erail1213americas army00:00
MsTegansebsebseb so maybe I shouldn't panic lol00:00
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: then you can get an old version from mysql's website and install it manually if you can't find a packaged version, I guess.00:00
sebsebsebMsTegan: How much RAM do you have?00:00
Mike_lifeguard!ask | RaXOR00:00
ubottuRaXOR: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:00
davidl_Mike_lifeguard: I was only able to find version 4.1 there...00:01
bastid_raZorCuddles: ifconfig in a terminal or right click on network applet in the top toolbar > connection information00:01
CuddlesI was using ipconfig00:01
RaXORifconfig | grep "inet addr"00:01
davidl_Mike_lifeguard:  so backports only go back so far?  Are there different backports for older versions of Ubuntu?  I suppose I could try installing a much older distro..00:02
RaXORthis is sorted =)00:02
MsTegansebsebseb omg, I don't know.  That's how bad I've gotten with computers00:02
sebsebsebMsTegan: there is bound to be a way to get it working in 9.10, but maybe/probably you can  virtual machine 8.10 and have the web cam working :)00:02
RaXOR-> Cuddles  ifconfig | grep "inet addr"00:02
sebsebsebMsTegan: ok  free -m in the terminal and what does it say for total?00:02
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: Yeah, I mean... old software isn't supported forever; at some point you're supposed to upgrade. I suggest you ask in #mysql about getting an old version00:02
Fujkanyone run gtx 275 with compiz?00:03
archet45RaXOR, you were having issues mounting/ummounting via 9.10?00:03
davidl_Mike_lifeguard:  They laughed at me when I asked...  <weak smile>00:03
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aymanhave proplem with hymera 9.10  any help plz00:03
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: I bet the person who laughed was domas :D00:04
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: Then what do you expect us to do?00:04
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: Sure, troll the archives for a packaged version, but it'll be totally unsupported by anyone at all.00:04
aymanany body help me00:04
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: If you can even find it.00:04
RaXORThen... my problem is installing nvidia drivers,  i've nvidia ge force 7300 gs, but when i've downloaded and installed driver , i have some bugs, f.ex. cant start terminal =( ???00:05
RaXORand system panel not clear00:05
davidl_Mike_lifeguard: I was thinking maybe I didn't have apt-get configured properly... or there's some 'secret voodoo' that makes older packaged available.00:05
ayman\ j#linuxac00:05
ayman\j #linuxac00:06
Mike_lifeguardayman: use the other slash: /00:06
RaXORarchet45... yep00:06
davidl_Mike_lifeguard: but I guess older packages are deleted eventually......00:06
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: Nope. The old packaged versions might not even be around. For example, if the version you're looking for is from a version of ubuntu that isn't supported any longer, then there's no need to have it in the archives, and it probably isn't00:06
R0b0t1Hello, for some reason when I press a key, my mouse lags, and then "jumps" to where it should be. This causes me to be unable to play all games, even native. Any solutions?00:06
R0b0t1I have an apple keyboard/hub, but I have this problem even when the mouse is not plugged in through it.00:06
aymanok sir but iam having proplem and needed to fix it00:06
aymancan you help me00:06
archet45RaXOR, did you find any kind of fix or work around?00:07
sharmonHello, I'm having significant difficulties getting Ubuntu 9.10 to load on my computer.  I previously had xp on it, created a live cd, partitioned it and installed seemingly without problems.  On it's first load it updated all the packages.  Since that first use, after turning it on or rebooting, it loads completely without error about 10% of the time (but I can't figure out why it will boot or not boot).  Xp is still functional.  Even t00:07
RaXORbut... i can show screenshots...00:07
davidl_Mike_lifeguard: so I should look in the LTS versions?00:07
Mike_lifeguardR0b0t1: If someone helps you with that, can you let me know?00:07
RaXORno result for fixes00:07
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: that'd be your best bet00:08
archet45so people who use ubuntu and randomly can't mount/unmount drives are basically SOL?00:08
jribarchet45: what is your question?00:08
davidl_Mike_lifeguard:  ok... thanks for your help!00:09
archet45whenever i try to mount or unmount a partition from a drive that has two ntfs partitions, i get an error message saying only root can do that00:09
Mike_lifeguarddavidl_: no problem. sorry it wasn't as simple as you were hoping00:09
mesengasebsebseb, ok.. after type 'sudo tasksel install lamp-server' what do i?00:09
RaXORsudo su00:09
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: so ... what is the actual problem? ubuntu won't boot?00:09
jribarchet45: you need to use sudo00:10
RaXORarchet45 type sudo su00:10
archet45jrib, i simply want to be able to mount/unmount drives via elevated privileges like ubuntu did intially00:10
sharmonMike, Yes, ubuntu won't consistently boot00:10
aymani can not open any partion on hymera 9.10   any body  help here00:10
Mike_lifeguard!who | sharmon00:10
ubottusharmon: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:10
jribarchet45: right click -> unmount should work, yes00:10
mesengasebsebseb, after this step all requirements are installed, all right00:10
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: Does it get to the GRUB screen?00:10
RaXORthis you can do in user accaunts, groups and privilages00:10
archet45jrib, still saying only root can unmount00:11
jribarchet45: depends on how it was mounted00:11
Christoph_vWis there a way to disable IDE? I have a machine with defective mainboard...00:11
bastid_raZorayman: hymera is not Ubuntu. possibly find a Hymera channel?00:11
RaXORif you've this message, it's mean thet you succesfully mounted =)00:11
user__hey guys is there anyway to run itunes 9 on wine? mine doesnt seem to work00:12
aymanhow can  me find it00:12
archet45it said that it was mounted when i started the computer, i was using pysdm but i uninstalled it and restarted and it was still mounted on boot00:12
aymanbut sir hymera bulding of ubuntu00:12
RaXORwait a sec00:12
tottiqwhy don't you use rythmbox?00:12
user__it doesnt sync my iphone00:12
archet45both partitions (ntfs) were mounted on boot but neither can be unmounted without the root00:12
user__or my mobileme accounts00:12
Christoph_vWcurrently I get lots of ata1 errors at startup - which causes a long delay at boot (booting from usb key)00:12
RaXORuse root accaunt00:13
archet45i could if i had to use root from the beginning, but this issue came up after something was done00:13
tottiqthat's a real problem00:13
jribarchet45: then you probably set it up using fstab.00:14
aymanagin i can not open any partion  on hymera 9.1000:14
archet45therefore i would like to resolve the issue (without reinstalling for a 4th time)00:14
jribarchet45: pastebin your /etc/fstab00:14
RaXOR=( i dont know =( sorry00:14
jrib!who | archet4500:14
ubottuarchet45: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:14
tottiqhave you tried banshee or something else?00:14
archet45ubottu, for sure i forget sometimes lol00:15
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:15
sharmonMike_lifeguard: yes it gets to the GRUB screen00:15
RaXORguys , how to install nvidia geforce 7300 gs drivers if default 185,179 isn't work good00:15
aymanagin i can not open any partion  on hymera 9.1000:15
aymanagin i can not open any partion  on hymera 9.1000:15
aymanagin i can not open any partion  on hymera 9.1000:15
FloodBot1ayman: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:15
Mike_lifeguardayman: Don't do that.00:16
user__ubottu does ubuntu or linux have any features similar to Apples Time Capsule to backup data to a remove server?00:16
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:16
Mike_lifeguardayman: You should try to ask your question clearly - and on only one line so it is easy to read. I would help you if I could, but I don't understand the question.00:16
jony123is there a program  (command line only)  to convert mp3 files to ogg files00:16
jony123lets say 300 at a time00:16
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: Can you boot into recovery mode (single user)?00:16
aymanok iam so sorry00:16
RaXORthnx for help... (nothing)00:17
aymanany body  can fix my proplem00:17
sharmonMike_lifeguard: yes I can boot into recovery mode00:17
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aymani can not mount any partion on hymera 9.1000:18
archet45does pysdm use fstab for its functionality?00:18
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: And no errors while doing so? Do you get errors in the boot process for normal boots?00:18
user__ubottu does ubuntu or linux have any features similar to Apples Time Capsule to backup data to a remove server?00:18
aymani can not mount any partion on hymera 9.1000:18
Mike_lifeguarduser__: ubottu is a bot, it does not understand you00:18
sharmonMike_lifeguard: no errors that I can see booting into recovery.  I've received no errors booting normally, it just stalls out on a black screen00:19
aymanits clear qution00:19
Mike_lifeguardayman: Please don't repeat yourself - that is a guaranteed way to not get help.00:19
delightis there a place where i can read about the ubuntu (karmic) updates (change-description) ?00:19
Piciayman: er, Hymera isn't Ubuntu00:19
Mike_lifeguardayman: You might state what error messages you get, for example.00:19
MarkSpiderBoa noite...00:19
Piciayman: ##linux would probably be a better place to ask in00:19
Mike_lifeguard!notes | delight00:19
ubottudelight: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91000:19
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MarkSpiderAlguém pode me auxiliar com a nova versão ?00:20
Pici!br | MarkSpider00:20
ubottuMarkSpider: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Obrigado.00:20
delightMike_lifeguard: no I'm talking about the regular updates that comes after release00:20
archet45back :)00:20
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: Can you edit the boot line in grub (for the normal boot) and remove 'quiet' and 'splash' - then use that line to boot?00:20
archet45i deleted some lines from fstab that pertained to the two partitions i was having issues with and it has resolved the issue :)00:21
sharmonMike_lifeguard: can you explain that process in more detail please?00:21
Mike_lifeguarddelight: update-manager should give you those, where they're available. I still don't know how to get changelog entries for CLI though - if you figure it out let me know how you did it please :D00:21
delightMike_lifeguard: don't know either about cli ... but today there where updates for all sort of packages a bunch of kde packages too ... and in the update-manager there was no description00:22
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: in GRUB, hit ESC if you have a timeout - this will stop the timeout. Then, hit 'e' to edit that entry in the boot menu. Then, you want to edit the kernel line to remove those things I mentioned. The kernel line should be obvious - it is the longest one, has something like initrd or something in it00:22
delightwould be great if there would be some web-page with maybe rss-feed that describes the updates00:23
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: quiet and/or splash might be on their own lines - you can remove the whole line if need be00:23
emanuxthis must be the stupidest question but i have to ask it anyway00:23
Mike_lifeguarddelight: Did it say why? There are not any changelogs for updates coming from PPA, for example.00:23
Rods_Tigerwhat can I use to turn the ubuntu machine's monitor on at a certain time every day and off at a certain time every night?00:23
emanuxcan i run .dmg?00:23
RaXOR :(00:24
ZykoticK9emanux, .dmg - like an apple installer?  what are you trying to install?00:24
emanuxcan i run mac os x .dmg file?00:24
delightMike_lifeguard: it was no ppa it was regular kubuntu updates ... don't rember what it was saying ... someting like no desciption available00:25
delightHole:1 http://de.archive.ubuntu.com karmic-updates/main kdebase-workspace-bin 4:4.3.2-0ubuntu7.1 [1.980kB]00:25
emanuxim going to install the flexbuilder for mac os x00:25
Mike_lifeguarddelight: Yeah, it should really tell us *why* there is no description available. It is somewhat infuriating since it is contrary to the spirit of FLOSS - but that is how it is00:25
zvacetemanux:  no you casn not run dmg in ubuntu00:26
emanuxthank you guys00:26
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Cuddlesare there any problems with the new ubuntu install with x11vnc?00:27
emanuxi have really no choice but to run .dmg in os x box00:27
gasullHi.  ffmpeg says  "Unknown encoder 'libfaac'"  despite libfaac is installed.00:27
gasullHow do I fix it?  Thanks.00:27
movelahi what can i use to download magnet links on linux?00:27
Mike_lifeguardIs there an editor similar to Notepad++ for ubuntu? Specifically, I want the sort and conversion macros, and regex search-and-replace.00:28
archet45anyone here recommend me good video capture software for 64bit ubuntu :)00:28
Mike_lifeguardarchet45: capturing what kind of video? from a camcorder? from the screen?00:28
movelaarchet45: avidemux or kino00:29
archet45Mike_lifeguard, analog from a vcr00:29
gasullMike_lifeguard: Maybe you can try Cream, it's a Vim mod to make it user-friendly00:29
emanuxany news on google chrome on linux?00:29
archet45movela, does kino support anlog capture?00:29
Mike_lifeguardgasull: I don't think so. I'm one of the ones that rebooted his computer to get out of vim :\00:29
archet45the only video capture software apps i've seen for linux so far simply do screen capture or digital video capture00:30
Piciemanux: There is a chromium ppa that seems to work fine for me in Karmic.  Let me get you a link00:30
Piciemanux: https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa00:30
Mike_lifeguard!ask | yanzc00:30
ubottuyanzc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)00:30
tottiqchromium in Karmic is working fine for me, just some minor bugs when i see videos...00:30
gasullMike_lifeguard: it doesn't look like Vim.  You don't have to worry about insert mode et al.  give it a try00:30
DakaraWhen I am installing Ubuntu, I get this error: wubi-9.10ubuntu1-rev160. Can anyone tell me whats going on and how do I fix it?00:31
ZykoticK9emanux, just an FYI but you might be interested in http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/flex/flexbuilder_linux/00:31
emanuxif there is WINE for windows, is there an emulator for Mac OSX?00:31
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Just clarifying, but since I have a dual boot set up, I get the choice, xp or ubuntu and then after selecting ubuntu it goes into some text before stalling out.  At what point would I be in GRUB?00:31
Mike_lifeguardDakara: That isn't an error message, that is a version string.00:31
Rods_Tigerwhat app can turn a monitor on and off at specific times?00:31
gasullanybody can help me with my ffmpeg/aac problem?00:31
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: GRUB is where you choose which OS to boot00:31
gasullemanux: VirtualBox + hackintosh00:31
diggancan someone help me  remove wl and install b4300:31
emanuxZykotick9, i already have that but it has limted features00:32
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: black with white text... looks like something from the 1960s (which I think it actually is) :D00:32
sharmonMike_lifeguard: so you said hit escape there?00:32
DakaraHow do I fix it though, it tells me there is a problem with it and It won't let me fix it.00:32
emanuxgasull, wow that great00:32
diggancan someone help me  remove wl and install b4300:32
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: If you have a timeout -- like after 5s it automatically boots into the first entry. IF you have that, then you can stop the countdown with ESC. If you don't, then don't worry about that, just edit the GRUB entry00:32
sharmonMike_lifeguard: ah, now I see00:33
sharmonMike_lifeguard: and you said delete quiet and splash from ther line correct?00:33
gasulldoes anybody use ffmpeg here?00:33
archet45anyone know of some analog video capture software for x64 9.10 ubuntu?00:33
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: yes00:33
digganhello? can someone help me  remove wl and install b4300:34
emanuxZykotick9, i adobe does not update that anymore (i think they are abandoning flexbuilder for linux)00:34
cerebralHow do I delete the user files from deleted users?  Right click option does not permit "remove to Trash" option.00:34
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: That should give you the scrolling wall of text during boot so you can (supposedly) see what's going on. Normally with errors, it will stop scrolling so you can see them00:34
Mike_lifeguardcerebral: you'll likely need to do it as root00:34
emanuxThat's whay im looking for alternative00:34
ZykoticK9emanux, i had never even heard of flexbuilder before you asked about it -- i have NO idea(s)00:34
sharmonMike_lifeguard: ah I see.  So now with that deleted I should hit ctrl-x to boot?00:34
digganhello? can someone help me  remove wl and install b4300:34
zvacetemanux:  for chrome see http://dev.chromium.org/getting-involved/dev-channel00:35
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Mike_lifeguardsharmon: I forget what the command is to boot, but yes, you should boot with it as-is now :)00:35
glphvgacswould dd if=/dev/${system} of=backup.img create a 'disk image' of my system?00:35
ZykoticK9!repeat > diggan00:35
ubottudiggan, please see my private message00:35
LM9can someone test this command for me? sudo apt-cache pkgnames00:35
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about image00:35
emanuxZykotick9, sorry man, i just dont want to switch to windows to have fully functional flexbuilder00:35
DakaraMy Ubuntu won't install, and it told me there was a problem in that. I don't know how to fix it or what the problem is, it nearly finishes installing and then says there is an error.00:36
ZykoticK9LM9, it works like "apt-cache search PKGYOURLOOKINGFOR"00:36
ZykoticK9emanux, if there is a windows version then perhaps you could run that in wine and/or Virtualbox00:36
emanuxim already looking in to that options00:36
zvacetDakara : check https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM00:37
LM9I don't want to search the package I'm looking for. I want apt-cache to list a comprehensive list of packages currently installed00:37
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Well, seemed it was one of the odd times that it loaded.  I'm going to restart and see how it does.00:37
emanuxbut if i have the option to run it natively, i will00:37
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: ah, of course! As soon as you want it to malfunction, all is right with the world :)00:37
ZykoticK9emanux, http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=5523&iTestingId=3202600:37
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Then I'm going to shut it down and bring it back up again.  I did run two of the options from recovery mode when I was there.  one for bootloader and another another options (like bad packages)00:38
archet45any nvidia 9.10 ubuntu 64bit users experiencing their screen flashing?00:38
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: cool. Good luck :)00:38
archet45**on video play?00:38
LM9can someone test this for me: sudo apt-cache --get-selections00:38
jeffmrarchet45, what video player?00:38
zvacet! | aerora00:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about aerora00:38
archet45flash player as well as vlc player alike00:39
zvacet!hi | aerora00:39
ubottuaerora: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!00:39
ZykoticK9LM9, FYI apt-cache does NOT require sudo to work00:39
jeffmrarchet45, no00:39
trismLM9: you're looking for something more like dpkg -l, apt-cache pkgnames appears to print every package in the repos00:39
ZykoticK9!clone | LM900:39
ubottuLM9: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate00:39
archet45it especially starts flickering alot when the cursor goes to the top left corner lol00:40
jeffmrarchet45, did you try different drivers00:40
ZykoticK9LM9, "aptitude  --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages" will give you a list in the file my-packges00:40
Rods_Tigerwhat app can turn a monitor on and off at specific times?00:41
DakaraOh, I found my problem.00:41
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DakaraI am on Windows and did not have that.00:41
kruqnhi i need to mount my ntfs raid 0 drives on a live cd of ubuntu 7.10, can anyone help?00:41
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kruqnim trying to install dmraid but ima  newb and im having trouble00:41
LM9I just want a version of this: dpkg --get-selections ,except with the version number of the packages00:42
ScabbyMadmanMsTegan, soo whats the deal ?00:42
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Okay, so on restart it worked.  Then after I shut it down and started it back up again it stalled out again (same place).  However, I then brought it back up, did the deletion of quiet splash, and it again loaded properly.  Thoughts on this? And thanks for all your help so far.00:42
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Mike_lifeguardsharmon: poltergeist? :(00:43
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Haha. Could be.00:43
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: I'm sorry, without an error message, I have no good ideas00:43
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Okay00:43
zvacetDakara : if you think of md5sum there is way to check it from windows just read link I posted to you00:43
cerebralI downloaded the program "parallels-desktop-4.0.6630.449744.run" ... how do I get it to install?00:43
jeffmranyone ever have the battery icon not show up when you are unplugged?00:43
Cuddleshas anyone used x11vnc with 9.1000:43
sebsebsebcerebral: uhmm  that's meant to be paid for I think?00:43
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Well at least now I know how to identify them if they come up.  Ideas on where I should go from here?00:44
digganhello? can someone help me  remove wl and install b4300:44
cerebralyes i know00:44
CuddlesI'm trying to run it but it keeps telling me its not there00:44
cerebraltrial version00:44
jeffmrCuddles, remote desktop viewer00:44
sebsebsebcerebral: oh00:44
Cuddlesyeah jeff,00:44
Cuddleswhen i try to set the passwd it wont do it00:44
VCoolioLM9: try dpkg -l00:44
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: The first step is to get those error messages, otherwise you don't know what is going on00:44
alazyworkaholic1I'm in trouble. I about to use usb startup disk creator & accidentaly formatted the wrong stick, the one that had precious files on it & pulled it out after about 5 seconds when I realized my mistake. Is magicrescue likely my best hope?00:44
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Or is there a way to perminately set up the GRUB so that quiet and splash are deleted (to save that change?)00:44
jeffmrCuddles, what version of ubuntu?00:44
sebsebsebcerebral: not sure how to install a bin actsauly,  could find out thought, but won't now.   Virtualbox is good and free for vm's00:44
zvacetLM9 : why don´t you try command witch ZykoticK9 recommended to you00:44
kruqni extracted dmraid package i downloaded to a directory on my flash drive, I then navigated to it and ran ./configure and i get an error when Checking for C compiler default output00:45
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: Yeah, you can edit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:45
NetEchoAre there any Anti-Virus Scanners to scan NTFS drives and whatnot for windows based viruses?00:45
kruqnsays C compiler cannotc create executables00:45
Rods_Tigerwhat app can turn a monitor on and off at specific times?00:45
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: look for the "automagical kernel boot" section or whatever it is called - you'll recognize the same lines you were editing before.00:45
lordbah2Has anyone used the webcam on the Dell DX2210 monitor? I'm trying not to be the bleeding edge.00:45
PCTeacher012how do i uninstall GRUB00:45
LM9I think I found the command: dpkg -l | more00:45
crohakonHow do I 'cd' to a directory in terminal when the directory has a space in the name?00:46
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emmacrohakon: use \00:46
zvacetkruqn : do you have build-essential installed if not    sudo apt-get install build-essential00:46
PCTeacher012cd "folder name"00:46
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PCTeacher012use quotes00:46
kruqni got build essential00:46
jeffmrCuddles, how does dcc chat work?00:46
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: After editing the first block in that section to remove quiet and splash, run sudo update-grub (or is it sudo install-grub? Google that one, or ask someone else in here -- but it wouldn't be a huge error either way)00:46
PCTeacher012How do i uninstall GRUB?00:46
Cuddlesits 9.1000:46
PCTeacher012I'm on Live CD00:46
kruqnnm wait that was earlier before reboot00:46
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: Why?00:47
Mike_lifeguardPCTeacher012: Normally you don't. Why do you want to do that?00:47
kruqnlemme try00:47
alazyworkaholic1I'm in trouble. I about to use usb startup disk creator & accidentaly formatted the wrong stick, the one that had precious files on it & pulled it out after about 5 seconds when I realized my mistake. Is magicrescue likely my best hope? It doesn't automatically mount the stick anymore00:47
PCTeacher012Mike_lifeguard and sebsebseb: because i installed ReactOS and it uses MBR not GRUB. GRUB gives me Error 1700:47
sebsebsebalazyworkaholic1: magicresecue what's that?00:47
PCTeacher012I might be able to add it to GRUB for boot but idk how00:47
PCTeacher012uninstall i think would be easier?00:47
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: oh  ReactOS is rather early development00:47
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: since lack of developers00:48
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NetEchoIs there any Linux Antivirus utilities targeted to scan windows partitions?00:48
diggani get bootmgr when trying to boot windows from grub, how to fix?00:48
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: I know it is, but im going to help out with development of it, and i need the OS to work with them00:48
alazyworkaholic1sebsebseb: I quicksearched recover in synaptic00:48
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: it's not the kind of OS that is worth  psyicallying installing yet,  unless it's just some test machine00:48
emmacrohakon: in many cases you can probably just type cd thestart<tab> and it will autocomplete it.00:48
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=== Sauron is now known as Andorin
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: or well that then, helping with development :)00:48
crohakonthanks for the help00:48
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, to turn monitor(s) off you can use the command "sudo xset dpms force off" you might be able to setup a cron job to do this at a particular time -- i'm guessing "... force on" would do the reverse, don't know... good luck00:49
emmacrohakon: or you can escape the spaces with \  like cd the\ directory\ here/00:49
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: This is 10 yrs old, its worth it to me :) I want to help with their development :) And Error 17 GRUB gives me, so i either need to: 1 add it to GRUB (how?) or 2: Uninstall it (How, or is it better?)00:49
emmacrohakon: or you can use quotes: cd "the directory here"00:49
kruqni got build essentials00:49
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: What's 10 years old?  Also which version of Ubuntu?00:49
PCTeacher012emma: typing quotes around the name is easier, such as /home/<username>/"folder name"00:49
kruqnnow i get the same error as earlier00:49
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: This computer, and liveCD 9.0400:49
kruqnwell a buncha errors00:49
emmaPCTeacher012: I mentioned that one.00:49
PCTeacher012emma: Just noticed, srry00:49
chu_I'm on a vanilla Karmic Beta install at the moment; I last tried to update about a week ago, and the system died during upgrade, so re-install etc, now it's all set-up (and everything's backed up) I am prepared to play around with broken stuff, should I update again? When I click Check it rns and offers me a partial upgrade, should I do it?00:50
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: on the hard disk,  Grub won't boot only ReactOS,  and right now your on LIve CD?00:50
kruqni run ./configure and it seems fine, then i go try typing "make" and i get a TON of errors00:50
jonzbccsebsebseb: This is 10 yrs old, its worth it to me :) I want to help with their development :) And Error 17 GRUB gives me, so i either need to: 1 add it to GRUB00:50
PCTeacher012I had it shipped to me, so i dont have 9.1000:50
jonzbccsebsebseb: This is 10 yrs old, its worth it to me :) I want to help with their development :) And Error 17 GRUB gives me, so i either need to: 1 add it to GRUB00:50
PCTeacher012and yes, right now i am on Live CD, ubuntu 9.0400:50
sharmonMike_lifeguard: how do I access the /boot/grub/menu.lst file?  I can't seem to find it in the folder.00:50
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: re install Grub00:50
emmaPCTeacher012: I think that may or may not be easier, unless the directory has 6 words in it, then using \ will be fewer key presses.00:51
DILre GRUB ERROR 17 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=44294500:51
PCTeacher012can i add the boot loader (MBR) to it? or can i just update grub? or do i truly need to reinstall?00:51
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: I guess,  and I guess the Windows went over Grub  instructions will work in your case as well00:51
sebsebseb!windows |  PCTeacher01200:51
ubottuPCTeacher012: For discussion on Microsoft software, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents00:51
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: do "ls -l /boot/grub" and pastebin the output for me? -> p.defau.lt00:51
kruqnzvacet: I got build essential on now but when typing "make" after ./configure i get at least 20 errors00:51
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: whoops00:51
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: ?? lol00:51
sebsebseb!grub |  PCTeacher01200:51
ubottuPCTeacher012: grub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.00:51
PCTeacher012This is GRUB Legacy also00:52
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: yes I know since 9.04, and that's for Grub legacy,  also I think that's the first time I have done the wrong factoid when wanting !grub00:52
kruqnfirst error is libdevmapper.h: no such file or directory00:52
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: lol oky, it says menu.lst but it is empty, is that right?00:53
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: well I assumed it was Grub legacy, since you can do Grub 2 on 9.04 as well, but legacy is default00:53
zvacetPCTeacher012 : http://members.iinet.net.au/~herman546/p15.html00:53
zvacetkruqn : do you have all dependencies00:53
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: gksudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst00:53
kruqnim not sure, can i contact you via private message the channel moves too fast00:53
PCTeacher012sesebseb: Yes it is empty00:54
zvacetkruqn : yes00:54
R0b0t1Hello, for some reason when I press a key, my mouse lags, and then "jumps" to where it should be. This causes me to be unable to play all games, even native. Any solutions?00:54
R0b0t1I have an apple keyboard/hub, but I have this problem even when the mouse is not plugged in through it.00:54
sebsebsebkruqn: it's not moving that fast at the moment00:54
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: no00:55
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: should be something there00:55
alazyworkaholic1I accidentally formatted a usb stick. Is is possible to recover any files?00:55
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: ,but if you re install it, it will make a new one I guess00:55
PCTeacher012"No GRUB directory found. To create a template run 'mkdir /boot/grub' first. To install grub, install it manually or try the 'grub-install' command. ### Warning, grub-install is used to change your MBR. ###" Sounds bad...00:55
PCTeacher012grub-install does not work00:55
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: Grub should go on your MBR00:55
PCTeacher012how do i just directly access the MBR and not GRUB since ReactOS is on the MBR00:56
sharmonMike_lifeguard: found it, it was in grub.cfg    Once I've edited it, how do I save it?00:56
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: ReactOS is on the MBR what?00:56
PCTeacher012ReactOS installs its file on MBR00:56
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: no it's not.   or uhmm?  RactOS should be on a partition!00:56
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: Then you're using GRUB2 (not a big difference, I just thought you were using GRUB legacy for some reason)00:56
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: OS's go on partitions, boot loaders well  the tiny bit of them,  go on the MBR00:57
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: Well yea, it has its own partition, but boot commands are in MBR00:57
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: BUT! that means you cannot edit the file directly - it will simply get overwritten on boot. There should be instructions for how to change things in the header comments00:57
sharmonMike_lifeguard: Should I be using GRUB legacy or a different GRUB?00:57
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: I don't know00:57
Mike_lifeguardsharmon: GRUB2 is fine - that is the current version ("legacy" means "old, unsupported, and deprecated")00:58
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: should be able to edit menu.lst though.   you could even try installing Grub 2 in 9.04,  maybe not the best idea though00:58
PCTeacher012*sigh* okay, sebsebseb: How do i grapically reinstall grub00:58
VCooliosharmon: for editing grub2 check here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub200:58
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: as far as I know you can't00:58
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: Okay, so how do i reinstall it any other way?00:58
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: well there might be one CD out there, but can't remember what it's called  the thing I am thinking of00:58
archet45is it even possible to capture analog in ubuntu?00:59
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: Why are you still on 9.04 by the way?00:59
PCTeacher012LiveCD. I got LiveCD BEFORE Karmic.01:00
archet45fadil, what software?01:00
fadilhallllllllllllooooooooooooo????????masiihhh ad orang kahhh di sini??????????? kita binggguunggggggggggggggggggggggggggg...................mumettttttttttttttttttttttt01:00
ZykoticK9archet45, are you trying to use a TVCapture card or a Video card?  Which one?01:00
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: 9.10 is a good one to clean install since  the Ext4, but also Grub 2 by default01:00
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archet45fadil, seems like every piece of software is made for digital video capture01:00
archet45tvcapture card via composite input01:00
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: i know. But i just need to get GRUB to access ReactOS lol, ill ask grub channel :P What is the channel?01:01
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ZykoticK9archet45, which one?01:01
archet45ZykoticK9, tv2000xp leaktek01:01
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PCTeacher012http://www.reactos.org/wiki/HOWTO/boot_FreeLoader_from_GRUB I shoulda searched :P01:01
neon_can ne1 tell me where can i go either to ask or read how to upgrade the ati drivers from the default ubuntu install to what the ati.com has thx01:01
LjLfadil: stop that please01:01
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: I was thinking something like that earlier,  you could find out how to dual boot them both by Googleing01:01
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Rods_Tigerzykotick9 - I can't find any apps that will actually do the job of turning the monitor on and off at predetermined times. All I can find are apps that have nothing to do with monitors01:02
PCTeacher012what im doing :P01:02
emmaPCTeacher012: There is #grub01:02
archet45ZykoticK9, i can see the video just fine in tvtime, i just dont know of any linux software that will capture it for me01:02
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FactoringHumanithey can anyone help me with getting my wireless to work on my ASUS K40IJ with Ubuntu 8.10?01:02
randomusrGrub is a type of worm01:02
FactoringHumanitit doesn't recognize that my wireless card is there01:02
randomusrlol hmm01:02
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.01:02
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, better on 9.101:02
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: also what emma  put there's #grub however when  I went there not that long ago, it seems they are only supporting Grub 2 there now01:02
FactoringHumanitjeffmr: i assume you mean 9.10?01:03
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, i'm unaware of any program to do what you want - that's why i sent you that xorg command to do it with...01:03
PCTeacher012I know, hopefully they will make an exception :(01:03
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager in Karmic. For more information and troubleshooting on GRUB2 please refer to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Grub201:03
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, yes01:03
Rellodoes anyone know how i can integrate LostIRC with libnotify01:03
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: well  do 9.10?01:03
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: you get Grub 2  by default and yep01:03
