ZeikfriedWtf is CPU scaling?00:00
sithlord48when u cpu changes speed based on its power state00:01
ZeikfriedWell, lemme change my question a bit.00:01
ZeikfriedI have teh Gnome Power Manager installed from doing apt-get ubuntu-desktop.00:01
BluesKajondemand and performance are the steps I use00:01
ZeikfriedWould i be able to remove teh Gnome Power Manager, and use the KDE version instead?00:02
macopowerdevil should control things while youre in kde00:02
macoeven if g-p-m is installed. that should only be active when youre in gnome00:02
ZeikfriedWell, the reason i want to remove it is because i use gnome for gaming, but i get the image of my mouse cursor in the middle of teh screen, and it is caused by the power manager.00:03
ZeikfriedOther than the fact that i killed out Kwin and use Compiz and Emerald for compositing in my KDE setup, everything runs great.00:05
ZeikfriedJust cant game in it.00:05
ZeikfriedNeed a copy of ubuntu-tweak designed for KDE....00:11
zed_okay... can someone help me get java/flash up and runing on a fresh install of kubuntu KK?00:13
zed_guess not00:18
ZeikfriedIs there an opensource gaming channel?00:18
zed_no flash or java makes the baby jesus cry00:18
Zeikfriedzed_ You should be able to download the flash software from adobes website.00:18
zed_tried that00:18
Zeikfriedjava though, i have no clue on that one.00:19
ZeikfriedLook in your package manager for an option to install flash non free.00:19
zed_tried that too00:19
zed_it says it installed00:19
zed_but doesn't work00:19
ZeikfriedWhat browser are you using?00:19
zed_also, the same exact java update keeps popping up00:19
zed_even though I approve the update, it keeps coming back00:20
ZeikfriedGo to the addond section for firefox and install the java and flash addons.00:20
zed_I'll try that00:20
ZeikfriedThey have a set of addons that are integrated into teh browser.00:20
ZeikfriedYou just have to install them.00:20
Walzmynzed are you on a 64bit system?00:21
WalzmynIf you right click on a downloaded item in firefox and select "open containing folder", you get a dialog asking what app should it use - How do I fix that?00:24
zed_no, a very old 32 bit desktop00:24
ZeikfriedAre you trying to open a .rar file?00:25
Walzmynzed_: ok. There's an issue with 64bit, ya gotta get the right package to install00:25
zed_I'm downloading java directly from the website now00:25
zed_I don't understand why installing the restricted package suite from the command line didn't work00:26
zed_and I couldn't get passed the java EULA00:26
zed_no obvious way to accept the EULA00:26
zed_I checked the firefox add-ons, I couldn't find one that installed java directly.. they were all appz to do things like debug java or turn it off ect.00:27
ZeikfriedI dont even think i have java now that i think about it. o.o00:28
ZeikfriedOh, yep, i do have it.00:28
ZeikfriedAnd i just read it, i am using shockwaves version of flash.00:28
zed_java package from the java website is done00:29
zed_I will try to install this one00:29
zed_be back00:29
ZeikfriedWhich is odd, because i installed the package from adobe.00:29
zed_isn't shockwave a adobe product?00:29
ZeikfriedI believe so.00:30
ZeikfriedBut it says i have   Shockwave Flash 10.0 r3200:30
ZeikfriedWas production of Afterfall discontinued?00:32
zed_now I'm having more issues00:34
zed_terminal refuses to let me login as superuser00:34
zed_maybe windows is better00:34
ZeikfriedCould be 9.10 giving you issues.00:36
zed_I didn't have these problems with jackalope00:40
zed_but koala has been fighting me00:40
zed_lol, someone just joined with the name "zed_is_a_good_boy"00:41
ZeikfriedI just stick with Intrepid.00:50
ZeikfriedI have it almost bug free so far.00:51
ZeikfriedOnly thing i know if that crashes the system is clicking on a file to rename it, and while teh text is highlighted to be renamed, right click again and hit copy to copy teh text you are about to change.00:52
ZeikfriedLast time i did that i had to reinstall my whole setup.00:52
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bamamanTesting out kubuntu. never used it before. have only used ubuntu.. seems a lot different.01:15
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CoverSlidenot much different01:19
CoverSlideplus you can still run gtk programs01:20
brmassaguys, is there a GUI for managing SSH and GPG keys?01:24
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lovrehi can i remove all files within a folder structure named 'file.ext'.. I tried this, but it is not working: find | grep 'file.ext' | rm   .....says that rm is missing an operand, so i suppose it cant except piped ones..02:07
roberto__i need to know if there any software pc to phone call for fre on linux?02:08
RoastedGuys - question - this may be kind of stupid but I'm just learning KDE as I've been a gnome user for 4 years. If I'm installing something and I need to enter the ppa line in sources.list and edit it to match my linux version, do I put ubuntu jaunty, or do I put kubuntu jaunty?02:13
JontheEchidnaRoasted: the ppa lines are identical for ubuntu and kubuntu02:14
Roastedjontheechidna - so if I n eed to add this ppa and edit it, what do I use on my kubuntu machine? If I put kubuntu jaunty will it auto detect and know what Im doing?02:15
JontheEchidnakdesudo software-properties-kde02:16
JontheEchidnathen add the ppa line in the "other software" tab02:16
Roastedbut what Im saying is, the ppa line says "enter ubuntu version here"02:17
RoastedIm using kubuntu jaunty02:17
Roasteddo I put kubuntu jaunty, or ubuntu jaunty02:18
Roastedcause Ive just NEVER seen an example with kubuntu in the ppa line02:18
RoeyJontheEchidna, Roasted:  HA! I read your nicks as RoastedEchidna02:19
JontheEchidnaoops, he left02:24
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Roastedhi guys - I added a dock on my KDE machine, with the KDE panel at the top of the screen to resemble my gnome roots as best as possible and the dock at the bottom. How do I take away the panel functionality to show open windows? I want the dock to handle that.02:46
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Lindowsnot sure if this is the correct channel, but I mount a network drive and it appears kubuntu is attempting to mount the network drive before the network is up (or I'm even logged in).  Anyway to tell it to wait?04:11
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Viking667hello there. I've got a question I don't know how to answer. I'm looking for a GUI process browser, much like SysInternal's Process Explorer. What is available in kubuntu? (Koala)04:17
RexeloneHi I'm new too but if i'm not wrong its called system monitor under system folder04:18
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Lindowsviking667: have you tried system monitor?04:21
iconmefistotrying to mount nfs, I get this error: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting04:22
Viking667I'll look for that. I'm currently ssh'd into the machine with a combination of top and pstree, trying to figure out why the machine's spinning its wheels.04:22
Viking667Note to the wise: Kubuntu and 384Mb don't make a good match.04:23
Lindowsiconmefisto: do you have the package smbfs installed? sudo aptitude install smbfs04:23
Viking667I already tried fitting another 256Mb stick to the motherboard, but the motherboard doesn't like the stick I tried.04:23
iconmefistoLindows: nfs not samba04:23
iconmefistoLindows: but yes, I do have smbfs installed04:25
Lindowsiconmefisto: I'm not terribly familiar with nfs, I use samba.  The only thing I can think of is 1) making sure the information is correct 2) restarting the service to make sure it's update with the new information04:26
flandersIs it possible to automatically split audio tracks in K3B by certain intervals (every X seconds) or into a specific number of parts?04:29
flandersI know it can be done in Brasero (for GNOME), but I can only find an option to split tracks manually with K3B, not automatically?04:30
luis_hello guys good night to you all i just install kubuntu 9.10 and also installed wicd but it wont connect to mmy wired interface can somebody help me pls??05:04
luis_it got worst now it wont start wicd05:10
luis_not even when i type wicd on terminal05:10
bazhangluis_, what does ifconfig show in the konsole? eth0 ?05:11
luis_lets see05:12
luis_it shows link ancap: bucle local05:13
luis_direc. inet6: ::1/12805:13
bazhangluis_, please paste.ubuntu.com with the output from ifconfig and lspci05:14
luis_activo loopback funcionando mtu 1643605:14
luis_its not in my pc05:14
luis_its on my laptop05:14
luis_i cannot connect my laptop to internet05:14
bazhangluis_, do you have an ethernet cable attached to it05:15
bazhangluis_, sudo ifup eth0  <-- in konsole05:15
luis_it was fine but after installing it i restart it and stop working05:15
iconmefistoluis_: any reason why you need wicd?05:16
luis_it saids : --in no file or directorie05:17
luis_yes wicd connects woth out any problem to wireless interfaces05:17
