dOxxxWould it be acceptable to modify start_bzr_subprocess and finish_bzr_subprocess to not raise TestSkipped if python 2.6's Popen.send_signal method is available?00:29
lifelessdOxxx: I don't follow00:51
* igc bbiab01:06
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dOxxxlifeless: start_bzr_subprocess raises TestSkipped if os.kill isn't available, as on win32. However, with ptyon 2.6, the subprocess.Popen class has a send_signal method which maps SIGTERM to the TerminateProcess Win32 function.01:24
dOxxxlifeless: to make more tests run on win32, I was wondering if it would be acceptable to add an alternate codepath that used Popen.send_signal if it was available01:25
lifelessthats makes sense01:28
lifelesssimply not raising TestSkipped did not make sense.01:28
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ricardo_brIs there any command in bazaar to remove those backup files? ex:database.php.~1~01:50
mwhudsonricardo_br: it's a bit more than you're asking for but bzr clean-tree --ignored will kill them01:51
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ricardo_brmwhudson : it's almost it, but I have some ignored folders that I don't want to delete (some project folders), is there any linux command that I can use?01:57
mwhudsonricardo_br: well 'find . -name \*~ -print0 | xargs -0 rm' will do it i guess01:57
ricardo_brmwhudson: wow, I really need to study these shell commands, it worked, thanks02:02
mwhudsonricardo_br: find | xargs is both very handy and somewhat crazy :-)02:03
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ricardo_brwell, I read the first part of the xargs' man page and it really scared me (xargs - build and execute command lines from standard input), A few time ago I was using windows I must admit02:07
mwhudsonricardo_br: you know the saying "unix *is* user friendly, it's just picky about who its friends are" ?02:08
PengOh wow! My original "bzr pull" isn't entirely dead.02:09
* igc lunch02:10
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ricardo_brmwhudson: no I don't know this one, probably I'm that slow second cousin02:17
mkanatricardo_br: I think you want bzr clean-tree --detritus by the way.02:23
ricardo_br mkanat: thank you! It's exactly what I'm looking for, I don't have to be friend with unix anymore02:30
mwhudsonoh right02:39
mkanatmwhudson: Did you see my long email?02:44
mwhudsonmkanat: yes, it's been on my "to reply" list for about 7 hours now :)02:44
mkanatmwhudson: Hahaha, okay. :-)02:45
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mwhudsonmkanat: another team in launchpad trying spawning03:03
mwhudsonmkanat: the scars are ugly and fresh03:03
mkanatmwhudson: For loggerhead?03:03
mwhudsonno, for some u1 related thing03:03
mwhudsonmkanat: they went back to using paste03:03
mkanatWell, Spawning does say it's still a beta.03:03
mwhudsonehh, i guess i should reply to the mail03:04
mwhudsonthen have a conversation03:04
mwhudsonnot the other way around :-)03:04
mkanatmwhudson: Okay. :-)03:04
mkanatmwhudson: Spawning was, of course, just a random idea without any research yet. :-)03:04
mkanatmwhudson: The more general idea being "scale better". :-)03:04
mwhudsonmkanat: yes, i think that's basically the best idea03:05
mwhudsonlifeless: can you remember the problems with spawning?03:08
mwhudsoni have this vague recollection was that it wasn't very specific, it just didn't work very well03:08
mwhudsonand was too magical03:08
lifelessit died  inthe ass for u103:11
lifelessit does things like monitor for module changes and reload() when a foo.py changes (just thing what apt-get install will do to it :P)03:11
lifelesss/thing /think /03:11
lifelessmy suggestion if you want cpu concurrency for loggerhead is haproxy03:12
lifelessor squid03:12
lifelessjust add another backend service and tell the frontend stuff to send to both.03:12
lifelesssimple, easy to admin, no code changes needed.03:12
mkanatlifeless: That was my idea as well.03:20
mkanatWe just need a way to share the revision cache between processes and then we're set.03:20
mkanatThat scales across cores and machines as well.03:20
dOxxxholy cow, it's an utter mission compiling python extensions for x64 on windows03:21
AfCOnce upon a time there was someone doing distributed bugs (with bzr, I think, but no matter)03:21
AfCdoes anyone have a suggestion for listing bugs _in tree_ of a project (ie not in a distributed bug database, but in a project tree) so that commits to code are done along with commits to {TODO, BUGS, bugs/filename.txt, ?}03:22
mkanatAfC: Not particularly. (Somebody else might.) It has always seemed to me that one of the major purposes of bug-tracking was central coordination, whereas development and branching really should be distributed.03:24
mwhudsonAfC: "bugseveryehwere"03:24
mwhudsonAfC: http://bugseverywhere.org/be/show/HomePage03:24
rubbsOk, so I've submitted a patch last night on a documentation bug, and got some feedback. I made changes according to the suggestions, and pushed up the results. I then made a comment, but taged it with the "resubmit" vote. I've just now realized that it wasn't a tag but a review vote.03:28
rubbswhat do I do now?03:28
rubbsis there anyway to delete that comment with the "resubmit" vote?03:30
AfCmwhudson: that was what I was thinking of03:31
