verbalScottK: that worked. thanks a lot00:00
ScottKverbal: No problem.  Glad I could help.00:00
mathiazScottK: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-sogo-calendar00:00
jmdzhello anybody here???00:58
KurtKrautjmdz, you should make your question right away00:59
jmdzfirst is how many months does the karmic have in server support is it the standard 1yr01:01
ScottKjmdz: It's 18 months (which is the standard(01:04
nyk2005I fail to install mysql-server. I already installed and removed it before. Then purged it. But now the config script fails to start the mysql daemon and exits. When I start mysqld_safe from the command line, I get this error: "Can't start server: Bind on TCP/IP port: Address already in use". But no other mysqld is running and I checked with netstat -ap, and the port is free! What can it be?01:05
smackkdhow do i make my eth1 renew dhcp without bringing down eth001:09
jmdzScottK thanks01:10
kane_smackkd: ifup eth1 ?01:10
nyk2005it should default to skip-networking, then it works! strange to set it to localhost... ?01:11
JoshhhhhhI just installed ubuntu Server 9.10, and have created a new user after the installation was done. My user doesn't have any sort of bash history or console autocomplete. Is there something I missed?01:51
kane_Joshhhhhh: is your shell bash? and do you have a home dir for the user?01:52
Joshhhhhhkane_, I did specify the home directory for the user, but I didn't think about the shell not being bash..01:53
Joshhhhhhlet me check.01:53
Joshhhhhhkane_, my new user's shell is /bin/sh, hmm, I never had to specify that as an option before01:54
kane_type 'which bash'01:54
kane_then 'chsh'01:54
kane_it'll ask you for your new shell, and just give it the full path to the output of 'which bash'01:55
Joshhhhhhkane_, should I wait for my compile job to finish?01:56
kane_Joshhhhhh: just open a new terminal and do it there :)01:56
Joshhhhhhkane_, I would be. I was just wondering if it would affect my running compile jo01:57
kane_unless it's spawning a new user session, no01:57
Joshhhhhhkane_, woot, it works. Thanks a bunch01:58
kane_no worries Joshhhhhh01:58
JoshhhhhhI've got a lot of configuring to do, I'm migrating to ubuntu-server after 10 years of Gentoo :)01:58
kane_Joshhhhhh: welcome to the fold :)01:58
JoshhhhhhI'm having a hard time getting familiar with all the repository complicated mess01:59
JoshhhhhhIn Gentoo, if it was in portage, it was available, one way or another01:59
kane_Joshhhhhh: it can be a bit tricky in the beginning, but there's actually a very simple table that illustrates it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_(operating_system)#Package_classification_and_support02:00
Joshhhhhhkane_, oh, awesome, thanks02:00
kane_Joshhhhhh: you'll notice a lot of software vendors also set up their own apt-repo for their product, which you can add to your apt sources.list and it becomes magically available02:01
kane_Joshhhhhh: rabbitmq for example: http://www.rabbitmq.com/debian.html#apt02:02
JoshhhhhhSo what happens in the situation of: E: Couldn't find package liblame-dev02:02
kane_E: can't install till it can be found02:03
JoshhhhhhThat means it's probably available, but on a diferent package source?02:03
kane_Joshhhhhh: the supported repos from canonical tend to not suffer from this, but 3rd party/unsupported stuff may depend on libraries not releases02:03
kane_it's the apt equivalent of 'no such file or directory' :)02:03
kane_Joshhhhhh: it's not happened to me in years, but it's usually a packaging mistake when it does02:04
Joshhhhhhoh, it seems the package was modified to libmp3lame-dev02:04
JoshhhhhhI'm following old instructions, apparently02:04
kane_that's certainly possible; you'll often find that if 'libfoo-bar' got renamed or split out, a place holder package is put in place that pulls in the new version02:05
Joshhhhhhoh, I think I saw that earlier. I can't quote the log entry, but....02:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #481072 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48107202:16
w3rd_hey guys, Im running ubuntu server and i have a LAMP server running04:00
w3rd_i have installed some third party application for monitoring my ups04:00
w3rd_after i upgraded i ran into issues04:00
w3rd_the webserver for the admin panel on my ups software is clobbering all httpd access04:01
w3rd_so i cant seem to access my files for my site04:01
russlarw3rd_: do you need the web panel on the UPS software?04:02
w3rd_i would like to remove the software to access the files on my site04:02
w3rd_i have tried to change web root via httpd.conf04:02
russlarremove the software completely, or just turn off the web portion?04:03
w3rd_and it will default to the path for the software running the admin web services for the ups04:03
russlarediting httpd.conf probably won't help04:03
russlarthe ups app is hanging on to port 8004:03
w3rd_well when i disable the service for the ups web admin it clobbers httpd completely and disables all functions04:03