luis_in here i got not wireless interfaces but i do at work05:17
luis_here is what i did05:18
luis_after trying05:18
luis_i right click ont wicd icon and click on quit05:19
iconmefistoluis_: I think you may have pasted too much of bazhang's command. don't paste the <-- in konsole part05:19
luis_and now it wont show icon and also wont start05:19
luis_so what do i do?05:19
bazhangluis_, try again from the konsole05:19
luis_what do i type?05:20
iconmefistoluis_:  just this: sudo ifup eth005:20
bazhangsudo ifup eth005:20
bazhangnothing more :)05:20
luis_it says: ignoring unkown interface eth0=eth0.05:21
iconmefistoluis_: ctrl+esc and search to see if wicd is still running05:23
luis_do i exit from konsole first?05:24
iconmefistono need05:24
iconmefistoluis_: also, how did you try restarting wicd? I think the command for the systray widget is wicd-client05:25
luis_it doesnt even appear in there05:25
luis_i just did that wicd.client05:27
luis_and it says that wicd daemon is shutting down05:27
luis_at the end says: nameerror: global name pynotify is not definied05:28
iconmefistoluis_: if you do this in konsole:   sudo lshw -C network   does it show you a ethernet interface?05:30
luis_lets see05:30
luis_it has a lot of stuff05:32
luis_wireless inrterface05:32
luis_and the name of the hardware i think05:33
luis_and also says network disabled05:33
luis_also ethernet interface05:34
luis_network disabled05:34
Claw6hey guys every time i reboot my composite is turned off. I have added Option Composite Enable to the xorg.conf http://pastebin.ca/1678930 wheres the problem ? wrong formated ?05:34
iconmefistowhat's the "logical name" of the disabled one?05:34
luis_let me see if i can copy that into my usb device so u can c it05:35
luis_almost done05:37
luis_there it is05:39
luis_can you see it?05:40
iconmefistoluis_: can you try      sudo ifup eth0    again?  make sure eth0 you type a zero, not uppercase o05:45
luis_Ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth0.05:47
iconmefistoluis_: do this: cat /etc/network/interfaces05:48
iconmefistodo you see eth0 anywhere in that file?05:49
luis_cat/etc/network/interfaces: no such file or directory05:50
iconmefistospace after "cat"05:50
luis_auto lo05:51
luis_iface lo inet loopback05:51
iconmefistotry editing that file with this command: sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces05:52
iconmefistoadd eth0 to the end of the "auto" line so it says   auto lo eth005:53
luis_ok i am in there what do i do?05:53
iconmefistoremember it's a zero not the letter o05:53
luis_ok so i have to replace iface lo inet loopback?05:54
luis_and type eth0 instead right?05:54
iconmefistoand also add a new line: iface eth0 inet dhcp05:55
iconmefistooh wait05:55
iconmefistodon't replace anything05:55
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shahalomok, retard here05:56
iconmefistojust add eth0 to the end of the line that starts with auto05:56
shahalomboxee is drawing a blank05:56
shahalomintegrated intel video card, just upgraded to karmic05:56
iconmefistoluis_: and add a new line that says:  iface eth0 inet dhcp05:57
shahalomnow boxee is totally blank, no erros when running, no proprietary drivers listed05:57
shahalomi would just like to know how to troubleshoot05:57
shahalomor advice even05:58
luis_ok done05:59
luis_now how do i save those changes?05:59
iconmefistoluis_: ctrl+X to exit, and it will ask you if you want to keep changes06:00
intruderi just freshly reinstalled kubuntu 9.10 and now usb device notification does not work anymore, but CD notification does. I restarted udev & hal but still nothing... is this a newly introduced bug ?06:00
iconmefistoanswer yes to keep changes, and then enter when you see the filename /etc/network/interfaces06:00
intrudercan't find any info on it06:01
intruderexcept one that doesnt work06:01
Claw6hey guys every time i reboot my composite is turned off. I have added Option Composite Enable to the xorg.conf http://pastebin.ca/1678930 wheres the problem ? wrong formated ?06:02
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luis_it keeps asking me if i want to save the faile with a different name and it wont let me type no or yes either06:04
iconmefistoluis_: I don't know what's wrong. do you want to start again?06:06
luis_i'll let you now i just rstart the laptop06:06
iconmefistoluis_: so what happened? did you save those edits or not?06:09
luis_i just notice everytime i restart the laptop whne it start appears a little window that is asking me for passwor for wicd it says wicd needs acces to your computers network cards and it has belo order: /usr/bin/wicd06:10
luis_let me start over again06:10
iconmefistoluis_: so you didn't save the edits?06:11
luis_they are saved06:11
iconmefistojust to make sure, do this in konsole to see what the file looks like now: cat /etc/network/interfaces06:11
luis_it says: auto lo eth006:12
luis_iface lo inet loopback06:12
luis_iface eth0 inet dhcp06:13
iconmefistoluis_: ok good. so you restarted the laptop?06:13
iconmefistoluis_: in konsole, do this to see if eth0 is up and running: ifconfig06:14
luis_thats what i got06:17
iconmefistoluis_: ok that looks good now. you've got eth0 working06:19
iconmefistois wicd running?06:19
luis_let me paste bin it06:20
iconmefistook, let's test your internet connection first. in konsole: ping google.com06:20
luis_typing: ping google.com says: unknown host google.com06:21
iconmefistook, no connection then06:22
luis_if i type wicd-client or click om wicd i got: Could not connetc to wicd's D-Bus interface. Check the wicd log for error messages06:25
iconmefistoluis_: look at this page: http://www.go2linux.org/ERROR-dbus-proxies-Introspect-error-exception-org-freedesktop-wicd06:26
iconmefistotry the command shown there and see if it fixes it06:27
luis_i did inot command usermode found06:29
iconmefistousermod -a -G netdev mar     (if "mar" is you username on the laptop)06:31
luis_it says: usermod: cannot lock /etc/passwd; try again later.06:32
iconmefistoluis_: try the same command with             sudo usermod06:36
greghaynesHello all, Im trying to get nvidia drivers working on my new 9.10 install but its not working.  I installed nvidia-glx-180 using KPackageManager and rebooted but they are not working.  Ideas?06:36
luis_nothing happened06:37
iconmefistoluis_: no error message?06:37
luis_nothing at all06:37
iconmefistook, that means all is good06:38
iconmefistowhat's wicd doing now?06:38
luis_its doing nothing06:38
luis_it just wont start06:39
luis_heres what i got06:39
iconmefistook so it's not running? try to start it now06:42
iconmefistoyou should type "exit" if you still see root@Enrique-Omar:/home/omar# in konsole06:44
luis_i did already06:44
iconmefistosame error?06:44
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FinswimmerHello, I have Kubuntu 8.10, when I execute update-notifier-kde -u I only get offered 9.0407:48
FinswimmerBut I want upgrade directly to 9.10, or is this not possible?07:48
Viking667hey, how do I stop akonadi from starting up? It's creating really REALLY large files on my /home partition, and I'd like to knock it on the head.07:49
avihayFinswimmer: upgrade to the latest version is only suported from the previous version and the last LTS version07:50
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »07:56
Finswimmeravihay: So I have to do 8.10 -> 9.04 -> 9.1007:56
avihayya, not fun07:57
Finswimmerheavy...I only have 1k DSL ;)07:57
Finswimmeravihay: Cant I just install the "basic" system without KDE? Or something like that07:57
avihaywell, I don't know, maybe you can download the alternate-cd, and use it's upgrade script to upgrade directly. I din't know if it works07:58
avihaythats a broad question and I don't know how to answer it07:59
Viking667meh. I'll have to depart to sort this out... turns out it wasn't probably akonadi after all.08:02
Viking667something was dying in great numbers, and spamming .xsession-errors, creating a 2GB file before it finished.08:02
Finswimmeravihay: Anyway. I will do it step by step. Thank you very much for your help!08:06
bigbrovaryamokidzu-it: yo08:15
arthurminakovhow can I fix problem with amarok, that show incorrect ID3 artists tags on collections? :)08:16
arthurminakovkubuntu karmic with last updates08:20
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nazgulludi, podskazhite pozhalujsta russkij server08:34
arthurminakovкакой такой?08:39
nazgulну это англоязычный сервер, а русский есть вообще?08:49
amichair!ru | nazgul08:50
ubottunazgul: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke08:50
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ailleantsianwas wondering if someone is able to help me with a graphics issue09:17
Hans_Henrik"dont ask if you can ask, just ask" (or something like that)09:35
Hans_Henrikjust ask your question and wait for som1 to reply09:36
