MenZa!distupgrade is <alias> !dist-upgrade00:23
ubottuIn #ubuntu-ops, MenZa said: !distupgrade is <alias> !dist-upgrade00:23
jribanyone getting queries from fedaralu?00:31
jribfederalu, sorry00:31
MenZaI feel unimportant00:34
elkynot onjoin anyway00:34
jribi kicked as some other user in #ubuntu claimed the same thing and it just spammed me back when I messaged it00:35
ubottuIn ubottu, dcosta1 said: mate is in ubuntu server00:40
PiciI'm not sure how that would work.00:43
tsimpson!no dontzap is <reply> To re-enable the Ctrl-Alt-Backspace combination that restarts your X server see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/DontZap02:55
ubottuI'll remember that tsimpson02:55
voriani think ubottu should use words like thou, thine, shall, thee, etc..03:44
vorianubottu: thou shalt begin to use such these words03:45
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:45
voriantrust me, i don't03:46
FlannelHowdy arand_, how can we help you today?05:30
arand_Flannel: Howdy. Is shortened urls frowned upon in #ubuntu, or acceptable when giving support links?05:30
Flannelarand_: We'd prefer it if you didn't use shortening things unless the length is absolutely silly.05:31
Flannelarand_: Makes it more likely that people will follow the links, especially in the future when the tiny-whatever things might not be around anymore, etc.05:31
arand_Ok, good to know the policy, cheers.05:32
elkyarand_, tinyurl for example has preview.tinyurl.com which gives people more confidence05:32
arand_I was asking since I have something i tend to throw at the sound-issue-folks: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/316600/ and was wondering if it would be best shortened or not.05:34
Flannelarand_: That's a tiny url to begin with05:35
arand_Hmm, well all depend on how you define tiny, but releatively, yea I guess. Thanks for the pointers!05:36
Flannel!no, ppp is <alias> modem06:50
ubottuYou are editing an alias. Please repeat the edit command within the next 10 seconds to confirm06:50
Flannel!no, ppp is <alias> modem06:50
FlannelThere we go.06:52
dholbachgood morning07:46
FlannelHowdy dholbach07:47
dholbachhola Flannel07:47
* jussi01 waves08:06
=== dholbach_ is now known as dholbach
jussi01its been arelatively quiet week. bit suprising really.08:21
ubottuom26er called the ops in #ubuntu (ComboBreaker)09:10
Flannelthat's our MA comcast guy I reckon.09:12
ardchoilleIs there any channel rule that forbids a user from joining with nick1, nick1_,nick1__ etc in #ubuntu? This user is also using two different IP's09:17
topyliardchoille, there is no rule as such09:19
ardchoilleJust FYI, someone might want to keep an eye on txwizard1*09:19
ardchoilleAh, ok, thanks topyli09:19
MenZatopyli: doesn't freenode have a kind of 'fair use' type of rule for having a bajillion nicks connected?10:08
MenZa(for a lack of a better term)10:08
topyliprobably. i guess it depends on the scale of "etc" in ardchoille's question10:09
jussi01if they were webchat links they may not even be same user, just a link like we had with "openweek#"10:10
eduardiyoi am banned in #ubuntu-es and i want know the reason please10:46
eduardiyosomebody ?10:47
Priceyeduardiyo: Do you know who you were banned by?10:52
Priceyach.. i see the ban now10:53
eduardiyoi don't know sorry10:53
Priceyeduardiyo: Looking at the ban list i don't think it was directed at you, but you got accidentally caught.10:54
Priceyeduardiyo: No idea, I'll see what I can do about getting it sorted out.10:56
Priceyeduardiyo: Until then you'll have to be patient I'm afraid.10:56
eduardiyook :)10:56
Priceyeduardiyo: Ah, its been removeed :-)10:56
Priceyeduardiyo: Could you try joining now please?10:56
eduardiyoall ok10:57
eduardiyothanks thanks thanks thanks10:57
Priceyeduardiyo: Good stuff, have fun!10:57
eduardiyohave a nice day !10:57
bazhangheads up in -ot yoshi76512:45
Tm_Tand in -devel12:45
Tm_T...I hate that I don't have ops in -devel12:45
Tm_Tin #k he did this12:46
Tm_T1443.53 < yoshi765> fuck ubuntu12:46
Tm_T1444.03 < yoshi765> DAMN FREENODE12:46
MenZaI have him on my radar12:46
bazhanga bunch including -motu12:46
Tm_There we go12:46
elkyhe's hit debian and freenode so far too12:46
ubottuTm_T called the ops in #ubuntu-devel (yoshi765)12:46
MenZaShould we bother with waiting, elky?12:47
jpdsRemoved from -motu.12:47
* elky pats ubottu.12:47
jpdsHe's in -server.12:47
MenZaSo he is.12:47
MenZaOh, he uprooted.12:48
elkytrolls on DS, now who was it that had the free-for-all ds proxy thing?12:50
