jdugganive upgraded to .1000:21
jdugganand now00:21
jdugganDVBSM(/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0), Warning: Can not count Uncorrected Blocks00:21
jdugganin error logs00:21
jdugganit cant lock onto anything00:21
jduggananyone seen this?00:21
jduggancant find much on google as to what causes it00:21
Psi-JackHow do I get usplash not to come up when the system boots from a fresh install of mythbuntu 9.10?02:11
Psi-JackI have an issue with the screen flickering like crazy really fast on my system preventing me from even using it to login.02:12
Psi-JackAhhh, it's gdm... Blasted thing.02:21
Psi-JackNice... Talkative.. Crowd here.02:25
tgm4883Psi-Jack, weekend02:27
tgm4883probably your video driver02:28
tgm4883and by weekend, I mean everyone is at UDS02:28
tgm4883so they are all drunk right now ;)02:28
Psi-JackUDS? heh02:28
Psi-JackYeah, I /told/ it to use the nvidia driver, but apparently it assumed to use the one incompatible with my older card.02:29
Psi-JackSo, I'll start with the opensource one and move it up properly.02:29
tgm4883which driver did you install?02:29
Psi-JackI didn't really get the choice, this was the installation disc's decision. ;)02:33
Psi-JackHmm.. I wonder if it was because I chose the option for using SVideo.. Maybe..02:33
Psi-JackProlly tried to load X only to dsplay out through SVideo, which it couldn't because the particular card I found doesn't have SVideo out. ;)02:34
dscoularanyone find that mythvideo in 0.22 no longer respects the browse field in the videometadata field ?04:48
gregLdscoular: did you hit "M" while in mythvideo???The command is in there..04:52
dscoularI have no problem setting browsable or unsetting it... it's just not honoured in any of the views05:38
dscoulargregL: I have no problem setting browsable or unsetting it... it's just not honoured in any of the views.06:33
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cba123I can't seem to get mplayer to play videos through myth.  I can get them to play through terminal, with the same command I put in the settings page though.  I also changed the filetypes to play with mplayer, I think, any ideas?14:56
cba123Not using a storage group afaik, didn't set one up15:03
onlookerHi. I'm building a DVR box and was wondering, is there a list of supported TV Tuners? I've checked your website and I got an empty wiki page. I already have a tuner picked out, but am reluctant to buy it until I find out if it'll work or not17:55
tgm4883onlooker, link to empty page?17:55
tgm4883or to page which links to an empty page?17:55
onlookerhttp://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Index.php/Tuner_Card#Cards_that_work <- This one, specifically17:56
onlookerFrom the Requirements page17:56
tgm4883onlooker, thanks for the info17:57
tgm4883where do you live?17:57
tgm4883ok, I can't help much then17:58
onlookerDidn't know my location had any bearing on the matter17:59
tgm4883Try looking here http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Category:Video_capture_cards17:59
tgm4883i'm in the US17:59
tgm4883I don't know much about your TV system17:59
onlookertgm4883: Ah, gotcha18:01
onlookerrhpot1991: Thanks for the link18:01
rhpot1991on np18:03
onlookerAck, it's not listed. Does anyone have a working Gigabyte TV tuner in their box18:03
citybird!help FireDTV18:47
Zinn!help FireDTV For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].18:47
citybirdhi all, installed 9.10 64b with a FireDTV card and i am trying to watch live TV. what can i check to see why this is not working?18:50
citybirdis there another application i can use to test the card?18:51
citybirdfell out of the window.18:52
rhpot1991citybird: I've never heard of that card, you should prob start off by googling and seeing if its supported in linux18:57
citybirdrhpot1991: i was looking here and found the command line scan instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythTV_DVB-S19:00
citybirdrunning it now and it seems to be working19:00
citybirdwhoops. telling me that tuning failed for some channels but a lot seem to be working19:01
citybirdrhpot1991: ok the name of the card is FireDTV C/CI19:20
IntuitiveNippleJust installed mythbuntu 9.10 fresh (combined front/back-end) with nvidia, got a strange display issue. Projector does 1024x768. Reconfigured xorg from original 640x480 to projector resolution with custom xorg.conf. That works for the desktop. However, when myth frontend starts it causes the display to change to 1280x960 which the projector doesn't like, resulting in substantial offset and cropping of the output, making it unusable (ca19:51
IntuitiveNipplen't see to get to setup options, etc.). Is there a way to sort this?19:51
jdugganhey guys, ive updated to karmic and now my nova-s wont tune, ive tested with an STB and its working fine, i cant even use scan etc, the modules are all loaded so whats the best way to diagnose wtf is going on?20:13
jdugganthe devices exist20:13
jduggan(i have two)20:13
dscoularDoes mythvideo 0.22 honour the browsable "browse" flag in the videometadata table ? Doesn't seem to for me, non-browsable videos are listed. Any thoughts ?20:23
IntuitiveNipplejduggan: Sounds like you hit the same issue as me, with an HVR-400020:29
jdugganIntuitiveNipple: what errors you got?20:30
IntuitiveNipplesame symptom you describe from a fresh install. First I figured out I'd not set the DiSeq LNB options (!) and then looking at /var/log/kern.log spotted that the firmware wasn't being loaded (it was missing)20:31
jdugganis your card working now?20:33
IntuitiveNippleYes, once the firmware was loaded it scanned DVB-S correctly20:34
jduggani have no errors regarding firmware20:35
IntuitiveNippleI'm still trying to fix other issues with mythfrontend resolution, and pulseaudio grrr20:35
jdugganDVBSM(/dev/dvb/adapter1/frontend0), Warning: Can not count Uncorrected Blocks eno: Function not implemented (38)20:37
jdugganim getting this error20:37
jdugganhave you seen this?20:37
jdugganrunning older kernel (which previously worked) is having the same problem20:37
IntuitiveNippleI don't recall that one20:37
IntuitiveNipplesomething similar but I've looked at so much today it's all a blur20:38
IntuitiveNippleWhen you tune what Video Sources do you have set, and what frequency and data-rate are you selecting?20:39
IntuitiveNippleI assume you're trying to lock onto FreeSat ?20:40
jdugganvideo source are eit20:40
jdugganthe problem is20:40
jdugganwith the backend stopped20:40
jduggani should be able to scan with; scan -x0 /usr/share/dvb/dvb-s/Astra-28.220:41
jdugganits all failing20:41
jduggani dont think its myth specifically, but the card20:41
IntuitiveNippledouble-check the kernel log to ensure it *is* loading the firmware20:41
jdugganim not sure the nova-s needs firmware?20:45
jduggantheres nothing in dmesg regarding firmware20:45
IntuitiveNippletry this: grep 'frontend initialization failed' /var/log/dmesg20:49
IntuitiveNipplethere's a bug report I saw on launchpad about that card failing, that included that string, but there's no follow-up21:07
jdugganive got true blood and generation kill to record21:10
jdugganat 10pm21:10
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