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avihayumm has anyone noticed Amarok acting wird? once in a while I notice that all the files from one of the folders I added to my playlist is missing. annoying as hell09:51
venikhow do i launch the KDE menu (kickoff) from the command line?10:43
iconmefisto_I get this error when I try mounting a remote directory with nfs: mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting. I  also cannot ping this machine from the remote machine10:44
Lindowsiconmefisto: sounds like you are behind a firewall10:45
venikdoe anyone else find 9.10 to be sluggish, prone o freezing, and in general a step backwards?10:45
Lindowsvenik: not sluggish, but error prone10:45
Lindowsvenik: I've had problems with it mounting cifs shares before the network comes up, so it'll free10:46
venikI use occasionally an older machine with 6.06 and it is much nappier10:46
Lindowsalways fun...then I have to dpkg-reconfigure kdm so I can even log in via the gui..10:46
iconmefisto_Lindows: I can ping in one direction but not the other10:47
Lindowsvenik: well, there was an interesting piece where Linus basically stated that linux is bloated....they've measured a 2% decrease in performance in the kernel ever release, heh10:47
venikso how do I start the KDE menu from the comman line?10:47
iconmefisto_venik: do you mean you don't see kickoff?10:48
Lindowsiconmefisto: it means the direction you can't, the machine is probably behind a firewall.  I don't know what the default rules are for ufw10:48
venikmaybe cccchrome OS will be better, at least initially10:48
MamarokLindows: discussions should go to #kubuntu-offtopic10:48
Mamarokvenik: ^^ see above10:49
venikuntil it bloats too10:49
Mamarokvenik: please, support only here10:49
venikbut I was getting none...10:49
rafytafydid they start with Alpha kubuntu 10.4 yet?10:49
Lindowsiconmefisto: what does "sudo ufw status" print?10:49
Mamarok!patience | venik10:49
ubottuvenik: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait.10:49
iconmefisto_Lindows: just to be clear, do you mean if A can't ping B, but B can ping A, then B is behind a firewall?10:50
Lindowsiconmefisto: that B is ignoring ICMP ECHO requests....10:52
Lindowsiconmefisto: which usually means a firewall is filtering them10:52
iconmefisto_Lindows: ufw is inactive on both10:53
Lindowsiconmefisto: how is your network configured?10:53
venikCan I start the KDE menu from the comman line?10:53
iconmefisto_Lindows: I think it's probably a router config problem10:53
venikI log on from another machine using x-win-32, so I get only the terminal10:54
Lindowsvenik: ::shrug:: startx ?10:54
venikcan u be a little more vague?10:55
iconmefisto_venik: no desktop?10:55
venikno gui-- just konsole10:55
venikbut I can run any program if I know its name10:55
iconmefisto_venik: well how can you use kickoff without a desktop?10:55
venikso I wanted to invoke the KDE start menu from the konsole10:56
iconmefisto_venik: you can't run a gui program without a gui10:56
venikI can start Lyx, for instance, or dolphin, and they work fine from the konsole10:57
iconmefisto_venik: also, kickoff is a widget that goes on the kde panel10:57
veniksince the menu is just a program, I thought I could run it as well10:57
iconmefisto_venik: dolphin ??10:57
llutzvenik: for doing that, you'll need a xserver running on your windows10:58
venikthe file manager of KDE10:58
iconmefisto_venik: yes, I know, but if you have no gui, where does dolphin appear?10:58
llutzvenik: you may want to read about the difference "x-applications" and "terminal-apps"10:58
iconmefisto_venik: also, you say you are running it from konsole. is it really konsole? is konsole in a window?11:00
venikit appears EXACTLY as it does when I have the desktop, but no desktop11:00
llutzvenik: try "startkde"11:00
iconmefisto_venik: sounds like you have some sort of desktop running11:00
venikit says bash on the window title11:00
iconmefisto_venik: so you see a window?11:01
iconmefisto_venik: is there a panel?11:01
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llutzvenik: http://www.starnet.com/support/documentation.php11:03
venikstartkde was good, but it is painfully slow that way11:03
llutzsure it is, using remote-X this way always is11:04
iconmefisto_ahh, remote11:05
venikis there a way to login remotely and still have a usable desktop?11:08
veniksuch as I get with Wwindows RDP?11:09
llutzvenik: depends on your bandwidth, vnc/nx11:09
venikNX is so slow that I gave up on it11:09
venikVNC is not really better11:10
venikI am forced by security to log in through vpn11:10
venikto a WINDOWS machine, from which I have to log on to my kubuntu machine11:10
Lindowsvenik: I think the slow down is the extra level of indirection11:12
veniku r probably right11:13
venikbut they do noot unnderstand it, and support only Windows11:13
venikif I couuld log onn to my kubuntu machine life would be  much simpler, and more efficient11:14
venikanyway, thanks11:14
llutzexporting whole desktop never is efficient (imho)11:15
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Guest27292buon giorno a tutti11:16
Guest27292c'è qualche anima pia che mi indica come installare scanner hp 2400 grazie11:18
llutz!it | Guest2729211:18
ubottuGuest27292: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)11:18
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dodgerhow can i install wine in kubuntu11:46
tsimpsondodger: install the package named "wine"11:48
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drostieokay, here goes the 9.04 - 9.10 upgrade...12:40
* drostie crosses his fingers.12:40
Tm_Tdrostie: toes too12:42
Threepwoodhi, anyone got the screensavers from "rss-glx" running @ ubuntu 9.10 ?12:51
Peace-sorry i don't use screensaver12:52
wrgbI have installed a new theme from Desktop Settings > New Theme, but I don't know how to apply it. It doesn't show in my dropdown list of themes -- there's just the two default ones13:05
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ahmedtaufiqI would like to thanks to kubuntu team for sending cd free of cost to my doorstep13:26
ahmedtaufiqLong Live Kubuntu13:26
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ahmedtaufiqis there any powerfull html editor like dreamweaver for the kubuntu enviroment13:30
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ubottuhtml is HyperText Markup Language, used to build web pages. WYSIWYG editors: KompoZer (was Nvu), Iceape Composer, Amaya - Development environments: Bluefish, Quanta+, Screem - For a howto on HTML coding, see: http://www.w3schools.com/13:30
tsimpsontry one of those13:31
ahmedtaufiqfrom where i can install them ?13:33
ahmedtaufiqany website link ?13:33
bazhangahmedtaufiq, from the ubuntu software repositories13:33
ubottuThe packages in Kubuntu are divided into various sections. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories13:34
apparlehello guys13:39
apparlehow to change the splash screen at the boot time13:39
Peace-apparle: mmm you mean what?13:39
Peace-systemsettings and that stuff?13:40
BluesKajapparle, wwwkde-look.org and download the splash screens you like13:40
ubottuTo select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork13:40
tsimpsonboot != login13:40
Blues-Manhi guys13:40
Blues-Mani m on kubuntu karmic 2.6.31-kernel.org I have a problem with chromium and vlc audio after installing pidgin + extras for xmmp voice13:41
Blues-ManI cannot hear any audio from youtube, only kde stuff as amarok13:41
Blues-Mani read about pulseaudio but not understood how to do in order to hear audio again from youtube or vlc13:41
apparlehi guys13:47
apparle how to change the splash screen13:47
saa5Some days after reinstalling karmic I think I have now installed the most important packages. How can I find out, which ones these are (for the installation on another laptop)?13:47
saa5I mean, only those packages that I have selected (without the dependencies)13:48
ubottuTo change your KDE splash screen go to KMenu -> System Settings -> Splash Screen13:49
apparleHey I can find any splash screen option13:50
vbgunzI am on Kubuntu 9.10 and it has been months since I've seen a notification to reboot or updates to installed software... I think that particular notification is broken on my system or disabled. what am I looking for?13:51
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BluesKajvbgunz, open a terminal : sudo apt-get update13:58
BluesKajvbgunz, it's the best and easiest way to update your installed packages13:59
vbgunzBluesKaj: I've been doing this for months. I no longer get update or reboot notifications. I just checked notifications and I believe it is KPackageKit responsible for this. none of the options are disabled. I have update and reboot required options checked *but* never see them anymore :(13:59
vbgunzis there a way to test kpackagekit notifications?14:00
BluesKajusing apt-get ?14:00
vbgunzno, apt-get is fine, it works as far as I can tell. I am talking about the notifications in the system tray. they're not disabled nor hidden and I simply never see them anymore14:01