PCTeacher012I dont wanna burn another CD because i have 3 left lol01:03
breilaHello everyone01:03
archet45ZykoticK9, no where to point me to?01:03
Rods_Tigerzykotick9 - I didn't understand that01:03
FactoringHumanitjeffmr: unfortunately the guy i'm installing it for doesn't really want 9.1001:04
tottiqanyone know if it's possible to use aircrack or any similar programs, with a wireless gaming adapter???01:04
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: the chance seems to be high by the way that if you upgrade 9.04 to 9.10  that you might get issues,  it seems  many people have had issues after doing that.01:04
justfilWhere is the gtk2 engines directory?01:04
PCTeacher012yepp. I know lol01:04
arghh2d2_FactoringHumanit: who in their right mind would want ubuntu's pseudo-stable release?01:04
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: so why not clean install 9.10  first, and then  dual boot with ReactOS?01:04
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, in a terminal try "sudo xset dpms force off" then move your mouse to turn back on01:04
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, yeah01:04
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: and with Grub 201:04
VCooliojustfil: ? what do you want to do?01:05
FactoringHumanitarghh2d2: that would be why he doesn't want 9.10 lol01:05
Rods_Tigerzykotick9 - no, I want it to do it when I'm not there01:05
emanuxwhere i can download the hackinstosh thing?01:05
arghh2d2_FactoringHumanit: he's smart01:05
ZykoticK9archet45, have you looked into MythTV at all?  also the programs tvtime & xawtv01:05
PCTeacher012I dont fully trust Grub 2 yet :P First full release is buggy. Always01:05
Rods_Tigerzykotick9 - otherwise it's easier to just push the power button myself01:05
sebsebsebemanux: that's piracy01:05
breilaI have 9.10 and I'm having a problem with yahoo games, sun java6 and Flash is installed but it still says that either one or both haven't been01:05
justfilVCoolio, to install a new engine. I've found the dir - /usr/share/gtk-engines01:05
neon_can ne1 tell me where can i go either to ask or read how to upgrade the ati drivers from the default ubuntu install to what the ati.com has thx01:06
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, not there?  is this a remote machine?01:06
sebsebsebemanux: also off topic for this channel, but also their off topic channel01:06
sebsebseb!piracy >  emanux01:06
ubottuemanux, please see my private message01:06
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, I can try to hehlp01:06
archet45ZykoticK9, is tvtime able to capture the video?01:06
VCooliojustfil: installing engines doesn't work that way; which one do you want? isn't it in the repos?01:06
FactoringHumanitjeffmr: any help would be appreciated01:06
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, well, that command will turn the monitor off...  you could potentially use it in combination with a cron job (to run at a specific time)01:06
arghh2d2_FactoringHumanit: just sit in here for awhile and count how many problems with 9.10 and count and compare to problems with 9.4...gaurantee 9.10 outnumbers.01:06
ZykoticK9archet45, i think so01:06
Datz1Hi, I have a problem where the trash icon on my lower gnome panel won't load, and I would like to delete items in my trash.  How can this be done?01:06
FactoringHumaniti think i just need to map the wireless on/off FN key properly but i can't find the code to map it to01:07
justfilVCoolio, gtk2-engines-aurora, gtk2-engines-pixbuf, gtk2-engines-murrine01:07
Rods_Tigerzykotick9 - no, I'll wait for a proper app to do it the proper way without typing01:07
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: your saying more problems with 9.10 than 9.04?01:07
breilaany help with this problem would be appreciated01:07
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, then you might want to hire a program to make that for you -- you might be waiting a LONG time01:07
PCTeacher012sebsebseb: Grub does not work on FAT32 which ReactOS uses01:08
ZykoticK9Rods_Tiger, "proper way without typing" classic :)01:08
VCooliojustfil at least pixbuf and murrine you can install right away01:08
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: uhmm01:08
PCTeacher012how do i create the menu.lst file through Comand01:08
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: part of Grub goes onto the MBR01:08
justfilVCoolio, yeah, I saw them in the repo, thanks01:08
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: the rest goes in /boot01:08
PCTeacher012i know01:08
Rods_TigerI've been leaving the monitor on all day and night for the past few years, a few more won't hurt01:08
PCTeacher012oh well. How do i create menu.lst through terminal01:08
PCTeacher012gksudo does not allow me to save01:08
sebsebsebPCTeacher012: also  this thing about ReactOS  installing itself to MBR does not make sense?01:09
aeroradamn bot:p01:09
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:09
ubottuUbuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com01:09
arghh2d2_sebsebseb: in my experience it's best to stay a little behind on the version release with ubuntu.01:09
PCTeacher012ReactOS asked: "Install on MBR?" and i said yes01:09
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: I know what you mean01:09
PCTeacher012it means commands for it to boot01:09
VCooliojustfil: aurora is here https://launchpad.net/~merlwiz79/+archive/aurora01:09
scarfaceWhere in the filesystem are the definitions stored for which entries appear in my Applications menu?01:09
FactoringHumanitjeffmr:   would you happen to know what the code should be in the /usr/share/hotkey-setup/asus.hk file for it?01:09
Rods_TigerI did find this, but it's not in the synaptic menu app thing: http://code.google.com/p/lmonitores/01:09
holmsermy new hard drive isn't working with ubuntu01:10
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: when  8.10 came out, I thought  wasn't much point upgrading from  8.04.  when  9.04 came out I thought not much point upgrading from 8.10.   when  9.10 came out,  I thought  hardly worth it what's in this release, unless hardware gets fixed as a result01:10
rstrawsbAnyone else having trouble seeing DVDs01:10
PCTeacher012I need to create menu.lst in /boot/grub how do i do that?01:10
holmserI can see it, and it is mounted as /media/Storage but I can't see any of the files on it01:10
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: well I had been testing  9.10 since alpha 4, so before the final was even out, I knew that I probably woudn't be impressed with it01:10
PCTeacher012gksudo does not work01:10
Rellodoes anyone know how to hide the computer's name in XChat?01:10
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, did you try the Hardware Drivers panel?01:10
LOPAhow can i view all the drivers01:11
justfilthank you, VCoolio01:11
FactoringHumanitjeffmr: i tried installing some new driver(s) but i can't remember what the name of the package was01:11
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: so I put it on here,  but been thinking about maybe putting 9.04 back on, or another distro.  and the other computer is 9.04 for now01:11
baldrick2I stayed 9.0401:11
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: above or  installing another distro01:11
holmser9.10 has brought me nothing but problems01:11
PCTeacher012how do i create a .lst file in ubuntu 9.04 terminal01:12
sebsebsebholmser: after a clean install?01:12
baldrick2before 9.04 I was 8.04 and was quite happy with that01:12
toubabCould anyone please tell me how to apply the patch @ this url: http://old.nabble.com/-PATCH--Adjust-FT_MulFix-function-to-Freetype-cvs-head.-td19287233.html01:12
madmax_xhey hey hey01:12
slinkeeythen go back to 8.0401:12
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, System -> Preferences -> Hardware Drivers01:12
FactoringHumanitjeffmr: it currently says that there are no proprietary drivers in use on this system01:12
baldrick2I recall 8.10(?) being finicky01:12
PCTeacher012FINALLY worked :P01:12
* breila calmly waits for an answer01:12
PCTeacher012ill let you know if it finally boots01:12
arghh2d2_sebsebseb: i'm using crunchbang 9.04 and will be for awhile maybe i'll switch to 9.10 when 10.04 comes around01:12
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: 9.10 is worth skipping if your going to stay with 9.0401:13
user__hey guys does ubuntu or linux have any features similar to Apples Time Capsule to backup data to a remove server?01:13
joaohenriqueI have ubuntu 9,10 install but I only get 800x600 resolution01:13
PCTeacher012brb to all of ya01:13
madmax_xis there a way to enable the onboard video card as well as the agp slot?01:13
holmseranyone feel like walking me through the proper way to install a new hdd in ubuntu?01:13
VCooliorstrawsb: did you install libdvdread4 and run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh ?01:13
joaohenriquehow do I change that01:13
baldrick2Only quip with 9.04 is it does not remember I have a dual monitor. I have to reset it everytime01:13
chuckm1I'm having problems with karmic. I originally installed 9.04 via wubi. Should I a) reinstall 9.10 via wubi, b) reinstall 9.04 with a live CD (can I without losing windows?) or c) reinstall 9.04 by wubi?01:13
jeffmrFactoringHumanit, talk to me in private chat01:13
baldrick2the nvideo propriteray drivers are great01:13
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: I have even been thinking about having 9.04 as the OS on the other computer, untill 10.10, depending on what 10.04 is like01:13
holmserI did it before, but this time I can't get it to work right01:13
LOPAhardware drivers ins under system administration01:14
arghh2d2_sebsebseb: i hear yeah01:14
LOPAbut there it just shows needed drivers not all of them01:14
baldrick2chuckm1 - My best practice is dual drives, primary is 9.04,...second drive was exiting WinXp01:14
breilaI have koala, I've installed both sun java6 and flash but yahoo games keeps giving me an error message01:14
madmax_xholmster did you partition and format yet?01:15
rstrawsbyep I have it installed01:15
baldrick2I dont like having Win on the same hard drive as my Linux box givne shot myself in foot too many times with grub01:15
rstrawsbron@ron-desktop:~$ sudo install libdvdread401:15
rstrawsb[sudo] password for ron:01:15
rstrawsbinstall: missing destination file operand after `libdvdread4'01:15
rstrawsbTry `install --help' for more information.01:15
rstrawsbron@ron-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install libdvdread401:15
rstrawsbReading package lists... Done01:15
FloodBot1rstrawsb: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:15
chuckm1baldrick2: do you mean partioning with LVPM?01:15
baldrick2no.  Just when installing grub I somehow would fup the MBR01:16
baldrick2and win would not boot01:16
sebsebsebarghh2d2_: it also has Windows, but  some right issues with that have happended recently, let's continue for a bit in pm if you want, since we are now off topic01:16
baldrick2Ubuntu 9.04 is my primary environment01:17
baldrick2with HD all to itself01:17
madmax_xanyone have any multi seat setups working01:17
Datz1Hi, I have a problem where the trash icon on my lower gnome panel won't load, and I would like to delete items in my trash.  How can this be done?01:17
arghh2d2_i forgot, how do i kick off my nick that is still lingering from another connect?  i thought it was ghost someting01:17
baldrick2Partition I inusre my /home is on a separate partuition01:17
chuckm1baldrick2: I'm not having problems with win booting. 9.10 kernel 31 is problematic to say the least though01:17
VCoolioDatz1: did you delete is by accident? rmb on the panel and add it back01:17
baldrick2oh ok01:18
baldrick2sorry do not want to confuse01:18
chuckm1reposting the question: I'm having problems with karmic. I originally installed 9.04 via wubi. Should I a) reinstall 9.10 via wubi, b) reinstall 9.04 with a live CD (can I without losing windows?) or c) reinstall 9.04 by wubi?01:18
ZykoticK9!trash | Datz1, if removing/adding Trash applet doesn't work you could manually remove items01:20
* breila waits quietly01:20
ubottuDatz1, if removing/adding Trash applet doesn't work you could manually remove items: The location of Trash has changed since 8.04, it is now located in ~/.local/share/Trash | Looking for the trash in previous versions: ~/.Trash01:20
LOPAanyone know how i can see all my hardware drivers01:20
ZykoticK9LOPA, lsmod will list all kernel modules (which are typically drivers)01:21
Nautilusin nautilus I have the Places pane on the left with some media showing that I'd like to get to. I right click and Mount, then right-click and Open, but... nothing happens. tips?01:21
soreauLOPA: That is a subjective question. There are many drivers included wit the kernel you arent using. You can also see all loaded drivers with lsmod01:21
sebsebsebchuckm1: psyical installs are good, try 9.10 like that with a clean  install, if issues you can do 9.0401:21
LOPAZykoticK9, there is no gui to view like in kde01:22
sebsebsebchuckm1: like that psyical partition install01:22
ZykoticK9LOPA, not that i'm personally aware of...01:22
maxx_sorry im back01:22
soreauLOPA: I assume you are talking about proprietary drivers? If this is the case, use sys>admin>hardware drivers01:22
chuckm1sebsebseb: so move my current install with lvpm and then clean install 9.10?01:22
LOPAsoreau, i see nothing in there01:23
maxx_can i use 2 video cards?01:23
soreauLOPA: You might not have any hardware that has a proprietary driver offered01:23
LOPAsoreau, i have the intel 915 chipset and want my resolution to be 1440x90001:23
sebsebsebchuckm1: what's lvmpm?01:24
sebsebsebchuckm1: get hold of data, and get rid of your Wubi install, that's what I would suggest :)  and then do real partitions01:24
sebsebseb!dualboot |  chuckm101:24
ubottuchuckm1: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:24
soreauLOPA: Intel has strictly oss drivers and they are already installed. Change your resolution with Sys>Prefs>Display01:24
chuckm1sebsebseb: Loopmounted Virtual Partition Manager allows users to upgrade their existing Wubi or Lubi installation to a standard Ubuntu system by transferring all data, settings, and applications from the original install to a dedicated partition.01:24
sebsebsebchuckm1: oh right that uhmm01:25
squigis there a whatprovides comand? I want to see where i am meant to find the file /etc/gdm/custom.conf01:25
sebsebsebchuckm1: I had been told that some how  it could be done,  convert a Wubi install to real partitions01:25
LOPAsoreau, i wish it was that easy i have a widescreen laptop monitor and that resolution does show up01:25
soreauLOPA: You may need to use xrandr to add the resolution you want if it is not detected01:25
sebsebsebchuckm1: got  a link?01:25
LOPAi tried that01:25
Datz1VCoolio, I just tried adding the trash app, and got an error.  ZykoticK9, thanks01:26
DakaraHello, whenever I try to install at the end of my installation it says, Permission denied and makes me close out of the installation, whats going on here?01:26
LOPA soreau and it gives error01:26
soreauLOPA: Pastebin the command you ran and the error it gave you01:26
sebsebsebchuckm1: I was thinking  make sure whatever it is is from a trusted source,  well  sourceforge is :)01:26
kacangitemanybody help me!!!01:26
PaperBoyi have two identical folders  and now one of them has  9 more files in it...  how can i check  what files are those?    there are sub dirs also01:26
soreau! anybody | kacangitem01:26
ubottukacangitem: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?01:26
cramm_Hi. I have the following problem in a clean 9.10 install. After a few days of use (and w/o hs or software changes on my part), no user can login with the 'GNOME' session,. user/password gets accepted. The screen flashes once,  the throbber/load screen is shown and then the users are thrown back to the gdm login screen. the 'safe mode GNOME' session works. So far I've tried the following: Deactivated the nvidia closed driver01:26
arghh2d2_i forgot, how do i kick off my nick that is still lingering from another connect?  i thought it was ghost someting...01:26
slevinhi guys, i am trying to run a command in terminal but it tells me that i dont have permission to do so, how can i take permission?01:27
soreauarghh2d2_: /ghost <user> <password>01:27
Taimslevin: sudo01:27
kacangitem@slevin you must enter root mode first01:27
kacangitemsudo su01:27
soreauslevin: Prefix the command with sudo01:27
soreaukacangitem: That is bad advice01:27
arghh2d2_soreau it says /ghost command not found01:27
kacangitemhow to auto mount device in thunar01:28
soreauarghh2d2_: Ask in #freenode01:28
slevinTaim> and others thanks a lot, so if i am in /var/bin and i want to run this command: ./run_debug, what shall i start with?01:28
cramm_but the probem persist, so it seems this is a ubuntu/gnome software problem. Two additional hints I discovered today: If I go back to use the nvidia aceel drivers I can't enable the desktop effects at all, not even the simpler ones01:28
chuckm1sebsebseb: I guess you're saying I should move my install to a separate partition then clean install 9.10 or 9.04?01:28
soreauslevin: sudo ./run_debug01:28
Taimslevin: sudo /var/bin/run_debug01:28
leonardoottojoin #gnome-do01:29
sebsebsebchuckm1: before I was saying to just get hold of data, and get rid of your Wubi install01:29
cramm_and the other thing I discovered is that is I stop gdm and startx X with startx all works wonderfully. I can even activate the destop effects01:29
sebsebsebchuckm1: however  I just had  a look at the link you gave and lubi01:29
sebsebsebchuckm1: ok looks good01:29
sebsebsebchuckm1: it's 9.04 Wubi install?01:29
soreaucramm_: If that is the case, you did not deactivate the nvidia driver01:29
slevinTiam, soreau and kacangitem thanks a lot guys :)01:29
cramm_so the problem seems to be the GNOME session when launched through gdm.01:30
cramm_soreau, I deactivated, worked with the system a couple of days using the nv driver and activated again01:30
chuckm1sebsebseb: yep. originally 9.04 wubi. recently "upgraded" to 9.10.01:30
rstrawsbjust can't see the blank dvd in the drive01:30
Datz1when I delete items from a 2ndary harddisk, do these items go in the trash on my primary hard disk?01:30
cramm_soreau, because it is clear it isn't a nvidia driver problem01:30
sebsebsebchuckm1: thanks for the link by the way, that will be a useful link for me to give to other people that I will be helping in the future in here01:30
sebsebsebchuckm1: the file system for Wubi is Ext2?01:31
R0b0t1Hello, for some reason when I press a key, my mouse lags, and then "jumps" to where it should be. This causes me to be unable to play all games, even native. Any solutions?01:31
R0b0t1I have an apple keyboard/hub, but I have this problem even when the mouse is not plugged in through it.01:31
rstrawsbcd work but dvds don't01:31
soreaucramm_: If you try with a live cd and it works ok, it is likely a problem with your install. Is this an upgrade or clean install?01:31
chuckm1sebsebseb: not sure. How do I check?01:31
cramm_soreau, I eman the problem is exactly the same irrspective of which driver I use. and that's why I think it's a ubuntu/gnome software problem01:31
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/mf4aff6a01:31
cramm_soreau: clean install01:31
lazy_manhay everywone, i have a problem. i cant unmount my harddisk except with root account. any solution?01:31
sebsebsebchuckm1: diskfree or something, k disk free or something,  search synaptic for  disk free.   or maybe the software centre.   or you could  install gparted and have a look in tehre01:31
sebsebsebchuckm1: well wubi is a bit different when it comes to partitining01:32
soreauLOPA: Ok, something is wrong with your drivers. Pastebin /var/log/Xorg.0.log file01:32
cramm_soreau: Thnaks for the hint. will try that01:32
sebsebsebchuckm1: nevermind01:32
kacangitemhow to connect virtual box guest and host network?????01:32
TheCheezewhat is the ideal size for a karmic install if i plan on using a seperate partition for /home?01:33
LOPAsoreau, is there i command i can use to pastebin that from the command line?01:33
sebsebsebchuckm1: it seems when you do lvpm you choose the file system you want to make for Ubuntu01:33
soreauLOPA: Yes. Install curl and standby01:33
sebsebsebchuckm1:  you want Ext4 for 9.1001:33
lazy_manhay everywone, i have a problem. i cant unmount my harddisk except with root account. any solution?01:33
kacangitemhow to connect virtual box guest and host network????? i'm using virtual box 301:33
sebsebsebTheCheeze: 10 or 12 GB for / that's good01:33
Datz1when I delete items from a 2ndary harddisk, do these items go in the trash on my primary hard disk?01:34
sebsebsebTheCheeze: big seperate /home  and some swap space01:34
chuckm1sebsebseb: ok. I guess I've got a lot of work ahead of me.01:34
PaperBoyi have two identical folders  and now one of them has  9 more files in it...  how can i check  what files are those?    there are sub dirs also01:34
sebsebsebchuckm1: looks  easy on the webpge01:34
soreauLOPA: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us01:34
TheCheezesebsebsebthis is my first time trying this, so i am a little timid lol01:34
TheCheezehad a catastrophic crash earlier and figure i'll just do a full install01:34
LOPAsoreau, i dont see standby in packages01:35
soreauLOPA: -_-   I meant stand by as in wait for the command01:35
PaperBoyi have two identical folders  and now one of them has  9 more files in it...  how can i check  what files are those?    there are sub dirs also.01:35
lazy_manhay everywone, i have a problem. i cant unmount my harddisk except with root account. any solution?---->answer this plz01:36
LOPAsoreau, got it....01:36
sebsebsebchuckm1: by the way01:36
sebsebsebchuckm1: set up a seperate /home when doing it01:36
sebsebsebchuckm1: that will make things easier if you want to re install in the long run or even distro hop01:36
TheCheezesebsebseb are you talking to chuckm1 or me lol01:36
soreau! pm | kacangitem01:37
ubottukacangitem: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.01:37
sebsebsebTheCheeze: to him just then, I already answered you01:37
kacangitemhow to connect virtual box guest and host network?????01:37
TheCheezesebsebseb gotcha. was wondering because i am trying to do the same thing :)01:37
LOPAsoreau,  http://pastebin.com/f442220b501:38
sebsebsebTheCheeze: sure, but chuckm1 is doing something a bit differnet01:38
chuckm1sebsebseb: ah.. I'm a noob. thanks for the help!01:38
sebsebsebTheCheeze: well is going to try and do I should say01:38
sebsebsebchuckm1: no offence or anything, but  that makes sense, since you did Wubi01:38
doogieyo what up kiid01:38
TheCheezesebsebseb gotcha. is there anything special i should know about attempting to create a seperate /home partition?01:38
chuckm1sebsebseb: Don't I know it!01:38
doogieis formatting good?01:39
sebsebsebchuckm1: so someone said that it's better to do real partitions or?  and told you about the program you linked me to? :)01:39
sebsebsebTheCheeze: well yeah01:39
jiffealright, I've just added a new disk to an ubuntu machine on vmware, anyone know how I go about finding it?01:39
jiffeI remember there was like a rescan command01:39
tottiqmount it?01:40
sebsebsebTheCheeze: you can make in gparted and then finnish off in manual install.  or  just do it all in manual install.  where you also need to tell it what to use  each parttion as. file system and what to use it as01:40
jiffeI need it to show in /dev/sdb01:40
=== AndorinKato is now known as Andorin
lazy_manhallo.....do you want to answer my question plz01:41
soreauLOPA: I suggest you try UXA rendering method01:41
LOPAsoreau, what is that01:41
sebsebseblazy_man: someone else had something similar earlier I think01:41
soreauLOPA: UXA is an acceleration method exclusively for intel graphics drivers. To use it, add the following line to the Device section of your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file: Option "AccelMethod" "UXA"01:42
lazy_mando u know the solution?01:42
TheCheezesebsebseb i just know i am going to mess this up...01:42
=== quero_sis671_3D is now known as levy
sebsebsebTheCheeze: I can guide you no problem01:42
jordy240when I put my computer into sleep mode, everything goes well until I wake my computer up. The computer seems to wake up fine but the monitor doesn't turn on and the orange light doesn't go back to green on my monitor's power button.01:43
phixxorI've got a question: If my laptop (ubuntu) is left on long enough, the screen turns off and the power button flashes (does this mean kernel panic?) and won't revive. But the strange thing is, the laptop will turn on, but it won't load BIOS. I finally figured out you have to take the battery out and hold the power button for 20s. Then it works.  What causes that problem?01:43
knuthyHi guys, I' ve got a little question. I've made a vpn connection to my univ network, and I need to have a vnc/remote desktop view, the machines on which I've access have no vnc server installed, they just have a clean Ubuntu install with some softwares I use. Is there a clean way?01:43
sebsebseblazy_man: I think  the issue might even be mentioned in the release notes or something similar01:43
sebsebseb!notes |  lazy_man01:43
ubottulazy_man: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91001:43
sebsebseblazy_man: find out about permissions some stuff is owned by root, and then sometimes you need to change that01:43
VeinorIs there any way to enable encryption of ~ after I've already installed Karmic?01:44
sebsebseb!permissions |  lazy_man01:44
ubottulazy_man: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions01:44
LOPAsoreau, ok i added it01:44
lazy_manbut i am still using 9.04......01:44
sebsebseblazy_man: oh01:44
sebsebseblazy_man: ok permissions then01:44
soreauLOPA: Restart X by logging out01:44
LOPAok logging out01:44
sebsebsebVeinor: no don't think so01:44
Veinorah :(01:45
Veinoroh well, this is a fresh install anyway01:45
lazy_manok, i have another problem....btw, my harddisk cannot be read on vista after leaving ubuntu...but it can be read on xp....do you know the solution?01:45
LOPAsoreau, ok logged back in01:45
sebsebsebVeinor: be careful with  that01:45
Veinoralso, does the CPU usage required to encrypt/decrypt ~ significantly impact performance on, say, a netbook?01:45
sebsebsebVeinor: something could happen maybe in the future, and then you can't access your data01:45
Veinorsebsebseb: ?01:45
=== sebi` is now known as stuhlbein
TheCheezesebsebseb i am in gparted right now. first step is to blank out the entire disk into a raw partition, correct?01:46
Veinorwhat do you mean?01:46
sebsebsebVeinor: if needing to re install Ubuntu or something01:46
jordy240when I put my computer into sleep mode, everything goes well until I wake my computer up. The computer seems to wake up fine but the monitor doesn't turn on and the orange light doesn't go back to green on my monitor's power button.01:46
VeinorI back up all my important data on dropbox01:46
sebsebsebVeinor: there was this guy who  something happended and he coudn't get into his encrypted partition01:46
sebsebsebVeinor: what's that?01:46
Veinoryou have a ~/Dropbox; everything you put in there is replicated across all computers you have dropbox installed on01:47
sebsebsebTheCheeze: hang on01:47
Veinoras well as dropbox's central servers, so you can access it over the net01:47
BlizzerandHow do you I install other distros with wubi01:47
ZykoticK9sebsebseb, Dropbox is like UbuntuOne01:47
arghh2d2jordy240: is your swap partition at least twice as big as the amount of ram you have?01:47
sebsebsebTheCheeze: Ubuntu only or dual boot with Windows or what?01:48
TheCheezekarmic only01:48
jordy240arghh2d2: I don't think so. I'll make it bigger. is 5GB's to big?01:48
=== PhantomLink is now known as ^Phantom^
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok and your on the Live CD?01:48
LOPAsoreau, what should i do now?01:48
Blizzerand_How do you I install other distros with wubi01:48
=== ^Phantom^ is now known as PhantomLink
TheCheezesebsebseb indeed01:48
sebsebsebBlizzerand_: You don't01:48
soreauLOPA: Can you show me the output of grep -i dri2 /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:48
sebsebsebBlizzerand_: You can't even01:49
TheCheezesebsebseb am in chat on a completely different machine, so we are good to go on that01:49
Blizzerand_sebsebseb : But it says so here --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide --> in the How do I install multiple distros? section01:49
sebsebsebTheCheeze: uhmm?01:49
arghh2d2jordy240: it should be twice the size of your ram to do the sleep and hibernate functions correctly so 2.5 gigs of ram would require a 5 gig swap i guess01:49
tPl0chis there a good command line utility for tagging ogg vorbis?01:49
sebsebsebBlizzerand_: ok well I haven't seen that, also it's better to use real partitions in the long run01:49
TheCheezesebsebseb what i mean is we dont have to worry about me leaving ehre for reboots and such01:49
Blizzerand_sebsebseb : I just want to know whether its possible01:50
sebsebsebTheCheeze: the only re boot will be  when Ubuntu has finnisehd installing01:50
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/m7f91475401:50
TheCheezesebsebseb good to know01:50
TheCheezesebsebseb forgot that part01:50
sebsebsebTheCheeze: and then another re boot, once you got the security updates01:50
sebsebsebTheCheeze: since it will have installed a new kernel, only re boots when major stuff such as a new kernel has been installed01:51
soreauLOPA: Ok, good now pastebin the output of xrandr01:51
jordy240arghh2d2: thank you! also, how can I find out what partition linux is installed on?01:52
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok so gparted yeah first and finnish off in manual install, or just do it in manual install01:52
sebsebsebTheCheeze: How much RAM do you have also?01:52
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/m2e06feb401:52
jordy240sebsebseb: how can you find how much ram you have w/o opening the puter?01:52
arghh2d2jordy240: df -h01:52
TheCheezesebsebseb yeah... this is my 2nd try with karmic. the first was a jaunty upgrade that was going well until it threw fits at me today after a daily update01:52
soreauLOPA: Cool, now we are getting somewhere01:52
soreauLOPA: Stand by,I will brb01:53
sebsebsebTheCheeze: oh right well  Karmic isn't that great really compared to jauntey,  unless people need it to fix some hardware issue for example something that woudn't work for them in jauntey01:53
LOPAsoreau, cool01:53
jordy240arghh2d2: thank you! and how can I find out how much ram I have?01:53
giantpunehey people.  i have a question about using qt01:53
arghh2d2jordy240: uhmmm, htop is one way01:53
arghh2d2or top, but it lists ram in kilobytes01:54
sebsebsebTheCheeze: still got your ISO by the way,   oh it's probably ag ood download, but  it's good practice to test the download anyway, to make sure it's good01:54
giantpuneanybody know how to use text from a QString in a regular char or const char?01:54
jordy240thanks arghh2d2 !!!01:54
sebsebsebgiantpune: QT hmm  that's what KDE uses, where as Gnome/Ubuntu uses GTK,  try #kubuntu01:54
TheCheezei already did a verify and hash check on the iso ;)01:54
phixxordoes anybody here understand low level computer things?01:54
giantpunek thanks01:54
mdaumAnybody else have busted sound controls in Karmic?01:55
SnausagesHi, I can't print.  Printer is an old HP postscript laser, connected to a mac os x machine acting as printserver.  Any takers?01:55
phixxorI'm trying to troubleshoot a problem that breaks my laptop: it won't boot BIOS01:55
sebsebsebgiantpune: np01:55
mdaumSnausages: Karmic gave me some printing problems too.  HP lj2430 I think01:56
sebsebsebphixxor: try ##hardware01:56
phixxorsebsebseb: I thought since Ubuntu causes the problem, I should ask here01:56
soreauLOPA: Now what resolution did you want to use?01:56
Snausagesmdaum: I get error writing spool: NT_status_file_lock_conflict01:56
sebsebsebphixxor: OS's  don't cause BIOS issues usaulley01:57
centHOGGphixxor: pre-post?01:57
LOPAsoreau, 1440x90001:57
soreauLOPA: Pastebin the output of cvt 1440 90001:57
Snausagesmdaum: I turned on windows sharing on the mac, seemed like the easiest way to get printing access to the linux machine01:57
zetheroowhat application can be used to read text out loud?01:57
mdaumsnausages: dunno if that's my error.  Haven't diagnosed.01:57
Veinorif I happen to live at an us.archive.ubuntu.com mirror, can I just replace all references to that url in sources.list with mirrors.mit.edu with no ill effects?01:57
phixxorcentHOGG: yes. It turns on but doesn't do anything beyond that01:57
phixxorcentHOGG: no bios or anything01:57
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok01:57
mdaumsnausages: test pages still print, some pdfs too.  But not most.01:57
sebsebsebTheCheeze: uhmm  and the codes were the same as on the ubuntu site yeah?01:58
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/m2197ea7f01:58
kermitaha default_relatime=0 kernel parameter in /boot/grub/menu.lst is how to fix the broken (disabled by default!) access times in the newest kernels01:58
mdaumsnausages: when I look in the gui it says lpd process unexpectedly quit01:58
centHOGGphixxor: 3 levels of troubleshooting: hardware - firmware - software..... yours is hardware01:58
TheCheezesebsebseb you're a busy man it seems. indeed they matched up. i am very anal about verifications01:58
soreauLOPA: Run this:  xrandr --newmode "1440x900_60.00"  106.50  1440 1528 1672 1904  900 903 909 934 -hsync +vsync01:59
sebsebsebTheCheeze: well no not quite,  if I was busy I woudn't  be helping in here01:59
LOPAsoreau, did01:59
TheCheezesebsebseb i mant busy in here. seems like you are helping everyone01:59
soreauLOPA: After that please pastebin the output of xrandr again01:59
sebsebsebTheCheeze: you mean,  you want to be sure that things are done right?01:59
TheCheezesebsebseb indeed01:59
arghh2d2you mant busy in here?01:59
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/m4ca551602:00
sebsebsebTheCheeze:  well not everyone, but I am the most active helper in here right now02:00
sebsebsebTheCheeze: or so it seems02:00
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok02:01
soreauLOPA: Now run this:  xrandr --addmode LVDS "1440x900_60.00"02:01
giancastGood night02:01
sebsebsebTheCheeze: gparted well  you don't need to use that02:01
giancastI need some help.02:01
sebsebsebTheCheeze: for the install set up,  however it does offer a lot more partition control than the manual install in the installer02:01
bahadunnmy card reader does not work in Ubuntu 9.10 but it does in 9.0402:01
giancastI have install NX Client in a UBUNTU server.02:01
darkhamhi people, i've installed kubuntu 9.10, i'm trying to play music with amarok but nothing, i installed gstreamer bad ugly base good (universe multiverse) but nothing02:01
bahadunnanyone know what happened?02:01
giancastI have install NX Client in a UBUNTU server.02:01
darkhamwhat can i do?02:01
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/m9ea7ef702:01
sebsebsebdarkham: try #kubuntu since  amarok is a KDE app02:02
phixxorcentHOGG: the only thing is Ubuntu causes it when it tries to suspend. The screen turns off and the power button flashes (does this mean kernel panic?) It won't revive, and I have to hold the power button down to turn it off. That's when the boot problem started. I can boot again by taking the battery out and pressing the power button for 20s. But every time I leave ubuntu on, the same thing...02:02
giancastthen I try to access from my windows PC02:02
soreauLOPA: Damn :P02:02
LOPAsoreau, tell me about it02:02
darkhamsebsebseb: yes, but nobody seems to read the channel requests...02:02
soreauLOPA: What command did you run that gave you that?02:02
giancastThere is anyone with NX Client or SSH DSA KEY experience02:02
centHOGGphixxor: have you checked inside your laptop cmos settings02:02
sebsebsebTheCheeze: open the installer02:03
LOPAsoreau, xrandr --addmode LVDS "1440x900_60.00"02:03
sebsebsebTheCheeze: follow it through get to partitioning and do manual02:03
phixxorcentHOGG: no, what should I check?02:03
whiten0isetrying to communicate with a microcontroller on /dev/ttyUSB0 but the link is not communicating--any ideas?02:03
sebsebsebTheCheeze: oh yeah how much RAM?02:03
arghh2d2phixxor: check that your swap partition is at least twice the size of your ram02:03
whiten0isei have librxtx-java installed and everything else needed (at least according to documentation of the chip)02:03
TheCheezesebsebseb 2gb02:03
centHOGGphixxor: pleez look at your computer manual :P02:03
sebsebsebTheCheeze: hmm so 4GB swap space I think, even though not really needed with 2GB RAM, unless your going to hibernate02:04
sebsebseb!swap |  TheCheeze02:04
ubottuTheCheeze: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info02:04
livingdaylightanyone know about .swf files?02:04
sebsebseb!details |  livingdaylight02:04
ubottulivingdaylight: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:04
TheCheezei never bother with hibernate sebsebseb02:04
Firefisheshock wave flash02:04
livingdaylighti'm told they should be videos but they're coming up as audio only02:04
arghh2d2thats what's causeing his problems i think sebsebseb is hibernation02:04
sebsebsebarghh2d2: who's problem?02:05
livingdaylightsebsebseb, are you feeling ok?02:05
sekyourboxwhats a good free typing teaching program for ubuntu02:05
Firefishelinux doesn't do shockwave if I remember correctly02:05
soreauLOPA: Ok I guess you can try to see if it helps to do something like this in xorg.conf: (note this is only an example.)  http://pastebin.com/m8374f3e02:05
arghh2d2sebsebseb: phixxor's problem02:05
hwildeis there a cool graphical equalizer in ubuntu?02:05
sebsebsebsekyourbox: there are a few reasonable ones, Tuxtype and such, which version of Ubuntu you on?02:05
sebsebsebFirefishe: well there's a way in Wine02:05
sekyourboxsebsebseb, 804 and 91002:06
sekyourbox910 on my new laptop02:06
LOPAsoreau, so if this is an example, what should i put in it?02:06
soreauLOPA: The point of interest there is the Mode line and the context is only to demonstrate to you where to put it in your X conf file02:06
phixxorarghh2d2: alright I'll check. centHOGG: it looks like there is no cmos section in my boot settings :P02:06
livingdaylightanyone know about .swf files? i'm only getting audio here and there should be a video component02:06
