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switchgirl1hi thers a buwith the server in lucid lynx and launchpad09:22
switchgirl1ubuntuone wont let me get to the web page where my files are09:22
teknicoswitchgirl1, hi, what do you mean with "the server in lucid lynx and launchpad"?09:23
switchgirl1gives the error "parameter not found: oauth_customer_key"09:24
switchgirl1then when i try to file the bug on launchpad it wont allow me to - it times out all the time09:24
switchgirl1i'm using 10.04 -lucid lynx - to help find bugs thus making it a better release09:25
teknicoswitchgirl1, thanks, you're ahead of the curve :-)09:26
teknicoswitchgirl1, I'm not sure if we already started testing the service on lucid09:26
teknicoswitchgirl1, many people are at UDS this week09:27
switchgirl1well it's included in the packages / sources09:27
teknicoswitchgirl1, launchpad is working for me, but I'm on karmic09:27
switchgirl1same here karmics fine09:27
teknicoswitchgirl1, will you be around in about five hours? I may be able to get some answer by then09:28
switchgirl1actually its merly adding the actual machine09:28
switchgirl1cant add this machine09:29
maxstirnerhello teknico et al, my issue with ubuntuone: no updating or only after unacceptable delays. this is on noatime ssd-driven pc, would that be the reason?10:03
teknicomaxstirner, hi, no, I don't think so, I set noatime on my notebook partitions too, with no problems10:05
maxstirnerit's rather odd then, I even got some half-updated directories w a couple of files lacking (always small text files)10:05
teknicomaxstirner, in what direction do you have updating delays? web to local, or local to web?10:05
teknicoor both?10:06
maxstirnerweb to local only10:06
teknicomaxstirner, there are probably some problems with notification from web to desktop10:06
maxstirnerok.. any specific diagnostics i can do? change to ppa?10:07
teknicomaxstirner, for now you could manually speed up the update by disconnecting and reconnecting the client10:07
teknicomaxstirner, the half-updating dirs are more worrying10:08
teknicomaxstirner, do you have bandwidth limits set?10:08
maxstirnerthe files are really very small10:08
maxstirnere.g. 31.4 kb file was missing10:09
teknicoI'm asking because there's a bug related to bw limits, independent of file size10:09
teknicobut not your problem, apparently10:09
teknicomaxstirner, can you check whether the reconnecting trick works?10:10
maxstirnerwill have a look at the bugtracker on launchpad myself, havent gotten beyond the faq yet ;)10:10
maxstirneri'm on it, i've reconnected and it now appears to be thinking long and hard about it10:10
maxstirnerI think I've got that as well10:11
maxstirnerProcess still running but applet disappear from notification area.10:11
maxstirnerIf I kill the process (pkill -9 ubuntuone) and then I reopen it the applet reapper, but after first connection (also from desktop client or through web interface) the applet disappear again...10:11
teknicomaxstirner, check the Preferences|Show Icon setting10:11
maxstirneryes thanks, I set it to "permanent" everytime it launches10:12
teknicomaxstirner, do you mean "Always"?10:13
maxstirneryes exactly, then I kill it and it does "always" until next reboot10:13
teknicomaxstirner, "everytime it launches"? do you need to re-set it over and over?10:13
maxstirnerI also get that with skype settings for some reason ;)10:14
teknicomaxstirner, mmm, that's weird10:14
teknicomaxstirner, you may have permission problems on the config files10:14
teknicothey are in .config/ubuntuone10:14
maxstirnerrw-r--r-- 1 user user 77 2009-11-18 11:09 ubuntuone-client.conf10:15
maxstirnermy user is actually called user usually10:15
teknicouser:user ?10:15
maxstirneri've never had a single instance of a dictionary attack trying that username by the way, so shhhhh ;)10:16
teknicothat's a great idea ;-)10:16
teknicomaxstirner, how do you notice when you have dictionary attacks?10:16
teknico(out of curiosity)10:17
maxstirneron my server/s auth.log, I've got a few no-ip redirects, they seem to attract russians10:17
maxstirnerI've implemented fail2ban etc to limit attempts10:17
maxstirneris that what you were asking?10:18
teknicoyes, thanks10:18
