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lifeless@schedule syd09:01
ubottuCurrent time in Etc/UTC: November 18 2009, 09:05:4409:05
lifelesselky: so we're on now? not in 1 hr?09:06
tsimpsonuse @now rather than @schedule to see the time, WebCal (which used to manage the topic) is broken09:06
lifelesstsimpson: I know the time.09:07
lifelessI don't know the schedule.09:07
lifelessbut thanks.09:07
elkylifeless, um... are you thinking it's tuesday?09:17
elkylifeless: ^ (since i used , not :)09:23
lifelessoh man, my time sense is naffed09:25
lifelesselky: I was :P09:25
elkylifeless, i'm pretty sure this is the off week too.09:25
elkyanyway, off home, ciao09:27
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JuanMarquezluis_lopez, la sala para el membership es cual?20:34
luis_lopezJuanMarquez, esta es la sala20:34
Angel1Hola de paso pregunto yo tambien, como se hace el apoyo a nuestros muchachos??20:38
jeanschJuanMarquez, aquí20:39
jeanschpero supongo que se habla inglés aquí :)20:41
JuanMarquezjeansch, posiblemente20:42
el_babyjeansch, sí.20:44
JuanMarquezAngel1, con testimonios en el wiki, aca no veo como ya que participan los que estan aplicando20:46
mhoyosJuanMarquez, luis_lopez hola muchachos..20:47
el_babyhola, marco...20:48
mhoyosotro latino por aca.. esperando.. :)20:48
JuanMarquezmhoyos, hola como vamos20:48
mhoyoshola el_baby gracias x venir..20:48
mhoyosJuanMarquez, esperando.. a ver que sucede..20:48
JuanMarquezmhoyos, esta aplicando?20:49
mhoyosno comprendo el "aplicando"20:51
el_babymhoyos... si te estás presentando (applying for membership en inglés)20:52
luis_lopezmhoyos, sos de boca o de river? :)20:54
mhoyosluis_lopez, no me gusta el futbol..20:55
mhoyosprefiero arqueria (tiro con arco).20:55
luis_lopezmhoyos, cool20:55
JuanMarquezmhoyos,  pero que piensa de maradona? jejejeje20:55
el_babyluis_lopez ¿es determinante en la aprobación si es bostero o gallina? :-P20:56
h00kGreetings, greetings.20:56
mhoyosJuanMarquez, sin comentario.. nos deja mal visto en el mundo por sus expresiones.20:56
luis_lopezel_baby, no... pero ayuda a calmar los nervios20:56
mhoyoshi h00k20:56
JuanMarquezmhoyos, bueno en lo particular se ve mal pero el solo jejeje, mi esposa dice que es pedante20:57
mhoyosopino igual JuanMarquez20:58
h00ktonyyarusso: greetings!20:59
JuanMarquezmhoyos,  y como anda el movimiento ubuntero por buenos aires?20:59
tonyyarussolink to agenda?21:00
marianomhola a todos!!!21:02
mhoyoshi marianom21:02
itnet7hey there21:02
marianomHello everyone (this looks like a handy manny ep) :)21:02
el_babyhola marianom21:02
luis_lopezhello everyone21:02
h00kHello, hello.21:02
pleia2just gathering up another board member for quorum, we'll start shortly :)21:03
* starcraftman waves.21:04
cyphermoxstarcraftman, hey :)21:04
* beuno wavs21:04
beunoand waves21:04
JuanMarquezidea aproximada de cuando iniciamos?21:07
MootBotMeeting started at 15:07. The chair is pleia2.21:07
MootBotCommands Available: [TOPIC], [IDEA], [ACTION], [AGREED], [LINK], [VOTE]21:07
marianompleia2 dijo que están esperando un board member más. supongo que cuando llegue, JuanMarquez21:07
pleia2Welcome to the Americas Membership Board meeting :)21:07
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mhall119|workthank you pleia221:08
beunolets go21:08
h00kThank you :)21:08
pleia2doesn't look like like Tenach is here21:08
Technovikingwill will have to stop at in a hour21:08
beunoluis_lopez, you up?21:08
pleia2luis_lopez: please introduce yourself and give us a link to your wiki :)21:08
luis_lopezHi, I'm a Linux user since 1996 I started using RedHat, then Mandriva and finally Ubuntu since 6.06 (Drapper Drake)21:09
luis_lopezI'm also one of the initial members of the colombian LoCo team and have spent a lot of time moderating, assisting, teaching others, and writing guides.21:09
