evanescentUbuntuOne keeps asking me to add more and more computers, even though I'm only using just this one00:16
lamalexME TOO00:18
lamalexpissing me off00:18
evanescenthow does one fix this problem?00:22
tritiumWhat on earth is going on with Ubuntu One today?00:58
evanescentis this normal?00:58
verterokevanescent, tritium, lamalex: we are having some issues with one of the servers01:29
evanescentok, so it will be resolved in time? its not a local issue?01:31
verterokevanescent: right, we are working on this ATM :)01:33
* verterok apologize for the delay01:34
tritiumverterok: no apologies necessary.  Thank you!02:21
verteroktritium: :)02:21
submaini'm having problems changing my account settings in the client. Can anyone help?04:51
ranjanhi all i want to know weather ubuntu one is supported with ubuntu 9.04 or not ..05:52
ranjanubuntu one client is not working on ubuntu 9.0406:11
tcoleI could be wrong, but I don't think it's supported on Hardy06:20
ranjanand waht about jaunty06:22
ranjantcole :: and waht about jaunty...06:22
tcoledon't know offhand06:23
ranjanabout jaunty06:23
tcoleintrepid and karmic are supported06:30
ranjanok ..06:35
ranjanthen i have to up date my system06:36
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psypher246hi all, does anyone know if there is an ETA at all when the ubuntu one servers are going to be fixed with regards to the horrendous speed issues? the bug was logged almost a month ago and there is no activity and the "commercial system" is completely unusable10:57
popeybroken image links on https://one.ubuntu.com/support/installation/ for example https://media.one.ubuntu.com/media/2021/img/install/gdebi.png11:18
LiCeThi all13:07
LiCeThow can i force my ubuntuone to sync?13:19
psypher246yes i think u can13:19
psypher246i saw someone as k that yesterday13:19
psypher246hold on13:19
psypher246 u1sdtool --help13:20
psypher246--refresh=PATH         request a refresh of PATH13:20
psypher246udsdtool --refresh=/path to sync13:20
psypher246not that it helps fanyway, u1 servers seems broken now for ages, can't upload faster than 0-12KB/s13:21
psypher246there is a bug for it, hope it gets sorted asap13:22
LiCeTmy filed dont get synced/updated13:23
psypher246yeah at 1sdt i thought so too, but it was that it was just SOOO SLOOOOW that it seemed like it wasn't syncing13:23
psypher246at the moment it's a kind of leave and forget it service, dump the files in  and like a week later it shold be synced13:24
LiCeTnot good to work with :p13:25
psypher246I KNOW!13:25
psypher246what ubuntu u on?13:25
psypher246i'm on 9.04, same issue on my 9.10 PC as well13:26
psypher246to see if anything is happening i do the following13:26
psypher246open terminator13:26
LiCeTon monday it was working fine for a few hours13:26
LiCeTbut now :/13:26
psypher246split screen in half horizontally13:26
psypher246split top screen in half vertically13:27
psypher246launch sudo nethogs in the one window, top left13:27
psypher246launch sudo nethogs in the top right window13:27
psypher246press m twice to see kb/s view13:27
psypher246oh and press m one in top left window to see MB downloaded13:27
LiCeTna...not so much time13:28
psypher246then in the bottom window i do watch "u1sdtool --current-transfers"13:28
psypher246then i can see, the pythin process upload at what speed, how much it has doen and what it's doing according to u1sdtool13:29
psypher24630mb take an hour13:29
psypher246dropbox takes like a minute to do same amount13:29
LiCeTwell..i have a few kb files13:29
LiCeTin ubuntu one folder they are checked13:29
psypher246see i just started using it since karmic came out, and it's hasn;t worked at all13:30
LiCeTbut they dont get updated/synced13:30
Chipacapsypher246: I don't know if you saw my comments yesterday: I copied a folder of oggs into Ubuntu One, and it uploaded at a constant 30kB/s (with 1-2 second gaps between each ogg) until it was done13:30