ScottKw3rd_: You should probably talk to the people you got the 3rd party software from.04:03
w3rd_that is what i was thinking04:03
w3rd_that is where im at with this whole thing04:03
bogeyd6you need to change the port the ups app is listening on04:04
w3rd_we have tried changing the port on the software to allow for attempting access elsewhere04:04
w3rd_but i still am not able to access the files in web root04:05
w3rd_i had some issues starting httpd after the upgrade04:05
w3rd_i guess the upgrade from apache 2, to 2.2 has some issues with naming conventions04:06
w3rd_but i was able to get the darn thing to start finally once i modified the modules...04:06
w3rd_but does that make sense at all that i cant access web root, could it be an issue with the way that i modified the configuration file? that doesnt seem to hold if i am able to access port 80 traffic for the ups software, right??04:07
some_namehey guys, sorry about that.. had to bounce earlier04:49
some_namebasically i was whining about the issue with the UPS software04:49
some_namemy server was running a webserver and running a client application that utilizes webservices and after i upgraded i was no longer able to access the content in webroot04:51
some_nameim only able to see the webserver content for the admin panel of my ups client app04:52
some_namei was hoping that if i removed the application this would allow the httpd to free up..04:53
some_nameis there way to check for what services utilize port 80 and which are first to be accessed if there is some sort of priorirty established for web services?04:54
android6011I want to use this for a home server. but for energy reasons i want it to sleep after an hour of inactivity. if another computer tries to access it via network (http,ssh etc) will it auto wake up or does it depend on bios?06:13
twbandroid6011: that's dependent on hardware06:15
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uvirtbotNew bug: #314552 in ntp (main) "package ntpdate 1:4.2.4p4+dfsg-6ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: failed in buffer_read(fd): files list for package `ubuntu-system-service'" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31455207:41
porkpiei guy's I have an urgent problem....    I issue the command reboot or shutdown -r now but the server doesn't respond08:18
porkpieIt's like something is stopping the process from running08:18
porkpieIt's a production server as well .....08:18
porkpieare there any other commands I can use to force a reboot08:19
porkpie\sh: Morin08:21
porkpieMorning even08:21
porkpieCan you help with this problem please ....  I don't have access to the physical server to reboot it08:22
twbWhat was that container (a.k.a. zone/jail) system that's in recent mainline kernels?08:22
porkpiewhat process would stop a reboot or shutdown command08:23
\shporkpie, can you paste the output after you issued the "reboot" command?08:23
twbAh, LXC08:23
porkpie\sh: that is just it .... no output at all08:24
\shporkpie, not even anything in /var/log/messages or /var/log/syslog?08:24
porkpie\sh: http://pastebin.com/m11ebe48408:26
qman__porkpie, seems to me like it IS shutting down, but something is holding it up08:28
qman__possibly a program that won't let go of an IO operation, or maybe failing hardware?08:28
porkpieqman__: it a virtual system08:28
porkpieqman__: vmware08:29
qman__when are those messages in relation to when you ran reboot?08:29
\shporkpie, access to the vmware console? do it the hard way...I can't see anything related to your reboot in our paste08:30
porkpie\sh: I am just waiting for the reboot now  ....08:30
porkpie\sh: sent a request08:30
cemccan I raid1-ize an existing partition on a disk without losing data?08:31
qman__cemc, not that I'm aware of, raid requires a different partition type, then puts your filesystem on top of the raid08:33
qman__it might be possible but would require some trickiness08:33
qman__cemc, you might be able to build half a raid1 on the other disk, copy the data, then repartition the original disk and join it to the array08:35
qman__of course I wouldn't try such a thing without backups08:36
cemcqman__: mhm08:39
ESEDUdestination "printer1" is not accepting jobs08:53
ESEDUwhats wrong08:53
ESEDUIt is a HP Laser Jet 1320 printer08:53
cemcESEDU: it's a network printer, right?08:54
cemcis it on? :) do you have ping to it?08:55
ESEDUyes its on08:55
ESEDUbut its not on network, its connected usb08:55
cemcI see. we have one here and last time I had some similar error it was because of the network. on USB i don't know08:57
ESEDUhow do you add a driver to it08:57
ESEDUu know08:57
ESEDUlike lpadmin -p printer1 -v /dev/usb/lp0 -m "?????"08:57
ESEDUthe -m is for  model, and it always says unable to copy ppd file, when i try to put something there08:58
ESEDUI know its someting so simple i just dont get it08:59
cemchm, I have cups installed, I think it went easy with that, it has some web interface, or something09:16