mwhudsonAfC: all abentley's fault iirc03:31
AfCmwhudson: right03:31
AfCmkanat: well, not really. What good is a centralized [only] bug database if you're not on the internet?03:31
AfCIf you take distributed == disconnected you empower a lot more than just branches.03:32
mkanatAfC: Yeah, to some degree. I think it depends on the project.03:32
AfCmwhudson: do you know if Aaron is [still] using bugseverywhere?03:33
mwhudsonAfC: not much, i think03:33
mwhudsonAfC: but here he is, you can ask him :-)03:34
AfCmkanat: again, not really. If you the coder are frequently off the global network, then a bug database not locally accessible isn't any help to your development efforts03:34
AfCabentley: mwhudson mentioned a project of yours you once worked on, "bugseverywhere"; I was curious what your current opinion of it is?03:35
mkanatAfC: Sure, but that's a separate issue, I think.03:35
AfCmkanat: that's the issue I'm trying to redress03:35
mkanatAfC: Though not totally.03:35
mkanatAfC: Fair enough. :-)03:35
mkanatAfC: There are desktop clients for some trackers that will do offline work.03:35
fullermdDoesn't whatsitsname include bug stuff...03:35
AfCmkanat: no web hosted centralized only bug database is any use to me as an open source developer, because both I and my collaborators are only intermittently on the internet03:36
abentleyAfC: I think it's still a useful idea, but the tool could use some work to become more forgiving.03:36
fullermdFossil, that's it.  The thing the SQLite guy did.03:36
mkanatAfC: That's a situation I haven't thought of much, I have to admit.03:36
mkanatAfC: Where I am, it's almost impossible to get away from the Internet. :-)03:36
abentleyAfC: Chris Ball maintains it now, and there's a small community around it, which is better than I ever did.03:37
AfCabentley: fair enough03:37
lifelesstheres another distributed bug db03:38
fullermd(note that I haven't done more than read about it, so I don't know how or how well it works in practice)03:38
* AfC pulls the plug on his wireless internet connection to conserve battery03:38
AfCmkanat: [see? :)]03:38
AfClifeless: oh?03:38
lifelessAfC: I'll mail you03:39
lifelesssome web3 thing - the sharecropper argument, they made a distributed db and wrote a bug tracker on it03:39
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AfClifeless: you have an idea of a google phrase to hunt for?03:40
mkanatmwhudson: Anyhow, an email response would probably be good since that's how we arrange the go-ahead for me to do further work.03:41
mwhudsonmkanat: my email is a bit of a ramble tbh so far03:41
mwhudsonoh well03:41
mkanatmwhudson: Honestly, I'd almost just love to help you out in my free time, except that that doesn't exist, and when it does, I don't use it to code. :-D03:41
mkanatmwhudson: That's OK. :-)03:41
AfClifeless: ok, thanks!03:41
lifelesshttp://www.stackfoundry.com/dbug/ could be interesting too03:41
* AfC ends essentially off topic conversation03:41
mkanatAfC: I have to admit I found it interesting, since I'm one of the primary developers of a bug-tracking system.03:42
mkanatI haven't yet seen a pressing *broad* need for distribution in bug-tracking, but that doesn't mean it isn't necessary, useful, or going to become one of those two things.03:42
mkanatAfC: So if you find any of those to be particularly useful or interesting, I'd be interested to know.03:43
lifelessAfC: http://code.bestpractical.com/project/Prophet03:43
AfClifeless: thanks Robert. Will look.03:44
lifelessI make no assertions03:44
lifelessit crossed my radar a while back and seemed interesting03:44
lifelessthough it looks like they use git now for the bts, rather than prophet, which doesn't fit my memory03:44
AfClifeless: NO WARRANTIES :)03:44
AfClifeless: k03:45
* AfC hibernates [or, reboots and fscks assuming the thing crashes again]03:45
mwhudsonmkanat: mail sent03:50
mkanatmwhudson: Thank you. :-)03:50
* mwhudson tries to remember why the backend server for codebrowse takes path based urls, not id based ones03:58
mwhudsonoh, maybe because we tie access control up with the translation from name -> id03:58
RenatoSilvaverterok_: hi03:58
RenatoSilvadOxxx: hi03:58
mwhudsonwe need a much smarter frontend :(03:59
dOxxxRenatoSilva: heya03:59
lifelessmkanat: I wouldn't share the caches04:00
lifelessmkanat: tell the front end how much of the path to hash to the same backends on04:00
RenatoSilvadOxxx: hi, thanks for fixing that test bug. Even formely deactivated AVG was still working. I ended up uninstalling AVG, now the tests pass fine :)04:00
mkanatlifeless: That would be OK, too.04:01
mwhudsonhm, the frontend we already have could do that04:01
mkanatlifeless: We're also discussing the possibility of just removing the cache entirely.04:01
mwhudsonseeing as it has the branch id to hand04:01
abentleymwhudson: Are you using your router from the sprint?  I'm using my eee as a router again!04:01
mwhudsonabentley: yes, finally04:01
mwhudsonabentley: argh04:01
mwhudsonabentley: because of the xx:45 disconnects?04:01
lifelessmkanat: I've suggested that that is a good idea :)04:01
RenatoSilvawhat's the arg for bzr selftest <plugin> that makes it faster?04:02
lifelessRenatoSilva: -s bp.pluginname04:02
abentleymwhudson: That, and increasingly-agonizing internet connectivity in general.04:02
lifelessRenatoSilva: note that this prefix is buggy04:02
