rr72ok so ubuntu live cd will change my brightness but it won't on my xubuntu install, any ideas?00:12
freaky[t]hi all is anybody familiar with gigolo? im trying to mount a remote location over ssh. but it always opens / on the remote machine not /home/myuser/ and i couldnt find any setting for setting the start remote folder00:30
_Techie_freaky[t]: is it too much to navigate to /home/user/?00:34
freaky[t]every time, if it can be automated - yes :)00:34
_Techie_this gigolo, is it a mounter or a browser?00:35
rr72freaky[t]~ your gigolo works for remote connections?! did you do anything special? mind doesn't work00:36
_Techie_13 more minutes then i can finally boot back into windows and use my system again00:38
_Techie_if i had known gparted would take 6 hours a pop to resize and move my partitions i wouldnt have bothered00:40
freaky[t]rr72, yes ill explain you wait a moment00:40
freaky[t]i think it stores remote locations at least theres an option for it i gotta test but ill first help rr7200:41
_Techie_freaky[t]: you could just make a symlink to the folder within the mount location00:41
freaky[t]_Techie_, no that's not the usual way ;p00:41
freaky[t]and i still have to make 1 extra click then00:41
_Techie_freaky[t]: haha00:41
freaky[t]http://www.uvena.de/gigolo/help.html#open-resources-in-thunar-on-xfce-4-4-and-4-6 @ rr7200:42
_Techie_freaky[t]: you could always make a bash script to mount it and open up your browser00:42
freaky[t]hm ill have a closer look soon00:43
_Techie_sorry about the fact that all my answers dont actually fix the problem, they only work around it00:43
freaky[t]hehe no problem ;D00:43
freaky[t]i can't find an answer also00:44
freaky[t]i just noticed it doesnt save the last remote location =(00:45
rr72cause i get gnome obexftp issues when i try00:45
rr72wait sorry, wrong bug00:45
rr72i can't open an application00:46
freaky[t]rr72, what do you mean?00:46
rr72error opening location: No application is registered as handling this file00:47
rr72gvfs-open: <HOST>: error opening location: No application is registered as handling this file00:48
freaky[t]did u do what they say in that tutorial i gave u a link to?00:50
freaky[t]maybe tht helps00:51
freaky[t]log out and back in00:51
rr72no lol00:51
rr72i didnt read it lol ROFL00:51
freaky[t]then do what they say00:51
rr72i am doing it!!!!!!!!! GAWRD!!!!!!!! ROFL00:51
_Techie_30 seconds!!!!!00:53
rr72BOOM@ BOOM@00:53
_Techie_YAY!!! i can finally reboot into an installed OS, not this stupid livecd that ive been stuck in for the last 12+ hours00:54
_Techie_see you all on the flipside00:55
rr72topside more like!00:55
_Techie_now to reboot and test my 9.10 install01:00
rr72freaky[t]~ it worked!@!01:00
freaky[t]rr72, great :D01:00
_Techie_ill be back after i reboot01:00
rr72darn :-P01:01
freaky[t]ok _Techie_  ;D01:01
rr72I should try  xubuntu live cd and see if it is an issue that way for my laptop brightness control keys01:02
rr72burning one right now01:05
wrgb_Techie_: did it work?01:12
_Techie_wrgb, yeah01:12
wrgb_Techie_: that's perseverance!01:13
_Techie_only downside is i cant see my 178gig partition because its a wubi install01:13
freaky[t]wb _Techie_  ;D01:14
wrgb_Techie_: is your 178gig partition the host partition?01:14
_Techie_wrgb, yeah01:15
_Techie_i can see my 120gig windows drive fine, but my media drive is nowhere to be found01:15
FrozenFire[work]Is there a GUI for managing FUSE filesystems? I don't want to have to open a terminal to mount FTP/SSH every time.01:16
FrozenFire[work]Wait, sorry. I just found "Remote Filesystems"01:16
freaky[t]FrozenFire[work], yea ... it wont work as-is in xfce01:17
freaky[t]but i can give you a link to make it work with thunar01:17
freaky[t](the xfce file manager)01:17
_Techie_freaky[t], i guess ive got 1 up on ya then, im running pure ubuntu01:18
_Techie_gotta restart01:18
freaky[t]ill wait ;D01:18
freaky[t]FrozenFire[work], you got the problem that your bookmarks dont open up any filemanager?01:19
FrozenFire[work]freaky[t], Yeah, just hit that :P01:19
freaky[t]FrozenFire[work], http://www.uvena.de/gigolo/help.html#open-resources-in-thunar-on-xfce-4-4-and-4-601:19
freaky[t]np ;D01:20
freaky[t]FrozenFire[work], the thing you manage remote bookmarks with is called "gigolo" ;)01:20
_Techie_im soo happy01:34
freaky[t]_Techie_, ^^01:35
