moustafaCcr3: Hey dude!00:05
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LaserJockanybody happen to have an opinion on which VM solution would be "fastest": qemu, VirtualBox, VMware Player17:57
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nagappanhi ara19:58
nagappanara, how things going in conf ?19:58
arahey nagappan, doing good, a lot of sessions!19:58
nagappanara, cool20:02
aranagappan, how is ldtpv2 going? ;-)20:06
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switchgirli'm on Lynx21:10
switchgirlhow to test it?21:10
switchgirlswitch-testing-desktop:~$ cat /etc/issue21:26
switchgirlUbuntu lucid (development branch) \n \l21:26
switchgirlanyone using it?21:26
switchgirli am21:26
fader_switchgirl: Sorry for the delay -- a lot of the testers and developers are in sessions at UDS this week21:30
fader_switchgirl: At the moment, lucid is largely the same as karmic, so there's not a lot to test yet :)21:30
fader_switchgirl: But if you are adventurous, updating whenever you see updates available and just using the system is a great way to test.  And of course report bugs when you see them ;)21:30
switchgirlwhats the programme that flashes notices up at me in the top right?21:31
switchgirlthats full of lines21:31
fader_switchgirl: There are also a lot of resources at http://qa.ubuntu.com/ for testing21:31
fader_Hmm, could be the notification applet or maybe network manager if you are on a wireless network21:31
fader_If you right-click on it and select 'About' that should tell you21:32
switchgirlcant as it greys out21:32
switchgirlin karmic its fine21:32
switchgirlbut not in Lucid21:32
bmwracer0is there anything to test for lucid yet?21:33
fader_Hmm, is it a box that is opening some space below the panel that fades out when you move your mouse over it?21:33
fader_bmwracer0: UDS Lucid is going on right now, which is the planning sessions for Lucid, so there's not a lot to test yet21:33
nagappanara, sorry was away21:34
nagappanara, things are going good, started back on LDTPv221:34
nagappanara, now VMware WS 7.0 is released21:34
nagappanara, have more free time21:34
fader_bmwracer0: you can find more information about it (including how to participate remotely) here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-L21:34
bmwracer0okay thanks21:35
switchgirli gave Lucid a 30 gb space on my hdd after testing it in VirtualBox21:37
fader_bmwracer0: As I said to switchgirl, if you're feeling adventurous you can always update to lucid and track the updates and help us catch bugs21:37
fader_switchgirl: Excellent! :D  My guess is that bugs will start showing up in the next week or two as development really gets underway.  The earlier we can catch them the faster they'll be fixed.21:37
fader_So if you're willing to play with it in virtualbox and help report bugs, it would be greatly appreciated.21:38
bmwracer0ok great21:38
* switchgirl grasps her bug swatter while fader_ godes her on "Lemme at em Lemme at em....."21:38
bmwracer0where is the information on that?21:38
switchgirli hate bugs21:38
fader_switchgirl: :)  We all do!21:38
fader_bmwracer0: Information on what?  Upgrading to Lucid?21:39
bmwracer0nevermind, i found it :)21:39
fader_Please be aware that as Lucid is under development, there *will* be major bugs that might prevent you from using your system or might cause you to lose data, so you might not want to run it on your main computer21:40
fader_A secondary system or a virtual machine is recommended, at least until we get somewhat farther in the development cycle.21:40
switchgirlits simple bmwracer0 edit sorces and change em to Lucid rather than karmic21:40
fader_switchgirl: Actually, I think you can even do it an easier way... "sudo update-manager -d" in a terminal should present you with update manager and let you upgrade in a GUI21:41
* fader_ is lazy and likes GUIs :)21:41
switchgirli have a two part system (one half Lucid one half Karmic)21:42
fader_That's the smart way to do it. ;)21:43
switchgirlthat was after i installed on a 10gb partition in a virtual box21:45
fader_It's helpful to have access to both, as you can check to see if a bug that you found exists in the previous version or if it is a regression.  That's very valuable data to add to bugs.21:47
switchgirli have access to all three Ubuntu's (the LTS and Karmic) now Lucid21:54
switchgirlalso have 9 other machines in Virtual Box21:54
fader_If anyone who is willing to help with QA is interested, we have weekly QA team meetings on the #ubuntu-meeting channel at 1700 UTC21:56
fader_(You can see the calendar of the various Ubuntu meetings here: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar )21:56
fader_Please come join and pitch in :)21:57
fader_There was no meeting this week due to the developer summit, but we should be back on schedule next week21:57
fader_switchgirl: Having all those various machines would be a huge help if you can assist with upgrade testing toward the end of the cycle21:58
