lamontnot sure - I need to check on one other thing tonight, and then I think I'll be dealing with it.  plan is "real soon" :(00:00
lamontwgrant: was it you that was looking like an epoch-to-current sbuild diff?00:13
wgrantlamont: I was looking for one of those, yes.00:14
wgrantI hope I don't look like one of them, though.00:14
wgrantThat sounds messy.00:14
lamontwgrant: heh.  s/like/for/00:17
lamontwgrant: found it00:19
wgrantlamont: Awesome.00:19
lamontwgrant: I'll push it somewhere sometime soonish00:20
wgrantlamont: Thanks.00:20
lifelessis there a way to do a bug search over many products at once?01:36
wgrantlifeless: Only over all targets, or a project group.01:37
lifeless'all targets' ?01:38
wgrantlifeless: All bugs in Launchpad.01:39
lifelesswgrant: do you recall if there is a bug for same?01:40
wgrantlifeless: I don't know, sorry.01:41
mwhudsonclearly there should just be a box somewhere where you type in the sql of the query01:48
wgrantmwhudson: YES!01:49
wgrantPatches welcome? :P01:49
ajmitchmwhudson: +1, it's allow so much flexibility01:49
mwhudson"if ';' not in input" makes it safe, right?01:49
* ajmitch is glad that lp developers understand the true needs of the common person01:50
fmarieri think i might be able to work with that and solve my problem too :D01:54
fmarierwhen can we expect that fix? ;-)01:54
fmarieri'm running into a weird repo signing error with my launchpad PPA and I'm not sure how to trace it through02:10
fmarieri can "apt-get update" without errors on one karmic box but i get GPG BADSIG on another (same distro, same architecture)02:11
wgrantfmarier: The broken one has a bad (possibly transparent) proxy in front of it.02:12
fmarierah, crap, that's quite possible, i switched ISPs recently :(02:12
lifelessfmarier: hi, you should have gotten my gpg sigs02:28
lifelessI did them last night02:28
fmarierlifeless, yeah got them, thanks!02:32
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faleIs possible to compile with soyuz for some distro out of ubuntu?09:12
wgrantfale: Not at this time.09:15
falewgrant: I see, and is already planned?09:15
wgrantfale: Nothing concrete.09:21
falewgrant: I see.. another question: would be possible, being a company, to help out with some servers for soyuz?09:23
wgrantfale: I don't know. I'm just a user.09:23
micahgwgrant: what do you think of limiting bug summaries to 200 chars?09:23
micahgor 30009:24
wgrantmicahg: I bet that would make apport unhappy in some cases.09:24
micahgstuff like bug 484660 is ridiculous09:24
falewgrant: oh, I see ;). thank you for the info :)09:24
ubottuLaunchpad bug 484660 in ubuntuone-client "Ubuntu one simply doesn't work. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing. Sync occasionaly occurs, but only the folders appear to be updated. As far as I can tell, no files have been uploaded. This is a Karmic update over Jaunty. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and followed all of the miracle cures on the forum. Unfortunately AFIAC this system is not fit for purpose. I'm unimpressed with 9.10 in genera09:24
micahgsummary is a summary09:24
wgrantmicahg: There has been much worse than that :P09:24
mwhudsonfale: there are trust issues in having other people provide server time to soyuz09:26
falemwhudson: I can see this, but even with a company-to-company agreement with canonical?09:27
mwhudsonfale: i'm not the person to say, but i think the limit on capacity is more around sysadmin time for configuration and so on09:29
mwhudsonfale: but you could try asking 'bigjools' if you see him around09:29
falemwhudson: I see, thank you :) I'll do it :)09:29
switchgirl1**launchpad staff** there is a bug with your server - wont support lucid09:30
lifelessswitchgirl1: what do you mean?09:30
switchgirl1it times out when i try  to log a bug in lucid lynx 10.0409:30
switchgirl1i upgraded09:31
lifelessare you using 'ubuntu-bug' ?09:31
wgrantswitchgirl1: That's nothing to do with Lucid in particular.09:31
wgrantswitchgirl1: Try entering a shorter summary to start with.09:31
lifelessthe bug page that offers suggestions can time out sadly, if you're searching across all of ubuntu09:31
lifelesswgrant: shorter, not longer ?09:31
wgrantlifeless: Longer just results in more FTI time.09:31
lifelesswgrant: odd, most text indexes are more selective the more you give it09:32
switchgirl1dont you mean tmfi?09:32
wgrantlifeless: Reducing the number of terms makes it work more reliably.09:33
wgrantI presume because it has to compare significantly less.09:33
switchgirl1never happend on other distro's09:35
wgrantIt has been an increasing problem for some months now.09:36
MvGHi! Trying to push a bzr branch failed at fist try ("different serializers") but succeeded at second try: http://pastebin.com/m27e603bb09:50
MvGIs this a bzr issue or a launchpad issue?09:50
thumperMvG: this is a bug in the interoperability and choice of stacked branches10:13
thumperMvG: it tried to stack on trunk, which is in an old format10:13
thumperMvG: your branch is in 2a format10:13
thumperMvG: the first attempt creates the branch but doesn't push (and doesn't set the stacked on)10:13
MvGI see.10:13
thumperMvG: the second push actually pushes the branch unstacked to launchpad10:13
thumperMvG: there should be nicer fallback10:14
MvGSo it's all in bzr, right?10:15
MvGPeng over at #bzr has given me a similar explanation. I'm writing a bug report against bzr right now.10:16
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glenwhy the launchpad translation discards the fuzzy items if i export the .po?12:38
gleni.e if i add automatic merge back to branch then all the fuzzy items be lost that were previously present in bzr?13:07
henningeglen: what would you expect to happen?13:44
