LucidFoxUgh, Compiz in Karmic is seriously unstable.05:09
lifelessas compared to what ? :)05:09
LucidFoxIt keeps crashing.05:09
LucidFoxGuess what, X crashed. May be the NVIDIA drivers...05:12
StevenKLucidFox: Nvidia drivers + compiz + Karmic for me has been solid ?05:13
LucidFoxNot for me.05:14
StevenKFile a bug with a backtrace from compiz, if one is obtainable?05:14
fabrice_sp_hmm, surelly a dumb question, but why MOTU can't upload sync from Debian to the archive as a normal package?05:17
StevenKfabrice_sp_: Because Ubuntu doesn't have a distribution called 'unstable'05:18
lifelessStevenK: well, you can override that in genchanges05:18
lifelessfabrice_sp_: because, over-all, we find it easier this way :)05:19
lifelessfabrice_sp_: there are a number of autoamted changes we make to syncs05:19
lifelesslike the X-Original-blah fields05:19
lifelessso a sync really means 'make only the expected programmatic changes'05:19
fabrice_sp_Ok, but they could be made by a script also. I was just trying to remove some work from our lovelly archive admin :-)05:20
lifelessthey have a script ;)05:20
fabrice_sp_seeing what they paste in the sync request bug report, I can imagine that :-)05:21
micahgwhat's the command to make debuild continue a build?05:52
lifelessthere isn't one05:53
lifelessperhaps you mean something different to what you asked though?05:53
LucidFoxWhy is xchat-gnome in main?06:46
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fcuk112https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cpufire-applet/+bug/482155 just checking if this is the correct way to do a sync: apt-get source xxx; download new source from debian and extract; cp -r debian from old source to new source; debuild -S -kxxx...  is that the correct way?08:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 482155 in cpufire-applet "Please sync cpufire-applet 1.6-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)." [Wishlist,Triaged]08:31
directhexno. a sync re-uses the source package from debian08:38
fcuk112you mean using uscan -verbose?  what if it can't find anything?  should i be editing something to point to the correct location?08:41
directhexfcuk112, i mean a sync is something an archive admin does - literally copy-pasting the .orig.tar.gz, .diff.gz and .dsc from debian, into ubuntu08:52
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fcuk112directhex: oic, so we should leave sync requests alone?08:55
directhexafter making them, yes08:56
fcuk112directhex: i thought it was the same as an upgrade.08:56
porthose_fcuk112, maybe this will help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment/Merging  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess09:02
fcuk112porthose_: thanks, it's a bit clearer to me now :)09:21
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fcuk112heh so how is an upgrade different from a sync or merge?09:53
geserwhat you mean with "upgrade"?09:57
fcuk112eg. https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libgphoto2/+bug/414949 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libavg/+bug/474004 update/upgrade...09:58
ubottuLaunchpad bug 414949 in libgphoto2 "upgrade libgphoto2 version 2.4.7" [Wishlist,In progress]09:58
geserif there is a new version of a package in Debian we cans sync it (if there are no Ubuntu changes) or merge it (when there are Ubuntu changes)10:00
geserif a new upstream version isn't yet pacakged in Debian, we can either wait till it happens or do it ourselves (as ...-0ubuntu1)10:01
ari-tczewgeser: no, libgphoto2 2.4.7 isn't in Debian10:01
siretart`a change is a change is a change. - IOW: morning, folks!10:02
geserI know, therefor we have to either wait till it's there (and could sync/merge then) or do it ourselves now10:02
geserHi siretart`10:02
ajmitchhello siretart`10:02
ari-tczewfcuk112: do you need this quickly? if not, we should fix this in Debian first, then sync10:02
siretart`hey geser & ajmitch & * :-)10:03
fcuk112ari-tczew: i'm just looking for stuff to do.  well i guess i'd better start looking at merges then.10:03
fcuk112siretart`: how long u been working with ubuntu?  i thought i saw a very old bug with your name in it =)10:06
siretart`fcuk112: I think my first own uploads were for hoary. not sure if I signed them myself or if they were sponsored at that time..10:07
siretart`I believe that they were sponsored and my key was added during the breezy cycle10:08
fcuk112old-timer =)10:12
\shharhar...the next time I'll met siretart, I'll just say hello like "Hello Old Man" ;)10:13
\shhe'll kick me ;)10:14
siretart`wah! :-)10:14
siretart`\sh: btw, are you going to fosdem?10:14
av`ari-tczew, hi10:16
ari-tczewhi av`10:16
av`ari-tczew, feel free to do agg merge, or better feel free to forward any patch / delta to Debian so I can include it at next upload :)10:17
av`ari-tczew, didnt look at Ubuntu's package yet10:17
