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Bo7nvm Q. gsh00:45
uvirtbotNew bug: #484562 in libvirt (main) "apparmor prevents libvirt-vnc certificate from being read" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48456201:35
ejaterror: failed to connect to the hypervisor03:24
ejatin hardy03:24
ejati enabled the backport03:25
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Doorman352Anybody use Kaspersky Enterprise?03:34
twbDoorman352: isn't that a Windows thing?03:38
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?03:38
Doorman352Kaspersky is for everyone, since Im adding Ubuntu servers I wanted to know if anyone has used it on linux.03:40
uvirtbotNew bug: #484594 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "mysql not woking" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48459403:41
twbSince I don't have any Windows desktops, I don't bother with virus scanning.03:42
twbSee also: http://linuxmafia.com/~rick/faq/index.php?page=virus03:42
twbI have seen widespread use of clamav for when you are providing, say, a Unix fileserver to a bunch of Windows desktops.03:44
twbFor security of the server itself, you want to look at "intrusion detection" systems, rather than virus scanners.03:45
Doorman352Kaspersky runs on windows, Linux, etc so I figured I use it.03:46
Bo7Hi everyone!03:59
ejatvirtual machine not booting from cdrom / iso ..04:11
ejatanyone can help me ?04:11
ejatthe console came up .. but didnt booting the cdrom / iso04:13
twbejat: what virtualization technology?04:13
twbDon't you just pass -boot d ?04:14
ejatim using the virtual machine manager04:14
twbI'm not familiar with virt-manager, sorry04:14
twbAFAIK the backend needs you to specify what to boot from BEFORE starting the VM04:15
twbAnd it defaults to the hard disks04:15
ballI'm struggling to find the .torrent file for Ubuntu Server (amd64, iso)04:22
ballAha!  Found it.04:25
ballCompletely not where it should have been though.04:25
Bo7So I was reading about UncomplicatedFirewall and got a bit confused about this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/32125204:26
Bo7you guys know which page is correct, or if I got it wrong?04:31
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twbBo7: I can't answer your question, but I can teach you how to find out04:54
twbBo7: first, put your ufw config back to however you found it.04:54
twbBo7: then, run "iptables-save" and pastebin the output04:54
billybigriggercan someone help me out with mx records?05:06
bogeyd6yes billybigrigger05:09
bogeyd6!ask | billybigrigger05:09
ubottubillybigrigger: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:09
billybigriggerok, last time i setup my mailserver all the mail was to thefrozencanuck.ca, and this was my MX record05:10
Bo7twb, oh the firewall works allright for me,  I was just curious about what the default state of ufw was, the documentation says different things.05:10
billybigriggernow i want to be able to setup my mail clients to point to mail.thefrozencanuck.ca, and not the "sally" i had setup as a hostname05:10
bogeyd6so you are looking for05:10
billybigriggerso do i create a new AHOST for mail.thefrozencanuck.ca05:11
billybigriggerand then just make my MX record for mail.thefrozencanuck.ca?05:11
bogeyd6you create an A record for the mail.thefrozencanuk.co and the MX record changes to mail.thefrozencanuck.ca05:12
billybigriggerright on05:12
bogeyd6mail.thefrozencanuk.ca A ip.addy05:13
bogeyd6thefrozencanuk.ca. IN MX 10 mail.thefrozencanuk.ca05:14
bogeyd6replace 10 with whatever priority system you want to use05:14
bogeyd6i keep forgettting to type the trailing .05:16
billybigriggerok, now how do i confirm this is all setup?05:17
billybigriggeri need to use the dig command or something here?05:17
bogeyd6billybigrigger give it like 10 minutes and then check www.nwtools.com05:19
bogeyd6billybigrigger or http://www.mxtoolbox.com/05:19
bogeyd6billybigrigger you can also use "host -t MX thefrozencanuck.ca05:20
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@cabo:/etc/default$ host -t MX thefrozencanuck.ca05:21
billybigriggerthefrozencanuck.ca mail is handled by 10 mail.thefrozencanuck.ca.05:21
bogeyd6billybigrigger im just saying that you should also set an A record for just plain old thefrozencanuck.ca05:23
billybigriggeri have one05:23
billybigriggerHost  Points To  TTL  Actions05:23
billybigrigger@ 1/2 Hour05:23
billybigrigger@ = thefrozencanuck.ca05:24
billybigriggerquick poll, what do you prefer Maildir or mbox?05:24
billybigriggeri have always setup Maildir, not too familiar with mbox, and was going to try it on this setup05:25
billybigriggershould i try out mbox or stick with Maildir?05:25
billybigriggerbogeyd6, ?05:29
bogeyd6billybigrigger i have no preference05:37
bogeyd6ive had a few scotches so im in and out05:37
billybigriggerof conciousness?05:38
bogeyd6!dovecot | billybigrigger05:38
ubottubillybigrigger: IMAP and POP are protocols for fetching email. The officially-supported server in Ubuntu is Dovecot (packages "dovecot-imapd" for IMAP, and "dovecot-pop3d" for POP) - See also !MailServer for information on the SMTP protocol05:38