henningeglen: i.e. "fuzzy" translations are basically "wrong" translations. Since all translations may be used as suggestions elsewhere, rosetta discards these or else it might present wrong translations.13:52
glenhenninge: well i expect them not to get lost, but #fuzzy flag kepg13:52
glenin import/export state13:53
glenand what about the "let somebody to review" is that shared as suggestions too?13:53
gleni'd relate "let somebody to review" with fuzzy flag13:53
henningeglen: yes, suggestions are shared but are marked as such. It says "suggested in ... by ..."13:54
henningeglen: suggestions may be "bad" but usually are not "wrong".13:55
henningeglen: fuzzy strings occur when the original english text changes but the translation is kept. In that case, the translation is really "wrong", not just "bad" ... ;-)13:56
glenwell if i changed formatting in .pot, then all translations get lost. i'd rather see them as "wait somebody to review" so translator could easily unfuzz them13:56
glenso i should save last .po files i have somewhere so translators could pick translations from there?13:57
henningeglen: that would be a nice extra feature, I agree, but rosttas data model does not support that.13:57
gleni.e before i let LP take control of the .po files by enabling to way syncing of .po13:57
glen(and put that tarball somewhere on my personal homepage?)13:58
henningeglen: probably.13:58
henningeglen: I don't have a better suggestion to this atm.13:59
henningeglen: see bug 31247614:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 312476 in rosetta "Fuzzy strings lost after import" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31247614:05
gleni don't understaand what should be filled for branch name here to export translations to: https://translations.launchpad.net/eventum/trunk/+link-translations-branch14:48
glen"trunk" it did not like14:48
glenlp:eventum, lp:eventum/trunk not accepted either14:49
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timhi, i uploaded a package to my ppa, which depends on another package from the same ppa ... the build fails, because of a missing dependency for this package, though ... is there a workaround for this?14:53
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kapil__is it possible to merge two launchpad accounts16:13
kapil__that are both owned by the same 'real' person16:14
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salgadokapil__, launchpad.net/people/+requestmerge16:16
kapil__salgado, thanks!16:22
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* maxb looks askance at mozilla/chromium monopolizing the build farm. Again.19:09
[reed]maxb: would you rather not have a browser?19:23
maxbI don't use the dailies, and do use the Launchpad build farm19:24
lantash1QUESTION: Can somebody tell me why no contributors are associated with translations, when the translations from the trunk series are uploaded to another series? While new translations are shared as expected among series, https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/lottanzb/0.5 only lists those people who have contributed since the upload, preventing me from making a maintenance release in the 0.5 series.19:32
lantash1may be I should file a bug against rosetta19:34
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SiDiHi there.21:28
SiDiMailing lists on Launchpad can be created per team, right?21:28
wgrantSiDi: Yes.21:35
SiDiHow long does it usually last for a ML request to be approved? :P21:36
wgrantNo idea.21:36
exarkunWill Launchpad ever support user lists?21:38
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wgrantexarkun: What do you mean?21:42
exarkunMailing lists that are user-oriented instead of developer-oriented21:42
wgrantHow does it not support them now?21:42
wgranteg. ~launchpad-users is one21:43
exarkunI have the impression that lists are always closely tied to teams21:45
johnjosephbachirI can't figure out how to download code from a project over the web. I'm pretty sure there used to be a way to do this....21:46
tsimpsonexarkun: a team is just a collection of users, they don't have to be developers21:47
johnjosephbachiri'm trying to get this project in particular https://code.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr.webdav/webdav21:47
tsimpsonjohnjosephbachir: what's the issue you're having?21:47
johnjosephbachiri want to download a tarball of the trunk, via the web, which i'm fairly certain i've done before on launchpad21:48
tsimpsonnot from a bzr branch21:48
tsimpsonyou need to use bzr to get the branch21:49
johnjosephbachirokay. maybe i found it on another site (i do have a tarball of a previous version here)21:49
johnjosephbachirtsimpson: thanks21:49
wgrantexarkun: As tsimpson said, a team is just some collection of people.21:50
tsimpsonI think gitorious.org can generate tarballs of branches or tags or whatever git uses ;)21:50
tsimpsonthat's the only place I've seen downloading a tar of a branch21:50
exarkunOkay.  Thanks.21:51
johnjosephbachirtsimpson: trac also does this21:54
tsimpsontrac does everything :p21:55
lamalexHi I'm getting an error when I try and assign a bug to myself22:46
thumperlamalex: can you please file a bug about it?23:03
wgrantA bug exists already.23:03
wgrantAnd IIRC it's fixed on edge.23:03
thumperwgrant: ah, excellent23:04
thumperlamalex: try using edge :)23:04
thumperlamalex: so change the url to use "bugs.edge.launchpad.net"23:04
lamalexthumper: thanks23:15
sproaty_is there a way to see download counts for PPAs?23:45
wgrantsproaty_: Not yet, although most of the code is tehre.23:46
sproaty_cool. so it's counting current downloads?23:47
wgrantsproaty_: No, although some amount of historical data might be possible.23:48
sproaty_no big deal anyway23:49
sproaty_I find myself obsessing over silly stats23:49

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