jtwhitencfi1013, Yes, that's what I did but now I can't transfer them to the iPod00:00
kostkonroneau2005, there are some, like gnochm or xchm. just do a search in synaptic00:00
gasullarand: It says "you can either instead load module-detect in /etc/pulse/default.pa (or ~/.pulse/default.pa) or kill slmodemd"00:00
gasullarand: If I kill slmodemd it will restart in the next reboot00:00
deltaray2I'm trying to regenerate the host keys on my ssh server, but am having trouble.  Now I've removed openssh-server and its not putting the config files back.00:00
deltaray2What do I do?00:00
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arandgasull: the second link has a straightforward command to remove it.00:01
gasullarand: I killed slmodemd and I got sound.  How do I remove this from the boot up?00:01
gasullarand: thanks00:01
arandgasull: "sudo apt-get remove sl-modem-daemon" then you'll probably have to reboot00:01
calamari_Arsin: just to check, do you know how to mount partitions in ubuntu?00:02
ncfi1013eject the ipod jtwhite close amarok reopen amarok go into amarok prefs and look at plugins and see if ipod/mass storage is enabled then close amarok again and mount ipod in system tray popup and reopen amarok00:02
Arsincalamari_: I know how to mount partitions, I think... " sudo mount /dev/xxxxx " right?00:03
gasullarand: thanks a lot00:03
=== Paraselene__ is now known as Paraselene_
greezmunkeyvigdavies1, have you tried any other Epson drivers?00:03
rusgHello, need some help00:04
arandgasull: np, glad to help.00:04
Arsincalamari_: brb00:04
calamari_Arsin: correct. for windows it will be something like "mount -t 3g-ntfs /dev/hda0 /host" - where hda0 represents where the windows partiton is, and /host is the folder you want to mount it to. these days, the "-t 3g-ntfs" bit is usually optional, but i put it there for clarity00:04
FederaluHo can hellp me ??00:05
rado_I just trying this creature at the first time00:05
calamari_Federalu: whats the problem? i might be able to help00:05
standarshyHey guys, can anyone tell me how well ubuntu works with tablet pc's that use the wacom usb driver?  I heard there was a problem with some of the older distro's because the driver only worked when the tablet was connect to a serial interface.  I have the Asus R1E00:05
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse) + file transfer00:05
greezmunkeyArsin, yes you need a mount point...00:05
ZaNeIuMi installed win7 on 1 partition and then installed ubuntu on the remaining ress space, now i want to back up the linux os partiton, what do i need to back up the whole drive? as i dint know what partion the bootloader is on and i'm not used to ghosting linux00:05
rado_Sorry for the interruption00:06
Chris___Federalu: don't PM me on join to ask if I can help you. Ask here, then wait.00:06
brodeurpcim using 9.10 im trying to restart the /etc/init.d/cupsys but when i use the line sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart command it tells me Command not found??00:06
ncfi1013anybody have any suggestions as to where the folder might be that has all the installed desktop pix so i can add screenshots to the folder?00:06
diddyIs there a command with which I can tell the OS to go hibernate in one hour similar to the shutdown command?00:06
FederaluChris___ who can hellp me whut a free shell00:07
FederaluChris___ who can hellp me whut a free shell00:07
calamari_ncfi1013: just a guess, but have you checked /usr/share ?00:07
FederaluChris___ who can hellp me whit a free shell00:07
Billiardncfi1013: /usr/share/..something probably00:07
Arsincalamari_: I can't seem to get GParted to run, it keeps scanning but it wont fully detect00:07
calamari_Arsin: by wont fully detect.. do you mean its not showing the current drive? there's a dropdown menu to select drive to scan for partitions. have you made sure thats pointed to your flash drive?00:08
erUSUL!find s2ram00:08
BilliardZaNeIuM: where are you backing up the drive to?00:08
ubottuFile s2ram found in linux-doc, linux-ec2-doc, uswsusp00:08
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:08
ZaNeIuMthe win7 partition00:08
erUSUL!info uswsusp | diddy00:08
ZaNeIuMthen burn it to a dvd00:08
ubottudiddy: uswsusp (source: uswsusp): tools to use userspace software suspend provided by Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-1.1ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 154 kB, installed size 484 kB (Only available for i386 amd64 powerpc)00:08
lpfan076@diddy, you should just be able to sleep for that many seconds before running hibernate.sh00:09
Jordan_UMyWay: The vnc client that comes with Ubuntu does all that IIRC00:09
ZaNeIuMBilliard if i can00:09
aranddiddy: the "at" command will take care of the timing, then you need the command to hibernate afterwards00:09
MyWayJordan_U: file transfer also? i couldn't see it00:09
Federaluwho can hellp me whit a free shell00:09
calamari_Federalu: what do you mean?00:10
Federalu i need a shell00:10
rusgI am trying to clean up a hijacked computer running xp on raid array. I booted up with 9.10 in live mode thinking I could access C drive and run a scan. I don't see c: drive. Do I need to install ubuntu 9.10 on the windows computer in order to access c: drive and run a scan? Will ubuntu run on a windows installation using raid 5 array? please help00:10
BilliardZaNeIuM: so you want to backup the ubuntu partition to a file on the win7 partition? does your ghost software support ext3?00:10
calamari_Federalu: bash00:10
Federalu calamari_ yes00:10
bastid_raZor !terminal > Federalu00:10
ubottuFederalu, please see my private message00:10
ZaNeIuMas far as i know it should00:10
Federalu calamari_  and ssh00:10
BilliardZaNeIuM: there are commands you can use in a live cd to back it up as well, if ghost doesnt00:10
Arsincalamari_: Played around with it, got it00:10
calamari_Arsin: excellent :)00:10
ncfi1013calamari_ billiard usr/share/...then what?00:11
lpfan076@rusg, obvious question: did you try mounting it?00:11
calamari_Arsin: could always save as a shell script for easy execution in the future00:11
lpfan076or does it just not show in dev00:11
fiberfollyi am in need of help with Evolution.  I am using Jaunty, very new user.  My send receive button is grayed out. How do i fix this?00:11
Billiardncfi1013: look for something like images or backgrounds idk00:11
calamari_ncfi1013: not sure off the top of my head.. was just a guess to look around there somewhere ;P00:11
Arsincalamari_: shell?00:11
Samuli^rusg, you need to mount the file system on the live-cd first. The default is that your harddrive doesn't get mounted because the idea is it won't change anything/ie. safe to use00:11
rusgno, im afraid to cus i dont want to mess up the windows installation00:11
calamari_Arsin: save the command in a *.sh* file with #!/bin/bash in top line00:12
ZaNeIuMBilliard, ok but what do i need to backup as a miniumal, do i need both partitions backup caue the bootloader is on the win7 part? and do i need to back up the 2gb partd for the swap file too?00:12
lpfan076if you are really worried about messign up the files on the partition you can just mount it as read only. It shouldn't matter if it is in raid or not00:13
Samuli^rusg, mounting a file system doesn't mess up anything, it just makes the files available so you CAN mess up things :)00:13
BilliardZaNeIuM: dont need to backup swap, you are using the win7 bootloader?00:13
ZaNeIuMwil the live cd back up my linux to an iso that i can be put on the win7 ntfs partiton?, Billiard00:13
ZaNeIuMwin7 was installed 1st00:13
ZaNeIuMthen i had unformatted free space that ubuntu seen and installed to00:14
BilliardZaNeIuM: you can just backup right to the ntfs00:14
ZaNeIuMok cool00:14
greezmunkeySamuli^, the deal with the live CD...does that mean that I can burn one from the installation on this laptop if necessary for disaster recovery, and not lose my customizations made so far?00:14
PlayXhi. if I select 5.1 output in pulseaudio the sound is crappy. but if i select stereo it is clear. any idea why?00:14
ZaNeIuMso where is the brub bootloader being held now?00:14
BilliardZaNeIuM: probably on your linux partition00:14
erUSUL!grub2 | ZaNeIuM00:14
ubottuZaNeIuM: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:14
ncfi1013calamari_ billiard usr/share/wallpapers maybe?00:15
rusgsamuli, so go ahead and install the 9.10 (second choice on menu)?00:15
BilliardZaNeIuM: if you only made one partition00:15
Samuli^greezmunkey, I've never tried to do that so I don't know00:15
ZaNeIuMBilliard huh, one partiton?00:15
Samuli^rusg, if you're only wanting to do a virus scan etc. you don't have to install ubuntu00:15
Billiardncfi1013: why not take a look yourself?00:15
greezmunkeySamuli^, there is my project for the evening!00:15
dylan_can someone help me out with something?00:15
ncfi1013 i am00:15
BilliardZaNeIuM: it should be in /boot i would think, so on your main linux partition if you only made a partition for /00:16
ktanyone good and familiar with AWS? sorry this is so OT..00:16
ZaNeIuMwin7 made a partiotn, and then durring the setup if ubuntu i made a 13gb root ext3 and a 2gb ext3 swap00:16
Schiz0I'm trying to install Opera. I'm reading the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser, but all they say is "you should install it from the official repository." I can't find any "opera" package in aptitude.00:16
Samuli^greezmunkey, I remember there was a program that was supposed to do just that.. ie. make a distro from the packages you have installed00:16
ncfi1013im also asking for assistance from more expereince users00:16
kermitmy iwlagn crashes all the time, is this fixed in 9.10 ?00:16
vr_mexIs there a Imagemagick Q8 package for  Ubuntu 9.10? I can onl install Imagemagick Q16 via synaptic?00:16
Schiz0I have universe, restricted, and multiverse enabled, but it's still not there.00:16
evanescent UbuntuOne keeps asking me to add more and more computers, even though I'm only using just this one00:16
MeXTuXCan anyone explain to me what does mean this line from /etc/default/grub file ?? ---> GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT_QUIET00:17
Arsincalamari_: http://imagebin.ca/view/gSaJePS.html00:17
rusgsamuli, I'm a newbee, can you give me step by step to run ubuntu from the disc and access the hard drive?00:17
ncfi1013i want to put screenshots into my desktop wallpapers folder so they can remain wallpapers permanently without disappearing every time i reboot00:17
Adam7_Hi can someone help, I have a server with OVH and they use a custom kernel and I need to changed it for my own one as I want to run virtualbox and have nx (nomachine) too00:17
Arsincalamari_: When I format the unknown into FAT32 it says sucessfull, then refreshes and goes back to unknown00:18
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:18
bastid_raZorncfi1013: the wallpapers do not auto add themselves to the wallpaper selection. you manually add them. you can have any directory for that matter to store files for wallpapers00:18
dylan_i'll just ask, everytime i log on i have to set my /etc/resolv.conf file back to open dns over and over again and its annoying00:19
dylan_so i want to know how to set it to where it doesnt reset it's self when i restart my computer00:19
Billiardncfi1013: are your wallpapers on another partition maybe, that isnt automatically mounted on boot?00:19
Jordan_Udylan_: Why don't you set your dns server in System > Preferences > Network Connections?00:19
lpfan076@rusg, I am assuming you just installed win7 as the first partition. It should look something like: sudo mkdir /mnt/win7 | sudo mount -o rw /dev/sda2 /mnt/win7 ..... replace sda2 with the partition that win7 is on if thats not right00:19
greezmunkeySamuli^, I haven't a clue, but am looking into it...00:19
dylan_i don't have that option00:20
jribdylan_: I've told you how to do that at least 2 times now :/00:20
maxwell88I run a dual boot system. The wifi router I frequentlylog onto responds very slowly in assigning an address. My windoz keeps trying until it gets connected. My Ubu gives up too soon. Is there a way to control the timing of a DHCP request?00:20
ncfi1013bastid_razor in the same default walpapers folder in /usr/bin? billiard i only have one partition but two drives and i am on the right drive as we speak.00:20
dylan_i tried what u said and i couldnt get it00:20
dylan_i don't know how to work that command00:20
vr_mexIs there a Imagemagick Q8 package for  Ubuntu 9.10? I can onl install Imagemagick Q16 via synapticIs there a Imagemagick Q8 package for  Ubuntu 9.10? I can only install Imagemagick Q16 via synaptic00:21
Billiardncfi1013: one partition but 2 drives?00:21
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:21
bastid_raZorncfi1013: what?00:21
ncfi1013billiard yeah two separate harddrives00:21
ncfi1013one for storage and one for kde00:22
Jordan_Udylan_: You don't have a "Network COnnections" in System > Preferences?00:22
Billiardncfi1013: the pictures are on the other hard drive, and it isnt mounted on boot automatically?00:22
dylan_i do but i don't see an option to where i can configure my dns server00:22
greezmunkeySamuli^, remastersys !00:23
Terrancewhere can i get ubuntu remix .img ?00:23
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:23
fiberfollyI am having a problem with evolution, where the send receive button is greyed out.  I am using Jaunty, and am a new user and could use some direction.00:23
BilliardTerrance: ubuntu.com ?00:23
Terrancecant find the img just the iso00:23
goddardanyone familar with sshfs00:23
morph_openshot editor destroy my ffmpg and cant reinstall.... :(00:23
ArsinMyWay: Try Crossloops, I never tried it on Ubuntu personally, but try it and see00:23
raphafiberfolly: sounds to me like you didn00:23
MyWayArsin: thanks00:23
VCooliosomeone succeeded in getting murrine rgba to work with sonata or ario? care to paste the patch / code?00:23
jribgoddard: best to just ask the channel your actual question (on a single line)00:24
raphafiberfolly: sounds to me like you didn't set up an account yet00:24
slideany ops alive? There is an on join bot, Federalu00:24
erUSULfiberfolly: File>Work disconnected00:24
RoastedQuestion - I installed the mac4lin theme to try it out. Then I switched back to my regular moomex theme. Well, now my maximize/minimize/exit icons on each window are in the upper left rather than upper right. How do I switch it?00:24
ArsinVCoolio: Really simple too00:24
goddardadmn you jrib haha00:24
goddardyou know my question00:24
fiberfollyrapha:  yes, i have two accounts configured and they worked all week unitl today00:24
VCoolioArsin: I'm not into pasting the lines myself yet; tried with looking at other patches but no luck;00:24
jribgoddard: I know, but your current question isn't what you want the answer to.  Here's the answer to your current question "yes"00:24
fiberfollyerusul:  Not sure what you mean00:24
MyWayArsin: is this a windows app?00:25
erUSULfiberfolly: go to the menu file check that option00:25
raphafiberfolly: sorry then, no idea00:25
ArsinMyWay: CrossLoops? Ya, check if wine supports it00:25
ncfi1013oh well its not that important i just wanted to know to have the knowledge. thank you anyway to all who helped me in my quest to learn linux better.00:25
erUSULfiberfolly: is "Work offline" sorryy00:25
Schiz0Is Opera Browser available for 9.10?00:25
v0lksmancan someone take a peak and tell me where they get the 3840MB from the lspci output they show?  http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=7061893&postcount=2200:26
ArsinVCoolio: Wrong person?00:26
goddardjrib last time I asked my question i explained all parts and it took like awhile but no one answered so i am trying to prevent the long explaination00:26
fcuk112!opera | Schiz000:26
ubottuSchiz0: Opera is an advanced, fast and free (as in beer) web browser. It is packaged for easy installation into Ubuntu. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/OperaBrowser00:26
DanaGweird... using the Lucid pulseaudio, it doesn't do volume control properly.00:26
raphafiberfolly: regarding what erUSUL says - is your desktop set to English or another language?00:26
RoastedQuestion - I installed the mac4lin theme to try it out. Then I switched back to my regular moomex theme. Well, now my maximize/minimize/exit icons on each window are in the upper left rather than upper right. How do I switch it?00:26
ArsinSchiz0: I believe so, go to Applications > Ubuntu Software Center and check00:26
jribgoddard: you write the question one time on a single line then copy paste00:26
AtlasHello room :)00:26
calamari_Arsin: is that "unable to mount" error from the terminal or from gparted?00:26
Schiz0fcuk112: Yes, I read that documentation article and it simply says "install from the repositories". and I can't find a "opera" package anywhere.00:26
fiberfollyRapha:  english00:26
Arsincalamari_: GParted00:27
fcuk112Schiz0: google opera and download the deb from their website?00:27
jribgoddard: you're more likely to get useful help that way intead of "yes, I know about sshfs.  No, I don't know about your problem"00:27
goddardjrib I need to know why I don't have the right permissions on my mounted drive.00:27
jezlee When I change nVidia resolution and try to save to X Configuration file, I get error "Failed to parse existing X config file '/etc/X11/xorg.conf'!00:27
ArsinSchiz0: Disregard that, go to the link that guy sent you00:27
RowanMkhow do i get to windows00:27
calamari_Arsin: not sure then. maybe try using gparted off a live cd environment might help.00:27
jribgoddard: I don't know00:27
raphafiberfolly: then what erUSUL says will probably help you - click on "File" in the Evolution menu (upper left) and then click "Work offline"00:27
Atlasanyone up to help me with an installation question? I think ubuntu studio installer reads an old mbr entry00:27
goddardjrib ...00:28
darknessi know the solution... install windows 700:28
ZykoticK9jezlee, see http://paste.ubuntu.com/316461/00:28
Arsincalamari_: Which ever becomes the primary partiton, it formats correctly for some reason, the 2nd isn't working, and I forgot that error was from UNetbootin00:28
jribgoddard: presumably it's because your uid's differ on the server and client00:28
lpfan076@goddard if its mounted at /mnt/win7 you need to sudo -i to mess around in it00:28
BilliardSchiz0: you probably can just enable the partner repo in synaptic00:29
goddardjrib they do00:29
darknesssudo i and work in the terminal to dificult, just install windows 7!00:29
calamari_Arsin: are you trying to mount the second partition without formatting it? and have you specified a seperate mountpoint for it?00:29
goddardjrib but i specifiy them user@ip00:29
=== openweek0 is now known as Xiella
Arsincalamari_: I don't know how to make a seperate mountpoint, and I'm trying to format it but it wont work00:30
fiberfollythanks very much for the help00:30
fiberfollyduh never thought of it being off line00:30
jribgoddard: what does "id" return when you run it on the client machine?  What does it return when you run it on the server?00:30
darknesswindows 7 is nice for work on your pc, and problems after that u send email to ms and it works!!!00:30
vr_mexIs there a Imagemagick Q8 package for  Ubuntu 9.10? I can onl install Imagemagick Q16 via synaptic00:30
slideany ops alive? There is an on join bot, Federalu00:31
borreguitoif my firefox on ubuntu does not work..... i go to change to a imac os00:31
valbergi've just bought an ASUS eeePC 1101HA00:31
standarshyHey guys, can anyone tell me how well ubuntu works with tablet pc's that use the wacom usb driver?  I heard there was a problem with some of the older distro's because the driver only worked when the tablet was connect to a serial interface.  I have the Asus R1E00:31
calamari_Arsin: well if its already partitioned, and you intend to use the second partition for regular file storage. then just set up ubuntu on the first partition, and maybe let windows try format second one :P00:31
Billiarddarkness: "problems after that u send email to ms and it works!!!"   so you just send an email to microsoft and your viruses magically go away?00:31
valbergand installed Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it00:31
slidejrib, yay! :D00:31
evanescentUbuntuOne keeps asking me to add more and more computers, even though I'm only using just this one. ideas?00:31
goddardjrib it is 1000 on the client and 1006 on the server00:31
valbergbut it is like really freaking slow...00:31
jribgoddard: well that's the reason.  I don't know of any workarounds other than changing the uid on one of the machines00:32
valbergand there is something off with the resolution00:32
valbergand there is something off with the resolution+00:32
AtlasI had a os x / xp dualboot done with rEFIt. Then I repartitioned with spfdisk, installed xp, and now when installing Ubuntu Studio the installer keeps reading the old partitioning scheme and doesnt even see the working xp partition. Anyone got a tip?00:32
goddardjrib do you know how to do that?00:32
Enissay_omg, i typed "compiz --replace" and evrything freezes!!00:33
Enissay_any help please00:33
jribgoddard: you can do it with usermod00:33
valberganyone have any ideas to how i can get the app chooser to run faster and stuff like that? (heh heh the keyboard is a little weird)00:33
darknessright Billiard , most people think that when they buy windows 7, expensive os, so whe are saved! and now it must work ;-/00:33
Arsincalamari_: I won't be on a computer with full access when on windows00:33
Billiarddarkness: yeah sorry, idk what you are saying at all00:33
lpfan076@atlas just manually configure grub then reload it to bootloader00:33
darknesslol Billiard00:33
calamari_Arsin: windows doesnt need full access to format flash drive partitions00:33
GNUcifer_it's all about code, damm damm00:33
mohdhi there00:34
DanaGcalamari_: not true....00:34
VCoolioEnissay_: can you get to virtual console (ctrl+alt+f1), or to login screen (alt+sysrq+k) ; else reboot (alt+sysrq+r e i s u b)00:34
goddardjrib alright00:34
darknessok, windows 7 is better then vista00:34
DanaGTry using a lab machine you don't own, to format a drive.00:34
DanaGYou often can't.00:34
AtlasIpfan076: So I should boot into supergrub, or what should I use for that?00:34
akrohitdoes aptitiude support regular expressions?00:34
kermitwhy is iwlagn requesting iwlwifi-5000-1.ucode when i have iwlwifi-5000-2.ucode available?00:34
ActionParsnip!wndows | darkness00:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wndows00:34
calamari_DanaG: well i've done it before as guest.. so.. :P00:34
goddardjrib it is giving me command not found00:34
hedkandiwhen you enter "grep hi" into the bash prompt what happens?00:34
Billiarddarkness: ok stay on topic this is ubuntu talk not windows00:34
goddardi am going to change the server id since it is easiest00:34
ActionParsnip!windows | darkness00:34
ubottudarkness: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents00:34
darknessi must say, possible windows 7 is ok, for users at home00:34
jribgoddard: erm, are you using ubuntu?00:35
goddardjrib it is using cygwin00:35
DanaGhmm, perhaps they'd specifically restricted it.  anyway, yeah, it's off-topic.00:35
darknessok sorry00:35
Jordan_UAtlas: Use the "gptsync" option in rEFIt00:35
goddardjrib my game server is windows00:35
mohdwhat are you talking about guys00:35
ActionParsnipdarkness: it sofftopic here00:35
goddardjrib client is ubuntu00:35
hedkandiI presume it opens an input stream somehow00:35
hedkandion the terminal00:35
jribgoddard: client should have usermod then00:35
ActionParsnipdarkness: this is a pure support chennel for ubuntu so any other chat should be taken to another channel00:36
Atlasok trying that, thank you both :)00:36
goddardjrib i want to change it on the cygwin comp though i dont think it will affect any other systems00:36
darknessyep ActionParsnip , i read before, my excuses..00:36
valberghmm... it seems i'll have to sleep on it...00:36
deltaray2Quick, I need to search the ubuntu forums, anyone know what 1 + 4 is?00:36
jribgoddard: ask a cygwin channel :)00:37
xOrphenochxwhat log can i check to find out why i cant start the iscsitarget service?00:37
vr_mexIs there a Imagemagick Q8 package for  Ubuntu 9.10? I can onl install Imagemagick Q16 via synaptic00:37
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:37
dcosta1good nite all00:37
dcosta1i need some help please00:38
TK1Have they found a solution for the mountall boot problems after upgrading to 9.10 through system upgrade?  http://pastebin.com/mc8273bb00:38
darknessi dont have many problems at moment only i wanna learn more about  the bash and corn shell00:38
deltaray2darkness: First thing you'll need to know about corn shell is that its spelled korn shell00:38
darknessi use ubuntu whit the gnome desktop00:38
dcosta1i need run a script in ubuntu-server at system boot00:38
darknessright!!! deltaray200:38
jrib!startup > dcosta100:39
ubottudcosta1, please see my private message00:39
ActionParsnipdarkness: use the cli instead of gui to do daily stuff00:39
=== makem_ is now known as makem
dcosta1its is kuala00:39
darknessi remember like pop corn, corn shell, hehehe00:39
darknessold unix00:39
ActionParsnipdarkness: you will learn cli00:39
dcosta1sorry mate its in cli ubuntu server00:39
darknessKSH righ00:39
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Spookymy old nick, better00:40
Spookydarkness to darkness00:40
Billiarddcosta1: to run a command on startup you can add it to your /etc/rc.local00:41
jribdcosta1: read the link ubottu gave you00:41
Spookyi try most of time use the cli ActionParsnip00:41
Spookywhit bash00:41
dcosta1Billiard:  9.04 works fine but not in 9.1000:42
jrib!boot > dcosta100:42
ubottudcosta1, please see my private message00:42
suniyoresolution vanished after upgrade00:42
makemlo peeps00:42
ActionParsnipSpooky: best way to learn dude00:42
suniyo9.10 gulped my highest resolution00:42
makemanybody know something about syncing?00:42
Billiarddcosta1: what is the problem in 9.10?00:42
dcosta1script dont boot00:42
suniyowhy that happened i dont know everything else works fine00:42
Billiard!rsync | makem00:42
dcosta1need run it manualy00:42
ubottumakem: rsync is a fast remote file copy and synchronization program - For more see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/rsync00:43
Spookyyep and i learn a lot, now i can move and remove things! and explore my pc whit cd and pwd!00:43
kermitdoes an Intel WiFi 5100 work properly in 9.10 ?00:43
Spookymust start whit something, lol00:43
ActionParsnipsuniyo: lspci | grep -i vga    will tell you what vido card you have, reinstall th video drivers for that00:43
MoTecIs there anyway to get gnome terminal to remember my settings? for example.. I want it to start max size, with no menu bar..  It did it in 8.04 but it's not in 9.1000:43
Billiardkermit: i would except intell wireless to work, you can try in the live cd to make sure00:43
makemhmm ive just spent ages setting up sync00:43
suniyomay be they are there drivers00:43
rosebjkermit, intel 4965 does at least00:43
Schiz0I'm SSHing into an Ubuntu desktop system. I'm trying to start an GUI program via SSH (as in, have the program open on the actual desktop). When I run the command, it says "cannot connect to X server". I believe this is due to me SSHing in and maybe it's trying to connect to the wrong TTY or something. How can I fix this?00:44
ActionParsnipkermit: if you run:     lspci ; lsusb    and websearch for the line specific to your device00:44
suniyo00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82915G/GV/910GL Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 04)00:44
suniyoi dont think  i need one for this00:44
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dcosta1can i paste five lines ?00:44
jribdcosta1: use pastebin00:44
suniyoby default it worked with 9.04 and all previous versions00:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastbin00:44
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Windows/Mac Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:44
MoTecSchiz0: check out conspy00:45
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!00:45
kermitActionParsnip: i've searched a lot, i get a lot of threads of people having the same problem, but nothing about it being fixed00:45
Spookyubuntu is good alternative myway00:45
ActionParsnipsuniyo: the only way i know to configure this is xorg.conf but karmic doesnt have one of these so I'm stumped. Do you have the resolution option in display settings00:45
MyWaySpooky: to teamviewer, not to windows00:46
xOrphenochxanyone familiar with iscsitarget and ubuntu?00:46
suniyono it is not thre action parsnip00:46
MyWayremote control + file transfer00:46
WhiteDawnyour can add resolutions to ubuntu with xrandr00:46
dcosta1that was how it works last ubuntu00:46
makemubottu: im syncing a pda not another pc00:46
arand!pastebin > dcosta100:46
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
suniyoand i am also stumped with that xorg.conf thing :)_00:46
ubottudcosta1, please see my private message00:46
ActionParsnipkermit: ndiswrapper + xp32 / 64 driver will always work00:46
Spookyno windowssss Myway, lol00:46
kermitActionParsnip: hmm good idea, thanks00:46
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:46
suniyoxrandr, need to install that??00:47
WhiteDawnno comes with ubuntu i think00:47
WhiteDawnits used to dynamicly change resolutions00:47
WhiteDawnyou have to run it in terminal00:47
WhiteDawnjust type xrandr00:47
Samuli^greezmunkey, you found the program? cool. I'm going to give it a try also00:47
suniyohai whitedawn thanks00:47
suniyolet me try00:47
WhiteDawni had a resolution problem with my dual screen setup00:47
lwizardlanyone here know how to in openoffice have text underneath a line of ______00:48
WhiteDawnits a pain to add resolitons in xrandr and any changes u do reset at boot :\00:48
suniyooutput of xrander:00:48
suniyoScreen 0: minimum 320 x 200, current 1152 x 864, maximum 4096 x 409600:48
suniyoVGA1 connected 1152x864+0+0 (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 310mm x 230mm00:48
ActionParsnipkermit: i dont use crappy intel vga so not sure outside of that. I only use nvidia which has a nice gui and settings to configure video00:48
suniyo   1024x768       85.0 +   75.1     70.1     60.000:48
FloodBot1suniyo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
suniyo   1152x864       75.0*00:48
suniyo   832x624        74.600:48
vr_mexIs there a Imagemagick Q8 package for  Ubuntu 9.10? I can only install Imagemagick Q16 via synaptic00:48
WhiteDawnsorry i joined late, what was your problem again suniyo?00:48
WhiteDawni just heard resolution and xorg00:49
Billiarddcosta1: it should still work in karmic00:49
Samuli^greezmunkey, also try aptoncd00:49
MyWayHi, which is a nice alternative to Teamviewer? I'd need remote desktop (better if supports reverse, but not needed) + file transfer, any ideas?00:49
suniyoso no way to solve this with intel00:50
JetsetlemmingI tried to run GTA Vice City in Wine, but ingame the camera would constantly pull to the left and tommy run to the left, like I had a controller in that was stuck or something (I don't). When I quit the game, my desktop was constantly panning to the right, over and over, and when I moved my mouse all the area below the cursor was blacked out, and if I moved it left and right it would slow down or speed up the panning.00:50
suniyomay be it is crappy but very old and have to live with it right now00:50
greezmunkeySamuli^, thanks I will (I got sidetracked!)00:50
BilliardMyWay: tightvnc?00:50
JetsetlemmingGoing to the alt crtl f1 console stopped the panning, but when I returned to the desktop it was still going. Restarting fixed it. Anyone got an idea what was going on?00:50
MyWayBilliard: no file transfer00:50
dcosta1ok Billiard o will try one mere time00:50
WhiteDawnwhat was your problem?00:50
ActionParsnipsuniyo: if you can find a sample xorg.conf you can use it and setup stuff00:50
knoppiesMyWay, cant you torrent files across your network?00:51
suniyois it works with 9.10??00:51
MyWayknoppies: how?00:51
suniyoI have heard from the grapewine that it does't with 0.1000:51
ActionParsnipsuniyo: if the file exists, it will be read00:51
suniyolet me check00:51
dcosta1rebooting server00:52
WhiteDawnit should be in /etc/X1100:52
knoppiesMyWay, ive never tried it, but for some reason I have the idea that you can create .torrent files on your one PC, and then use torrent software to move them across.00:52
knoppiesMyWay, not sure if you can.00:52
MyWayisn't there a software which give you remote control + file sharing/transfer?00:52
MyWayit would be easier00:53
MyWayno file sharing/transfer in tightvnc that i know00:53
WhiteDawnhmmm, I allways thought there was00:53
Jordan_UMyWay: Empathy does chat + file sharing + remote desktop00:53
WhiteDawnfancy, never knew empathy did that00:54
nejodeMyWay: setup a sftp server on the remote machine00:55
MyWaynejode: i can but not too immediate i think00:56
alesanhi everyone00:56
WhiteDawnhi alesan00:56
Federaluwhat it the command00:56
MyWaymaybe in tightvnc there is file trasnfer00:57
Federaluwhat it the command00:57
Federaluhow can i login00:57
nejodeMyWay: you only need to install ssh-server00:57
MyWaynejode: forward router port also00:58
nejodeMyWay: port 22 only00:58
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MoTecIs there anyway to get gnome terminal to remember my settings? for example.. I want it to start max size, with no menu bar..  It did it in 8.04 but it's not in 9.1000:59
MoTecMotec: Edit the shortcut to read gnome-terminal --maximize --no-menubar00:59
MoTecMoTec: Thanks!01:00
K_DallasGood evening folks! What do I need to install/configure to get my webcam working under 9.10 (Toshiba-satellite). Thanks01:00
tonyyarussoMoTec: devilspie probably takes care of that also (in a non-app-specific way)01:00
MoTecIt's actually --hide-menubar01:00
Rev_what does this command mena?01:00
Rev_sudo dpkg -i *.deb01:01
Rev_is it the same as clicking on the .deb and installing it?01:01
FloodBot1Rev_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:01
Nithinstall all packages in the same directory01:01
tonyyarussoRev_: basically, yes.01:01
Rev_tonyyarusso, basically? is it exactly the same?01:01
NithRev_: it will do all the deb files in that directory at once though, not just one01:01
=== fiberfolly_ is now known as fiberfolly
Rev_oh ok01:01
Rev_i see01:01
Jordan_URev_: If multiple packages need to be installed at the same time clicking on them individually will not work01:01
MoTectonyyarusso: aah, i see. thanks01:01
Rev_thanks for your explanation01:01
tonyyarussoRev_: It says "as root, manually install from package files all packages we have a file in the current directory for"01:01
fcuk112MyWay: why not use dropbox for file synching?01:02
Jordan_URev_: For instance if you are trying to install Open Office from their website01:02
sectechClicking on a .deb just opens up the archive file doesn't it? It doesn't actually install it I believe.01:02
Rev_tonyyarusso, ok thanks01:02
Rev_Jordan_U, thats exactly what im trying to do!01:02
MyWaybecause i don't need file sync, i just need to remote control sometimes and transfer, if possible without need of port forward because people don't know how to :P01:03
Jordan_URev_: Then you need to use that command rather than clicking. What's wrong with the version in the repositories though?01:03
Rev_Jordan_U, nothing's wrong. But as sad as it sounds though, instead of updating to karmic, I downgraded to intrepid in order to be able to use fglrx again...01:04
Rev_so I want to update the OOo 2.4 to 3.101:04
bilingualCan anybody help me to configure the remote desktop so that I can connect to my ubuntu from work??01:04
ChaituGreetings All01:04
rocknroll00Hello! I am trying to use snort, but it only works if I run with sudo. If I don't, it says OpenPcap() device wlan0 open: socket: Operation not permitted. There is a user 'snort', how can I grant him the privileges to access the socket wlan0? Thanks!01:04
MyWayi'll use xtightvnc + sftp anyway01:05
Jordan_URev_: Have you tried the karmic LiveCD to see if the open source drivers have improved enough for you to use them instead of fglrx?01:05
MyWaybut i hope to see vnc supporting file trasnfer also :(01:05
WhiteDawnyou can't use non free drivers in karmic?01:05
Jordan_URev_: You can even get KMS and DRI2 with the open source drivers in karmic01:06
NithWhiteDawn: older cards don't have a binary driver for the new version of Xorg01:06
sectechRocknroll00: have you tried chmod +s <filename> on snort?01:06
Nithrocknroll00: there is a group that allows people to access the wireless cards, have you added snort to that group?01:06
rocknroll00sectech: nope... let me see this :)01:06
Rev_Jordan_U, I need the ATI drivers to play quake3. the open source drivers werent enough.01:06
rocknroll00Nith: haaaa that's probably the issue01:06
Federaluwhat it the command01:07
Federaluhow can i login01:07
rocknroll00Nith: do you know the group name?01:07
Jordan_URev_: You tried the drivers in karmic?01:07
=== Andorin is now known as AK|vape
Jordan_UFederalu: What do you mean? What exactly are you trying to do?01:07
Nithrocknroll00: no, but if you go to systems-->administration-->users and groups01:08
Rev_Jordan_U, yeah. im using an ATI x700 and its not working :/01:08