teknicoif you run "ps aux | grep ubuntuone", are the two processes run under the "user" user?10:18
teknicothen it's not a permission problem10:19
maxstirneruser@mariner:~/.config/ubuntuone$ ps aux | grep ubuntu10:19
maxstirneruser     11573  1.0  0.7  50988 25308 pts/2    Sl   11:14   0:02 /usr/bin/python /usr/bin/ubuntuone-client-applet10:19
maxstirneruser     11575  2.4  0.5  40056 18420 ?        Sl   11:14   0:06 /usr/bin/python /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon10:19
maxstirneruser     11684  0.0  0.0   3036   808 pts/2    S+   11:19   0:00 grep --color=auto ubuntu10:19
teknicowhat's in your ubuntuone-client.conf file?10:19
maxstirnerthe re-connect attempt didnt work, so I killed and relaunched10:20
maxstirnerthe icon is now displaying connected but not much appears to be happening as of yet10:20
teknicoyou can also stop the syncdaemon by running "u1sdtool -q"10:21
teknicoalso try "u1sdtool --current-transfers"10:22
maxstirnerCurrent uploads: 010:22
maxstirnerCurrent downloads: 010:22
maxstirnerrefresh-shares didn't do too much for me either10:24
maxstirnerby looking at the web interface it actually appears it's not uploading properly sorry ;)10:30
maxstirnerteknico: I'm getting quite a lot of stuff in my ubuntuone log btw..10:58
maxstirner2009-11-18 11:24:08,390 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.sync - ERROR - T:We broke the Universe! local_hash '', server_hash '', is_partial True:T ce70a948-bfc1-4ccd-8e25-2461d72ccbf4 [root:940f9ee7-c193-4fd1-a5ac-778e1b447470] ''/home/user/Ubuntu One'' | cant find current state: {'is_directory': 'T', 'changed': "We broke the Universe! local_hash '', server_hash '', is_partial True", 'has_metadata': 'T'}10:58
maxstirner2009-11-18 11:24:08,392 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.sync - ERROR - unhandled exception10:58
maxstirnerTraceback (most recent call last):10:58
maxstirner  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/sync.py", line 310, in on_event10:58
maxstirner    **kwargs)10:58
maxstirner  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ubuntuone/syncdaemon/fsm/fsm.py", line 116, in on_event10:58
maxstirner    raise KeyError("Incorrect In State")10:58
maxstirnerKeyError: 'Incorrect In State'10:58
teknicomaxstirner, can you pastebin it?10:59
teknicoso you can put more stuff in there :-)11:00
maxstirnerflooding your channel ;)11:00
teknicoare all the other errors similar to this one?11:02
teknicocannot find anything similar among the bugs11:05
teknicomaxstirner, can you please report a new bug, and include the traceback in there? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntuone-client/+filebug11:05
maxstirneri've posted a second one on pastebin..11:05
maxstirnerthe weirdest thing is it doesnt upload it fully actually looking at the web interface11:06
teknicothe same pastebin? I still only see the same one as before...11:06
maxstirnerbut theres no error message on the uploading pc11:06
teknicomaxstirner, maybe just paste the whole log to the pastebin?11:07
teknicoif it's not megabytes :-)11:07
maxstirnerthose are sections of log as I'm constantly restarting it as per your instructions11:07
maxstirnersyncdaemon.log                      syncdaemon.log.2009-11-18_10-43-5611:08
maxstirnersyncdaemon.log.2009-11-17_23-37-31  syncdaemon.log.2009-11-18_11-14-2911:08
maxstirnersyncdaemon.log.2009-11-18_10-22-02  syncdaemon.log.2009-11-18_11-23-1111:08
maxstirneron the uploading pc, a folder was renamed from kempa to "kempa.u1conflict"11:08
teknicook, problem is, I'm a server guy, and the client people are not yet here11:11
teknicoplus, this week lots of us are at UDS11:11
teknicoso it's best if you open a bug and add log info to it11:11
teknicoso that we can track the problem later11:12
maxstirneryes, thats fine..11:13
maxstirner1ok done, thanks..11:28
maxstirner1I hadnt notice this ~/.cache folder before, is it possible to move it to ram?11:28
teknicoif you don't mind losing the logs when you boot down, I think so, yes11:31
teknicoyou may also lose partially uploaded or downloaded files, they will have to be restarted11:31
maxstirner1I would probably have to change the setting in gnome somewhere?11:31