freaky[t]i miss a lot of stuff on xubuntu01:35
freaky[t]like a notes application, calendar ... etc.01:36
freaky[t]but i also like xubuntu01:37
lcbhi. please someone help me how to restore top and bottom panels from the desktop? for some reason they vanished from there.01:45
_Techie_alt + f2    xfce-panel01:46
lcbpanel link on settings is not working01:46
likemindeadThat seems to be happening to folks a lot. :-\01:46
_Techie_your not the first and you wont be the last01:46
likemindeadHasn't happened to me in over a year, though. Huh...01:46
lcbok _Techie_ , iḿ  trying. thanks01:46
rr72freaky[t]~ a live cd works for my brightness control but my install won'e01:46
freaky[t]rr72, cant help you there sorry01:46
freaky[t]lcb, did u relog since then?01:47
lcbyes freaky[t]01:47
freaky[t]hm didnt happen to me yet but im using xubuntu since only 2 hours lol01:47
lcbafter trying to solve without it01:48
lcbfreaky[t], , i love it and i recommend it and i believe this happened due to some sort of pc problem with keyboard01:48
freaky[t]no idea01:49
lcbat times starts writing zzzz s with no reason01:49
lcbwell, let me try what _Techie_ suggested before. tks _Techie_01:50
lcbhmmm "the command xfce-panel failed to run. failed to execute child process xfce-panel (no such file or directory)"01:52
lcbhow to recover system essentials??01:53
_Techie_it might be xfce4-panel, i dont actually run xubuntu myself so im not 100% sure01:54
lcb_Techie_,  thank you so much. it worked!01:55
lcbit is indeed xfce4-panel01:55
lcbtks a lot01:55
_Techie_no problem01:55
rr72_Techie_~ any ideas about brightness control on a laptop? it works on live cd but not 9.10 install01:55
_Techie_is the livecd plain ubuntu, or is that xubuntu aswell?01:56
rr72works on both of them01:56
lcbrr72, i just did a search on add/remove applications under "bright" and you have there some utilities01:58
rr72it might be a preprtary driver issue with nvidia?01:59
lcbtry "Monitor Settings" application, for instance02:00
rr72it comes up on the notification area though02:00
lcbrr72, "NVIDIA X Server Settings" utility (i'm not an expert in any way, if the monitor or any device in the surrounds explodes it's your responsibility )02:03
rr72brb going to see if i uninstall the nvidia drivers works02:03
rr72i can set it via CLI02:04
rr72just not through the buttons02:04
freaky[t]ill reboot into windows now my laptop just shut itself off again because of overheating02:07
freaky[t]i dont know - that with xfce02:07
freaky[t]without doing anything02:07
freaky[t]i think i need a new laptop02:07
lcbback to fuse some devices, like router, microwave and wife. I owe you one _Techie_. bbl02:09
_Techie_lcb, no you dont02:09
lcb_Techie_,  ido... i know what is helping other on this media :) it's grateful when someone recognize simple gestures, ideas, suggestions from ppl on these help channels.  :)02:11
_Techie_anyway, im gonna go play some fallout302:18
rr72freaky[t]~ i think it is the nvidia drivers, as no it works02:20
freaky[t]im on windows02:20
rr72lemme install them again and see if they don't work02:20
OceanwatcherHi everyone.02:59
OceanwatcherI just finished installing Xubuntu for a friend. I made a login for myself (as admin) and would like to hide it from the login screen. How can I do that?03:00
OceanwatcherI have found no place to control the login screen03:00
likemindeadNot sure, Oceanwatcher. Sorry. I use auto-login.03:02
rr72I I am going to ask in ubuntu tomorrow about my problem03:21
rr72thankyou all for the help03:21
Oceanwatcherlikemindead: Thx.03:28
OceanwatcherI just need to exclude my own login to avoid confusion. Actually, the 9.04 style login was better than the 9.10 login in my opinion. Less cluttered and to the point.03:29
crlsktrcan someone help me?03:46
cody-somervillecrlsktr, just ask your question03:47
crlsktri have a problem trying to burn an audio cd in brasero03:47
crlsktrwell i just have installed xubuntu 9.1003:48
crlsktrbut i think i haven't installed mp3 support03:48
crlsktrcan you help me ?04:10
crlsktrit says something like04:11
crlsktr file.mp3 is not a valid audio or video file04:11
crlsktrand it's completely ridiculous 'cos i can play the file and hear it04:12
ironfoot495I have a serious problem I have the info to change grub to grub2 but I first have to get system to boot which is hanging and has been hung for a few days.!!04:46