Eric^^^how can I rename my computer in 9.10? thanks!01:08
Nithrocknroll00: then modify a user01:08
lavidahave problem to start xampp on 64bits karmic koala ubuntu01:08
Nithrocknroll00: it's in the 'what this user can do' section01:08
=== netadmin is now known as Guest67782
colloguywhat's the proper way to restart nautilus (jaunty) ?01:09
BilliardEric i believe you edit /etc/hostname01:09
lavidacant install ia32-libs because cant find dependency in repositories01:09
lavidaanyone can help me01:09
lavidaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:10
lavida  ia32-libs: Depends: lib32gcc1 but it is not going to be installed01:10
lavida             Depends: libc6-i386 (>= 2.3.6-2) but it is not going to be installed01:10
lavida             Depends: lib32z1 but it is not going to be installed01:10
lavida             Depends: lib32stdc++6 but it is not going to be installed01:10
FloodBot1lavida: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:10
lavida             Depends: lib32asound2 but it is not going to be installed01:10
SunlessHaloplease, any simple way how to convert flv or mp4 youtube-downloaded videos into MP3 with custom (possibly high) bitrate?01:11
=== AK|vape is now known as Andorin
fcuk112SunlessHalo: have you tried avidemux?01:12
cachedso i heard my server beep 3 times the other day, i logged in and did a 'who' and realized that my account name appears twice. does this mean it was haxed?01:12
SunlessHalofcuk112: no I havent01:12
SunlessHaloi have tried elltube, which is actually sweet and hilarious, but it converts into 64KiB/s MP3s...01:13
DaZcached: ... :f01:13
darth_you know when you go to your home folder and click on a music file and the music player pops up01:13
darth_how do you get the youtube thing work01:13
cachedDaZ: uh?01:13
Billiarddarth_: the youtube thing to work? what do you mean?01:13
SunlessHaloand the most widespread videoDownloadHelper doesn't work for me01:13
DaZcached: nothing, check the logs for connections01:13
darth_you know the music player01:14
nintendude794howdy.  I'm having trouble installing Ubuntu to USB via Netbook Remix's included tool.  :D01:14
DaZor see if you don't have another session running maybe01:14
darth_totem movie player01:14
Samuli^darth_, most things start to work if you install ubuntu-restricted-extras01:14
darth_ok i will try that\01:14
icedwaterYeah, Samuli^ is right. You will need to enable the multiverse repositories, though, I believe.01:15
blackest_knightSunlessHalo: look in your tmp: folder every youtube  video  goes there copy it elsewhere and name something useful01:15
icedwater Or was it universe?01:15
Samuli^icedwater, on my install it was already enabled01:15
darth_cause i was like yea but it kept sayin that an error occured becaue the location wasnt found01:15
SunlessHaloSamuli^: (k)ubuntu-restricted-extras *include FGLRX VGA driver*... also carefully with this advise...01:15
colloguyanyone know how to restart nautilus properly? :D (jaunty)01:15
icedwaterNice :) I'm doing that also for these ISOs I'm making.01:15
icedwaterThe custom live CD page really helped a lot :)01:15
Billiardcolloguy: why do you need to restart it?01:15
blackest_knightok where does apt download to and how do i move it to an external drive01:16
darth_so thanks for the tips and has anyone played diablo 2 with the mod01:16
icedwaterBut it gives an extra 312MB of weight :( I need to find a slimmer alternative.01:16
colloguyBilliard: I want it to redraw the desktop, because I remade the desktop folder01:16
cachedDaZ: out of curiosity, what could it have been besides someone breaking in?01:16
Samuli^SunlessHalo, huh... since when has it included  that?01:16
Billiardcolloguy: idk just logout haha01:17
VCoolioblackest_knight: /var/cache/apt I believe01:17
DaZcached: another session you have forgotten about01:17
colloguygrr that is too invasive01:17
MoTecWhat's a good wireless network scanning utility?  To see nearby wireless network and their channels, strenghts, etc.. On windows I'd use inSSIDer01:17
Samuli^how do you check what packages a meta-package will pull without installing it?01:17
DaZor... dunno ;f01:17
BilliardMoTec: kismet ?01:17
darth_has anyone played it01:17
SunlessHaloSamuli^: afaik pretty long, it gives you an option wether to keep former driver or to install fglrx01:17
=== erwin is now known as Guest19829
arandWhat would I do to replace newlines in the emacs shipped in jaunty? I've tried *esc-% *ctrl+q *ctrl+j *enter.01:18
blackest_knightcool so how do i move /var/cache to /media/disk101:18
BilliardSamuli^: apt-cache show packagename01:18
MoTecBilliard: Is that still curses based or is there a graphical front end?01:18
Billiardblackest_knight: you could mount your disk there01:18
cachedDaZ: i kind of wish i had a monitor i could plug into it :\01:18
BilliardMoTec: i believe they have a gui also01:19
darth_well bye people01:19
DaZcached: why do you need monitor if you have ssh ;f01:19
cachedDaZ: i'm unable to ssh in01:19
Samuli^SunlessHalo, seems like it doesn't pull fglrx01:19
DaZhuh? ;f01:19
cachedDaZ: no route to host01:19
blackest_knightBilliard thats a great idea01:19
cachedDaZ: i shut it off yesterday01:19
gasullHi.  Now I'm trying to get wireless working after a fresh install of Karmic.  The kernel module of my card according to lscpi is iwl3945, and lsmod shows it's loaded, but NetworkManager doesn't let me enable wireless.  Do I need to add my user to any group or something?  Thanks.01:20
cachedDaZ: i had to go and i wanted to limit any damage someone could do if it were broken into01:20
Billiardblackest_knight: you probably could bind a directory to cache as well if you wanted it to go to disk1/cache or something01:20
RubixIf i partition my hard drive using GParted (via live CD so it does not wipe my Windows partition) How do i choose what partition it will boot up?01:20
DaZcached: use hosts.allow and hosts.deny01:20
latThe "report a problem" module on my Karmic ubuntu is not working. If yours is, would you please send this paste to ubuntu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/316484/01:21
DaZor set up something banning ips after x unsuccesful tries ;f01:21
drawdehey everyone.. what's the lightest AIM client for ubuntu? i only want it to be able to quickly send links and stuff to my htpc from my computer01:21
IdleOne!bug | lat01:21
ubottulat: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs - Bugs in/wishes for the IRC bots (not Ubuntu) can be filed at http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots01:21
gasullRubix: you have to make the partition "bootable".  I don't remember in GParted, but try right-clicking on the partition01:21
cachedDaZ: my router isn't recognizing that the computer is connected?01:21
blackest_knightok that should do it i'm a bit squeezed for space to get an upgrade from jaunty to karmic ( be honest i should just back up home and do it the easy way01:21
Rubixgasull: alrighty, but then how do i chooose what partition is booted?01:21
DaZdunno :c01:22
Xeon3Dis there a cli line for the mirrors selection tool one sees while expert installing 9.10 ?01:22
Xeon3D*cli utility01:22
latIdleOne, Thanks.01:22
mdturnerMy netbook disk drive is suddenly full and I don't know why. I only use evolution and firefox. I haven01:22
moderatedhey guys01:22
BilliardRubix: which partition do you want it to boot from?01:23
tenachmdeslaur, Are you using pop?01:23
tenachsorry mdeslaur I meant mdturner01:23
RubixBilliard: most of the time ubuntu, but there are few times i will want to load windows01:23
tenachmdturner, Are you using pop for retrieving email?01:23
BilliardRubix: so you want to use grub?01:23
arandmdturner: use baobab to check where the space is taken01:23
Rev_whats the equivalent in Unix of the cd.. command ? (getting one level upper in folder tree)01:23
mdturnerMy netbook disk drive is suddenly full and I don't know why. I only use evolution and firefox. I haven't put any videos, photos, or extra programs on it. Any ideas?01:24
icedwaterRev_: the difference is cd ..01:24
BilliardRubix: you want to get a menu to choose which os to install?01:24
icedwaterThe command is cd, and .. is where you want to go.01:24
Rubixyes Bilge01:24
RubixBilliard: *01:24
gasullRubix: If I'm not wrong, only one partition can be "bootable"01:24
Rubixgasull: but i can then access windows some how.01:24
ChogyDan1mdturner: there is a disk usage analyzer01:24
blackest_knightmdturner: sudo apt-get clean and if thats enough try uninstalling some kernels01:24
Rev_icedwater, fantastic! thanks01:24
Xeon3Dis there a cli utility for the mirrors selection tool one sees while expert installing 9.10 ? (to select a mirror automagically?)01:24
icedwaterThe new disk utilities are pretty handy, I find, ChogyDan1 :)01:24
BilliardRubix: when you install ubuntu it will install a boot loader with a menu that you can choose windows01:25
RubixBilliard: i just have to keep my windows partition?01:25
BilliardRubix: yeah, then windows should be detected and added to the list01:25
serakui liked the old add/remove programs. It actually found everything. I've had to find a bunch of stuff in the synaptec package manager01:25
BilliardRubix: but if you remove linux windows will not boot without restoring windows old boot loader01:25
RubixBilliard: so i have to partition my HDD, install linux to one partion, keep the windows, and i can then boot windows via linux somehow01:26
GaiaUser004You nigger01:26
GaiaUser004get a life01:26
BilliardRubix: yes there should be an option on startup, you may have to hit escape to get a menu and choose windows01:26
mdturnerblackest_knight: is it supposed to do something after sudo apt-get clean?01:27
gasullRubix: I think you need to config GRUB for that.01:27
=== yoasif____ is now known as yoasif_
Samuli^gasull, grub2 that comes with 9.10 will find all windoses no problem01:27
blackest_knightRubix install to the 2nd partition grub will take care of windows the only thing you may want to do is change the default os01:27
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
gasullRubix: ^ read what Samuli^ said01:28
bob921I hear one shouldn't upgrade to a new version of ubuntu until a month after its release. Is this true, and should I wait to install on a new disk for a few weeks?01:28
cachedDaZ: how would i view the logs of my latest commands run01:28
ManUpstairsbob921, test on a live CD.01:28
=== yoasif_ is now known as yoasif
bob921 <-- gentoo user here, not used to bulk upgrades01:28
DaZcached: i don't know what do you mean :f01:29
bob921ManUpstairs, what kind of things should I watch out for? driver issues primarily?01:29
cachedDaZ: how about how do i "check the logs for connections"01:29
DaZcached: /var/log/auth.log01:29
mdturnerblackest_knight: ubuntu came on my netbook OOTB. I haven01:29
Samuli^bob921, it's probably true the bugs will get ironed out some time after the release. I didn't have any problems installing one day after the release though.01:29
gasullCan anybody tell me how to enable wireless, please? http://dpaste.com/119401/01:29
mdturnerblackest_knight: ubuntu came on my netbook OOTB. I haven't added anything extra. I don01:30
icedwaterbob921: I haven't used Ubuntu for pretty much a year now except over SSH. Fresh installs are all right, I guess, but I always used to have no problems upgrading.01:30
Billiardgasull: network manager icon doesnt let you use it? or you are using cli ?01:30
gpscuraIs it the same to burn to a CD an ISO image and install Ubuntu in a memory stick? Is there any difference?01:30
cachedDaZ: any way i can get the ip it was logged in from?01:30
icedwaterIt really is quite relaxing to type apt-get dist-upgrade and sit back :P01:30
icedwatercached: Talk to your router somehow?01:30
bob921icedwater, thanks. I'm actually installing on a new disk, old hd will be backup drive, so this will be a fresh install. just don't know if I should install 9.04 or 9.1001:31
Billiardcached: you want the ssh connection log?01:31
icedwaterSee if you can pick up the old packets or something..01:31
DaZcached: ips are in there ;f01:31
cachedBilliard: yeah, sure01:31
Samuli^icedwater, do you have to edit the repositories first, or is that history?01:31
cachedDaZ: not for me?01:31
mesengahi.. where i will go host websites that use go?01:31
DaZlogs should be there01:31
gasullBilliard: networkManager icon01:31
mesengasorry :x01:31
icedwaterbob921: Well, if it's a spare disk I had, I would install 9.10 to try it out. But it looks like you're going to use it as your main OS, am I right?01:32
blackest_knightmdturner:  if you have been keeping your system updated then you may have lots of cached deb files alternatively pulse audio might crash frequently and you might have lots of log files (ok it might not be pulse thats made huge log files but its a possibility01:33
funkiwani'm running karmic, which has gnupg at version 1.4.9. is there any way to determine when 1.4.10 will be released to ubuntu? it's been out for a couple of months.01:33
icedwaterIf you have to have stability, I would say 8.04 would be your best bet, since it's LTS... but between 9.04 and 9.10 on a fresh disk, I will most likely select the newer.01:33
colloguyhow do you start nautilus without it being child-ed to a terminal? Can I tell init to start nautilus on my behalf?01:33
Billiardgasull: do you have an icon on your panel to use your wireless?01:33
icedwaterSorry, not making much sense at 3am  bob921 :P01:33
icedwaterSamuli^: how do you mean?01:33
gpscuraIs it the same to burn to a CD an ISO image and install Ubuntu in a memory stick? Is there any difference?01:33
bob921icedwater, you are right, this laptop is my main computer, I need it to work. I could install gentoo again, I've run that distro for years, but I wanna try something different01:33
icedwaterSamuli^: I had to edit the repos manually, but that's because I'm used to doing it that way.01:33
Samuli^icedwater, kk. That's what I was asking01:34
MoTecwell, heck.. in installed, then uninstalled wicd and now i have no wireless utility at all... it broke whatever the built-in is.01:34
gasullBilliard: yes.  It's the new icon, not the one I'm used too in older versions, though01:34
kankan_compiz-check gives me the result "Error: Software Rasterizer in use"01:34
Billiardgasull: well can you turn on wireless using the icon, righ clicking maybe01:35
gasullBilliard: if I right-click it says [] Enable Wireless  <--- But I can't check that box01:35
gpscura  Is it the same to burn to a CD an ISO image and install Ubuntu in a USB memory stick? Is there any difference? What is the best way?01:35
icedwaterI would prefer the newer version, but I haven't had the chance to try it out properly - I'm more used to the older interface. Only just managed to get it booting off a USB stick a couple of days ago after some older live images wouldn't even boot.01:35
Billiardgasull: does it work on the live cd?01:35
icedwatergpscura: was just about to get to you. It's easier to burn an ISO to CD and have it boot.01:35
gasullBilliard: "[ ] Enable Wireless" is grayed out01:35
icedwaterBut if you don't want to waste a CD, I would recommend working with UNetBootin on Windows, for instance, to set up a bootable USB.01:36
ScislaCI have to replace a wifi card in my desktop, can anyone recommend a cheap, works out of the box, brand & model?01:36
Billiardgasull: can you pastebin your /etc/network/interfaces01:36
MoTecScislaC: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported01:37
fedyais there a setup guide for vhosts under ubuntu? i'm trying to set up two vhosts but they are both loading files from the same directory?01:37
=== simon_ is now known as Guest79941
RoeyHello... when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?01:38
gasullBilliard: http://dpaste.com/119405/01:38
Guest79941Hi, I am a new Ubuntu user. I have 9.10, and wine 1.1.32. I installed civilization 4 pretty much flawlessly, and the game runs fine---until I actually load a game.The map is kind of white/grayish and I cannot see anything clearly. I already adjusted the graphics of civ to "low" like the article here says: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2009/0...ith-wine-1116/I followed all the steps, added the dll's, put a native override for msmxl301:38
Guest79941, but the game's graphics still are terrible. What do I do? I've heard Civ 4 worked well with Jaunty and older versions of ubuntu. Note: My computer used to be A Windows machine, its dell. I changed it a few weeks ago. I do not have a great graphics device, but it worked fine on Windows. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.01:38
ScislaCMoTec: well aware of the list, sick of finding deals and seeing that they don't work out of the box (or have no info), hence the recommendation for a specific model which is known to work out of the box01:38
ScislaCrequest for recommendation that is01:39
Billiardgasull: try sudo ifconfig wlan0 up01:39
kankan_compiz-check gives me the result "Error: Software Rasterizer in use"pls help me.desktop effects cud not be enabled01:40
=== fiberfolly_ is now known as Fiberfolly
MoTecScislaC: DLink DWL-G122/C1 then... One of about a million that works01:41
will22hey i just replaced windows on my computer with ubuntu but now my wireless doesn't work.  can anyone help?01:41
gasullBilliard: SIOCSIFFLAGS: Unknown error 13201:41
Billiardgasull: did wireless work on the live cd?01:42
MoTecwill22: do you have a wired connection?01:42
gpscuraicedwater: thanks01:42
Jordan_Uwill22: Have you tried System > Administration > Hardware Drivers?01:42
makemhow can i view the files on my pda from ubuntu?01:42
=== etnalubma_ is now known as etnalubma
MoTecwill22: plug in and then do a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade then look under System > Administration > Hardware Drivers01:42
gasullBilliard: I used the alternate CD install01:42
Billiardmakem: how does your pda connect?01:42
ScislaCMoTec: not quite cheap as in my original req, but thanks01:42
will22yeah i installed a new wireless driver right when i installed ubuntu but it doesn't seem to be working01:43
makemsync is set up01:43
MoTecwill22: the default 9.10 cd is missing some drivers.01:43
=== crlsgms is now known as dtcrshr
gasullBilliard: But wireless used to work in this laptop with previous versions of Ubuntu and with Debian Lenny too01:43
makemi had a prob with wireless01:43
icedwaterAll right guys, have fun, I'm out of here :)01:43
makembut it was just settings01:43
MoTeci had a problem with wireless, too.. didn't work 'out of the box' with my dell mini 9.. but 8.04 did.. annoying :)01:43
davidkarrI'm having issues with my new 9.10 install freezing (mouse still moves, but everything is dead). Some posts indicate this is a problem with my Intel 82845G graphics, and the driver version for it.01:43
davidkarrIt never freezes while I'm using it, just after I've left it for a while, like overnight.01:44
makemany ideas billiard?01:44
greezmunkeymy Linksys600N didn't work right away, but it didn't take long to get it going...01:44
Billiardgasull: do you have a wireless switch on your laptop?01:44
Slasher01will22: try the hardware drives under system->administration01:44
gasullBilliard: 8-)01:45
will22hah yeah do i do the sudo updates in the terminal01:45
Billiardgasull: is that a yes01:45
MoTecwill22: yes01:45
gasullBilliard: yes.  It's working now01:45
will22ok thank you01:45
gasullBilliard: what a silly mistake.  Thanks a lot.01:45
Billiardgasull: that was the problem? the switch01:45
Billiardgasull: lol np01:45
gasullBilliard: yes :-D01:45
gasullBilliard: LOL01:45
makemanybody any ideas?01:47
rampage73dj just one that i know of i can no longer mount 2 internal sata hard drives that i could mount in 9.0401:47
Billiardmakem: sorry, not much experience with pdas01:47
K_DallasGood evening folks! What do I need to install/configure to get my webcam working under 9.10 (Toshiba-satellite). Thanks01:47
rampage73any one got time for a simple mount problem in 9.1001:48
sunray_majorAnyone see the news...Microsoft patents SUDO.....http://yro.slashdot.org/story/09/11/11/2055226/Microsoft-Patents-Sudos-Behavior?from=rss01:48
YackityYakwould Palimpsest Disk Utility say "Disk Failure is Imminent" if your disk is just encrypted?01:48
[t0rc]someone help me mount a NTFS drive from command line in ubuntu? (I would like it to automatically mount every boot)01:48
=== dad_ is now known as Guest88705
davidkarrI'm having issues with my new 9.10 install freezing (mouse still moves, but everything is dead). Some posts indicate this is a problem with my Intel 82845G graphics, and the driver version for it.01:49
davidkarr It never freezes while I'm using it, just after I've left it for a while, like overnight.01:49
K_Dallas<[t0rc]> google fstab, mount. ntfs01:49
gpscuraWhat is the recommended disc recording speed to burn a ubuntu cd?01:49
K_Dallasgpscura, shouldn't be that much of important, try x401:49
icedwaterKeep it safe, I'd say. Wait 10 minutes or so.01:49
kermitgpscura: as fast as the drive lets you01:50
Gorgatronusually the slowest speed is the best to ensure no disc read errors01:50
gasullWhat does it happen if I'm connected to the wired and wireless network at the same time?  What way do the packets go?01:50
YackityYakwould Palimpsest Disk Utility say "Disk Failure is Imminent" if your disk is just encrypted?01:50
K_Dallasgpscura, you might also be interested to use unetbootin to copy the iso to your usb key01:50
will22MoTec: Thank you that worked :)01:50
icedwatergasull: Both, there should be one adapter for each...01:50
Gorgatrondoes anyone know how to fix sound in flash player?01:50
icedwaterArgh, I should go sleep.01:50
* icedwater grins01:50
GorgatronI recently added my XFI Xtremegamer soundcard but im not using it at the moment. that was the last thing I did and sound would not work in flash players.01:51
Jordan_UYackityYak: No01:51
MannyPacquiaowhere can i download free ebooks?01:51
johnjohn101i have 9.10 installed, i'm trying to enable the snow effect in compiz. can someone help?01:51
K_DallasMannyPacquiao, gutenberg project01:51
gpscuraK_Dallas: Yes, maybe i'll copy the iso to my usb key. I will decide tomorrow01:51
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install  , what to do ? thanks01:51
MoTecwill22: glad to help01:51
Jordan_UYackityYak: Palimpsest uses SMART information from your hard drive01:51
YackityYakJordan_U: does it mean I have a serious problem?01:51
K_Dallasgpscura, all right01:51
Jordan_UYackityYak: Yes01:52
* K_Dallas is sad as the CD from ShipIt is 32 but version :(01:52
YackityYakJordan_U: what would be best to do next?01:52
gasullicedwater: So if I browse http://www.google.com the page is requested twice, once thru wired network and once thru wireless?01:52
Jordan_UYackityYak: Back up any important data to another disk01:52
gasullicedwater: Is it faster to do this?01:52
mdturnerIf I remove evolution, will it delete all my emails also?01:52
icedwatergasull: Hmm ... good question. I don't know, the OS handles it.01:52
YackityYakwhat is SMART information Jordan_U01:52
MoTecgasull: just asking for trouble, honestly.. use one or the other.01:53
icedwaterThat's what the OS is for, really :P01:53
gasullGorgatron: I had that problem before01:53
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install  , what to do ? thanks01:53
gasullMoTec: OK.  I will.  Thanks.01:53
freaky[t]is Empathy better than Pidgin? oO01:53
icedwaterIf you find out, gasull, leave me a /msg? I'm off to bed.01:53
gasullGorgatron: do you have sound at all?01:53
icedwaterfreaky[t]: I hear it does file-sharing, even.01:53
gpscuraI don't have anywhere to back up my data before partitioning, is 100% necessary to back up all the information before partitioning?01:53
icedwaterI haven't messed around with it that much though.01:53
arandWhat would I do to replace newlines in the emacs shipped in jaunty? I've tried *esc-% *ctrl+q *ctrl+j *enter.01:53
freaky[t]iceberg, pidgin does that too i think01:54
=== Guest75561 is now known as smokie
icedwatergpscura: Most of the time nothing goes wrong, but when it does ... well.01:54
mdturnerwhere are evolution emails stored on my system?01:54
kankan_where is xorg.conf in karmic?01:54
Jordan_UYackityYak: Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology, it's a feature of hard drive hardware that records things like how many read error there are and other warning signs of disk failure01:54
K_Dallaskankan_, I think it doesnt have one but i might be totally wrong01:54
icedwaterfreaky[t]: I know, but I was hoping it could be used as a file-sharing app on a local network or something.01:54
fcuk112kankan_: /etc/X11/01:54
gasullGorgatron: This was my problem before: http://unixmen.com/linux-tutorials/525-resolve-nosound-problem-on-ubuntu910-karmic-koala  Hope this helps01:54
icedwaterWishful thinking perhaps :)01:54
YackityYakJordan_U: how can things get worse?01:55
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install  , what to do ? thanks01:55
freaky[t]icedwater, ah ok ... but that doesnt help me ;D01:55
kankan_fcuk112:are you ure?in karmic?01:55
GorgatronDoes anyone know how to fix the no sound in flash players?01:55
Jordan_UYackityYak: Your hard drive could actually fail and lose all your data01:55
gabehello, I'd like to know where is the best place to put a flash player plugin for 64-bit version01:55
gabeI mean what directory01:55
gpscuraicedwater: ...it looks like i will have to get some way to back up the information before doing anything. Thank you for the help01:56
Jordan_UYackityYak: You can see why smart is reporting that failure is likely by clicking "More information" in palimpsest01:56
fcuk112kankan_: yes, i have it there.01:56
YackityYakJordan_U:  should I turn it off until I get another hdd?01:56
rampage73any one got time for a simple mount problem in 9.1001:56
mdturnerdoes anyone know where evolution emails are stored?01:57
trancexplease help :(01:57
rampage73i cannot mount an internal sata hard drive since i upgraded to karmic 9.10 anyone able to help?01:57
YackityYakJordan_U: it says "Read Error Rate"01:57
qdbhello. if i uninstall PA does its options be saved?01:57
Jordan_UYackityYak: Depends on how important the data on it is01:57
alankilaqdb: as general rule, yes. The configuration files under /etc are saved unless the package is purged01:57
davidkarrI'm having issues with my new 9.10 install freezing (mouse still moves, but everything is dead). Some posts indicate this is a problem with my Intel 82845G graphics, and the driver version for it. It never freezes while I'm using it, just after I've left it for a while, like overnight.01:58
mdturnerdoes anyone know where evolution emails are stored?01:58
colloguycan I have upstart run an application on my behalf, without root priv ?01:58
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install and try update kde to 4.3.3 , what to do ? thanks01:58
t0rcis there a way to watch what someone is doing in the terminal if they log in via ssh?01:58
w1redohiya all01:58
qdbalankila, what in home directory?01:59
Jordan_UYackityYak: With an encrypted drive recovering files after parts of the drive are unreadable is much harder01:59
sunray_majordavidkarr.......you need new video driver01:59
trancexthanks for the "support"01:59
qdbi think also not deleted01:59
YackityYakJordan_U: it says "Read Error Rate", what does that mean?01:59
Jordan_Ut0rc: Yes, via screendump02:00
sunray_majort0rc.....look over their shoulder while they type02:00
MoTectrancex: thanks for the sarcasm02:00
mbrigdanWhy does the karmic upgrade want to install apache?02:00
tol0zaI invite friends to comment on my project to install Ubuntu on interaction : I invite friends to comment on my project to install Ubuntu on interaction02:00
sunray_majortrancex...bugger off02:00
t0rcJordan_U, thanks02:00
JoshuaP0x1I share out my printer from ubuntu. I can see it on the windows machine for a littlw while and then I can not. I try to print from teh windows box and the printer is offline02:00
Jordan_Ut0rc: np, but don't be invading peoples privacy02:00
tol0za I invite friends to comment on my project to install Ubuntu on interaction  : http://eltoloza.comli.com/tutorial/installUbuntu.htm02:00
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install  , what to do ? thanks02:00
Jordan_Ut0rc: If you are going to be monitoring what they do add a banner clearly stating as much02:01
t0rcJordan_U, lol not going to. A friend is bad with linux, want to show him some nice commands and what I'm doing. :p02:01
YackityYakJordan_U: it says "Read Error Rate", what does that mean?02:01
trancexwhy no one help me !!!02:01
Jordan_Ut0rc: screen is a better tool for that02:01
Jordan_Ut0rc: That way you can both share a terminal02:01
Jordan_U!patience | trancex02:02
ubottutrancex: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org while you wait.02:02
Jumpercan anyone help me02:02
trancexJordan_u i dont ask quickly and i saerch in ubuntu02:02
Jumperi need to upload 9.10 but am stuck in terminal02:02
rampage73Jumper, not sure whats the trouble02:02
Heimskautarefurdo you read me?02:02
jon5000i have been using karmic for a few weeks and just returned to the pc for the first time in a week.  went to update manager and when it tried to DL the files it reported that some were missing and couldnt be installed.  at the end i got a list of errors.  all were 404 errors with an ip address.  do i need to do something different?02:03
Jordan_Utrancex: I meant more the point about "don't feel ignored, if anyone knows the answer they will help"02:03
tol0zaI invite friends to comment on my project to install Ubuntu on interaction  : http://eltoloza.comli.com/tutorial/installUbuntu.htm02:03
Jumperdo i pm some1 or just stae question02:03
mbrigdanWhy does the karmic upgrade want to install apache?02:03
rampage73Jumper, just state question02:04
=== jenik[lf_reset] is now known as jenik
sunray_majortrancex....If you are not willing to research for yourself or have some patience why don't you just stick with windows?02:04
Jumperi am stuck in terminal with cd boot diics in drive02:04
t0rcmbrigdan, it shouldn't afaik. You must have it already installed and it's trying to update it.02:04
Jumperand 9.04 on desktop already02:04
trancexsunray_major because i want linux if you dont want to help just shut up02:04
judamanHey guys I am on 9.10 and using firefox, does anyone know how I could remove firefox cookies and cache via the command line?02:04
trancexwho are you that you tell me what use02:04
Jumperbut got error UUIN mount fail02:04
Proteus_evening, all. I'm trying to recover some files from a hosed wubi virtual drive from within windows xp but I can't seem to get ext2 IFS, explore2fs, and whatnot to work. I just want to recover some docs and my firefox session manager data. any ideas? any help would be greatly appreciated.02:04
YackityYakJordan_U: it says "Read Error Rate", what does that mean?02:04
kankan_can i install linuxmint 7 theme in karmic?02:05
mbrigdant0rc: Well, it isn't installed, but I've had problems before with it coming back over and over again in updates. I'll purge all apache related packages and try again02:05
Jumperrampage73 can i pm02:05
t0rcthat is peculiar02:05
rampage73Jumper, ok i got you are in a terminal with a boot cd in the drive and that you have an uuid error are the boot cds ubuntu 9.10?02:05
rampage73Jumper, sure02:05
t0rcmbrigdan, do a search for apache in installed packages through synaptic02:06
Proteus_general info for easily acessing ext3 partititons would be helpful, but at the moment I'm just trying to recover my wubi root.disk data02:06
kankan_jordan_u:hallo!!i am facing a problem.i have no xorg.conf file in X11.i am using karmic02:07
sontekHey, when trying to add a umask in fstab I'm getting unrecognized mount option... is this because of ext4?02:07
pleintonpipecan anybody help me? Since I,ve installed the 9.10 patch im restricted to a 800 by 600 max. I cant find any drivers from the hardware-driver app. .02:07
JoshuaP0x1I want to exit a .conf file. What is a text editor I can use to do so?02:07
judamanHey guys I am on 9.10 and using firefox, does anyone know how I could remove firefox cookies via the command line?02:07
mbrigdant0rc: The only related ones seem to be the Apache Runtime Library, php5-cgi, and libtomcat02:07
getwebitanyone would know why I cant right click on the desktop?02:07
mbrigdant0rc: I do use a webserver though (lighttpd) and I'm hesitant to remove php5-cgi02:08
trancex my panel change automically right to left / left to right after every restart/shutdown . i tired after fresh install  what to do02:08
alechelp please: i just installed ubuntu and already the disk is full - i installed gparted, but I'm not even sure which partition ubuntu is on.  can anyone help?02:08
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, i wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:08
kankan_rampage73:can i get some help?02:09
davidkarrCan someone tell me how to get back the update notification icons in 9.10?02:09
pleintonpipecan anybody help me? Since I,ve installed the 9.10 patch im restricted to a 800 by 600 max. I cant find any drivers from the hardware-driver app. .02:09
YackityYaktrancex: what do you mean?02:10
rampage73kankan_, i can try that is all i will guarantee02:10
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, i wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:10
trancexYakicyiYak : if my panel with the menu is right to left so after restart my pannl will be left to right02:10
kankan_rampage73:hallo!!i am facing a problem.i have no xorg.conf file in X11.i am using karmic02:10
getwebiton jaunty, anyone would know why I cant create a shortcut on the desktop? actually cant right click02:10
kankan_jordan_u:compiz-check gives me the result "Error: Software Rasterizer in use"pls help me.desktop effects cud not be enabled02:11
trancexexample : if my clock in left after restart will be in left02:11
sekyourboxQuick question: I want to take my wireless connection, and route it to a regular ethernet card. Can i just set up a static route?02:11
Samuli^getwebit, are you sure nautilus is drawing the desktop?02:11
arandgetwebit: have you disabled nautilus draw-desktop?02:11
sekyourboxand then use a crossover cable to the other machine?02:11
trancexRight to left or left to right after every restart . ( maybe because my language is right to left ? :)02:11
trancex) *02:11
getwebiti am not sure?02:11
colloguydoes anyone know the command to restart nautilus, without logging out and with the proper parent?02:11
getwebithow dou disable the draw02:12
kankan_rampage73:compiz-check gives me the result "Error: Software Rasterizer in use"pls help me.desktop effects cud not be enabled02:12
arandgetwebit: check in "gconf-editor" (run in terminal)02:12
YackityYaktrancex: what language?02:12
rampage73kankan_, have you tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?02:12
trancexYackityYak : hebrew02:12
Samuli^getwebit, you're not using netbook-remix are you?02:13
getwebitnetbook remix jaunty02:13
trancexafter fresh install my start menu in right and clock in left , after restart its different . and then in loop02:13
arandgetwebit: /apps/nautilus/preferences/show_desktop is where you want to check that02:13
getwebitthank you02:13
arandgetwebit: oh, if you're on UNR I don't know if that applies02:13
Samuli^getwebit, there's yer problem. For the netbook-launcher (the menu on the desktop) to work it needs nautilus to not draw the desktop02:13
getwebitwill take a peek02:14
Samuli^getwebit, do NOT enable nautilus to draw desktop, it will make a mess of the launcher02:14
getwebithad to say 9.10 was very buggy on a netbook and re-installed 9.0402:14
kankan_rampage73:what shud i do?02:14
pleintonpipecan anybody help me? Since I,ve installed the 9.10 patch im restricted to a 800 by 600 max.02:14
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, i wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:15
trancexmaybe because after every restart i have a error 1152X764 failed or something ?02:15
bimalhow to configure wifi in 9.0402:15
rampage73kankan_, from terminal and as root # type this in without quotes and hit enter "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg"02:16
Mike_lifeguardHow can I get bash to stop expanding tildes in paths? I have 'set expand-tilde off' in ~/.inputrc and /etc/inputrc, to no avail.02:16
trancexok no one want help ?02:16
MoTectrancex: more likely nobody knows what you're talking about02:17
pleintonpipehelp plz! Since I,ve installed the 9.10 patch im restricted to a 800 by 600 max resolution.02:17
Samuli^trancex, it's not don't want to.. more like don't know how to.02:17
mbrigdanDoes anyone know if support for lighttpd is continued in karmic?02:17
Samuli^trances, I suggest you do a search on ubuntuforums.org02:18
Mike_lifeguardmbrigdan: almost certainly yes02:18
kankan_rampage73:i did it.now?02:18
trancexMoTeC  : if my clock in left like english language , after restart my clock will be right like my language hebrew , and it happen every restart02:18
mr_frosteebimal....was it working before 9.04?02:18
lstarnesmr_frostee: yes02:18
coordinadori have a problem with my network adapter, in ubuntu karmic, my computer is a dell poweredge t300, the network adapter is an intel gigabit02:18
bimalit was working in kubuntu and 8.102:18