psypher246dont know the point of the check, it checks the file immediatly13:30
psypher246Chipaca: no i didn't13:30
LiCeTtell us how Chipaca :D13:30
psypher246then what is the problem13:30
Chipacapsypher246: I suspect the issue you are seeing is because you have a lot of small files13:30
psypher246i 30mb file is not a small file13:30
Chipacaand that gap between files is killing you13:30
Chipacapsypher246: ah, hmm13:31
psypher246not it13:31
psypher246currently doing a 90mb file, same issues13:31
LiCeTChipaca, my files are marked as updated/synced13:31
Chipacapsypher246: ok, so I don't know why you're getting that. I didn't do anything special (and 30kB/s is my maxed out uplink)13:31
LiCeTbut they dont exist in web13:31
ChipacaLiCeT: that's something else13:31
psypher246and copied all the files in my non-updated u1 folder to drop box folder, did 400mb in less than 10 mins13:31
LiCeTi supposed that13:32
Chipacayes, dropbox is awesome, we have so long a road until we get there13:32
Chipacabut we will :)13:32
psypher246i put all this in the bug report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/46196313:32
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461963 in ubuntuone-client "Slow upload syncing from client" [High,In progress]13:32
LiCeTdo you have any idea about my problem Chipaca ?13:33
ChipacaLiCeT: so, things first: in a terminal, do “killall ubuntuone-syncdaemon; /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug” (without the quotes)13:33
psypher246Chipaca: no offence, then there shouldn't be a commercial component to this, especially if it's still beta13:33
ChipacaLiCeT: and please pastebin the last screenful of that13:33
psypher246I don't mind paying, supporting canonical with pleasure, but I really really jhope this is sorted very soon13:34
LiCeTgive a min :)13:35
LiCeTit stops without ending?!?13:36
psypher246Chipaca: i know there is a bug for this, but are they aware of the severity of this bug and is it possible to see how many people are affected?13:37
Chipacapsypher246: by "they" you mean "you (plural)"13:38
Chipacapsypher246: :)13:38
ChipacaLiCeT: yes, it never ends. I mean it doesn't end until you stop it.13:38
ChipacaLiCeT: don't stop it, just pastebin the output13:38
psypher246i guess, :)13:39
LiCeTk thats what i mean :)13:39
Chipacapsypher246: are _all_ your files 30M? wasn't it you that had your .mozilla and source trees with .c files in them etc?13:39
LiCeTChipaca, http://pastebin.com/d247e1d0a13:40
psypher246it's all random stuff, essencially want to backup my whole home folder13:40
psypher246and at this time the files int ehre are all random sizes and file types13:40
Chipacapsypher246: ok. Can you identify one file that is large (lots of megs) and not uploaded yet?13:41
ChipacaLiCeT: in the panel at the top of the screen, you have the image of a cloud?13:42
psypher246Chipaca: k got one 143mb file13:42
ChipacaLiCeT: do you have a systray?13:42
LiCeTi stopped after the pasting13:43
Chipacapsypher246: do you have u1sdtool?13:43
ChipacaLiCeT: ok, in the terminal once more, can you do "ubuntuone-client-applet"?13:43
Chipacapsypher246: please do u1sdtool --info=/the/full/path/to/that/file13:44
ChipacaLiCeT: now you have a cloud somewhere in your panel?13:44
LiCeTfor a few sec. a msg saying "updating"13:45
LiCeTand the symbol in systray13:45
ChipacaLiCeT: heh, ok, there you go then13:45
ChipacaLiCeT: if the cloud applet isn't started automatically, you can find it under applications -> internet -> ubuntu one13:45
LiCeTyeah...but it doesnt update13:46
LiCeTit says "updating"13:46
LiCeTbut there is never a update :/13:46
LiCeTeven if in the ubuntu one folder the files are all marked as synced/updated13:47