luis_lopezI usually hang out on #ubuntu-co providing support to new Ubuntu users21:09
luis_lopezoh yeah... and I wear my Ubuntu cap in public :P21:09
luis_lopezmy wiki link -> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/luis_lopez21:10
luis_lopezI'm a Canonical ex-employee, working now as independent IT consultant :)21:10
beunoluis_lopez, plans for the future?21:11
beunoluis_lopez, still there?21:12
pedro_luis_lopez, ?21:12
itnet7typing? maybe21:13
luis_lopezPlans for the future: continue contributing to Ubuntu21:13
beunogood enough21:13
luis_lopezspecially around bug triaging, and translations21:13
pleia2great work luis_lopez :)21:13
pedro_would love to have some help there :-)21:13
beunoluis_lopez, welcome!21:13
pleia2luis_lopez: congrats! welcome :)21:13
pedro_felicitaciones luis_lopez21:13
beunojeansch, ready?21:13
luis_lopezthanks! gracias! merci!21:13
h00kCongrats, luis_lopez!21:14
itnet7good job luis_lopez !!21:14
luis_lopezThanks everyone \o/21:14
jeanschbeuno, yes :)21:14
h00kluis_lopez: I like the hat, also.21:14
pleia2jeansch: quick introduction?21:15
jeanschYes, i'm a sortware developer using ubuntu since the begiging21:15
jeanschintrocued to the linux world in 199621:16
beunojeansch, you're contributions mostly seem to have been on packaging21:16
beunois that correct?21:16
jeanschbeuno, some irc help21:16
jeanschmostly on 200721:16
jeanschyes, i do the packages for my own usage, and share it21:16
beunojeansch, it seems like you're a better fit for the MOTU council21:16
beunodue to your work mostly being around packaging21:17
jeanschi maintain a driver for the gpr400 smartcard reader21:17
pleia2I agree, better in MOTU21:18
popeyI'd like to see some testimonials21:18
* beuno nudge cyphermox 21:18
beunojeansch, it's great work you're doing there with mainting the driver21:18
beunojeansch, we need more people doing the work you do21:18
beunobut we approve members based on other-than-technical skills here21:19
beunoso i think you should look into the MOTU process21:19
beunojeansch, sound good?21:19
beunocyphermox, ready?21:21
beunocyphermox, go!21:21
cyphermoxI'm a sysadmin, been playing (or working) with Linux since I'm about 14-15... :) started with Slackware, and moved on to Ubuntu around the time of 6.06. I contribute a lot to the NetworkManager stuff and other packages, and also try to get more people involved in the Ubuntu Quebec LoCo21:21
cyphermoxmy wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mtrudel21:21
cyphermoxI guess it could be argued, as for Jean, that I may be a better fit for the MOTU Council meeting :)21:21
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pleia2you're good here, lots of strong bug and loco work21:22
beunocyphermox, tell us more about your loco work21:22
cyphermoxwell, I organized the GlobalJam chapter here in Montreal for Ubuntu-QC, with a lot of help from komputes too21:23
cyphermoxalso organized the Karmic release party21:23
cyphermoxand in the process of preparing a small meetup/installfest in two weeks21:23
beunoyou have great testimonials21:24
beunocyphermox, so the future is MOTU and continue with LoCo work, etc?21:24
beunoI'm ready to vote  :)21:24
pleia2me too21:24
cyphermoxI will be going for -universe-contributor at the next MC meeting :)21:24
pleia2great work cyphermox :)21:25
Technoviking+1 good testimonals and great work21:25
beunocyphermox, welcome!21:25
itnet7cyphermox: congratulations!!!!21:25
cyphermoxthanks! :)21:25
pleia2komputes: you're up! :)21:25
luis_lopezcongratulations cyphermox21:26
h00kCongrts, cyphermox!21:26
cyphermoxh00k, thanks :)21:26
beunokomputes, you're up21:26
pleia2JuanMarquez: please introduce yourself21:27