sebsebsebsekyourbox: ok  with 8.04  you got the  add/remove which is ok,   with 9.10  you got the software centre was has replacd it and is quite a lot better.   with both you have synaptic.  you can find your touch typing programs in these02:06
sebsebsebsekyourbox: Tuxtype and such02:06
Firefisheseb³: I didn't know that. I'd like to take a stab at it.02:06
PaperBoyI have downloaded files from my web hosting server where some files are set to 777, and i downloaded them  to my ubuntu system..   then after editing the files i reuploaded them back to the hosting servser and the file permissions where lost can any one tell me why that is?02:07
sekyourboxwonder if mario teaches typing will work with wine02:07
giancastHi can someone help with a SSH thing02:07
sebsebsebFirefishe: yeah got to use a Windows browser as well or something,  I remember reading something in the past02:07
sebsebseb!someone |  giancast02:07
ubottugiancast: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?02:07
Pizza1337giancast, what is your problem?02:08
arghh2d2PaperBoy: when you downloaded em they became you downloading user's files02:08
LOPAsoreau, so could i just put this into my xorg?02:08
livingdaylight!expert | sebsebseb02:08
ubottusebsebseb: one persons expectation of expert is different to that of another, why not ask the question with lots of useful information on one line and see what happens02:08
jordy240can someone please help me02:08
sebsebseblivingdaylight: hmm?02:08
Firefishelivingdaylight: you require an environment that will play shockwave videos. you might try a converter.02:08
Pizza1337what is your problem?02:08
livingdaylightat last02:08
soreauLOPA: If you are not sure, pastebin your xorg.conf and I will pastebin back the modified version for you02:08
arghh2d2PaperBoy: you can copy some of roots files, your copy is yours roots copy stays roots02:08
jordy240i am trying to shrink my ubuntu partition but gparted said something about there not being a supported superblock or something. can someone please help?02:09
sebsebsebTheCheeze: still here?02:09
livingdaylightFirefishe, great... do you know any that convert .swf files to .avi or something, i can only think of audio converters02:09
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/f3f6aeb8302:09
centHOGGjordy240: ever shrunk one before?02:09
sebsebseblivingdaylight: so expert was some sort of sarcasm that I didn't pick up on or something?02:09
arghh2d2jordy240: you cant shrink a mounted partition.  meaning: you cant shrnk the partition your logged in on right now...use a livecd02:10
=== argonaut is now known as argonaut|afk
TheCheezesebsebseb having a minor complication... gimme a sec02:10
livingdaylightsebsebseb, please keep it ubuntu related02:10
jordy240arghh2d2: I know. I have gparted on a live cd that I was just using02:10
jordy240centHOGG: yes02:10
centHOGGjordy240: ok what is the filesystem type02:11
jordy240centHOGG: whatever ubuntu puts on my hard drive02:11
jordy240i guess02:11
centHOGGjordy240: yeah02:12
Firefishelivingdaylight: Not immediately coming to mind. However, I'd be delighted to help with a little research foe you. Are you going to be around for a while tonight?02:12
jordy240ok well I tried to shrink it from a live cd and gparted said that there was an unsupported suoerblock or something centHOGG02:12
centHOGGjordy240: i've never had any luck with ext3... but no problems with reiserfs02:12
jordy240centHOGG: what do you mean?02:12
jordy240what can I do>02:12
centHOGGjordy240: ever tried acronis02:12
jordy240centHOGG: I don't know what that is.02:13
soreauLOPA: http://pastebin.com/m4f7a79ac02:13
TheCheezesebsebseb it keeps hanging after selecting time zone02:13
livingdaylightFirefishe, no, i won't, its late here... so, I'll google it and see what i come up with02:13
centHOGGjordy240: a partition resizer02:13
sebsebsebTheCheeze: oh02:13
jordy240centHOGG: I have a question for you: how can I move empty space from under my ntfs partition to OVER my ntfs partition so I can grow my swap02:13
sebsebsebTheCheeze: re boot the CD and try again02:13
sebsebsebTheCheeze: in fact02:13
Brian101298can someone please assist?  i just installed Karmic and my monitor is not detected.  my highest resolution is 800x600.02:13
sebsebsebTheCheeze: you can check your disk02:13
Firefishelivingdaylight: k .. good luck :)02:14
sebsebsebTheCheeze: there's an option for that on the  boot up screen02:14
LOPAsoreau, just log out and in again after saving?02:14
centHOGGjordy240: yes it's possible to do that in acronis.... ext3 is a pain see02:14
centHOGGntfs ok, reiserfs ok02:14
jordy240centHOGG: well I have no more black cd's. is aconis free and work on ubuntu?02:15
FirefisheIs there any major reason to upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10?02:15
centHOGGjordy240: unfortunately no... it's commercial. but its great to have02:15
sebsebsebjordy240: uhmm you can resize partitions with gparted02:15
zetheroocannot seem to see any link to actually download this package02:16
sebsebsebjordy240: oh yeah, but you got an error hmm02:16
jordy240sebsebseb: I can't. gparted says that I can't touch my ubuntu partition because of something about a superblock02:16
Firefishewhen 9.04 is stable and the hardware on the laptop works nicely with 9.04?02:16
centHOGGFirefishe: I saw that handbrake isn't working with the latest02:16
sebsebsebjordy240: it's Ext4?02:16
sebsebsebjordy240: and your on 9.10?02:16
jordy240sebsebseb: the alternative would be to move free space from under my ntfs partition to OVER my ntfs partition02:16
TheCheezesebsebseb checking for defects now02:17
FirefishecentHOGG: What is handbrake?02:17
jordy240sebsebseb: I'm on the latest release... I don't know what ext it is. whatever the defualt is02:17
centHOGGcould be wrong02:17
soreauLOPA: Yes, anytime you make changes to your xorg.conf you will want to restart X for the changes to take effects02:17
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok02:17
centHOGGlemme see02:17
ubottuhandbrake is a an open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder, available for MacOS X, Linux and Windows. - http://handbrake.fr02:17
sebsebsebjony123: ok the default is Ext4,  there were some issues with resizing that in the past I think,  maybe there still are02:17
FaithfulI have a 32bit app runnning in 64bit when it calls certain libs it looks at the 64bit ones... how can I tell the app to look at the 32bit ones?02:17
sebsebsebjony123: check out the 9.10 release notes  might have something relivant02:17
sebsebseb!notes |  jony12302:17
ubottujony123: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) release notes can be found here: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91002:17
ZykoticK9centHOGG, Firefishe FYI Handbrake does NOT work in Ubuntu currently02:18
Firefishewell, I don't use it, sooo ;)02:18
Firefishetx Zv02:18
centHOGGjordy240: if you have to redo that system... next time use reiserfs for the filesystem, because you can adjust it much easier02:18
centHOGGZykoticK9: yeah drag02:18
sebsebsebjordy240: don't use reiserfs well you could, but uhmm02:18
jordy240centHOGG: i have to reinstall ubutu?02:18
phixxorarghh2d2: my computer already has 1gb of swap, and 512 mb ram max (its actually less because of onboard vga)02:19
sebsebsebcentHOGG: I think that's  a bit bad of you to recommend reisferfs to  not that experienced Ubuntu users02:19
=== argonaut|afk is now known as argonaut
Brian1012981O.k.  i just logged out and did not see the option to adjust my monitor resolution.  im still at 800x60002:19
=== VanDyke_ is now known as VanDyke
zetheroohow do I install this https://launchpad.net/cerva02:19
LOPAsoreau, could not parse xorg02:19
phixxorsebsebseb: why? reiserfs is good for normal use02:19
soreauLOPA: Well either you made a mistake or I did02:19
jordy240sebsebseb: this is all because suspend mode doesn't work.. (it doesn't resume)02:19
ussersebsebseb, yea nothing wrong with reiser02:20
arghh2d2phixxor: you probly need at least 1024 mb of swap then02:20
LOPAsoreau, i copied and pasted logged out02:20
LOPAsoreau, i will pastebin it02:20
argosyI've got some issues getting an Ericsson F3507G connected to my 3G provider, and I was wondering if anyone might be able to help?02:20
sebsebsebhmm centHOGG left02:20
phixxorarghh2d2: I have 1 gb = 1024mb02:20
sebsebseb!reiserfs |  phixxor  usser02:20
ubottuphixxor  usser: reiserfs is a journalling file system, which outperforms many others on I/O operations, but has drawbacks (such as increasing likelihood of data loss, and introducing latency unsuitable for gaming or real-time audio). Using !ext3, the default on Ubuntu, is *highly* recommended. A read-only Windows driver is available at http://p-nand-q.com/download/rfstool.html02:20
sebsebsebjordy240: should have done that to you as well, see above02:20
phixxorsebsebseb: hmm, looks like this is a new development. But if ubottu says it, it must be so02:21
UCCAdminDoes anyone here have experience with setting up wake-on-lan for an Ubuntu (9.10) system?02:21
jordy240sebsebseb: well I;m on ext4 so it's too late anyway. what can I do to extend my swap???02:21
LOPAsoreau, http://pastebin.com/m4f7a79ac02:21
ussersebsebseb, hm dont know about latency, i used it for quite a while for gaming too02:21
Brian1012981Is there anyone who can assist with monitor not detected issue in Karmic?02:21
arghh2d2phixxor: thats just for hibernating power saving crap that i never use cuz i dont have a laptop.  it could be your vido ram causing a problem then.02:21
sebsebsebphixxor: by the looks of it that factoid is a bit old, since Ext4 is default in 9.10.  ,but the rest of what it is saying is probably true enough02:21
phixxorarghh2d2: yeah -- I think it's crappy apic02:22
nytek_im trying to instal xmobar, anybody know the package name?02:22
argosySpecifically, I keep getting a LCP TermReq after I authenticate.02:22
sebsebsebjordy240: what?02:22
cheronNew Q: is it possible to replace the new ubuntu startup tune with the older short drum beat?02:22
TheCheezesebsebseb finished with no errors02:22
phixxorsebsebseb: meh, I chose reiserfs cause I heard it was faster, but that was back in warty dapper drake days02:22
sebsebsebusser: the default file system tends to work  well enough for most Ubuntu users02:22
jordy240please help me. it's so anoying how ubuntu ships with a partition that can't be touched and a broken suspend/hybernate mode. please how can I extend my swap partition?02:22
ussersebsebseb, yea thats true02:23
jordy240sebsebseb: ^02:23
ussersebsebseb, like that whole ext4 losing data debacle :P02:23
soreauLOPA: Looks fine to me.. unless you got some hidden characters in there through copy/pasting from pastebin but I don't really see how that could happen02:23
sebsebsebphixxor: well I have  read online that XFS is fast and that it basically has the Ext4 advantages, and well  XFS has been around for quite a while unlike Ext402:23
phixxorjordy240: what have you tried so far?02:23
sebsebsebusser: well with 9.04 for some and since they didn't have a proper kernel and that for Ext402:23
sebsebsebjordy240: Ext4 can be resized02:24
livingdaylightsebsebseb, don't worry i figured it out02:24
sebsebsebjordy240: some how02:24
argosySigh.  The *really* annoying bit is that this card is supposedly fully-supported in NM 0.7, and it doesn't work there either!02:24
LOPAsoreau, dont see any characters02:24
jordy240phixxor: I tried shrinking ext4 to make space for swap, but I can't touch the ext4 partition, and I tried shrinking the ntfs partition, and that works(of course) but the free space is on the wrong side of the windows parition. can you please help me?02:24
sebsebseblivingdaylight: whatever you were being stupid with me02:24
soreauLOPA: It should not be failing to parse that02:24
livingdaylight!you | sebsebseb02:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about you02:25
soreauLOPA: Unless it plain does not like the Mode line altogether and spits back at you02:25
TheCheezejordy240 you have to do it from a live environment02:25
LOPAis there another modeline we can try02:25
jordy240TheCheeze: ...... i know. I have been02:25
sebsebsebTheCheeze: Ubuntu partitions have to be resized from  for example the Live CD yes02:25
sebsebsebTheCheeze: not just Ubuntu, but other distros as well02:26
TheCheezejordy240 just wanted to make sure02:26
soreauLOPA: Try commenting out that Mode line by putting a # at the beginning of the line and see if that is the problem02:26
jordy240this is so anoying02:26
sebsebsebTheCheeze: well / or /home I should say02:26
jordy240this is exactly why linux will never be on the casual users desktop02:26
sebsebsebTheCheeze: if you had some other data partition as well, you could unmount it and resize02:26
sebsebsebjordy240: uhmm 9.1002:26
jeffmr_jordy240, you sound pretty laid back02:26
TheCheezesebsebseb ok, got past the timezone this time02:27
sebsebsebjordy240: 9.10 has issues here and there yes,  overall 9.04 is the better release really02:27
jeffmr_jordy240, yeah sorry about that02:27
sebsebsebjordy240: except for some people, because they have for example an Intel graphics card that gave issues in 9.04, but works nicely in 9.1002:27
chu_9.10 beta works better for me than Jaunty did :p02:27
chu_Can't run official though02:27
argosyCanonical could learn something about reliability from Debian...02:27
jordy240right but suspend mode doesn't even work...02:28
lordbah2Has anyone used the webcam in the Dell SX2210 monitor with Ubuntu?02:28
TheCheezesebsebseb clicked manual partitioning02:28
sekyourboxis it safe to install IW and ATHEROS??02:28
sebsebsebjordy240:  chu_  argosy   uhmm  these non LTS versions are kind of test releases,  they experiment a bit, put in new features,   it's the LTS  Long Term Support releases that have to be rather good and stable and all that, those are the kind of business releases02:28
bleeding_heartIntel gma50002:29
sekyourboxsebsebseb, thanks if you are still there02:29
sebsebsebsekyourbox: yes I am02:29
argosysebsebseb: I just wish Canonical would be a little more forward about that.02:29
jordy240well thanks anyway for the help sebsebseb02:29
bleeding_heartwhy doesn't ubuntu support this?02:29
jordy240guess i;ll have to go back to windows..02:29
BLACK_MANblack man here02:29
sebsebsebsekyourbox: installed some typing software for Linux?02:29
BLACK_MANI require assistance with ubuntu02:29
LOPAsoreau, it worked commenting it out02:29
BLACK_MANcan anyone help me use ubuntu02:29
sebsebsebargosy: you mean more clear to users?02:30
bleeding_hearthow so black man02:30
argosysebsebseb: Yep.02:30
craigbass1976What's a good text editor for xubuntu besides geany?02:30
BLACK_MANi am trying to install irssi02:30
BLACK_MANon ubuntu02:30
soreauLOPA: Since Jaunty's release, there have been a significant number of changes to the intel driver. So as a last resort I would have to recommend trying a Karmic live cd to see if things work better for you resolution wise02:30
sekyourboxsebsebseb, yea I lke tux he is cooler than mario.  I just wish he would jump around more02:30
BLACK_MANbut i keep getting an ORT-8a subset error02:30
sebsebsebargosy: same here, but also about the md5sum  or sha1sum,  how users should do that before burning the contents of the ISO to CD02:30
axisysi need help to play embedded video like these http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/switch_exchange.html .. i can right click and play from youtube just fine02:30
sebsebsebsekyourbox: Do you know who Tux is by the way?02:30
LOPAsoreau, what is karmic live cd?02:30
soreau! karmic | LOPA02:30
ubottuLOPA: Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91002:30
bleeding_heartkarmic worked terribly on my system02:31
sekyourboxsebsebseb, tux the friendly panguine (however you spellit)02:31
freevryheidcraigbass1976: don like the default mousepad?02:31
sekyourboxlinux mascot02:31
LOPAsoreau, i had the same thing with 9.1002:31
sebsebsebsekyourbox: yes02:31
sebsebsebthe Linux Mascot02:31
sekyourboxlinus was a panguine02:31
ubottutux is the Linux Mascot - http://www.isc.tamu.edu/~lewing/linux/02:31
sebsebsebthought there would be a factoid :)02:31
soreauLOPA: Well we didn't try adding the modeline with xrandr manually :)02:31
soreauLOPA: (on karmic)02:31
craigbass1976freevryheid, no, I like geany, but I need a second one.  Something like it, or notepad ++ for windows02:31
SlimGarykarmic koala netbook remix rocks !02:31
LOPAsoreau, i did02:32
LOPAsoreau, got the same erro02:32
sekyourboxmy first time seeing tux was on a white box in my sixth grade class.. In this box, contained linux02:32
LOPAsoreau, do u think it pays to try adding 1280 768 and see if that works?02:32
sebsebsebsekyourbox: oh?02:32
freevryheidcraigbass1976: gedit02:33
soreauLOPA: Not necessarily..02:33
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok02:33
sebsebsebTheCheeze: got to manual install yet?02:33
sekyourboxI think it was redhat02:33
LOPAsoreau, doh02:33
soreauLOPA: But I still recommend upgrading to karmic if there is no other reason for you not to02:33
sekyourboxback when redhat was cool02:33
LOPAok i will do that02:33
LOPAsoreau, are u here often that if i do it tonight i can find u tommorow?02:33
craigbass1976freevryheid, am I going to end up with half of gnome by installing that, or does the g stand for gpl02:33
freevryheidcraigbass1976: c++?02:33
sebsebsebLOPA: uhmm upgrading if you do an upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 expect to maybe get issues02:33
sekyourboxalthough when i use redhat i never use RPMs02:34
bleeding_heartthe netbooks will not be fully supported until lucid02:34
acochello, I've got /mnt on a separate partition and had to add .Trash-1000 to it to allow a trash can, but it doesn't show up in nautilus's trash:///, any way to include it?02:34
TheCheezesebsebseb yes sir02:34
LOPAsebsebseb, i will do a fresh install02:34
soreauLOPA: I should be logged in at least but may not be at my desk all the time. Just pm me02:34
sebsebsebLOPA: good02:34
gbear14275where do I find a list of applications when choosing the "open with" menu and selecting "other..."... It seems to just open a nautilus file browser and I'm not sure where to look02:34
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok02:34
soreauLOPA: And yes, do a clean install02:34
LOPAsoreau, great02:34
sekyourboxsweet i have iw installed, and everything is still working02:34
LOPAsoreau, really appreciate all the help02:34
sebsebsebTheCheeze: pretty straight foward, you will make a  /  10 or 12GB in size02:34
sekyourboxim afraid to reboot02:34
sebsebsebTheCheeze:  10 x 1024 =    10  x  1024 =02:35
soreauLOPA: I wish we could have got it working right now02:35
sebsebsebTheCheeze: there's a calculter in Ubuntu of course02:35
LOPAsoreau, hopefully we  will02:35
LOPAsoreau, thanks02:35
soreauLOPA: but I think it might be easier with karmic02:35
freevryheidpcraigbass1976: prolly not more than geany02:35
sebsebsebTheCheeze: see at the bottom it says new partition?02:35
gbear14275specifically I'm looking for the theme installer application02:35
sekyourboxhttp://packages.ubuntu.com  is all safe, correct?02:35
jonznjpossible synaptic issue: I upgraded a development box for my computer science club today, bringing it from 9.04 to 9.10. When it was done upgrading I opened up synaptic package manager, and started checking off things I'd like to install (g++, cvs, svn, eclipse) - and every single time - around the 4th or 5th thing I'd check off, synaptic would just disapear. I guess it was crashing -but I didn't get an error or anything, it just suddenly vanished. I would o02:35
gbear14275can anyone tell me how to get there when trying use the "other..." application menu02:36
TheCheezesebsebseb afk a slight moment putting a baby to bed02:36
jonznjhas anyone else seen this behavior? (9.10 is the first time i"m seeing it)02:36
sebsebsebTheCheeze: oh right ok02:36
gbear14275no one?02:37
TheCheezesebsebseb should i format into a raw partition first?02:38
sebsebsebTheCheeze: the hard disk is blank?02:38
seeeeeki want to forward all port 80/443 traffic from my home router to my external server which uses proxy....so how to do that with iptables ?02:38
sebsebsebTheCheeze: make a  /  partition  10GB or so in size with the Ext4 file system.    SWAP space uhmm 4GB in size I think since you got 2GB RAM.   and the rest of the hard disk will be your /home also Ext402:39
TheCheezesebsebseb no, it is currently filled with a failed karmic02:39
sebsebsebTheCheeze: ok you can delete the failed partitions02:39
jonznjpossible synaptic issue: I upgraded a development box for my computer science club today, bringing it from 9.04 to 9.10. When it was done upgrading I opened up synaptic package manager, and started checking off things I'd like to install (g++, cvs, svn, eclipse) - and every single time - around the 4th or 5th thing I'd check off, synaptic would just disapear. I guess it was crashing -but I didn't get an error or anything, it just suddenly vanished. I would o02:39
gbear14275anyone know how to navigate to applications when choosing the "open with" menu option?02:41
arghh2d2jonznj: that sucks02:41
arghh2d2gbear14275: its usually in /usr/sbin02:41
gbear14275arghh2d2: how do I know which is which... I'm looking for "theme installer"02:41
jonznjarghh2d2: thanks, lol02:42
shoeman22does anyone know how to make ssh commands run on the x-session?  so the commands behave the same as if run from a terminal you opened from the desktop?02:42
chu_bash file?02:43
shoeman22i'd like to be able to open mythtv or xbmc remotely02:43
arghh2d2gbear14275: actualy i take that back...try /usr/bin02:43
gbear14275arghh2d2: thats what you said the first time02:43
arghh2d2gbear14275: find out what program opens the theme installer02:44
arghh2d2gbear14275: i said /usr/sbin  slight dif02:44
fluidis there any way to get something to run on port 23 and allow in outside connections? im trying to run an old bbs software and everything i try on the telnet port refuses to connect02:45
arghh2d2gbear14275: i imagine it starts with gnome-<theme whatever>02:45
chu_soeman22 : create a new file "ssh2mythtv" or whatever, and just type "#!/bin/bash <newline> ssh user@mythtv" you'll need to add some flags to the file to execute it, does anyone know what the commands is/are?02:46
chu_Where it says <newline> use an enter :p02:46
arghh2d2jonznj: you could try to reinstall synaptic from the command line: sudo apt-get install synaptic02:46
jonznjarghh2d2: thanks :)02:47
chu_shoeman22: perfect tutorial http://www.linuxconfig.org/Bash_scripting_Tutorial02:48
brainy142anyone here having log-in issues with 9.10?02:48
arghh2d2not me, cuz i dont use 9.10 yet02:48
shoeman22ok I'll take a look at that.  Thank you02:49
arghh2d2brainy142: what kind of issues are you having?02:49
roger__hello i made a link on my ubuntu desktop for a windows folder....however the link is dead...until i open the HD link from the menu...then the link works..how do i make it so the link always works..02:49
brainy142I'l log in and about 4 out of 5 times it will try to log-in and just go back to the log in screen02:49
brainy142sometimes the screen will show a jarbled mess.02:50
brainy142but when it works it works02:50
brainy142I've tried different window managers, same thing02:50
arghh2d2brainy142: did you upgrade or clean install?02:50
jonznjroger__: how did you make the link the first time around?02:51
brainy142I tried an upgrade, I cancled it and ubuntu messed up, so I did a clean02:51
PhantomLinkNever gonna give you up, never gonna let you down...02:51
jonznjfluid, did anyone answer you?02:51
arghh2d2brainy142: hmmm02:51
brainy142the thing is it works sometimes02:51
fluidjonznj: no sorry02:52
arghh2d2roger__: you probly need to mount the windows partition at boot time by editing /etc/fstab02:52
roger__jonznj, i went to the folder inside the harddrive and Make Link, then i put that link on ubuntu desktop02:52
arghh2d2roger__: sounds like your mounting it from the menu, then the link works02:52
roger__arghh2d2, yes how do i this02:53
sebsebsebTheCheeze: maybe we should have finnished the partition stuff here, so someone else could maybe learn from it02:53
jonznjfluid: are you sitting behind your own router? or is this someone else's?02:53
roger__mount the partitiion02:53
fluidid really like to run synchronet as a non-root user... but when i do noone can connect to it from outside of my network. im behind my own router, this machine is DMZ to the world.02:53
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:53
cdg2hi all.  Is anyone on that can give me some upgrade advice?  I am upgrading from Dapper LTS to Hardy LTS.  The installer appears to have hung close to the end of "installing the upgrades" step.  The problem appears to be related to my openldap install.  My question is what to do now?02:53
joljami am looking for a g++ compiler in ubuntu which I has the function of line by line debugging02:53
fluidif i bump the ports up to anything above 1000 it works fine02:53
jonznj!fstab | roger__02:53
ubotturoger__: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions02:53
fluidim pretty sure that port 22 is open02:53
fluidwhich is sshd02:54
fluidbut synchronet waiting on port 23 does not see incoming cnnections :(02:54
DinkHmm I just got a random pop-up saying my system will shutdown in 60 seconds. I hit cancel. What can cause this? This has happened several times lately.02:54
jonznjare port23 connections forwarded properly to this dmz?02:55
arghh2d2brainy142: could be a gdm problem... what are your error messages like?02:55
jonznjfluid: *from the  router's config, is what I"m refereing to ^02:55
fluidevery incoming connection is set to hit this machine directly. doesnt matter what port it is.02:55
arghh2d2Dink: firefox popup?02:55
brainy142I dont get an error message02:55
arghh2d2brainy142: what about the jarbled stuff when it blanks out?  anything legible?02:56
fluidarghh2d2: i think hes referring to the gnome system shutdown warning02:56
brainy142arghh2d2: It just seems to... reboot x?02:56
jonznjfluid: I ask because ports are usually blocked by default. are you sure there's nothing else listening to that port (on your box) as well?02:56
Dinkarghh2d2, no it kinda looks like when you hit the restart/logout/hibernate but had more options02:56
brainy142just the ubuntu logo in weird tessalatd boxwa02:56
fluidjonznj: nothing at all. i can connect to it locally using localhost:2302:56
brainy142no terminal02:56
fluidi can connect to it from another machine on the lan...02:57
fluidthats what got me thinking firewall02:57
fluidbut if the router has this system listed under its DMZ setting, it should be forwarding anything incoming to this machine.02:57
brainy142arghh2d2: It never happened in 9.0402:57
jonznjfluid: yeah, all out of ideas :( sorry - thought it might be something simple. you could try connecting maybe another machine infront of the firewall, and see if it has trouble02:58
arghh2d2brainy142: i dont know, did it happen right after you installed 9.10 or a little later?02:58
fluidknow what, next time my friend is on to test it out... ill just plug my machine directly into the cable modem and bypass my firewall completely. bet it will work.02:58
jonznjfluid: right, just what I meant02:58
brainy142arghh2d2: right after it was installed02:58
jonznjgotta go, good luck :)02:58
fluidis gonna be this stupid linksys garbage router. lol02:58
arghh2d2brainy142: what other window managers have you tried?02:59
seeeeekBLACK_MAN trying to hack me02:59
brainy142arghh2d2: icewm,xfce, gnome, openbox, enlightenment02:59
TheCheezesebsebseb i idle enough in here that if i see anyone asking partition help and such i will be able to pay it forward02:59
od3nhow does one install a .bin file03:00
sebsebsebTheCheeze: pay it foward? use the info and help them?03:00
brainy142arghh2d2: not kde as I cant run transparencies03:00
od3nthe archive maneger wont open it03:00
axisysi found the bug that I am experiencing03:00
TheCheezesebsebseb exactly03:00
axisysanyone would know if there is fix yet ?03:01
Veinoris there a way to make the ar9285 series not suck on karmic?03:01
roger__ubottu, can u help me with mounting the windows filesystem, i dont want to mess anything03:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:01
TheCheezei am in here almost 24/7 and when i am awake i am lurking to help people with sound issues, now i can expand that to partitioning help too03:01
ZykoticK9od3n, .bin means binary -- ie run it "./WHATITSCALLED.bin"03:01
alinz1when you do fdisk -l and it says partition start/end and then blocks. What are the units for start/end?03:01
Veinoror I guess, the ath9k drivers03:01
arghh2d2brainy142: i dunno, i'd say it was prbly something you installed that wasnt ready for 9.10 but you said it happende right after you installed...maybe try reinstalling gdm03:01
brainy142arghh2d2: it was happening even beofre I installed anything03:02
roger__can someone help me with mounting the filesystem...i can send you what fstab puts out and  fdisk -l03:03
arghh2d2brainy142: thats what i'm saying right after you installed 9.10...still i'd try a gdm reinstall03:03
Dinkarghh2d2, I tried all of the options from fastuser applet non produce the one I saw. It had several options to chose from vs just the one. In small print it said the computer will be restarted automatically in 60 seconds03:03
brainy142arghh2d2: how would I do that?03:04
mds58I broke my system with upgrade from 9.04 to 9.10 how do I role back from command line?03:04
al_when you do fdisk -l and it says partition start/end and then blocks. What are the units for start/end? ??03:04
jrib!downgrade | mds5803:04
arghh2d2brainy142: sudo apt-get install gdm03:04
ubottumds58: Attempting to downgrade to an older Ubuntu version is explicitly not supported, and may break your system.03:04
mds58ok then how do I fix my x-server?03:04
thiebaudemds58, you got your 9.04 cd?03:04
brainy142arghh2d2: It wont break anything will it?03:04
jrib!ntfs > roger__03:04
ubotturoger__, please see my private message03:04
jribmds58: tell the channel what's wrong with it first03:05
arghh2d2Dink: are you talking about the login screen?03:05
mds58when I boot my system it black screens and shuts down the display03:05
arghh2d2brainy142: shouldnt03:05
brainy142arghh2d2: I'l try that thanks03:05
thiebaudemds58, which graphics card do you have?03:06
Dinkarghh2d2, I think it might have been the shutdown-dialog03:06
Dinkbut vs shutdown it said restart in 60 seconds03:06
* seeeeek BLACK_MAN is trying to hack me! i can send the full conf msg...he is a noob who think he is smart03:06
fritzophrenicany quick answers as to why a Live CD for Karmic and for Jaunty would go into kernal panic when trying to start the installer, live session, or disc checker?03:06
mds58system specs amd5000+ cpu ati 2600pro vid card 2.6gig ram03:06
fritzophrenicI've checked the disk on another PC and it's fine03:06
DinkJust happened again03:06
mds5864 bit OS03:07
fritzophrenicalso verified the checksum on the ISO03:07
KB1JWQseeeeek: That'll do.  If you feel it's a severe problem you may PM me logs.03:07
arghh2d2Dink: got me, i dont use fast user applets and switchers and such03:07
brainy142arghh2d2: It says "gdm is latest version" 22 not upgraded.03:07
thiebaudemds58, im not sure, i dont know anything about ati03:07
arghh2d2roger__: can you pastebin?03:07
Dinkarghh2d2, top of the dialog says "Shut down the computer" with shutdown, restart, hibernate as options then system will be restarted in 60 seconds03:07
mds58is there a way to set x-server to run basic vga03:07
seeeeekKB1JWQ its not a problem for me but he trying to be a smart a$$ and hack peoples...i know exactly what he trying to do by sending trojan03:08
Dinksomething is causing it to want to restart every so often03:08
arghh2d2Dink: got me, i dont use fast user applets and switchers and such03:08
kagetenshihi can anybody help me out debug me on the compiz? it says XgL is not present03:09
arghh2d2brainy142: well its not gdm i guess03:09
colerplease see (and spread the word).  The more this out there the more likely our insurance will cover.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qiy8tF1gofw03:09
underdog7hello!  can anyone tell me how i can share a partition with my dual boot OSs -- Windows 7 and Ubuntu?  I already have a third partition, however, b/c it is ext3 i cannot access it via Wndows 7.  I have also tried an EXT3 driver for Windows, but it doesn't seem to recognize the third partitions format for some reason.  any ideas anyone?03:09
emmado any of you use a usb wireless device for a laptop that 'just works' ?03:09
jrib!ot | coler03:09
mds58if I clone my home directory to a second drive can I simply reinstall withut data loss?03:09
nickrud!spam > coler03:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about spam03:09
ubottucoler: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:09
underdog7is the only option to have an NTFS partition?03:09
kagetenshihi can anybody help me out debug me on the compiz? it says XgL is not present03:09
jribunderdog7: the only option for what...?03:09
nickrudhm, wasn't there a spam factoid once?03:09
spirits-sightwhat a good text editor for temenal use?03:09
jribspirits-sight: nano03:09
underdog7jrib: "hello!  can anyone tell me how i can share a partition with my dual boot OSs -- Windows 7 and Ubuntu?  I already have a third partition, however, b/c it is ext3 i cannot access it via Wndows 7.  I have also tried an EXT3 driver for Windows, but it doesn't seem to recognize the third partitions format for some reason.  any ideas anyone?"03:10
colerok sorry03:10
jribspirits-sight: vim or emacs if you want to learn...03:10
nickrudspirits-sight, nano, vim, emac03:10
spirits-sightjrib: THANK I could not remember the spelling03:10
arghh2d2i'm tired yall, afk03:10
jribunderdog7: use ntfs03:10
BlizzerandGuys , how does this look --> http://www.wikihow.com/Install-Ubuntu-in-Windows --> Feel free to make any improvements03:11
underdog7jrib: a while back (maybe a year ago), i heard NTFS was not well supported with ubuntu -- e.g. unreliable read/write access -- is this still so?03:11
emmaunderdog7: that's changed.03:11
greezmunkeyUnderdog7, linux and Win7 can share ntfs!03:11
=== zz_kiwifunk is now known as kiwifunk
jribunderdog7: works well (has for a while)03:11
kagetenshihi can anybody help me out debug me on the compiz? it says XgL is not present03:11
underdog7emma and jrib:  perfect, thanks :)03:11
Blizzerand!info XgL03:11
metaphlexrunning ubuntu through wubi - compiz occasionally jumps up to 85% of my cpu even though i'm just browsing firefox03:11
brainy142underdog7: I heard ntfs is fine03:11
ubottuPackage XgL does not exist in karmic03:11
underdog7brainy142: cool, thanks :)03:11
metaphlexany ideas what's making compiz hog the cpu?03:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lubi03:12
thiebaudemetaphlex, you check your system processes?03:13
metaphlexyeah i'm looking at top right now03:13
metaphlexcompiz.real has cpu hovering around 65%03:13
metaphlexxorg is at 30%03:14
=== PhantomLink is now known as PL|Not_Here
thiebaudemetaphlex, im not sure how to fix that, my compiz is ok03:14
metaphlexidk what is up. my guess is that since this install is through wubi (wubi installs linux as a sort of windows program, you reboot into linux, but without partitioning) that it is just bugging as hell03:15
joshjtlhey folks, i need to use a virtualmachine to run netflix streams, can anyone recommend one where i may get the best performance for this?03:16
greezmunkeymetaphlex, there are a bunch of posts concerning that, here's one solution: http://forum.compiz.org/showthread.php?p=1783203:16
metaphlexcool thanks03:16
emmajoshjtl: virtualbox is the only open source vm i hear very much about.03:17
mankashhow to install 7z03:17
roger__hello, so i did fdisk -l and know all my partitions...how do i make it so when i startup ubuntu, links to my windows folders work and open up03:17
m3onh0x84_hi, I want to ask : why is linux not used more in corporations for workstations and PCs?03:17
metaphlexi'll look through that and see if anything works03:17
=== argonaut is now known as Argonaut
emma!info virtualbox-ose | joshjtl03:17
ubottujoshjtl: virtualbox-ose (source: virtualbox-ose): x86 virtualization solution - base binaries. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.8-dfsg-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 6182 kB, installed size 24292 kB (Only available for amd64 i386 lpia all)03:17
greezmunkey metaphlex, I hope it helps, it's a start anyway.03:17
joshjtlemma, vmware, and others also available though03:18
bondym3onh0x84 because everybody "knows" windows and alot of people still think Linux is hard to use without actually trying it03:19
emmam3onh0x84_: that's not really a support related question. Try /msg alis list *ubuntu* for a channel more appropriate for ubuntu socializing.03:19
DudeI dont understand this, im new03:20
IdleOne!hi | Dude03:21
ubottuDude: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!03:21
emmaDude: someone just got banned. Let's stick to ubuntu problems now.03:21
m3onh0x84_bondy: I thinks : easy or hard at user. They was read user guide before apply :D03:21
=== Argonaut is now known as argonaut|afk
greezmunkeyCan someone recommend a program that I can use to modify sound files, change formats, etc?03:24
xbbDoes anybody know if there is a fix for 9.10 networking not working on some netbooks/notebooks?03:24
manhtuhow are you03:24
manhtuhello all03:24
greezmunkey_xbb, man that's on a case by case basis mostly03:25
IdleOne!hi | manhtu03:25
ubottumanhtu: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!03:25
m3onh0x84_xbb: I thinkss should be install checkproxy03:25
Snausagesgreezmunkey: maybe try something like ardour? there may be something simpler though.03:25
greezmunkeySnausages, ardour? It's pretty complicated huh.03:26
seeeeekcan someone tellme if its possible to forward all my localnetwork traffic by configuring my router iptables rules to force all the traffic of port 80 to be forwarded to my internet proxy ?03:26
TheCheezeok, i just did a fresh install of karmic and it is not listing any proprietary drivers for my video or wireless. anyone know what the deal is?03:26
TheCheezeit worked fine when i upgraded to karmic from jaunty, i just had to reformat today03:27
=== levy__ is now known as levy
greezmunkeySnausages, I'll check it out. I mainly need something to groom voicemail prompts, mainly wav format, some mp303:27
=== levy is now known as nozes
xbbm3onh0x84_, can you elaborate on that?03:27
greezmunkeySnausages, thanks.03:27
Snausagesgreezmunkey: there are a bunch of scriptable commandline utils too03:27
Snausagesgreezmunkey: a bit of googling around could line up some for you03:27
The_JourneyI need help ubuntu is freezing randomly on me03:28
