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MortimeR_is it possible to install/configure a networked printer with kubuntu? Using System_setting_Configure new printer_ does not work for me as it immediately complains about an incorrect pw without a dialog to enter it.00:04
semanticeri am irc guy now00:06
delightis there a place where i can read about the karmic updates (what the change-description) ?00:06
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delightis there a place where i can read about the ubuntu (karmic) updates (change-description) ?00:18
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unapiedraHi, I just reinstalled karmic and then copied my HOME back into the new HOME. Yet, all system settings are gone. What is going on?00:29
gizdelight: is this what you are looking for ? https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KarmicKoala00:33
wrgbdelight: see this link for a summary of what's new -- http://1800ubuntu.com/news/14-whats-new-in-ubuntu-910.htmlvvv00:34
wrgbdelight: and this link for the release notes, known bugs, issues etc. -- http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91000:35
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K350How do I find my extra Hard Drive in kubuntu?00:51
wrgbK350: click on Applications > System > File Manager and you should see it in the left hand pane of the file browser window00:58
novaeslucasjnnhi dear01:11
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K350Ah, thanks. But I cant' see it there..however it's in /dev/sdb101:26
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giantpunehey.  anybody here can offer a little help with qt?01:55
giantpuneim trying to figure out  know how to use text from a QString in a regular char or const char?01:56
darkhamhi people, i've installed kubuntu 9.10, i'm trying to play music with amarok but nothing, i installed gstreamer bad ugly base good (universe multiverse) but nothing02:00
darkhamwhat can ido?02:00
darkhambadmuppet: i need help with multimedia02:10
badmuppetwhats the problem02:10
darkhami installed kubuntu 9.1002:10
darkhami installed all gstreamer plugins02:10
darkhambase good bad ugly (universe/multiverse)02:11
badmuppetand i assume you are getting no sound02:11
darkhambut i can't read any tyoe of file with amarok,02:11
darkhamit remains 0:0002:11
darkhamthe soundcard is properly configured02:11
darkhami can hear audio properly on konqueror02:12
badmuppetdo you get sound from other applications?02:12
badmuppetin Amarok undeer sound and video configution what is your primary sound device02:13
darkhamthe only i've02:13
rstob911some of the files for amarok are missing if you look down on the task bar do you see a blue icon right next to amarok when you open it if so click on that it will install the correct codecs02:14
darkhamrstob911: nothing of that for me...02:18
darkhamrstob911: i discover i can play flac02:19
rstob911are you using 64 bit or 32 bit darkham02:20
rstob911do you have the non free repository enabled02:21
darkhamyes i've enebled all ,02:21
rstob911did you do it by terminal02:22
darkhami enable them by kpackagekit02:23
rstob911you will need the nonfree codecs and also win32 and what the heck while you are at it libdvdcss202:25
darkhami can't play the podcast streams02:33
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carpii_im hoping some people still use kde 3.5 :( ....   when i right click 5 files and choose "Create Archive",  Ark creates 5 zipfiles instead of one zipfile with 5 files in it.  Any way to fix this, thanks03:02
underdog7hello!  can anyone tell me how i can share a partition with my dual boot OSs -- Windows 7 and Ubuntu?  I already have a third partition, however, b/c it is ext3 i cannot access it via Wndows 7.  I have also tried an EXT3 driver for Windows, but it doesn't seem to recognize the third partitions format for some reason.  any ideas anyone?03:09
underdog7is the only option to have an NTFS partition?03:09
ZeikfriedCan anyone tell me how to setup a Cricket A600 USB modem in Kubuntu.03:09
Zeikfriedunderdog: Even if you install Kubuntu/Ubuntu inside a windows partition, it will only show up as a .DISK format file, you wont be able to open it.03:11
joshjtlhey folks, i need to use a virtualmachine to run netflix streams, can anyone recommend one where i may get the best performance for this?03:14
cancuengthello people03:49
cancuengtgood nigth03:49
cancuengtI have a problem connecting a kubuntu karmic koala to a wifi network03:49
cancuengtit recognizes the network and everything but does not recieve dhcp03:50
nomopofomoidk who is in charge of such things but you guys should really consider making tranmission-qt the default bittorrent client for kubuntu... ktorrent just sucks... i can never get people to connect to me even with their upnp plugin04:02
carpii_i have no problems with ktorrent04:05
carpii_have you tried forwarding the torrent ports manually, maybe the upnp code is the problem ?04:06
nomopofomoi've tried04:07
jmichaelxa few years back this channel used to be kind of a hopping place, but apparently not anymore04:13
jmichaelxi have always loved ktorrent04:13
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jpierrehey whaqt sup people04:15
jpierrewhat is going on04:16
nomopofomojust doesn't work for me04:16
nomopofomopeople can't connect to me... i've tried the upnp plugin and forwarding my ports but it's broken... tranmission works though04:18
azzureu behind a router?04:21
nomopofomoyeah b ehind a router but like i said i've forwarded the ports and still won't work04:30
dmaHas anyone tried qingy? I'm having trouble getting it to launch from /etc/event.d/tty1.04:33
cancuengtI have a problem with dhclient with a broadcom wifi card on a dell inspiron 6400. Im using kubuntu karmic04:36
cancuengtis there any one here that knows abotu this issue?04:36
Huntz23ello all04:43
curtis it possible to specify an expert install manually in the boot options .. this 9.10 live cd doesn't have and F6>F6 to select expert05:45
curtquiet in heree...05:45
Huntz23how do you uninstall nvidia drivers, I want to try a different driver but I am pretty sure I need to unistall the one I am trying now05:46
curtenvyng seemed to do a nice job for me05:47
curtHuntz23: aptitude install envyng05:47
Huntz23but will that uninstall the proprietary driver I downloaded from nvida?05:48
curtHuntz23: no .. but it will properly install the ubuntu repository (non-free) ones05:49
curtcan't remember my nic password05:50
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Guest67392hello 0705:51
Huntz23how bout install envyng-core, becuase thats one of the options install envyng gives me05:52
curtHuntz23: ya .. that's the one05:54
curtHuntz23: then run envy-core in a root terminal or sudo -i from a user terminal05:55
Guest67392is anyone familiar with the audio in 9.10? I can play mp3's, but no internet (firefox w/adobe flash 10, or last.fm)05:56
Guest67392it's as if it's muted...05:57
Brhad56Guest67392: I have that problem to.  Seems that the first application that grabs the sound locks it somehow.  For instance, if open Amarok first, then YouTube will not have sound.05:57
Guest67392sorry, i'm not famiiar with irc commands, but i'm not sure that's the case brhad5605:58
Guest67392for example I can watch youtube in hd, but no sound06:00
Brhad56Guest67392: I also had an issue in previous version where K-Mixer had a hidden slide bar that I couldn't hear any sound until I added the hidden slide bar and pushed up the volume on it06:00
Brhad56Guest67392: But you can hear sound via Amarok?06:01
Guest67392i can hear amarok, and i can play and hear mp3's, mp4's,, etc06:01
Brhad56Guest67392: If you close Amarok completly (not just minimied in task bar) and close out of firefox (or web browser of choice).. open back up firefix.. and then try youtube again... does it work?06:03
Brhad56!no sound06:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about no sound06:04
Guest67392tried that, killed firefox, killed amarok -- nothing else open not even a widget.06:04
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP306:04
Guest67392sound does work, this is more flash/internet based sound i can't hear.06:06
Brhad56you did make sure the volume in the flash window is not all the way down?06:08
Guest67392lol, yeah volume on flash window is maxed out.06:09
Brhad56I'm of no further help and defer to the experts.06:10
Guest67392Thx for trying brhad56.06:11
patcitoI lost sound on amarok after upgrading to 2.2.1, any idea how to get it back?06:17
Guest67392pat, can you use vlc instead? or another audio program?06:18
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carl_i need some help setting up my wireless06:45
carl_ive read about every possible way06:45
carl_and nothing is working06:45
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ner0xIs there something comparable to quickbooks in linux?06:49
Tm_Tner0x: what does this quickbooks do?06:50
ner0xIt's like a finance program.06:52
ner0xSomething to manage money for a small business.06:52
Tm_Tner0x: there's kmymoney06:54
ner0xTm_T: That might work.06:54
Tm_Tner0x: also gnucash, and there's plenty of others too06:55