JuanMarquezfirst that everything to pardon my to speak since I do not dominate the English well.21:28
JuanMarquezhello I am usuary linux from 1995, use ubuntu from 2004 seemed to me a good idea to approach linux the human beings, and nowadays to shown the fruits.21:28
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JuanMarquezmy present and future with ubuntu are working in support online, and the premises, always helping to the end user and companies, to continue organizing to char them and events, hacklab where it will contribute to my majors knowledge.also construction of Wiki and official documents to the Spanish.21:29
JuanMarquezAt the moment I am one of the founders of " free software fundation colombia" and member of " council ubuntu colombia" which jeopardizes to me but with the community of Ubuntu.21:29
JuanMarquezmy present project is the installation of Edubuntu in the schools of my region, either I have some of them or using the system.21:29
JuanMarquezorganizer of local events promoting the use of the FS and ubuntu21:30
beunoJuanMarquez, how long have you been doing work in Ubuntu?21:30
JuanMarquez2006 to ist day21:31
beuno(btw, if our decisions seem faster than usual, it's because we're all sitting next to each other, we haven't gotten better at this)21:31
JuanMarquez2004 -2005 only user21:31
pedro_JuanMarquez, in which way are you contributing to the Gnome applications ?21:31
jeanschbeuno, sorry, i have a phone call, i read you, and answer soon21:32
JuanMarquezGnome, no , only support to final user21:32
jeanschbeuno, ok, then you suggest me to apply to MOTU, right ?21:33
beunook, I'm ready21:33
pedro_JuanMarquez, got it , thanks21:33
pleia2very good loco work, JuanMarquez :)21:33
beuno+1 from me, you seem to be incredibly active, especially organizing events21:34
pleia2welcome, JuanMarquez!21:34
itnet7good job JuanMarquez !!21:34
pedro_bienvenido JuanMarquez21:34
beunounimix, you up?21:34
h00kCongrats, JuanMarquez!21:34
luis_lopezFelicitaciones JuanMarquez21:34
JaimeRaveFelicitacion JuanMarquez!!21:34
JuanMarquezthank you very much21:34
unimixHere I am !!21:34
JuanMarquezJaimeRave,  wuaoo21:35
beunounimix, go!21:35
JuanMarquezluis_lopez, gracias hermano21:35
beunoJuanMarquez, felicitaciones  ;)21:35
JuanMarquezmil gracias21:35
cyphermoxcongrats JuanMarquez21:35
greg-gjust a heads up: I'm here :)21:35
unimixI've been using Ubuntu since February 2007 (Dapper). I have previous experience with Unix (Xenix and SCO) as system administrator and applications programmer in commercial enterprises. When I discovered Ubuntu, I decided to be an active member of Ubuntu community because of the amazing people you can find there and its great philosophy. In May 2007 I've signed the Ubuntu CoC to be completely commited with this community. I think21:36
unimix technology without people has no entity, has no sense.21:36
marianomHi. I'm Mariano: local team contact for Argentina. I'm here to give my support for unimix.  His wisdom, patience and general attitude towards the community have been a huge benefit for Argentina LoCo in the past two years. He has been a very active member since day one.21:37
pleia2thanks marianom :)21:37
sajnoxHi, mi name is Miguel Sajnovsky and i'm ubunu member since november 08. I'd like to support Guillermo for Ubuntu memeber. He's the soul and the engine of our LoCo team, always willing to run events, to participate, to get involved. He really live his life as member of the ubuntu community.21:38
sajnoxand on top of all he's an excellent moderator in the forums21:38
unimixMy aim is to train people to develop themselves in working and using Ubuntu and become Ubuntu members21:38
greg-gamazing testimonials21:38
GLBhi i from argentina loco team y i want to suport  unimix also21:38