greezmunkeySnausages, it really just occurred to me to look into this, thanks for the help. I'll start digging!03:28
=== Guest78676 is now known as celthunder
bondycheck your memory journey03:29
mrXXwhy doesnt this work-- $row = mysql_num_rows($result); echo $row[0];03:29
greezmunkeymrXX, i have the MySQL bible right here, you need to describe the operation so I can look it up.03:30
haoyihuan_welcome to ingcai  http://www.ingcai.com03:30
bondyhas $result been set?03:31
haoyihuan_also can leave messages in http://www.ingcai.com/messages03:31
nickrud!ot > haoyihuan_03:31
ubottuhaoyihuan_, please see my private message03:31
haoyihuan_eee   how to?03:31
mrXXgreezmunkey thanks for help, well i have made a query from the mysql table and the result is in $result after query, now i wanna see each row -->hey guys03:31
mrXX<mrXX> what will this do? $row = mysql_num_rows($result);03:31
haoyihuan_ubottu  :get your message03:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:31
only2jeanwhen I type su root to get root access I am get this error jean@jean-laptop:~$ su root03:31
only2jeansu: Authentication failure03:31
m3onh0x84_xbb: on gnome, proxy not manuall, I type : apt-get install checkproxy, it will be manual03:31
nickrudhaoyihuan_, this is a channel for ubuntu questions/help, not for advertizing other websites. That's considered off topic03:32
nickrudonly2jean, you don't have a root password set I'd guess03:32
greezmunkeymrXX, it looks a bit like a circular reference, do you get an error?03:33
seeeeeklets say i rent a server from usa and i configure it as a proxy, and i am located in uk and i have my localnetwork and i want to configure my internet router to force all the http/https traffic  passing from it to be forwarded to my usa transparent proxy....is that possible ?03:33
xbbm3onh0x84_, I don't even have wired connection03:33
vaniirOziino entiendooooooooooooo03:33
only2jeanI did set one03:33
nickrudvaniirOzii, spanish?03:33
haoyihuan_how to uninstall wine ?03:33
mrXXgreezmunkey i dont get error, only blank , here is the code   http://paste.ubuntu.com/321235/03:33
bondyonly2jean root is not accessible the same as other Linux distros it generates a random password for root rather than letting the user decide03:34
chris__sudo apt-get remove wine03:34
nickrudsudo apt-get remove wine03:34
bondyjust do a sudo su instead03:34
mrXXgreezmunkey even if i want row[0] it is still blank,03:34
nickrudonly2jean, if you want a root terminal, sudo -i  or sudo -s  are better than sudo su03:34
chris__anyone here have experience with xampp?03:34
haoyihuan_dose "sudo apt-get remove wine"   uninstall wine totally?03:35
chris__you could do sudo apt-get remove -purge wine03:35
chris__just to be sure03:35
nickrudhaoyihuan_, in what sense? It does not remove the .wine directory in your home for one03:35
m3onh0x84_xbb: you try login as root =>  type: /etc/init.d/networking restart03:35
nickrud!es | vaniirOzii03:35
ubottuvaniirOzii: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.03:35
haoyihuan_haoyihuan@ingcai:~$ sudo apt-get remove -purge wine03:36
haoyihuan_E: 未知的命令行选项“p”[来自 -purge]03:36
only2jeanit work think you.03:36
xbbm3onh0x84_, ok one sec...03:36
nickrudsudo apt-get purge wine will remove all the package, including anything in /etc . It won't do anyting to your file tree in your home. drive_c, etc03:37
chris__any xampp people here?03:37
chris__just rm -r ~.wine03:37
chris__to get rid of the wine folder in your users03:37
nickrudhaoyihuan_, something useful is     LANG="C" <command> you will get english language error messages to pass here03:37
haoyihuan_haoyihuan@ingcai:~$ rm -r ~.wine03:38
haoyihuan_rm: 无法删除 “~.wine”: 没有该文件或目录03:38
nickrudrm ~/.wine03:38
haoyihuan_dose it contain none?03:38
chris__thanks nick03:38
vaniirOziithank you03:38
xbbm3onh0x84_, nothing03:38
chris__make sure you use -r03:38
chris__or else you wont remove the folder03:38
nickrudyou're welcome vaniirOzii03:38
nickrudlol, if it ain't one error it's another tonight03:38
vaniirOziithanks nicckrud03:39
haoyihuan_rm:是否删除有写保护的 普通文件 “/home/haoyihuan/.local/share/Trash/files/index.4.html”? y03:39
haoyihuan_dose it work?03:39
vaniirOziii'm don't speak very well03:40
chris__haoyihuan: what are you trying to do?03:40
=== meatbun is now known as meatsack
hardbop200ok, I've messed up my clock. during install I said yes to utc, but it's really set to my local timezone. /etc/timezone is correct, but the date command reports wrong. any ideas on where to look?03:40
nickruddon't know, try  LANG="C" <command>03:41
m3onh0x84_xbb: you need check đriver for your pc03:41
nickrudvaniirOzii, type    /j #ubuntu-es   for spanish03:42
m3onh0x84_xbb: search on ubuntu document: "install driver in ubuntu"03:42
nickrudhardbop200, /etc/default/rcS has the setting for UTC03:43
lilyshu!resetpanels > lilyshu03:43
ubottulilyshu, please see my private message03:43
haoyihuan_how to get chinese help about ubuntu03:43
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk03:43
hardbop200nickrud: thank you! I'll check it out...03:44
chris__nickrun: do you know the command to  list users and groups on the system ? i forgot03:44
vaniirOziithank youuuuuuuuuuuuu03:44
=== sweetandy is now known as sweetandy|afk
vaniirOzii :)03:44
chris__go ti03:45
akavanyone know a good way to source code within a directory, with preview of the code and such?03:45
chris__nickrud:god it03:45
nickrudvaniirOzii, yw :)03:45
chris__akav: use the cat command03:45
akavI found a gedit search plugin but it has no previews, and no file path info.03:45
nickrudchris_, good, because that simple thing was brainlocking. I don't run linux as much as I used to do03:45
jribakav: "good" is pretty subjective, I just use vim...03:45
vaniirOzii :)03:45
emmajrib: for some reason vim is no longer installed by default in ubuntu.03:46
akavchris_, I don't think cat will give me the type of overview I'm looking for. I'd like a search tool similar to TextMate in Mac OS X.03:46
jribemma: vim-tiny is I believe03:46
skandehey guys do everybody know where is keyboard's doc (writing keylogger)03:46
chris__akav: what language is the source?03:46
emmajrib: they should put in some kind of alias or symlink then. If you type vim file now, it says vim isn't there.03:46
vaniirOziinickrud nothing spanish03:47
jribemma: hmm, well I haven't used karmic to be honest03:47
emmaso i go to vi since i didn't know vim-tiny exists.03:47
akavjrib: Ah, vim... I've used it before but forgotten how to use it. It takes a lot of effort.03:47
akavchris_, it's Python.03:47
jribakav: lots of initial time invest for big future productivity imo :)03:47
emmaakav: I think nano is pretty intuitive for basic config file editing, and if you have a graphical environment, you can type gksudo gedit to open things in gedit.03:48
akavjrib, Yeah, that's what they say. I dunno, I think my brain is really used to typical GUI text manipulation conventions though. And the learning curve is REALLY steep (configuration alone is daunting).03:48
hardbop200nickrud: just a quick report back, rcS worked perfectly, thanks again for the help!03:48
akavemma, I'm using gedit actually.03:49
jribakav: fair enough, I learned a while not to try to convert people03:49
axisysthis is exactly the bug I am experiencing .. "Adobe Flash Player doesn't play embedded clips"03:49
corinth_Does anyone know the difference between dedicated and discrete graphics memory?03:49
chris__i feel like such an idiot. im running xampp for testing and I cant get the permissions right for PHP to write the htdocs03:50
akavjrib, Yeah part of me kinda wants to dive into vim, but it's a huge time commitment to get proficient at that, and I'm not entirely sure if I'd see the benefits.03:50
Mike_lifeguardHow can I figure out what happened to a package that "does not have an installation candidate"?03:50
jribakav: you'll definitely see benefits03:50
jribakav: but you will feel disabled for a a week or two03:50
wipanyone know an application for "drawing - writing" on the desktop (i am recording my desktop and i want to write stuff of draw arrows around the screen) ?03:51
bondyakav learn what yor configuring first then learn vim03:51
chris__is PHP owned by root ? or by a user?03:51
chris__I mean Apache03:51
akavbondy, don't get what you mean about the configuring part.03:51
emmawip: gimp perhaps?03:52
Fujkis the best way to do a major upgrade to re-install the entire system? if so, what else but /home should I have on a separate partition?03:52
Mike_lifeguardchris__: apache typically runs as 'www-data' user03:52
xae8kooWhere can I fin syslog+?03:52
prappl93How do I mount a flash drive on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS03:52
emmawip: oh never mind that, i misunderstood your question.03:52
wipemma: yep, but i am looking for a transparent solution03:52
prappl93The drive has the 8.04 LTS Install ISO extracted to it, so would that prevent it from auto-mounting?03:52
emmayou want to draw on the screen while recording it.03:52
wipemma: exactly03:53
tasif anyone was to think of an icon that would represent an Op or a Voice, what would it be? ( besides an @ or a + )03:53
starhashakav: what bondy said. What I think he means is fix whatever file(s) you're trying to configure at the moment (if any), and then try to learn vim. I would say, just take it slow and learn a few basics (cursor movements, save a file, etc. ) That way, if you need to edit a file on another computer, you can do so .03:53
wipemma: i am using gtk-recordmydesktop and want to draw stuff around the screen (circle items here and there)03:53
Mike_lifeguardtas: Typically, coloured circles are used, or the text sybols are given colours03:53
jribtas: endless possibilities with unicode :)03:53
akavah, the vim advocates are coming out of the woodwork!  ;-)03:53
cancuengthello, goodnight03:53
akavstarhash, It's not just config. I'm doing Python coding for a big project.03:54
Mike_lifeguardwip: None of the screencasting software for linux is very good. Luckily there is a wide selection of shitty screencasting software, so you can try a bunch of packages before getting fed up with it all :)03:54
kermitvim ftw03:54
taslol jrib: I'm simply curious03:54
taslol jrib: graphical icon03:54
starhashakav: Oh, then I'd consider an IDE too, then03:54
chris__Im having problems making a folder writable. Specifically, I need PHP to create files and folders. Im getting permission denied. I have set the folder to 644. ANy other ideas?03:54
xae8kooI found my syslog :D03:54
emmawip: Yeah I get what you want to do now. So I'm not sure. I think I might look into some of the compiz novelties. You can maybe circle stuff with fire or something.03:54
wipMike_lifeguard: i am using gtk-recordmydesktop for 2-3 years without problem, very stable, very clean03:54
ArsinWhere is the 'fstab'?03:54
wipemma: will look, thx03:55
starhashArsin : /etc/fstab03:55
Arsinstarhash: Thank you03:55
akavstarhash, Ah but isn't that the other end of the spectrum? And what IDE?03:55
bondyyeah thats what I meant starhash akav fix what you need to fix before getting bogged down with learnng something you dont need to learn to obtain your goals03:55
akavstarhash, I've been working in TextMate in Mac OS X. Trying to use gedit now.03:55
emmawip: to find all those novelties and turn them on you might want this --03:55
starhashakav: There are a huge bunch for Python. Most are pretty decent.03:56
emma!info simple-ccsm | wip03:56
ubottuwip: simple-ccsm (source: simple-ccsm): Simple Compizconfig settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.8.2-0ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 50 kB, installed size 620 kB03:56
jribakav: a lot of people seem to like geany03:56
chris__if your working with Python you might want to check out Eric IDE03:56
chris__Eric is alot like Eclipse03:56
* wip is installing simple-ccsm03:56
starhashwip: Have you ever used wink (for recording) on Windows, and how does it compare to gtkrecordmydesktop?03:56
bondynot much of a python coder but hear Boa Constructur is good03:57
emmastarhash: What you are saying is interesting but not really on topic for a support channel. To find a channel related to ubuntu that is more appropriate for socializing, try /msg alis list *ubuntu03:57
Mike_lifeguardstarhash: CamStudio is probably the best FLOSS package for Windows.03:57
kiwifunkAdiooooooooos! pasenla bien :)03:57
wipstarhash: wink is more like screenshot, gtk-recordmydesktop is... well for example: http://www.vimeo.com/512096203:57
starhashemma: Sorry, I didn't mean to ask about Windows specifically, I just wanted to know if gtkrecordmydesktop is equivalent to wink (from someone who's used gtkrecordmydesktop, as wip said he has)03:58
akavI'll give geany a shot. A little wary of Eric IDE as it's Qt...03:58
nanotubeakav: +1 for geany03:59
nanotube!hi | growtech03:59
ubottugrowtech: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!03:59
prappl93How do I mount my USB drive, or how do I wipe it without it mounting so it may possibly mount?03:59
soreauwip: You can do that with compiz annotate plugin03:59
soreau(draw lines on the screen)03:59
akavnanotube, you use it?03:59
wipsoreau: looking for it03:59
=== kiwifunk is now known as zz_kiwifunk
Mike_lifeguardprappl93: have you read the manpage for mount? 'man mount' in terminal04:00
nanotube!mountusb | prappl9304:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mountusb04:00
nanotubeakav: yes04:00
only2jeanI am getting this warning when I run rkhunger  /usr/sbin/unhide                 [ Warning ]04:00
only2jean/usr/sbin/unhide-linux26          [ Warning]04:00
only2jeanPerforming filesystem checks04:00
only2jean    Checking /dev for suspicious file types                  [ Warning ]04:00
only2jean    Checking for hidden files and directories                [ Warning ]04:00
FloodBot1only2jean: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:00
prappl93Mike_lifeguard, I am new to Ubuntu, and that manual kind of confuses me04:00
m3onh0x84_I must busy now, sorry04:00
akavnanotube, for what sort of coding?04:00
jduany advice an a ubuntu 9.10 system that refuses to boot search --no-floppy... line in grub204:00
nanotubeakav: python04:00
virtualdwip: I think there's a Compiz plug-in that lets you draw on the screen04:00
wipyep! annote is what i was looking for thx!04:01
akavnanotube, Oh cool. Any configuration tips?04:01
virtualdOh someone else already said that :)04:01
nanotubeprappl93: try reading this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount/USB04:01
Mike_lifeguardhm, I was just going to link that, nanotube :D04:02
nanotubeakav: set 4 spaces per indent. :)04:02
nanotubeMike_lifeguard: :)04:02
prappl93nanotube, the problem I am having is it will mount another USB drive but this one has an ISO written to it so I don't know if that prevents it from doing it or not04:02
Sri1I'm having problem installing k9copy  - tried the following remedies after Googling around, no dice ...04:02
Sri1sudo apt-get -f install04:02
Sri1  510  sudo apt-get update04:02
greezmunkeyHDD question, is it worth it to dive into hdparam to "fine tune" the disks in my server?04:02
Mike_lifeguardprappl93: No, you should be able to mount it as normal04:02
Sri1sudo apt-get clean04:03
Sri1  501  sudo apt-get -f install04:03
Sri1when I do "sudo apt-get install k9copy"04:03
prappl93Mike_lifeguard, if that were true, then wouldn't the system auto-mount it as it did the other flash drive?04:03
Sri1I get ...04:03
=== PL|Not_Here is now known as PhantomLink
akavnanotube, Right, can't forget that. Anything about plugins or other config?04:03
Sri1The following packages have unmet dependencies:04:03
Sri1  k9copy: Depends: kdebase-runtime (>= 4:4.3.0) but it is not going to be installed04:03
Sri1          Depends: libxine1 (>= 1.1.8) but it is not going to be installed04:03
Sri1E: Broken packages04:03
FloodBot1Sri1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:03
Mike_lifeguardHow can I find out what happened to a package which now throws an error "Package fsl-atlases has no installation candidate"?04:03
nanotubeakav: make sure to enable code folding (i think that's enabled by default, though)04:03
alazyworkaholicPalimpsest just told me that my disk has many bad sectors. I want to check with another more "tried, tested & true" utility. for ext4, should that be fsck or e2fsck, or are they they same?04:04
Mike_lifeguardprappl93: probably - try mounting it using verbose/debug output to see what's going on04:04
ubottuFiles with extensions .tar, .gz, .tgz, .zip, .bz2, .7z, .ace and other archive file formats can be opened with file-roller (GNOME) or Ark (KDE) - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FileCompression04:04
Mike_lifeguardalazyworkaholic: it almost certainly uses e2fsprogs internally; you'd get the same result if so04:04
nanotubeakav: besides that... just start using it and see if you're missing anything. :)04:04
starhashdoc_brown: bunzip204:04
akavnanotube, How do you open source tree in the sidebar?04:05
resno_i just did an update and now cant boot into ubunutu04:05
alazyworkaholicMike:lifeguard: ok, but I googled & found out that a lot of people think karmic's new utility gives a lot of false positives because of a bug. What's another better way I can test?04:05
resno_it stops at "checking battery"04:05
Sri1The following packages have unmet dependencies:   k9copy: Depends: kdebase-runtime (>= 4:4.3.0) but it is not going to be installed           Depends: libxine1 (>= 1.1.8) but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages   Tried the following ...  sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get -f install  sudo dpkg --configure -a sudo apt-get update04:05
nanotubeprappl93: well, if you wrote a disk image to it (not as a file, but as an image), then maybe it's got a borked partition... you could just use "gparted" to edit/create partitions on the disk. see !gparted04:05
nanotube!gparted | prappl9304:05
ubottuprappl93: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php04:05
TheCheezeok, i just did a fresh install of karmic and it is not listing any proprietary drivers for my video or wireless. anyone know what the deal is?04:06
josh0x0anyone know why restarting X causes X to freeze (all black) after it tries to start again?  I have to do a hard restart from my tower when I try this04:06
GuestI have a question regarding the Logon settings04:06
nanotubeakav: view -> show sidebar should show the sidebar, which by default magically shows the class hierarchy of the file04:06
jfrankjust installed netbook remix - how the heck do I turn off the netbook gui and make it look like normal ubuntu?04:06
nanotubeakav: (in the 'symbols' tab of the sidebar)04:06
starhashjosh0x0: How are you restarting ?04:07
GuestDoes anyone know how to alter the Logon settings?04:07
emmaGuest: What is the question?04:07
Mike_lifeguardalazyworkaholic: use gparted04:07
prappl93nanotube, Thanks for the help with the link. I think it is because of the ISO  image. I am going to remove the files put on by the ISO and retry without the terminal commands.04:07
emmaGuest: what in particular do you want to change?04:07
Guestemma: The logon sound04:07
Sri1Anyone ? The following packages have unmet dependencies:   k9copy: Depends: kdebase-runtime (>= 4:4.3.0) but it is not going to be installed           Depends: libxine1 (>= 1.1.8) but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages   Tried the following ...  sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get -f install  sudo dpkg --configure -a sudo apt-get update04:07
nanotubeprappl93: see also what the disk looks like in gparted, that'll generally give you a good idea what's on the disk, partition-wise.04:07
=== dabossbv1 is now known as dabossbv
josh0x0starhash: i've tried /etc/init.d/gdm stop then .../start and I enabled Ctrl-Alt-Backspace as well from Keyboard options and it still "froze"04:07
starhashGuest: System: Admin: Login Screen are the general settings.04:08
akavnanotube, I'm thinking more of viewing the directory tree from svn -- looks like the File Browser plugin does that.04:08
Gueststarhash: yes but I would like to alter specific settings04:08
Guestnot general ones04:08
josh0x0starhash: and i've tried /etc/init.d/gdm restart as well04:08
Gueststarhash: for instance, I would like to start with altering the sounds04:08
emmaGuest: how about try preferences-->sound-->sounds04:08
nanotubeakav: ah, yes, for the directory tree, the file browser plugin is it :)04:09
akavnanotube, Also, I don't quite understand what the projects paradigm does.04:09
Guestemma: do you mean "sound effects"04:09
Guestemma: Because the only tab that relates to the given criteria is that one04:09
emmaGuest: no hold on i think things might have changed in the newer ubuntus, just a second.04:09
prappl93nanotube, thanks! I already just deleted all the files on it. I meant to clean off the disk anyway.04:09
GuestNow, I thought this was 9.10 channel04:10
nanotubeakav: essentially, you add files to a project, then when you open a project, all the files in it will be open. that's all, nothing too fancy.04:10
Guestis it still 9.04?04:10
resno_i did an update and now cant boot into linux. its hangs at checking battery. and then basically freezes. this is 9.1004:10
nanotubeprappl93: ok :)04:10
bondyyou tried sudo apt-get install libxine1?04:10
akavnanotube, So a project is just for session saving?04:10
jduGuest: both04:10
nanotubeakav: yes, exactly.04:10
prappl93nanotube, it works now without me having to manually mount. I think it was because it was trying to read the ISO but it was set to be a bootable so it didn't know what to do. Not sure why it didn't work.04:10
starhashjosh0x0: Hmm04:10
siekenhiya. i was just wondering how to get ibus on autostart?04:10
Guestshould separate them...04:11
akavnanotube, OK cool, that's simple enough. This is looking liek it might be OK... I didn't want to go to something like Eclipse. It scares me.04:11
prappl93nanotube, or not. Is there a way to auto mount this drive?04:11
webbb82can someone take a look at this pastebin i am trtying to run raindrop but when i do i get a can someone take a look at this pastebin i am trtying to run raindrop but when i do i get a no04:11
doc_brown_i have a ms vista host, and karmic installed as a guest, and Firefox is S-L-O-W...  Should I try to fix it or install another browser?04:11
doc_brown_7 host i mean04:12
webbb82this is driving me mad04:12
nanotubeakav: see also: http://www.geany.org/manual/current/index.html#project-management  (can set custom make and run commands per project - but since i use python, haven't used those features)04:12
Guesthad some techinical difficulties04:12
josh0x0=/  trying to get X to display above 640x480 and having to restart the computer for every test change to xorg.conf really sucks..04:12
nanotubeakav: yea, eclipse is a beast :)04:13
akavnanotube, Right the compiler integration is not useful for Python in any IDE.04:13
Guestdoes anyone know how to change the logon sounds04:13
Guestand logoff sounds?04:13
emmaGuest: surprisingly there does not seem to be an easy way to do this in Karmic, according to this Ubuntu BrainStorm, the moderator suggests filing a bug over the inability to easily change login sound --- http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/22136/04:13
Sri1Anyone have any pointers to this issue ? Ubuntu 9.10 The following packages have unmet dependencies:   k9copy: Depends: kdebase-runtime (>= 4:4.3.0) but it is not going to be installed           Depends: libxine1 (>= 1.1.8) but it is not going to be installed E: Broken packages   Tried the following ...  sudo apt-get clean sudo apt-get -f install  sudo dpkg --configure -a sudo apt-get update04:13
akavnanotube, No plugins?04:13
Guestthank you emma04:13
=== trucMuche is now known as Guest44607
astechgeekpointless to ask but I'll give it a shot... my wireless signal keeps dropping I have set it to connect automatically the encryption is set to wpa-tkip. Does Ubuntu wireless support the Temperal Key Integrity Protocol with its wireless????04:14
nanotubeakav: yea, i just use the stock geany, without any 'extras'. i didn't even have the files plugin enabled. ;)04:15
nanotubeastechgeek: yes it does...04:15
jfrankanyone? there has to be a way to switch back to the regular ubuntu interface in netbook remix04:15
emmaGuest: here's how i suggest you try doing it. Open a terminal and: cd /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo04:15
ShwackHas anybody ever experienced Flash/youtube videos working fine except that you are unable to press the giant play button in the middle?   Any help would be greatly appreciated.04:15
shady-sheepastechgeek: You could always try a different protocol to pinpoint the source of the dropping connections.04:15
bondySril have you tried sudo apt-get install kdebase-runtime and sudo apt-get libxinel1 failing that search synaptic for them and install :D04:15
in2rdWhat is the "Reserved BIOS boot area" partition type during installation/partitioning?04:16
emmaGuest: in that directory you will find all the .ogg files that do the login and logout sounds. You should MAKE A BACK UP of what you replace, and then rename whatever .ogg sound file you WANT with the name of what is currently there.04:16
xae8kooI want to share my mobile broadband04:16
emmaGuest: if you are not comfortable with the command line you can probably get there and do that in nautilus (places).04:16
xae8kooCan you recommend some apps?04:16
nanotubejfrank: first result of a well-crafted google search shows: http://www.liliputing.com/2009/02/how-to-quickly-switch-ubuntu-netbook-remix-interface-on-and-off.html04:16
astechgeekI don't think it does... cause I can get it to connect and it works for a few minutes then drops the connection and acts like the password that I have saved is wrong04:16
siekenwhere do i add stuff to autostart?04:17
Guestexcellent idea04:17
Guestthank you emma04:17
dandamanhi, i want to have the scroll wheel function working on firefox(like when you press down on it and you move the mouse down itll scroll very fast)04:17
nanotubesieken: system -> preferences -> sessions (if you want it to start when you log in)04:17
dandamanhow do i do?04:17
Sri1bondy: thanks for the reply. I tried each one of them, for eg for sudo apt-get libxine1 gives more unmet dependencies ..04:17
prappl93Does Ubuntu 8.04 NOT auto-mount FAT32 drives?04:17
emmaGuest: But I'm suggesting make a backup of what is there, say rename desktop-login.ogg  to desktop-loggin-old.ogg04:17
nanotubedandaman: in firefox, go to "about:config" and turn on autoscroll04:18
Guestemma: alright04:18
Sri1bondy:  Here: The following packages have unmet dependencies:04:18
Sri1  libxine1: Depends: libxine1-misc-plugins (= but it is not going to be installed or04:18
Sri1                     libxine1-plugins (= but it is not going to be installed04:18
Sri1            Depends: libxine1-x (= but it is not going to be installed04:18
Sri1            Depends: libxine1-console (= but it is not going to be installed04:18
FloodBot1Sri1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:18
Sri1E: Broken packages04:18
emmaGuest: then rename the-sound-you-want.ogg to be desktop-login.ogg04:18
resno_i did an update and now cant boot into linux. its hangs at checking battery. and then basically freezes. this is 9.1004:18
Guestemma: must the sound be in .ogg format?04:18
emmaGuest: and make sure it is in that directory /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo04:18
nanotubedandaman: could also do it through the gui - preferences -> advanced -> general -> autoscroll checkbox04:18
greezmunkeyCan't remember who suggested a few audio utilities, but I DL'd Audacity, and it does just whata I need it to do. THank :)04:19
emmaGuest: that I don't know. I doubt it. But I do think it needs to be short.04:19
Guestemma: on second thought, why does the sounds sometimes NOT play when I log in?04:20
emmaGuest: it might need to be in .ogg so that you can give it that name, it's possible that something is looking for the file with that exact name to run it at startup04:20
emmaGuest: no idea sorry :)04:20
mrplowI need a good google search term, I need to bridge? two networks, I have one nic connected to a router connected to the internet for my wan, the routers ip is and the second nic is connected to a second router to my private network on
Guestemma: oh04:20
Shwackhas anybody experienced not being able to click the giant play button in youtube videos in the middle of the video?04:20
greezmunkeymrplow, search on Internet Connection Sharing, Ubuntu04:21
siekenoh i found it (although under the name startup applications^^), but i want to have ibus on there, but i don't know how to put it there.04:21
ArsinShwack: Do you have compiz running?04:21
frost_hey there, new to ubuntu04:21
ArsinShwack: System>Pref>Apperance>Visual>None04:22
* PhantomLink is calming down...04:22
mrplowits not connection sharing though is it? my private network does not need wan access, I just cann't connect to any websites when I have both connected, if I disable eth1 (private network) my wan works again04:22
nanotube!hi | frost_04:22
ubottufrost_: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!04:22
doc_brown_anyone care to help me install "flock" web browser?04:22
doc_brown_i have the tar.bz204:22
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about b4304:22
emmaGuest: that's why I suggest (if you want to use the command line) mv /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login.ogg /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login-original.ogg   and then, mv /path/to/your-sound.ogg /usr/share/sounds/ubuntu/stereo/desktop-login.ogg04:23
ZykoticK9Shwack, i noticed this problem for the first time when someone earlier sent the link http://www.google.com/apps/intl/en/business/switch_exchange.html i'm unable to use the button in the middle as well.04:23
emmaGuest you should maybe also use mplayer or something to listen to those .ogg's so you know for sure which one you want to move or alter.04:23
akavnanotube, This is interesting. The "Find in Files" feature works pretty close to what I had in mind. Also, code folding actually works (it doesn't in TextMate for Python).04:23
greezmunkeymrplow, then it's probably just a matter of grooming you routes. man ip route04:24
ShwackZykoticK9 -  thank you very much - i'm in the process of trying to get the play button working for my friend04:24
mrplowgreezmunkey, thanks I'll give it a shot04:24
ShwackZykoticK9 -  I am able to click both play buttons04:24
ZykoticK9Shwack, as Arsin pointed out - if i switch to Metacity it works!04:24
doc_brown_extract tar.bz2 and then what?04:25
greezmunkeymrplow, type ip route, then copy the result to the pastebin04:25
ZykoticK9Shwack, lol - once i renable compiz i can click on the play button in the middle of the other video and it works!?! but once i refresh the page - not working again, very strange04:26
mrplowgreezmunkey, http://pastebin.com/m2554785e04:26
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)04:26
jfranknanotube: ok, I eventually figured out I could kill the netbook-launcher process, then add a real start button thing to the menu bar04:26
nanotubeakav: nice :)04:26
nanotubejfrank: cool04:26
ShwackZykoticK9 -   that is strange - I tried refreshing the page and i can still click them.04:27
ZykoticK9Shwack, do you have a link to an example that isn't working for you?04:27
ShwackZykoticK9 -  I will ask for one - one second04:27
sakuramboocan someone tell me why i have wpa_supplicant running if i dont even have a wireless card installed?04:27
ZykoticK9Shwack, also are you on 9.10 and what architecture 64 or i686?  what flash are you using - i'm using from restricted-extras04:28
greezmunkeymrplow, you dont have both connected now right?04:28
ShwackHe is using 9.10 - fresh install - 64 - flashplugin-nonfree04:28
mrplowright, if I did I'd loose my wan connection04:28
ShwackZykoticK9 -   sorry forgot to put your name firs t- hope you saw04:28
ZykoticK9Shwack, so same everything -- you have an example?04:29
spirits-sightwhat the cmd for del directory04:29
mrplowgreezmunkey, I'm still reading through the man pages but its hard, thanks for the help04:29
sakuramboospirits-sight: rmdir04:29
spirits-sightI forgot04:29
scunizispirits-sight: in ~ then rm -R <path>04:29
prappl93Okay, I can't auto-mount my flash drive but using gparted I can.04:31
prappl93Is there a way to fix this?04:31
greezmunkeymrplow, to get a better picture, make the connection and run ip route, copy the result into a file for later reference, that way if you can't get it, you'll have the symptom nailed down for someone to suggest a fix!04:31
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greezmunkeymrplow, my guess is that you are ending up with an erroneous default route, and that removing it will fix you problem. You may be able to add some scripting to make the fix permenant.04:33
airman00Every time I plug in my usb0 device, I have to type in "sudo ifconfig usb0". How can I have my Ubuntu system do this IP settings automatically upon device connect?04:34
gartral|vmevening all, i have Karmic up in a VBox vm on win xp and i cant get decent resolutions... its stuck at 600x800 (landscape)04:34
scunizigartral|vm: have you installed the guest additions?04:35
gartral|vmscunizi: noper04:35
xKintaro|lappyI'm having some trouble with Ubuntu One04:35
ZykoticK9Shwack, on closer inspection I don't appear to be using "apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree" shows none installed!  the only thing I have including flash installed is flashplugin-installer.  This is what was installed by "ubuntu-restricted-extras" just after install.04:35
xKintaro|lappyAfter running it for the first time, according to the manual, I am supposed to see a web page where I can add this computer. However, it never brings up any webpage04:36
ShwackZykoticK9 -  Sorry for the wait - i've asked my friend twice now for examples and he's just leaving me hanging so I'm probably gonna end up doing the same to him and just call this problem solved lol.  Thank you very much though04:36
scunizigartral|vm: go to the top of the vm box and click "Devices" then Install Guest Additions.. that will mount the iso04:36
Cann0ni'm having issues with my snes gamepad. i'm using gamecon map=0,1 and it worked fine until I rm -rf /tmp/*. Now the gamepad is stuck on rapid fire04:36
ironfoot495Hi I need to find a way to recover muy xubuntu 9.10 it just won't boot04:36
gartral|vmscunizi: will that work if i already have a disk or iso mounted/04:36
mrplowgreezmunkey, http://pastebin.com/m553bff7b04:36
ShwackZykoticK9 -  If I do hear from him I'll let you know04:36
scunizigartral|vm: what disk?04:36
ironfoot495can I get some help resolving this?04:36
prappl93Ubuntu 9.10 takes a while to load after I log in, how do I fix that?04:37
gartral|vmscunizi: scunizi physical cdrom04:37
ZykoticK9Shwack, please do, i'd love to see an example (another example)04:37
hwildeis there a cool graphical equalizer in ubuntu?04:37
hwildeanybody know of a cool graphical equalizer in ubuntu?04:37
hwildewhy does'nt synaptic show a cool graphical equalizer in ubuntu?04:37
scunizigartral|vm: no.. it will be a virtual cdrom for the vm04:37
cancuengt I have a problem with dhclient with a broadcom wifi card on a dell inspiron 6400. Im using kubuntu karmic04:37
ShwackZykoticK9 -  When he told me about the problem he mentioned flash videos and all youtube videos04:37
cancuengt is there any one here that knows abotu this issue?04:37
Cann0ni'm having issues with my snes gamepad. i'm using gamecon map=0,1 and it worked fine until I rm -rf /tmp/*. Now the gamepad is stuck on rapid fire04:37
scunizigartral|vm: can you also get to the Applications>Accessories>Terminal04:37
hwildeCann0n, jscalibrator04:38
ZykoticK9Shwack, see i'm having almost perfect flash (but not quite 100%), that disabling compiz thing is interesting.04:38
greezmunkeymrplow, so that's what it looks like with both Ethernet cables connected?04:38
gartral|vmscunizi: yep04:38
scunizigartral|vm: ok.. in the open terminal type ... cd /media/cdrom0 .. and enter.. then .. ls ... let me know if anything is listed04:39
geirhaCann0n: Have you rebooted since you wiped /tmp?04:39
prappl93When I have Ubuntu 9.10 on my laptop it takes a while to load, and the bar generally skips around on the Ubuntu Splash Screen, then when I log in it takes a while for it to log in. Is there a reason it does this and how do I fix it?04:39
ironfoot495xubuntu is just hanging won't boot.     I would like to recover this drive is here a way???04:39
gartral|vmscunizi: your advice just caused me to screw up a blank.. i mounted the guest additions and it uunmounted my disk i was burning...04:39
ShwackZykoticK9 -  sudo apt-get --purge autoremove flashplugin-nonfree    and then sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree   made my flash work 100%04:39
ironfoot495is there a wat04:39
scunizigartral|vm: that's different.. never had that happen.. sorry about that.04:40
mrplowgreezmunkey, yes the wan doesn't work but I can access my private lan04:40
emmaprappl93: it takes a while for everyone though, how long are you talking here?04:40
ZykoticK9Shwack, see that's what i've been running since installing 9.10 (and i feel fewer issues/problems then 9.04)04:40
ZykoticK9Shwack, one of the few areas i can say that04:40
prappl93emma, some times I sit for minutes before it decides to load my GNOME, then when it does some parts of the panel don't load and I have to wait for those prompts to get done04:40
Cann0ngeirha: yes.04:40
ironfoot495woon't boot:'(04:40
prappl93I have an Intel graphics card if that helps...04:40
greezmunkeymrplow, which eth is private 0, or 1 I just want to be sure.04:40
mrplowgreezmunkey, I always have both connected but I usually disable the private wan with karmic's networkmanager applet04:40
emmaprappl93: ooh. it sounds maybe a bit like a video card problem. Maybe it's an older laptop?04:40
hwildeprappl93, emma disable all the special effects in appearance04:41
mrplowgreezmunkey, eth1 is private eth0 is my wan (router connected to cable modem)04:41
prappl93hwilde, set it to No Visual Effects?04:41
ShwackZykoticK9 -  9.10 brought a few audio hiccups my way but nothing a google search and a few terminal commands didn't fix.04:41
scunizigartral|vm: shall we continue ..04:41
hwildeprappl93, yes.04:41
greezmunkeymrplow, that's what it looked like...brb04:41
prappl93hwilde, I will install 9.10 and try it out.04:41
mrplowgreezmunkey, thx04:41
hwildeprappl93, turn off all the fancy settings and should be faster04:42
ironfoot495I need to replace grub with grub2 but first I have to get it boot!!!04:42
