FFEMTcJAm I correct that Bug #484121 needs to be reported to firefox and not ubuntu?00:30
ubot4Launchpad bug 484121 in firefox-3.5 "google street view doesn't work when Ubuntu Firefox Modifications addon enabled" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48412100:30
WeatherGodI would file that against the the webfav plugin, I think00:31
yofelhm, good question, could even be ubufox (the modifications package)00:32
WeatherGodyeah, that's the name00:32
FFEMTcJso it is in the correct place? needs to be reported to ubuntu and not mozilla?00:34
micahgFFEMTcJ: please don't upstream to mozilla without making sure the problem is with firefox00:36
yofelFFEMTcJ: you could ask the folks in #ubuntu-mozillateam if in doubt, they should know best00:36
FFEMTcJi didnt plan on it.. if it needed to be reported to them, I was going to notify and close... i cant test it right now though...00:37
WeatherGodmicahg, remember the freezing issues we were talking about yesterday?00:38
micahgWeatherGod: no :)00:38
WeatherGodsorry, my sarcasm detector broke...00:39
WeatherGodor maybe I was talking with hggdh about it00:39
WeatherGodor whatever his nick is00:39
micahgWeatherGod: could have been me, I jsut don't remember ;)00:40
WeatherGodok, well it was an issue that mr_steve was also having, but we weren't quite too sure if they were all the same00:40
WeatherGodwell, I did get another piece of information... turns out both of the bug reporters were using the latest Nvidia drivers00:41
WeatherGodand one of them rolled back to an earlier version, and hasn't had issues yet00:41
WeatherGodso, it doesn't look like it was anything in Karmic-proposed, like I originally suspected00:42
micahgFFEMTcJ: requested testing from user on ff issue00:46
nigel_nbbug 484571 was filed under gst0.10-python, does that make sense? shouldn't it be linux?02:11
ubot4Launchpad bug 484571 in gst0.10-python "No Sounds after upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48457102:11
hggdhmicahg1: thank you for your participation today. Really appreciated.02:12
nigel_nbhggdh: all you guys at uds?02:15
hggdhnigel_nb: I am, Micah was in remotely (we have sound streams, and IRC available)02:16
hggdhbut yes, there is a *lot* of us there right now02:17
nigel_nb:( too bad my working hours clash exactly with the uds timings02:17
Nafallobddebian: you at UDS?02:17
bddebianNafallo: Nah :(02:17
Nafallobddebian: damnit. that's a shame.02:18
nigel_nbhggdh: can you help me with the query above?02:18
bddebianNafallo: Why I don't do shit for Ubuntu anymore hardly :(02:18
hggdhnigel_nb: looking02:18
hggdhnigel_nb: first of all this is probably the wrong package (gst0.10)02:20
nigel_nbthought so02:20
nigel_nbgoes under linux right?02:20
nigel_nband first step is to install backport?02:20
hggdhthe reporter is complaining of no sound at all, but right now we cannot even determine *which* package to blame... yes, it *might* be linux02:21
hggdhbut we do not know02:21
Nafallobddebian: doesn't mean I wouldn't want to meet you thou...02:21
WeatherGodhggdh, first step is to have them run apport-collect -p alsa-base02:22
hggdhWeatherGod, nigel_nb yes indeed. Also, read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems02:23
nigel_nbhggdh: read that, but it says generally to assign to linux02:24
WeatherGoddtchen says: " Generally I try not to move bugs to other source packages until I've collected some info"02:25
WeatherGodtalked to him about it in an email today02:25
hggdhnigel_nb: I would rather wait and try to determine the correct package. Also, please add a blurb saying the usual "thank you for opening this bug etc, etc", and state you need the following actions02:25
hggdhand then you list the actions. Also, please remember to put the status to Incomplete02:26
nigel_nbhggdh: okay02:26
hggdhgoing for dinner. brb02:26
nigel_nbWeatherGod: thanks, so I will ask user to  run aport-collect02:26
WeatherGodnigel_nb, most likely, it will be that they need the backports, and/or their volume is low or muted02:27
WeatherGodthose are the most common02:27
nigel_nbWeatherGod: i've seen both of these in high frequency on answers and irc02:27
WeatherGodyeah, and usually, the volume issue is for some other device that isn't in the forefront02:28
WeatherGodso the reporters will claim that they raised the volume, but they didn't check the other parts of the mixer02:29
nigel_nbWeatherGod: thats why i ask ppl to increase the volume from command line02:29
nigel_nbthat way u can see the entire mixer in one go most of the time02:29
WeatherGodeh, that's assuming they can handle anything like that...02:30
WeatherGodI usually will blame the backports module, saying that it sometimes will mute devices, so the user would have to unmute them02:30
WeatherGodkinda like the "bad network connection, so reverse the cables" tech support response02:31
nigel_nbWeatherGod: hehe02:32
bddebianNafallo: Ah, well thanks :)02:35
nigel_nbWeatherGod: shouldn't it be "apport-collect -p alsa-base BUGNUMBER"?02:37
WeatherGodwell, yeah...02:37
WeatherGodI was just pointing out the hook to use02:38
nigel_nbokay, :)02:39
dtchen_WeatherGod: it's acceptable to triage the bug to linux instead of alsa-base provided that you subscribe ubuntu-audio or ubuntu-audio-dev to it02:52
WeatherGodand how would I do that?02:52
dtchen_WeatherGod: to be semantically correct, those bugs really *should* affect linux instead of alsa-base, but I haven't gone back and changed them due to the volume post-Karmic relesea02:52
dtchen_WeatherGod: change the affected source package, or subscribe the team?02:53
dtchen_i.e., I'm not subscribed to all linux bugs, which is why you would want to subscribe the audio team if you were to change the affected source package to linux instead of alsa-driver02:53
dtchen_(I meant alsa-driver above, of course, not alsa-base)02:54
WeatherGodthat would work, so I would just use the "subscribe someone else" link, and add ubuntu-audio to it?02:55
WeatherGodso, is it that it is more important to get the bugs out of the wrong packages, or into the right packages?02:56
nigel_nbdtchen_: there is a potential audio bug, do u want me to subscribe the audio team to it?02:57
nigel_nbits reported under the wrong package02:58
dtchen_WeatherGod: it is most important that the bugs be viewed by the knowledgeable people02:58
dtchen_WeatherGod: if it remains affecting alsa-driver instead of linux, that's ok, though it does cause me a bit of grief02:59
dtchen_nigel_nb: which bug? 484571?02:59
nigel_nbdtchen_: yep02:59
dtchen_(looking now)02:59
WeatherGodso, it is important that these bugs are brought to the attention of the audio people02:59
WeatherGodwhy not just tag them as audio?03:00