itnet7very nice contributions unimix21:39
unimixit is worth it21:39
TechnovikingGLB: thanks21:39
unimixfor Ubuntu Community21:39
beunoI'm an enourmous +1 here21:39
beunohis application os long overdue21:39
pedro_+1 from here as well, keep up the good work21:40
beunoand I've lost track of all the great things he does21:40
greg-gyeah, this is a great application, unimix, I'm happy to give a +121:40
unimixthank you very much !21:40
pleia2congrats, welcome unimix!21:40
itnet7Congratulations unimix !!21:40
sajnoxcongrats Guillermo!!!21:40
beunounimix, bienvenido!  :)21:40
JuanMarquezfelicidades unimix21:40
luis_lopezunimix, felicidades che!21:40
pedro_Bienvenido unimix!21:40
GLBfelcitaciones guillerml21:40
marianomfelicitaciones unimix. te lo mereces21:40
juanmanfelicitaciones unimix!21:40
mhoyosfelicitaciones guillermo !!!21:40
greg-gwow, awesome!21:41
unimixIt's a pleasure to be part of this great community21:41
unimixthanks a lot everybody !21:41
pleia2micahg1: you around?21:41
h00kcongrats, unimix!21:41
=== micahg1 is now known as micahg
micahgHi, I'm a programmer in Chicago, IL that has been using Ubuntu for about 2 years now.  I've been using Linux for almost 10 years.21:42
greg-ghiya, micahg21:43
micahghi greg-g21:43
greg-gI would just like to say publicly that I really appreciate all of the work you do with QA, I can see how hard you work on it.21:44
micahgthanks greg-g21:44
beunomicahg, how long have you been controbuting to Ubuntu?21:44
Technovikingmicahg: plans for Karmic cycle?21:44
Technovikingmicahg: plans for Lucid cycle? (doh)21:45
micahgbeuno: about a year now, I started last winter in the Asnwer tracker21:45
micahgTechnoviking: packaging for Mozilla products, get the number of open Firefox bugs down21:45
micahgperhaps a daily firefox extension repo21:46
itnet7Nice testimonials micahg !21:46
Technovikingmicahg: nice, like daily repos21:46
beunomicahg, so I see MOTU in your near future21:46
beunobut, you've done massive amounts of work21:46
Technoviking+1 from me, great body of work21:46
* micahg hopes so, but was waiting to gain more experience21:46
beunoso, I'm a big +121:46
pedro_+1 , great QA work!21:47
greg-ggreat work micahg, +1 from me.21:47
beunomicahg, welcome!21:48
micahgthank you all :)21:48
beunowe need more bug triagers21:48
itnet7congratulations micahg !!!21:48
cyphermoxmicahg: congratulations! :)21:48
beunoas many as we can get21:48
pedro_congrats micahg!21:48
pleia2welcome micahg :)21:48
h00kCongrats, micahg!21:48
beunomicahg, if we get a cloning machine, I will ping you21:48
pleia2mhall119|work: you're up! :)21:48
komputescyphermox: heya, sorry im late21:49
komputescyphermox: I'll just blame it on the incompetence of others21:49
itnet7I just wanted to share again that due to all of mhall's great work I highly recommend mhall119 as an Ubuntu Member.21:49
mhall119|workI'm a web application developer, been using Ubuntu since 2006, Linux since about 200021:49
mhall119|workthanks itnet721:49
mhall119|workI've been really active with the Florida loco in the past year, helping organize, run and sometimes host events21:50
mhall119|workwe had a Karmic release party at my house with 56 people there21:50
greg-glots of good testimonials on your wiki, mhall11921:50
mhall119|workI run a charity that gives Linux powered computers to underprivileged kids21:50
mhall119|workand I made an Ubuntu derivative to support that21:50
beunomhall119|work, I'm impressed, you've done tons of work21:51
mhall119|workI've also attended and presented in some way at 5 linux shows this year21:51
mhall119|workbeuno: it doesn't feel like it, my LoCo is awesome21:51
pleia2and I missed meeting you at self!21:51
mhall119|workI know!21:51
beunomhall119|work, with no doubt, +1 from me21:51
pleia2awesome work mhall119|work :)21:51
