aramorning all!06:48
davmor2Morning All08:28
davmor2ara: right only extra tests I can obviously see for server and mobile are http admin for uec, usb stick transfer and windows usb stick transfer09:41
* ara -> lunch12:37
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aramorning fader13:48
aramorning cr313:48
faderIt's like "Little House on the Prairie" in here :)  "G'night, Jim-Bob"13:49
arafader, :)13:49
faderara: I wasn't sure if that particular bit of Americana made it outside our borders :)13:49
cr3ara: hola senorita13:49
cr3fader: speaking of Americana, I can't wait to meet J.R. in Dallas13:50
arafader, of course! if it hadn't made it it would have been because I'm too young ;-)13:50
fadercr3: Remember to pack at least three shotguns so you fit in in the States ;)13:50
faderara: Hehe the best part is that I have never seen a single episode13:51
cr3fader: I'll also remember to leave my turban behind13:51
davmor2fader: Morning you sciving git ;)14:03
faderdavmor2: I assume that's some sort of UK compliment :)14:05
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davmor2fader: ofcourse14:26
davmor2who would want to insult you14:26
aralist of smilies almost completed14:41
davmor2fader:  bug 423934 do we have the hardware to check out this bug?14:58
ubot4Launchpad bug 423934 in linux "[Acer, inc. Aspire 5050] suspend/resume failure" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/42393414:58
czajkowskidavmor2: thanks14:59
davmor2czajkowski: O:-) no probs I haven't got it I'm hoping that the cert team do14:59
faderdavmor2: Doesn't look like it, unless it's a particular model of the Aspire One by any chance?15:00
davmor2fader: nope don't think so15:00
faderdavmor2: Then we don't have one :(15:00
davmor2ara: I think we are close now :)15:01
aradavmor2, :)15:02
czajkowskidavmor2: terran was the one who poked me re the Aspire bug15:16
davmor2terran: hello15:19
davmor2so this bug is on a standard laptop yes?15:19
terrandavmor2: yup, standard store bought Acer Aspire15:20
davmor2ogasawara: is there any docs, tests or logs that would be useful for a laptop not recovering from suspend or hibernate?15:21
davmor2terran: can you take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspendHibernateResume and see if there are any steps you can follow to hopefully add some valuable data to the bug for the kernel team to get stuck into please15:28
terranwill do15:31
czajkowskiterran: if you get stuck just ask, ok?15:36
terrancourse :)15:36
davmor2nice one15:39
moustafagood day, cr3, davmor2, fader16:21
davmor2good day moustafa16:21
fadermoustafa: Hey!  How is everybody?16:21
cr3moustafa: hey dude!16:22
cr3moustafa: still in the hospital or comfortably back home?16:23
moustafaWe're doing pretty great.  Tired, overall, but great16:23
moustafacr3, fader, davmor2: I have pictures uploaded on Facebook, with a video on the way16:43
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