ner0xTm_T: I need something to hook onto my online banking. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.06:55
Tm_Tner0x: kmymoney should support something06:56
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inteliwaspi found an odd problem in my new linux install, when i log out of my session, my mouse and keyboard stop working... any ideas to fix it?07:01
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TheKrocan anyone recommend an application for monitoring network usage by application/process?  I can use netstat to see what connections exist, and system monitor to see total network usage, but i want the by-application/process breakdown07:20
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Jechpalguien por aqui07:49
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.07:49
Unksino problem :)07:50
hankjincan anyone login qq? in kubuntu?08:15
Newbeegood morning08:23
Newbeebloetooth and wireless are always enabled when I boot karmic. How can I make it disabled by default without disabling it completely which means that I can turn it still on by  pressing the button on the case.08:25
sheytanHi tehre08:35
sheytanhow do i enable intel graphics drivers in 9.10?08:35
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Newbee_sorry my system did not react anymore08:44
Newbee_so the question again: bloetooth and wireless are always enabled when I boot karmic. How can I make it disabled by default without disabling it completely which means that I can turn it still on by  pressing the button on the case.08:44
DaPapsthi all08:45
DaPapstI just installed karmic the tilde "~" is now only appearing after pressing it and space afterwards. How to change that?08:47
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Newbee_does noone know how to handle this bluetooth/wlan issue?09:01
skarhi, my latop's Fn+Up key to increase lcd screen brightness isn't working after moving to karmic. any other way to increase screen brightness?09:10
dmaHi, Skar. During the version change to 9.04, I think, the keyboard mapping changed. If you have an .Xmodmap file, it may have been made obsolete by this change. That happened to me. I had to regenerate and edit the file again.09:22
mty2khow do i resume a apt-get upgrade? i did apt-get upgrade butconnection got lost halfway through09:24
tsimpsonmty2k: just put in "sudo apt-get upgrade" again09:29
mty2ktsimpson:  and it'll resume09:30
tsimpsonit'll resume any partial downloads and go from there09:30
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carpii_im guessing youre new to irc10:46
s-tonedtsimpson: Hi, I had that problem with web archiving, and khtml-settings in KDE4-konqueror (Tools menu). I'd like you to know, that it's solved, thanks to your assistance. After I'd seen it working in a fresh install I erased all *.rc-files in ~/.kde/share/apps/khtml/kpartplugins, and it worked. Thanks again.11:16
tsimpsons-toned: good to hear it worked out for you11:16
test_any greece?11:19
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes11:19
crayfishAnyone had problems installing Kubuntu netbook remix from usb? I'm trying to install it onto a dell mini 9, the live kde starts up, but when I click on the install kubuntu netbook app it goes to load but then nothing happens11:19
crayfishany ideas?11:19
kevixtrying to get text-to-speech enabled and working in okular11:20
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tsimpsonkevix: you should just need "kttsd" installed11:21
kevixtsimpson: I did install it. I then typed 'kttsd'11:22
kevixbut something is still not setup.11:22
tsimpsonstart kttsmgr11:23
tsimpsonthat should give you the interface for the config11:23
tsimpsonyou may also want to install one of the festvox-* packages11:24
kevixI got a config for kttsmgr11:25
kevixand I do have a fexvox package installed11:25
kevixthis is koala11:26
tsimpsonthen you just need to make sure that "Enable Text-to-Speech System  (KTTSD)" is checked in the "General" tab of the config11:27
tsimpsonand probably set up a talker in the "Talkers" tab11:27
s-tonedcrayfish: on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick  the Dell Mini 9 is mentioned:  "...it also depends on which way the USB drive was formatted, on a Dell Mini 9, it may show up as either, so it may make sense to review settings again."11:27
crayfishs-toned: surely if that was the case it wouldn't boot up Kubuntu live would it?11:29
crayfishIt's booting fine, just nothing happens when I click the install icon from the desktop11:29
kevixwhat would cause: DCOPClient::attachInternal. Attach failed Could not open network socket11:33
kevixand: ERROR: Couldn't attach to DCOP server!11:34
tsimpsonkevix: are you in KDE3?11:38
crayfishPeople still use KDE3? ;-)11:38
tsimpsonwell DCOP is KDE311:38
kevixI was using this 'test script' to activate ktts and it used certain commands.11:39
tsimpsonDCOP is a inter-process-communication protocol used in KDE3 applications, KDE4 applications use DBUS11:39
tsimpsonwell the test script is for KDE3 then11:39
kevixok. that makes sense.11:39
kevixI also can not get kmouth working either.11:39
tsimpsonyou can try: qdbus org.kde.kttsd /KSpeech say "Hello there" 011:41
tsimpsonthat should speak "Hello there"11:42
kevixInterface '' not available in object /KSpeech at org.kde.kttsd:11:42
kevixorg.freedesktop.DBus.Error.UnknownObject (No such object path '/KSpeech')11:42
tsimpsondid you check the "Enable Text-to-Speech System (KTTSD)" box in kttsmgr?11:43
kevixwill double check11:44
kevixtsimpson: I installed kttsd and ran kttsmgr, the dialog came up and I thing I enabled it. but I do not know how to reconfigure the settings11:49
tsimpsonkevix: you configure kttsd from kttsmgr11:49
kevixtsimpson: yes. so I ran kttsmgr before. but I dont know how to reconfigure it.11:50
tsimpsonyou should just need to check the box, then it should run11:51
kevixtsimpson: it did run once. but when I re-run it, the dialog box does not appear11:51
tsimpsonthere will be a small blue icon the the system tray with a speaker11:51
awidegreenhow can I use an akonadi-imap-resource in kontact? .. or is it not yet ready? (i'm using kamic)11:52
tsimpsonright click it, and choose "Configure"11:52
kevixtsimpson: ok. activating plasma-desktop11:52
yamokidzu-itwicd ask for root pswd...11:53
yamokidzu-itnever asked before11:54
yamokidzu-itcannot connect :-(11:54
tsimpsonuse your password11:54
yamokidzu-itdoesn't works11:54
yamokidzu-itwicd doesn't starts11:54
tsimpsonthen you need  to start it with "kdesudo wicd"11:54
yamokidzu-itchecked also in sys monitor11:54
yamokidzu-itit's the same also for gnome desk11:55
yamokidzu-italso tryied reinstalling it11:56
yamokidzu-itso I have to type kdesudo in konsole?11:57
tsimpsonpress Alt-F2 to open the run dialog11:57
tsimpsonthen type in: kdesudo wicd11:58
tsimpsonthat will ask for your password, so wicd will start with root privateers11:58
yamokidzu-itafter I entered the password or when the window apperars?11:58
tsimpsonyou will be asked for your password by kdesudo, that will then start wicd11:59
kevixfindServiceByDesktopPath: kcmkttsd.desktop not found11:59
yamokidzu-itnow I'm on windog again so cannot check...11:59
tsimpsonkevix: that file is in the kttsd package12:00
kevixbut when I try to launch configure from the plasma desktop icon, that is the error it shows on the xterm12:02
tsimpsondesktop icon?12:02
kevixthe icon for stoping/starting/configure/pause the TTS system12:02
tsimpsonthat should be in the system tray12:03
kevixok. the system tray icon12:03
tsimpsonwell it should work, if you have the file12:03
tsimpsonit works here after I installed it12:03
kevixI do have the file, but it emits the error and does not :)12:03
kevixtsimpson: it works on your koala system?12:04
kevixwell that means its something that I need to fix. ok.12:04
tsimpsonwith KDE 4.3.312:04
tsimpsonkevix: you can try #kde for more help with it12:06
gnufreex_How to setup Firefox to be default browser in KDE. When I click link in this chat, it gets open with Konqueror, and I don't want that.12:07
tsimpsongnufreex_: System Settings -> Default Applications12:09
yamokidzu-itwhy kde automatical run programs at start-up without ask? example: every start-up it automatical runs firefox, kvirc and my home folder!12:09
tsimpsonyamokidzu-it: because you had those running when you logged out12:09
yamokidzu-itand so how can disable this?12:10
tsimpsonSystem Settings -> Advanced (tab) -> Session Manager, choose "Start with an empty session"12:10
gnufreex_Ok, It works, thanks12:12
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Szadekhello buddies .I think there is a bug with nvidia-graphics 183** and kubuntu .I intalled ubuntu(gnome) ... and then installed all the restricted hardware ( one is nvidia 9600 gt ) , and then installed kubuntu-desktop using synaptic package manager ... then i rebooted and , after the boot progress finishes , it give me a black window ... kdm dont start ... maybe a kdm bug ??12:27
ryanakcaSzadek: I can't help you right now (I'm heading out the door to school), but if you could pastebin the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log for the next person to come by?12:31
