* mwhudson lunches00:14
mwhudsoni really hope bzr-hg support doesn't involve depending on any more packages00:25
lifelessmwhudson: it will00:29
lifelessmwhudson: mercurial00:29
maxbmwhudson: We depend on python2.X-support to ensure we have our modified version of python-support in place. Granted this happens to no longer be required in hardy...karmic, but we'll need that again in lucid00:29
jtvjamesh_: g'day00:51
jtvoh, probably early for him... mwhudson, you're further ahead on the daylight merry-go-round; maybe you're the one to talk to00:52
jtvthumper, you got any storm devs for me?00:56
lifelessjml: so, a new toy for you https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~lifeless/testtools/that/+merge/1507000:59
lifelessabentley: around ?01:01
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mwhudsonmaxb: fine, let's worry about that again when are targeting lucid?01:28
mwhudsonthe amount of steps involved in depending on a new package in launchpad is fricking insane01:29
lifelessmwhudson: why?01:29
lifeless[as in why is it insane?]01:29
mwhudsonlifeless: mostly just quantity01:30
mwhudsonand ec2 makes some of them really annoying01:30
lifelessmwhudson: are any unneeded? can we discard some waste?01:30
mwhudsonlifeless: having ec2 thingies that did apt-get update on start up would probably help some01:31
lifelessupdate ++ upgrade01:31
mwhudsonwell obv yes01:31
mwhudsonpartly here i'm shooting myself in the foot by trying to rush i guess01:32
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mwhudsonlet's see if ec2 update-image wants to work today01:40
jtvmwhudson, hi!  I'm shopping around for a reviewer for therve's storm branch... are you available for that?01:50
mwhudsonjtv: a storm branch!?01:51
mwhudsonjtv: i can have a look01:51
jtvFixes that memory leak that we found with the help of objgraph01:54
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jameshjtv: still looking for help?01:55
jtvjamesh: good morning!  mwhudson is having a look, though a Storm branch review is probably not a fair thing for me to ask him for :)01:56
jtvit's that memory leak where even handlers don't get cleaned up01:56
mwhudsonjtv: i'll only have a look when you tell me where to look01:56
jtvmwhudson: ah so that did get caught in my connection outage... sorry, it's this one: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~therve/storm/reference-changed-leak/+merge/1448001:57
mwhudsonjtv: i think i would rather jamesh looked at that unless he's too busy01:58
jtvmwhudson: fair enough... jamesh, are you?01:58
jameshjtv: I'll have a look02:00
jtvjamesh: thanks!  It's this one: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~therve/storm/reference-changed-leak/+merge/1448002:00
jameshalthough more reviews isn't a bad thing02:00
jtv(well, not when the reviewers aren't bikeshedders)02:00
mwhudsonjtv: something completely different from what we're talking about :)02:04
* jtv looks puzzled02:04
mwhudsonjtv: i didn't mean to say it in here, basically02:05
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stubthumper, mwhudson: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jelmer/launchpad/hg-import-schema/+merge/1506102:28
mwhudsonstub: what about it?02:28
stubAny reason we don't want a single URL column rather than three, at least two of which will always be NULL?02:28
stubIf we collapsed them into a single URL column, we could even hide that from existing code using properties in the DB class.02:30
mwhudsonstub: no, not really i guess02:30
thumperstub: perhaps we're at "third time - refactor"02:31
stubI think so. I don't recall a justification when we added git_url either - maybe there was one, or maybe I was out of coffee.02:31
stubCould the cvs columns be left alone for now? There might be code that likes things split into two rather than having to parse the information from a URI.02:32
mwhudsonstub: let's leave cvs along02:37
mwhudsoni don't think there is a url for a cvs module is there?02:38
mwhudsoni would be pretty happy to be wrong about that02:38
mwhudsoni guess we could invent one, but meeeh02:38
lifelessmwhudson: config-manager invented one02:39
lifelessmwhudson: parsing code is all there, import; reuse, done.02:39
mwhudsonlifeless: i'm going to pretend you didn't say that until at least the end of my work day :)02:40
mwhudsonbut maybe worth considering at some point i guess02:40
* lifeless shrugnods02:40
mwhudsonstub: we couldn't hide it totally from existing code, there are some queries on those columns02:41
mwhudsonbut that's pretty minor02:42
sinzuispm: is staging going to update during my lifetime?02:46
stubmwhudson, thumper: One weird edge case. At the moment, it is possible to have in the a git_url identical to a svn_url. Is there some use case for this, or is it a win enforcing uniqueness over all of them?02:49
spmsinzui: I'm assuming that wasn't a challenge?? :-) at this stage the postgres restore is busticated. I understand stubs aware of and working on it.02:49