LiCeTmaybe i'll try to delete all and put in again...what you think about it13:47
ChipacaLiCeT: ok, hold on then13:48
ChipacaLiCeT: now, again, in a terminal, kill and start the syncdaemon in debug, and show me the last page of output13:48
psypher246Chipaca: http://paste.ubuntu.com/316930/13:49
Chipacapsypher246: do you have d-feet installed?13:49
psypher246Chipaca: no what is that?13:49
Chipacapsypher246: a d-bus debugger. Please install it, we're going to be talking dirty with the syncdaemon (over dbus)13:50
Chipacapsypher246: (because when d-bus is broken, you use d-feet, get it?)13:50
psypher246k done13:51
Chipacapsypher246: ok, run d-feet13:51
ChipacaLiCeT: ok, click the cloud, does it say "connect"?13:52
psypher246Chipaca: k13:52
Chipacapsypher246: connect to the session bus (this might happen automatically, otherwise, it's clicking the 'plug' thing)13:52
ChipacaLiCeT: click it13:52
psypher246buss address?13:52
LiCeTit disconnect automatically after clicking "connect"13:55
Chipacapsypher246: ah! forget that13:56
Chipacapsypher246: file -> connect to session bus13:56
Chipacapsypher246: sorry for misleading you :)13:56
ChipacaLiCeT: ok, please pastebin13:56
LiCeThave seen something interesting i think13:56
LiCeTin debug13:56
LiCeTseems an python problem?!?!13:58
Chipacapsypher246: then, click on "com.ubuntuone.SyncDaemon", and navigate to /status Methods, double click "schedule_next"13:58
ChipacaLiCeT: yes, it is. Can you update and upgrade your packages (or at least ubuntuone-client and family)?13:59
LiCeTi made an system update this mornig14:00
LiCeTit is all up to date14:00
ChipacaLiCeT: hm, strange. Ok.14:00
LiCeThow do it with ubuntuone-client?14:00
Chipacaverterok: ping14:00
verterokChipaca: pong14:00
psypher246Chipaca: don't have schedule_next in that screen14:00
psypher246oh wait14:00
Chipacaverterok: http://pastebin.com/d79b5097414:00
Chipacaverterok: that's LiCeT's issue, he's updated/upgraded this morning and getting that14:01
psypher246Chipaca: do i look under com.ubuntuone.syncdaemon.statsu or syncdaemon or introspectable?14:01
LiCeTinstalling ubuntuone-clinet-tools now14:01
Chipacapsypher246: ah! com.u1.sd.status14:01
verterokLiCeT: hi, could you pastebin the contens of ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf ?14:01
psypher246Chipaca: k14:02
LiCeTverterok, http://pastebin.com/d5855ddf14:03
LiCeTinstalled ubuntone-client-tools now...may i have to relogin?14:04
verterokLiCeT: nope14:04
LiCeTk :)14:04
verterokLiCeT: are you using the karmic or ppa packages?14:04
LiCeTkarmic i think14:05
LiCeTwas installed when installing karmic14:05
LiCeTjust the "original" one14:05
verterokLiCeT: ok14:05
verterokLiCeT: you'r hitting a known bug, already fixed in trunk14:05
verterokLiCeT: removing ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf should fix it14:05
LiCeTremoving the entire file?14:06
LiCeTor just the content?14:06
Chipacapsypher246: found it?14:06
verterokLiCeT: the issue is with the preference app and syncdaemon settings, when you enable bandwidth throttling and leave the default values14:06
verterokLiCeT: removing the while file it's ok14:06
Chipacapsypher246: ok, put «'', 'eb624d5b-5bf9-4c5a-b98d-8e8150cf84e6'»14:07
psypher246including  the <<14:08
LiCeTand just restart the applet verterok ?14:09
verterokLiCeT: yes, and syncdaemon too. to make your it's off: u1sdtool --quit :)14:09
Chipacapsypher246: nope14:09
psypher246so just '', 'eb624d5b-5bf9-4c5a-b98d-8e8150cf84e6'14:09
psypher246in the parameters box14:10
Chipacapsypher246: yes, and click 'execute'14:10
psypher246This method did not return anything14:10
Chipacapsypher246: good14:10
verterokChipaca: I should add that to u1sdtool ;)14:10
psypher246oh ok14:10
Chipacaverterok: the rescheduling?14:10
verterokChipaca: yeap14:10
Chipacaverterok: that, and the 'waiting_content', would be nice :)14:11