teknicoprobably, I'm not sure, see above :-)11:34
maxstirner1ok thanks, ciaoƤ11:37
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rtaggerHi all, is the sync service down at the moment?12:45
rtaggeri mean the file sync, I still get ConnectionLost error...12:53
rtaggerping teknico12:53
rtaggerteknico_away: ping...12:57
rtaggerteknico: I have a question and need to ping you. Is there any issues ATM with u1 servers? I keep getting WARNINGs in syncdaemon.log about Connection being closed in unclean fashion... Both with current Karmic and PPA clients.13:45
verterokrtagger: hi13:46
verterokrtagger: let me check with a losa13:47
verterokrtagger: this is during the auth step?13:47
rtaggerverterok: The error is thrown to  syncdaemon.log from ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.ActionQueue - "Failure: twisted.internet.error.ConnectionLost: Connection to the other side was lost in a non-clean fashion: Connection lost."13:48
rtaggerverterok: and... slightly above all that 2009-11-18 15:48:08,176 - ubuntuone.SyncDaemon.StorageClient - TRACE - start - sendMessage: id: 1 type: PROTOCOL_VERSION protocol {   version: 3 }13:49
verterokrtagger: ok, could you pastebin syncdaemon.log, no need to paste the whole file... ~10-15 lines of context is enough13:50
verterokrtagger: oh, that :)13:50
verterokrtagger: do you have bandwidth throttling enabled?13:50
rtaggerverterok: and after that ...13:50
rtagger  File "/usr/lib/python2.6/dist-packages/ubuntuone/storageprotocol/client.py", line 1266, in checkWriteBandwidth13:50
rtagger    throttle_time = (float(self.writtenThisSecond) / self.writeLimit) \13:50
rtaggerZeroDivisionError: float division13:50
rtaggerverterok: nope, throttling disabled, but if self.writeLimit is 0 then I know the reason... But throttling is disabled...13:51
verterokrtagger: I think you'r hitting Bug #48359213:51
ubottuLaunchpad bug 483592 in ubuntuone-client "Syncdaemon don't disable throttling " [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48359213:51
verterokrtagger: there is a branch in the queue to fix it, it's linked to the bug13:51
teknicoverterok, I approved that branch earlier13:52
rtaggerverterok: [bandwidth_throttling] on = True... Is current PPA fixed?13:52
verterokrtagger: no, the branch is on it's way to trunk, will be in the ppa in a few days13:52
verterokteknico: yes, thanks ;)13:52
rtaggerverterok: 'cause I was not able to get it connected as well. Ah, ok. Cancelling the end of the world13:53
rtaggerverterok: still it is strange how could it suddenly became True...13:53
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verterokrtagger: because there is a bug in the code that should set it to False...it set True instead :p13:54
rtaggerverterok: wow13:54
verterokrtagger: yes, all because we didn't have a test for it13:55
verterokrtagger: but that's no more, now we have tests a fix :)13:56
verterok*and a fix13:57
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* rtagger found out that Fedora 12 switched from Tomboy to Gnotes...15:44
teknicortagger, interesting :-)15:45
rtaggerWhat is the most interesting, is that Gnote UI is nearly identical to tomboy except of Sync tab...15:45
* rtagger wows, gnote is FAAAST...15:50
rtaggeraha, basically this is Tomboy ported to C++.15:51
exitonmy ubuntuone client is never connecting to the server. what can i do (ubuntu 9.10)16:24
rtaggerexiton: could you please post the content of ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf ?16:25
rtaggerexiton: Have you already logged in to the service or this is the first time?16:26
exitonon = True16:27
exitonread_limit = -116:27
exitonwrite_limit = -116:27
exitonrtagger: i think i have logged in once. when i visit the website there is my computer linked to the account16:27
joshuahooverexiton: i believe you're affected by bug 45554416:29
ubottuLaunchpad bug 455544 in ubuntuone-client ""Protocol version error" - when bandwidth throttling is enabled with the default values" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/45554416:29
joshuahooverexiton: the solution is to delete ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf and then restart the ubuntu one client16:29