billybigriggeryeah i have postfix and dovecot installed05:38
billybigriggerbut obviously not configured05:38
bogeyd6i prefer using ZCS personally, i dont use dovecot, but dovecot is the official maildir package in ubuntu server05:38
billybigriggerjesus i hate evolution05:39
bogeyd6oh im watching Lock n Load with r leee ermey :)05:39
billybigriggerlock n load05:39
billybigriggerdon't think i've seen it05:39
bogeyd6if you like military stuff it is highly recommended05:39
billybigriggeroh yeah05:39
billybigriggerwho's in it?05:39
bogeyd6r lee ermey05:40
billybigriggerwhat year did it come out? 1990?05:40
bogeyd6tv series05:41
billybigriggeroh its a tv series05:41
bogeyd6all of your stuff resolves but your www, blog, and smtp isnt responding05:42
billybigriggersmtp is handled by my ispo05:44
billybigriggerhave to use shawmail.cg.shawcable.net as a relay for my outgoing mail05:44
billybigriggerisp blocks port 25 on me :(05:45
bogeyd6ok cool05:45
billybigriggerwww. and blog. don't respond?05:45
billybigriggerduh, haha have not setup apache yet05:45
billybigriggeri have a full complete server setup, mail/ftp/web/mysql all that jazz already05:46
billybigriggerbut its on a 40GB virtual hard disk05:46
bogeyd6time to put some work in05:46
billybigriggerso i decided i'd start fresh and do it on a dynamic hdd05:46
billybigriggerim bored and have nothing to do for a few days :) so i don't mind starting over05:47
bogeyd6i prefer to use VMware to run any server05:47
billybigriggerwhats the difference between vmware or vbox?05:47
bogeyd6hosted on a san05:47
billybigriggerthought they were both pretty much the same05:47
bogeyd6stability and compatibility. vmware being the superior, vbox being simpler05:47
twbbillybigrigger: a few letters05:48
twbUbuntu recommends KVM for full virtualization.05:49
bogeyd6!kvm | billybigrigger05:49
ubottubillybigrigger: kvm is the preferred virtualization approach in Ubuntu. For more information see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KVM05:49
twb(Gah!  More coffee!)05:49
bogeyd6i still like vmware05:50
twbI have had countless bad experiences with VMware, and VMware 2's move of putting everything inside tomcat didn't impress me favourably.05:50
twbI daresay VMware is more attractive if you're running Windows guests in a Windows host.05:51
twbLikewise I suspect both VMware and Virtualbox are more attractive if you're wanting to run virtual machines on your overspecced laptop (rather than on a server in the rack), and you want AIGLX and USB and such to work.05:54
billybigriggerhmm hmm05:54
billybigriggercan't connect to mail.thefrozencanuck.ca05:55
twbAs for me, qemu's features like -kernel/-initrd/-append and its raster-less tty emulation (i.e. -curses or PTYs) are killer features.05:55
billybigriggerin either thunderbird or evo...05:55
twbbillybigrigger: you should try netcat/socat first, since that'll tell you if there's anything there at all.05:55
billybigriggernmap shows 143 and 993 are open, and router is routing 143 and 993 to which is correct....05:55
twb"nc mail.thefrozencanuck.ca submission" or whatever05:55
billybigriggerbillybigrigger@cabo:/etc/default$ nc mail.thefrozencanuck.ca submission05:56
billybigriggermail.thefrozencanuck.ca [] 587 (submission) : Connection refused05:56
twbbillybigrigger: I'm assuming you're actualy using submission for SMTP/SSL05:57
twbYou seem to be talking about imap2 and imaps05:57
* billybigrigger needs to look over postfix config05:58
billybigriggersetup postfix last night and dovecot today...so its not too fresh in my memory05:58
billybigriggeri haven't done anything for smtp05:58
twbbillybigrigger: so you'd change "submission" to "imaps" or "993" then05:59
twbNot that it matters, since you indicated that nmap can see them.05:59
uvirtbotNew bug: #484621 in samba (main) "The Samba 'panic action' script, /usr/share/samba/panic-action, was called for PID 5886 (/usr/sbin/smbd)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48462106:11
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ESEDUHow do I know is dns server working properly, or are my configurations right07:51
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ESEDUHow do I know that DNS is working properly08:06
_rubenuhh .. you ask the dns server a question and see if you get the right result?08:07
_rubenand "working properly" is about as vague as it can get08:08
GammalSokkmine \ NoPE08:08
twb_ruben: "how many roads must a man walk down?"08:08
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ESEDU_ruben: I configured in named.conf zone for our school network "ele.local" and made a zone file "db.ele". Now what should some up anywhere to make me sure that I have actually configured a master server for the network "ele.local"08:15
ESEDU_ruben: its my thesis see, and i have to proof that I have now done a mster server for ele.local, so how do i know, i think ive done all the work, but wheres the trophy08:16
ESEDUu no08:17
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_rubenESEDU: assuming you have added some (bogus) records (for example: bogus.ele.local) to the db.ele zonefile and the ip address of the nameserver is, do: host bogus.ele.local.