komputesbeuno: pleia2: sorry I was on the phone for the last 30 minutes fixing something a karmic upgrade broke... please let me know if i have another chance to go up.21:51
mhall119|workthank you21:51
pedro_great work mhall119|work , +1 from here21:52
Technoviking+1 from m, fantastic work21:52
beunokomputes, you're up then (after greg-g votes)21:52
itnet7congratulations mhall119|work !!!!21:52
JuanMarquezfelicidades mhall119|work21:52
greg-g+1 to mhall119|work , welcome!21:52
pedro_congrats mhall119|work, welcome!21:52
pleia2congrats, welcome mhall119|work :)21:52
mhall119|workthanks everyone21:52
pleia2komputes: you're up, please introduce yourself :)21:53
* itnet7 could barely contain his excitement21:53
beunomhall119|work, thanks for all the hard work21:53
komputesHi I'm komputes, I'm known for user support, linux audio subject matter and a lot of community work21:53
mhall119|workbeuno: it's only the start21:53
pleia2we're wrapping up after this one21:53
beunomhall119|work, that's the right answer  ;)21:53
luis_lopezmhall119|work, congrats!21:53
komputesLinux user since 2004 (Linux User #458827, Ubuntu User #19076). I'm interested in computer history, user support and audio/video production. Very technical but not a programmer (yet). Took a few introductory lessons in Debian packaging.21:53
pleia2but we'll be having another meeting soon :)21:53
komputesI try to make myself available to help anyone who is having issues or requires help.21:53
komputesThis allows me to get complete perspective of how the distro is used by different people, and collect opinions on specific projects.21:54
komputesMy LoCo is Ubuntu-QC21:54
komputesI have organized the GlobalJam with cyphermox  as well as release parties21:54
komputesWe are working on having a weekly Ubuntu Hour21:54
pleia2komputes: Ubuntu Hour?21:54
komputesI post on the forums, write solutions and am working on a ubuntu-centric blog21:55
komputespleia2: an hour every week where people meet and talk ubuntu (LoCo)21:55
komputesOver 400 ubuntuforums.org posts21:55
pedro_komputes, just wondering... why you didn't put your real name on the wiki/lp  ?21:55
greg-gcool idea21:55
tonyyarussopleia2: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Hour21:55
komputespedro_: community21:55
komputesi keep them seperate, as I do not want differential treatment21:55
komputesI am a Member of the Unanswered Posts Team, Beginners Team, LP Beta, Bug Squad, ISO testing, Cana da and Quebec Teams21:56
pleia2tonyyarusso: thanks :)21:56
beunokomputes, you've got good people backing you up, and you seem to do work in a lot of places21:56
beunoI'm ready21:56
pleia2me too21:56
komputesI will have my LPI 1 and UCP complete by the end of the year21:56
greg-gme too21:56
beuno+1 for komputes21:56
beunokomputes, welcome21:57
cyphermoxwow, congrats komputes! \o/21:57
komputesfor more, please take a look at my wiki page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/komputes21:57
beunoh00k, you're up!21:57
h00kCongrats, komputes!21:57
JuanMarquezfelicidades Koltor21:57
komputesthank you guys21:57
pedro_congrats komputes!21:57
pleia2congrats, welcome komputes!21:57
JuanMarquezfelicidades komputes21:57
h00kGreetings, greetings.21:57
forestpiskiecongrats komputes21:57
stlsaintpleia2: hola what i miss?21:57
h00kI'm a Senior Computer Science major at the University of Wisconsin - Superior.  I first was introduced to Breezy Badger and have a nasty habit of upgrading before its relatively stable.  I've recently become the Team Leader for the Wisconsin LoCo and planned & hosted a Karmic Release Party (Pictures: http://bit.ly/4wofdk, Blog: http://bit.ly/3EVQCg).  I plan on getting Wisconsin's 87 members more active, and assisting tonyyarusso in the Ojibwe tr21:57