mwhudsonabentley: what did you have before?04:02
lifelessRenatoSilva: because it excludes interface conformance tests (which may not apply to you). But if they do apply to you using that doesn't test the whole plugin.04:02
abentleymwhudson: wrt54g04:03
mkanatmwhudson: I replied, but if the list is moderated, you'll have to clear my reply, since I'm not on the list.04:03
mwhudsonabentley: huh, i thought they were ok04:03
mwhudsonmkanat: i think it is04:03
RenatoSilvalifeless: interface conformance tests?04:03
abentleymwhudson: I've used this one for years.  Maybe the love is gone.04:03
mkanatMy WRT-54G is pretty much OK, though I have DD-WRT on it.04:04
mwhudsonabentley: or maybe your ire needs to be sent further upstream04:04
RenatoSilvalifeless: can't find any info about "bp" in bzr help selftest04:04
abentleymwhudson: I tried that, but elmo wasn't having it.04:04
mwhudsonbut i guess changing router is a good first thing to try04:04
mwhudsonabentley: maybe not that far :-)04:04
* rubbs does a little dance. His first patch ever was just accepted04:05
abentleymwhudson: I went to the vanguard on #is, but elmo joined the conversation.04:05
mwhudsonabentley: i meant your isp04:05
abentleymwhudson: mtr showed packet loss at the entry point to canonical, so I went to #is.  elmo explained that this doesn't really prove a problem, because routers will often discard ICMP datagrams.04:07
mwhudsonabentley: oh right04:07
mkanatrubbs: 'Grats!04:11
rubbsmkanat: thanks!04:12
RenatoSilvaanyone else getting this error? http://img69.imageshack.us/img69/9431/qterror.png04:16
spmmkanat: fyi; we were arrrgggghhh!ing yesterday over the pager in gdb? rtfm reveals: (gdb) set pagination off :-)04:42
mkanatspm: Ahhh. :-)04:42
spmdoncha hate it when the solution is the obvious one!04:43
mwhudsonspm: set height 0 also does that i think04:45
spmmwhudson: so it does.! ta! "The number of lines GDB thinks are in a page. Use 0 to keep GDB from pausing."04:48
* mwhudson stops for the day04:50
spmnight mwhudson, have a great w/e!04:51
mwhudsonspm: well i'm working tomorrow :)04:51
mwhudsonswap day for a couple of weeks04:51
spmahhh. fair enough. that'll learn you for having a honeymoon :-P04:52
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dOxxxwhat version of pycrypto and paramiko does bzr use?05:34
lifelesswhatever you have installed05:39
lifeless[was that what you meant to ask?]05:39
dOxxxlifeless: sorry, it's late and I'm not thinking straight. what version of pycrypto and paramiko does the windows installer bundle?05:49
lifelessno idea; I thought pycrypto was built in now, and its likely latest released paramiko05:51
dOxxxlifeless: The problem I'm having is that in order to use ssh while running bzr from source, I need to have paramiko and pycrypto installed for the version of python I'm using. However, I'm getting deprecation warnings about the sha and md5 modules.05:55
dOxxxlifeless: Is it because I'm using python 2.6?05:55
dOxxxhmm bzr from windows installer bundles python 2.5, that's probably why I don't see the warnings when I'm using that05:56
lifelessdOxxx: I'm pretty sure we fixed all our deprecated warnings05:56
lifelesswhat bzr are you using?05:56
dOxxxlifeless: latest from bzr.dev. these deprecation warnings are coming from pycrypto v2.0.1. if I try pycrypto v2.1.0b1, I get different deprecation warnings about RandomPool05:58
dOxxxthey're only warnings, stuff still works, it just irks me when I'm running selftest every couple of minutes to test a change and I have to mentally filter out these warnings06:00
lifelessyou could fix it :)06:04
dOxxxnot at 1am ;)06:04
dOxxxgood night!06:41
fullermdYes, stock pyrcrpto has warnings with py2.6.06:42
* fullermd khan speel...06:42
fullermdThere are patches floating around.  I know there's one on LP somewhere for Ubuntu.  The FreeBSD port has one.06:42
dOxxxhmm maybe I'll scrounge around tomorrow06:42
dOxxxthanks for the info06:42
fullermd(neither being platform-specific; it's pure py)06:42
dOxxxgood night :)06:43
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MvGLarstiQ: When you find the time, can you try whether lp:~gagern/trac-bzr/quoting works on trac 0.10? I fear it won't...07:33
* igc dinner08:01
eMerzhhi ... i have pbm to access a repository behind a proxy... what should i look to?08:55
eMerzhi've well my http_proxy variable defined08:55
bialixjam: when you'll have a couple of free minutes -- I have a question11:59
GaragothI wanted to try Bazaar, but once I installed it, it fails... 'bzr version' gives me a traceback with message: 'UnboundLocalError: local variable 'version' referenced before assignment'12:16
GaragothCould anyone help me with that?12:17
LarstiQthat sounds rather broken12:17
LarstiQGaragoth: could you pastebin the full traceback?12:17
PengGaragoth: Pastebin the traceback.12:17
LarstiQMvG: hmm, I'm getting TracError: Unsupported version control system "bzr"12:17
LarstiQMvG: but unsure why12:18
igcnight all12:18
LarstiQnight igc!12:18
Pengigc: Good night. :)12:18
Garagothpastebin ?12:18
PengGaragoth: Paste it on http://paste.ubuntu.com/ or a similar site and give us the URL.12:18
LarstiQubottu: paste?12:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about paste?12:18
igcHi LarstiQ! Nice to hear from you12:18
igcThanks Peng12:18
LarstiQigc: likewise :)12:18