ironfoot495can someone please help me cure this?04:46
ironfoot495xubuntu 9.1004:46
BalsaqHowdy Troutspa1n11:24
Troutspa1nhi there11:26
Troutspa1nI need to register.11:27
Balsaqdo you know how11:27
Balsaqyeah i did it...why not11:28
=== Troutspa1n is now known as Troutspawn
mantis_anyone here hosting VM's on XB within 64bits?14:41
_Pete_I have14:44
Billy_buntuHey, do you think Xubuntu 9.10 is stable?15:17
tavastifor me it is15:17
Billy_buntuIt just froze when I used the update manager on my usb installation.15:18
Billy_buntunow firefox won't open and no update manager.15:18
Billy_buntunot stable.15:18
Billy_buntuI didn't have this problem with 9.0415:19
tavastisame setup, running on usb-drive?15:19
Billy_buntuyes.  it downloaded the updates, but froze when installing them.15:20
tavastiis that usb stick or real hd?15:20
Billy_buntuusb flash drive.15:20
Sysiversion update or normal updates?15:21
Billy_buntuthe synaptic package manager's not working now.15:21
Billy_buntuit says:  E: _cache->open() failed, please report.15:21
Billy_buntubilly buntu is not impressed.15:22
Billy_buntuI spent ages installing it..now this happens..15:22
Billy_buntulooks like a complete reinstall...unless I get a fix.15:23
Billy_buntuhow do I reset update & synaptic managers?15:23
Billy_buntuwhere's the reset button ?15:24
Billy_buntuthe emergency default button?15:24
Sysidpkg --reconfigure-a is commonly working fix15:25
Billy_buntuok..I'll try that.15:25
Sysisudo in front propably15:25
Billy_buntu ok15:25
Billy_buntuit said "command not found"   Did you mean: sudo dpkg --configure -a15:28
Billy_buntusorry I made a typing error!15:30
Billy_buntuit's working now.. at least showing something...wait15:30
Billy_buntuit gave me a pile of options..what now ?15:32
Billy_buntuI opened synaptic package manager & got this error:   E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'sudo dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem. E: _cache->open() failed, please report.15:36
=== Guest29715 is now known as jcfp`
Sysirun that?15:36
Billy_buntuI tried...didn't work.15:37
tavasti_cache->open() failed, flashdrive corruption?15:37
=== jcfp` is now known as jcfp
tavastiend-of-life flash?15:37
Billy_buntuIt's a fairly new flash drive.15:37
Billy_buntuIt froze during the update...I assume it didn't complete the installation and logs.15:38
Billy_buntuso the new updates have not been recognized.15:38
Billy_buntui tried the dpkg command and it said:  dpkg: parse error, in file '/var/lib/dpkg/updates/0000' near line 0:15:39
Billy_buntu newline in field name `/bin/sh'15:39
tavastiwhat filesystem you have there?15:40
tavastiand is there some reason why would filesystem be corrupted?15:41
Billy_buntudon't know..I used the usb creator to format the flash drive and install xubuntu.15:41
Billy_buntuthen i used the update manager & it froze during installation.15:41
Billy_buntu*the update installation froze15:42
Sysiso it's actually a live-usb?15:42
Billy_buntuyes.  a live persistant usb15:42
Sysiwell, then it's not actually installed15:43
Sysiyou can make real installation for usb also15:43
Billy_buntuhow ?15:43
Sysihmm, i wonder if there are instructions somewhere15:44
Billy_buntupendrive linux has instructions, but you need windows and a special tool.15:44
Sysiiirc it needs a bit configuring if you want to boot also without usb-stick15:45
Billy_buntuI used the xubuntu live cd: Applications >> System >> usb startup disk creator.15:46
Billy_buntuit installed a casper-rw file (4 gigs)15:47
Sysihmm, i can't remember if there was something other than placing /boot to hard disc15:47
Sysibut this is same as in ubuntu, you can ask also from #ubuntu15:48
Sysiif here isn't anyone wiser than me :b15:48
Billy_buntuI might create my own capser-rw file  (that's the partition file that saves information)15:49
Billy_buntuI have instructions.. I'll do it manually.15:50
Billy_buntuxubuntu uses ext3 file system right ?15:50
Billy_buntuor ext2 ?15:51
Billy_buntuuse gparted to find out.. I'll check15:51
Billy_buntuI need to make sure casper-rw is formatted to the correct file type.15:52
Sysiubuntu can use manu filesystems15:53
Billy_buntubut the casper-rw file...does it need a particular file type ?15:53