vbgunzI see notifications yes, but I haven't seen a notification for updates or reboots and *yet* many updates and required reboots have gone by14:01
vbgunzother than this, Kubuntu is a champ at everything else14:02
BluesKajwell, when you apt-get update , apt looks at your installed packages and sees whether or not there are updates in the repos , the same as any package manager with notification does14:02
vbgunzyeah I just had about 15 updates. if I log into the tty 1-6 and haven't upgraded, I see them there.. I just remember doing a sudo apt-get update used to cause the package manager notification to say "hey you have x amount of updates" . this use to happen immediately. not it never happens anymore14:04
vbgunzhmm just found a post about this I think14:06
apparlehow to edit the xsplash in kubuntu14:06
BluesKajvbgunz, that's due to the fact that you have the official release installed and there are fewer updates than there were in alpha and beta phases and maybe your notifier is turned off14:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xsplash14:06
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BluesKajvbgunz, you notifier doesn't do anything better than apt-get does, it's just gui linked to apt anyway14:08
ubottugrub is the default boot manager for Ubuntu releases before Karmic (9.10). Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto - See !grub2 for Karmic onwards.14:08
vbgunzBluesKaj: I have no problem doing apt-get, but after these updates, it hit me. I used to be notified of updates before but no more. anyhow. many times I had to reboot the system but the notification would fail to tell me that too14:10
vbgunzit's all good I suppose, I'll just apt-get update and reboot when I get the chance though I would really like to be told about the reboot issue without guessing about it :(14:11
Smurphyvbgunz: You only have to reboot if kernel is change drastically. else - a reboot is often not required. remember - this is no Windows Systme.14:12
Smurphyvbgunz: If you need to reboot - the system will tell you !14:13
BluesKajno need to reboot ,after updating vbgunz , this isn't windows14:13
vbgunzSmurphy: haha, yeah, no joke. but how do I know when I need to reboot?14:13
bazhangvbgunz, the system will tell you14:14
vbgunzmy upgrade from 9.04 alpha to 9.10 involved many reboots and I never got a single notification14:14
Smurphyvbgunz: You'll have the porange reboot button showing up in the Panel...14:14
Smurphyvbgunz: My upgrade from 9.04 did require only 1 reboot ... for the kernel :)14:14
vbgunzI just don't think my notifications around updating and rebooting are working. it seems a post mentions this exact issue but I don't think there is a fix for it now14:15
crissi_ok.. so.. i have no sound.14:15
crissi_clean install for 9.1014:15
BluesKajSmurphy, there are somenon kernel reboots that are required without notification , like after a purge14:15
crissi_already rf -rm ~/.pulse14:15
crissi_and rebooted14:16
crissi_and added user14:16
SmurphyBluesKaj: usually the notification shows up.14:16
crissi_any ideas?14:16
Smurphycrissi_: Checked the Mixer settings ?14:16
crissi_everything is unmuted and up14:16
BluesKajI haven't seen them14:16
crissi_everything is plugged in correctly14:17
crissi_i saw something on a forum about unmute it in pavucontrol14:18
SmurphyBluesKaj: I usually, not even under Windows - reboot my system after some updates are played in ...14:18
crissi_ok so i have sound in irc..  but i just installed flash (for web purposes) and it wont work to play media .14:24
BluesKajcrissi_, install flashplugin-nonfree, kubuntu-restricted-extras14:27
vbgunzI think I know what is happening in my case. I think I know why I haven't seen a notification about updates or rebooting. I hardly and rarely reboot my machine but I do dual boot and prefer hibernating to get into Windows. I've gotten into the habit a long time ago to check for updates *before* I ever reboot. the latest notifier only seems to check and notify for updates upon bootup.14:27
vbgunzbut I do remember and could have sworn to all the gods in the world, when ever I did an apt-get update, I would *immediately* see notifications for updates if I had any. updating in the gui if a reboot was required I remember seeing an orange two circled arrow icon immediately. anyhow, I'll keep following that thread14:29
crissi_ok got the plugin-nonfree14:30
crissi_where are the kubuntu-restricted-extras14:30
crissi_gonna reboot real quick. be back in a minute14:31
crissi_ok.. so..  i now have sound on the computer, just still not on hulu.14:34
crissi_for some reason.14:34
crissi_found the extras14:36
crissi_trying again14:36
crissi_got the extras14:40
crissi_got the flash-nonfree14:40
hardy_Hi, when I log to kubuntu from gdm, there is no reboot and shutdown buttons on the menu, why?14:42
crissi_ok. still no sound from web flash videos14:50
Peace-you have to remove all sick flash player14:50
Peace-like gnash14:50
Peace-et company14:50
Peace-and install libflashplungin-nonfree or something like that14:50
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash - See also  !Restricted and !Gnash14:50
iconmefisto__I think the most current package is flashplugin-installer14:54
crissi_yeah i installed the flashplugin-nonfree, and the restricted-extras14:55
crissi_i'll try the libflash i guess14:55
Smurphy?me found out that he had to install the beta for his 64bit KUbuntu to have flash working.14:55
BluesKajcrissi_, w32codecs and w64codecs if you are running 64bit kubuntu15:01
crissi_ok. so i removed all flash, and reinstalled it again.with the libflash and the extras.15:05
crissi_its working now after reboot.15:05
BluesKajcrissi_, install libdvdcss2 for playing drm protected content ..it my come with the restricted-extras15:06
crissi_i got it working now.15:06
BluesKaj!medibuntu | crissi_ , a good repos to have in your sourrces.list15:08
ubottucrissi_ , a good repos to have in your sourrces.list: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org15:08
replmanHi! I'm using the banshee media player. But since some time (maybe since upgrading to 9.19) it cannot play any tracks. I get a red x in front of the track...15:15
etreusnajim: hi15:35
Threepwoodetreus: hi15:39
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xae8kooMy dhcpserver wont start because of some obscure error :(15:41
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Roasteddoes anybody have instability issues with kubuntu/kde?15:57
ner0xAnyone familiar with hylafax?16:30
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Guest33520hi can someone please tell me how to send emails on a specified time with kmail? or tell me in which channel to ask?16:31
yoyosend later option off the message menu16:32
Roasteddoes anybody have instability issues with kubuntu/kde?16:32
crayfishRoasted: in what way?16:33
Guest33520yoyo: doesnt work.16:33
crayfishRoasted: I find Kubuntu to be most stable16:33
Roastedcrayfish - I used kubuntu for the first time last night (big gnome user here)16:33
Guest33520yoyo: its only safed in the outbox then... but there can not be selectet a special time to send16:33
Roastedplasma crashed on me 3 times in about an hour16:33
Roastedjust by doing really simple things16:33
crayfishRoasted: using 9.10?16:33
RoastedI just wasnt sure what to think of it16:33
Roastedyes crayfish16:34
yoyoGuest33520 You create it and set the send later before actually sending it16:34
crayfishRoasted: Im running Karmic (9.10) on a desktop with 2 screens, laptop and the netbook edition on a dell mini - all are completely stable - what graphics set up have you got?16:35
Roastedcrayfish - onboard intel, not too sure offhand.16:35
Roastedcrayfish - its a spare rig I have, an HP dx2200... 3.0ghz P4 with 1GB RAM16:35
crayfishshould be fine, I've not had any issues with intel.16:35
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Guest33520yoyo: yes - i think so too, but i would like to create the email, and choose monday morning 9 a.m. to send this particular email... is that possible too?16:35
Roastedcrayfish - I'm not sure man. I want to like KDE and use it more but so far it has me a little skeptical. I just wanted to hear it from somebody else as to what other hardcore KDE users thought.16:36
Guest33520yoyo: I havent found any docs about this topic on the internet yet.16:36
crayfishRoasted: it's certainly not a wide issue, suggest you dig around in your logs to get more info16:36
crayfishRoasted: I use Kubuntu 99.9% of the time, at work too - never had a dsitro so stable.16:36
Roastedcrayfish - well it's goo dto hear that it's not a huge issue, because if I mode to KDE full time from gnome, it'd be on a separate rig that needs to have pure stability, but its completely different hardware16:36
crayfishRoasted: did you install Kubuntu from scratch or attempt to load switch Ubunty from Gnome to KDE?16:37