Szadekryanakca ... i will do that when i get home too ... but one thing .. i cant start the desktoop , no command line available too when i boot the system , just the black windwos after the progress bar finishes loading ... maybe i cant do that =/12:35
shockratesdoes kubuntu use a customized kde gui?13:26
Tm_Tshockrates: no13:27
shockratesso the gui is exactly the same, as with other distros that use kde13:27
shockrateskubuntu doesnt have a special customized adjusted kde13:27
Tm_Tshockrates: as long as they don't modify it yes13:28
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apach47приветствую всех пользователей кубунту, находящихся на этом канале13:42
Tm_T!ru | apach4713:42
ubottuapach47: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke13:42
Tm_Tapach47: /join #ubuntu-ru13:43
shockratesdoes kubuntu use invasive patches for kde?13:50
shockratesi mean does it change the upstream version of kde a lot?13:51
Tm_Tshockrates: no13:51
Tm_Tshockrates: as little as possible13:51
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jimmy51_clicking on a window's taskbar tile doesn't minimize the window anymore.  is this intentional?14:03
jimmy51_well, at least not consistently14:05
crayfishStill cant get 9.10 netbook remix to install from USB, showing lots of SQUASHFS errors in the log (boots into KDE but install app does nothing) - anyone got any ideas?14:18
ner0xJust plugged in a hardware modem that *should* work with kubuntu, I had it working on the release prior to 9.114:25
ner0xMy /dev/ttyACM0 shows up as it should, but the device "is busy" whenever I attempt to use it.14:26
BluesKajHi folks14:31
ner0xI wonder if downgrading to the previous kubuntu would fix the problem.14:38
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!14:43
wanhuubb-ithelp kde is not working maybe mistake15:20
wanhuubb-itcannot connect with wicd!15:21
ner0xHow can I go back to the previos release of kubuntu?15:21
bazhangner0x, full reinstall15:21
ner0xbazhang: I can't find the iso on the site. :0-/15:22
ubottuKubuntu Karmic Koala (9.10) torrents can be obtained at (CD) http://ie.releases.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/karmic/ or (DVD) http://se.cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/9.10/releases/15:22
bazhangner0x, the iso or the torrents of said iso15:22
wanhuubb-itcannot unlock settings: its button doesn't works!!!15:23
rerushgwanhuubb-it: why wicd? NM working well in KDE? What is result of ifconfig?15:23
ner0xbazhang: These are all 9.1015:24
wanhuubb-ityes but network manager is very bad I think something is "freezed"15:24
bazhangner0x, right, did you want the iso or the torrent of 9.0415:24
wanhuubb-itner0x what should I check in ifconfig?15:25
rerushgwanhuubb-it: I like wicd myself but NM seems to be much improved.... you run eth or wireless?15:25
ner0xbazhang: Yes.15:26
bazhangner0x, which one.15:26
ner0xbazhang: The previous release. Before Karmic15:26
bazhangner0x, link to iso    OR link to torrent15:27
wanhuubb-itrerushg both15:27
wanhuubb-itlast time wireless15:27
anoneemousei get a no such partition error on grub15:28
ner0xbazhang: I found it. Thank you.15:28
anoneemouseafter installing kubuntu 4 times and trying various different things... ive been struggling for 3 days :/15:28
rerushgwanhuubb-it: how about Kwallet? wants a password maybe?15:29
wanhuubb-itcannot run kdesudo: it's not installed...15:29
BluesKajanoneemouse, what does your partition table look like : sudo blkid15:30
rerushgwanhuubb-it: check the usual stuff: lspci or lsudb for hardware... lsmod for drivers..... ifconfig and iwconfig for setup.... you're using wicd network GUI?15:31
anoneemousesdc is my flash drive15:32
wanhuubb-itWHAT should I check?15:32
wanhuubb-itthe problem is that I CANNOT unlock system settings!!!15:33
wanhuubb-itit's locked15:33
ner0xwanhuubb-it: What are you talking about?15:34
ner0xwanhuubb-it: It's called sudo15:34
BluesKajanoneemouse, grub trouble ?15:34
anoneemouseno such partition error15:34
rerushgwanhuubb-it: you cannot become root?15:34
brmassaguys, anyone here with experience with rsync? im trying to use it but its veryyyy slow. it goes as "waves": 1mb is transfered then a juge gap, then another few mbs....15:35
anoneemouseive also had unknown filesystem and another error which i cant remember15:35
anoneemouselike i say ive tried numerous times, even installing kubuntu 4 times over with different options15:35
jimmy51_using dolphin, how can i connect to a hidden share on a windows machine that requires credentials?  it keeps saying access denied without asking for credentials15:36
anoneemouseBluesKaj: ive checked the output files generated by grub install and they look correct15:37
anoneemouseset root=(hd1,5)15:37
BluesKajanoneemouse, so what is happening exactly ?15:38
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anoneemousei get a rescue console with the error: no such partition15:39
fortunevHi All. I am fairly new to linux, and very new to KDE. So fare I am very pleased. Is there a way to know what the changes to a package are from an upgrade?15:40
alvinfortunev: I use the command line for that, but I think it's possible in the current package manager. (Command line: $ aptitude changelog thepackage)15:42
fortunevalvin: Thanks. CLI is what I was looking for15:43
jimmy51_i'm unable to connect to any samba shares on my windows machines as of today.  it's not even asking for credentials.  what shoudl i do?15:43
anoneemouseBluesKaj: is it possible that hd1 and 0 switch around when i reboot?15:44
BluesKajanoneemouse, maybe you have too many partitions in front of the ext4 . I thought I saw something about 4 partitons max in front of ext, but I'm not certain15:51
llutzBluesKaj: you cannot have more than 4 primary partitions  on a drive. if you need more, you have to make 1 an extended partition with logical-drives in it. that "ext" hasn't anything to do with ext2/3/4 Filesystem15:54
jimmy51_man.  i can't connect to ANY samba shares.  i get access denied when i browse to the hostname and get folder does not exist when i specify the shares explicitly.15:55
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jimmy51_AH.  if i run dolphin with sudo, smb share access is possible.  otherwise, access is denied.  this seems like something isn't right.15:58
darkhamwhy kubuntu haven't software center? one of the most important news of the 9.10 release.... kpackagekit isn't properly good, it haven't the software names, only packages, and user lose many times....16:02
s-tonedwanhuubb-it: Have you tried   sudo wicd     on a console?16:03
BluesKajllutz , thanks for that info, unfortunately the guy left without telling us ...no patience16:06
AlexZionhi everyone..., I have aproblem with audio system on my kubuntu karmic ..,it doesn't works with amarok or even in a browser (youtube for example)..., some help please....16:06
jimmy51_patience is a virtue16:06
jimmy51_AlexZion: i had to unmute mine after i upgraded16:07
jimmy51_in mixer, the PCM slider was all the way down16:07
AlexZionI checked the mixer , but everything is ok16:07
rstob911AlexZion: open kmix and make sure the pcm slidders are up16:07
jimmy51_AlexZion: check all of the sliders again16:07
BluesKajllutz, here's his partition table http://paste.ubuntu.com/321606/ .. maybe we can help him if and when he comes back16:08
jimmy51_(i only say this because i asked, told them i checked, and had to check again.  i missed the PCM slider)16:08
AlexZionyeah , is up ...., the problems starts when I installed wine ...16:08
AlexZionit change some settings for audio system ?16:08
llutzBluesKaj: that's UUIDs not a partition-table16:08
BluesKajllutz, well ,it gives us a clue16:09
jimmy51_i'm going to go eat at a buffet.  maybe my samba fix will come to me over some filafil.16:09
rstob911AlexZion: go into system settings and then go to multimedia then try using pulse audio for everything16:09
AlexZionok I'll try it ..16:09
rstob911AlexZion: also have you installed all of the nonfree codecs16:10
AlexZionyeah , with pulse seems to beok ...16:11
BluesKajrstob911, why pulseaudio , it breaks most systems , most are better of without it16:12
AlexZionbut right now doesn't work anymore skype ..., I mean the mic doesn' capture ... :(16:13
rstob911it has been reworked i have been using it with no problems what soever16:13
BluesKajok pulseaudio for skype, I guess you're stuck wih it then16:14
BluesKajrstob911, it just adds an unecessary layer to the soundserver setup ...alsa works just fine without it as long as you don'r need skype.16:16
AlexZionI cannot understand what's going on..., few days ago everything was ok ...16:16
rstob911did you upgrade16:17
AlexZionthe normal update , but the problem started before ...., installing some wine stuff ....16:17
=== dendro-afk is now known as dendrobates
rstob911BluesKaj: there are parts of amarok that needs pulseaudio to work properly the new amarok anyway16:19
BluesKajrstob911, but who needs amarok , it's a mess too :)16:20
rstob911AlexZion: also make sure you look at your task bar and look for regular bug fixes that will pop up from time to time16:21
AlexZionyeah , sure , my system is up to date ..., I always update when comes out a notification ...16:21