cemcHP LaserJet 1320 hpijs, 3.9.8 - this is what I have at 'Make and Model' (in gnome System / Administration / Printing)09:17
cemc(it's a Karmic desktop...)09:18
ESEDUIm working a command line, no GUI :/09:27
ESEDUhow do Install driver for my printer09:35
ESEDUover 8 hours, ive been trying to get this work09:37
ESEDUno progress09:37
ESEDUhow hard can it be to install a printer09:37
ESEDUapparently very hard.........09:37
* \sh doesn't use printers../me is using PDF and email ;)09:46
acalvoESEDU: follow the how-to for CUPS10:01
acalvodoes anyone here use Nagios?10:01
ESEDUdone that10:01
ESEDUthere is no lpadmin instruction10:01
acalvoESEDU: so? use the web administration panel to add it to your CUPS10:02
ESEDUI dont have a GUI10:02
acalvoyou have already have a WEB-GUI10:04
ESEDUnothing comes up with that command10:04
acalvosorry, localhost:63110:05
ESEDUso i just write localhost:631 on the command line10:06
acalvoit's a WEB-GUI10:07
ESEDUwhat is10:07
acalvoyou have to use an internet browser, such as firefox10:07
ESEDUhow do i open it10:07
ESEDUbut i only have command line10:07
acalvowell, you can use lynx then10:08
acalvoor -- even better -- use a browser in a machine that is on the same lan as the server10:08
ESEDUcan u be more specific?10:09
ESEDUI got it open on lynx10:10
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acalvoESEDU: CUPS provides a web interface to manage it. Search the main page of CUPS for more information (or the tutorial in help.ubuntu.com)10:14
OmahnDoes anyone know of a guide to setting up Linux Virtual Server on Ubuntu?10:35
ESEDUwhat is the windows equivelent of cups10:41
atomic_1the Print Spooler service ? :)10:43
johe|workhas anyone mentioned nagios problems with 9.10. I have an problem with duplicate entries of checkcommands.cfg. but grep command shows only one definition in one file11:04
atomic_1did you grep the entire config folder11:06
johe|workatomic_1, yes i did11:26
incorrectcan anyone suggest a virtual host provider offering 9.10 in japan?11:43
incorrecthongkong maybe11:44
ESEDUhow do I get files off my memory stick12:06
ESEDUform the command line12:06
ESEDUi put my memory stick in the usb and in /dev there is now a sdb12:07
twbESEDU: mount /dev/sdb /mnt && cp -a /mnt /root/12:12
twbOr some variation on that theme12:12
yoshi765DAMN FREENODE12:45
ESEDUafter specifing the printers on the server, how can a client use it12:53
lenhi guys, can any1 help me? I got 2 computers sharing files using NFS but something is wrong, I can't list or copy files between those computers. The ls /mnt/computer1 is enough to make my console freeze12:56
lenis there any log I could check from NFS?12:57
mok0len, check /var/log/syslog for clues12:57
acalvoI need a regular user to be able to manage a service (slapd), however, setting it on the sudoers file cause to fail when trying to load the configuration for that service, because it's owned by another user13:01
acalvohow to solve that?13:01
lenmok0: seems that my remote server isnt responding. But I can ping it13:01
lenacalvo: have u tried to put him in a group taht can manage that service?13:03
lenmok0: how can I get more info about this issue?13:04
mok0len, have you installed the nfs-server?13:04
lenyes, It were perfect before the shutdown I needed to do on friday13:05
mok0len, are you cross-mounting between macines A and B?13:05
lenmok0: nope. I had no entry on /etc/exports the computer2 till today.13:06
mok0len, what is the content of your /etc/exports on the server?13:07
lenmok0: /fabrica <my computer2 ip>(ro,sync)13:08
acalvolen: is there any other solution that does not compromise security?13:08
mok0len, as root, create a directory somewhere, and try to mount computer1:/fabrica on it13:09
lenyes I have this dir13:09
mok0len, mount kshanmu1@utmem.edu this_dir13:10
mok0len mount computer1:/fabrica this_dir13:10
mok0paste-buffer pollution :-)13:10
mok0Karmic upgrade broke my copy-paste using mouse-buttons13:11
lenmok0: I already have a dir mounted, but I cant list it right now... Do you want me to try to mount it again in another directory?13:12
mok0len, no the server is hung13:12
mok0len, umount -l /the_hung_dir13:13
mok0len, then shutdown client and reboot server13:13
lenmok0: I did that before comming here13:14
mok0len, ok, on server, what does exportfs say?13:14
len1 sec, I need to kill some ssh. I tryed to use tab complete on mount dir and console froze again13:15
lenI think Im gonna restart it again13:15
mok0hehe yeah, NFS is one of the few things that makes rebooting necessary...13:16
lenclient is rebooting now13:17
nyk2005I installed postgresql, but now /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start doesn't do a thing. The executable seems to be missing.13:17
lenMy NFS server (computer1) exports: /fabrica,sync)13:18
lenand I have /fabrica dir13:18
mok0len, ok13:19
mok0len 2 secs13:19
mok0len, is lockd running?13:20
lenon client?13:20
mok0len, on server13:20
lenseems so. I got kblockd/0 til /3 and lockd13:21
mok0len, does /fabrica function normally on server?13:21
