asacjcastro: there?00:24
micahgasac: we got complemented in the adopt an upstream session00:26
asacmicahg: huh?00:26
micahgthey said the mozilla team is doing a great job00:27
asacwas that a community thing?00:27
micahgit was a UDS session00:27
asacthanks for forwarding ;)00:27
micahgthey apparently loved me in there too :)00:27
asacfinally some good news00:27
asacjdstrand_: 15:00 ?00:28
asacmicahg: oh ... so you contributed through IRC?00:28
ftafor once, it's not about us spamming the builders00:28
fta(or me)00:28
asacfta: i think nobody who has a real clue complains a bout that00:28
micahgthey want to make more documents and organize on helping with upstream00:28
asacjust random folks that are unhappy that are too lazy to do their daily packaging excersizes locally00:29
micahgthe thing is, we're already doing most of what they are looking for00:29
asacdarn ... gobby seems to be downish :/00:29
micahgwas just using it00:29
asaci actually would even say that partly of what their understanding is about what they want was inspired by us00:30
micahgyes and I showed them the LP imports of upstream bmo comments00:31
kaddihi for the last couple of days thunderbird keeps telling me that the certificate for yahoo.com is issued for yahoo.co.uk. I always have to click ok before I can get mail from any of my email accounts. How can I tell thunderbid that it should always accept the certificate of yahoo.co.uk for yahoo.com00:31
asacmicahg: LP imports of upstream bmo comments?00:34
fta*sigh* https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=585577#c400:34
asacis that something you did ;)00:34
ubottuGnome bug 585577 in Mailer "wrong FROM in the envelope during SMTP negociation when using multiple accounts" [Normal,Unconfirmed]00:34
micahgasac: no, when they upgraded to bugzilla 3.4.3, the comments started pouring in00:34
ftai wonder if evo is dead upstream00:34
micahgfta: I thought they were working on a new mail client00:34
asacfta: yeah. just wanted to ask ... i will check with seb ... maybe he can give us a good irc nick so you can diretly bug on IRC00:35
ftai've located my problem, the fix is easy, but i'm not sure they want it00:35
ftaor how they want it00:36
ftamicahg, really? do you have a link?00:36
micahgi saw somthing...let me see if I can find it00:36
ftaasac, usually seb doesn't care about this kind of bugs as they are not packaging related, he sends me upstream00:39
ftaand my bug is still untouched after 6+ months00:39
micahgno, evo seems to be planned for 3.000:42
asacfta: right .... i want him to give the richt nick to bug him ;)00:42
ftamicahg, what does that mean?00:44
micahgfta: I was wrong :)00:44
asacok ... i will be downstairs now getting food and beer ;)00:45
asacthe wifi is too sucky here on room anyway ;)00:45
ftaas usual ;)00:45
ftawifi is always bad at uds00:45
ftatoo many geeks00:45
asacat uds its quite good this time actually ... just the rooms are bad (though it still works, which means its better than usual ) ;)00:46
asacok ... talk to you tomorrow ;)00:46
ftaok, enjoy00:46
micahgfta: I'll fix ff3.7 later00:47
ftagreat, thx00:47
ftaso we'll just have the lpia js segfault left00:48
fta[reed], ^^00:48
[reed]fta: bug filed?00:49
asacdont bother about lpia for now00:49
ftano, as i said, i can't provide a backtrace, no lpia here00:49
asacmaybe we will disable lpia for ppa's ... tbd00:52
ftatoo bad, i thought for a moment that someone would fix bug 36911200:52
micahgI haven't had a chance to file the bug yet00:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 369112 in soyuz "API export of IDistroSeries.getBuildRecords() should optionally filter on active source publications" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/36911200:52
asacok out for sure00:52
JanCcan't you emulate lpia on qemu?00:58
dtchen_asac: newer userspace is nearly always safe. it's newer kernelspace that tends to present problems.02:49
asacdtchen_: cool. thanks a lot!05:58
dtchen_asac: np.06:02
micahg1asac: you're not still up, are you?07:17
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asacjcastro: there?15:02
asacjcastro: not sure if i have rescheduling powers, but it definitly doenst work :) ...15:12
[reed]launchpad's code is so huge15:31
[reed]taking forever to pull it down15:31
[reed]now LP is throwing 500 ISE15:44
[reed]for http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~launchpad-pqm/launchpad/db-devel/files15:45