Bo7Hello! Got a Q about ufw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/32125204:42
gartral|vmscunizi: alright, i have the virtual guest aditions iso loaded and open, now what?04:42
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scunizigartral|vm: open in a gui window or in the terminal?04:42
switchgirlanyone using lucid yet? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/ or just me04:43
cauleenI installed netbook remix on my laptop tonight when I was running live cd I could enable my wireless but after install I cant is this just a bug or does anyone have a solution04:44
codeplowyes, a little at work04:44
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codeplowhow do you like lucid04:44
hwildecauleen, type iwconfig in the command line, does it show a wireless card04:45
gartral|vmscunizi: gui04:45
greezmunkeymrplow, you need to tell your box that it's ok to forward packets, that's all. http://paste.ubuntu.com/312698/04:45
gartral|vmscunizi: and now cli as well04:46
geirhaswitchgirl: The lucid people are in #ubuntu+1 ;)04:46
scunizigartral|vm: k.. cd /media/cdrom004:46
mrdoIs there a way to disable keyboard and mouse input from the terminal without rebooting?04:46
gartral|vmdid that04:46
scunizigartral|vm: then.. sudo ./VB<TAB>L<TAB>x<TAB>     then enter04:47
cauleenhwilde yes it does04:47
centHOGGanybody have issues with automounting external USBs? NTFS04:47
Cann0ngeirha: does that program have a disable rapid fire mode?04:47
arghh2d2mrdo: if you disabl mouse and keyboard you r gonna end up rebooting anyhow04:47
hwildecauleen, network manager icon in the top right tray?04:47
cauleenhwilde sorry for the slow responce learning new interface04:47
Cann0ni used kcontrol and it doesn't have that option04:47
scunizigartral|vm: it might error out.. if it does.. sudo apt-get install build-essential.. after that redo the last command.04:47
Bo7any ideas about it? ^04:47
cauleenhwilde yes icon is there04:48
mrdoarghh2d2, it will be re-enabled later by a script04:48
greezmunkeymrplow, you may still have to edit your ip routes though.04:48
hwildecauleen, right click, enable wireless04:48
siekenhow to put ibus on autostart? anyone?04:48
arghh2d2mrdo: ahhhh, i see04:48
Pedrolitoevery time anything that is going to use sound starts, I hear a very loud click noise. Is there a way to fix that?04:48
hwildecauleen, or system preferences network04:48
cauleenhwilde its greyed out04:48
geirhaCann0n: I believe hwilde recommended a program to try. I don't have any experience with gamepads myself.04:49
hwildeCann0n, jscalibrator04:49
mrplowgreezmunkey, I get permission denied with sudo echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward04:49
Cann0nhwilde: k.04:49
gartral|vmscunizi: how long should the take with 4 threads at 3.3 ghz?04:49
cauleenhwilde it isnt giving me an interface in network connections for the wireless card just wired04:50
mrplowgreezmunkey, this post looks like it might work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=183994 just need to switch eth0 and 104:50
scunizigartral|vm: not long at all .. even on a 32bit os dual core04:50
hwildecauleen,  pastebinit -i /var/log/dmesg04:50
gartral|vmscunizi: i love my i7 86004:51
centHOGGsh*t yah04:51
doltekHow do I set Xchat to log in as me when it loads?04:51
scunizigartral|vm: :)04:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about MTU04:51
cauleenhwilde did you want that to be typed into terminal?04:51
hwildecauleen, yeah then paste me the link04:51
isolat3dsh33pguy's what's MTU in the internet connection settings?04:52
cauleenhwilde if so I dont have pastbinit installed give me 204:52
hwildecauleen, install it04:52
hwildeisolat3dsh33p, 1500 man04:52
centHOGGisolat3dsh33p: DSL is 149204:52
doltekcable is 150004:52
greezmunkeymrplow, permission denied? really, I didn't...mrplow that IS ICS internet connection sharing like I mentioned earlier! :)04:53
Cann0nhwilde: didn't work. it's still on autorepeat04:53
cauleenhwilde it is installing04:53
hwildeCann0n, i dunno, replace the batteries maybe04:54
greezmunkeymrplow, yes it will work, its a bit tricky though. You better get good at bringing networking services up and down as well as interfaces first!04:54
Cann0non my laptop?04:54
greezmunkeyGood Luck!04:54
mrplowgreezmunkey, figured out the forwarding, I think I'll get it now04:54
Cann0nhwilde: what would my laptop batter have to do with my gamepad?04:54
_gedhi, what command can remove a dir even though its not empty, "rmdir -p" doesnt work04:54
hwildeCann0n, the controller battery...04:54
cauleenhwilde it seems to have stalled when I re-entered that command04:54
hwilde_ged, rm -r04:54
greezmunkeymrplow, go ahead on WYBS04:55
hwildecauleen, it's uploading wait for it04:55
VonnickHas anyone used a Logitech Cyberman II with Linux?04:55
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Cann0nhwilde: uh... when did gamepads have batteries? this is a paralell port... stated when i asked the question originally.04:55
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hwildeCann0n, fine i dunno :p04:55
Guest74251I am trying to establish a remote desktop connection from my windows machine to my ubuntu 9.10 machine.  I get connected but all I see is the wallpaper of my ubuntu machine, no icons or menus.04:55
Cann0nsigh... doesn't anyone know about gamecon drivers?04:56
cauleenhwilde http://pastebin.com/f10c4780c sorry for skipping name I know it makes things faster04:56
scunizigartral|vm: done installing?04:56
xpo0fhi people04:57
Guest74251I can control the ubuntu machine from my windows box, IF I"m sitting here looking at the ubuntu machine to see where the pointer is...04:57
xpo0fGuest74251: what the problem04:58
gartral|vmhey, im back, installin vboxgeustaditions has made my resolution better, but desktop speed plummetted04:58
_gedhwilde: thanks :)04:58
Guest74251Any clue as to why all I see is my ubuntu box desktop immage and nothing else?04:58
scunizigartral|vm: did you restart the guest?04:58
Guest74251I'm using vnc from windows to connect I see the desktop background of my ubuntu box but nothing else.04:58
LordHawke13Anyone here use GIMP? I got a question and nobody in the GIMP room is talkin'.04:58
hwildecauleen, dell 1390 ?04:58
gartral|vmscunizi: that' why i dissappeared for a few moments04:58
hwildecauleen, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=760568&highlight=Dell+1390+WLAN04:59
xpo0fGuest74251: ok04:59
Guest74251but sitting here with both of them in front of me, I AM controlling the ubuntu box from windows I just can't see it on the remote machine.04:59
cauleendell 150104:59
cauleenhwilde 150104:59
hwildeGuest74251, what programs are you running on the boxes please04:59
centHOGGGuest74251: hi, have you tried using that NX No Machine prog... it worked for me remote xp to gnome04:59
xpo0fssh plux X forwarding will be ok...04:59
hwildecauleen, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=760568&highlight=Dell+1390+WLAN04:59
LordHawke13When erasing in GIMP, is there a way to delete color instead of overwriting with white?04:59
xpo0fno need vnc due to security04:59
Guest74251on the Ubuntu server machine I have a terminal open and xchat here.05:00
scunizigartral|vm: irc in the ubuntu guest? k.. you might ask in #vbox.. I don't have much of an issue in a winxp host with an ubuntu guest on a dual core laptop..05:00
hwildeGuest74251, what are you using for remote desktop,,,,05:00
Guest74251and on the windows 7 machine I"m using vnc viewer.05:00
geirhaGuest74251: Did you install a separate vnc server or are you using the built in one?05:00
mrplowgreezmunkey, WYBS?05:00
Guest74251I can connect with SSH using putty easily05:00
gartral|vmscunizi: 32 bit host maybe?05:00
hwildegeirha, exactly  all yours05:00
joschthello does anyone know if it is possible to run basically the same thing as pendrive linux except on a dvd?05:00
isolat3dsh33phwilde, centHOGG : i'm using wlan005:00
isolat3dsh33pshould i just leave it auto?05:00
xpo0fGuest74251: so what problem05:00
scuniziLordHawke13: you have to add an alpha channel to the pic.. then when you delete a color it will be transparent there.05:00
scunizigartral|vm: possibly05:01
droneI've been using ubuntu for 3 years and every once in a while I get a series of errors when I try to run apt-get update. Is there something I can do to keep this from happening? I can pastebin the errors if anyone's interested.05:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wpa_supplicant05:01
Guest74251I want to be able to use the desktop, not only the terminal05:01
scunizigartral|vm: however my winxp host is also 32 bit05:01
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ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs05:01
centHOGGisolat3dsh33p: sure05:01
emmaxpo0f: he's seeing his desktop (wallpaper) but not the icons. It's not drawing the icons on his windows machine monitor05:01
DonI see nothing but the wallpaper05:01
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xpo0femma: maybe some setting05:01
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hwildeZehavaZM, stop changing nicknames.05:02
ZehavaZMdarn it...I know I have a name registered can't find it lol05:02
xpo0f!info vnc05:02
hwildeZehavaZM, use vino-server to share05:02
hwildeZehavaZM, or freenx works fine05:02
emmaxpo0f: does something like this require him to be running a windows version of xserver?05:02
ZehavaZMinstall vino-server on ubuntu and connect to that using VNC viewer instead of the default desktop sharing that's built in?05:03
hwildeZehavaZM, it should already be installed just type vino-server05:03
xpo0femma: xserver with xauth ..05:03
hwildethen in windows use rdp05:03
hwildeor whatever05:03
xpo0f!info xauth05:03
centHOGG!automount usb05:03
ZehavaZMvino-server command not found05:03
jonz__FTP Related: I am having trouble getting a fluid response out of my FTP sessions via command line. but only from this machine (ubuntu 9.04). When I ssh into my school's FreeBSD box and FTP from there outward to the same FTP servers I have no problem. WHat I noticed differntly: it seems that when a transfer (be it `ls` or `get`) it seems its on a peculiar port - like 200 PORT05:04
xpo0fZehavaZM: do some search first .. apt-cache search [program]05:04
joschtcan u install software on a live cd? i never tried but want to05:04
mrplowgreezmunkey, arg the instructions on that ubuntuforums.org link didn't help05:04
geirhaGuest62882: Did you install a vnc server?05:04
ubottuPackage vnc does not exist in karmic05:04
ubottuxauth (source: xauth): X authentication utility. In component main, is standard. Version 1:1.0.3-2 (karmic), package size 30 kB, installed size 100 kB05:04
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about automount usb05:04
hwildejonz__, set passive mode?05:04
ZehavaZMyeah I'm installing it now05:04
ZehavaZMbah, your right, it's already installed05:04
jonz__actually, the ftp server only allow streaming mode.05:05
ZehavaZMjust have to figure how to run it properly05:05
xpo0fZehavaZM: what u want to run ?05:05
jonz__hwilde: so I know that when I'm ftping into this server, no matter which client I do it on - it's always on the same mode05:05
hwildeZehavaZM, it's easy man just type vino-preferences05:05
ZehavaZMokay preferences, will try that05:05
hwildejonz__, ascii/binary  passive mode, etc05:05
xpo0f!info vino05:05
ubottuvino (source: vino): VNC server for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 2.28.1-0ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 165 kB, installed size 2780 kB05:05
ZehavaZMokay, yeah, I've got that set up05:05
hwildejonz__, I only use gftp anyways05:05
ZehavaZMI added the pass, enabled control05:06
hwildeZehavaZM, ok in windows goto access communications remote desktop05:06
ZehavaZMconnect with vnc from the windows box and all I get is the background picture05:06
jonz__hwilde: that won't work for me only because I FTP into my box05:06
hwildejonz__,  you mean ssh right05:06
cauleenhwilde would you believe that after I spent only a few moments getting into that code it came up on my restricted drivers list05:06
Um_cara_qualqueris there someone who knows C or C++ today?05:06
xpo0fis there alternatives for teamviewer in linux ?05:06
jonz__oh, haha yes (its late here)05:06
xpo0fUm_cara_qualquer: go to #C channel05:06
lstarnesUm_cara_qualquer: try asking in ##c or ##c++05:06
cauleenhwilde little icon in the corner and the whole bit05:06
ZehavaZMOkay, the windows built in remote desktop won't connect at all05:07
hwildecauleen, nice seems like a common problem with that card.  its in the dmesg output you posted line 63505:07
hwildeZehavaZM, ok now try vnc viewer05:07
xpo0fim got to go now ... see u good people.. im always here for help .. bye05:08
ZehavaZMsame thing I got last time.  It asks for pass then pops up the desktop wall paper and that's it05:08
cauleenhwilde the confusing part only came up becouse with the live cd it reconised it but then after full install it didnt05:08
jonz__hwilde from what I just read online (and the tiny-bit i comprehended) the different modes you choose help determine which ports things transfer on. (and i don't mean changing ascii/binary). so the fact that I notice it usually says like "200 PORT ...." whenever it hangs *has* to be related I'd think05:08
ZehavaZMbut if I move the mouse on the windows machine it moves it here on the ubuntu one05:08
hwildeZehavaZM, download tightvnc viewer05:08
ZehavaZMI"m typing on the windows machine now...just can't see it on the windows machine05:08
ZehavaZMhwilde got it, same problem05:08
geirhaZehavaZM: Try disabling visual effects05:08
greezmunkeytightvnc rules05:08
ZehavaZMdoh...yeah that might be it05:09
geirhaZehavaZM: System -> Preferences -> Appearance -> [Visual Effects]05:09
jonz__anybody else actively ssh into there boxes??05:09
Ryan9104I feel like I've read everything on google having to do with installing a Logitech Quickcam Express on Ubuntu 9.10 :(05:09
ZehavaZMOkay now will try again05:09
greezmunkeyZehavaZM, heh *nix by feel...05:10
ZehavaZMYep, that was the problem, all works now05:10
ZehavaZMthanks a ton05:10
hwildeZehavaZM, reboot both try again :/05:10
joschtDoes anyone know if u can install software and preferences on a live cd???05:10
=== Jay|Lost_ is now known as Jay|Lost
jonz__joscht, yes you can - a custom livecd05:10
hwilde!persistent | joscht05:10
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about persistent05:10
ZehavaZMworks like a charm now05:10
hwildejoscht, google for persistent05:10
ZehavaZMturned off the desktop enhancements and all is good05:11
joschtok thanks05:11
jonz__joscht https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization05:11
ZehavaZMcan't believe I didn't think of that myself...heh thanks again for your patience05:11
Um_cara_qualquerhow can i register my nick here?05:11
Ryan9104Anybody willing to help me install my webcam? (will allow remote desktop if they want) I've googled the hell out of this shit.05:11
jonz__type / nick (w/o the space inbetween) and then a space, then your nickname05:11
scunizi!register | Um_cara_qualquer05:12
ubottuUm_cara_qualquer: Information about registering your nickname: http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#userregistration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname . Registration help available in #freenode05:12
jonz__man, these bots are awesome! is this a custom thing done per scripts ??05:12
Ryan9104egg drop05:12
hwildeno the ops just have too much free time05:12
ZehavaZMEggDrop rocks05:13
ZehavaZMdecent room protection and can be built for almost anything05:13
lstarnesubottu is a supybot, not an eggdrop05:13
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:13
Ryan9104I could really use some help installing my webcam :D05:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about Intellegence05:14
ubottuPlease ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:14
jonz__hahaha this is awesome05:14
hwildeheh that was the opposite of what I wanted...05:14
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about explore05:14
hwildeoh well05:14
_gedhow can i view the running services on terminal?05:14
hwilde_ged, man ps05:14
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots05:14
jonz__Ryan9104: sorry, I just plugged mine in and it worked. have you tried just doing tha tand seeing what happens?05:15
Ryan9104jonz, honestly I've spent hours and hours trying to get it to work. Probably around 6 hours now.05:15
Ryan9104It is recognized under lsusb05:16
Ryan9104I'll allow remote desktop if anyone wants to poke around.05:16
jonz__ryan9104 is it worth that time to you? maybe try a different cam? I don't know. if I were in your shoes and didn't want to get a differnet cam - i'd google the specific modle and ubuntu05:16
jonz__Ryan9104: model*05:16
Ryan9104I've done that.05:16
nytek_can anybody help me with xmobar in xmonad?05:16
Ryan9104searched by usb id and all.05:16
Ryan9104karmic koala yaddy daddy da05:17
deserteaglehello, anyone know why gconfd-2 is taking up 100% of my CPU?05:17
kossan_Ryan9104: What is the problem?05:17
enovativhello to all05:17
Ryan9104kossan_, My webcam wont work. Under all programs it says there aren't any Camera devices but is under lsusb05:18
greezmunkeyRyan9104, what type of camera are you trying to use?05:18
Ryan9104Logitech QuickCam Express05:18
DanaGhmm, does anyone know of a tool that will automatically watch one directory for changes, and periodically sync those changes to another local directory?05:18
scratchmeHi, what would be the best way to make a bootable single disc restore (assuming all the files fit)?05:18
Ryan9104Bus 002 Device 004: ID 046d:0870 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Express05:18
kossan_Ryan9104: What programs have you tested?05:18
DanaGPreferably, I want it to use inotify to watch for changes.05:19
deserteagleDanaG, lookup cron, it might be what you're looking for05:19
enovativi want to use firestarter to limit what sites my kids go to when they are logged onto their accounts05:19
enovativwould anyone in here think Firestarter is a good app to use to accomplish this ?05:19
hwilde!backup > scratchme05:19
ubottuscratchme, please see my private message05:19
=== metal is now known as Gorgatron
DanaGIf I'm doing that (not using inotify), I might as well use unison.05:19
greezmunkeyRyan9104, do a tail -f syslog, or messages and then plug in your camera to see what the system thinks...05:19
hwildeenovativ, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=84351005:19
Ryan9104kossan_, I've tried cheese, Camorama, Guvcview, ummm05:19
scratchmehwilde, regarding mondo, I tried downloading it, but it's not clear what flags I'd use for a full system image to a DVD.05:19
deserteagleanyone know who launches gconfd-2?05:20
Ryan9104several more05:20
jonz__scratchme: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=58168005:20
jonz__scratchme: actually, i dont know about bootable05:20
scunizihow do you get guest additions for vbox installed in a crunchbang guest.. there's no build-essential in crunchbang despite the Jaunty repo references.05:20
enovativhwilde: thanks for you help on this one05:21
DanaGoh, speaking of inotify sync..............05:21
DanaG!info inosync05:21
ubottuinosync (source: inosync): notification-based directory synchronization daemon. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2-1 (karmic), package size 6 kB, installed size 68 kB05:21
kossan_Ryan9104: There is some program called webcamstudio. test that one05:21
Ryan9104kossan_, I don't see it.05:23
kossan_I dont think it's in the repo05:24
Khulhello all :>05:24
kahenwhat the... package thunderbird-traybiff suggests gnome-desktop-environment, icewm and kdebase?!05:24
kahenoverkill much?05:24
Ryan9104my hdd is making a lot of funny noises atm...05:27
RoastedDoes anybody know how I can change the skype settings in ubuntu so when I close skype, it closes all together instead of shoving an icon to the system tray?05:27
Roastedryan9104 - back that shyt up duuuude05:27
themarmotis anyone else having issues connecting to googletalk thru pidgin?05:29
Khulhello people. i have a question, do any of you know if it is possible to install Ubuntu from an ISO image to a secondary Hard Drive, while being inside of Windows?05:29
kossan_Roasted:I don't think that's possible..05:29
Roastedwell, damnit05:29
theblueunless you use the secondary drive within windows and install to that...05:30
themarmotis anyone else having issues connecting to googletalk thru pidgin?05:30
freeridehi guys, with what program I can decoe video?05:30
ZykoticK9kahen, does the apt-get option "--no-install-recommends" help ya at all?05:30
themarmotfreeride: ffmpeg05:30
IdleOne!ot | hello05:30
ubottuhello: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:30
kahenwell... it's just recommended05:30
themarmotcan anyone help me troubleshoot my network05:30
kahenso it doesn't matter _that_ much. it05:31
=== yohan is now known as yohan_
kahen's just a bit silly to have it suggest those things05:31
themarmothave 2 linux boxes ... 1 has no issues connecting to internet, 2nd one keeps dropping in and out05:31
yohan_hey wondering if anybody here can help me out, im trying ot add cdrom chainloader in grub menu.lst so i can select from grub menu to boot from a bootable CDRom , in fstab my device is /dev/sdc0 , my hd is /dev/sda1 , what hd#,# should I use ?05:31
themarmot--> lspci output -- http://pastebin.com/d67e50d9705:32
kossan_hd3.0? third device and first "partition"?05:32
Ryan9104sorry, I'm back. HDD made funny noises and pc crashed.05:33
yohan_kossan_: that makes sense ill try it05:33
Ryan9104Cam still doesn't work :S05:33
helloFreetards, face facts. You've lost. You've had sixteen years to try and build a desktop operating system, and you still can't get your shit together. Nobody wants your software. It's not Microsoft's fault. It's yours. Because trust me, if you truly developed a kick-ass OS with tens of thousands of drivers and easy installation and reliable performance, you'd be winning. But you're not. Firefox caught on, right? Why? Because it rocked.05:33
helloDesktop Linux, however, is a different story, and in your heart of hearts you know this. It's a bad imitation of Windows and can't even come close to OS X. Want more proof? India rejected the XO machine. Hardly anybody else is placing orders for Negroponte's miracle laptop, despite the low, low price of only one hundred dollars. Now the Chinese don't want Linux. They're not buying into your crazy crusade. Sorry. And you guys are starting to sound l05:33
FloodBot1hello: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:33
kossan_... Ryan9104 I don't like your camera05:34
Ryan9104Other people have it working :(05:34
Ryan9104none I've seen with this kernel though.05:34
Ryan9104It may just be something I'm doing that is silly, I want some pro to poke around on remote desktop :S05:34
yohan_kossan_: actually i messed up, HD is /dev/sda1 and CDRom is /dev/scd0 ... the letters dont make sense its why im stumped , then doign a df it shows /dev/sr0 as cdrom05:35
[[thufir]]I'm getting:  Rails requires RubyGems >= 1.3.2 (you have 1.3.1). Please `gem update --system` and try again.  but can't seem to get gems 1.3.205:35
[[thufir]]do I need to upgrade to jaunty?05:35
IdleOnehello: are you done? #ubuntu-offtopic if you wish to discuss further. On the other hand if all you intend on doing is rant and rave. go away.05:35
gm|lap[[thufir]]: uh, jaunty was two versions ago05:36
gm|lapwe're on karmic now05:36
greezmunkeyhello, I'd say you were right, but even Microsoft has been forced to deal with the open source development community.05:36
gm|lapif you need a later version of rubygems, you'll have to build it yourself05:36
IdleOnegm|lap: jaunty was the version before karmic05:36
gm|lapsorry, that's kinda what i mean05:37
kossan_yohan_: hmm.. And grub can't find cdroms i suppose05:37
yohan_kossan_: that I dont know, im really bad with grub05:37
gm|lapwhile you don't necessarily *need* to upgrade, it would be a good idea if you could.05:38
sum-ithi all , i have a toshiba m100 satellite laptop and just upgraded to karmic, my bluetooth is not working. how can i trace the eroor05:38
[[thufir]]oh, well, karmic, then.05:39
Ryan9104anybody have time to poke around on my desktop using remote desktop to try and get my webcam working?05:39
yohan_kossan_: would be so much easier if i could get into the bios but laptop was given to me and only way to reset it is to send to ACer and pay $100 US .. the only opton i have is installing windows and the acer tools and trying to update firmware - which i cant install windows on the HD Without it working unless it sin the same pc05:39
* [[thufir]] just orded a cd from the site, so is waiting on that.05:39
gm|lapin the meantime, you could just get rubygems off the official site05:39
[[thufir]]how do I know what package version is available for my system?05:39
IdleOne!info rubygems | [[thufir]]05:39
ubottu[[thufir]]: rubygems (source: libgems-ruby): package management framework for Ruby libraries/applications. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.3.5-1ubuntu2 (karmic), package size 2 kB, installed size 96 kB05:39
O__ohi if disk utility gives the message the HD has bad sector, how do i fix it?05:39
gm|lapthe current rubygems is 1.3.505:40
IdleOne[[thufir]]: jaunty has  Version 1.3.1-105:40
yohan_o__o: the only real way is to replace the HD , it is possible to do a full reformat that will omit the bad sectors from being used, but chances are you will get more bad sectors over time05:40
[[thufir]]IdleOne: ah, thanks.  so, it's because my system is out of date.  I need better than jaunty.  how did you know jaunty is 1.3.1?05:40
O__ohow to do full format?05:40
yohan_0__o: in linus I dont know, one of the other guys here may be able to help05:41
IdleOne[[thufir]]: /msg ubottu info rubygems jaunty05:41
kossan_yohan_: well since it's a device with no partitions it should not have .# so try fd/hd 0-9 or something ^^05:41
yohan_kossan_: theres only the one HD and then the CD so that I will do, makes sense ..05:41
IdleOneO__o: you can use !gparted05:41
[[thufir]]ubottu info rubygems jaunty05:41
cancuengtneed help to put dns from command line05:41
IdleOne[[thufir]]: use the /msg05:42
CHESLYNhi everyone05:42
greezmunkeycancuengt, man resolv.conf05:42
O__oIdleOne, how do i know if the format in gparted is quick format or full format???05:42
[[thufir]]IdleOne: ah, thanks.05:42
Ryan9104greezmunkey: what was that thing you told me to do05:42
IdleOneO__o: not sure I believe it gives you the choice05:42
cancuengtgreezmunkey thanks but i'm having problems with karmic and I need to prove something05:43
cancuengtgreezmunkey I just need to put in konsole next to ifconfig blablabla05:43
greezmunkeyRyan9104, tail -f /var/log/syslog, or/messages   and then plug your camera in...see if you can capture an error message or something.05:43
nikesh_after upgading 9.04 to 9.10 i m facing so many problems plz help05:44
knoppiesnikesh_, I believe its a good idea to do a clean install, rather than use the upgrade feature.05:45
O__oanyone knows how to do full format??05:45
[[thufir]]9.04 is jaunty?  9.10 is most recent?  they're one version apart?05:45
lstarnes[[thufir]]: correct05:45
CHESLYNcan anyone help me out,i tried to change my username at the 'users & groups' and i could only change the real name not my login name whats wrong?is there a other way perhaps05:45
greezmunkeyRyan9104, if you don't capture an error in those files, try tail -f /var/log/dmesg05:45
knoppies0__o, The only way I know how to format is with the liveCD, and with a windows xp install disk.05:45
[[thufir]]lstarnes: thanks.  I'm only one version old, then :)     waiting on cd.  I might clean install, need to "rezorganized" stuff.05:46
Ryan9104i tried installing a windows driver earlier using ndiswrapper and now I want to remove it05:46
[[thufir]]you should be able to run fdisk from a usb stick.05:46
Ryan9104I think it might be one of the errors05:46
Ryan9104If I uninstall ndiswrapper, will the drivers go with it?05:47
O__othe format in installing ubuntu is a quick format, right?05:47
O__obecause it is fast05:47
greezmunkeyRyan9104, you may be able to review your console log to figure out what exactly you did to install the ndiswrapper...05:47
nonenngnome doesnt save my network password, its enoyin i dont want to type it again! im deleted .gnome2/keyrings and .gconf/nm-applet but it doesnt let me save the passwords, any ideas whats wrong??05:47
O__ohow to do FULL format in gparted??  is there any command?05:47
gartral|vmalrighty, after acidentally changing my vm's screen res, i can't change it back! how do i forc screen res?05:47
CHESLYNcan anyone help me out,i tried to change my username at the 'users & groups' and i could only change the real name not my login name whats wrong?is there a other way perhaps05:47
Ryan9104well earlier when I installed the driver, it wouldn't uninstall after. I don't need ndiswrapper at all.05:48
noirHello there! Looking for some help with technical stuff. Anyone proficient with disks, fstab, etc?05:48
Ryan9104greezmunkey: http://pastebin.com/m2e53cf2f05:49
noir@O__o: full wipe as in you want to clear all partitions and data?05:49
O__ofull wipe so that it will also mark off bad sector05:49
O__othere are like 119 bad sector now05:49
noirO__o: that's not good. You can try simply deleting everything and making one large partition using gparted and then checking everything with fsck. But maybe you're looking at lower-level tools if you have bad sectors. And a new drive if there's hardware damage... <_<05:50
greezmunkeyRyan9104, man I'm sorry, I have no practical experience with ndiswrapper.05:50
Ryan9104ignore that05:50
Ryan9104I just want it removed atm :D05:50
Ryan9104it was just something I tried earlier and isn't required at all.05:51
Ryan9104Nov 17 23:50:51 ryan-desktop pulseaudio[1704]: ratelimit.c: 172 events suppressed05:51
greezmunkeyRyan9104, reverse what you did to install it...05:51
Ryan9104i uninstalled it05:51
Ryan9104that is the only thing it says now when I plug it in.05:51
curtwhy doesn't my kubuntu live-cd have an expert mode menu? (F6>F6)05:51
noirHey guys, I'd really appreciate it if anyone can help me with eSATA on Ubuntu...05:51
Ryan9104I read how to disable that earlier though05:51
greezmunkeyRyan9104, Ah, got ya..05:52
ubuntuis there a way to relocate a partition, say /dev/sda2 to /dev/sda3 withot copying everything with dd?05:53
=== ubuntu is now known as vagothcpp
curtwhy does kubuntu install with encrypted drive not let me type a password to unlock te encryption on a brad new install05:53
noirubuntu: I think not; at least not that I've ever heard of. dd with the right settings shouldn't be too bad though, unless you have a crapton of data to move05:53
Ryan9104greezmunkey: I don't see any errors in there anymore.05:54
vagothcppnoir, About 500GB of files to move05:54
greezmunkeyRyan9104, that's good, I guess!05:54
Ryan9104still don't work :P05:54
noirvagothcpp: hmm. maybe there is some way but not with any tool I've ever used (fdisk, gparted). Maybe commercial disk formatting tools have dark magic like that05:54
greezmunkeyRyan9104, what are you doing to test it?05:55
vagothcppnoir, it sounds simple, but would be much more difficult to actually do05:55
Ryan9104opening all the cam programs05:55
Ryan9104it shows up under lsusb fine05:55
noirvagothcpp: it does. unfortunately I don't think it's a common enough occurrence to be implemented simply. Mind if I ask why you need to move the partition?05:55
greezmunkeyRyan9104, ok webcam...this is a USB device I take it?05:56
akavUbuntu just flies on this Mac Mini, it blows me away.05:56
akavso much faster than Mac OS X05:56
vagothcppnoir, I am an organizational guy, if /dev/sda2 is located at the end of the disk, and /dev/sda4 at the front (which it is), it bugs me soo much i can't concentrate, heh05:56
curtcan you specify expert install in the boot options like you would specify noapic or apci=off?05:56
jongbergshi, i need to make my ubuntu in my lab to act as live cd just like what deepfreeze in windows. what software do i need to support this?05:56
Ryan9104greezmunkey: yep05:57
noirvagothcpp: hahahaha ah I hear ya. I just repartitioned my disk last week and accidentally left 5MB of unallocated space in front of my /. Bugged the crap out of me but I wasn't about to redo the entire install for those 5MB05:57
nu-user!remastersys | jongbergs05:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about remastersys05:57
nu-user!remaster | jongbergs05:57
ubottujongbergs: Interested in remastering the Ubuntu !live CD? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility05:57
vagothcppnoir, I would do a complete reinstall for 5MB, I've done it for less.05:57
noirvagothcpp: ha! well to each his own I suppose. I'll end up reformatting in a few months anyway (my tinkering always lands me in tight spots) so I'll probably fix it then05:58
vagothcppnoir, My boot partition is 1GB at the head of my disk, I messed it up and it was 997MB, oh how it annoyed me, till I destroyed the linux partition in its way, so I could resize it and reinstall05:58
greezmunkeyRyan9104, whta is the output of these? :ls /dev/video*05:58
greezmunkeyls /dev/audio*05:58
arghh2d2vagothcpp: that's OCD05:59
vagothcpparghh2d2, OCD?05:59
arghh2d2vagothcpp: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder05:59
noirvagothcpp: yeah obsessive compulsive lol05:59
vagothcppnoir, I reinstall my linux systems every year to maintain a nice running system, and my windows every 6 months05:59
arghh2d2vagothcpp: thats not necessary on linux, just windoze06:00
Ryan9104greezmunkey: ls: cannot access /dev/video*: No such file or directory06:00
Ryan9104did I do that right?06:00
noirvagothcpp: I guess you could say I do the opposite - I change my linux all the time but I don't do anything with my OEM Vista install unless I absolutely positively have to06:00
centHOGG<reinstall on new major hardware06:00
siekenhow do i make ibus autostart?06:00
vagothcppnoir, You prolly don't use it much?06:00
greezmunkeyRyan9104 try sudo ls /dev/video*06:00
curtunless you happen to upgrade to karmic and everything get broken and then you might have to reinstall06:00
akavI just wish Gnome keyboard shortcuts made as much sense as Mac OS X.06:00
Ryan9104same thing06:01
Ryan9104akav: you can make your own shortcuts I beleive.06:01
noirvagothcpp: Hardly ever; I've gone months without booting it. Just started using it again this past week - got drawn in by Modern Warfare 2 <_<06:01
Ryan9104akav: system > preferences >keyboard shortcuts06:01
greezmunkeyryan9104, is you cam plugged in right now?06:01
akavRyan9104, Yeah sorta kinda, it's a lot of work though, and some things can't be edited like cut/copy/paste.06:01
vagothcppnoir, I might end up ditching my windows install, and put it on a VM and run it through linux, then jus make a snapshot of it when its clean and crap, and revert to that when it clutters06:02
Ryan9104greez, yes06:02
Ryan9104greezmunkey: yes06:02
Ryan9104ryan@ryan-desktop:~$ lsusb06:02
Ryan9104Bus 002 Device 010: ID 046d:0870 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Express06:02
CHESLYNpls can anyone help me out,i tried to change my username at the 'users & groups' and i could only change the real name not my login name and home whats wrong?is there a other way perhaps06:02
arghh2d2never jump on a new ubuntu release until it's at least 5 months old06:02
akavRyan9104, And you can't set i.e. ctrl-w to close the current document/tab only.06:02
jongbergsnu-user: thanks, but i need ubuntu installed on hard disk just like the normal way. what i want is that settings and configuration will not be changed unless you "unfreeze". also any files created while in "freeze mode" will be lost the next reboot.06:02
vagothcppOne thing that bugs me about GNOME is I can't get my sensitivity on my mouse HIGHER! Its soo slow moving06:02
akavRyan9104, And Mac keyboards are screwed up in Gnome to begin with...06:02
noirvagothcpp: that's sort of what I do - I have a trimmed-down VirtualBox machine of Windows XP (for those couple of pesky Windows-only programs that don't run well in WINE but don't merit a reboot either)06:02
greezmunkeyRyan9104, than I would say that the system is not creating a device for you. I would have to dig into this more, but I would want to know more about why that is...were it me!06:03
Ryan9104greezmunkey: if only you knew how much time I've put into this. I've been trying to get this working since I got off of work at 4:30 and I worked on it more yesterday.06:04
=== baytes-vm is now known as baytes
Ryan9104I think I might reinstall and try again.06:04
vagothcppnoir, well my system supports hardware virtualization so its all good for me, all I do on windows is game, anything i programme is a server and thus better on linux06:04
greezmunkeyls /dev/video*06:04
=== baytes is now known as baytes-vm
greezmunkeyRyan9104, brb06:05
noirAlright guys so here's the deal. I've got a 1TB WD MyBook Studio edition here - bought it for the highspeed eSATA port. Also bought a ExpressCard-to-eSATA adapter based on the JMicron JMB26X chipset (apparently Linux-supported). It worked on my old laptop with Hardy (or Intrepid, can't remember) but on my new Vaio, nothing happens. Halp?06:05
noircorrection; that should say JMB36X chipset06:06
noirAlso, nothing is showing up in dmesg, and I get nothing from lspci, lshw, etc06:06
Shwacknoir - are you sure your MyBook is still working? Mine fried after 5 months06:07
noirShwack: yup, USB connection works fine06:07
greezmunkeyRyan9104, try this, cat /var/log/dmesg | grep gspca06:08
Shwacknoir just a question..  i hate mybooks because of it >:       hopefully somebody can help you though06:08
vagothcppWhy is DD so slow!06:08
arghh2d2i feel like every helpful solution lately could be summed up as: Reinstall 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope.06:08
Ryan9104greezmunkey: nothing06:08
centHOGGarghh2d2: heh06:08
noirShwack: it's been great for me so far...thanks though06:08
CHESLYNvagothcpp: please can u help me out,i tried to change my username at the 'users & groups' and i could only change the real name not my login name and home whats wrong?is there a other way perhaps06:08
arghh2d2i dont see anyone in here with a problem on 9.0406:08
greezmunkeyRyan9104, that should be the driver for your device, brb06:08
centHOGG<ubuntu server jaunty06:09
jeffmrubuntu can't mount root and won't boot into single user mode, can someone help?06:09
greezmunkeyRyan9104, Logitech quickcam express, right?06:09
Ryan9104greezmunkey: you going to be here in 20 minutes or so? I may reformat to eliminate the chance I fucked something up.06:09