lenyes, people are accessing it now through samba13:23
mok0len, try mouting machine1:/fabrica /mnt/xxxx (manually)13:23
mok0len, I mean on the client13:24
lenmok0: yeah I figured it out :)13:24
mok0len, good :)13:24
mok0len, look for error messages in the log. It13:25
mok0It is often permission problems13:25
lenits mounted13:25
lenmok0: may my bkp script is breaking nfs ?13:26
lenim going to try to move some files around just like my script13:26
mok0len, bkp?13:26
lenback up13:27
mok0len, do you use autofs?13:27
lenmok0: no, I mount the dir on script, then I umount it on the end13:27
mok0len, ah.13:27
mok0len, for backup, I suggest you use rsync13:28
mok0len, look at "rsnapshot"13:28
mok0len, then you can avoid using NFS, and rsync is more efficient13:28
lenI had plan of using rsync13:29
lenbut I didnt had the time to read how to configure13:29
mok0len, rsnapshot is very quick to set up13:29
lenIm not a linux expert, and I had to make some services to work the fastest way possible, so I did the way I know13:30
mok0len, yeah, that's the way most of us have learned everything we know :-)13:30
lenmok0: BRB.13:31
mok0len check out http://rsnapshot.org/13:32
mok0len, you can then create a system that lets users see their own backup directories on the server, using autofs. It can work almost like "Time Machine" on the Mac.13:33
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lenmok0: back13:35
lenmok0: what happens if a file get corruped on server?13:35
lenwill I be able to recover it?13:35
mok0len, uhm, that depends13:36
mok0len, you mean with rsync?13:36
lenI mean, the file may get corrupted or deleted and my fear is that he syncs that too and I lose some important file13:37
mok0len, if the file content has changed, then yes13:37
mok0len, rsnapshot keeps N days of backups13:37
mok0len, we use 40 here13:37
lenmok0: cool I'll run for rsnapshot13:38
mok0len, it uses hard links to save space13:38
lensorry about the newbie quest: But what is hard link?13:39
mok0len, it's a directory entry that points to the same data area as the "mother" entry13:39
mok0len, however, if you remove the "mother" file, you do not delete the file13:40
mok0len, that's different with a symbolic link13:40
lenmok0: I got it. :)13:41
mok0len, the "link number" is shown by ls -l, as the number after the -rw-rw-rw- thing13:42
mok0Unix is sooo cool :-)13:43
lenI really like it, but I have a lot of trouble with some hardware, like my sound. And still have lot to learn yet13:44
lenand games.... I miss playing so much :P13:44
mok0sound... O_o13:44
mok0 len, get an xbox :-)13:45
mok0I prefer not to have games on my computers :-)13:45
lenI had a problem with sound too. I bougth that Sound System With USB, but seems that only work with musicmatch... kinda annoying!13:46
lenmok0: here in Brazil we get xbox or ps3 3x the original price13:46
speedohello, is someone using boot from iscsci i iBFT there?13:46
mok0len, the only problem I13:47
mok0've had with sound is that the master volume tends to be muted when the machine has booted13:47
lenfor example if I try to import ps3. From taxes I'll have to pay ps3 price + 60% of its value because of importing + anothers taxes + the profit from who is vending13:48
mok0Haven't had time to figure out what to do about it, just  a minor nuisance since I rarely reboot13:48
mok0len, take it up with G-12 or whatever :-)13:49
mok0len, I've the impression that Brazil taxes foreign goods quite heavily. I guy wrote the same about a Garmin GPS13:49
lenmok0: it's heavy. Very often we see people crossing the board or entering here without saying that is bringing something inside the country so it wont have to pay13:51
lenI got my note that wax =X13:51
lennote = notebook13:51
mok0... uhm, I can understand why you want to play games on your computer then :-)13:53
lenhahaha, true13:53
lenhey, Same problem without executing the script13:54
nyk2005I installed postgresql, but now /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start doesn't do a thing. The executable seems to be missing.13:54
mok0nyk2005: check if the package is intact13:54
lenmok0: no deal with nfs. what's dpkg cmd to check if it's ok?13:58
mok0or rather, debsums postgresql-8.414:00
lenmok0: no other command? I dont have it installed and no internet connection on it14:00
mok0len, I don't understand...14:00
nyk2005mok0: how?14:01
mok0nyk2005: ^14:01
mok0where "^" means "see scrollback"14:01
uvirtbotNew bug: #481327 in logwatch (universe) "Logwatch has missing files header.html and footer.html." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48132714:02
lenmok0: to check if my nfs pkg is ok. I remember something with dpkg -<param to check if its ok> <pkg name>14:02
mok0len, don't know that one14:02
mok0len "man dpkg" ?? :)14:03
lenyeah... lazy mode off14:03
lenit was on XD14:03
nyk2005mok0: it's all there, but doesn't include any binaries.14:04
mok0len, if you don't have internet, how can you be on IRC ? :-P14:04
lenIm not using the server on this computer14:04