av`so not sure what's the delta actually10:17
\shsiretart, dunno...when I still do my job here, eventually...if not, then I have other priorities ;)10:18
siretart`i really feel like. oh well10:19
\shsiretart, first I need to fix my personal issues...tomorrow I have an appointment with a psychotherapist...I'm close to a real nice burn out...10:20
highvoltageso what exactly is the future of motu? it will continue to exist when all the archive shuffeling is done right?10:20
geserhighvoltage: nobody really knows yet. There is a session scheduled at UDS to discuss this10:21
highvoltagegeser: ok10:22
siretart`\sh: alles gute!10:24
\shsiretart, danke :)10:25
geserhighvoltage: the session is on friday, 11am local time if you want to participate remotely10:25
\shsiretart, btw...if you and your wife do have nothing else to do on 31st Dec 2009, blank invitation to Carine and mine end of year party :)10:26
highvoltagegeser: I'll come and listen in!10:27
highvoltagegeser: yeah I've just been wondering if there are any knowns yet, it seems like an hour is an awefully short amount of time to discuss it, but hopefully it will work out10:28
geserI assume there will be some small discussions off-sessions and that the sessions is to collect all ideas and proposals from all interested10:32
sebnergeser: ~aloha~ :)10:45
geserHi sebner10:51
ari-tczewav`: bug 48469410:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 484694 in agg "Merge agg 2.5+dfsg1-2 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48469410:59
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siretart`\sh: oh, thank you for the invitation, but we are already invited for silvester :-(11:12
nicoInattenduHi I'm a dev on a sw called Luciole ( https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/karmic/+source/luciole). The sw was aprroved since karmic in the universe. Bur I have a major bug, who makes it unusable.11:33
nicoInattenduHow I can summit a fix for the package ? I have the solution almost released11:33
directhexnicoInattendu, is the package in karmic unusable?11:35
mok0nicoInattendu: File a bug on the package in Launchpad. Then, attach the patch to the bug.11:35
nicoInattenduYes is a bug on karmic.11:36
nicoInattenduI filled the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/luciole/+bug/48173211:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481732 in luciole "Webcam acquisition does not work on luciole under karmic" [High,Fix committed]11:36
nicoInattenduHow I can attach a patch ?11:37
mok0nicoInattendu: You can attach a file to the bug report11:37
nicoInattenduSo the modified files only ?11:38
mok0nicoInattendu: there's a button that will open up a dialogue box, then you choose your patch file11:38
mok0nicoInattendu: uhm, no11:38
mok0nicoInattendu: the output of "diff -u"11:38
mok0nicoInattendu: the output of "diff -u" old_file new_file11:39
mok0nicoInattendu: or: diff -Nur old_directory new_directory11:39
nicoInattenduok . But I dont see the button for patch. I have only the bug attachment.11:40
nicoInattenduOk I add the diff to the bug11:40
mok0nicoInattendu: great, thanks11:40
mok0nicoInattendu: can you paste the bug number?11:40
nicoInattenduYes : #48173211:41
mok0bug 48173211:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481732 in luciole "Webcam acquisition does not work on luciole under karmic" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48173211:41
mok0nicoInattendu: At the bottom, bolow the box that says "Add comment", there's a little green "plus" and the text "Add an attachment"11:42
nicoInattenduok thanks11:45
mok0nicoInattendu: do you have a fix for bug 481732 as well?11:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 481732 in luciole "Webcam acquisition does not work on luciole under karmic" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48173211:45
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goshawkATPoliMihi, is there a more convenient way of knowing what is my arch during package creation instead of testing `uname -m`?11:57
directhexgoshawkATPoliMi, dpkg-architecture ?11:59
goshawkATPoliMidirecthex: how can i sue int my rulez? show i put dpkg-architecture before the test i'll do?12:00
nicoInattendumok0 : I have a patch for both problems . I go to update It right now12:10
mok0nicoInattendu: Thanks, please be sure to mention both bugs in the comment12:11
mok0nicoInattendu: finally, subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors (right column, near the top)12:12
nicoInattenduI create a separate patch for both bugs? Is that correct ?12:16
mok0nicoInattendu: That's fine12:16
nicoInattenduI added ubuntu-universe-sponsors . What I do with the bug status ? I set to fix committed ?12:17
nicoInattenduFor the package I meant12:17
mok0nicoInattendu: Set to "New"12:17
nicoInattenduOk , and no assignee so ?12:18
