Bo7I've found a little miss in the wiki06:37
Bo7(but I have no account)06:40
FlannelBo7: Do you have a launchpad account?06:45
Bo7I also think one line in the community docs is wrong06:50
j1mcBo7: do you know how to get a launchpad account?06:51
Bo7no, I was wondering if you could check it for me :)06:52
j1mcBo7: you can create a launchpad account here: https://launchpad.net/+login06:53
j1mcthen you can edit the wiki, file bugs, work on projects, and more06:54
Bo7I'll guess I can fix the wiki, and for the doc pages, can you submit a different version and let other ppl verify it or something like that?06:56
j1mcBo7: yes . . . I'm not exactly sure if this is what you're looking for, but here's some info that may help you.07:02
j1mci need to go to bed . . . but i'm sure someone else can help if you have questions07:03
Bo7j1mc: allright, I'll have a look :)07:03
j1mcfeel free to join the mailing list, too, if you aren't already on it07:03
Bo7allright, thx07:04
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