stubIt should be fixed. Last log I looked at (19) was using old code.02:49
stub(database/replication/Makefile should contain DOGFOOD_DBNAME near the top - not sure of the revno)02:50
sinzuispm, stub: thanks for the update02:51
sinzuiIf I live to see daylight I might be able to complete testing02:52
spmsinzui: the lockfile was still in place from the last fail ; have removed; so hopefully!! the next run will proceed02:52
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stubspm: You want to get it to kick off with yesterday's dump?02:53
spmno real need - it'll kick itself off in ~ 20 mins.02:53
spmno it wont....02:55
mwhudsonstub: um, can't really think of where they'd be the same02:59
stubThere are no conflicts in the production data02:59
spmstub: sinzui: new restore kicked off with yesterdays dump; vs waiting another 3-4 hours for 'todays' dump03:00
stubI'll check it in a few mins - it has been failing quickly.03:01
spmheh. oh yee of little faith.03:02
* spm lunches03:02
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lifelessabentley: so, another datapoint on rabbit04:03
lifelessthere was a great retrospective mail on the u1 dev list today, about deployment issues04:03
lifelessone in particular that stood out was that the server backs up if clients don't ack getting messages - mq is all about guaranteed delivery04:03
mwhudsonlifeless: could you forward it to canonical-launchpad maybe?04:03
lifelesswhereas pubsub is about broadcasting04:04
lifelessmwhudson: sure04:04
* mwhudson eods04:50
lifelessmwhudson: I forwarded the mail04:52
mwhudsonlifeless: i read it, thanks04:52
lifelessmwhudson: I don't think you heard the discussion Aaron and I had on the bus though.04:54
mwhudsonlifeless: this is ture04:54
lifelesswhich was pubsubhubbub &| rabbitmq04:54
spmbeing ware that rabbitmq eats memory like no tomorrow and needs moderately frequent restarts?04:55
spmAhh Tim mentions that. good.04:55
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lifelessit was a very useful mail, I thought05:01
spmstub: fyi. that staging restore seems to be proceeding nicely so far. 2.5 hours on?05:35
stublooked fine when I checked05:36
mwhudsonoh poo05:50
mwhudsonhaving bzr-svn loaded breaks some of our other tests :(05:50
mwhudsonbecause it calls external_url and doesn't catch InProcessTransport05:51
lifelesstheres a bug open I think :P05:57
lifelesspossibly fixed even05:57
mwhudsonthis is with bzr-svn trunk so i doubt the latter05:58
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thumpernoodles775: hi07:29
noodles775hi thumper07:30
thumpernoodles775: I'm pleased there is someone at the start of their day to look at the merge conflict for devel -> db-devel :)07:30
noodles775Nice :)07:30
noodles775_thumper: rs? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/323108/07:50
noodles775_or henninge ^^ (diff for resolving stable->db-devel merge conflict)07:51
henningenoodles775_: looking07:53
henningenoodles775_: sorry, distracted. r=me08:02
noodles775_Thanks henninge08:02
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adeuringgood morning08:29
henningeHow do I run just the page tests (stories) for my application (translations) ?09:21
henningeI know "-t lp.translations" runs all translations tests, but "-t lp.translations.stories" does not work.09:21
stubI'm fixing that conflict09:27
noodles775stub: I thought I'd already fixed it?09:29
* noodles775 checks if there's another...09:29
stubnoodles775: Did it bounce? I don't see it in there.09:31
stubMy fix is with pqm now09:31
noodles775stub: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/323150/09:31
noodles775stub: ok.09:31
stubnoodles775: You tried to land it on launchpad/devel09:32
noodles775Forgot the submit-branch :/09:33
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bachi sinzui13:45
sinzuihi bac13:54
bacsinzui: it looks to me like person-portlet-emails.pt is no longer used.  do you know if that is the case?13:55
baci'd like to whack it13:55
sinzuiha ha13:57
sinzuiThe only thing that uses it is notfound-traversals.txt13:57
sinzuibac +1 to remove it13:57
sinzuibac:I think I recall allenap has some method to identify unused templates13:58
bacsinzui: also, i have discovered <li class="mail"> causes the sprite to be rendered twice and i don't know why13:58
allenapsinzui: Do I?13:58
bacmy current "fix" is to remove the class and put the image in once, unless you have a better idea13:58
sinzuibac: It can the the icon is designed for a specific line height. It can never be used on an element that is not a line. Since there is margine and padding on <li> elements, it is bad14:00
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sinzuibac: We removed a lot of thos during UI 3. I fixed a similar problem on the CVE page this week14:00
sinzuibac if you can put it on the object's <a>, all will be well14:00
bacok.  i'll try that.  we do have specific li.mail rules in style.css14:01
sinzuiallenap: maybe I am fantasising.14:01
allenapsinzui: I vaguely remember thinking about that problem. I might have written code for it, but I don't know where it is now. I would just use grep now.14:01