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, i wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:19
davidkarr I'm having issues with my new 9.10 install freezing (mouse still moves, but everything is dead). Some posts indicate this is a problem with my Intel 82845G graphics, and the driver version for it. It never freezes while I'm using it, just after I've left it for a while, like overnight. I noticed a link that said to add "ppa:ubunutu-x-swat/x-updates" to my software sources. I did an update after that, but I don't think I got02:19
mbrigdanMike_lifeguard: Its just that the upgrade wants to install apache, and I'm thinking that the only reason would be if I can't have lighttpd anymore. It also wants to drop selinux and install apparmor. Is that normal?02:19
davidkarr anything like a driver update.02:19
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, i wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:19
mr_frosteeCheck your network card drivers.  I had that problem with 9.1002:19
bimali was able to oing to my router/modem02:19
kankan_rampage73:still i have no xorg.conf.is it hidden?02:19
MoTectrancex: I understand now, but have no ideas.02:19
Mike_lifeguardmbrigdan: no clue, sorry02:19
bimalbut unable to ping to google02:19
rampage73no it should be in /etc/X1102:19
trancexMotec : you understand my problem ?02:20
kankan_rampage73:i did it.noluck.02:20
rampage73kankan_, sry no it should be in /etc/X1102:20
bimalmr_frstee driver is working02:20
MoTectrancex: i understand what is happening but not how to resolve it.02:20
Samuli^trancex, silly question, but have you locked the menu, clock etc?02:21
rampage73kankan_, so still stuck in terminal?02:21
mr_frosteebimal try System|Administration|Hardware Drivers and see if you can update your network card driver02:21
trancexyes i locked.02:21
Samuli^really weird bug02:21
bimaliwconfig,iwlan are all working02:21
kankan_no.i closed it02:21
bimaland i was able to ping to my router but not to google02:22
mr_frosteeDid you try my suggestion?02:22
rampage73kankan_, you have gui desktop?02:22
raffertyHi all. Does anyone know of a program or desklet that will allow me to watch Fox New, CNN, CNBC live???02:23
mr_frosteebimal.....I had the same problem on my netbook when I upgraded to 9.1002:23
rampage73kankan_, what do you need xorg.conf for then ?02:23
ZaNeIuMcan i make windows with gradient colors with compiz?02:23
bimalmr_frostee: do u fixed it?02:23
rampage73kankan_, not to mention i am not even sure how that is possible02:23
kankan_i am not able to enable compiz.02:24
rampage73kankan_, to not have a xorg.conf and have a gui desktop that is02:24
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mbrigdanAnyone help me? Karmic upgrade wants to install apache, and I don't know why02:24
skyl<object data="out.ogv" type="video/ogv" />02:24
arandWhat would I do to replace newlines in the emacs shipped in jaunty? I've tried *esc-% *ctrl+q *ctrl+j *enter.02:24
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sekyourboxhow do I route traffic from auth0 to eth0, so I can plug a different computer into eth0 and get internet :)02:25
mustakrakishso im getting an error for my pgp key to update with the repo's, how would i go about reloading the key?02:25
luis_there is not another IRC channel than can help me with my problem?02:25
luis_I don't understand why kbluetooth micro icon is in gray and doesn't start or let me configure it, I wanna pass some files, I need help guys I wanna use my Laptop Bluetooth02:25
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rampage73kankan_, sry then i am not sure never ran into that one02:26
caseydI set up TOR with these instructions.. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TOR , It works great from that computer, but I would like to connect to the privoxy server from other computers on my network.. what do I need to enable, it seems to only accept connections from itself02:26
sekyourboxcaseyd, you dont need privoxy02:26
lstarnescaseyd: you would need to configure privoxy or tor to accept connections from instead of
ZaNeIuMplease :)02:26
rampage73sekyourbox, you want to route traffic?02:27
caseydthanks =)02:27
sekyourboxrampage73, can this be done from wireless to ethernet02:27
tsunamihow can I search with regex and nano?02:27
tsunamii see some regex option "M-R"02:28
rampage73sekyourbox, afaik it can i am doing something similar with mine now using iptables02:28
tsunamibut have no idea what key command that is02:28
skylis there a BSD/MIT licensed flashplayer for the web?02:28
sekyourboxI know cisco stuff, but never worked with iptables and such02:28
skylor is that nonsense02:28
maple1fuck ubuntu02:28
sekyourboxkick maple102:28
Habanosweet a support page for ubuntu02:29
tsunamiangry maple102:29
colloguyHow would I start a process via a script, as if it was started from the GUI, with ppid 1? (I don't have root priv).02:29
rampage73sekyourbox, ah ok let me make sure i know this though are both interfaces (wifi and ethernet) on 1 linux box?02:29
trism_tsunami: should be alt+r02:29
tsunamithanks trism_02:29
tsunamii'll see if i can get that02:29
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mustakrakishneed help with PGP key for repo's http://paste.ubuntu.com/316517/02:30
rampage73sekyourbox, i can relate to the cisco / linux difference :)02:30
sekyourboxI have 1 wireless card that has internet, and 2 nics that I want to route internet traffic to other computers or another router02:31
Jumperhow do i find what kernel i running now02:31
Jumperin terminal?02:31
lstarnesJumper: uname -a02:31
MeXTuXI want grub to ask me for a password when I try to boot the fifth option from the menu (windows xp). I don't understand grub2 :(02:31
sekyourboxrampage73, sorry about the poor communication. Long day at work a few too many beers02:32
mbrigdanAnyone help me? Karmic upgrade wants to install apache, and I don't know why02:32
maple1I love ubuntu02:32
sekyourboxI'm cursed working on wintel servers02:32
maple1WINDOWS IS FUN02:32
GatoLokomaple1: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.02:32
rampage73sekyourbox, that is ok i am having a minor set back at the moment anyway on e of my 2 screens just went black and would'nt you know it was the one with the taskbar02:33
HabanoI love the os im just lost on the tars gooies etc02:33
WolfcastleI like ubuntu but I think kde is going to surpass gnome if it's not already done that02:34
sekyourboxlol, linux is great at video and graphics02:34
Wolfcastlehaven't tried the latest versions02:34
MoTecWolfcastle: use kubuntu then :)02:34
maple1so how about windows 7?02:34
WolfcastleMoTec: hehe ok fair enough02:34
sekyourboxI have a machine with windows 7 on it02:34
sekyourboxThey actually didnt do a bad job, but I dont use it.. I have 9.04 on there now02:35
ArsinCan anyone help me with GParted02:35
sekyourboxI like how they beefed up WMI02:35
PorkSodaAny one aware of another flash player/plugin other than adobe-flashplugin and gnash?02:36
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash02:36
WhiteDawnhow is gnash?02:36
ArsinEverytime I make a partiton on my flash drive, only one partition works the other comes out as "Unknown"02:36
cappicardgah... i hate when my tv tuner comes out blue...02:36
skyl<object data="video.avi" type="video/avi" />  firefox find no plugins :(02:36
cappicardlike watching smurfs on mythbusters02:36
sekyourboxWhats the best way to remote into a machine, and control what is goin on on the screen in realtime?  Install a secure trojan?02:37
MoTecsekyourbox: probably vnc02:37
sekyourboxI have one computer on my lap, and one hooked up to the tv, and i want to change the show without getting up...02:37
WhiteDawnvnc will work with that02:37
PorkSodasekyourbox, vnc > ssh02:37
WhiteDawnbut it has a bit of lag, even over lan02:37
sekyourboxbecause of ssh?02:38
WhiteDawnnot sure02:38
sekyourboxthats alright, as long as i can change the show02:38
ArsinMy flash wont function properly on firefox, I can't click the button to start video on Megavideo02:38
knoppiesI think vnc's lag is from the server, the server only grabs the screen every so many hundred milliseconds02:38
WhiteDawni tried it with my media center, you basicly have to move the mouse while looking at tv02:38
knoppiesif you can see your server machine, then you can see what I mean.02:38
WolfcastleArsin, I have the same problem02:39
Wolfcastlehappens sometimes02:39
Wolfcastlebut try using the keyboard, should work02:39
WhiteDawnArsin: Hey I had that problem too, you can etheir disable compiz, or hold right mousebutton down and left click on what you want to click02:39
sekyourboxI guess I can log into a remote shell and launch the url I want.  What would the command be to make it go into full screen02:39
gasullHi. I was using Debian Lenny previously and saved the list of programs installed with dpkg --get-selections.  Should I reinstall them now in Ubuntu Karmic with dpkg --set-selections, or is it looking for trouble?  Thanks.02:41
rampage73sekyourbox, sorry about that had to reboot02:41
Jordan_Ugasull: Probably asking for trouble02:42
BDOTHWhat changed in the new release? I mean the previous one worked better in a lot of ways. Web surfing was faster, VLC or Totem didn't crash when watching a DVD. SO what happend?02:42
toubabIs there a way to 'reset' a terminal window back to the default usr@compname:~$02:42
gasullJordan_U: I guess this was wishful thinking :)02:42
WhiteDawntoubab: cd ~02:42
angelushi guys, i want to try out the ff3.6 beta, but i dont want to change the current addons i have (which will inevitably happen as the version is different) , not do i want to have it check for my addons everytime, i tried different profiles, but when i change the firefox versions (i.e. from 3.5 to 3.6), i get the previous profile, is there a way i can make the 3.6 always use profileA and 3.5 always use profileB ??02:42
getwebitty samuli02:42
knoppiestoubab, I know you can type in 'clear' but not sure if that resets it.02:42
gasullJordan_U: thanks02:42
sekyourboxrampage73, oh no.. You tried hard to not reboot, didnt yo?02:43
Jordan_Ugasull: np02:43
rampage73sekyourbox, if you are still looking for a way to route traffic between wifi and ethernet then go here and look at my script that i use http://pastebin.com/da9c3c02:43
Jumpercan someone help me get rid of older versions of ubuntu to install 9.1002:43
toubabI'm using the terminal screenlet and after launching xchat it gave me an error02:43
yoasifBDOTH: updated packages, audio fixes, new kernel, etc etc02:43
rampage73sekyourbox, yes i tried hard not to but when you cannot do anything that is what the reset button is for02:43
BDOTHWell the updates are broken. Older version works better.02:44
toubaband now the cursor is blank instead of being after usr@desktop:~$, can't figure out how to get it back to where i can type commands02:44
angelusthanks folks, i got my answer.02:44
Jordan_UJumper: What do you mean "get rid of"? You can install one version replacing the other, or upgrade02:44
yoasifBDOTH: basically lots of fixes, although there are always opportunities for regressions02:44
Jumperit not working m802:44
Jumpergetting UUID error02:44
freaky[t]can anyone tell me where i can get the karmic-backports key?02:44
freaky[t]because it tells me packages can't be authenticated02:44
yoasifBDOTH: yeah, you may want to file bug reports if that is the case, heh02:44
sekyourboxrampage73, nice, I dont need to let ICMP traffic through, so no problems there02:45
Jordan_Utoubab: You can't get back to the terminal without stopping the command you last ran02:45
Jordan_Ufreaky[t]: Try just running sudo apt-get update again02:45
WhiteDawntoubab: try hitting ctrl+c on your keyboard02:45
BDOTHI would file bug reports but the bug report window opens, and then closes it's self with in seconds. Same problem with DVD playback in VLC or Totem02:45
freaky[t]Jordan_U, ok thanks02:45
sekyourboxrampage73, I'll try this out and see whats going on.. Thanks, ill let you know02:45
rampage73sekyourbox, yea you can just remove that line or comment it out02:45
Jordan_Ufreaky[t]: np02:45
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rampage73sekyourbox, np02:46
toubabSo when I shut down xchat it should reset the terminal i guess02:46
Jordan_Utoubab: Yes02:46
sekyourboxxchat is crap02:46
Jordan_Utoubab: If you want to start a program in the background you would do something like "xchat &"02:46
BDOTHThese problems are on my dads computer. He's the one who uses Ubuntu, personally I use straight up Debian.02:46
yoasifBDOTH: surprising, ubuntu /is/ debian sid basically heh02:47
theronanyone having issues running tangerine on 9.10?02:47
toubabThanks for the help, going to keep messing with it02:48
agusj_anyone ever install ubuntu alternate without cdrom?02:48
sekyourboxDebian, Devil exists between intelligence and nonsense02:48
WhiteDawnhaha nice sekyourbox02:48
* knoppies likes seyourbox's comment.02:48
BDOTHYoasif: I'd use Ubuntu, but I already have my Debian fine tuned just the way I want it.  By the time I finish tweaking Ubuntu, it's only going to have 30% of it's former glory left to it.02:48
rampage73sekyourbox, LOL02:49
test34How can I set the mplayer codecs to be the system's default?02:49
BDOTHIn other news, I shocked myself today while testing a power supply. More at eleven.02:50
MoTecBDOTH: consider using a powersupply tester instead of your tongue..  That works for a 9v battery but not much else...02:50
knoppiesBDOTH, good to know you were still able to join us.02:50
sekyourboxI had a power supply arch and burn my arm02:50
sekyourboxa few times02:51
knoppiessekyourbox, you still got the marks to prove it?02:51
sekyourboxHP SFF desktops hat that issue02:51
JuJuBeeAfter a recent update, I can't get nfs-kernel-server to start.  Any suggestions?02:51
sekyourboxno, it didnt burn that bad02:51
knoppiessekyourbox, another reason to stay away from HP.02:51
BDOTHMine did arch on me. It practically jumped up and grabbed me.02:51
sekyourboxI worked for a company that took in hundreds of computers. we refurbshed,recycled, and data wiped... fun fun02:51
BDOTHDarn colder year, makes static to be feared.02:51
WhiteDawnI was shocked by a 100v capacitor :\ still have a scar02:52
dennis__has anyone had success in compiling the module for ov51xj-peg driver02:52
qdbi have uninstalled pa in ubuntu 9.04. restarted. now no sound of totem.02:52
carleeBDOTH: its already -1 degrees C in canada!02:52
sekyourboxwhitedawn, how many pF's?02:52
BDOTHWell I got zapped by a 1050watt power supply. Still stings from the burning sensation.02:52
WhiteDawncarlee: its 5degrees C in my canada02:53
sekyourboxBDOTH, careful, people die from that02:53
WhiteDawnsekyourbox: don't remember, was a few years back02:53
BDOTHI thought I grounded my self well enough, I put my wire band on and connected to the case.02:53
knoppiesBDOTH, I think you should consider putting your 1kW surge to better use.02:54
carleeWhiteDawn: hmm i think my cellphone temperature app needs some tuneing...02:54
BDOTHGood thing I didn't have that wire band wrapped around my third arm.02:54
SeaPhorBDOTH, did you discharge the psp after unplugging the AC but before unplugging the periferals?02:55
sekyourboxI never ground myself, I gound the machine by plugging it in02:55
BDOTHI do have it on a surge, I have such dirty power in my area I have to run it through two monster power strips. Each cost 90 bucks02:55
BDOTHyes I did all that02:55
agusj_help me install ubuntu alternate without cdrom02:56
tsunamiriddle me this: printf 'loooong string \\\rshorter string\n'  Why does my short string have a \ after it!?!02:56
tsunamiif I dump that to a file and nano it I can see it doesn't02:56
tsunamibut if I cat that file I get the same result02:56
carleeagusj_: you can try using unetbootin02:56
arandtsunami: \n is the newline02:57
WhiteDawnagusj_: unetbootin works very nice,02:57
tsunamiarand: right, but why does a \ get printed02:57
BDOTHI wish I had access to my main computer. I knew this script where if you type in in terminal you can listen to the kernel. It's just static, kinda like what you hear on dialup modem.02:57
tsunamiexample: printf 'loooong string \\\rshorter string\n' >  tmp.txt02:57
tsunamicat tmp.txt02:57
tsunaminano tmp.txt02:58
PP188can anyone help me? how do I see the states table of iptables working on stateful mode ?02:58
eatloafi get the following error when trying to copy a file of an external drive: "cp: not writing through dangling symlink"  what's wrong?02:58
carleewhats the difference between the ubuntu version of firefox and the mozilla version... i had problems with firefox restoring all my tabs when i start up the computer, so one day, i installed the mozilla version. problem vanished. just vurious.02:58
sekyourboxI made a vb script at work, that could take 2 peoples jobs.. But since its part of what I do sometimes, ill keep it on the dl02:59
rampage73PP188, iptables -L?02:59
knoppiesBDOTH, I accidentally put the aux in for the car stereo against the gear lever, and I could hear the diesel engine running through it.02:59
carleeeatloaf: means you have a broken symlink02:59
new_to_linuxI need help02:59
agusj_I have used it, installation cannot continue coz it cannot detect and mount cdrom02:59
new_to_linuxthere is no install button in ubuntu software centre02:59
knoppiesnew_to_linux, just ask your question, we will then be able to help you.02:59
eatloafcarlee: how do i find that broken symlink?02:59
carleeeatloaf: which means that the symlink is pointing to a non-existing file02:59
new_to_linuxknoppies: i just switched to linux and firefox does not have java installed03:00
carleeeatloaf: try to open it in a file manager and youll find out03:00
eatloafit "cat's" just fine.03:00
new_to_linuxi tried to install java, but cant :(03:00
eatloafcarlee: I can 'cat' the file fine.03:00
knoppiesnew_to_linux, lm gonna see where to get java from, give me a sec03:01
rampage73new_to_linux, for the install button you have to find the package first then double clik it03:01
BDOTHHere is something totally awesome, my buddy Ray just finished porting direct X  10 to fedora. Now only if I had my video card, it'd so play some Crisis with him now.03:01
eatloafcarlee: oh! i think i've found it. the dest might be broken.03:01
carleeeatloaf: there ya go03:01
eatloafcarlee: thanks that was it.03:02
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new_to_linuxrampage73: it does not lead to install button.. the package name tab opens and it says: Not available for your hardware architecture.03:02
ChaituGreetings All. I am trying to install new themes from desktop settings --> new themes --> install - however, I dont see the installed themes in the drop down menu. Can someone help me with that please?03:03
rampage73new_to_linux, ah well that is there to keep you from installing something that will most likely break your machine03:03
rampage73new_to_linux, are you running 64bit or something?03:04
new_to_linuxrampage73: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/46495903:04
PP188rampage73: I think iptables -L shows me the chain rules03:04
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sekyourboxrampage73, I dont understand what this thing is doing.. You delete the chain, and user defined chain, and then delete them from the nat table?03:04
Chaituor a better way of installing new themes would be greatly appreciated03:04
new_to_linuxrampage73: yes my hardware is 64 bit but i installed the normal ubuntu 9.1003:04
sekyourboxthen you add your own broadcast to the next nic03:05
WhiteDawnanyone know how to temporarly disable compiz? i tried metacity --replace & but that just causes problems. And disabling it under apperance loses my settings in compiz03:05
freaky[t]hi all. is there a key-combo for forcing a program to quit?03:05
rampage73PP188, sorry thought you might have be3en looking for more than i knew it is a start though it should be at least part of what you are looking for03:05
freaky[t]like CTRL+ALT+ESC forkde?03:05
tplackHow are ops marked in here?03:05
PP188rampage73: no problem, anyway thank you for your answer!03:05
sekyourboxI have yet to try to get compiz to work other than from the gui03:05
rampage73new_to_linux, that might be why then but i am not the expert on it by any means03:05
Chaitucan anyone help me with installing new themes please? or do we have any app which will help us ?03:06
eatloafWhich Diff tool is the best / easiest for merging conf files: Meld, Diffuse, or Easy Diff ?03:06
rampage73PP188, np03:06
new_to_linuxrampage73: what to do :( ... i cant do anything in ubuntu ... cant install anything .. what do i do?03:06
sekyourboxman ubuntu03:06
sekyourboxNo manual entry for ubuntu03:07
rampage73sekyourbox, ok i wil ltry and confuse u as i once was (who am i kidding i still am)03:07
freaky[t]hi all. is there any key-combo for forcing a program to quit? like CTRL+ALT+ESC for kde?03:07
new_to_linuxi download jre-6u17-linux-i586-rpm.bin from java site but cant find a way to install it as well03:07
new_to_linuxcan anyone please help03:08
rampage73sekyourbox, the first line enables the linux machine to route packets (the one that starts with echo) the 4 lines that flush the tables are for when you re-run the script it will clear them out and then reapply them03:08
new_to_linuxWhiteDawn: what is synaptic?03:08
rampage73sekyourbox, of course the ping line you do not need03:08
Jordan_UChaitu: Open System > Preferences > Appearance, choose install, and select the theme file03:09
SeaPhornew_to_linux, why would you download that and more- why would you try to install a package that isnt for the deb fs?03:09
paissad-hphi all03:09
paissad-hpthe tree finger salute does not work with me , it"s really weird and a little annoying ! how can i solve that ?03:09
paissad-hpthanks in advance for helping03:10
UruzUhm, ctrlaltdel doesn't work the same in ubuntu?03:10
ChaituJordan_U, : once I install, it doesnt show the installed theme in drop down menu03:10
rampage73sekyourbox, and masquerading line masks everything behind the linux router (the ethernet for instance) on that subnet out the eth2 in my example in your case it would be your wifi adapter03:10
Jordan_UUruz: It's disabled by default ( in all distributions )03:10
sekyourboxif I flush iptables, wont that take out any security rules for incomming packets?03:10
sanubuntuguys, can anybody tell me whats up with the gnome panel?  on adding a new user i only get one panel instead of two, so where do apps/windows go when you minimize?03:11
paissad-hpUruz, you were talking to me ?03:11
The_JourneyI need help, Ubuntu is freezing randomly on me, only hard reboot works03:11
sekyourboxrampage73,if I flush iptables, wont that take out any security rules for incomming packets?03:11
rampage73sekyourbox, yes it will as well as stop allowing traffic to pass through03:11
rampage73sekyourbox, basically it will be really secure at that point as nothing should pass through it03:12
Gorgatronhi guys03:12
armageddon09@sanubuntu: right click on the existing panel and select add new panel03:12
WhiteDawnrampage73: just as secure as unpluging the ethernet cable03:12
rampage73sekyourbox, kind of like having a cisco acl that just has 1 line access-list 1 deny any any03:13
rampage73sekyourbox, yep03:13
openbackdoes anyone here have experience with WoW in ubuntu? I have a very fast system & fast nvidia card, yet I only get 20fps in ultra mode. I'm using the nvidia driver and opengl already03:13
rampage73sekyourbox, well unpluggin is probably more secure03:13
sanubuntuarmageddon09: i do that, but the new panel doesn't receive the minimized apps either03:13
rampage73WhiteDawn,  well unpluggin is probably more secure03:14
microlithopenback: ultra mode? do you have shadows maxed too?03:14
armageddon09@sanubuntu: then right click on the new panel and select add to panel and select window button(or something like that)03:14
RoeyHey all... why does my SD card suddenly not identify teh filesystem when I use 'mount'??  Also,  when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?03:14
freaky[t]isn't there any key combo to be able to kill an application?03:14
Jordan_Uopenback: Try the latest version of whine from http://www.winehq.org/ and / or try asking in #winehq03:14
freaky[t]like CTRL+ALT+ESC for KDE (Kubuntu)?03:14
openbackmicrolith: It won't let me even move that slider from Low, but everything else is maxed and only 20fps. I have an Nvidia gtx 295!03:15
greezmunkeyfreaky[t], in a term sudo killall (name of app)03:15
magicuscould anyone point me towards a faq for installing xbmc on ubuntu 9.1?03:15
freaky[t]greezmunkey, yea but i mean an easier way03:15
sanubuntuarmageddon09: hmmmm, not sure i understand, but i'll keep messing with it untill i completely screw it up prolly .. :P03:15
freaky[t]like ctrl+alt+esc03:15
openbackJordan_U: yeah, I just realized that they would have their own channel, haha03:15
armageddon09sanubuntu: did you right click on the new panel and select add new applet?03:16
greezmunkeyfreaky[t], I have a forced quit button that resides on the bar at the top of the screen, click that once, then click the app and it's gone.03:16
ChaituHello All.  Does anyone use Emrald and recommend it?03:17
freaky[t]greezmunkey, yes, i know about that one, but i would prefer a key combo03:17
WhiteDawnchaitu: no i dont, its slow and buggy03:17
sekyourboxrampage73, yea unplugging would be your best bet. could be a fake from china, that has a built in rootkit.03:17
sanubuntuarmageddon09: i don't see 'add new applet' when i right click on panel03:17
greezmunkeyfreaky[t], I don't know why that couldn't be bound to a ket sequence via a script...03:17
The_JourneyI need help, my ubuntu just froze again, I had to reboot, can anybody tell me why it's freezing randomly?03:18
ChaituWhiteDawn, : Thanks. Am trying to have nice themes and stuff installed. Just trying to make my desktop more colorful as I installed Linux for the first time... any recommendations?03:18
freaky[t]greezmunkey, ok nm, i've added that force quit button now too ;D03:18
greezmunkeyheh that'll do it03:18
armageddon09sanubuntu: sry it might be add to panel......actually i'm using kde rt now ...so..03:18
BDOTHIs there a way to get into the options window of firefox without opening a browser window?03:19
=== tyler is now known as T1119
armageddon09Chaitu: Try www.gnome-look.org03:19
WhiteDawnChaitu: The default gnome skin manager is nice and stable and then you can combine that with compiz effects and you can get a swankey desktop.03:19
T1119Hi all...was hoping someone might be able to help me get my Logitech USB microphone working...Im on Ubuntu 9.10 and it seems all the stuff i could find was on SUSE...anyone able to help?03:20
The_JourneyI need help, ubuntu is freezing randomly even when I have nothing up03:20
ChaituI've installed Kubuntu...03:20
WhiteDawnchaitu: http://www.kde-look.org/03:21
theronanyone else seeing issues with tangerine running on 9.10 or can verify that they're not seeing issues?  thanks.03:21
Chaitulol cool thanks WhiteDawn : )03:21
WhiteDawnchaitu: no problem, enjoy stable desktop :P03:21
T1119Hi all...was hoping someone might be able to help me get my Logitech USB microphone working...Im on Ubuntu 9.10 and it seems all the stuff i could find was on SUSE...anyone able to help? The deal is, when i plug it in...the sound mixer shows its plugged in...but i dont get sound out or in03:22
Chaituand one more question please, whats compiz ? it it a application that needs to be installed?03:22
WhiteDawnChaitu: it comes default in ubuntu, not sure about kubuntu, in any case it should be in hte repository03:22
McSettyyeah it comes with both03:22
McSettyChaitu you can configure it from System->Appearance->Desktop effects03:23
McSettyOops thats on Gnome not sure about KDE03:23
szalMcSetty: well, for KDE there's #kubuntu :P03:24
The_Journeycan anyone help me with my ubuntu freezing randomly? My video card is intel, I'm not sure what's wrong because it freezes even when I have nothing up03:24
McSettyYou can drop to the terminal and type compiz --replace in either though03:24
new_to_linuxthanks a lot everyone, nice helpful community03:24
brandenstoneHello... this OS is annoying. The windows are jumping and when I click with the mouse on buttons or menus--they won't open. It's also auto randomly selecting crap. Help???!!!03:24
Chaituumnn sorry... am new to linux so kinda lame questions... McSetty : are you saying typing compiz -- replace in terminal will show me that programme?03:24
szalThe_Journey: try diagnosing your hardware; you could start w/ running memtest86 from any Linux live CD03:25
sanubuntuarmageddon09: ok, i think i found what you're talking about, looks like the right thing .. i'll have to log out to the other user and try it03:25
WhiteDawnChaitu: it will start the compiz window manager03:25
brandenstoneMy hardware is fine since I built the computer and run other operating systems on it. :/03:25
soreauChaitu: compiz is already installed. If you go to Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects, anything other than None will be running compiz as your window manager03:25
Chaituok I will do that now and see whats it about03:25
The_Journeyszal, ok I will try that03:25
eatloafis there a way to launch a program from the launcher as root?03:25
szalChaitu: observe the exact typing03:26
WhiteDawnChaitu: if you want to change its settings install compiz config03:26
szaleatloaf: what for?03:26
McSettyT1119: from what I can tell there is no driver for this device03:26
eatloafszal: i want to launch Diffuse as root so i can merge my fstab.03:26
ChaituI don't see visual effects under system...03:26
Chaituam still looking03:26
paissad-hpi still haven't found how to active the three finger salute :-(03:27
szalwth is Diffuse?03:27
McSettystrangely i found a post where they state that it works with audacity might be worth a try03:27
soreauChaitu: Sys>Prefs>Appearance>Visual Effects. anything other than None will be running compiz as your window manager03:27
McSettyChaitu: type compiz --replace03:27
WhiteDawnChaitu: go to package manager and install compizconfig-settings-manager03:27
eatloafszal: diff/merge tool. but it happens often that i want to launch an app as root and don't always know how from the cmd line.03:28
McSettyI don't know the entry in KDE but the command line should work for either kubuntu or ubuntu03:28
T1119Hi all...was hoping someone might be able to help me get my Logitech USB microphone working...Im on Ubuntu 9.10 and it seems all the stuff i could find was on SUSE...anyone able to help? The deal is, when i plug it in...the sound mixer shows its plugged in...but i dont get sound out or in03:28
McSettyT1119: Apparently there is no driver according to the Logitech forums. I found another post that says it seems to work with audacity which seems confusing03:28
McSettygive audacity a try though03:28
szaleatloaf: try hitting Alt+F2, iirc it's the same shortcut in Gnome as in KDE for the application runner; there type sudo yourApp [option(s)]03:29
mgmuscari1is anybody else having problems clicking on embedded flash objects with the default flash player under 64 bit 9.10?03:29
sekyourboxrampage73, where did you type that? sudo gedit /etc/sysctl.conf ??03:29
Chaituok here's what I see  under appearance :  style , color , icons, themes,  fonts, windows,  gtk+ appreance, splash screen and emotions03:29
Chaituthats all I get to see there...03:29
pahomhi all03:30
insm0dmgmuscari1, I had that problem.  I had to install a different version of flashplayer03:30
eatloafszal: better than in a terminal but still a bit of a pain.  thanks. i'll use this.03:30
mgmuscari1insm0d: any indication of what the deal is?03:30
WhiteDawnmgmuscari: Its a problem with compiz, disable compiz or hold rightclick and hten press left click on what you want to click on03:30
mgmuscari1same problem with epiphany, firefox 3.5, chromium03:30
brandenstoneI'm lost and there's no one that can help. The windows work fine, other than when I click on them or hover over them, they begin to act wildly by randomly selecting windows, buttons, and etc... The menu bar works fine and other stuff. This is so annoying and yet so hard to know how to fix. It's hard to describe, but I know it's related to some settings some how. :( How do you use the Num pad again as a mouse? :/03:30
mgmuscari1WhiteDawn: lol... so somebody broke something between 9.04 and 9.10 then i guess03:31
mgmuscari1WhiteDawn: is it a bad key binding or something?03:31
Chaituok when I did compiz --replace - it says its not installed...03:31
WhiteDawnmgmuscaril: Yeah idk what it really is, it does only seem to happen in 9.10, some people fixed it and some ppl havent, i cant seem to find a fix myself03:32
soreauChaitu: xubuntu or kubuntu?03:32
ChaituKubuntu soreau03:32
ChaituInstalling it now.03:32
mgmuscari1iirc compiz now forces certain plugins to be enabled03:32
mgmuscari1such as window animations03:32
mgmuscari1maybe it's somehow related...03:32
soreauChaitu: Then you do need to install it. sudo apt-get install  compiz compizconfig-settings-manager  compiz-kde compiz-fusion-plugins-main compiz-fusion-plugins-extra  emerald librsvg2-common03:32
insm0dmgmuscari1, I think what I did was uninstalled the version that is installed by ubuntu and downloaded the tarball from adobe's site03:32
ChinaForgeHello,I have a problem.Upgrade to ubuntu 9.10(2.6.31-15),VMware Server 2.0.2 is wrong.Each reboot,vmware is can't run,must reconfig.how to solve?03:33
mgmuscari1insm0d: that fixed it for you?03:33
WhiteDawninsm0d: I did that myself but it didnt seem to work :(03:33
Chaitusoreau, : I did sudo apt-get install compiz wrapper as it said03:33
The_Journeyszal: I did the memtest and it returns nothing03:33
swolchokhas anyone tried to install phpbb3 with the sqlite backend on karmic? doesn't seem to work03:33
swolchok"populating database with SQL...segmentation fault"03:33
Chaituthen I did  compiz --replace03:33
McSettyChinaForge: you have to rebuild the kernel module03:33
insm0dmgmuscari1, WhiteDawn, I can't remember what I did :( It's working for me though03:34
paissad-hphow to set the font of the ttys .. when i do ctrl alt f1 for example for tty1 ?03:34
WhiteDawninsm0d: DO you have 64bit ?03:34
szalThe_Journey: how about CPU temperature?03:34
McSettyChinaForge: I can't remember the exact syntax but there is a shell script that will download the headers and build the module for you03:34
szalThe_Journey: other possible source of freezing -> dying PSU03:35
The_Journeyszal: I don't think it's a hardware problem, windows xp runs fine on this computer03:35
insm0dWhiteDawn, yes.  The flash version I'm using is 10.0 r32, and I guess I did install a deb of it.  Hold on one second and I'll try to find out what the package was called and what repository it's on03:35
freaky[t]how do I change the key map? because i have to press 2 times ^ to get the sign :( (german layout)03:35
webbb82does anyone know what the package "ubuntu-x" does  it says its a updated xorg software03:36
The_Journeyszal: so is there any other way I could figure out the problem?03:36
WhiteDawninsm0d: Thanks03:36
paissad-hphow to set the font of the ttys .. when i do ctrl alt f1 for example for tty1 ?03:36
WhiteDawnmgmuscaril: Yeah thats the site I landed on, maby i didnt follow the process right03:36
szalThe_Journey: you could check if SystemRescueCd has something for you; it comes w/ a host of diagnostic tools03:37
brandenstoneThat link is similar to my problem, but it's the OS causing the windows, effects... something.03:37
ChinaForgeMcSetty:Yes,i use a patch shell script to install,on 2.6.31-14 is good,but upgrade to 2.6.31-15 is wrong.03:37
brandenstoneIt's not isolated problem with just the Internet Browser.03:37
McSettyChinaForge: Did you download the headers for your kernel? I thought the script downloaded the kernel specific headers automaticallyt03:38
brandenstoneI've looked everywhere, but can't figure it out.03:38
The_Journeycan anyone help me with my ubuntu freezing randomly. windows xp runs fine on this computer but I dont want to go back to windows03:38
brandenstoneI'll attempt to be more descriptive. Here:03:38
bmatthewhello fellows03:38
bmatthewfine evening i dare say03:39
mgmuscari1when i read bug reports like this, it makes me wonder why the offending packages aren't just rolled back before the release is finalized03:39
szalThe_Journey: as I said, freezing is mostly hardware-related; run as much of diagnosis as you can..  the fact that your Windblows doesn't freeze is not an indicator to the contrary03:40
carlee_The_Journey: checked RAM using memtest yet?03:40
The_Journeyszal: yes memtest returned with 0 errors03:40
ChinaForgeMcSetty:I think i already download the headers for my kernel.how to verify?03:41
The_JourneyI don't understand how this could be a hardware problem, it ran fine with Jaunty03:42
The_JourneyI just updated to Karmic and the freezing starts03:42
McSettyChinaForge: sudo apt-get install kernel-headers03:42
ChinaForgeMcSetty:Yes i do.03:43
carlee_The_Journey: could be kernel problems. some people have been having some crashing/freezing with karmic kernels lately. in fact, i just had a kernel crash a few hours ago.03:43
McSettyHmmm sorry man I'm not sure then. If you have the headers and run the config script you should be good03:43