dtchen_WeatherGod: because just tagging doesn't get them into my inbox.03:02
dtchen_and if I don't see them, I can't act on them.03:02
dtchen_nigel_nb: so, triaged to affect linux; subscribed ubuntu-audio.03:02
dtchen_nigel_nb: otherwise it's fine03:02
WeatherGodtrue, but many of these are dupes03:02
WeatherGoddo you guys really need to see every single one of them?03:03
dtchen_WeatherGod: marking duplicates is fine; you don't necessarily need to reassess each03:03
nigel_nbWeatherGod: no bug is a dupe, unless the exact card and subsystem matches..am i right daniel?03:03
dtchen_I mean for *new* bug reports03:03
dtchen_if in doubt, always reassess, and we can mark the dupes03:04
dtchen_I get about 600 bug e-mails per day, so an extra few hundred really doesn't make any difference03:05
bcurtiswxis there an apport hook for nautilus?03:05
nigel_nbdtchen_: wow03:05
WeatherGodoh, wow03:05
bcurtiswxdtchen: i dread the day I start getting that many for empathy..03:05
dtchen_I don't think you need to fear that ;-)03:06
bcurtiswxwith this past release... i was in fear.. lol03:06
* micahg is getting about 100 per day right now for FF03:06
nigel_nbdtchen_: is that bug still incomplete? the user just gave the apport data03:07
WeatherGoddtchen_: ok, I just wanted to make sure we are doing things in the most efficient and effective way03:08
dtchen_nigel_nb: no, and I just commented.03:10
nigel_nb:) thanks03:10
nigel_nblaunchpad mails are slow today03:11
nigel_nbi'm calling it a day folks03:23
micahgbcurtiswx: does empathy store passwords in gnome-keyring by default?03:56
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LaibschWhy is python-scim explicitly depending on the python2.5 package?  I thought it was due to the python-config.py as I wrote in bug 441415 but there seems to be more to it.  Anybody there to enlighten me?07:20
ubot4Launchpad bug 441415 in scim-python "dependency on fixed python version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44141507:20
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fujimitsuubuntu9.10 becomes highly unstable while using program/game secondlife(snowglobe viewer) - test computer mt3422 gateway - tk53 processor/nvidia geforce go 610012:37
Riottacan somebody change the importance of bug 441408 to higher level see how many duplicates it got12:55
ubot4`Launchpad bug 441408 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "[MASTER] Mouse jumps to bottom corner on click in fullscreen games. New mouses (A4Tech). Related to DGA / DGAMOUSE in SDL." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44140812:55
Riottathanks in advance12:57
yofelfujimitsu: can you please be a bit more precise about 'highly unstable' ? system hang/crash, screen corruption, ...13:20
Riottacan someone mark bug 484763 as a regression or it needs some confirmation first?13:48
ubot4`Launchpad bug 484763 in xchat "Opening URL with left mouse button in XChat not working properly on Gnome" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48476313:48
fujimitsuyofel: card overheats, thermal shutdown, over 150% cpu load on that single application13:50
fujimitsuload average can go up to 5.0 and higher too13:54
fujimitsuexperienced this on both the 64 and 32 bit 9.10 versions13:55
fujimitsuusing the program on 9.04 still turns up moderate to high load but system manages the program well for extended periods13:57
yofelRiotta: when was the last time this actually worked?13:58
yofelhaven't used XChat in quite a while, but I remember it didn't work back then too13:59
RiottaI pretty sure it worked in 9.0413:59
Riottacause I noticed lack of it in 9.1014:00
yofelwell, it doesn't work here in kde too, so I'll confirm it14:00
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yofelfujimitsu: not sure what could cause this, if you want to file a bug about it you could either file a bug in 'Ubuntu' in general or ask again when the other are here14:16
yofelfujimitsu: or you could aks in #k/x/ubuntu if they can help you in some way.14:16
hggdhgobby document name is qa-roundtable-wed15:00
yofeldtchen_: around? got a question about triaging sound bugs15:42
yofelthe responses page  says that to add missing information in jaunty you can use 'apport-collect -p alsa-base bugnumber'15:43
WeatherGodyofel, if he isn't around, I might be able to help15:44
yofelnow i'm not sure for apport-collect, but afaik the -p option is deprecated for apport, so how should one go about this best?15:44
WeatherGodyofel, the -p option is correct for apport-collect15:45
WeatherGodI have been using that command a lot15:45
yofelWeatherGod: ah ok, so it's not deprecated for apport-collect, thanks15:45
WeatherGodyofel, np15:45
yofelthen again, you were running jaunty iirc, right?15:45
WeatherGodbut, people using karmic ran the command as well15:47
yofelnvm, seems like I misunderstood the karmic changes15:47
WeatherGodthe package hooks are an integral part of apport-collect15:47
WeatherGodit would be crazy to not have -p in apport-collect15:47
yofelyeah, was irritated abou that too ^^15:48
yofelthanks anyway15:48
LaibschWhy is python-scim explicitly depending on the python2.5 package?  I thought it was due to the python-config.py as I wrote in bug 441415 but there seems to be more to it.  Anybody there to enlighten me?15:59
ubot4`Launchpad bug 441415 in scim-python "dependency on fixed python version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44141515:59
WeatherGodlet's take a look...16:00
WeatherGodhmm, that is odd, I don't ever recall seeing anyone explicitly call a version of python16:01
WeatherGodheck, isn't it proper to use #!/usr/bin/env python  ?16:02
yofelWeatherGod: yeah, but there is code that works fine with 2.5, but gives a BT with 2.6, so sometimes it makes sense to depend on the version16:04
yofellike, compiling regular expressions multiple times16:04
yofelBT=BackTrace ;)16:04
WeatherGodwell, on my fedora system which has python2.6, scim-python is not dependent on python2.516:05
yofelwe had quite some of those issues during iirc jaunty development where we changed to 2.616:05
yofelwell ok, fedora uses RPM so the packaging is different from scratch16:06
WeatherGodright, it would seem that they didn't find a problem with using python2.616:07
WeatherGodit installed 0.1.13rc116:07
WeatherGodactually, if you think about it... it isn't that scim depends on python2.5, it is the python-config.py file that depends on it16:09
WeatherGodit is the configuration file that is calling python2.5 explicitly16:10
WeatherGodonce scim-python is installed, it doesn't need python2.5 anymore, I don't think16:10
WeatherGodyup, grepping through the installed files on my fedora system does not bring up any python2.5 hits16:11