sinzuibac: allenap: I think every lifecycle portlet should be removed. If something is using one, it should not.14:02
* sinzui has investigated how to remove all the dead 1.0/2.0 portlets14:03
flacostemorning launchpadders!14:15
gary_posterfor some reason that term reminds me of "Liverpudlians"...14:25
flacostegary_poster: did you notice that the new tags file contains all imports and not only definitions?14:26
flacostewhich makes it very inconvenient actually14:26
gary_posterflacoste: I did not.  I expect that's a change to etags, not our tag machinery14:27
gary_posterMaybe we can find a flag to do what we want14:27
flacosteah, you are right, it might be related to the Karmic upgrade14:27
flacostesince I don't think we upgraded the recipe recently14:27
sinzuibarry: bac: stand-up in two minutes14:30
flacostegary_poster: there is an outside contributions to launchpadlib at https://code.launchpad.net/~kees/launchpadlib/safe-cred-dir/+merge/15011 waiting for a review14:52
gary_posterflacoste: ack thanks14:52
flacostegary_poster: and can you arbitrate https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~jkakar/launchpadlib/testing-support/+merge/14444 at some point14:53
gary_posterflacoste: yup, will do14:53
flacostegary_poster: and regarding the sourcecodedeps.conf parsing, you might want considering simply adding config-manager to the list of deps and using the parsing code from there14:54
flacostenothing like config-manager to parse config-manager's syntax :-)14:55
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gary_posterflacoste: ack14:56
jmllifeless, thanks.15:08
jmljust a warning for those who are around15:21
jmlI'm going to pqm submit a branch that ec2 has been losing15:21
jmlso the test suite might fail. sorry.15:21
marsgmb, around?15:26
marsderyck, around?15:51
deryckhi mars15:52
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jmlyay buildbot failure16:20
* jml looks16:20
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kfogelrockstar: ping16:51
rockstarkfogel, hi.16:52
rockstarkfogel, fair warning, I'm about to go to a UDS session.16:53
kfogelrockstar: hey, have you seen the internal thread "Upgrading bzr branches"?16:53
kfogelrockstar: oh, nm16:53
kfogelrockstar: no problem, I'll send a mail to the public list with the questions16:53
kfogelrockstar: to launchpad-dev@ that is16:53
kfogelrockstar: have a good session16:53
rockstarkfogel, can you CC me when you send the email?  launchpad-dev@ is quite noisy.16:54
kfogelrockstar: sure16:54
rockstarkfogel, cheers.16:54
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jelmermwhudson, hi17:21
marsjelmer, just so you aren't stuck waiting, he regularly signs on at 21:00UTC, four hours from now.17:26
jelmermars: ah, thanks17:27
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sinzuiChex: ping18:01
Chexsinzui: hello18:02
sinzuiChex: I have a data fix for *production data*: https://pastebin.canonical.com/24936/18:02
sinzuiChex: We ran the script on staging two days ago, and we see no reason to not run it in production now: https://pastebin.canonical.com/24861/18:03
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sinzuiChex: ^ The numbers will not match since we know users has had two days to add ad remove links, but they should be similar18:04
Chexsinzui: ok,.. should I run that .py script as it is sitting on asuka?18:11
sinzuidid spm leave it there? There are the same18:11
Chexsinzui: yes he did, copying it over now18:13
sinzuiThat is best since we know that was the one for staging18:13
Chexsinzui: https://pastebin.canonical.com/24939/18:15
sinzuiChex: rock. that looks good.18:15
Chexsinzui: no problem18:19
lifelessbigjools: ?19:04
mwhudsonjelmer: hello19:11
sinzuibac: what bug are you working on?19:38
bacsinzui: i've sent off 485237 to ec2 after review but haven't grabbed another yet19:46
bacsinzui: i was thinking about bug 266890 since it bothers me!19:47
mupBug #266890: Changing default bug visibility of a project to private triggers database constraint <oops> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/266890>19:47
sinzuibac: I was think of doing bug 411686 myself19:48
mupBug #411686: can't merge to oblivion a private team <oops> <Launchpad Registry:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/411686>19:48
bacsinzui: ok19:48
sinzuiI did not want to start a bug you were already working on19:48
bacsinzui: i'm about EOD here so i may poke at the above bug some this weekend19:48
baci'll claim it now19:48
* mwhudson away for a bit20:10
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jelmermwhudson, hi20:35
jelmermwhudson, still there?20:35
mwhudsonjelmer: am back now20:42
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mwhudsonjml: is the "[r=jml]" in your recent testfix just a slip of the brain?22:48
jmlmwhudson, slip of my ethics, actually23:06
mwhudsonit seems thumper approved the merge proposal23:07

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