virtualdis it possible to dist-upgrade to lucid now? update-manager -d didn't work yesterday03:27
brycevirtuald, wrong channel04:16
tjaaltonbryce: ok, mail sent06:13
Sarvattlol tormod we just uploaded mesa at the exact same time :D22:10
tormodSarvatt, d'oh :)22:11
Sarvatt7.8.0~git20091118.eec42828-0ubuntu0sarvatt <= 7.8.0~git20091118.eec42828-0ubuntu0tormod22:12
Sarvatt7 minutes ago, you uploaded 8 minutes ago, thats some timing22:12
tormodI always check to see if you're on IRC before uploading, but didn't today22:12
tormodI uploaded 7.7 branch to karmic22:12
tormoddid you upload to karmic?22:13
tormodnot the first time we are scarily synchronized :)22:14
Sarvattyeah i did but my lucid source package wasnt accepted so karmic and jaunty didnt get accepted22:18
Sarvattso no worries there :)22:18
Sarvattintels still broken :(22:19
Sarvattwonder if its broken on an actual karmic install with the older pixman22:23
SarvattDuke`: are you on karmic by any chance? i remember you saying you had the same problem a few days ago22:24
Sarvatttormod: can you resend that email? i dont see the script attached22:25
tormodSarvatt, I noticed that after clicking send :)22:26
Sarvatthmm, you're doing nouveau with the script? last time i messed with that debian builds it alot differently than we do and it was better to use the get-orig-source instead22:38
tormodanyone here seen bug 459961? a disturbing number of duplicates22:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 459961 in mesa "radeon_dma.c:210: radeonRefillCurrentDmaRegion: Assertion `dma_bo->bo->cref == 1' failed." [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45996122:39
tormodSarvatt, I build it with origin/ubuntu22:39
Sarvattoh nice it was only in bzr back then i think22:40
Sarvattwell the mesa 7.6 snapshot should fix that, http://cgit.freedesktop.org/mesa/mesa/commit/?h=mesa_7_6_branch&id=13b5a624b1899c457279907d58046dfb3c95addc22:41
Duke`Sarvatt, I'm on karmic yes22:42
Sarvattyou had the alpha channel problems or whatever a few days ago right?22:42
Sarvattbackground on desktop fonts was black, black fonts were light colored22:43
tormodSarvatt, ubuntu has had that mesa commit for a long time22:45
Sarvattstill looks like that here with the latest git22:47
Sarvattahhh gotta run, catch ya guys later22:48
tormodhmm that commit/patch brought that assert back22:48
* bryce waves23:12

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