h00kMy wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/AnthonyHook21:58
tonyyarussoh00k: cut off at "tr"21:58
h00kOjibwe translation.21:58
h00kIt finished on my side :( Sorry about that!21:58
greg-gnice photo of you and the ubuntu cake :)21:58
h00kSo much for having it all ready...21:58
h00kgreg-g: thanks, it was an excellent Birthday!21:58
exigraffspeaking on behalf of h00k, from what I've seen working with him over the last five years, he more or less embodies the philosophy of Ubuntu. he's worked hard to further the open-source, open-community mindset in every environment he's been in, and regularly "converts" people to the foss platform without having any conscious intent to do so. :)21:59
tonyyarussoas the team contact for a neighboring LoCo (-us-mn), I've had the chance to work with h00k quite a bit lately on loco issues, and saw him organize a Karmic Release Party that was rather awesome.21:59
exigrafflooking forward to seeing his work as leader of the US-Wisconsin LoCo.21:59
beunoh00k, how long have you been working on Ubuntu?21:59
tonyyarussoAs it took place in Superior, which is a border city with Minnesota, is was a sort of joint event attended by people from both of our LoCos.21:59
h00kbeuno: I've been working with it for 5 years21:59
beunoh00k, and on it?  :)22:00
tonyyarussoI haven't had a chance to use it yet, but his Google Voice / libnotify app looks pretty cool, and I'm hoping we can work together to get that packaged for Karmic (I don't know if his wiki mentions it - he expressed an interest in packaging as a future plan)22:00
h00kbeuno: and on it for approximately 5 years22:00
pedro_h00k, for how long have you been working on Ojibwe?22:00
h00kI would like to see it in a package, yeah, exigraff and myself have been working on that.22:00
tonyyarussoAs far as translation goes, Ojibwe is the fourth most common indiginous language in N. America, and we plan to start working with local bands to introduce Ubuntu to them and start translation work.22:01
tonyyarussoThat project is in its infancy, with a hope to launch a formal announcement/call for volunteers by Christmas.22:01
h00kpedro_: not very long, it's something tonyyarusso has recently started and I have some contacts as I work on a Native American Reservation and I believe it will be a good thing to present to their community.22:01
greg-gI'm excited to see the work on the ojibwe translations22:01
tonyyarusso(Neither of us are actually fluent speakers, so it will be largely a role of coordination, explanation, and communication)22:01
greg-gtonyyarusso: awesome22:02
pleia2h00k: I'd like to see some testimonials from folks you work with, and some more progress with the WI loco team22:02
beunoyeah, I agree22:03
h00kpleia2: alright.  The WI LoCo team has been pretty fledgling for a while, I'm planning to get the ball rolling a bit more with it.22:03
=== Crazyguy_ is now known as Crazyguy
beunoh00k, getting the team active again will make you fly right through here22:04
pleia2h00k: I saw your post to the loco teams list this morning, congrats on taking over there :)22:04
beunoso be sure to come back   :)22:04
beunomhoyos, you ready?22:04
greg-gh00k: locos are hard things to get started and sustained, take my word for it :) But, they are also dang fun.22:04
h00kWhich is why I recently asked our previous team leader if it would be something more that I coud do.22:04
mhall119|workpleia2: are you guys going through the whole list?22:04
pleia2mhall119|work: no, just one more (for real this time)22:05
beunoh00k, so I expect so see your name back up soon!22:05
h00kbeuno: thanks22:06
mhoyosi am ready22:06
beunomhoyos, go22:06
mhoyosthank.. hi for all22:06
mhoyosmy wiki : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/mhoyos22:06