ESEDU_ruben: and what should I see08:29
_rubenthe ip address you specified in the zonefile08:29
ESEDU_ruben: the address for the NS record?08:30
ESEDUin the zone file08:30
_rubenESEDU: do you know how dns works?08:30
_rubenlets start by putting your named.conf and db.ele on a pastebin08:31
ESEDUnow pastebins are a totally diffrent thing08:31
ESEDUnever heard08:32
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://tinyurl.com/imagebin | !pastebinit to paste directly from  command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic08:32
ESEDUu want me to give pictures08:33
ESEDUim so confused!08:35
_rubenforget about the screenshot part, the important part was: "pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. Ubuntu pastebin is at  http://paste.ubuntu.com" ... you copy/paste the contents of a file to that site so others can see/read it08:35
ESEDU_ruben: ok i put part of named.conf there.08:38
alvin_ESEDU: I'm no expert on DNS, but I've configured some easy servers (dnsmasq). Just a warning because you are using ele.local. The .local extension is used by Avahi! (http://avahi.org/wiki/AvahiAndUnicastDotLocal)08:40
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alvinThis can screw domain lookups if you are using avahi08:42
ESEDU_ruben: did u check out the pastebin08:46
_rubenESEDU: no, because you didnt give us the url of your post08:47
atomic_1you need to paste named.conf.local & named.conf.options too08:48
atomic_1in whole08:48
atomic_1can't really see just from a named.conf snippet08:48
xperia2hello to all. i have a litlle a non specific ubuntu server question. need to register a .com domain name. can anybody say me what is the best registerer for that ? who has good experience with .com domains. thanks in advance for reply08:49
ESEDU atomic_1: see whay08:49
xperia2ESEDU: i see that you have a bind9 specific question. what exectly do you want to have ?08:50
atomic_1you can also try #bind, but those guys are brutal :)08:50
xperia2yes i can confirm it :-)08:50
ESEDUxperia2: A master server for ele.local network08:52
ESEDU_ruben: http://paste.ubuntu.com/321357/08:52
_rubensnippet looks ok, your choice of filenames is uhm.. odd08:52
_rubenzonefile looks ok too08:53
_rubenhost server.ele.local. should return (assuming your dns server is
_rubenon the box itself you could use
tangentcollisionhow would I get php with my apache installation?09:01
twbtangentcollision: install it09:06
tangentcollisionwell, of course, how did I not see the blatantly obvious before?09:07
tangentcollisionwhat package would I have to install09:07
tangentcollisionthat's more of what I was asking09:07
tangentcollisiontwb: if you answer that question, I'll forgive you for being a jackass09:09
twbI don't remember offhand.09:09
xperia2tangentcollision: in the wiki page of ubuntu is all described https://help.ubuntu.com/9.10/serverguide/C/php5.html09:09
twbapt-cache search apache.*php09:09
twbThat finds libapache2-mod-php509:10
tangentcollisionyou are quite forgiven good (sir/madame)09:12
tangentcollisionoh crap, I forgot, ubuntu upgraded in the past year, hasn't it09:13
tangentcollisionapt-get upgrade09:14
_rubenubuntu "upgrades" twice a year09:16
ESEDU_ruben: http://paste.ubuntu.com/321371/09:16
tangentcollisionI forget this09:16
tangentcollisionanyways, I'm going to upgrade, good evening to all09:16
Montjoiehello i have a karmic server which has many udev --daemon and /lib/udev/watershed sh -c /sbin/lvm vgscan; /sbin/lvm vgchange -a y that appears09:26
Montjoiei saw similar bugs in bugzilla but there are too old for be for karmic09:27
Montjoieany idea ?09:27
ESEDUdoes that look right?09:41
ESEDUfor a reverse zone file09:41
ESEDU_ruben: how do I know that they work for sure then?10:12
atomic_1ESEDU: you can use the rndc command, check syslog10:40
atomic_1and dig offcourse10:41
atomic_1i like to setup separate log channels for query and named10:42
atomic_1you can do this by using logging in named.conf10:43
atomic_1keeps things clean10:43
atomic_1to test, add some entries by hand in the zones, reload them10:44
atomic_1and check forward and reverse lookup from another machine10:45
Montjoiei solved my problem with a dpkg-reconfigure udev, thanks for your help10:47
easonHi all, could some gurus give me tips about setting PXE installer server for Ubuntu 9.10 desktop?10:52
_rubeneason: got any more specific questions? been a while since i set up my pxe environment (only using it for servers install currently though)10:55
ESEDUatomi c_1: ok, hypothetically lets say ive done this, now how am i reassured?10:55
tangentcollisionodd, I didn't need to restart my server after apt-get upgrade10:59
tangentcollisionis that normal?10:59
easonRuben: I have installed Dhcp, tftp, Nfs, apache on server side,  and copied linux kernel and initrd in tftpboot. Client can boot from lan to choose install menu. But client is not able to install Ubuntu desktop from lan11:00
_rubentangentcollision: yes, as only kernel upgrades require reboots generally11:02
easonin client side, it always yield that can't find mirro11:02
ESEDU_ruben: would it make any difference that the network allready has a main server11:02
_rubeneason: (where) do you specify the mirror?11:02
easonHow can I configure to use my web server as mirro?11:03
_rubenby selecting it during the installation process?11:04
_rubenbbiab .. lunchtime11:04
easonCan I set it in preseed file as I hope it can be installed automatically?11:05
X-SetiI have an odd problem, but i am sure you have heard this before, I have had my server attached all this week, I have ubuntu-server 9.1011:25
X-Setiattacked.. oops11:25
X-SetiI am not sure how there doing, it besides the box shutting down, or totally locking up11:25
X-Setireading on google, i get the idea that its the ftp server their going after.11:26
alvinX-Seti: So, the attack was successful?11:26
X-Setiyeah, 3 times now, same time every day11:26
X-Setii only noticed this today11:26
alvinWhat ftp server are you using?11:27
alvinIs it anonymous?11:27
X-Setino, just normal user and passworded accounts11:27
X-Setii took off anon stuff11:27