verterokChipaca: and listing the queue14:11
verterokChipaca: yeap :)14:11
Chipacapsypher246: are you monitoring your bandwidth usage?14:11
psypher246Chipaca: constantly14:11
Chipacapsypher246: good :) can you execute "waiting_content" (just below schedule_next)?14:12
psypher246also paste that line and go execute?14:12
Chipacapsypher246: no, just execute, no parameters14:12
LiCeTstill no difference :(14:14
verterokLiCeT: same error?14:14
LiCeTno updates14:15
verterokLiCeT: check if  you still have ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf?14:15
LiCeTthere is a new one14:16
LiCeTwith new values i changed14:16
LiCeTthere are a lot of push events in debug but no updated14:17
LiCeTk...something working now14:18
psypher246Chipaca: so what now?14:19
Chipacapsypher246: what did that waiting_content execution return? also, did you not see a spike in your upload?14:20
psypher246Chipaca: nope not a blip:14:21
psypher246still on 80mb of that 90 mb upload which started 2 hrs ago14:21
Chipacapsypher246: and you're currently connected?14:22
psypher246Current uploads:14:22
psypher246  path: /home/ruald/Ubuntu One/ruald/Backup/HoN/game/textures.s2z14:22
psypher246    deflated size: 9507307014:22
psypher246    bytes written: 7952268414:22
psypher246Current downloads: 014:22
Chipacapsypher246: sucks! :(14:22
LiCeTverterok, seems to working now :)14:24
LiCeTthx m814:24
verterokLiCeT: cool! :)14:25
LiCeTthx a lot14:25
psypher246LiCeT: curious at what speed is it uploading?14:26
LiCeTalways :D14:26
=== joshuahoover changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Have a question? Ping jblount | Updated client software is now available to everyone running Ubuntu 9.10. Please run Update Manager to install it, and then restart the client. Enjoy 9.10! | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Testing Client Revno is 276, Protocol Revno is 73
LiCeT    deflated size: 108449814:29
LiCeT    bytes written: 71759614:29
psypher246ok so as bad as me :)14:29
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LiCeTits not so important to me...i just have small files14:30
psypher246LiCeT: how fast is yr internet link?14:32
psypher246no offence, but BASTARD!14:32
psypher246anyway so i am not the only one with slow speeds14:32
LiCeTremember its a free service psypher24614:33
psypher246i'm sitting on the fastest ISP backbone in my country and can only get 304MB/s down and 2000KB up14:34
psypher246yeas sure if u took the 2GB option I am paying for 50GB14:34
psypher246eitherway even using 2GB, it would take 66hours to upload all of tha14:35
LiCeTas i said...not important for me14:36
jblountpsypher246: Hi! This slowness is really crappy. I'm not sure why it's happening either, but I'll see if I can't gather some data about it today.14:37
urbanapemorning, everyone14:37
psypher246:) after noon14:38
jblounturbanape: yo14:38
urbanapemorning % localtime14:38
psypher246lol i know14:38
psypher246LiCeT: course I also want to help make u1 friggin awesome, so getting to work on par with dropbox is a good mission14:40
* rtagger is testing overhead for empathy logs in couchdb...14:53
jblountrtagger: Neat!14:53
rtaggerjblount, so far, only basic info, the message itself+some technical info, no date, etc. I just want to see how much MBs the data will take :)14:54
jblountrtagger: Very interesting. I know CardinalFang was working on getting gwibber to use couchdb a while back14:55
CardinalFangYeah, I added some code but it's not good enough yet and is commented out in our package.14:55
rtaggerjblount, I'm not a dbus-enabled guy yet, so I'm still learning how to tie that up. gwibber may be more suitable since it does not need to handle single letters or ":)" with 200+ bytes of overhead14:56
jblountCardinalFang: dobey jblount rodrigo_ teknico vds15:00