jpds< ~yoshi765> DAMN FREENODE12:54
jpdsSeems to have got the message.12:54
elkyno, he sometimes condemns ubuntu and debian as well13:09
Tm_Tjpds: see what I pasted earlier, I see no learning in that13:22
elkywow, 3 new words.13:24
MenZaWould anyone here like a Wave account?13:51
* MenZa has 5 invites remaining; wants to share them here first.13:52
Tm_TI don't even like mine13:52
bazhangshould change the topic in here13:52
bazhang*Yes we have wave invites!*13:52
bazhang<Younder> Ignore me at your own perill13:53
bazhangtons of that ^^13:53
PiciI already told him to move the randomness to #ubuntu-offtopic13:56
bazhanghe stated that firewall did not use iptables13:57
bazhangikonia, he means install only from nvidia website14:12
bazhang*ignore him at your perill* <-- his warning14:12
ikoniabazhang: that's unacceptable to advise to people blindly14:13
bazhangikonia, of course it is; he is full of that of late14:14
bazhangbanlist is full14:33
jribi have some old bans14:34
bazhangwhat about the re-directs to #ubuntu-read-topic ? could they be removed?14:34
jribbazhang: if they're old, yeah14:35
bazhangthe majority seem to have no ownership (ie the sagan.freenode.net type)14:35
bazhangjrib, thanks14:35
* jrib waits for ubottu.com14:36
bazhangsorry for the flood14:38
PiciI should be the one apoligizing14:41
bazhangif I went to the bantracker and tried to match some of the non-obvious bans (ie not the showmeyourt't.com ones) and removed that way, would that be acceptable?14:42
jribi removed the arch-offtopic bans I had since their bans were several months old14:44
ikoniajrib: I was leaving them there on pupose14:47
ikoniadue to the ammount of times they had trolled14:49
jribikonia: true but they were never given a chance after they were banned.  Plus, it seems that they are now aware that the channel is frequented by a few ops so they don't seem to be using it to coordinate their efforts anymore14:49
ikoniajrib: they have been given MANY chances they are all multiple offenders, hence why I left the bans on14:50
jribikonia: if you feel otherwise though, I have no problem with you replacing the bans14:50
elkyis it a full moon?14:50
ikoniajrib: not at all, you can leave them off, I'm just explaining my reasons for leaving them on14:50
ikoniaI'd rather bruenig was left out please.14:50
jribikonia: I think I commented "archlinux-offtopic" on all of them14:50
jribikonia: I didn't touch bruenig's14:51
jribthese were 3 bans several months old14:51
ikoniayeah wizord and some others14:51
ikonialuckstre or something like that from memory14:51
jriband captain planet or something14:52
ikoniain fairness the chanenl pasted the "bacta" test the other day which was a good sine14:52
bazhangany objections to my catalzying younder ? he seems immune to warnings about being offtopic14:52
jribbazhang: he seems like an anti-helper, yeah14:52
jribikonia: "bacta" test?14:52
ikoniaI'm not happy with his advice14:52
ikoniajrib: bacta tried to provoke them into being an issue in #ubuntu - they all shot him down14:52
jribikonia: ah14:53
ikoniaa solid result in my view thinking about it14:53
Picifyi, if anyone needs it, I have a little script that generates the /mode commands needed to make multiple mode changes at once given a file containing hostmasks: http://nullcortex.com/upload/unban.sh14:53
elkyikonia, has bacta been trouble since then? i've not had any contact with him since.14:54
bazhanghe was nicking in and out of Abortionist a day or so ago14:54
ikoniaelky: not that I'm aware of, a few VERY minor comments in arch-offtopic but they where nothing of any interest14:54
jribirssi-python at least had a nice command that did that automatically Pici .  Since I don't use irssi anymore however, thanks!14:55
elkyikonia, so he's still in there?14:55
jribelky: not now14:55
ikonianot at the momentm he's popped in a few times14:55
ikoniaelky: positive news is each time they have shot him down as a troll,14:56
elkyif he's persisting, i think he still thinks he's helping us somehow14:56
ikoniahe's not dumb enough to think he's helping14:56
bazhangproceeding to match sagan.freenode.net bans and remove them (ie with bantracker) if there are no objections14:56
ikoniahe's not been in for a while from what I've seen14:57
ikonia(few days)14:57
elkyit's not about being dumb14:57
geniisagan is out of service now?14:57
elkythe smartest people can do the stupidest things.14:57
elkyhe's sort of case in point to that.14:57