* [reed] tries to figure out how lp bzr branches work16:23
micahgfta: I have the fix for ff3.7 but wanted it reviewed17:00
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ftamicahg1, too late for today's run20:05
micahg1fta: ok, do you want to review now?20:07
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micahgfta: http://pastebin.com/f568d519b20:18
ftahmm, strange20:22
ftaall the urls have been dropped and replaced by only one unlocalized link?20:22
ftamozilla 52257120:23
ubottuMozilla bug 522571 in Add-ons Manager "Link from themes manager to personas gallery" [Normal,Verified: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=52257120:23
ftamicahg, ok, go on. thanks20:28
micahgfta: done20:33
ubottuInformation about using and setting your computer's clock on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuTime - See https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/NTP.html for information on usage of the Network Time Protocol (NTP)20:56
rippsmeh, the latest chromium-daily just broke a good junk of my extensions21:15
ftaripps, please file bugs, i don't use extensions so i don't notice21:39
ftaBUGabundo, ola21:39
BUGabundohey fta21:39
BUGabundohow is UDS going?21:39
ftai'm not in Dalas21:39
ftai decided to skip this time21:39
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rippsfta: bug filed21:46
fta[reed], i'm not sure i understand mozilla 518506 correctly, you're patching pixman to fix the bug? or is it just needed for --disable-libxul and--enable-system-cairo?21:48
ubottuMozilla bug 518506 in Widget: Gtk "Horrible flicker when scrolling windowed plugins living out-of-process" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=51850621:48
ftabtw, --enable-system-cairo and a patched in-source pixman doesn't make sense to me21:48
ftaanyone's good in python here?22:12
BUGabundono me22:13
ftanm, i did it in 1 line of shell, as usual22:16
ftausing python to give me a value in a python file would have been nice22:17
[reed]fta: no idea... ask in the bug?22:17
ftaripps, didn't you say earlier that chromium started to crash recently?22:50
ftaor was it someone else?22:50
rippsfta: yeah, but the problem was resolved after a quick reinstall22:50
ftaoh, ok22:51
rippsfta: btw, it seems that the chromium devs purposely broke the extension api in order to make it more secure, dozens of extension are going to need to be rewritten now22:52
ftahm, ok22:53
ftabtw, is there a sane ad blocker now?22:53
ftai mean, something really blocking, not just hidding22:53
ftaand no, i don't want to setup a proxy22:53
ftaripps, ^^22:54
rippsfta: well adblock+ works well, but I also use a tweaked hosts file that works better than any adblocker. I mostly use adblock+ to remove annoying webpage elements. http://someonewhocares.org/hosts/zero/22:55
rippssomeonewhocares also has an rss feed. I use it know when it's updated and sync it with the one in /etc/hosts22:56
ftaadblock+ in ff works fine for me (i use my own rules, not the lists), i'm looking for an equivalent, but all i can find is just hidding stuff22:57
rippsas far as I understand, it can't be done with chromium extensions because the extension api doesn't allow it. But the developers are clearly making changes to the api22:59
ftaok, thanks, so i'll continue to wait23:00
rippsfta: the hosts file technique works very well, and it works on all browsers, so consider checking it out.23:00
rippsWhat I really want is someone to make an autoscroll extension for Chromium Linux.23:08
ftai often block parts of websites, i want their content, but i block their ads, or js pulling ads from everywhere else23:08
ftadtchen_, 1:0.9.20-0ubuntu2~~karmic~ubuntuaudiodev1  even longer than the mozilla ones23:47
ftamaybe not23:50
BUGabundofta: I get a footer with "New! Chromium now has extensions and bookmark sync. "23:53
BUGabundobut both links are fw to google.com :\\\23:53
ftaBUGabundo, btw, the daily PPAs now build for lucid too23:55
BUGabundoneed to comment old karmic23:56
ftaIt's the 1st time i don't switch distro at day 123:57
micahgI see tb31 trunk failed on amd6423:57
BUGabundofta: you are getting old :))))23:58
BUGabundonot going to UDS23:58
BUGabundonot upgrading to p123:58
ftamaybe i'm getting tired of all this23:58
ftawho knows23:58
BUGabundoI know the feeling23:59
BUGabundoit takes a part of our soul23:59
micahgfta: tb3.1 already fixed for tomorrow upstream23:59

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