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sadmacKeybuk: what are you doing with plymouth?14:26
Keybuksadmac: replacing usplash and xsplash with it14:27
sadmacKeybuk: I guessed. :) What's this new functionality you've added?14:27
Keybukthere's a debug x11 renderer in it14:29
KeybukI turned it into a proper "fullscreen on each head" renderer14:29
Keybukand added the code to let you pause the display14:29
Keybukstart X14:29
Keybukthen resume animating on a new X window14:29
sadmacKeybuk: I haven't noticed x/gdm taking long enough to start for me to want that, but go for it :)14:30
Keybukgdm takes 2-3 seconds14:31
Keybukbut it's GNOME that's the POS here14:31
Keybukauto-login takes 6-15s after X is started14:32
sadmacKeybuk: yeah, rstrode/some others said that they might need to beat that down (again, apparently there's been a lot of yoyoing in gnome startup time in the past).14:33
Keybukbut then they start mewing about "It's all I/O because on a cold cache"14:33
Keybukand it so isn't14:33
Keybukbecause ureadahead warms the cache up very nicely, and it still takes that long (with no disk activity)14:33
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Keybukbloody race conditions20:07
Keybukturns out that if you don't idle the plugin20:07
Keybukthen it's still going to animate after you dlclose() it20:07
Keybukwhich crashes plymouth while X is starting20:07
Keybukwhich forces the console into KD_TEXT20:07
Keybukwhich upsets X too20:07
sadmacKeybuk: have you been in touch with Ray?20:09
KeybukRay has been very helpful :)20:10
Keybuknote top three commits ;)20:10
sadmacI take it those were at your request?20:13
sadmacah, detailed message explains all20:13
sadmacKeybuk: so how are y'all feeling about plymouth. Still kicking around other options?20:13
Keybuky'all doesn't happen until next week20:14
KeybukI'm trying to make plymouth work, so that when everyone's together next week, I can go "look, it works, it's perfect, now can we kill usplash?"20:14
Keybuk(and xsplash)20:15
sadmacKeybuk: what about the KMS thing? Just not bothered by it, or does the new nvidia stuff cover enough of your users now?20:15
* sadmac was pleased that plymouth started working graphically in F1220:15
Keybukplymouth works with vga16fb20:17
KeybukI think I've sold Mark on the idea that he can have a b/w 16 colour logo for the non-KMS crowd20:18
Keybuk(ie. just like our usplash theme)20:18
sadmacKeybuk: and it springs to life once you shift it on top of X?20:19
sadmacwayland is much more famous as a town (several towns really) than as a windowing system20:20
KeybukI was noticing your town naming scheme20:22
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sadmacKeybuk: I'm not sure if it was a RH-initiated project, but Beryl is a road not far from the Raleigh office. It has a waffle house on it.20:24
sadmacI don't think there's any official policy about naming things after places, and I also don't believe Wayland was produced under orders from RH anyway.20:25
sadmacweird little groupthink thing we have going I guess.20:26
Keybuklike our one of "open a dictionary at U and start reading until you find one"20:26
Keybukcompletely unofficial20:27
Keybukbut when stuck for a name, it's what most people do :)20:27
sadmacI'm really good at coming up with project names20:28
KeybukI'm terrible at it20:29
Keybuk(upstart was very much an "open the dictionary at U" name)20:29
Keybukureadahead was "argh, can't think of a name, ok U <whatever it was>"20:29
sadmacKeybuk: just about any time I think of a project idea I create a folder in ~/coding with that name. I have a lot of empty folders with really awesome-sounding names.20:30
sadmacsome of them at least have a .git folder20:30
sadmacOpen source limbs?20:32
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