Billy_buntumy instructions said to use ext3.15:54
Billy_buntuthe problem could be  "USB startup disk creator"  formatted casper-rw as ext2, when it should have been ext3..15:57
Billy_buntubecause ext3 worked fine in my usb xubuntu 9.0415:58
Sysimy livesystems have always been on fat3215:58
Billy_buntuyes I know that...but the capser-rw file should be formatted to ext315:59
Billy_buntuthat's how it's done in 9.0415:59
Sysihmm, i never use usb for longer times so idk15:59
Billy_buntuthe capser-rw file saves your changes...it has to be formated to ext3,  even though the rest of the usb drive is fat32.16:00
Sysieven though that proper installation was a bit hard because of stupid oem xp16:00
Billy_buntudoes your hard drive installation of 9.10 work ok ?16:02
Billy_buntuhave you tried the update manager ?16:03
Billy_buntuthere should be about 80 updates16:03
Billy_buntudownload the updates..and see if it works..16:03
Billy_buntuthen try downloading a game with synaptic package manager.16:03
Billy_buntu(if you dare !!)16:04
Sysii'm not sure if liveystem is ment to be updated16:04
Sysii have working 9.10 in three computers16:04
Billy_buntu<< is not liable for any damage to your system..16:04
Billy_buntuit's not a live cd... I'm talking about a hard drive installation of 9.1016:05
Billy_buntudoes your hard drive installation update with update manager ?16:05
Sysiyes, all of them work great16:05
Sysionly mute-problems with sound16:06
Billy_buntudid you configure the mixer ?16:06
Billy_buntuapplications >> multimedia >> mixer16:07
Sysithat's common bug16:07
Billy_buntuturn up the volume16:07
Billy_buntuit worked for me.16:07
Sysibut it isn't issue16:07
Billy_buntuI played youtube videos with sound no problems.16:07
Sysiback on mute after reboot16:07
Sysibut i very rarely reboot16:07
Sysiand at school sound needs to be muted :P16:07
Billy_buntuok. well that's strange because the sound on my 9.10 works fine.16:08
Billy_buntumaybe it disagrees with your sound hardware.16:09
Sysiofc they work when you turn volume up16:09
Sysibut as said, that's not issue for me16:09
Billy_buntuI'll use windows to install 9.10 to my usb drive and see if it works any better.16:11
Billy_buntuthere's a windows tool that creates a persistant usb installation of xubuntu 9.1016:12
Billy_buntuor...I could use "usb disk startup creator"  then reformat casper-rw to ext3.16:14
Billy_buntuthanks for putting up with my rambling..16:16
Billy_buntuI'll use the live cd to install 9.10 to my usb flash.  then reformat casper-rw to ext3.16:18
Anomos i try to access some shared files in windows vista machine from my kubuntu machine. but when i try to open it through samba shares, it asks for credentials...? what credentials do i need?17:58
likemindead!ntfs | Anomos18:01
ubottuAnomos: To view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE18:01
Anomos2 differenet machiensc18:02
Anomosconnected with ethernet18:02
likemindead!samba | Anomos18:02
ubottuAnomos: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/9.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.18:02
francesco_I am having troubles with a linksys wpc54gs ver 2 card18:38
francesco_i installed the driver with ndiswrapper18:38
francesco_but the card is not recognized18:39
francesco_has anybody else had this problem18:39
likemindeadSorry, francesco_, I bought a cheap Intel card off of eBay so I wouldn't have to mess with ndiswrapper. :-\18:41
francesco_thats ok...any clues on how to make the card detectable?18:44
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:46
likemindeadI don't like dongles anyhow, so I went the cheap, well-supported mini-PCI card via eBay. :-)18:47
francesco_how much did one of those run you18:48
likemindeadIntel PRO 2200 card was like $12 + $4 shipping. This was awhile back.18:48
likemindeadLet me check for you.18:48
francesco_thank you ubottu18:49
likemindeadBAMP! http://cgi.ebay.com/Intel-Pro-Wireless-G-2200BG-2200-MINI-PCI-802-11g-Card_W0QQitemZ270487024043QQcmdZViewItemQQptZLH_DefaultDomain_0?hash=item3efa4871ab18:49
likemindeadShould work as long as your laptop has a mini-PCI port.18:50
mnemochi, can one "logout" from command line? (ssh)18:56
likemindeadI believe "sudo powerdown" will do it, mnemoc.18:57
francesco_thank you likemindead18:57
mnemoclikemindead: powerdown? :)18:57