mhoyosI started using Linux since 2000, when the distributions were sold on magazines. My first knowledge of GNU/Linux was self-taught and in the year 2003 I did my first GNU/Linux training course.22:06
mhoyosI was a founder member of the proyect UTUTO since 2004 and had participate in SOLAR, free software argentina.22:06
mhoyosDuring the last years I have been participating in diferent events of Software Libre Argentina, and I also have given Technical and philosofic talks in several Argentinian provinces.22:07
mhoyosBy the end of 2007 I started participaiting more intensively in Ubuntu argentinian comunnity, and today I am one of the moderators of the list and an active participant of the Argentinian Ubuntu Community.22:07
mhoyosI created a distribution based on Ubuntu, for cybercafes. ciberlinux called.22:07
mhoyosand admin for site tecnicos linux : http://tecnicoslinux.com.ar22:07
mhoyosfor the future, my intention is to continue collaborating with the Ubuntu community and promote free software22:08
mhoyosI do not speak much English, but I will do my best.22:08
marianommhoyos is working really hard in the Argentina community: he got a lot of respect in our mailing list where he is the driven force. It's a list with high traffic and he has been working really hard since the day he took responsibilities in it.22:08
sajnoxHi, I'm Miguel Sajnovsky and I'm Ubuntu member since november 08. I want to support mhoyos for Ubuntu member. He has been doing an excellent job as a moderator in the mailing list for the last year. His work is really impressive, he is *always* there, not just giving solutions to people but also educating, he is one that people who really know about computer and love to share his knowledge with the community . His commitment to the22:08
sajnox ubuntu community and the CoC is impressive.22:09
unimixI totally support Marco for the great job he has been doing as mod for the support list22:09
unimixand his great commitement with the Ubuntu community, especially our Argentina LoCo team22:09
beunoI'm incredibly happy mhoyos finally decided to apply, he's one of the things keeping our LoCo alive22:09
mhoyosthanks mac_v sajnox unimix22:09
beunoI can't scale fonts, bug imagine a +1 100 times bigger  :)22:09
pleia2great work!22:10
mhoyosthanks beuno22:10
pedro_+1 from me too, keep up the good work mhoyos22:10
Technoviking+1 good work22:10
beunomhoyos, bienvenido  :)22:11
h00kCongrats, mhoyos22:11
pedro_Felicitaciones mhoyos!22:11
marianomcongrats mhoyos!!! you deserve it!!!22:11
unimixcongratulations mhoyos !! Well done !! You deserve it !!22:11
mhoyosthanks for all / gracias a tod@s22:11
JuanMarquezCHE felicidades mhoyos22:11
GLB_felicitaciones mhoyos22:11
* sajnox is extremely happy with two new ubuntu members in our Loco Team22:11
pleia2congrats and welcome mhoyos! :)22:11
TechnovikingSorry folks that is all for today22:11
marianomour team is great :)22:11
mhoyosnew two members from argentina..22:11
MootBotMeeting finished at 16:11.22:11
mhall119|workthanks again everybody22:12
pleia2thanks everyone :) congrats to the new members!22:12
pedro_thanks everybody!22:12
TechnovikingWe will schedule a another meeting RSN22:12
micahgthanks pleia2, beuno and everyone else22:13
h00kCongrats to all the new members22:13
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JuanMarquezdonde se puede conseguir el log de esta sesion?23:03
HedgeMageJuanMarquez:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs23:05
JuanMarquezHedgeMage, ya mire pero no la veo, sabra cual es entre tanto link?23:06
HedgeMageJuanMarquez: Sorry, I don't understand that much Spanish :/23:06
* HedgeMage has only been learning for a couple of weeks23:07
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