asalkeldHi another cross compile question: uClibc does not have malloc_usable_size()00:04
asalkeldcan we do with out it?00:05
Keybukit's probably only used by the test suite00:13
asalkeldis there an easy way to disable the test suite00:14
asalkeld(from building)00:14
Keybukit won't build until you run "make check"00:19
asalkeldwith a "make" I get:00:21
asalkeld../nih-dbus/.libs/libnih-dbus.a(alloc.o): In function `nih_alloc_size':00:22
asalkeld/home/anguss/work/main/buildroot/build_powerpc_8540/upstart-0.6.3/nih/alloc.c:743: undefined reference to `malloc_usable_size'00:22
Keybukyeah that's code in the core to support the test suite00:23
Keybukyou'll have to patch that out00:23
asalkeldso I have put a "AC_CHECK_FUNC(malloc_usable_size, [with_malloc_usable_size=yes])"00:23
asalkeldin configure.ac00:23
asalkeldetc ...00:23
Keybukthat won't do anything unless you patch the code to check for that00:23
asalkeldyip, done that00:24
asalkeldso all is good00:24
asalkeldbut, I just wanted to make sure that it would not get called00:24
Keybukcan't think of a reason it would be00:24
asalkeld(which you answered)00:24
asalkeldI'll send a patch00:25
Keybukpatch won't be accepted I'm afraid00:25
asalkeldCan you suggest a way to get around nil-dbus-tool getting built with the cross CC00:25
asalkeldwhy (about the patch)00:26
KeybukUpstart is only intended to work with glibc00:26
Keybukif you want to run it with something else, that's fine - feel free to post the patch to the ML00:27
Keybukor even make a "uclibc" bzr branch with any necessary patches applied00:27
Keybuk(that others can merge to keep up to date)00:27
Keybukbut I'm keeping the core #ifdef free00:27
asalkeldthat might be a bit tricky00:28
asalkelddoes nil-dbus-tool do anything dbus version dependant?00:29
Keybukit just generates C code00:29
asalkeldcould I build upstart on my host then copy the generated c files to my cross code tree00:30
asalkeldand have a configure option to not run or build the tool00:30
KeybukI tried for a while to actually have the sources included in the tarballs00:31
asalkeldwould you accept a patch like that00:31
Keybukbut gave up with that00:31
Keybukif you can get the files included in the source, I probably would00:31
asalkeldlike: configure --disable-nil-dbus-tool00:32
Keybukno, again, it's necessary00:32
asalkeldI worry about the generated c files00:32
Keybuknih-dbus-tool is actually being split out anyway00:32
KeybukI have most of the code ready to make libnih a separate module00:32
Keybukso you'll just need it as a build-dependency on the build machine00:32
Keybukso that solves that particular problem00:33
asalkeldok, that sounds better00:33
asalkeldare you going to release a version soon with this?00:33
Keybukprobably this or next week00:33
asalkeldok, I'll wait00:33
asalkeldthanks for your help00:34
Keybukno probs00:36
ionkeybuk: Btw, how about something like #define NIH_MUST(_e) ({ typeof (_e) __ret; for (int __i = 0; ! (__ret = (_e)); __i++) if (i >= 10) log_an_error ("...%s...", #_e); __ret; })00:40
ionOf course, the logger shouldn’t use NIH_MUST to alloc stuff. :-P00:42
Keybukion: how will that help?00:47
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