Roastedcrayfish - I have to be fair though now that I think about it, this computer hasnt been the easiest to install linux on. Sometimes when I boot I get 2 or 3 instances of the boot screen offset16:37
Roastedcrayfish - well, I installed ubuntu and dumped KDE on top of it. Every time I downloaded an ISO of Kubuntu, it was corrupt.16:37
crayfishRoasted: sounds like hardware, Gnome has fried your box ;-)16:37
yoyoSo you create a new message then within that window you choose message and go down to send later option and set the parameters.  You then type the body of the email and send? Guest3352016:37
Roastedcrayfish - I burned with brasero, k3b, etc at slowest speed, each one fried16:38
Roastedused different cds too16:38
Roastedhey crayfish I have another question too for you16:38
crayfishRoasted: hmm funny that, I had to download a new iso today for 9.10 as my previous one didnt md5 match - I've never put KDE ontop of Ubuntu, always installed it from the Kubuntu ISO and never had any issues16:38
Roastedyou're familiar with system monitor in gnome, I assume. Wehre you can have a panel in your top panel that shows your network activity, cpu activity, etc16:38
crayfishRoasted: did you check md5 sum of the iso?16:38
RoastedI want that in KDE, but I cant seem to add it. the widgets just kind of suck.16:39
crayfishRoasted: widgets... add them to the desktop or to the panel.16:39
Roastedcrayfish - I did, but as I went to match it, we got a lightning storm and the power went off. Went to bed, woke up late, got to work at the last minute, and here I am on my lunch break digging for info :P16:39
crayfishIf you add the widgets to the panel (rather than the desktop) you'll get smaller versions similar to what you're saying16:39
Roastedcrayfish - my point is the kde version of these widgets kind of... suck. I cant expand them out at all.16:39
Roastedyeah I want them on the panel16:40
Guest33520thanks anyway.... will post in a foum for that question... but would be funny if it wouldnt work..16:40
Roastedcrayfish - also - when I add widgets to the panel, whyc ant I move them? I want certain widgets spaced in different areas.16:40
crayfishUnlock widgets, then click the panel -  you can add mini versions of the widgets direct to the panel16:40
Roastedhm okay16:41
Roastedso crayfish do you know offhand if theres a system monitor that compares that Im talking about?16:41
crayfishYou can - click the far-right icon (when widgets are unlocked) and "more settings" - you can lay the panel out completely as you choose16:41
crayfishRoasted: pretty sure there is, but I havent used Gnome in years16:41
Roastedcrayfish - how long have you used kde?16:42
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crayfishabout 2 years16:42
crayfishIt's gone leaps and bounds since KDE4.016:42
Roastedyeah, that's what I keep hearing16:43
RoastedI gotta admit, I find KDE so much better with the panel at the top - but that may be the gnome side of me talkign :P16:43
RoastedKDE panel at top - dock at the bottom = very nice16:43
Peace-Roasted: i use the pannel on the top too16:43
crayfish< 4.0 was a waste of cpu cycles, 4.0 was buggy as hell, 4.1+ has been perfect and constantly improving/16:43
Peace-the first kde that is working here properly was kde 4.2.216:44
Roastedcrayfish - I'm glad to hear positive things about it. I will continue using gnome on my main rig until I get to know KDE more. Already in the 2-3 hours I've used it, I REALLY like it.16:44
crayfish4.3.2 rocks16:44
Peace-crayfish: i am on kde 4.3.316:44
RoastedI use my main rig as a backup server, file server, web server, etc so I dont want to screw with it unless I need to.16:44
crayfishRoasted: install the Kubuntu ISO though, I've never had a stability problem with that16:44
Peace-and it's rock solid16:44
Roastedwhat version of KDE does karmic 9.10 have?16:44
Peace-kde 4.3.216:44
Roastedcrayfish - I intend to. Like I said I just kept getting errors on every ISO I downloaded. But I will take your advice on that.16:45
Peace-but you can add the repository to install kde 4.3.316:45
crayfishbut you can get 4.3.3 as peace pointed out16:45
Roastedwhat differs from .3 to .216:45
crayfishPeace-: I havent got around to doing that yet, much improvement on 4.3.2?16:45
Peace-mmm when kde is updated you should update16:45
Peace-but here16:45
crayfishPeace-: I heard they had improved "smoothness" a bit.16:45
Peace-i have not seen so much difference16:45
crayfishRoasted: check the md5sum16:45
vasuviI've never had a stability problem on my Karmic either though albeit, and I installed Ubuntu (one of the early Karmic alphas) then used 'apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'16:45
crayfishRoasted: I wonder if theres an issue somewhere with mirrors, as I had to download the iso twice after the md5 didnt match.16:46
Peace-vasuvi: yes and then you had to installa mplayerthuimb and a lots of other stuff16:46
Peace-to get working properly16:46
vasuviPeace-: No, actually, I didn't16:46
Peace-vasuvi: you should install16:47
Peace-to get advanced stuff on your kde16:47
vasuviPeace-: Albeit perhaps I'm missing something and don't even realize it; I don't really care to get animated thumbnails though ;)16:47
Peace-well if you don't care about advanced features you can keep default installation16:48
Peace-but normally people want that stuff16:48
vasuviPeace-: Would those things be automatic if you installed from a Kubuntu CD?16:48
Peace-vasuvi: nope :(16:49
vasuviso no real difference there16:49
Peace-vasuvi: something are automatically installed but something no16:49
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Peace-when you install ubuntu +kde what you get is a messed up system *for me *16:50
vasuvithat's fair; not saying it works for everybody, just saying that neither does it fail for everybody16:50
vasuviYMMV :)16:50
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[buRn]can u upgrade kubuntu from 9.04 to 9.10 from apt-get?16:54
Peace-[buRn]: yes you can16:54
ubottuUbuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download: http://releases.ubuntu.com/9.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/91016:54
[buRn]just to know not to download cds :D16:55
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - To upgrade to Karmic (9.10) directly from Hardy (8.04) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/KarmicUpgrades/Kubuntu/8.04 - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/upgrading16:55
[buRn]Peace Peace :D16:56
[buRn]and thnx16:56
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[buRn]where was apache httdocs?17:06
[buRn]i put samo html file there i need now i forgot where they were17:06
tsimpson[buRn]: by default apache uses /var/www17:06
[buRn]tsimpson: yes thats the one! :D17:07
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robi__join ##ubuntu-it-irc17:31
robi__join #ubuntu-it-irc17:31
Peace-robi__: ?17:34
Peace-!it | robi__17:34
ubotturobi__: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:34
Delano-241670895How do I disable system event sounds?17:34
Peace-Delano-241670895: i guess on system settings .---system notifications17:35
Delano-241670895Peace-, no17:36
Peace-Delano-241670895: http://img256.imageshack.us/img256/799/wacomtabkletsetijgs1.png17:36
Peace-Delano-241670895: please see it17:37
Delano-241670895Peace-, how do I install new cursor themes in KDE4?17:44
Peace-Delano-241670895: omg kid just search on systemsettings17:45
Delano-241670895Peace-, heh, I did17:45
Peace-all kde4 settings are on systemsettings17:46
Peace-like the name "suggest " y17:46
Delano-241670895Peace-, I honestly can't find it... please help?17:46
Delano-241670895We can't all be experts like you17:46
Peace-Delano-241670895: have you used gnome before ?17:49
Peace-Delano-241670895: omg http://img689.imageshack.us/img689/799/wacomtabkletsetijgs1.png17:49
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fasutusit didn't work18:10
fasutusthe screenlets still show up as boxes of colored lines18:10
fasutusshould i uninstall the package i just added or keep it?18:13
BluesKajinstall , xserver-xorg-video-radeon18:16
fasutuseverything that can be installed in installed with the exception of the HD drivers18:18
fasutusand smaller things like tv out support and all that18:18
=== ubuntu_ is now known as ubuntu
fasutusi'm in the middle of trying to solve a problem18:23
fasutushow savvy are you?18:24
ubuntui'm newbie18:24
ubuntui cant help you18:24
fasutusme too18:24
ubuntubut i dont know speak english xD18:24
ubuntui'm spanish18:24
fasutusah ok18:24
ubuntugood luck18:24
BluesKajfasutus, di you install xserver-xorg-video-radeon ?18:25
fasutusyes, it was already installed18:25
* BluesKaj wonders about mesa18:25
BluesKajfasutus, have you visited the ati site for your linux driver recomendation18:26
fasutusno, i'll try that now18:26
fasutuswould it be x700 for 7000?18:28
fasutusbecause there is no specific 700018:28
BluesKajfasutus, in the terminal . lspci | grep VGA18:30
