JThundleydoes anyone know how to stop large files from trashing your filesystem cache in memory?00:37
JThundleyfor example I have all my music on my mythbuntu machine, if I do a unison sync of it or just ls -lR on it it's all cached in the fs cache00:38
JThundleybut then mythtv records a show and that huge file is cached instead, pushing out the fs cache of my music00:39
JThundleyis there a way to tell the kernel to just always keep the cache of a certain directory?00:39
Cyber-Doggso I'm running myth on ubuntu and I just got the updates today for the new VDPAU stuff.... seems to be working great01:20
Cyber-DoggI was looking at the mythtv wiki and saw that some tvs have built in hardware interlacing01:21
Cyber-Doggand that to get it to work you have to get x to output it's signal an in interlaced fashion01:21
Cyber-Doggusing a modeline01:21
Cyber-DoggI was wondering if I could get some guidance on that...01:21
rlattaIs anyone else having problems pulling metadata for movies?01:57
mrandrlatta: when was the last time you updated?02:00
mrandrlatta: there was a change in URL last week.  This week, people have been having trouble accessing the site sometimes.02:00
rlattamrand I updated less then a week ago02:01
rlattaI was using the site yesterday02:01
rlattabut it isnt working tonight02:01
mrandI saw some discussion on the mythtv-users list today, but haven't had time to read it.  This has happened a few times before and it sorted itself out.  It's a completely free service, so the number of users may be creating quite a load.   He accepts donations if you want to show your appreciation.  Some Myth related people are going to talk to him about helping to offload some bandwidth intensive stuff (image hosting).02:04
rlattaah...thank you02:07
OpenMedia1hads: What was the video filter option you set for VDPAU again?02:27
OpenMedia1hads: Don't worry I've found the ticket.02:30
superm1OpenMedia1, what ticket?02:46
superm1are you having the same issues i was....?02:46
OpenMedia1superm1: Kinda.02:54
OpenMedia1Doing some VDPAU testing and some tuning of software H.264 support02:54
OpenMedia1I was hoping I could disable the deblocking loop filter (http://svn.mythtv.org/trac/ticket/4653) via a playback filter option, but the code isn't there to support it.02:55
OpenMedia1on NZ H.264 HD streams it would really improve playback on lower spec CPUs.02:55
hadssuperm1: I had to increase vdpaubuffersize to play some h264 stuff02:56
endemicHas anyone been able to get the NTSC tuner in the FusionHDTV 5 Express to work? Everything works great with the digital tuner but it seems like the SD tuner device (/dev/video0?) is not created.02:58
hadssuperm1: In #7493 markk was talking about video RAM BTW, not system RAM02:59
hadsMan it's annoying having search missing on trac03:00
rhpot1991superm1: ouch 30% off the time03:05
hadsOpenMedia1: What card you testing with?03:07
skinnYQuestion, I've almost filled up my master backend, if I added another non master backend on the lan would its storage space be found and used by the primary master? Would the database pw's need to be set to the same ?03:07
OpenMedia1hads: 8400's at the moment. Looking at getting a GT22003:08
rhpot1991skinnY: yes, and no03:08
hadsskinnY: Storage groups are a little tricky like that.03:08
hadsOpenMedia1: Cool, I was loooking at those too, though didn't see a silent one yet.03:09
rhpot1991but it needs the password to connect to the MBE, and your MBE needs to be setup to accept connections03:09
hadsYou need to NFS share storage locations I think.03:09
OpenMedia1hads: What are you using at the moment.03:09
skinnYBasically wondering how deep of a hole that is , ssh mapping to another drive on the lan is also an option03:09
hadsskinnY: Just add a local drive :)03:09
hadsOpenMedia1: Umm, a 9800GT with 1GB :)03:10
rhpot1991skinnY: or you could move a tuner to the 2nd backend03:10
OpenMedia1hads: Looks like the Gigabyte GT220 takes two slots = no good for myPVR.03:10
skinnY$$$ call me cheap O , yeah I just ordered a pvr500 which will go in the second backend03:10
OpenMedia1Same no one is bringing out a motherboard with GT220 or GT210 class graphics.03:10