noirarghh2d2: I hated 9.04 - in fact it gave me so much trouble that I skipped the release entirely. I was on Intrepid until last week06:09
Ryan9104greezmunkey: correct06:09
greezmunkeyRyan9104, hold the phone there, slow down chainsaw...06:10
mb_again_jeffr: can you get hold of a boot cd?06:10
Ryan9104haha. I've reformatted today once and I'm not afraid to do it again. DUN DUN DUN06:10
arghh2d2noir: it's all about when you get to it...right now 9.10 is going through what i'm sure 9.04 went through shortely after release06:10
vagothcpp<Guy that asked me a question>: I don't know alot about Ubuntu... or linux ftm, sorry06:10
jeffmrmb, I can but was hoping there is an easier way, it's installed by wubi with mac os on another partition06:11
noirarghh2d2: true, but I felt like 9.04 had more consistent problems than any other release I've ever tried. I've been using Ubuntu since Hoary06:11
arghh2d2vagothcpp: just type the first few letters of someones name and hit the tab key06:11
vagothcpparghh2d2, I know that, but i didnt read his name and cbf scrolling up06:12
=== Pupuser402-1 is now known as manbuzy
nu-userjongbergs -> you know that you can use the livecd iso stored on a disk and boot to it?06:13
vagothcppI don't think you can change usernames from Users & Groups06:13
greezmunkeyRyan9104, have you looked at this page yet? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeWebCams06:13
jeffmrmb, I'm running a disk check in windows now and tried to run one in mac os06:13
mb_again_jeffr: waste of time going through the mangled system boot, boot off external media, fsck the filesystems from there, you should then be able to judge if the system is repairable or toast based on the volume of fixes involved. after the fsck runs clean you can retry the boot, hope it was minor damage06:13
nu-userjongbergs -> therefore if you do remaster and then use that same iso to boot while it is stored in your hd06:13
_gedhi, in the "/etc/services" you can see the list of ports that are being used right? how can i UNASSIGN a program or service to that port?06:13
Ryan9104greezmunkey: yes. I sent you a PM btw.06:13
noirStill jonesin for some answers on why I get nothing with eSATA now...06:13
arghh2d2vagothcpp: i used to have problems with all the scrolling in here too...then i figured out how to ignore the joins and parts... try /ignore #ubuntu joins parts   ...if it works you'll be so much happier.06:14
jongbergsnu-user: nope, no idea, i haven't done it tried before..just searching for now..06:14
CHESLYNvagothcpp: from where do you think?06:14
mb_again_jeffr: why windows? is it multi boot?06:14
lstarnes_ged: /etc/services doesn't really assign anything06:14
theadminWhat is UDS O_O06:14
jongbergsnu-user: thanks for your ideas..06:14
vagothcppCHESLYN, Not sure bro, neva done it b4, neva needed too06:14
greezmunkeyRyan9104, I am new to irssi, don't know how to deal with private messages :>06:14
lstarnes_ged: it just says which service name is commonly associated with a particular port06:14
nu-userjongbergs -> okay.. good luck06:14
jongbergsnu-user: i've heard aufs supports..06:14
_gedlstarnes: then, is there a way on how can i UNASSIGN a program to any port?06:15
jeffmrmb, wubi installs ubuntu on the windows partition with windows06:15
Ryan9104greezmunkey: /q <nick>06:15
lstarnes_ged: stop the program that is using that port06:15
vagothcpparghh2d2, Unknown arg 'joins' ignored.06:15
vagothcpp Unknown arg 'parts' ignored.06:15
arghh2d2greezmunkey: hit alt-<numberkeys> to change irssi windows06:15
lstarnes_ged: or configure that program to not use that port06:15
mb_again_jeffr: sorry, unfamiliar with that. I just do native. Have you checked that the disk itself is ok? ie smart status.06:16
lstarnesvagothcpp: which client are you using?06:16
vagothcppxchat for gnome06:16
arghh2d2vagothcpp: try /help ignore ... i'm using irssi so it's probly diferent but close06:16
vagothcppkai, well, its a live cd now atm, ill fix it when i install debian xD06:16
jeffmrmb, yeah disk is ok and both windows and mac os boot fine06:16
=== sean is now known as Guest22176
nu-userjongbergs -> livecd uses squashfs i believe06:16
theadminnu-user: Yeah, it does.06:17
lstarnesvagothcpp: I know this works for the original xchat, but it might fail in xchat-gnome. right-click on the channel tab and look for "show joins/quits" or something like that06:17
mb_again_jeffmr: good luck then, peace out06:17
kossan_arghh2d2: You don't know of a script that sends all join/parts and so to anouther window, Flags work but a script may work better06:17
vagothcppAhh, I see it06:17
vagothcppMuch quiter06:17
vagothcppThere are alot of people joining and leaving06:17
Guest22176man, wait, what?  this client...is through the terminal?06:17
CHESLYNvagothcpp: thanks bro06:17
arghh2d2kossan_: no but that would be pretty cool.06:17
theadminGuest22176: well, why not?06:17
lstarnesvagothcpp: I personally prefer not to disable that because I like knowing if someone that I am talking to has left the channel06:18
lstarnesGuest22176: which client?06:18
Guest22176theadmin: well, I'm just a bit confused.  New to Linux, see.  I just installed irssi06:18
=== Guest22176 is now known as seanicus
vagothcpplstarnes, You can jus press tab, the autocomplete will fail if they have left xD06:18
jeffmrmb_again_: thanks06:18
theadminTerminal stuff is cool XD i never ever used Synaptic so far, except trough update-manager... use apt-get06:18
arghh2d2lstarnes: tab key will tell ya if they're still on06:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lethe06:18
lstarnesvagothcpp, arghh2d2: I know, but I prefer being able to simply look rather than having to actively use tab06:19
vagothcppTerminal is old school, I am one for ever improving technology06:19
Blue1why were there so many kde updates in today's updates?06:19
jongbergsnu-user: i found this http://sourceforge.net/projects/lethe/06:19
lstarnesvagothcpp, arghh2d2: that and my tab completion sometimes fails06:19
freaky[t]hi all. how do I import a key from seahorse into evolution?06:19
seanicusso you're saying that because I installed with synaptic, I don't have an application for it?06:19
jongbergsnu-user: Lethe is a Deep Freeze-like Partition Freezing Software for Debian GNU/Linux and Lihuen GNU/Linux (May work on other Debian-based GNU/Linux distributions).06:19
vagothcpplstarnes, I activly tab for a living, so its no probs for me =D06:19
Shwackvagothcpp -  i'm with you - never really been into sticking to the harder way of doing things06:19
kossan_vagothcpp: But terminal have screen =)06:19
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_gedlstarnes: i got a question again about services, If i stop a program by using "sudo /etc/init.d/servicename stop" will it stop forever?06:19
lstarnesseanicus: terminal-only applications often don't get added to the menus06:20
seanicuswhere do I find the actual application?06:20
vagothcppShwack, If terminal is the best option, ill do it, else, i wont06:20
lstarnes_ged: no06:20
lstarnes_ged: it stops until the next time the system starts or the runlevel changes06:20
seanicusI don't even know what the term is, sorry06:20
Shwackvagothcpp -  same - I prefer installing /removing some things via terminal06:20
lstarnesseanicus: applications > accessories > terminal06:20
Shwackvagothcpp -  however, copying files from one folder to the other.  gui please06:20
lstarnesseanicus: once you get there, type irssi06:20
Blue1_ged: restarted at boot up time or login - depends on how it is setup06:20
seanicusDid it06:20
seanicus(that's how I got here :P)06:21
lstarnes_ged: update-rc.d can probably be used to disable it completely06:21
vagothcppShwack, Yeh, installing, uninstalling and updating, i prefer terminal, copying files, GUI, web browsing, definetly gui (who uses text-webbrowser anyway) and moving partitions around, definetly terminal06:21
Shwackvagothcpp -  yep. I've only recently played with partitions and haven't had to move any around yet thankfully.  But I'm all about saving time and energy.06:22
nu-userjongbergs -> i dont know why you insist on deep freeze or whatever.. livecd  using squashfs does not really saved things anyways06:22
seanicusis this what irssi is?  you can only run it on the terminal?06:22
vagothcpphow in terminal would i make a loop to execute "sudo kill -SIGUSR1 4177" every minute?06:22
Shwackvagothcpp -  I operate multiple websites and have over 10,000 files in thousands of diff folders in my web directory - I'd kill myself trying to play around with all that in terminal06:22
Blue1vagothcpp: elinks isn't bad...06:22
theadminCan anyone name a good clone of Paint for Linux except gPaint and KolourPaint? I don't want KDE stuff and gPaint is bleh06:22
arghh2d2vagothcpp: i use links-g for simple document/pic browsing ALOT...only use firefail for flash and java06:22
freaky[t]hi all. how do I import a key from seahorse into evolution?06:22
vagothcppShwack, Heh heh, I do work for a web hosting company06:23
Blue1theadmin: gimp....06:23
alinz1whose keen on a discussion about driv egeometry?06:23
nu-userjongbergs -> if your goal is to run livecd like environment,  then remastering a livecd to tailor to your needs and then run it off of your hardisk06:23
seanicusI hate gimp.  I can't figure it out06:23
vagothcppShwack, I would also die if I had to do everything by terminal06:23
theadminBlue1: Lol, no, gimp is more like photoshop06:23
ociugihow to bypass the proxy to apt-get06:23
kossan_Blue1: sounds overkill... =D06:23
seanicusthe menus don't even dock06:23
Blue1theadmin: overkill but all that I know...06:23
vagothcpphow in terminal would i make a loop to execute "sudo kill -SIGUSR1 4177" every minute?06:23
Shwackvagothcpp -  I'm still pretty nubtard in multiple areas when it comes to hosting, but I want to rent my own dedicated (or vps) sever soon06:24
sunkethtry tuxpaint the admin06:24
Blue1vagothcpp: what programme ru trying to kill every mnute?06:24
arghh2d2vagothcpp: with cron i think06:24
vagothcppShwack, Well, we colocated our own server06:24
theadminsunketh: Hm... thanks, i will...06:24
kossan_vagothcpp: does the terminal support timers so no problem06:24
theadmin!info tuxpaint06:24
z00r0question -  trying to install ubuntu on a HP xl844 but when the kernel loads it just freezes any suggestions to bypass that?06:24
theadminAhem, ubottu, wake up.06:24
theadmin!info tuxpaint06:24
ubottutuxpaint (source: tuxpaint): A paint program for young children. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.20-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 164 kB, installed size 396 kB06:24
vagothcppBluel, did you notice that i -SIGUSR1, thats dd's term for printing its status to the terminal06:24
ubottutuxpaint (source: tuxpaint): A paint program for young children. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.20-2ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 164 kB, installed size 396 kB06:24
acatAnybody in here use FireGPG with GnuPG?  The FireGPG is asking me where the executable is and I don't know the answer.06:25
Ryan9104say pass06:25
lstarnesacat: type "which gpg" in a terminal06:25
Shwackvagothcpp -  see, again I dont really know exactly what that means :(   tbh  the  multiple websites i run are 99% my own with 2 actual clients that are both friends ...heh06:25
lstarnesacat: if you have gpg2, you might want to use "which gpg2" instead06:26
Blue1vagothcpp: ahh no I didn't see that - but you have to admit that's a pretty dumb way - but it works06:26
seansorry, I was getting really annoyed with the terminal06:26
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vagothcppShwack, We send our own server hardware, and they give us the internet and crap, we can go there any time to do upgrades06:26
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vagothcppBluel, true, so how would I loop it every minute?06:26
Shwackvagothcpp -  that is exactly what I would like to do!06:27
seanicusI am now seanica06:27
vagothcppShwack, Were do you live?06:27
theadmin!info netpbm06:27
ubottunetpbm (source: netpbm-free): Graphics conversion tools. In component main, is optional. Version 2:10.0-12ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 1194 kB, installed size 4668 kB06:27
Shwackvagothcpp -  Santa Barbara, CA06:27
seanicaso...can someone answer my question about irssi please?  Sorry06:27
vagothcppShwack, I don't know of any Colo facilites in ure area, but look around06:27
acatlstarnes: Is there a reason to use gpg2 instead?06:27
Shwackvagothcpp -  i wouldn't think there are any - Plus i want to be connected to a main backbone06:27
pyite_ubuntuwhen using Xinerama, anyone know how to get the bottom panel on to one of the other screens? mine is stuck on screen 0 :(06:28
Shwackvagothcpp -  I like dallas because it can service the entire US nicely06:28
zetheroo1How do you get banshee to rip audio CD's to MP3? The documentation on their website is outdated...06:28
lstarnesacat: if the installed gpg is not version 2, then gpg2 should be version 206:28
guybrushHello, sorry for bothering you all, but I've just installed 9.10 and now XP doesn't show up in my GRUB anymore... I'm reading through the wiki but don't understand what they are explaining.  Is anyone here familiar with how GRUB works?06:28
lstarnesacat: version 2 of gpg is more recent and supports more algorithms among other things06:28
vagothcppShwack, That is were our servers are colocated, i live in australia myself, but I have tech mates in Dallas that do upgrading for me06:28
z00r0question -  trying to install ubuntu on a HP xl844 but when the kernel loads it just freezes any suggestions to bypass that?06:28
noirguybrush: I know my way around GRUB (a little) - are you on your Linux install right now?06:29
theadminguybrush: Try running update-grub in terminal... or was it update-grub2...06:29
lstarnesseanica: irssi can only be rn in a terminal06:29
Shwackvagothcpp -  good choice :)    I was just about to ask you if people there offer  maintenance or upkeep plan06:29
bradpittguybrush : try to update grub with sudo update-grub206:29
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vagothcppShwack, indeed, the thing is they don't have a website, so my mates who do the upgrades organized the entire thing06:30
vagothcppI do most of the software crap, and send them parts if i want an upgrade06:30
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Shwackvagothcpp -  right on - sounds like you're getting a good deal.   My dream = quad / eight core superserver extreme on raid10 with a ridiculous amount of ram at an affordable price :)06:31
ociugihow to bypass the proxy to apt-get06:31
Shwackvagothcpp -  is that too much to ask ?06:31
acatlstarnes: /usr/bin/gpg is the path, but FireGPG insists it cannot find it.06:31
Shwackvagothcpp -  I already have the domain :)    shwack.net   rofl  I just need the server06:32
vagothcppShwack, What my server is is an: Intel Core 2 Quad, 8x12K RPM 500GB HDD's, in Raid 1+006:32
lstarnesacat: I'm not sure what to do about that then06:32
Shwackvagothcpp -  i am drooling - and in dallas you are on a real 100Mb connection06:32
noiracat: sounds like a permissions problem06:32
vagothcppShwack, 1000Mbps*06:32
guybrushtheadmin: it is grub206:32
theadminguybrush: Okay thanks, than "sudo update-grub2" would do i think06:33
acatnoir: Surely I need not run firefox as root?!06:33
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z00r0hows the IT job market in dallas06:33
agitkidhas anyone installed a Karmic Xen VM on top of a Hardy Xen host (dom0)?06:33
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theadminI just still use grub 1 since i updated from Jaunty06:33
laxa8831hi, can i updage the avr-gcc module ( i have 4.2.2) to something newer than 4.3 without re-installing ubuntu? im running 8.0406:33
noiracat: good lord no. but maybe check GPG permissions or your PATH. Just throwin that out there06:34
guybrushokay, I just updated it... it "finds" a linux image, an initrd image, memtest86, and Vista bootloader... problem is that I don't have Vista (installed it once before but replaced it with XP instead)06:34
guybrushthe vista bootloader is still on my machine or something06:35
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guybrushi wouldn't really care if I could just "add in" an XP option pointing to the correct partition somehow... but I don't understand how to do it from the wiki06:36
kossan_in the vista bootloader you'll find "older operating system" or something like that06:36
acatnoir: I'm not sure how to proceed. :-\06:37
guybrushkossan_: if I press the Vista bootloader... it says something like NTRDL not found.... (press ctrl + alt + delete)06:37
SudoGhostThis may sound like a dumb question, and may not be the appropriate channel for this, but I'm very new to IRC and what not, but I just registered my nickname on the freenode thing, what do I do now?  How do I tell xchat (the client I'm using) to "log" me into this nickname?06:37
lstarnesSudoGhost: go to XChat > Network List and change your settings there06:37
lstarnesSudoGhost: you may also need to edit the entry for freenode so that it uses your nickserv password as a server password06:38
noiracat: sorry I can't be more help - kinda just saw your last few messages and was interested06:38
Starcraftmazterhello, I can't seem to access a particular site from ubuntu ( https://www.funfile.org ), however it works fine with windows. Additionally, it worked fine in 9.0406:38
Starcraftmazterthis is with all browsers, and either by IP or hostname06:39
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: what error message do you get?06:39
seanicusIs this supposed to be a help channel?  Because I don't feel good about spamming it with dumb questions06:39
Starcraftmazterlstarnes: timeout06:39
scottygi cannot update abiword plz help06:39
lstarnesscottyg: what happens when you try?06:39
lstarnesStarcraftmazter: I'm not sure what would be causing that06:40
bradpittStarcraftmazter : i'm able to visit funfile.org06:40
Starcraftmazterto give more info, if I view the source, all the HTML appears to be there, but the site just doesnt seem to load, and eventually times out06:40
SudoGhostlstarnes: Do I just enter the password in the server and nickserv field?06:40
Starcraftmazterit's very odd, I cannot ping the server either06:40
kossan_Starcraftmazter: are you using firefox?06:40
lstarnesSudoGhost: just server password06:40
Starcraftmazterkossan_: yes, but I also tried in opera06:40
ctmjrseanicus~ ask away as long as it is ubuntu related06:41
scottygit just keeps putting on the old version, then i go to the abiword site and it tells me to upgrade...again06:41
Starcraftmazterits as though some network setting is stuffed up, but this is a clean installation of 9.10, i only installed a few days ago06:41
lstarnesscottyg: how are you upgrading it?06:41
acatnoir: No problem.  I'm sure we'll get it worked out. :-)06:41
scottygi did it by following the step by step instructions on the abiword website06:42
laxa8831anyone? avr-gcc 4.3.3 or later on hardy heron?06:42
scottygis there a format painter in abiword?06:42
SudoGhostlstarnes: I got it working, and verified it.  Thank you very much.06:43
thunderstormanyone know how you would add processes so they start on boot up?06:43
skeletor00hello, i'm trying to use wordpress on my ubuntu, but i cant get the mail system to work, (ex: send mail recovering password) what sould i do?06:44
thunderstormor even wich file u would edit for that procedure?06:44
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guybrushOkay, I think I've found the answer to my problem here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1305113, but still need help on what to write to add a windows OS to GRUB ( I don't understand )06:44
ctmjrthunderstorm: you using gnome?06:46
zetheroo1ok ... the package sound-juicer has gone nuts ... I cannot uninstall it or reinstall it ... how do i fix this issue?06:47
gokoonubuntu for the mactel is a very sweet dream...06:48
zetheroo1the first error I get from Synaptic is E: sound-juicer: subprocess installed pre-removal script returned error exit status 206:48
scottyghow do i install a tar.gz file?06:49
l43a2u gotta extract it first06:49
ner0xIs there something comparable to quickbooks in linux?06:49
Loafersscottyg, tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz06:50
scottygok i will extract it!06:50
carl_can anyone help me set up my wireless06:50
l43a2install windows an ur wireless will work.06:51
carl_ive tried about every possible way and i am not getting anwyerher06:51
carl_i am on a net book06:51
Loaferscarl_, maybe your card isn't supported?06:51
carl_it is06:51
carl_ive looked it up06:51
zetheroo1this is so frustrating06:51
l43a2what is06:52
zetheroo1when a package gets messed up there is no clear way to remedy it06:52
kahenhmm... so let me get this straight... mail-notifier requires thunderbird (or other email client) to run to actually notify about new emails?! ehmm... what's the effing point of it then?!06:52
zetheroo1sound-juicer just decided to kick the bucket and now Synaptic is useless06:52
seanicusOkay, this is kinda difficult to explain, and might be a long question, but I'm thinking about somehow making it so that an IRC chat will be on my desktop.  Not as a window or a widget, but either over it, or perhaps the desktop itself will be interactive, if that makes sense06:53
ZykoticK9ner0x, i've never used it myself: gnucash - A personal finance tracking program06:53
seanicusIs there a program that does that?06:53
ner0xZykoticK9: That could work. Thank you.06:53
plustaxI am having trouble getting my laptop webcam working. Can anyone help me?06:54
ZykoticK9ner0x, if that doesn't work for you, there are 2 programs i've never heard of: grisbi & homebank06:54
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ner0xZykoticK9: Thanks, I'll check them all out.06:54
plustaxI'm using ubuntu 9.1006:54
sunkethplustax, install cheese06:55
aksciis there any way to browse thunar the way we do in nautilus, just by typing location in the address bar?06:55
sunkethalong with that it will install packages req for running a webcam dun remember the package names06:55
zetheroo1anyone know how to repair broken packages?06:55
scottygok i typed tar -zxvf filename.tar.gz  and it unpacked06:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cheese06:56
scottygnow how do i install it?06:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cheesewebcam06:56
chu_seanicus: you can embed a terminal on your desktop, using irssi and on the embedded terminal?06:56
CuddlesI'm having trouble with my samba install, I can connect to my system via ssh, but when i try to restart samba it sez it isnt there06:56
noirscottyg: run "sudo apt-get install cheese"06:56
seanicusyeah, that's why my friend suggested irssi for me.  How do I embed it on my desktop, chu_ ?06:57
bradpittzetheroo1 : in grub screen choose recovery mode you can fix broken packages from there06:57
deep_thoughtwhere can i download ubottu06:57
noirscottyg: or you may show up in the software center06:57
kostkon!broken | zetheroo106:57
ubottuzetheroo1: Saying "It says nothing", "It does nothing" is generally not very useful for troubleshooting. Please be as specific as possible: if you see a black screen, say so, if you see a shell prompt, say so, if you see an !error message, say so - Also, most !CLI commands don't print anything when they succeed, but only when they fail.06:57
awesome5000Pulseaudio is sending a constant stream of errors to /var/log/messages06:57
Loafers!download | deep_thought06:57
ubottudeep_thought: Ubuntu installation CDs can be downloaded from http://releases.ubuntu.com - Mirrors can be found at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors - PLEASE use the !torrents to download !Karmic, and help keeping the servers' load low!06:57
zetheroo1bradpitt: is that the only way?06:57
noirscottyg: Indeed it does. So just go to Ubuntu Software Center and search for Cheese.06:57
zetheroo1kostkon:  ?06:57
awesome5000lock-autospawn.c: Cannot access autospawn lock.06:57
chu_seanicus: i have no idea, though I have seen some tutorials for it - just google "embedding terminal on desktop" or something, and see what comes up.06:58
spOnvidia VP3 cannot decode some horizonal schemes , but VP4 can, rihgt? Is this much of a limitation?06:58
kostkonzetheroo1, sorry, wrong msg, sorry06:58
seanicusk thanks06:58
deep_thoughtLoafers, No the ubotnu bot06:58
scottygcheese is installing thx06:58
zetheroo1kostkon: ok no worries06:58
seanicusI was just wondering if there was already a program for that, because I thought it would look kinda cool...06:58
ctmjrseanicus: you can use compiz to make the terminal transparent then use a terminal based irc client it will give the illusion of being part of the desktop but you can still close it and move it around i forget how to do it you might ask in #compiz06:58
bradpittzetheroo1 : there's maybe lots of way to fix broken packages, but i always fix the broken packages from recovery mode :)06:58
kostkonzetheroo1, check this if you want: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto#How%20to%20fix%20broken%20packages06:59
noirscottyg: no prob, check back if it works (or doesn't)06:59
Cuddlesanyone offer me any help im pretty stuck, also having issues with vnc06:59
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seanicusctmjr, but noooo it can't be an actual window!  That's no fun :(06:59
zetheroo1bradpitt: ok ... thanks for the info06:59
scottygnoir what is it?06:59
awesome5000Can anyone Help me?06:59
noirscottyg: what is what?06:59
bradpittzetheroo1 : np. good luck06:59
plustaxsunketh my friend06:59
plustaxcheese worked06:59
plustaxI got the cam to work.06:59
plustaxBut I go to tinychat06:59
powertool08seanicus: devilspie will embed a terminal for you.06:59
plustaxand go to broadcast, and it isn't finding it!07:00
noirscottyg: oh my bad! sorry wrong nick lol07:00
seanicusis devilspie someone you know?07:00
seanicusor a program, haha07:00
powertool08seanicus: No, its a program to embed terminals07:00
noirAnyone wanna try to help me get my eSATA drive working?07:00
plustaxsunketh do you know what my issue could be here?07:00
scottygi am trying to install a tar!07:00
=== becks_ is now known as princes
scottygtar -zxvf filename.tar.gz07:01
sunkethok... i'vent used tinychat so dun know hats the problem, jus try fiddling out the prefs07:01
scottygi did that and it unpacked but how do i install it?07:01
awesome5000what is the problem with the eSATA drive07:01
plustaxdo http://tinychat.com/sunketh and type a random nick then youll be in the channel.07:01
plustaxThen click broadcast now.07:01
plustaxThat simple.07:01
plustaxyoull see what I mean07:01
FloodBot1plustax: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:01
noirawesome5000: It doesn't connect. I get nothing in dmesg, lspci, lshw, etc even indicating it's connected07:01
nybnik10GET OUT07:02
scottyghow do i install an unpacked tar file?07:02
noirawesome5000: it worked in a previous release on a different laptop (either Hardy or Intrepid, can't remember which)07:02
zetheroo1bradpitt: strange thing is that Synaptic does not see any broken packages07:02
freedrullnybnik10: -_-07:02
awesome5000Do you have suitable drivers. for Linux07:02
kostkonscottyg, you'll need to compile it, i suppose07:02
nybnik10USE SLACKWARE07:02
ctmjrscottyg: look in the dir you untarred the file to and there should be a read me or install file07:02
PlainFlavoredfreedrull: hi07:02
lstarnesnybnik10: stop trolling07:02
scottygok how do i compile it i am new to ubuntu07:02
lstarnesnybnik10: this channel is solely for support with ubuntu07:02
lstarnesnybnik10: go to ##slackware if you want slackware help07:03
scottygtar -zxvf filename.tar.gz   so where did it unpack?07:03
=== DigitalK1wi is now known as DigitalKiwi
nybnik10i dont want slackware help07:03
lstarnesscottyg: in the current directory07:03
nybnik10i want slackware luv07:03
noirawesome5000: I believe support for the chipset in the ExpressCard 34 to eSATA card I'm using is already in the Linux kernel07:03
kostkonscottyg, give "pwd" to see the current dir07:03
scottygwhat is the default current directory?07:03
Cuddlesanyone have any ideas why my samba isnt working?07:03
freaky[t]ScottG, /home/youruseraccount/07:03
lstarnesscottyg: your home07:03
kostkonscottyg, your home folder07:03
ScottGfreaky[t]: ?07:04
freaky[t]ScottG, sorry meant scottyg07:04
ScottGscottyg: wtffffffffffffffff07:04
ScottGwho are you07:04
=== zz_kiwifunk is now known as kiwifunk
=== scottyg is now known as Dolmance
Dolmancei am now dolmance07:04
bradpittscottG : i really don't need to see that word.07:04
lstarnesDolmance: could you please stop switching nicks so often? it's getting a bit confusing07:05
ScottGbradpitt: I don't think it is a word07:05
freaky[t]what irc client do you guys use in ubuntu?07:05
freaky[t]is there anything better than xchat?07:05
kostkonfreaky[t], xchat07:05
ctmjrDolmance: what are you trying to install07:05
kostkonfreaky[t], xchat, not xchat-gnome07:05
kisukefreaky[t]: pidgin07:05
lstarnesfreaky[t]: I mainly use irssi, but it's not graphicak07:05
powertool08freaky[t]: irssi here07:05
noirfreaky[t]: irssi, it pwns n00bz07:05
lstarneskisuke: pidign's irc support isn't complete07:05
seanicusI like chatzilla, really, but xchat is good too07:05
freaky[t]hm ok thanks07:05
=== geo is now known as geo05
zetheroo1could someone please look at this and see if you can tell me what's going on http://pastebin.com/m9a8a5bc07:06
kisukelstarnes: it has always worked for me...07:06
seanicusOh!  Thought of another question.  Whenever I get an IM on pidgin, it doesn't blink.  And I have no idea what to do about that07:06
seanicusthere's nothing in preferences, so I'm not sure if it has to do with the OS, maybe07:06
lstarneskisuke: once you get to stuff like advanced channel management, it starts to be inadequate07:06
noirzetheroo1: ahhhh, this error exit status 2 message. This is partly what made me reinstall last week <_<07:07
Dolmanceok i am in the abiword directory...how do i compile and install it?07:07
zetheroo1noir: oh no07:07
kisukelstarnes: never tried dont know if i will, thanks any way i do have xchat installed just incase07:07
noirzetheroo1: I was told that this is a problem with dpkg itself and that you can try forcing packages in/out, but good luck with that - pretty decent chance you'll kill your system that way07:07
plustaxIs anybody really good with getting webcams to work? My laptop cam works fine in cheese, but I go to tinychat.com and for some reason it doesn't recognize it. I am running ubuntu 9.10  Anyone help me out?07:08
zetheroo1noir: this is so ridiculous .. just out of the blue .... gosh ...07:08
Cuddlesanyone might have any ideas why my samba and x11vnc wont install07:09
seanicusbut it does blink for xchat...07:09
zetheroo1noir: how can something be so badly broken ...? ... so much for Ubuntu never needing to be reinstalled - ha07:09
kostkonplustax, right click and go to flash prefs? does flash see your webcam?07:10
noirzetherool: it was for me too. I forget what package it started on but before long I had an entire cluster of "zombie" programs that could neither be installed or uninstalled. As to why this happens - again I really have no clue. Dpkg has been great for me overall, but when it dies it dies a horrible death07:10
plustaxin tinychat kostkon ?07:10
kostkonplustax, right click on the flash vid07:10
plustaxor in cheese?07:10
ctmjrDolmance:  abiword is in the repo's why go thru the trouble of compiling it07:10
kostkonplustax, yeah, or on any flash vid07:10
plustaxsettings is grayed out.07:11
kostkonplustax, all  the settings or only the ones for the webcam?07:11
plustaxall I can click is ABOUT ADOBE PLAYER 1007:11
dajxdI have a probably foolish question- whenever I try to compile something, I have to apt-get all the libraries and dependent stuff individually.  How can I make it do this automatically?07:11
kostkonplustax, aha ok07:11
zetheroo1noir: and dpkg cannot be reinstalled?07:11
Cuddlesanyone im pretty suck on this07:11
kisukedajxd: sudo apt-get build-dep07:11
Dolmanceconfigure: error: Package requirements (07:11
Dolmance  fribidi >= 0.10.407:11
Dolmancehow do i install a tar?07:12
Dolmancei get nothing but errors07:12
dajxdkisuke: thanks so much.07:12
kostkonplustax, i don't know what else you could do. eh, maybe flash can't recognise your webcam.07:12
plustaxIt can on my windows 7 boot on this computer.07:12
Dolmancecan i use synaptic to browse to the tar?07:12
powertool08Cuddles: What is your problem specifically? I don't know much about samba so no guarantees07:12
kisukedajxd: sudo apt-get build-dep <package name> sorry i for got the package name wont do much good else wise07:12
noirzetheroo1: simple answer: no. It's pretty critical to the OS - reinstall is the name of the game unless you can find some dark magic solution I've never seen online. Sounds like this is an ongoing issue, so maybe sit it out and someone will come up with a fix07:12
lstarnesDolmance: sudo apt-get install libfribidi-dev07:12
kostkonplustax, what brand is it?07:12
plustaxI have an asus laptop07:13
kostkonplustax, ah07:13
lstarnesDolmance: you need to install that development package for the configuration to continue07:13
plustaxumm, whats the command to see the webcam model?07:13
plustaxI forget.07:13
=== kiwifunk is now known as zz_kiwifunk
kostkonplustax, eh, try lsusb maybe07:13
kisukeplustax: try lspci07:13
plustaxone sec ill take a screenie for you07:13
brijithdoes any one know how to set up turbo gears environment in Ubuntu 9.1007:13
Dolmanceu r awesome thanx07:13
Cuddlespowertool so my problem is thought i installed samba and x11vnc but when I went to restart samba it tells me it isnt there07:14
plustaxkostkon :  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/2066611/Screenshot.png07:14
plustaxThats my lsusb07:14
=== [1]sassyn is now known as sassyn
Dolmanceconfigure: error: Package requirements (07:14
Dolmance  fribidi >= 0.10.407:14
Dolmance  glib-2.0 >= 2.6.0 gthread-2.0 >= 2.6.0 gobject-2.0 >= 2.6.007:14
Dolmance  libgsf-1 >= 1.1207:14
FloodBot1Dolmance: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
noirzetheroo1: if you want to try the dangerous route there is a guide to forcing packages here: http://bit.ly/oDlD4 but do that AT YOUR OWN RISK07:15
lstarnesDolmance: please use a pastebin for anything longer than 1 line07:15
kostkonplustax, oh right07:15
Dolmanceso now what do i do?07:15
powertool08Cuddles: try in a terminal: whereis samba07:15
Cuddlesok 1 second07:15
lstarnesDolmance: you'll need to find -dev packages that satisfy those requirements and install them07:15
brijithdoes any one know how to set up turbo gears environment in Ubuntu 9.10 ????07:15
Cuddlesok got a respons07:15
chu_w00t, there exists a decent LaTeX editor for GTK - Gummi07:15
Dolmanceplease tell me how and where i am a nnob07:15
lstarnesDolmance: look in synaptic07:16
powertool08Dominian: I'm sure somebody asked, but why compile, is it not in the repos?07:16
plustaxkostkon what you think man?07:16
powertool08Dominian: sorry, wrong tab complete07:16
=== kb is now known as Guest53191
powertool08Dolmance: I'm sure somebody asked, but why compile, is it not in the repos?07:16
kostkonplustax, hmm. let's do some searching07:17
Ryan9104any way to bring up the force quit menu manually?07:18
noirRyan9104: type xkill in a terminal, if that's what you mean07:18
Ryan9104sure is, thanks07:18
seanicuswith devilspie, am I allowed to interact with the terminal?07:20
=== Darwin2038_ is now known as Darwin2038
kostkonplustax, could you close firefox, and in a terminal, try to run it like this?:  LD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libv4l/v4l1compat.so firefox &07:20
powertool08seanicus: Yes... wouldn't be much good if you couldn't.07:20
seanicusWasn't sure if it wasn't just...some aesthetic thing07:20
Cuddlesafter running whereis it gives me the dir of the program07:20
Guest96055Hi, My Intel video driver is gone... strange.  It has been working fine for 4 months.  How do I reinstall it.  They system was using the intel driver that come with the gnome version.07:21
powertool08seanicus: I used it for awhile to embed irssi. BTW, if you just want to get rid of menubars, sometimes you can start programs with a --no-window-decoration type option.07:21
TheKrocan anyone recommend an application for monitoring network usage by application/process?  I can use netstat to see what connections exist, and system monitor to see total network usage, but i want the by-application/process breakdown07:22
plustaxkostkon I did it07:22
powertool08Cuddles: ok, now type samba --help, what do you get?07:22
kostkonplustax, now do to tinychat again07:22
seanicusmenubars for what?  powertool08 ?07:22
kostkonplustax, and check if the camera works now07:22
Cuddlesgot the help options screen07:22
seanicusoh, I get what you mean.  Thanks!07:22
=== Guest96055 is now known as bigsteve
=== kb is now known as Guest97918
Cuddlesa list of the diffrent help options shows up07:23
powertool08Cuddles: It appears to be installed to me. How are you trying to restart it?07:24
Cuddles__/etc/init.d/samba restart07:25
bigsteveHi, My Intel video driver is gone... strange.  It has been working fine for 4 months.  How do I reinstall it.  The system was using the Intel driver that come with the gnome version.07:25
brijith does any one know how to set up turbo gears environment in Ubuntu 9.10 ????07:25
=== deep_thought is now known as Jehovah
Cuddlesit worked before not nadda07:25
powertool08Cuddles: what does it say now when you run /etc/init.d/samba restart?07:25
poi77Hi! I have copied a huge amount of data, and I have an md5sum for all of it in a file. I used md5sum -c md5sum.txt | grep -v "OK$" and nothing was output. I am guaranteed that all (ie no missing files) transfered correctly?07:26
Cuddlesno such file or directory07:26
bigsteveis this the main ubuntu support channel?07:27
powertool08Cuddles: Ok, type "cd /etc/init.d/" then "ls" do you see samba listed?07:27
starhashbigsteve: Yes07:27
plustaxIt still didnt recognize it, sir.07:27
kostkonplustax, :(07:27
plustaxAll that command did was make my firefox pop up again.07:28
plustaxI mean, Im sure it did something, but my cam still doesnt work with it. :( ot just tinychat either. stickam doesnt07:28
kostkonplustax, did you close any open ffox windows, before giving the cmd?07:28
Cuddlesfound it07:28
plustaxI did indeed.07:28
bigstevestarhash, can you help with a video driver issue?  I know re installing is kind a basic thing, but i am a newbie.07:29
Cuddlesnow i gotta try and figure out this x11vnc07:29
starhashbigsteve: Well, go ahead and ask.07:29