alvinAre they doing a dictionary attack? (guessing passwords)11:28
alvinIf not, it must be a vulnerability. Also, ftp passwords are easy to sniff.11:28
X-Setinot sure, i have bounce attacked in the logs, and what ever server is running, like they scanned anything that is running and tried their luck11:28
X-Setiwell i cant really shut down the ftp server, change the passwords, they came onto the ircd i have running on there, and tried to send me a file too, which suggested that ftp wasnt all that successful11:29
alvinAutomated attacks are normal. (This pc is currently under attack (ssh). The cracker tries to guess the password for 'root')11:30
X-Setikilling the server is a first, crashing it and making it usless till i reboot is another11:31
alvinThat's weird, yes.11:31
X-Setii use modified hardware, i wanted to go the eco way, the box itself uses 70watt, total11:32
alvinIm must admit that I'm not familiar with proftpd.11:32
_rubeneason: yeah, mirror can be preseeded just fine11:32
X-Setiold modded laptop with everything removed, even the screen11:33
X-Setii took the motherboard out and put it in a desktop case.11:33
X-Setii removed everything that used power, added more usb ports for the back of the case, and its but fine for 6 years now11:34
X-Setitill now11:34
alvinX-Seti: Now, that is a cool idea :-)11:34
X-Setisaved me alot of money hosting sites11:34
easonruben: could you tell what is directory structure of mirror server?11:34
X-Setii noticed that ubuntu 9.10 is heavier, 8.04 wasnt so resource depanding..11:35
_rubeneason: you shouldnt have to worry about that, assuming you're using a "supported" method of creating a local mirror, im using debmirror myself currently, but i might just switch to a full rsync someday11:35
easonas installer always yield can't find mirror, maybe some thing wrong in my mirror server11:35
_rubeneason: check your access logs to see what its failing on11:36
easonI just copied Ubuntu desktop cd into web directory11:36
alvinX-Seti: My slowest machine currently running karmic server is an atom. No speed problems, except when you use Qemu (no VT, so that's entirely normal)11:36
alvinBut back to your crashes. I have no idea. Did you check /var/log/auth.log11:37
X-Setii run 2 apache servers, tomcat, ircd (custom unrealircd), proftpd, sshd, gother and thats it11:37
X-Setii never got email to work11:37
X-Setibut then, when i had email running on my older server (Amiga4000t) all i got was spam)11:38
alvinThat's not only ftp. Do you know how they got in?11:38
X-Setinot sure, i could install firestarter11:39
ubottuUbuntu, like any other linux  distribution, has firewall capabilities built-in. The firewall is managed using the 'ufw' command (see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Uncomplicated_Firewall_ufw), or 'iptables' (https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IptablesHowTo). GUI applications such as Firestarter/Gufw (Gnome) or Guarddog (KDE) also exist11:39
X-Setiif these unknowns happen, does ubuntu log them anywhere11:39
_rubeneason: ah, that probably wouldnt work indeed, not sure how/if a cd can be turned into a webmirror11:39
alvinHmm, that's a gui application. No need to install X. The damage is already done, so I would check existing logs11:39
alvinYes, /var/log/auth.log is for security11:40
X-Setii do have gnome running on there, i was working on porting an old amiga app to ubunut11:40
X-Setilets have a look at that11:40
X-Setiholly hell11:42
X-Setii have a dir full of stuff11:42
alvinYour log dir? Or do you mean a rather large auth.log?11:44
X-Setithe log dir is packed, but i am looking at auth.log now11:44
X-Setisame ip has been hammering root for days11:46
X-Setinone stop, even now11:46
easonRuben: could you show me the directory structure of your mirror?11:48
X-Setipam_unix(sshd:auth): authentication failure; logname= uid=0 euid=0 tty=ssh ruser= rhost=2031691$11:49
X-SetiNov 15 07:55:19 events sshd[15070]: Failed password for invalid user tester from port 52470 ssh211:49
X-Setithats weird11:49
X-Setii have a 1gig log file11:49
alvinX-Seti: block it :-) I actually don't know how to do that. I'll look it up. If I'm not mistaken, there is a script for ssh to do stuff like that automatically.11:49
alvinlol, maybe the log file crashed your server? :-) Is the disk full?11:49
X-Setinow i have a 1tb drive on there11:50
X-Setiit would be hard to full that :)11:50
X-Setifrom what i can see, that got password the router firewall11:51
X-Setithere port scanning everything beyond that, hitting the server i had and this comp11:51
alvinA short search tells me to use /etc/hosts.deny if you want to manually block ip ranges11:52
X-Setilooking at all the ip addresses, thats alot of blocking11:52
alvinIn my experience, a default ubuntu (without firewall) doesn't crash under those circumstances. (ssh active)11:52
X-Setiive never had any problems till, now, panic when my server crashed, i couldnt log in or connect to any services11:53
deiMy Server is not available via the Internet at its Hostname, NS1.LOYALRELIABLE.COM11:54
deiIt is available by IP11:54
dei; <<>> DiG 9.6.1-P1 <<>> @ any loyalreliable.com11:58
dei;; ANSWER SECTION:11:58
deiloyalreliable.com.      86400   IN      MX      10 mail.loyalreliable.com.11:58
deiloyalreliable.com.      86400   IN      SOA     ns1.loyalreliable.com. loyalreliable.com. 0 10800 3600 604800 360011:58
deiloyalreliable.com.      86400   IN      A
deiloyalreliable.com.      86400   IN      NS      ns1.loyalreliable.com.11:58
deiloyalreliable.com.      86400   IN      NS      ns5.loyalreliable.com.11:58
deins1.loyalreliable.com.  86400   IN      A
deimail.loyalreliable.com. 86400   IN      A
dei;; SERVER:
X-Seti5 days worth, 5 ips11:59
X-Setiso it started 5 days ago11:59
dei5 days worth?12:00
X-Setisomeone is hacking my server12:01
_rubenfail2ban is nice 'n simple method to "protect" yourself again bruteforce attacks (non-distributed ones)12:08
easonRuben: now my client installer can find my mirror server, but yield 'The installer failed to download a file from the server', any tips for solving it?12:08