rhpot1991I have a gigabye 9600 1gb model that occupies 2 slots, works like a charm with VDPAU so far03:10
rhpot1991same with my ion box03:10
hadsI should get around to playing with myth on th eion here.03:11
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: I posted a link in here for a super cheap quiet half height card the other day, lets see if I can dig it back up03:11
hadsrhpot1991: We are in .nz03:11
rhpot1991heh, wont help much then :)03:11
ZinnSorry I don't know about ion%03:11
hadsMost .us places don't ship outside the us03:12
rhpot1991hmmm what did I tag that03:12
ZinnIon Boxes make a great frontend.  http://www.baablogic.net/drupal/node/203:12
rhpot1991there we go, my ion ^03:12
superm1hads, yeah i noticed later.03:12
superm1hads, the only other  thing that's possibly using video ram is x11vnc, but i have no idea how to query how much03:12
skinnYI've got a little 330 atom frontend no problem03:13
hadsShouldn't be much to speak of you wouldn't have thought.03:13
rhpot1991superm1: I VNC without issue03:13
OpenMedia1rhpot1991: Cheers. Might be able to get it through one of my US suppliers.03:14
superm1rhpot1991, well my next thing i'm trying is VDPAU slim rather than VDPAU normal03:14
superm1next thing i guess is increasing that buffer size like hads said03:14
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: let me search for it03:14
superm1what are the valid and default values for that integer?03:14
hads0-50 I think03:14
rhpot1991superm1: for the record, I use VDPAU high (whatever it is) on my 1gb 960003:14
OpenMedia1Any one here trying the ION-LE yet?03:14
rhpot1991and VDPAU normal on my ion03:14
superm1rhpot1991, that doesn't make me happy03:15
superm1this is a freaking 9500GT03:15
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: those are the ones with the pcie slot right?03:15
superm1it should be able to handle normal03:15
hadsdefault is either 6 or 17, I can't remember from all I've read.03:15
rhpot1991superm1: following my logic you should RMA it :)03:15
hads9500GT should do VDPAU high shouldn't it03:15
hadsI cna't remember the commit message now.03:15
rhpot1991superm1: you could send it back to newegg and get an asus or gigabyte 9600, but that should be ok03:16
rhpot1991wonder if my 1gb of ram is making a difference03:16
superm1well why would it be the card?03:16
OpenMedia1rhpot1991: half height isn't needed, it needs to be single slot and quiet03:17
OpenMedia1lots of the half height cards are GT21003:17
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: http://www.techbargains.com/news_displayItem.cfm/18456103:18
rhpot1991actually thats gonna take up 2 slots, I didn't look at it very close the first time03:19
rhpot1991heat sink is kinda tall03:19
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: there is this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127386&cm_re=msi_9500gt-_-14-127-386-_-Product03:19
rhpot1991should only take up one slot, but needs room on the other side03:19
rhpot1991and for the record thats the card superm1 is having issues with03:20
rhpot1991superm1: do you have a way of reproducing the issue that I could try out here?03:21
superm1rhpot1991, rapidly enter and leave recordings03:21
superm1if at all possible before the fanart even finishes reloading03:21
rhpot1991our xorgs might be slightly different too, I disabled composite and endabled tripplebuffer03:22
rhpot1991superm1: how do I know when the issue happens?03:22
superm1i still have to try turning off composite03:22
superm1if i dont have better luck with vdpau slim that's next on my lift03:22
superm1rhpot1991, oh you'll know it happens03:22
rhpot1991it helped me with tearing03:22
superm1mythfrontend is hung03:22
mrandI hope support for the Broadcom decoder makes it to Myth before I need HD.03:22
OpenMedia1rhpot1991: Wow.. Serious heatsink03:23
superm1what broadcom decoder?03:23
mrandhttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Broadcom_Crystal_HD  (Dell refers to it as Broadcom BD Accelerator)03:24
mrandI just started that page today.  Jarod is working on it (quietly)03:24
rhpot1991superm1: how many times do I need to do it?03:24
rhpot1991just did it about 15, still ok03:24
superm1it happens to me within about 5 usually03:24