yofelhm... wait a moment16:13
yofelconfigure and aclocal.m4 are generated by autgen.sh using GNU Autotools16:14
yofelso it seems they were run on a system only having 2.5, that's why they don't know about 2.616:14
WeatherGodhuh, go figure16:15
WeatherGodalso, did you notice that the build failed for ia64?16:15
WeatherGodsays that it did not have python-enchant16:15
yofelWeatherGod: does it say failed  or dep-wait?16:17
yofelok, that somehow doesn't make sense16:18
WeatherGodheh... I see this error message16:19
WeatherGodsh: gcc: not found dpkg-source: warning: Couldn't determine gcc system type, falling back to default (native compilation)16:19
WeatherGodthen later it does find it...16:20
yofelok... another wtf: here's the rgrep line after I re-run autogen.sh: http://yofel.pastebin.com/f1013b14516:20
yofelFYI: I have installed: 2.5 2.6 3.0 3.116:21
yofelso... where did 2.6 and 3.1 get lost?16:21
WeatherGodyou mean 2.1?16:21
Riottahow to find to who should I assign my bug, which team, which dev/person?16:22
WeatherGodand, wouldn't python-config.py get updated my the autoconfig, or you you still have to run configure?16:22
WeatherGodRiotta, there is a wiki page called "FindingTheRightPackage" or something like that16:23
WeatherGodit is from the HowTo page16:23
Riottayeah I red that16:23
WeatherGodthe HowTo or the FIndingTheRightPackage page?16:24
Riottabut I already located the right package but there is in launchpad "Assigned to" entry16:26
Riottahow to use that? you can assaign it to some team which is responsible for this package?16:26
WeatherGodleave it alone16:26
WeatherGodonly the people who actually do the bug fixes determine who gets assigned to what16:27
WeatherGodusually, the one who does the bug fix will assign it to themselves16:27
yofelWeatherGod: well, just bumping python-config.py to 2.6 could be ok in this case --- AFTER checkin why the package uses it's own python-config instead of the  one from python-dev16:27
Riottacause I set it yesterday :x and dunno if it's right, ah so I should clear the assaign?16:27
WeatherGodyes, who did you assign it to?16:28
RiottaUbuntu-X team16:28
Riottait's bug 44140816:28
ubot4`Launchpad bug 441408 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "[MASTER] Mouse jumps to bottom corner on click in fullscreen games. New mouses (A4Tech). Related to DGA / DGAMOUSE in SDL." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44140816:28
WeatherGodunassign it16:28
Riottajust wasn't sure how this feature works16:29
WeatherGodyofel, I would rather see that it doesn't call any particular python16:29
WeatherGodyour job is to move the report to the right package, and gather information16:29
yofelWeatherGod: install python-dev and check out /usb/bin/python-config, it has #! /usr/bin/python2.6 -.-16:29
WeatherGodhuh, go figure16:30
yofeldiff says the file is different on 2 more lines16:31
WeatherGodwell, I have only been doing python for a year now, so I would hardly call myself an expert16:31
yofelso they might be the reason the package has it's own script16:31
WeatherGodwell, what's different?16:31
yofelI guess they just copied the one from /usr/bin to the package and modified it16:32
yofelmom, I'l pastebin the diff16:32
yofeluuups, wrong one ^^ http://yofel.pastebin.com/f5d53a8e216:33
yofelwait, that makes 3 lines16:33
WeatherGodyeah... that is... interesting16:34
WeatherGodlet me pull up what fedora has for its source16:34
yofelWeatherGod: use 'diff -ruN file1 file2' to get the same diff style16:37
WeatherGodstill gotta find the source file...16:38
yofelWeatherGod: isn't there something like 'yum source' ?16:40
yofel(never used fedora)16:40
WeatherGodwell, I am going straight to the website that has all the changelogs for it as well16:41
WeatherGodhave it right here, just gotta find the .rpm file16:41
WeatherGodok, I obviously do not know how to navigate a website...16:47
WeatherGodgonna do a yum search for it16:47
WeatherGodfound it16:53
WeatherGoddamn, not the right revision, I think...16:57
WeatherGodfound it17:03
WeatherGodweird... it too also calls python2.517:12
WeatherGodnote, they get their packages directly from the google code page17:13
WeatherGodok, gonna look at some other package information...17:15
WeatherGodsee if I can find the build logs17:15
WeatherGodyofel: this link should be useful http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/packageinfo?packageID=506317:24
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WeatherGodyofel: I can not figure this one out... as far as I can tell, both fedora and ubuntu are using the same version17:37
yofelWeatherGod: well, what I believe is: the upstream devs needed a custom python-config, so the copied the script from python-dev (2.5 at that time) modified it and added it to the source17:38
yofelnow that python2.6 is used, nobody updated the file17:38
WeatherGodyeah, but somehow, python2.5 is available in the buildroot for fedora and allowed it to complete successfully17:39
WeatherGodmeanwhile, for ubuntu, the dependencies have it tied to python2.5, so that's why it still got built correctly17:40
WeatherGodI wonder if it is possible to just change the python2.5 -> python and then remove the dependency17:41
micahgWeatherGod: that stuff is better asked in #ubuntu-motu than here17:42
micahgBTW, python 2.6 did make some changes, so programs won't always work17:43
WeatherGodyeah, but this is a config script17:43
yofelWeatherGod: that has nothing to do with breakage ;)17:44
WeatherGodisn't the original bug report that the package has a dependency to python2.5?17:44
micahgwhy is that a bug?17:45
WeatherGodbecause it is likely to be unnescessary17:45
micahgdoes it need python?17:46
WeatherGodthe package is scim-python17:46
WeatherGodbug 44141517:46
ubot4`Launchpad bug 441415 in scim-python "dependency on fixed python version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/44141517:46
WeatherGodand in Fedora 11, it does not depend on python2.517:46
WeatherGodso, it runs fine on 2.6, it is just the build process that calls 2.517:47
WeatherGodwell, I am assuming that it runs fine on 2.6, because I don't see any bug reports to that effect on the fedora bugzilla17:48
micahgWeatherGod: take a look at http://code.google.com/p/scim-python/issues/detail?id=5&can=1&q=python%202.517:50
WeatherGodok, so PinYin can't use python2.417:52
WeatherGodno reason why you can't use python2.617:52
WeatherGodso, the dependency should be set as > 2.417:53
micahgit is set as that17:53
WeatherGodbut the config file is explicitly calling 2.517:53
WeatherGodso, if the build system has python2.6 or greater, it will fail17:54
WeatherGodor *should*17:54
WeatherGodfedora, somehow, avoided that...17:54