BluesKajthe problem here is we have too many broken apps that have broken dependents ( not depenendies)16:22
rstob911BluesKaj: like i said alot of people still like amarok and and it has to have pulse audio to work properly16:22
anoneemouseBluesKaj: what is the command you gave me to list my partition table?16:22
BluesKajanoneemouse, sudo fdisk -l16:23
BluesKajthat's the correct one , anoneemouse16:24
anoneemousethere was another one... something with a b bkld ?16:24
ner0xHow can I make my own kernel?16:24
ner0xAny special commands or just the typical "make && make modules_install"16:24
llutzner0x: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile16:25
BluesKajthe one I gave earlier wasn't exactly correct , it lists your fstab,which isn't a partition table , anoneemouse16:25
anoneemousei want to have a look at that uuid16:25
anoneemousefdisk -l isnt showing that16:25
anoneemouseim now manually trying to fix grub.cfg16:26
BluesKajanoneemouse,  sudo blkid16:26
K350Is here anyone who has  M Audio Audiophile 24/96 on Kubuntu 9.10 ?16:26
ner0xllutz: I've been trying to get this hardware modem working for the last four hours. :-/16:26
anoneemouseok so ive determined that its searching for the right uuid thingy16:27
anoneemousewhen i was at the rescue console for grub i couldnt see hd1,516:27
anoneemouseinstead i see hd1,1,a and hd1,1,b16:27
anoneemouseit looks like kubuntu installed to logical partitions and not physical ones16:28
llutzanoneemouse: doesn't matter16:28
BluesKajanoneemouse, llutz told me this and he would know ,"you cannot have more than 4 primary partitions  on a drive. if you need more, you have to make 1 an extended partition with logical-drives in it. that "ext" hasn't anything to do with ext2/3/4 Filesystem"16:28
anoneemouseok but my grub config pointed to hd1,516:29
anoneemouseand gives a no such partition error16:29
llutz[17:23:59] <BluesKaj> anoneemouse, sudo fdisk -l16:29
llutzanoneemouse: pastebin output pls16:29
llutzanoneemouse: (hd1,4)16:31
llutzanoneemouse: hd1,5 would be your swap, /dev/sdb616:32
BluesKajthanks llutz , I have to go for my daily walk ,  BBL16:32
anoneemouseok. thanks. Ill try that quickly16:32
anoneemouseso i take it grub indexes from 0 and linux indexes from 116:33
llutzplease confirm someone, that partition-numbering hasn't changed in grub2 :)16:33
llutzanoneemouse: yes16:33
llutzanoneemouse: otherwise it would have been (hd2,5)16:33
anoneemouselol true16:33
anoneemouseok brb... hopefully from my fresh install16:34
anoneemousestill the same error: no such partition :(16:40
anoneemousellutz: so that wasn't it :/16:41
BluesKajtoo many ntfs ,in the way IMO16:42
llutzshould affect grub at all16:42
BluesKajanyway bbl16:43
anoneemousei installed freebsd last night to another partition and it booted without problems16:43
anoneemousebut it refused to boot linux16:43
llutzanoneemouse: try a grub-shell on boot, "kernel (hd1,4)/boot/grub/core.img" and then "boot"16:43
anoneemousei get an emergency shell16:44
anoneemousewill it have the kernel command?16:44
llutzanoneemouse: that one with grub>  as prompt i mean16:44
anoneemousehow do i get into that one?16:44
anoneemousechroot to drive and run grub?16:45
=== sdfefedf is now known as SiVA__
llutzanoneemouse: enter grub-menu, press "c".  sry i don't have a real clue about grub216:46
llutzanoneemouse: not in chroot, when rebooting16:46
anoneemousethe problem is that i get an emergency shell when i reboot, which doesnt seem to do much16:46
llutzanoneemouse: a busybox shell or is it the grub-shell already?16:47
llutzanoneemouse: grub-shell shows "grub >"  as prompt16:48
anoneemouseit shows emergency shell>16:48
llutzanoneemouse: sorry never seen it16:48
anoneemouseare there other bootloaders i could try16:49
rstob911anoneemouse: how many systems do you have installed bty16:49
llutzanoneemouse:  i.e. lilo16:49
anoneemousei have xp,pcbsd, and another rotten xp from a long time ago16:49
anoneemousebut wil they be able to load linux without grub?16:51
llutzlilo will anoneemouse16:51
anoneemouseiirc lilo lives in your mbr right? no loading from partitions?16:53
llutzanoneemouse: you can install lilo to partition too16:53
rstob911i have used gag before it works well16:54
anoneemousei dont really want that... i think thats whats causing the trouble16:54
anoneemousebut gag chain loads grub, it doesnt boot linux16:54
=== second_nick is now known as Pagkalos
Pagkalosi have connected my kubuntu with my windowsVista box. i try to access a file through samba shares on vista, and it asks for username and password16:55
Pagkaloswhat can i do?16:55
rstob911anoneemouse: http://btmgr.sourceforge.net/about.html16:56
Pagkaloscan i make linux visible to windows?16:56
llutzPagkalos: a. enter username/password b. install samba16:56
Pagkalosllutz i entered username and pass for my vista user but it didnt work16:57
Pagkalosdoes kubuntu made things more user friendly16:59
rstob911yes it does17:00
Pagkalosrstob911 : in what way? cause i plan to use fedora17:01
=== |moe|_ is now known as |moe|
rstob911it accually finds all of your drivers for you fedora doesnt it is easily customizable and it works out of the box17:02
Pagkalosrstob911 : ok cool17:03
rstob911really i have been using linux since the very first red hat and i am a fan of KDE but i wasnt impressed with kde4 till now17:04
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
llutzrstob911: it's more the technical stuff behind than the usability what makes kde4 so interesting for some guys (imho)17:06
rstob911ubuntu has alot of devs while others are strugling right now to keep devs aboard17:06
llutzrstob911: but honestly, when kde2/kde3 came out, we all cried "we want 1/2 back!"17:06
rstob911you are right lol17:06
tsimpsonubuntu has lots of devs, kubuntu does not17:08
Pagkalosisnt it the same?17:08
tsimpsonubuntu devs don't package KDE and the libraries KDE needs, kubuntu devs do that17:08
tsimpsonand they don't triage the KDE bugs either17:09
Pagkalosso fedora with kde will be better17:09
Pagkaloscause the same people work on both guis17:09
llutzdifferent :)17:09
tsimpsonPagkalos: no, they have to work on gtk, gnome, Qt, KDE, kernel, etc... Kubuntu devs don't have such a huge list of things to maintain, but we are few in number17:11
Pagkaloswhen i try to access my windows folder from samba shares, the password it asks is smbpasswd?17:11
rstob911tsimpson: anywho they have more than most linux flavors17:11
Pagkalosand username my linux username?17:11
llutzPagkalos: when you access windows-shares on win-box it is your win-user/win-password17:12
Pagkalosi am using my kubuntu box, and i go to network:samba shares, open my shared folder17:13
Pagkalosand it asks for password and username17:13
Pagkaloswhat do i enter?17:13
rstob911Pagkalos: if it is on the same machine you dont need samba just in a terminal sudo dolphin and go to the partition17:13
Pagkalos2 different machines17:14
matzehallo, ist hier deutsch erlaubt?17:14
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.17:14
Pagkalosllutz : so what are the credentials i have to enter?17:14
matzedanke, deshalb frage ich ja17:15
llutzmatze: das war auch nur die Antwort, kein Angriff :)17:15
rstob911matze: you welcome17:15
K350is there any replacement for asoundconf  in Kubuntu 9-10 since they've taken asoundconf away from the repo17:15
Pagkalosllutz : when i try to access my vista machine from kubuntu, i enter username and pass of vista and it fails17:16
llutzPagkalos: the user/pass for that machine the  shares are on17:16
Pagkalosit fails17:16
llutzPagkalos: so your vista-user17:16
Pagkalosmaybe cause i havent installed samba17:16
llutzPagkalos: you don't need samba to access smb-shares, smbclient is what you need17:17
Pagkalosso sudo apt-get install smbclient?17:18
llutzPagkalos: yes17:18
Pagkalosllutz : thats why when i enter my vista credentials, it failed?17:22
Pagkalosor do i have to use smbpasswd17:22
llutzPagkalos: no, smbpasswd is needed if you run samba-server on linux-boxes17:23
Newbeeknetworkmanager is behaving really weired. If I disconnect it from the wlan at university und connect it again it does not show any wlan anymore.17:27
Newbeeand don't know why. Even restarting knetworkmanager and network-manager does not help17:28
matzesupersorry, im eager ... please vorgive me a Ask in two irc´s17:38
matzei have installed recordmydesktop and cant find it on the Menue17:39
llutzmatze: its a commandline tool17:40
matzeups, on the swiss lernstick with debian there is a xwindow-programm17:41
Koliamatze: there gtk-recordmydesktop17:41
Kolianot sure there is a pure kde GUI equivalent17:41
llutzthere had been one....17:42
Koliayes I think so too17:42
Koliabut can't find it :/17:42
llutzi guess it was kde3, krecordmydesktop, but i'm not sure17:42
matzethankkyou, i will look with apt-cache search ...17:43
Koliamatze: llutz : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/24107317:43
llutzgoing qt now ...17:43
Koliaquite old though, but llutz seems right.17:44
Koliacan't find qt-record.. in the repo.17:44
llutzmatze: maybe  "wink" will do for you too17:44
matzei have read the link17:45
Koliai think i had a very bad experience with wink..17:45
matzerecordmydesktop only with kde3.x?17:45
Koliabut the "kde version" seems not maintained17:45