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: this is the one I'm using: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814125271&cm_re=gigabyte_9600-_-14-125-271-_-Product03:25
OpenMedia1rhpot1991: How noisy is the fan?03:25
OpenMedia1And does it use two slots?03:25
rhpot1991crap wrong one03:25
superm1mrand, i wouldnt count on that being in much other hardware going forward though03:25
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: ^03:25
OpenMedia1Ah cheers03:26
rhpot1991OpenMedia1: its very hard to find a fanless that doesn't take up 2 slots03:26
rhpot1991I just yanked out an analog tuner03:26
mrandsuperm1: I don't care much about new hardware/systems... if Linux support gets it, the cards are dirt cheap on ebay.03:26
OpenMedia1rhpot1991: LoL... Just a quiet fan would suffice.03:29
rhpot1991superm1: just did it about 30 times, had a hiccup in the middle but it was prob my remote, sometimes that stops responding for a few seconds03:29
superm1rhpot1991,  /jealous03:30
OpenMedia1Anyone else seeing very high memory use for the frontend?03:36
OpenMedia1Mine is currently taking 1GB Virtual Memory03:37
OpenMedia1Also mythtranscode doesn't appear to exit currently when it completes a job.03:37
OpenMedia1Just found 8 old instances running on my own rig.03:38
hadsI'm seeing Xorg using 803m and mythfrontend using 578m VIRT03:40
rhpot1991how do you check memory usage?03:40
hadsvarious ways, top is easy03:41
rhpot1991top tells you %03:41
superm1well you have to remember that there is a lot of shared memory between processes03:41
rhpot1991did you just convert?03:41
superm1so top won't necessarily give you an accurate output03:41
hads(to superm1)03:41
hadsrhpot1991: top tells you numbers03:41
hadsThat's what the VIRT, RES and SHR columns are.03:42
rhpot19911147 for my frontend03:44
rhpot1991xorg jumped to about a gig03:44
hadsI saw a good article explaining shared, reserved, virtual memory somewhere but I can't find it now.03:45
OpenMedia1Yeah seems to say there is 900MB of data in use by the mythfrontend process which is a little huge..03:45
OpenMedia1I'm more interested in why mytharchive isn't quitting.03:46
OpenMedia1I've been running a lot of lossless MPEG2 transcode jobs. The logs show the job as competed but the process doesn't exit.03:46
OpenMedia1strace just shows Process 19726 attached - interrupt to quit03:47
OpenMedia1futex(0x88ccfb4, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 1, NULL03:47
OpenMedia1The locked process means the old version of the file is still locked and taking up disk space03:48
OpenMedia1mythtrans 20042 mythtv   17w   REG      252,3    2004893 156020 /myth/tv/5907_20090514203000.mpg.old (deleted)03:48
OpenMedia1Sorry I mean mythtranscode doesn't exit.03:49
stiev3what does the host field in videometadata specify?04:57
hadsIt's related to storage groups04:58
rhpot1991Who did I talk with in here about the antec fusion VFD and lcdproc?05:07
MythbuntuGuest03Hey folks... It appears I have lost my mind.  I can't seem to find the Diskless config tools in 9.10?05:13
hadsThey aren't there :)05:14
hadsYou can still do it from the command line but the GUI tools didn't make it.05:14
MythbuntuGuest03nice... I thought I had lost my mind.05:16
MythbuntuGuest03any chance the wiki has some info on this that I am missing?05:16
hadsThere's a wiki page on doing it in 8.04 which I think is the same.05:17
hadsYou need ltsp-build-client, ltsp-update-image and ltsp-update-kernels05:18
hadsAnyone know why one particular program wouldn't show in the watchlist? It's not important but really annoying :)05:20
MythbuntuGuest03hads: thanks a lot05:20
MythbuntuGuest03I had a nice stable 8.04.1 build going for the last year or so... but got itchy after seeing xbmc pretty things at a friends house.... I'm really hoping .22 is the dawn of slicker interfaces05:21
hads0.22 is certainly getting there05:22
hadsVideos and Recordings interfaces are pretty sweet. Music isn't there yet.05:23
hadsPretty sweet being miles ahead of 0.2105:23
hadsI didn't think I'd care much but it is quite nice.05:23
hadsUsing storage groups for Videos is neat too.05:23