WeatherGodso, the autoconf should be fixed, I think (I am not well-versed in autoconf)17:55
micahgfrom what I saw it needs to be fixed upstream17:55
WeatherGodyeah, that way fedora gets the fix as well17:56
micahgwell, they broke it upstream :)17:56
micahgreference the bug upstream I showed you so they don't claim it's not their fault :)17:57
WeatherGodI'll file a report17:57
WeatherGodit might not matter anyway, as it looks like everything is moving to iBus, so scim-python would be deprecated18:09
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WeatherGodI think bug 481456 should be set to wishlist18:23
ubot4`Launchpad bug 481456 in network-manager "install CD should provide restricted wifi drivers for Dell Inspiron 1545" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48145618:23
WeatherGodthe OR also self nominated it for release...18:23
micahgWeatherGod: hmm, I don't know if we ship restricted drivers on the CD18:26
micahgI'll wishlist it though18:27
WeatherGodyeah, well, the guy is also a bit insane18:27
micahghmmm, not sure where it should go though18:27
WeatherGodhe has another bug report where he notes that the restricted drivers does not respond to the turn off/turn on request, and fears that the wireless radiation will be harmful18:28
WeatherGodmaybe ubuntu-meta (if that exists?)18:29
micahgalso added needs-reassignment18:29
micahgno, I think there's somewhere for ISO requests...I just don't know where18:29
WeatherGodalso, I can't seem to access bug 48234218:29
ubot4`WeatherGod: Bug 482342 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/482342 is private18:29
micahgit's invalid18:30
WeatherGodcould someone see if bug 482286 is a dupe of that18:30
ubot4`Launchpad bug 482286 in openoffice.org "OpenOffice Writer crashes when moving mouse over menu bars" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48228618:30
micahgstacktrace needs to be removed18:30
WeatherGodthat explains that18:31
micahgoops not removed reviewed18:32
micahgbut apport stopped because the package deps were old18:32
micahgask the user to submit a new crash report with an updated system18:32
macoSurlent: state your bug ;)18:32
SurlentI'm having some strange issues with GNOME, maybe Compiz, though I'm not quite sure of that yet18:32
SurlentBasically, I did a clean install and everything was fine. It seemed to start acting up around the time I installed the mythbuntu GTK theme and downloaded an icon theme called Hydroxygen. From this point forward, I would be able to log into GNOME, and it would behave, but when I logged out and back in, compiz would be off, my wallpaper would be showing, but no icons, and I have no desktop right-click menu. I have now twice deleted my .gnome and .gnome18:32
WeatherGodmicahg, ok18:33
Surlentmaco: I had to type ;)18:33
micahgthanks WeatherGod18:33
macoSurlent: hehe ok18:33
macoso the question Surlent has is "file against compiz or metacity or WHAT?"18:34
macoi use kde so i dont know how to debug this18:34
SurlentI should also mention that gconf strings related to metacity/nautilus are all still at the default settings (I checked)18:35
maco(a bunch of us are at a developer summit right now, so im not sure how active people are in this channel this week)18:35
Surlentwait a sec...didn't there used to be some sort of Startup Applications bit that talked about the window manager?18:36
macosystem -> preferences -> sessions18:36
Surlentit's not sessions anymore, apparently18:36
Surlentbut it's the same program18:36
SurlentI seem to recall seeing something about the WM in 9.04...nothing like that here18:37
Surlentthat would seem to make sense, though I note that htop says I have an instance or two of metacity running18:37
Surlent...oh, and a screen of irssi...that explains my ghost =D18:38
Surlent...and two gnome-sessions...is that normal?18:38
WeatherGodI have only one gnome-session running18:39
Surlentwell, this is very odd18:40
SurlentI have several Tomboy's running too18:40
WeatherGodand only one metacity18:40
Surlentand several pulseaudios18:40
WeatherGodyeah, that is odd18:40
Surlent...and three keyrings18:40
Surlentwhat is up with this thing?18:40
WeatherGodobviously, your sessions aren't being killed when you log out18:40
Surlentthat would seem to be the case, yes =/18:41
WeatherGodand then it initiates a new session upon login18:41
WeatherGodhave you tried "Switch User" to see if the problem happens18:41
Surlentwell, let's try now, and see what happens...18:41
WeatherGodI would reboot, and then log in normally, and the do a switch user18:41
Surlentgood point18:42
SurlentI'll be back then18:42
WeatherGodlet us know how that goes18:42
Surlent777rebooting doesn't fix GNOME, incidentally18:44
WeatherGoddid you delete your .gnome folder?18:45
Surlent777no, I doing that in a moment18:46
WeatherGodit may have the currupted settings from one of the other sessions18:46
Surlent777yeah, almost certainly does18:46
WeatherGodso, delete them, then reboot, and try the test18:46
Surlent777yeah, I was just hoping...18:46
micahgWeatherGod: Surlent777: don't delete, mv it out of the way18:47
micahgso you can restore if you need to18:47
Surlent777only thing I'm worried about is my compiz settings...takes forever to set back up18:48
Surlent777GNOME remakes everything else anyway, right?18:48
WeatherGodmicahg, it already has been deleted before18:48
WeatherGodmicahg, but good point, I did not think about that18:49
Surlent777ok, rebooting now18:50
Surlent777okay, GNOME is presently functioning normally for now18:53
WeatherGodok, good18:53
Surlent777...that was redundant18:53
Surlent777anyway, now should I do the parallel sessions thing, do a clean logout, or what?18:53
WeatherGoddo a Switch User, which will suspend your current session, and send you back to the login screen18:54
WeatherGodat that point, login as yourself again, which *should* resume your old session18:54
Surlent777well, GDM2 doesn't seem to let me do a parallel login as myself, so I'm back as my current self18:55
WeatherGodok... well, at least that didn't get foobarred18:55
WeatherGodok, now, try doing a reboot18:56
Surlent777...it's still working, so far; I even logged out and logged back in right away18:59
Surlent777I'm going to re-import my compiz profile and see what happens18:59
WeatherGodok, and try the various tests19:00
Surlent777compiz is on, and functioning normally19:01
WeatherGodnow, shut down and start back up19:01
Surlent777the problem clearly lies with a specific compiz setting19:04
WeatherGodso, shutting down with compiz on and coming back still causes a problem?19:05
Surlent777yes, but only if I load my profile...so something that is not on by default is messing with it19:05
Surlent777maybe "Session Management", or something in it?19:06