MvGLarstiQ: Never mind, I'm just about to set up a dedicated apache config on my desktop in order to test trac-bzr, I'll set up one with 0.10 as well.12:19
LarstiQMvG: oh, ok12:19
LarstiQGaragoth: ehm, your python install seems to be broken12:19
GaragothLarstiQ: Ok, what is wrong with it?12:20
PengGaragoth: What distro are you on?12:21
PengGaragoth: Or, um, OS in general?12:21
PengGaragoth: 1.) There's a bug in Python's platform module, 2.) You have a weird /etc/*release or /etc/*version file; otherwise the bug wouldn't be exposed.12:22
PengGaragoth: To be more specific, it's empty.12:23
GaragothPeng: Both release and version are empty.12:23
PengGaragoth: Yes, well, that would be your problem.12:23
GaragothOk. version now works.12:25
PengNote to self: File Python bug: platform._parse_release_file UnboundLocalError if the file is empty.12:25
Peng(Or if the first line is.)12:25
Garagothrelease is still empty... but I had a test version file not from my distro ;-)12:25
PengAnyway, I was eating pizza and/or watching TV. See ya.12:26
GaragothThanks for info.12:26
Garagothand help/12:26
GaragothNow I have another issue... http://paste.ubuntu.com/323273/12:29
bialixLarstiQ: hi12:34
bialixLarstiQ: I have some experience with trac-bzr, so I might help maybe12:38
GaragothAnyone with fast-import experience? http://paste.ubuntu.com/323273/12:46
bialixGaragoth: are you using the latest version of fast-impor from trunk?12:49
Garagothrevision-id: ian.clatworthy@canonical.com-20091106080627-0n409tg6rrj2hhb012:50
Garagothdate: 2009-11-06 18:06:27 +100012:50
Garagothbuild-date: 2009-11-20 13:50:32 +010012:50
Garagothrevno: 26012:50
Garagothbranch-nick: bzr-fastimport12:50
bialixI don't know what is build-date12:51
bialixanyway this is most likely bug in the plugin12:51
GaragothLooks like date when i branched this repository12:51
bialixfast-import author is igc, he said goodnight half hour ago12:52
bialixyou may want to file a bug12:52
bialixor try to use more recent/older revision12:52
bialixsorry, can't say more12:52
GaragothMm. Thanks.12:53
Garagothplugin version is 0.9.0dev12:55
bialix0.9.0dev means unreleased-yet version12:56
bialixit can has bugs inside12:56
bialixyour traceback is cleanly bug12:56
bialixrevno 260 -- is the latest version in trunk12:57
bialixGaragoth: you really need to file a bug report12:57
GaragothOk, I will.12:59
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jammorning bialix, what's your question?14:17
bialixhi jam14:17
bialixjam: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/qbzr/bug_430232_early_qapp_trunk14:17
bialixthis branch seems is not needed anymore?14:18
bialixwe have your fix in the trunk, I'm not sure what the purpose of this branch14:18
bialixif it really no needed, can you mark it as merged or abandoned?14:18
bialixjam ^14:19
jambialix: Sure, though I would have thought the fix would have been merged from there14:19
jamanyway, I can mark it merged14:19
bialixjam: it strange but trunk has different your revision with slightly different commit message14:19
jamI might have done it 2 times or something14:19
bialixand with the same revno14:19
jamno big deal14:19
bialixthanks jam!14:19
jamor maybe did an uncommit?14:20
bialixjam: and while I've got a bit of your attention, can I point on Bug 485771?14:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 485771 in bzr "[win32][2.1.0b3] windows command-line parser replace \ with /" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/48577114:20
bialixI can imagine why it works as it works now, but I have reasons to think it's not right14:21
jambialix: so... I think there is a "has_glob" function in 'glob', that you can use to tell if we need to try and expand a command line param14:23
jamhowever note that if you do "bzr commit -m "foo\bar"  it will 'just work'14:23
jamalso note that with the proposed patch, "bzr commit -m foo\bar" is going to warn/prompt you...14:24
jamanyway, I forget the specific function, but certainly we could only try to expand things that have ? or * in them.14:24
bialixI think I want to write a patch to disable glob with env variable14:24
bialixjam: BZR_GLOB=0 will be OK for you?14:25
jamso caveat the discussion about it breaking scripts, etc14:25
jamit seems ok14:26
jamI might put "BZR_WIN32_GLOB=0"14:26
jamor... BZR_WIN32_NOGLOB=114:26
bialixso many choices14:26
bialixflkip a coin?14:26
jamanyway, I'll let you work out the details14:26
bialixBZR_WIN32_NOGLOB and any non-empty value14:26
bialixthat sounds sane for me14:27
bialixsomething like there is done for NO_PROXY?14:27
bialixthx for suggestion, I'll try to make a patch this weekend14:27
bialixjam: is there planned b4?14:28
jambialix: yeah, I'm pretty sure, and certainly at least an rc114:28
jamso rc1 => 2.1.0 final won't have many changes, but current => rc1 can14:28
bialixI just need to have some gap to make sure NOGLOB patch will be landed for 2.114:28
jambasically at rc1 it goes 'stable'14:29
jamyou've got ~2 months14:29
bialixmore than enough :-)14:29
jambialix: I think not globbing when there isn't a glob character is also a worthwhile fix, on-top of a _NOGLOB variable.14:48
jambialix: do both, not just noglob14:50
bialixah, understand14:50
jamnoglob is useful, but it is a big hammer that people have to think about to turn on14:51