jblountDesktop+ MEETING BEGINS15:00
jblountThe drill, you know it. "me" gets you in the meeting, then you paste DONE / TODO / BLOCKED15:00
jblountdobey: ?15:01
jblountvds: When you are ready.15:01
vdsDONE: Estimates and mobile sync restart15:01
vdsTODO: more estimates15:01
vdsBLOCKED: nope15:01
vdsrodrigo_: go!  :)15:01
rodrigo_• DONE: Submitted fixes for marking records as deleted instead of deleting them. Fixed missing postal addresses when saving contacts in evo-couchdb15:01
rodrigo_• TODO: Talk to Ara about writing mago tests for evo-couchdb. Conflict resolver tool in pair tool. Look at becoming a MOTU (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers). openSUSE/Fedora packaging with aquarius. API documentation for couchdb-glib. Make sandy's snowy test suite work with our server (http://git.gnome.org/cgit/snowy/tree/api/tests.py). Discuss with jdo and aquarius about oauth token per app, not per machine? Push evo-couchdb 15:01
rodrigo_• BLOCKED: no15:01
rodrigo_next: teknico15:02
teknicoDONE: did more reviews; estimated the new work on funambol phone sync with vds15:02
teknicoTODO: restart work on funambol phone sync; fix IM address handling in the contacts web UI (#475224)15:02
teknicoBLOCK: none15:02
tekniconext: CardinalFang15:02
CardinalFangDONE: More work on replication.  Finished most of test infrastructure.  Having to refactor a bit.15:02
CardinalFangTODO: Refactor.  Help convince Debian that package split of couchdb is smart.15:02
CardinalFangBLOCKED: None.  Still miserable with allergies/cold.15:02
CardinalFangjblount, vamanos15:03
jblountDONE: National Holiday15:03
jblountTODO: FACE duty15:03
jblountBLOCKED: lots of interesting things to work on, all at the same time15:03
jblountdobey: GOOGOGOG15:03
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dobey☺ DONE: Perf review work, US Holiday15:04
dobey☹ TODO: Open Enrollment, Lucid work estimates, Finish NM bug work, Backport fixes to stable-1-0, Prepare an SRU15:04
dobey☹ BLCK: None.15:04
jblountI think that's EOM, well done everyone!15:04
psypher246Chipaca: ah u back, anything else i can try?15:08
Chipacapsypher246: back, but only to say I'm without internet for a while15:09
psypher246Chipaca: lol ok no worries15:09
Chipacathis is me going out over GPRS (pay-by-the-bit), which isn't going to last long15:09
jblountpsypher246: The speed issue is a known problem that we don't have a fix for (yet)15:09
psypher246ok cool i will wait, will this bug be updated when fixed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntuone-client/+bug/46713715:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 467137 in ubuntuone-client "upload failed (dup-of: 461963)" [Undecided,New]15:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461963 in ubuntuone-client "Slow upload syncing from client" [High,In progress]15:10
psypher246or there possible another?15:10
jblountYeah, I'll make sure 461963 gets updated, so subscribe to that one if you want updates15:11
rtaggerbtw, this is off-topic, but.. how can I remove the database from desktopcouch so it does not get downloaded from u1? Looks like 'delete database' does not propagate via replication...15:11
psypher246already deon, thanks15:11
Chipacajblount: I think psypher246 isn't the usual speed issue, but I might be wrong15:11
Chipacapsypher246: please explain about the 90MB file sitting not uploading for a long time, in the bug15:12
psypher246well it does upload15:12
psypher246just at like 5KB/s avg15:12
psypher246that file is donwe now, the one we were trying to force with d-feet is queed now, but it was next in line anyway15:12
Chipacaok, bbl, with the internets15:13
Chipacapsypher246: exactly, all that, in the bug please15:13
psypher246will do sorry it's actually this bug:15:13