MythbuntuGuest03If I can get the diskless going, I will be happy, but it looks like the sweet spot will be 10.04 or 9.10.105:27
hadsI can see 10.04 being a hot release.05:28
hads0.23 should be released in plenty of time and will be nicer than 0.2205:29
MythbuntuGuest03I am guessing that the SG's perform better than NFS mounts?05:29
MythbuntuGuest03I can only hope05:29
hadsI don't know about performance as I've never had issues.05:29
hadsIt does mean that you don't need to configure the frontends for mythvideo though, it just magically works.05:29
hadsIncluding artwork etc.05:30
MythbuntuGuest03I only see bad NFS juju when all 6 feeds are running 1080p streams at the same time05:30
hadsAh, I've only got 4 frontends and mostly 720p content05:30
MythbuntuGuest03I had artwork and stuff all worked out in my diskless... I really should have held off05:30
MythbuntuGuest03and tmdb seems to be borked.05:31
hadsYeah it wasn't that hard to do before, it's just magically easy now :)05:31
hadsI think TMDB is partially down for the last 20 hours or so.05:31
MythbuntuGuest03I can't seem to use it at all... it appears tmdb is in the midst of upgrading from a 2.0 api to 2.105:31
hadsYeah they should work in tandem but something is currently broken.05:32
=== MythbuntuGuest03 is now known as melhiser
* melhiser just noticed he had a dork'd name05:33
melhiserwell, the command built an image?05:33
melhisernow if I can just 'member the right NFS options and junk...05:34
hadsDid you find that wiki page?05:34
melhiserno... but lot's of other random stuff... any hints on the search params?05:34
hadsFound it05:35
hadsI *think* things are the same, but I'm not using it so am not 100%05:35
hadsUnfortunately I don't know if any of the devs are using it at the moment.05:35
melhiserif it's close, I can grok it.05:36
* melhiser dances05:38
melhiser*woot* hads.  This is good stuff05:38
melhiserout of curiosity, why didn't the diskless stuff make it to 9.10?05:42
superm1laga didn't have time to finish the GUI work05:43
superm1and no one else has stepped up to work on it05:44
melhiserare there significant gui changes in mind?  If I was to wager a guess, this was a few button hooks the called execs to the command line equivs (at least that was the way 8.04.1 looked) is something spiffier planned for 9.??05:56
melhisernot that I am pissing in somones cherious, but more looking to offer a hand where hands can be offered.05:56
* melhiser wonders off to inspect the 8.04.1 svn tree05:57
superm1melhiser, so for 9.10 mcc was fully rewritten06:07
superm1and no longer runs the GUI stuff as root, which complicates things06:07
melhiserit's worse than that... it's in python!06:08
* melhiser mopes around and tries hard to like python06:08
superm1well if you want to try to step in and help out still, it would be most appreciated06:10
superm1we dont have a plan for what to do for 10.04 since laga was the one driving all the diskless stuff.  he said he's still available for questions, but can't commit to time to actually code06:11
melhiserI have to write jython every few days or so... but that some how seems easier, since I am intimatly familiar with java... are there any dirty details about standard python that will hurt?06:11
superm1na, really it actually is all very readable and logical06:12
superm1take a look at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mythbuntu-control-centre/files06:13
superm1assuming launchpad decides to cooperate06:13
superm1there is a README in there explaining how the plugins work06:13
superm1and an example plugin so you can see what's supported06:13
melhiserThis week is actually a shite week to pick it up.  I have two production launches, a business trip wed-fri next week, and thanksgiving...06:14
superm1no probs, come back after thanksgiving06:14
superm1most of us will still be here :)06:14
melhiserthat being said... it's obvious I have time in the schedule, so I'll check out the code and start peeking at it06:14
superm1ping laga and he can point you where the code he's got so far for the diskless plugin is living06:15
superm1i suspect it's in https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~mythbuntu/mythbuntu/mb-diskless06:15
superm1but dont know for sure06:15