powertool08Cuddles: Its not so hard, I use it alittle.07:29
CuddlesI installed everything for it, and when I try to run echo 5900 it wont work07:30
Cuddlesgives me the same as the samva07:30
bigstevestarhash my video driver disappeared.  How do I re-insall it?  intel chip. on the mother board.07:30
powertool08Cuddles:Here is a good explanation of options http://www.karlrunge.com/x11vnc/x11vnc_opts.html07:30
gwizI just wiped my hard drive, thinking it was my USB drive, because when I plugged in my usb drive, it went behind my main drive, so I lost 300 gigs worth of work!!!!  Went to reformat my USB Drive thinking it was it, and blam, there went ALL of my data :( :( :( :(07:30
Cuddleswill that help me with the install issue?07:31
gwizWhen you plug something in, it may show up in the same place as your other drive!07:31
bigstevegwiz, sorry to hear that man.  ouch!07:31
gwizyes, I just lot hundreds of dollars (more like thousands)07:31
bigstevegwiz, yep, i have see that pile.07:31
powertool08Cuddles: Also, in case you weren't aware, vnc is a weak protocol, typically not encrypted. This means your password is sent in plaintext. I tunnel mine over ssh for security.07:31
starhashbigsteve: Sorry to see you lost your video. Might want to try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg07:32
brijithtrubo gears installation fails07:32
brijithplease help07:32
gwizThey have GOT to do something to make those icons appear in a different place!07:32
gwizformatting your hard drive because you think it's your usb drive is just like BAD!07:32
gwizI'm ready to throw ubuntu out, this has made me really really upset :(07:33
Cuddlesyeah im using putty to connect to my system right now07:33
bigstevestarhash, thanks. What will that command do?07:33
brijithtrubo gears installation fails please help me ,,.....  please check http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1315117 is the error I am getting07:33
=== kb is now known as Guest95850
gwizI should be mat at myself, it was my fault :(07:33
starhashbigsteve: It runs a little configuration program. Use the defaults, or try some options.07:34
gwiz*waves goodnight, I need to rest on this :(07:34
starhashbigsteve: Please save a copy of your config file beforehand.07:34
truckloverI backup my raid array to a Drobo using Crashplan.  I've got hundreds of gigs of data that I can't lose07:34
truckloverespecially before I format a drive or an array of drives07:35
bigstevestarhash, will it reload the driver?  because the driver is definatly not there right now.07:35
lilkuz2005hey guys, just upgraded my older 32x system from 8.04 to 9.10, i need to know if there is a way to see if my drivers are up to date ??07:35
Cuddlesno im getting errors when I restart samba07:35
starhashbigsteve: Well it "should". If not, you're in for some more work, I guess.07:35
bigstevestarhash.  LOL  ok.  you said to save the config file.  do you mean save it to another name?07:36
starhashbigsteve: Right, just copy it to your home directory or somewhere.07:36
powertool08Cuddles: What errors? !pastebin if they are long07:37
bigsteveok, starhash, what directory is the config file in?  (sorry, newbie)07:37
Cuddleshow do i pastebin over putty?07:37
starhashbigsteve: cp /etc/X11/xorg.conf ~/xorg.conf.backup07:38
powertool08Cuddles: hmm... just a sec. Once somebody showed me a way to pastebin via command line but I didn't save it.07:38
Cuddlesthx a bunch for your time powertool07:38
powertool08Cuddles: np07:39
Cuddlesill brb like 5 minutes powertool07:39
powertool08Cuddles: Ok, maybe I will have the pastebin command by then07:39
DaDa|UrkaWhy are Compiz-Plugins reactivating shortly after i deactivated them?07:40
starhashpowertool08, Cuddles: If you're talking about http://paste.ubuntu.com/, it should work in lynx (the text mode browser). Lynx is usable over ssh.07:41
starhashMight be easier than running a command.07:41
bigsteveOk starhash... I'm going in! ... I got that feel you get when you are like 8 and you are about to jump off the Highdive for the first time.  here we go!07:41
gwizQuestion Guys, if I uninstall Ubuntu (the latest version) and reinstall it, will I mess something up?07:41
Ryan9104I feel like my webcam is doomed to never work.07:41
gwizI dont' want to lose windows.....07:41
powertool08starhash: Thanks, didn't think of that. Although the command is super easy if I can find it again. (It uses curl and |)07:42
=== jonsol_ is now known as dirtyoldbastard
starhashpowertool08: Right, I figured it was a big curl commandline.07:42
starhashpowertool08, Cuddles: Lynx is usable for a surprising number of websites and pages. Simple forms without Javascript work fine.07:43
DragonLinuxhey guys, is there a way to change the icon size of desktop icons in 9.10 ?07:43
Gorgatronhey guys i got a question07:43
Gorgatroni got this in terminal when running sudo apt-get update07:43
GorgatronW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems07:43
powertool08starhash: It wasn't very long, I think its easier than a text based browser assuming the person isn't familiar with one.07:43
MoralExplis there a way to make my program move down, as you can see the top of it is at the top of the thing on top and I cant grab the top of the program to move it down... is there a way I can move it back down? Picture is related, it's the open office program. http://img443.imageshack.us/i/imagecu.png/07:44
metaexploithi,guys i find a problem in un.07:44
nic1can i unzip a smzip file on ubuntu?07:44
chelzanyone know why the stats on http://torrent.ubuntu.com:6969/ were reset?07:44
=== Guest44607 is now known as trucMuche
starhashMoralExpl: You want to move a window, but the window menu is out of the screen? Just do Alt+F7, then move.07:44
starhashWith arrow keys07:45
bigstevestarhash, this is doing my key board.. I have no idea what my key board is.  do I really have to count the keys?.07:45
MoralExplstarhash, thank you so much.07:45
lilkuz2005guys ubuntu 8.04 had better support for my onboard graphics card. for some reason its really laggy now???07:45
ubuntistasi need helpp07:45
arooniuninitialized constant User::Authentication07:45
starhashbigsteve: The default should be OK (it's US keyboard by default). Are you in a US or English country?07:45
MoralExplstarhash, alt f7 doesn't work for me?07:46
Koltoris there some way to set it so windows are only raised when i click the title bar?07:46
ubuntistaswell i wanna upload a photo in messenger or net i my photo are displayed in the opposite side any clue?07:46
bigsteveus - english, I did the default and now it wants to know if it is a 101, 102, 104, I really don't want to change this it is working fine07:46
nic1can i unzip .smzip file on ubuntu07:47
starhashMoralExpl: While OpenOffice has the focus, hold down Alt and then press Space. A menu will pop up. Select move. Also note the keyboard shortcuts there.07:47
chelznic1: yes, just fine. they're merely .zip files renamed to .smzip07:47
GorgatronW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems07:48
nic1but tar xvf doesn't work? what command do i need to use?07:48
chelznic1: unzip07:48
chelznic1: archive manager also works with them fine07:48
bigstevestarhash, can I stop this.  and go back to what it was.  all i need to do is install a video driver not change my whole system.07:48
kahencan anyone point out what the point of indicator-applet is?! oh it shows that you have new mail... as long as you have evolution open...07:48
nic1chelz: can i just give unzip file name or any options req?07:49
kahensame thing goes for mail-notification... it only notifies you... when you already have your mail program running...07:49
bigstevestarhash, i am using a wireless keyboard with several special keys that work fine.  this will turn them off.07:49
starhashbigsteve: X is responsible for keyboard, mouse input as well as graphical output. It shouldn't have written anything if you're still in the middle of things. Just close out.07:49
=== sean is now known as seanicus
chelznic1: just  unzip file.smzip  should work. you can always do  man unzip07:50
nic1unzip filename is not working07:50
seanicusI tried to do the devilspie thing, but it didn't do what I wanted it to do07:50
chelznic1: what do you get?07:50
seanicusIt didn't lock onto the screen, and it had a border07:50
seanicusit was still a window D:07:50
chelznic1: why not just use Archive Manager?07:51
starhashbigsteve: If you're current x config file works right with the wireless keyboard, you may have to bring those settings over to the new config file. Good luck.07:51
ubuntistasI want to upload a photo in messenger or net and my photos are displayed in the opposite side any clue? why?07:51
bigstevestarhash.. you got to be kidding.  Good luck??  really.  now my system is not going into the set up.  Thanks buddy.  great job.07:51
powertool08seanicus: It will work completely embedded. What are you trying to embed anyway? a terminal to work in? or a cli program?07:52
nic1chelz: what is Archive manager?07:52
chelznic1: are you using Ubuntu? or Kubuntu?07:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about qq07:52
seanicus I'm trying to embed the terminal to do IRC in07:52
chelznic1: also server or desktop?07:52
=== videl__ is now known as videl
seanicusI don't know what cli is07:52
chelzseanicus: command line interface07:52
seanicusoh right, heh07:52
starhashbigsteve: http://www.ubuntugeek.com/ubuntu-tiphow-to-removeinstall-and-reconfigure-xorg-without-reinstalling-ubuntu.html You can do this from the command line (non-graphical).07:53
=== simon_ is now known as Guest69938
chelzi think you did a fine job starhash07:53
seanicusby embedded you meant that it is above the desktop image, and below all windows, and cant be moved, right?07:53
ubuntistasI want to upload a photo in messenger or net and my photos are displayed in the opposite side any clue? why?07:54
powertool08seanicus: http://www.tectonic.co.za/?p=1719 This looks similar to how I remember it working.07:54
seanicusI followed this, btw:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202249&highlight=terminal+desktop07:54
yacc__Wondering how does LVM2 distinguish VG?07:54
powertool08seanicus: right07:54
starhashchelz: Thanks. One problem is everybody's working blind here, we can't see the computer of the person who needs help.07:54
yacc__Basically is it possible to create the same VG when installing from scratch on a different computer, so that I can later add the existing PV to the PC?07:55
starhashbigsteve: There's a non-graphical terminal available at Ctrl+Alt+F1 where you can enter these commands.07:55
zetheroo1noir: you there still?07:55
chelzstarhash: yeah.. ;/ Empathy does have that screen sharing thing i've heard though, ;)07:55
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit07:55
powertool08seanicus: That guide looks right to me. Are you embedding gnome-terminal and starting with the profile?07:56
powertool08seanicus: Or another term such as konsole?07:56
seanicuswell, I'm trying to embed it, yeah07:56
ubuntistasI want to upload a photo in messenger or net and my photos are displayed in the opposite side any clue? why?07:56
ubuntistasI want to upload a photo in messenger or net and my photos are displayed in the opposite side any clue? why?07:56
seanicuspowertool08, err...what about a konsole?  Sorry, I am very noobish07:56
chelzubuntistas: you might try posting on the forum07:57
colloguyHow can the output of 'cat <file>' differ from 'dd <block address of file>' ? I've run sync and ext3 is data=ordered.07:57
powertool08seanicus: What is still showing? Maybe a screenshot could be of use07:57
seanicuspowertool08, one coming up07:57
powertool08seanicus: konsole is another terminal program07:57
ubuntistaschelz where and how?07:57
chelzubuntistas: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/07:58
chelzubuntistas: in the meantime, you could try using a free image hosting service such as http://imgur.com07:58
ubuntistasnice forum chelz07:59
ubuntistasi prefer the second one yep07:59
seanicuspowertool08, http://imgur.com/fPbH5.jpg07:59
seanicusoh, and I can move the window around07:59
powertool08seanicus: Is devilspie running?08:00
seanicusit should be.  That's why it's transparent, isn;t it?08:00
seanicusoh wait08:00
SmokeyDhey people, how can I change the file manager which firefox opens when I click on "open containing folder" in the downloads list08:00
SmokeyDI am running fluxbox window manager08:00
seanicusso maybe the devilspie is running after the other program, powertool0808:00
powertool08seanicus: I dunno, some terminals have the option for a transparent background but still have borders08:01
SmokeyDby default firefox uses nautilus with me, but I want to use thunar08:01
starhashSmokeyD: Would you mind sharing why thunar is better than nautilus?08:01
ubuntistaschelz that's how are displyed08:01
SmokeyDstarhash: I just want a lightweight file manager. I am not sure whether I am going to use thunar or dolphin yet, but nautilus has a larger memory footprint08:02
seanicuspowertool08, well, does the code for devilspie make it invisible?08:02
powertool08seanicus: You might also need to logout/login for it to take effect if you added to your startup programs.08:02
seanicusI did log in and out08:02
powertool08seanicus: It should08:02
seanicusdo you suppose the two commands were executed out of order?08:03
Spixxomg for script kiddies08:03
powertool08seanicus: Possibly. How are you starting it? Clicking an icon or in the startup programs08:03
basslinerfuckin script kiddies08:04
brijithWhen I tried to set up turbo gears in Ubuntu 9.10 it failed. please check the link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1315117you can see a link to the documentation that I used.. 08:04
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.08:05
starhashHelp, bounceattack.txt08:05
starhashUser UtSnjW08:05
powertool08Any wireshark users around (official channel is dead) How do I make a DNS only capture filter? 'port 53' claims to be wrong syntax08:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bounceatack.txt08:05
_-XPERT-_Hi All, anyone know off the huawai problems in kermic? chip seems not to work08:05
Spixxstarhash: what is the problem?08:06
seanicuscan anyone see this message?  Thanks08:06
_-XPERT-_Used in HSDP modem and so on08:06
Silent_Echoquestion to the room, what was bounceattack.txt?08:06
kaushalI have configured my office printer in Ubuntu 9.04 using printing from System -> Administration -> printing. Which is the file i need to look at the backend in Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop to look at my config?08:06
SpixxSilent_Echo: a bot messing with clients ?08:06
powertool08seanicus: I see it now08:06
starhashSpixx: I'm getting about Pidgin 100 dialogs saying user XYZ wants to send me BOUNCEATTACK.TXT (Unknown); Cancel/Accept?08:06
sipiorSilent_Echo: some internet monkey.08:07
Silent_EchoSpixx: cause i just got spammed like 20 rough guess same as starhash08:07
sipiorstarhash: definitely cancel :-)08:07
seanicusdo you know xyz?08:07
brijithsome one flooded08:07
Spixxstarhash: Cancel, or restart pidgin, it is a script kiddie having fun08:07
Silent_Echosipior: confused but i'm guessing its no good08:07
Supersaiyan_IVit was a malformed DCC request bounce attack08:07
syriushow do you play jar games on ubuntu?08:07
sipiorSilent_Echo: yep08:07
SpixxThey did this yesterday to08:07
starhashseanicus, no not "xyz" in particular, It's actually user UtSnjW, and YymHH, and other made-up names.08:08
SpixxSupersaiyan_IV: download Java?08:08
seanicuspowertool08, anyways..*thinks*..where was I...Oh, I'll start the two programs individually, I guess08:08
powertool08seanicus: Ok08:08
GammalSokkmine \ NoPE08:08
Spixxfracking damn08:08
basslinerthose really are the times where i'm happy to use irssi.08:09
SpixxHate xchat atm :p08:09
powertool08I just get flooded by floodbots messages08:09
SpixxIs there any "simple" irssi :?08:09
Spixx!ot spixx08:09
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ot spixx08:09
JasseTbassliner: other time you're not happy to use irssi? :)08:10
FloodBot1NOTICE - If you couldn't speak to the channel during the past minutes, please try again now.08:10
SpixxDoes anyone have any other remedy than Irssi for this DCC problem?08:10
frogzoosome moron's spamming me with DCC - any way to block this in pidgin? setting privacy didn't work...08:10
basslinerJasseT: i'd probably quit IT when irssi didn't exist.08:10
powertool08Spixx: I think you can disable DCC entirely, that might ignore it?08:10
freaky[t]Spixx, yes it opens thousands of windows08:10
Spixxfrogzoo: its a feature :D08:10
kostkonFloodBot1, i'll try: lalalalalala08:10
basslinerJasseT: i couldn't live without it.08:10
basslinerJasseT: it is, apart from flstudio, reason and foobar2000, that kind of damn great software i live for.08:11
basslinerJasseT: tho those are windows applications.08:12
Spixxfreaky[t]: try and use a real IRC client like irssi, otherwise left-click and close group :D08:12
syriushow do you play jar games on ubuntu?08:12
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Spixxsyrius: do you have java installed?08:12
Silent_Echo !rss08:12
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about rss08:12
lilkuz2005hey guys...why does 9.10 use a 2D graphics driver for intel chipsets ??? i think my system ran faster/less buggy with an older install like 8.0408:12
basslinerat least those flood bots have something good: they get people to stop using a stupid IM client for irc.08:13
seanHey, umm, I think that bouceback thing is some kind of virus08:13
JasseTbassliner: yep. gotta love it08:13
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Guest76482or worm08:13
Guest76482who's in charge?08:13
gwinbeehas anyone attempted to connect a realvnc enterprise viewer to vino (as in windows computer with the viewer, ubuntu with the server)? i'm getting a "no matching security types" error viewer-side.08:13
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Spixxsean: who cares, this is a linux channel :P08:13
Flannelseanicus: It's just people spamming08:14
plustaxI just got DCCed to shit08:14
seanicusSpixx, well, I'm on linux, and something just happened =/08:14
syriusI tried to run it but it doesn't do anything Spixx08:14
plustaxUsing xchat. How to close all of these?08:14
Spixxgwinbee: try rdesktop?08:14
plustaxSorry about my language also08:14
basslinerseanicus: it is NOT ANY kind of virus.08:14
q0_0pplustax, same08:14
seanicusit opened up a million things08:14
ctmjrplustax: did you get booted?08:14
syriusI have java 6 web start installed Spixx08:14
seanicusbassliner, I know that, but I fail with terminology08:14
basslinerseanicus: yes it did. use a real irc client.08:14
q0_0pplustax, i killed xchat08:14
seanicusxchat is a real irc client...08:14
Spixxsyrius: you have to make the system understand that the app should be opened with the Java engine?08:14
basslinerseanicus: depends on your point of view. for me it is not.08:15
q0_0pseanicus, did anyone actually open the file08:15
Flannelbassliner: Please don't troll08:15
q0_0pseanicus, i never did08:15
sean_Is this better?08:15
gwinbeeSpixx: i'm not sure if i'm using rdesktop or not, honestly. i attempted to set up remote viewing via system->preferences->remote desktop. i was under the impression that that was vino.08:15
Spixxseanicus: it IS a .txt file :D?08:15
BBHosshey, can anyone recommend a REAL SAS card that is pretty cheap?  I don't need RAID support onboard, I am going to use software08:15
apersoneveryone: /ignore *!*@* DCC08:15
sean_it was a txt file, yeah, haha08:15
basslinerFlannel: i don't - i'm just trying to help ppl getting hundreds of popup windows by silly script kiddies.08:15
sean_it's fine, really08:16
chu_yay for irssi I guess08:16
BBHossi want to hook up about 12 SATA hds and plug them into a backplane that merges them into an SAS cable08:16
apersonif it's like last time, they'll do it again08:16
apersonso set your clients to ignore dcc for the time being08:16
Spixxgwinbee: when I remote I use rdesktop it handles RDP well.08:16
sean_I switched over to irssi.08:17
sean_(if it wasn't a virus, what was it?)08:17
Spixxa txt file?08:17
apersonit's a botnet attack08:17
apersondo not accept08:17
gm|lap|oopsjust got ddos'd, too08:17
Spixxaperson: can we trust you :P?08:17
apersonaccepting it alone will make you join it, apparently08:17
gm|lap|oopsaperson: it's AIM, right?08:17
chu_BOUNCEATTACK.TXT apparantly.08:17
apersonaccording to the staff in #freenode08:17
chelzchu_: was that from this channel?08:18
gwinbeeSpixx: RDP? i don't know what that is, i'm sorry.08:18
chu_I think so.08:18
Natheruldamn bounceattack08:18
chu_Only have this channel open.08:18
apersonget ready for the flood in here08:18
chelzyeah i just got it08:18
sean_someone mentioned bouceattack recently.  Whoever was talking about XYZ08:18
Spixxgwinbee: you are trying to remote against a windows host or?08:18
CokeHey. I've never tried Ubuntu, but I'm thinking about it, is it possible to have an instalaltion under 500M when done?08:18
chelzluckily xchat isn't vulnerable to that attack08:18
sean_chelz: I was just on xchat, silly08:18
sean_And I still got it08:18
apersonchelz, it can affect anyone08:18
gwinbeeSpixx: ubuntu is the server, windows is the client08:18
pinglinHello! Please advice desktop sharing/screen sharing software for ubuntu 9.04 conference meetings08:18
r_a_fCoke:yes its possible08:19
kostkonCoke, no08:19
Coker_a_f: under 1G?08:19
chelzaperson: as a dos or what? i'm pretty sure the bounce attack is supposed to crash a client08:19
powertool08Coke: Most likely, but it depends on your definition of usable.08:19
gm|lap|oopsit's been going on for quite some time today, apparently08:19
SpixxAhhh, well that makes it a bit harder. You have a VNC client installed on the windows machine? And a server on the linux server?08:19
chelzCoke: if you remove a lot, it's better to just have a few gigs free08:19
apersonchelz, accepting it makes you join the botnet08:19
hjparkthere's some file ends with dash(-) (e.g "filename-") and cannot access that file.. (No such file or directory) but rm * is working.. what's that file?08:19
gwinbeeSpixx: right08:19
Cokepowertool08: well, I have a full office workstation based on arch here with udner 500M08:19
r_a_fCoke: ahhh no 15GB is OK ;)08:19
gm|lap|oopspastebins of "bounceattack.txt" are already popping up on google08:19
apersonchelz, according to freenode staff, that is.08:19
chelzaperson: how would accepting a textfile transfer make me part of a botnet?08:19
Cokechelz: so ubuntu is all automagic, I have to install everything it wants and then remove?08:19
Spixxgwinbee: and you get an auth error?08:20
chelzthat's strange08:20
apersonchelz, it's a flaw with dcc, not your client08:20
gwinbeeSpixx: also, seriously, #ubuntu is under attack by script kiddies? feels awful 1998 in here :)08:20
FlannelGuys, just ignore it.  It's just people trying to cause trouble.08:20
gm|lap|oopsaperson, chu_: did you get it via AIM, or is this over IRC?08:20
sheytanHi there08:20
q0_0phow can txt file hurt u if it isn't running?08:20
chelzCoke: if you want a really small linux install, ubuntu might not be the right one for you. look into SLAX, Puppy Linux and Damn Small Linux08:20
r_a_fCoke: you can just try it from cd - and not install anything08:20
apersongm|lap|oops, irc08:20
sheytancan someone tell me how do i enable intel graphics drivers in 9.10?08:20
syriushow do I do that Spixx ?08:20
chelzgwinbee: you *are* on irc *cough*08:20
powertool08Coke: Then if you strip it down quite a bit, maybe. But I can't say for sure.08:20
apersongwinbee, it's the whole server, not just ubuntu08:20
chelzgm|lap|oops: just got it over irc08:20
gwinbeechelz: point taken :)08:20
Cokechelz: main purpose is not to be small, but I dont need a DE for instance08:20
CokeOk, Ubuntu is not for me.08:21
CokeThanks guys!08:21
m0j4h3dhi to all ..08:21
chelzCoke: could try the livecd. also xubuntu.08:21
pinglinPlease advice desktop sharing/screen sharing software for ubuntu 9.04 conference meetings08:21
_-XPERT-_Hi All, anyone know off the huawai problems in kermic? chip seems not to work08:21
gm|lap|oopshow do i turn it off?08:21
BBHosstry archlinux08:21
m0j4h3dcan i find some one who is pro in metasploit08:21
chelzCoke: just to get that level of diskspace usage you do need to either roll your own livecd or remove a lot after you install.08:21
_-XPERT-_I have got kernel 31-1408:21
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gwinbeeSpixx: perhaps i should try a different server ubuntu-side?08:21
Cokechelz: doesn't help. I need a dist that is about 500M-1G (the smaller the better), I have no need for crap like Gnome or KDE or all the graphical tools, the workstation will only have Firefox and openoffice on it.08:21
sean_powertool08: I tyed in the two commands "devilspie" and "gnome-terminal --window-with-profile=DesktopConsole" in order in the terminal, and nothing happened08:21
Spixxsyrius: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=541055 first reply!08:22
chelzgm|lap|oops: /ignore *!*@* DCC08:22
gm|lap|oopschelz: cheers08:22
Spixxgwinbee: tightVNC server and thightvnc client is a protip :D08:22
Cokechelz: so bascially, after install I want xorg + compiz + firefox + openoffice and that's it for UI08:22
colloguySo anyone know how 'cat <file>' can differ from 'dd <blockaddr of file>' even after a sync and with data not journaled (data=ordered)? :-/08:22
m0j4h3dit looks that no one know08:22
r_a_fCoke: DamnSmallLinux ;)08:22
=== gm|lap|oops is now known as gm|lap
Coker_a_f: does it have all those?08:22
xskoulax Anyone running a toshiba nb205 or samsung n110 without problems?08:22
chelzCoke: you're going to be hard pressed to find a distro that only offers that stuff. every distro has more. even the small ones.08:22
kostkonCoke, you could start with the the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD08:22
SpixxCoke: check out archlinux otherwise, it is quite nice to use and small :D08:22
chelzkostkon: good suggestion08:23
Coker_a_f: I mean plenty of dists keep that promise of being small, but they all suck ass with their rolling bleeding edge releases OR stone age versions08:23
gm|lapi just basically pulled the plug on my laptop08:23
gm|lapthere's no battery in here08:23
kostkonchelz, ;)08:23
CokeSpixx: I run it on 6 terminals now08:23
gwinbeeSpixx: any idea if tightvnc server will be ok with realvnc viewer?08:23
Spixxgwinbee: what type of server do you use?08:23
CokeProblem is, in the Linux world you have to go with broken or outdated.08:23
BBHossCoke,i must ask why the size limit, with today's storage prices?08:23
Spixxgwinbee: nah sorry :/08:23
CokeSpixx: every upgrade is a nail biter for sure08:23
powertool08sean_: I dunno, sorry08:23
chelzCoke: you can install debian stable and specifically install newer packages from debian testing or debian sid08:23
sean_okay, thanks08:23
CokeBBHoss: I'm making a disk image that can be easily copied to terminals08:23
chelzCoke: sounds like what you want08:24
SpixxCoke: I love arch it is simple fast and allways works :D08:24
CokeBBHoss: and why should I waste my time copying/installing stuff that will never be used?08:24
BBHosshell, get edubuntu and use LTSP08:24
Cokethat's what Windows dudes do08:24
gwinbeeSpixx: like i said, i honestly don't even know what the VNC server is. it is whatever i access by going through system - preferences - remote desktop08:24
Cokechelz: yes. I left Debian like 4 years ago when they went insane with their packaging for real08:24
gwinbeeSpixx: i thought it was vino, but i could easily be wrong.08:24
chelzCoke: if you're taking the time to do something right, then you have the time to customize an install. you basically could make any major distro do what you want.08:24
Cokechelz: they dont follow any standards, their packages looks nothing like upstream and their Python policies are just... woah. Overly complex08:24
nuxisgwinbee: VNC is the opensource protocol to remote control computers, all these apps use VNC protocol08:24
m0j4h3dits just a question .. is there is any one hacker here08:24
nuxism0j4h3d: define a hacker (=08:25
Cokechelz: I want a good start. Already tried Arch, frugal, Debian, Fedora and some else I can't remember08:25
m0j4h3dnot sites08:25
powertool08m0j4h3d: You aren't going to find metasploit help here.08:25
=== slv_j is now known as lorien
Cokechelz: I want NO automagic and NO extra stuff08:25
BBHossthis is going to be good08:25
nuxism0j4h3d: powertool08 is right ^^08:25
Spixxgwinbee: ahh, now I see, perhaps you need to try and use a standalone VNC server because I do not know what type this is :S08:25
m0j4h3ddo i can08:25
gm|lapi'm a real hacker. i make stuff. not break stuff.08:25
BBHossCoke, have you tried LTSP, will it work for your solution08:25
chelzCoke: i suggest looking at the top distros ranked by pageviews on distrowatch.com and take the time to customize them08:25
rloHi... what command do I use to delete the files in a file tree recursively, but leave the directory structure intact? "rm -R" deletes the directories as well - I want to keep the inner directories themselves. TIA08:26
gwinbeeSpixx: fair enough. in fact, i think i recall using tightvnc for this very purpose a long time ago.08:26
chelzBBHoss: he might want each terminal to run on its own, without a server always around08:26
CokeBBHoss: got any url?08:26
m0j4h3di need one who is professional in metasploit08:26
gm|lapnow, can someone sneak onto bantown to see if anyone's bragging about it?08:26
m0j4h3dand write exploits08:26
powertool08m0j4h3d: No idea, but #ubuntu is against tools such as those because most people use them maliciously08:26
nuxism0j4h3d: Then you are not looking for an hacker08:26
BBHossCoke,http://edubuntu.org/UsingEdubuntu look for ltsp08:26
gm|lapm0j4h3d: i define them as "crackers"08:26
m0j4h3dam looking for both08:26
m0j4h3di know that .. crackers ..08:26
gm|lapalthough "script kiddie" is a term i prefer to use08:26
chelzrlo: find /path/to/directory -type f -print0 | xargs -0 rm08:27
CokeBBHoss: that is utter crap and totally not what im looking for. :)08:27
Spixxgwinbee: yeah, I think that would be simpler. Got the feeling that the ubuntu way is for between ubuntu machines only08:27
m0j4h3dbut i need both .. at least one of them08:27
CokeBBHoss: I already run X remote, why would I need that?08:27
syriusSpixx looks like I didn't use the right keywords08:27
nuxism0j4h3d: If you wanna learn metasploit, I think there are various of tutorials to help you with that08:27
gwinbeeSpixx: or realvnc is just a PITA :) thanks though, i'm off.08:27
Spixxsyrius: np does it work now?08:27
m0j4h3di know every thing in metasploit08:27
alkali147installed ubuntu 8.04 on openvz08:27
BBHossbasically its ubuntu with everything running on the server08:27
chelzCoke: by definition, creating a package for a distro is 'modifying' it. so if you really want something that isn't touched, it sounds like slackware is your thing.08:27
m0j4h3dbut i have a little question08:27
BBHossm0j4h3d, GTFO08:27
alkali147now there is no resolv.conf08:27
m0j4h3dok ..08:27
Spixxgwinbee: np have fun08:27
alkali147help please :S08:27
syriusdunno Spixx will let you know when I try it out08:27
CokeBBHoss: yeah, that's the sales pitch for morons, I'm a programmer so I know how operating systems work08:28
Spixxsyrius: nice :D08:28
chelzCoke: although the less popular a distro is, that means fewer people are working on it and the longer it takes for security patches to come out08:28
Cokechelz: I know.08:28
Cokechelz: it's a bummer08:28
m0j4h3dany way thank to all of you .. thats my email .. :     hacker_mjdl_w3d@Hotmail.com    ...08:28
chelzCoke: cest la vie. do what you can.08:28
nuxisalkali147: Whats you problem?08:28
BBHossCoke, well then you also know you can google "LTSP" for for info08:28
Cokechelz: but Ubuntu is definately not what I'm looking for.08:28
rlochelz: Thank you! That works, and is totally unintuitive! ;) But worthy of study. Thanks again.08:28
powertool08m0j4h3d: spend some time on google looking for metasploit support and you'll find a channel soon enough08:28
CokeBBHoss: I'm not interrested in terminal services08:28
alkali147installed ubuntu on openvz, now there is no resol.conf file08:28
q0_0pubuntu is not up to date on kernels i believe?08:28
BBHossCoke, so you tried Arch linux?08:28
CokeBBHoss: X already comes with a nice remote usage08:28
CokeBBHoss: indeed.08:28
chelzCoke: LTS might work. it's really easy to make your own custom installs. with the whole 'in the cloud' JeOS stuff especially.08:29
Cokeand it works very smooth, the best distro I have ever used for sure08:29
m0j4h3dok powertool .. thank you . . .08:29
dAnonwhat the hell is that 94mb txt file someone wants to send me in priv?08:29
chelzdAnon: malware, ignore it08:29
BBHossCoke, well, if of course starts out pretty small, you could start from there08:29
CokeBBHoss: problem with arch is rolling releases which require FULL upgrades, not nice in a work environment08:29
m0j4h3dohh..if some one know how do i let my microphone works in back track 4 .. tell me .. and back track is on ubuntu kernal08:29
CokeBBHoss & chelz you've been great help guys08:30
SpixxCoke: it is not for production env's for that you run redhat/debian or similar08:30
Cokechelz: basically, from what I've heard so far Ubuntu is absolutely out of the question08:30
chelzCoke: i'd recommend trying a customized ubuntu LTS, then if not either centos or scientific linux, then slax, puppy, and dsl08:30
CokeSpixx: yeh, I'm thinking of switching to debian on the server08:30
chelzCoke: you can really make any distro work if you are as informed as you say you are08:30
gm|lapi actually run freebsd as a desktop08:30
Cokechelz: well, first up. Ubuntu will take time and space to setup an environment I avbsolutely hate08:31
gm|lapnetbsd is quite good if you're limited for memory or you'd normally use lots08:31
Cokechelz: I don't want Gnome or KDE or any of that crap. I don't use HAL.08:31
Cokechelz: I hate automagic, I tell the computer what to do, not vice versa08:31
q0_0pCoke, what do u use then if u dont use gnome or kde08:31
Cokeq0_0p: compiz08:31
q0_0pCoke, O_O08:31
SpixxCoke: it works really nice thats for sure08:31
gm|lapCoke: as long as you don't do any 3D stuff, and you don't need wireless, and you know what you're doing, then netbsd is a good choice08:31
q0_0pCoke, u can run compiz on gnome and kde08:32
r_a_fCoke:you can use awesome wm instead of gnome/kde/xfce08:32
chelzCoke: at least with a distro like ubuntu, everything is out in the open. you can add/remove things as you want. but yeah if you don't want to customize then another distro is the answer.08:32
Cokegm|lap: mm. i thought about that. but how much time would it take me, it's been like a decade since my last visit on BSD08:32
q0_0pCoke, i dont understand u08:32
gm|lapCoke: man afterboot08:32
Coker_a_f: I dont want awesome08:32
CokeI want compiz08:32
chelzthe activity in the BSD and linux world is night and day08:32
gm|lapright, if you're looking for 3d and you want a bsd, then freebsd is probably a better bet08:32
r_a_fCoke: you are joking now08:32
q0_0pr_a_f, i think he's joking08:33
Cokeq0_0p: but WHY should I waste time, space, CPU and possible bugs, increase the complexity and decrease maintainability for what? I dont need gnome or kde08:33
q0_0pCoke, then u dont need compiz?08:33
Coker_a_f: no. I don't want awesome, I want compiz.08:33
Cokeq0_0p: yes I do.08:33
Cokeq0_0p: compiz is what I want.08:33
dAnonCoke use terminal xD08:33
Spixxq0_0p: No you don't need compiz! compiz is evul08:33
Cokeq0_0p: compiz is what I'm using, it's the best WM for my intensions.08:33
r_a_fCoke: 500mb for system & compiz - man.......08:33
q0_0pi know compiz is evil08:33
Coker_a_f: have it right here, chatting from it right now08:34
Coker_a_f: well, actually, now it's up to like 800M08:34
jodi123I recently installed kde 4.3.2 for ubuntu, it looks great but I can't find an application that lets me browse wireless access points and connect, like in gnome08:34
Coker_a_f: but this is my work computer, it will be littered with crap in about a year08:34
q0_0pCoke is saying that he runs compiz on neither gnome or kde08:34
q0_0pwhich doesn't make sense08:34
kostkonq0_0p, indeed08:34
Cokeq0_0p: that's because youre a noob08:34
gm|lapif icewm worked with compiz, i'd use compiz more often08:34
soreauq0_0p: What's the problem? All's compiz needs to run is an X session, not a DE08:34
Cokegm|lap: icewm is a WM, so is compiz, they dont work together08:35
Cokegm|lap: you have either or08:35
Cokecan'thave two window managers at once08:35
soreauCoke is actually correct08:35
chelzjodi123: install and use network manager, like you did in gnome08:35
Cokecompiz is a WM AND a composite manager for X08:35
q0_0psoreau, so ur saying i can run compiz with conjuction with fluxbox?08:35
r_a_fCoke: so its no problem for you to configure ubuntu08:36
Cokeq0_0p: NO08:36
chelzCoke: so what's with your aversion to setting up a distro the way you want? i mean ubuntu would take a lot of configuring but you get the bonus of *fast* security updates08:36
Cokeq0_0p: why is it so hard for you guys to understand what a window manager is?08:36
soreauq0_0p: No. fluxbox is a WM. compiz is a WM. You can only run one WM per X session08:36
chu_My browser has stopped working for some reason08:36
chelzgood luck trying to get security updates through slax08:36
Cokechelz: debian does the same, but without all the required automagic08:36
syriusdoesn't work Spixx08:36
Spixxsyrius: what errors do you get?08:36
q0_0psoreau, not true08:36
q0_0pu can run multiple WM in an xsession08:36
Spixxsyrius: paste them on pastebin :D08:36
jodi123chelz: what is the name of the package?08:36
q0_0pi can run a kde and gnome at the same time08:36
syriusthere is no jar file in the jar archive08:37
q0_0pand a fluxbox08:37
Cokeq0_0p: they are DESKTOP ENVIRONMENTS08:37
llutzq0_0p: wrong08:37
Cokeq0_0p: and fluxbox is the WM08:37
q0_0pmy bad08:37
Cokellutz: no, he's absolutely right08:37
chu_Very weird, maybe have to do a full reboot08:37
apersoneveryone: /ignore *!*@* DCC08:37
chu_Be back soon08:37
soreauq0_0p: I will not argue with you. You can only run one WM in an X session. Period.08:37
q0_0paight cool08:37
switchgirl1is anyone using lucid lynx yet?08:37
llutzCoke: if talking about WMs, gnome/kde means metacity/kwin, so he's wrong08:37
Cokellutz: no08:37
Cokellutz: metacity is the window manager08:37
llutzCoke: if talking abount DE, hes right08:37
SpixxRT Aperson everyone: /ignore *!*@* DCC08:37
om26erswitchgirl1: #ubuntu+1 and yes08:37
Cokellutz: gnome is the desktop environment08:37
Cokellutz: if he wanted to talk about the window manager he'd write metacity or kwin.08:38