WeatherGodok, I would first file the bug against compiz19:06
WeatherGodand explain to them what you have figured out19:06
Surlent777I think I should test this first, see if I'm right about the Session Management19:06
Surlent777this makes no sense...the compiz session managment plugin is on by default, and as seen earlier, doesn't mess things up19:10
Surlent777and yet it's also been determined that my profile turns something on that screws it all up19:11
Surlent777so what is it?19:11
WeatherGoddunno, it is something you are gonna have to bring up with the compiz people19:11
WeatherGodthis is getting beyond my realm19:11
yofelSurlent777: how about saving a default profile and checking the differences with your profile?19:11
Surlent777yofel: Was just about to do that19:12
Surlent777The differences don't seem to make a difference =/19:18
WeatherGodso, it is a compiz issue19:19
Surlent777sure seems that way =/19:19
WeatherGodok, file a bug against that package, explaining clearly what you have learned19:19
Surlent777that, and GNOME keeps having all the alternative programs in place for things, like leafpad instead of gedit19:19
WeatherGodheh, didn't know they went to leafpad19:20
Surlent777they didn't19:20
Surlent777I had LXDE at one point19:20
Surlent777and then PCManFM tried to take over my Places menu19:20
Surlent777so I killed it19:20
Surlent777I like experimenting with various things, including WM's19:20
WeatherGodbut would LXDE change the gnome defaults?19:20
Surlent777apparently =/19:21
Surlent777update-alternatives seems to show it as gedit19:21
Surlent777so I don't get that19:21
Surlent777it's just like nautilus vs pcman19:21
Surlent777"all the settings look right, but you screw you we're gonna pop up anyway"19:21
WeatherGodhmm, I would make sure the compiz people know that you did have LXDE once, maybe that messed things up19:22
Surlent777lxde is completely purged19:22
Surlent777including, now, leafpad19:22
WeatherGodbut, if LXDE made a change to something else, it wouldn't have been purged19:22
Surlent777I guess that's possible, yeah..ok19:22
WeatherGodits a remote possibility, but it is still possible19:23
Surlent777didn't this thing used to come with a bug reporting tool?19:23
WeatherGodfile the bug, all of this info is useful19:23
WeatherGodwhat thing?19:23
WeatherGodthere should be ubuntu-bug and apport19:24
Surlent777oh yeah19:25
Surlent777"Report a Problem"19:25
Surlent777I was used to the beetle icon19:25
Surlent777I'd like to report a problem...oh wait, no I wouldn't because you won't even start =(19:25
WeatherGodjust use the LaunchPad website to get started19:26
Surlent777someone really dropped the ball on packages in general this release, I notice19:27
WeatherGodby far, it has been ok, there were a few mistakes that cropped up in edge cases, though19:28
Surlent777/usr/share/apport/apport-gtk -c %f doesn't exist19:28
WeatherGodbut this is the first I have heard of problems with the bug reporter19:28
Surlent777and this is the launcher from a default install19:28
WeatherGodok, that's messed up19:28
Surlent777I can't find an equivalent command; apport-bug doesn't seem to function like I'd expect19:28
WeatherGodbecause the command is gone19:29
Surlent777though its window mentions GTK in the titlebar19:29
WeatherGodI would use synaptic to force a reinstall of apport19:29
Surlent777on it19:29
yofelSurlent777: what does apport-bug give you?19:29
Surlent777a window asking me if it's a problem with a USB device or OTHER19:30
Surlent777clicking OTHER just quits with an error message about needing a package name19:30
yofelSurlent777: yes, that's what it's supposed to do, just follow the instructions19:30
yofellemme try19:31
Surlent777yofel this is supposed to be a GUI frontend, yeah? Why would I need to run it from the command line and specify a package if there's also an apport-cli?19:32
Surlent777also reinstalling did nothing19:32
WeatherGodyou don't.... something is really messed up with your gnome setting19:32
yofelok... why does: other->I don't know give apport-bug the impression I want to file a bug about Xorg o.O19:32
Surlent777this does nothing19:33
Surlent777no output19:33
Surlent777how did I manage to screw this up? oO19:33
yofelSurlent777: apport-gkt will only respond if you have anything in /var/crash/19:34
Surlent777then how is yofel able to open his copy?19:34
yofelSurlent777: just run 'ubuntu-bug <packagename>' from a terminal or in the 'run command' dialog19:34
Surlent777also the kde version of apport also fails to do anything19:35
yofelSurlent777: when I run 'apport-bug' I get a window asking me a question19:35
Surlent777me too, but it crashes if I hit other19:35
Surlent777the only other option is about USB sticks19:35
WeatherGodit crashes because apport-gtk is missing... for whatever reason19:36
WeatherGoddoes the terminal say anything19:36
WeatherGoddid you run ubuntu-bug from the terminal?19:38
WeatherGodsorry, apport-bug19:38
Surlent777ubuntu-bug worked19:38
yofelSurlent777: do you have apport-gtk or apport-kde installed?19:38
Surlent777apport-bug is what I was describing19:38
Surlent777yofel: yes19:38
Surlent777both actually19:38
WeatherGoddo a whereis apport-gtk19:38
yofelWeatherGod: that won't work since it's not in the PATH19:39
WeatherGodah, right19:39
Surlent777it's in /usr/share/apport19:39
yofelSurlent777: can you run 'debsums apport-gtk' ?19:40
WeatherGodyofel, good idea19:40
yofelSurlent777: and are you running gnome or kde19:40
Surlent777cory@cory-desktop:~$ debsums apport-gtk19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/doc/apport-gtk/README                                              OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/doc/apport-gtk/TODO                                                OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/doc/apport-gtk/AUTHORS                                             OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/doc/apport-gtk/copyright                                           OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/doc/apport-gtk/NEWS.gz                                             OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/doc/apport-gtk/changelog.Debian.gz                                 OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/apport/apport-gtk                                                  OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/apport/apport-gtk.ui                                               OK19:40
Surlent777/usr/share/applications/apport-gtk-mime.desktop                               OK19:41
Surlent777GNOME presently19:41
ubot4`pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic19:41