_rubeneason: check the access logs of your server, it probably requires a file that isnt avail on the cd, or in a different place12:09
roytechhi can anyone help probably a simple problem (learner)12:13
roytechim getting an error unable to resolve host  "name of server"12:15
X-Setiwhat service are you running12:15
epinkyroytech: resolv.conf configured ?12:16
alvinroytech: when do you see this error?12:16
easonRuben: I have checked the apache's error log file, nothing been shown there12:16
_rubenthe installer log might show some hints too (virtual console 4 has that log)12:18
bogeyd6epinky opensuse prefers people use the yast2 tool to configure network settings12:24
bogeyd6!pastebin @ dei12:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebin @ dei12:24
bogeyd6wrong channel12:24
bogeyd6im an idiot12:24
epinkybogeyd6: excuse me?12:25
deino problem12:25
deithank you12:25
deii figured our my problem :)12:25
bogeyd6dei did you have to use the hostname tool at your registrar?12:25
deii made a dumb mistake on my firewall...12:25
deiand that was blocking everything12:26
deii just did not suspect such a simple change to cause this problem :)12:26
bogeyd6thats why i prefer firewall appliances12:26
roytechwhen just making any change to svr just after sudo12:29
easonRuben: thank you very much, I found it12:29
spirits-sightI need help, I have setup LAMP for Ubuntu 9.10 setup 2 vitalhosting by name and when going to one of the domain it does not give me any thing?  in the /etc/hosts file I have " hostname-server.abc.org hostname-server" where is the real IP address12:35
epinkyspirits-sight: you mean VirtualHost?12:36
spirits-sightyes :-) epinky12:36
epinkyspirits-sight: is another machine?12:37
spirits-sightI am using linode and it says to put the public IP address where the is12:38
spirits-sightepinky: this is the line above that one       localhost.localdomain  localhost12:39
epinkyspirits-sight: is another machine?12:40
spirits-sightI don't think so, its the linode that was assigned it linode.com12:41
epinkyspirits-sight: /etc/nsswitch.conf checked?12:42
spirits-sightone sec12:44
spirits-sightepinky: what should I be looking for, I don't see any thing in there that says domain12:46
spirits-sighthosts:          files dns12:46
spirits-sightnetworks:       files12:46
epinkyfiles dns means check hosts first, if not found ther go to dns, it's ok then ...12:47
spirits-sightOK so I understood that then :-)12:47
spirits-sightwhen I go to the domain.org in brower it says "Oops! This link appears to be broken."12:50
epinkyspirits-sight: try using nslookup with some external server, to check resolution12:52
epinkyspirits-sight: I mean resolution of your server :)12:53
spirits-sightso in my destop term do mslookup domain.org12:53
spirits-sightit gave good respone it gave the ip address, so how do I know its from the server12:54
epinkyi think it should be equal to
spirits-sightNon-authoritative answer:12:56
spirits-sightsorry for the mulite lines12:56
epinkyspirits-sight: use pastebin , do you have a DNS server local?, i'd like to check Authorative-Answer12:58
spirits-sightno its hosted with linode.com12:58
spirits-sightI am using godaddy which point to the linode nameserver and then doing DNS control with linode12:59
epinkyspirits-sight: can you reach the server using IP?13:00
eixhi there. I am running Ubuntu8.10 32bit on an "AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3500+", which is a K8 64bit processor. should i upgrade to a 64bit linux distro? will I pull all of my hair off for this?13:01
spirits-sightepinky: ok when I use nslookup ip address it give me ip.in-addr.arpa name = xxxxx-xxx.members.linode.com the ip address is backwards and where xxxxx-xxx is the linode marker I think13:03
epinkyspirits-sight: ok, can you reach the server using IP(public)?13:05
spirits-sightok, when using just IP address it gives me oops again, but I also am not telling it any vitiualhost site, how do I pass that along with the ip address of it know which one13:07
epinkythat public IP address is already configured on your VPS, right?13:10
spirits-sightI believe so13:10
epinkyspirits-sight: can you  ping that ip?13:12
epinkyspirits-sight: to administer your VPS you use SSH?13:13
epinkyspirits-sight: you've installed LAMP on your VPS  or are you using DNS Manager to redirect to some local server?13:18
spirits-sightI have installed LAMP on the VPS using this guide http://library.linode.com/lamp-guides/ubuntu-9.10-karmic/13:19
spirits-sightI skipped over the area that says Configure for IP-based Virtual Hosting13:20
epinkyok, on your SSH session to VPS, check if apache2 is up with netstat13:22
dipHi all. I'm newbie in cloud computing. I've configured mico-cloud using eucalyptus and running two instances in it. I would like to know how one can install some packages in running instance *persistently* so that I can use that package upon reboot. Any help ?13:23
spirits-sightepinky: OK I don't see the service apache2 there how ever I have a number of time say to reload it it say it did, is this different?13:25
epinkyspirits-sight: reload is different from restart13:25
spirits-sightI have done restart also but will do again13:25
epinkyspirits-sight: netstat has to indicate that port 80 is LISTENING13:26
spirits-sight/etc/init.d/apache2 restart is what I have run one sec see if see port 80 is LISTENING13:26
spirits-sightok I don't see that either, that strange13:27
epinkyspirits-sight: then check on your logs, there could be some error13:27
spirits-sightok I did a restart and still not see any thing13:28
epinkyspirits-sight: check your logs13:28
spirits-sightok under etc/logs right13:28
epinkyspirits-sight: /var/log/...13:28
spirits-sightyep yep :-( forgot type var not etc13:29
roytechwhen ever i try to do any restarting of say samba i get unable to resolve host "name of server"13:30
spirits-sightwhich log apache2 has nothing in it13:30
spirits-sightepinky: ^^13:30
epinkyspirits-sight: error.log and access.log I guess13:31
spirits-sightepinky: in error.log it says unable to open log three times13:32
spirits-sightepinky: in access.log there is nothing13:33
