regression issue" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44712417:19
jdongWhoopie: let's just fix all the build-dep missing ones.17:20
jdongin this SRU17:20
jdongand do a separate SRU for the commit backports.17:20
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fcuk112how do i get a list of triaged bugs?18:00
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
blackxoredScottK, what's Iulian Undrea's nickname here??18:23
ScottKblackxored: iulian.18:23
blackxorediulian, ping18:24
blackxoredScottK, thx18:24
blackxoredScottK, BTW I'm starting to apply for MOTU as we were discussing the other day18:24
ScottKOK.  We can use the Java help.18:25
blackxoredScottK, I'm willing to do as much as my time allows me to ;)18:26
iulianblackxored: pong.18:36
blackxorediulian, pv18:48
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EzraRanyone bored enough to advocate my package on REVU? :)19:24
cyphermoxEzraR, just curious, which package?19:25
christoph_debianhm has debian syncing for lucid already started?19:37
sebnerchristoph_debian: yes19:38
christoph_debianbut no reason to worry if some package hasn't been synced yet hopefully19:42
sebnerchristoph_debian: in general yes + mind that we are syncing from testing19:44
EzraRfeb11 is debimport freeze19:44
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siretart`Whoopie: jdong: It would be great if we could have the missing build-dep fixed in debian and lucid first. - otherwise no objections from my side.19:51
jdongsiretart`: understood. Absolutely lucid tasks will be held open and I trust that Whoopie will follow up in Debian too :)19:51
Whoopiejdong: ?19:51
WhoopieI just have karmic here.19:52
jdongWhoopie: well our policy for SRU's is "fix it in Lucid before SRU'ing to Karmic"19:55
jdongyou don't have to run Lucid or Debian19:55
jdongjust keep on top of the bug ticket to make sure it does get fixed there19:55
jdong(in a timely manner)19:55
Whoopiesiretart, jdong: this is the debdiff for karmic-proposed -> http://en.pastebin.ca/166867419:57
Whoopiesiretart, jdong: I can download the vlc source for lucid and make a debdiff. But could you take care of Debian?19:59
ajmitchjdong: it gets harder when the unmodified karmic package doesn't build in lucid for some reason :)19:59
* ajmitch hugs boost20:00
jdongajmitch: hahaha indeed :)20:00
jdongin which case it turns into a scarlet letter protocol thing20:00
jdongwe love our stable users :)20:00
ajmitchI need to figure out why it's failing to find pyconfig.h20:00
jdongand it's the lifelong burden of the SRU'er to make sure it gets into the devel release in time20:00
siretart`Whoopie: yes, that's why I've asked you to cc the mail to the pkg-multimedia list. That team maintains vlc in both debian and ubuntu20:01
ajmitchactually I'm fixing boost1.38, which will probably be removed from lucid20:01
ajmitchbut I was trying to patch 1.40 last night & having it failing to build, so I got annoyed :)20:02
siretart`Whoopie: btw, we use the motumedia ppa for these kind of packages...20:02
* siretart` already runs lucid :-)20:02
* ajmitch has a VM for that20:02
* StevenK has chroots for that sort of thing20:02
Whoopiesiretart`: what does that mean for my debdiff?20:03
* jdong follows in ajmitch's VM philosophy :)20:04
jdongand tosses in some btrfs for crack.20:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about jdong20:04
ajmitchwho removed the crack?20:04
jdongI think it's only in off topic channels now20:04
jdong[citation needed]20:04
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FFEMTcJsiretart`: where can i get lucid at?20:09
ajmitchFFEMTcJ: if you're *really* brave & want breakage, change karmic to lucid in your sources.list & dist-upgrade20:10
ajmitchbut only if you want to fix things, really20:10
FFEMTcJi was thinkin about doing that on a vm20:11
ajmitchit's the safest way to do it20:12
ajmitchrather than being left with an unbootable computer at some point20:12
jdonguse the ring20:13
jdongor a software emulation of it.20:13
* ajmitch usually waits a month or more before putting a development release on real hardware20:13
ajmitchhas it been decided if we'll kepp python2.5 in universe for lucid?20:17
ScottKajmitch: It's already not a supported Python version so modules aren't built for it.  Not sure what the point would be.20:19
ajmitchok, that'll make things fun for some projects20:20
geserajmitch: as we still have python3.0 in universe, I guess we can keep python2.5 too20:20
cody-somervilleajmitch, I fixed yer' bug fyi20:21
ajmitchcody-somerville: oh that's no fun20:21
siretart`Whoopie: sorry? I'm not sure I understand the question20:22
* ajmitch should have assigned to self to not waste the time20:22
Whoopiesiretart`: why did you mention motumedia PPA?20:22
siretart`Whoopie: oh, that was related to "having fixed packages for karmic and earlier"20:23
Whoopiesiretart`: ok, I have debdiffs for karmic-proposed and lucid. where to send?20:32
siretart`pkg-multimedia-maintainers at lists.alioth.debian.o20:40
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pace_t_zuluhas anyone started packaging go for ubuntu yet?21:40
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