The_Journeycarlee: is there any fix for that?03:43
ChinaForgeMcSetty:If not install kernal03:43
McSettyChinaForge: try downloading an updated install package for vmware maybe?03:44
ChinaForgeMcSetty:If not install kernal headers can't install vmware server.03:44
namzezamVLC is unable to open the MRL 'alsa:///dev/audio'. Check the log for details <--- any help?03:44
carlee_The_Journey: theirs millions of possible kernel problems out there. devs already are working hard to patch the most problamatic ones. a good idea at this point would be to submit a bug report03:45
The_Journeycarlee: that03:45
McSettyChinaForge: Yeah im pretty sure its not working because the kernel module you built isn't compatible with your upgraded kernel you need the headers so the build script can build a new module03:45
ChinaForgeMcSetty:vmware nothing.google nothing.03:45
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KnifeySpooneyHi, for some reason, *sometimes* when I restart Karmic, my sound gets reset to the default Ubuntu settings -- muted and at like 3% volume. Any way to keep my settings from being reset?03:46
McSettyChinaForge: if you don't need vmware for a specific reason I would highly recommend virtualbox03:46
McSettyI've run both and had to rebuild the kernel a number of times with vmware and had poor performance with it as well comparitively03:46
webbb82has anyone installed gnome shell 3.0 beta03:47
namzezam$ ls /dev/au*03:47
namzezamany help with trying to find how to config the audio for the webcome when using vlc or otherwise?03:48
akioghostercheck 123...03:49
ChinaForgeMcSetty:Yes i hope try,but i can't import vmware VM to vbox.03:49
McSettyChinaForge: True, you might be able to use imaging software for this but it would be a pain03:50
McSettyChinaForge: what error do you get when you run the configure.pl?03:50
McSettyChinaForge: also are you running it with sudo>03:51
sartanso, er, when i play back any mpeg video since i upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10, the colors seem to be sort of reversed. red is swapped with blue or something.  If I fire up the nvidia configuration app, the problem temporarily goes away until i open the next video.03:51
WhiteDawnmgmuscaril: Well i just followed the info on the bug page again and it seems to be working. very wierd. ahwell worth a try for you03:51
knoppiesif I create (or edit) a text file in ubuntu, and then open it in windows, instead of newlines I get little squares. How do I avoid this? Do I save it with some specific encoding or something?03:52
ChinaForgeMcSetty: run vmware. Output error message:$ vmware03:52
ChinaForge@@PRODUCT_NAME@@ is installed, but it has not been (correctly) configured03:52
ChinaForgefor the running kernel. To (re-)configure it, invoke the03:52
ChinaForgefollowing command: /usr/bin/vmware-config.pl.03:52
FloodBot1ChinaForge: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.03:52
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McSettyChinaForge: is that the error when you try to run vmware? or when you try to run the configure.pl?03:53
ChinaForgerun vmware,03:53
McSettyChinaForge: what about when you run the configure.pl? whats the error then?03:53
Jordan_Uknoppies: Unix line breaks and Dos line breaks are different, but only really poor applications like notepad should have a problem with it03:53
brandenstoneI login to Ubuntu and begin scrolling through my Applications, Places, Etc... and no problem. I select system, then mouse settings (whatever) and as soon as I hover over any buttons, check spaces, roll down menus, the mouse has a hay day and selects random stuff... usually closest to the left of the screen. If I choose to select Accessibility with the mouse pointer, it'll flicker and flucker and not open. Now I choose to open anoth03:54
insm0dknoppies, the reason for that is windows needs a carriage return character and a newline character to properly display new lines.  I'm not sure how to fix it on the Linux side, sorry.03:54
georgehello, i was wondering how i could make gnome-shell the default.. gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager gnome-shell --type string doesn't work03:54
Jordan_Uknoppies: If you need to have things work with notepad you can use unix2dos03:54
szalknoppies: that question is as old as *nixes and DOS/Windows coexist -> yes, it's encoding-related; *nixes typically only write a newline character at the line break position while DOS/Windows expects a carriage return and newline at that position03:54
ewanchicI need help with an apache question :)03:54
ChinaForgeMcSetty:sudo /usr/bin/vmware-config.pl,Error Message:The following VMware kernel modules have been found on your system that were not installed by the VMware Installer.  Please remove them then run this installer again.03:55
knoppiesthanks. So I cant just save it with a windows encoding? I will have a look at unix2dos.03:55
szalknoppies: you can, question is what Linux will say to that if it's a config file or something03:56
brandenstoneWhat does it sound like to you (everyone)? /me needs at least an opinion. :(03:56
knoppiesszal, I dont plan on doing it with config files, just txt documents that I have created. Thanks though.03:57
IsharaComixPardon me, how does one set up memmap in 9.10?03:57
ewanchicI'm trying to get mod_rewrite to work in apache. It's loaded and I've tried the same things mentioned in every forum I could find, and for some reason, it is not running. :) Can someone troubleshoot with me?03:57
Jordan_Ubrandenstone: Daemon possession03:57
Jordan_Ubrandenstone: Does that happen with any other applications?03:58
McSettyChinaForge: I think you have to modeprobe -r the vmware module03:58
McSettyChinaForge: Im not sure what the modules name is though03:58
georgeif anyone knows whatsup with gnome-shell..03:58
Jordan_Ubrandenstone: File a bug report with "ubuntu-bug xorg"03:58
georgeim wondering how i could make gnome-shell the default.. gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager gnome-shell --type string doesn't work03:59
=== infogulch is now known as infogulch|COD
brandenstoneWill that work or no? Or is it just a report to wait?03:59
Jordan_UIsharaComix: Do you mean mmap?03:59
georgei did it before, but then i tried xfce (sucks for battery life on laptop) so im back in gnome03:59
IsharaComixIt was memmap in 9.04...03:59
Jordan_UIsharaComix: What does it do?04:00
ewanchicI'm trying to get mod_rewrite to work in apache. It's loaded and I've tried the same things mentioned in every forum I could find, and for some reason, it is not running. :) Can someone troubleshoot with me?04:00
IsharaComixIt worked when booting from the livecd, but I can't set up /etc/default/grub to use it right.04:00
sekyourboxI cant seem to get my traffic to route from my wireless ehternet card to my regular nic.. what gives?04:00
Jordan_UIsharaComix: What exactly are you trying to do?04:00
IsharaComixI have a bad block of memory at 2324M.04:01
new_to_linuxHello, how do i cofigure my 5.1 music system in ubuntu, i am using ver 9.10 gnome04:01
Jordan_UIsharaComix: Ahh, ok04:01
IsharaComixI usually append "memmap=20M$2320M" to my boot options, and it fixes it.04:01
IsharaComixBut in 9.10, I get a kernel panic every time.04:01
Jordan_UIsharaComix: Replace the double quotes with single quotes04:01
McSettyChinaForge: try channel #vmware im sure someone can tell you how to unload the kernel module in there04:01
Guest25311IsharaComix; downdgrade to 9.04. lol04:02
Jordan_UIsharaComix: /etc/default/grub is a shell script, the '$' is being interpreted as a variable04:02
IsharaComixI escaped it already.04:02
new_to_linuxcan someone please help with media settings in ubuntu 9.1004:02
mezquitale!ask| new_to_linux04:02
ChinaForgeMcSetty:Thank you!04:02
ubottunew_to_linux: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)04:02
new_to_linuxmezquitale:  how do i cofigure my 5.1 music system in ubuntu, i am using ver 9.10 gnome04:03
brandenstoneJordan_U: Do you think it could be settings causing this? What controls the windows opening and closing? Also, mouse selection? I'm still new to Ubuntu since I never really got a start. I'm using the Ubuntu carefully now. :-/04:03
new_to_linuxmezquitale: it is at present using only 2 speakers instead of 504:03
kostkonnew_to_linux, system → prefs → sound04:04
IsharaComixOK, I think I see what you mean now. I have to escape it twice...04:04
mezquitalenew_to_linux, I have never tried that, I suggest you ask the same question again later, if someone knows the answer they will reply, if not then try logging in at another time04:04
Jordan_UIsharaComix: Wait... I think I know the problem, and it's so absurd it's hillarious04:04
RoeyHey all... why does my SD card suddenly not identify teh filesystem when I use 'mount'??  Also,  when I run Skype, my digital spdif output signal dies.  Why so?04:05
Jordan_UIsharaComix: Grub's grub.cfg actually uses a scripting language that's supposed to be loosely like bash04:05
Jordan_UIsharaComix: So it may be that you need to escape the '$' *twice*04:05
insm0dRoey, what filesystem is on the SD card?04:06
IsharaComixRight. I just noticed that on a bug report on Launchpad.04:06
IsharaComixThanks for your help. Going to try to fix it now.04:06
brandenstonenew_to_linux: I had problems with sound too at one time, but figured it out. I'll review real quick and give you an answer how to enable sound on your computer. :D04:06
Jordan_UIsharaComix: np04:06
nullr1Can anyone help me with the following error "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused"04:07
Roeyinsm0d:  standard FAT32.  It's worked up till yesterday (er, today... I apt-get dist-upgraded)04:07
Veinornullr1: it means your ssh server on that machine isn't working04:07
slinkeeyI have a weird problem with ubuntu 9.10    I think it stops using the dns server or something04:08
nullr1Veinor: how do I fix it? Its my local machine. I made new keys but it does not work,04:08
new_to_linuxbrandenstone: thanks04:08
Roeyinsm0d:  I didn't see any system notification through KDE when I would plug my SD card into the reader, so I checked it out in a command-line shell and saw that using 'mount /dev/sdd /mnt' gave me an error that it doesn't udnerstand the filesystem.04:08
russlarslinkeey: run nslookup google.com04:08
georgeim wondering how i could make gnome-shell the default.. gconftool-2 --set /desktop/gnome/session/required_components/windowmanager gnome-shell --type string doesn't work04:08
slinkeeyafter awhile i have to reboot to get internet working again by domain (www.google.com)04:08
Roeyinsm0d:  normally it identifies it on its own04:08
ManUpstairsHow would I go about installing openbox on ubuntu?  I don't want to get rid of gnome though, rather have the option to start up in gnome or openbox in the login screen. Thanks!04:08
slinkeeywell it is working now04:08
ZaNeIuMcan i make windows with gradient colors with compiz?04:09
russlarslinkeey: can you cat /etc/resolv.conf?04:09
slinkeeyshould I run that when it stops working?04:09
Roeyinsm0d:  'dmesg' definitely detects /dev/sdd though.04:09
Jordan_UManUpstairs: install the openbox package04:09
russlarslinkeey: yes,. both of those04:09
ManUpstairsIs there any risk of breaking anything?04:09
Jordan_UManUpstairs: No04:09
ManUpstairsThanks! :)04:09
ibmx61hi ,good morning04:09
brandenstonenew_to_linux: First off, have you checked "sound preferences" in "system"?04:09
slinkeeyI will try that when it stops working04:10
insm0dhave you tried mounting /dev/sdd1?  In linux, the devices are alphabetic characters and partitions are numbers04:10
slinkeeyand then i will repost my question04:10
Roeyinsm0d:  well yes04:10
ZaNeIuMlet me reword that as it didnt sound right, can i color my widows boxes with gradiant colors in compiz04:10
Roeyinsm0d:  let me check, actually.04:10
new_to_linuxbrandenstone: ok, i opened sound preferences04:10
russlarslinkeey: if you can't nslookup google, add teh follwoing line to /etc/resolv.conf04:10
russlarslinkeey: nameserver
nullr1How do I fix "ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused" already made new keys. I tried the forum stuff but nothing works.04:10
russlarnullr1: is sshd running>04:10
slinkeeywho owns
nullr1firefox uses its own dns resolver04:10
Roeyinsm0d:  oh that works perfectly (Trhough the ocmmand line, at leat).  Silly me, forgetting the number.04:10
Roeyinsm0d:  thanks!  Now, why doesn't KDE pick up on this....04:11
nullr1russlar: I dont see why not I never stopped it04:11
nullr1it was working earlier04:11
brandenstonenew_to_linux: Hint, my computer is acting funny... so I might not be able to get into it to look. Cross your fingers. :(04:11
russlarnullr1: try telnet 2204:11
insm0dnullr1, you might need to delete ~.ssh/known_hosts04:11
russlarslinkeey: that's level3's dns server04:11
new_to_linuxbrandenstone: oh god, now its worse, i changed hardware setting between some confusing options, and now no sound04:11
russlarthey own the enitre block04:12
sfuentesanyone know how to install pip (python) in ubuntu?04:12
nullr1telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused04:12
feynernullr1, echo '' > .ssh/know_hosts04:12
slinkeeyI was using opendns for awhile to get around the problem04:12
russlarinsm0d: it looks like his connection gets refused before ssh challenges for the key04:12
brandenstonenew_to_linux: Yea, Linux can be a pain in an ###. lol04:12
sfuentesor what package i can find it in?04:12
russlarnullr1: somehting is blocking that port. either ssh isn't listening there, or there's a firewall on04:12
insm0dis sshd running off a non-standard port I wonder?04:13
slinkeeywhy does my router as an dns stop working for one machine, butnot the other...04:13
russlarnullr1: or ssh is misconfugured and not really running04:13
new_to_linuxis there no way to configure a proper 5.1 music system04:13
nullr1no its on 2204:13
puffnullr1: Are you able to log into the system at all?04:13
nullr1how do I restart ssh yes I am on it now04:14
new_to_linuxthere must be some package or way to use all 5 speakers... whats the use of having hardware if you cant use it!?! help please04:14
brandenstonenew_to_linux: Yes, but I'm afraid I'm unable to answer because of problems with my computer. I'm unable to open windows and etc... without problems occurring.04:14
nullr1puff:  this is my local system I cant ssh from it to it or from my other computer to it04:14
russlarnullr1: sudo /etc/init.d/sshd restart04:14
puffnullr1: There are only a limited number of possibilities:  1) sshd isn't running, 2) sshd is running but on a different port, 3) something on the client machine is preventing you from connecting,04:14
new_to_linuxbrandenstone: ah ok, thanks for the help04:14
puffnullr1: Well sshing _from_ it should have nothing to do with sshd, so that makes it a firewall or network problem.04:15
StandarshyHi guys04:15
brandenstonenew_to_linux: Sorry, I'm here because my windows are malfunctioning. I have a speaker system too. That's why I know. :)04:15
puffnullr1: Also, check this:  try sshing to the numeric ip address, not to the domain name.  Might be dns.04:15
nivardus_are there any open source openssl key to PVK converters?04:15
StandarshyAnyone here using a tabletpc with ubuntu?04:15
puffnullr1: And also again, try sshing to localhost.04:15
yacyachi guys.. i have a printer setuped on my desktop.. i need to get it shared with other ubuntu and windows xp machins.. how do i get this done ?04:16
Jordan_Ubrandenstone: Are you using Ubuntu 9.10?04:16
brandenstonenew_to_linux: It's been awhile since I've messed around with it.04:16
nullr1puff:  I did ip/dns and local host none work Its the server not running04:16
new_to_linuxbrandenstone: lol04:16
puffnullr1: Come again?04:17
brandenstonenew_to_linux: Yes, but I've had the same problem with previous versions of Linux.04:17
StandarshyDoes anyone know to calibrate a pen under linux?04:17
brandenstoneStandarshy: Nope.04:17
puffnullr1: if you run the ssh client from the command line on the remote machine, sshd should have no bearing on whether oyu can connect to some other machine.04:17
Jordan_Ubrandenstone: That question was from me, not new_to_linux  :)04:17
StandarshyAnyone else besides brandenstone?04:18
puffnullr1: If you cannot ssh _in_ and you also cannot ssh _out_, that's a pretty strong clue that it's the local network, firewall, gateway, or something similar.04:18
brandenstoneJordan_U: Oops. Big lol I didn't notice until you said something.04:18
nullr1puff:  I can ssh out but not in04:18
Royallwhat is the usual path to gedit?04:19
RoyallI need to "choose a text editor"04:19
Royallvia a file selector window04:19
nullr1puff:  what is the command to check what is running on port 22 ?04:19
puffRoyall: open a terminal winbdow and do "which gedit"04:19
brandenstoneStandarshy: There might be someone where that knows.04:19
Jordan_URoyall: /usr/bin/gedit04:19
puffnullr1: netstat.04:19
Royallpuff: beautiful thanks04:19
* Standarshy is trying to find the person that knows how to calibrate the pen04:20
Jordan_URoyall: You can find the full path for any command with "which <command>"04:20
chuy_maxI suspect that my country's ubuntu repositories are not the fastest available. is there an utility or website to test which repository is the fastest for your internet connection?04:20
puffStandarshy: Sorry, I wish I had a tablet PC, but I don't.04:20
RoyallJordan_U: I realize thanks04:20
Jordan_Uchuy_max: Yes, it's part of System > Administration > Software Sources04:20
Jordan_URoyall: np04:20
brandenstoneStandarshy: Just be patient since there are so many people here at one time... someone will answer.04:20
chuy_maxmmm, ok :D04:20
puffnullr1:  netstat -lnp | fgrep 2204:20
nullr1puff: thanks thats the one i was looking for04:21
TaimAnybody with netinstall setup expertise?  I seem to be doing something wrong with my server setup.04:21
puffnetstat, -l for listening sockets, -n for numeric port instead of port name, and -p for display process ID and process name.04:21
Standarshybrandenstone: Is there a general area where devices would usually be configured?04:22
nullr1puff:  its not running04:22
Roeyhttp://pastebin.com/m385a7cb  <-- SD card insertion notification in KDE system tray applet worked for me yesterday, before I did an upgrade of the files listed in the link there... Anyone else having issues?04:22
DasEi!details | Taim04:22
ubottuTaim: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."04:22
nullr1puff:  hold on04:22
brandenstoneJordan_U: I'm using 9:10, but have had that same problem with previous with previous versions of Ubuntu.04:22
puffAnybody know a) is there a less user-unfriendly googletalk client, b) how/what to set up to use google voice to make phone calls?04:22
TaimLet's see here....04:22
Roeypuff:  nice nick04:23
Taiminstalling karmic i386 alternate via PXE.04:23
Roeybillybigrigger:  heh04:23
=== jerald is now known as prappl93
Taimserver is running karmic with dnsmasq and lighttp.04:23
TaimI have the cd loop mounted to /var/www/ubuntu-i386-alt04:23
* mahngiel waves good eve to all04:23
prappl93Every time I install the ATI driver then restart, it flashes to something saying that it can't load a resolution so it tries another one, but after that it appears to crash because nothing happens.04:23
prappl93How do I fix that?04:24
nullr1puff: $ sudo /etc/init.d/sshd start04:24
nullr1sudo: /etc/init.d/sshd: command not found04:24
nullr1 04:24
webbb82what is ubuntu-x04:24
JeruvyTaim: try to keep your responses on one line and type the nick of who you are talking to first, thanks.04:24
nullr1puff: please tell me it did not get uninstalled04:24
geirhanullr1: The init script is named ssh, not sshd04:24
RoastedDoes anybody use AWN dock with dual screen? I can't seem to figure out how to get the dock OFF of my 2nd monitor and onto my primary monitor.04:24
brandenstoneStandarshy: Not sure. I'm assuming you'd need some form of plugin. I'll browse a sec to see if I find anything while I wait for an answer from Jordan.04:24
puffRoey: Thanks, been using it for a looooooong time.04:25
Jordan_Unullr1: sudo invoke-rc.d ssh start04:25
nullr1geirha:  oh puff gave me that command earlier04:25
puffnullr1: Well, sshd is'nt necessarily installed by default.04:25
Roeypuff:  I immediately thought of the song04:25
billybigriggerRoey, heh? what you laughin at?04:25
puffRoey: What song, "Puff the fractal dragon?"04:25
nullr1geirha: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start04:25
nullr1sudo: /etc/init.d/ssh: command not found04:25
Jordan_Unullr1: /etc/init.d/ssh ( no "d" ) would work to but invoke-rc.d is the "proper" way to do it04:25
puffgeirha: no I didn't recommend restarting sshd.04:25
Roeypuff:  the magic dragon04:26
puffnullr1: It would be sshd if it's there.04:26
Roeybillybigrigger:  nice nick :)04:26
DasEiTaim: you try to boot the machine you want to install to with minimal-cd and then remote access the (full-) cd ??04:26
nullr1Jordan_U:  sudo invoke-rc.d ssh start04:26
nullr1invoke-rc.d: unknown initscript, /etc/init.d/ssh not found04:26
feynerpuff, its ssh in ubuntu04:26
Roeybillybigrigger:  I like creative ones like that04:26
puffnullr1: On second thought, no it woul-loses.04:26
pufffeyner:  Thanks, I just checked...04:26
Jordan_Unullr1: sudo apt-get install openssh-server04:26
DracofodderI saw a random blog posting today that said something along the lines of "installing from the upgrade button 9.04 to 9.10 in Synaptic would not get all the installation applications you get with downloading the DVD and installing from media"   Wanting to find out if this is true.  and, if so, where do I find out what is included int he DVD that wasn't sent along the online upgrade.04:26
webbb82is there any reason to install ubuntu-x04:26
Standarshybrandenstone: Would seeing the output of my xinput be of any help?04:26
puffnullr1: Step one, dpkg -l | fgrep -i ssh04:27
brandenstoneStandarshy: http://kerkness.ca/?s=Creating%20a%20Touch%20Screen%20Kiosk%20using%20Firefox,%20Ubuntu%20and%20Blackbox04:27
nullr1Jordan_U:  I have all the config and key files How did they get there with no server?04:27
billybigriggerRoey, yeah i'm quite a fan of it myself :)04:27
RoastedDoes anybody use AWN dock with dual screen? I can't seem to figure out how to get the dock OFF of my 2nd monitor and onto my primary monitor.04:27
JavaJimFlTrying to compile driver for GDE-530T DLink nic on 9.1 server, receiving "kernel header version" errors.  Any suggestions?04:27
Jordan_UDracofodder: Only ext4 and grub2, because those are major changes that are too risky to change in an upgrade04:27
TaimDasEi:  Installing karmic i386 alternate on a laptop via pxeboot.  Server is karmic with dnsmasq and lighttpd.  I am booting from the netboot image provided on the cd.  I am pointing the archive mirror to my server and the loop-mounted full iso as the directory.04:27
puffJordan_U: Really? (re: invoke-rc.d)04:27
nullr1STUPID but reinstalling worked04:27
TaimDasEi: so I get 404's for some but not all of the files.04:27
Jordan_Upuff: Yes04:27
=== sleepy_cat is now known as c_nick
DracofodderJordan_U: thanks! that tells me its nothing I need to worry over downloading anytime soon.04:28
geirhanullr1: Uninstalling a package does not remove the configuration for that package04:28
puffJordan_U: I'm more familiar with /etc/init.d, been using it for years.  What's the rational for using invoke-rc.d being more proper?04:28
brandenstoneJordan_U: Got any ideas?04:28
DasEiTaim: why not put the lappi to i-net and use the online repos instead ?04:28
Thedude42anyone know of a fix if your encrypted root partition won't mount at boot, but it does mount in initramfs?04:28
TaimDasEi: It's much slower?04:28
eatloafWhere is the correct place to manually place new software in my filesystem? /usr/local/bin?04:28
ubuntumasonI have a problem with Karmic, whenever I try to install/activate new drivers, I get caught on the "downloading and installing driver" window04:29
nullr1Wow that makes sense I installed 9.10 today by default I keep a different /home/ partition and thats is why everything was still there from my 9.04 install. I am such a n00b04:29
Jordan_Ubrandenstone: no, sorry04:29
kermiteatloaf: i add ~/bin/ to my path, so anything i might want to keep accross systems is easily backed up with my personal files.04:29
DasEiTaim: k, but updated and less complicated, are there permission problems maybe in your current approach ?04:29
virtualdthedude42: what do you mean. what happens?04:29
kermiteatloaf: (and put uncommon apps in there)04:29
nullr1sorry for wasting everyones time04:29
ubuntumasonWhenever I try to activate a driver, the "downloading and installing drivers" window just hangs there04:29
TaimDasEi: Possibly...But doubtful.04:30
Billiardubuntumason: what driver?04:30
eatloafkermit: what about apps i want runnable by any user?04:30
ubuntumasonBroadcom wireless04:30
kermiteatloaf: well then yea usr/local04:30
Standarshythat was difficult enough to get back in04:30
eatloafkermit: k thanks04:30
Standarshybrandenstone: I am not trying to set up a Kiosk, I'm not even sure what that is04:31
DasEiTaim: I did few installs by minimal/inet but apart from reading I haven't tried psxe, so I draw back there04:31
Jordan_Upuff: I don't think that it really makes a difference, possibly so that the exact directory path / back end ( maybe in 2020 it will init scripts will be stored in a database ) can change while scripts can still use invoke-rc.d the same way04:31
brandenstoneEveryone: <bold> FWD Chat Post: </bold> "I login to Ubuntu and begin scrolling through my Applications, Places, Etc... and no problem. I select system, then mouse settings (whatever) and as soon as I hover over any buttons, check spaces, roll down menus, the mouse has a hay day and selects random stuff... usually closest to the left of the screen. If I choose to select Accessibility with the mouse pointer, it'll flicker and flucker04:31
freaky[t]anyone familiar with evolution? (mail client) .. because im trying to add mail filters for an imap server but they arent getting applied i mean, no mails get moved to another folder. like if a mail comes from @bla.com i want it to be automatically moved to folder "frombla" ... isnt that possible for imap servers with evolution?04:31
=== tenach_ is now known as tenach
Jordan_Upuff: It's official debian policy that all package scripts should use invoke-rc.d04:31
lluais there a way to undelete a file from a second partiton? they dont go to trash04:32
georgewhen i change the window manager to gnome-shell in terminal or wit configediter it reverts back to metacity04:32
TaimDasEi: I have pxeboot working.  I think it's something with the net install and the fact that I am using either copied or loop-mounted media.04:32
georgeany ideas?04:32
brandenstoneStandarshy: I would help, but as you can see I'm not in too good a shape myself. lol04:32
StandarshyCan anyone here assist me in calibrating my tabletpc pen?04:32
puffJordan_U: Ah, so it's an abstraction layer.04:32
ubuntumasonDoes Linux not like Broadcom drivers04:32
Standarshybrandenstone: I missed whatever problem you stated as having.04:32
RoastedDoes anybody use AWN dock with dual screen? I can't seem to figure out how to get the dock OFF of my 2nd monitor and onto my primary monitor.04:32
TaimDasEi: I tried setting all my files 0777 (I know, it's bad stuff, but....) with no sucess.04:32
insm0dubuntumason, I think it's the other way around04:32
grendal-primethis is making me crazy04:33
DasEiTaim: a loop-mounted device is same as cd, that's not a problem, how owns the mountpoint ?04:33
georgewhen i change the window manager to gnome-shell in terminal or wit configediter it reverts back to metacity? any ideas?04:33
TaimDasEi: www-data04:33
DasEiTaim: a loop-mounted device is same as cd, that's not a problem, who owns the mountpoint ?04:33
brandenstoneStandarshy: Don't worry about it... I tried w/ it like it is. :D04:33
rogertemp1hello, when i bootup grub2 shows linux 9.10 2.6.31-14 generic and  linux 9.10 2.6.28-16 generic, whats the difference...which one should i be using?04:33
grendal-primeubuntu network-manager-plugin is not letting me add a openvpn network04:33
grendal-primethe add button is just grey04:33
Jordan_Upuff: For a practical advantage you can use tab completion to complete parameters ( like start, stop, status etc ) if you use invoke-rc.d04:33
georgeroger use 31-14 its the newer one04:34
nullr1Another dumb question but is it possible to tunnel with the "ssh" command like you can do on a windows machine with putty or is tunneling a different command?04:34
Taimnullr1: You can....04:34
sekyourboxSSH is tunneling04:34
rogertemp1george: ok thanks04:35
georgenp =]04:35
Jordan_Urogertemp1: 2.6.28-16 is your old kernel from before you upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10. Old kernels are kept so that if there is a problem with a kernel upgrade you can always go back to a known working kernel04:35
nullr1Taim: does it tunnel every port or do I have to tunnel specific ports like putty04:35
virtualdnullr1: see the -L and -R options on the man page04:35
brandenstonenullr1: The commands on Windows Command Prompt and Linux Terminal are not the same.04:35
Taimnullr1: The exact same as putty04:35
mezquitaleanybody knows how to shutdown ssh on port 22?  I have openssh installed and configured in a nonstandard port however port 22 is still open locally, how can I disable port 22??04:35
RoastedDoes anybody use AWN dock with dual screen? I can't seem to figure out how to get the dock OFF of my 2nd monitor and onto my primary monitor.04:36
puffJordan_U: That is, atually, a significant nicety.04:36
georgewhen i change the window manager to gnome-shell in terminal or wit configediter it reverts back to metacity? any ideas?04:36
Billiardmezquitale: i beleive all ports are open unless you configure the firewall04:36
phiberoptik192only on port 22? or shutdown ssh totally?04:36
feynermezquitale, have you restarted ssh?04:36
phiberoptik192/etc/init.d/ssh stop04:36
mezquitalefeyner, no, I havent restarted ssh04:36
nullr1Taim: thanks it was the -L command04:37
feynermezquitale, sudo service ssh restart04:37
ChogyDangeorge: you probably arent going to get much support for gnome-shell here.  You probably should ask in a gnome channel (maybe a different server too?)04:37
Taimnullr1: Indeed.04:37
brandenstone** Is there a phone I can call for Ubuntu support?04:37
virtualdmezquitale: if you haven't rebooted since you reconfigured sshd then find the PID with netstat -np|grep 22 and kill it04:37
rogertemp1new question: does music play better with digital stereo duplex (IEC958), i have no output when i select this under hardware..only analog stereo works...what is digital stereo duplex anyway04:37
nullr1brandenstone:  you are already here why call?04:37
BDOTHKDE feels like I'm clicking on tin foil buttons.04:38
mezquitalevirtuald, I've rebooted my server ever since I configured it.  I configured it to use a nonstandard port but port 22 is still open though04:38
russlarbrandenstone: did you buy support from canonical?04:38
BookmanHow can I play a video store in an .iso image instead of burning it to a dvd then playing it?04:38
brandenstonenullr1: I'm not getting anywhere. :( est20min+04:38
ChogyDanrogertemp1: sound is sketch atm.  just go with what works04:38
virtualdmezquitale: ok, can you pastebin your conf?04:38
brandenstonerusslar: no04:38
BDOTHBrookman, I just open the ISO in VLC, works every time.04:39
Jordan_UBookman: VLC can play iso files directly or you can mount the iso file04:39
insm0dBookman, I'll have a guide for you in a moment04:39
nullr1brandenstone: what is your problem? write it all in one response so its easy to keep track of. They have helped on both my problems.04:39
ChogyDan!iso | Bookman04:39
ubottuBookman: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:39
brandenstonerusslar: How much is support? Do you have a link?04:39
Standarshybrandenstone: How long is sufficient before repeating my question?04:39
DasEi!iso | Bookman04:40
mezquitalevirtuald, yes I can, Im just wondering what could be wrong with my setup?  I try to login locally specifying port 22, it attempts to login but fails because I use a key which is the way I want it but port 22 is supposed to be closed, how do you close the port?  does port 22 get automatically closed when you specify a non standard port?04:40
feynervirtuald, or he can do sed -i 's/Port 22/Port NEWPORT/g' /etc/ssh/sshd_config ; service ssh resstart04:40
brandenstoneStandarshy: Confused??04:40
russlarbrandenstone: http://www.ubuntu.com/support/services04:40
rogertemp1ChogyDan, didnt follow..what is sketch atm04:40
BookmanJordan_U, How do I get vlc to play .iso directly?04:40
Standarshybrandenstone: nvm04:40
ChogyDanrogertemp1: sketchy at the moment04:40
mezquitalevirtuald, forget it, I found the culprit on the first line in sshd_config, port 22 is open in sshd_config04:41
Jordan_Umezquitale: Yes, if you changed the configuration file properly ( and restarted sshd )04:41
brandenstonerusslar: I'll forward my message. Please tell me to clarify if needed.04:41
DasEiBookman: follow the links given, mount the iso, point vlc to the mountpoint04:41
BDOTHI'm going to go Raid the Fridge. WHO'S BLOODY WITH ME?!04:41
virtualdmezquitale: I thought so :)04:41
russlarbrandenstone: I don't knwo gnome. I can't help you04:41
BookmanDasEi, what should the mountpoint name be?  where should it be stored?04:41
rogertemp1oh ok04:41
mezquitaleJordan_U, I have port 22 open in sshd_config, I'm going to erase the line and restart the server lke feyner told me to04:42
* brandenstone walks outside his house and screams!!!!!!!!!!!!04:42
insm0dBookman, a mountpoint is an empty folder04:42
DasEiBookman: say the iso is called film.iso, do a :04:42
nullr1brandenstone: WHAT IS THE PROBLEM04:42
DasEiBookman: sudo mkdir /media/iso04:42
brandenstone<bold> FWD Chat Post: </bold> "I login to Ubuntu and begin scrolling through my Applications, Places, Etc... and no problem. I select system, then mouse settings (whatever) and as soon as I hover over any buttons, check spaces, roll down menus, the mouse has a hay day and selects random stuff... usually closest to the left of the screen. If I choose to select Accessibility with the mouse pointer, it'll flicker and flucker and not o04:42
ChogyDanrogertemp1: sorry, maybe that is too american of lingo.  Sound support isn't that great nor comprehensive.  Just go with what works04:42
BookmanDasEi, ah, got it.04:42
nullr1brandenstone: when all else fails reintsall04:43
DasEiBookman:sudo mount -o loop fil.iso  /media/iso04:43
georgethe gnome-shell channel told me to ask here04:43
georgethey said its probably something in ubuntu04:43
DasEiBookman:sudo chown -R  <yourUsernameHere> /media/iso04:43
brandenstonenullr1: Doesn't work... every version... every time... it doesn't work. :(04:43
freaky[t]anyone familiar with evolution? (mail client) .. because im trying to add mail filters for an imap server but they arent getting applied i mean, no mails get moved to another folder. like if a mail comes from @bla.com i want it to be automatically moved to folder "frombla" ... isnt that possible for imap servers with evolution?04:43
georgealso i used it just fine on here about 3 weeks ago till i uninstalled and tried xubuntu.. now its a no go04:43
ChogyDangeorge: how did you install it?04:43
DasEiBookman:vlc /media/iso04:43
nullr1brandenstone: Maybe its not the software ;)04:44
georgefrom the repo for ubuntu like i did last time04:44
Taimbrandenstone: maybe hardware?04:44
StandarshyCan anyone here assist me in calibrating my tabletpc pen?04:44
georgeworked just fine >_>04:44
BookmanDasEi, what if the .iso is on a remote computer?  On my LAN?04:44
Linux-IRCI did mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb04:44
brandenstoneNope, all my other OSs work perfect. :D04:44
ChogyDangeorge: erm, xubuntu isnt gnome.  Maybe gnome-shell just doenst work with xubuntu?04:44
brandenstoneMultiboot system. :)04:44
Taimbrandenstone: what is the mouse make/model?04:44
DasEiBookman: access via samba (or nfs or..)04:44
georgeoh my bad i reinstalled gnome/ubuntu again04:44
Linux-IRCI did mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb , after fdisk -l , it shows /dev/sdb linux ,  why ? what should i do ?04:45
Jordan_UBookman: If you can access the file you can mount it04:45
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: highlight the message and ctrl-y.  Does that move it?04:45
georgesame stuff i was using a few weeks ago04:45
Taimbrandenstone: swissgear what?  Do you have a model number?04:45
nullr1brandenstone: what else have you tried? also what mouse are you using?04:45
Jordan_UBookman: You can even mount an iso file from an http server without download the whole iso first if you really want to :)04:45
kermit_i wanna asking about the new clamav?04:46
ChogyDangeorge: so you installed from a ppa, and then you use the command: gnome-shell --replace  ?04:46
DasEiJordan_U: though watching dvd could be hard (speed)04:46
brandenstoneTaim: Swissgear The Spyder and it's a wireless mouse. That's all I know. :/04:46
BookmanDasEi, So, would I mount it with sudo mount -o loop sftp://.........?04:46
kermit_is there any body using new clamav user interface?04:46
Linux-IRCI did mkfs.vfat /dev/sdb , after fdisk -l , it shows /dev/sdb linux ,  why ? what should i do ?04:46