jamrather than have things "just work" most of the time14:51
bialixjam: ok, I understand, but noglob is simpler to write right now, do what I mean needs some thinking14:52
bialixjam: another your branch @ qbzr: https://code.launchpad.net/~jameinel/qbzr/progress14:52
bialixdo you recall what is it off hands?14:52
jambialix: I think qannotate just showed "loading" and that patch adds a progress bar14:57
jamso that you could see how close it was to done14:58
jamthe progress  bar was commented out in the code14:58
jamI just uncommented it, etc.14:58
jamI don't know where that widget is used, etc.14:59
jamI haven't focused on it in a while14:59
jambut it was nicer at the time14:59
bialixjam: ok thanks, I'll try to get a closer look on your changes, a bit later15:00
GaragothHmm. I'm trying to fast-export an svn repository (to import it to Bazaar later), but exporting fails with: Can't create a character converter from 'UTF-8' to native encoding15:02
bialixGaragoth: svn-import does not work for you?15:03
GaragothNot tried that yet.15:04
GaragothIs it part of bzr-svn ?15:05
bialixyep, it's from bzr-svn15:05
GaragothOk.. let me build that...15:05
konnertzhi, i do a bzr st in my child branch and get15:16
konnertzpending merges:15:16
konnertzPeter Smith 2009-11-11 More stuff for ...15:17
konnertzThis info is available only in my parent branch , right?15:17
konnertzso why is it shown to me?15:18
Lo-lan-doYou merged it but didn't commit it?15:18
konnertzi should add, Peter is somebody else with his own branch and he is the main person reviewing the changes i bzr send to the main repo15:20
konnertzso imo either he has merged all his changes to central repo or not15:21
konnertzand if not, i dont need to see them!?15:21
Garagothbialix: bzr svn-import seems to work.15:23
konnertzis it understandable what i mean?15:25
konnertzI cant do anything to clear the status15:25
Garagothbialix: I spoke too early... 'bzr: ERROR: Must end write group before releasing write lock on CHKInventoryRepository('file:///warlock/Bazaar/mudlib/mudlib/.bzr/repository/')15:28
bialixGaragoth: something weird with your bzr15:28
bialixGaragoth: what version of bzr you are using?15:29
Takwhen I do `bzr annotate` , I get a lot of revisions like "41.2.30" - is there any way to go from that to a "normal" revspec? (i.e. the ones shown in `bzr log`)15:29
bialixGaragoth: and bzr-svn? 1.0.1?15:31
Lo-lan-doTak: 41.2.30 is a normal revspec15:32
Lo-lan-doTak: It's just a revision that was committed as part of a merge15:32
bialixGaragoth: something weird, but I have no idea what exactly.15:32
Lo-lan-doTak: You can see it if you "bzr log -n 2"15:32
Garagothbialix: http://paste.ubuntu.com/323424/15:35
Garagothtrace from that error, from .bzr.log15:35
bialixGaragoth: it lloks like bzr-svn incorrectly working with bzr internals15:36
bialixGaragoth: it seems it's not your day today :-/15:36
Garagothbialix: Should I post a bug report about this?15:36
bialixyes, pleasd15:36
bialixyes, please15:36
Garagoththat would be third today... first day of bzr, and...15:36
bialixGaragoth: don't give up!15:37
bialixGaragoth: does there is something non-stadard in your system? filesystem?15:37
GaragothHa. I have 219 svn revisions to import, each of about 80MB when targzipped...15:37
Garagothfilesystem is ext315:38
Garagothon raid515:38
Garagothand lvm on top of it15:38
bialixGaragoth: does you svn repo have many branches?15:38
Garagothnot a single one.15:38
bialixcan you try then just simple: bzr branch URL/to/svn15:38
bialixwhat is lvm?15:39
Garagothlogical volume manager15:39
smagounIs there a way to revert/uncommit a specific revision? Say my current tree is at r100, I want to revert r98. The catch is that r98 includes binary files, so I can't just do 'bzr diff -r97..98 > foo.patch && patch -R < foo.patch' or so.15:39
Garagothit is used to make 'partitions' on disks...15:40
Garagothbialix: bzr branch started similarly as svn-import (it scanned all revisions), and now it hangs on copying revision 015:43
Garagothand svn repo starts from revision 1 ...15:43
bialixGaragoth: my bad, use URL/to/svn/trunk15:43
bialixsmagoun: bzr merge -rN..N-115:44
Garagothah, no, there is revision 0, sorry. It is empty.15:44
smagounbialix: nifty, I'll try that. Thanks15:44
Garagothbialix: You mean URL to working copy or what...?15:44
bialixGaragoth: no, I mean svn repo15:45
bialixusing your traceback from paste it should be like this: file:///repository/svn/mudlib/trunk15:45
Garagothbialix: There is no such thing.15:46
bialixGaragoth: file:///repository/svn/mudlib/ <-- is it correct URL to your svn repo you want to convert?15:46
Garagothin repository/svn/mudlib I have:15:46
Garagothconf  dav  db  format  hooks  locks15:46
bialixGaragoth: that's ok15:46
bialixsvn has inside virtual fs15:47
smagounbialix: so that didn't work - it tried to merge from a remote branch which I had previously merged into r50 or so of my current branch). "Merging from remembered submit location bzr:ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/blahblah"15:47
jamkonnertz: doesn't "bzr revert" clear the status?15:47
bialixsmagoun: use . as merge source15:47
TakLo-lan-do: cool, that helps - thanks! ( http://img265.imageshack.us/img265/5346/bzrannotatemerge.png )15:47
Garagothbialix: bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/repository/svn/mudlib/trunk".15:47