mok0nicoInattendu: right12:18
mok0nicoInattendu: a sponsor will pick it up and get an SRU permission for it12:18
nicoInattenduThanks a lot for the help.12:18
mok0nicoInattendu: thank you for the patches12:19
nicoInattenduI go to google SRU :)12:19
LucidFoxKubuntu doesn't install PulseAudio by default, does it?12:32
AnAntHello, do the builder on launchpad use sbuild or pbuilder ?12:33
directhexi think the PPA's use pbuilder? i think?12:35
nicoInattendumok0 : Do I attach the verification-needed tag to both bugs ?12:37
gesersbuild (probably a modified version)12:38
LucidFoxBoth the PPA and Ubuntu archive builders use sbuild.12:39
LucidFoxI think they even use the same build servers, no?12:39
tsimpsonservers can either be for PPA use or for distro use12:39
geserdon't know as PPA uses virtualised buildds while the official buildds use non-virtualised ones12:40
tsimpsonbut they can be changed between those12:40
directhexs' all virtualized anyway, so it hardly makes a difference12:40
EzraRanytime a Makefile is entered by rules the includes and variables in the makefile get initialized right?13:19
goshawkin a debian/rules i've         ifeq  ($(DEB_BUILD_ARCH),amd64) but it gives me /bin/sh: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")13:32
goshawk what's wrong?13:32
tsimpsondo you have "#!/usr/bin/make -f" as the first line of debian/rules?13:34
goshawktsimpson: yes13:35
tsimpsonwell /bin/sh is giving the error, so it's running in a shell for some reason13:35
tsimpson"ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH),amd64)" should work13:36
goshawkso just substitute BUILD with HOST13:37
goshawknope, same thing13:37
tsimpsonwell I just copied that from another makefile13:37
goshawkifeq  (amd64,amd64)13:37
goshawk/bin/sh: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")13:37
tsimpsonit should not be running in /bin/sh though, for some reason it is13:38
tsimpsonwhat if you just try "make -f debian/rules", does that give the same error?13:38
goshawkgoshawk@earth:~/libtango-0.99.8+svn5149~exp1.dfsg$ make -f debian/rules13:39
goshawkifeq (,amd64)13:39
goshawk/bin/sh: Syntax error: word unexpected (expecting ")")13:39
goshawkmake: *** [build-stamp-ldc] Error 213:39
mok0goshawk: if that statement is in a target and indented, it will be treated as a shell command13:40
mok0goshawk: put the statement before any targets13:40
goshawkmok0: yes it's indended in build-stamp-%:13:40
goshawkah understood13:41
Laneygoshawk: you need to have something like---13:42
LaneyDEB_HOST_ARCH := $(shell dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH)13:42
mok0goshawk: good :-)13:42
goshawkLaney: it worked withouth the DEB_HOST_ARCH set13:44
goshawkthanks mok0, tsimpson, Laney13:44
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fcuk112bit confused on which patch to upload, possible options are debdiff x.dsc y.dsc, diff -Nur old_dir new_dir, or the diff.gz created by debuild -S.  what are the differences?14:04
directhexfcuk112, depends on which type of upload it is14:06
directhexfcuk112, debdiff preferred for new ubuntu revisions, diff.gz for upstream updates14:06
StevenKfcuk112: And the first two options you gave ought to produce the same diff.14:09
fcuk112cool, thanks.14:10
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EzraRfinally i fixed this bug but it feels dirty :(14:29
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EzraRthis package takes a generic config file and puts it through sed to change vales depending on what platform you are running14:47
EzraRbut its broken14:47
EzraRthe variables dont get pased to the makefile and it leaves blanks instead of values, which causes the program to not work at all14:48
EzraRim just going to put a good default config file in debian dir install it with a .install and remove the call to the broken makefile14:50
EzraRdoes that sound reasonable?14:51
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AnAntHello, could someone help me with this build error: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/35826090/buildlog_ubuntu-karmic-amd64.pcb_20091103-2%7E2.gbpedd967_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:59
AnAntfunny thing is that it does not happen in i386 arch16:00
AnAntwhy does dh_install behave differently with non-i386 archs ?16:00
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LucidFoxHoly cow, PulseAudio drama on Planet Ubuntu.16:30
dennis_I have a question: How do I package a program wich lib (I am packaging it too) needs the program too?16:52
geserare the programm and the library two different sources?16:53
geserthen package the library first and let the programm build-depend on the -dev package from that library16:54
dennis_but thats the problem the library needs the program to compile16:56
dennis_and the program the library^^16:56
dennis_but they are two sources but one upstream16:57