mok0nyk2005: postgresql-8.4 contains the binary "postmaster" which is what you need14:05
lensound strange... I meant Im using 3 computers, and the only one with internet is this one with IRC14:05
lenthe server/client linux doessnt have conenction14:05
nyk2005mok0: not in that package here...14:05
mok0nyk2005: what distro are you using?14:06
nyk2005mok0: newest ubuntu14:07
nyk2005mok0: server14:07
mok0nyk2005: what does dpkg -l postgresql-8.4 say?14:07
nyk2005mok0: installed14:08
mok0nyk2005: what does debsums postgresql-8.4 say?14:08
nyk2005mok0: it lists files in /usr/lib and /usr/share14:09
nyk2005mok0: and they're OK14:09
mok0nyk2005: did you upgrade from jaunty or earlier?14:09
nyk2005mok0: no, just installed yesterday14:09
mok0nyk2005: what does sudo /etc/init.d/postgresql-8.4 start say?14:12
nyk2005mok0: nothing.14:12
nyk2005mok0: and I checked the initscript, the exec it tried to run doesnt exist14:12
nyk2005mok0: do_ctl_all doesn't exist14:13
mok0nyk2005: what about /usr/share/postgresql-common/init.d-functions14:13
lennyk2005: just a simple question: Did you installed using apt or did you donwload it from pg's site?14:15
nyk2005len: aptitude14:16
nyk2005mok0: this exists, but the do_ctl_all not14:16
mok0nyk2005: do_ctl_all is a function defined inside that file14:16
mok0nyk2005: that file should be source by /etc/init.d/post.... etc14:17
acalvoI need a regular user to be able to manage a service (slapd), however, setting it on the sudoers file cause to fail when trying to load the configuration for that service, because it's owned by another user14:18
mok0acalvo: perhaps you can make that regular user part of the same group14:19
lenacalvo: why create a grp that can manage the servier and put him on that grp wont work?14:19
mok0len, beat you to it :-)14:19
lenmok0: I gave this sugestion earlier, so I'm still wining :P14:19
mok0nyk2005: I also installed a fresh karmic server the other day, and postgresql works out of the box14:20
acalvoyes len, I know14:20
acalvobut the security hole it can open is too risky, I think14:20
mok0acalvo: what security hole is that?14:20
lenalcavo, what's the diference of put him on sudoers?14:20
acalvomaking an user part of a grup that has more privileges14:20
lensame risky on my point of view14:20
acalvoin sudoers you can only access to the service14:21
acalvonot to the files/directories owned by the user that runs the command of the service14:21
mok0acalvo:  /etc/sudoers gives you quite granular control over priveledges14:21
mok0acalvo: you can also manually let the user own the files that he/she is supposed to edit14:22
lenacalvo: and cant you create a new grp that have a restric permission to do what u need, and then u add the user to this grp?14:22
acalvomy goal is to let a user (which is another service) control another service14:22
acalvoanything else14:23
acalvoall files are owned by the user who runs the service14:23
acalvonot the user who would manage the service14:23
mok0acalvo: unless the process check ownership of it's controlfiles, anyone can own them14:23
acalvothat's the thing14:23
lennow its too deep to me... Ill just read and learn :P14:24
acalvoin the config files of the service, it runs as another user, which controls the permissions of its configuration files14:24
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mok0acalvo: what service are we talking about?14:24
nyk2005mok0: strange...14:25
mok0acalvo: ah, I am not familiar with it14:25
mok0nyk2005: I'd try to dpkg --purge postgres and install it again14:25
acalvomok0: most services run as another user (like mysql), so the configuration files are owned by that user14:26
acalvoit's a sanity check, I think14:26
acalvoso nobody else can run the service14:26
acalvoat least not with that configuration14:26
mok0acalvo: OK, I see14:26
acalvoif I put the user who has to have control to that service in the sudoers file14:27
acalvoit can lauch the binary14:27
acalvobut can't read the configuration files, because the binary is owned by him14:27
acalvohowever, I don't see any other solution that what you both suggested14:28
mok0acalvo: It's worth trying14:29
lenacalvo: another sugestion, maybe u can create some init's file that starts and stop the service, and give the control of this file to ur user. Inside this file you may try changing user to start the service....14:29
lenmok0: seems I solved the problem with nfs14:30
mok0len, good!14:30
lenmok0: the problem were the cable14:30
nyk2005mok0: didn't work...14:30
acalvolen: good point, but init files already do that14:30
acalvoI'll go straight and add the user to the group owner of the files14:31
mok0nyk2005: Hm, give us some more information to work on14:32
lenacalvo: I read something about ACL, Access Control Lists you may put 2 or more grps to a file or group of files14:32
lenwith different permissions14:32
acalvoyou're right, I've read something about it too14:32
acalvobut it would involve stopping a production server14:33
nyk2005mok0: config dirs are also empty..14:35