mnemoclikemindead: you probably mean poweroff... but no, i need to backup the home of that person18:58
mnemocand i don't want to back it up "hot"18:58
likemindeadHmm. Reboot into a CLI?18:59
mnemocso i can't ask..... xfce4-session? to log off the guy?18:59
=== CarnophagePL is now known as Carnophage
mnemocwell... shooting time :) killall firefox ...19:01
likemindeadSorry, I'm not sure, mnemoc.19:01
mnemoclikemindead: np ... it was just a "hope" :)19:01
mnemocthanks anyway19:01
likemindeadHey, mnemoc, try the folks in #xfce ?19:09
mnemoclikemindead: good idea19:12
mnemoclikemindead: DISPLAY=:0.0 xfce4-session-logout --logout    :)19:28
mnemocbye :)19:30
fooka1hello.  havent been able to sync tomboy notes with ubuntuone since upgrading to karmic20:00
fooka1supposedly because default browser is not set20:00
fooka1although it is20:00
fooka1anyone got hints/ideas?20:00
Captain_HaddockI have Kubuntu Karmic installed.. installing XFCE is just a "sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop" away, right?20:05
renatahello, i am new to xubuntu, I have installed karmic only today, and I have extreme trouble setting shortcuts, especially in sound ajustment on my laptop. please help20:05
Captain_HaddockSysi: is there an option to keep things lightweight? I don't particularly want abiword, and stuff like gnome-sudoku ...20:07
Sysiit's also possible to just install xfce20:08
Captain_HaddockSysi: sudo apt-get install xfce ?20:08
Sysii'd guess it takes everything needed with it20:08
Sysiseems to be xfce420:08
Sysimy apt-get finds xfce4 package20:10
renataI would appreaciate help with sound mixer. I want to assign shortcuts and have no idea how to do that, thanks20:23
Captain_HaddockSysi: mine does too - thanks for looking.20:47
fatih2hi, i have installed xubuntu 9.10 and i have ati radeon 9200. how can i understand my system has 3d support?20:52
fatih2when i type glxinfo | grep -i "direct rendering" it says command not found.20:53
Sysitry just run glxgears20:53
fatih2thanks. i type it  glxgears but command not found.20:54
renatahello, I have problems with sound mixer, I would appreciate help. I have just installed karma and the sound icon is strange, shortcuts are not working. thanks20:54
Sysifatih2: it should come by default but install it if not20:55
fatih2sysi: ok thanks. i will.20:55
KindOneJust installed the lastest version of Xubuntu. When i open a program, it does not have a menu bar thing, and i can not move it around. How can I fix this ?21:12
knomeKindOne, try pressing alt and while pressing click+drag21:17
knomewell, that definitely should work21:21
KindOneill upload a image of my problem21:23
KindOneany clue how to fix that?21:30
schizoTKHello Xubuntu Gurus!21:44
schizoTKSeeking to edit BOOT.INI on a copied fat32 partition while booted into xubuntu21:46
schizoTKLooked all over the forums, etc.21:48
schizoTKGoogled since 4 am21:49
schizoTKHow can I edit files on another partition?21:49
schizoTKFrom Terminal, how would I access files on /dev/sda821:50
schizoTKif I'm currently in /dev/sda321:50
knomeschizoTK, mount the partition21:59
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount21:59
schizoTKIn Gparted it says the partition is already mounted22:11
schizoTKfdisk -l shows the following for the partition in question22:12
schizoTK/dev/sda8            2026        3504    11880004+   b  W95 FAT3222:12
schizoTKHow do I navigate to the mount point?22:13
schizoTKOK, Thanks! I got it!22:25
schizoTKI had to edit /etc/fstab22:25
schizoTKThanks once again for answering my newB?22:26
knomewell, that wasn't a totally novice question22:28
schizoTKI'm trying to edit c:\BOOT.INI on a WinXP partition I copied, and now I can't see the file in question!!! { LoL }22:30
schizoTKI can see the other files, so maybe I need to look for another?22:31
schizoTKI've been computing since 1994, but had years where I never touched a PC22:33
schizoTKWhere I live, there are no utilities, no cable, no electricity, no telephone,22:34
schizoTKSo I have only been on the web for a year or two22:35
schizoTKOnly been using linux for about 6 months22:36
schizoTKI have to say, I am very happy with the Ubuntu foundation, and all of the people who have worked so hard to give to the world this amazing OS22:38
schizoTKFor Free!22:38

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