rtaggerexiton: okay, this can also be done by  changing "on" value from  True to False in ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf16:30
joshuahooverrtagger: thanks for all the help on here! we started to put together a page to help everyone with troubleshooting and triaging bugs in case you haven't seen it: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOne/Bugs16:30
joshuahooverrtagger: right, i think you may still need to restart the client, but i'm not 100% sure on that :)16:30
rtaggerexiton: yep, you will need to quit the applet and start ubuntuone-client-applet again. If this does not help, we have some other places to search for the solution :)16:32
exitonrtagger: i renamed  ~/.config/ubuntuone/syncdaemon.conf and restarted the ubuntuone-client-applet but there is no new syncdaemon.conf and it's still not connecting16:33
exitonoh, now it's working16:33
rtaggerexiton: okay, try running u1sdtool -q - this should quit t... Are you sure?16:33
exitonand there is a new syncdaemon.con16:34
rtaggerexiton: okay, are you sure it is syncing the data, i.e. is u1sdtool --current-transfers showing something?16:34
exitonhm, now the applet is gone, it uploaded one file but it didn't downloded the file i put on the website16:35
exitonok, i disconnected and reconnected and now it downloaded the file from the website16:36
rtaggerexiton: Have you put the file to the web interface before or after removing syncdaemon.conf ?16:37
exitonrtagger: before16:37
exitonrtagger: ok, i put some more files in the Ubuntu One folder, is it correct that all the files get green checkmarks?16:38
rtaggerexiton: yep, this means they are under Ubuntu One control, does not mean that they are synced, though16:39
exitonrtagger:  u1sdtool --current-transfers is showing the uploads16:39
exitonrtagger: is there a way to see wich files are already synced?16:40
rtaggerexiton: prior to that there were arrows pointing to the clouds and from the clouds, giving the impression that the file is either being uploadded or not... It did not make much sense, though :)16:40
exitonrtagger: well, it semes to work now. thanks a lot. dropbox is better i think but maybe ubuntu one will improve.16:42
rtaggerjoshuahoover: is there any way to see what files are already synced except of running u1sdtool on every file in the directory?16:42
joshuahooverrtagger: not that i know of...we have this as something we need to address very soon...giving clear indicators as to what status a file is at (not synced, syncing, synced)16:43
rtaggerjoshuahoover: I guess it can be 'emulated' ATM using find and grep with u1sdtool --info16:43
joshuahooverrtagger: ah, good to know :) not good for users though, but good for troubleshooting16:44
rtaggerexiton: ubuntuone will definitely improve. With more features are coming (e.g. phone syncing) and more bugs being fixed it promises to be a very interesting project :)16:46
exitonrtagger: i guess so, thx again for your help16:47
rtaggerexiton: you are very welcome :)16:47
rtaggerjoshuahoover: btw, re: such issues, It takes a while to navigate from one.ubuntu.com to some source of wisdom, such as FAQ or bug report, as it is a tiny-tiny link located low enough to be skipped by users of 1280x800. It may be better to put some kind of a banner on top, such as 'Having problems using UbuntuOne? See the FAQ' - and direct link to the FAQ page...16:50
joshuahooverrtagger: that's a good point...we have the same issue with tutorials i think...people (even on the team) aren't sure they exist and it's because they're so far down on the page...i'll see what we can do to make the links more visible16:52
* rtagger thinks that using u1sdtool iterating over 'find' results and later filtered by grep is a bad thing, better to add iteration over metadata into u1sdtool --status or something like this...16:58
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CardinalFangthisfred, I updated my 'add-running-context-as-parameter' branch to merge from dc trunk.18:55
thisfredCardinalFang: ok, I'll retest19:26
rtaggerjoshuahoover: I guess the info about applet not being able to connect to syncdaemon should be added as well to Bugs page for UbuntuOne19:31
joshuahooverrtagger: do you have a bug #?19:31