geserhow does upstream solve this bootstraping problem?16:57
dennis_I think he has his folders on his pc and so his library finds the program source16:58
dennis_folder structure16:58
AnAntwierd could it be that dh_install -Xstring- could be not working right in non-i386 archs ?17:00
geserdennis_: does the lib need the source files from the program or the compiled program itself?17:00
dennis_geser, it needs the program source code17:01
dennis_geser, how do I package only the source code, is this possible? So maybe the lib could depend on this?17:03
geserthat gets tricky and I don't have currently a good idea how to get it done17:07
dennis_geser, ok thanks. Good that I am not the only one who is wondering about this ;-)17:09
\shdennis_, tell the guy he should write better code ;)17:22
dennis_\sh, hehe I am not quite sure if he will like that ;)17:23
dennis_If someone would like to make my day better, please have a look at my packages on revu. My name is dennis-benndorf there....17:25
dennis_I have uploaded them a few minutes ago17:25
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jetienneq. where can i find the pre-removal script of a already installed package ?18:15
jdongjetienne: /var/lib/dpkg/info18:19
jetiennejdong: thanks18:19
jdongsure thing18:19
corp186At the top of the REVU site it mentions the Next REVU Day is TBD18:26
corp186what is a REVU day?18:26
fcuk112REVU is the tool used to vet and check new packages before they are uploaded in the Ubuntu system. We’re told that the idea for the day will be to green-light as many new packages as possible.18:28
corp186that's what I figured... any idea when it will be determined?18:30
corp186I have a new package in REVU, and I'm trying to figure out how to get advocates, or even just comments, on it18:30
EzraRwhen you purge a dpkg it should not fail because the directory is empty right?19:52
StevenKEzraR: It really depends what fails and how19:59
EzraRStevenK: dpkg: warning: while removing gw6c, directory '/etc/gw6c' not empty so not removed20:06
StevenKEzraR: Oh, that's okay.20:14
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EzraRStevenK: ok...just seems un-tidy20:19
lfaraoneI'm using CDBS with makefile.mk. How do I have the files that the makefile installes in $LIBDIR be moved into /lib? (LIBDIR as set by cdbs puts them in /usr/lib)21:24
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ymlgood evening I am in the process of creating a package of uWSGI and I am a bit stuck the plan to to create it and upload it to launchpad PPA.22:30
ymlbut for now I am stuck at the creation step22:31
ymlI am following this doc : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete22:31
ymlI think I have done more or less all the paperwork22:32
ymlI am now at the modification of the rules22:32
ymlI have created a branch where I have added the debian directory22:34
ymlall this is stored here : http://bitbucket.org/yml/uwsgi/src/tip/22:35
ymlit would be amazing if someone could give me a hand22:35
ymlLaney: is that for me ?22:41
Laneyoh no sorry I didn't even read what you said22:41
LaneyI was 'aw'ing at the latest sound rants22:41
Laneyberating contributors is bad bad form22:41
* Laney hugs dtchen_ 22:41
* Laney reads what yml has to say22:42
Laneywhat's the problem?22:42
ymlyes me too because since 9.10 my sound work again22:42
ymlLaney: the main problem is in fact I reach the point where I don't know what to do next.22:43
ymlI think I would need some hand holding22:43
Laneyhere's what you should do22:43
ymlin order to compile it from source I need to run make -f Makefile.linux.py2622:44
Laneyrm *.ex *.EX rules docs dirs; cp /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.tiny rules22:45
ymlwhere I think that I can't make the assumption that python level is 2.622:45
ymlLaney: http://bitbucket.org/yml/uwsgi/src/tip/debian/22:45
ymlhere it is where I stand22:45
LaneyI saw that22:45
Laneydh_make generates a load of stuff you don't want22:46
ymlI have already removed the one that I am sure I don't want22:46
Laneygo on, take the dive22:46
ymlknow I am left with the files that might be useful.22:47
ymlthis sounds like I am not completely off22:49
Laneyso the first thing to do is to set up the build-depends and depends in the control file22:49
ymlLaney: you are in the rules file, right ?22:49
LaneyI'm talking about the control file22:50
Laneyread this22:50
ymlLaney: I have added this in control : Depends: python, libxml222:52
Laneyyou need to understand more clearly what to put here22:55
Laney*Build*-depends is very very important to get right first of all22:55
Laneybut I'm going to bed, maybe someone else can help you22:55
ymlLaney: thanks22:56
ymlI will hang around here and see if someone can help me22:56
ajmitchhey dholbach23:11
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