superm1he hangs in #mythtv-users, #mythtv, and #ubuntu-mythtv-dev06:15
* melhiser does a dance... (if I get a chance to do this, I'm gonna fix the user perm mapping issus)06:16
android6011if a recording is scheduled and the combined backend/frontend machine is sleeping, will it wake up automatically to record?06:16
melhiserIs the August 17 version the one in the current 9.10?06:19
superm1no i dont think so06:19
superm1because i see 0.9 in 9.10, and he clearly says in rev 79 that 0.10 was released06:20
superm1but in any case, dont worry about what's in karmic, work directly from the stuff in the branch06:20
melhiserAre there any protocols for submitting updates?06:21
superm1to karmic?  Yes, but it's a pain in the ass06:21
Zinnsuperm1: Please watch your language.06:21
superm1we have a "testing" repo that we can push to for karmic that's opt in for users06:22
superm1but the formal -updates requires a lot of annoying paperwork06:22
melhiserwell, until I actually produce anything, paper work is not useful... its going to take 2-3 days to wrap my head around this I suspect06:24
* melhiser marvels06:24
superm1well feel free to fire away any questions as they come up.  i'm the goto guy for questions about mcc or mythbuntu-common, laga for direct diskless questions06:25
stiev3so I'm in the middle of updating my embarrassing ruby scripts I used to autoupdate videometadata, and looking at the table now, does each host have its own set of data?  Whereas previously I'd just make sure all of the frontends mounted the same paths for network shares.06:28
melhisersuperm1: I don't work in python a lot, I do java/c++/c stuff.... but these days, I've been writing a lot of jython scripts ... vi is my friend since they are pretty simple ... is there a plugin to eclipse for jython to make life easier?06:30
superm1melhiser, wish i could tell ya.  i do all my coding in geany these days since it tells me about whitespace and that kind of stuff matters in python06:31
hadsstiev3: Any reason not to use jamu?06:33
melhisermatters a lot...thus the eclipse question06:33
* melhiser wonders off to google geany06:33
hadsstiev3: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythVideo_.22_Transition_Guide06:33
stiev3ah... my main reason: I had not even known about it, this certainly saves me a lot of work!06:39
hadsstiev3: Yeah, I used to have my own scripts too, I now use jamu.06:41
kaeleswhere are the storage groups mounted on the mythfrontend?06:44
superm1they dont get mounted06:45
superm1they're accessed through myth protocol06:45
kaelesah nice, can i put a smb mount inside one of the storage groups to be shared?06:46
hadsDon't see why not.06:47
kaelesI have a another nas that has alot of media on it, and want to mount it via smb inside the directory that is the storage group06:47
kaelesI'll try it and find out, thanks06:47
hadsIf you setup storage groups on the backend then you don't need to do anything to setup the frontends.06:47
hads(for mythvideo)06:48
melhisersuperm1: ok... I'm slowly catching on here... so you are the MCC guy... these scripts from launchpad I'm looking at are just shell scripts ... no python06:49
superm1melhiser, well diskless itself is shell, its the mcc plugin for it (the gui piece) that was python06:49
stiev3man I was halfway through setting up network shares and everything, this is great stuff... just as I was about to ask about file naming schemes, it's all there already.06:50
melhiserare there details in the diskless that need work, or the python mcc stuff? either way, I am good with it06:50
superm1melhiser, have to check with laga on it06:50
superm1i'm really not sure what state he left it in06:50
superm1i dont see the gui plugin sitting in that branch, you'll have to ask laga where it's at then06:51
superm1(what he started)06:51
melhisersuperm1: is there a way to contact him?  I'll poke around a bit more, but the more direct the better06:52
superm1melhiser, ping him in #ubuntu-mythtv-dev06:52
melhiserwell, sunrise will come early tomorrow... off to bed.06:55
melhiserI'll keep trying laga06:55