mezquitaleport 22: Connection refused, thank you virtuald feyner  Jordan_U virtuald04:46
DasEiBookman: yes, if the bandwith is good enough04:46
flasbang73i know this isnt the place but this irc has the most ppl can someone pls try logging into ftp://flasbang73.dyndns.org and tell me if it works04:46
BookmanDasEi, We shall see!04:46
nullr1brandenstone: when my mouse goes crazy sometimes just unplugging it and reconnecting work04:46
DasEiBookman: also can use vlc to open network04:47
Jordan_U!offtopic | flasbang7304:47
ubottuflasbang73: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!04:47
DasEiBookman: you gotto mount the iso on the remote machine and then again point vlc to it04:47
georgeppa no? it's in the normal ubuntu repos04:47
georgeand gnome-shell --replace works fine04:47
DasEiBookman: vlc = video lan04:47
mezquitalesomebody keeps loggin in to my router and changing the routes--man in the middle attack--how should I go about it?  Obviously, there is a security hole in my router that very few people know about but should I report the culprit?? what should I do?04:47
brandenstonenullr1: Using the mouse via numpad doesn't really solve the issue either. Unplugging it and etc... doesn't work.04:47
freaky[t]Jeruvy, it's now displaying "filtering selected message" "retrieving selected message" and "refreshing folder" at the bottom all 3 at the same time since 3 minutes04:48
georgeChogyDan : ppa no? it's in the normal ubuntu repos | and gnome-shell --replace works fine04:48
brandenstonenullr1: It's both the mouse and windows that are causing the issue.04:48
BookmanDasEi, hmm, didn't seem to work04:49
ChogyDangeorge:  hmm, ok.  Cool that its in the repos, but if that works, what is the problem?  I thought it didnt work04:49
nullr1brandenstone: reintsall04:49
georgeit doesn't want to be default04:49
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: not unusual.04:49
Taimbrandenstone: Did you try turning sensitivity down a notch or two?04:49
georgewhen i do the command to change it to default.. it reverts back to metacity04:49
slinkeeyI lost my dns again04:49
slinkeeyI added and I am up now04:49
ChogyDangeorge: ah, sorry, I've no idea04:49
freaky[t]Jeruvy, now it says error while resfreshing folder and nothing got moved04:49
DasEiBookman: can you reach the file via wget or scp / vsftp  ?04:50
brandenstonenullr1: Doesn't work. Number 5+ I've reinstalled fresh on it.04:50
georgeim not sure why it would work 3 weeks ago, but now natha .-.04:50
slinkeeyI am not sure why I keep loosing connection to my internet router's dns server04:50
sontekHey, i'm trying to get my vpn to work and getting this in /var/log/messages http://paste2.org/p/51169704:50
brandenstoneTaim: yes.04:50
BookmanDasEi, yup04:50
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: sounds like your rules are not working.04:50
DasEiBookman: what kind of server is the remote machine running ?04:51
nullr1brandenstone:  I have only had this issue with kde never with gnome. I mean reainstall ubuntu backup /home/ and your useful bits and wipe the rest04:51
BookmanDasEi, I am accessing the file via sftp04:51
brandenstonenullr1: I've had both KDE and GNOME. Both did it and KDE was worse.04:51
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: are you having problems checking mail?04:52
DasEiBookman: try to use vlc > open netw... > ftp://ip/path/to/mount04:52
freaky[t]Jeruvy, no04:52
grendal-primeok guys does anyone use the network-manager-openvpn plugin?04:52
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: what did the error message appear for?  ie: what were you doing when the error occurred?04:52
DasEiBookman: prbly the remote machine doesn't allow access04:52
freaky[t]Jeruvy, waiting for ctrl+y to finish04:53
brandenstonenullr1: Can I get technicians that specialize in Ubuntu or simply Linux?04:53
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: try deleting your rule and recreating it, if its a compound filter, try just one step at a time.04:53
Agrajag-g'day, does anyone know if the current libnotify notifications are configurable? the old ones were much better. these ones in 9.10 stay there forever and notification-properties doesn't change them at all04:54
nullr1brandenstone: theres people here from time to time  you can try the forums but thats is useless with obscure issues such as this one. anyother way youd have to pay04:54
insm0dAgrajag, you're comment is relevant to my interests as well04:54
wabzg'day, does anyone know how to make the windows in the window list clickable? it only works about half the time04:55
freaky[t]Jeruvy, i allready deleted it 3 times and reset it up04:55
wabzthe other half, the windows don't focus04:55
wabzhow did this get released04:55
BookmanDasEi, yeah, doesn't seem to work.  I have access to any file via sftp that I want.  Just not for movie viewing, or .iso access.04:55
denis_kdoes freenode not accepts periods in nicknames?04:55
nullr1brandenstone: Do you have another mouse/keyboard you can try?04:55
wabzdenis_k: it's pretty hard to try it and see04:55
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: what are you trying to do?04:55
webbb82can someone please help me  when i add sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ricotz/testing  witch adds docky to the sources but when i do apt-get instaLL docky  it says not  found04:56
freaky[t]Jeruvy, adding a mail filter for one account, to move new mails from a specific sender to a specific folder for that sender04:56
webbb82this is the site its on04:56
DBOwebbb82, the ppa has moved04:56
denis_kwabz: tried with empathy but keeps saying error blah blah, can't really check since it doesn't have the server channel04:56
BookmanDasEi, I don't think what I'm trying to do is possible.04:56
wabzwebbb82: apt-get update?04:56
SikEnCidewebbb82 try doing a sudo apt-get update first04:56
denis_ki guess it doesn't, never saw anybody with a .04:56
DBOwebbb82, sudo add-apt-repository ppa:docky-core04:56
webbb82alreADY did04:56
nullr1brandenstone: have you tried selecting a different mouse during install?04:56
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: can you describe each filter as you've added it?04:56
wabzwhy is libnotify part of karmic04:57
BilliardAgrajag-: what do you want to change?04:57
DBOwabz, lots of things link it04:57
wabzwell it's a piece of shit!04:57
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: if copying that in chat is difficult, try exporting the filter and pastebin'ing it.04:57
brandenstonenullr1: No to question one and two. I'm using a Logitech wired keyboard and Swissgear wireless mouse. There brand new and don't have any problems with other operating systems.04:57
freaky[t]if sender contains mail.domain.tld action: move to inbox --> domain04:57
DBOwabz, whats wrong with it now, and please dont swear04:57
freaky[t]@ Jeruvy04:57
Agrajag-Billiard: the placement of them, how long they stay up, whether clicking on them makes them disappear and the next one pop up etc.04:57
denis_kdoes anybody know how to change the timer for the automatic touchpad disable?04:58
nullr1brandenstone: do you just reinstall the xwindow or the whole os?04:58
wabzDBO: I can't configure where they go, they look like rubbish, and they hover around forever04:59
webbb82does anyone knpow what the package  ubuntu-x  does to your xorg files04:59
wabzand the config thing does nothing04:59
brandenstonenullr1: What's the difference? I downloaded the full 32bit 9:10 OS and installed with Grub 2.04:59
DBOwabz, thats notify osd you have a problem with, not libindicate04:59
BilliardAgrajag-: well i know you can change the position of them, there may be other settings somewhere else. to change the position and them you can run the command libnotify-config i believe its called, you can type libnotify <tab><tab>  if that doesnt work04:59
DBOwabz, libnotify, sorry04:59
Bookmananyone else know how to mount a .iso file on a computer over a network?04:59
freaky[t]Jeruvy, :( seems like evolution cant help me there :(05:00
brandenstonenullr1: I've installed previous versions w/ Kunbuntu and had the same issues.05:00
freaky[t]maybe i should switch to firefox05:00
BilliardBookman: accessing it how?05:00
freaky[t]thunderbird i mean05:00
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: so the filter is based on 'sender' and 'contains' a.example.com and the result is to 'move to folder' and you've selected "inbox"?05:00
freaky[t]Jeruvy, yes05:00
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: try changing the folder to something other than inbox05:00
BookmanBilliard, I just want to play a dvd video that is in .iso form on a remote server.05:01
nullr1brandenstone: try 64 bit and run the disk image self test when it starts up. I have gotten bad disk images and installs without a problem but later fails.05:01
BookmanBilliard, via sftp05:01
freaky[t]Jeruvy, it's inbox-->folderforthoseeMAils05:01
nullr1brandenstone: hold on05:01
brandenstonenullr1: Kunbuntu was a nightmare compared to Ubuntu.05:01
BilliardBookman: could install sshfs05:01
BDOTHspeaking of evolution, did you know that in the tech world there are 3 levels?  Nerd, Computer Repair guy, Geek. Geek being the highest level of computer smarts.05:01
BookmanBilliard, on which, the server or the client?05:01
DBOwebbb82, so is docky going okay for you?05:01
BilliardBookman: client05:02
erebuswhen do you go from Nerd to Computer Repair Guy?05:02
=== wolf is now known as Guest34787
webbb82no its too slow05:02
Agrajag-Billiard: there is no libnotify-config or similar, i can't find it with apt-cache search, do you know which package provides it? notification-properties exists, but the options is gives don't actually do anything05:02
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: try deleting the action and adding it with the correct folder name.  Then quit and restart evolution05:02
BDOTHWhen you finish college.05:02
erebusI can never tell if Nerd is still a bad label anymore05:02
mwhudsonmy wifi on my karmic macbook seems to have died recently :(05:02
Vossbdoth, just because youre a geek doesnt mean you can fix a computer05:02
freaky[t]Jeruvy, didnt help05:02
brandenstonenullr1: I have a compatible Gigabyte 64bit motherboard, but a 32bit CPU. It won't work on my computer. I built the entire computer. :/05:02
freaky[t]Jeruvy, did u every try remote desktop access with ubuntu?05:02
BookmanBilliard, and how to use?05:03
BilliardAgrajag-: it should be on your machine already05:03
denis_kHow do you change the time the touchpad is disabled during+after a key press?05:03
nullr1brandenstone: you are using single core processor?05:03
mwhudsonis this known?05:03
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: then it sounds like the condition is not valid since it's not being met.05:03
nullr1brandenstone: do you have a KVM?05:03
Agrajag-Billiard: i can assure you it is not05:03
freaky[t]Jeruvy, do u want remote desktop access to show me how?05:03
mwhudsoni tried to search lp but i'm on my phone...05:03
eboyjrHey I hate to be a bummer to always come here with problems lol :P But the regular laptop speaker output on the sound preferences dialog is gone and will only go out through the HDMI port... Is there anyway this can be fixed?05:03
VossA Comp sci degree does not give you the knowledge to service a computer05:03
nullr1Voss:  are you james?05:03
BilliardAgrajag-: what happens when you type libnotif  and hit tab twice05:04
VossNo im not James05:04
BDOTHI love quad core. My amd phenom black edition processes so smoothly and fast it's like sex when you turn it on05:04
BilliardBookman: read the man page "man sshfs"05:04
nullr1BDOTH: sure05:04
Agrajag-Billiard: nothing05:04
brandenstonenullr1: Pentium 570J 3.8GHz CPU.05:04
VossBdoth, which means you really need to get laid05:04
denis_kHow do you change the time the touchpad is disabled during+after a key press?05:04
Jeruvyfreaky[t]: Filters work, so if it's not catching anything then the conditions are not valid.05:04
Agrajag-Billiard: if you have it on your machine, can you run dpkg -S `which libnotify-bin` and tell me what it gives you?05:04
BDOTHVoss, I know that all too well. My girl wont give it up but once a week.05:05
BilliardAgrajag-: its not on the machine im currently on, try installing libnotify-bin05:05
Agrajag-Billiard: already installed05:05
nullr1brandenstone: do you use a KVM switch?05:05
BookmanOk, all of this for a ridiculously simple solution.  Use Nautilus.  Go to Network, find the .iso on the remote machine.  Open with other application>VLC05:05
BookmanHow easy is that?05:05
Vossbdoth, if u can get laid once a week consider yourself a fortunate man.05:05
bazhangBDOTH, please stay on topic and family friendly05:05
nullr1BDOTH: maybe you are doing it wrong?05:06
brandenstonenullr1: I'm not sure. I'm thinking I don't. Why? Would that explain it?05:06
bazhangVoss, stop that05:06
BilliardAgrajag-: karmic?05:06
Agrajag-Billiard: the only thing libnotify-bin provides in /usr/bin is notify-send05:06
Agrajag-Billiard: yes05:06
denis_kNobody knows how to change the time the touchpad is disabled during+after a key press or even know where touchpad settings are?05:06
BDOTHBazhang, least I'm not using adult language.05:06
nullr1brandenstone: a switch which allows you to connect 2 computer and only use 1 mouse, keyboard and monitor just hit a button to switch between the 205:06
saturn`server irc.rizon.net05:06
denis_k____ your adult language I need help :(05:07
steve_KVM switch can come in many configs... i have an 8 port KVM05:07
denis_kyou dont need to use adult language, just use blanks :P05:07
Techie__are acpi scripts located in /etc/acpi/ run as root?05:07
BDOTHWell Denis, ask the question. See what happens.05:07
nullr1__________________________________________blank ;)05:07
brandenstonenullr1: Does that matter on a multiboot system? It's on a separate HDD and is not in a virtual machine.05:07
rogertemp1hello, I have a link to a windows folder on my ubuntu desktop, its appears with an X, it says the link is broken..should be moved to trash, but it works once I open the C drive in My computer and enter my password05:08
freaky[t]Jeruvy, ok thank you05:08
t0rcSo someone deleted part of a samba install. And now sudo apt-get install samba now says that packages are up to date but says it cannot configure things. :(05:08
denis_kive asked like 3 times05:08
denis_kso im guessing nobody knows05:08
rogertemp1how do i make so the link always works05:08
nullr1brandenstone: no but are you keyboard and mouse directly connected to your computer?05:08
oldude67denis_k, have you looked under system>pref>mouse>keyboard settings?05:08
BDOTHask again denis05:08
Techie__rogertemp1, have the filesystem mount at boot05:08
brandenstonenullr1: Yes. Why would that matter?05:08
nullr1brandenstone: with no hub or anything in between05:08
BilliardAgrajag-: try typing notif and tib tab twice05:09
BilliardAgrajag-: hit tab*05:09
BDOTHHey T0rc, try using synapic package manager to locate it, remove it and then reinstall it.05:09
nullr1brandenstone: there have been problems with kvm switches not being supported05:09
rogertemp1Techie_, i have no idea how to do this05:09
wabzBilliard: notification-preferences?05:09
brandenstonenullr1: It's connected directly to my computer.05:09
wabzit has a Theme, and Position, neither of which are adhered to05:09
Billiardwabz: could be called that05:09
Agrajag-Billiard: that gives me notification-properties (which i've already said doesn't do anything) and notify-send05:09
Techie__are acpi scripts located in /etc/acpi/ run as root?05:09
denis_koldude67: theres a setting but you can't modify the time for it, which is useless05:10
brandenstonenullr1: I don't have an external switch.05:10
denis_kHow do you change the time the touchpad is disabled during+after a key press?05:10
BilliardAgrajag-: it sets the position of them for me, and it works05:10
Agrajag-Billiard: notification-properties doesn't actually change them, there is already a bug regarding this, apparently it is deprecated05:10
t0rcBDOTH, its server version, can I do that from command line?05:10
BookmanBilliard, please take note of my solution for the future.  So easy.05:10
BilliardAgrajag-: idk works for me, sorry05:10
brandenstonenullr1: The problem is related to the windows not functioning correctly too and not just the mouse. The keyboard works fine. :/05:10
VossI upgraded a computer from Vista to win 7 tonight, it had an interesting feature. Instead of upgrading the existing folder, it renamed the existing to folder to folder.old and did a fresh install.05:11
Chaituhello All. Am trying to make my desktop look good by installing compiz. When I do   compiz --replace in terminal.. I dont see any prog coming up.. can someone help me with that?05:11
BDOTHt0rc, yes you can. if you know the name of the package, just do sudo apt what not like you would install it but instead write remove05:11
BDOTHthen install again after it's done.'05:11
Agrajag-Billiard: i think you are mistaken, i have 3 9.10 boxes, on all of them it does nothing, and there is a bug on launchpad where everyone also says it does nothing05:11
BilliardVoss: thats what it does05:11
leaf-sheepChaitu: No program should come up. Try moving windows and you should see some effects.05:12
nullr1brandenstone: try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg  05:12
brandenstonenullr1: Can I get a better scan of my system or controller? Install something that will override the old settings to a personal preference?05:12
BilliardAgrajag-: idk i installed from the alternate cd, pretty much all i installed is gnome and firefox, and my notifications show in the bottom right05:12
brandenstonenullr1: in terminal?05:12
BDOTHlol, every time I screwed up xserver config, reconfiguring it never did me any good.05:12
Chaituleaf-sheep, : I dont see any change in the way my screen looks or it functions05:12
t0rcBDOTH, hmmm..... will try05:12
nullr1brandenstone: did sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg    do anything?05:13
denis_kwhats the command to check if a program is running (more specifically a daemon)?05:13
simonI installed the ubuntu server edition, and it's working excellent, except the Emacs font is horrible. any clues on which package to install to get some more fonts?05:13
jbneti installed a custom kernel, but my netbook is still booting the generic.  how do i fix that (on karmic NBR)05:13
leaf-sheepChaitu: Perhaps you don't have the supported card.  Perhaps it's not toggled on. Did you check Hardware Drivers? How about Visual Effects tab under Appearances?05:13
altf2ops  - is a good way to see what's running. Also:  top , will show a realtime view of what's running05:13
brandenstoneIt took the command, but I'm not sure if it did anything.05:13
BDOTHDenis, you want the command or can you use the process manager?05:13
Billiarddenis_k: for the services you can usually do "service servicename status"05:14
Chaituleaf-sheep, : Let me check visual effects. Last time I checked I did not have any visual effects tab in appreances05:14
BDOTHBilliard beat me too it. my typing speed has failed me.05:14
nullr1brandenstone: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop --reinstall should reinstall it maybe that is what you are looking for?05:14
* simon uses xfontsel to find a good font.05:14
histodenis_k: or /etc/inti.d/<nameofdaemon> status05:14
denis_kbilliar: bah its not a service, daemons are considered services right?05:14
rogertempTechie_, how do i mount the filesystem on boot05:15
denis_kbilliard* :P my bad05:15
Billiarddenis_k: it should work for things in /etc/init.d05:15
altf2odaemons are equiv. to what Windows calls "services" , yes.05:15
denis_koh, well, i guess i dont have that daemon...05:15
brandenstonenullr1: That didn't work.05:16
nullr1denis_k: just type the first few letters and hit tab05:16
Chaituok here's what I see  under appearance :  style , color , icons, themes,  fonts, windows,  gtk+ appreance, splash screen and emotions05:16
valrosso whats with wired and wireless connectivity completely cutting out at random in 64 bit karmic?05:16
Billiarddenis_k: which daemon05:16
nullr1brandenstone: the reconfig or the reinstall?05:16
ChaituI don't see visual effects tab at all05:16
brandenstonenullr1: It says I already have the latest version.05:16
leaf-sheepChaitu: What are you using?05:16
ChaituKubuntu leaf-sheep05:16
denis_kbilliard: i used it in 9.04 to disable the touchpad when typing, but I want to change the time it disables it05:17
denis_kits not long enough at the moment05:17
t0rci am trying to connect to my ubuntu server via ssh but it is saying port 22 refused?05:17
brandenstonenullr1: neither of those worked... just install.05:17
DanaGinteresting... I've pinned my system to give me the lucid kernel and pulseaudio, but Karmic everything-else.05:17
Billiarddenis_k: maybe try to install it i have never used it05:17
altf2ois sshd up and running on it? (may have to physically connect). Either server\local WS blocking port 22?05:18
BDOTHOH WHATS THIS PILE OF CRUD? Where did my precious pidgin Im go on ubuntu? Now there is some other program I cannot pronounce!05:18
leaf-sheepChaitu: Ah. I see. Not something I would know what to do. I did use it for few hours. I recall it was under Settings -- You have to find out and enable. Also, Hardware Drivers -- Drivers should be toggled. It's similar -- but a tad different. ;o05:18
denis_kwell ubuntu already stops my touch pad when typing, so i dont want to install something extra for nothing05:18
hazdai'm linux newbies05:18
hazdai'm using xubuntu05:19
denis_komg, you're all the newbies in one person?!05:19
denis_kjust kidding05:19
valrosthatd be alot of people05:19
erebusyou have to ad pidgin from software Center download Bdoth05:19
BDOTHhazda, you mean you are the collective conciseness of all newbies to Linux?05:19
ChaituThanks leaf-sheep. will try to find it05:19
BDOTHI saw that but why did they change it from the default install? I mean common, why fix if it's not broken05:19
erebushehe no idea05:19
* denis_k joins hazda05:19
brandenstonenullr1: Like I said, this problem is impossible to figure out. :'(05:20
johnjohn101are there problems with network manager and openvpn?  I have to log in from command line05:20
hazdai just install xubuntu today05:20
nvmeusing ubuntu as a guest in virtualbox, i cant get it to detect my external HDD through the usb attaching thing, any idea why ?05:20
Billiardjohnjohn101: what happens when you try to use NM05:20
jbnethow do i make the custom kernel the default in karmic netbook remix?05:20
BDOTHGood for you hazda05:20
hazdahow to open my fat32 partition?05:20
johnjohn101jbnet it fails immediatelyu05:21
infidBilliard do you have the guest additions installed05:21
nullr1brandenstone: gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf05:21
Billiardinfid: wrong person lol05:21
hazdawhre i keep my data before05:21
nullr1brandenstone: pastebin.com that and post the link here05:21
DasEinvme: #vbox05:21
jbnetjohnjohn101: what do u mean?05:21
BDOTHSomeone tell hazda how to mount a fat32 partition, I don't remember it off hand05:21
DasEi!mount | hazda05:21
ubottuhazda: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount05:21
Billiardhazda: can you no access it from the places menu?05:22
skullboxanyone know which gemail checker gets used by the messenging menu?05:22
DasEihazda: open a terml ..05:22
hazdai try ubuntu before..it shown on place05:22
DasEihazda: open ?05:22
Billiardhazda: do you have a places menu on xubuntu?05:22
DasEihazda: sudo fdisk -l05:23
Billiard!who | hazda05:23
DasEi!who | hazda05:23
ubottuhazda: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:23
smacnaydoes ubuntu have a firewall running by default?05:23
Billiardsmart bot lol05:23
johnjohn101jbnet,  I imported a .ovpn file that works. It loads the keys correctly.  I click on the vpn name and it throws the black box that said fails05:23
skullboxanyone know which gmail checker gets used by the messenging menu?05:23
BDOTHNow hold on a second. I created my own partition and Ubuntu can see it, it just doesn't know how to open it. How can a Fat32, an already well known and very old partition format, be not detected in the Places menu?05:23
DasEi!ufw | smacnay05:23
ubottusmacnay: Ubuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist05:23
brandenstonenullr1: How does that work?05:23
smacnayI cannot seem to access the rdp port on an ubuntu server even though vino is set up to accept05:23
* brandenstone is confused.05:23
hazdadasei: ok i open terminal05:24
denis_kwhat controls my touchpad?05:24
DasEihazda: sudo fdisk -l05:24
skullboxanyone know which gmail checker gets used by the messenging menu?05:24
johnjohn101jbnet, same ovpn file that works when I run on command line with sudo openvpn05:24
eboyjrHey I hate to be a bummer to always come here with problems lol :P But the regular laptop speaker output on the sound preferences dialog is gone and will only go out through the HDMI port... Is there anyway this can be fixed?05:24
askograndI am considering installing ubuntu on my powerbook g4. anyone know of any potential pitfalls to ubuntu pcc05:24
DasEihazda: get the partition like /dev/sdb305:24
DasEihazda: which is your fat on ?05:24
freaky[t]how do i enable medibuntu sources?05:25
nullr1brandenstone: paste gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf into the terminal It will ask for your pw then open a textpad with your config copy/paste that into pastebin.com and it will give you a url paste the url here05:25
dave99hi I need help with Xubuntu. After the install I get a black screen asking for login and I do login and nothing happens, plusthe screen is flickering all the time, any help__05:25
DasEi!dvd | freaky[t]05:25
ubottufreaky[t]: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats05:25
hazdadasei: /dev/sda505:25
nullr1brandenstone: just "gksudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf"05:25
emily_hey guys what's goin on in this chat05:25
DasEihazda: sudo mkdir /media/sda505:25
Billiarddave99: is your password correct?05:25
DasEihazda: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda5 /media/sda505:26
nullr1brandenstone: hold it it might be the wrong directory05:26
dave99I think so it is very very simple no possible mistake just QQQ repeated 3 times05:26
DasEihazda: sudo chown -R   >yourUsernameHere<  /media/sda305:26
freaky[t]DasEi, that doesnt help me i want Medibuntu repos05:26
DasEifreaky[t]: explained there, also :05:27
smacnayxrdp is running but no port 5900 shows up as available05:27
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mediabuntu05:27
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org05:27
skylffmpeg -i out.avi out.flv05:27
BilliardDasEi: dont you mean 505:27
freaky[t]DasEi, thank you :)05:27
skylthis is the best quality I can get?05:27
=== jerald is now known as prappl93
DasEiBilliard: oh yes, thank you05:27
dave99I was reading in the ubuntu forums that other people have exactly the same problem but no one provided a solution05:27
DasEihazda: got it typo sda3/sda5 ?05:27
SikEnCideo stay away from burned games u think ?05:27
skylcan I get better quality than:  mencoder -idx out.ogv -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o out.avi05:28
Billiarddave99: hit ctrl+alt+f1  can you login correctly there?05:28
SikEnCidewrong window05:28
prappl93I need to install the ATI graphics drivers for my ATI Radeon 7000 VE card. The current ones for Ubuntu/Linux don't work with this card. Is there a way to download the old version?05:28
Doctakarmic runs great05:28
hazdasudo chown -R hazda/media/sda505:28
dave99you mean to do that right now_ I am in the LiveCD version right now05:29
prappl93I've been booting into Failsafe GNOME because regular doesn't load because of lack of ATI drivers05:29
Jari--_is it possible to boot up with the Ubuntu Live CD an already existing Ubuntu installation on the hard disk by passing the kernel root= path?05:29
DasEihazda ?05:29
Billiardhazda: need a space after for name05:29
denis_kWhat controls my touchpad, or where can I find my touchpad settings (other than system>prefs>mouse)05:29
Billiardhazda: after your name*05:29
DasEihazda : right, and space behind username05:29
kermit_go for karmic05:30
DasEihazda : now you should find it /media/sda505:30
i_is_brokedenis_k, are you running compiz?05:30
kermit_karmic hit windows seven05:30
Gorgatronwhat do you mean kermit?05:30
nullr1brandenstone: I have run out of ideas. Maybe tommorow try it there is always new people here. just let them know everything you have tried and has not worked so you dont keep redoing the same thing over and voer05:30
DasEihazda : to permanently have it put it into :05:30
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about fsatb05:30
i_is_brokedenis_k, if not mistaken there is a setting in there as well for that stuff too.05:30
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:30
Doctathank you all for your support... people make Linux!05:31
StandarshyCan anyone here help me with setting up the tabletpc pen to work with Ubuntu?05:31
=== other is now known as Guest72592
dave99Can somebody help with a Xubuntu problem plase? I cant enter to it after the installation, it asks for login in a blank screen that flickers and doesnt work to insert the login05:32
denis_ki_is_broke: do you know where?05:32
=== zero is now known as Guest3938
brandenstonenullr1: I reported a full system bug report to Ubuntu for the technicians to review, but there's a high chance it many not even show up since it could easily be related to multiple simple settings.05:32
Billiarddave99: did you try what i suggested?05:33
i_is_brokedenis_k, sorry i dont have it installed on this system. and its been awhile since i set it up..had to use it cause the 5 and the r key would go crazy when i would use them, so i had to slow down the speed of them.05:33
johnjohn101jbnet: I've been messing around. seems to fail only when you turn off default route05:33
brandenstone-many with +may Typo*05:33
DasEihazda: can find you files ?05:33
prappl93I can't find the ATI Radeon 7000 series drivers for Linux at their site... does anyone know a way to run this ATI card on Ubuntu?05:33
dave99Billiard I told you that I am using the LiveCD right now I  a not in my installed Xubuntu05:34
nullr1brandenstone: tell them all you have tried and has not worked this has to be kernel related if its happening with gnome and kde specially with a fresh install. Also try to find the specific model of the mouse and give them that aswell.05:34
rogertemphello, how do i mount the filesystem on boot...how do i make this automatic05:34
gasullHi.  how do I remove gnome-games? (aptitude remove gnome-games actually leaves the games there)05:34
brandenstonenullr1: alright05:34
Billiarddave99: well try it and come back?05:35
Billiardgasull: apt-get autoremove05:35
dave99No Billiard I tried that before and didnt work05:35
freaky[t]what's the default ftp client for ubuntu?05:35
denis_ki_is_broke: no there is no option, its for window effects/accessibility, thats the last place it would be ;P05:35
gasullBilliard: that didn't do anything05:36
dave99I even reinstalled Xubuntu completely and tried some other stuff I read in the forum05:36
hazdadasei : still cannot find05:36
BDOTHAnybody else able to watch Netflix on Ubuntu?05:36
DasEihazda: sudo mkdir /media/sda505:36
DasEihazda: sudo mount -t vfat /dev/sda5 /media/sda505:36
=== Techie__ is now known as _Techie_
dave99isn-t there a specific forum and chat for xubuntu_ I think this problem is xubuntu specific05:36
DasEihazda: cd /media/sda505:37
DasEihazda: ls05:37
DasEifiles ?05:37
wrapsteris opera 9 available on ubuntu.. apt-get didnt turn up anythihng?05:37
Guest3938opera 10.1 work05:37
Billiardwrapster: i believe you must add the partner repo05:38
=== slinkeey is now known as yackyack
wrapsterGuest3938: could you please specify the ur05:38
wrapsterBilliard: partner repo?05:38
Billiardwrapster: look in synaptic sources config05:38
Guest3938get the deb from opera website it is self-installing www.opera.com05:38
freaky[t]why doesnt evolution filter eMails as they arrive?05:39
johnjohn101my opinion clean up network manager bugs and rdesktop look pretty with scrollbars and resizing would go a long way toward making ubuntu ready for enterprise05:39
Billiardwrapster: doing as Guest3938 says will not allow opera to update to new versions with the update manager05:39
RPG_MasterHelp! What do I do?       "configure: error: Library requirements (libgnomeui-2.0 >= 2.2.0) not met; consider adjusting the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable if your libraries are in a nonstandard prefix so pkg-config can find them."05:39
Guest3938the sources that opera uses don't work05:40
Billiardinstall those libraries RPG_Master05:40
Guest3938so it won't update in the manager05:40
DasEi!pm | hazda05:40
ubottuhazda: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:40
RPG_MasterBilliard: But I have the newer version of them :/05:40
DasEihazda: yes ls (small LS)05:40
BilliardGuest3938: change your name to something unique05:40
DasEihazda: in the /media/sda5 directory05:41
hazdadasei : nothing appear?05:41
Guest3938opera will tell you when there is a update avail though05:41
DasEihazda :sudo apt-get install pastebinit05:41
Billiard!opera > Billiard05:41
=== DigitalFiz_ is now known as DigitalFiz
ubottuBilliard, please see my private message05:42
blackshellhow do i mount my c,d,and e drives at startup?05:42
DasEihazda :sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit05:42
Billiardblackshell: are they currently in your places menu?05:42
DasEi!fstab | blackshell05:42
ubottublackshell: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions05:42
RPG_MasterBilliard:  I think I'll make a link to the newer version of the lib... What do I need to name it?05:42
blackshellthey are05:42
Billiardblackshell: pm me and i can help, dont feel like searching the chat for messages05:43
rogertempi was told to get my desktop links to some windows folders I have to mount the filesystem on boot05:43
BilliardRPG_Master: no idea can you maybe install older versions of those libraries as well?05:43
rogertempi dont know how to do this05:43
DasEiBilliard: don't use sound and highlighting ? as seen above, not worse to have some eyes on it ;-)05:44
=== banister`sleep is now known as banisterfiend
hazdadasei: then?05:44
georgewhen i change the window manager to gnome-shell in terminal or with configediter it reverts back to metacity? any ideas?05:44
DasEihazda :sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit05:44
DasEihazda :give url from terminal here05:44
BilliardDasEi: this is just a somewaht longer task not difficult05:44
kelly_Hello everyone, I come asking for help getting sound working under karmic koala.  It "sort of" worked before I upgraded from 8.04, or whatever, to 9.04.05:45
ZykoticK9kelly_, what is the output of "uname -r"?05:46
ThreetimesI put Kubuntu Netbook on a USB-key (using ubuntu's usb-creator) end it boots, but it hangs at the loading bar (it moves left-right for ever), and when I switch to another VT I get distortion. Other ubuntu live images have always worked. (#kubuntu-netbook is dead...)05:46
ZykoticK9kelly_, which is the wrong kernel for karmic.  i don't know how to fix this - but you need to fix this issue before you proceed.05:48
kelly_Hmm.  A clean reinstall I suppose would do it?  You don't know of any other way?05:49
=== Guest3938 is now known as zin
ZykoticK9kelly_, there is a way!  i just don't know it -- you are experiencing a common upgrade problem with karmic.  i fresh installed and didn't have this issue05:50
=== zin is now known as dudaduda
kelly_ZykoticK9, thanks.  I may just reinstall then05:50
i_is_brokekelly_, have you done an update yet?05:51
ZykoticK9kelly_, i highly recommend you do some search on the net regarding the kernel issue - it might be an easy fix.  im kinda surprised people haven't jumped in.  i do know it has something to do with grub not updating correctly, and you do have the correct kernel installed... or some such thing.05:52
kermit_kelly can u describe ur specification of your computer?05:52
kelly_kermit_, it is a sony vaio pcg-7f1L, I don't know the specs offhand05:53
exodus_mshmmm, everytime I load the Appearance Preferences window, it hangs, becomes unresponsive and then crashes?05:53
DasEihazda: and please put nick, else I oversee it05:53
ubottuProgramming editors/suites: Terminal-based: vi/vim, emacs - KDE: Kate, KDevelop, Quanta+, Umbrello - GNOME: gvim, gedit, anjuta, pida, monodevelop, geany - Others: eclipse, netbeans, QtCreator05:53
LEftReaderI want to rotate my screen so it is vertical, running 9.10, nvidia restricted drivers.... I have tried editing xorg.conf to include "RotateRandR"  "On" under options.... help please!05:54
DasEihazda:so sda5 was right05:54
hazdadasei : http://pastebin.com/f1c82fee05:54
DasEihazda:mount | pastebinit05:54
greezmunkeyexodus_ms, I have a similar issue. That last time I just left it alone, and the "hang" cleared in about a minute.05:54
exodus_msgreezmunkey, ya, thats what I have been doing, weird05:54
swolchokand remember to try to start working on the shirt puzzle as soon as they give out the shirts05:55
hazdadasei : http://pastebin.com/f13be4fce05:55
swolchoker, sorry05:55