Surlent777didn't seem that big in terminal19:41
yofelSurlent777: irc only allows to send 1 message a second, so it's dripping in slowly for us19:42
Surlent777basically everything is listed as ok19:42
yofeland debsums apport gives OK for all as well?19:43
yofelthis doesn't make any sense...19:45
Surlent777no sir19:45
yofelSurlent777: and if you run apport-bug from a terminal then it just vanishes once you click on other without any message left?19:46
Surlent777You need to specify a package or a PID. See --help for more information.19:47
Surlent777that appears as a GTK window19:47
Surlent777no terminal output19:47
WeatherGodand the same is true for the kde version19:49
Surlent777testing that presently19:50
Surlent777just hanging so far19:50
Surlent777I think I hear the HD going, though19:51
Surlent777err, Ctrl+C isn't killing it19:51
Surlent777had to killall19:52
Surlent777so, kde version won't even start up19:52
Surlent777and yes, KDE is installed and more-or-less working on my system (screensaver is slow to terminate and it locks up on exiting ZSNES)19:53
WeatherGodI really am not sure what is going on any more19:55
WeatherGodI don't think it is a compiz problem, if you have all of these other issues19:56
Surlent777I'm not sure what to think19:56
Surlent777compiz is the only gnome thing that I've tweaked in these tests that caused any difference19:57
WeatherGodsomething is messed up, that much is for sure19:57
Surlent777I don't understand...I haven't done any "deep" tweaking19:57
WeatherGodright, but if something else is wrong at the base of all of this, then those tests are irrelevant19:57
Surlent777everything was done the standard way, i.e. through apt/synaptic19:57
WeatherGodbut you said that you tried LXDE19:58
Surlent777yes, that was a package set I downloaded19:58
WeatherGodnot saying that it is the problem, but there are other possibilities here19:58
Surlent777and I can say that ZSNES doesn't crash on exit in GNOME19:58
yofelSurlent777: you could run 'debsums -c' in a terminal, that will check all installed packages and only list changed files19:59
Surlent777gnome-screensaver also terminates more quickly than kscreensaver, incidentally19:59
yofelthat could take a while, but I'm out of ideas right now19:59
Surlent777I'll ready a pastebin20:00
WeatherGodsame here... besides a complete wipe and install20:00
Surlent777oh lord I hope not...that is such a PITA20:01
Surlent777it's complaining a lot about lack of md5sums for various packages20:04
Surlent777not all of them third-party20:05
WeatherGodwhich ones are not third party?20:05
Surlent777well, ubuntu-keyring for one20:05
Surlent777quite a few others20:05
Surlent777even xorg20:05
Surlent777oh, that's the end of it...here's the pastebin20:05
WeatherGodI don't know how normal it is for missing md5sums to happen, but all of the others are pretty much expected20:09
yofelyeah, and those packages don't seem to have a md5sum file here too20:09
yofelso... wtf?20:10
Surlent777my question exactly20:10
WeatherGodwell, if there is no md5sum, there is no way to be sure if they aren't corrupted20:10
WeatherGodactually... waitaminute...20:11
WeatherGodwhy is this one modified?20:11
Surlent777huh, dunno20:11
Surlent777I haven't tried messing with gdm20:11
WeatherGodyofel, is that one modified for you?20:11
WeatherGodthis is what I was thinking, something messed around with the default gnome settings20:12
yofelWeatherGod: you're right, it's not20:12
WeatherGodso, every time you log in, these modified defaults are applied if you don't have a .gnome directory20:12
WeatherGodso, if they were modified incorrectly, then all sorts of bad things can happen20:13
WeatherGoddon't know how this impacts kde, but...20:13
WeatherGodits something20:14
Surlent777.gconf.defaults' .xml file seems to be just login screen theme information20:14
hggdhmrand: is 'jgoss' https://edge.launchpad.net/%7Ejgossage?20:16
Surlent777there's a "saved_state" in gdm's .gconfd though20:16
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
WeatherGodSurlent777, that's normal20:17
WeatherGodwhat else do you have in /var/lib/gdm?20:17
Surlent777it seems to mention certain programs several times20:17
Surlent777is that normal?20:17
Surlent777then uh20:18
WeatherGodjust do a ls of the directory20:18
Surlent777.       .config    .fontconfig  .gconf.defaults   .ICEauthority20:18
Surlent777..      .dbus      .gconf       .gconf.mandatory  .pulse20:18
Surlent777.cache  .esd_auth  .gconfd      .gconf.path       .pulse-cookie20:18
WeatherGodok, well, does anybody else have a .gconf.defaults in their directory?20:19
WeatherGodI am running a Fedora system, so it is hard to compare20:20
yofeland I'm running kde at the moment so /var/lib/gdm is empty20:20
Surlent777yofel: does kscreensaver lag at closing sometimes for you? Or is that just me/20:21
WeatherGodwell, on mine, there is no .gconf.defaults20:21
yofelSurlent777: I don't use any screensavers20:21
Surlent777nm then20:21
Surlent777Should I finish this compiz report with what we thought we knew before, or what?20:22
WeatherGodSurlent777, just on a lark, move that defaults file, and move your .gnome folders20:23
WeatherGodand test again20:23
Surlent777WeatherGod: Alright then20:23
WeatherGodno, I would hold off on the compiz report20:23
Surlent777okay, restarting now20:24
Surlent777I think that was a bad idea20:26
Surlent777as GDM looks totally different now20:26
Surlent777has the default desktop's orange background20:26
Surlent777and what looks to be HUMAN icons20:27
WeatherGodmaybe so, but does compiz work?20:27
Surlent777we'll see20:27
WeatherGodthis is why they were moved20:27
Surlent777no difference20:29
Surlent777enabling my profile and then logging out/in still screws up20:29
WeatherGodok, well, move everything back, then20:29
WeatherGodworth a try20:29
WeatherGodquite honestly, the whole problem with apport-gtk has me concerned20:30
WeatherGodmakes me think that the compiz is a red herring20:31
WeatherGodbefore rebooting, can you see if apport-gtk works now20:31
WeatherGodin this Human theme?20:31
Surlent777GDM's theme is the only one that changed20:32
Surlent777and incidentally20:32
Surlent777I found that it re-created that folder you have me move20:32
Surlent777the one you say you don't have20:32
Surlent777err had me move*20:32
WeatherGodso, the theme manager changed that file originally20:33
WeatherGodnot so nefarious20:33
Surlent777hardly =)20:34
WeatherGodalright, well, I am completely out of ideas20:34
WeatherGodyou got me stumped20:34
Surlent777putting that folder back and logging out immediately fixed the appearance of GDM20:34
WeatherGodas expected20:34
Surlent777I can tell you that there's quite a few dependency errors among packages, by the way20:35