Kolia(at least not packaged)17:46
llutzmatze:  see"man recordmydesktop" for usage17:46
Koliaso i guess you can use the command-line recordmydesktop OR the GUI gtk-recordmydesktop (but this is gnomish) OR find the qt-recordmydesktop sources and compile it.17:46
freeridehello there17:47
freerideplease, help me to install Cindelerra. When i type apt-get install cindellerra it sais that there is no ffmpeg, but ffmpeg is installed. what should I do?17:47
matzeok, i will learn the command-line ore using the swiss lernstick17:48
matzeyoure fast and frindly, thankyou very mutch and good evening17:51
ct529what is the default voip phone for kubuntu?17:52
ct529what is the default voip / sip phone for kubuntu?17:55
Koliact529: ekiga?17:56
Koliai don't know if it's "default"17:56
sayakbhi! i somehow lost sound for my video and mp3 files. although my login/logout sounds come good (systemsettings > multimedia > clicking "test" button works fine). any pointers?17:57
jimmy51_sayakb: have you installed kubuntu-restricted-extras?17:58
Anomos i try to access some shared files in windows vista machine from my kubuntu machine. but when i try to open it through samba shares, it asks for credentials...? what credentials do i need?17:58
rstob911sayakb: alot of people have been loosing sound go to kmix and make sure the pcm sliders are up and not muted17:59
sayakbjimmy51_: i've been using this system for quite a while and I had those installed since sometime... they worked fine till today.17:59
ct529Kolia: but Ekiga is not kde17:59
sayakbrstob911: pcm slider at full volume17:59
llutzAnomos: again: those for vista-account17:59
Anomosllutz : it doesnt f*** work18:00
amichairAnomos: the default windows credentials are user Guest and no password, iirc18:00
rstob911sayakb: ok this is what i did go to system settings and then multimedia then i used pulse audio for everything then it worked18:00
Anomosamichair : i enter my vista username and pass18:01
Anomosand it fails18:01
macoi think its when you use pulse for some but not all that it breaks18:01
jimmy51_sayakb: go to system settings, multimedia and check to see what the preferred output devices are.18:01
jimmy51_sayakb: oh... sorry rstob91118:01
jimmy51_you already mentioned that18:01
sayakbrstob911: doesnt seem to work for me :(18:02
sayakbjimmy51_: mine was HDA intel preferred and HDMI ATI and pulseaudio among the other ones18:02
jimmy51_sayakb: how about setting HDA Intel for all, and restarting?18:03
BluesKajAnomos, trying to connect to vista shares ?18:03
sayakbrstob911: btw, clicking "test" for anything but "hda intel" doesnt produce any sound18:03
ChaituGreetings All. Can anyone help me with fonts in firefox? they look ugly :\18:03
rstob911sayakb: have you installed  these nonfree codecs  http://packages.medibuntu.org/karmic/index.html18:03
sayakbjimmy51_: done that.. have been using hda intel as default since the very beginning18:04
AnomosBluesKaj yes18:04
sayakbrstob911: nope, i installed kubuntu-restricted-extras only,18:04
amichairAnomos: if there's a domain or workgroup u can try user@domain or DOMAIN\user, also check that workgroup name is configured correctly, it may help18:04
sayakbi dont have the medibuntu repo added18:04
rstob911sayakb: when you open amorok right next to it is there another icon18:04
jimmy51_sayakb: beyond that, i'm out of ideas.  those are the things that have caught me in the past18:05
Anomosamichair i can only access the public folder in vista, all others need credentials18:05
jimmy51_BluesKaj, amichair:  i'm only able to browse smb shares if i run dolphin with sudo.  is that normal?18:05
sayakbrstob911: nope, that came initially when it asked me to install extra codecs, and once i did, it never came back18:05
sayakbrstob911: sound isnt there for vlc or dragon player either18:05
amichairjimmy51_: I access xp shares with no sudo, just browse to smb:/pxbox/share and it works great18:06
BluesKajAnomos, make sure you have the nameserver and IP in the /etc/hosts.allow file , it seems vista is rather flaky about linux access these days and editing hosts.allow makes the connection to vista stable .18:06
rstob911sayakb: then you will need the win64 codecs and also the nonfree codecs then while you are at it libdvdcss218:06
jimmy51_amichair: hmmm..  i'm not having any luck with that.  any samba share i try returns "access denied" unless i've run dolphin with sudo18:07
sayakbrstob911: what is funny is that it worked seamlessly till yesterday...18:07
amichairjimmy51_: I guess something in the configuration is off (dunno what)18:08
rstob911mine did the same thing after the last updates18:08
llutzBluesKaj: /etc/hosts.allow controls incoming connections not outgoing18:08
sayakbrstob911: exactly, I did upgrade today....18:08
BluesKajjimmy51_, yes that's normal , if youdn't have it set up to automount in fstab18:08
amichairsayakb: I lost vlc sound in the upgrade to karmic too, but just had to reselect the sources in system settings and vlc and it went back to working18:09
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BluesKajllutz, maybe it's just coincidence , but doesn't vista scan the network for allowed IPs18:09
llutzBluesKaj: even if it does, hosts.allow won't affect it18:10
llutzno clue about vista18:10
sayakbamichair: sources as in? i've tried selecting pulseaudio, but that doesnt work either18:10
sayakbi'll give a show to win64 codecs.18:10
rstob911sayakb: if you want to you can activate this repo     https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu18:11
amichairBluesKaj: I had to install winbind and add it to some config file before the windows host names were recognized (or the other way around), direct ip address always worked. dunno if it's related to anything here though :-)18:11
=== hggdh_ is now known as hggdh
sayakbthanks rstob911, I'll install those :)18:12
amichairsayakb: I have HDA NVIDIA HDMI selected under 'video' in the sound settings (external tv screen), and ALSA selected in vlc. but different things work for different hardware I guess18:12
sayakbamichair: HDA ATI HDMI here, no sound there either lol18:13
aftertafhey :) looking for help with motherboard sensores, for fan speed.....18:14
aftertafi think my mobo is too new!18:14
amichairsayakb: I just played around with it (test button and all) until it worked. but I'm sure I didn't have to change other drivers or configuration files or anything else before it started working, if that helps18:14
joe___is there a program for linux to scan an ntfs drive for errors?18:15
BluesKajamichair, could be , I tried several different methods to connect between boxes , finally settled for openssh between linux boxes and smbclient for windows18:17
rstob911joe___: i use parted magic it has some really nice tools with it18:17
=== joe___ is now known as joe____
joe____for linux?18:17
joe____is it free?18:17
joe____parted i thought u said partition18:17
joe____cool, ill go check it out18:17
rstob911you can get it at distrowatch18:18
rstob911it is a bootable cd based on gnome18:18
letalisaftertaf: any info in dmesg to tell you anything about the mobo?18:19
joe____cool it says i already have it18:19
rstob911joe____: burn to a cd then boot it up18:23
darkhamare you using amarok 2.2.1?18:23
rstob911joe i will load it on my end as well so i can tell you what tool to use18:24
joe____it says it dont do ntfs18:24
rstob911yes it will tell you if you have a bad drive or bad boot sectors joe____18:28
rstob911joe____: no matter what is on the drive18:29
joe____here is the error im getting18:29
joe____its when i try to load coherence18:29
chocaen español, que es esto18:29
joe____WARN  fs_store                    Nov 18 13:10:35  on walk of '/home/joe/smb4k': IOError("Failed to add watch on ''/home/joe/smb4k'' - (-1)",) (coherence/backends/fs_storage.py:471)18:29
joe____wrong one18:30
joe____WARN  fs_store                    Nov 18 13:10:35  on walk of '/mnt': IOError("Failed to add watch on ''/mnt/muzak/Music/B/Bon_Jovi-Donnington_-_Monsters_of_Rock_(22-08-87)-Bootleg-1987-SFA'' - (-1)",) (coherence/backends/fs_storage.py:471)18:30
cjaeHi, If I would like to sudo aptitude update and then sudo aptitude safe-upgrade  and close the terminal window all in one command, what is the syntax?18:30
rstob911joe____: dont know nuttin bout that18:31
llutzcjae: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade -y && exit 018:31
cjaellutz: thanks so much whats the -y for?18:32
llutzcjae: it says "yes" for you18:32
llutzcjae: check if you really want that...18:33
cjaeyeah I dependencies and usch18:33
* cjae needs nap18:33
darkhamare you using amarok 2.2.1?18:35
aftertafletalis: il look :)18:38
Seren__Hi there, I have a strange problem on my Karmic install18:46
Seren__since about 2 weeks ago18:46
Seren__I can't switch off or logout18:46
Seren__When I click on the right click menu or lancelot shortcut nothing happens18:46
Seren__I have been switching off my compute with "sudo shutdown -P 0' for 2 weeks now18:47
Seren__I haven't found anything special in Xorg.0.log or kdm.log18:47
Seren__is there any other relevant place to look at ?18:47
Seren__(during alpha5 -> karmic release I was working fine)18:48
rstob911Seren__: is this a laptop18:50