mok0nyk2005: what config dirs?14:36
nyk2005mok0: /etc/postgres*14:36
lenacalvo: another solution, you may use RWXR-X--- and you can put the grp without modifying the configuration14:36
mok0nyk2005: uhm, you should have a directory "8.4" in there.14:37
nyk2005mok0: not there.14:37
mok0nyk2005: something is seriously wrong with your installation14:38
nyk2005mok0: yes, somehow!14:40
nyk2005mok0: it's also strange that the auto-partitioner only assigned 2gb to the root partition, but 12gb for each of the many tmpfs partitions.14:41
nyk2005mok0: already almost ran out of space when installing texlife14:41
acalvolen: it's worth a shot14:41
mok0nyk2005: yes, that's very odd, and wrong14:41
mok0nyk2005: how much space have you got on your disk?14:42
nyk2005mok0: maybe because the server has a very small primary hdd (only 40gb SD) and 24gb of ram, so it failed to partition correctly...14:42
mok0nyk2005: you want just 2 partitions, /boot (512Mb) and / (the rest)14:43
nyk2005mok0: argle.. :) why did it do that so wrongly?14:43
mok0nyk2005: I don't know... weird14:43
nyk2005mok0: where are the tmpfs defined? I didn't see them in fstab. So I can mount the other partions at /var or /tmp14:44
mok0nyk2005: never mind the tmpfs, they are in memory14:44
nyk2005mok0: yeah, I read so also, but why is then only 2gb available to root? hmm...14:44
mok0nyk2005: can you do a "df -h" ?14:45
nyk2005mok0: maybe a broken install try partitioned something away..14:45
nyk2005mok0: only shows 2gb for / and the tmpfs14:45
nyk2005and the raid14:46
mok0nyk2005: could be... I always make the partions manually, they are never right for me14:46
_rubena large chunk is probably used for swap (based on memsize)14:46
nyk2005mok0: strange is: /dev/sda6 is / and there's no /boot14:46
mok0nyk2005: can you paste the line with / ?14:46
nyk2005/dev/sda6             2.3G  1.9G  370M  84% /14:46
mok0nyk2005: ah14:47
nyk2005it's very wrong, but still don't why 370megs shouldn't be enough for psql...14:47
mok0nyk2005: a tiny partion :-)14:47
mok0nyk2005: it might have gone over while installing14:47
mok0nyk2005: here's my df -h line:14:48
mok0/dev/sdd3              28G  1,3G   26G   5% /14:48
nyk2005mok0: true... because of the packages..14:48
mok0nyk2005: right14:48
acalvowill, it didn't work14:48
nyk2005so your's would also fit in 2gb.. :)14:48
acalvoI don't understand14:48
acalvoif I run the init script as root14:48
acalvoeverything works14:48
acalvohowever, the init script starts the process with another user/group14:49
mok0nyk2005: it would, but I am not sure I could install in 2 Gb... besides, you also need some space for postgresql's data14:49
nyk2005mok0: I put all data on a separate raid514:49
acalvoso it should be able to read its configuration14:49
mok0nyk2005: ok14:49
nyk2005but you're right, I should probably reinstall :(14:50
mok0nyk2005: I think so... you'll be scrounging for disk space from now on14:50
nyk2005mok0: or at least mount that unused partitions as /var and then reinstall all packages. Can apt to that?14:50
mok0nyk2005: but what happened to the rest of that disk?14:50
mok0nyk2005: if you mount that partition and copy /var to it, then empty /var and mount the partition as /var...14:52
nyk2005mok0: must have been partitioned before and then only used free space. I installed over a remote control interface, which had bad connection and was slow and unstable..  so had to try more than once to get it installed. it was very annoying... tried 3 debian ISOs, none worked. only ubuntu for some strange reason, if I turned off acpi...14:52
mok0nyk2005: I think you need to reinstall :-)14:52
mok0nyk2005: it will be faster than doing all the other shit14:53
mok0acalvo: probably the binary runs suid to that user14:53
nyk2005mok0: or copy the whole root to the larger, unused space!14:54
nyk2005mok0: I try to fix it because I can reinstall from where I currently am, my upstream is to slow for virtual ISOs.14:54
nyk2005I mean can't.. :)14:54
mok0nyk2005: yikes.14:54
acalvoquite confusing14:54
mok0nyk2005: but you will need to re-install every package I think. You can use dpkg --get-selections to save your current list of packages14:56
nyk2005mok0: cool, thanks! that will fix it!14:58
mok0nyk2005: good luck :_)14:58
lenmok0: time to eat14:59
lenthx for help14:59
mok0len, np14:59
nyk2005mok0: thanks! but why is /boot on root?14:59
mok0nyk2005: The installer normally puts it on its own little partition15:00
mok0nyk2005: In the olden days, the boot partition had to be the first one, I don't think it matters anymore15:00
mok0nyk2005: some sysadms like to unmount /boot when the system is up15:01
nyk2005mok0: ah yes, that what it's for...15:01
nyk2005mok0: so doesn't matter that much... except I have to be even more careful when moving the root partition...15:01
mok0nyk2005: it will be ... challenging :-)15:02
mok0nyk2005: if you are clever, you can join partitions without destroying what's on there15:03