epinkyspirits-sight: "unable to open" or "unable to open log"?13:33
epinkyspirits-sight: use "more"13:34
spirits-sightit says "Unable to open logs"  I am using nano to open them13:34
roytechhi can any one help with this?13:34
epinkyspirits-sight: use "more"13:35
spirits-sightepinky:  also other_vhosts_access.log has nothing in it13:35
roytechwhen ever i try restart samba i get unable to resolve host "name of server"13:36
spirits-sightepinky:  http://pastebin.com/d7b08e3c113:36
spirits-sightepinky: all the others are empty13:37
spirits-sightepinky: this is what it gave me for netstat http://pastebin.com/d6578037313:40
epinkyspirits-sight: type "locate ports.conf"13:40
spirits-sight-bash: locate: command not found13:42
epinkyspirits-sight: type "find /etc/apache2 -name ports.conf"13:43
spirits-sightok found it its in /etc/apache2/ports.conf13:44
epinkysudo nano /etc/apache2/ports.conf13:45
spirits-sightepinky: done13:46
epinkyis there a line like "Listen XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:80" ?13:46
RoyKwell, there should be13:47
RoyKor Listen 8013:47
RoyKwithout the IP13:47
spirits-sightepinky: yes it says13:49
spirits-sightNameVirtualHost *:8013:49
spirits-sightListen 8013:49
epinkyspirits-sight: try changing to "Listen", save,  and restart to see if it opens 8013:52
jester7can anyone tell me where karmic's syslog server resides?13:55
jester7previously, it was /sbin/syslogd13:55
spirits-sightepinky: it did not change the netstat13:55
epinkyspirits-sight: try changing to "Listen", save,  and restart to see if it opens 808013:55
spirits-sightepinky: brb13:55
spirits-sightepinky: nothing changed again, netstat13:57
epinkyspirits-sight: "Listen your.linode.ip.address:80" also change "NameVirtualHost your.linode.ip.address:80" , save and restart, netstat a t the end14:03
spirits-sightepinky: it gave me some errors14:15
epinkyspirits-sight: cat /proc/sys/fs/file-max14:16
spirits-sight34992 epinky14:17
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spirits-sightepinky: ^^^14:19
epinkyspirits-sight: change "NameVirtualHost your.linode.ip.address:8080", to check use "/usr/sbin/apache2ctl restart" and post results14:22
spirits-sightI changed listen and name... to linode ip:808014:28
spirits-sightwill u be on later then evening USA Est time14:28
epinkyspirits-sight: it says trying to start, did it finish?14:29
epinkydon't you have prompt then?14:30
spirits-sightI have prompt14:30
epinkynetstat -an?14:30
spirits-sightjust try again same issue14:31
spirits-sightits listening to mysql and otehr stuff but not apache214:31
epinkymaybe you'll need to change ulimit on /etc/init.d/apache2, not sure, however "Unable to open logs"  is your error and the reason why apache2 does not start :(14:32
spirits-sightOK I have to leave,  if any other stuff please PM me try when get home14:32
spirits-sightok thank14:33
epinkyspirits-sight: good luck and bye14:33
spirits-sightthanks alot for the help14:33
epinkyspirits-sight: you're welcome14:33
selinuxiumhi all any EC2 users about? I am just getting started using the command line tools... Wondering if I should install eucalyptus... Also how to bundle a instance...  Cheer14:37
_rubenugh .. i really needa set me up a distcc environment .. compiling a kernel just takes to long14:40
aubreGood morning14:42
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uvirtbotNew bug: #484807 in qemu-kvm (main) "module blacklisting not respected" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48480715:07
_rubenbah .. lvm breaks when backporting a karmic/jaunty kernel to hardy .. guess im doing something wrong :/15:18
ivoksmaybe you need to backport lvm userspace?15:22
maswanHm. So, with theew new fancy upstart init job scripts, how do I prevent a service from starting automatically at boot?15:23
epinkymaswan: rcconf?15:31
maswanooh, never heard of it15:32
maswan"It is a TUI(Text User Interface) frontend to the update-rc.d command." doesn't sound very useful though15:32
acalvomaswan: why not? it means you can manage all your services at the different run levels15:36
epinky"how do I prevent a service from starting automatically at boot?" doesn't sound very difficult though15:36
maswanAs far as I can tell, there are no rc?.d/*-links to delete, for say portmap15:38
acalvoI've a VM with a virtual hard disk, and I want to make it bigger. So far so easy, but since the partition are made with LVM, is it difficult to expand the logical volumes? is it safer? is as easy as running the lvextend command?15:38
alvinIf I'm not mistaken, There are no runlevels anymore15:38
ScottKttx: Can we move https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/server-lucid-more-mail-integration from the last session today to tomorrow or Friday?  There's another session that I absolutely have to attend at that time.15:38
Fenix|workGreetings and salutations15:39
maswanSo I'm not sure what use update-rc.d or any interface to that will be for those services that don't use that legacy interface15:39
alvinacalvo: yes, it's that easy. You need to to 2 things. Want an example?15:39
acalvoalvin: yes, thank you15:39
alvinSuppose you have vg0/opt . t is 1G and you want to make it 2:15:40
alvin$ sudo lvextend -L 2G vg0/opt15:40
alvin$ sudo resize2fs /dev/vg0/opt15:40
acalvoalvin: ok, fine15:40
acalvoI guess for ext4 there is a similar utility15:40
Fenix|workAny admins here familiar with rsyslog?  I'm having a logging duplication issue after applying templates for remote hosts.15:40
alvinacalvo: this works perfectly for ext415:41
ttxScottK: we can15:41
ScottKttx: Thanks.15:41
acalvoalvin: thank you so much then15:41
maswanepinky: That's what I thought, except all the documentation and help thingies I could find is just for the "legacy" sysv init stuff...15:42
ttxScottK: tomorrow 10am ?15:42
ScottKttx: Checking15:42
ScottKttx: Yes, please.15:42
ttxScottK: done15:44
Fenix|workWhich filesystem is best for logs?15:44
ttxivoks: ^15:45
ScottKThank you.15:45
_rubeni tend to store /var/log on an ext3 partition with noatime15:46
epinkyFenix|work: NILFS :)15:46
Fenix|workepinky, meh, don't need continuous snapshotting15:48