smagounbialix: seems to have done the trick - thank you15:48
bialixGaragoth: I'm not very good in svn, but what URL you may use to run svn co ... ?15:48
GaragothHmm... I was using it by svnserve... and I belive it was just: mudlib15:49
Garagothbialix: as svnserve was running from /repository/svn15:49
Garagothbialix: Yup. URL I was using was: svn://
bialixso run: bzr branch svn://
GaragothAhm. First I have to run svnserve.15:51
Garagothargh. Just a moment, I will set it up...15:52
PengWhat's the point of using svn://localhost? Why not just file://?15:52
* Peng sees backlog. Oh.15:52
* bialix not very good in svn15:52
bialixPeng: can you suggest something? I'm almost out of ideas how to help Garagoth15:53
GaragothPeng: That is why I was trying with file://repository/svn/mudlib/ ...15:53
Takdoes svn+file://... work?15:53
GaragothTak: in which command?15:54
Takbzr branch15:55
bialixGaragoth: bzr branch svn+file15:55
Garagothbzr: ERROR: Invalid url supplied to transport: "svn+file:/repository/svn/mudlib"15:56
gdoubleuI was trying to use svn+file yesterday when testing a checkout of a svn repo, but got the same error15:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 485496 in bzr-svn "checkout using svn+file protocol fails with invalid url error" [Undecided,New]15:56
Garagothbut with file:///15:56
Garagothit started, but just hung at revision 015:56
PengGaragoth: Hung? How long? Was it really hung or was it still working?15:57
PengGaragoth: Is this a small repo or not?15:58
GaragothPeng: revision 0 is empty. Revision 1 has some data. It was copying revision 0 for 5 minutes or so, then I interrupted it.15:58
Garagothsvn-import went thru rev 0 in less then second, completed rev 1, 2, and failed on rev 315:59
konnertzjam, ok yes it does. But there is a change in parent branch, i fetch with bzr merge15:59
konnertzraising a criss-cross merge msg16:00
jamkonnertz: if you "bzr merge" you have to "bzr commit" that before it is recorded locally16:00
konnertzi resolve the conflict manually16:00
konnertzand the bzr st shows me the pending merge16:00
jamcriss-cross warning isn't harmfull, though doing "bzr merge --weave" will likely result in fewer conflicts in that situation16:00
jamkonnertz: you haven't committed the merge yet16:00
jamso it will continue to tell you about it until you do16:00
konnertzi see , moment16:01
konnertzok, bzr st is clear and bzr merge nothing to do,16:02
Lo-lan-dojam: I was under the impression that --lca was more recommended than --weave, did I miss something?16:02
jamLo-lan-do: --weave was badly broken ~ 1 year ago, I've fixed it16:02
konnertznow there's a bla.xy~1~ file16:02
jam*I* prefer --weave to --lca16:02
jamabentley probably would say the opposite16:02
jamthey have slightly different characteristics16:03
Lo-lan-doOkay, I'll remember to try it next time I get criss-cross conflicts.16:03
jamedge case handling, etc16:03
konnertzok same content as current file, i deleted16:03
abentleyLo-lan-do: When two sides have resolved a merge differently, weave arbitrarily picks one side, lca conflicts.16:04
konnertzi see, i'll check the other merge alg. next time16:04
Lo-lan-doabentley: I see.16:05
Lo-lan-doabentley: Which side is picked, if you remember offhand?16:05
abentleyLo-lan-do: I don't remember which side is picked.  jam is likely to.16:06
jamLo-lan-do: things tend to depend on the order things were inserted into the weave. so merging a=>b may give a different result than b=>a.16:11
jamHowever, IIRC there are also differences when you have 'multi-layered' crisscross issues16:11
jamwhere weave takes into account more history than lca16:11
jamwhich only looks at the immediate lca ancestors16:11
Lo-lan-doThat's way above my level of understanding of the innards of merges, but thanks anyway :-)16:12
jamLo-lan-do: as a short point: http://paste.ubuntu.com/323450/16:13
jamD supersedes both B & C, so if there is a conflict between D & E16:14
jambut the line in E clearly comes from B or C16:14
jamthen D should win16:14
jam"clearly" I think is at least partially up for debate16:14
Lo-lan-doSounds reasonable.16:14
jam--lca only looks at D & E, so it can't directly tell16:15
jamHowever, Aaron's comment is that if D picks B and E picks C16:15
jamthen weave may not conflict16:15
jamand just "pick B" or something16:15
jamif you look at: http://revctrl.org/CrissCrossMerge#orderingambiguities%3Aordering16:16
jamunder "Simple Weave Merge" it describes one of the "accidentally clean" failures of weave merging16:17
Garagothbialix, Peng: FYI, svn-import svn:// failed with same error on revision 316:17
jamI'm not positive if "bzr merge --weave" suffers from this, but it probably does16:17
bialixGaragoth: jelmer is the author of bzr-svn and main wizard of it.16:18
bialixI'd ask him about your problem16:19
Garagothbialix: And where can I find him...?16:19
PengI want to push 2 (unstacked) copies of the same branch to LP. Any way to do it without having to upload everything twice?16:19
bialixGaragoth: usually he appears on this channel very often, but rightn now IIUC he's on UDS16:20
PengHmm. Does LP mind if I stack on something other than the development focus branch?16:20
bialixtry to send mail to main bzr ML16:20
Garagothbialix: I am im middle of reporting a bug in bzr-svn, shall I continue?16:21
bialixyes, he will receive that too16:21