nyk2005mok0: but at least R and mysql are running, which is what I'm currently using for work, so the system is not that broken.15:04
mok0nyk2005: heh, Linux is rather robust15:04
mok0nyk2005: things are hard when you don't have physical access to the hardware15:05
nyk2005mok0: yes, the tools for remote installing are very bad!15:05
nyk2005mok0: I mean except you have a very fast upstream..15:06
mok0I read something on the interwebs where a sysadm upgraded a running Debian system to Ubuntu :-)15:06
nyk2005mok0: What would be cool is an open netinstall server... doesn't this exists? The main problem are the virtual CDs (isos)...15:06
nyk2005mok0: well ok, that also seems tricky...15:07
mok0nyk2005: we have one that's used locally for upgrades etc.15:07
nyk2005mok0: can you also use it for new installs?15:08
mok0you set the new machine to boot from the net, and it fires up the installer15:09
Zodlinggreetings everyone15:10
Zodlinganyone try useing iscsi install with a "Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709" ?15:10
Fenix|workGreetings and salutations15:21
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Fenix|workI need some syslog-ng advice on setting up a central syslog server on an ubuntu-server box.  Can anyone assist?15:24
Fenix|workI'd like to have a web based log viewer, and an email notification system for serious errors that are logged.15:25
Fenix|workIt also doesn't have to be syslog-ng, if someone has a better approach, but whatever the logger is needs to support syslog.15:25
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BoohbahFenix|work: awstats?15:31
BoohbahFenix|work: web-based log viewer for all types of logs? how bout apache?/15:32
Fenix|workapache logs, or using apache server to browse the logs in directory list?15:33
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Fenix|workI'm planning on creating a central logging server to log all of my ubuntu boxes, as well as using a syslog type service on all of my windows boxes to push their logs do the central server15:35
Fenix|workthat's a helluva lot of logs so I'd like something that'll make my life a little easier and has a GUI interface to help parse through logs.15:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #481364 in samba (main) "package samba-common 2:3.4.0-3ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48136415:39
acalvoFenix|work: skunk15:39
acalvoFenix|work: that15:40
acalvonagios + splunk15:40
_rubenwe use SEC to turn syslogs into scheduled mails15:42
_rubenfiltered that is15:42
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_rubenSimple Event Correlator15:42
_ruben!info sec15:42
ubottusec (source: sec): Simple Event Correlator. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.4.2-1 (karmic), package size 72 kB, installed size 352 kB15:42
Fenix|worksplunk I think will be costly for me...15:44
Fenix|workI think I'll be dropping more than the 'free' version will allow.15:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #480617 in samba (main) "dpkg-reconfigure samba fails with sed error" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48061715:47
Fenix|workOut of curiousity, what are the benefits of dumping logs into a database instead of a log file?15:48
Fenix|workand what sort of performance hit would be incurred?15:49
_rubenthat'd depend on the db backend i guess .. and it'd allow for nice searching capabilities .. i wouldnt be a fan of it tho most likely15:54
Fenix|work_ruben, what do you think the performance hit would be... would by mysql on the logging server, not on a dedicated database server15:58
_rubenFenix|work: i'd expect it to be dramatic compared to plain text files .. tho that's just a wild guess really16:14
BilgeThe ubuntu documentation recommends running `passwd -l root` to lock the root account and force the use of sudo16:17
BilgeBut this makes all root cron scripts fail16:17
BilgeCRON[2696]: User account has expired16:17
jcastrottx, ping me when you have a few minutes, I'd like to show you how to schedule things in the summit system16:19
BilgeIsn't there a better way to do this16:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #480922 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "mysql transition without meta-package" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48092216:22
sivanganybody knwo if KVM can be used on an Atom machine ?16:34
sivanganybody knows if KVM can be used on an atom machine ?16:35
jpdssivang: Do: egrep '(vmx|svm)' --color=always /proc/cpuinfo - and find out.16:44
Fenix|workacalvo, how do you use nagios and splunk?16:44
jpdssivang: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM - has more information.16:45
acalvoFenix|work: take a look at the nagios homepage16:45
Fenix|workok, so nagios + splunk + rove and I may be a happy camper16:47
acalvowhat does rove?16:47
Fenix|workRove is a company16:47
Fenix|workthey have a mobile admin app16:48
Fenix|workand remote control of things from a mobile phone16:48
Fenix|workwas looking at Rove for something else...16:48
