ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-offtopic ()00:54
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:03
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:03
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:03
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:08
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:08
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (exploit)08:08
wgrantShould the floodbots give an explanation after an exploit?08:11
FlannelThose affected are sent to a channel with it in the topic08:12
wgrantBut it still confuses lots of people who are in the channel.08:13
elkytsimpson, ^08:20
* tsimpson points elky to LjL09:01
elkyyou manage the K ones, i figured you liased with him at some point09:02
tsimpsonelky: the K ones came about during his absence, else I would have09:02
tsimpsonI do know some of the code, but I don't want to go editing stuff without permission09:03
tsimpsonit caused a slight issue last time I did that ;)09:03
elkydo you want to talk to him about adding an explanation this time, though?09:04
ikoniaryaxnb: can we help ?10:41
ikoniaBacta: one moment please10:41
ikoniaryaxnb: can we help you ?10:41
ryaxnbi'm just oobserving10:42
ryaxnbi like bacta10:42
tsimpsonryaxnb: please leave if you have no issues to bring up10:42
ikoniaryaxnb: this is not an obsevation room, unless you need something please leave the channel10:42
ikoniaBacta: ok, thank you for waiting, could you please explain the reasoning for your comments in #ubuntu-offtopic please10:43
ikoniaplease feel free to speak freeley10:43
BactaI was talking about text cleaning code you often find on web forums to sanitize expletive laden text10:43
BactaAnd how someone with cunt in their name might have a hard time10:44
ikoniawhy did you feel the need to reference that in the channel, no-one was talking about it,10:44
elkyBacta, are you aware of my surname, and a particular substring of that?10:44
BactaNo I wasn't but I am now10:44
elkythe interference is minimal outside hotmail's signup system, i assure you. it's also not worth bringing up under normal circumstances10:45
BactaDidn't even come to mind elky10:45
ikoniareally ?10:45
ikoniathat's why you said it10:45
BactaIf I wanted to insult you (which I wouldn't) I would just insult you10:46
ikoniawhy did you feel the need to refernce "cunt" jokes in the offtopic channel out of the blue10:46
BactaIt wasn't a "cunt" joke, it was a small mention and then I moved on10:47
ikoniano-one was discussing code stripping or anything like that, you just started referncing it why10:47
BactaSince some people didn't get the reference I got dragged in here to explain it10:47
ikoniaBacta: why did you feel the need to mention it other than my opinion which was to cause controversy10:47
BactaBecause I was randomly googling10:47
Bactaand am learning regex10:47
ikoniaI'm afraid I don't personally believe that, as out of all the things you where googlging you felt the need to refernce the name including the word "cunt" for no reason in a channel you know is gonverened by the ubuntu code of conduct, which includes fould language10:48
Bactaso i wondered if there would be any mention of "buttumptions" in Google and there are a whole lot10:48
ikoniado you feel talking about these references fit in with the channels family friendly guidelines ?10:48
BactaI just feel bad I had to say the word in this channel10:49
ikoniathat's not what I asked10:49
ikoniado you feel talking about these references fit in with the channels family friendly guidelines ?10:49
BactaProbably not10:49
ikoniaok - so don't do it10:50
ikoniakeep that sort of interesting fact to  your self10:50
BactaThanks, I'll try to keep that in mind in future10:50
ikoniaI suggest you do10:50
ikoniaas you appear to be walking the fine line of trying to troll the channel and it needs to stop10:50
ikoniaBacta: if you feel you can follow these rules you're welcome to leave here and rejoin #ubuntu-offtopic please be aware though you are pushing you luck again and a return to your controlled behaviour would be much more welcome10:53
BactaThis is my controlled behavior - I feel I am much more pleasant10:55
ikoniaBacta: cunt refernces are not plesent10:56
ikoniaand they are uncalled for10:56
ikoniarequests to spam ##linux are not pleasent - nor controlled10:56
ikoniathey are also uncalled for10:56
ikoniaI'll ask you again to return to your controlled behaviour and think through what your saying10:56
BactaWill do10:57
ikoniathank you10:57
Tm_Tuh oh11:50
Tm_Tjust reading backlog of this channel11:53
elkyah, i thought it was an ominous kind of uh oh11:54
Tm_Tand for yesterdays tracker meeting, I should take a pic from these ponies11:55
Tm_Tok, I need some coffee (:11:56
elkythe internet is boring tonight...12:33
Tm_Telky: not in devel channels I'm in12:40
=== nixternal_ is now known as nixternal
Picitopyli: did you apply for membership yet?15:28
PiciSeeker`: ^ ?15:28
topyliPici, i haven't applied, no15:32
Picitopyli: Well you should (and I'm writing something for your wiki page right now)15:35
topylimaybe i should see when there's a meeting15:36
gordtopyli: #u-o comics are your best example of the work you do for ubuntu!15:37
bazhangthought one needed to be developer/programmer to get membership15:38
topyligord, that's probably correct .)15:38
gordbazhang: no, far from it15:39
topylibazhang, no, you don't really have to do anything, you just have to show your loitering is sustained15:40
gordi would say there are many more non developer/programmers who are ubuntu members than there are developers15:40
jussi01gord: after this session come here and Ill give you a hug :D15:40
bazhangseems like having friends in high places doesn't hurt either :)15:40
jussi01Ill sneak HUG!15:41
topylinext meeting scheduled for 3rd november. not sure if i can make it15:41
topyliaccording to the wiki :)15:41
gordyou don't have a time travelling machine? i though that was standard in karmic15:42
Picitopyli: thats the past...15:42
Picigord: thats OSX15:42
topyliPici, yeah i guess they haven't decided on the next one15:42
gordwell when we have another one setup someone give topyli a ping15:43
jussi01topyli: emea is tonight15:43
gordtonight is very vague in terms of a global community15:43
Picier.. I thought that the america's board was tonight, not emea.15:44
jussi01but popey isnt on the americas...15:44
* jussi01 is confuzzled15:44
gordwhoever said popey was doing a thing tonight was wrong, clarified in #u-uds-madison15:46
topylioh i'm sure he's doing a thing!15:46
kingmanorok i changed from port 6667 to 8001 it still wont let me into #ubuntu15:47
Picikingmanor: did you re-test yourself in the read-topic channel?15:47
kingmanoraha i missed that line i just saw it said to go here.15:48
kingmanortesting now...15:48
Picikingmanor: Looks like you're all set now.15:50
gordjussi01: ping, who do we poke about topics not updating in #u-uds-*17:13
ubottuIdleOne called the ops in #ubuntu (Lady doesn't seem to understand we are trying to help by redirecting to #ubuntu-it)17:14
jussi01gord: which channel?17:14
tsimpsonI think I broke it :s17:25
topylibit the bullet, applied now. nobody is cheering on my wiki page though, i hope the board knows about me :)17:45
jussi01topyli: wiki page pls17:46
* topyli is advertising, feeling weird17:47
Piciforgot to commit my edit, saving now.17:47
jussi01topyli: ole hyvä17:50
topylithanks guys17:54
mneptoktopyli: ole hyvä (x2) ;)18:44
topylithanks mneptok, much appreciated :)18:45
mneptoktopyli: onnea!18:52
ubottuLjL called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (cloners joining)19:08
Priceystaff aware19:11

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