maswandevnullfs? :)15:49
* Fenix|work sighs15:49
epinkyFenix|work: sorry, it was a joke, "logs for your logs" :D15:49
* Fenix|work wondered why he never changed his syslog rules to log to /dev/nul15:49
Fenix|workerr /dev/null15:50
Fenix|workepinky, I thought it was funny actually :)15:50
Fenix|workI understand though that NILFS is pretty good with solid state drives15:50
Fenix|workat least that's what linux-mag told me a few months ago15:51
Fenix|workor I could be dreaming it.15:51
Fenix|workanyway ...15:52
Fenix|workbetween reiser and ext, which would handle system logs better?15:52
epinkyFenix|work: my two cents on ReiserFS , BUT it's only an opinion15:54
Fenix|workI'm leaning towards reiserfs myself...15:55
Fenix|work... just internally debating 3 or 415:55
Fenix|work... but I somehow find myself drifting my thoughts to inventor and wondering how his new life is coming along.15:55
acalvoFenix|work: why not the new ext4?15:56
Jeeves_Fenix|work: What he said ^^^ :)15:56
Fenix|workI have no problem with ext4... I just don't want a lost+found folder15:57
Fenix|workmy drive is already formatted ext415:57
Fenix|workand it's nice to know I can create 16TiB files :)15:57
acalvoFenix|work: so afraid of l+f?15:58
Fenix|worknot afraid no... I'm just a freak I guess who doesn't like something for the sake of something to be there... create the folder when you actually have files that are lost and found...15:59
Fenix|workbut I have a drive for logging and there will be a folder for every device on my network logging to it... then there is lost+found15:59
acalvoI think that folder has been there since older versions16:00
Fenix|workacalvo, and hence why I moved to resierfs :)16:00
Fenix|workI keep my boot as ext2 though, for all you old-timers :)16:00
acalvowell, I guess is a matter of taste16:00
acalvoI like the new ext416:00
acalvoI've played with reiser4 (in the gentoo old-times)16:01
Fenix|workgentoo still around, or have they compiled themselves to oblivion yet?16:01
* Fenix|work laughs... used to be an ArchTester16:01
acalvoI'm curious, is not critical to have one device to log all your network systems? what happen if someone gets inside? or if you lose connectivity?16:02
Fenix|workI still have the tag in my whois.16:02
acalvowell, I know is still around, but I don't want a 24h installation16:02
acalvomoreover, I haven't seen a new release since the main progammer left (in 2006 I think)16:02
Fenix|workacalvo, I'll have two syslog servers as a central repository for all logs, and all machines are still going to log to themselves if something happened to both central servers.16:02
Fenix|workI just want a single point to browse all logs from all devices16:03
Fenix|workthrow in some utils to send out email alerts on warnings and up, and some utils to parse through the logs... and it'll make life easier16:03
acalvowhat do you suggest? (it seems pretty interesting)16:03
Fenix|workmanually searching over 150 devices is a pain in the ass16:04
Fenix|workacalvo, I just started this project... I decided to use Karmic as the base because of the switch to rsyslogd from sysklogd16:04
Fenix|workI'm going to try logging to files first and see how that works out...16:05
netrati'm using postfix with cyrus and an sasl database for users. is there a way to extract a list of users for local_recipient_maps from the sasldb?16:05
Fenix|workon the other box I'm going to experiment with logging to MySQL16:05
Fenix|worknetrat, and hello to you as well.16:05
Fenix|workacalvo, I'm not sure on what I'm going to use for the actual log interface... whether it'll be Splunk, or PHPLogCon16:06
netratFenix|work, hello16:06
acalvoFenix|work: I'm using nagios + cacti16:06
acalvoand I was planning to use splunk in a centralized syslog system16:06
acalvoFenix|work: did you try SNMP?16:06
Fenix|workacalvo, right now I'm leaning nagios + splunk + rove.  rove for the mobile aspect16:06
Fenix|workacalvo, not yet.  although rsyslogd has a facility for outputting SNMP traps16:07
acalvomost of the network systems already have SNMP into it16:07
acalvoand it's pretty easy to set them up16:07
acalvoand to catch it all with nagios16:07
Fenix|workacalvo, yeah, I still want a central location for all logs, specifically for auditing purposes...16:08
Fenix|workSOx sucks.16:08
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acalvowell, if you need any advise about SNMP, or examples to control routers,printers,etc... drop around and ask :)16:08
Fenix|workacalvo, send me a PM and tell me the pros and cons...16:10
Fenix|workdon't want to bore everyone else with off topic ;)16:10
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axisyshow do I find out why scripts under cron.daily is not running ?16:41
axisysanacron is not running.. doh!16:45
axisys/usr/sbin/anacron is present.. interesting16:45
axisysis NOT present i meant16:45
axisysjust installed it16:47
axisyswait.. i am reading it wrong.. anacron is not needed .. so how come cron.daily's scripts did not run ? which log would tell me why cron.daily's script not running16:50
uvirtbotNew bug: #484426 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.37-1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 127" [Low,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48442617:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #484051 in ubuntu "package samba 2:3.2.3-1ubuntu3.6 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48405117:21
smcquayi'm trying to use a eucalyptus insta-cloud. i followed the instructions on the Ubuntu site, but when I try to connect to the virtual machine, my keys get denied. Has any one run into this issue, and how does one fix/diagnose it?17:40
smcquayyeah, it's very odd. it takes much longer than I'd suspect trying to connect, and then just doesn't connect. I've searched online for eucalyptus and the error I see (Permission denied (publickey)), but to no avail. is there a way to have an image that doesn't require ssh keys?18:00
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ahasenack2.4.18-0ubuntu1 is hanging at 100% cpu in karmic when I try to add data to a database defined in cn=config, has anybody seen this recently?18:13