swolchokmmkay I still can't get phpbb3 to work even after switching to mysql database. I'm getting PHP errors at http://localhost/phpbb : in file /includes/auth.php on line 432: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() and a couple more05:55
=== warren_ is now known as Guest95532
greezmunkeyexodus_ms, I have been looking around for some sort of log file to T/S this, but not real hard as I don't mess with it too often :)05:55
DasEihazda: still not mounted.. so again :05:55
Guest95532Hello room, I am using ubuntu 9.10 and I need help in making my wireless my default connection05:56
DasEihazda: sudo mkdir /media/sda505:56
LEftReaderHelp! I want to rotate my screen so it is vertical, running 9.10, nvidia restricted drivers.... I have tried editing xorg.conf to include "RotateRandR"  "On" under options.... help please!05:56
DasEihazda: sudo mount /dev/sda5  /media/sda5                (might ask for fs-type)05:56
=== Guest95532 is now known as Warrenc
exodus_msgreezmunkey, me either, I jsut needed it so I could select the "show icons in menus" apparently after the upgrade this setting was defaulted05:56
WarrencHello room, I am using ubuntu 9.10 and I need help in making my wireless my default connection05:56
hazda dasei : cannot create directory `/media/sda5': File exists05:57
DasEihazda: fine,  mount /dev/sda5 /media/sda505:57
WarrencHello room, I am using ubuntu 9.10 and I need help in making my wireless my default connection05:58
ZykoticK9!repeat > Warrenc05:58
ubottuWarrenc, please see my private message05:58
SeanInSeattleHey all.  I have been, in the past :), a windows user primarily.  So, now, I'm using ubuntu, and I'm wanting to add certain binary directories to my "path" (windows terminology) on the command line.  Can someone tell me how to do that?05:58
hazdadasei: then?05:59
uzuntowhat's the command to install 64-bit flash for firefox plz?05:59
greezmunkeyexodus_ms, One thing I noticed is that Ctrl+F and back seemed to help...I need to run a script on /var/log looking for changes by the time, then force the hang...ans see. I'll post what I find out.05:59
DasEihazda: cd /media/sda505:59
ZykoticK9SeanInSeattle, .bashrc or .profile are the files you couold use05:59
=== sebi` is now known as stuhlbein
exodus_msgreezmunkey, This bug was fixed in the package nautilus - 1:2.27.91-0ubuntu305:59
DasEihazda: ls05:59
SeanInSeattleuzunto:  I don't recommend using it.05:59
hazdaok..already mount05:59
DasEihazda: files there ?05:59
greezmunkeyexodus_ms, so update nautilus then?06:00
hazdadasei : thanx so much06:00
hazdadasei :  yes06:00
DasEihazda: np, but it to fstab06:00
SeanInSeattlezykotick9:  what's the terminology for what I'm trying to do, in the linux world?06:00
swolchokso a clean reinstall of phpbb3 fixed the problem. mysterious.06:00
ZykoticK9SeanInSeattle, "add to your path" like you said, i think06:00
DasEihazda: else it's gone at next reboot06:00
DasEihazda: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab06:01
SeanInSeattlezykotick9:  ah, good... I'm glad that I'm on the right track.  thanks for confirming.  I'll research the .rcprofile config file, and see what I can come up with.06:01
ZykoticK9SeanInSeattle, Path is really a unix term, borrowed by MS06:01
SeanInSeattlezykotick9:  Oh... (looks sheepish)... right.  :)06:01
mlissnerAnybody know how to automatically pause banshee whenever I put my computer to sleep, so that when I turn it back on, the music won't be playing while I put in my password in class?06:01
gasullThere should be a way to remove gnome-games.  It cannot be so difficult06:01
DasEihazda: scroll down that file, add a line :06:02
exodus_msgreezmunkey, not sure, here are some lp links #422282, #42239306:02
greezmunkeyexodus_ms, ok06:02
Warrencno ones even going to try to help, nice06:02
DasEihazda: /dev/sda5       /media/sda5   vfat user,noauto,exec   0       006:02
ZykoticK9gasull, "sudo apt-get remove gnome-games" pretty easy i'd say ;)06:02
DasEihazda: /dev/sda5       /media/sda5   vfat user,auto,exec   0       006:02
gasullZykoticK9: except it doesn't actually remove the games :-)06:03
DasEihazda: (last line only)06:03
exodus_msgreezmunkey, it says it's patched and fixed? idk "* debian/patches/92_git_change_fix_preferences_crash.patch:"06:03
ZykoticK9gasull, really?  strange - you running 9.10?06:03
gasullZykoticK9: yes06:03
DasEihazda: got it so far ?06:03
hazdadasei: sory not understand..which line?06:04
WarrencWill anyone take a few minutes out of their day and try to help me?06:04
DasEihazda: did you open fstab ?06:04
ZykoticK9gasull, if you type "apt-cache policy gnome-games" is a version listed beside installed: ?06:04
Vincemanhow can you hide the hidden directories that show in your save to and load from dialog windows?06:05
dinyahello all06:05
bazhangWarrenc, please ask the channel your question, with as many details as possible.06:05
hazdadasei: fstab not open06:05
ZykoticK9Vinceman, ctrl+h perhaps?06:05
WarrencHello room, I am using ubuntu 9.10 and I need help in making my wireless my default connection06:05
bazhangWarrenc, if someone knows they will answer06:05
DasEihazda: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab06:05
gasullZykoticK9: http://dpaste.com/119461/06:05
dinyai'm install kubuntu 9.10. why does konsole so slowly and linux terminal too?06:06
VincemanZykoticK9, thanks!06:06
zero00why can i not delete a user i have already created it allows me to delete but when i open users/groups it reappears06:06
DasEihazda: did you open fstab now ?06:06
hazdadasei: already try but nothing open06:06
ZykoticK9gasull, in a terminal try "blackjack" - do you get an error, or does it run?06:07
zero00i accidentaly created the user with users and groups instead of using adduser --encrypt-home as i shouldve06:07
DasEihazda: ls /etc/fstab                            file there ?06:07
gasullZykoticK9: it runs06:07
zero00now i am stuck with an unencrypted user home that i cannot delete06:07
ZykoticK9gasull, too weird for me???  i have no idea man.06:07
gasullZykoticK9: thanks anyway06:07
DeaD_LocKHey I have a problem I have just installed ubuntu and everytime I turn my system on at the very start it says "Disk boot failure,please insert disk and press enter" and I don't know how to fix it06:08
Billiardzero00: what if you use userdel and manually remove their home dir06:08
zero00ive never tried it let me look at the syntax06:08
i_is_brokegasull, have you tried apt-get purge gnome-games?06:08
ZykoticK9gasull, you could always use system / preferences / Main Menu - and just uncheck them to hide them as a work around06:08
hazdadasei: hazda@hazda-linux:/media/sda5$ gksudo gedit /etc/fstab06:09
hazdahazda@hazda-linux:/media/sda5$ ls /etc/fstab /etc/fstab hazda@hazda-linux:/media/sda5$06:09
DasEihazda:sudo apt-get install gedit06:10
DasEihazda: gksudo gedit /etc/fstab06:10
gasullZykoticK9: tried the apt-get purge.  Yeah, I'll hide them.  But that's a patch.06:10
DeaD_LocKHey I have a problem I have just installed ubuntu and everytime I turn my system on at the very start it says "Disk boot failure,please insert disk and press enter" and I don't know how to fix it06:10
ZykoticK9gasull, agreed06:10
Riveri am importing a key and i get the following error ... how do I fix this ? WARNING: unsafe ownership on configuration file `/home/******/.gnupg/gpg.conf' gpg: external program calls are disabled due to unsafe options file permissions gpg: keyserver communications error: general error gpg: keyserver receive failed: general error "06:10
BilliardDeaD_LocK: this is before the grub screen?06:10
SeanInSeattleCan someone point me to a good place where I can find an explanation of the structure and syntax for rc.local file and/or rc.* files?06:10
DeaD_LocK<Billiard>Yeah,soon as it trys booting it I get this I have to put the disk in with it for ubuntu to work =/06:11
BilliardDeaD_LocK: do you have a non bootable cd or flash drive plugged in?06:11
hazdadasei: ok, can open fstab now06:12
DeaD_LocK<Billiard>:I have to external hard drives plugged in but thats never been a problem before.06:12
ianyikosI accidentally deleted the grub loader, and I don't really know how to fix it.  I know you have to boot onto the installation cd, but I don't know what to do after that.06:12
DasEihazda: scroll down that file, add a line :06:12
DasEihazda: /dev/sda5       /media/sda5   vfat user,auto,exec   0       006:13
ZykoticK9SeanInSeattle, are you still looking for PATH information?  cause that's in ~ (home folder) not the rc.local06:13
BilliardSeanInSeattle: are you talking about daemon scripts06:13
magickhi all. I'm trying to install ubuntu 9.10 on a rather recent pc. I needed to use acpi=off and noapic to boot the install cd but that trick isn't working on the actual install. any ideas? I've tried all the options I could think of with no success.06:13
DasEihazda: SAVE fstab, close gedit, be done06:13
BilliardDeaD_LocK: does the problem go away with them disconnected?06:15
DasEihazda: are you using latest, karmic distro ?06:15
SeanInSeattleBilliard:  No, I'm not looking for information on daemon scripts.  I'm looking for more information on generic environment variables in ubuntu 9.1 linux.06:15
DeaD_LocK<Billiard>:I don't know I will reboot and check ?06:15
BilliardDeaD_LocK: alright06:15
hazdadasei : done already?06:16
=== remi is now known as Guest98652
DasEihazda: you added that line and saved fstab ?06:16
hazdadasei : yes..latest xubuntu karmic distro06:16
Kalidarnhi, when using an encrypted LVM i noticed i sometimes get an error about cryptswap1 not being able to mount, from what i've googled its a known bug, also note that my setup hung at the user creating part of the installer (i used the alternative disc, this is also a known fault with karmic). should i be worried that /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 fails to mount? is there a way of me reformatting my swap file?06:17
gartralcould someone explain to me how to compress files in an intelligent way?06:17
DasEihazda: you added that line and saved fstab ? then done with that fat 32 thingy,06:17
Billiardgartral: intelligent way?06:17
DasEihazda: for an upstart : http://www.howtoforge.com/the-perfect-desktop-ubuntu-9.10-karmic-koala06:17
gartralBilliard: most spaced saved06:17
hazdadasei : yes, already done add that...06:17
Billiardgartral: idk 7zip is pretty good, google for the best compression ratio06:18
Kalidarnhi, when using an encrypted LVM i noticed i sometimes get an error about cryptswap1 not being able to mount, from what i've googled its a known bug, also note that my setup hung at the user creating part of the installer (i used the alternative disc, this is also a known fault with karmic). should i be worried that /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 fails to mount? is there a way of me reformatting my swap file?06:18
hazdadasei :  ok..thanx dasei..06:19
DasEihazda: joy ubuntu06:19
rogertemphow do i see how much free space i have on the linux partition i made for ubuntu...for some reason its telling i am running out of space06:19
DasEirogertemp: df -h06:19
kinsi dont get sound in my system ..please help06:19
hazdadasei :  1st time i use terminal etc.. :)06:19
DasEirogertemp: or sudo fdisk -l for partitions06:20
DasEihazda: is what I thought, ande also you want multimedia and so on, the last pages of that tut show you how06:20
nathanborrorhow do I solve the "One or more mounts listed in /etc/fstab cannot yet be mounted"?06:21
Kalidarnnathanborror: are u using encrypted LVM06:21
Kalidarnwith karmic06:21
nathanborrortried hitting ESC to get into recovery mode and it's not working06:21
nathanborrorKalidarn: nope, I did upgrade to 9.1006:21
DasEinathanborror: paste your fstab06:22
hazdadasei :  sory i disturb u again06:22
Kalidarni know i can mkfs.swap with swap partitions but im not sure how to handle encrypted swap files06:22
DasEihazda: go ahead, not disturbing06:22
Kalidarnthats why im not sure how to get my system to mount the swap file, currently its not mounting it i suspect.06:22
mohan_my ssh session to a remote machine is expiring with in very little time. could any one let me know how to fix this?06:22
nathanborrorDasEi: I would but I cant do anything06:22
hazdahow to show it on place menu or on desktop06:22
hazdadasei: how to show it on place menu or on desktop06:23
hazdadasei: my fat3206:23
DasEihazda: it should show now as sda506:23
rogertempDasEi: so the linux partition i made was 5gb... i dont know what could be filling it up? how do i go about figuring this out? i may have messed things up when I tried to fix GRUB2 error 1506:23
Kalidarni also suspect the docs on the wiki are out of date06:23
Kalidarnfor encrypted fs06:23
wangyongjiehow to add an user06:23
hazdadasei: it not shown..06:23
DasEirogertemp: 5 g is small for a decent installation06:24
hazdadasei :i need to open it using file system - file manager06:24
DasEirogertemp: try to remove packages (sudo apt-get remove openoffice*) f.e. and check :06:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about trash#06:24
ubottuThe location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash06:24
mohan_my ssh session to a remote machine is expiring with in very little time. could any one please let me know how to fix this?06:25
bazhangRPG_Master, you there?06:25
RPG_Masterbazhang: Hello?06:25
RPG_Masterya :P06:25
bazhangRPG_Master, please explain what your end goal is here using cdparanoia; ripping to wav? to flac, ogg or mp3?06:26
hazdadasei: ok nevermind..i just create link06:26
=== strangehyena is now known as oddhyena
Billiardmohan_: connectionTimeout set in ssh_config ?06:26
RPG_Masterbazhang: Ogg, VBR at Q506:26
georgewhen i change the window manager to gnome-shell in terminal or with configediter it reverts back to metacity? any ideas?06:26
optimizerwhy is it that with some fonts, i can only get sizes 12 and 14, but not 13?06:26
bazhangRPG_Master, hang on a second while I check their wiki06:26
Billiardoptimizer: in what program06:27
RPG_Masterbazhang: Ya think I'd just be better off using EAC with Wine?06:27
v2marlcomwhat is ubuntu06:27
optimizerBilliard: urxvt, Terminus font06:27
IdleOne!ubuntu | v2marlcom06:27
ubottuv2marlcom: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com06:27
optimizerwhy is it that with some fonts, i can only get sizes 12 and 14, but not 13? (running urxvt; with font Terminus)06:27
mohan_Billiard: ok. thank you. let me check06:27
sd32great...ubuntuzilla completely messed up my system trying to update 3.5.4 to 3.5.5, it completely made the flash player non visible to the browser and reinstalling 3.5.4 now still cant find the flash player06:27
v2marlcomhow about06:28
Billiardoptimizer: Terminus probably isnt a verctor based font06:28
bazhangv2marlcom, ubuntu installed inside windows06:28
Billiardoptimizer: vector based*06:28
DasEi!who | nathanborror06:28
ubottunathanborror: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)06:28
v2marlcomhow long it will takes to d/l using wubi06:28
IdleOnev2marlcom: depends on your connection06:29
DasEinathanborror : this is what you get if you try booting06:29
nathanborrorubottu: thanks for the tip06:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:29
bazhangv2marlcom, depends on your net connection; no idea06:29
nathanborrorDasEi: yep06:29
v2marlcomit's say06:29
v2marlcom72 hour06:29
v2marlcomit's other way to d/l much faster06:29
IdleOnev2marlcom: you are on dial up connection?06:29
mohan_Billiard: where can i find ssh_config file?06:29
DasEinathanborror: looks like grub 2 or fstab can't find your drives, is the system crypted ?06:29
Billiardmohan_: /etc/ssh/06:29
nathanborrorDasEi: nope06:30
rogertempwhat would be the best way to uninstall ubuntu competely and the linux partitions? I am on a dual boot with windows xp, was trying to find step by step online06:30
ronaldhi there,.i have a problem about my audio sound,because my Soundcards is not recogniseduse or not found. i use 9.04 ubuntu.any one can help me?06:30
IdleOnerogertemp: you can use gparted to format the partition06:30
DasEinathanborror: then try to get an alternate-cd and use the repair function;; do you have a live(desktop) cd handy ?06:30
mohan_Billiard: i uncommented "ConnectTimeout 0"  this is enough right?06:31
Billiardrogertemp: you will need to use an xp recovery cd to restore the xp bootloader06:31
DasEironald : which soundcard ?06:31
Billiardmohan_: maybe, if that was indeed the issue06:32
IdleOne!gparted > rogertemp06:32
ubotturogertemp, please see my private message06:32
ronaldDasEi: what do you men?06:32
IdleOne!fixmbr > rogertemp06:32
VincemanZykoticK9 do you by any chance also know how to reenable french accents on your letters with your keyboard?06:32
DasEironald: manufacturer / brand06:32
mohan_Billiard: do i need to restart my already existing ssh sessions or does the config change automatically detects?06:32
ZykoticK9Vinceman, sorry man, not the foggiest06:33
Vincemanok :(06:33
Jordan_UIdleOne: That's just a link to !grub06:33
Billiardmohan_: i would think you would have to restart the service and your current connections06:33
IdleOneJordan_U: yeah I see that now06:33
melow01hey folks, i've got a new hp mini 311 and trying to get UNR on it... I used unetbootin to load up the ISO but when i boot, I get this: "Loading /ubnkern..."  Any thoughts?06:34
Billiardmelow01: did you check the md5 of the iso06:34
cdinzFor this bug #446146 the fix has been committed... Wen does it get released to the general public?06:34
ronaldDasEi: 82801DB/DBL/DBM (ICH4/ICH4-L/ICH4-M)06:34
melow01No, I didn't check the md5... how do i do that?06:35
Billiardmelow01: what os are you on?06:35
DasEironald: if you get this from ubuntu, it's least already found06:35
melow01the mini 311 came with XP06:35
melow01I downloaded the Ubuntu Netbook Remix06:35
DasEironald: open a terminal ...06:35
ronaldDasEi: ok then?06:36
DasEironald: sudo apt-get install hwinfo06:36
mohan_Billiard: i could not find /etc/init.d/sshd in my machine, where can i find the service06:36
gasullHi.  I can't use my microphone.  Someone told me before a Gnome program to run so I can configure it, but I forgot its name.  Anybody?  Thanks.06:36
Jordan_Ucdinz: IIRC as soon as the build servers build the new package it will be uploaded to karmic-proposed, if there are no reports of regressions it will then go to karmic-updates06:36
Billiardmohan_: its just ssh06:36
cdinzJordan_U: thanks a lot...06:37
Billiardgasull: gconf06:37
thedude42anyone know how to fix an initrd that seems to have simply gone south for no apparent reason?06:37
leaf-sheepmelow01: Are you on Mini or you're using a different machine?06:37
DasEironald: hwinfo | grep sound06:37
ronaldDasEi:Do you want to continue [Y/n]? ^C which of this?06:37
melow01I'm on a new HP Mini 31106:37
gasullBilliard: command not found06:37
Jordan_Ucdinz: If you need a fixed version of the package you can build it yourself ( it isn't as hard as it sounds )06:38
leaf-sheepmelow01: Do you have another machine that you could get on IRC?06:38
Jordan_Ucdinz: *if you need a fixed version now06:38
melow01leaf-sheep: yes, I'm on the other machine now06:38
Billiardmelow01: download a program to check the md5 of a file, compare it to the md5s on the download site06:38
DasEinathanborror: live-cd handy ?06:38
melow01Billiard: ok, do you suggest a program? can i do it in terminal? (trying to learn terminal)06:39
cdinzJordan_U: Yea never tried tat... but I guess I gotta try it out... Any pointers on how to do it?06:39
ronaldDasEi: then after? what can i do?06:39
leaf-sheepmelow01: I can tell you how I usually install on my netbooks -- netbootgui never did me a solid.06:39
python_rootmelow01 : ls06:39
python_rootmelow01 : help see all comands06:39
DasEironald: hwinfo | grep sound                       , anything found there ?06:39
Billiardgasull: sorry gconf-editor06:39
melow01python_root: ls... as in list the files?06:39
bazhangRPG_Master, sound-juicer can do it, once you edit the .ogg output in preferences06:40
python_rootmelow01: Yes06:40
Billiardmelow01: a linux terminal?06:40
Jordan_Ucdinz: People in that bug report are saying that this post has steps that fix the problem: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/449394/comments/1506:40
gasullBilliard: thanks, but this isn't the program I used before to configure the sound06:40
melow01Billiard: yes, BASH terminal06:40
RPG_Masterbazhang: Yeah... thanks, but I'v decided on trying EAC :)06:40
rogertemphow do i make the filesystem mount on boot?06:40
python_rootDasEi:  sudo lshw use this this may help06:41
leaf-sheep!fstab | rogertemp06:41
ubotturogertemp: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions06:41
mohan_Billiard: /etc/init.d/ssh restart is giving me "ssh: Could not resolve hostname restart: Name or service not known"06:41
Billiardgasull: sorry i didnt see you said sound, i just saw configure gnome06:41
python_root DasEi:  " sudo lshw " use this this may help06:41
gasullBilliard: np06:41
python_rootDasEi: " sudo lshw  > output.txt " use this this may help06:41
Jordan_Ucdinz: Did you try the kernel in -proposed already?06:42
gasullSo anybody knows how to configure the microphone?  I'm sure it's just that it's muted or something.06:42
cdinzJordan_U: Yes, I did go thru... but my USB dongle is a different one.. its EC1260...06:42
magickhrm, so my ubuntu installation takes 10+ minutes to boot and dmesg doesn't really have any info since it ends at 6s or so. is there another log i can look at?06:42
cdinzJordan_U: No I did not.. Will do that...06:42
oddhyenagasull, try opening System/Preferences/Sound06:43
ronaldafter i chose Y, .this is result,,Get:1 http://ph.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/universe libhd15 15.3-1ubuntu1 [673kB]06:43
oddhyenagasull, go to the input tab and look to see if it's muted, or change the amplification06:43
epalmi'd like to do some minimal video editing.  cut/copy/paste a few parts of an MPG, reverse some parts, make some parts in slow motion.06:43
epalmi installed and started using Avidemux, but it crashes with i try to apply/save any filters.  rather than blindly installing others, any suggestions06:43
ronaldDasEi: after i chose Y, .this is result,,Get:1 http://ph.archive.ubuntu.com jaunty/universe libhd15 15.3-1ubuntu1 [673kB]06:43
oddhyenaepalm, cinelerra is good06:44
python_root ronald: wait it is downloading06:44
DasEironald : I know, you installed a package...06:44
DasEironald: sudo hwinfo | grep sound                       , anything found there ?06:44
ronaldDasEi: yes06:44
isolatedsh33pguys, my internet connection in 9.10 is awefully slow, what may the cause? I'm in Win XP right now, and the internet connection is okay.06:44
epalmoddhyena: doesn't look like it's in synaptic06:44
SuBsAmsalmo alikom06:45
grendal-primeok makes no sence06:45
DasEironald: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install alsamixergui06:45
SuBsAmhello friends06:45
oddhyenaepalm, you have to add the repository06:45
grendal-primeopenvpn plugin in network-manager...it straight up does not work06:45
SuBsAmcan i ask for some thing ?06:45
melow01Billiard: I ran md5sum from terminal and returned a long string of alphanumerics06:46
=== PL|Game is now known as PhantomLink
ronaldDasEi:sudo: hwinfo: command not found06:46
melow01Billiard: how do i compare to the original file online?06:46
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!06:46
gasulloddhyena: nothing looks muted there06:46
Billiardmelow01: ill find the link06:47
python_rootmelow01: sudo lshw > hardware.txt  this might help06:47
DasEironald: sudo hwinfo | grep sound                       ,no ":" in there  anything found there ?06:47
ronaldDasEi: yes06:47
python_root melow01: tried06:47
SuBsAmhay friends , can i ask for some thing plz ?06:48
ubottuOpenVPN is a vpn technology in Ubuntu, sudo apt-get install openvpn and then see http://openvpn.net/ and see the documentation "HOWTO" noting you have already installed it. ;-) It rocks!06:48
ronaldDasEi: yes. they have no found.06:48
leaf-sheep!ask | SuBsAm06:48
ubottuSuBsAm: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:48
Billiardmelow01: http://ubuntu-releases.eecs.wsu.edu/9.10/MD5SUMS06:48
DasEironald : sudo apt-get install pastebinit06:48
isolatedsh33pguys, my internet connection in 9.10 is awefully slow, what may the cause? I'06:48
SuBsAmbefor 2 weeks i have win xp06:49
melow01python_root: that was interesting, I kinda always wondered how to print my hardware stats to a text file06:49
SuBsAmand have bearshare terbo pro06:49
SuBsAmnow i have a great ubuntu06:49
georgewhen i change the window manager to gnome-shell in terminal or with configediter it reverts back to metacity? any ideas?06:49
python_rootmelow01 : find all info u want06:49
SuBsAmwhat can i use ?06:49
melow01python_root: what should i do with it?06:49
DasEironald : sudo hwinfo | pastebinit06:49
DasEironald :give url here, when done06:49
BilliardSuBsAm: transmission can be used to download torrents06:50
SuBsAmno torrent06:50
SuBsAmi need p2p06:50
SuBsAmloke limwire06:50
leaf-sheep!limewire | SuBsAm06:50
ubottuSuBsAm: limewire is a popular P2P client running on the Gnutella network. To get it running, install !Java first, then download Limewire from http://www.limewire.com/LimeWireSoftOther and finally run runLime.sh. Consider !FrostWire as an alternative.06:50
ronaldDasEi: ok06:50
BilliardSuBsAm: id recomend frostwire over limewire06:51
python_rootpython_root: oh sorry got messed up i was answering ronald06:51
leaf-sheep!frostwire | SuBsAm06:51
ubottuSuBsAm: frostwire is a totally open source version of Limewire.  For installation help, please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FrostWire06:51
SuBsAmwhat kind of java06:51
python_root melow01 oh sorry got messed up i was answering ronald06:51
BilliardSuBsAm: the only kind06:51
SuBsAmname it plz sir06:51
melow01python_root: all good man06:51
serakudeluge > transmission06:51
BilliardSuBsAm: name what?06:52
indusSuBsAm: hello06:52
melow01Billiard: I did the md5sum and the results seem to match up:06:52
melow018f921e001aebc3e98e8e8e7d29ee1dd4  ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img06:52
melow018f921e001aebc3e98e8e8e7d29ee1dd4 *ubuntu-9.04-netbook-remix-i386.img06:52
BilliardSuBsAm: that should work06:52
indusSuBsAm: what happened yesterday06:52
SuBsAmhi how r u ?06:52
python_rootmelow01 : :) ;) ;)06:52
indusgood thank you06:52
Billiardmelow01: k it matches06:52
melow01Billiard: If the results match, does that mean my ISO file is good?06:52
SuBsAmgood put i didn't make what i want06:52
Billiardmelow01: yes06:52
SuBsAmbut the java alredy install06:53
ronaldDasEi: http://pastebin.com/f3218fd2806:53
indusSuBsAm: and?06:53
indusSuBsAm: you do chat arabic?06:53
python_rootmelow01: If the md5 matches that means iso is good and it has not been modified06:53
melow01Billiard: dope... i just need to make my HP boot to the USB... it did it once before06:53
SuBsAmno i couldn't06:53
SuBsAmthe lang stell can't readen06:53
indusSuBsAm: which site is this?06:54
indusSuBsAm: give me link06:54
SuBsAmafter i installed the sun-java6-fonts06:54
DasEironald :  On Board Devices: #30     Sound: "AD1981/ADI"06:54
indusSuBsAm: have you installed all language packs06:54
frullhalllo all06:54
SuBsAmok wait sec06:54
python_root melow01 :  go top boot manager and set priority to usb06:54
frullam have some problem on this day, please help me so very importn for you help06:54
melow01what does "Loading /ubnkern..." mean?  Obviously, I think its trying to load the kernel but any thoughts as to why it hangs?06:55
ronaldDasEi: so what can i do now?06:55
python_root melow01 : then u can06:55
DasEironald : so sound is found and recognized, let's get it working06:55
DasEironald: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get install alsamixergui06:55
Billiardfrull: just ask06:55
frullam use ubuntu 9.10 and am install on my box ibm t40 with driver cisco aironet and man can't use wpa please give me some solution for this problem06:55
frullam use ubuntu 9.10 and am install on my box ibm t40 with driver cisco aironet and man can't use wpa please give me some solution for this problem06:55
python_rootmelow01: first load is always slow man no need to worry06:56
ComboBreakerwe cant06:56
frullpless helmp me billiard06:56
ronaldDasEi: this is the result. W: GPG error: http://packages.medibuntu.org hardy Release: The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 2EBC26B60C5A278306:56
exodusMSfrull what is your language?06:56
ronaldE: Could not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)06:56
ronaldE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?06:56
frulland any body can help that, or have some solution maybe06:56
melow01python_root: ok. but it worked once so I'm wondering why its not booting to usb now06:56
SuBsAm<indus> www6.mashy.com/chat06:56
Billiardfrull: i have no idea how to fix it06:56
frullindonesia. but on the chanell in my contry not good06:56
frullam from indonesia brotha06:56
=== exodusMS is now known as exodus_ms
DasEironald : that's another issue with your sources, let's stay on sound, I assume you ran last cmd ?06:57
python_root ronald: use sudo before ur commands and see nothing else is using the resources06:57
indusSuBsAm: all arabic :) dont understand06:57
indusSuBsAm: anyways, what is the problem?06:57
DasEironald: sudo modprobe snd_intel8x006:57
SuBsAmthe problem that i can't read it to06:57
python_rootmelow01: Did u check the boot priority ?06:57
melow01python_root: just double checked the boot priority, its correct06:58
Jordan_Ucdinz: Did you try https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/446146/comments/56 ?06:58
GatoLokofrull: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.06:58
python_rootmelow01: Then proper usb ?06:58
SuBsAm<indus> i will not going that chat again06:58
melow01python_root: possibly06:58
python_rootis ur usb bootable ?06:58
frullam need the solution about my box in ibm t4006:58
melow01python_root: I may need to try a different usb flash. how do i check if its bootable?06:58
DigitalFizi installed ubuntu via the wubi and then i installed ubuntu side by side my windows install can i uninstall thw wubi version without messing up the side by side version?06:58
SuBsAm<indus> do u know p2p programs06:59
python_rootmelow01: is ur usb bootable ?06:59
frullmy wifi can't used wpa06:59
melow01python_root: I assumed the usb is bootable... its a generic usb06:59
python_rootIf its bootable before going to ur hd it will load from ur usb06:59
frullgatolok am not understand what you talk about06:59
python_rootHow did u make that usb ?06:59
exodus_msfrull have you tried #ubuntu-in ?07:00
SuBsAm<indus> hay dude07:00
Dawgmatix__any idea how to prevent nautilus / gvfs from automatically mounting a device ?07:00
melow01python_root: well, I think it is because it boots to the usb and then hangs - it doesn't proceed to boot into XP07:00
SuBsAmr u here ?07:00
SuBsAm<indus> r u here ?07:00
melow01python_root: I used unetbootin07:00
frulloke thans exodus_ms07:00
ronaldDasEi: FATAL: Error inserting snd_intel8x0 (/lib/modules/2.6.28-16-generic/updates/alsa/pci/snd-intel8x0.ko): Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg)07:00
exodus_ms!indonesia | frull07:00
ubottufrull: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia07:00
frulli will try07:00
python_rootmelow01:  How did u make that usb ?  Bootable07:00
melow01python_root: unetbootin07:00
cdinzJordan_U: Gonna try tat...07:01
DasEironald: alsamixergui07:01
RenatoSilvahow to use sed to replace with a new line? for example echo $PATH | sed s/:/\n/ doesn't work :(07:01
=== hemanth is now known as g33k
melow01python_root: I downloaded Netbook Remix 9.04 ISO and used unetbootin to load it onto a USB Flash07:01
ronaldDasEi: what do you men?07:01
DasEironald: alsamixergui           ,enter this in trml07:02
frullnot respont on #ubuntu-id. exodus_ms07:02
ronaldDasEi: okie07:02
melow01python_root: brb07:02
frullthis a big problem i think07:02
indusSuBsAm: why07:02
indusSuBsAm: installed arabic language fonts?07:02
tioxHey guys, small issue with Flash.07:02
python_root melow01 : use the creater that is defult07:02
Dawgmatix__any idea how to prevent nautilus / gvfs from automatically mounting a device ?07:02
BilliardRenatoSilva: put the sed expression in 's07:02
DasEironald: any s-card shown in the title of that gui ?07:02
SuBsAm<indus> i will try to make another thing07:02
python_root melow01 : u using windows right now ?07:03
indusSuBsAm: hi07:03
SuBsAm<indus> hi07:03
frullbrotha... my ibm t40 cant used wifi, and am have do anythink for fix it, but still fild until now07:03
SuBsAm<indus> i'm here07:03
indusSuBsAm: p2p ok course i think someone gave you the link to that07:03
tioxOn YouTube, sometimes all the buttons on the player work, but most times they do not. Is there a fix for this issue?07:03
SuBsAm<indus> lime wire07:03
Billiardtiox: you are using flashplayer-nonfree ?07:03
indusSuBsAm: yea, there are many, i just use the default transmission client07:04
SuBsAm<indus> limewire is not too fast like bear share turbo07:04
indusSuBsAm: hmm i dont know07:04
courpseRunning jaunty, getting pretty fed up with applications closing randomly, any ideas where to look for problems? its literly at random, from directortys, file transfers, xchat, music players, everythning.07:04
leaf-sheepDoes anybody here use smartmontools? I ran the command and I'm not sure how to detect errors. I think I have no errors logged but I would like confirmations.07:04
indusSuBsAm: you egypt?07:04
courpseOne thing disapears at a time.07:04
python_rootmelow01 : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick read this might help07:04
ronaldDasEi:this is the result,  alsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: no such file or directory07:04
SuBsAm3 much thanx my friend07:04
BilliardSuBsAm: at least it doesnt come with trojans like bearshare07:04
RenatoSilvaBilliard: doesn't work, I'm in MingW, thanks anyway07:05
DasEironald : k, so correct driver is still missing and your sys lacks modules, econd07:05
SuBsAmi heard that no virus and trojans in linux ?07:05
almoxarifecourpse: you using a touch pad?07:05
SuBsAmright ?07:05
frullbengak... oii07:05
courpsealmoxarife, nope.07:05
frullneed help am used ubuntu t40 ibm my wifi can't used07:05
indusSuBsAm: hmm yes07:05
almoxarifemouse cursor moving over that which disappears?07:05
courpseThere is viri and trojan in *nix.07:06
courpseBut the avg user is smart not to install stuff they are not sure of.07:06
indusBilliard: whats bearshare07:06
SuBsAmas we r in linux why afried of viruse and trojans07:06
almoxarifealrighty then07:06
courpsealmoxarife, tbh, i never noticed that.07:06
SuBsAmright billiard ?07:06
python_rootmelow01 : u there07:06
Billiardindus: a stupid old p2p program07:06
courpseThings from different desktops disapear too.07:07
ronaldDasEi: so how can i found the correct driver?07:07
indusBilliard: aah ok, like kazaa maybe , full of crappy shareware and stuff07:07
tioxWow, somebody getting a virus with a *nix system? I think the universe just exploded!07:07
induscourpse: update your system07:07
DasEironald : http://tinyurl.com/2kze6a07:07
courpseindus, It is upated.07:07
industiox: well.its possible, give me your email and ill infect yours07:08
Billiardindus: ya a bad program noone should use07:08
ronaldwhat can i do this URL?07:08
induscourpse: maybe its theh hardware,whats your  pc07:08
tioxUh... you click it.07:08
oddhyenabut a virus can only damage linux if you authenticate it07:08
SuBsAm<indus> i installed the arabic lang07:08
frullhumf.. ... wuwuwuwu need help please07:08
SuBsAmand no wY07:08
courpseindus, I dont think its hardware, ubuntu ran fine for me for 6 or so months of the install, now im having probs with this.07:09
ronaldDasEi: what can i do this URL?07:09
frullany body can help me, please linux's master help me07:09
GatoLokoSuBsAm: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.07:09
induscourpse: hmm maybe try a newer ubuntu07:09
courpseI've tried reinstalling kernel, ive tried reinstalling whole os, and still i get these random fall overs.07:09
indusSuBsAm: yes always07:09
DasEironald : download it to desktop07:09
indusSuBsAm: after installing language packs07:09
ronaldDasEi: ok07:09
courpsenewest is karmic, and i dont get enough time for it to upgrade before app closes randomly, and then im stuck mid install of a os (This has already happened tring to fix.)07:10
SuBsAmGatoLoko EXCUSE ME ?07:10
induscourpse: ok ram is bad i believe07:10
almoxarifecourpse: old puter?07:10
courpseRam you think?07:10
GatoLokoSuBsAm: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.07:10
induscourpse: yes is a possibility if all apps crash,07:10
courpseMight have to shuffle thru a box of sticks.07:10
induscourpse: try removing a module and see,07:10
courpseindus, Yeah, i thought this maybe also, but was hoping not.07:10
exodus_msfrull, http://www.mail-archive.com/ubuntu-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com/msg1801894.html07:10
induscourpse: if you have 2 ram sticks , try07:11
SuBsAmGatoLoko ok dude where is the sup title ?07:11
courpseYeah, i aint got much ram to remove a module and keep it out, i'll try replacing.07:11
frullit will try exodus07:11
courpsety for the tips.07:11
induscourpse: yes but first do one thing, run the app from terminal07:11