fasutus01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon RV100 QY [Radeon 7000/VE]18:38
fasutusany ideas Blues?18:48
peachesso does upgrading to 9.10 suck18:59
fasutusnot so much18:59
fasutusi've only tried that and kubuntu19:00
peachesi hear it does19:00
peachesoh ok i'm talking about upgrading. not 9.10 by itself19:00
Mamarokpeaches: that should work ok19:01
peachesi dont believe it19:03
peacheswhats the matter19:05
Mamarokpeaches: why do you ask since you apparently already run KDE from trunk, as your question in another other channel shows...19:05
peachesMamarok: i have an entire system underneath it not on KDE trunk19:06
Mamarokwell, random crashes you talk about in #kde-devel?19:06
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peachesMamarok: yeah but here it's Kubuntu talk19:13
peachesthere are some apps in Kubuntu not in Ubuntu19:14
Mamarokpeaches: I still don't get it, what do you want to know? You know that this is a support channel, so if you don't have a real support question you might want to rather discuss in #kubuntu-offtopic19:16
peachesMamarok: ok my support question is, plainly, what problems will i have if i try to upgrade to 9.10 from 9.04. should i do it19:17
Mamarokpeaches: I did a clean install since I have a separate /home and had no problems at all19:18
MamarokI rsnyced my /home to an external HD and reformatted all in KDE4, the installed 9.10 and rsynced the /home content back, no problems at all19:19
Mamarokfor final releases I always make clean installs, it get's rid of some garbage, and I bring back the $HOME/.kde/ content only for special apps like adressbook, mails, etc, not of the basic settings, so I start back with default19:20
peachesMamarok: do all the configs from /etc come over cleanly ? i notice often there are merges with new stuff in upgrades that need to be done19:21
Mamarokpeaches: I never bring back those, although I rsnync those too, usually there is no need to19:22
peachesMamarok: rsynced those what does that mean19:22
Mamaroksince I don't tweak system settings that much, mostly the desktop and that's in $HOME anyway19:23
peachesi have a ton of stuff from /etc, i hate upgrades since i always have to spend time on the merges19:23
Mamarokpeaches: rsync is a tool for making backups:19:23
Mamarok!info rsync19:23
ubottursync (source: rsync): fast remote file copy program (like rcp). In component main, is standard. Version 3.0.6-1ubuntu1 (karmic), package size 341 kB, installed size 704 kB19:23
Mamarokand man rsync gives the details19:23
drostie|crapSo, um, yeah. Could we add just one wishlist item to Project Timelord?19:24
drostie|crapI want once -- at least just once -- for an upgrade path to actually work. :-/19:25
drostie|crapEven if it, like this last one, lies to you. As long as it works.19:25
Tm_Thmm, last time I did clear install after trying broken alpha, couple years ago19:25
Mamarokdrostie|crap: go on, suggest it19:26
Tm_Tso at here upgrade paths seams to work19:26
MamarokTm_T: ditto here, never had any problems19:27
Mamarokdrostie|crap: don't know what's wrong in your case, but I never had any such problems, and I use Kubuntu since it exists19:27
Tm_Twell, I don't say I never had _any_ problems but just I don't remember any (:19:27
drostie|crapMamarok: well, just to answer the implicit question, the computer doesn't want to mount swap at the very least, and it panics at some point. :/19:28
drostie|crapBut I imagine I have to debug this myself. :/19:29
Mamarokdrostie|crap: I never heard that, sorry19:29
drostie|crapwith hope I can use a live cd to read log messages, if it's been leaving any.19:30
Mamarokdrostie|crap: what computer, did it run Kubuntu 9.04 before?19:30
drostie|crapyeah. Ran 9.04 since a little before april.19:31
drostie|craptoshiba laptop. nice instructions on the laptop testing team pages for all of its extras. ^_^19:31
Mamarokdrostie|crap: and you upgraded normally, no incidents during the upgrade?19:31
drostie|crapwell, other than the habitual lying of the installer about whether it would download anything, nope. Just some config files that I reviewed and decided to put Kubuntu's way, leaving the task of changing them back until later.19:33
K350Is there any addressfield one can write/read in Dolphin?19:33
drostie|crapK350: click the path near the top of the Dolphin window, it should change into an edit control.19:34
chaituI know this might sound silly, but can anyone help me with getting win+d working like in windows? I tried setting it up in uder settings in kubuntu.. I dont see a option where I can create a new one or edit "show desktop". Thanks19:34
K350drostie|crap: Thanks. I'll see what if I can manage it:)19:35
drostie|crapjust for reference, LUKS is delightful and lovely and iloveitiloveitiloveit.19:42
stefano_ciaoooo a tuttiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!19:43
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network). If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot »19:44
Tm_Tstefano_: read topic19:44
noaXessif i add a new software source in kpackagekit, it won't be added in /etc/apt/sources.list.. ???19:53
Ahmuckis there any particular reason why kubuntu is using 2.1G of RAM out of 3G of ram?19:56
PolitikerNEUAhmuck: Have you tried looking at which processes take so much ram? (e.g. gnome-system-monitor)20:04
kgeek_one of my frien installed wicd and nw  it is nt working .he is not having any internetconnection....how canhe reinstall ..kubuntu20:05
kgeek_sorry not kubuntu but knetworkmanager*20:05
PolitikerNEUkgeek_: Maybe it is on the LiveCD? You can use it as installation medium AFIK20:05
kgeek_AFIK ?20:05
kgeek_PolitikerNEU: can u tell me wats it20:06
PolitikerNEUAFIK = As far I know20:06
kgeek_PolitikerNEU: oh :P20:06
kgeek_PolitikerNEU: le me try .. thnxx20:06
chaitugreetings All, am trying to get compiz working but looks like am doing something wrong. when I type Compiz in terminal my screen flickers and I see compiz logs coming up in the terminal... other than that I dont see any effects happening..can someone help me please? thanks20:14
kgeek_can i  put usb on my sourcelist20:15
avihaykgeek_: as long as it's mounted, why not20:17
=== yamokidzu-it is now known as ^kenhoob-it1
kgeek_avihay: so wats the line i should write in sourcelist.20:18
avihaychaitu: I suggest you install a package called fusion icon20:18
Tm_Tkgeek_: ofcourse it also have to have proper repository there20:18
avihayyou shoul look out on how your cd-rom appears in the sources list fo example20:18
kgeek_avihay: my friend  don't have internet connection so i can't resolve the dependency for installing fusion20:18
=== stefano_ is now known as stefano__
avihayat any rate, you can browse to the repository site with a web browser, download all the debs, and use the deb package installer20:20
kgeek_avihay: ah no it is recursive dependency u know..20:22
avihaywell, you can install the packages in the right order20:23
avihayor you can install them all at once with dpkg --install <list of packages>20:23
kgeek_avihay: oh thnxx20:27
avihayI think20:29
orioljust got myself kubuntu :) its nice so far, but does kde run as good as it does in debian?:o20:30
K350How do one create a shortcut to a file or a folder in Dolphin?20:34
avihayK350: drag and drop. a menu should appear asking you what to do. but it's not exactly a shortcut20:35
K350avihay: Ah, I see...20:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about softlink20:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hardlink20:39
nixjunki3anyone in here a package maintainer20:41
Quintasannixjunki3: I am20:43
kgeek_can any one tell me if i have made a live usb stick how can i use it as source for installing any application20:45
NSsmilescan i get help setting up  kmail20:47
QuintasanNSsmiles: what you want to do?20:47
nixjunki3Quintasan: I am currently packaging a program but have no idea about the copyright dates, what should I do20:48
NSsmilesi  tried to set up hotmail account in kmail but it's  not working20:48
Quintasannixjunki3: Thare are no dates at all or you are missing some20:48
Tm_TNSsmiles: is that even possible?20:49
WaYwhat network manager do you use for managing your wifi? (instead of knetworkmanager)20:49
kgeek_can any one tell me if i have made a live usb stick how can i use it as source for installing any application20:49
nixjunki3Quintasan: There are none at all20:49
Quintasannixjunki3: You can't even guess?20:49
kgeek_WaY: WICD20:49
nixjunki3Well i can do that20:49
NSsmilessays you   can use  pop320:49
nixjunki3I just wasnt sure what is proper20:49
WaYany other? :S20:50
WaYthanks kgeek_20:50
zoraelWhat's an easy way to make printscreen start ksnapshot?20:50
Quintasannixjunki3: I would put 2008-2009 if it's fairly new20:50
Quintasannixjunki3: what are you packaging anyways?20:50
NSsmilesi'm new to  linux so i'm trying things out20:50
Tm_TNSsmiles: hmm, can you provide a link where it's explained?20:50
nixjunki3Quintasan: Alright thank you for the help, I am packaging pcalc http://sourceforge.net/projects/pcalc/20:51