bialixGaragoth: jelmer just entered the building! magic!16:26
bialixhi jelmer, we waiting you :-)16:26
GaragothHmmm.... now svn-import (another try) hangs in revision 0... uses 96% of cpu, some io...16:26
Garagothjelmer: Hi. Could you please have a look at: http://paste.ubuntu.com/323424/16:27
jelmerbialix: uhm.. hi :-)16:27
jelmerGaragoth, is this using the latest version of bzr-svn?16:28
jelmerGaragoth, is the repository you're trying to import public?16:28
jelmerGaragoth: The error you are seeing is masking the actual error16:29
jelmerGaragoth: in fetch.py:1290 please put "pass" rather than self.target.unlock() and try again16:29
PengFYI: The answer is no, it does not mind. Probably; I haven't fully tested it. That makes sense, since the development focus branch can be changed, and IIRC old stacked branches will not be updated.16:30
jelmerjam: hi16:30
jamhey jelmer16:30
jelmerjam: Is there a particular reason why bzr only supports stacking on the source branch from the UI?16:31
jelmerjam: Preventing users from shooting themselves in the foot?16:31
jamno clearly defined way of specifying something else?16:32
jamnot really sure16:32
* Peng has steel boots on to prevent that. :)16:32
jamjelmer: 'bzr push --stacked-on ..."  allows you to specify a location16:32
jamI assume you could do something similar for 'bzr branch'16:32
jamhowever, I think the goal is to limit stacking a bit16:33
jamsince the branch must always be available ,etc.16:33
Garagothjelmer: Ok, will try in a moment... I lifted memory limits and executed it again, now it is thinking very hard on revision 3...16:34
GaragothHm, went to 4th rev16:34
jelmerjam: Thanks16:34
Garagothjelmer: Maybe it run out of memory (had 512MB limit), not it allocated 930 MB and is still working.16:35
Garagothjelmer: Is that possible?16:35
jelmercould be - how much data is in that repo?16:36
Garagothjelmer: rev1 is 57MB, rev2 is 5MB, rev3 is 2MB16:37
bialixGaragoth: so what was non-standard in your system! memory limiter16:37
bialixI feel this16:37
bialixtoo much very strange errors here and there16:37
bialixGaragoth: maybe without hard limits you can manage fast-import to work too16:38
Garagothbialix: Well, that is why I increased it to 1GB16:38
GaragothBut anyway, error is VERY misleading16:39
jelmerGaragoth, odd, it shouldn't be using that much memory in that case16:40
bialixbecause you have out of memory and error reporter failed to create right leading message :-)16:40
Garagothjelmer: Well, stands still at 750MB virtual mem and 200MB res16:41
Garagothmaybe not that still. 762MB now.16:42
jambialix: lp:///~jameinel/bzr/2.1.0b4-485771-win32-nostar-noglob16:42
jamonce it finishes pushing16:42
GaragothHm, just finished with rev 4, started copying rev 516:43
Garagothjelmer: Do you want that error from paste.ubuntu filed as a bug report?16:43
bialixjam: cool, thanks!16:44
PengWhat makes a branch stacked? Presence of stacked_on_location in branch.conf?16:44
PengAnything else?16:44
jelmerGaragoth, what was the actual error you got when you replaced that line?16:44
Garagothjelmer: What do you mean: replaced that line?16:45
jambialix: looking at the code, it was clearly wrong16:46
jamas it would replace all '\' with '/' even in quoted messages, etc.16:46
Garagothjelmer: I pasted what I found in .bzr.log, on console I only got last message (BzrError: Must end write group before releasing write lock ...)16:47
PengI think my stacking experiment failed.16:48
jelmerGaragoth: see my comment earlier16:48
bialixjam: bb:approve :-)16:48
jelmer<jelmer> Garagoth: The error you are seeing is masking the actual error16:48
jelmer Garagoth: in fetch.py:1290 please put "pass" rather than self.target.unlock() and try again16:48
MvG"pydoc -p", the python documentation http server, fails to serve documentation for e.g. bzrlib.branch. Is it just me, is pydoc broken, or is bzr doing something particularly fishy?16:49
Garagothjelmer: Ahm. Just a sec, I will lower memory limit back to 512MB and try again. Can I simply edit file in /usr/lib/python... ?16:50
PengNever mind. "bzr check" is just confusing: It gives the local repository URL even when checking revisions in the stacked-on repo.16:50
Pengfallback repo. Whatever.16:50
jelmerGaragoth: Yeah16:51
bialixMvG: I'd say bzrlib16:53
MvGOK, probably not worth fixing, so I'll stick to ascii pydoc.16:54
Garagothjelmer: Ok. Thais might take a while, I'm waiting for current process to interrupt (it does not end immediately on Ctrl-C) and the run again, revs 1 and 2 take about 5 minutes to import...16:54
Garagothjelmer: And it allocated 850 virt, 200 res at this moment...16:54
Garagothjelmer: in MB16:54
bialixMvG: you may find useful http://starship.python.net/crew/mwh/bzrlibapi/16:55
bialixMvG: IIRC there is problems with lazy_imports which used pretty heavily inside bzrlib16:56
MvGbialix: That link indeed looks useful, thanks!16:56
* bialix hopes to look at new trac-bzr soon16:56
MvGbialix: just trying to fix "view changeset by revis, without naming a branch" behaviour...16:57
Garagothjelmer: Why it is spending so much time on copying revisio 0? It is empty...16:58
bialixMvG: I just need to get some free time to upgrade our trac install at work, my remark just "sigh"16:58