bazhanggenii, just more of the bans are owned by them (ie not an operator ban)14:57
geniiAaah, got it14:58
MenZaPici: cute.15:56
Picigord: ping17:41
Tm_Tbrrrrrh, I hate that !nvidia factoid points to oldish wiki article17:46
PiciHas anyone spoken to Younder in private?17:46
jussi01Tm_T: update it then :D17:47
Tm_Tjussi01: well, I'm using Intrepid myself, so I'm not qualified to write about newer releases17:48
mneptokmaco: is your sailboat ready to receive the encrypted data?18:21
* maco blinks18:21
mneptoksorry, "54i18047"18:21
macoim in class. no youtube18:21
mneptokwell, it's for everyone else, too. watch later. hysterical.18:22
=== maco_ is now known as maco
geniiThe Younder in #u seems problemmatic right now but I'm otherwise occupied18:42
genii(advising someone shutdown - now for instance for some vncserver startup issue18:43
geniitelling them to stop whining etc etc18:43
geniiI found it odd that no !voip exists20:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about voip20:00
Tm_Tgenii: indeed, interested?20:01
topylii can't take it. aubade, mc44, and snuxoll hare having a discussion on -ot20:45
topylican't live with them, can't ban them20:45
Picitopyli: a discussion about what?20:46
topyliright now i have no idea, i'm not watching20:48
topylipreviously it was about gnome3, then about snuxoll's employment situation20:49
geniiTm_T: Sure but it will have to be when I have some consecutive time to spare, unfortunately that's not right now20:50
Tm_Tgenii: np, who knows someone else make it before, shame I don't have knowhow of this subject20:54
topylias long as it's not (only) "call your skype friends for free!"20:56
topylii wish we could recommend empathy but i think right now an alias to !ekiga should do20:57
ubottuekiga is an Internet telephony application included with Ubuntu, which supports the SIP and H323 protocols. Information and help at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Ekiga20:57
topylihrm. we do need to say that skype is possible, if not supported20:59
topylialso, i don't know how good empathy's msn voice/video is. amsn is there. empathy does work with google talk21:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about asterisk21:01
topyliyeah, !voip should be a meta-factoid. there is no way we could cram everything into a single one. !sip could cover asterisk and ekiga. !skype deserves a factoid i guess. i don't know what to do with empathy, especially when amsn might still be a better msn client. empathy is the only google voice client21:04
ubottuVOIP is Voice Over IP. The default VOIP client for Ubuntu is Ekiga ( see !ekiga ). Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include Skype (see !skype ) and Gizmo. VOIP server applications include Asterisk ( in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX21:12
Tm_Tthat's nice21:13
geniiChanges/remarks/suggestions welcomed21:14
jussi01usually the convention is just !skype not, Skype (see !skype )21:15
mneptokand i'd include Yate in the SIP server list21:16
topylii'd brag about empathy's xmpp voice, since it's installed by default21:18
topyliwell, google talk to normal people i guess21:19
topylido normal people even use it? :)21:19
geniiOK I'll make some changes when I get another few minutes free in a row here21:22
topylialso, Gizmo5 is the brand these days (don't ask me why)21:23
ubottuVOIP is Voice Over IP. The default VOIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VOIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.21:33
ubottuEmpathy is an instant messaging and video chat client for GNOME. In !karmic, Empathy will replace Pidgin as the default IM client.21:38
geniiI'm so tempted now to make ones like !asterisk !gizmo5 !kphone     etc...21:39
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:42
topylilooks pretty nice!21:42
MenZaerm, s/VOIP/VoIP?21:43
topyliwell yeah :)21:43
geniiMenZa: I guess it depends if you uppercase the o in "over" :)21:44
* mneptok would21:44
topylithe convention is not to, though21:44
ubottuVoIP is Voice over IP. The default VoIP client for Ubuntu is !Ekiga. There is also an xmpp voice component in !Empathy. Kubuntu Clients include Kphone and Twinkle. Proprietary Clients include !Skype and Gizmo5. VoIP server applications include Asterisk and Yate ( both in repositories ), FreePBX, and SipX.21:45
geniiIf someone could do sometime a !tether factoid, I don't know much about it unfortunately. But i see more and more people asking about how to use their phone as a modem these days and not much resources for it21:47