fader_Though you don't have to wait until the end to start testing and reporting bugs, of course21:59
switchgirlkk what needs to be done i wont wait21:59
switchgirlMark said i'm ganna have a rough ride21:59
fader_switchgirl: At the moment just play with lucid, keep it up to date and use it22:01
fader_In a week or two we'll have a better idea of what is being added and changed22:01
fader_The QA meetings are a good venue to discuss what needs tested... the whole QA team and community attend these and often there are specific areas mentioned there22:01
switchgirlI'd like to see a different design fr the desktop22:01
fader_There are also scheduled 'bug days' for testing specific packages22:02
fader_switchgirl: A lot of design discussion is happening this week :)  Feel free to jump in: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS-L22:02
switchgirlalso get rid of Wine replace it with a version of VirtualBox22:02
* switchgirl plays spot the female22:03
switchgirlnot many :s22:04
* switchgirl hopes to change that 22:04
fader_Unfortunately VirtualBox can't entirely replace wine, as it requires a licensed version of Windows to run Windows software, while Wine is Free22:04
fader_switchgirl: Indeed; we would love to have more women participating in Ubuntu22:04
fader_switchgirl: You might be interested in the work the Ubuntu Women group are doing: http://www.ubuntu-women.org/22:05
switchgirlthere is a bug with flashplayer - iplayer it replays at the end when its not supposed to22:06
fader_switchgirl: Please file a bug in launchpad if there is not one already :)22:06
fader_The best way to make sure things get fixed is to file bugs in Launchpad and provide as much detail as possible22:07
fader_The more information you can provide the easier time the developers have fixing it22:07
fader_(though Flash is an unfortunate case, as it is not Free software)22:07
switchgirlwhats the command that builds a whole picture of the system (listing the type of RAM etc?)22:08
fader_switchgirl: Hmm, not sure :(  Usually if I am reporting a bug I try to provide the following information:22:09
fader_uname -a22:09
fader_sudo lspci -vnvn22:09
fader_and if it's system related, several log files: /var/log/syslog, /var/log/dmesg, /var/log/messages22:09
switchgirlyeah, i'll always provide a full thing with my bug reports22:11
fader_switchgirl: Excellent.  It's appreciated :)22:15
switchgirldont think people will complain22:16
fader_Indeed; it's hard (though not impossible) to provide too much information and very easy to provide too little.22:20
switchgirlfader_: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/firefox-3.5/+bug/485061 that any use?22:35
ubot4`Launchpad bug 485061 in firefox-3.5 "Adobe Flash loops in BBC iplayer firefox" [Undecided,New]22:35
fader_switchgirl: Looks very good to me!  (Though I'm not a firefox developer, so you might get asked for additional information at some point)22:36
fader_switchgirl: It looks like you used ubuntu-bug for this, which is fantastic :)  It automatically adds the relevant files and logs to the bug.22:39
switchgirlyeah i was trying to add the FULL system profile22:39
switchgirlk refresh yeah shall see :)22:40
switchgirlis Lucid a Daily?22:40
fader_switchgirl: There are daily builds of Lucid going on now; there is a new one every day22:41
fader_Though if you run 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade' every day you will have the same packages22:42
switchgirlsoi guess boot up into Lucid and sudo update-manager -d22:42
switchgirl:s found a bug that the bug manager cant handle22:43
switchgirlignore me22:44
switchgirlmade an error with the prcess number in terminal22:44
switchgirlapparently i was right... it wont compile bug reports for adobe air installer22:47
fader_Yeah, unfortunately there's very little we can do with closed-source applications :(23:00
fader_Other than whine at the makers of them to fix them23:00
switchgirloh and gnome bar occasionally allows the desk bar (bit that allows programme title and movement) to hide under it - this could be bad for users - espessually newbies  occers in 8.10 8.04 8.04 and 10.0423:02
switchgirl*occers in ubuntu 8.10 8.04 9.10 9.0423:04
fader_switchgirl: If you can reliably reproduce that (e.g. have a series of steps that someone else can follow to cause it to happen) that would be fantastic to add to a bug23:09
switchgirli will but... where to add it23:10
switchgirlgnome-bar i suppose23:10
fader_Indeed; usually your best guess is the way to go.  If it turns out to be in the wrong place, a bug triager or developer can move it23:12
fader_If anyone's interested, there's a session at UDS going on right now about how to help involve the community in testing.  Audio is here: Audio: http://icecast.ubuntu.com:8000/stanford.ogg.m3u23:29
fader_And you can participate by joining #ubuntu-uds-stanford23:29
switchgirlhi again23:55
switchgirlabout to make my  first video23:55

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