rtaggerjoshuahoover: I mean when metadata is being read on startup (i mean when applet is unable to auto-start the syncdaemon)19:32
joshuahooverrtagger: hmmm...i've probably seen the end result in bugs but not sure i've seen that description of what is going on19:33
rtaggerjoshuahoover: ah, just a moment, will give the bug # soon19:33
joshuahooverrtagger: thanks!19:33
rtaggerjoshuahoover: Bug #46161419:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 461614 in ubuntuone-client "ubuntu one wouldnt connect and then gets d-bus error: did not recieve reply" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46161419:35
joshuahooverrtagger: cool, ok, i'll add this to the wiki unless you want to :)19:35
rtaggerjoshuahoover: description - http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/11/13/%23ubuntuone.html#t17:53 and up to facundobatistadobey, it's the metadata loading... we have a bug for that19:36
rtaggerjoshuahoover: okay, I'll add this, as seen by me, still I can't find the bug facundobatista mentioned, searching for various metadata-related stuff does not bring anything useful19:38
joshuahooverrtagger: i'm just reading through that log you posted19:45
joshuahooverirc log19:45
rtaggeranother question - when will syncdaemon reach the nirvana? It looks like first DBus call is sent, then syncdaemon "is not yet ready to reach the nirvana", DBus call timeouts, and only after that syncdaemon says it has reached it. Is it a proper way to start syncdaemon, btw, by running u1sdtool -w?20:16
joshuahooverrtagger: i can't answer your questions... verterok should be able to if he's available20:21
* rtagger is traversing over u1sdtool so expect strange questions :)20:24
rtaggerverterok: hi! Do you happen to know why syncdaemon might not reach nirvana in my case?20:32
verterokrtagger: I'ld say that calling get_root or current_status it's better...but a start method would be the prefered way... ;)20:32
rtaggerrtagger: start method?20:32
verterokrtagger: yes, there isn't such thing..just wondering that a noop method to just start the daemon would be nice20:33
rtaggerverterok: i mean "start method" ? don't see such thing in u1sdtool cmdline options20:33
verterokrtagger: yes, there are a lot of things missing in u1sdtool, we need to work on it to provide all the dbus exposed method via u1sdtool20:33
verterokrtagger: what's the problem with wait_for_nirvana?20:35
rtaggerverterok: Basically, every time i issue u1sdtool -w, syncdaemon starts, does something, but it can't reach nirvana before dbus call times out20:36
verterokrtagger: nirvana == (state=IDLE, empty hash, content and meta queues)20:37
rtaggerverterok: this is just of curiosity, it is not something I'd like to report as a bug :)20:37
verterokrtagger: so, as you'r starting it, it's doing local rescan and quite probably putting some stuff in the hash, and meta queues20:38
rtaggerverterok: I can't attain Nirvana yet. [state: READY_WITH_NETWORK; queues: metadata: 0; content: 0; hash: 0]20:38
verterokrtagger: oh, :)20:38
verterokrtagger: isn't in IDLE state, because isn't connected20:39
rtaggerverterok: So basically it is waiting for the connection. Ah, i see :)20:39
verterokrtagger: but probably u1sdtool -w should allow a configurable timeout for the dbus call20:39
verterokrtagger: the idea behind u1sdtool is to provide a CLI interface for all the DBus exposed methods, e.g: connect/disconnect, scheduling up/downloads, listing the queues, etc20:46
verterokall that can be done only via DBus ATM20:47
rtaggerverterok: already exploring DBus methods of syncdaemon :)20:48
=== rmcbride changed the topic of #ubuntuone to: Have a question? Ping joshuahoover | Updated client software is now available to everyone running Ubuntu 9.10. Please run Update Manager to install it, and then restart the client. Enjoy 9.10! | https://one.ubuntu.com | https://launchpad.net/ubuntuone | Current Testing Client Revno is 278, Protocol Revno is 73
rmcbrideTest clients were just uploaded to the BETA PPA with the following21:08
rmcbride  * Fix syncdaemon exposed DBus Config.disable_bandwidth_throttling method. (fixes: 483592)21:08
rmcbride  * Try anyway if the error we get back from DBus is ServiceUnknown for NM. (fixes: 357395)21:08
joshuahooverrmcbride: cool!21:09