NSsmilesTm_T: are you using kubuntu20:51
Tm_TNSsmiles: I am20:51
Tm_TNSsmiles: but where is told that you can use pop3 for hotmail?20:51
NSsmilesok i search mail20:52
NSsmilesand kmail20:53
NSsmilescame up20:53
Tm_TNSsmiles: hmm, ok, found something...20:53
NSsmilesunder setting..20:53
Tm_TNSsmiles: so whats the problem?20:53
NSsmileswhen you  click add pop3 is one of the options20:55
NSsmilesi  put the info in but it is not working20:55
NSsmilesi  did something wrong i guess but i don't what i did wrong20:56
Tm_TNSsmiles: how it doesn't work?20:57
rstob911NSsmiles: http://userbase.kde.org/Kmail  look at tips and tricks20:58
NSsmilesi was getting an error when i tried to send mail20:59
Tm_Twhat error?20:59
Tm_TNSsmiles: and you can receive just fine?20:59
Tm_TNSsmiles: you really need to be more specific, the actual error message is always good to know20:59
NSsmilestransport  live.com is invalid21:00
=== homer is now known as Guest89446
Tm_TNSsmiles: but you can receive?21:00
NSsmilesok i will try  the link21:01
NSsmilesnot sure  about incoming21:01
Tm_TNSsmiles: sending and receiving are separate things :)21:02
NSsmilesi only tried sending mail21:03
NSsmilesi'll   be back21:03
rstob911not sure if you can configure live.com mail for kmail he may have to try thunderbird21:04
Tm_Trstob911: that shouldn't be any different, really21:05
=== luis__lopez is now known as luis_lopez
ahsanany can plz help"i m unable to install new version of amsn"21:06
^kenhoob-it1ahsan what's the error exactly?21:07
rstob911http://www.neowin.net/forum/index.php?showtopic=651416  think that hotmail has stopped pop features in there mail21:08
^kenhoob-it1ahsan try pidgin21:08
ahsanits displayin "tklcximage module not installed"21:08
Tm_Trstob911: let's see...21:08
markus_hy everybody21:09
markus_how can I send more than 1 file at a time with bluetooth?21:09
Tm_Trstob911: sorry, but that old news, they opened pop access this year21:09
ahsani m trying to install 0.99b vversion21:09
rstob911ok i havent used hotmail since gmail came out21:10
Tm_Trstob911: well, I know only what I found googling this time (:21:10
rstob911i love google21:10
rstob911NSsmiles: here is the instructions   http://windowslivehelp.com/solutions/settings/archive/2009/01/06/send-and-receive-windows-live-hotmail-emails21:13
ahsanhy every body21:13
ahsanplz help me to fix amsn21:13
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com  http://wiki.ubuntu.com http://www.ubuntuforums.org or http://www.kubuntuforums.net while you wait.21:14
rstob911ahsan: kopete wont work for you21:14
ahsanthnks for rep but i want a messenger tat support offline messaging21:15
Tm_Tahsan: I thought Kopete supports21:15
ahsanlemme try den21:15
rstob911ahsan: http://www.amsn-project.net/ you may need a plugin21:17
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Claw6hello im using compiz and any how dolphin has no decoration. its the only app which has no21:38
Claw6what can i do?21:39
Peace-Claw6: mm i think you have to install ermeral21:42
Peace-emerald-theme stuff21:42
awhatleyhey guys newbie here was wondering where i might get some help21:46
awhatley    /msg nickserv register <your-password> <your-email>21:47
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=== jared is now known as Guest54099
awhatleycan anyone direct me to where i can get some help21:50
kgeek_awhatley: abt wat?21:50
awhatleywas wondering why when my wifi card is wireless abgn same as router but cannot connect to N21:51
awhatleyi was tryin to post on the forum but it wont let me21:52
awhatleykeeps tryin to download .php files21:52
awhatleythe last time i used linux was when mandrake 8.2 was just released21:53
rstob911awhatley: but it does connect to g correct21:54
awhatleybut when i run lshw -class network it says  product: BCM4322 802.11a/b/g/n Wireless LAN Controller21:54
awhatleymaybe im just getting confused21:54
awhatleywhen i run iwconfig it only says 802.11g21:55
rstob911awhatley: ok then it works but if you need you may need to use ndiswrapper and use the win driver21:55
rethushi there... one question... i have downloaded the kubuntu-iso, but for one project i need xubuntu. How can i easyly change kubuntu after installation to kubuntu... or should i better download directly xubuntu?21:55
awhatleythat is what i was using at first but it would not connect at all so i started using WICD21:56
Peace-rethus: just install xubuntu-desktop21:56
Ahmuckrethus: u can change, however, if your download speed is good and download does not cost anything, download xubuntu21:56
rethusAhmuk: thats the problem.. downloadspeed is not such good21:57
Ahmucku can remove kubuntu just as easliy by removing kubuntu-desktop21:57
awhatleyalso i was wondering if there are certain routers that do not like to function with linux?21:57
Ahmuckso, "sudo aptitude install xubuntu-desktop"21:57
Ahmuckand "sudo aptitude remove kubuntu-desktop"21:57
Tm_TAhmuck: that doesn't remove kubuntu-desktop21:57
Tm_Tthat removes only the metapackage that contains nothing in itself21:58
rstob911awhatley: i have accually found the broadcom works quite nicely which that is what you have21:58
Tm_Trethus: you can have xubuntu and kubuntu in same install21:58
rethusTm_T: i doesn't need it.. only need a lightway system with xubuntu21:59
awhatleyso then what would you suggest I do. im not to sure how to configure ndiswrapper21:59
Tm_Trethus: but if you really want to get rid of all KDE (Kubuntu stuff) then install xubuntu-desktop and then...21:59
Tm_T!puregnome | rethus21:59
ubotturethus: If you want to remove all !KDE packages, type « sudo apt-get remove kdelibs4c2 kdelibs5-data && sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » into a !terminal21:59
Tm_Trethus: btw Xubuntu itself isn't much lighter than Ubuntu or Kubuntu21:59
rethusah, ok, but why it start so slowly?22:00
rstob911search the forums   http://ubuntuforums.org/tags.php?tag=ndiswrapper22:00
rethusto start kde takes 2 minutes, and xubuntu less then one miute (on Pentium III)22:00
Tm_Trethus: I really wonder why, is that only "slowness" you encounter?22:01
rethusi dont know... but isn't xfce a lightwight wm? Thats the different or not?22:02
rethusso xfce on suse also much faster loaded at first time22:02
rethusTm_T: did u personaly have benchmark xfce vs. kde4?22:03
Tm_Trethus: that's been the impression yes, though I have used KDE4 with 128 MiB ram and old celeron22:03
rstob911rethus: sounds to me like your video card is not letting all of the composit stuff run right try turning off the desktop effects22:04
Tm_Trethus: yes, both can be light if you tweak, but only startup time seems to be real difference in reasonable use22:04
rethusso my p3 has magic 256 ram :D22:04
rethusok, can tweak kde too, but this is some work, or is this quite esy and fast made?22:05
rethusi need a small fast system for an telephone-application server...22:05
rethusneed no eyecandy have only to run fast an stable22:05
Tm_Trethus: if you like to have light system without tweaking AND you still need desktop, I recommend lxde22:06
Tm_Tbut now I have to go to sleep, good luck with it (: ->>22:06
rethustm_t: thx22:06
rstob911rethus: i like this one   http://www.ubuntugeek.com/lxde-lightweight-x11-desktop-environment-for-ubuntu.html22:07
rethusrstob911: biggest problem is that in each wm the apps are different.. in kde have konqueror, k3b.. in gnome nautilus, in xfce other...22:09
rethusso what have lxdea for programms? like gnome, or own collection?22:10
rstob911there are several flavors of lxde going around distro watch may be your best bet to look and compare22:11
rethusbut its no distro, only WM ?!22:11
rstob911rethus: here is a full distro   http://pclinuxos.com/?page_id=18822:12
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awhatleyto whom i was talking to before about my wireless issues are you still in here?22:13
awhatleyconfiguration: broadcast=yes driver=ndiswrapper+bcmwl5 driverversion=1.55+Broadcom,10/22/2008, 5.10.3 ip= latency=0 multicast=yes wireless=IEEE 802.11g22:14
rethusmhrstob911: on which disto is pclinux based?22:14
awhatleycan you explain that to me22:14
awhatleyim sorry for being a pain in the a$$22:14
rstob911it is accually its own now but was based on mandriva22:14
rethusthink i better install kubuntu and try lxde... is it in the main repos of kubuntu?22:15
rethuscause i like debian-based, cause very stable22:15
awhatleywhat about not being able to post on forums, it is making me download .php files22:15
rstob911awhatley: yes that driver will only let you connect at G not N in linux22:16
awhatleyis there anything i can do to correct the issue22:16
rethusrstob911: but oclinux has a nice configurator like yast on suse... kubuntu hasn't this ??22:16
awhatleyor just leave it at that for now since it is working22:16
=== naruto is now known as Guest50305
awhatleywell i am running for a smoke i will be back in a few22:17