Surlent777several request packages that don't exist, or have been renamed for no obvious reason20:35
WeatherGodthird-party or what?20:35
Surlent777 normal ubuntu packages that are enabled via Software Sources (they seem to be all turned on by default now)20:36
Surlent777for instance, many request "tor", which hasn't existed for over a year, iirc20:36
WeatherGodwhat are your third party repos?20:36
Surlent777one sec20:36
WeatherGodit may be that one of those packages are requesting it20:36
Surlent777Giftwrap, Open Metaverse Viewer, Wine (interesting story on that one...the wine package itself doesn't seem to work, but the wine21 or whatever version it was does), Medibuntu. I can confirm that none of these third-party repos are requesting anything that isn't there20:38
Surlent777tor for jaunty, however, is, and therefore I have it disabled. One sec while I see what it is20:38
WeatherGodare you running Karmic or Jaunty?20:39
Surlent777Karmic, but they have no Karmic repo yet20:40
Surlent777and this worked on Intrepid20:40
Surlent777but let's see, it wants libeven1 at a equal or greater version...we have the greater version installed, but the package isn't called libevent1 anymore, but rather libevent1-4.220:41
WeatherGodhas all of the repos been updated for Karmic?20:41
WeatherGodI think you have to update those repo lists20:41
Surlent777there are several similar cases, i.e. in one of the curl-dev packages, where a package isn't named generically anymore, but as package-ver.ver, etc. and the dependencies were never updated for the packages that need these libraries20:42
WeatherGodthis may be the source of your issues20:42
Surlent777I have a clean install going here, rememeber, and aside from adding a few third party repos, I haven't done anything20:42
WeatherGodlinux's version of dll hell20:42
WeatherGodwere the third party repos set to Karmic?20:43
Surlent777I have run apt-get update numerous times, as I've updated various things20:43
Surlent777all but tor, yes20:43
WeatherGodand tor is disabled?20:43
Surlent777the other 3rd party repos are perfectly fine and functioning as expected20:43
Surlent777yes, it is now, due to the package renaming issues making it useless20:43
WeatherGodhave you purged tor and its dependencies?20:44
Surlent777it was never installed to begin with20:45
Surlent777yet many programs still ask for it, i.e. torK, torbutton20:46
Surlent777and those are normal packages20:46
Surlent777tor isn't in the ubuntu repos, hasn't been since Jaunty20:46
Surlent777and blubuntu-theme has been broken for over a year and a half20:46
Surlent777there's several annoying package issues all around20:47
Surlent777should've taken notes at the time20:47
micahgSurlent777: you might want to file bugs for these things :)20:47
Surlent777I got a whole list of things to do then =(20:47
WeatherGodhe can't.... apport-gtk won't work.... :-P20:48
Surlent777Oh, and while I'm at it, Fluxbox is funny too...on a clean install of it, on bootup it always complains about the background and tells you to run a command in a terminal. When this is done, the output indicates that everything is fine =/20:48
micahgWeatherGod: help.u.c gives an alternate option :)20:48
Surlent777ubuntu-bug works20:48
Surlent777(Fluxbox is my "oh hell everything's messed up again let's debug it" WM)20:49
WeatherGodpretty good at that20:49
WeatherGodmicahg: ?20:50
micahgif you go to LP and click Report Bug on the package, it tells you how to file without apport if you need20:50
Surlent777what is LP?20:50
micahgubuntu-bug is prefereable20:50
WeatherGodah, well, I was trying to tell a joke anyway20:51
* micahg needs to work on humor20:51
WeatherGod\me needs to work on humor20:51
WeatherGodnot you Surlent77720:51
Surlent777Old Grek idea of medicine, the four humours20:51
Surlent777doctors "fixed" this with leeches20:52
WeatherGodI thought \me does the action thing20:52
micahg /me20:52
* WeatherGod need to learn his irc commands20:52
Surlent777there ya go20:52
Surlent777wonder why bug-buddy doesn't come by default anymore20:53
WeatherGodwasn't bug-buddy a gnome thing?20:53
qenseIt is for GNOME if I'm correct, that's why.20:53
qenseWe need Apport => ubuntu-bug20:53
Surlent777ubuntu uses GNOME by default, and it used to come with it =/20:53
WeatherGodyeah, but apport hooks directly to launchpad20:54
WeatherGodits better, trust me20:54
Surlent777turns out torbutton and torK don't seem to require tor o_O20:54
Surlent777no wait20:55
WeatherGodthats... odd...20:55
Surlent777detailed info says it recommends tor20:55
Surlent777but tor is in italics20:55
Surlent777indicating that it doesn't exist20:55
WeatherGodright, because you disabled the repo20:56
Surlent777it should be in the ubuntu repos20:56
WeatherGodwhy it recommends tor, I don't know20:56
Surlent777according to these packages20:56
Surlent777and this WAS the case until Intrepid20:56
WeatherGod!info tor20:56
ubot4`WeatherGod: Package tor does not exist in karmic20:56
yofel!search tor20:57
ubot4`Found: repomirror-#kubuntu, autostart-#kubuntu, isitout, code, studiorepo, encrypted, xen, emerald, ubuntuone, xampp20:57
Surlent777what the hell20:57
yofel!info tor jaunty20:57
ubot4`yofel: Package tor does not exist in jaunty20:57
yofel!info tor intrepid20:57
ubot4`yofel: tor (source: tor): anonymizing overlay network for TCP. In component universe, is optional. Version (intrepid), package size 1190 kB, installed size 2704 kB20:57
Surlent777ah, that's why20:57
Surlent777I always get those two backwards for some reason20:57
yofeliirc they dropped it cause it was badly maintained20:58
Surlent777but tor's site had their own repos, but they apparently stopped at Jaunty20:58
WeatherGodwell, Karmic is new... maybe it hasn't come ou?20:58
Surlent777I would think it's hard to have a "torbutton" when you don't have tor, though20:59
Surlent777and like I said, blubuntu-theme has been broken forever because gtk2-engines-ubuntulooks wants to kill off human-theme, ubuntu-artwork, and even more alarmingly, ubuntu-desktop21:01
Surlent777but as annoying as all this is, the apport thing and compiz being so screwy bother me more21:03
WeatherGodthats odd21:03
WeatherGodsomething is broken, that's for sure21:03
WeatherGodbut I am no longer convinced it is compiz21:03
WeatherGodI haven't a clue anymore21:03
Surlent777I could probably just stick with KDE for now, endure the slow screensaver termination, and run ZSNES through a tty (with framebuffer), but I don't like it when I can't fix something21:03
WeatherGodcan't ZSNES still run in KDE?21:04
Surlent777you'd think, but it enjoys locking KDE up completely on termination21:04
WeatherGodI think not21:04