ahasenackit just sits in pid 16635] futex(0x7ff5f8a57c48, FUTEX_WAIT_PRIVATE, 2, NULL18:13
ahasenack16594 openldap  20   0  187m 8500 4128 S  185  0.2   2:52.14 slapd18:14
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baffleHmm, I think Ubuntu should have compiled clvm against corosync instead of cman.18:15
Fenix|workI've a question.  How do I go about making an image of my server configuration so in the event of a catastrophy I can re-apply that image to the same hardware and have the system up and running as if nothing ever were to have happened... without the need to reinstall and reconfigure everything?18:36
Fenix|workHmm... server configuration is a little ambiguous... I mean the entire server18:37
djveerIf I am setting up a small web server for a client using Ubuntu server... what are some things I should take into consideration to provide as much uptime as cheaply as possible. Any suggestions?18:38
djveerOBviously i've thought of mirrrored drives, back up to an off site location to tape.. etc18:38
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uvirtbotNew bug: #484944 in bacula (universe) "package bacula-director-mysql 2.4.4-1ubuntu9 failed to install/upgrade: Unterprozess installiertes post-installation-Skript gab den Fehlerwert 1 zurück" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48494418:46
Fenix|workHow do I go about creating a bootable recovery CD/DVD of my server install?19:26
GammalSokkmine \ NoPE19:48
Fenix|workAnyone have a how-to to create an apt mirror for local use?20:09
guntbertFenix|work: have a look at apt-mirror20:14
Fenix|workguntbert, ok, thanks.20:14
guntbertFenix|work: there also is good tutorial - but I cannot remember where - sorry20:15
Fenix|workI will search for it.20:15
Fenix|workguntbert, you use nagios?20:16
guntbertFenix|work: no20:16
guntbertFenix|work: the tutorial I used: http://www.howtoforge.com/local_debian_ubuntu_mirror20:18
Fenix|workthat's the one I'm looking at now.20:18
Fenix|workthanks :)20:18
Fenix|workguntbert, how big is the repo?20:19
guntbertFenix|work: not sure, I don't have the disk with me right now - several 10GB I'd say20:20
Fenix|workcan you mirror multiple releases?20:21
Fenix|workor multiple arches?20:21
guntbertFenix|work: yes and yes20:21
Fenix|worksweet and sweeter.20:22
cyphermoxguntbert, Fenix|work, last time I looked into it it was something of the 20G for a "quick and dirty mirror", where you get just the release stuff, and more like 200G or so for "everything"20:23
cyphermoxnot sure if this was per arch, but I guess (hope) not :)20:23
Fenix|work20GB isn't too bad.20:23
Fenix|workmost likely it would be per arch...20:24
guntbertcyphermox: I didn't count the src repos, but they do come only once :)20:24
cyphermoxyeah :)20:24
cyphermoxper arch, I don't know. It seems steep, even though there is a lot of stuff20:24
Fenix|workwell, gcc for i686 and gcc for amd64 are two different beasts :)20:24
cyphermoxnote that these were numbers from the page about mirroring ubuntu...20:24
Fenix|workcyphermox, out of curiousity... do you use nagios?20:25
Fenix|workI'm debating about using a source install vs a package install20:25
cyphermoxFenix|work, no, i don't use nagios. The fact that it was text-based configs, changed manually, or having to install additional packages with weird deps annoyed me20:27
Fenix|workit appears nagios' quick-start guide suggests install from source20:29
Fenix|workso, that is what i'll do.20:29
cyphermoxnagios from source gives you very much up-to-date stuff. on the other hand, installing it from a package might be more convenient20:30
Fenix|workcyphermox, until an update that could potentially break my config :)20:34
Fenix|workpros and cons20:34
Fenix|workpackages vs. source20:34
* Fenix|work sighs20:34
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ninjah      -  Since a packet is assigned to a FEC when it enters the network,21:32
ninjah         the ingress router may use, in determining the assignment, any21:32
ninjah         information it has about the packet, even if that information21:32
ninjah         cannot be gleaned from the network layer header.  For example,21:32
ninjah         packets arriving on different ports may be assigned to21:32
ninjah         different FECs.  Conventional forwarding, on the other hand,21:32
ninjah         can only consider information which travels with the packet in21:32
ninjah         the packet header.21:32
ninjahWhoops! wrong irc room21:33
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uvirtbotNew bug: #485026 in openldap (main) "[karmic] slapd hangs at 100% cpu and is unkillable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48502621:41
occyHey guys... anyone here ever used cgiirc?  I'm trying to get it set up on my Ubuntu server.  I have the irc server already up and going21:41
occyI did apt-get install cgiirc21:41
occyand have googled trying to find some sort of howto... but :/  (and I've read the docs) but am still confused21:42
occyBetter question.  Where can I find the Ubuntu cgiirc documentation?21:45
mjeansonFor UDS folks, Community server team dinner tonight. Let's meet in the lobby by 6:30PM. Everyone welcome.21:53
Davieygrr.. i think i'm double booked.21:54
WallaceCan anybody recommend a VPN server to use?  Clients will be ubuntu, and windoze.22:20
aheWallace: http://openvpn.net/ ?22:26
ahedidn't have to setup a VPN but if i had to i would go with openvpn22:26
Wallaceso better than pptpd, or any of the other options available?22:29
ReepicheepWallace: I use both pptpd and openvpn.. pptp is great for simplicity.. it integrates natively with many clients including linux and ubuntu.. but22:43
Reepicheepwhen security is a concern I reach for openvpn.. I like the fact that it is based on SSL22:44
Reepicheeps/linux and ubuntu/linux and windows/ ^^22:45
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mjeansonCommunity Server Team dinner postponned to 7:15PM in the lobby.23:56

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