Seren__rstob911: yep18:50
KOPRajshi there... where can I set whether Kubuntu should store HWclock in localtime or in UTC?18:51
aftertafletalis: i cant see anything in dmesg concerning mobo directly... but I have the model n° :)18:51
aftertafKOPRajs: /etc/defaults18:51
llutzKOPRajs: /etc/default/rcS18:52
adflinuxplease what is the chanel in spanish de kubuntu18:52
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:52
letalisaftertaf: how new is that board?18:52
aftertafKOPRajs: /etc/default/rcS.d ... even.18:52
adflinuxeso eso18:52
adflinuxjajaja graqx!!!!18:52
KOPRajswhat is the default setting in 9.10? Since it seems to use localtime...18:52
aftertafletalis: 1 week old :)18:52
aftertafUTC=no ^18:53
rstob911Seren__: https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/46858918:53
KOPRajsok, thank you18:53
aftertafletalis: Gigabyte MA770T-UD3P exactly18:53
letalisunless it has al new chipsets on it which is rare, i cant see why it would have issues most mobos share a lot of the same chipsets for the most part in one way or another.18:53
aftertaflspci says :  ATI Technologies Inc RX780/RX790 Chipset Host Bridge18:54
letaliswhat doesnt work on it?18:54
Seren__thanks for the link rstob911, this seems to be my issue18:54
ct529hi everybody. what SIP phone is recommended on kubuntu? ekig installs also evolution (for some incomprehensible reasons)18:54
aftertafletalis: with kde plasma applets and with gkrellm... i have CPU temps, HDD temps.18:56
aftertafbut I dont have any fan speeds18:56
aftertafin each software the fans section is empty18:56
letalisdoes your ati chp handle fan speed information?18:57
aftertafi see in bios and with the mobo tools that install on windoze18:57
=== mgagne is now known as wftl
letalisokay. its possible that the driver for the chip isnt feature complete just yet18:58
aftertafi guess so.... thought as much :)18:59
aftertafnot to worry18:59
kaddiis there a rep for thunderbird 3 for karmic?18:59
letalisthe daemons responsible for hddtemp and such may be in a similar situation18:59
aftertafi think so, seems that all the software use the same roots for their data getting19:00
letalisseems like a minor situation, if it doesnt affect your situation, i wouldnt worry too much about it19:00
aftertafnah, was just for geekness of it ;)19:00
aftertafme being happy with my new setup and all....19:01
kaddiok, stupid question: I accidentally moved a window out of my desktop, so that the adressbar and everything is no longer visible. When I right click the status bar I don't get a menu with which to move19:01
aftertafkaddi: hold down ALT then drag it back19:01
jimmy51_kaddi: hold ALT and click elsewhere19:01
aftertaf:) we've all done that before ;)19:02
kaddithanks! :D19:02
jimmy51_oh yeah19:02
kaddiit's back where it should be :p19:02
aftertafyou ask once, you remember forever ;)19:02
jimmy51_especially when i got my wife a netbook with a tiny screen.19:02
aftertafyeah ! :)19:02
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aftertafthis is where I should say, don't say Hi, just ask your uestion . . ..19:07
aftertafbut I wont :P19:07
ner0xI have a hardware modem that *should* work out of the box on linux. No luck, says my "sorry, no modem was detected". Any ideas?19:27
ChaituCan someone please help me with editing sources, when I do apt -get update - it says  "type B is not known  on line 2  in source list /etc/apt/sources.lst the list of sources could not be read.19:29
llutzChaitu: and what is line 2 of /etc/apt/sources.list?19:29
vianatiagopaste here please19:30
Chaituhow do I know what's line 2. not trying to sound stupid but are you asking me for the links that I see in that file or line 2 means "line 2" at the top?19:31
llutzChaitu: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.lst        then give link to this channel19:33
Chaituok thanks.19:33
Chaitullutz, : I  get the same error message.19:35
Chaituits not installing pastebin...19:35
llutzcan anyone confirm bandwidth-limitations when using sftp-protocol in konqueror? i usually get it limited to ~600kB/s when sftp on console to same host gives >2000kB/s19:35
llutzChaitu: my bad, sry19:35
Chaitugive me moment. let me paste what I see in sources.list and give you a link19:36
llutzChaitu: yop19:36
loca|hosthello all19:37
loca|hosti want to get my kubuntu connected via openvpn19:38
loca|hosti have the karmic kubuntu19:38
loca|hosti've set up an openvpn connection in the netmanager19:39
loca|hostthe connection is called 'openvpn connect'19:39
ner0xIt seems 9.10 is very buggy. :(19:39
loca|hosti click on it once am connected to the lan19:39
loca|hostand nothing happens at all19:39
loca|hostno thing to say it works or not19:40
Chaitullutz : bear with me. am new and my mouse isnt working...taking few minutes to get things done19:40
rstob911ner0x: it happens with all new os;s19:41
Chaitullutz, : when I do cat sources.list, I see "bbbbbbbbbbbb" and then the real sources list ...do you think that's the problem?19:41
llutzChaitu: it is19:41
llutzChaitu: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.lst   and then correct it19:41
ner0xrstob911: I guess so. I should have waited to update. :(19:41
llutzChaitu: sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list19:41
Chaituok am doing that..19:42
rstob911ner0x: mine is running fine after i did some config but nothing too tough19:42
ner0xrstob911: Modem RNX-56USB hardware-modem not working properly.19:44
Chaitullutz, : When I do sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list I dont see any entries in the file... when I do nano sources.list I can see the entries in it19:45
llutzChaitu: what dir are you in? "pwd"19:46
llutzChaitu: but anyway, without sudo you cannot write changes to disk19:46
Chaituwow cool... thanks a ton llutz19:47
Chaituit worked19:47
Chaitumy bad.. was typing it wrong.19:48
llutzChaitu: you also may want to comment the deb cdrom lines out19:48
rstob911ner0x: look here   http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=128480519:48
ner0xrstob911: Oh it's detected fine, just won't run.19:49
Chaituso that if I download any updates to a cd it can take it from there llutz ?19:49
rstob911ner0x: must be a conf problem19:50
ner0xrstob911: It's a hardware modem, no configuration necessary.19:50
llutzChaitu: no, therefor you'll nee aptoncd. your sources contain lines "deb [cdrom] ..." which makes apt searching on cd for packages, what mostly will fail19:50
rstob911ner0x: im not a fan of usb modems19:50
ner0xrstob911: I can't find an internal hardware modem that works on linux... :-/19:50
ChaituI see.. will do that right away. thanks19:51
llutzChaitu: just put a # in front of those lines19:51
llutz*at the beginning19:51
rstob911the best modems are the us robotics hardware modems19:51
Chaituok cool... doing that19:52
rstob911ner0x: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=406088&Sku=U13-406419:53
BluesKajner0x, what kind of modem do you have ?19:54
ner0xBluesKaj: Rosewill RNX-56USB Hardware-Based19:54
ner0xrstob911: Trying to avoid breaking my bank. :)19:55
rstob911lol i understand19:55
BluesKajner0x, dialup?19:56
ner0xBluesKaj: Faxing19:57
ChaituDid anyone have any issues with firefox fonts in Kubuntu?19:58
jimmy51_was Konversation renamed, or did Quassel replace it?19:58
llutzquassel seems to be new default irc-client19:59
BluesKajjimmy51_, konversation is still available , it just lost the political battle with the devs but it's still fine to use.20:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about konversation20:00
jimmy51_!info konversation20:00
ubottukonversation (source: konversation): user friendly Internet Relay Chat (IRC) client for KDE. In component main, is optional. Version 1.2-0ubuntu3 (karmic), package size 2287 kB, installed size 9920 kB20:00
BluesKajquassel ain't my cuppa tea20:01
gigasofti have stupid problem with task manager, there are open tabs witch are recently closed20:07
gigasoftand that annoying me, any solution ?20:08
Chaitucan someone suggest a good browser please? both firefox and konqueror are having issues with fonts... tried hell lot to fix firefox but couldnt20:08
llutzChaitu: try googling, it seems to be a know issue (i only found a few german forum-threads)20:12
cragdorCan anyone point me at a wiki on how to setup a file based encrypted directory on an external HD with pharaphased key?20:13
Chaitullutz, : I've done that...unfortunately it didnt help and yeah it is a known issue...20:15
Chaituhttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=22232&highlight=gtk2-engines-gtk-qt   - followed that link.. didnt help20:16
llutzChaitu: tried changing /etc/fonts/conf.d/ ?20:16
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llutzChaitu: maybe this (important part are the commands) http://www.it-sreimers.de/unsaubere-schriften-ubuntu.html20:16
Chaitudoing that. thanks. I hope it works20:17
Laeborgjust installed Windows 7 Ultimate and Kubuntu 9.10. Both 64bits edition. I have some problems by getting GRUB to work20:17
LaeborgI have installed grub on /dev/sdb1 - this is where Windows 7 have installed some boot thingy.20:18
LaeborgWhen I start up my computer it just write GRUB and then nothing more happends20:19