courpsealmoxarife, its old, but its still avg for a *nix box.07:11
courpseindus, Yeah, did this, and get random segment faults.07:11
induscourpse: then its true i believe, the ram07:11
SuBsAmindus i will make restart and coming07:12
almoxarifecourpse: there is such a thing as ram check07:12
induscourpse: happened to me once07:12
SuBsAmindus brb07:12
induscourpse: almoxarife thanks man yes, run the men test07:12
induscourpse: memtest x86 in boot menu07:12
induscourpse: but frankly its slower than replacing a few ram sticks and checking :)07:12
ESEDUdoes anyone know  how to add a printer with lpadmin on cups?07:12
courpseyeah, i though that could take hours.07:13
XVampireXis usplash or whatever 9.10 is using now buggy for people here?07:13
courpsebbs with a verdict.07:13
Jordan_Ucdinz: ( I'm reading through all the comments on that bug report ) If your modem worked in a previous version of Ubuntu ( or any distro ) it looks like this can be "fixed" for any version of Huawei by removing support for the USB mass storage part of the device from the kernel07:13
DasEironald : down'ed it ?07:13
courpseXchat is acturally lasted quite long this time.07:13
frullexodus_ms : how must i do07:14
frullfor that link07:14
ronaldronald : still down.,07:14
XVampireXcourpse, It's not supposed to die....07:14
ronaldDasEi: still down.,07:14
induscourpse: how much does xchat take anyway, try running a game07:14
Jordan_Ucdinz: So if nothing else works I can help you build such a kernel ( though it would have to be tomorrow since it's getting late where I am )07:14
ronaldDasEi: after i download this? what is the next step?07:15
courpseindus, Doesnt use much i'd assume, but if it hits the bad clusters in the ram stick, that could fall over too.07:15
courpseXVampireX, Whats not surpose to die?07:15
induscourpse: true, maybe xchat founda  cozy place somewhere07:15
XVampireX"Xchat is acturally lasted quite long this time."07:15
judMYOB in virtual machine, vbox ose. trouble opening myo files...anyone?07:15
courpseHeh, it does die.07:15
XVampireXxchat is hogging the resource?07:15
courpseNaw, nothing seems to be hogging.07:15
exodus_msfrull, read, if it relates. There seems to be some bug reports filed there as well that you cold click and follow07:16
XVampireXreinstall xchat >_<07:16
courpseAs indus said, its prob bad ram, and just co-inky dinky xchat loaded up in that section of ram.07:16
DasEironald: tar -xjf ~/Desktop alsa*07:16
ESEDUhow do you add a printer with lpadmin, lpinfo, lpstat07:16
DasEironald: tar -xjf ~/Desktop/alsa*07:16
courpseXVampireX, Its not just xchat, its every application at different times randomly.07:16
bunghow do i use this guy's packages? https://edge.launchpad.net/~gilir/+archive/updates/+packages07:16
cdinzJordan_U: Yes... It did work in Jaunty... Nah thanks.. I will try out the methods posted there... if not i will try building the kernel...07:16
bungi want to install notify-osd from his site07:16
indusbung follow the instructions, copy paste the apt lines in software sources and run the command to get the gpg key07:17
ronaldDasEi: ok07:17
DasEironald: sudo mv ~/Desktop/alsa-driver-1.0.9rc4a /usr/src07:17
bungoh there are instructions there? i must have missed it, thanks indus07:17
user__hai semua...gabung donk...07:17
XVampireXI don't think it's bad memory, I think it's bad installation07:18
oddhyenai bought a 500gb hard disk online and I was wondering if it was possible to copy ubuntu/windows partitions onto it and extend them to be larger.07:18
DasEironald: cd  /usr/src/07:18
XVampireXBut there's a memory check in ubuntu07:18
indusbung hmm wait iam searching too07:18
oddhyenagoing from a 149gb to a 500gb07:18
frullexodus_ms : am have used Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) but the problem is, my wifi can't used wpa, and my wifi not stably07:18
DasEironald: chown -R <YourUsernaeHere> alsa-driver-1.0.9rc4a07:18
ESEDUhow do you add a printer to cups07:18
leaf-sheep!printer | ESEDU07:19
ubottuESEDU: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows07:19
d9500oddhyena, http://www.linux.com/learn/tutorials/133012-easily-upgrade-any-hard-drive-with-linux07:19
exodus_msfrull, I'm sorry, I dont think I can help you any further07:19
DasEironald: yourUsername without the "><" o'course07:19
frulloke that so fine, oke fine07:19
DasEironald: sudo chown -R <YourUsernameHere> alsa-driver-1.0.9rc4a07:19
ronaldDasEi: username of my camputer?07:19
indusbung wat packages are these?07:19
DasEironald: the regular user on thaqt comp yes07:20
ronaldDasEi: ok07:20
DasEironald: cd alsa-driver-1.0.9rc4a07:20
frullbut just opine, if we used windows xp, all driver fix, why ubuntu not good, that some problem for all ubuter07:20
bungindus, i dunno the guy made his own, i dont like the new OSD notify, so he has the jaunty one there for karmic07:20
indusbung ok i found it07:20
bungi found this site listed in the bug tracker for it07:20
DasEironald: sudo chmod +x install.sh07:20
DasEironald: ./install.sh07:21
indusbung just add this to sources ppa:gilir/updates07:21
ESEDUeverytime i try to add it it complains that "Unable to copy PPD file!"07:21
indusbung not sure if its the right ppa07:21
bunglike amd64?07:21
indusbung https://edge.launchpad.net/~gilir/+archive/ppa07:21
ronaldDasEi: ok,.wait,im not done downloadng07:21
bungok thanks for the help indus07:22
indusbung ok its correct , look below07:22
indusbung np07:22
DasEironald: =-O07:22
indusbung dont do it manually, just add the line i gave you and all will be automatically07:22
judHey ESEDU dunno if this helps07:22
bungadd it where btw?07:23
bungim in software sources, it wants a line like deb <site> karmic main07:23
=== Azaz_ is now known as Azazel
cdinzJordan_U: thanks for all the help...07:24
indusbung no who says, just add the ppa: line that too is enough07:25
indusbung trust me07:25
judVBOX issues...........anyone?07:25
bungoh wow ok07:25
DasEironald: sudo apt-get install build essential07:25
bungi didnt realize it was just that07:25
indusbung yeah no need of gpg key crap now07:25
DasEijud: #vbox07:25
indusbung updates will be available on reloading07:26
ronaldDasEi: ok07:26
bungunfortunately i get file not found on binary-amd64/Packages.gz07:26
freaky[t]how do i connect to a vpn using the network manager applet? ive added the vpn but it doesnt try to bind to it?07:26
bungso i guess he doesnt ahve them07:26
judyeah, ironing out a few things07:26
=== Kevin`_ is now known as Kevin`
hoo-hahhello. is it possible to install ubuntu via chroot, so that I don't end up with a DE such as gnome or kde or xfce?07:26
hoo-hahbasically I'd like to tweak it from scratch07:26
judDasEi: familiar with?07:26
DasEijud: some experiences07:27
nazariuskappI've set up a pc (ubuntu) as a webserver - would it be better to set it up the server inside a virtual machine on the same machine for security reasons)07:27
indusbung probably07:27
judfile sharing?07:27
sbkhow to put a passwd on directory using Ubuntu 9.0407:27
=== cdinz is now known as Dinesh_C
ESEDUhow do you add a printer with lpadmin, instructions just say, add device and driver but what are they07:28
ESEDUI need the device URI07:28
ESEDUand the driver07:28
judDasEi: MYOB in virtual machine?07:28
ESEDUno web interface, just command line07:28
judDasEi: on XP?07:28
d9500hoo-hah: why do you need chroot for that?07:29
DasEijud: myob I don't know .. what is that ?07:29
dandamrajuhi ineed to steps for eclipse.tar.gz to install07:29
bungindus i managed to find the direct file, thanks again anyways07:29
peepsaloti'm using evince to view a pdf and the fonts are very pixelated, is there any way to set this to make it look smoother?  when i send the document to my printer it comes out much better than what is shown on the screen07:29
judDasEi: an accounting windows app07:29
ESEDUlpinfo tells me there is a direct usb://HP/LaserJet%201320%20series and that there is a HP-Laserjet_1320-Postscirpt.ppd07:29
d9500hoo-hah: just use the alternate cd, press f4 after selecting a language on first boot, and then choose install a command line system. tweak by adding programs via command line after that07:29
indusbung but that way you wont get the latest automatically07:30
judDasEi: what about file sharing?07:30
ESEDUwhen i add these to lpadmin -p printer -v //HP/LaserJet%201320%20series -m HP-Laserjet_1320-Postscirpt.ppd, it says unable to copy ppd file07:30
ESEDUwhats wrong07:30
judDasEi: with host07:30
DannyButtermanDoes someone know about Networked cups/Sane issues ?07:30
SuBsAmindus : dude07:30
DasEijud: why not using a shared folder ?07:30
indusSuBsAm: what is a dude07:31
krackpotCan anyone tell me how to check the problems with a kernel panic please? The system locks up randomly with the Caps and Scroll lock lights blinking on the keyboard :(07:31
SuBsAmindus dude is a friend07:31
mformhey guys anyone know how to run .run files in xubuntu07:31
judDasEi: yeah, set one up, just don't know how to access it?07:31
DasEikrackpot: /var/log/syslod and /var.../kernelog07:31
SuBsAmindus the problem not resolved07:32
judDasEi; doesn't show up in windows07:32
indusSuBsAm: fonts?07:32
DasEijud: again, a question for #vbox , though I could it find just from thje menus07:32
d9500mform,  dropping to terminal, cd'ing to the directory the file is in, and using sudo sh nameofprogram.run doesn't work?07:32
ValentinaI have heard that some people having a lot of trouble since updating Firefox to 3.5.5. The browser willl crash now and then. What do you guys/girls say about that?07:33
SuBsAmindus aha07:33
indusSuBsAm: what is aha07:33
mformyea but unlike gnome when you right-clikc theres no option for letting you execute it07:33
krackpotDasEi: Is there something specific in those log files I should be looking for?07:33
SuBsAmindus yes07:33
DasEiValentina: mine is stable so far07:33
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=== kb is now known as Guest48886
indusSuBsAm: yes hmm you need more patience for the fonts thing, maybe the site has some fonts for download07:33
judDasEi: hmm......for me not visible in windows...nor windows created files in ubuntu allocated share folder07:33
DasEikrackpot: events get logged with timestamps > freezetimes, else search for error07:33
indusSuBsAm: did you select language from keyboard?07:34
quakerValentina; my mind is running well.07:34
SuBsAmhow ?07:34
d9500mform, the only .run file i've ever used was the nvidia installer from nvidia's website, and you have to drop to terminal to run that one, so i never figured out how to run them from the gui. running the program from command line should work, though07:34
SuBsAmindus how ?07:34
indusDasEi: if the cd wont boot, how will he search the logs??07:34
mform<d9500>- when i right-click theres no option to execute07:34
indusDasEi: it aint easy07:34
DasEiindus: cd ? did I miss sth ?07:34
d9500mform,  you mean you need to make the file executable?07:35
indusDasEi: i believe its kernel panic from a cd07:35
judcolnel panik07:35
indusDasEi: aaah sorry07:35
DasEikrackpot: you speak of a live cd ?07:35
indusDasEi: syhstem locks up07:35
indusDasEi: my error07:35
DasEik, nvm07:36
mformd9500- making it executable in xfce is not looking easy bc its not in properties07:36
d9500cmform, cd to the directory the file is in, then chmod a+x nameoffile.run07:36
induskrackpot: yes follow what DasEi says, or go to aystem>admin>system logs> kern.log07:36
SuBsAmindus بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم ؟07:36
indusSuBsAm: yeah works fine07:36
SuBsAmindus like thise ?07:36
indusSuBsAm: i see all fonts07:36
indusSuBsAm: yes07:36
mformd9500- thanks alot07:36
nvmeso i copied some files to an NTFS partition while in ubuntu, and now windows 7 cant read the partition at all, but it works fine in ubuntu still, i ran chkdsk and it found 0 errors, anyone know other ways of fixing this ?07:36
krackpotDasEi: I'm on a fresh install x64 karmic07:36
indusSuBsAm: iam not sure i understand your question though07:37
SuBsAmok put i chAT  i can't c it like this07:37
peepsalotanyone using a pdf viewer besides evince?  it renders fonts very poorly for me07:37
indusSuBsAm: which program you use for chat?07:37
d9500mform, sorry i don't know how to do it through the gui. i try to avoid giving instructions in terminal-ese geek speak if possible, but i don't use xubuntu, so i'm not sure how the gui way would work07:37
frullnvme : use fsdk07:37
SuBsAmthis is a dj chat07:37
frullubuntu : need hlep07:37
SuBsAmnot need to program07:38
krackpotindus: I've poured over the logs for a while. At first I thought it was pulseaudio, because the log files around the time of crashes was ending with numerous pulse errors. Now, there are no pulse errors, but it still panics07:38
nvmefrull: do you mean fsck ?07:38
ESEDUa network devices URI is /dev/null, what is mine when its connected to usb07:38
induskrackpot: hm\07:38
indusSuBsAm: what is dj chat07:38
mformd9500- well im gonna try it now and pray it works07:38
frullfor chack disk07:38
d9500mform, ok, good luck.07:38
SuBsAmlike i give it to u07:39
nvmefrull: huh ? , i tried the command fsdk and it says its invalid07:39
indusSuBsAm: hmm sorry dont know07:39
nvmedid you mean fsck ?07:39
ValentinaDasEi: Ok, good to know.07:40
indusfrull: you want to run a chek disk ?07:40
krackpotindus: I posted a reply under this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/479296 , and followed the instructions to install "linux-backports-modules-alsa-karmic-generic". The errors in the launchpad were pretty much exactly what my logs were saying 3 days ago07:40
BDOTHI found a way to run Microsoft Silverlight in firefox. Now it is possible to watch movies on Netflix with Fedora, I will make it possible for Ubuntu now.07:40
indusfrull: use fsck in linux07:40
indusfrull: what is the problem you have07:40
nvmeindus: he was replying to this nvme:so i copied some files to an NTFS partition while in ubuntu, and now windows 7 cant read the partition at all, but it works fine in ubuntu still, i ran chkdsk and it found 0 errors, anyone know other ways of fixing this ?07:40
SuBsAmindus http://www6.mashy.com/chat/guestloginpage/fullguest_new?Name=07:41
DasEironald: for relaxed studies : http://tinyurl.com/2exr7p07:41
Valentinaquaker: Thanks, those who have had problems have use Windows + Firefox 3.5.5 and maybe some extensions, but I was afraid it was some kind of bug crashing Firefox
frullindus : am my wifi can't detact, am used ubuntu 9.10 and i installed on ibm t4007:41
frullam can't fine the solve07:41
ESEDUwhat is hp laserjet 1320 model07:41
ESEDUor driver07:42
DasEiValentina: also you could try ff3.6 beta, works fine for me (Karmic 64), too07:42
izzyAfwas Afwas07:42
ronaldDasEi: when i enter this:sudo mv ~/Desktop/alsa-driver-1.0.9rc4a /usr/src, this is the result.:mv: cannot stat `/home/ronald/Desktop/alsa-driver-1.0.9rc4a': No such file or directory.,07:42
indusnvme: he has a wifi issue?07:42
VanessaEquestion:  Is there a particular set of requirements to be able to successfully use Gnome's composite manager?  On one of my machines, if I turn it on, I start getting blank windows, no title bars, some apps won't take focus, etc.  (I've googled already, to no avail)07:42
VanessaE(that same machine seems to have no trouble under XFCE)07:43
BDOTHHey guys, if a computer has no video card in it, will it still boot up and respond to remote commands? I never tried it but need to access files from one that's missing video.07:43
indusfrull: no wifi?07:43
SuBsAmindus http://www6.mashy.com/chat/guestloginpage/fullguest_new?Name=07:43
BilliardBDOTH: some computers wont, some will07:43
VanessaEBDOTH: most modern machines can be configured to run headless, yes.07:43
nvmeindus: i dont know what he is trying to say :P, but this is my problem "so i copied some files to an NTFS partition while in ubuntu, and now windows 7 cant read the partition at all, but it works fine in ubuntu still, i ran chkdsk and it found 0 errors, anyone know other ways of fixing this ?"07:43
indusSuBsAm: i try but wont connect07:43
DasEironald : is that file on your destop ?07:43
indusnvme: oh its your question07:43
BDOTHIt's a windows vista computer that just got it's video card sent into the shop for repairs.07:43
yugilbarrunning firefox 3.0.8 on 9.04 how to will fix video issues ? I cant see youtube stuff or watch dvds with movie player or xine etc? it used work but after I ran janitor to clean up old apps it broke ?07:44
DasEironald:  http://tinyurl.com/2exr7p  , change the filename accordingly07:44
BilliardBDOTH: windows probably wont run headless07:44
BDOTHdamn it07:44
indusnvme: what files did you copy and over what07:44
indusnvme: this is a windows question i would say07:44
nvmeindus: i copied some .rar files (~30 gb of archived files) , i was using a karmic live cd, copied over to an ntfs partition07:45
BDOTHDarn hard drive that has files on it is a SATA drive, only operational computer I got right now is IDE ribbon cables.07:45
ronaldDasEi: what do you men?07:45
VanessaEyugilbar, for youtube, you need flash.  install "flashplugin-nonfree"07:45
joerackHelp? Youtube is terribly slow for me on ubuntu 9.1007:45
DasEironald : did you call the given link ?07:45
indusnvme: maybe something wrote over the system files07:45
indusnvme: difficult to say, windows 7 is new :)07:45
VanessaEfor the rest, it sounds like you're missing some video codecs.  Not sure what ubuntu uses these days (it used to be ffmpeg and similar)07:45
indusnvme: did you ask in ##windows?07:45
BilliardBDOTH: there may be a linux live cd which starts up with a ssh server by default for connecting to and running commands07:46
BDOTHjoerack, having the same problem you are with my Dads computer. Firefox loads web pages and youtube a lot slower then before.07:46
Rods_TigerWhenever I make a Live USB stick ubuntu, and then update it, it stops working next time I try and use it.07:46
nvmeindus: i think it may be a permissions issue because i think i was browsing with gksudo07:46
norman_Good Morning07:46
indusnvme: no, you are saying windows cant see the partition07:46
DasEiRods_Tiger: space issue ? how did you install ?07:46
joerackBDOTH, can it be the video driver?07:46
nvmeindus: no it can see it, but it says its corrupt or damaged07:46
ronaldDasEi: i open the link07:46
nvmewhereas im in linux now and the partition is fine i can read and write files07:46
nvmeeven chkdsk finds no errors07:46
indusnvme: ok try testdisk to repair07:46
indusnvme: sudo apt-get install testdisk07:46
indusnvme: it checks for partition errors07:47
DasEironald: so follow these steps, you got the latest alsa already on your desk07:47
norman_Can somebody tell me some sentences about software-techniques, especially Ubuntu/Linux?07:47
nvmeindus: it cant find the package07:47
Rods_Tigerdasei - there's 8GB, and I installed it the usual way through the making a usb stick thingy in the menu07:47
indusnvme: come on man, search a little07:47
indusnvme: :)07:47
indusnvme: its there somewhere07:47
DasEinorman : more precisely ? see:07:47
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories07:47
smwnI'm downloading ubuntu 9.10 at dialup speed07:47
Jordan_URods_Tiger: That's because the USB installs that the USB creator makes aren't real installs, they are basically a dump of the liveCD and even with persistence certain things like the kernel can never be upgraded07:47
smwncan I hear a w00p07:48
BDOTHjoerack, no it's not the video driver. The new version of Ubuntu consumes more resources then the previous one. It can make single core processors lag a bit. I've narrowed that much down. Also Firefox 3.6 will come out soon in December that will put more speed back into it, so have some patience.07:48
indusfrull: you there?07:48
indusfrull: ibm t 40?07:48
Balsaqhow many cd's does it take to copy ubuntu 9.10?07:48
Rods_Tigerjordanu - so why does it update things it shouldn't update?07:48
tioxHmmmm? Why does Ubuntu have more lag in it?07:48
indusBalsaq: 1 cd07:48
Jordan_URods_Tiger: If you want a real install on a USB drive, and you have enough space, just do a regular install and make sure that grub gets installed to the USB drive instead of your internal drive07:48
norman_I am preparing a presentation about Extreme Programming and would like to know whether this is used for Linux?07:48
Balsaqthese are only 700mb?07:48
BilliardBalsaq: yes07:49
ActionParsniptiox: poor config or poor choice of desktop for the system07:49
VanessaE"extreme" programming?07:49
Balsaqok thanks indus07:49
DasEiRods_Tiger: so space shouldn't be the issue, usb creator >> too less space for the system /too big home maybe ? pendrivelinux does well for persistent, changing installs07:49
VanessaE(taking a laptop with you while snowboarding?)07:49
norman_or Agile Programming07:49
indusBalsaq: its around 693 mb07:49
norman_the main aspect is to work iteratively07:49
Balsaqindus have never burned a cd, will try now, have a cd burner and just installed some cd burn software07:49
indusBalsaq: burn at slow speed like 8 x07:49
BDOTHIs it possible to easily convert Windows apps to Linux apps if they are programmed in Python?07:49
Jordan_URods_Tiger: Because as far as it can tell it has a read write file system, but that's really a trick. It's only a read only file system + a read write file system that carries "differences" from the read only file system07:49
Balsaqindus, whew thats cutting it close07:50
ActionParsnipBalsaq: md5 test the iso before burning07:50
indusBalsaq: also, burn as an image cd07:50
Rods_Tigerdasei, jordanu, it did ask me questions about grub in the update procedure, and I didn't know what to answer because it didn't tell me which to choose, so I left the options open07:50
tioxOf course.07:50
Jordan_URods_Tiger: The differences are overlaid on top of the read only file system and everything behaves as if you have a read write file system07:50
nvmeindus: i cant find it :P07:50
indusBalsaq: not data or anything, sofware will have option burn as image07:50
tioxSomething like InfraRecorder should do the trick.07:50
Balsaqindus, ok 8 speed, test 1st, do image07:50
tioxActions > Burn Image07:50
Balsaqburn as image07:50
ESEDUwhat does unable to copy PPD file get?07:50
Balsaqi was told choose "boot"07:50
indusBalsaq: also burn the iso direct as image, dont extract it or do anything with it07:51
boritek_hello, the new ubuntu logo splash has i nice pulse effect if i boot from a live CD, however, if i install the system, the logo doesnt pulse anymore....07:51
DasEiRods_Tiger: my usb did fine by always newest/maintainer version07:51
boritek_why is it?07:51
Jordan_URods_Tiger: The problem is that it's the kernel that sets this up and does the overlay, so by definition a kernel installed to the overlay cannot be booted07:51
Rods_Tigerjordanu, so I could just install to the usb stick as if it were a hard drive, and it'll boot on any computer?07:51
Balsaqindus hang on i need to write it down07:51
BDOTHforget the zeros and the one, I dropped my keyboard.07:51
Jordan_URods_Tiger: Yes07:51
ActionParsnipboritek_: try reinstalling xsplash07:51
indusBalsaq: nothing to write, just take the downloaded iso and burn as an image disk07:51
Rods_TigerI'd prefer that. Last time I tried that a long while ago it only ever booted on the machine I made it on so I gave up07:51
Jordan_URods_Tiger: Just make sure that Grub gets installed to the USB drive instead of your hard drive ( the default is your hard drive and the option is hidden )07:52
ESEDUBalsaq: why does lpadmin give me "unable to copy PPD file" when I try to add a printer?07:52
Rods_Tigeraha - that's the problem then07:52
boritek_ActionParsnip: ok, tx, i will try that. Although it was a hot new fresh install07:52
tioxI wonder, is there any way to modify the splash screen?07:52
ActionParsnipboritek_: its worth a shot07:52
tioxIs there a GUI for that? Or must I write the path?07:52
ESEDUBalsaq: what is a PPD file, and which is the right one for HP laser jet 132007:52
ActionParsnipboritek_: are you fully updated?07:52
boritek_ActionParsnip: yes07:53
ActionParsnipboritek_: cool07:53
BDOTHI've noticed that there are no programs like Paltalk or Inspeak for Linux. I wonder why voice chat programs are non existent.07:53
boritek_and all repos are enabled07:53
VanessaERepeating my question:  Is there a particular set of requirements to be able to successfully use Gnome's composite manager?  On one of my machines, if I turn it on, I start getting blank windows, no title bars, some apps won't take focus, etc.  This same machine seems to have no trouble under XFCE.07:53
ActionParsnipBDOTH: you can use skype or pidgin or ekiga07:53
ActionParsnipVanessaE: have you configured video drivers?07:54
tioxPidgin has no voice to my knowledge.07:54
Jordan_UBDOTH: Or empathy ( which comes pre installed with Ubuntu )07:54
ActionParsniptiox: the new one does07:54
tioxUnless there is a way to add voice AND camera functionality..07:54
VanessaEActionParsnip, Yep.  Nvidia GF4 using the 96-series driver.07:54
DasEiActionParsnip: have you got a second in #ubuntu-offtopic ?07:54
BalsaqEDESU i am a certified non tech but you need to get the right drivers07:54
boritek_tiox: pidgin and empathy both have voice and video support07:54
VanessaE128MB on the card, btw.07:54
ActionParsnipDasEi: sure07:54
BDOTHskype and ekiga are telephone programs, not chat room programs.  And I hate empathy, also pidgin doesn't offer voice chat rooms.07:54
tioxYou're shitting me... I gotta find this.07:54
BDOTH                                         tiox, watch your language07:55
ActionParsnipBDOTH: gyachi for yahoo?07:55
VanessaEtiox: look into the old Gaim-VV project07:55
VanessaEand check into Kopete07:55
ESEDUBalsaq: does cups allready have them, or do I have to download them and if i do, how do you download them on a command line07:55
Jordan_URods_Tiger: The option for where to install grub is on the screen where you get an overview of what partitions will be formatted ( *after* the partition selection screen ) it's a button at the bottom labeled only "advanced"07:55
oddhyenais there a way to use a dv camcorder as a video4linux device?07:55
BDOTHgyachi doesn't work anymore. They haven't updated it in 2 years.07:55
_-XPERT-_Hi all07:55
Rods_TigerI see - I'll look out for that. Ta.07:56
_-XPERT-_Just upgraded to Keramic on my HP machine and have got a Xorg problem 100% CPU usage07:56
BalsaqEDESU there are others here who help me, i don't have enough experience yet...newbie...however i tried all the drivers avaialable in ubuntu07:56
boritek_tiox: voice and video are only for jabber and msn as far i know07:56
_-XPERT-_Anyone here seen this before?07:56
BalsaqEDESU eventually i got my hp printing by trial and error-kept trying different drivers in the add printer area07:56
boritek_and your contact has to have video and/or mic to be able to call07:57
tioxAnd here my hopes were up. Darn.07:57
BalsaqEDESU no driver actually looked perfect-so i tried many that looked close07:57
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, yeah similar problems with my dads HP at the moment. it's a Compaq version of an HP computer and it has a 100% CPU problem too.   It's an older 2.8 ghz celeron single core from a decade ago07:57
BalsaqEDESU but i did see some that said HP in there07:57
nvmeindus: okay i have testdisk running what now ? should i re-write the partition table ?07:57
VanessaEtiox: the main problem is getting the various companies (Yahoo!, ICQ, etc) to open up their video/voice protocols (where they exist at all)07:58
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: And got a solution? Or do i need to search for one?07:58
indusnvme: <gulp> :)07:58
indusnvme: do at your own risk07:58
BDOTHWhat ever happened to EDUBUNTU?07:58
BalsaqEDESU i tried the same technique on a really ols epson laser and could not make it work right,,,but my newer hp does print on ubuntu07:58
tioxCouldn't you guys just work off of Trillian? :/07:58
nvmeindus: well is that what you wanted me to try ?07:58
indusnvme: did it show errors?07:58
indusnvme: yeah testdisk07:58
VanessaEtiox: is trillian open source? (I've never looked at it)07:59
nvmeindus: i dont know how to check for errors with it, its only giving me options to 'find lost partitions and rewrite table'07:59
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, There isn't a solution yet, I'm working on finding one right now.  Has something to do with the kernel.07:59
tioxNo, Trillian is closed source.07:59
tioxBut open beta.07:59
BDOTHTrillian is so old that jesus used it.07:59
tioxAnd they're soon to be doing stuff for Linux I think.07:59
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: I saw that some guys sugested to upgrade to 2.6.31 but it seems that the problem stille exists.08:00
* VanessaE shrugs08:00
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, I noticed that too. It's a change that is for newer computers. If your machine is at least 3 years old, it will have this problem.08:00
indusnvme: yea run it08:01
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, don't worry man, nobody has found a solution too it but I'm working on fixing it myself. When I find a fix for this, I'll make sure to announce it.08:01
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: it is a bit newer but uses the I915 Chip and i read teh problem is in the Intell Video. The strange part is that my audio is also broken08:01
SuBsAmindus :08:01
Balsaqindus ActionParsnip: OK...burn slow like 8x, md5 test before burn, burn as image-not data...don't extract or anything...do i have it?08:01
SuBsAmindus :(08:01
=== Sonderbla is now known as Sonderblade
SuBsAmindus the chat master hate me08:01
oddhyenais there a way to set /dev/raw1394 to have read/write permissions enabled by default every system startup? i don't want to always have to manually set /dev/raw1394 to a+rw every time want to record video08:01
ActionParsnipBalsaq: pretty much, rust right click te image and select open with and select your burning software, it will manage it08:02
VanessaEOddhyena: add yourself to whatever group owns that device08:02
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, I'll have to dig one of those processors out of my box and give it a try. Thanks for telling me what chip it is, I can narrow down the problem faster by testing it on that one too.08:02
indusSuBsAm: what08:02
BalsaqActionParsnip ok thanks never burned anything...this will be interesting i am sure thanks a lot08:03
SuBsAmthe chAT MASTER HATE ME :(08:03
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: I am searching and will report if i find a solution.08:03
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, I do need to know what revision that chip is? there is A, B, C, D, E revisions. Do you know what yours is?08:03
VanessaEif it's root, then make a new group, add yourself to that group, and then add a command to /etc/rc.local to chown the device entry08:03
SuBsAmshe said thet i'm stuped08:03
ActionParsnipBalsaq: no worries08:03
oddhyenaVanessaE, i can't find the group for raw1394 or firewire08:04
boritek_i have reinstalled xsplash, but the ubuntu logo still doesnt pulse at boot time08:04
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: Will look at it let ya know08:04
boritek_like by live cd08:04
VanessaEoddhyena, what group is it?  ls -lad /dev/raw139408:04
indusi go lunch08:04
ronaldDasei: how can i install the ALSA? because i con't install use the link you give to me. its always error08:04
indusSuBsAm: what chat is that08:04
indusSuBsAm: what subject08:04
SuBsAmi asked the chat master08:05
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, ok thanks. Also if you can find out. Do you use Gnome, KDE, or X?08:05
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: Hmm system wont tell m e wich one08:05
oddhyenaVanessaE, the output was "crw-rw-rw- 1 root root 171, 0 2009-11-11 22:59 /dev/raw1394"08:05
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: Hmm Gnome of course :-)08:05
SuBsAmabout the kind of java that the chat use08:05
DasEironald: where are you stuck ?08:05
indusSuBsAm: there is another plugin maybe you try that, its called gcj-web-plugin08:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gcj08:06
SuBsAmshe can't speak english well and she was busy with another guy08:06
SuBsAmshe hate me08:06
BDOTHGnome is my favorite, ok _-XPERT-_, do you know how to access the gnome process manager? Look up what process or demon that uses the most CPU resources.08:06
ronaldDasEi: i use this linkhttp://alsa.opensrc.org/index.php/Quick_Install08:06
oddhyenaVanessaE, do I have to set myself as root? is that a security issue?08:06
ActionParsnipBDOTH: ps -ef08:06
tioxOh yes! How would I get there?08:06
VanessaEoddhyena, no08:07
DasEironald: ls ~/Desktop/alsa*08:07
ActionParsnip!info gnome-process-manager08:07
ubottuPackage gnome-process-manager does not exist in karmic08:07
DasEironald: your packed alsa there ?08:07
VanessaErather, you need to create a new group, say, "rawfire".  groupadd rawfire08:07
VanessaEthen add yourself to it:  usermod -a -G rawfire yourname08:07
DasEironald: sudo mkdir /usr/src/alsa08:07
VanessaEthen add a line to /etc/rc.local to force the ownership of the file:  chmod root:rawfire /etc/raw139408:08
ronaldDasEi: ls ~/Desktop/alsa*08:08
P_KableHello how do I know JAVA_HOME please ?08:08
SuBsAmwhere can i find it ?08:08
SuBsAmindus whare can i find it ?08:08
BDOTH_-XPERT-_, should be under the system menu under administrative08:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lo08:08
DasEironald: sudo mkdir /usr/src/alsa08:08
michaelsudo bring me a beer08:09
DasEironald: sudo cp ~/Desktop/alsa*  /usr/src/alsa08:09
ronaldDasEi: sudo mkdir /usr/src/alsa08:09
ronaldmkdir: cannot create directory `/usr/src/alsa': File exists08:09
VanessaEoddhyena, after that, run that chmod command at a terminal also (as root) and then log out and back in.08:09
Flannelmichael: Please stay on topic.  Thanks08:09
BDOTHsudo apt-get beer08:09
VanessaEverify that you're in the group:  id yourname08:09
DasEironald : fine, copy tarball over08:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about beer08:09
tioxIt would be sudo fridge install 6pack08:09
VanessaEoddhyena, finally, chmod 775 /dev/raw139408:09
tioxTHEN sudo beer. :P08:09
VanessaE(and add that command right after the chown command in rc.local)08:09
ronaldDasEi: then next?08:10
boritek_does anybody know where could the famous Ubuntu Sax.ogg song be downloaded?08:10
BDOTHDid you know if you search the synaptic page manager for beer you will get a program named "anymeal"? Kinda funny08:10
boritek_i mean the full version!!!08:10
DasEironald: cd /usr/src/alsa08:10
VanessaEoddhyena, clear as mud? ;)08:10
isolat3dsh33pguys, i've checked my /etc/networks/interfaces file and found that it uses lo interface which i don't know what. I'm using wireless, is it okay that the interface is lo? Because my internet connection is awfully slow :/08:10
boritek_at full length08:10
ActionParsnip!ot | boritek_08:10
ubottuboritek_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:10
VanessaEisolat3dsh33p, "lo" refers to the system's loopback driver.08:10
=== NiSo is now known as Guest57319
VanessaEi.e.  it's not a real interface08:10
DasEironald: sudo  tar jxvf alsa-driver-xxx.tar.bz208:10
DasEironald: sudo  tar jxvf alsa*                 .sorry08:11
=== sniper is now known as Guest28955
Guest28955necesito ayuda08:11
krs2how do i tell update-manager that i dont want 10.4 when doing "update-manager -d" ?08:11
VanessaEisolat3dsh33p, check in /etc/NetworkManager instead.08:11
krs2i want 9.1008:11
VanessaEthat seems to be where networking stuff is being stored and used from now.08:11
isolat3dsh33pVanessaE, ok, will do.08:11
=== Guest57319 is now known as NiSoOo
krs2or is it to late to get 9.10 now? =D08:11
BDOTHBrb, guys. Going down to the man cave where the other computer is08:11
Guest28955algun español k me ayude08:11
DasEironald: unpacked it ?08:11
=== Mwa` is now known as Mwa
ronaldDasEi: ok.then after this sudo  tar jxvf alsa*.what the next?08:12
ActionParsnipkrs2: you won't be able to get it yet, and if you could, at this early stage it would be very bare: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-10-04lucid-lynx-release-schedule.html08:12
Flannelkrs2: Don't use -d08:12
DasEironald: unpacked it ?08:12
Flannelkrs2: Just regular update-manager08:12
=== j is now known as Guest20782
Flannelkrs2: -d is for development releases (Lucid)08:12
porkpieHi guy's I have an urgent problem  my ubuntu server will not reboot over ssh08:12
DasEironald: cd alsa-driver>pressTABhere<08:13
porkpieI have tried reboot and shutdown -r no jy08:13
iscapeam trying to make a live usb with karmic on a fedora system - is there anywhere a howto?08:13
billybigriggerporkpie, it's not suggested to upgrade your server over ssh08:13
porkpieCan any one help please08:13
billybigriggerporkpie, read the release notes next time08:13
iscapethe usb-creator is a ubuntu only it seems08:13
ronaldDasEi: tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors08:13
krs2ah, thanks08:13
isolat3dsh33pVanessaE, what should i look for in the NetworkManager folder? th system-connections folder is empty. Btw, i'm trying to solve slow internet connection08:13
porkpiebillybigrigger: what are you talking about08:13
ActionParsnipporkpie: sudo shutdown -r now08:13
DasEiiscape: checkout pendrivelinux for persistent install unetbooting for an installer-usb08:14