WeatherGodI really think all of these things are inter-related21:04
Surlent777well, I'm running 64-bit, so I don't get a zsnes package...I'm using the old one from Jaunty21:05
Surlent777building from source on zsnes seemed a little more complicated than I anticipated, and it works fine in GNOME21:05
Surlent777and probably Fluxbox here too21:05
Surlent777works fine in fluxbox21:05
mrandhggdh: Yes (on the jgoss question)  I'm guessing you're asking in order to link up on the wiki page?  I can do that if you'd like.21:06
WeatherGodheck... you might want to go to fluxbox and rip out all of the gnome and kde stuff and start over21:06
Surlent777though ubuntu's joystick handling leaves a bit to be desired =( In ZSNES it seems to work, but then I can't play Street Fighter, etc. because it doesn't register the diags too well...I found a workaround using the MODE button on the gamepad though21:06
hggdhmrand: yes indeed. Please go ahead and update the wiki, and thank you21:06
mrandhggdh: of course.21:07
micahghggdh: does irc.ubuntu.com do anything special?21:07
Surlent777also, I'm not sure just reinstalling KDE or GNOME will fix anything =/ it sure didn't help with apport21:07
hggdhno, it is just an alias to irc.freenode.net21:07
hggdhmicahg: ^^21:07
WeatherGodSurlent777, yeah, but those package dependencies...21:08
hggdhmicahg: BTW -- thank you for your (remote) participation21:08
WeatherGodsomething is right there21:08
micahghggdh: it was great :)21:08
Surlent777you know, I hear that among certain classes of trolls, it's considered redundant to flood #ubuntu...21:09
Surlent777also no, it's not21:09
Surlent777but ppa's and all that are a little beyond me at this point...even if I understood them, I don't think I'd have the ability to change anything =/21:09
yofelSurlent777: hm... did you move your ~/.gnome2 ~/.gconf ~/.gconfd folders? (backup!)21:10
Surlent777yeah, I did earlier, and then restored them when I moved the GDM folders back21:10
Surlent777so we're back to a default GNOME21:10
Surlent777though right now I'm in Fluxbox21:10
Surlent777it's the only one so far that isn't screwing up in general =D21:11
Surlent777well, aside from that weird error about setting the background on startup21:11
Surlent777but that affects nothing21:11
WeatherGodyofel, feel free to take over21:12
WeatherGodI am completely stumped21:12
yofelI would if i knew what to do21:12
yofelwell, you should ask for help in21:12
yofel#ubuntu too21:12
yofelsince there are much  more people that might know something21:13
Surlent777tried that21:14
Surlent777that's how I got here21:14
WeatherGodyeah, it started off as a simple "where should I file" question21:15
WeatherGodthen it became more complicated as we couldn't pin it down21:15
yofelyeah, I vaguely remember that ^^21:15
WeatherGodmaybe the gnome chatroom might be able to help?21:16
WeatherGodis there a packaging chatroom as well?21:16
yofelhm, the #ubuntu-motu guys know most about packaging21:17
Surlent777is there a gun with a spare bullet?21:17
WeatherGodsorry, out of bullets21:17
Surlent777oh well21:17
yofelSurlent777: use python and program your own21:17
Surlent777hey, Electricsheep isn't working in XScreenSaver...guess I gotta move stuff around like for KSS and GSS21:19
WeatherGodone last idea... does apport-gtk work if compiz is off?21:19
Surlent777let's check21:19
WeatherGodthat's it for me!21:21
WeatherGodsorry I couldn't be of more help21:21
yofelme too21:21
Surlent777it's alright21:21
Surlent777this stuff is insane21:21
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
Surlent777well, I got electricsheep working at least21:43
Surlent777that's LIKE doing something productive21:43
Surlent777well, thanks for trying to help...I'm giving up for now21:44
txomonhello I want to report a bug22:01
micahgtxomon: please continue22:02
txomonI have a compaq cq-50 135em22:02
txomonI installed the last version of linux22:02
txomonit has a very strange wireless chipset22:03
txomonor maybe it is not22:03
micahgnot so weird22:04
txomonbut the problem is that it has a light that makes you switch it on22:04
txomonand of22:04
txomonbut it doesn't work, the light22:04
txomonbut yes the button22:05
txomonso I don't know if it is switched on or not22:05
micahgso, the wireless is working, but no light?22:06
txomonsomething like that22:06
txomonthe light is always orange (off)22:06
* micahg had that on a machine before22:06
txomonbut the wirelles does if I switch it on22:07
txomonand there is no way to know if it is switched on or not22:08
txomonalso another problem is that it is recognised as ar500122:10
micahgplease file a bug with: ubuntu-bug linux22:11
txomonwhere is that?22:11
micahgfrom a terminal type ubuntu-bug linux22:12
micahgit'll open firefox to launchpad where you can submit a bug22:12
micahgit will also collect information about your hardware so that the problem can be better understood22:12
txomonok but...22:14
txomonwhich is the packet?22:14
txomoncan I write it in my languaje or it better in English22:15
micahgdon;t worry, it can be moved later if necessary22:15
micahgtxomon: most of the triagers speak english, so english is prefered22:15
micahgbut you can do english and your own languages22:15
micahgtxomon: which language is native for you?22:16
micahgok, I don't think that should be a problem, but please put the basic description in english22:17
micahgI think we have quite a few spanish speaking triagers22:17
micahgyou can add an extended description in spanish if you want22:17
txomondo you know how can I attach the logs?22:39
txomonmicahg: ?22:39
pedro_txomon, logs to where?22:39
pedro_txomon, sure, send me a private message22:40
txomonit is not necessary22:40
txomonI have been making a bug report22:40
txomonand it says to attach extra info22:40
micahgubuntu bug should attacheg needed22:41
txomonI found it22:41
txomonat the bottom22:42
txomonin advanced22:42
txomonhow can I tar 4 archives via cmnds?22:43
yofeltxomon: do you mean: attach lscpi, etc. information? ubuntu-bug already does that22:44
txomonah it tell me to do it22:44
txomondoesn't it?22:45
txomonAlternatively, at a minimum include the output of the following commands executed in a terminal as separate attachments in your bug report: 1) uname -a > uname-a.log22:45
txomon2) cat /proc/version_signature > version.log22:45
txomon3) dmesg > dmesg.log22:45
txomon4) sudo lspci -vnvn > lspci-vnvn.log22:45
micahgtxomon: that's if you don't use ubuntu-bug22:45
txomonah oks22:45
txomonthank you22:45
yofeltxomon: as it says: "Alternatively" ;)22:46
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dtchen_yofel: yes?23:49
yofeldtchen_: nvm, already got my question answere23:49

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