* genii hands topyli a coffee21:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tether21:51
FlannelOh, do sometime, not do something about.21:51
* Flannel lurns to reed.21:51
topyliwith tethering, things are very much different between karmic and hardy21:52
topylii'll give it some thought21:53
FlannelThere's a few blogs about it, and an Ubuntu forum thing. and... https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TetheringMobilePhone21:53
FlannelNot quite a full featured page, but it's a start.21:53
topyliin karmic, it's pretty much plug-and-play with usb cable, thank you network hackers21:57
topyliin hardy (lts), it's a bit involved21:57
topylioh man iirc i googled a lot and wrote udev rules and hated ubuntu when i tethered my phone in hardy22:01
ubottuIn #ubuntu, paspalhao said: ubottu, if there is a channel for italian, maybe there is one for spanish even portuguese, isn't it ?22:02
topyliwas looking for something i may have written about this, but looks like my mobile-related posts are from more like 2006, thankfully22:08
topyli"mounting the filesystem on a nokia 9300", requires p3nfs on the machine and a client on the phone, bluetooth trickery and something like 20 days of time22:09
OzFalconHi, I just tried to use Irc, And it says I am banned? (Used it the other day without issue). Some sort of error?22:16
topyliOzFalcon, hi22:17
topyliplease one moment22:17
topyliin #ubuntu?22:18
topyliif you were there recently, i can't really tell22:20
topylisomeone more enlightened?22:20
OzFalconI think I was there about 2 days ago.22:20
OzFalconNot sure why who or what.22:20
Seeker`@bansearch OzFalcon22:22
ubottuMatch: *!*@c122-106-*.belrs3.nsw.optusnet.com.au by Flannel in #ubuntu on Nov 08 2009 23:25:30 (ID: 19013)22:22
OzFalconI left irc myself. No Op intervention. No issues. Just when I tried again it didnt let me22:22
Seeker`that is about as enlightened I am22:23
topylioh i missed that completely, was probably using a cached version of the web interface or something22:23
OzFalconIs that saying "Flannel" banned me? Never spoke (or heard of) him/her.22:23
topyliwell, if Flannel is around, there will be a comment shortly no doubt22:24
Seeker`that is what it is saying?22:24
OzFalconWhy would I be banned AFTER I leave IRC?22:25
Seeker`4chan spammer on c122-106-*22:26
Seeker`topyli: enlightened enough? I am a little busy22:27
OzFalcon@bansearch OzFalcon22:28
OzFalconhow did you get ubottu to do that?22:29
Seeker`I am an op22:29
topyliOzFalcon, only ops have access to the database22:29
OzFalconok. need to be op.22:29
OzFalconso what does "4chan spammer on c122-106-*" mean?22:30
Seeker`it means that there was a spammer on a similar IP to you22:30
OzFalconoh. Great.22:30
topyliSeeker`, i'm not an op on #ubuntu22:31
OzFalconBut IP's are specific. So why ban a swath?22:32
naliothOzFalcon: abuse?22:32
OzFalconDon't anser that. (I know)22:32
naliothwhen an abusive user keeps recycling their modem to gain a new IP, measures like this have to be taken22:32
OzFalconie if the spammer can change ip , You need to ..... yeah that IP/modem thing.22:33
OzFalconBut why the hell would you bother?22:33
OzFalconAnyway. Can someone overide it. It's impacting on legit users. (ME)22:34
topylito keep the channels tidy?22:34
OzFalconI first noticed it yesterday. Thought it would have passed by today. Now it's becoming an inconveince.22:35
OzFalcontopyli, (No I mean why would the spammer bother cycling their modem just to spam. It's Insane)22:37
topyliOzFalcon, yes it is, isn't it22:37
topylianyway, i have to go get some sleep now. hopefully this will be sorted soon. cheers22:38
OzFalconWell Who will sort it then?22:38
OzFalconC U.22:39
ubottuIn #ubuntu, sevdalin said: !why is ubuntu sux ;]23:05
bazhang<phyrrus> If you need support with fluxbox in ubuntu, join #ubuntu-fluxbox  I joined and asked if this was official, also asked him not to advertise, and he kb'd me. Have to head out for a bit23:11
mneptok16:49 [Freenode] -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Information on #fluxbuntu:23:50
mneptok16:49 [Freenode] -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- Registered : Jun 02 16:33:18 2006 (3 years, 23 weeks, 3 days, 07:16:24 ago)23:50
mneptok#ubuntu-fluxbox was registered 45 minutes ago23:50
naliothmneptok: yeah, it's not gonna last long23:56

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