switchgirl1om26er: how is it08:38
llutzCoke: i doubt those guys see the difference08:38
om26erswitchgirl1: at the moment its just fullyupdated karmic08:38
soreauThe confusing thing is the distinguishing between DE and WM08:38
Cokellutz: perhaps.08:38
Cokellutz: but that is very Ubuntu08:38
llutzCoke: nope, that's  linux-users nowadays08:38
Cokellutz: I've made sure google filters out all answers in Ubuntu forums because they seem unmoderated.08:39
pacman69anyone worked out how to install 9.10 with grub1?08:39
chelzpacman69: install it normally then do a grub-install from grub108:39
Cokellutz: and the only place where you can find changes in .Xmodmap to fix ALSA problems08:39
switchgirl1pacman69: synaptic enables you to downgrade grub no?08:39
r_a_fCoke: you can configure your installation with soft you need with ubuntu, so no prob08:39
syriusSpixx http://pastebin.ca/raw/167614108:40
Cokellutz: (AND find a pleased Ubuntu user saying "thanks, changing xmodmap fixed audio in quake")08:40
pacman69thanks chelz08:40
chelzpacman69: np, gl08:40
Coker_a_f: jigdo?08:40
Spixxsyrius: have you tried with another jar file?08:40
r_a_fCoke: its for debian08:40
SpixxIt might be that it is a error In the Jar itself08:40
=== jimmy_ is now known as _zidane
Coker_a_f: but its like it?08:40
syriusyou mean the other jar files on that site?08:40
Spixxsyrius: yes, how did you install java?08:41
llutzCoke: all those cool "i-hate-win" users...08:41
r_a_fCoke: there is a program you can configure your own installation of ubu08:41
Cokellutz: who are those?08:41
SpixxIm at work, I wont go there :P08:41
Coker_a_f: yeh, I've been trying to find it in the download section08:41
syriuswhy not Spixx ?08:41
pacman69you guys must be 'all over it' cuz I saw the grub menu.lst was a quite different - it uses a config file that is more 'involved'08:41
syriusit is russian site08:41
Coker_a_f: if I can cut away HAL, the DE's, pulseaudio and all that crap in the install it will work nicely for me08:42
Spixxsyrius: exactly :p08:42
llutzCoke: read here, read forums, even in usenet, everywhere08:42
chelzSpixx: it seems to be a russian forum with a java applet for a game or something08:42
chelzSpixx: i'm guessing it directed him to sun08:42
Spixxsyrius: but it might be a problem with you missing parts of the java support, how did you install it?08:42
Spixxchelz: thx08:42
CokeAnyway, great props to the community, I'd like to see a mac or windows user pop in 10 minutes on a chat and get the same massive response.08:43
CokeShit, they couldn't even get this informed from 1 hour with the official support.08:43
syriusdon't remember Spixx08:43
chelzCoke: ubuntu is the point of the spearhead of Linux on the Desktop ;)08:43
Cokechelz: yet it sucks tremendously IMO :)08:43
Spixxsyrius: goto java.com and download the install file!08:43
Spixxsyrius: reinstall and try again08:44
Cokechelz: the defaults that is08:44
chelzSpixx: sun jre is in the repos08:44
syriuswhy not from repo Spixx ?08:44
chelzhe should uninstall w/e he installed and install from the repos08:44
syriuswhich java should I install?08:44
chelzsyrius: do you still have the file you used to install that java?08:44
Cokechelz: if I wanted a bloated, overly complex system I'd go with OSX08:44
Cokebut I'm gonna look up with that custom installer thingie08:44
chelzCoke: yeah yeah yeah, i GET that ubuntu isn't for you. but but mom n pops it is.08:44
chu_Trying to write a bash script to run a few commands (like copy my fstab, sources.list, and output sudo dpkg --get-selections etc), but it's not letting me create variables... What am I doing wrong?08:44
Spixxsyrius: then use the repos, I allways get it from source when I can but it is fully up to you :D08:44
Cokechelz: my mom used slackware08:44
chelzchu_: pastebin08:45
chelzCoke: and who set it up?08:45
SpixxCoke: haha :P I agree08:45
Cokechelz: I did. but once it was setup it worked for 5 years without one single problem08:45
syriusit is a game for sony ericsson Spixx put there is one for on pc that is the one I downloaded Spixx08:45
syriusI want to play the game with some russian buddies08:45
chelzCoke: i'd bet you'd have the same experience with an ubuntu LTS.08:46
syriusI don't have sony ericsson08:46
Cokechelz: but I'd rather spend ONE hour setting it up than TEN hours trying to figure out if there's a bug in one of the GAZILLION HAL scripts or if Xorg has added yet another "feature" to disable ctrl+alt+backspace08:46
kostkonCoke, sorry about this, but:08:46
kostkon!ot | Coke08:46
Cokechelz: no. because then they'd have to use gnome or kde which both suck ass, are so complex that you HAVE to be a programmer to understand their fundamentals08:46
ubottuCoke: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:46
apersonumm, we're going to need some ops in here quick08:46
DyresenWhy is there no django updates in ubuntu where there is a exploit floating around?08:46
apersonthere's some spam bots running around08:46
chelzah yeah08:46
apersonand they're most likely going to come in here08:46
kostkonCoke, anyway, hal is becoming obsolete.08:46
chelzsyrius: did you ever go to sun.com?08:46
Spixxsyrius: well it should be fairly simple but the errors that came out of this was to few :P it looks like it was a error stemming from you not having full java support08:47
Cokekostkon: really?08:47
syriusI think I installed java from the rescricted extras package Spixx08:47
chelzhal was replaced in 9.10 iirc08:47
chu_chelz, http://pastebin.com/m41983dc408:47
Cokekostkon: finally. :)08:47
soreauCoke: Really. You are right but you've overstepped the boundary now.08:47
kostkonCoke, yeap. now we have devicekit08:47
Spixxsyrius: then it shouldnt be any problems :P08:47
soreauCoke: Take it to #ubuntu-offtopic08:47
Spixxbut I still recommend that you try and install the package from java.com08:48
Spixxbut I'm not sure :P08:48
Cokesoreau: sounds interesting, but i dont have the time. gotta find that ubuntu customizing thing08:48
syriusis there a j2me for ubuntu? Spixx08:48
silidanhi, im on ubuntu 9.10 how can i make sure that my usb stick gets mounted with read/write support for my user (it actually gets only mounted with read only)08:49
Spixxsyrius: do you have a 64 bit system btw?08:49
chelzchu_: the spaces around the =s are the issue08:49
chelzchu_: SRCS="/etc/apt/sources.list"   instead08:49
chelzchu_: http://tldp.org/LDP/Bash-Beginners-Guide/html/sect_03_02.html08:49
Spixxsilidan: are you in the right groups like optical and so on?08:49
jongbergshi, don't have a X window, need to burn iso image from the command line, how to do it in karmic?08:50
Spixxsyrius: http://java.com/en/download/installed.jsp08:50
chu_Hah, thanks chelz08:50
chelzsilidan: do you know what filesystem it is formatted to?08:50
syriusno Spixx I have 3208:50
llutzjongbergs: wodim -dao file.iso08:50
Spixxah, does the java check give you "aok" :P?08:50
silidancheiz: yes i formated it with gparted to ext308:50
jongbergsllutz: do i need to specify the path to cd writer device?08:50
powertool08jongbergs: You can use growisofs also08:50
llutzjongbergs: should work without08:51
asekohi guys.08:51
chelzchu_: np, gl also these might help: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashFAQ and http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide08:51
silidanSpixx: cant find a group called optical08:51
llutzjongbergs: growisofs for dvd08:51
kostkon!hi | aseko08:51
ubottuaseko: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!08:51
asekohow can i add an desktop icon on utu netbook rmx?08:51
chelzchu_: then the definitive http://www.gnu.org/software/bash/manual/bashref.html08:51
Spixxsilidan: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2643308:52
jongbergsllutz: how would you set the writing speed and does it support burn proof?08:52
syriusit says I don't have latest version Spixx08:52
llutzjongbergs: man wodim08:52
Spixxsyrius: then download the installer from the site and try again :D08:52
jongbergsllutz: thanks, i'll consult the man page..08:53
Cokechelz & co: thanks! appreciate the time08:53
silidangreat and i fi plug in a new usb stick i got the same problem again.... isnt there a solution that mounts all usb drives with read/write support for my user?08:53
chelzsilidan: you probably don't have the required permissions to interact with it. whenever you have this "cannot write" issue run "chmod `whoami`:`whoami` -R /media/thevolume"08:54
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »08:54
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mocoloco« /msg ubottu !bot »08:54
chelzsilidan: unfortunately there's no way to ignore file permissions on a file system for mounted filesystems. i recently encountered this problem myself with one ext3 and one hfsplus formatted volumes08:54
Spixxmocoloco: fail? need help?08:54
mocolocolol, oops08:55
chelzsilidan: in the future formatting to a filesystem that doesn't have permissions might make more sense for your usage cage. either FAT32 or NTFS fits that.08:55
bazhangDoctorDiaharea, hi08:55
DoctorDiahareaDoctorDiaharea, hi08:55
silidanchelz, o thats great...08:56
DoctorDiahareachelz, o thats great...08:56
chelz!hi | mocoloco08:56
DoctorDiaharea!hi | mocoloco08:56
ubottumocoloco: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!08:56
FloodBot3DoctorDiaharea: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.08:56
DoctorDiahareamocoloco: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!08:56
chelzsilidan: yeah, it's a strange situation ;/08:56
silidancheiz: why doesnt ubuntu fix the basc functionality, but instead concetrates on just looking nice...08:57
chelzsilidan: that's actually a pretty core issue that all linux distros share. it goes beyond what ubuntu's focus is atm. fat32 and ntfs work for pretty much all use cases for removable media so there's not really an incentive.08:57
silidanok fill reformat to fat32 then08:58
frittmannHi all08:58
llutzchelz: ntfs works only with ntfs-3g for users08:58
silidancheiz: thanks08:58
syriusSpixx where should I cd to? To install java...08:58
syriuswhat directory would that be on ubuntu08:58
=== crunchbang is now known as Guest80125
Spixxhmm most often Desktop08:58
Spixxbut it depends on where you dled java to :S08:59
chelzllutz: yes but Linux / OS X / Windows all at least support reading it, which can't be said for any other FS than fat32, and someone would probably be using ntfs over fat32 if fat32 didn't work for some reason.08:59
frittmannis there anyone here running Karmic on VirtualBox?08:59
Mintalmw mw08:59
Mintalme me08:59
freaky[t]the 2 gnome panels dont look good in ubuntu :( i dont like it :( i also dont want docks - is there any panel alternative or a way i can make the panels look cool or smth.?08:59
llutzchelz: fat32 isn't bad for removeable media, if you can live with its limitations08:59
chelzfreaky[t]: you could look into Gnome Do. or different ways to theme gnome. fedora comes out with a lot of neat themes.09:00
chelzllutz: agreed09:00
Guest80125hey, i just disabled autologin on my crunchbang linux pc, and now i everytime i restart i just see "Authorization failed", anyone know whats wrong?09:00
frittmannMintal, you have Karmic installed as a VM?09:00
freaky[t]chelz, gnome do also has docky which is also a dock panel09:00
Mintalspmething with the authorization ?09:00
anom01yanyone know how to change the log in manager theme for ubuntu 9.10 ?09:00
freaky[t]in xubuntu the panels look better09:00
bazhangGuest80125, #crunchbang for support09:00
stevoi have ubuntu 8.04 and a fairly old ati vision teck with video out, the video out works up to the login screen, how do i get it to work after loging in?09:00
Guest80125okay thanks09:00
chelzanom01y: the login manager is called "GDM" and you can find themes for it at gnome-looks. google will get you there.09:01
anom01yI have to many window managers installed and the default is gone, Im stuck with a basic xfce looking theme09:01
anom01ythanks chelz09:01
freaky[t]ill go take a shower now bbl09:01
* om26er says new gdm don't support theming09:01
frittmannMintal, do you happen to know how to get it to allow 1024x768 resolution?09:01
chelzoh, that's news to me09:01
cwilluwell, it supports theming, there's just no fancy ui and large list of themes09:01
chelzanom01y: might have to track down some tutorials on theming the latest version apparently09:01
llutzanom01y: 9.10 uses gdm2, no themes, no config, ...09:02
mocolocofreaky[t]: you could make the panels transparent09:02
chelzstevo: you could try loading a livecd of a more recent ubuntu version to see if the problem has been fixed. you can upgrade then if a later version works.09:02
mircoOdo, sono qui09:03
chelzheh the user amount is "1337"09:03
chelzaww just missed it09:03
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)09:03
anom01yllutz, chelz , weird cause just after I upgraded It had a theme that looked really cool09:03
mircol'adattatore wifi va tranquillo su una qualsiasi delle prese usb09:03
bazhangmirco, /join #ubuntu-it09:03
napsterHey. How to stop karmic from asking passwords when mounting ntfs partitions...?09:03
anom01ybut after my second reboot it dissapeared (something I did maybe ?)09:03
Odo!it | mirco09:03
banisterfiendhey guys my screen is stuck in what looks like 320x200 mode, it happened when i tried to play a game in fullscreen that since crashed09:03
ubottumirco: please see above09:03
aseko00how can i add a desktop icon in ubu netbook rmx 9.10?09:03
stevothanks chelz09:03
banisterfiendhow do i fix it? (without restarting or logging out:D)09:03
chelzstevo: i hope that works09:03
bigmack83__using gedit, im writing java code. with the plugins enabled there is a panel for shell output. is there a way to get the java code im wrinting to output into that shell output area?09:04
mocolocoanom01y: the login manager for 9.10 is a newer version of GMD, and there's not yet an easy way to change it's look :(  hopefully that will change for the next release09:04
frittmannanybody else know how to get Karmic to accept 1024x768 resolution? I tried "gksudo displayconfig-gtk" but it doesn't seem to work in Karmic.09:04
chu_Why do I need su to cp my sources.list?09:04
cwillufrittmann, what video chipset?09:04
banisterfiendhow the f*ck do i fix my messed up resolution?09:04
frittmanncwillu: I'm using VirtualBox, so it is not a physical video card.09:05
llutzchu_: because apt-configs are owned by root09:05
chelzbanisterfiend: does rebooting not fix the issue?09:05
chelzbanisterfiend: oh..09:05
chelzbanisterfiend: if you can get to the resolution options in System then you could try doing it from there09:06
syriusSpixx doesn't work09:06
banisterfiendchelz: you are now my girlfriend. It worked. :D09:07
syriuswhat should I do?09:07
mocolocobanisterfiend: gnome-display-properties09:07
cwillufrittmann, install the guest utilities09:07
chelzanom01y: http://www.ubuntumini.com/2009/09/hack-karmics-gdm-login-screen.html - this should allow you to theme things09:07
frittmanncwillu, thanks, should have thought of that!09:07
mocolocofrom terminal or ALT+F209:07
chu_Well, I just did it with sudo, so it asks for a password, but it's only copying, and I just copied a file from /etc/ (fstab) without su...09:07
napsterHey. How to stop karmic from asking passwords when mounting ntfs partitions...?09:07
chelzbanisterfiend: gj. keep using ubuntu and tell your friends/family. :)09:07
chu_Now to write a restore-script though09:07
banisterfiendchelz: ill tell them about my new gf too.09:07
banisterfiendchelz: ;)09:07
chelzch_: you need the proper permissions to write to system areas, but not to read from them, because there's less of a chance of breaking a system by just copying something out, rather than in09:08
chelzchu_: you need the proper permissions to write to system areas, but not to read from them, because there's less of a chance of breaking a system by just copying something out, rather than in09:08
aseko00frittmann: german?09:09
aseko00frittman: u have to use vboxmanage with additional params,,very easy to use09:09
zetherooI guess today it's my turn to have issues with Ubuntu :)09:10
aseko00 how can i add a desktop icon in ubu netbook rmx 9.10?09:10
chelzbigmack83__: eventually getting into using Eclipse might be good, if you plan to be writing java code for a while09:10
zetherooI had two SATA hdd's in my desktop and needed to remove one ... now grub loads and sees all entries but Ubuntu will not boot09:11
zetherooI get to Initramfs09:11
chelzbigmack83__: you could navigate to the place you are saving your java code and interact with it like you would interact with any file through a terminal also09:11
chu_That's what I thought chelz, it's just a backup script which copies fstab and sources.list to my /home/Backup folder (different partition), but it needs su privs to cp /etc/apt/sources.list ~/Backup/sources.list09:11
bigmack83__chelz, yea i have eclipse setup for java already. but the book im reading for school recommends doing it by normal text editor first to learn to not make mistakes that a IDE autofixes for you09:11
zetherooabove it says "Gave up waiting for root device"09:12
frittmannasekoo: germanic-hungarian, but I was raised in New Zealand.09:12
ubottuTo reset the gnome panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »09:12
U-b-u-n-t-uis there a way to turn off dcc in xchat09:12
bigmack83__chelz, yea true09:12
zetherooand a little below it says "ALERT! /dev/sdb4 does nto exist."09:12
WelshDragonchu_, what's the output of ls -l /etc/apt/sources.list09:12
zetherooanyone know how I can repair this?09:12
tsimpsonU-b-u-n-t-u: /ignore *!*@* DCC09:12
cwilluzetheroo, was it a raid?09:12
llutzzetheroo: you removed sdb but want to use a OS on it?09:13
chu_WelshDragon: -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 2592 2009-11-14 16:54 /etc/apt/sources.list09:13
zetheroocwillu: nope09:13
cwilluzetheroo, you removed the disk that has the os installed on it then09:13
zetheroollutz: I did not remove the drive that Ubuntu is installed09:13
silidani formated an usb stick to fat32, then i mounted it copied my stuff on it. i unplugged it, i plugged it in again, files show up, but i dont have write acces!!! WTF IS WRONG???09:13
zetheroocwillu: No I didn't09:13
chromicanyone know why usplash might disappear and comes back twice during boot?09:13
cwilluzetheroo, yes, you did :p09:13
chromicon karmic09:13
llutzzetheroo: then sdb bacame sda now, change grub/fstab to use UUIDs09:13
zetheroocwillu: I removed the secondary drive09:13
WelshDragonchu_, Hrm, permissions on the file are fine. If ~/Backup/sources.list is owned by root, then you'll need root permissions to overwrite it, when you backup. Perhaps that's the problem?09:14
zetheroollutz: how?09:14
cwilluzetheroo, the error says it can't access the drive the os is isntalled on09:14
U-b-u-n-t-uanyone else get this in here dRUl863A4kShXq56 has offered BOUNCEATTACK.TXT (100000000 bytes)09:14
U-b-u-n-t-uor just me?09:14
zetheroollutz: what is UUID's?09:14
chu_Ahh, that's definitely more likely.09:14
chelzbigmack83__: personally i'd recommend using the normal system terminal rather than one that's inside gedit, just in terms of getting used to ubuntu tools09:14
zetheroocwillu: yes ... does not mean I removed it :)09:14
cwilluzetheroo, or your fstab is screwed up and referring to physical device names instead of uuids09:14
chu_Nah, I was getting it earlier U-b-u-n-t-u09:14
chelzchu_: that's all part of the permissions on a file that you can see by doing "ls -l" on any file09:14
llutzzetheroo: use a live-cd, "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid" shows you your UUIDs09:15
zetheroocwillu: sounds more like it09:15
U-b-u-n-t-uchu and ignoring dcc's will solve it?09:15
zetheroollutz: ok booting from live CD09:15
chelznapster: i'm trying to find an answer, since i would like to know how to do that too, seems difficult09:15
q0_0por u can use blkid09:15
silidanhey this drives me really crazy, ubuntu 9.10 usb stick no write support (fat32) after unplug and plug in again, how come? any help?09:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntuone09:15
chromicusplash shows, flips to console messages, flips back to usplash, again to console, back to usplash, now x login. What might make this happen?09:15
chelzU-b-u-n-t-u: we all got it. that's how to fix it.09:15
cwilluzetheroo, sorry, I generally assume that people didn't shoot themselves in the foot, which is a habit I should break :p09:15
q0_0pzetheroo, blkid09:15
napsterchelz: :) lol09:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-one09:15
zetherooq0_0p: ?09:15
powertool08Anyone know how to make a wireshark capture filter to catch DNS packets only?09:16
zetheroocwillu: no worries :)09:16
ununthow to format 4gb usb flash drive in ubuntu?09:16
llutzpowertool08: filter port 5309:16
chelzsilidan: now that is really strange. is it being automounted?09:16
chu_w00t, WelshDragon, that was it exactly, cheers man :)09:16
chelzununt: you need Partition Editor installed, it can do it09:16
silidanchelz: yep09:16
WelshDragonchu_, You're welcome :)09:16
chelzllutz: the "blkid" tool also shows UUIDs09:17
freaky[t]is there anything better than tomboy notes for ubuntu?09:17
powertool08llutz: is that the exact syntax? I tried 'port 53' for the filter string and it said wrong syntax.09:17
llutzchelz: i know09:17
chelzfreaky[t]: i personally use Zim Desktop Wiki, but that's me09:17
llutzpowertool08: no, use wireshark docu09:17
ununtchelz how to check the assigned device of my usb flash drive, what command should i enter?09:17
chelzllutz: i prefer blkid since it says the drive/partition it's associated to09:17
freaky[t]chelz, hm ok thank you09:17
chelzununt: "mount" (without quotes)09:17
powertool08llutz: I did... and it gave me a syntax error. Are DNS packets udp only? or tcp & upd?09:18
chelzfreaky[t]: there are many note organizing programs out there though09:18
mocolocofreaky[t]: nope :P, really though what features do you want?  look at "getting things gnome"09:18
chelzsilidan: would you mind pastebining the output of "mount" without quotes?09:18
brunoscunhagood morning09:18
llutzpowertool08: "port 53" should work09:18
zetheroollutz: ok I ran that command and got the list09:18
powertool08llutz: Its not working for me :(09:19
brunoscunhaSince I installed karmic, it does not recognize my laptops cd/dvd drive09:19
brunoscunhawhat can I do?09:19
skarhow do i increase laptop's lcd screen brightness from the cmd line?09:19
freaky[t]mocoloco, ok thank you im installing it right now09:19
powertool08llutz: I created a new filter, the filter name is DNS only and the filter string is port 53.09:19
ununtchelz but my usb drive did not show up using mount command09:19
zetheroollutz: ah and its sda4 now ... not sdb4 .... should I change that? ... Can I chnage that?09:19
llutzchelz: "ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid" does it too. blkid needs "blkid -g" from time to time, so i decided to use ls09:19
chelzllutz: ah09:20
AdvoWorkive just put a USB card reader into my pc, with a SD card, how do I know what that is, either dev/sda or dev/sdd? cheers09:20
vagothcppWere can I get XVid codec for linuc? Does anybody know09:20
silidanchelz: http://pastebin.com/d7c54c4b309:20
powertool08llutz: When I try to start the capture, wireshark says the string looks like a valid display filter, but isn't a valid capture filter.09:20
llutzchelz: many ways for one task, you have the choice :)09:20
Spixxquick question: LDAP == Active Directory done right?09:20
nic1how can i install alsa driver on ubuntu?09:20
vagothcppSpixx, LDAP is not Active Directly iirc09:21
cwilluSpixx, active directory is a ldap inspired thing09:21
silidannic1: normaly thats done by installing alsa i think09:21
chelzAdvoWork: "mount" (without quotes) in a terminal09:21
cwilluSpixx, it's almost ldap, basically :p09:21
ununtchelz but my usb drive did not show up using mount command09:21
freaky[t]mocoloco, is there any applet for gtg? for the panels oO09:21
Spixxahh kthx, can one sync an LDAP against an AD?09:21
chelzununt: have you tried unplugging and plugging it back in?09:21
nic1silidan: how can i check if i have alsa driver or not? audio does not work on my machine09:22
mocolocovagothcpp: apt-get install libxvidcore409:22
AdvoWorkchelz, ok, what would that do?09:22
llutzzetheroo: you need to fix your  /etc/fstab-entry. use a live cd09:22
chelzAdvoWork: it would list all mounted stuff09:22
zetheroollutz: I am in my live cd session09:22
kostkonnic1, what "aplay -l" gives you?09:22
AdvoWorkchelz, that did it, thankyou09:22
chelzAdvoWork: cheers :)09:22
zetheroollutz: I did the command you told me to do and get the reply09:22
vagothcppmocoloco, Thanks bro09:22
silidannic1: audio not working can simply mean volume turned off in the mixer, you can see if alsa is installed by simply looking into synaptic09:23
brunoscunhawhat can I do to make karmic recognize a cd/dvd drive on a HP/Compaq 6910p?09:23
mocolocofreaky[t]: no panel applet yet, it's in the works09:23
zetheroollutz: by the way, grub is trying to boot to sdb4 and its now sda4 ... do you know how I can change that?09:23
llutzzetheroo: mount your ubuntu-partition to /mnt, "sudo nano /mtn/etc/fstab" and change the /-entry to the UUID of /dev/sda409:23
freaky[t]mocoloco, ah ok thanks ;D09:23
silidannic1: also often there is a switch in the mixer to use either4 digital output or analog, so you may try it there..09:23
zetheroollutz: I already have it mounted09:23
llutzzetheroo: mount your ubuntu-partition to /mnt, "sudo nano /mtn/boot/grub/menu.lst" and change the root-entry to the UUID of /dev/sda409:24
ununtchelz yes but the output are the same with or without the usb flash drive09:24
chelzsilidan: when you view your usb disk in nautilus, and say right click and try to create a new folder, what happens?09:24
llutzzetheroo: if not using grub209:24
zetheroollutz: well this is Karmic .. so its grub209:24
chelzununt: have you tried multiple usb ports?09:24
llutzzetheroo: if you use grub2: no clue how to change anything there09:24
freaky[t]mocoloco, how do i display tasks i have marked as done?09:24
silidanchelz: i cant its greyed out09:24
zetheroollutz: ok thanks09:24
zetherooanyone know how to edit grub2?09:24
chelzsilidan: is there any kind of write protect toggle on the drive itself?09:25
llutzzetheroo: update-grub maybe to scan for changes (just a guess)09:25
nic1kostkon: aplay -l says card 0: Interl [HDA Intel], device 0:ALC268 Analog, subdevices.....09:25
ununtchelz yes same output result09:25
silidanchelz:where shall i look ? rights for /dev/sdb?09:25
chelzsilidan: i mean on the physical usb stick09:25
nic1silidan: where do i see that analog/digital output?09:25
chelzununt: nothing appears on your desktop? no new icons?09:26
kostkonnic1, ok. eh, what ubutnu ver do you have?09:26
ununtchelz maybe i need to use gparted instead?09:26
nic1kostkon: 9.0409:26
ununtchelz exactly09:26
chelzununt: sure, having gparted open could help09:26
ununtok bbl09:26
chelzununt: verifying that the drive works with another machine would also help09:26
kostkonnic1, ok. eh, you should check your volume levels then.09:26
laurynas_hi, how can I ' and " in bash alias?09:26
silidannic1: in youre audio settings i think... but i realize now... i cant find the mixer app in ubbuntu 9.10 anymore...09:26
mocolocofreaky[t]: view > closed tasks pane.  you have to expand it from the bottom09:26
kostkonnic1, right click on the speaker in your tray09:27
freaky[t]mocoloco, ah ok lol thanks09:27
nic1kostkon: i am in text mode for debugging purpose for a problem..can you tell me the command instead of icons?09:27
silidanchez: no no such thing on the usb stick itself09:27
kostkonnic1, right away ;) give: alsamixer09:28
frittmanncwillu: I stuffed up the Linux Guest Additions install for VirtualBox. I installed it before installing dkms, now it is not working at all. Any way to undo this?09:28
chelznapster: still there?09:28
nic1kostkon: all are high in alsamixer09:28
kostkonnic1, sure?09:28
nic1kostkon: yes sure.09:28
chelzsilidan: is there any read/write protect toggle or switch on the physical usb device itself?09:29
cwillufrittmann, boot from a livecd image and fix the root image from there, or any of the usual ways of fixing a broken install09:29
silidanchelz no there isnt09:29
frittmanncwillu: thanks! :)09:29
kostkonnic1, try pressing F409:29
cwillufrittmann, I'd expect the recovery boot to still work though09:29
llutzsilidan: are you member of group "plugdev"?09:30
nic1kostkon: in F4 press, front mic and one capture are high, other capture is low09:30
kostkonnic1, also try pressing your right arrow key09:30
Spixxsilidan: sudo usermod -a -G plugdev `whoami`09:31
nic1i increased that to high09:31
silidanllutz: yes i am member of plugdev09:31
kostkonnic1, to scroll through the volume levels09:31
kostkonnic1, you may see more levels appearing09:31
Spixxsilidan: nvm my comment then09:31
chelzsilidan: this is a longshot, but it might work. in GParted go to the drive, then go to Devuce at the top and click on "Create Partition Table"09:31
alazyworkaholicI'm installing xubuntu. Where in the filesystem does firefox do most of it's internal work when running? ( /usr ; /home ?) It's horribly slow when I installed to a lousy mlc ssd so I want the files it works with on a faster sd card.09:31
nic1kostkon: input so is there, but not able to increase level in that09:31
kostkonnic1, ok. make sure that nothing is muted09:32
U-b-u-n-t-ufor anyone that doesnt already know if you got hit by the dcc sends /umode +C and /umode +E will help along with /ignore *!*@* DCC ctcp09:32
kostkonnic1, i mean the "mute" option is not checked09:32
apersonwow, beware, we may have some flooding in here09:32
aperson##linux just got it bad09:32
chelzalazyworkaholic: ~/.mozilla but i suggest installing something like "preload" before relying on an SD for speed incrases09:32
kostkonnic1, oh, my bad!09:32
nic1kostkon: what happened?09:32
kostkonnic1, sorry. i always forget about ut09:32
chelzaperson: the bots in here are pretty capapble09:32
nic1kostkon: ut??09:33
apersonchelz, I know, just warning09:33
kostkonnic1, i suppose you are now seeing the software volumes provided by palse09:33
apersonchelz, are you in ##linux ?  holy crap09:33
nic1kostkon: palse?09:33
kostkonnic1, sorry. exits alsamixer and now run it like this:  alsamixer -Dhw09:33
kostkonnic1, pulse → pulseaudio09:33
nic1hey alsamixer and pulse are diff right?09:34
apersonthey just had 65 bots in there09:34
apersonbut yeah... I'm not helping, so I'll be quite now :)09:34
kostkonnic1, yeah. don't worry abou the deatils now. run it like this to access yourt hardware voluems:  alsamixer -Dhw09:35
nic1alsamixer -Dhw just gives me the page like alsamixer gave09:35
brunoscunhaafter a fresh install of karmic from a usb pen, karmic does not recognize my dc/dvd drive. Is there a way to force karmic to recognize the dc/dvd drive?09:35
kostkonnic1, ah ok then09:36
=== Sam__ is now known as whater
kostkonnic1, alright. you are in debug mode or something?09:36
kostkonnic1, then pulse is not running. ok09:36
alazyworkaholicchelz: /home eh? That's a problem. the sd card is only 2GB. The (horribly pathetically slow) ssd is 16 GB. It's not possible to boot off the sd directly. I want /boot on the ssd, /home on the ssd, the rest on the sd, & the tricky part is I also want ~/.mozilla on the sd drive, but that's not an option during install. Any idea how I might accomplish that?09:37
cirkitanybody else experiencing DCC flood attacks in this channel?  [x]DCC SEND from wCJLYHq7I [ port 80]: BOUNCEATTACK.TXT [95MB bytes] requested in channel #ubuntu09:37
apersoneveryone: /ignore *!*@* DCC09:37
apersoncirkit, yes09:37
SpixxNot anymore though :P09:37
brijithWhen I press ctrl + C  in terminal a character ^C is printing ..... In Ubuntu 9.04 this combination is used to cancel the prompt and get new prompt  ..... Why it is like this ..... I like the old case ... how can I set that . .. ??09:37
nic1kostkon: alsa also is not working right? not playing audio stil09:37
kostkonnic1, how do you test?09:38
nic1i have a video, gives sound in other machines, but not in req machine09:38
chelzalazyworkaholic: install like normal, then, with firefox closed, do "mv ~/.mozilla /media/sdcardname/ && ln -s /media/sdcardname/.mozilla ~/.mozilla" (without the quotes)09:38
cichlasomais there a shortcut to shut down X?09:38
frittmanncwillu: thanks for the advice, it didn't find any errors on the disk, and is still not working. I think I'll just reinstall the OS.09:38
chelzalazyworkaholic: that moves it to the card and makes a link to it on the card09:39
kostkonnic1, hmm09:39
alazyworkaholicchelz: Cool, thank you!09:39
nic1and when i try a playing a .wav file online, when i try playing that it give mpeg1 decoder not found error09:39
cwillufrittmann, there's no automatic fixer, you were supposed to boot from the live image and chroot into the root and fix things :p09:39
chelzalazyworkaholic: gl :)09:39
kostkonnic1, that seems to be a codec problem09:39
chelzbrijith: i'm pretty sure nothing has changed. are you sure you are using it for the same things?09:39
frittmann cwillu: I'm only a beginner with this, so not sure how to do all that. Might be easier for me to just reinstall.09:40
QH9r4mcichlasoma, ctrl+alt+backspace09:40
brijithchelz: I m sure09:40
silidanchez: still same problem09:40
nic1can i delete and install it?09:40
Guest14I just updated my linux kernel on a virtual machine running Ubuntu. When I rebooted, I needed to reconfigure vmware tools to get my network card back. The trouble is, that requires the linux headers, which I don't have, and I can't download them without a NIC. :D09:41
Guest14Catch 22... any ideas?09:41
chelzbrijith: you are correct, just a moment09:41
frittmanncwillu: I'm only doing this to learn with, it is not a production system, so it is not a major issue.09:41
kostkonnic1, you oucld install the ubuntu-restricted-extras package09:41
nic1kostkon: how can i istall that? i mean exact command?09:41
=== jc is now known as Guest35776
kostkonnic1, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras09:41
silidanchez: i did what you said, i created dos partition table made new fat32 partition, plugged out plugged in, ok, copied file on it, pluged out plugged in, read/write acces with thunderbird, plugged out, plugged in again no write acces...09:42
cwillufrittmann, so you want to learn how to chroot and fix things on a production system that actually matters? :p09:42
cwillufrittmann, forgive me if I don't hire you :p09:42
NidayloknHi everybody, sorry for my english09:42
brijithchelz:are you getting the same thing out there ...09:42
nic1kostkon: installing09:43
kostkonnic1, ok09:43
cwillufrittmann, it's not hard, and it'll give you insight into how the system is actually put together;  enough that you'll gain a comfort in putting systems back together from broken pieces lying on the floor09:43
nic1kostkon: with that can we expect sound to work?09:43
kostkon!hi | Nidaylokn,09:43
ubottuNidaylokn,: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines. Enjoy your stay!09:43
NidayloknCan u help me? I'm having troubles with ubuntu 9.1009:43
chelzbrijith: no but it seems others are. have you installed all updates?09:43
frittmanncwillu: good point! okay, I'm eager to learn.09:43
kostkonnic1, at least will fix your codecs problem09:43
chelzsilidan: that is *really* strange09:44
silidannic1: all you can expect are possible solutions... no guaranteed solution, if that is what you search i think arch linux is more in that direction...09:44
zetherooyou would seriously have to wonder why grub2 is being used ???09:44
cwillufrittmann, from a livecd, this should mostly work:  mount /dev/whatever /mnt; mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev; mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc; mount --bind /sys /mnt/sys; chroot /mnt09:44
NidayloknCan u help me? I'm having troubles with ubuntu 9.1009:44
brijithchelz:yes is up to date09:44
chelzsilidan: so now unplugging and plugging it in at all has no write access?09:44
cwillufrittmann, from that point, you should be able to do pretty much anything you could do from a recovery prompt, including bringing up the system normally (with the exception of the kernel, obviously)09:45
silidanchelz: yep09:45
chelzbrijith: please make a pastebin of the output of the command "stty -a" (without the quotes)09:45
silidanchelz: crazy, i plugged out and in again, now i have write acces09:45
kostkon!ask | Nidaylokn09:45
ubottuNidaylokn: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)09:45
cwilluzetheroo, because grub 1 is abandoned by upstream, for some time now09:45
silidanchelz but thunderbird cant use it anymore...09:46
zetherooI can change sdb to sda in the grub menu and the system boot fine ... but of course the change is not saved ... hurrah for inovation09:46
chelzsilidan: how are you using it with thunderbird?09:46
frittmanncwillu: when you say a Live CD, I assume that means the option "Try Ubuntu without any change to your computer". Is that right?09:46
chelzsilidan: that may be a "fix", just plugging it in and out until you get write access. you might make a forum thread on it. if it really is a bug it should be found and reported.09:46
cwillufrittmann, yes09:46
tkmsrI want to configure wifi in my ubuntu09:47
tkmsrwhich has been detected automatically09:47
chelzzetheroo: within grub is not the time to make changes, editing the configuration the files is how09:47
tkmsrby it09:47
tkmsrUbuntu 9.0409:47
macromikewhen i click restart or type sudo reboot my ubuntu 9.10 pc shuts down instead.  can you please help me ?09:47
chelzzetheroo: editing those within grub is only for booting a borked machine09:47
tkmsrI want to do it manually by09:47
frittmanncwillu: booting it up now.09:47
tkmsrremoving network-manager-gnome09:47
zetheroochelz: well before it was menu.lst and now its what?09:47
chelzmacromike: what is the model number for your computer?09:47
tkmsrDell Inspiron 144009:48
llutzzetheroo: "update-grub"?09:48
cwilluzetheroo, a maze of twisting conf files, all alike09:48
chelzzetheroo: i am not sure. i still have to learn about grub 2. i recommend consulting the grub 2 documentation09:48
silidanchelz: i coppied my backup of my thunderbird portable on the stick and set my profiles to it, first launch thunderbird reads all fine and checks for e-mails no problem, i turn off thunderbird, plug out, plug in no write support, and thunderrbird complains about security issues..09:48
macromikei have an IBM Thinkpad T60 model 1951-BT209:48
zetheroochelz: i read through the docs but there is no definitive answer09:48
brijithchelz: http://pastebin.com/m7ca7bcf109:48
cwilluzetheroo, what are you trying to do?09:48