Fenix|workthey used to have another name... started with a K or something16:49
sivangright , so my system does not support virualization16:52
Fenix|workwhat's the default syslog dameon on ubuntu server?17:26
roytechhi guy's17:28
roytechim a newbe17:28
roytechand i have some basic q's17:28
jpdsroytech: Ask away.17:28
roytechill give you basic run down ok?17:29
roytechi wish to create a sever on a 100% linux17:29
roytechto do the following17:30
roytechto be a fille server17:30
roytechand to be a user logon17:30
BilgeCool story bro17:31
roytechand to enable a roaming profile for staff17:31
roytechwhat is the best way to do this17:31
roytechi have installed ldap17:31
roytechand dns17:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #480601 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "mysql 5.1 client segfault talking to 4.0 server" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48060117:32
Fenix|workroytech, so the user accounts aren't hosted on the server17:32
BilgeWhy is your grasp of English so shit when you're from England17:33
roytechi would like them to be not sure how to though17:33
jussi01!ohmy | Bilge17:33
ubottuBilge: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.17:33
Fenix|workyou are using microsoft windows server for user accounts now?17:33
Fenix|workif you're planning on using Ubuntu server to host your user accounts and have samba as the PDC... then 'roaming profiles' is irrelevant.  You use either Samba or an NFS mount to mount their home directory on their local system and whenever they log in they have their home directory available to them.17:37
Fenix|workbut a true roaming profile with their profile settings may be difficult.17:37
Fenix|workI'd check the samba and nfs guides and see what you find17:38
Fenix|workthe Samba docs may have all the info you need to set up samba as a windows domain controller replacement.17:39
Fenix|workby the way, you'll also need winbind17:39
* Fenix|work thinks that about covers it.17:41
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roytechbrb sorry have put kids to bed17:52
bogeyd6!activedirectory | roytech17:56
ubotturoytech: You can learn more about ActiveDirectory intergration at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ActiveDirectoryWinbindHowto17:56
roytechi'm not using any windows machines18:19
roytechonly ubuntu linux18:19
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uvirtbotNew bug: #481510 in lm-sensors (main) "Can't read temperature with i2c_i801 anymore" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48151020:02
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filemro3bhi every body20:13
uvirtbotNew bug: #480849 in samba (main) "Samba daemon crashes when transfering large files to share in encrypted home dir" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48084920:21
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Mark21Hello, I did setup Ubuntu 9.10 amd64 server on a system. After that I did connect multiple iscsi targets to it. Now I am looking for ways to use it (read: I need to know what device that I get with "multipath -ll" is what device in /dev/mapper/ (so I can put data on it)20:29
SirStanWith Postfix; does virtual_map or aliases support a one to many relation on emails to recipients?21:12
SirStannm clearly it does.21:15
uvirtbotNew bug: #481567 in php5 (main) "package libapache2-mod-php5 5.2.10.dfsg.1-2ubuntu6.1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 128" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48156721:26
|rt|I think I have a bug to report against samba in karmic but want to chase it down a bit more before writing it up....can someone tell me what file dpkg-reconfigure samba uses to make it's changes?21:41
|rt|right now if you install samba on a fresh karmic server and then run sudo dpkg-reconfigure samba it will error out with a sed error21:41
|rt|sed: -e expression #1, char 140: unknown option to `s'21:43
|rt|that's the error it gets21:43
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tonyyarusso|rt|: My suspicion is debian/postinst22:10
tonyyarusso|rt|: (line 60/61)22:10
|rt|someone had already filed the bug22:11
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adurityif I've got apache2 up and running, should I be able to `sudo netstat --ip -lp`and see the listening process22:52
* Fenix|work grumbles22:53
Fenix|workI'm trying to install 9.1 and when trying to install the base system, I'm getting a debootstrap error of Failed to determine the codename for the release22:55
Fenix|workusing a USB dvdrom22:56
Fenix|workanyone with any suggestions?22:57
Fenix|workhmmm... seems that the usb dvdrom became unmounted23:03
Fenix|workmounting /dev/sr1 /cdrom solved my problem23:03
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cjmdz: looks like you were the last to touch https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/EC2; you have any idea how one might get involved in moving things forward?23:52

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