MvGAs of an hour ago, I've got a working apache setup running on my local machine and serving both trac 0.10 and trac 0.11... And in CGI mode, which will make development faster than with the fcgi I used before, where I had to restart apache after every modification.16:59
jelmerGaragoth, it should be fairly quick processing rev017:00
Garagothjelmer: strange. First try I ever made was fast. Each of next ones takes forever.17:01
bialixMvG: so I can try to hope that 0.10 will be supported more or less well?17:01
Garagothjelmer: And it allocated 478MB already17:02
Garagothstill at rev 017:02
Garagothjelmer: Failed with: MemoryError17:02
jelmerGaragoth: Still at rev0 ?17:03
jelmerGaragoth, There is something going very wrong there....17:03
MvGbialix: YOu at least have a chance that all improvements I do that will work for 0.10 are incorporated into a 0.10 branch, and that I won't commit stuff to that branch that doesn't work for 0.10. At least in cases where "works" is easy to see.17:03
Garagothjelmer: Ok, what can I show to you then?17:04
bialixMvG: cool, thank you!17:05
Garagothjelmer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/323495/17:06
jelmerGaragoth, that doesn't help much unfortunately17:06
jelmerGaragoth, what distro are you using?17:08
jelmerGaragoth: does "bzr selftest bzrlib.plugins.svn" work?17:10
Garagothjelmer: executing...17:11
Garagoth240 tests done, 84MB allocated...17:12
jelmervila: ping17:15
Garagothjelmer: Ran 1288 tests in 200.115s, OK (known_failures=2), 46 tests skipped, tests passed.17:15
CoffeeIVI am moving a working directory (checked out) and the branch it was checked out from, to a new directory.  Is the .bzr/branch/branch.conf the only file I have to edit to point the working directory to the new branch ?17:40
maxbI think so17:41
CoffeeIVok . . . I made backups so I guess I will try it and find out17:43
abentleyjam: I'm pretty sure weave merge does suffer from it.  I'm pretty sure mysql wanted that.17:54
jamabentley: so the specific cases I debugged were cases where there was a double-criss-cross and the fallback had a clear resolution on one side18:00
jambut yes, that could also be true18:00
abentleyjam: Oh, I thought that each side of the criss-cross kept resolving the conflicts in their favour, and they wanted a merge that would do that automatically.18:02
echosHow do I remove a symbolic link from commit tree?19:03
echosI'm using bzr remove but it doesn't seem to be working at all19:07
echosI'm getting ERROR: * is not in the same branch as *19:07
maxbThat's a really weird error19:31
maxbAre you removing part of the error and replacing it with * for IRC?19:32
maxbPlease don't19:32
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jamechos: rm symlink ; bzr rm20:20
jam'bzr rm' should remove any file that was versioned but is no longer present20:20
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SaktothHey folks. Any idea what this means? Im totally clueless:20:35
SaktothC:\Program Files\2awr>bzr up20:35
SaktothUnable to load plugin u'rebase'. It requested API version (2, 0, 0) of module <m20:35
Saktothodule 'bzrlib' from 'C:\Program Files\Bazaar\lib\library.zip\bzrlib\__init__.pyo20:35
Saktoth'> but the minimum exported version is (2, 1, 0), and the maximum is (2, 1, 0)20:35
Saktothbzr: ERROR: No WorkingTree exists for "file:///C:/Program%20Files/2awr/.bzr/chec20:35
lifelessit means you need a newer bzr-rebase plugin. Its called bzr-rewrite now.20:38
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SaktothHow do i get that? Get the test release? Latest stable? or do i need to download the plugin seperately?20:48
jmlwe're writing useful Python code snippets into a gobby session21:54
jmlat desktop-code-snip-party21:56
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ub3rst4rhi, i was wondering what the difference between update and merge is, and why i have to do merge instead update when i go to work on the code23:49
fullermdUpdate updates your working tree to match its branch.  Merge brings changes over from another branch.23:50
ub3rst4rso why do i need to use merge?23:51
mwhudsonabentley: are you still here?23:51
fullermdI...   don't know.  That's like asking "why do I have to drive downtown?"  If you have to go downtown, then you have to because you have to; if you don't, you don't...23:53
ub3rst4ri thought there was a way on launchpad to change how to manage the code when working with multiple accounts23:54
mwhudsonif you have people doing development in parallel you're likely to have to merge at some point23:55
mwhudsonunless you all use checkouts23:55
ub3rst4ri sort of dont understand it23:56
ub3rst4rdo u need to run the merge command everytime u go to work on the code?23:56
fullermdWell, merge/update/etc don't really have anything to do with LP...  's all about what branches you have where.23:57
mwhudsonub3rst4r: i work in the 'feature branches' model23:57
mwhudsonso all commits to trunk are merges23:57
mwhudsonub3rst4r: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-guide/organizing_your_workspace.html#feature-branches23:58
mwhudsonub3rst4r: reading this whole page may do you a lot of good, i'd guess23:58
fullermdYou may want to look over http://bazaar-vcs.org/MatthewFuller/AboutPushPullMerge as well; it sounds like you're not really clear on which pieces you're putting where.23:59

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