VanessaEisolat3dsh33p, that I'm not sure of08:14
DasEironald: sudo  tar -xvf alsa*08:14
isolat3dsh33pVanessaE, thanks anyway08:14
porkpieActionParsnip: makes no difference ....08:14
oddhyenaVanessaE, thanks08:14
VanessaEisolat3dsh33p, if I had to guess, I'd say your wireless card is being forced to one of the early protocols08:14
krs2damn, didnt get any new releases08:14
ActionParsnipporkpie: strange08:14
porkpieActionParsnip: it like something is stopping the shuntdown process08:15
Flannelboritek_: http://packages.ubuntu.com/dapper/all/example-content/download08:15
iscapeDasEi: hmm, is there not somewhere a howto for doing it with fdisk and mkfs + copying the things out of the iso?08:15
SuBsAmindus dude08:16
iscapeDasEi: I have found some pages but they are outdated08:16
DasEiiscape: doing what ?08:16
ronaldDasEi: i finsh enter this sudo  tar -xvf alsa*08:16
DasEironald: cd alsa-driver>pressTABhere<08:16
SuBsAmindus can i ask u somthing ?08:16
porkpieActionParsnip: is there a unbuntu server channel08:16
isolat3dsh33pVanessaE, how do i know this? I'm not really sure what is the early protocols. :/08:16
iscapeDasEi: creating a live USB without usb-creator08:16
VanessaEisolat3dsh33p, not sure there either.  Just trying to give you something to search by.08:16
ActionParsnipporkpie: not sure, try #ubuntu-server or #ubuntuserver08:16
DasEiiscape: there are, but much more complicated08:16
DasEiiscape: persistent install ?08:17
isolat3dsh33pVanessaE, thanks :D08:17
VanessaEiscape, what about this:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USB%20Installation%20Media08:17
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: Fixed the problem upgraded to the very last kernel08:18
iscapeVanessaE: thanks, that was what I was looking for but didn't find. DasEi: thx too for your help08:19
rick-mancave_-XPERT-_, good deal. I'll try that on mine now.08:19
rick-mancaveGuys, this is BDOTH, i'm in my mancave right now08:19
* VanessaE swats her hands around and makes chop socky cries. Feel my google-fu! :-)08:19
skylI have gtk-recordmydesktop working to make .ogv and I can convert to .flv with decent quality.  I'm wondering how to make the absolute highest quality screencasts on ubuntu --> .flv  Is this the best way that I have?08:20
ziroday!screencast > skyl08:21
ubottuskyl, please see my private message08:21
ronaldDasei: after this cd alsa-driver?08:21
SuBsAmindus u there my friend ?08:21
VanessaEok, bed.08:21
skylziroday do you know which would allow me the highest video quality.  the sound is fine08:22
DasEironald: sudo ./configure --with-sequencer=yes && make08:22
zirodayskyl: I'd imagine recordmydesktop08:22
=== nosrepa is now known as aperson
hilaOH! Sorry!08:23
ronaldDasei:ok.,then next?08:23
DasEironald:  make install08:24
ronaldDasei: make: *** [compile] Error 208:24
_-XPERT-_rick-mancave: I am running 2.6.31-1408:24
DasEironald : did you install build -essential ?08:24
_-XPERT-_BDOTH: I am running 2.6.31-14 now and this solves both problems of Xorg and Audio08:24
rick-mancave_-XPERT-_, I'm already updating to that version08:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kernel-update08:27
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages08:27
ronaldDasEi: yes08:27
=== cowk_sukses is now known as cwe_devil
dorukhi there. Anyone knows which tweaks i could use with an ssd drive on ubuntu netbook remix to get full advantage of an SSD ?08:32
jokerblogi don't know08:33
backpackzakattakjoin #wordpress08:33
aiyuhii all08:35
aiyudoes ubuntu 9.04 support intel onboard graphics08:35
SuBsAmu here  ?08:35
jokerblogthat's ok08:35
Billiardaiyu: yes08:36
SwedeMikeaiyu: supports my GMA4500HD anyway.08:36
aiyudoes it have builtin support?08:36
Billiardaiyu: yes08:36
ajahif u used vista or windows there is very good searcher for file with suggestion is there this kind of tool for ubuntu08:36
SuBsAmbilliard how indus know my location ?08:36
aiyuok. thanks, billiard08:36
BilliardSuBsAm: what?08:37
[JackD]hmm why do people keep opening dcc's on in this room with 0 byte files ?08:37
SuBsAmhow indus know my location ?08:37
SteveHillI have a sd-chip on my Jaunty laptop, and it just started being mountable, complaining about having a bad superblock.  I know how to get an ext2 FS mounted, but how do I do it with a FAT2 FS>>08:37
epalmdoes anyone have specific knowledge on how to slow-mo an avi file?08:37
ActionParsnipSuBsAm: your client gives your wan ip, you can search for that in sites to give the location from the ip08:37
iceroot_is this a sym or a hardlink? lrwxrwxrwx08:37
SuBsAmbilliard he ask me if i'm from egypt or not ?08:38
Billiardiceroot_: sym08:38
ActionParsnipiceroot_: i dont think ls can tell, I think just a link file is seen08:38
SuBsAmhow he know my client ?08:38
BilliardSuBsAm: everyone can see everyones08:38
SuBsAmhow ?08:39
mike99SuBsAm, very easily from your whois I can tell your in Saudi Arabia08:39
iceroot_ActionParsnip: if there is something lik foo -> /etc/bar  in ls, is this a sym or a hardlink?08:39
SuBsAmcould u tell me plz08:39
mike99SuBsAm, and I know your with Saudi Telecom for your internet company08:39
SteveHiller, UNmountable.08:39
dorukhi there. Anyone knows which tweaks i could use with an ssd drive on ubuntu netbook remix to get full advantage of an SSD ?08:39
SuBsAmmike99 great08:39
Billiardiceroot_: its sym08:39
SuBsAmhow u know this information ?08:40
ActionParsnipiceroot_: most likely sym08:40
Billiardiceroot_: definately sym08:40
ZykoticK9iceroot_, if it says l at the beginning it's a symlink, if it show - it's a hard link (there is basically no difference between a hardlink and an actual file)  if you don't tell ln to use -s then it's a hard link BTW08:40
mike99SuBsAm, it's called Internet Protocol (IP) for short. Every ISP / Internet Service Provider needs to register it's IP through ARIN and this is how people know where you are from08:41
SuBsAmmike99  how u know this infos ?08:41
SteveHillajah: Look at locate and it's datafile filler, updatedb.'08:41
iceroot_Billiard: ActionParsnip ZykoticK9   thank you all for this info (i should know..) :)08:41
SuBsAmif i want to know where r u from08:41
SuBsAmwhat can i do ?08:41
om26erSuBsAm: part08:42
BilliardSuBsAm: just google how to find someones location on irc or somethin08:42
SuBsAmmike99  right click on the name ?08:42
mike99SuBsAm, /whois $nickname08:43
dtorkhow might I assign a command (such as aplay file.wav) to run with an action from another application?08:43
bastlhello i'm making a GTK application that embeds a xulrunner-based HTML component. After upgrading to 9.10, I get this error when linking: /usr/bin/ld: warning: libmozjs.so, needed by /usr/lib/xulrunner-devel-, not found (try using -rpath or -rpath-link)08:43
bastlbut libmozjs.so is available as locate tells me08:43
SuBsAmmike99  but my country is unknown08:44
ActionParsnipbastl: you will need to find where xulrunner expects the file to be then symlink it08:44
DasEironald:  still around ?08:44
mike99SuBsAm, but you have an IP address and when typing whois $IP on command line you can tell the company which owns the IP address08:44
ActionParsnipbastl: or check the location of the file is part of PATH08:45
SuBsAmin treminal ?08:45
bastlActionParsnip: ah, /usr/lib/xulrunner/libmozjs.so is dead. But why do I have to set it manually?08:45
SuBsAmmike99  in treminal ?08:45
mike99SuBsAm, on CLI / Command Line Interface08:45
SuBsAmwhere is it ?08:45
knoxvilleSubsAm: Are you from Riyadh in Saudi Arabia?08:45
SuBsAmno in another08:46
ActionParsnipbastl: not sure, its not something i use08:46
ActionParsnipbastl: but you obviously do in your situation08:46
knoxvilleSuBsAm: But you're form Saudi Arabia? Your ISP is from Riyadh? :)08:46
bastlwell, I'd rather reinstall some dep packages.08:46
ActionParsnipbastl: maybe its a bug08:46
SuBsAmi'm in saudi but not i ryadah08:46
goatheadhow can i see what graphics drivers i am using (ubuntu 9.10) there is no /etc/X11/xorg.conf file08:47
DigitalKiwimy IP used to say I was in Denver I think, or something far away like that, when I'm in Omaha >.>08:47
mike99man who knew Saudi Arabia internet pipe goes through Hongkong lol08:47
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:47
ActionParsnipbastl: the files in the packages will go right where they are now so i doubt it will remedy stuff, worth a try now. It is free08:47
SteveHillI have a sd-chip on my Jaunty laptop, and it just started being unmountable, complaining about having a bad superblock. I know how to get an ext2 FS mounted, but how do I do it with a FAT2 FS??08:47
yacyaccan anyone help me setup a fileserver on my ubuntu 9.10 machin08:48
SuBsAmok ok08:48
DasEiSteve: what fs is it ?08:48
SuBsAmif i have proxy08:48
BilliardSteveHill: sounds like the filesystem is bad on your sdcard08:48
thansenanyone in here have an nvidia 230M laptop?08:48
SuBsAmcan any one know ?08:48
mike99yacc, what would you like to use Samba or NFS?08:48
BalsaqActionParsnip ok ready to burn, do i choose IMAGE CD OR IMAGE ISO OR DREATE BOOTABLE CD?08:48
ActionParsnipBalsaq: kill the caps08:48
ActionParsnipBalsaq: ok08:48
SteveHillDasEi: The chip is formatted in fat2.08:48
leaf-sheepActionParsnip: I thought you said cops for a minute there.08:49
BilliardSteveHill: how did you try to mount it08:49
yacyacmike99, i have the data to be shared with few other ubuntu machins and 1 windows box08:49
ActionParsnipBalsaq: can you not select   file -> open  then select the iso?08:49
ActionParsnipleaf-sheep: hahah08:49
mike99yacyac, SAMBA would be the easiest then so type sudo apt-get install samba08:49
SuBsAmwhere is command line interface in ubuntu ?08:50
yacyacmike99, doing it08:50
ActionParsnipyacyac: +1 samba, ive seen people with issues on win7 with samba08:50
BalsaqActionParsnip at the very onset..i have to choose one of many items...burn iso, burn cd....or another choice is bootable cd-which i thought might be correct08:50
SteveHillBilliard: I have it in /etc/fstab and it has been automounted for three versions of Ubuntu.08:50
jussi01SuBsAm: apllications -> accessories -> terminal08:50
ActionParsnipBalsaq: what burning software are you using??08:50
RONYHi guys08:50
goatheadSystem>Administration>Hardware Drivers  ... i have an ATI card, how come it says not drivers available, i need opengl.08:51
yacyacActionParsnip, i dont want it to be shared with win7 ... windows xp is what i want to share with08:51
BalsaqActionParsnip i think it has to be a bootable cd?08:51
RONY :o  i said hi08:51
BilliardSteveHill: whats the line look like?08:51
leaf-sheepyacyac: Windows XP uses Samba for file-sharing.08:51
RONYi think i'm gonna say bye  :(08:51
ActionParsnipBalsaq: ive not used it, if you open the iso with the app it should realise its an ISO and act accordingly08:51
jussi01RONY: this isnt a general chat channel, you can just ask a question here, or go to #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat08:52
ActionParsnipBalsaq: no, that will add some alien boot stuff to the disk, the iso is already bootable so doesnt need any interference08:52
SuBsAm$ whois the ip ?08:52
yacyacmike99, install samba08:52
Oyozhi people,i have a compaq presario f700.and it is a wifi certified.i installed ubuntu 9.10 but i am unable to access  the internet wirelessly.please help08:52
yacyacmike99, installed samba08:52
SuBsAmjussi01 $ whois the ip ?08:52
chu_Hey guys, don't know if anyone here uses MIT OpenCourseWare, but I want to play .rm files, and I need RealPlayer, trying apt-get install realplayer, apparantly it is referred to by another package, but there is no installation candidate for it, that's fine, but how do I install realplayer?08:52
BilliardOyoz: can you see the wireless networks?08:53
jussi01!mp3 | chu_08:53
ubottuchu_: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats08:53
yacyacleaf-sheep, what do i do next08:53
mike99yacyac, k perfect now type this sudo cp /etc/samba/smb.conf /etc/samba/old.smb.conf08:53
ActionParsnipchu_: its on the medibuntu repo08:53
mike99yacyac, I'll msg you my config and just edit that and your set08:53
leaf-sheepyacyac: mike99 is assisting you.08:53
Oyozno,i cant08:53
BalsaqActionPArsnip ok...under the heading "disc images"...1. burn iso image or make cd image...those are the choices08:54
BilliardOyoz: what wireless card do you have?08:54
yacyacmike99, alright08:54
Oyozwhen i type iwconfig,its saying no wireless extension08:54
ActionParsnipBalsaq: burn image     don't you think, as thats what you want to do.....08:54
mike99ack copy paste is kind of broke let me use paste.ubuntu.com08:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com (or !pastebinit for CLI) | For pasting !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin Please give us the URLs for your posts!08:55
BalsaqActionParsnip sounds good too me...08:55
ActionParsnipBalsaq: you have an image, and want to burn it, so burn image  is the obvious choice08:55
ActionParsnipBalsaq: i'm astounded you asked08:55
BilliardOyoz: type "lspci" look for your wireless card08:55
epalmdoes anyone have specific knowledge on how to slow-mo an avi file?08:55
BalsaqActionParsnip sorry?08:56
chu_Thanks ActionParsnip08:56
mike99yacyac, click on download as text08:56
ActionParsnipBalsaq: i'm just suprised you asked which option to choose08:56
BalsaqActionParsnip well make cd sounds good too08:56
Balsaqtoo a non tech08:56
ubottuLucid Lynx is the codename for Ubuntu 10.04, due April 2010 - See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l02bhwofEqw for announcement video.08:56
mike99yacyac, next gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf copy/paste the stuff I gave you08:56
Balsaqok here goes08:56
ActionParsnipBalsaq: np08:56
OyozThats my card.03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5001 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)08:56
ActionParsnipBalsaq: burn slow08:56
Balsaqwell i hope it offers me that slow setting ActionParsnip08:57
SuBsAmjussi01 dude08:57
mike99yacyac, sorry sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf08:57
fighter1how to set 1280*1024 res ?????????????????????????????????????????????////08:57
infidhow can i view what's in my clipboard without pasting it first?08:57
BilliardOyoz: sorry i dont do atheros lol08:57
chu_Mmm, still the same thing, it's there, but no installation candidate... maybe I'm looking at the wrong package?08:57
courpseIn reguards to the ram problem i was in here bout an hour ago talking to peeps about, removing ram sticks same thing happened, i then did the memtest86, and ram has 0 errors.08:57
jussi01SuBsAm: ??08:57
courpseYet i still have applications closing at random.08:57
SuBsAmhow can i locate ur place08:57
fighter11280*1024  ??????08:58
SuBsAmjussi01 i can't c ur ip ?08:58
jussi01SuBsAm: I have it hidden.08:58
courpsefighter1, The more repeated puncuation you use the more likely you will be ignored.08:58
SuBsAmjussi01 can i ask how?08:58
ubottuMany Ubuntu IRC channels prohibit access from !proxies such as TOR due to a high level of abuse. You can however obtain a hostmask cloak: see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#cloaks08:58
Billiardfighter1: what video card do you have?08:58
OyozWhat can i do then??08:58
mQQshis it possible to install teamviewer on ubuntu?08:58
jussi01SuBsAm: for more info, please join #freenode08:59
BilliardOyoz: google how to get your specific card working in ubuntu, im sure there is a step by step guide08:59
SuBsAmjussi01 ok give me the like08:59
om26ermQQsh: no08:59
fighter1nvidia 715008:59
om26er!tab | fighter109:00
ubottufighter1: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.09:00
Billiardfighter1: did you install the nvidia drivers?09:00
Take0nguys where do I have to put a script in order to make it appear when I right click on an icon and select scripts?09:01
Take0nI have put some stuff there but I don't remember how..09:01
fighter1not showing 1280*102409:01
Billiardfighter run nvidia-settings09:01
Billiardfighter1: ^09:01
chu_ActionParnsip - What package should I be looking for to install realplayer?09:01
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/musicvideophotos/C/video.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:02
BalsaqActionParsnip she's burning!09:02
Balsaqand checked off thet tet thing09:02
SuBsAmok friend this option is in any chat09:02
Take0noh nevermind there is an option at the end of that menu which says "open scripts folder"09:02
fighter1ya now09:02
BalsaqActionParsnip so now that i checked off test, will it not be a real burn?09:02
chu_Mmm... So there aren't any RealPlayer debs available?09:03
Billiardfighter1: can you pick the resolution there?09:03
fighter1Billiard: no09:03
Billiardfighter1: what are the options?09:03
fighter1Billiard: 1152*86409:03
DefaultI need some help with block size09:03
fighter1Billiard: 1024*76809:03
Defaultis anyone in the mood for helping out?09:03
Billiardfighter1: does your monitor support 1280 1024?09:03
goatheadi need to get opengl running on my machine, using an ATI card, installed all the fglrx packages already, rebooted, no opengl.09:04
fighter1Billiard: 1360*76809:04
BalsaqActionParsnip wow 27% already!09:04
Billiardfighter1: you dont have to tell me them all09:04
ActionParsnipBalsaq: just let the app do its thing, when its done it will say09:04
fighter1Billiard: ok09:04
ActionParsnipBalsaq: when you first boot to the CD, run the CD self test tomake sure its ok09:04
BalsaqActionParsnip so whatever that test is...it will just test and burn and all at once...09:04
cyberspliceCaplain__: Nice IP.09:05
fighter1Billiard: but whenever i run the display setting it keeps sayin It appears that your graphics driver does not support the necessary extensions to use this tool.  Do you want to use your graphics driver vendor's tool instead?09:05
SuBsAmBilliard is this option is in any chat ?09:05
BalsaqActionPArsnip i see, so by chossing the test...it will give me the option totest before i install09:05
Billiardfighter1: thats why i said run nvidia-settings09:05
Caplain__cybersplice, thanks09:05
ActionParsnipBalsaq: the burn is seperate, you will boot to the CD like a normal OS install, the first screen will have an option to test the CD for defects, run that too09:05
BilliardSuBsAm: what option?09:05
SuBsAmthat i can know every one location ?09:06
indusSuBsAm: i guess from your name09:06
SuBsAmmy name ?09:06
indusSuBsAm: almesry09:06
BilliardSuBsAm: many clients allow it09:06
indusSuBsAm: you egypt or no?09:07
SuBsAmBilliard what about the dj chAT ?09:07
fighter1Billiard: but i clicked yes09:07
fighter1Billiard: and it keeps saying all the tiome09:07
GatoLokoSuBsAm: no escribas todo en mayusculas, va contra las normas. La proxima vez seras expulsado.09:07
fighter1Billiard:is there a custom way to swet the resolutions09:08
indusSuBsAm: hmm that i dont know09:08
indusSuBsAm: salaam alekom09:08
Billiardfighter1: in the xorg.conf you can set it09:08
SuBsAmu r muslim ?09:08
indusGatoLoko: he is not spanish09:08
BalsaqActionParsnip ok cool thanks...in case you forgot i will re-introduce myself..i am Balsaq, cetified, A-non tech, we are at 45% yee-haa can't thank you enough!09:08
indusSuBsAm: iam indian :)09:09
goatheadi have an radeon x850, 256mb, why won't the "Restricted Drivers Manager" recognise it?09:09
ComboBreakerbecause you are a fagggot that uses linux09:09
ActionParsnip!es | GatoLoko09:09
ubottuGatoLoko: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.09:09
SuBsAmom26er : :)09:09
DasEi!ot | ComboBreaker09:09
indusComboBreaker: mind your tone and language09:09
ubottuComboBreaker: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:09
SuBsAmom26er at ur service09:09
ActionParsnipgoathead: check www.ati.com for drivers, if its not listed then you will need to use the open driver09:09
ComboBreakergo blow yourself up douchebag09:10
* indus sighs09:10
om26erComboBreaker: shhh09:10
chu_Wow, intelligent.09:10
ComboBreakerbye terrorist09:10
=== benebioglu is now known as hellyeah
iceroot_ComboBreaker: stop that please09:10
DasEiComboBreaker: stop it, or you'll be dropped out09:10
canis_lupus87ComboBreaker: quit trolling09:10
om26er!op | ComboBreaker09:10
ubottuComboBreaker: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) -  elky,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!09:10
ComboBreakerno u09:10
ComboBreaker!op ComboBreaker09:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about op ComboBreaker09:10
ComboBreaker!op ComboBreaker09:10
ComboBreaker!op ComboBreaker09:10
iceroot_ComboBreaker: have a nice day, cu09:10
FloodBot1ComboBreaker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tucan09:11
=== froosch_ is now known as froosch
SuBsAmindus i will reload the package that u told me pefor09:11
=== you is now known as Guest48305
indusjussi01: thanks09:11
ActionParsnipwhy do people do that?09:11
messiahisn't it the name of the similar to jdownloader "tucan"?09:11
indusSuBsAm: which page09:11
SuBsAmthis is the last try09:11
SuBsAmindus gci wep09:12
indusSuBsAm: yeah gcj-webplugin09:12
SuBsAmindus aha09:12
indusSuBsAm: remove teh java plugin first09:12
SuBsAmi alreaDY MAKE INSTALL09:12
om26erfighter1: what is the problem in the system--> preferences--> screen doesn't it show you your desired resolution09:13
pw-toxichi, my pc crashed while updating.. now i cant do apt-get update anymore09:13
SuBsAmOK OK09:13
tioxHello again everyone.09:13
indusBalsaq: if you get stuck at 82 % disconnect internet09:13
Balsaqindus oh no09:13
indusSuBsAm: ok09:13
Balsaqindus what the heck?09:13
tioxStill have never figured out my jSD card issue. My laptop is an Acer Aspire model and I'd like to make it work.09:13
indusBalsaq: its stuck?09:14
tioxSD card*09:14
Balsaqindus nope09:14
Piep000rhello does anybody know how i can install openvas-plugins using ubuntu 9.1009:14
Balsaqits slow i am doing 8x indus09:14
indusBalsaq: its a bug ,if you dont have a network, it gets stuck, just disconnect the wire09:14
om26ertiox: plz update to the bios 331009:14
messiah!p tucan09:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about p tucan09:14
indusBalsaq: aah burning09:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tucan09:14
tioxbios 3310? What the heck?09:14
messiahwhat is the name of that program, is it in the repo?09:14
indusBalsaq: i burnt it at 24 x :P09:14
Balsaqindus and if i do that is the whole process ruined?09:14
ejvanybody know why LVM incorrectly reports free space?09:14
indusBalsaq: do what09:15
om26ertiox: latest acer aspire one bios solves memory card reader problems09:15
ActionParsnipejv: fsck it may help09:15
indusBalsaq: sorry i thought you were installing09:15
tioxWhere can I get that?09:15
Balsaqif i pull the interenet wire does it wreck it indus09:15
Balsaqindus nope burning09:15
ActionParsniptiox: http://support.acer.com   my guess09:15
indusBalsaq: will wreck what09:15
Balsaqindus nevermind...i got it09:15
indusBalsaq: i was saying, when you are installing it and it gets stuck at 82 %, do that09:15
Balsaqindus ok...but what will happen tothe install if i do that09:16
chu_When I try to install realplayer I get this dpkg "Bad file descriptor" error... What does this mean?09:16
indusBalsaq: it will go forward :) upto 100 %09:16
ActionParsnipchu_: did you use the medibuntu repo?09:16
Balsaqindus wow thats cool thaks'09:16
induschu_: hmm install it from the command line09:16
Take0nwhen you put a script in nautilus scripts folder what more do you have to do for nautilus to see it? I put two scripts there but they wonät appear do I have to log out and in?09:16
induschu_: sudo dpkg -i <package>09:17
chu_I ended up just downloading it from their web site, I couldn't find anything from the repos...09:17
ActionParsnip!medibuntu | chu_09:17
ubottuchu_: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org09:17
ejvActionParsnip: ok09:17
Balsaqindus have to watch fir that one...is that just a 9.10 bug?09:17
bastlActionParsnip: I managed to set the link to the missing libmozjs.so manually. Now the linker succeeds. But the built binary complains: libxul.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory. This seems related to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xulrunner-1.9/+bug/28690609:17
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub209:17
indusBalsaq: no its in all versions, but doesnt happen to all09:17
indusBalsaq: happens if the network is down09:17
Balsaqwow 1st burn ever09:17
Balsaqindus oh i see09:17
indusBalsaq: how long have you been burning this ?09:17
Balsaqmaybe 15 minutes09:17
chu_Cheers Indus, it appeared to work that way.09:18
Balsaqindus doing a slow burn09:18
chu_What was the difference?09:18
ActionParsnipbastl: i guess you'll have to work around the bug or fix the bug yourself09:18
ActionParsnipBalsaq: congrats09:18
induschu_: yeah cheers, itsa  bug in karmic, i thought it was fixed, you in beta?09:18
Balsaqindus you burn OS's at 24x?09:18
* om26er says if installation stucks at 80% disconnect internet and it will paas09:18
Balsaqyes thanks AP09:18
indusBalsaq: 15 min hmm09:18
Balsaqits done09:18
indusBalsaq: i do all kinds of things :D09:18
ubottuKarmic can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ubuntu-9.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).09:19
Balsaqindus does it work fast too09:19
bastlhm. I hate working around complicated things like this. The idea of ubuntu was that things should just work :-/09:19
indusom26er: yes i gave him that tip and its 82 % not 80 :P09:19
Balsaqtook 18 min 57 sec09:19
ActionParsnipbastl: its still essentially linux which has lots of weird quirks09:19
bastlnot perfect but hte best we have. as with democracy ...09:20
indusBalsaq:hmm its always advisable to burn cds at a slower speed, so instead of waiting , i started using usb to boot :)09:20
om26erindus: ya whatever. but 80% is a bug09:20
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!09:20
Balsaqhave always wanted to burn something this is too cool09:20
ActionParsnipbastl: well, any political policy isnt the best but the best we have ;)09:20
indusBalsaq: i have never burned anything other than an ubuntu09:20
* canis_lupus87 says 10x is optimal for burning OSes09:20
Balsaqdoesnt look burnt?09:20
indusBalsaq: and that was a year ago, now i just use usb boot09:21
indusBalsaq: you know boot from usb?09:21
om26er!usb | Balsaq09:21
ubottuBalsaq: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent09:21
indusBalsaq: anyways good luck and see you on the live cd then09:21
mQQshis there any remote access program that works from windows to ubuntu?  I'm looking to control my ubuntu desktop from a windows laptop09:21
Balsaqty ubottu09:21
ActionParsnipBalsaq: if you put the CD back in it will be read by your current OS09:21
ActionParsnipBalsaq: so you will know its burned09:22
indusgood tippp09:22
Balsaqahh so i can toos it back inthis windows computer huh09:22
canis_lupus87mQQsh: citrix maybe09:22
gnopakmQQsh: tightvnc09:22
Balsaqnot a mark on it09:22
indusBalsaq: it burns the whole disk so see to the end09:22
ActionParsnipBalsaq: sure, its just a data CD09:23
indusBalsaq: its 695 mb09:23
subsam_indus : name the java u just give it to me09:23
Balsaqcool so i can run it right now in the cd tray as an OS without hurting xp09:23
gnopakmQQsh: you will need to run vncserver on Linux and TightVNC on Windows.09:23
indussubsam_: gcj-webplugin09:23
hylahow i can joinon the italian support channel?09:23
ActionParsnipBalsaq: well you can read the data, i dont think it will do much except maybe show a splash screen09:23
goatheadso my problem is there are no legacy fglrx drivers in the repos, why do we have legacy support for Nvidia, but not ATI?09:24
Balsaqbetter wait till the ink dries...just labeled it09:24
indusBalsaq: so reboot live cd09:24
mQQshgnopak, awesome.. thanks im looking into it right now09:24
Billiardgoathead: because ati isnt as pro linux as nvidia09:24
ActionParsnipgoathead: use the open drivers09:24
subsam_indus : i can't find it09:24
canis_lupus87goathead: fglrx is proprietary; only AMD has the source09:24
indussubsam_: type gcj in search bar09:24
dr3mroHi, please can any one help me share my video to my brother windows vista pc. I use only ubuntu as my only system and i have a folder called videos in my home directory i want to share that with out password can any one help me . i use a fresh install of karmic09:24
Piep000rhello does anybody know how i can install openvas-plugins using ubuntu 9.1009:24
induscanis_lupus87: hmm amd HAVE opened the older drivrs09:25
ActionParsnipdr3mro: samba09:25
ActionParsnip!samba | dr3mro09:25
ubottudr3mro: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.09:25
induscanis_lupus87: and Radeon HD is fast moving to support the latest09:25
canis_lupus87indus: interesting... I didn't know that.09:25
ActionParsnipdr3mro: if you mean video as in video files09:25
dr3mroActionParsnip, I enabled sharing the folder but he cant access my pc . i didn't modify any thing on install09:26
dr3mroActionParsnip, no my video folder of my home09:26
Billiarddr3mro: what does the windows machine say when you try to access it?09:26
TheKrowhen I try to run bluetooth manager, I get the error message "Bluez daemon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue". suggestions? (in KDE)09:26
ActionParsnipdr3mro: samba will allow you to share a data folder and windows systems will be able to access it09:26
mgv2why do the search engines in firefox get restored each timr after update?09:27
om26erTheKro: google the exact error09:27
subsam_indus : ok how can i remove it ?09:27
TheKroom26er: already tried that09:27
BilliardTheKro: sudo service bluetooth start09:27
TheKroBilliard: tried that - nothing happens09:27
dr3mroBilliard, "windows can't access ..blabla09:27
BilliardTheKro: absolutely nothing?09:27
arobsonI just upgraded to 9.10 and am having some graphics issues - with a normal boot, everything loads fine and seems normal, but 15-20 seconds after booting up, the screen displays a bunch of weirdly colored pixels before going to black with a blinking cursor (though no text shows up if I type here). If I move my mouse around I get strange pink boxes showing up as well as white and black lines. I don't have this problem if I boot in recovery09:27
subsam_sudo apt-get remove cgj ?09:28
dr3mroActionParsnip, I used nautilus share and didn't work09:28
canis_lupus87arobson: what graphics card do you have?09:28
ActionParsnipdr3mro: you need to run: sudo apt-get install samba    first09:28
dr3mroi can access his pc but he cant access mine09:28
arobsonati hd 320009:28
dr3mroits installed09:28
subsam_indus sudo apt-get remove cgj ?09:28
ActionParsnipdr3mro: or you can edit /etc/samba/smb.conf   its remarkably easy09:28
Balsaqwill sign off and boot from live cd!09:28
Balsaqway way too cool09:29
mesengaanyone here?09:29
ActionParsnipdr3mro: try: gksudo nautilus   then add the share, does that work?09:29
dr3mroActionParsnip, i did read that file but i remmeber an option set "security=user" is that right i mean should not it be guest not user as i didn't create a user for samba09:30
ActionParsnipdr3mro: i only edit the file personally, ive never used the gui way09:30
BalsaqActionParsnip indus thanks...will hopefully be back on in a minute under the new xubuntu09:30
TheKroBilliard: no output, and "ps waux|grep blue' doesn't change09:30
ActionParsnipdr3mro: not sure dude, i add stuff to smb.conf with a lot of confines, and i use a password as I like security09:31
mesengaI cannot install subversion in Ubuntu 9.1009:31
ActionParsnipdr3mro: you can setup a password, then have windows map a network drive to the share and store the password09:31
frullhallo... all09:31
frullam need help09:31
nh2hi, I have a really good evtouch calibration but just accidentally overridden /etc/evtouch/config. This takes effect only after relogin. How can I read the settings that are active at the moment?09:31
marckiehi. how do i find out which package includese linkage.h?09:31
dr3mroActionParsnip, I dont want to create a user for samba09:32
mesengaThe follow error:09:32
mesengaCould not get lock /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11: Resource temporarily unavailable)09:32
dr3mroActionParsnip, i just want to allow any one to acces my shares09:32
mesengaWhats happening?09:32
subsam_what is samba ?09:32
=== andree is now known as andre_cool
TheKromesenga: you might have another package manager window open?09:32
ActionParsnipdr3mro: then i'm no help to you09:32
dr3mroActionParsnip, thank you any way09:32
TheKroBilliard: any other suggestions?09:33
ActionParsnipdr3mro: np man09:33
Billiardre log in?09:33
TheKrono - re bluetooth09:33
mesengaTheKro, yeah.. downloading the updates09:33
TheKroBilliard: no - re bluetooth09:33
TheKromesenga: the updates are locking the database that keeps record of what software you have.  when it's finished - try installing subversion09:33
mesengaTheKro thank you very much..09:34
TheKromesenga: no problem09:34
=== Blank___ is now known as Blank__
frullam used, ubuntu 9.10 and install on ibm t40. am have problem on wifi aironet any budy can help me. :)09:35
wal3irssi is just segfaulting since I upgraded to ubuntu 9.1009:35
TheKroBilliard: sorry - misunderstood - thought you meant "re" as in "regarding"09:35
frullplease helpme09:35
smwnI'll pay anyone One Million dollars if they get my wifi usb d link 160 to work under ubuntu09:35
fool__is there something similar to rtorrent for podcasts ?09:35
TheKroBilliard: had problem yesterday already - reboot and reinstall of packages hasn't helped09:35
zaggynlsmwn: it's cheaper to offer a linux dev the same model PC/wireless card you have and some money to write a proper driver09:36
BilliardTheKro: idk09:36
subsam_Billiard: i want to remove this package and install another09:36
Billiardsubsam_: which?09:36
TheKroBilliard: tx anyway09:36
wal3irssi is just segfaulting since I upgraded to ubuntu 9.1009:36
TheKroAnyone else got a suggestion for bluetooth problem?09:36
Billiardapt-get remove cgj-web  ?09:36
Piep000rhello does anybody know how i can install openvas-plugins in ubuntu 9.10??????09:36
subsam_Billiard: cgj-web and install sun-java6-plugin09:36
Billiardsubsam_: apt-get install sun-java6-plugin  ?09:37
subsam_i'm installing it now form package manger ?09:37
zaggynlsmwn: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/7482209:37
subsam_Billiard: i'm installing it now form package manger ?09:38
subsam_Billiard: is this falt ?09:38
Billiardsubsam_: you can use the packagemanager if you want?09:38
marcofehi :)09:38
subsam_Billiard: i already using it now09:38
BilliardTheKro: could try removing the packages with --purge maybe09:38
subsam_Billiard: how can i remove the other package ?09:39
Billiardsubsam_: find it in the package manager and remove it?09:39
subsam_how ?09:39
Billiardsubsam_: how what?09:39
subsam_Billiard: i can find it in the manger ?09:39
Billiardsubsam_: then its not a package09:39
wal3irssi is just segfaulting since I upgraded to ubuntu 9.1009:40
subsam_Billiard: but i don't know how to remove it09:40
Billiardsubsam_: how did you install it?09:40
subsam_Billiard: so what ?09:40
subsam_find it there and install09:40
fool__hey guys, is there something similar to rtorrent for podcasts ?09:40
subsam_Billiard: find it there and install09:40
Billiardsubsam_: if you installed it in the packagemanager and its still installed, its still in the package manager09:41
Billiardsubsam_: im not familiar with the package is it "cgi" maybe not cgj09:42
smwnah i tried nsdwrapper09:43
smwndidnt work09:43
subsam_Billiard: indus told me about it09:43
subsam_Billiard: hr told that is good09:43
mafjusHi guys!09:43
Billiardsubsam_: whats good?09:43
indussubsam_: sorry what09:43
indussubsam_: iam at work and busy09:43
indussubsam_: ok open a terminal and type this sudo update-alternatives --config java09:44
subsam_Billiard: that cgj09:44
Billiardsubsam_: i dont have anything called cgj in my package list09:44
smwnhere is the driver for my wifi device09:44
mahmoodplease how i can install driver for digital card twinhan1027 on ubuntu 9.1009:44
smwnits in rpm09:44
subsam_ok after finish installing sun-java6-plugin09:44
smwnbut i think it has the source09:44
marcofeirc..good thing :)09:45
mahmoodplease help me09:45
mafjusI'm trying to install NuSphere PhpEd, The installer complains about missing libgtk1.2.... I can't install it via ubuntu packetmanager, ( I havet the 64bit version of ubuntu ) Do any one know how to install this package ?09:45
wal3irssi is just segfaulting since I upgraded to ubuntu 9.1009:46
frullam used, ubuntu 9.10 and install on ibm t40. am have problem on wifi aironet any budy can help me. :)09:46
frullam used, ubuntu 9.10 and install on ibm t40. am have problem on wifi aironet any budy can help me. :)09:46
frullam used, ubuntu 9.10 and install on ibm t40. am have problem on wifi aironet any budy can help me. :)09:46
FloodBot1frull: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:46
frullam used, ubuntu 9.10 and install on ibm t40. am have problem on wifi aironet any budy can help me. :)09:46
indusActionParsnip: can you help frull09:46
indusActionParsnip: he has been around since morning09:46
TheKroBilliard: purging and reinstalling didn't help either09:46
nagyvhello! recently I have realised that something uses my 8000 port all the time. How can I find out what this process is?09:46
mafjusfrull whats the problem ?09:47
Billiardmahmood: did