LaeborgAnybody has a solution for this? Im currently usign the Live CD20:20
Chaitullutz, : nope didn't  help.20:20
ChaituLaeborg, : did you install windows after linux?20:23
Laeborgnope before20:23
Chaitudo you see grub screen? am not leet at this.. just messed up mbr couple of times so tryin to see if I can help20:23
LaeborgLinux (/) is on /dev/sda1 and Windows 7 is on /dev/sda320:24
LaeborgIt just writes GRUB and nothing more20:24
rstob911Laeborg: isnt there a mbr sdb020:24
Laeborgfdisk -l just shows me /dev/sdb120:25
LaeborgThis is created by Windows, but i choosed to install GRUB there20:25
jean_pierre_czcould someone help me a bit?20:25
ChaituLaeborg, : when you install linux on a partition, it should be giving you dual boot option...20:26
rstob911Laeborg: grub needs to be installed on the mbr it should be a small portion of the begining of the drive20:26
CoverSlidehey, anyone else have problems with clicking buttons in certain applications20:26
jimmy51_office 2k7 uses calibri as the default font.  what's the linux equivalent of that?20:27
Laeborg2 sec rstob91120:27
Laeborg/dev/sda2            3113       18673   124993732+   5  Extended20:27
CoverSlidei think it's only gtk applications or swt applications that use gtk20:27
LaeborgI have that one20:27
turborjean_pierre_cz, help you with what exactly ?20:29
jean_pierre_czI'm having a problem recently, after splash, I'm seeing just black screen with some white pixels and neither the ctrl +Fx doesn't work20:31
jean_pierre_czto be more precise, gdm loads normaly (after without seeing anything having typed dpkg-reconfigure gdm)20:32
jean_pierre_czI tried even silent mode20:32
jean_pierre_czbut it seems that I'm damned to use Gnome now...20:32
jean_pierre_czand the problem appeared last week after kernel updates20:33
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turborjean_pierre_cz, are you using nvidia gfx hardware ?20:39
turborstating that it happened after kernel module upgrade it does sound like a video driver problem20:39
jean_pierre_czwait a minute20:39
jean_pierre_czI'll try to find out20:40
turbordo an lsmod20:40
turborif the nvidea module is loaded it is in there20:41
turborto see our cards you can do lspci in most cases20:41
jean_pierre_czok, here it is: http://pastebin.com/m6bb3690f20:42
jean_pierre_czand I think I'm seeing the problem in that but I can't solve it anyway...20:43
turboryup those integrated chipset are most troublesome... :-(20:44
jean_pierre_czbut it used to work until last week... :'(20:45
jean_pierre_czbecause I love KDE...20:45
turboryes, but there was a kernel upgrade an dgfx drivers are kernelbound20:45
turboryou can downgrade your kernel...20:45
jean_pierre_czhow can I do it?20:46
jean_pierre_czBecause in GRUB, I see more kernel versions but none of those does work20:46
turborwith aptitude to select a particular version of the package, append “=<version>” to the package name20:48
llutzyes turbor20:49
turborso look at the current version of your kernel image and pick the previous one20:49
turbornormally you should be able to install multiple kernels at the same time20:49
turborso really downgrading isn't needed20:50
turborjust add a specific version20:50
turbormaybe pick a number that is in grub20:50
turborI recently switched from debian to ubuntu so I'm not that sure of ubuntu changed those rules, but in 'real debian'20:51
turboryou most likely have a meta package kernel-image20:51
turborthat auto depends/upgrades to a new kernel version once available20:51
turborbut you can select specific version20:51
jean_pierre_czyes I see20:51
turborI would have expected that upgrading would remove the old grub entires but given your description it doesn't do it correctly20:52
jean_pierre_czok, I'm going to check it in Synaptic20:52
kaddihi, someone stole the icon of my firefox shortcut in k-menu. How can I get it back? (Meaning where is the icon saved, so that I can enter the path to it in the editor)20:53
jean_pierre_czwait a minute, gonna find out20:53
jean_pierre_czor usr/share/kde4/20:54
shufkiis the icon gone or the shortcut that launches firfox?20:55
kaddithe icon20:55
jean_pierre_czoh myyyyyy20:57
jean_pierre_czI'm so stupid20:57
kaddijean_pierre_cz: thanks, fouond it in pixmaps :)20:57
jean_pierre_czlinux-headers-lbm-2.6.31-15-generic not installed20:57
jean_pierre_czyou're welcome20:57
kaddilol, but it didn't refresh the icon under favourites and you can't set a new icon for a favourite20:59
jean_pierre_czoh nooo20:59
jean_pierre_czwell I don't know, I'm now forced by coincidences to use Gnome, that I really hate21:00
kaddiyou can however delete the current firefox shortcut n favourites and readd a new firefox shortcut21:00
kaddiit's just not a pretty way21:00
kaddijean_pierre_cz: what happened to your kde? :o21:00
jean_pierre_czkdm doesn't load, instead of it, I have got just a black screen...21:01
kaddijean_pierre_cz: have you tried starting kdm from safemode?21:01
jean_pierre_czyes, it does nothing21:02
kaddijean_pierre_cz: last time I only got a blank screen this was related to kernel mode settings. I got my login back once I added the optoin nomodeset to the booting kernel21:02
kaddiit disables KMS which are now enabled by default as far as I know.21:03
kaddithis is from my really basic understanding: currently they are trying to shift the drivers and video related things from being controled by X to being controled by the kernel through the "kernel mode settings". This started with karmic21:05
kaddiso if there is a bug with kms or your graphic cards isn't compatible then you may be left with no video output at all21:05
kaddiit is possible to take the control over your video output from the kernel by using the switch "nomodeset" when booting the kernel21:06
kaddi(but this is just me. If anyone knows this to be wrong, please feel free to correct me :) )21:06
kaddito add that switch (when you're not using grub2) you press e for edit in the grub menu. select the line were the kernel is specified and type "nomodeset" at the end without the "". Then hit b for boot21:07
kaddithis won't make the change permanent, it'll boot with the nomodeset only that once, next reboot it'll be back to the default setting21:07
jean_pierre_czI know it21:10
jean_pierre_czI was trying to run ro single mode in order to reconfigure gdm21:11
jean_pierre_czbut it didn't work either.... so I did it without the screen, just by heart21:11
jean_pierre_czyep, tricky situation21:14
jean_pierre_czbut now, I've been playing with Synaptic a little bit, and it demands reboot21:15
jean_pierre_czso let's see in a few minutes21:15
Lindowsanyone actually had data corruption with a fresh install of kubuntu 9.10?21:22
macoLindows: very large files?21:22
coreymanHow do I disable a driver on kubuntu? I ran "sudo lshq -C video" and two drivers showed up... i only need the one to be operational. They both also stated that they were unclaimed?21:23
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macocoreyman: which 2?21:23
Lindowsanything?  I haven't, but I'm worried about it, heh.  My kvm image for windows xp is 60 GB...21:23
coreymanmaco Radeon VE is what i need, intel G35 is onboard21:23
macoLindows: oh my. yes, theres been data corruption on ext4 with 9.10 for files >512MB21:23
Lindowswill fsck correct the errors?21:24
macocoreyman: oh21:24
macoLindows: no, this is per-file corruption, not filesystem corruption21:24
macoLindows: the files are simply being written incorrectly21:24
Lindowshave they found the bug? is there a fix coming soon?21:25
macocoreyman: hmmm i think "i915" in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist ?21:25
coreymanmaco i need to edit that file?21:25
macocoreyman: yeah21:25
macocoreyman: it might be blacklist.conf21:25
macodepending on the version youre using21:26
coreymanmaco then i just restart?21:26
macoput "blacklist i915" in there to try blacklisting the intel driver21:27
coreymanbrb, going to do that.21:27
luis_I need help: someone in my AMSN list can talk if he was me! i dont know if he is using a script or something to do it, i hate it, can I put a block to that with linux? Maybe a protection with a message: HAHA LOL U CANT HACK ME BIATCH!!21:27
luis_It says21:28
luis_Luis Javid said:21:28
luis_I love cuck21:28
luis_and things like that, i need help >_>21:28
kaddiluis_have you tried changing your password?21:29
LindowsI think the corruption is SSD specific21:31
jimmy51_do i need to install kdenetwork-filesharing to smb share a folder?21:36
coreymanHey maco I made a boo boo, it's the intel g31 :)21:37
coreymanI said g35 earlier i think21:37
macoi dont know what g31 is any different from any others...21:37
macointel graphics driver is i915 afaik21:37
alejandroesto k es21:38
coreymanmaco its still showing up in "sudo lshq -C video"21:38
coreymanboth drivers are still set at the "unclaimed" status too.21:38
Lindowsjimmy51: no, but you will need...I think the package is called smfs21:38
Lindowsjimmy51: let me check21:39
macocoreyman: i dont know then21:39
jimmy51_Lindows: thanks.  i clicked the "configure file sharing" button in dolphin and nothing popped up21:39
coreymanmaco :(21:40
Lindowsjimmy51: smbfs21:40
Lindowsthat'll let you mount network folders21:40