rtaggerrmcbride: r278 ?21:18
rmcbridertagger: yes indeed21:24
joshuahooverpsypher246: hi21:26
psypher246hi joshuahoover21:26
joshuahooverpsypher246: what's up?21:26
psypher246i am still having issues with syncing files up rom a jaunty machine, seemed to work ok for a few days until i dumped bout 2GB of pcitures in the folder and have been trying to sync it for 2 days now21:26
psypher246now it just says updating files yet never updates anything21:27
psypher246what wasthe command to kill the dyndaemon and startup in debug?21:27
joshuahooverpsypher246: yes, ok, i just saw an email that is likely directed at this problem...21:29
joshuahooverpsypher246: bug 48500421:30
ubottuBug 485004 on http://launchpad.net/bugs/485004 is private21:30
joshuahooverpsypher246: the result is uploads take FOREVER21:30
psypher246Not allowed here               Sorry, you don't have permission to access this page.21:31
psypher246ah ok, so there are till server issues?21:31
psypher246doesn't look like it's updating at all now though or when it did start updating i had to stop it cos i was at home and have limited bandwidth, at work now and hoping to upload but just stuck21:32
psypher246what is that command any again?21:32
joshuahooverpsypher246: ah, let me change that21:32
joshuahooverpsypher246: to kill the client and syncdaemon: killall ubuntuone-client-applet ubuntuone-syncdaemon21:33
psypher246and debug?21:33
joshuahooverpsypher246: and then, to start syncdaemon in debug: /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug21:33
psypher246ah ok so chain it together21:33
joshuahooverpsypher246: to log to a file: /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug > ~/syncdaemon-debug.log21:33
psypher246killall ubuntuone-client-applet ubuntuone-syncdaemon && syncdaemon in debug: /usr/lib/ubuntuone-client/ubuntuone-syncdaemon --debug21:33
joshuahooverpsypher246: sure, and then start the client up as you normally would21:34
psypher246joshuahoover: that seems to case the app to actually start sycning21:59
joshuahooverpsypher246: i'm sorry...didn't understand that last post there :)22:00
psypher246although very slowly22:00
psypher246killing the daemon and starting again, not the files are actually syncing22:00
psypher2462 of 10000,  yay22:00
psypher246gonna take loooong time at this rate22:01
joshuahooverpsypher246: yes, and that is the deeper issue...it's very slow and we have some folks looking into it right now...it's a big issue for us to fix22:01
psypher246cool i understand, thanks22:01
joshuahooverpsypher246: thank you for your patience!22:01
donpis there developer documentation to add ubuntuone storage support to an app running in ubuntu?22:27
rtaggerdonp: If you can use couchdb, then everything is settled - put your documents to couchdb and they will replicate to u1 cloud :)22:28
donprtagger: k so there isnt an ubuntuone API layer, i just use the couchdb libs available in my language?22:30
rtaggerdonp: if you are talking about the file sync, then, everything that gets stored to ~/Ubuntu One will go to u1 cloud as well. It all depends on what you want to do22:30
donprtagger: im talking about key/value storage from within an app.22:30
donprtagger: file storage is interesting too. basically im trying to learn as much about ubuntuone as i can22:31
rtaggerdonp: The python users are the happiest since desktopcouch-python handles all interaction with couchdb, including auth22:31
donpk. ive been happy with the ruby libs but havent done auth with it.22:31
donpim happy to see oauth is involved22:32
rtaggerdonp: the python sources are pretty obvious about how to get the auth credentials for the local couchdb22:33
donpyeah, i was laughing at 'hammertime'22:33
donpone sec, im on this network twice. (im really donpdonp)22:34
rtaggerdonpdonp: since couchdb is all JSON and HTTP, it will not be any problem to use it for your data. ATM, everything that gets to couchdb is replicated to U1 cloud, but in the future it will be possible to explicitly state what databases should go there22:37
donpdonprtagger: yes couchdb is amazing. im using it in a project and trying to fully grasp a document-style database.22:38

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