jeffjeffdejeffneed some assistance.  trying to connect to backend (which has updates switched off cos it buggered up last time it was updated) have installed ubuntu onto flashkey to be used on laptop. the flashkey installed version is obviously newer than backend and i'm getting a message to update the database schema as it's 30 versions old.  is there a simple way to just update the schema on the backend?  i want to avoid the problems i had13:38
olejlI'm running Mythbuntu and have been getting this errer for 9 days now when trying to update: http://pastebin.com/d3832fb1216:29
superm1olejl, reinstall the package ubuntu-keyring16:42
olejlsuperm1: didn't help17:09
olejlit seems 1 is gone, but there still is 2 left: http://pastebin.com/d8d4640c17:15
superm1you can try switching mirrors17:17
superm1that may help too17:17
olejlI have tried that, but I will test some more now after one of the warnings is gone ...17:19
ThelaskoHey, does anybody know a simple way to watch videos on a Pentium 3 with 256 megs of RAM?18:13
ThelaskoI have an old laptop I would like to re-purpose.18:13
superm1i'd say your best bet is to draw a bunch of pictures on looseleaf paper and flash them in front of the screen really fast18:14
superm1but really, if you dont have good results OOTB, there isn't much you'll be able to do18:14
ThelaskoI've been playing with XBMC and it doesn't like less than 512 MB of RAM18:16
superm1well try installing mythbuntu 9.10 on it and see how it works18:17
ThelaskoSo, I'm wondering if there is something more "lightweight"18:17
superm1there are some lightweight themes for it18:17
Thelaskookay, thanks!18:17
Cyber-DoggI have 2 DCh3200's connected by firewire18:20
Cyber-Doggeach box works fine on their own and my channels are all open18:20
Cyber-Doggbut when I daisy chain then and I'm trying to record from both at the same time... it doesn't work right18:20
mrandThelasko: if standard Mythbuntu install uses too much memory, try looking over some of the results when you google for "lightweight ubuntu"18:20
Cyber-Doggmy recordings are choppy18:20
Cyber-Doggand sometimes one of the STBs will reset18:21
Cyber-Dogganyone have any insight?18:21
mrandCyber-Dogg: I don't have firewire, so I know littel about it - my only suggestion is based upon looking over the mythtv firewire wiki page: double check that you have unique channel assignments (via plugctl)18:24
Cyber-Doggwell... and that' sone of the interesting things... it seems like mythtv keeps channging them on me!18:25
Cyber-DoggI set them up and have it working18:25
Cyber-Doggthen after I use myth a couple times, they change18:26
tseitseican anyone help me with getting the epg to work? in short: i have a fresh install of mythbuntu 9.10, channels imported from channels.conf created with scan (full scan doesn't work)18:57
tseitseithe tv works (dvb-c), but I get no eit data for any channel18:57
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Thelaskocrap, I need an old ATI driver22:43
ThelaskoATI Rage 128 Mobility chipset with 8 MB RAM22:48
Thelaskoanybody know how to fix a borked xorg configuration in 9.10?22:50
Thelaskodoes "dpkg-revonfigure xserver-xorg" work?22:52
Thelaskosudo dpkg --configure -a doesn't work either22:55
Thelaskoxfix doesn't seem to be there either22:57
Thelaskowhy do they get rid of all of the useful tools?22:57
superm1Thelasko, just remove the xorg.conf23:02
superm1it will give you the right driver 95% of the time23:02
superm1and remove fglrx if you have it installed23:02
Thelaskoit says linux-restricted-modules isn't installed23:07
ThelaskoI just connected it to the net now23:07
Thelaskohopefully it will download what it needs23:07
Thelaskoah, uninstalled fglrx and it worked23:11
ThelaskoI had to find the name of the package first23:11
Thelaskosuperm1: Thanks!23:19
ThelaskoSo, how do I get the video out to work without the fglrx driver?23:22
superm1there's probably xorg.conf options you can use23:23
superm1dunno tho23:23
superm1i'd make sure the machine can actually handle the video playback before you worry that farf23:23
jdugganhey guys, http://uk.weeklybuilds.mythbuntu.org/mythbuntu/fixes  - is this .22 fixes?23:49
jdugganerm, actually looking at the timestamp, seems its quite old23:49
jdugganso guess not23:49

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