rstob911rethus: remember that all the distros out there are based off of debian or redhat22:17
rethusrstob911... but some are far away from debian now... for exxample gentoo22:19
rstob911some just have different ways if packaging either .deb or .rpm22:19
rethusand each has other major targets and ways to get this targets22:19
rstob911linux from scratch22:20
rethusthats alos why i wan't to change from suse to kubuntu... newer packages, very stable... suse also good, but not exactly my kind of "living Linux" ;)22:21
mauriwhich are the differente between karmic and lucid22:22
rethusrstob911: so whats the fastest and smalest way.. installing xubuntu and than lxde or kubuntu and than lxde?22:25
rstob911rethus: there are just about every flavor of ubuntu you could ever need22:25
rstob911rethus: xubuntu is a nice desktop light and fast22:26
rstob911rethus: kubuntu kde-4 not so fast but very nice for faster machines22:27
rethus1jes, i know, all based on ubuntu... but maybe i have to install this set of software much often than only once... so maybe its better directly to download xubuntu?!22:27
rethus1on xubuntu page i found this info: setting up automated deployments; (on installing with "alternate Installing CD)22:31
rethus1so i need to install an asterisk, lighttpd, mysql and so on.22:32
rethus1how can i preset this?22:32
david_hola alguien me puede colaborar en la instalacion de un paquete tar. gz22:38
rethus1so special question... can i install kubuntu on a second hdd (in same pc) and migrate suse to kubuntu step for step (maybe with kubuntu in virtual machine?)22:45
rethus1and second question (not special question :p ) did u use a firewall in kubuntu.. and why isn't there a firewall out of the box?22:49
geos_deHow do you define migrate? I would install kubuntu parallel to suse and then I would try to copy the home folder part for part to the kubuntu installation22:49
geos_deI don't use one.22:50
geos_deIf there are no open ports a port-firewall which is normally used on pcs isn't neccessary22:51
rethus1geos_de: jes, but i will try it live.. means... kopy some kmail-stuff, and try it on kubuntu... work it or not... if work, copy the next, if not, restore the defaults22:51
rethus1 geos_de: no open ports ??? a desktop wha has no firewall activatet listen on all ports - or am i wrong?22:52
geos_deI do so on every kubuntu-"Update": Backup my home-folder, format hdd install new kubuntu version copy home folders like you said22:53
rethus1goes_de i have no kubuntu, i still have suse... so i have to migrate22:54
DTsanwhat is a good alternative to hyperterminal for 8.04 ?22:54
geos_dethere must be a server which is listening to that port. If not: what will happen to connections to the port?: nothing22:54
rethus1so i think about to start kubuntu on sdb in virtualbox and copy file for file to kubuntu and try it out22:55
geos_deyes but the kde home folder might be nearly the same (hope so)22:55
geos_deof course you can do it this way. But if you install it parallel to your suse installation there shouldn't be any problems22:56
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ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hyperterminal22:56
DTsan!hyper terminal22:56
rethus1goes_de: no, not the same kde-folder. Thats wrong... suse have some individual configs22:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hyper terminal22:57
WilliamBuellI did one Wubi install of Ubuntu on a Windows XP, and then a full Ubuntu on a Gateway tower, and now I am trying to connect via Ethernet DSL22:58
rethus1goes_de: copy and paste will break kubuntus kde22:58
avihayDTsan: what exacly are ya looking for?22:59
WilliamBuellI tried installing iirc with synaptic manager, but no obvious way to launch it, so Konversation is much better, right on the Internet menu23:00
WilliamBuelldoes everyone here use Ubuntu? (is this a dumb question?)23:01
avihayWilliamBuell: I'm forced to use ubuntu at school23:03
DTsanavihay: i need a program that acts like Hyper Terminal, perferable one that does rtv995 emulation23:03
WilliamBuellI am blogging step by step with each thing do in Ubuntu, so I will have documentation, and can remember later23:03
rstob911WilliamBuell: i have found that not everyone but most do  i still can't stop laughing ubuntu kubuntu not much differnce just window manager23:03
avihayDTsan: something that will talk with the serial port?23:03
WilliamBuellohhhh i see, kubuntu is a seperate flavor of, what, debian23:03
WilliamBuelldoes anyone here blog about ubuntu, you are welcome to look at my blog, .. it might help some beginners out23:04
DTsanno, work over lan23:04
DTsanto an ip address23:04
avihaylike telnet?23:05
WilliamBuellavihay: where is your school located, what state, what country, I read that some countries like Switzerland are making Linux manditory23:05
rstob911well ubuntu used to be based off of debian but now 99% on there own WilliamBuell23:05
avihaythen use telnet23:05
WilliamBuellah, thanks rstob91123:05
avihayunless you want it encripted, then you want ssh23:05
DTsandid not know i could do that. where might i find it?23:06
DTsantelnet i mean23:06
WilliamBuellI found an easy quick automatic way to install LAMP (Linux Apache php MySQL), and I blogged the steps23:06
rstob911good old telnet you can find it at the software add and remove DTsan23:07
avihayas far as I know telnet comes with every unix and unix decended long befor the microsol version ever came out23:07
avihayya, telnet is already installed. open a konsoul and type telnet (or ssh)23:07
DTsanahh, ok23:07
avihayit should already be installed23:07
WilliamBuellI find it is useful to have a Wubi install on one machine, and then this pure Ubuntu machine, so if I want to install something, i can do it with Wubi first, cause that is easier to reinstall23:07
DTsanwill try shortly, have a few other things to attend to23:07
rstob911DTsan: http://www.computerhope.com/unix/utelnet.htm23:10
DTsanthanks rstob91123:11
DTsanwill fiddle later, leaving or now23:11
WilliamBuellare many of you on Facebook, just curious,23:11
WilliamBuellI am using Avira antivir a lot as antivirus on windows and Online Armor as fire wall, and their forums are very helpful23:12
WilliamBuellAvira has a free linux install, but it is too complex for a beginner like me23:12
WilliamBuellis it really true that ubuntu/kubuntu is immune to viruses right now and doesnt need av or firewall23:13
WilliamBuellI really hate microsoft, which makes me motivated to master ubuntu23:13
WilliamBuellis anyone on plurk microblog?23:14
WilliamBuellor Myspace?23:14
rstob911WilliamBuell: avast has a .deb at there web page   http://www.avast.com/eng/download-avast-for-linux-edition.html  just download it then click on it then it will install23:16
WilliamBuellwait, you mean that link will just install on ubuntu?23:16
WilliamBuellor on windows23:16
rstob911its a linux download you need the .deb file23:16
rstob911they also have a windows version23:17
rstob911but i havent used windows in years23:17
WilliamBuelli am downloading the .deb23:17
WilliamBuellgosh, thanks, rstob, i have been begging at the avira forum for days, and finally, they gave me a link to some complex pdf about rebuilding the kernel23:18
WilliamBuellwhich is way too advanced for me23:19
rstob911no need for all that lol23:19
rstob911WilliamBuell: after it installs im not sure if it puts a icon on the desktop or not if not just right click on the desktop and hit run command and type avast23:21
WilliamBuellrstob: this is a BIG help to me just to have the .deb install23:21
WilliamBuelli am sure there is some way to launch it, even if only in terminal with sudo23:22
WilliamBuellI cant figure out why the Avira forum couldnt give me that simple link23:22
WilliamBuellI purchased a three year licence for their premium package for my wifes windows machine23:22
WilliamBuellbecause i need it, and because they helped me on so many thing23:23
WilliamBuelldoes anyone here use windows as well as ubuntu23:23
WilliamBuellis there any way to suppress the channel join leave notifications?23:24
WilliamBuelli see settings and notifications, but i cant figure out how to suppress them23:24
progre55hi people! I used to see .jar and .zip file contents on my MC (midnight commander), but now it's not showing them, just empty.. any suggestions please?23:25
WilliamBuelli did a synaptic install of wicd and it really helped me to connect the wubi ubuntu machine to ethernet hard wire, but it will not recognize the ethernet card on my gateway23:26
WilliamBuelland i dont know enough about the configurations to know what to fill in for ip address, mask, etc23:26
WilliamBuelli also bought a startech.com ethernet card for $10 which says they have linux drivers, but no hint of how to install them on ubuntu23:27
WilliamBuelli even wrote to their support dept a week ago, but no answer23:28
roto_como coño puedo ccambiar de servidor irc?23:28

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