Lindowsand read / write to them21:40
jimmy51_Lindows: will that let me quickly share out my kubuntu folders to windows users?21:41
Lindowsjimmy51: you might need to install samba, I'm not sure.21:41
Lindowsjimmy51: if smbfs doesn't work, you probably need samba21:41
macocoreyman: is it hurting anything that both are loaded?21:43
coreymanmaco all the menus and window titles are unviewable21:43
coreymanthey look all cross-hatched if you know what i mean.21:44
coreymanmaybe this isn't a driver issue.21:44
coreymando you know what could be causing it?21:44
macocoreyman: can you disable your internal graphics in teh bios maybe?21:45
maco(i have to get offline now to switch rooms)21:45
coreymanmaco ill check21:48
cragdorhi all21:51
ghostcubelo none21:51
cragdorAnyone heard if they are going to bring surround sound upmixing to phonon21:51
tsimpsoncragdor: better to ask in #phonon21:53
cragdorsounds daft but how do you direct msgs to people is it just a case of putting they name followed by colon?21:54
tsimpsonthat's the convention, but their name anywhere in a sentence will do, cragdor21:55
Piciand note: the rest of us can still see it if you do that.21:55
coreymanmaco you still there?21:55
ghostcubeprivate mode is by /msg name21:55
coreymanmaco are you back*21:55
tsimpsonbest to ask before using /msg though21:55
cragdortsimpson: thanks21:56
ghostcubeif you type the first letter it should autocomplete by tab21:57
coreymancomposting keeps getting temporarily disabled... WHY21:58
ghostcubecoreyman: vdeo card?22:01
coreymanghostcube radeon ve22:01
ghostcubeoh ati i dont know nothing about ati -_- better for the newer atis22:01
coreymancomposting makes my windows readable, without it I can't see the kde taskbar or window titles.22:01
ghostcubeor is it old one ?22:01
coreymanits old22:01
ghostcubewhich driver are you running ?22:02
coreymanthe one it auto installed for the radeon ve.... i would tell you except when i open a terminal i cant see the display22:03
coreymanonly window i can see right now is this, and firefox and my desktop22:03
cragdori'm trying to configure phonon settings but i have not kde.org directory under ~\.config\22:03
cragdoris it somewhere else in kubuntu22:04
ghostcubecoreyman: sorry cant tell you maybe any others in here better on ati probs22:04
coreymanghostcube this is a wubi install, should that matter22:04
ghostcubeoha never used this but i cant really tell you22:05
ghostcubei always have one hdd for linux one hdd for others22:05
coreymanwell im logging back into windows22:05
rstob911coreyman: when you go to start system then hardware drivers how many choices of drivers does it give you22:06
coreyman1ewww windows :(22:07
rstob911 coreyman: when you go to start system then hardware drivers how many choices of drivers does it give you22:08
coreyman1rstob911 i can't see start, or system... to get to hardware drivers22:09
ghostcubecragdor: you tried jackd as sound server22:09
rstob911in kubuntu22:09
coreyman1rstob911 i cant see those menus22:11
coreyman1they are garbled.22:11
coreyman1but the login screen looks fine22:11
coreyman1and so does my desktop background22:11
cragdornope but i'm on the phonon channel and they reckon its a config setting in file:  ~/.config/kde.org/Phonon-Xine.xine.conf , but i don't have the kde.org file so i can't set anything22:12
rstob911coreyman1: thats because it uses the vesa driver at the login22:12
jeluhi everyone. Is there somebody, who can tell my why update-notifier-kde doesn't show any notification in the tray area?22:13
effex_got the same problem22:13
rstob911coreyman1: boot in safe mode22:13
coreyman1rstob911 kk, ill boot therea nd get back on messenger22:14
coreyman1rstob911 thx for helping, brb22:14
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jelueffex_, you can use update-notifier for gnome, it works22:18
coreymanso i forgot how to start x11 from cli... oh well ... anyway what were you saying? Once I get into recovery mode what do I do? I ran "sudo lshw -C video" the intel driver is listed and the radeon driver is listed... (intel onboard , radeon card)22:20
ringodsgood evening all.22:30
cragdorHi guys, when we packaged up Phonon-Backend-Xine, what happened to the location of the config file: Phonon-Xine.xine.conf22:32
cragdorSorry i mean hi all22:32
D-coyjoesu la m4v x)22:40
rstob911cragdor: sorry i think it is in the etc22:42
Walzmynshould I be able to browse a movie DVD?22:43
cragdorin etc? ok will look thanks, rstob91122:43
rstob911Walzmyn: not unless you install the nonfree codecs and others like libdvdcss2      https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu22:45
rstob911Walzmyn: you will also need also win32 or win64 codecs22:45
Walzmynrstob911: I can watch the video. I wanted to look at the files on the disk. It's not showing up in /media and it's not in the recently pluged in devices plasmoid22:45
rstob911Walzmyn: let me look22:46
cragdorrstob911, No its not in there i don't think its being used in kubuntu much to the confusion of a Phonon developer who thinks it should exist for Phonon-Xine, to work properly22:47
rstob911Walzmyn: i just opened one up in dolphin and i can see all the files there22:49
Walzmynrstob911: what'd you open? /media/dvd?22:49
rstob911yes a dvd22:49
rstob911it shows up in my side bar in dolphin22:50
Walzmynrstob911: see that's weird. in /media all i've got is cdrom0 and cdrom1 and neither of those have anything in them22:50
rstob911Walzmyn: when you insert a dvd does it show up as plugged in on the taskbar22:51
Walzmynrstob911: nope22:51
rstob911that must be your problem22:51
rstob911Walzmyn: you on a laptop22:52
Walzmynpopped it in and out and nothing changed22:52
Walzmynrstob911: yes22:52
rstob911i dont know do you have dvdread installed22:53
djusticeWalzmyn: can you browse the files on a regular cd?22:54
Walzmynrstob911: is that a package or an app? I put it in synaptic and found only libdvd022:54
Walzmynyes i can22:54
djusticeWalzmyn: if so, run "sudo apt-get install libdvdread4" then "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh" then try the dvd again22:54
rstob911Walzmyn: it is a package22:54
djusticeWalzmyn: you may have to reboot after installing the css package. i dunno. i use archlinux. :P22:55
WalzmynI take that back, I cannot read a CD22:55
djusticeWalzmyn: thats not good. :) what does 'sudo mount /media/cdrom0' say?22:56
Walzmynmount: block device /dev/sr0 is write-protected, mounting read-only22:57
djusticeWalzmyn: and "ls /media/cdrom0" says what?22:57
Walzmyngives me a list of files on the cd22:57
WalzmynSo it's mounted, but I can't see it in anything GUI?22:58
Walzmynyeah, I can cd into it via terminal, just not GUI22:58
djusticeWalzmyn: my guess is that you have somehow killed the permissions for dolphin to read plugged devices. or maybe your particular hardware just throws dolphin off... try making a new user account and see if the same thing happens... also, make sure you run that css script ^ for dvd support22:58
Walzmyngreat, I can't eject the thing now :) - how do you unmount CLI?23:00
LindowsI might have missed it, but is there an option to do a fresh install wtih ext3 instead of ext4 for kubuntu 9.10?23:04
Lindowsor do I need to use an alternate CD iso?23:04
WalzmynLindows: you should be able to23:06
WalzmynLindows: when you're seting up the partitions there should be a drop down menu to select the format type.23:06
Lindowsin case anyone is curious, just did an md5sum of a backup on a network server of a 30GB+ file and compared it to a local copy on kubuntu 9.10 x64 using ext4, checksums don't match.....23:07
Lindowsdefinately corruption23:07
Lindowsdoes this mean fedora has the same problem? or is it just ubuntu?23:08
Lindowsas in....are they going to patch it "soon"?23:08
Lindowsdo the devs frequent this channel?23:11
dequireLindows: they would more likely be on #kubuntu-devel23:12
dequireLindows: np23:12
djusticeWalzmyn: 'sudo umount /media/cdrom0' :) then 'sudo eject -T' ;)23:14
djusticeLindows: did you run "sync" before you checked the sums? bc thats an ext4 thing. for the moment. and yea it'll b fixed in no time. and yea the regular live cd has an ext3 option under 'manual partitioning'23:15
Lindowsyes, ran sync23:16
Lindowsthe file has been on my HD for 3-4 reboots already23:16
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raffaCiao a tutti/E!23:32
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naught101is it just me, or do NONE of the launcher menu widgets have the ability to edit the menus?23:33
=== yofel_ is now known as yofel
djusticenaught101: that was a design choice. the menu is a heirachical list of folders (by xdg standards), containing the actual menu entries. run 'kmenuedit' instead?23:43
ScuniziI'm learning to really like the new kubuntu... however, it's probably like most windows users.. I'm almost too lazy to learn a new interface after 5 years on gnome23:46
naught101djustice: ok23:48
naught101wacky choice, that one..23:48
dequireScunizi: I really don't get why anyone would not like KDE better unless they either had a bad experience with KDE0,1,2 (understandable) or their fav version of Windows is '9823:56

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