Chipacapsypher246: what we did with d-feet was put it at the head of the queue, yes15:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461963 in ubuntuone-client "Slow upload syncing from client" [High,In progress]15:13
Chipacaok, BBL15:13
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mihai wonder.. how free is this ubuntuone. and where is api?16:21
CardinalFangmiha, you have access to the source code of everything on your computer.  The API docs...  those are somewhere online.  Where are those.  jblount, are you Face today?16:26
jblountCardinalFang: Indeed, as pointed out in the topic :)16:29
jblountSadly, I am unfamiliar with the api you speak of.16:31
CardinalFangjblount, sorry, didn't see the timestamp on it.  Binging "Ubuntu One API" doesn't get me docs about how to write a client for (e.g. OS X or my phone).  I think that's the kind of doc miha wants.16:32
CardinalFangstatik, u1 api docs?16:32
mihai thought i'd check if i can (ab)use storage space :)16:33
jblountCardinalFang: You really are going to have to stop saying "binging" if we are going to have any sort of conversation for longer than a few seconds. I just recovered from laughing.16:33
mihais this a http protocol? or what?16:34
verterokCardinalFang: lp:storageprotocol16:34
verterokmiha: the transport used is http(s), and the protocol defined usin google protocol buffers16:35
mihaverterok ok so i could use jakarta httpclient to use it from java?16:36
CardinalFangAh,  https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone-storage-protocol16:36
verterokmiha: hmm, I think so, but you'll need to compile the protocol buffer to java, as the current one is python :)16:36
verterokmiha: using the java protocol buffer compiler, that's it16:37
mihai see16:37
mihajust a side thought, license allows windows clients? ;)16:38
CardinalFangSure.  They're welcome, in fact.16:39
CardinalFangjython to the rescue!16:39
verterokCardinalFang: jython?16:39
jblountmiha: I'm offering cookies in exchange for a windows client.16:39
verterokCardinalFang: we need twisted-jython ;)16:40
mihawell perhaps one could wrap java JNI around phyton stuff?16:40
mihajogl does it great for opengl16:40
CardinalFangjython makes python code into JRE bytecode.16:40
CardinalFangYou can call both directions.16:40
verterokCardinalFang: jython to use the protocol?16:41
CardinalFangjython(protobuffer) -> .java files.16:41
CardinalFangor .jar.16:42
verterokCardinalFang: no need for that, protobuf-java-compiler -> java files ;)16:42
CardinalFangI have not tested this.  I give it a 80% chance of working.16:42
ranjancan any body can tall me how to resolve compabilities mismatch with server issue17:03
joshuahooverhi ranjan17:08
joshuahooverranjan: you'll need to get the latest updates and then restart the ubuntu one client17:08
ranjanok thanks17:08
* jblount goes for lunch. To the kitchen. A few feet away.17:55
statikCardinalFang, we have no docs and aquarius is going to make some one day soon18:01
CardinalFangk thx18:01
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* rtagger feels guilty for programming unknown thing in unknown language using unknown technology:)... The hacked-up-quickly-empathy-logging seems to work fine (No clients were harmed during production, and by "hacked" I mean REALLY hacked).22:52
rtaggerissues so far: 1. need to learn python. 2. need to learn dbus a little bit more, 3. couchdb needs compacting pretty badly - 2.3Mb for 400 lines of chat messages.22:54
rtagger4. need to find out how to program the viewer. 5. logging is not "pluggable" in empathy since it is hardcoded inside not as dbus service.22:56
rtaggerso far this is a standalone script that listens to MessageSent, MessageReceived and NewChannels signals from dbus, does some internal magic to find out from/to and dumps everything to couchdb.22:59

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